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What is this?
>MechWarrior: Living Legends is a combined-arms multiplayer-only mod-turned-standalone mod for Crysis Wars.
>MWLL fuses Battlefield’s combined-arms FPS gameplay with BattleTech’s setting to bring you a challenging and engaging MechWarrior-esque experience. And then some!

Join the server either through the master server list: it's named sleepy/v/, or by its IP and port:
The server password is videogames

Next weekend, starting Friday at 7:00 PM (UTC).
Or whenever (You) want, just post ITT for anons to join.

Download and install version 0.16.1:
Anon repack: https://mega.nz/file/O9AXBKSZ#sdstULEKYC1lCduWOMVEmvL-GyrLlHzAcUy5pSGA4Ps (sha256sum: 0592cd42a259323b22d61fc5960ba18e39e68863c2b0d0351d06a9cd245ccd51)
Or use the official installers: https://mechlivinglegends.net/#downloads

Basics guide: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=MWLL_Basics_Guide
MWLL wiki: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=Main_Page

How to join
>Run MWLLLauncher.exe (found under Mods/MWLL)
>Pick your player name
>If using Wine, enable DirectX 9
>Launch the game
>Go to Multiplayer, Internet Game
>Join the server named "sleepy/v/" or enter its IP, port and password in "Connect to IP"
>>216009 (OP) 
Finally some good games.
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>>216009 (OP) 
I guess I can try this again. I hope it doesn't blow my craptop up and kill me.
Nice.  I think we did end up squatting on a normal server when we didn't get enough numbers.  I hope we get more this time
Replies: >>216038
This game needs numbers. Not a bad idea.
Replies: >>216031
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Why are you replying to yourself?
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boy oh boy
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Cool, maybe I'll get to play ValleyForge again for the first time in 3 fucking years.
You should probably remove the password, game needs a decent amount of players and the regulars will join whichever server is populated.
Consider grabbing some maps from the community repo (https://mechlivinglegends.net/maps/), I'd recommend at least grabbing the latest versions of IcePlanet and WildlandsAssault as well as any newer versions of vanilla maps that might be on there I know Altay and IvoryTower recently had some community updates. WildlandsAssault is pretty interesting right now as it's basically running its own unique gamemode where one team defends and one attacks, gradually taking over the map. Also never run DeathValley (makes some people crash a lot), always use DeathValleyLite (same map with less asteroid impacts).
No we didn't, but the hostfag finally stopped running SA/TSA and opened the server to the public like he was told to do from the start.
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>remove password
I want to play with anons, not some other community.
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My only mod request is whatever makes the UrbanMech playable.
Replies: >>216066 >>216100
Then you'll have an exact repeat of last time, circlejerking on SA until OP caves and then we can have some great games on the last day again.
Unfortunately the most requested mech is still nowhere to be found.
But saying nigger among anons and normalfags is fun!
>he doesn't want to culture shock the pubfags
the weak should fear the strong
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>bored out of my fucking mind
>lurking this shithole like I always do
>hmmmm, maybe I should host something for /v/
>download some old game, boot up the dedicated_serb.exe
>sit down with the GUI on screen, clueless on what to do
>there's no step by step tutorial online on how to set up a server online
>give up almost immediately then decide to play some SP game
>anon delivers a gamenight the VERY next day
Can't say I thank (You) enough. Maybe I should look into how you're hosting these games before I get to understand how to host the less documented vidya.
>still pulling this D&C shit
>when 8moe can't even host their own gamenights
>when the admin clearly named the server sleepy/v/ to spit on (You) faggots
Never change, blacked.gov
Replies: >>216100
>>216009 (OP) 
>If using Wine
Hopefully it works.
Replies: >>216095
We better get enough players or I'm going to piss and shit and cry.
Replies: >>216094
With a set time for everyone to join, sure. The problem with these gamenights lately is that they just open them for like a whole month and people join and leave at random.
Didn't for me, had to break out my win10 laptop because the dx9 installer fucked up.
Replies: >>216100
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Added TC_DeathValleyLite, TC_IcePlanetV2 and TC_WildlandsAssault to playlist, removed TC_DeathValley and TC_Wildlands.
Tried to set up auto map downloading, but it doesn't seem to work, so anons should get this map pack for now:
https://mega.nz/file/CsZ3CDyQ#XyJAPuc6WlC3uivEU-MjdWSTfZTyTOaTo2DChvIlhGo or (latter is temporary)
sha256sum: e21eddac9d635ef968652223eb943c77317b2a84f707f811fedd0e717b0ee07b
>You should probably remove the password
If anons want that when in-game, sure.

