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Previous thread bumplocked >>214401 

Does anyone know what the fuck do the AMD settings in Adrenalin do and which I should/should not use? The description isn't very eloquent and there's no way to quickly compare what's different with them on or off so I've just been keeping them to whatever they default to. 

Incorrect captcha answer
Incorrect captcha answer
Incorrect captcha answer
>>222718 (OP) 
>Does anyone know what the fuck do the AMD settings in Adrenalin do
hover your mouse over the question mark. 
>and which I should/should not use?
i just disabled everything. Freesync premium setting rapes my monitor even though it supports freesync. Idk. Everything is simply trash in my opinion and not worth enabling
Replies: >>222721
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>hover your mouse over the question mark.
I did.
<The description isn't very eloquent
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I want to play OWB, how do I mod pirated HOI4?
>>222718 (OP) 
>disable vsync. it's for faggots.
>adaptive sync may or may not work. give it a shot. I just deal with the tearing because fuck input lag though.
>disable all the stupid bells and whistles and set everything to application-defined unless you really need it (e.g. old game has no anti-aliasing support and suffers from horrid jaggies, game's built-in anti-aliasing is shit)
>texture filtering quality on quality or standard (your call)
>disable FSR/DLSS, and other garbage that generates blurry fake frames and adds input lag
>disable memetracing if you can. it's not worth it since it will never hold a candle to the real thing. it's just a cost-saving tool to enable pajeet studios
>if you play old vidya at fuckhueg resolutions but the game doesn't support it, give integer scaling a shot. one of the best additions to drivers in recent years
Replies: >>222739 >>222741
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>>222718 (OP) 
I specifically bought an nvidia card because the driver is normal and makes sense. The AMD driver is like a tire fire now.
I stopped using my AMD system about 3-4 years ago and most of these settings were either not there or called something different.
Most things on the bottom you'd want application controlled.
Enhanced sync is like adaptive sync, its their version of a vsync option. anti-lag reduces lag but can also reduce image quality by introducing artifacts. It's not something anyone would notice unless youre someone who likes playing CS at 900fps but is worth keeping on for some who notice the difference.
AA and AS settings i leave fully application controlled or disabled.

The last 2 are methods of filtering. standard is probably fine. if it has "fast" or "performance" itll give you slightly better framerate at the cost of image quality (when things like anisotropic filtering is enabled) they used to say bilinear/trilinear/etc but i think that confused people so they just say "quality, performance, standard"

I have no idea what surface format optimization is. I remember looking up each option and figuring out what each meant in autistic detail. most of them were just different degrees of how it implements common settings like anisotropic filtering or AA and adds or removes a few FPS depending on which way you go. depending on how powerful your system is and what game youre playing this could mean 10fps in a game really stressing your system.

>set everything to application-defined unless you really need it (e.g. old game has no anti-aliasing support and suffers from horrid jaggies, game's built-in anti-aliasing is shit)
the only problem is these driver settings don't usually force AA anyway on games, but will work for stuff like a 3D image in a browser or something, but will actually cause AA to not be used properly in some games making it worse most of the time.
its best to set it application controlled, and then only use on/off on a per-application basis.
>I just deal with the tearing because fuck input lag though
That's dumb, just get a VRR monitor.
Replies: >>222743 >>222807
VRR is gay and doesn't solve input lag well enough, though you do have better options than just dealing with the tearing thanks to SpecialK and RTSS
Replies: >>222749
VRR has nothing to do with input lag, but it makes it so you can play without vsync and without tearing. I'm not sure what is "gay" about that.
Replies: >>222750
>VRR has nothing to do with input lag,
it has an effect on the time it takes for your input to be visually reflected.
>I'm not sure what is "gay" about that.
Brightness variations, inferior experience to locked framerate + scanline sync.
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whats the difference in these files? what are the a,a2,a3,a4,tr-es files?
Replies: >>222757 >>222794
The [a] series indicates alternate sets, dumps that have differing hashes but no known versioning. The [tr es] indicates a Spanish translation.
I bought all this candy for Halloween and only had a single overweight Hispanic girl come to my door.  This isn't a question, I just need to bitch.
more candy for you. No-one knocked on my door...
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same here, I got half a kilo of the stuff
what are some common creatures that exist in RPG games but not in literature (literature that later got it from the game(s) doesn't count)
I got maybe 20 kids total that came in groups of 3-5.  I encouraged them to grab as big a handful as they could, but it wasn't enough. I guess next years kids will get year old candy unless I eat it all.
Slimes, Floating eyeballs, humanoid/reptilian soldiers, Living bombs. 
As far as I know none of those are from books.
i didn't get any candy for that exact reason. NOBODY showed up, and i didn't even see anyone walking around outside my apartment, it was completely dead.
and now we have to listen to mariah carey for the next two months. welcome to the real hell.
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Here's a tag compilation. It might not cover everything though
Replies: >>222796
>ZZZ_ - Unclassified
Unless you're really struggling to run the game you can just turn off vsync and limit your FPS to your monitor refresh rate + ~10 and you'll have no vsync input lag and no tearing t. had to find solutions because vsync has been broken on 16:10 for as long as I can remember.
Did the webring ever start their own City of Heroes server? Or did everyone just jump to either Homecoming or Thunderspy?
Replies: >>225727
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>30 hours in and I still haven't beat RE4
Why am I so slow
Sounds like you're just simply enjoying the game, anon.
Replies: >>222923
>105 hours in DQXI
>just got past the prologue
I mean, I had to write down half a dictionary and I fell asleep several days with the game running, but I'm confident I'll beat it before maxing out the hours counter.
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RE4 is long, dude.
Which part you at?
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>30 hours
>haven't beaten it even once
What the fuck are you doing nigger. In 23 hours I've beaten it twice and I take my time searching every last nook and cranny of the maps to find hidden shit. Do you just stare into the distance or are you dying constantly?
Replies: >>222948
I playd the range minigaem for 7 hours.
Are you trying to beat it as fast as you can without worrying about completion or are you just fucking around and exploring everything? It can take awhile to collect all the treasure even if you know where everything is and you're trying to do it as fast as possible.
If you're just doing it for speed's sake I have no idea what your problem is because even if you don't know the game it shouldn't take much more than 10 hours.
Or are you playing the numake? I have zero idea in that case.
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Why is Rufus Shinra wearing a dress?
>belt dress
have we ascended the level of belt memed long ago?
Nomura delenda est.
Well it's definitely not a coat. That thing on the waist is under the coat so unless it's sewn under the coat tot he coat, it's a skirt. And even then it's made to look like a skirt.

