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As usual, keep leaks and spoilers to a maximum please.
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>>214060 (OP) 
Are there any leaks?
Replies: >>214083
>>214060 (OP) 
When is this coming out even?
Replies: >>214083
>>214060 (OP) 
>Fallout 4 in space
I can almost get behind this because they aren't raping an existing IP to death. Imagine the next gen rape mods.
Replies: >>214083
[Hide] (216.1KB, 942x1249) Reverse
Allegedly, yes.

Next Friday.

It sounds like they're gonna try to implement paid mods again, but I'm sure loverslab will get to work for us.
Replies: >>214089 >>214095
>>214060 (OP) 
I'm honestly excited for this one. I know it is going to be yet another shallow Bethesda RPG but I still play Skyrim and Morrowind regularly and I love space games. I believe that Starfield has the potential to have the best modding scene too, and am planning to learn how to make my own mods for it. Todd better not let me down.
Replies: >>214095 >>214111
>Allegedly, yes.
Then post them.
Replies: >>214092
Tyrone got you covered.
>Next Friday.
What the fuck?  That soon?  It felt like it was still at least six or seven months away.

>I still play Skyrim
Replies: >>214098 >>214102
It's a good comfort game. I usually only play it during the winter.
Wonder what the girls wear if you unequipall them and how long the mods to remove their immortality will take.
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I think Starfield will be fine. Not super great, not terrible. The ship building seems like it will be fun, unlike settlement building in Fallout 4. 
I find it strange how generally hostile the mood is towards the game (outside committed bethesdrone normalfags obviously). I get that the graphics are appallingly bad, but at least they are moving in the right direction away from the voiced protagonist and seem to be adding some actual RPG mechanics back.
>It felt like it was still at least six or seven months away.
You are just taking into account that people pay to do endless bugtesting of a Bethesda game.
Is it me or does it not look as disgusting as F4? I might even play it for a few minutes if the mods are good.
Replies: >>214110
[Hide] (58.9KB, 499x261) Reverse
>I find it strange how generally hostile the mood is towards the game
Each Bethesda game is worse than the last.
>they are moving in the right direction
You can't even pick your character's sex anymore. Just globohomo body types 1 and 2, and pronoun selection.
Classes have three skills each. Can you even make a custom class? I guess it would hardly matter.
The dialogue options are still meaningless, even with a mute protagonist.
It's even less of an RPG than Fallout 4.
Replies: >>214110 >>214227
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>nigger is a good consumer
No wonder the kikes want them all over the planet.
Replies: >>214163
>I find it strange how generally hostile the mood is towards the game
Tod, please stop shitposting.
Yeah, the trailers that let you see the NPC faces didn't look like shit.
>It's even less of an RPG than Fallout 4.
I wouldn't be surprised, hell the game makes you start as a miner, so much for roleplaying.
Replies: >>214118
[Hide] (20.2KB, 338x358) Reverse
You better shill harder you fuck or I'm throwing this into your house
>watch it
>it fucking gets deleted before I finish watching it
That will teach me to always download this kind of shit.
Replies: >>214127
To be fair, the elder scrolls games you are always a prisoner
Replies: >>214168
[Hide] (5.9MB, 360x360, 04:38)
>Never touched Fallout 4
>Will never touch this
Feels good meng
Replies: >>214127
It's entirely there for me, and I only clicked it after seeing your post.

A good feeling, only second to the feeling of hopefully spoiling normalfags soon enough if better leaks drop.
Replies: >>214167
>too complicated for a nigger to put on a space helmet
It took this nigger 4 minutes to figure out how to equip an item.
10/10 I'm buying a 7600 with the game bundled this black friday.
[Hide] (112.2KB, 362x238) Reverse
I still haven't figured out what's supposed to be fun about this game. Elder Scrolls and Fallout, I get it, it's an RPG of sorts with a very distinctive theme and open-ended gameplay, adventuring makes sense because earth has millions of years of life and history to explore. But Starfield just looks like a generic space game with some unspecified space gameplay. There's nothing inherently interesting in space, I don't want to explore some barren rocks and shoot at space guys in generic space stations.
Replies: >>214138
It's a modding sandbox. The game is shit and unplayable, like every bethesda game post morrowind, but it uses an entirely new version of the gamebryo engine which allows for mods to be slightly less likely to break and can do slightly more complex stuff.
Replies: >>214149 >>214150
>mods breaking less
>bethesda game
You could mod any other gamebryo game to shit and it would still be less likely to break than whatever horrors bethesda has inflicted upon the engine this time.
You forgot that it probably has a better physics engine.
Which means better jiggle bones.
Which means better tits and ass.
Replies: >>214156
we've had functional jiggle bones for 20+ years at this point, it's not rocket science
Replies: >>214157
It is for bethesda
He stole a few thousand dollars worth of Starfield copies from his warehouse job and is selling them.
>It's entirely there for me, and I only clicked it after seeing your post.
Oh you are right, maybe something wrong on my end.
So what is the best way to start an rpg for the most role playing potential?
Replies: >>214173 >>214183
I like how Pillars of Eternity 1 handled I, you are just someone traveling to a distant land with a caravan. Then you get to choose your culture and background from a list and refine it in dialog. The only thing it is missing is custom backgrounds, but then you can't integrate those into dialog trees like you typically see for cRPGs. Maybe that's something integrated AI will fix in the coming years.
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Any lie charts yet?
Replies: >>214181 >>214186
Looks like a bethesda game alright. Straight out of 2014
Using "only survivor of V111" on a list of lies is so stupid. I'm assuming that's a reveal that comes later in the game so they obviously wouldn't tell you about it in promotional material. It also isn't a feature that's missing or anything like that, it's just the starting premise. Not like there's a lack of actual lies to complain about so why include such a stupid one?
Replies: >>214182 >>214183
>Using "only survivor of V111" on a list of lies is so stupid. I'm assuming that's a reveal that comes later in the game
No, you're the stupid one here, your son comes out before you do and it happens 10 minutes in.
So, with video games there's an inherent tradeoff between openness and detail.  What TES does where you start off a prisoner for unspecified crimes that you may not even have actually committed is pretty open, but also means the game can't react to what you were doing before because the game doesn't know.  I think the better alternative is the DAO model where you pick a starting scenario, and then that results in extra options and reactions throughout the game.
The other constraint that any high-budget video game unfortunately has to deal with is retaining the attention of the most ADHD segment of the audience through its intro.  It also has to give the absolute lowest-agency players some kind of obvious goal to aim at that gets them into the main quest.  As much as I'd like to see a game with an open, low-key start along the lines of "you walk into a bar, here are several opportunities to establish things about your character's past, personality, and goals, here are several plot hooks you can follow that eventually might lead you to some kind of overarching story but are not immediately beating you over the head with it" you aren't going to get that from Bethesda.  
You know the baby was taken alive right from the beginning of the actual game. It's picking a nit, but it counts.
Replies: >>214184
>retaining the attention of the most ADHD segment of the audience through its intro
Tyrone the leaker bears out your point.
>"alright, [player], airlock.  put on your helmet."
>goes into the start menu and ignores his equipment
>fucks around on the map for three minutes
>exits the start menu
>confused that the characters are not progressing
>"mmm zzai miss summin??"
>fucks around some more
>crying baby in the background
I hate niggers.
"over 1000 popular names spoke for MC" should note the actual number (Only 913 going by telling LibreOffice's line count of the list I found)
Replies: >>214213
Don't forget that he mines something and keeps mining, not noticing that he needs to touch the crystal to progress the story, looks like they didn't make the game nigger proof.
Replies: >>214196
I like the part where he tries using the mining tool as a weapon after picking up a gun during the fight sequence.
Replies: >>214207
I hadn't actually watched it yet, this guy's incredible.  Has to be sub-80 IQ.  My personal favorite part is when he shows off his legal name and email in a video showing off a game he almost certainly stole.
I'm a little surprised Bethesda didn't have the player auto-equip the weapon upon picking it up, most games these days would have done that.
Replies: >>214742
Also isn't it only spoken once or by one character?
Replies: >>214217 >>214219
Yes, meaning it was a complete waste of effort and time that was done solely to market to idiots.
Replies: >>214219 >>214232
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Normalfags deserve everything they get.
[Hide] (220.3KB, 850x1512) Reverse
>Each Bethesda game is worse than the last.
Daggerfall is arguably better than Arena, Morrowind is better than Battlespire, Skyrim is better than Oblivion. 
>You can't even pick your character's sex anymore. Just globohomo body types 1 and 2, and pronoun selection.
Anon, that's every game now. That isn't a criticism of Starfield, it's an indictment of the entire industry.
>Classes have three skills each. Can you even make a custom class? 
This game has classes? Pretty sure there are no classes, just backgrounds with bonuses to 3 skills. 
>The dialogue options are still meaningless, even with a mute protagonist.
This is almost guaranteed, but it still irritates me that you're talking about like you've already played it. Even if it's true (I'm sure it is) it doesn't really matter, it's not like Morrowind had dialogue at all (like once or twice in the whole game) after all.
Replies: >>214230
[Hide] (90.1KB, 1012x720) Reverse
>Anon, that's every game now. That isn't a criticism of Starfield
>That isn't a criticism of Starfield
When the PC version is out, I want to see someone to find kids and use unequipall on them and post the results.