Doesn't seem to be in this game, the only reference I found in the wiki is:
>Urbie - UrbanMech, cutest Mech you've ever seen. Not an asset in MWLL.

>Maybe I should look into how you're hosting these games
It's fairly straight forward, I bought the second cheapest VPS option from a provider and installed Alpine Linux in it.
What may consume more time is setting up the game server itself.
In this game's case, its dedicated server binary wouldn't run as a service.
Fortunately someone made an open source headless dedicated server launcher which seems to works fine.

Have you tried the repack? If you can't use MEGA try getting it from
This link and the map pack one should be available until games start.
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Are the servers dead right now? I can't make a profile and I can't browse servers.
Replies: >>216113
Is your launcher failing with "Cannot check for updates"?
>>216009 (OP) 
You should open up the server to the public. The best matches we had were when we had a ton of players.
Replies: >>216121
Never played this, does it allow voice chat? If so, there's potential to micspam normalfags into submission.
Replies: >>216127
No voice unfortunately.
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lookin' good™
>>216009 (OP) 
>If using Wine, enable DirectX 9
>Launch the game
It doesn't just works, what now?
Replies: >>216137 >>216138
Are you using DXVK?
They fucked up all the shit since the last time we played. I managed to get it mostly working with this: https://forum.mechlivinglegends.net/d/278-running-mw-ll-in-wine-on-gnu-linux-and-associated-problems
>clean 64-bit prefix
>"winetricks dxvk"
>use anon's repack to avoid dealing with the launcher
>run this from bash with your wineprefix configured in the drive_c folder
<wine "mwll/Bin64/Crysis.exe" -dx10 -root "C:\users\user\Documents\My Games\Crysis Wars\MWLL\Client" -mod MWLL
<set all settings to high in advanced graphics settings tab to work around more launcher fuckery
Shaders seem to be somewhat fucked despite using native d3dcompiler, I'll have to investigate further.
Replies: >>216140 >>217246
Okay I just needed to enable D3D Extras. Now things seem to mostly werk.
Replies: >>216148
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Might join back in when there are more fags. Game is damn good fun for sure.
got dced, hope servers ok, gonna take a short break too
Replies: >>216146
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It crashed when changing from the bog map.
It's up again, on TC_Canyons.
I'm retarded how do you enable d3d extras?
Replies: >>216159
Is this happening now or on the 15th?
Replies: >>216151
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Now or both.
I'm in the server now, if you want to join
Replies: >>216153
I haven't even gotten the game yet, I was just wondering.
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>still using mega
fucking why
Replies: >>216156
Which file host do you prefer?
Replies: >>216157
mediafire works fine
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>press and hold tab key to see the scoreboard and the team with the fewest players
>press M key to open the spawn/map menu, you'll know what to do immediately if you played Battlefront
>if you didn't play Battlefront (we need to play that again) click the join team button for the team with the fewest players, then click a BLUE mech icon to spawn at a mechbay.
>You spawn in a BA (power armor, don't try to kill mechs with this unless you are good at the game) and can now buy assets.
>U is teamchat, Y is public chat. USE THEM.

>Press the COMMA key to open the buy menu. This opens a tabbed interface to buy shit. You buy shit with C-Bills, shown on the right-hand side of the screen. You can only afford "starter" assets when you first spawn. Leaf through the catalog here and pick something you like, though you should probably pick a mech to start: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=Starter_Asset_Guide
>Click on whatever dingus you want and press COMMA to close the buy menu. You'll see two popups in the upper left corner: one "in progress" notification and the more important one telling you where your fucking mech is. The spawn area should have steps down labeled with the hangar numbers in that mechbay. Go downstairs, follow the number and you should be on a catwalk staring at your mech.