it gay
Because it's [current year] and SE has decided to pander to ((( western sensibilities. )))
Because the remake is a piece of shit that should never have existed.
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Is there an archive or a site with compiled tropes, patterns, red flags and traits from woke and tranny ideologies? Pics related
Replies: >>223165 >>223272
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>muh one-sided diversity
All kinds of diversity are bad. You don't adjust character ethnicities nilly-willy to tick off checkboxes, nor do you make their appearance or sexuality their personality. You never sacrifice your integrity to pander, ever.
>muh buff dudes bad
stop doing this shit, it looks like you're bitching about men not getting censored
You forgot
>Type-A Type-B and other cancer. butchering language in general, including "inclusive language" and the use of terms like "spokesperson" instead of "spokesman"
>eceleb marketing cancer
>revisionism and rewrites
>bait and switch (see the Teela Show for a blatant example)
It also pisses me off so much that nips replace moonrunes with gibberish at the behest of pozcalizers (see Pokemon for example) because god forbid that a foreigner sees moonrunes.
Replies: >>223260
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>you're bitching about men not getting censored
I don't bitch about men not getting censored.
I don't bitch about women not getting censored.
What I bitch about is the hypocrisy of sexualization of men and at the same time there is desexualization of women in the same game or movie. It's basically the fictional equivalent of women-only spaces are good but men-only spaces are bad. Showcasing hypocrisy can change minds if you expose it to the sunlight.
For God's sake, some people just need to be spoon fed because they're too busy to look for the definition of the word gynocentrism.
Replies: >>223495
Please go back to the FBI psyop where you found these. No actual person speaks or writes like in those pics.
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What did mario find?
WorldCom stock.
autographed copy of mein kampf
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DNS, of course.
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Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 384x320, 01:05)
>>222718 (OP) 
Dunno, I'm still using a Cape Verde graphics card LMAO. I have no idea what any of that new fancy stuff does but I guess limiting your frames to just 60fps or bellow might help if you paired it with a very shitty CPU like an older core i3.

My guess is it's for a hand full of games specifically built to take advantage of AMD's specs and 90% doesn't matter most of the time.
Replies: >>223320
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There's nothing more disgusting than "people" converting pixel art gifs to lossy videos.
Replies: >>223332 >>223495
Spoiler File
(933.5KB, 500x556) Reverse
And then converting lossy video into .gif.
Will Valve ever release a Meme Deck with 32GB's of LPDDR5?
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What game is this?
Boku no Pico.
[Hide] (75KB, 370x420) Reverse
Have the name on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember for the life of me.
This is an arcade/NES game with a shinobi in it right?
Replies: >>223467 >>223626
Legend of Kage
Replies: >>223626
>What I bitch about is the hypocrisy of sexualization of men
That's a red herring. You've been played by the leftists and are only giving them ammo to twist your words to justify banning all sex appeal across the board.
Open your eyes and concentrate on what's important.
Nice fire hazard, faggot.
Replies: >>223497
>muh fire hazard 
Ancient men only conquered iron after they conquered fire. To fear fire is to show that you deserve nothing but rocks and dirt.
Replies: >>223542
who has the largest chest in vidya relative to their size
Dragon's crown sorceress probably.
[Hide] (159.2KB, 1280x720, 00:00)
[Hide] (8.4MB, 1280x720, 00:38)
Rouge the Bat.  At least 10% of her body mass is in her chest.
The lady from Stretch Panic
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If I set your house on fire are you gonna be ironing clothes?
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Easily the titty elves in Repure Aria.
Replies: >>223561 >>223563
Damn, bitches pack a pair of milkers thicker than a tanuki's ballsack.
Spoiler File
(959.6KB, 2380x1820) Reverse
Behold of titty fairies.
Replies: >>223564
We can go bigger
Replies: >>223565
Spoiler File
(388.2KB, 1024x1538) Reverse
Probably, but I'm a flat is justice type of guy, so that's the biggest tit I have in my folder
Replies: >>223571
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>I'm a flat is justice type of guy, so that's the biggest tit I have in my folder
I'm a anything goes type of guy and even I don't have anything that big.
Am I wrong or was some guy making an actual Ed Edd n Eddy online and just gave up? Or was it just a joke?
You step on the rake and it hits you in the face.
why the fuck does noone tell you that displayport and hdmi cables matter? Like that different cables support different things. Different versions of said cables. I've been pc gaming for 10+ years and i only found out yesterday..
For instance you need a 1.3/4 version displayport cable to be able to do 144hz 1080p. 
its fucking insane! Why not just name them something else? How the fuck is the average person supposed to know some retarded cable autism? Its the same with hdmi.
I'm sorry this happened to you anon.
Did you also hear about Ethernet cable categories?
Replies: >>223630
i just learnt about it after reading your post
Some of us are not retarded and we research shit before we buy tech.
>why the fuck does noone tell you that cables matter
Because the people selling them are mouth-breathing mongoloids who couldn't give 2 shits about doing their job.
I warned you about the cables bro
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Tech people are insane when it comes to the simplest fucking concepts.
Replies: >>223675
[Hide] (20.8KB, 600x600) Reverse
It's common knowledge that standards bodies are not populated by tech people. it's mostly senile old farts and suits with 0 common sense.
See OAuth 2.0, which is even worse than the original Oauth. Of course, it was designed by suits and not engineers.
Btw, if you want security in today's era you're gonna want pic related but with smartcards + secure cryptoprocessors instead. Of course suits HATE this since they're too lazy to properly manage certs and it prevents them from selling security snake oil. Leftist hippies also hate it because >muh pollution
Replies: >>223710
[Hide] (9.7MB, 1280x720, 06:02)
Just how stupid are ya, anon?
An average person is not supposed to know the difference, that's where specialists and The Geniuses come in.
You're offered options to fit your every need.
Replies: >>223677
>Specialists and Geniuses
is this what they call snake oil peddlers nowadays?
Replies: >>223679
Apple employees, so yes
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>check out dosbox-pure core in niggerstarch to see how retarded it is
>integrated multithreaded 3dfx rmulation that's hopefully less of a shitshow than DBX' internal opengl emu with no scaling whatsoever or external wrappers that have trouble swapping between SW and Glide modes
>also some stuff about being able to install and run games from zips including a way to circumvent RetroArch's blacked magic prohibition in regards to zipped disc image loading
>sounds nice and all but I just want to play gaym
>load exe of early 3dfx gaym, it runs
>the glide portion renders at its native resolution in its native aspect ratio within RA's viewport as it should, the SW menu renders at the forced 4:3 aspect ratio in spite of said core option not being enabled
>can't have everything I suppose but the game and its MT-32 audio seem to work fine so far
>right gotta get to remapping my gamepad yet again because no dosbox fork can ever agree whether or not timed joystick input is needed or not
>why can't I calibrate my joystick
>F1 back to RA and check the input options
>the only option regarding controller type is a mapping preset for binding various keyboard keys to the pad with no analog input
>why the fuck would I want to play a racing game without analog input when I have a perfectly working gamepad with analog sticks which no other dosbox fork has ever had any trouble handling, navigating menus with KB+M and only using the controller ingame isn't some ancient GNU/magic
>open the core's own mapper
>enter the gamepad section
>see the same preset as in RA's input menu along a bunch of generic keyboard presets
>try to edit one
>core crashes RA with no survivors
>go to the libretro docs page
>apparently you're supposed to be able to map your input freely using the core's own mapper, of course trying to open said section of the mapper was what caused it to crash
>the docs also list several RA input types available to the core including several joysticks which my build of the core seemingly lacked
Replies: >>223713
What's wrong with OAuth 2?
Replies: >>223716
Why would you use dosbox in retroarch?
It's a horrible behemoth that tries to do so much it ends up accomplishing nothing. If you read the story by the guy who was originally in charge of it you'll weep.
Replies: >>223717
post it
Replies: >>223723
Open wide you cum-guzzling slut
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Replies: >>223747
[Hide] (539.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I said open wide you bitch
What a shock.
Replies: >>223811
>OAuth 2.0 and the Road to Hell
>They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, that’s OAuth 2.0.
Where in >>223723 link talks of, mentions or implies that?
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This is kind of niche but I found nothing online. I've downloaded Marine Rouge, a PC98 game and booted it up only to find fucking DRM on it, it's asking for info off the manual. Thing is I've got it from the NeoKobe archive and the "Extras" file there has the unlock codes but when I open it on notepad++ it's all garbled text, it's not encoding bull-shittery since notepadd++ usually takes care of that and it's not really messed up text but rather just random letters.

