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Atelier Series Mainline Smartphone Game Inviting Doubts & Worry From Fans
>Many fans were confused as to why the company was spending their well-earned goodwill from the successful Atelier Ryza sub-series on a smartphone entry, especially when momentum was still present thanks to the ongoing Atelier Ryza anime. Koei Tecmo’s previous smartphone game entries have also not been successful, with the previous title Atelier Online having already shut down.
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>>212296 (OP) 
Why make videogames for consoles and pc, if everybody already has a phone!
Replies: >>212320
and even if a PC neckbeard doesn't have a phone he can just use bluestacks so there's really no reason to make non-mobile games anymore
remember boys and girls, it's not about appealing to people that have any semblance of taste; it's about appealing to chumps, saps, suckers, and little children
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hi mark hamill
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Metro author handed 8-year prison term for speaking out against Russian invasion
>In April 2022, when he’d already left Russia, Glukhovsky wrote that the war in Ukraine, “unleashed by Putin is becoming more terrible and inhuman every day, and the pretexts under which it was started look more and more insignificant and false.”
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Why is he acting retarded?
Replies: >>212351
Possibly scared of being blacklisted/ostracized due to his nationality. Since he's out of the country denouncing Russia is the safest choice.
Neat, I just figured out how to use autofilters.
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Quake II Remaster Released
Unlike the last turd this one has confirmed direct connect multiplayer and a GOG release, so it might be worth a pirate. Might.
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How does online work on GOG? Can you still connect to the servers even if you pirate it?
Replies: >>212418
Not if it runs through Galaxy matchmaking, which is why GOG being "DRM-free" is a lie. If this only uses Galaxy for crossplay and you still have real direct connect where you can enter an IP and go, pirate multiplayer should be fine.
Replies: >>212420
Well its kind of strange. I pirated a GOG single player game that had some multiplayer like leaderboards or something similar that you could connect the internet to. I mean it was kind of strange because i think it actually worked even though i pirated it. Im not sure how it all really works. I mean i turned that shit off but still. Its very interesting if you can do multiplayer things on pirated gog games.
>put 1997 3D models and textures in new game engine
>pay pajeet to port code to new engine
>tick box to turn modern lighting/shading effects on
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>new engine
Are you retarded?
Replies: >>212521 >>212582
He's not retarded he's just making shit up
Someone made a game 3D engine in HolyC on TempleOS for the 5th anniversary of Terry's death.