>Here's the fun part: you have to be roughly level with the robot's head and press F when the (enter vehicle) popup appears. There are no ladders in the grim darkness of the Clan Invasion, so you'll have to run off the catwalk and time it. If you miss, jumpjet up to the cockpit with SPACE and try again until you get it. Blame Crytek.
>You're in the white man's neighborhood now, city boy. Your mech will take a few seconds to start up, so take that time to examine the HUD (pic related) and figure out precisely what the fuck. If you played TIE Fighter (or MechWarrior) as a kid you should be at home here. Important things to notice:
<1: Reticle. Controlled with mouse. This is NOT a mouselook game. Picking out individual weapons/limbs for damage with this thing is an important skill. The meters figure is distance to whatever you're aiming at, important for weapons with a minimum range. Also remember that when you turn your "head" you are physically turning the entire top half of your mech. This is important because you can look away from someone who's railing you to spread out incoming damage across your mech's armor.
<2: Armor. Individual limbs take damage, just like in that Todd Howard game. Green is good, red is bad, black means it's dead, Jim. You die when the center torso (thing right in the middle) is gone.
<5: Throttle. Like an airplane. W for forward, S for reverse, X for instant zero-throttle. NUMPAD KEYS dial in a specific throttle percentage in multiples of 10. If this makes your brain hurt you can press K to turn W and S into gas pedal keys.
<12: C-Bills. You earn C-Bills by wrecking shit and capturing objectives. You can go back to a friendly mechbay, sell your current asset with J, then go back to the buy menu and get yourself something nice.
<8.1: Short-range sensors. The thin green line is forward. The thin brown line is where you're looking at the moment. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Red spots are bad guys. Blue spots are good guys. The view cone is your view cone.
<8.2: Long-range sensors. Your minimap, with grid location so you can tell people where the hell you are without opening the main map. The blue circle is the area covered by your short-range sensors.
>9.1: Heat meter. Energy weapons, jump jets and a few other things build heat. Let this get over the yellow line and you're in trouble. Get this into the red line and you'll either shut down or explode in a cloud of hilarious failure. If you shut down press P to restart after a few seconds, assuming you're not dead. If you need to lose heat fast press C, unless you're in lava in which case this is a fun way to kill yourself.

>Take a look at 3.1, the weapon group UI. Individual weapons are organized into groups that all fire together. That's what the numbers mean. You can press the NUMBER KEYS and E to fire groups, and groups 1-3 are mapped to the corresponding MOUSE BUTTONS.
>The default groupings are usually just a little bit retarded. Fix this now. UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW select weapons, LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW select groups. RIGHT CTRL links or unlinks that weapon to that group.
<Pressed LEFT CTRL by accident? You crouched your mech like a retard. Press LEFT CTRL to uncrouch it before crying in chat about being stuck.
>After weapon groups from left to right is weapon name, cooldown/cyclic status, weapon range, and weapon ammo. Assign weapons in the same range to the same group. If you have 3+ energy weapons (PPC, laser) on your mech like this Osiris Prime, you should probably split them between two groups instead lest you explode in a cloud of hilarious failure. For starter assets you should comfortably fit everything into the three mouse button groups.
>If you run out of ammo for something you can run back to your mechbay and press PERIOD to autobuy ammo.

