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What are some highly moddable games that aren't Bethesda RPGs or id Software shooters?
Preferably something lesser known and more modern, any genre is fine.
>>214401 (OP) 
jagged alliance 2
il2 1946
>>214401 (OP) 
Dwarf Fortress (for all it's worth)
Flight Simulator series (people were charging for FS2k4 mods years before Valve made it "cool")
any RPG Maker game if you decompile it
Super Mario World
Neverwinter Nights
most grand strategy games (this is the only way paradicks games are playable)
most "Sid Meier's" type games
>>214401 (OP) 
X series has an active modding scene.
>>214401 (OP) 
Minecraft and Garry's Mod (if that counts)
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What happened to Ruby? I wanted to fuck her.
Replies: >>214462
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she lives on in our Radeon 9800 Pros, and the ATI demos. not nu-Ruby though
also ruby is not for fucking, she is for passionate french kissing
I want to be assimilated into the AI. How long until that happens?
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That's assuming there's anything to assimilate
Replies: >>214571
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>>214401 (OP) 
GTA: just about everything is moddable except a few things like police behavior when you attain wanted stars which is hardcoded so you can only mod it with re3/reVC but then your mod will get removed from any copyright-cucked mod site (all of them).

SM64 also has fully reverse engineered/decompiled source code for unlimited modding potential and nintendo surprisingly doesn't seem to be as jewish about it as take2/R*.
Looking for 2 megabyte game engines like tululoo or tic80 but with more editor capacity
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Has anyone played Armored Core yet? How is it?
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dunno, gonna find out
Replies: >>214520
Seems like I installed before you.
Here is an initial impression on the first (tutorial) mission. 
Can't say too much about the grunts combat, as so far, too easy to know if it is engaging or not.
The boss killed several times, here is why:
The target lock thing, seems to help with shooting at it, but your screen doesn't lock on the target, so actually playing on a gamepad felt god awful, super disorientating, so I eventually switched to keyboard and mouse.
First, binding is in the key bindings option in the input device settings menu, which was a bit confusing as the control settings are only for the controller. Then I realized the controls are not separated on primary and secondary buttons, but keyboard and mouse buttons, so you can't have two different keyboard buttons on the same action. A bit of a bitch, most of my additional mouse buttons work as keyboard buttons. Though, I guess it is something I will get used to.
Only after dying once I realized actually the primary way to deal damage on this flying boss is the pulse blade. The guy on the radio didn't mention anything, but whatever. 
The boss area is locked, you can't go outside of it, even though it is just a small spot on the big area you just flew through. Here is the kicker, though, the boss can exit the area and then you can't blade it. It is easy enough to avoid if you stay in half of the boss area, then he just won't go there. It is not really a gamplay thing where he hides out of your imaginary range, just something they didn't think-through on the first fucking boss. If you just stay in the other half of the boss area you are almost guaranteed the boss will exit. 
Took me a few tries, tweaking my binds and getting used to them, but once I did I took the boss super easy.
tl;dr gamepad is garbage, mouse and keyboard so much easier, but even they are not as customizable as they should.
So far not super excited by the game.
Forgot to mention how it runs.
Ryzen 1600, 1070 ti. All settings, but blur and dept of field are on High (Maximum being the option above). Locked my fps at 60, might try to unlock it later just to see what's up, but during gameplay it never went under 60, at 1440p resolution. Later maps might get busier, though. No FSR options, though there is an "Auto-Detect Best Rendering Settings", which is supposed to be dynamic during gameplay to keep your framerate alive.
Replies: >>214538 >>214545
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Tried it out too, tried playing the original and the one on PS3, don't recall which one. All I remember is being bombarded with flavor text and exposition. Controls felt awful back then, so I switched to KB+M right away.
Other than that controls felt intuitive enough, but I kept using up repair kits. For some reason my finger kept gravitating towards the C key.
Movement will take me some time to get used to, the skating feels great at long ranges, but precise movement is finicky. 
Downed the heli on second try, could have done better.
Dodging and weaving between enemy projectiles feels fun, but I imagine that's just because these are very early enemies.
Getting a feel for all the mechanics as I go along.
So far so fun.

Uploading raw recording, should be up in about 45 mins:
Might cut down on the fat
why did they have to pick 621 as your number?
Replies: >>214551 >>214588
Played a few more missions, until the wall penetration one.
The game is mission based, each mission having its own map, usually not too big, though maybe there will be some huge maps too. Getting more used to the controls and killing grunts, even though too easy, I can see how the game could be super fun, perhaps in the multiplayer, or maybe after the first chapter is finally over.
On the normal mission sometimes there will be mini-boss enemies, but stupidly enough you can ignore them and just destroy the mission targets. Then again, so far they haven't been that hard to beat anyway.
On the wall mission, being targeted by the fire from the wall, was not so fun, but otherwise the first two mission objectives were easy enough again. Died a few times on the tank boss, including getting stuck between him and a wall and falling from the map, but in actuality not that hard, just annoying. Mostly fly over to him, if fast enough you get attacks and that's about it. 
The game is okay, but I am not getting too impressed either, not sure I feel like a giant robot pilot that much. Again, I can imagine the online being the real fun. Then again, maybe I can just play that one free gundam game instead.
Try the first one again and don't pussy out of learning to play with a controller.
Speaking of AC, does anyone have any tips for playing the originals? 
My brain just can't handle the way the controls work on a controller and I don't have the AC table. Maybe I should try with the dualshock backwards.
Replies: >>214568
Check the default controls and remap the relevant buttons in your emulator this way (parentheses are for a no-analog setup).
>Move forward => Left stick Y-    (D-pad up)
>Move backward => Left stick Y+    (D-pad down)
>Turn left => Right stick X-    (X/Square)
>Turn right => Right stick X+    (B/Circle)
>Strafe left button => Left stick X-    (D-Pad left)
>Strafe right button => Left stick X+    (D-pad right)
>Look up button => Right stick Y-    (Y/Triangle)
>Look down button => Right stick Y+    (A/Cross)
>Boost button => Right trigger/R2
>Left arm weapon button => Left bumper/L1
>Right arm weapon button => Right bumper/R1
>Weapon switch button => Left trigger/L2
Replies: >>214571 >>215114
>Speaking of AC, does anyone have any tips for playing the originals? 
Can't really speak for the first gen i've not played it a lot
But for 2
>Hard is just normal with a worse aimbox, don't feel like you're missing out
>Garage has a help menu, read fucking all of it, it has stuff not in the manual, there's plenty of stuff you should really know that are in there.
>make fucking triple sure you understand how a generator output and your build  continual power usage interact
>if your build can't fit the generator with the highest output it's a bad build
>if controls are breaking your brain focus on aiming with your movement first and never aim vertically unless it's jets / helos
>boost flutter is important to know about and practice, helps move faster for dodging without using as much energy as full on boost
>Overboost, use it
>you double lock on things, first is a raw lock which only works on still targets second is the double lock with decent predictive aiming, you notice that from the small adjustment your weapon model makes after a bit of locking, if the enemy goes out of the lock box at all you lose the double lock.
>whatever you do if you change the key assignment remember you want movement and aiming accessible at the same time as boosting and firing your weapon, even better if you can fit change weapon and laser blade to be as accessible while moving / aiming, you cna ignore that but it's harder >>214568 is quite good for the analog one though I would do boost on RB, blade on RT, and fire / change on either of the others but that's me
>you can play good with default controls just might take a bit of getting used to, any homebrew analog control scheme makes you lose quick center aim which is worth having in a few cases.
>3D figure 8 strafing, learn it
>at least learn how to dodge in a spiral pattern, less effective but easier
Replies: >>215114
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Decided to go ahead and waste time to cut this down to something resembling a gameplay reveal devs might put out while the game is still in development with minimal memes
Should be up in less than an hour:
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My phone keeps rebooting indefinitely, can't access recovery mode, tried installing a new rom in fastboot mode but didn't let me.
What do?
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We can't tell you jack shit without knowing the phone model. And then we probably still won't be able to tell you jack shit. Look it up on xda and don't expect miracles.
Replies: >>214813
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redmi 10
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Any games from this list you personally think is good? Having a bit of a hard time picking a game to play.
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Replies: >>214821 >>214905
Ignoring installed ones: bloodstained, cave story, coropata, dragon's dogma, fortune summoners, okami (no idea if the port is any good though), resonance of fate, tales of vesperia (symphony is also good but vesperia is superior imo).
Of the installed ones: Gurumin, mountain blade, rabi ribi, stalker
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Bloodstained, Bully, Cave Story (play the freeware version), Deus Ex (get the revision if you've played it to death already), Dragon's Dogma, modded Oblivion is a guilty pleasure of mine, Enclave, New Vegas (get TTW for extra jank), I liked F.E.A.R. 1 but never finished it, Mafia 1, Postal 2, Resonance of Fate, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal, Tales of Berseria & Vesperia, I've been tempted to use that classic inspired Lara mod on a first time playthrough of Tomb Raider 2013, Valkyria Chronicles 4 and the Vagrant
And what the hell, Majikoi! got on steam? I would have appreciated that 8 years ago.
From what I've played, I'd recommend Arx Fatalis, Dude Sex, DMC, Dragon's Dogma, New Vegas, FEAR, Far Cry 2, L.A. Noire, Mafia, Max Payne 1 & 2, MGR, M&B Warband, Overlord, Postal 2, South Park, STALKER, and Titan Quest. 
However, if you're having trouble choosing a game, I'd recommend just picking a game you've been particularly curious about and just play it.
Play Kopusu Pati during Spooktober.
Arx Fatalis, but not the Steam version, use the source port.
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deus ex
mount and blade warband
dragons dogma
far cry 2
freedom fighters
hitman contracts and blood money
max payne 2
tales of vesperia