Nah, whenever I test mod setups in NV I blown through loads of names picked purely to make the naming scene's dialog off ("Name: what I'd have picked for you"). A very large chunk of the 900 something names are things players redoing the intro would pick as a joke ("Mr. Bond", "Mr. Rogers", "Mr. Fuckface") and get a chuckle out of. Rest are just there so the player will realize this is a feature without hearing the marketing.
Replies: >>214233 >>214240
Is this a bot or are you just retarded
Replies: >>214238
An amusing easter egg that really doesn't take that much to implement (an experienced but unknown to the general public VA reading 900 extra short lines isn't that expensive in the grand scheme of AAA, especially since they're clearly done in one take all at once) is hardly "complete waste of effort and time", especially with all the other retardation in Fallout 4.
>it's something most players won't see, so it shouldn't be included
Is exactly the kind of attitude that makes AAA so shit.
Replies: >>214240 >>214241
>find kids and use unequipall on them
That's an interesting question. Is it just going to be scaled down adults again? Or are the children going to be hardcoded to always display armor because loli? 
Place your bets. 
Wrong. It's shit, inconsequential, and half assed, and it's demonstrative of the attitude that makes AAA shit. 
It's not a fun easter egg that the player finds out on his own, it doesn't appear beyond that single instance in the entire game despite being presented as such by the skyrim goblin. It is just a minimum effort marketing tool that only exists so they can claim it's a feature, like a scripted sequence that's only there to be displayed on trailers.
Replies: >>214245
[Hide] (357.1KB, 1000x700) Reverse
Fallout 4 actually had unique underwear for them.
This is one of those points of defense that I'm really skeptical about. Haven't they actively tried to kill mods since Creation Club came along? What makes anyone think they won't go even harder this time?
Of course mods is what has given the games the longevity that they have but corps are corps.
They can do whatever they want, but it will be modded as long as it's gamebryo.
They've made claims they will support modding but made no clear statement regarding what form that support will come in. Todd said the game would be a "modder's paradise." I think that's his best lie yet.
Replies: >>214268
It is going to be a paradise all right, for profits.
>Haven't they actively tried to kill mods since Creation Club came along?
No, they haven't.  They're not interested in killing mods, they're interested in controlling their distribution, which they've accomplished successfully on consoles.  The PC audience is an afterthought and has been since Oblivion.  It's also notable that the two VR ports they released didn't officially have any mod support, which stopped modders not at all.
If they make a move it'll be either some kind of legal action against Nexus specifically (normally this would bother me, but fuck Nexus) or an attempt to force everyone into Bethesda.net, which won't work.
Replies: >>214307 >>214341
>controlling their distribution
This is is what I meant but alright, I guess they're satisfied with the console pigs for now.
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[Hide] (124.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (6.5MB, 720x1236, 00:32)
Starfield leaker Darin Tyrone Harris has been arrested
>Tyrone also had a store in the online platform Mercari, where he sold Starfield copies, including the deluxe edition, alongside other games.
>Surprisingly, Tyrone’s arrest is not directly connected to Bethesda’s upcoming title, and instead to theft and marijuana possession. Tyrone admitted on social media that the games he sold were stolen from a warehouse he worked at.
[Hide] (97.2KB, 444x387) Reverse
>Surprisingly, Tyrone’s arrest is not directly connected to Bethesda’s upcoming title, and instead to theft and marijuana possession. 
I'm not surprised at all
Weed's still illegal?
Replies: >>214324 >>214337
>Weed's still illegal?
It is still illegal on the federal level. It has only been changing on a state-by-state basis and Tennessee where Tyrone lives it is still a misdemeanor.
>get mad that whites are pirating your games
>make games for niggers because niggers are too dumb to pirate
>niggers just steal your games
Yes. Some states have been passing their own laws that pretend to legalize it, but federal law supersedes state law, so it remains illegal in all 50 states.
Replies: >>214342 >>214344
I'd love to see Bethesda kick Nexus teeth in.
But it will never happen.
>but federal law supersedes state law, so it remains illegal in all 50 states.
That's not how it works at all
Replies: >>214343 >>214350
It does when the jews want it to, or when there's a transaction happening across state lines. The only reason weed dealing hasn't been shut down where it's "legal" is because reefer destroys the mind and is an easy grift to run against goyim that don't have much of a mind to begin with. The jews want both of these things.
Replies: >>214355
Educate yourself on the Cole Memo please.
Replies: >>214347 >>214350

>In January 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, citing the Controlled Substances Act of 1970
Yes it is. As Article 6 of the Constitution says:
>This Constitution, and the laws of the United States . . . shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
As the other anon said, that's not a thing anymore. Even if it was, enforcement != law. Federal law prohibits the use and consumption of marijuana even if certain governments refuse to enforce that law.
Replies: >>214355
[Hide] (769.6KB, 878x796) Reverse
True, but hey the bad guys lost the Civil War.
This is the consequence

Are you retarded? 
States still have enough autonomy to enact  laws.
How do you explain the fact that 23 States have legalized Marijuana and that there are literal vending machines selling the stuff?
Replies: >>214377 >>214514
do you think laws actually do things? like, spring up from the fucking paper and slap niggers? people do things, faggot. a law not enforced is still a law, and actions ignored are still effectual law or not. the law doesn't protect people, you need people to agree with and protect laws.
Replies: >>214514
[Hide] (859.4KB, 848x558) Reverse
Fuck Todd.
[Hide] (379.4KB, 1484x1484) Reverse
See that mountain? You can't climb it.
Even No Man's Buy let you travel entire planets. Sure it is boring since it is just the same thing for hours, but at least it let you waste your own time.
Replies: >>214435
>planets are literally just dungeons
Replies: >>214435
Everyone is saying this shows up after you travel for 40 minutes real time in a given direction. To be honest it's kind of retarded to expect to be able to walk across an entire planet on foot.
No, it is retarded to think they wouldn't let you walk across the entire planet. Every major space sim either has that as a feature or is planning to release space legs to let you do that. Every major space sim lets you fly or drive around the planet to your heart's content. This is the one feature everyone expected the game to have, it is no wonder they didn't say anything about not having it.
Replies: >>214440
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1280x1024) Reverse
>To be honest it's kind of retarded to expect to be able to walk across an entire planet on foot.
It's all randomly generated, so it should be possible to go endlessly. This was literally in Arena 

Every space sim with planetary travel anyways. X4 is only in space,
[Hide] (222.9KB, 716x692) Reverse
>To be honest it's kind of retarded to expect to be able to walk across an entire planet on foot.
It is called exploring, there is nothing wrong with walking around a whole planet.
>we wuz astranots and sheeeeit comes out
>soyfield gets 10/10s across the board from ((( game journos ))) and a 9.6 totally legit user score on that one site that's known to delete negative reviews that go against the narativemetacritic
>as always beautification, nude and sex mods get made
>game detects when you have mods installed that make women look attractive and refuses to start
>game detects if a mod tries to initiate sex with a white male and white female and crashes
>modder troons and soycucks praise bugthesda for literally ending muh sexism in gaming
>todd goes on to resell borefield on every console generation for the next 17 years and retards continue to buy it every time
>To be honest it's kind of retarded to expect to be able to walk across an entire planet on foot.
I don't think it's that unreasonable given that most of the space you can access is just procgen anyway.  That said, the invisible walls themselves don't matter, they're easy to turn off, modders put stuff outside the borders in every Bethesda game.  It'll be much harder to fix the issue if they actually didn't bother generating terrain outside of borders or didn't shape it to work as a planet but as a big flat square with no wrap.
[Hide] (410.5KB, 663x605) Reverse
If the developers didn't want you to walk around for so long because it's boring, why did they design the game to be boring?
Replies: >>214475
Who could be behind this post?
So how does travel work in Starfield? Is it just fast travel and loading screens between planets? Is it even possible to fly to other planets?
Replies: >>214483
You can't even go into a house without a loading screen in prior Creation Engine™ games, I doubt there isn't a loading screen between planets.
Are you retarded? I literally just quoted the law, straight from the fucking Constitution, and you're still going "but bro how". Read >>214377 and stop being a literal retard.
[Hide] (384KB, 3840x2160) Reverse
I vill not eat ze bugz.
Replies: >>214527 >>214529
Todd sold his soul to make this game.
Replies: >>214537
At least is real whipped butter.
Replies: >>214528
made out of Grasshopper milk
Replies: >>214637
Trilobites aren't insects my man
Replies: >>214537
I guess you'll happily eat centipedes then, since they're myriapods and not insects. Or you could stop being autistic.