Those are the basics, now go forth and kill.
Calm down. You can either run back and sell your mech at the nearest mechbay or you can kill yourself (M > click "Suicide") and get a new mech from the dealership. Getting out and hoofing it back in a BA is usually a bad idea because if you get stepped on you'll cost your team tickets, then cost your team tickets again when your crippled mech is destroyed. Die in your cockpit or not at all, MechWarrior.
I'm retarded it's a Lutris thing.
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I died so hard I died in real life.
I think im gonna go get a nap, stood up all night yesterday redownloading this and got to play a little bit earlier and just now. Hope you all have a good time and sorry for clocking out so early, but I literally am falling asleep on the keyboard as I'm typing this.
Hope to see VTOL crashes with no survivors.
Oh also, there's about 5 people on the server right now, and the server doesn't have a password. It's also a weekend so it might get filled up with randoms. Have fun. fuck me for double posting why am I even typing this shit aaa
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>: Why does ActionMapper not save my controls after I set them? [Alternatively] Why are some of my keys not working in-game after updating to v0.16.0?
>A: As of MWLL 0.16.0, the actionmaps.xml file has been corrupted.
Wew. I downloaded this from the fucking discord attachment link on their wiki so you don't have to. Go to My Documents\My Games\Crysis Wars\Profiles\<your nick> and paste it in there over actionmaps.xml so you have all the keybinds you're supposed to have.
Replies: >>216205 >>217246
You'll know for sure if you need this if your C key doesn't flush coolant.
>no one on
Guess I'll pop into the main serb to practice
I forgot how fun this was.
Who is up for games today? What time should we show up?
Replies: >>216278
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Sure, how about 8 PM UTC?
Replies: >>216279
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1532x1593) Reverse
Sounds fine by me
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Replies: >>216327
[Hide] (625.9KB, 1894x2008) Reverse
>forgot to even download it
You'll all still be here when I finish r-right?
Replies: >>216329
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Only one way to know
Getting very laggy, is the server overloaded? If not it might be behind faulty network hardware unfortunately:
>Some modems/routers and ISPs have problems with the UDP packet rate that CryEngine 2 produces. Modems based on Intel's Puma 5/6/7 chipset are known to be bad, see here, here and here. Consider changing your network hardware if possible.
If it's a VPS relocating it to another location might work?
Well I had fun for an hour, but the everything controls like garbage and the lag is unbearable. Maybe I'll get on later if it gets better.
OP may be a good idea to disable map downloading if someone's hogging all your bandwidth
Replies: >>216343
>connection timeout
I can't get in
Replies: >>216343
serber kill
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Server's down for a moment while it upgrades, apologies.

Alright, but I think it was crapping itself because of the number of players
This time with double the resources
Surely nothing will go wrong now
so does gamenight officially start next friday or is it this weekend?
Replies: >>216357
This weekend and next weekend.
That's it for me niggers. Good night.
Well I just crashed to desktop so I think I've had enough for one day.
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OP said he couldn't get timelimit/ticket limit to do anything. I read the dedicated server guide and you have to set these settings for each and every fucking map in your rotation. This makes sense considering every map is different, but still what the fuck.
I shall try to join in perhaps 10-15 minutes. Love this game.
Replies: >>216389
Oh, nobody's playing anymore.
Replies: >>216396
Yeah well you showed up at like 1am what do you expect.
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[Hide] (69KB, 658x650) Reverse
Alternately you can manually update server.cfg and restart the server.
Replies: >>216436
[Hide] (67.3KB, 600x662) Reverse
Thank you lads for joining these last two days, and sorry for killing them with lag, crashes and ticket issues.
First and last problems should now be fixed (perhaps all), so if you want to play some more:

MORE GAYMS AT 6:00 PM UTC (less than 2 hours from now)

You can also join in next weekend for a surely less bumpy game night. Server's going to be running all week too.