All are top tier if youve never played them. Which of these do you think youre in the mood for? I can help narrow it down.
If you could replay any game right now for the first time again, what would it be? (and why, as in what aspect of replaying that game would appeal to you) Thats usually what i ask myself to make that decision.
[Hide] (3.3MB, 800x600, 00:10)
Castlevania (though I'd try to play the original versions of them if possible)
Deus Ex
Dragon's Dogma 
Modded Oblivion and Fallout NV (don't have to go too crazy with mods) 
F.E.A.R 1
fight 'n rage 
Max Payne 1 and 2 
Resonance of Fate 
Styx 1 (avoid 2) 
The 3 Tales games you have Valkyria Chronicles 1 (play this first to see if you'll enjoy the 4th) 
Ys I, II, and VI 

As for which one to start playing, it would depend on which genre you enjoy the most.
pls help
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this happened to my once. i just bought a new phone, try to drain it's battery, and if that doesn't work it's probably dead.
With old phones, you could just change the battery, but now you can't. I never keep important things inside my phone for reasons like that, you never now the moment it is going to broke. At least with a PC you can remove the Hard Disk.
If my current phone brokes i'm not going to buy another one. maybe one of those linux phones or some autistic japanese keitai
Replies: >>214933
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Wha-? That doesn't sound right.
I'm guessing it's a soft brick since It still boots and can even go on fastboot mode.
I should just be able to install a new rom or recovery image but finding one for this exact model is a bitch and the ones I've found don't work.
Replies: >>214935
if the bootloader is unlocked you should be able to flash TWRP to the recovery partition and go from there. however if you didn't do so from within the stock ROM then it's probably fucked.
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Does anyone recognize the anime from these pics? I ripped these from cs condition zero deleted scenes and they are parodies of existing anime is what i think because i can spot "azumanga daioh" and "read or die"
Bottom left of two looks like chobits. 
Green hair might be clannad.
Do you have ones that aren't ant sized?
Replies: >>214974
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>Third image second row, center.
Also, the one next to it looks a bit like Satoshi Urushihara's style
[Hide] (13.6KB, 240x419) Reverse
>green hair might be clannad
Which one? There are several ones.
>do you have ones that aren't ant sized?
Those are textures taken from an asset prop from a 2003 game, of course they are small as shit you dumbass.
>Moving Images
Why am I giggling like a fucking retard.
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Replies: >>214984
I tried to fix my shitty edit and give it some more space to the left of the text. I should spend some more time proofreading my posts but I never do.
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Just started playing 2. I don't know how the fuck it the series got so popular. 
You start before the tutorial, getting shot within 0.1 seconds of the dialogue ending. Tank controls with strafing makes some semblance of sense, but L2 is aim up and R2 is aim down, which is not only weird in itself, but completely mixes up your movement and camera buttons. Not to mention the lack of analog controls when even PS1 Ace Combat games had them. And I imagine the PS1 games are even worse. 
Anyway, I thought using the d-pad would be better for digital controls but it works surprisingly well with the analog stick. I even had fun in the tutorial, which is always a good sign. Navigating the menus is now extremely confusing though.
I just barely remembered this PS2 game I played but I don't know the name. It was a horror game set in a foggy town and there was this part where you went into a fire station and fought against some monsters. Combat was clunky but the graphics were good, like almost resident evil 4 good.
>caring about ((( phones )))
The whole cost is retail. Just wipe your ass with it and get another one for literally free.
>video games
So why do some of you guys dislike TTRPGs?
You mean tabletop? That requires friends, and also roleplaying in real life is gay.
I like D&D but I hate every edition except BX/BECMI (AGE and OpenLegend are alright). I like D6, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun (unironically the best magic system of any game), Interlock and Ryuutama. I really want to play GURPS but everyone in my group is a fucking pansy who's afraid of freedom.
Replies: >>215379
>but I hate every edition except BX/BECMI
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is alright. But yeah every other edition is straight-up garbage.
Because they're most fun played in groups. Unless you're playing with close friends who aren't idiots you're going to face complications with slow games or anti-fun faggots.
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I'm dying in this heat.
Should I get a regular fan or a tower fan?
I'm not a big tower fan myself
If you're looking into long-term solutions try adding a ceiling fan to your room. Installed one for the summer and never felt the heat once, which is fairly impressive considered I used to sweat hard this time of the year where I live. Try posting this on /b/ next time, too.
[Hide] (1MB, 1280x720) Reverse
>I'm dying in this heat.
I feel ya
Get a regular one, also I recommend getting some of those gel packs you can put in the freezer if they are sold in your country
[Hide] (1.2MB, 440x300) Reverse
you can only bitch about the heat if it's regularly 105+, now fuck off
But that's boiling temperature
>t. snowman
[Hide] (1MB, 2756x2756) Reverse
[Hide] (1002.3KB, 3024x4032) Reverse
[Hide] (130KB, 960x1280) Reverse
If you going to get a fan might as well buy a bag of ice to cool you down
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I'm taking a break from vidya once i finish these games, which one should i start with? I heard that you can do a lot of fun stuff with the gambit system in FFXII. I also know that KH Days isn't good but i couldn't play it as a kid and it's been a thorn in my side since then.