>implying he had one
Replies: >>214539 >>214543
>oh my god ewww that thing is gross
woman logic
Trilobites are aquatic arthropods like crabs, it's likely humans would have eaten them if we'd coexisted.
He's also facing felony charges now.
>Harris faces a felony charge for $2,500 to $10,000 worth of stolen property, plus a misdemeanor charge for $1,000 or less of stolen property and a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession
>Harris got himself in bigger trouble after putting the stolen copies of Starfield for sale on Mercari. To make matters worse, he uploaded videos of himself going to FedEx to pay for the shipping of sold copies in an effort to “prove doubters wrong.”
Replies: >>214584
>hire a nigger
>not expect to get at least a few thousand of dollars worth of merchandise stolen
Replies: >>214596
>don't hire any niggers
>get sued for not hiring any niggers
>legal fees are covered either by you or taxpayers

>hire niggers and get shit stolen
>insurance covers most of the losses and corporate gibs programs that you only get if you hire enough niggers more than covers for the rest
the only winning move is to become a neet
Replies: >>214607
[Hide] (102.2KB, 654x539) Reverse
>insurance covers
That's bullshit and you know it.
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1080x1920, 00:10)
After this, Tyrone spent 7 solid minutes trying to figure out how to put his helmet on.
Replies: >>214659
[Hide] (169.6KB, 2560x1437) Reverse
[Hide] (11.7MB, 1280x720, 01:06)
Tempur reveals custom “NASA Punk” Starfield cockpit
[Hide] (9.6KB, 320x180) Reverse
Todd may think he's outsmarted the niggers this time by releasing something too big and heavy for them to steal but the niggers have been doing the coffin dance for decades to prepare for this
[Hide] (20.4MB, 1280x720, 04:09)
>need another seven skyrim releases
Replies: >>214659
>You can play forever
Well, he had a point there.

Can you post the full video? I've been unable to find it anywhere, keeps getting deleted.
>nasa punk
<some garbage with white paint
<doesn't look like something nasa would make
<isn't punk
And another horrible *punk meme genre is born.
Replies: >>214666
At least the KSP devs made eveything described as some wackass nigger rigged shit gound frok a garbage dump.
[Hide] (333.4KB, 790x981) Reverse
>>214060 (OP) 
Todd confirmed to be in game
Replies: >>214713 >>214722
[Hide] (401.9KB, 1333x2000) Reverse
I found Godd.
[Hide] (9.8MB, 1400x1400, 04:09)
[Hide] (10.7MB, 1280x720, 01:19)
Replies: >>214719 >>214730
Are there no enemies in this game?
[Hide] (8.7MB, 1920x1080, 01:06)
Link expires in 3 days.
The ads are in full swing, eh?
That's probably just one of the barren, lifeless planets.
Replies: >>214727
Prepare for Fallout 76 in space. This time with 32 times the detail.
Replies: >>214737
Even Mass Effect 1 had some enemies on its barren planets though.
Replies: >>214736
>10 minutes of nothing but sand and rocks just to hit an invisible wall
Scamfield's looking great. Can't wait to do that 1000 times just with different color filters over the screen.
Did that make the game more fun?
It is literally No Man's Sky by Bethesda. The same claim of bazillion planets and each one is a copypaste of the other.
[Hide] (768.9KB, 512x512) Reverse
>I hate niggers.
Preaching to the choir.
>I hadn't actually watched it yet, this guy's incredible.  Has to be sub-80 IQ.  My personal favorite part is when he shows off his legal name and email in a video showing off a game he almost certainly stole.
Of course he's a low IQ, he's a nigger, niggers didn't even manage to fully evolve from apes.
Replies: >>214746
>Of course he's a low IQ, he's a nigger,
American negroes average 85, this guy's clearly dumber than that.  Or maybe that is his unmodified IQ and it's just the weed making him act even dumber.
Replies: >>214751
>implying IQ 85s don't behave like that
It's absurd to think this game and Elder Scrolls VI were announced five years ago.
Replies: >>214753
Not as absurd as the ps3 coming out almost 20 years ago
Replies: >>214762
[Hide] (283KB, 640x360, 00:05)
PS3 is gay?!
>enemy creatures are reskinned dinosaurs
Why would Todd do this?
[Hide] (39.5KB, 400x419) Reverse
>The border is just an invisible wall, not even something like a mountain range, a giant pit, a sheet of flame you can kill yourself in, etc.
I don't even really want want to pirate it if they're going to be that lazy.
>the strength of a man is enough to turn away a spesssssssssss dinosaur's bite, apparently
People will buy this while I won't even bother downloading it, and so the world keeps turning.
Replies: >>214786
[Hide] (7.7MB, 1280x720, 00:31)
Holy shit, I thought people were exaggerating when they called it Todd's Numale Sky.
Replies: >>214825 >>215230
>not even that near enough for physical contact
>still manage parry its bite
CY+8 Gaming. Well, suprising no one, the game needs two more years to be playable.
[Hide] (906.5KB, 354x417) Reverse
The real question is how's a human blocking a spess dinosaur that's 100x its mass with the push of a firearm, or why devs are so keen in parrying in FPS games to begin with.
Blocking projectiles seems like a logical extension to the idea of blocking hand-to-hand attacks in FGs, but you should not be able to block a fucking bullet or a giant beast ramming you in a shooter game.
Shit the Bethesda space game is unrealistic? That's crazy, bro.
Eh, I don't mind blocking a bite from a dino with my gun. What I don't believe is seeing niggers in space.
Replies: >>214786 >>214788
what does punk have anything to do with style? People are slapping it onto themes like its some sort of defining characteristic when it literally means jack shit.
Replies: >>214782
The "punk" in cyberpunk was a descriptor of the setting's attitude. The phrase "High Tech, Low Life" perfectly demonstrates the original meaning of the punk suffix. Nowadays, however, people just slap it on anything without thinking about what it implies. Kinda like how every scandal has "gate" attached to it now.
It doesn't look like it's actually a parry, watch the health bar in the lower right.  The player eats the hit and then knocks back the dino afterward.
It's just a melee attack.
I don't know what I was expecting from Todd and Co. but everything I've seen of the game from the direct to release makes it out to be a massive fucking disappointment for anyone interested in it.
Punching dinosaurs is pretty cool ngl.
The gunplay looks boring though.
Like any scam they just need the initial investment. Maybe they'll try to keep people with perpetual updates that don't fix the core issues but adds random shit, the normalfags eat that shit right up. Though I do worry about Todd, he seems set up to be the fall guy if this game fails.
Funny how everyone was calling Sean Murray an acolyte of Todd and now Todd went and stole his game almost down to the individual bugs.
Bethesda fan boys expect a broken unplayable mess. They proudly parrot "mods will fix it" whenever a new game comes out and the sad thing is that they are right. Bethesda is lazy because they know their modding community will do all the hard work and the masses will defend it.
>but everything I've seen of the game from the direct to release makes it out to be a massive fucking disappointment for anyone interested in it.
Bethesda's primary audience liked unmodded Fallout 4.  This looks like FO4 with a higher ratio of generated to handmade content, some incremental technical improvements like crowd size, and a spaceship minigame.  They're going to eat it up.
GameSpot gave it a 7. Surely this is some sort of mistake.
Replies: >>215000 >>215001
The check probably didn't clear in time.
Replies: >>215319
Wew. Won't even need spoilers to see the salt flow at this rate.
The game doesn't seem to have any celestial bodies beyond pre-rendered skyboxes, similar to PULSAR if you've played that. You just occupy a region of space. Almost all the travel to be done appears menu-based. I don't know where all the ambition went, but it was definitely not in the space flight. Maybe the RPG mechanics are a little better, but wow I wasn't expecting this little effort into what I thought was the selling point.
When are we having another Pulsar night?
Even vanilla X4 Foundations 1.0 let you ram a planet's atmosphere to destroy your ship (the game has no planetary level content, but it does have a fully simulated economy). Starfield is making Arena look fully featured.
[Hide] (328.2KB, 1015x383) Reverse
Should I try it?
>100GB just for the ISO
Jesus fucking christ.
I will wait 3 years and for a "White only" mod.
Replies: >>215111 >>215112
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x360) Reverse
>a "White only" mod.
Same here, my tolerance for seeing niggers in vidya (or anywhere for that matter) has ceased years ago.
Replies: >>215112
How about not playing shit games instead?
Replies: >>215121
boy I sure love scenefag releases that make you download a 90 part rar that contains a fake iso which has a fabricated installer just to copy a crack they didnt make and takes up 3x the hard drive space to extract in total
far less of a hassle than installing steam, making a steam account, giving steam your CC# and doing enough labor irl to earn $200 to buy a game with all its dlc
Well, that is some solid advice.
If it's more than 10 GB then it's shit.
Replies: >>215135
your mom is 10 PB
[Hide] (2.4MB, 194x155) Reverse
>You have to edit the config file to set the FOV above 70 again because there is still no fucking FOV slider in the game for some reason.
>3080 can't run the game on Ultra settings at 60 FPS in towns.
Bravo, Todd.
Replies: >>215154 >>215226
[Hide] (39.1KB, 956x956) Reverse
>there is still no fucking FOV slider
Replies: >>215367
All of the game's budget went into having voice actors voice all of the possible pronouns for the dialogue. They simply didn't have any money left to make the game good.
[Hide] (4MB, 1280x720, 00:25)
It's still the same looter shooter garbage they've been doing since FO4. Expect nothing else from this company in the future.
Yeah it makes no sense. You don't save any space by compressing something multiple times over.
Replies: >>215366
[Hide] (21.6KB, 480x360) Reverse
At least you can be a They/Them
[Hide] (5.7MB, 720x720, 00:33)
>Todd's Numale Sky.
No ma'am's sky at least let you fly to and from space.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1807x1016) Reverse
Apparently you become the "starborn" in the end and get magic powers. Sasuga Todd.
Replies: >>215272 >>215282
does shartfield have farming or cooking gameplay so you can feed those space worms to a space chicken and then cook it with space fire or is that coming a few years from now in a $20 DLC?
Replies: >>215287 >>215316
[Hide] (3.7MB, 2568x3422) Reverse
[Hide] (6.1MB, 2748x3164) Reverse
I will marry the bug and be happy.
Replies: >>215289
>does shartfield have farming or cooking gameplay
Perk list indicates yes, though my torrent just finished so I don't have details yet.
>so you can feed those space worms to a space chicken
Probably not that part.
[Hide] (631.9KB, 1365x1024) Reverse
62.2 GB fitgirl repack is out, dodi is 62.5
Replies: >>215319
[Hide] (515.8KB, 1080x1637) Reverse
[Hide] (274.4KB, 480x600) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 913x816) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5MB, 854x480, 00:30)
Here's some shartfield from cuckchan, because I'd be damned if I actually play this game for footage. I'll let plebbit and cuckchan do all the heavy lifting. Speaking of which, apparently everyone hates. Everyone. Not even starfield subreddit pretends to like it. This is worse than fallout 76 in how people feel about. My images only scratch the surface on how awful it is.
>This is worse than fallout 76 in how people feel 
and yet this turd somehow gets a 7 from Gayspot. Maybe >>215000 anon was wrong and the check did clear. They simply couldn't cover up how shit it is.
Replies: >>215331
[Hide] (155.5KB, 900x1200) Reverse
>2.5MB soundless webm
I'm still fucking astonished people actually upload media to cuckchan.  I may trawl it or Twitter (as though there's a difference) later to see if anything particularly sweet makes the rounds.
>first pic
That is fake right?
I've seen it elsewhere.  It's real.  The ((( double meaning ))) didn't register to me the first time I saw the image yesterday so I figure it was probably a writer trying to be quirky and random.
You have to go back.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1834x1223) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2560x1440) Reverse
[Hide] (595.5KB, 1000x814) Reverse
As far as I can tell, nope.
Replies: >>215330 >>215395
its a reference to communist capitalist caricatures rather than yids
bethesda is one of most jewish companies around
>third pic
Looks like a gorillaz album.
Emil Pagliarulo's amazing writing at work
I'm inclined to believe your post because the first review I saw was negative, but definitely pulled it's punches. He made the game look like fallout 4, which it looks more like f76.
I tried this piece of shit so you don't have to.  First impressions, all I've done so far is the first "dungeon":
Character creation is genuinely better than expected.  You make more mechanical decisions there than any of their games since FO3, which is of course an extremely low standard, and the visual customization is I think their best attempt so far.
Performance is bad.  I am admittedly on a laptop with a GPU three gens out of date, but it's reliant on FSR to hit 1080p and FSR does not look good in this game.  Modders have already hacked DLSS in, but my GPU doesn't support it so I'm stuck with this until I'm back at my modern desktop.
There's a piss filter for some reason.  It's immediately, glaringly obvious and looks awful, I have no idea why they did this.
Looking around feels awful because X and Y sensitivities are not the same.  This is apparently fixable with an ini edit.  Shooting doesn't feel great either as a result.  The lack of anything similar to VATS also hurts, I would prefer not to have to deal with Bethesda shooting mechanics all the time.
Lockpicking minigame is a pleasant surprise.  It's not the same damn thing they've used since FO3, and you consume the digipick even on a success so scarcity might actually matter for a while.
I do not understand how the kind of retards who loved FO4 are now disappointed in this game.  It is just space-themed FO4 with some minor improvements.
[Hide] (636.8KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
[Hide] (152.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (178.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (153.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (990.9KB, 1042x672) Reverse
Some things I collected from elsewhere on the internet.
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1280x720, 00:08)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1280x720, 00:11)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (7.8MB, 1280x720, 00:57)
Some combat.  Notice anything familiar?
Replies: >>215354 >>215395
>soundless webms
You definitely got these from cuckchan
Replies: >>215407
[Hide] (187.1KB, 418x628) Reverse
>I do not understand how the kind of retards who loved FO4 are now disappointed in this game.
The unending tide of absolutely garbage high profile games seems to be getting to them. We had 76, then Cyberpunk, then the Golf of Xir 2, and now this. Seems like they are starting to realize they are drowning in a sea of broken and gay shit. They can't even teleport to a town and not seeing a bunch of abbos giving them the stink eye.
[Hide] (345.7KB, 600x600) Reverse
>first pic
>merchant even looks like Todd
It's worked for scene distribution since before you were even a wrinkle in your father's ballsack. I'm not even going to bother explaining why multipart archives are useful because 5 minutes on wikipedo and applying a triple digit IQ would have told you.
You need to stop avatarfagging this cunt.
>caseless shotgun
just waiting for the crowb cat video at this point
[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x360, 00:38)
I told you todd was based
For F4 bethesda fans wanted a game called fallout and bethesda gave them a game with fallout in the title. 
For starfield bethesda fans wanted a complete star citizen and bethesda gave them a bethesda game instead. Now they absolutely hate the game and will therefore buy it, play it, make mods for it, and then go "akshually the game was really good" in 7-15 months. 
>dialogue is 3 equal options
I mean, he did say
>Some things I collected from elsewhere on the internet.
>I think Starfield will be fine. Not super great, not terrible.
Well this was just flat-out wrong.
You forgot the most important part. Bugthesda is a poor, small, struggling studio. How many voiced NPCs are there before you hear the same people again? Anons keep saying  Kikefield is the same crap with microscopic improvements so are there 4 people doing voices now? Maybe stretch the budget for 5? It's a big universe out there!
Only saw deserts with rocks and that one city filled with niggers.