So, does anyone have the codes or the manual? I've tried looking around but can't find anything.
This is the link to the archive, with the game and extras files. https://ia800100.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/22/items/NeoKobe-NecPc-98012017-11-17/Discovery.zip
Replies: >>223822
[Hide] (24.9KB, 1027x797) Reverse
It is not garbled for me.
Replies: >>223823
[Hide] (609.3KB, 1148x779) Reverse
Well shit, didn't expect such a fast answer. Thank you anon, I'll check why it doesn't work on my machine but for now I'll use those codes.
Replies: >>223824
Are you using winrar? That often messes up Japanese files, use 7zip instead.
Replies: >>223825
[Hide] (34.5KB, 474x289) Reverse
[Hide] (67.2KB, 656x459) Reverse
No, 7zip. I'm not sure what's happening it just shows like this. The codes work fine though. Thanks.
Replies: >>223826 >>223829
[Hide] (92.7KB, 1024x1009) Reverse
Hm then maybe it is your locale settings or just the file itself. I didn't use the file you linked to, I already have that whole collection downloaded from years ago so maybe my version is different.
Replies: >>223828
>I already have that whole collection downloaded
Damn I knew someone here would have it, lol.
>maybe my version is different
My copy is a 540bytes file from 1996 (or so says Windows) so something is probably wrong, I suspected it was too light even for a short .txt file.
Replies: >>223830
maybe it's defaulting to UTF-8 or something. Try setting it to Shift-JIS or code page 932 manually? Or try another text editor
Replies: >>223831
[Hide] (40KB, 979x513) Reverse
Nah that is correct. Here's the checksum on mine if you want to compare.
Replies: >>223831
[Hide] (8.5KB, 440x160) Reverse
Changing the encoding to Shift-JIS did the trick, thanks a lot. I usually rely on the auto-detect and since nothing like this happened before I was at a loss.
Replies: >>223833
Never seen Shift-JIS get auto-detected in Notepad++, if it displayed correctly it was probably Unicode.
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I remember playing Tales of Eternia years ago but was it shit? I can't even remember.
Replies: >>224164 >>224512
I've played about five hours of the first .hack part; does the game always stay this boring? I know it's supposed to simulate an MMO but jesus.
Replies: >>223921
Yes. If you aren't getting into the story or characters it'd be best to just drop it.
Replies: >>223932
[Hide] (5.2MB, 1537x2000) Reverse
OK, thanks. Probably gonna drop it then.
Replies: >>223933
I miss big pauldrons.
Replies: >>223934
I miss big hair
Replies: >>223941 >>223946
me too anon me too
Replies: >>223946
Me three.
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Does anyone have any idea how I can fix Bunny Black 2 from being blurry? I want to play the game real bad but I'm not willing to deal with the blurriness. I have messed around with the scalling to no effect
Replies: >>224142 >>224144
What do you mean blurry? Is your monitor upscaling it? Turn on integer scaling in your GPU settings.
Replies: >>224144 >>224153
>>224142 if you have a modern GPU. Otherwise playing in window mode and using SRWE and setting it to an integer scale helps make it not as blurry with old GPUs.
Replies: >>224153
It's still not working and looks like fucking shit and yes, I have a newer gpu
Replies: >>224177
pls respond
Replies: >>224512
Does it have integer scaling? Are you playing windowed or fullscreen?
Replies: >>224178
Yes it does have integer scaling. I played it both windowed and fullscreen
Replies: >>224179
Is integer scaling on?
Replies: >>224180
It was on when I played the game, yes.
Replies: >>224182
Does the game look normal if you don't upscale it?
Replies: >>224183
Replies: >>224184
That changes things. Do other games from the same engine look normal? Have you tried getting it from another source?
Replies: >>224186 >>224187
I have thought about it, but a lot of them seem to come from that source
I'm downloading from another source, hopefully it works this time
Replies: >>224191
Nothing changed. Welp, that fucking sucks. Is Nvidia now just incompatible with the game?
Replies: >>224192
That reminds me, nvidia can act retarded with rpg maker games sometimes. 
I used to have each second frame be completely black when playing fullscreen. Setting it to use my CPU's GPU instead fixed it. 
If you have an igpu try using it instead.
theif gold or original theif the dark project?
Replies: >>224394
Thief Gold with the engine fix. It's the same game but with extra missions. One of the maps is kind of shit but otherwise it is the definitive version.
Any anon have a good recommendation for some sort of mid complexity(not necessarily) strategy game you can do with the nigs, that doesn't take fucking weeks to finish a session in.
We were originally HoMM3 and Grandstrat autists (Strategic Command and such) but the time isn't really there for that anymore, perhaps moving down to a lighter or less archaic 4x that retains some depth would be nice.

I was checking out Dune: Spice Wars and Northgard (also now noticing they have the same dev) and thinking it looks like a good fit.
I also found Age of Wonders 4 but it seems like the multiplayer is sort of buggy and then NEBULOUS: Fleet Command looked cool as fuck with fairly short matches and lots of depth for tinkering and replayability.
[Hide] (20.4MB, 1280x720, 03:10)
How can I record footage from my PS3 in a way that makes it look like this?
Replies: >>224488 >>224489
buy one of those terrible ultra cheap chinese capture cards that will barely work for a week and then break and connect it to your pc with a splitter
Why would you want it to look awful?
Replies: >>224490 >>224492
It looks gud
Replies: >>224492
[Hide] (5MB, 800x448, 00:40)
He wants to show off "genuine vintage lost  PS2" footage.
Be a man and record your screen with a camera like the rest of us.
Anyone got the the GOD igg file? I can't find it for the life of me.
Replies: >>224497 >>224513
nevermind, found it, was searching the wrong title
Replies: >>224513
[Hide] (36.9KB, 300x300) Reverse
Overall, it is very good in my experiences with it, if fairly simple in mechanics compared to later titles. Played it for the first time maybe five or six years back, so I don't feel like that's just nostalgia. 