Dragon's Dogma is great.
The Evil Within is underrated.
New Vegas is the best Fallout game.
Jagged Alliance 2 is the best game in the genre and still unsurpassed to this day.
Valkyria Chronicles is good and has an unique take on the genre.
Replies: >>215881
start with gravity rush. I had problems with the controls at the start but you'll get the hang of it
Why don't you have an ac? Even when outside I have a fan I wear, spray bottle too, etc.
I live in FL. It's about the humidity faggot. Our 85 feels like your 100.
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Is there any Sonic dedicated board anywhere?
Replies: >>215918
Are you really asking if the most autistic fanbase has a board somewhere?
Replies: >>215930
There is already one there but it's dead.
you're insane if you think anyone should or would want to use that qboomer cultist honeypot
it's true though, it's run by a fed asset and the only people who is it are qboomers which is nothing short than a cult
Replies: >>215946
like it was literally proven that the site was funded by politicians and they ran ad campaigns for them and their other jew friends, and let's not forget the whole sunshine thing, literally hording and selling off data of users. how is that not the definition of a honeypot? are you pretending to be retarded or are you legitimately brain dead?
[Hide] (428.1KB, 589x465) Reverse
>i dont see what this has to do with 8chan.moe
oh I see you're just a blacked.gov shill, I thought you were retarded for a moment but it turns out you're worse. blacked.gov will never be the "new" 8chan, it doesn't matter how much you try to associate the 8chan's name with it, shill it subtly or not it'll always be yet another spam board which tries to copy 8chan's name but at the end of the day is nothing but the newest pedo den (see 8channel.org etc), so yeah, you're a stupid nigger faggot and I'm ashamed I ever entertained the idea you might've been just a bit confused. die soon please.
[Hide] (69.5KB, 750x788) Reverse
both of you need to shut the fuck up and talk about video games
is it better to play MGS on a softmodded PS2 or should I just emulate all of them up until the 7th gen titles?
[Hide] (50.4KB, 282x424) Reverse
btw it's blacked.gov because the owner, your owner, has a blacked fetish. this is your leader you follow. a racemixing enthusiast. this is you. no amount of IP hopping or pretending to be retarded can save your face, you fucking nigger lover.
I agree that the shill should shut up and stop trying to fit in, but you aren't making things better by drawing attention to it and also clearly artificially asking some question which is entirely up to your own personal preference/opinion rather than having a single objective answer. Which means you're either a sheep who can't form his own opinions and desires or you're willfully ignorant.
[Hide] (176.5KB, 874x1010) Reverse
what's your favorite fetish btw? is it diapers,vore or maybe racemixing? probably underage children yes? wasn't blacked.gov hosting a pedobord a la hebe not too long ago, yes? and you expect me or anyone to actually go there? I feel filthy even reading the url. YUCK. were you dropped as a child? don't answer that last one.
If you have the option to play MGS on real hardware I would recommend doing so, having to change discs or swap controller ports cleanly while emulating is a pain in the ass.
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Which one do I buy?
Replies: >>215995
Too make it even harder you also have a few PC ports and HD collections to choose from.
[Hide] (172.8KB, 906x639) Reverse
2 hawt contenders of cancerous faggotry going head2head! choose your destiny.
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Owned by Microsoft so that's a BIG NO. Minetest isn't perfect but it's a good alternative for an autism blocks game you can fuck around in with your friends.
>Garry's Mod
Always fun and I have a lot more tolerance of Valve, I don't simp for them of course but I use their services to play Gmod and DOTA and everything else I find elsewhere in terms of games, Microsoft however.... I just straight up boycott everything they own or have big shares in because fuck them, they're an evil company no better than the likes of Blackrock or Monsanto so of course I have no interest in giving them my shekels.
Replies: >>216042
[Hide] (98.8KB, 1242x699) Reverse
>What do?
Next time get a phone that still lets you use removable storage/SD cards and isn't a fucked wannabe Apple clone running Jewoogle shit in the background. I dunno get a Fairphone if you live in Euroland or whatever....
Replies: >>216042
Just pirate it lmao.
Stop shilling for minetest.
I fixed it. It was just a soft brick.
Replies: >>216045
>Just pirate it lmao.
You could do that I prefer people do that as apposed to putting shekels in Bill Gates pockets sure BUT your still running shitty Pajeet Java-script ware on your PC and worse one could argue piracy from some has encouraged many to buy copies to play with their friends thus keeping this game from dying off.
I'll be honest though, my hatred for MIcrosoft and Gates doesn't exactly make me a unbiased person in regards to their products, and I've love nothing more than for them to fail and go bankrupt but I know that's not happening any time soon.
>Stop shilling for minetest.
I won't, sorry.
>I fixed it. It was just a soft brick.
Glad to hear that anon
Replies: >>216046
[Hide] (294.2KB, 640x360, 00:04)
go back
Replies: >>216047
Sorry, I don't have enough Java hate images. Maybe I should make a thread on /tech/ themed around that.
Replies: >>216049
[Hide] (167.6KB, 849x458) Reverse
this is all you need
Replies: >>216050 >>216061
Kino, thanks
banner material
Replies: >>216062
/sp/ has it as one
I asked this in the friday night thread but i figured i should have asked here first.
I recently played through Dead Space 1 and 2 for the fist time and i liked them.
Now, i know Dead Space 3 wasn't well received because it turns into a TPS/action game due to EA meddling in the development of it, but i still have to ask:
Is it still worth playing it, for completion at least?
Or it would be a waste of time?
Like, is the turn to action the only issue with it, or it is a just a shit game on top of that?
I wasn't interested in it at first but now after finishing DS2 i kinda want to see what happens next.
Replies: >>216760
Anyone know something in the vein of Wargame Red Dragon that's not Steel Division, Men of War, or Company of Heroes?
[Hide] (108.6KB, 450x739) Reverse
tell me about deep rock galactic, i know there's one anon here that's really autistic about it and i want him to explain it to me like i am five
Replies: >>216760
[Hide] (4MB, 1280x720, 01:08)
[Hide] (469.7KB, 700x592) Reverse
[Hide] (840KB, 3840x2160) Reverse
[Hide] (54.6KB, 474x698) Reverse
yeah dead space 3 is worth playing. I mentioned this in the previous thread but there is a "love" triangle that really the worst part of the game. I think it's an enjoyable game but not without it's flaws. I'd be down to play it with you if you're up for it. There is a side story of carver losing his family which is more interesting than the previously mentioned love triangle. This story can only be accessed in coop. Oh yeah and some of the enemies look like crackheads that you'd find on the street of San Francisco or London.  
I'm definitely not that anon but I'll explain what I know. The game is a first person shooter where the player and 3 others take on hordes of bugs on a planet called hoxxes. The company the player works for which the game gets its name sake from is called "Deep Rock Galactic". The player who is an employee will have to partake in various missions like mining expeditions which just involve mining something called morkite, oil refinery which involves the player pumping out liquid morkite, and elimination where the players hunt down bosses. There are more mission types than that but those are some of my favorite. the weapons are probably my favorite part. Unfortunately the best and worst part about them is overclocks. Why is it the worst but also the best? This is because the worst part about the overclocks is that you have prestige to actually gain access to them. The best part of them is they can completely change the weapon in radical ways. My favorite is burning hell for gunner's minigun. Burn hell makes it so that the front of your weapon shoots out hot fire so you can use it as a close range weapon. it also does fire damage which is important because certain enemies are vulnerable to that damage type. the down side to this weapon is that it over heats the minigun much faster. this is a double edge sword as there are some abilities the minigun has that you can choose to work with this. One example is hot bullets. Whenever your minigun gets above 50% heat. the bullets do fire damage. 

The game is fun, but it does get repetitive quickly. All the maps in the game are randomly generated and while this does lead to unique variety it can make the game feel repetitive. some of the maps and even biomes can blend together. It's not something you'll pick up on until you actually play it. I haven't played the game in probably more than 

Here's a question, /v/. What is the best transformers game? Which transformers game has the best waifu?
>first video
this is porn isn't it
Replies: >>216764 >>216777
No it's an actual tv show called transformers prime. It actually looks that bad.
Replies: >>216765 >>216777
[Hide] (174KB, 300x300) Reverse
Replies: >>216777
>Which transformers game has the best waifu?
None of them because the series is soulless dogshit.
The worst part about overclocks isn't having to prestige to gain access to them, it's the rng. There's almost 150 overclocks so when you get one, hopefully it's not a terrible one like turret arc or uninteresting like any clean one. Another bad part about them is the trickle. You can get 7 per week + 1 more each time you prestige a dwarf. It's better now that they added the prestige thing but if you don't really like the gameplay loop, you probably won't be around for the months it takes to get them all.
>I haven't played the game in probably more than 
Yeah me too. I stopped playing around during season 3.
Replies: >>216780
It looks like Xavier: Renegade Angel but with shading.
Replies: >>216813
>You can get 7 per week + 1 more each time you prestige a dwarf.
3 per weekly, 3 per deep dive, 3 per edd, and 3 per rank up.
You'll get a machine event as long as you play 3 length missions on haz5, and typically with that combination you'll get a corruptor, and a few bulk detonators, which means you'll be able to level up extremely fast.
>It's better now that they added the prestige thing
It's been a long standing bug where ranking up a dwarf would reset the matrix core weekly as long as you didn't complete both weeklies.
The fastest way to get your overclocks is play digger so you can EPC mine as well as C4 mine.

If you play digger right, you'll be clearing crasious detonators in <2 minutes.
I will agree that it's more than a bit of a grind though. You'll be at ~500-600 reputation before you unlock everything.