Sorry meant to say a 3D game engine for TempleOS. Impressive they did it in HolyC of all things, and have done other games for it to.
Replies: >>212590 >>212614
Night Dive ported the entire game to their own in-house engine for no apparent reason. They pulled the exact same shit with the Quake 1 remaster.
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>Cancerous cuckchan memes
Heretical shit for niggercattle
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they had to ruin his legacy with this zoomer forced meme
Replies: >>212610 >>212614
Don't care, not that I like it. Still impressive that someone was autistic enough to make a 3D game engine for a niche OS.
the guy (crunklord) is also behind some of the services behind kiwifarms as well and moderator as well
along with the culture over at kiwifarms have high regards for the sharty
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>Pedos have high regard for pedos
Who would have thunk?
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Overwatch 2 is released on Steam, is immediately review bombed
How many days will it be until the negative reviews get censored? I give it 5.
Lollipop Chainsaw remake delayed to 2024
Wipeout has been ported to web browsers
>“The quality of the leaked source is abysmal,” writes Szablewski in a lengthy blog post detailing the project. “From what I can piece together, it mainly contains the Wipeout ATI 3D Rage Edition of the game, a lackluster port for Windows that was bundled with ATI GPUs.”
>Szablewski claims that each port of the original game, from the PAL PlayStation version to the NTSC PlayStation, PC DOS, Windows 95 and ATI Rage Edition versions, was “haphazardly piled on top” of the previous one, making the original source code difficult to parse.
Hey, remember how all you retards kept saying game devs knew how to code in the 90s?
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>people still play bootleg TF2
Replies: >>212642
>Lollipop Chainsaw remake
Have they already confirmed it's going to be censor or are they going to pretend it isn't until release?
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>game infested by trannies, bots, and every other scum of the earth
>still going strong after almost 16 fucking years
group fort is eternal
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valve has infinite money, you can't compare that to an indie dev
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They're not doing anything with the game, though. It's the community that makes all the bugfixes and new maps. Unfortunately TF2 has no competition, which means that Valve has no incentive to do anything with the game, especially since their goyim can and will do that themselves.
Why do TF2 fags keep demanding more shit to be piled onto their already extremely bloated game?
What, do you guys need this thing to take up twenty more gigabytes of hard disk space? Is the modern matchmaking interface not godawful enough yet?
Replies: >>212649 >>212652
New, better maps are always nice.
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>>212296 (OP) 
Good, Atelier fags (literally) have been a blight in internet communities for too long.
Replies: >>212703
How so?
The only Atelierfag I know translated various PS2 jrpgs and VNs.
Replies: >>212709 >>212759
I think he just means how bad the games are
>liking jarpigs and PowerPoint 
Just like i said.
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bird clean up this fucking thread holy shit
Is it possible to play with this character without touching gachashit?
Replies: >>212954
Replies: >>212955
Then into the trash she goes.
Replies: >>213018
You can always just download the art, read the manga, and watch the anime series.
Replies: >>213026
Fate is literally just capeshit now
Just fap to the porn
Linus Tech Tips called out for incorrect info and questionable ethics
Funny thing is, looks like a lot of people hated the fag, just didn't say anything until he was publicly called out for his bullshit information on PC hardware reviews.
wow! how could a jewtuber possibly just make up things that arent true, clearly the victim of white supremacy or nazi propaganda
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>lended a prototype by a startup to review
>don't follow the manufacturer's instructions
>use it on hardware it wasn't designed for
>give it a bad review because you didn't follow the instructions
>sell the product  at an auction to the company's competitors without authorization from the company
<why does everyone hate me?
Replies: >>213065
>Proceeds to argue that the prototype was shit anyway and wasn't worth redoing
>Complains about spending $500 to redo testing to get it right
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>says your product isn't worth 500 CAD to properly test ($350 USD)
>steals and auctions off your product for likely more than 500 CAD
Replies: >>213086
Lots of people knew he was a shill and were content to ignore him, few knew he was a thief.
I remember a particular moment when intel stopped paying him to shill and then almost the next day he was suddenly speaking up about their flaws.
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What the fuck
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He's a little fucking late to the grift isn't he?
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>that corporate response 
Jesus Christ.
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but wait, there's more and what the fuck is this guy, he's a real creatura
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find a more punchable face
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>don't use a jewtube channel
>watch other people complain about it as it's their problem and not yours
feels good man
Replies: >>213110
never seen any of his videos but every invidous instance spams his shit on the front page because that's what all the golems watch through them. fucking insufferable, every one of them
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oooh shit there's more this bitch who used to work there and quit is speaking up now
that is the most basic bitch workload you could have and she's complaining about being overworked.
fuck i'll take that job, just shout some bullshit into the void and make some soyface thumbnails, now where's my money
Replies: >>213114
look at this dumb bitch talking about being overworked like anyone gives a shit, this is the moment when anyone and everyone that knows the goblin is supposed to accuse him of sexual harassment, thats what gets attention and silence shekels, everything is true when youre in the spotlight
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>I was asked about my sexual history, my boyfriends sexual history, "how I liked to fuck".
>I was told that certain issues were "sexual tension" and I should just "take the co-worker out on a coffee date to ease it out"
>I was asked to twerk for a co-worker at one point.
>I was told I was chunky, fat, ugly, stupid.
>I was called "ret*rded" I was called a "fa**ot"
>And at any point I would bring up these comments, I would get told, oh we will have a chat with them.
>Nothing ever came of it.
I don't understand is this "madison suop" a tranny? if xhe is, pretty based of the staff to call him a faggot, I knew some of them had to be all right

if tany of this is real it's gonna blow up and linus soy tips is finished, this could be another neofag https://twitter.com/suuuoppp/status/1691700476813955460