English versions had the skits removed though, the English dub "tries" for the time (about the most positive way to put it; I didn't find it awful in most cases, but it wasn't exactly good either), and if you co-op the PS1 version, only up to two players are really viable. PSP port does have an undub patch at least, which I assume would be of benefit to most anons more-so than the multiplayer. I'd also knock it a bit for requiring an item (the Manual Manual) to gain full character control in combat, because being stuck with semi-auto is just shit, but it's at least obtained very early and doesn't eat an equipment slot or require finding multiple of to let you do multiplayer. Still a bit annoying, but a step in the right direction there.
[Hide] (70.5KB, 670x445) Reverse
nigga don't use igg
Replies: >>224514
It's the doxx of the IGG owner nigger
Replies: >>224515
What for, anything good?
[Hide] (26.5KB, 318x341) Reverse
Looking for some 2000s freeware nip shmup I can't remember for the life of me.
The game had simple geometrical 3D graphics and its core mechanic was that you could merge the debris of enemy ships into your own, as your ship snowballed into a mechanical abomination that covered half the screen.
I have the name at the tip of my tongue, too, some 4 syllable Japanese word plus an English word. My brain's spelling out Rakugaki Fighters but that's not it.
Replies: >>224517
[Hide] (32.6KB, 291x292) Reverse
Replies: >>224518
[Hide] (45.4KB, 480x478) Reverse
>go take a dump
>someone's already provided the sauce
Fucking A, anon.
Loved the fucking game too.
Replies: >>224519
check this out too
Replies: >>224520
>shmup where you play as 3rd best 2hu
Actually very fun as well. Just tried it and the drop shit at command to move faster and dodge bullets makes it very engaging. I still find Tumiki a more charming game though.
Replies: >>224524
Who do you think is the best?
Replies: >>224526
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1617x1797) Reverse
>Who do you think is the best?
Can't decide on a 1st and a 2nd, I just love the couple as is.

On an unrelated note, I've been meaning to run on Debian some old Linux binary that was apparently built on a 15 years old version of Red Hat.
When I run it it reads it needs a library, but said library is not available on any Debian package I can download. Here's the full error message:
error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directoryI've heard of libstdc as well as libc6. What I have never heard of is libstdc++-libc6. Has anyone ever had this problem? Does anyone know what I should install to make shit work?
Is there a command to run on apt-get to search for packages that contain the libraries I'm looking for? I'm tired of plugging missing components on the search engine like a retard.
Some weird naming convention of debian/redhat/whatever, probably from the time when you still had programs linked when glibc had a soname of 5 (fucking long ago). Your best bet is trying to find that so by name, if not just take an old libstdc++.so, rename it, and pray it works.
I doubt you'll find such an ancient library in any package repository, but apt-file search is your friend.
Replies: >>224530 >>224588
standard c++ library of GCC
iirc this means built the against the gnu c library. the 6 is there to indicate that it's not compatible with a binary based on libc5.

just use your package manager and install the missing library. if it's not there for some reason, you can still do things the hard way:
>find the names of the library dependencies using ldd
>fetch them (exact name on your distro's repos may differ from the one the file demands)
>make a launch script that sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the directory with the libraries that you're missing
>if it doesn't work, then rename the library to the desired name and pray it works
this is basically lunix's version of microshit's DLL hell and distro maintainers are always striving to minimize its occurrence. unfortunately, static linking, which is a good way to prevent this, is a huge no-no (unpatchable, you end up with a ton of different chunks of the same libraries on your PC).
afaik most distros are very good at keeping previous versions that introduce breaking changes on repos to retain backwards compatibility.
Replies: >>224588
Does 3DS eroge exist or is it just a meme?
Replies: >>224532 >>224538
I think there's a couple VNs that were patched to put adult content back but nothing official. I might be thinking of the vita though.
Replies: >>224538
Back when Sony promoted UMD as a general media format, some eroge got ported as "UMD Player" games (the PSP is the only UMD Player to actually be manufactured).
[Hide] (251.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Anyone have the link with the list with all the forbidden mods normalfags hate? I'm looking for elden ring mod that removes the body type 1 2 bullshit.
Replies: >>224545 >>224554
Not really, it was more like a huge text file website, but this will do, thanks, anonkun.
>1) No pedo shit, that includes loli.
Is this guy mentally retarded or what?
I didn't see that, what a hypocrite.
pretty sure you mean this
Replies: >>224558
>Sex Replaces Body Type
>Use with Mod Engine 2
>mfw using linux
Well, I guess that is not happening.
What a fucking nigger.
the supposed excuse is loli would bring too much heat, so it's better to save those for a separate site for that than to risk having everything in 1 place. of course upon closer examination you realize it's just a thinly-veiled excuse.
Replies: >>224567
Bring the heat from who? Terminally online twitter users? Advertisers? There's no ads on the site.
Replies: >>224570
stop pretending deplatforming isn't a major threat against independent websites.
Replies: >>224579 >>224613
We all wouldn't be on a webring if it wasn't.
Replies: >>224613
[Hide] (136.8KB, 768x1024) Reverse
>find the names of the library dependencies using ldd
What good does this do? ldd just told em the library couldn't be found anywhere on my PC. 
what I've tried is firstly to run an apt-file search; it fetched me nothing, not a single instance nor a library name.
Then I've tried to make a symbolic link with a renamed libstdc6 and it didn't work either. The error reads:
symbol lookup error: ./app: undefined symbol: __ti9exceptionIs there any repository where I can download share libraries like you would find .dlls on the web? Would it work simply by downloading said .so?
Replies: >>224590 >>224595
It's some very ancient stuff, here's a forum thread from almost 20 years ago when it was already ancient: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/fedora-35/how-to-install-libstdc-libc6-2-2-so-3-a-173401/
Try to find that rpm and unpack the .so
Replies: >>224595
You can't just copy 15 year old library files into /usr/lib/ and expect them to work. You need to run a distro from that time period (Debian Etch or CentOS 5?) inside a chroot or a virtual machine. You can still download the ISOs from archive.org or bittorrent.