It's more free than other games I've played recently. I got into a nigger naming competition with a chink living in texas. Pretty fun.
[Hide] (20.2KB, 254x240) Reverse
How much of a hinderance is playing on a laptop as opposed to a desktop for vidya?
I've been using a $1400 gayman shittop I never asked for and I can't even get 60fps on System Shock 2, though that might be Windows 10 as well.
it's still much better than a console or steam deck
sell the laptop and build a desktop using last-gen parts, people will be selling them for cheap to get the new 7000 series AMD GPUs. Get a 6000 series and a current or last-gen Ryzen.
Don't even compare the two trips-kun
>implying you can upgrade your hardware beyond swapping out RAM
>implying there isn't a shitload of preinstalled pozbloatglowniggerware that also functions as an LED/webcam/etc. device driver because fuck Linux and fuck (You)
>implying you can reuse the case
>implying you can switch out the screen for a different one should the first one break
>implying you can plug in a second GPU for Passthrough 'tism
>implying you can plug in an old SATA 3,5 floppy drive for DOSBox shenanigans
>implying you can optimize your case airflow, thermal paste application, or install an open loop water cooling rig for the lulz
>implying you have cooling
Laptops were a mistake.
Replies: >>216858 >>216863
[Hide] (271.1KB, 730x681) Reverse
Replies: >>216904
>implying you can upgrade your hardware beyond swapping out RAM
you can't even do that anymore unless you know soldering, some laptops solder ram directly on the motherboard nowadays
Replies: >>216903 >>216907
You can't even necessarily do that because of firmware locks.
[Hide] (98.6KB, 1054x1400) Reverse
I love it when breasts are drawn like that. Image related would have to be my favorite breasts shape. I don't think you'll find any women who have melons like that IRL. Is that specific shape called something?
Replies: >>216908 >>216912
Gayming laptops typically have two slots to tinker with RAM and at most require less then 5 minutes of removing the bottom plate of the laptop.
Hentai body
>I don't think you'll find any woman who have melons like that
They exist.
Your pic exists.
Replies: >>216910
He said "woman" not "depiction of a woman".
>I don't think you'll find any women who have melons like that IRL.
You'll find a lot of them actually. That's how you can tell they have fake tits, if they defy gravity like that.
[Hide] (275.8KB, 316x520) Reverse
I remember reading here there was an "official" LittleWitch Nobeta hentai something not sure if vidya or manga not sure which, but I can't find anything at all about it. Did I imagine it or what?
Replies: >>216985 >>217022
Replies: >>216998 >>217020
Why are they all acting like such prudes about it?
Replies: >>217000
Are you saying you want to see devs make official "blacked" porn, or other shit fetishes? Looks to me like that's what they're complaining about.
Replies: >>217010
Is it blacked? None of the images you linked to were even remotely of that caliber.
Replies: >>217016
>you linked to
I didn't make any of those posts. I know they made references to blacked Nobeta, having her on the couch surrounded by those enemies or whatever, so I didn't search for more. If that's their target audience I'm not part of it.
Replies: >>217021 >>217029
[Hide] (26.4KB, 368x353) Reverse
>official videogame porn
Holy wew. I'll agree it's out of place and fairly distasteful, doesn't matter how much the devs knew what they were onto. Shouldn't have come out as a surprise considering the divide between devs and fans faded long ago and the game's artists might as well have posted gay bara fanart on Tumblr before they were hired. Remember Ultrakill?
Makes me wonder, wasn't Compile bought out by SEGA and instead languished in the vidya market, if they would have gone the Valis X route and made some Madou Monogatari game were Arle gets rapped by a bunch of monsters in the dungeon. I'd be tempted to try it at least. Maybe I'd even enjoy it.
Replies: >>217048
The game sucks anyway. I would be bent out of shape if there was official rape of like Frayne or something.
>wanting arle to raped
Fucking faggot
Replies: >>217024
[Hide] (27.7KB, 232x400) Reverse
I don't know, anon, but we're talking about this 16 year old girl going into dungeons by herself.
She's gone to all of these dark, decrepit places, all alone by herself, on solitary journeys into the unknown.
And yet, in spite of all the evil beasts lurking in the shadows and dangers ahead, she's able to put up a smile.
Surely you're thinking what I am thinking.
Spoiler File
(216KB, 1242x933) Reverse
I have bad news for you anon.
Asia doesn't care about your unhealthy obsession with nigger dicks. They'll continue subverting this stupid couch meme and you can't stop them.
[Hide] (654.1KB, 1272x1780) Reverse
I'm gonna pass out
Replies: >>217047
[Hide] (324.6KB, 740x772) Reverse
>used goods
I'm going to barf
Battleborn devs did the same thing as their game was dying in an attempt to save it
[Hide] (59KB, 259x195) Reverse
you don't know that.
Maybe you were her only one.
[Hide] (81.1KB, 640x480) Reverse
>Justifying cuckold pornography
Replies: >>217062
[Hide] (720.5KB, 550x843) Reverse
Where does it say she fucked some other guy?
[Hide] (37.8KB, 637x1025) Reverse
Mulatto hands typed this post.
Replies: >>217064
That makes no sense
Replies: >>217068
None of the girls are used girls.
Replies: >>217066
speaking of used, is buying a used ps2 still worth it to play ace combat zero or has emulation improved?
Only an Amerimutt sees niggerdicks in everything.
Replies: >>217075
>has emulation improved
Replies: >>217075
The PS2 fat has pretty good mods, but I think you still need a CRT TV, there are some HDMI stuff, but I don't know how good there are.
Replies: >>217075
Masterful retard's reversal.
>you don't like [disgusting thing]? That means you're actually obsessed with [disgusting thing] and I'm somehow justified in liking [disgusting thing]!
Just learn how to admit that you can be wrong instead of doing this shit. You have to be aware, on some level, that what you're doing doesn't make your point right, it just shits up the discussion.
Or if that's too tl;dr for you: no, you're the one defending nigger dicks while I don't want them.
I've played through all the PS2 Ace Combat games on emu but as usual with PCSX2 you might have to fiddle with renderers and hacks until it works properly.
Replies: >>217075
I am going to try PCSX2 and see how that works for me, if it fails i will look for a used console. Goddamnit bamco just por the trilogy to pc already
Replies: >>217079
Make sure to try the software renderer.
Is PS2 emulation beyond PCSX2 anything of note?
Will it always be shit on account of framebuffer interlacing and field rendering autism?
When will slidechink be banned? He seems too stupid to use a VPN with more than one endpoint IP.
Replies: >>217096
Nobody's sliding this board you schizo retard it has like 3 pph
Replies: >>217115
A 3PPH board getting 1-2 new threads a day is exactly how you know it's sliding and not legitimate discourse. Especially since it didn't happen for multiple years and then suddenly became constant a while ago.
Replies: >>217119 >>217132
Or, someone is trying to inject some life into this place and getting shit on for it.
Replies: >>217122
[Hide] (38.1KB, 680x793) Reverse
Replies: >>217123
[Hide] (3MB, 1280x720, 00:16)
my threads are better than yours
deal with it
slide my dick in your ass loser
[Hide] (62.4KB, 596x960) Reverse
I'm currently playing through New Vegas Old World Blues and I'm not having fun, feels like someone shoved the worst parts of FO3 into NV in the laziest way possible.
>What if you fight the same bullet sponges over and over again
Do the other DLCs follow the same format of OWB ?
Honest Hearts has a nice big empty map for you to explore with a handful of quests to do. 
Dead Money is an extremely linear shooter sort of ordeal like the anchorage expansion for fo3.
Lonesome road is pretentious leftist writing, also extremely linear and boring.
pick your poison
Replies: >>217142 >>217143
The only one I like is Dead Money. The only good thing about Honest Hearts is Joshua Graham.
OWB relies very hard on the quirky mad scientist and science fiction tropes to keep you engaged, so if they don't do it for you then there isn't too much variety in the mechanics.  There are a fair number of bunkers with different types of challenges; some let you stealth through most of them and some are like puzzles.  Then again, if you haven't already become powerful enough to annihilate any enemy before you without a second thought then I don't know how you suffered through NV before this.  Combat has never been the game's strong suit.

But to answer your questions about the other DLCs:
Lonesome Road is a linear combat-heavy story where a singular character talks to you on the radio and tries way too hard to be taken seriously.  It's similar to OWB in that the bullet sponge enemies have rocket launchers and there's an incredibly hackneyed retcon introduced at the start in order for any of the story stuff to work.  I hated it.
I don't know what >>217137 means when he says Lonesome Road has pretentious leftist writing.  I think it just has terrible writing and is a total slog.

Honest Hearts is a peaceful map of mostly undisturbed wilderness and shows what life is like outside of the Nevada desert.  I loved it for the obvious reasons like Joshua Graham, the survivalist logs, and the abundance of healing/cooking items, but also because it was a real nice breath of fresh air from the rest of the setting.  The tribal atmosphere is really compelling and it's definitely worth your time.

Dead Money is the best DLC since it has a great premise and roster of characters, and an actual difficulty curve with actual gameplay.  If you only play one DLC then it should be Dead Money.
I liked OWB. LAER is a cool looking energy rifle. Some of the dialogue lines were funny, but alas, 99% of the npcs with dialogue are basically crammed into the starting location.

Apart from the arguably nice looking map, Honest Hearts feels like a missed opportunity: you'll never visit New Canaan to see if it's still standing. Tommy gun is an iconic weapon, but it's not like everyone hasn't installed tons of gun mods already, and I'd really like to know who cares about a war club.