Is there anything else in this game?
Interesting alien plants or creatures?
Replies: >>215417
>Interesting alien plants or creatures?
Space dinosaurs aren't good enough? Godd labored ceaselessly to make this slop just for (You). All you do is spit at it and claim it's not enough! So fucking entitled. Will morons finally realize Bugthesda has been doing fuck all for decades and actually protest/demand change? Naaaaaahhh modders can fix it! Leave it to them! The sandbox frame and sand inside were carefully selected and crafted by Bethesda. They've done the hard work! They deserve praise and rest. Modders will gladly fix/extend this barren wasteland for them, again.
How much can you do in this game? I mean in elder scrolls you can join the thiefs/assassins and break into people's houses at night and steal all their cheese rolls. There's vampires and mages and mercenaries and all kinds of different factions that you can join. Is there something like that in this game or is it just random space missions?
[Hide] (12.4KB, 255x255) Reverse
Aside frim Bethesda, what other company can fuck with their customers and get away with it?
also valve also rockstar
blizzard, still. (diablo 4)
Paradox, Creative Assembly
nintendo. They could quite literally kill puppies on live video every day and nintendrones would defend it.
I've only watched the gameplay, I haven't played Starfield  and never will, Starfield is the most uninspiring game in existence, its not bad, its not good, its boring, its worse than Fallout 76, FO76 is broken and Bethesda commit fraud with the pre-order product, but the game itself had ideas, retarded ideas, but ideas. 
>You can nuke other players
>You can build a settlement with your friends
>You can fight giant mutant bats
>You can explore real life locations
Starfield has nothing, absolutely nothing, there is no space exploration, there is no world exploration, endless copy pasted sci-fi outposts, generic deserts, generic rock worlds, generic sparse forests, generic space pirates, the characters aren't interesting, the main quest is bland, Bethesda went out of their way to make Starfield this monotonous, because I refuse to believe their creative leads were this pedestrian.
There are some interesting creature designs, but because the main character is depressed, they all look like grey amorphous blobs.
>here is the grey crab thing
>here is the grey spider thing
>here is the grey birdy thing
>here is the  grey dog thing
>the grey bipedal robot
The gameplay is just FO4, you don't have skills, you have perks levels, weapons work the same way, its FO4 in space without the power armor, why would you want a power armor in space anyway, its too sci-fi, can't have that, dimensional hopping and alien powers, that is perfectly fine.
Replies: >>215454
[Hide] (498.2KB, 1268x1644) Reverse
[Hide] (328.9KB, 1765x2048) Reverse
>Starfield has nothing, absolutely nothing, there is no space exploration, there is no world exploration, endless copy pasted sci-fi outposts, generic deserts, generic rock worlds, generic sparse forests, generic space pirates, the characters aren't interesting
I don't know what else people expected after Todd said that the game features over 1,000 planets across over 100 different solar systems. Making a game of scale this enormous actually interesting is literally impossible. They always boast over the most retarded shit imaginable like that's somehow a good thing.
>Fallout 3 will have 200 endings.
>We have recorded over 40,000 lines.
That's not really a stupid thing to do, if the writing is good that is.
>Skyrim has infinite quests.
It doesn't take a very bright mind to realize that committing to adding over 18 quintillion planets in your game to explore is in fact an extremely bad idea.
Replies: >>215456 >>215763
>that performance
They really need to start over with a new engine instead of using the same Frankenstein'ed engine from Morrowind.
Replies: >>215461 >>215462
It isn't primarily a particular technical problem.  It's a dev priority problem.  The target is 30 FPS on Xbox, and they're allowed to use upscaling to get there.  Once they get there, further improving performance is not a priority from management's perspective.  Even if they could have doubled framerates on PC with 20 more man-hours of work, they wouldn't do it because that's not seen as the most profitable use of dev time.  Best proof of this is the DLSS mod.  It's free performance and quality gains over the FSR the game shipped with, and modders had multiple different implementations of it up on the first day of early access.  AMD claims their agreement didn't require Bethesda to use FSR exclusively, and that seems plausible.  It just wasn't a priority.
Replies: >>215467
They aren't using the Morrowind engine, they just manage to break every new version of Gamebryo in familiar but also new and exciting ways.
Replies: >>215470
What's with the double spaces anon?
>what's with correct punctuation