Thanks, I was setting sv_team_tickets in levelrotation.xml, and expected the server to read those new values on map change. Didn't know you had to restart it.
Haven't been able to reproduce some crashes that were happening on map change after a match ends. g_nextmap or map commands don't trigger them. Do you know anything about this?
Replies: >>216444
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Thanks for setting it up, it's a shame the game got abandoned.
11 players
What's the match time on?
Replies: >>216460
30 minutes
Replies: >>216461
Bump it up to an hour or so. 30 is to low
Replies: >>216462
ill join you faggots. I havnt played in years. I completely forgot the controls and am not going to put in any effort to learn them. it needs a bunch of updates before i can play, but i'll get there by the time its dead dont you worry.
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Did the serb shit the bed for anyone else or did I just crash?
Replies: >>216466
The serb quit
Replies: >>216467
both probably, this server kicks me on map change each time too
Replies: >>216467
It crashes every time when changing maps after ending a match for some reason. That's why it kicks you
Replies: >>216478
Is there actually 16 players. I only ever see 8 max on the map.
[Hide] (24.8KB, 489x189) Reverse
Does anyone else get this?
Replies: >>216481
Happen even on a clean install, press yes and ignore it.
Serb is quiet again, going to take a break for a bit.
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The pilot in this mech is just lying there like he's in cryostasis of some shit.
Replies: >>216509
>try to use action remapper
>this requires java and then links me to a java download
Oh fuck right off.
I was looking at the steam charts for mech warrior online out of curiosity and it turns out it never got above 5k players before tanking and now sits at less than 600 players regularly. Just how hard did it bomb?
Replies: >>216550
I still have an hour or two before I need to get some sleep. I'll hang out in the game for awhile, feel free to join if you want,
Replies: >>216581
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I have become aware that some of you think this game is bad because you can't kill things easily. Read this to understand why.
You need to stack damage on the body or center torso to get a kill. If there's other things in the way, like an arm or the left/right torso, they take the damage first. This is still useful because any weapons that were on the arm go with it when it's destroyed, and damage to a destroyed side/back torso or wing gets redirected to center torso with a damage bonus. A dead back torso also cripples a mech's ability to move. Nuking the center torso is fastest way to kill something, but if you shoot the same spot enough eventually it will kill as long as it isn't a leg.