Lonesome Road has some impressive looking ruins to look at if you're into that sort of thing. The find-em-all, you-know-which - companion upgrades are nice

Dead Money has one or two "fuck you" sections, but they actually force the player to pay attention to the surroundings. What really sets this dlc apart is that it proves that the game industry could do with a lot less voice acting.
OWB sucks unless you bring a shotgun with a fuckton of pulse slugs. The dialogue is all reddit and most enemies are robots with way too much defense. 
HH has a good map with good enemies and dialogue but the main quest sucks. 
DM is really good and puts the survival back into fallout, but it's unplayable without unnoficial patches.
LR is a linear shooter leading to your tsundere gf (male). The enemies are strong but you get new stronger weapons to compensate and it's not nearly as bad as OWB. I like it but I can see why people don't.
There was a bald NPC in FireRed & LeafGreen on i think the Sevii Islands who restricted your progress if you didn't show him propf or give him a Drowzee or Hypno, does anyone know what im talking about?
Replies: >>217449
[Hide] (114.7KB, 560x560) Reverse
[Hide] (560.8KB, 4928x3264) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2569x2401) Reverse
what is /v/'s ideal currency? If zzzchan /v/ ever had a meet up and were buying and selling games, what would the preferred currency be?
Hot pockets
Loli NFTs. Except anyone who accepts the currency get laughed out of the event.
[Hide] (364.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
fuck off, ye long-nosed desert-lubber!
[Hide] (973.7KB, 1124x2000) Reverse
>buying games
I'll bring some anime figures, game controllers and food to barter at next year's annual zzz meetup
I'm not a big fan of the stampedes to be honest
[Hide] (496KB, 534x5953) Reverse
The guy who runs the game corner out there? You can't go back to Kanto until you save his daughter from a Hypno. If that's who you mean, I don't think he has an actual name, just leading to him being called "Lostelle's Dad".
[Hide] (40.7KB, 540x360) Reverse
[Hide] (652.6KB, 3024x4032) Reverse
[Hide] (46.9KB, 612x414) Reverse
[Hide] (696.3KB, 3024x4032) Reverse
mountain dew or energy drinks because most are fat here.
Fuck off ameritard
I'm actually skinny
[Hide] (471.4KB, 804x624) Reverse
Depression causes weight loss in most cases so I imagine most anons are underweight.
Replies: >>217499
>Depression causes weight loss in most cases
actually it does the opposite, you have no motivation or desire to put effort into anything so you buy shitty microwave meals which make you a fat bastard which makes you more depressed, repeat until 600lbs
Replies: >>217503 >>217508
[Hide] (485KB, 996x1147) Reverse
>actually it does the opposite
Factually incorrect. Ten second jewgle search.
>actually it does the opposite
literally wrong, i have never been more underweight than now and i dont even want to live let alone eat
Replies: >>217515 >>217517
No, you're wrong. I'm constantly depressed, yet I'm not getting lighter. When you get hungry, you gotta eat something, but since you don't have any motivation to do anything, you'll just eat something that requires the least amount of work. For me that mostly means snacks or other shit with high sugar content... so yeah.
Replies: >>217516
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2177x2201) Reverse
Then kill yourself already
Replies: >>217518
you first
im fat. I simply gave up. My life is shit. Why should i lose weight when my life is shit?
Replies: >>217520
Stop blogging fatass.
Replies: >>217523
[Hide] (365.4KB, 1000x1048) Reverse
[Hide] (291KB, 498x360) Reverse
What was (in your opinion) the best games on Super Nintendo, N64, Dreamcast, psp, 3ds, gamecube, and ps1? Asking because I want to get into retro gaming
You're going to use emulators right? A lot of the stuff for those consoles now are extremely expensive.
Replies: >>217529 >>217562
Why? He can also pirate on real consoles, even if it's a bit more complicated than with emulators.
Replies: >>217541
[Hide] (3.3MB, 978x720, 00:22)
R O N A L D I N H O     S O C C E R
[Hide] (6.7MB, 720x480, 02:48)
<N64 (use emulators that make the frames not drop harder than joe biden on the stairs):
>diddy kong racing
>star fox 64
>banjo kazooie
>oot and MM with all the QoL improvements for them nowadays
>blast corps; enjoy ripping your hair out with this one
>mario party 2 but let's not kid ourselves you have no friends to play it with
>ogre battle 64
>yuke yuke trouble makers

>Yggdra Union
>Growlanser I and IV
>Tactics Ogre with the One Vision to take it from shit-tier to god-tier
>Summon Night 4

>Pikmin 1 and 2 (1 is superior) if you can get past the constant memes a romhack of 2 just released called Bikmin 269 that is actually really good
>Eternal Darkness
>Viewtiful Joe
>Custom Robo

3DS (this system sucks lower your expectations):
>Stella Glow ; do none of the side maps and pick Hilda or you're a confirmed fag
>Kirby Robobot
>Rune Factory 4 (for some reason this emulates really well)
>FE Echoes; play on hard and play in Japanese unless you want to cringe at NoA "translation", though this goes without saying for most things here

Probably other shit I'm forgetting and I'll just respond to myself if I remember
Replies: >>217546
It's still extremely expensive since the only one bothering to make flashcarts in quantity is a fucking hohol looking to upsell you at every opportunity. An Everdrive N8 "pro" is almost $300 shipped. PowerPak still exists but has some holes in its mapper coverage and will probably be going away soon due to every component maker using the scamdemic as an excuse to EOL their older parts.
Yes, but you only have to buy it once, not for each game. Retro consoles are also getting fucking expensive.
Replies: >>217543
What about FPGA solutions? Those are expensive too, but if you're gonna pay out the ass anyway getting something without nearly exploding capacitors might be the better option.
Replies: >>217546
If you think hohols are bad you should see how much it costs to crack a saturn.
Replies: >>217550
Building on this to answer the actual question:
>N64 (ParaLLEl emulation core or no balls)
<SM64 (duh)
<Body Harvest
<Pokemon Snap
<Pokemon Stadium (scar extended family for life by playing the minigames)
<Paper Mario
<Snowboard Kids
<Perfect Dark with a CPU overclock
<1080 Snowboarding
<Magical Tetris Challenge
<F-Zero X (the only 3D N64 game with a respectable framerate)

>SNES (higan/ares or get an "SD2SNES Rev. X", if you go the real hardware route remember to get a Super Famicom from a jap seller on eBay instead of paying market rate for the purple thing)
<Super Metroid
<Star Fox with the 21MHz and fastrom patches, it significantly reduces dropped frames even on real hardware when run from a flashcart
<Star Fox EX
<Star Fox 2 (the final build from that ARM shitbox or the old beta with the fixup+translation patch)
<Chrono Trigger (massively overrated but still worth playing, remember to give all the characters their real names from Dragon Ball)
<Super Mario RPG
<Wild Guns
<KiKi KaiKai/Pocky and Rocky
<Umihara Kawase, this game's video and sound are comfy incarnate but the gameplay will rape your face
<Uniracers (get the uncensored hack so you can make all your high scores swear words)
<Ballz 3D
<Super Star Wars trilogy
<Super Smash TV
<Ogre Battle
<The Mask
<Shin Megami Tensei series if you have a high tolerance for Wizardry's gameplay
<honestly just pick stuff, the SNES library rivals the PS1 for endearing licensed jank and hidden gems

>Dreamcast (flycast or pay $300 for a MODE, fucking Saturn is more affordable at this point)
<you know what all the worthwhile Dreamcast games are

>PSP (get a Vita)
<PQ series
<LocoRoco for some really weird shit
<Metal Gear Acid
<God of War games
<Archer Maclean's Mercury
<shitloads of ports and emulated collections

>gaycube (I'd say just use Dolphin but between Nintendont and PicoBoot GC piracy is basically trivial so why not if you already have a CRT and can find a GC/Wii for cheap)
<eBay, search NTSC GameCube games, sort by highest price. There's your list. There were very few worthwhile games on the cube compared to the piss and the hueg, and everyone knows what they are at this point.

>3DS (get a cheap N3DS and an Ace3DS for $15 from amazog and you have two generations of vidya)
<3DS did indeed have a lineup that's a bit shit, it's more valuable for having 3-4 generations of emulators on one handheld, so look up VC injectors and temper your expectations
<Super Mario 3D Land
<Luigi's Mansion 2
<Monster Hunter 4U
<Mon-Musu Quest! 2 Kid Icarus: Uprising
<Mighty Switch Force
<Shantae and the Pirate's curse (the best Shantae game, for what it's worth)
<A Link Between Worlds (obligatory Zelda rec, also the second most fuckable princess in the series)
<Yo-Kai Watch if you like monster collector games and can stand the lolcalization
<Professor Layton series

>PS1 (get a slim PS2 and mechapwn it)
<Literally too many to list. There are so many "bad" licensed titles that blow current year indies out of the water, let alone the actually good games you can get recs for anywhere. Get a cake box of CD-Rs at Goodwill or something and go nuts.