Or if the thing is open source then recompiling it for a modern distro would be a better option.
Replies: >>224612
[Hide] (58.1KB, 1033x942) Reverse
Is yt-dlp fucking up for anyone else?
Replies: >>224594 >>224598
Works for me
Yeah very ancient, I found the supposed deb package that contains the library here: http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/g/gcc-2.95/libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-27_i386.deb
Catch is that you need to wget or curl it, it doesn't seem to start a download when you open it in a browser.
Replies: >>224605
[Hide] (309.3KB, 1600x1191) Reverse
Anyone know the name of a mech game where the pilots do drugs and if they do to much drugs they die? It played like Mechcommander, but I think it was turn based or something. It was an old game.
Replies: >>224599
Work on my machine.
Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception or Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge?
Replies: >>224601
No, it wasn't battletech related, it was an old PC game, but not THAT old.
[Hide] (73.1KB, 1024x768) Reverse
Ok, I found it.
>myabandonware link goes to gog
Some fucking niggers!
>I found the supposed deb package that contains the library here
It does contain the .so, and it's installed correctly on my Debian install. Problem is I've booted up the executable again and it's spewing errors again.
symbol lookup error: ./exe: undefined error symbol: errno, version GLIBC_2.0Is it the glibc version here that's giving me the error? How were you able to find the .deb file that contained the .so either way?
Replies: >>224612 >>224616
And he put a fucking dono button on his shitty site.
tons of loli mods on atf. 
Yeah, it needs some ancient glibc without threading support
You could try that env workaround from redhat's bugzilla, but if that doesn't work your best bet is probably what >>224591 said and get an old distro into a chroot/vm.
Stop pretending banning loli outright isn't one of the strongest indicators of normalfag or otherwise compromised staff. Sexually explicit mods including loli is one thing because that's to an extent a matter of taste, but if you can't stand naked cartoon people that don't even look like children just because old men told you it was bad in between rape dungeon trips you are doing life wrong.
Replies: >>224616 >>224618
Yeah it needs some way older glibc version as well, that's kind of the pain with such old software on Linux is that libs are chained together and you need to rebuild the entire tree to get shit to work right.
You can try to find the old glibc version as well and install that as long as it doesn't conflicht with anything or just find the so file and use LD_PRELOAD. Chroot could also be a good idea but I don't know how well it works with applications that display shit.

>but if you can't stand naked cartoon people that don't even look like children just because old men told you it was bad in between rape dungeon trips you are doing life wrong.
No anon just because I don't feel comfortable with that content doesn't mean I must have been influenced by someone, it's perfectly fine for an operator to make decisions on what he wants to host or not so long as he doesn't tout himself as some bastion of absolute free speech or content.
It's better to have more smaller sites with different focuses and objectives that then as a whole counter the current monopoly of pozzed modding sites that vanish mods at a whim than try (and always fail) at creating some uber site that tries to host all the hot political and, for the lack of a better term, pornographic mods which then gets easily deplatformed by one offended tranny.
>Stop pretending
not pretending. didn't you read the part where I said it's a thinly-veiled excuse?
>libs are chained together
How is the don't repeat yourself a pain? If things weren't like that you'd have static linking with all the downsides that entails (especially security holes).
Winshit has the exact same problem, it's just that they took a retarded approach to it: Microshaft ships a metric fuckton of runtime packages (DirectX, .net, C++, C#, desktop, whatever), and every single game and application pulls those, along with shipping its own copies of other libraries, bloating up your HDD.
Lunix is copying Microshaft's approach with appimages, flatpaks, snaps, etc. Shit may just werk, but it comes at a cost, especially if programs refuse to look for newer local versions of dependencies first.
Replies: >>224627 >>224638
That's not that simple. The dynamic loader (/lib/ld-linux.so.2) is also part of glibc, trying to use a newer dl with an older glibc is bound to fail.... and generally, any software built with a newer glibc than you're trying to downgrade to will fail with your LD_PRELOAD hack.
Graphical programs should work fine, as long as you have X11 libraries inside the chroot. If they need opengl, though, then you will have problems, since then you'd need to put the opengl driver into the chroot, which likely won't work if you have a GPU made in the last 20 years.
Replies: >>224624 >>224625
but isn't glibc committed to never breaking backwards compatibility to avoid this exact kind of mess?
Replies: >>224633 >>224682
[Hide] (141.1KB, 736x788) Reverse
>trying to use a newer dl with an older glibc is bound to fail
I haven't said whether it works or not yet, /g/entlemen. I want to try LD_PRELOAD and LD_ASSUME_KERNEL, that's if I knew how to call them.
How should I start the executable with these parameters, again? If not, what glibc package should I try to install?
Replies: >>224633
>How is the don't repeat yourself a pain?
For the exact scenario we see here, it can prevent running programs when they get too old, and it doesn't even have to be as old as what anon is trying to run because, granted, this is pretty fucking old.
And security holes aren't really my concern if I run some small utility or game and disk space is a non-factor. This isn't a knock against the development procedure in the Linux eco-system but it is a clear downside in this scenario and I have encountered programs from vendors that next to their binary offer a "known good" set of libraries and it has helped me run the program, no gay flatpak or snap needed.
Replies: >>224629 >>224633
that's when you grab the source and rebuild it with newer toolchain [spoiler]:^)[/spoiler]
If you read the bugzilla, it only affects programs that used glibc in a way that's technically incorrect, but happened to work with old versions. Glibc doesn't try to be bug-compatible with old versions, unlike winshit. Apart from things like this, the last time they broke ABI was in in 1997 with the release of glibc 2.0.
You can just start the app from a terminal with the variables set
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 your_app
I don't recommend exporting these variables, as if you do that, all spawned executables will be affected.
In an ideal world, every program would be opensource and wouldn't be written by monkeys, so you could easily recompile the old program with newer libs, unfortunately life is not that optimal. Things like docker, flatpak, whatever can help with the situation somewhat, but if a programs need any of these is a sign that the program or one of its dependencies were written by retards (or corporations with idiot managers where every feature need to be implemented by yesterday without any regard for quality) and you should probably look for a better alternative.
Replies: >>224682
It would be nice if you only ever had to install one copy of a library, but that's never been the case and Linux makes it a pain in the ass to deal with. At least under Windows I just download the missing runtime package, install it, and it works forever after.
Replies: >>224643 >>224682
>and it works forever after.
You're super naive. Try any DirectX9 game or earlier on W10. You're gonna need a wrapper at a minimum.
A ton of old games need workarounds to avoid issues, SecuROM and SafeDisc games don't work without a crack, etc.
>but isn't glibc committed to never breaking backwards compatibility to avoid this exact kind of mess?
What made you think that. You understand that GNU is a militant everything-should-be-open-source organization who created the GPL. They don't care about backwards ABI compatibility because the assumption is that all open source projects can just recompile for every glibc release and if you're not an open source project then fuck you.

>I don't recommend exporting these variables, as if you do that, all spawned executables will be affected.
To be honest I thought he would have borked his system by doing apt install ./15-year-old-glibc.deb earlier. I guess it didn't overwrite any symlinks. Or he did it wrong.