To prevent this from happening to you, move around a lot. Don't show the same part of your mech to the enemy all the time. I've been playing all weekend, I played in 2019, and I'm just now grokking all of this.
Replies: >>216567
It wasn't on Steam originally and only got released on Steam 10 years later it launched, that's why
I estimate it peaked at aeound 250K-500K players.
I fully understand this and I still think it's garbage that the game refuses to register damage entirely at random because crysis.
Replies: >>216573 >>216609
>because crysis
No, because lag. Everyone had 200 ping, it was a horrible way of being introduced to the game. If it's better next weekend, give it another try but if you connect and it's still laggy then don't bother.
[Hide] (32.2KB, 607x426) Reverse
>because lag
No, because hitboxes. and probably also lag I spent an hour being a training dummy for this fag >>216518 and he complained about "crysis" and "bugs" because he was using lasers and I had turned out of the way. I could see the laser miss by inches. The only weird thing that happened that I could observe is that hitting the head appeared to be impossible. Here's how weapons work based on autistic combing of the MWLL wiki.
>Machine guns and shotgun pellets are projectiles. You have to lead your target and hope he doesn't torso twist to target a specific part.
>Lasers (including pulse lasers) are hitscan with a range limit. They hit one dot and if there isn't anything in the way of that dot, tough luck. (Hit detection for these is allegedly clientside so you don't have lag as an excuse either. If you sweep a laser across a mech and it doesn't hit every part in its path muh tickrate is a more likely guess than lag.)
>Missiles are fast but inaccurate projectiles. The splash radius depends on the missile. A missile volley will typically spray damage all over a mech even if it mostly hits where you aim.
>Flamers shoot invisible projectiles that "explode" slightly closely followed by the flame effect. The flame effect does nothing, wew. This means you need to aim slightly further ahead then you think you need to when using flamers at the outside of their range limit. FYI flamers also do kind of bad damage vs mechs. They're more for nuking air units that get too cocky and dumping heat on mechs so they self-destruct.
>AC bullets are exploding projectiles. They hit something, then they explode.
>Gauss bullets are really fast, really small projectiles. They have no splash so they're effectively cooler lasers with a small lead time.
>PPCs shoot a fat fucking ball of lightning. When it hits something, it explodes in a small radius to damage all the components around it. PPCs do good but not great damage compared to lasers or ACs, in exchange they cause screen shake so the other guy can't aim for shit.
Replies: >>216614 >>216640
Go on a functioning server instead of OPs dumpster fire and and the worst you'll see is a projectile hit getting dropped under heavy load conditions. I've never seen ping having any effect on this, packet loss and faulty network hardware (a lot more common than you would think, even in CGNATs) being a separate issue.
Replies: >>216614
I'm not even the fag >>216581 mentioned and I've had several instances of railguns at medium ranges or point blank just dealing zero damage (no CR gain) against stationary targets even on the official servers. I'm on a wired connection as well with 110 ping or less on both OP's server and the official ones.
Here's some more details from experience since I've been playing this game so long
>light ballistics, basically anything that is a small ballistic projectile, like AC2s, AC5s, all LBX and RACs have bonus damage against aircraft and vehicles, binary lasers also have a bonus to vehicles but it's kind of shit because of the insane recycle time so I wouldn't bother personally
>Flamers are not usually good in duels but can be force multipliers in 2v2s, as the asset being flamed has fewer options on what he can shoot and how often, effectively neutering his damage output, which he can power through as long as he has coolant but after that he has to choose between doing damage and not cooking himself. 
>If you actually want to kill with the flamers, keep an eye out for an opponent firing a bunch of lasers or PPCs (weapons that generate a lot of heat) for when you should start burning him for maximum suffering, be warned though he's likely to shut down instead of explode, during which time you need to switch to a real weapon and do as much damage as you can before he starts back up, you will NOT likely be able to cook him to death during shutdown from full health.
>Screenshake can be a big part of a weapon's virtues, an opponent being screenshook cannot shoot back accurately. PPCs, light PPCs, ATM(HE)s and most missiles in general produce a fair amount of screen shake (you can chain fire a bank of multiple missile launcher if you want someone shaken). AC10s and 20s, but not UAC10s and 20s, produce an insane amount of screenshake and the AC10 is basically good for nothing else but keeping someone's screen shaking.
>Gauss is a great weapon in nearly every circumstance except close range brawling
>IS LRMs are hard to get value out of as a noob and can remove you from the fight if you can't get them to work since you'll be useless in other circumstances, consider ATMs or Clan LRMs instead on closer ranged maps, since you can brawl with them decently
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I played this game for 6+ years but can't anymore because the linux setup fails
How far along is MWLL 2 anyway?
Replies: >>216709 >>216716
>linux setup
Download the "repack" in the OP. The launcher runs just fine with wine 7.x and wine-mono. The game runs almost perfectly in 64-bit DX10 mode with DXVK but the redistributable crap the installer installs without asking seems to fuck it all up. Same with whatever installing Java does to the wineprefix to run actionmapper.  Someone wrote a Python-based replacement for actionmapper and posted it here:
Some guy in game said it's kinda going sorta. He has an SJ tag which means he was a regular but I felt like I could smell shitposter on him. He was alright.
15 in game and smoking weedies right
Replies: >>216727
On a Monday? Sure I guess I'll get in.
This is completely deserted why would you lie to me was it the weed?
Replies: >>216732
looks like they are in pub. I'll pop on because I still want to play
Replies: >>216747
> [chat] [clan] SmekWarrior [C2]: btw come to the sleepy/v/ server
> [chat] [is] PidgeonFood: lmao no
> [chat] [clan] SmekWarrior [C2]: for not getting warned for meanie words
> [chat] [spectator] BullyRanger: everyone is here tho
> [chat] [is] PidgeonFood: yall literally say slurs in that server

> [chat] [clan] custard [D4]: because only crysis wars uses retarded UDP packet rates
> [chat] [clan] ~SJ~Rookzero [C4]: tl;dr crynet does packets weird
> [chat] [spectator] Zenek: smh smh
> [server] > Derogatory chat warning 1/3 - Please use better language custard