If you mean Analogue, no. That's hipster milking crap that barely works, gets multiple "final run" "limited edition" production runs to exploit FOMO, and can't even be plugged in to a CRT. They tried to sell you a $200 DAC for it that still doesn't even work properly after more than a year. Kevin Horton is a kike who had the nesdev.org forums essentially design the Analogue Nt for him, then went back and wiped all his forum posts so other people couldn't make their own. And it still ended up being glue logic around harvested NES chips for its first revision. Fuck them, fuck them all.
If you mean a MiSTer, the DE10 dev board is hard to find at MSRP (it's meant for developers, not soy golems) and requires a bunch of overpriced addon boards to be as versatile as it's hyped to be. The analog board also has sub-native picture quality due to using a cheap off-the-shelf resistor latter as a DAC. Core developers can get around this by PWMing the TV signal themselves but not every core has that. It's certainly an option, but temper your expectations. I prefer original hardware because you can at least bargain hunt for them, and recapping isn't terribly difficult if it's necessary, just tedious.
Replies: >>217548
>Super Nintendo
<Super Mario RPG
<Super Metroid
Those are the only two I remember playing on the SNES.
<Star Fox 64 (I still get urges to play this at least once a year)
<Super Mario 64
<Mario Kart 64
<Conker's Bad Fur Day
Some of the humor for CBFD has probably aged a lot by now I don't know how old you are so if there's some shit in there that just goes over your head it's probably just some reference to a movie that was popular in the 80s/90s.
<Blast Corps (some missions are hard as fuck though)
<Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (the power combo system is very fun imo)
<Super Smash Bros 64 (I like Melee better but still like this one more than the rest)
<Yoshi's Story (ezpz comfy game unless you're going for all melons in every level in which case it can get ridiculously frustrating at times)
>Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask
Avoid Majora's Mask if you dislike the thought of time limits, you will be resetting the 3 day cycles A LOT if you go in blind and you will also be waiting for NPCs to do shit at specific times on specific days. It's still a neat game though, worth a try at least. OoT still holds up nowadays, especially when compared to the open world faggotry of nuZelda.
<Paper Mario
I would also recommend DK64, but that's mostly because I like the general atmosphere of all the levels because they make me feel relaxed (the music helps a lot with that probably). There's a lot of drawbacks to it though (retarded number of collectibles), but it's worth a try I think.
Only game I ever played for the Dreamcast was Fur Fighters. The single player was OK, but I remember the multiplayer being very fun.
Never owned or played one.
<Fire Emblem Awakening
I'm probably going to get a shitload of flak for that, but if you've never played other Fire Emblem games it's an alright starting point prepare for eugenics.
Otherwise I only ever really played Pokemon games, a few DS games, and the Star Fox 64 remake on this. Pokemon X/Y were enjoyable though.
<Smash Bros Melee
<Eternal Darkness
<Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
I liked the original Paper Mario more but this is still certainly worth your time.
<Wind Waker
If you dislike the thought of a shitload of sailing between islands then disregard this entirely. I loved it a lot as a kid though.
<Killer 7
Strange game, in a good way.
<Resident Evil 4
It's an action game and not a horror game except in one or two parts, but it's very fucking fun and if you like stupid cheesy dialogue it has that in spades.
Speaking of Resident Evil this is one of the best ones in the series it's a full on ground up remake of the first game (back before such things were just lazy cash grabs).
<Silent Hill
I still think this one is the scariest in the entire series, I already know what will happen and still get chills up my spine when I play it.
<Resident Evil 1/2/3
All are worth playing with 2>3>1 in order of how good they are imo. Also REmake is so different from 1 it's almost an entirely new experience whichever one you choose to play first. Personally I'd start with the original so you can appreciate the differences from the Gamecube version.
<Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2
<Metal Gear Solid
There's a remake of this for the Gamecube too, but I'd avoid it. That version made it way too easy and the cutscenes are a particularly dumb kind of over the top.
<Tekken 3
You may not enjoy this though if you play more modern fighting games it's comparatively pretty slow.
<Oddworld Abe's Oddysee/Abe's Exodus
These games have a pretty specific feel to them that I have a hard time describing.
I only played the first. Can be very frustrating but it's still very fun I think.