>At least under Windows I just download the missing runtime package, install it, and it works forever after.
What you don't see is how much time and effort microsoft puts into making that the case. Linux was never supposed to be a desktop OS anyway, 99% of linux is running on servers and embedded systems.
Replies: >>224691
>You understand that GNU is a militant everything-should-be-open-source organization who created the GPL. They don't care about backwards ABI compatibility
You're thinking of the Linux kernel ABI, which breaks all the time on purpose because otherwise every hardware vendor would write their drivers the way nyidia does, by writing a (proprietary) kernel module shim that calls into their (proprietary) Windows driver DLL. Both glibc and especially the kernelfags try to keep userspace binaries from breaking, it just isn't a 100% hard requirement for glibc.
Replies: >>224695
Red Hat is not GNU.

>it just isn't a 100% hard requirement for glibc
Keeping a small window of backwards compatibility to save binary distros from rebuilding all packages at the same time is important. But making sure some closed source binary still runs 15 years later is exactly the thing that GNU does not give a shit about and windows will always do better.
Replies: >>224744 >>224749
>and windows will always do better.
That isn't much consolation. See the heaps of PC games that require patches, mods, and/or fixes to run on modern Bingblows.
Anyway, you should be complaining about people not maintaining their software and making it impossible for anyone else to do it. You're basically blaming your car repair shop for being unable to fix your car when it's clearly the car manufacturer who made repairs impossible.
I just wanted to say that because everyone else was doing it.
[Hide] (117.8KB, 800x1341) Reverse
Would anyone here happen to have the most recent Japanese .exe of Nioh 2?
I'm trying to use a playable enemies CT some nip made, but it doesn't work with the global version's .exe.
Replies: >>224754
A check of steamdb says there's no such thing. The package sold in every region is the same one sold in Japan, and there's no depots for an alternate Japanese version.
Replies: >>224760
Odd, I wonder why the nip specifies that it has to be with the JP version. 
Attempting to use it with the global version results in some scripts being unable to load up.
I do however know there is a small change in the JP version where enemies can no longer be dismembered, which is likely the cause of this, but that's odd how steam is claiming they're the same.
>I do however know there is a small change in the JP version where enemies can no longer be dismembered
You sure that isn't just for the console version? That kind of retarded censorship is required by CERO which only applies to console games.
It's probably just some Shift-JIS niggatry or some such, try it with a locale emulator.
Replies: >>224773
[Hide] (19.8KB, 400x400) Reverse
Not exactly vidya related but who am I kidding this is /v/ after all:
Who is the most skilled nip hand artist you've seen?
Don't ask me why I'm not at liberty to say.
if it's not locale emulator, then it could be the language set on launch. both shitsteam and its emulators can take care of that.
>finding RE4, the easy era RE game, hard
Re 0/1/2/3(maybe) and code veronica were true survival horror games that had  you stressed. RE4 has too much ammo, too many saves, too much daylight, talking zombies for fuck sake? Just because normalfags bought it doesn't make it a great RE game. The game is fine but it's not a great RESIDENT EVIL game. I hate being stressed though so I learned my lesson with those first few anyway while skipping 4 and leaving horror forever once I switched to Silent Hill. By the time I got to the school I just had to stop. No thanks.
[Hide] (7.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
tetsuo hara draws some impressive muscular overly detailed hands
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1133x1410) Reverse
[Hide] (7.5MB, 2368x2678) Reverse
[Hide] (5.7MB, 1662x2586) Reverse
I like Shinkawa's art and designs. It's got a very unique touch, very tasteful, never seen anything like it before. It's a real shame they didn't use his art for the cover of PW, GZ and V and instead opted for lame renders.
[Hide] (735.7KB, 2048x1553) Reverse
[Hide] (7.7MB, 640x480, 01:11)
I love the way he draws lolis.
Replies: >>224836 >>224861
[Hide] (88.7KB, 1200x821) Reverse
Replies: >>224843
[Hide] (478.2KB, 1280x1835) Reverse
[Hide] (278.6KB, 736x1017) Reverse
[Hide] (468.9KB, 864x1400) Reverse
[Hide] (244.2KB, 340x474) Reverse
I didn't read the hand part. Toriyama does draw bretty good hands though but Tetsuo Hara takes the cake.
Replies: >>225121
[Hide] (101.5KB, 500x575) Reverse
How do I get Phobos to run in Neko Project II kai?
All I get trying to load either of the FDI images is a black screen.
Replies: >>224874
[Hide] (6.6MB, 960x720, 00:56)
Replies: >>225128
[Hide] (27.4KB, 1284x849) Reverse
Works for me™
where can i see gog hashes for myself? I found some on a github page and apparently you can find it using gogs api?
Im pretty tech illiterate.
[Hide] (91.8KB, 576x768) Reverse
once every few weeks my ram takes like almost 3 minutes to train, instead of the usual 8 seconds, does anyone have any idea why?
Replies: >>225177
>third pic
Copy that.
[Hide] (186.6KB, 618x664) Reverse
>cable management
[Hide] (915.2KB, 1509x2000) Reverse
I'm looking for a game that combines features from both roguelike games and mystery dungeon games, I'm not even sure if it even exists, I guess Dungeons of Dredmor is the closest thing to hit the mark.
The aquastyle touhou games? I'm not sure what you mean by combining roguelike with mystery dungeons. I thought mystery dungeon games were already roguelike. Those games though have both meta progression allowed dungeons and fresh start dungeons.
[Hide] (386.9KB, 1920x1020) Reverse
Not sure if it's what you want, check out Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman
Mystery Dungeon games are roguelikes, what are you talking about?
[Hide] (30KB, 117x180) Reverse
Anoyone knows how to run console parameters on an application running through Wine?
Technically Wine is the application I'm running, hence the executable that's being emulated isn't going to recognize the console commands, right?
Replies: >>225150
wine your.exe exe-parameters
Or what are you trying to do? You also have wineconsole if you want a real windows console emulated
Replies: >>225168
>you also have wineconsole if you want a real windows console emulated
That might do it, though I've already found a solution online, and the command's exec wine "program.exe" "-parameter1" "-parameter2", which reads the console commands as the executable's and generally just works. How do you niggers do your troubleshooting other than searching shit on StackExchange?
Replies: >>225171
exec is a shell builtin, it has nothing to do with wine, And generally, don't do it unless you're in a shell script and you want the shell script to exit, because it will replace your shell with wine, And the rest is just what I wrote in my previous post.
If you're smart enough to know about RAM training you should already know the answer, on more modern DDR standards it just has to retrain every so often because tighter signal integrity tolerances.
[Hide] (530KB, 1026x1250) Reverse
It's getting closer and closer. Is anyone planning to stream the Uncommon Time Winter stream?
Replies: >>225271
why are her arms so short
Replies: >>225272
They only appear that way because her titties are so big.
how do i play doom mods?
Replies: >>225309 >>225312
You download them? Not an expert on doom mods, but from what I remember when I tried a few, they were standalone installers that didn't even need the base game. If not, then pirate that first.
Have you never modded a game?
You drag the .pk3 or .wad file to the executable.
where can i get the moonman doom mod?
Replies: >>225329
Just download Samsara and listen to moonman music while you play.
Does anyone have all the share thread archives from the last 5 years or so? I need something that was posted there but I don't remember when or what it was even called.
[Hide] (198.7KB, 777x564) Reverse
Are you going to watch the tomb raider cartoon show in netflix?
[Hide] (102.7KB, 807x806) Reverse
[Hide] (2.3MB, 600x741) Reverse
Has Risky's Revolution been leaked yet?
>chunky mutt wearing sneakers with formal dresses 
Some real "Oh yaaassss Laura is just like me now yaaaaaaaaasssss. No I'm not buying the game though I'm just gonna watch a couple minutes of a let's play at most" energy.
Replies: >>225521
Why is she so fat?
Replies: >>225501
Because the artist was a fat ugly woman.
Why I watch anything from netflix?
Replies: >>225513
[Hide] (595.4KB, 900x509) Reverse
You mean the Far Cry one with Rayman?
[Hide] (103.8KB, 400x225) Reverse
why would*
How did I forget a whole word?
Replies: >>225619
Women do that irl often. When they're done with the event, but need to walk around for something else, they'll change into shoes because walking around in high heels is a bitch.
What I'm more concerned about is why did they have to hide her cleavage on a formal dress? Dresses show cleavage all the time.
Replies: >>225545 >>225595
[Hide] (198.4KB, 1280x369) Reverse
I get that the outfit is retarded but there's just this milquetoast vibe to her entire art design that makes me want to puke.
>fat with no tits
I bet they got a dominican tranny from the bronx to voice act.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1276x716) Reverse
I'm too busy playing dollies
[Hide] (944.7KB, 1099x680) Reverse
[Hide] (623.3KB, 1824x854) Reverse
I just bought a gaming chair from a brand named "Soontrans", is it over for me?
You know that the prefix trans existed before this age of decadence right?
>Women do that irl often. When they're done with the event, but need to walk around for something else, they'll change into shoes because walking around in high heels is a bitch
I think you're missing the point here it's not about realism it's about turning her character from a drop dead gorgeous woman into a lazy looking dumpy mess that is clearly the projection of some ugly mutt designer and the out of place shoes are just the cherry on top.
>soon trans
The piston will pierce your butthole within a month.
>gaming chair
>not a comfy grandpa rocking chair
Those tend to have the comfiest back+head posture both for handheld and regular gaymen, only problem is they usually don't fit under a desk requiring movable mounts for KB/M.
Welcomed to brain aging.
Replies: >>225737
[Hide] (3.6MB, 256x188) Reverse
>Soon trans
You're retarded for buying a gaudy branded gamer chair instead of a comfy office chair.
Replies: >>225664
[Hide] (448.9KB, 800x800) Reverse
Why the fuck do they brand them anyway? Who is gonna see the back of some gamer's chair while he's sitting there all day playing garbage all day?
Replies: >>225670
It's for streamers to surreptitiously advertise it whenever they leave their seat.
Replies: >>225689
[Hide] (1.8MB, 935x1057) Reverse
Think about that from a marketing perspective. Are you really going to rely on some fucking faggot keeping his webcam on while streaming as he goes to take a piss to advertise your product?
Replies: >>225693
>fat guy with girl hair
yes. if your favorite eceleb spends 8 hours a day sitting on it, you'd be more inclined to buy that chinkshit chair* over some radical cool RGB gaymer vomit ad.
*Assuming xir is not hiding the pain and pretending to feel comfortable in it.
I don't like this artstyle. Official Tomb Raider comics got her mostly right. See Tomb Raider/Witchblade
What does femenine affection feel like?
Replies: >>225710 >>225731
Fleeting warmth and pressure.
Is cox dead now?
[Hide] (62.3KB, 783x648) Reverse
>giving affection  
Females do not have affection towards males, they admire them; of which is akin to being jealous. Penis envy was a giant thing before people understood what they were really like. They only think in terms of raw power.  Men are the romantics in contrast. A female wants to take advantage of you and use you while using sex as a weapon against you and your very ego. You can't be a 'man' without fucking her after all so she's a leech to your status and wants to be of high status by being such a leech. You call this love? I call you a retard if so. Marriages in modern times 50 percent of the time end in divorce. Get real dude. Men, male society, they forced women to be monogamous wives and now that feminism is here society is falling as they hate such a patriarchal society that keeps those women in their place. As things are we simply compete with other men to get her attention and that takes away from our working together as men to create things together. 