> [chat] [spectator] SmekWarrior: ass ramming should be more effective than that
>derogatory chat warning 1/3
If you use this it means your server is mentally 8 years old.
Eh, I had fun. I would prefer to play in ours but I would also prefer to play in general.
[Hide] (14.3MB, 2560x1440, 01:06)
My highlight
Replies: >>216757 >>216767
That Shrek was tasty. I love light ppcs
I used to play every day 7 years ago and silvercraft would always be there
16 fags on on the pub server
any nigs going to be on early tonight?
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1203x1375) Reverse
Sorry I wont be on tonight, but I will be on saturday and sunday.
Replies: >>216995
>any nigs
Every time
I will but don't expect me to stay for long.
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>gamenight fridey
>have to go out to dinner with family
Replies: >>217108 >>217112
[Hide] (940.9KB, 500x281) Reverse
Do you dislike your family or something?
Replies: >>217109
yes, you don't?
Replies: >>217117
Well shit the repack works a lot better, I'll be on when you fags get started.
>too much of a soy-filled bitch to tell your parents you don't want to go eat goyslop with them
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x720, 00:34)
They can get on my nerves like no one else can, but they're still my family so we help each other whenever we can.
Replies: >>217135
Replies: >>217135
[Hide] (3.7MB, 800x600, 00:09)
I want to give this game a chance, but at the same time I can't be bothered to learn a new game. Don't know if I'll be skipping this one.
Don't try to argue him out of it, he's cybercattle that would exchange the lives of his every last family member for (You)s and Internet feelies.
It's starting in half an hour you cheeky cunt.
Replies: >>217162
How many fags are currently in-game, as compared to last weekend? Seems like people forgot it was supposed to start today, not last Friday.
Replies: >>217167
Currently 4 playing
Replies: >>217167
meant for >>217162
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Hey you, yeah you. I see you playing on the normalfag server. Are you really going to play with "people" that won't even let you say the nigger word when there's an anon server? On a friday night? Get over here before I shove six million LRMs up your asshole. (Pic related, it's me in my Donar C.)
server exploded rejoin you fags
Server officially empty. Next "gathering" planned 5 hours from now. Better see you all there at that time.
Replies: >>217215
[Hide] (951.4KB, 500x452) Reverse
Nice try. Gee isn't it weird how niggerpilling, shitstirring and forced drama all go up to 11 when there's a gamenight planned? It's almost like a certain someone is jealous of zzzchan.xyz/v/ for some reason.
Replies: >>217217
Can you upload it anywhere but mega, I don't wanna download a download manager just for it.
Replies: >>217220 >>217246
[Hide] (87.4KB, 1178x788) Reverse
Just download the offline installer from https://mechlivinglegends.net/#downloads
Replies: >>217246 >>217253
[Hide] (44.2KB, 1010x884) Reverse
>he doesn't already have megadl
I've run into bandwidth jewry like twice since I started using it, it's like magic.
If you're using Wine as any sane person should, using the installer is safe but the prerequisites interact badly with MWLL's Crysis spaghetti mess. Make a new wineprefix, do whatever insane shit the installer asks for (probably just dotnet48) and update to 0.16.1, then copy the folder in Program Files to ~/foo/bar/fuck/ and nuke the wineprefix. Then you can follow >>216138 and >>216196 and you'll be golden. MWLLLauncher.exe runs just fine in wine-mono.
Replies: >>217248 >>217253
[Hide] (1.5MB, 821x1095) Reverse
You can also use innoextract to get the game files' from the installer without running it
I'm getting the installer be there when it's done.
Replies: >>217254
[Hide] (30.1KB, 582x482) Reverse
[Hide] (249.2KB, 936x1016) Reverse
Replies: >>217256
Did you download all the installation parts?
Replies: >>217257
How 2 launch game
[Hide] (196.3KB, 355x500) Reverse
Well, anon, I made it, despite your directions but the server does appear to be empty and there's no way in hell I'm going to join a public one and play with cucks who'll ban you for saying retard or having a nono name like mine aka xXxNiGgErKiLLeRzxXx also this shit ass game crashes my video driver after 2 minutes or so I'm really sorry but I'm uninstalling and I'm going back to cs.
Replies: >>217272 >>217274
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ok retard
[Hide] (117KB, 1004x512) Reverse
To be fair, OP's server hasn't been exactly stable. I thought it was just me at first but apparently others are having similar issues. 
Can I play cs with you? Are you referring to 1.6? Please say yes
Replies: >>217275
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works on my machine
seriously, I stopped seeing other people teleport (which I assumed was them lagging, could still be them lagging with muh crynet at work) when OP downloaded more RAM after the first weekend, try again tomorrow
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
Replies: >>217372
This is really not playable. I keep taking damage out of nowhere (it could be that whatever is hitting me from the best sniper spot in the world has no sound and no visual indicator because the game is bad), almost everyone is teleporting, even the game itself is showing me the bad connection indicator.
Replies: >>217378
Max player count is getting reduced to 14 whenever the server reloads
Replies: >>217384
Even with just 8 people the lag is unbearable.
Replies: >>217388 >>217618
Stop trying to play on mobile data.
Back from lunch if anyone wants to drop in feel free.
I wanted to join the practice server with you but it said I was "kicked from the server".
Replies: >>217410 >>217413
What if they just kick new people on account of gatekeeping too hard? Ever think of that? 