I know I played more PS1 games that I really liked but I'm having trouble remembering them all.
>Snowboard Kids
Fuck I forgot about that one, the second game is great too.
A Fenrir is $120 plus shipping from France. MODE is as expensive as it is because it's the only Dreamcast ODE being produced and the Saturn side has a bunch of luxury features like automatic 50/60Hz switching and auto disc swap.
Yeah, I'm emulating them. In fact, I'm getting a handheld with a fuck ton of games pre installed.
Replies: >>217564
[Hide] (17.3KB, 480x362) Reverse
>I'm getting a handheld with a fuck ton of games pre installed
That's probably a cheap Chinese piece of shit. Just emulate them on your PC.
Replies: >>217568 >>217570
[Hide] (602.7KB, 790x790) Reverse
>inb4 it's SouljaBoy Boy
Replies: >>217569
[Hide] (2.2MB, 640x358, 00:30)
Replies: >>217576
It's actually pretty well made overall. I'm thinking about getting either getting the Powkiddy RGB Max 3 or Powkiddy x55 the latter of which only issues it has are: 1) its sd card is offbrand and slow 2) buttons are loud 3) the firmware is an experimental version of JELOS and is not well optimized. 1) and 3) being easily fixable. Simply copying + pasting everything onto better sd cards is easy, so is updating the firmware with a stable version of JELOS. Its also not as powerful as the rgb max 3 but it is cheaper and more ergonomic
[Hide] (350.8KB, 1100x643) Reverse
He should wait for OUYA 2, it'll be the biggest thing to happen to gaming since The Phantom.
Replies: >>217578
[Hide] (509.9KB, 900x1100) Reverse
Speaking of biggest, how come no one has ever made a console that's physically bulkier so they can legally claim it's the "biggest" modern console and trick retards and old people into buying it?
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720) Reverse
have you seen the size of a ps5?
Replies: >>217581
[Hide] (89.6KB, 400x300) Reverse
[Hide] (50.4KB, 815x555) Reverse
already happened 22 years ago
Replies: >>217581
It happened incidentally. I've yet to see it happen intentionally for marketing reasons.
Replies: >>217582
I've opened an Xbawks yuge up, it doesn't really have much room for anything other than its own guts, a disc drive and a 3,5'' HDD.
[Hide] (878KB, 1250x1156) Reverse
What's the best retro handheld to emulate N64 and Dreamcast games and has a 4:3 display?
Replies: >>217616
It's been well-known since the 80s that smaller consoles sell better. The Xbox's size was one of the main reasons why it never caught on in Asia.
[Hide] (41.3KB, 632x646) Reverse
>retro handheld
I don't think you can emulate Dreamcast games on a Gameboy if that's what you're asking.
Replies: >>217624
He's talking about those handheld ARM shitboxes you see on Amazon/aliexpress that get sold as RetroArch machines. I've always been skeptical of them because they're shitboxes, which means proprietary blobs for everything and ancient Cortex CPUs that won't be able to run the good emulators. That means you're stuck running the "modest hardware" (aka unmaintained and/or inaccurate) emulators and dealing with compatibility quirks that just don't happen on PC anymore.
Is there a way to rip workshop mods off steam or am I just fucked?
Replies: >>217631
either use this or steamCMD if you can use the command line like a white a man
Replies: >>217646
Neither of those work.
The first is quite literally non-functional and the creator has abandoned it.
SteamCMD in the last few months has been locking out any attempts to download workshop mods unless you own the game.
Replies: >>217649 >>217671
well fuck, it worked some months ago
>SteamCMD in the last few months has been locking out any attempts to download workshop mods unless you own the game.
I recall this being up to the devs and the old downloader sites having trouble with such games as well. Your best bet would be finding a russkie mod pirating site and hoping the mods are up to date this really is the worst timeline.
Replies: >>217677 >>217684
[Hide] (110.6KB, 1200x900) Reverse
>mod pirating
Replies: >>217684
[Hide] (429KB, 1068x1200) Reverse
the worst timeline would be one where piracy is a serious crime that is actively enforced and all tech was loaded with so much mandatory spyware that the darkweb didn't exist. I hope that makes you feel better.
Didn't someone write something about odin lite ITT? Was I dreaming?
Replies: >>217765
[Hide] (10.9KB, 953x110) Reverse
Yeah someone who deleted their post. They were a retard anyway for suggesting zooming to widescreen.
Replies: >>217767
Oh, I see. I wanted to ask him whether he tried to put a sim into it and use as a phone, but whatever.
[Hide] (77.9KB, 590x787) Reverse
What's the best way to play the Great House Dagoth mod for morrowind? 
The original version doesn't work with OpenMW but the OpenMW version only works for really old versions.
Already have 0, K1-2 on Steam. Should I shill out for the other games while they are on a sale, or Sega doesn't deserve my money?
Also how do I cope with Capcom's Denuvo and ESGs? Should I at least wait until Christmas for hopefully a bigger deal on Rise?
Should I just stop being retarded and pirate the games whenever I decide to play them?
[Hide] (341.9KB, 1280x720, 00:02)
Replies: >>217815
[Hide] (4.3MB, 1280x720, 00:20)
Replies: >>217815
>Should I just stop being retarded and pirate the games whenever I decide to play them?
Yes, let the normalfags pay the bill.
Replies: >>217815
actually pretty gud thred keep it up spergs
Replies: >>217814
[Hide] (384.1KB, 640x480) Reverse
i smell bot
I know to pirate is the right thing to do. The last few games I played were pirated too. Yet, for some reason, I feel compelled to buy the games mentioned previously.
I feel ya.
I'm tempted to buy Sonic Frontiers right now since it's on sale and update 3 is about to come out.
Plus no torrent works.
[Hide] (28.2KB, 600x452) Reverse
>paying for AAA vidya
I can fully support paying for multiplayer or maybe indie stuff, but Capcom? With Denuvo?
Please tell me I'm reading this wrong, because you are acting like a grade A retard normalfag with no impulse control.
Replies: >>217837 >>217852
>I feel compelled to buy the games mentioned previously.
oh no capcom's lawyers broke into his apartment and are holding him at gunpoint, guys we need to save him
I once bought GTA IV (actually, it was more like III + VC + SA + IV with that two almost-DLCs for $20 or something like that, I thought that was a fair price), ended up having to put the razor (or skidrow?) crack and the no GFWL patch on my legal copy so I could actually play with that shit. (But hey, I heard now they're using cracks officially). Don't make the same mistake, don't buy any AAA garbage, even if it only costs $0.01.
The only reason to pay for a game would be multiplayer and you should only do so with a big discount.
[Hide] (22.4MB, 1920x1080, 01:31)
What's the best w10 iso for games?
No, I'm not going to spend 3 years to get eroges working on wine.
[Hide] (3.5MB, 854x480, 00:00)
windows xp
enterprise LTSC if you don't care about UWP games, enterprise if you do
Replies: >>217988
that's shit, it's just as easy to use MSMG Toolkit to remove junk from an iso yourself
[Hide] (2.1MB, 640x538) Reverse
I've used all kind of Windows junk removers, including one of those meme Powershell toolkits that you mentioned, and Atlas by far consumed as little time as possible while achieving the best possible results. It even sets up sane default settings for you, and even if you for some reason won't like them, then you can very easily revert them with multitude of scripts that are included in the folder that gets created on your desktop.
windows 7
[Hide] (321.5KB, 1146x245) Reverse
no fucking way, is this true?
Replies: >>218249 >>218257
No you should cum in the eyes of every person you meet.
Ive got my original xbox set up now. What are some must play games?
Replies: >>218259
[Hide] (625.3KB, 742x795) Reverse
No, but this is.
[Hide] (5.1MB, 3028x7396) Reverse
You need to understand the concept of love with JSFR, confront Richard in Metal Wolf Chaos and exercise proper police brutality in Urban Chaos: Riot Response.
Replies: >>218260
Is there any working emulator for og xbox?
Replies: >>218261 >>218262
there's this I suppose
XEMU, but only a few games run on it close to 100%. We did a Timesplitters 2 gamenight about a year ago on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XmoCDwKwfI . Phantom Crash works fine on it as well, but Unreal Tournament and a couple of other games I had tried ran like shit.
Replies: >>218263
I remember the TS2 game night. I sucked at it.
Replies: >>218503
Does AoE4 suck?
[Hide] (825.7KB, 512x384, 00:49)
Should I pirate Adobe Premiere or should I stick to Vegas16?
Replies: >>218366 >>218506
Kdenlive so you learn to hate free software and the people that make it
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
What's the best way to hang paper posters without damaging or framing them?
Or are you too cool to have vidya posters?
i remember ts2, i remember ts1, back in the old days we didnt have ts2 we would play with sticks and cotton balls, i remember sticks in ts2, back in the old days when we only had ts1, do you know why it was called pong, it comes from ping pong because it goes back and forth like a football, yeah i remember ts2 good times
Premiere fucking sucks. After Effects is the only adobe software worth using.
[Hide] (3.6MB, 4608x3456) Reverse
[Hide] (3.6MB, 4608x3456) Reverse
[Hide] (4MB, 4608x3456) Reverse
[Hide] (4.8MB, 4608x3456) Reverse
[Hide] (3MB, 4608x3456) Reverse
I bought the x55 and it's actually pretty good. It doesn't even have a long boot time either. Reviews I've read said the boot time was around a minute but it's about 15 seconds to boot up. Apparently the sd cards it came with are shit though so I'm going to have to back up all my files and wait until the current sd cards fail.
>sound quality
About a 7/10.  They are pretty clear sounding but they just lack bass.
A solid 8.5/10. It's pretty comfy. The one thing i disagree with is the right analog sticks placement. I feel it would be a lot better if it was in line with the left analog stick
>The OS
Pretty good. I'll give it an 8/10. It's very clean looking and nicely organized as far as game systems are concerned. The one thing that bothers me is navigating the settings can be confusing at times. 

I've played the shit out of it recently and have had a ton of fun. Advance Wars 1+2, Biomotor Unitron, Dolphin Blue, and MOMOKO 120% (and quite a few others I liked but memory holes). Basically stuff that caught my eye and I've been having fun playing. I will get to your guys recs eventually. There are 20,000+ games installed on the device and some lists (if you scroll down) may take a minute for you to sift through them all. I really like the arcadey games the best. It's an itch I haven't scratched in a very long time
Replies: >>218515
How well does it play Dreamcast and N64?
I'm considering a RG353V for those systems.
Replies: >>218517
With the N64, like 80-90% of them will play just fine without tweaking any settings. Dreamcast is more of a mixed bag at probably 70-75%. The best you'll get for God of War (a demanding title for psp) is like 25-30fps and that's if you tweak the settings
Replies: >>218518
And that's just for the stuff I have played, so don't take my word as gospel
[Hide] (923.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Is there a way to remove bullets from a loaded gun in System Shock 2?
I've got a rundown pistol I accidentally reloaded and I'd rather have the clip's worth on another pistol. Is there any way to do this?
[Hide] (1.6MB, 580x433) Reverse
i was going to tell you but
Replies: >>218566 >>218585
[Hide] (394.4KB, 543x522) Reverse
Clip's the name of the place the gun stores the bullets, right?
The word can be used in the same situation as magazine, right? Or is there any difference?
>that gif
What are you so upset about? Did I say something retarded? I don't know guns, sorry.
Replies: >>218568
The magazine is what the rounds are stored in while waiting to be cycled into the chamber, they can be detachable magazines or fixed magazines. A clip is something you use to load a magazine. Look up "detachable magazine" "fixed magazine" and "stripper clip" and even just looking at the pictures you'll probably be able to tell why they're different.
People get mad as fuck about it because gunfaggots are probably as autistic as trainiggers, they will fly into fits of spergrage over misused terms instead of calmly explaining it and then wonder why less and less people want to bother learning anything about firearms.
Replies: >>218569 >>218571
Oh one other thing to add, revolvers' cylinders are not magazines, but they can be loaded with moon clips, and single shot firearms do not have magazines at all.
Replies: >>218571
[Hide] (26.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
If I understood correctly, clips would be ways to feed the magazine, and the magazine is the cartridge itself.
That is, the weapons store the bullets in-game in magazines, and form what I can tell they're detachable and interchangeable.
Which begs to the question 2339f6 said was going to reply but didn't, for no other reason that
Is there any option to recycle the gun's bullets to another gun? The game doesn't seem to want you to reuse them.
It's a long shot but did you try right-clicking the weapon in your inventory? I know you can unload a weapon that way in Stalker. Maybe there's a hotkey to unload the weapon while you're wielding it?
did you figure out how to take the bullets out of the chamber? some guns like handguns and long guns can store a few bullets in what's called the chamber which is usually inbetween the magazine and the barrel except with revolvers where it is both the magazine and the chamber at the same time kind of like cheshire's cat
Replies: >>218611 >>218635
[Hide] (26.7KB, 261x346) Reverse
>Is there a way to remove bullets from a loaded gun in System Shock 2?
Yes. Right click the gun and click the big unload button. You should unload all the junk guns you find.
Replies: >>218611
>the magazine is the cartridge itself
I think I know what you were trying to get at there but no, cartridges in regards to firearms refers to the rounds. Cartridge and round are basically interchangeable terms referring to the same thing  (the combined parts of casing primer powder and bullet), though there's probably more autism to be found there too that's not worth getting into here because that's more splitting hairs and pendantic faggotry than actually useful information.
The magazine is merely a container for the cartridges/rounds waiting to be cycled into the chamber where they will then be fired and the casing ejected as the next round is loaded.
Hopefully that's enough information for you to avoid setting off /k/ faggots that often seem to wander into other boards and forget they're not surrounded by anons that know everything they know about guns. You could also just deliberately misuse the terms anyway, they deserve tard rage if they're going to be assholes.
Replies: >>218611
[Hide] (10.1MB, 711x400, 04:55)
Replies: >>218614
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Yes, seems I was thinking abou game cartridges and how they're neat little cages, just like gun magazines. Thanks for the lecture regardless, Strelok.
>did you figure out how to take the bullets out of the chamber?
There are no bullets in the chamber to extract but I've followed >>218580's advice and realized there was a big fucking button that let me repurpose the gun's magazine form the very beginning. I thought I had right-clicked the weapons enough times, but it turns out I might as well be pants-on-head retarded.
Now that I know, it feels somewhat tedious to pick that one bullet every hybrid seems to have in their shotgun whenever you encounter one. Why not just modify the bullet rates so most hybrids have no bullets yet a few have around 3-4 rounds you can retrieve from them? Dismantling your entire inventory every enemy you encounter is not fun, amongst other bizarre game choices like encountering 10 psi amplifiers on the first deck, weapons that don't wear nor can be upgraded. What are these for, co-op?