Wasn't it Fallout 4 that had semi-functional importing of models and assets directly from Morrowing?  I recall seeing images/videos of people dragging the files into the new game and them just appearing there without crashing.
Replies: >>215473 >>215768
It's an Indian ESL thing.
EA, Valve, Rockstar, Nintendon't, Sega (Sonic fans), Sony, CD Projekt, Capcom, Microsoft
I mean come on, it's obvious that it's the usual top 10.
Titanfall still uses a version of the BSP file format based on Quake BSPs through its Source/GoldSrc lineage, doesn't mean it's the same engine. The Creation Engine is based on Gamebryo 4.0, Morrowind was made on the predecessor to Gamebryo called NetImmerse.
NTA, but I was taught to type that way in elementary school and it's muscle memory now.  It's probably a generational thing.
Replies: >>215540 >>215575
Fuck off right back to cuckchan.
[Hide] (307.2KB, 480x360) Reverse
I'm tempted to tell you what's wrong with this post, but I'd rather see you fuck up again in the future.
[Hide] (97.1KB, 320x240, 00:00)
DLSS 3 mod for Starfield has a controversial DRM paywall
>Particularly controversial has been PureDark’s decision to add DRM to the DLSS 3 Starfield mod in an attempt to prevent non-Patreon subscribers from getting access, though RockPaperShotgun reports that this copy-protection appears to have already been cracked. DLSS 3 is notable for offering frame-generation on newer 40-series Nvidia GPUs, adding additional frames in addition to upscaling the game to a higher resolution.
>For what it’s worth, the non-paid DLSS 2 mod reportedly works well. RockPaperShotgun’s benchmarks show it matching or even slightly beating the performance of the game’s official AMD FSR 2 support, with slightly better image quality to boot. As of this writing, PureDarks’ “Starfield Upscaler” DLSS mod is the most popular release on NexusMods for Starfield. 
>PureDark has a history of modding support for DLSS into games that don’t officially offer Nvidia’s upscaling technology, and his NexusMods profile lists mods for previous Bethesda games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The modder previously added DRM to their DLSS 3 mod for Red Dead Redemption 2.
Starfield DLSS Mod Cracked After Creator Added DRM, Reigniting Debate Over Paid Mods
>Modder PureDark, who specialises in creating DLSS3 and DLSS2/FSR2/XeSS mods, sparked controversy by restricting access to their more advanced Starfield DLSS3 mod to $5-a-month Patreon supporters. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) used by the mod is an authenticator. According to DSOGaming, the mod does not require an active Patreon membership, so if you unsubscribe you can still pass authentication. Additionally, after the first authentication the mod will not ask for re-authentication.
>The situation has brought to light the issue of paid mods. Some believe modders are within their rights to charge for their work, whereas others believe doing so goes against the spirit of mod making.
>Paid mods have endured a troubled existence for years. In 2015, the introduction of paid mods into Valve’s Steam Workshop created significant controversy in the modding world and the PC gaming community at large, so much so that following one unfortunate situation involving borrowed assets, a heated reddit AMA with Valve's Gabe Newell, and what Valve referred to as a "dump truck of feedback" from critics, the paid mods programme was canned.
Is PureDark the same faggot who tried to drm lock the Nier Automata fix or was that someone else?
Replies: >>215748
Kalaiden or something like that was his name
Replies: >>215755
Why are modern modders such fags?
Replies: >>215777
Hey I remember this DRM cuck, he tried to intentionally break his 60 FPS Tales of Zestiria mod on pirated copies as well.
Replies: >>215781
Where's the cracked DLSS? I don't have starfield, but I'd like to have the cracked mod just for posterity's sake.
Replies: >>215759
Replies: >>215798
[Hide] (26.7MB, 1280x720, 02:03)
Toddfield looks great boys, go on and buy it at full price, you good for nothing neets!
Replies: >>215767 >>215874
[Hide] (42.3KB, 640x640) Reverse
The shitshows never end.
>correct punctuation
It only makes any sense in fixed width fonts so in text editors or how it originally was on typewriters. Doesn't make sense in proportional fonts.
Replies: >>215795
[Hide] (148.4KB, 596x424) Reverse
>Some believe modders are within their rights to charge for their work
>others believe doing so goes against the spirit of mod making
If you spend the time working on and fixing something, expecting to be paid for it is 100% justified. But it's also extremely jewish to charge money for a modification to someone else's game, unless it's the creator of the game who's paying.
[Hide] (210.9KB, 443x424) Reverse
[Hide] (53.2KB, 312x304) Reverse
>Almost $50,000 a month.
That chink is making a living off of this and that's not even counting the $10 subs that some retards might've purchased.
Replies: >>215776 >>215780
[Hide] (127.8KB, 275x317) Reverse
I somehow doubt he works alone an all the projects, but still it's a lot of money non the less.
I wander what is the math on people who are repulsed of DRM and will refuse to buy anything with it vs people who are too lazy to pirate and just want to play modern garbage with better framerate.
because they aren't hobbists or game devs fucking around off the job. They're people with industry aspirations, either indie or otherwise, who are looking to build up their resume to put something out with the collected fame or get hired. The fact they coded together their own drm adds to the value as many publishers of all sizes probably want an alternative to the huge amount of money Denuvo asks for since they seem to have a monopoly on drm. We aren't living in the naive world of 90s-00s where modding was JUST a hobby, we're living in 2023 where its well known with multiple documented cases of people making a living off it or, more often the case, getting hired. Hell some people in the industry explicitly recommend it as a strategy to get hired.
Replies: >>215779
[Hide] (691.2KB, 854x480, 00:11)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 854x480, 00:18)
[Hide] (5.2MB, 854x480, 01:03)
[Hide] (10MB, 854x480, 01:53)
PureFag didn't code his own DRM, though. He just slapped in VMProtect to his mod and called it a day.
Replies: >>215796
[Hide] (164.9KB, 752x1063) Reverse
That's still less than the bloated bethesda wages which is just a chefs kiss, except now the paypigs are shelling out their own money without the lazy faggot Todd having to lift a finger in the hiring process.
There was one faggot who deliberately made his mods not work on pirated copies of Fallout 4. I wonder if this is the same guy.
>"Makes sense"
It makes text more readable in all forms, especially long blocks of text.
Replies: >>215797 >>215842
[Hide] (721.3KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
>comparing no tod's sky with Soypunk
I pity the nornmalfags, they have no good vydia.
How do they fuck up simple shit like no-one reacting to gunfire?

Why  stop  at  just  at  the  end  of  sentences  then?
Replies: >>215819
please reup
[Hide] (194.8KB, 533x470) Reverse
Here: https://a.cockfile.com/nGMJnu.rar
sha256sum: b3135e4c57cd67244b90ba1b45f555d8e383a7dff8f004fcad72e4198f0a643c  StarfieldUpscaler-FGBuild-Beta05-Crack-S33BUR5CH.rar
Didn't try to run it, but its loader seems to be indeed cracked (StarfieldUpscaler.dll). Didn't look at any other files though.
One funny thing in StarfieldUpscaler.dll is that it has its strings XOR'd, albeit not by VMProtect. Would this also count as DRM?
Also, the cs.rin.ru thread mentions https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/761 as a free alternative to this mod.
Replies: >>215804 >>216664
I forgot, couldn't upload to anonfile since it fails with
>There is not enough space to upload the file.
>bootleg anonfiles
Replies: >>215824
Because that makes sentences less readable, you fucking mong.
Anonfiles dieded.
Replies: >>215832
No shit, Sherlock. The question is for what purpose is someone aping it.
To be fair starfield is a great game for this type. You just can't think of it like "you can climb that mountain" skyrim. It's like a cross between deus ex, watchdogs, and bannerlord. Exploring and traveling around starfield is like exploring and traveling around bannerlord. It's like deus ex because you can interact with items.  And the combat is like watchdogs.
Item managment and other stuff is your standard fare bethesda game though.
So overall its a pretty fun game

I hate DLSS so much it's unreal.
>paid mod
>drm on a mod
I only pay mod makers if I genuinely like their shit, and even then it's only pennies because I'm cheap.
No it doesn't. That block of text would be far more readable by splitting it into two paragraphs. Example:

<It isn't primarily a particular technical problem.  It's a dev priority problem.  The target is 30 FPS on Xbox, and they're allowed to use upscaling to get there.  Once they get there, further improving performance is not a priority from management's perspective.  Even if they could have doubled framerates on PC with 20 more man-hours of work, they wouldn't do it because that's not seen as the most profitable use of dev time.  Best proof of this is the DLSS mod.  It's free performance and quality gains over the FSR the game shipped with, and modders had multiple different implementations of it up on the first day of early access.  AMD claims their agreement didn't require Bethesda to use FSR exclusively, and that seems plausible.  It just wasn't a priority.
<It isn't primarily a particular technical problem. It's a dev priority problem. The target is 30 FPS on Xbox, and they're allowed to use upscaling to get there. Once they get there, further improving performance is not a priority from management's perspective. Even if they could have doubled framerates on PC with 20 more man-hours of work, they wouldn't do it because that's not seen as the most profitable use of dev time.