it doesn't matter what you think, what matters is that xhe's a wymyn and she was treated bad :/
>nobody has come out against us so we have done no wrong
if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around etc.
Do you have the post of faulty product because of racemixing?
Replies: >>213135
Anon, the fat guy of linus poz is a tranny, they are AOK to have a mental ill guy working for them, hell even near their children.
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you're welcome
Replies: >>213148
>I was called "ret*rded" I was called a "fa**ot"
Wait, why is she making me root for the other team here.
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Thanks, anonkun.
Replies: >>213149
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how revolting
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>I had to make 6 social media posts per day
Women truly are opressed!
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Genshin Impact update 4.0 Fontaine censoring butts underwater
>Such censorship has become an epidemic in the West, and it has grown to the point that even Japanese versions of games are forcibly censored to pander to corrupt Western sensibilities that are offended by everything.
Good, gachaniggers deserve censorship for ruining gaming.
Replies: >>213259
>First they came for the gachaniggers, and I did not speak out - because I wasn't a gachanigger
Replies: >>213273
nobody cares gachanigger
>censoring upskirts on a waifu simulator
Speaking out against gachashit is just as important as speaking out against censorship. The former is far more tolerated however and so deserves far more scorn in proportion. It's a losing battle either way, but I will pick the side that causes more harm to gacha in this case.
Replies: >>213277
It won't cause any harm to gachashit because the people who "play" it are barely human.
Replies: >>213297
gacha fags funnel money into shit companies and will bandwagon anything in their gacha
If gachafags are conditioned to not like something, they will push that into the world, so yes it's important to call out the faggotry.
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Artosis made it to 2400 MMR in startcraft, very impressive considering his race and age. He really downplays it in his celebration video, he has actually been bullied relentlessly for years with tons of people calling him "conceptual 2400". 
 No doubt he really has proven a lot of detractors wrong, not just the one person he calls out in the video.
>non gook outgooking gooks
Impressive indeed
is that a lot
t. only starcraft game i've played was the leak of starcraft ghost on 8chan
Replies: >>213326
People still play gookclicks?
Replies: >>213326
Gookclicking remind me of speedrunning, but worse since you're dependent on updates and METAfaggotry.
I'm just glad these retards are stuck with the shittiest RTS games and don't ruin the others.
Replies: >>213411
the worst way to "play" any game
Replies: >>213479
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One of the best anime ever (Encouragement of Climb aka Yama no Susume) is getting a video game, scheduled to release December 7 in nipland. How long do you think it'll be before it's translated if ever?
Video games based on anime are usually shit. 

>not knowing nip by now
Replies: >>213478
>(Encouragement of Climb aka Yama no Susume) is getting a video game
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if girls this cute existed irl I would buy their shit so I think they make these games shit on purpose because the gameplay isn't the point
Replies: >>213479
If it's yuri, it's shit

Not really, I like to do it on lower difficulties after finishing a mostly linear game.
Competition and the scene are cancer though.
Replies: >>213481 >>213483
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You mean
>If it's yuri, it's the shit
Replies: >>213482
Me on the left
Aoi wanted a boyfriend in the first episode, and Hinata told her she wouldn't get one unless she stopped being a loner. She also had a crush on a guy in middle school. Despite the yuripandering later, Aoi is straight.
Replies: >>213487
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>Aoi wanted a boyfriend in the first episode
i volunteer
Replies: >>213489
If IRL girls would be like what we have in anime, I probably wouldn't be a wizard now.
Replies: >>213503 >>213506
If being a virgin bothers you that much, go pay a whore.
Replies: >>213511
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>mfw level 9 wizard
It is a shame that females of this era are shit.
You know, that's the problem with girls these days, they're exactly the same as whores, but with a much less predictable price list. And arguing about the state of a boolean variable misses the big picture anyway. You want someone with whom you can talk about various things, cuddle, hold hands, have children and a lovely family, etc. Yes, losing virginity is a part of this, and if you want to replace it with a cheap substitute, go ahead, I don't care, but for me given the available choices, I'd rather stay virgin.
Replies: >>213520
With that attitude, that isn't gonna change until they bury you in the dirt.
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>buffer overflow in winrar
>arbitrary code execution
>potentially as old as 2002
I wonder how many people got v& because of this exploit over the years, and whether 7-zip can also get fucked over by this.
Replies: >>213524 >>213769
>people still use winrar
Replies: >>213529
i use winrar cracked just because i like the logo of the icons. And for extracting shit i just use 7-zip.
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>Delta Force gets rebooted
>It's made by Tencent
I hate this timeline so much.
Replies: >>213584
7zip is both libre and gratis
Anyone looking forward to the new Sins (soase) when it comes out?
I know it's dangerous for for me to be optimistic in the current year, but it looks like the got rid of the TEC super weapon if you grab the Ankylon Titan, so now TEC can't continuously nuke me from across the map while my fleet is getting ruined by a single ship. Albeit this means that they're going to be getting a new super weapon, so I hope it's weaker. I have no idea why they gave the faction with the best economy the best super weapons as well as the ability to produce twice as many as the other factions. They're also the best defensive faction. TEC players are trash. Real players play Advent.Vasari are a joke
Fuck, man. I was there to witness the rise and fall of both of those games, and they BOTH deserved better than what they got.