Speaking of, just completed the first two Decks on the game, and found a lasier rapier sitting beside some corpse. I at least remember one image edit featuring that weapon being featured on this site, so I figured I may as well spend some cybermodules on Energy Weapons. I did, then tried to equip it to no avail. Since I assumed it was an energy weapon, I thought charging it inside one of those stations would do the trick. Once again, couldn't equip it, and I couldn't figure it out until I bothered to read the info tab on the weapon itself:
>Agility skill of 3
>Energy Weapons skill of 4
How do fags even get to use this weapon? Just wasted 16 cybermodules on leveling up my EW skill to 1, then got blueballed like this. How many more cybermodules must I collect to obtain a better wrench, around 50? That's insanity. Might as well level up my repair/modify skills instead.
Replies: >>218612
>How do fags even get to use this weapon? 
You're not going to be able to use every weapon, just specialize in one field.
The only good thing about being american is the gun autismo.
Replies: >>218630
The variety of food is nice too.
Here in Yurop the food sucks.
Replies: >>218668
[Hide] (100.4KB, 498x463) Reverse
>kind of like cheshire's cat
don't most people visit europe just for the food?
Replies: >>218672
Definitely Spain and Italy and maybe Germany. The rest is pretty boring.
[Hide] (6.9MB, 3840x3846) Reverse
[Hide] (105.8KB, 618x800) Reverse
[Hide] (194.6KB, 640x901) Reverse
[Hide] (91.2KB, 459x640) Reverse
[Hide] (216.3KB, 494x700) Reverse
I feel in the mood for a mosaic thread, but at the sime time I have no idea what makes for a good candidate. Is there any site that uploads high quality vidya cover scans? archive.org's search tab is as functional as any and, if there are, I sure as hell can't find them.
[Hide] (66KB, 400x398) Reverse
[Hide] (236.3KB, 640x661) Reverse
[Hide] (87.1KB, 512x512) Reverse
[Hide] (178KB, 1034x1200) Reverse
Spoiler File
(120.1KB, 509x800) Reverse
It pisses me off since all I can do is look up shit on a search engine like a fucking retard, snatching covers from here and there. Some art's specifically hard to find too. Tried looking for that one banned Syphon Filter 3 cover and all I got is one lousy antsize .jpg. Is there some comprehensive archive for this shit?
Replies: >>218929 >>218939
I know what you mean. Sometimes it's ridiculously hard to find a good cover image, and you can spend an hour reverse searching trying to find better (especially if a version is much better known for a Greatest Hits style cover than a standard one). Mobygames can be decent. The Cover Project also, at least for their older uploads (newer ones seem to have little quality control or editing last I checked), though you'd have to crop them down further since they're meant to be full wraparound scans.
Replies: >>218935
[Hide] (511.3KB, 1671x2396) Reverse
[Hide] (4.5MB, 3225x2169) Reverse
[Hide] (5.6MB, 3366x2100) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 3225x2156) Reverse
Spoiler File
(2MB, 3225x2156) Reverse
>The Cover Project
Yes, it exists and the scans aren't all that bad. It's very barebones when it comes to JP stuff, so I assume, if anyone's willing to make one thread, it'll come down to something less obscure.
What would you want to make a mosiac out of, anon? Any ideas? Are you willing to participate in a mosaic thread?
Replies: >>218936 >>218939
>last pic
gamenight when
[Hide] (2.1MB, 3233x2144) Reverse
>Tried looking for that one banned Syphon Filter 3 cover and all I got is one lousy antsize .jpg.
Yandex suggests there to be a 1024x1024 of it out there, but the only links tot hat size just redirect to some "catalog all your games" app with the image nowhere in sight, so I have no idea if it's an actual high res scan or just a shitty upscale.

>It's very barebones when it comes to JP stuff
Yeah, that's certainly an additional level of difficulty. Mobygames would probably be better, at least when it comes to the English part of the internet. Kind of wonder if Japan has their own cover scan site that would focus on their own native releases, but I'm not sure if their laws might get in the way of that. Again though, reverse image searching usually leads to better results than just text will.

>Dead Rising
That one's just begging for some moon edits like DooM got.

>What would you want to make a mosiac out of, anon? Any ideas?
Something that inherently allows for both creativeness and iteration, especially if it's already got some memetic potential to it. Magic Pengel, for instance. Oh No! up there would also be a good one.

>Are you willing to participate in a mosaic thread?
Never actually done so.
Replies: >>218974 >>218980
[Hide] (745.8KB, 720x640) Reverse
>Yandex suggests there to be a 1024x1024 of it out there
There's a 768x768 that's still available, but that looks an upscale. There's a 720x640 that looks better, but with a different age rating.
[Hide] (4.2MB, 3260x1370) Reverse
[Hide] (173.9KB, 1006x914) Reverse
[Hide] (6MB, 3260x1370) Reverse
An 800x800 was the biggest I saw that actually went anywhere, but it was an obvious upscale. That one you posted isn't just an upscale, it's straight up proportioned wrong.

I see there being two options, since a cover scan of decent quality isn't publicly available: Surprisingly, someone with a copy out there has apparently done an actual cover scan of their own "911" copy, and sells reproduction cases on etsy. If you're really desperate and willing to drop some money, you could in theory buy it and scan the cover from that. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't one of those vendors that puts a "Reproduction" overlay filter on the artwork, just to keep the actual copies valuable (never mind the fact that for single disc PS1 games, the cover doubles as part of the manual, so obviously a single page insert would be a fake).

Other option would be that, if that cover's background render exists somewhere in decent quality (easier said than done for old games, though jewel cases are smaller than most modern console ones), along with a big enough transparency of the logo (or just a white background you could carefully mask in Multiply mode), it could probably be recreated in large with a PS1 cover template. I did something like that myself for Nostalgia some years back, as the Japanese cover art was much better thematically than what we got in the US.
Replies: >>218979 >>218980
[Hide] (1MB, 1024x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (192.8KB, 1200x900) Reverse
Sony clearly has the background render in high res somewhere to be able to have this for the PSN. That said, from what I'm reading, this other background render with green gas rather than flames was what was actually shipped to retailers and then recalled, and was rated M as well? If so, then I guess the flame one never made it past the cover still being a work in progress.
[Hide] (4.5MB, 1531x1920) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 800x963) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1520x1956) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 800x1036) Reverse
[Hide] (432.7KB, 800x1132) Reverse
>Syphon Filter 3
I didn't give that one much thought when I posted it before but
>that 80's action movie cheese coupled with the early 2000s CG
>that gun being pulled up to the camera
>that akward pose with his ass hanging out
>that retarded mug that looks as if he was ripping a fat one
>the whore on the background jumping to some poorly photoshopped explosion
>that American flag on the background, ZOG bless
>the fact that they're in a federal building
>the blank papers on the desk
This is a genuine serious contender. If someone finds a high quality rip we're doing this. In fact, I'd be buying the game off eBay right now just to scan the cover itself, and I would, if not
<Complete Price: $757.49
<1 sale per year
>someone sells reproduction cases on etsy
That might do it then. However,
>shipping from the US to Yurop
I think I'm skipping on this one then.
It's not doing it to me, anon. The cover art's too plain, the characters not fun to make fun of and anime art wouldn't make for a funny mosaic. 3DCG, real life or more realistic looking art should have more potential when it comes to editing/shooping. Got any other ideas?
I can't find any more mosaics in my download folder fucking hell
Try GameFAQs. Most gamefaqs have good quality scans of cover, while a decent percent have absurd res scans.
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