Then again you might have a mother but that's it for actual affection. A female is too much guilty of coveting things to have true affection for some guy as after she's done feeling for him she'll desire some better guy so that's just lust, lust for power, a higher status through him.
Replies: >>225741
>Those tend to have the comfiest back+head posture both for handheld and regular gaymen, only problem is they usually don't fit under a desk requiring movable mounts for KB/M.
Just use a wireless controller and keyboard for your PC and hook it up to a decent TV, then you can rock away all day.
You talk from experience?
Replies: >>225764
No hence why he's hoping condescending at you will cow you into accepting his take on things.
Replies: >>225765
[Hide] (430.9KB, 864x1235) Reverse
[Hide] (607.2KB, 187x220) Reverse
A relative is hellbent on buying a PS5. I've tried convincing her but she won't take no for an answer.
Since she won't be pirating the console, what games should I tell her to buy? Talking both PS4 and PS5 wise since she's never owned a Piss Poor either. I've already suggested her Bloodborne and Nioh 1, which are both still console exclusives.
As a sidenote, I've asked her and funnily enough she can only name PS4 games she wants to play.
[Hide] (44.5KB, 640x640) Reverse
Girls und Panzer.
There's your problem right there.
should make you a sandwich, Carlton.
Replies: >>225780
Replies: >>225781
[Hide] (656.2KB, 853x480, 00:03)
[Hide] (233.5KB, 320x334, 00:10)
I mainly use the GOG builds of games when I go to sail the seven seas, but the only drawback is that they don't specifically recognize my dualshock controller. Like it's only a generic one with the numbers.
Any way to get it fixed or do I just have to git gud?
Gundam Breaker 3: Full Break
Gravity Rush HD
Gravity Rush 2
Go murder your relative then you fucking retard asking retarded question. Never post again you fucking beta male piece of shit
>Any way to get it fixed or do I just have to git gud?
Replies: >>225884
If she is a virgin, you must impregnante her womb, right now!
Replies: >>225879
She's like 45
That's because DS4s and 5s? are generic controllers when connected to anything other than their consoles, including when you use a DS4 on a PS3 funnily enough. If the game doesn't natively support dualshock contollers there isn't really much you can do. If you're fine with xbox button prompts you can use something like DS4Windows which emulates an xbox controller it also lets you use the touchpad, rebind buttons and it often has better support for rumble.
That's for xbox controllers.
Replies: >>225891
>That's for xbox controllers
No, you faggot, it's for anything that does xinput.
Replies: >>225892
Like not dualshocks?
Replies: >>225894
Just use SCP and xbox drivers then
Replies: >>225920
Why don't you just use keyboard and mouse?
No point unless using DS2/3, which do not function as generic controllers and require third party drivers to even work.
Spoiler File
(236.4KB, 1467x2200) Reverse
Spoiler File
(429.9KB, 1312x1968) Reverse
Which body would make for a better Amy Rose doll?
I'm thinking number 1.
Replies: >>226036
[Hide] (73.6KB, 680x605) Reverse
Second one looks awful no mater what head you put on it.
[Hide] (13.5KB, 235x300) Reverse
Pic-related is something I asked for christmas, I currently have the X series, and a few Mechwarrior games to try it out with.