Fairly stable F2P remake of MNC with new playable characters. it was far-more mobashit than the first MNC, but it had some good characters. Granted, the game still had it's shitters, but most ASSFAGGOTS games had it's no-life shitheads. 

It deserved a better company than UberEnt. UberEnt has a track record of just dropping games to move on to the next thing, they did it to SMNC when they made their robot-based RTS game, then they went and did it to that very RTS game.

Build-a-gun, build-a-loadout, and then fuck up the enemy. It was good shit, the death animations were awesome, the gore was chunky, it had actual fucking heart put into it. 

Gun building was hit or miss, but when it hit it fucking hit. But then they lowered the global damage of all weapons and that fucked EVERYTHING up.

Loadout really deserved better management, they had a great direction with the maps and the ideal of gun-building being the main premise, but they kept canning the parts they were gonna build because they were too afraid that it would break the game.

They managed in circles and content-cut themselves into a corner, that's the biggest tragedy of Loadout.

At the very least you can easily ignore these, unlike that faggot the "hated" one, and his fucking inflammatory fearmongering.
>fps about kiling muslims
>not bad
>"Recon arrow going up"
>Goes full call of dooty
And it is shit.
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Polygon’s hypocrisy is more prevalent than ever with Genshin Impact coverage
Replies: >>213591
nobody cares
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Clover Day’s Plus Steam version cuts out “questionable” content
The Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection starts with warning on “outdated content”
>“This game contains expressions and themes which may be considered outdated. However, these elements have been included without alteration to preserve the historical context in which the game was made and the creator’s original vision. Player discretion is advised,”
Charles Martinet is stepping down from voicing Mario games
Japanese netizens repulsed by Fable heroine’s new look
>“Foreigners consider this to be a beautiful woman, therefore it’s amazing.”
>“If Link had this kind of face, I’d immediately throw my Switch out the window like a Frisbee.”
>“I can only see the face of a bastard.”
>“It feels like a face that was beaten over and over again with the porikore [political correctness] stick.”
>“The true form of the feminist is that of a Chinese spy. If taken seriously, sales will plummet. So, don’t consume China’s lewd games and monopolize the share.”
>“Seems to be some game cockroaches worship.”
>“Androgynous-like, ugly.”
>“Looks like the faces of one of the background giants in Shingeki no Kyojin.”
>“Isn’t this a man?”
>“What? Is this the heroine?”
>“It gives me hope that even an ugly guy can become the hero.”
>“Looks like the face of a Vietnamese person.”
>“‘Moe’ and ‘kawaii’ are Japan’s greatest weapons, wield them.”
>“The series is already done for.”
>“Ordered to throw the main character’s charm down the drain.”
>“Template porikore face.”
>"It’s like an alien taking the form of an earthling.”
>“Aloy still looks better because she looks like a beautiful woman from some angles.”
>“This is a level 1 face, right? It should gradually become more beautiful as the level rises.”
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>This is a level 1 face, right? It should gradually become more beautiful as the level rises
They call it fable because they're so bad you can't believe it's real
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720, 00:06)
>“I can only see the face of a bastard.”
>“The true form of the feminist is that of a Chinese spy. If taken seriously, sales will plummet. So, don’t consume China’s lewd games and monopolize the share.”
>“Looks like the face of a Vietnamese person.”
>"It’s like an alien taking the form of an earthling.”
Replies: >>213663
>Risk Of Autism Doubled Due To Circumcision: Study
>A research study by scientists at the Statens Serum Institut (SSI), a sector research institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, has found that circumcision before a boy turns five years old could double the risk of being affected by autism spectrum disorder
[Hide] (9.3MB, 920x920, 00:24)
>Seems to be some game cockroaches worship.
big in turkey
also i can see the face is ugly but i can't quite describe why other than "it looks wrong". if you asked me how to fix it i really couldn't tell you.
Replies: >>213666
1) british™ teeth
2) eye shape
3) man-face skull structure
4) eyebrows
5) hair looks like a wig
6) tortoise neck
[Hide] (649.7KB, 792x658) Reverse
>“Looks like the face of a Vietnamese person.”
Sides in orbit, fucking Japs