<Best proof of this is the DLSS mod. It's free performance and quality gains over the FSR the game shipped with, and modders had multiple different implementations of it up on the first day of early access. AMD claims their agreement didn't require Bethesda to use FSR exclusively, and that seems plausible. It just wasn't a priority.
Replies: >>215902 >>215949
>Pluto began to look less and less like a planet as >she got closer, with the texture that represents it losing resolution as >she got closer than the developers would have ever intended.
>Once >she reached the planet itself, >she phased right through it. In the blink of an eye, it looked like >she was back in open space again.
+1 to the lie counter.
Replies: >>215860 >>215907
Doesn't that prove the exact opposite?
Replies: >>215871
Not when the planets are cardboard cutouts, and especially not when you can only tell the space is traversable by taping the controller down and going to sleep. Like the voiced names in Fallout it's "true" in the most halfassed and useless way possible to head off false advertising complaints.
Replies: >>215950
>Canada is a desert
That's what they fucking deserve for banning wd-40.
WD-40 is overrated and not a lubricant, most of the time you want to use PB Blaster followed by Super Lube or a lithium grease.
It has never been a lubricant, it's job is water displacement, which it does very fucking well and it also rips rust off of pretty much anything but there are some that do better they do sell very good lubricants like their Gel formula nowadays and AFAIK they outperform many other products on the market.
Replies: >>215960
The entire planet was stripped of it's atmosphere due to gravitational anomalies, very few things if any would survive that process, and i would presume a good portion of the earth the earth was mined and stripped and destroyed to get the materials to build the ships to get everyone off of earth in less than 50 years, I'm surprised a NASA installation and oddly a piece of london remain at all, still most geographical features should remain.
Replies: >>215885
Wasn't it "the magnetosphere is going to stop working within 50 years"? Which makes one wonder why they have a base on Mars (which has no magnetosphere) but left Earth entirely devoid of anything.
Replies: >>216305
WD-40 nukes wasps and hornets when sprayed from up-close, that's more than I could ask for given how many of them I have to treat with on the daily. As long as they can't tell your breathing you can get away with a lot of shit.
I really don't get this. Bethsoft has the actual engine in front of them and an army of software engineers that have been kitbashing shit together for at least 10 years and this is the best space flight gameplay they could come up with? They could have hand crafted the core world and main quest space zones and procedurally made the rest with the ship replacing the character and a copy of the character model in the cockpit of the ship. The planets and stations could have just been 3d entities you could interact with to dock, as a cutscene to hiding a loading screen, or open up the planet landing menu to choose a landing zone. Entering the ship interior could have loaded into a separate space using the flight seat exiting animation as a loading screen. All of this should have been possible even in the shit engine they use. How did they botch this so fucking hard? What is even the point of engaging in the ship building mechanic when everything you do with it doesn't matter?
Replies: >>215960 >>215992
>doing Y makes text more readable
>um excuse me??? dont u kno that doing Z would mae it moar readblee??????
Whether or not line breaks are better at improving readability than double spacing after a full stop is irrelevant.
>but you want to improve readability, so you should make it MORE readable by any means!!!11
Adding too many line breaks can hurt the flow of ideas/concepts in a post or longer piece of text.  Why are you so angry about double spaces after full stops?  There's nothing wrong with it.
No, the voiced name in Fallout is a lie because at launch it was substantially short of the 1000 claimed (963, of which about 50 are alternate spellings with the same voice clip like "Hawk" and "Hawke" or "Billie" and "Billy"), not because the voiced name is underutilized. I also checked and it also is used more than once (certain actions while that robot is a companion will prompt its use).
It also leaves grit wherever you spray it, so never ever spray it into any kind of moving part like hinges or locks.
I dont know why WD40 even comes with that long nozzle since its best sprayed on things, not into things. but for cleaning metal or rust i typically use something like brake parts cleaner. 

in my experience "software engineers" and even self proclaimed/certified "programmers" cant actually program.  they'll know how to use some application or understand some specific thing or fundamentals in coding allowing them to use one of those guis like theyre programming legos, but outside of that have no idea how to code.
The gun sasquatch says to use Ballistol.
Replies: >>215978
>but for cleaning metal or rust
It's a light oil mixed with kerosene.
WD40 is overpriced, but works well at cutting grease and loosening rust. It's cheaper than the other ready-made options.
It also works well to revive tactile switches.

>super lube
>lithium grease
>only grease is superior
Different use cases require different lubricants.

Fluid Film lanolin on the things you want to keep from rusting, and sewing machine oil on the inner workings.
CRC makes something that works like Fluid Film, but it isn't lanolin. They both form a slightly waxy coating when they fully dry.
[Hide] (93KB, 900x900) Reverse
[Hide] (3.5MB, 854x480, 00:25)
Todd Howard asked on-air why Bethesda didn't optimise Starfield for PC: 'We did [...] you may need to upgrade your PC'
>absolute best PC your money can buy can't run it at a stable 60 FPS on max settings
<skill issue
i admire his bravado, i truly can't hate him
Replies: >>216073
>more sweet sweet lies
May he live a long life.
[Hide] (406.6KB, 826x464, 00:20)
>the fans are responding
>cant even get a stable 60fps with a 4080
>anything lower than a 3080 cant even maintain a stable 30fps
>army of software engineers
Lul, more like few software engineers making tooling and pulling gamebryo updates from upstream and an army of faggots sitting around using the creation kit who can write a line or two of papyrus at most.
>CPU clock speeds correlate with higher framerates
>The most powerful CPUs get piss poor performance
<You may need to upgrade your PC
It's designed for a single core CPU clocked at 12.5GHz with an IPC of 50.
Replies: >>216030
>not into things
Grease is for when you want things that move to keep moving. WD-40 is for when you want things that aren't moving to move again. 
Why does the skyrim merchant look AI generated?
Replies: >>216208
[Hide] (65.2KB, 500x364) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 3000x3000) Reverse
>the most powerful CPUs get piss poor performance
>meanwhile multiple faggots report task manager shows all cores at 80% load
I swear if Todd stuck a shitcoin miner in this fucking dumpster fire I will          LOL         down his fucking throat.
Looks like Todd couldn't even optimize himself given it took a full 3 seconds to realize he had to answer that question.
He's still running Gamebryo™
the 3 second pause is because of the lag between videocalls.
Not optimizing your videogames for PC is the new 'downgrade' graphics. It's all in order to make the console experience more attractive, even though on all accounts it's an inferior experience to gaming on PC.
I use WD40 on hinges and have never once seen grit left from it's use.
Replies: >>216208
Theyre very fine particles. some of the chemicals used in it have impurities, but thats probably not going to affect a hinge. it will affect a hinge by clearing out any lubrication in it, leaving it dry and prone to rust making the problem worse over time. use an oil instead. even like a 3in1 oil is fine and you wont have to do it again for a very long time. grease is better but harder to apply.