t. guy that knows better than to try to play video games with some other people like some normalfag would
Replies: >>217411
>What if they just kick new people on account of gatekeeping too hard? 
Considering this community is mostly old baby boomers I wouldn't be surprised.
Change your VPN endpoint.
Replies: >>217414
I don't use a vpn.
I finally got some free time today, did everything die to lag? even the public servers are ded
Replies: >>217425
I can hop on if you want, but no everyone just played for 3-4 hours and took a break.
Replies: >>217429
Fair fair, and sorry for showing up so late. Seems the server was left on that awful swamp map that's always on night time at the start and has too much foliage for its own good.
Will there be a game tonight? I want to test out the aircraft before shooting a man and throwing him out of a plane.
Replies: >>217493
I guess not.
Replies: >>217489 >>217493
Should have posted in the morning.
[Hide] (7.6MB, 1280x720, 01:50)
Thank you to everyone who joined in this and last weekends and apologies for the server's issues.
If and when I host something again, I'll try picking a more stable game.
Sorry, was away from the computer for most of the day.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1280x720, 00:06)
>wanted to play this weekend
>didn't have time to learn how to play the game beforehand because of work and wanting to do other things with my life
i am sorry, i have failed you
Replies: >>217566
If its any compensation, you didn't miss much. Server was an unstable mess most of the time and that caused many players to duck out early. Overall it was quite disorganized. Might have been OP's first time hosting so I will cut him some slack
Replies: >>217611
[Hide] (169.8KB, 731x558) Reverse
Playing the same game two weekends in a row has its limits, I guess. Thanks for playing everyone and I hope you enjoyed the smeks.

Stop trying to play on mobile data. Maybe I'm just lucky but you seem to have had a lot more problems than anyone else. It wouldn't surprise me if Crysis is just bad for VPS hosting (since VPS has fuckall for single-threaded performance and Crysis is an unoptimized piece of shit) but I feel like you're blowing it out of proportion because you're buttmad.
Replies: >>217618
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Anon I'm >>217384 the anon that you are referring to now is a different anon.
Replies: >>217623
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1918x1696) Reverse
I was on the few nights that there were 14+ people on the server (including normalfags seething at people baneposting) and it was somewhat ok up until the server had to do mapswitches which usually meant everyone got kicked and the server autorestarted. The biggest issue wasn't the network but usually was that some of the maps buckled the hostfag's machine and the people complaining about night vision not working properly on that swamp map.

Picture unrelated, but I want to play a battletech game set in the deep periphery as a pirate high on bath salts riding modified mining mechs.
Replies: >>217625
We actually managed to get to 19 one night. Despite the issues anons showed they did really want to play the game, but they just couldn't stand the lag+crisis jank. Still a pretty successful game night, but it could have been better.
we should play double action boogaloo again, that was pretty fun
Replies: >>217735 >>218372
You're welcome to try and host your own server, anon. Come on, it's not that hard :^).
good idea that or I'd say day of defeat source
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