What are some other PC flightstick/HOTAS games to try out with my upcoming christmas present? Both Free and paid-for games?
Project Wingman and DCS if you're autistic. 
The PS2 Ace Combat games don't play well with flight sticks, trust me.
Replies: >>226053
alright, thanks for the recommendations!
>I currently have the X series
X series doesn't go well with with joystick, most people just play it with mouse and keyboard.
I guess you could play Scamcitizen, shitposting aside, you could play elite dangerous, everspace 1&2, wing commander, tie fighter or x-wing.
War Thunder in simulator mode
Any good game that looks innocent/cute at first, but turns out to be rather dark?
Replies: >>226096 >>226100
Towelket Fury
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1040) Reverse
Whats wrong with my pc? Something happened to my icons after logging in
[Hide] (105.3KB, 253x257) Reverse
The cat takeover.
Feline computer AIDS
Do you happen to be the anon whose cat eats cum?
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>taking the time to strikethrough each .txt instead of dropping them in a temp new folder
I applaud your dedication
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look at his desktop, he's got brand-name autism
My brother's cat eats used condoms whole, I guess that's a thing cats do.
Dunno why, though, there wasn't anything particularly interesting there.
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Alright I've waited long enough. When is the UT stream faggots? It's already the first of december and still no word on it. I have to know when to request time off from work.
UT is cancelled.
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u host it cus i'm not playing through that trash
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>he takes time off just to watch UT stream
Host it yourself, be the UT stream you wish to see in the world.
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I've been playing a lot of twitchy action games and FPSs recently and I want something more laid back.  I was looking through my library and found Night of the Rabbit, a point-and-click adventure game which I'd apparently bought on sale nearly 10 years ago but never gotten around to.  It was developed by Daedalic, who are most well-known for the Deponia games which they had published in previous years.

I've distantly heard of the Deponia games and seen some gameplay which looked promising, but I haven't heard much about them in passing, either on an image board or elsewhere.  Can anyone who's played them give some insight on what the games are like and whether or not Daedalic are fags?
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Just play a classic Lucasarts point and click instead.
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That's not what I asked, faggot.
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My internet is trash so I can't.
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welp, guess there's no UT then
Replies: >>226633
I tried contacting one of the channel owners with interest to stream and they replied.
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Is there a way to download to a whole youtube playlist at once?
I want to archive 100+ videos but I don't want to go through them one by one.
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Pretty sure yt-dlp has some options that let you do that.
Replies: >>226889 >>226895
JDownloader can process the entire playlist if you copy/paste the playlist link
Replies: >>226895
It does, but you need to put the playlist URL in quotes and use the original youtube url rather than the frontends.
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Did any former bioware employees ever talk about how work was during ME3?
what does
>The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Upgrade
actually do? Activated a key i found and got it but all i do i see people complain about paid mods.
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It adds all the creation club garbage into the game because Bethesda was trying to recoup costs so they released yet another Skyrim version and pretended it was DLC
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Does anyone have any good references on what Teagan's boots and fanny pack are supposed to look like?
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Have you not seen pic related before?
If this is still not enough and all else fails: you can just ask feral directly
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Thanks anon. This should do nicely.
How many anons immerse themselves in games? As in, just play the game without listening to jewtube or an audio book or whatever? Not decreasing the music's volume and just focusing on that one screen.
I had the realization I have been doing too much of "multitasking" while playing, so I finally started trying to play more without other distractions. I am not completely sure how to feel about it either way just yet.
Do you have ADD or something? Why would you not focus on the game you are playing?
Replies: >>227439
I don't particularly care about the story in most games and I can handle gameplay plus some voice just fine. At some point I started doing that and got used to it. Probably back when I was playing a lot of grand strategies or 4x.
Replies: >>227441
>just play the game without listening to jewtube or an audio book or whatever
I was going to ask how the default experience of playing a game became foreign to you, but:
>playing a lot of grand strategies or 4x
That explains it.  Scrolling through a spreadsheet and clicking the highest numbers doesn't require a lot of mental acquity.  Play something more immediately demanding and you'll notice a difference.

>not sure how to feel about it either way just yet
You're turning your brain to mush and zoning out, much like a geriatric pulling a slot machine lever.  If you want to play a game, at least give it your full attention.
Replies: >>227442
I can play something like Monster Hunter and be engaged enough in the game, but also listen to something. Though sometimes I admit that I end up not paying as much attention to the thing that I am listening.
You might be shocked, but that's the default for many, if not the majority of players nowadays. I guess if they cannot handle an action game, they will play something simpler.
>Can't focus on one game
>has issues with trying to multi-task
Gen Zigger detected.
Replies: >>227449
Depends on the game.
Replies: >>227449
I didn't say I have issues with multitasking. In fact I was saying I believe I have an issue of doing too much of it, which maybe doesn't let me properly enjoy a game to its full potential.
Replies: >>227465 >>227498
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Can someone explain to me what the hell this is a reference to? This is the flavor text for a "delete existing magic on an object" magic.
RE4, Dark Souls, Hylics, OSRS, any horror game.
Games with heavy emphasis on atmosphere I'll pay all my attention to.
Games I've already played which are more arcade-y like EDF or Kart games I'll put something on the background.
>I didn't say I have issues with multitasking.
Trying to focus on more than one games at the same time is retarded and a common trope amongst Gen Z and Alpha. The conflict with you guys is that you fail to realize that an average retard cannot multitask and focus on two things at once, unless you're playing a literal brain-dead game that doesn't require much of attention.
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>"you guys"
Replies: >>227682
No anons are streaming the Gayme Awards?
Replies: >>227605 >>227606
I didn't even know that was coming up.
Replies: >>227610
That is today?
Replies: >>227610
Yeah that shit snuck up out of nowhere it seems. But it is already December.
It's a reference to the developer's mind control fetish.
Replies: >>227686
zephyr and the devil from SeXkzy score
Obviously. Reminds me I really should hunt down and "play" Overwhored some time.
The phrasing is just so specific and out of left field (the game is a plotless TIM clone) it has to be a quote from some anime, but I can't for the life of me figure out what.
Replies: >>227687
What game is that?
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what minecraft mod is this? It seems to be Touhou Little Maid but the models dont match. Apparently you can combine mods?
Replies: >>227891
I think it is little maids due to the cake. It might be a cosmetic mod though, little maids does allow you to install third party models.
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