Spraying it into locks, where theres no way for the stuff to flow out will eventually cause it to seize up.
Replies: >>216223
for what purpose?
Replies: >>216223
[Hide] (34.2KB, 342x329) Reverse
Why did the Toddfield thread turn into a lubricant thread?
Because the game is so boring and lifeless there is literally nothing to discuss about it
>Spraying it into locks, where theres no way for the stuff to flow out will eventually cause it to seize up.
If the lock is so fucked up you need to spray it with wd-40 you should either be about to disassemble it or remove it anyway. 
Because the environment is at risk and we need to save the planet by screwing over the middle class while not addressing actual causes of large scale pollution. 
Volatile organic compounds have been limited to like 10% when products like brake cleaner often go up to 90%. Manufacturers have to choose between not selling their products in canada, making them shittier, or bribe the government for a special permit. 
As usual it will probably lead to worse, more expensive products and more environmental harm. 
Because you need a lot of grease to get this jank to run in a modern computer.
if I spray a lot of wd40 into my PC's liquid cooling tubes will it make the coolant flow faster so I can overclock my 14900k and rtx 4090 enough to run shartfield at 60fps?
Replies: >>216270 >>216562
Because your mom's pussy is really dry.
[Hide] (68.8KB, 1280x720) Reverse
does wd40 make good lube?
Replies: >>216263
[Hide] (75.5KB, 887x1033) Reverse
I once bought my friend a giant dildo and a can of WD40 as a gag, the guy at the sex shop saw the can and didn't bat an eye.
Replies: >>216286 >>216289
Spoiler File
(290.3KB, 1500x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (154.7KB, 400x311) Reverse
I really don't understand how this clown can lie with such a straight face. He smiles, he doesn't even fucking blink and he instantly comes up with some vague bullshit. I guess you don't become CEO of a multi million dollar studio by being honest and slow at corporate talk.
They sell WD-40 at sex shops?
Replies: >>216308
>i bought a dragon dildo ironically of course haha
those fuckers are expensive and they don't let you return it, why would you buy it as a joke
Replies: >>216292 >>216293
>return it
Why would they ever let a customer return that shit? Who would buy an used dildo, regardless of origin?
Replies: >>216293
Because you can't return it. Your friend presumably isn't a furry so now has a dildo he can't get rid of and has to hide from the rest of the world.
Replies: >>216326
No, a gravitational anomaly caused by the Prototype Grav Drives started ripping the atmosphere off the planet, why they didn't recolonize it is beyond me, historical propriety, took too long to colonize elsewhere to even consider it, only Todd knows.
was probably just a can lying around
imagine fixing the door on the gloryhole and some guy trying to buy your can of wd40
>>>>>can't get rid of
>open trash can lid
>put in trash
Am I missing something here?
Replies: >>216344
Do you really throw out a gift from a good friend?
Replies: >>216347
Unless he wants to use it with you, no sane friend would be offended you tossed the gay sex toy he bought you as a "joke".
Spoiler File
(111.5KB, 1080x1920) Reverse
>throwing away a dildo when you could smear mud or chocolate or shit on it and leave it in a place like a public restroom as a prank on the janny and everyone else who sees it
Replies: >>216359 >>216364
Has Todd met his match in Chris Roberts?
Replies: >>216355
[Hide] (480.1KB, 865x760) Reverse
Anon, please, no one can match Todd.
Replies: >>216468
That's a brownie 100%
its not 2022 grandpa, thats normal now
>grifted half a billion dorrah off of old men and keeps doing it
>made millions selling fictional jpegs to fags, furries, boomers and cultists for years before making them flyable in game
>added features that weren't in the original kikestarter pitch such as fully traversable planets and later on an entire ecumenopolis against Derek Smart's advice
>game engine is a hideous orcish creature that long ago was of german ancestry before being gouged open, yet it somehow competes favorably with other nugames
>his fanbase still keeps believing and paying for his every word
>has survived multiple lawsuits while raising money from external investors, still afloat and the boss of his gym
>game when it doesn't crash or disconnect has seamless planetary landings, impressive graphics albeit with uninspired art direction at times, realistic train rides, and deep fps gameplay that would make for a fun gamenight if not for the NASA tier hardware requirements and the lack of open sores ports+a modding community
>not beholden to ((( publishers )))
On closer examination Christ Robbers really does seem like Space Todd, yet unlike him he's far more established in the spees sector of vidya.
What was/is Todd's master plan with Soyfield?
Paid mod bmps?
Replies: >>216475
>derek smart
You mean the guy who hasn't released a functional game to this day?
[Hide] (469.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Chilli day at the office
>80% of the npcs can't be killed
bravo bethesda
>No offence, Todd. Thass' a good game. Everythang 3D. Really, 4D if you axe me.
[Hide] (389.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
they weren't kidding
Tune your ram enough to corrupt your computer, turn off hyperthreading gimping your PC, and put all settings on low. Bam 60fps, optimized game LOL
Replies: >>216563
I will never understand the obsession with 60 fps, the game runs near perfect at 30, on ultra/high settings on my admittedly decent gaming laptop, it doesn't look remotely bad aside from bethesda's usual Wooden Npcs and is probably for me the single most stable Bethesda launch I have ever seen, I have encountered only one NPC not talking glitch and the usual clipping issues, nothing else, if I wasn't deadset on never giving bethesda another dime I would buy it now.

I set rivatuner to cap the game's fps at 20 which is plenty high enough for anyone that isn't an incel loser and I'm running the game at 1280x720 (which is HD) with all settings on ultra on my overclocked RTX 3080 with only very VERY rare dips in fps during extremely epic battles with 10+ NPCs attacking/moving at the same time and I couldn't be happier.
Replies: >>216569 >>216586
I haven't even needed any of the performance tuning, it's run smoothly for me even in the large battles, and i have a ROG Laptop over a year old with a 3060,
Replies: >>216584
The heck are all of you whining about the performace of this amazing and fun game? 24 FPS in max settings is more than enough to play. Everything higher than that is just down right silly.
Replies: >>216586 >>217692
>runs smoothly
>30 fps
>gaming laptop
1/10 apply yourself
Replies: >>216585
If I were shitposting I wouldn't use that, it is happening, I can post my PC's specs if you wish, though I doubt you'd believe me. I have been shocked at how stable the game is, and I'm using the Day -5 pirated version, perhaps steam is causing performance issues for others,
Replies: >>216587
Bait, shills, or retarded? you decide
Replies: >>216592
attendant to this, here is my laptop: 
it's performed much better than I expected for how small it is.
[Hide] (17.4KB, 608x209) Reverse
[Hide] (565.9KB, 960x540, 00:04)
>I would buy it now
Go to bed, Todd.

There's this thing called a "joke," anon.
The human eye can't see past 30 fps anyway.
Replies: >>216594
[Hide] (210.2KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
>mfw webm doesn't have 24FPS to compare against 30 60
It is 24 fps actually.
Replies: >>216707
I just said I pirated it, how could I be Todd? and wow the difference between 30, and 60, FPS is what 3 thousandths of a second?
seems like for competitive play it might be marginally useful but, you quite literally provided a pretty ironclad reason for a developer of only single player games NOT to bother with 60 FPS, it won't matter in a single player game.
[Hide] (109KB, 900x900) Reverse
don't be silly guys
Replies: >>216627
You new?
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eJoAt7sE7U9YUJIWAeKWVhW0-SLIPmtV/view?usp=drive_link mo2 beta build fuckingg kikecord niggers

cockfile temporary ;^(
Replies: >>216665
[Hide] (60.1KB, 1142x278) Reverse
there's a new version
but mirrorace seems to be down right now
Replies: >>216667
yeah I just found out
I'd settle for an upload of the old version linked here before since it worked. I'm trying a clean install and I need it again because I'm retarded.
[Hide] (144.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (376.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
A kid from a side quest became a stowaway when I killed everyone on board a different ship. I managed to shoo him out but now he's aboard the pirate station and the npcs don't like that. If I push him out the door they start shooting until he leaves again because he's invincible.
Replies: >>216682
[Hide] (46KB, 546x366) Reverse
There is only one solution then. Godd demands you imprison and rape the kid for all eternity. Godd will be done, amen. This is the real prize from that side quest
Replies: >>216684
[Hide] (269.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Game just became playable.
Replies: >>216685
[Hide] (67.5KB, 640x1006) Reverse
oh boy
[Hide] (176KB, 960x540, 00:05)
>>mfw webm doesn't have 24FPS to compare against 30 60
You're in luck.
[Hide] (10KB, 474x249) Reverse
Why bother making STARFIELD good? Fans will mod it anyways...
Replies: >>216920 >>218553
It's honestly amazing how much bethesda fucks up when making games. Half of those UI mods shouldn't even exist, it seems they've regressed from F4 as far as UX goes.
Replies: >>216923 >>216924
Bethesda games ~ programmed by grads who don't know any better....
Have people forgotten about the vanilla Consolerim UI? Wouldn't surprise me since SkyUI (or rather the MCM) is a dependency for virtually every mod.
Replies: >>216986
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (478.7KB, 480x792) Reverse
Eliminating these niggers without being detected after finishing the quest line was one of my biggest challenges. I managed to ensure the fate of the one they keep locked up in the basement; All without cheating.
Replies: >>217673
Skyrim (and everything post-morrowind) was made for consoles and consoles only. This seems bad even by console standards. Not being able to quickly identify what you're looting in a looter shooter is retarded.
Replies: >>217018
Freestar Rangers is the worst guild quest line Bethesda's ever made. 
>villain is corporate exec hiring mercs to run farmers off their land after seeding it with mineral-enriching chemicals disguised as fertilizer, so he can mine it (just ignore how stupid that concept is physically for a moment)
>outright stated that there's nothing special about these farms
>he could do this anywhere, his plan is just to use the farmers for free labor spreading the "fertilizer"
>ignore that he's hiring mercs, this is definitely about labor costs somehow
>supposed to go find and interrogate mercs
>none of them will submit to being arrested, obviously
>quest writers forgot there are nonlethal weapons in this game, so you can't just knock them out with a disruptor and then arrest them
>stuck until you kill them unless you make a deal that lets them go free
>make it to merc leader, get proof that exec hired him
>go to arrest exec
>he offers a bribe, fights to the death if you reject it
>drop him immediately with one shot (assumed nonlethal wouldn't work given past experience)
>his security officers still fight to the death for some reason
>dialog with employee after the fight still tries to paint exec as morally gray and expects you to sympathize with him because everyone's jobs depended on him somehow
>this despite the fact that earlier it's established that the company was already failing (maybe because the CEO is a retard who thinks it's cheaper to hire mercs than laborers?)
Even College of Winterhold was less retarded than this.
Replies: >>217030
Fixed that for you
Replies: >>217305
>gender studies majors can't apply basic logic
What a shock.
Replies: >>217035
Logic is sexist and racist
Replies: >>217314
OpenMW team has actually done research into this as part of their work on making the UI work with a controller. Xbox!Morrowind is absolutely a port of the made for PC Morrowind.
Also, homophobic.
People who like this game play videogames for the gameplay.
People who hate this game play videogames for the story and the "feeling of being in videogames" (the same people who always complained about not being able to hold X to climb a ladder in bethesda games).

Then there's also the people who don't play the game in the first place and are just addicted to drama, so they exaggerate over every little bug and flaw that people who actually play the game don't give a shit about.
Replies: >>217327
1 cent has been added to your account
Replies: >>217331
What people complain about:
>I can't hold X for 5 minutes to fly out of a planet every time
>I can't hold X for 2 hours to walk around a planet
>characters make weird faces sometimes
>look at this buggy animation it totally breaks my immersion
>I don't like the story in a quest
>this thing wouldn't make sense in real life
>I DEMAND muh realismic graphics, well I got it but now my PC can't run the game! also the graphics are still not good enough and should be better

What people don't complain about:
>equipment and combat
>RPG level and progression systems
>ship building and management
Replies: >>217332 >>217356
do not reply to bait
Replies: >>217334
You sure you're not responding to the wrong person?
>equipment and combat
>RPG level and progression systems
People don't complain about these because they're approximately the same as Fallout 4, as several people have already pointed out. There's no new information gained by explaining the problems in detail, everyone already knows FO4 and why it was bad. The equipment system is slightly worse than FO4 because items have tiers that can't be changed, but it's really not that big a difference.
>ship building and management
People don't complain about this because you don't use your ship for anything important. It's nothing but flavor text for fast travel (and a shitty storage option that's strictly worse than your box at the lodge). You could spend a bunch of time optimizing a build for the ship encounters, but since the combat is all that matters mechanically there are no interesting tradeoffs to be made.
This does touch on something I mentioned briefly in pointing out how bad the Freestar questline is, which is that this game is full of dead-end systems that don't matter. Stun weapons aren't ever acknowledged by any in-game system as accomplishing anything (they work for Ryujin's "stealth" missions precisely because of that), shipbuilding is pointless because the ship barely matters, outpost building is pointless except for mass-producing worthless items you don't need, surveying planets is pointless, in terms of rewards everything is lower value than repeatedly killing pirates at shitty copypasted locations reused right down to the loot and enemy locations.
Replies: >>217394
At the risk of sounding like a shill, your concept of "worth" is somewhat bent out of shape. After doing a "shitty copypasted location reused right down to the loot and enemy locations" you will find that you will want to do something else, like build a "worthless" base somewhere, or work on your "pointless" ship. This isn't something that's "worth it" in terms of levels, but it is "worth it" in terms of keeping your interest and allowing you to make something halfway creatively since, as you pointed out, the killing of pirates can get rapidly boring. Then once you've done that for awhile you would return to killing those boring pirates again. But you're more or less right other than that.
Replies: >>217406
I don't think I adequately communicated my problem. The issue is that these systems don't feed into each other. 
In a game with all these things, you want each system to lead you into other systems. For instance, imagine that surveying a planet could give bonuses to resource extraction on that planet, instead of just a flat XP and cash reward as it does now. Surveying a planet would then encourage you to set up an outpost there. Imagine that raw resources didn't have an atrocious value to weight ratio. It would then be worth bringing these harvested resources to market to sell. Once you've got that resource flow, imagine if you could then use it to manufacture better weapons, armor, and ship modules to sell and use instead of needing to buy them or wait for them to drop. You could then use the better equipment to survey more dangerous planets, which would have rarer and more valuable resources.
I don't think the game is all that far away from having this kind of structure. A lot of it could be fixed with two things: increasing the price of raw resources and allowing you to build equipment instead of just buying it or looting it. Those are both things modders could do very quickly. It's just frustrating and baffling that it didn't ship that way.
TND% when?
[Hide] (473.4KB, 896x1024) Reverse
>The heck are all of you whining about the performace of this amazing and fun game?
Replies: >>218967
Is it just me or is this game so fucking bereft of soul that it almost makes skyrim look homely in comparison?
Skyrim benefited from an established setting with several games' worth of material. If the writers needed to know how something worked, they could go back and look. This helps tremendously when you have multiple questlines being written concurrently and the writers can't get together to decide every single detail. If you generally write things to be consistent with what's already been established, and make sure that the entire writing team is up to speed on any major changes you're making (like religion in Skyrim), you don't need to spend as much time on coordination. Starfield is a brand new setting and so you actually need to spend lots of time and effort coordinating writers. You need to anticipate a bunch of what they'll need in advance, and you need to check often to make sure you haven't left anything out. If 1/3 of your writers are writing the United Colonies as the United Federation of Planets, 1/3 are writing it as the Terran Federation, and 1/3 as Space California, you are going to have a problem.
Elder Scrolls also gets a tremendous amount of verisimilitude from race being such a major factor in the setting. You can't just drop a nigger into an arbitrary role in an Elder Scrolls game, because niggers come from a specific country, with a specific culture, and have a well-defined set of things they tend to be good at doing. You can put a nigger in Whiterun, but his presence is an unusual fact that requires explanation, and the writers in general actually provided that explanation when they did something like that. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big complex explanation, Amren doesn't have one, but the fact that he's not from Skyrim is obvious and you can comment on it. 
The use of the various human races in Starfield doesn't make any sense. You've got tons of people with distinct Earth accents and phenotypes but no homogeneous communities that would produce and maintain people that ethnically distinct. I hear some fat negress speaking like she's fresh off the boat from Africa and I wonder about the series of events leading to her existence, and there's just nothing there. The writers didn't treat it as something requiring an explanation because they didn't think about how this world came to be.
Replies: >>217870
Skyrim had good art design, music, ambient sounds and presentation.
This pile of shit does not and has even more watered down dumbed down gameplay.
>homely (adjective)
>Not attractive or good-looking.
>Lacking elegance or refinement.
>Of a simple or unpretentious nature; plain.
Pedantry aside, Skyrim has incredible atmosphere, ambience, okay world building, and great world design. Skyrim is many things, but lacking soul is not one of them.
[Hide] (960.8KB, 1048x840) Reverse
>Elder Scrolls also gets a tremendous amount of verisimilitude from race being such a major factor in the setting
You know, this is a very good point that I don't think I fully appreciated previously. I wonder if they'll find some way to ruin it in TES 6.
Replies: >>217871
>I wonder if they'll find some way to ruin it in TES 6.
It would not surprise me. One thing I've noticed in Starfield is that multiple characters were race-swapped during development and their voice actors replaced, but not all the dialogue was rerecorded. Kelton Frush, the black science man in the sidequest Late Bloomer, is a really obvious example of this. If you have the Botany perk you can hear the original white VA for those lines.
I'd put a significant probability (~60%) on those changes happening as a consequence of the Microsoft buyout. If so, it's almost certain they'll do something similar to TES 6.
Replies: >>217881 >>217887
It makes me wonder how they'll handle Skyrim's civil war. I don't think they'll pull a Daggerfall-to-morrowind scenario and have both sides get something (even if it's a cop out way of resolving the situation). Given what I've seen of starfield, I'm already expecting bethesda will make the empire the victor of the civil war, and most of the Nord population wiped out (ordered by the Thalmor) as punishment for daring to fight for their sovereignty.
Replies: >>218505 >>218510
[Hide] (531.5KB, 450x600) Reverse
[Hide] (589.5KB, 600x429) Reverse
It was jarring enough to hear mismatched VAs in New Vegas, and that was just that the game had so many voiced characters that the character's race was simply lost in casting a lot. Ambassador Crocker was so noticeable and on a prominent enough character Obsidian just swapped his model to a black guy for the final game. There's a random New Zealand girl in the Khans. Trying to replace already done VA is not only disgusting, it's also super expensive.
Replies: >>217892
[Hide] (240KB, 242x212, 00:02)
>black guy
[Hide] (1.8MB, 853x480, 00:21)
>make a game so lacking in features normalfags are complaining it's "not as good as skyrim" 
Todd fucking did it. Even if indirectly normalfags are asking for more skyrim. 
Who's laughing now?
Replies: >>218520 >>218537
>It makes me wonder how they'll handle Skyrim's civil war.
Truly a mystery how how a woke developer will handle a group of light skinned people fighting to protec their home and people from the aggressions of kikeshigh elves.
On one hand, it'd actually be safer to have the Stormcloaks win. Then you could have them go full isolationist, and have an excuse to almost entirely exclude Nords from the game. Obviously they'd also have to write the lore such that they drove Skyrim into the ground through incompetence, since you naturally can't portray "Skyrim is for the Nords" in a positive light.
But on the other hand, no matter how heavy-handed they tried to be with portraying it as a failure, they'd still likely face backlash for having the "bad guys" win at all.
I'm tempted to say that your Thalmor idea would be a bad idea for them, since they'd be bringing in the concept of whites being genocided even though everybody knows the very idea that it's possible to genocide whites is a far-right conspiracy theory. But I don't think that would really be a factor.
>Todd sells Skyrim DLC called Skyfield
>it just starts you off in Skyrim and lets you ride your horse to other planets
>where there are also bland cookie cutter dungeons full of draugr remodeled as ayys
Replies: >>218535
Bethesdacucks would buy it for every version of Skyrim they own, it would get praised as the greatest DLC ever made and modders would spend a decade trying to make it somewhat interesting.
>the way he flips it around to somehow avoiding admitting the engine can't handle anything more than someone moving 10mph on a planet
Why pay the devs to program stuff into the game if you have useful idiots that do it for free?
Starfield is not a game, it's a sandbox for modder.
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