Bloodlines 2 reannouncement (they totally canned the original version) implied for Gamescom announcement. German publisher may have leaked October 27th release date.
Replies: >>213768
[Hide] (731.5KB, 480x360, 00:27)
>The Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection starts with warning on “outdated content”
How strange. Are anti-nuclear messages considered abnormal now?
Replies: >>213697 >>213706
maybe it's in reference to sigint being a nigger and being allowed on the internet because on the internet no one knows you're a nigger
Replies: >>213699
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MGS2 has anti-censorship messages which is clearly problematic and dangerous to our democracy.
I was hoping that was finally dead in the water after the dev troubles and the sudden release of that hitman/walking clone Masquerade: Swansong they did.
>video games
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Stop shitposting and post a cytybe link, anonkun.
fed honeypot do not visit
The main instance uses it but like Invidious and Nitter there are other instances which do not.
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Reddit dwellers get Baldur’s Gate 3 race swap mod removed
>The now-banned mod for the game focused entirely on swapping character Wyll’s black skin for a lighter shade.
Fan translation fixes Nukitashi’s “Cunny Capitalism” localization
Anti-Piracy Lessons Enter the School Curriculum: Are You a Thief?
>Are You a Thief?
>2+ hours of story
>Full Japanese voice acting by seasoned professionals
How exciting
[Hide] (465KB, 480x360, 00:09)
>イクイクセーシ! イクイクセーシ! イクイクセーシ!
>Bazinga! Bazinga! Bazinga!
How has AI not replaced these fucking retards already?
[Hide] (71.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
>Bazinga! Bazinga! Bazinga!
Replies: >>213982
[Hide] (4.8MB, 480x270, 01:17)
[Hide] (58.4KB, 893x736) Reverse
[Hide] (20.1KB, 660x213) Reverse
>that's like... cunny capitalism
<you mean crony capitalism
Twitter and its consequences have proven to be a disaster for the human race.
>Yiddish | AADE removed
How could have the localizers fit in dreidelspeak in a Japanese visual novel? I'm genuinely perplexed.
>how has AI not replaced these fucking retards already?
Have you never thought shit localization and censorship might happen whether AI is being used or not?
>Bazinga! Bazinga! Bazinga!
I cannot believe I'm giggling at this shit. Fucking kill me.
Replies: >>213985 >>214014
>Have you never thought shit localization and censorship might happen whether AI is being used or not?
I don't even care, so long as these "people" are out of work.
I was curious how they'd manage to localize Nukitashi since the game is borderline untranslatable. I guess the answer was simpler than I thought.
>Rebel Moon
Wait a minute, I thought ((( Hollywood ))) was on strike why is znyder promoting his newest trash? I thought they were forbidden for doing so until the strike is finished.
>Have you never thought shit localization and censorship might happen whether AI is being used or not?
There is a change that the nips would translate it themselves and not give a dime to those hacks.
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Vita 2 never ever.
What a very flimsy looking design.
Replies: >>214034
it's like the switch, a tablet monitor with joycons attached
>$199 USD
>LCD only
>Sony's streaming service doesn't even work on it
I guess it works as a tax writeoff. Maybe they are adding excess parts to get rid of stock? It doesn't even work for the cloud streaming faggots.
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Turn-based storybook game Six Ages 2: Lights Out is now available
[Hide] (4.2MB, 480x360, 01:43)
looks like something out of vid related lmao
>one of the ps4s is just a fat ps3 in white
that DS looks neat.
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Todd Howard wishes The Elder Scrolls VI was announced later, and more casually
>“I have asked myself that a lot,” he said to GQ. “I don’t know. I probably would’ve announced it more casually.”
>Not much is known about The Elder Scrolls VI save that it will be exclusive to Windows PC and Xbox platforms, among other teases from Todd himself like it’ll have fans playing “for decades.”
Honkai Impact 3rd “players” mad Theresa art contains a Male
Replies: >>214648
The more I use the internet the more I agree with the patriots AI
We didn't get the PS3 Banana gamepad but we got this.
Truly the worst timeline
Apparently modders were given permission by Ubikikes to add coop, raytracing and other things to Dark Messiah.
> "As of May, we have been given a completely blank check to do whatever we see fit with this mod and the development of the SDK," Wiltos stated. "To quote Ubisoft, they 'don't want to impose any sort of restrictions so that the community can really appreciate the full value of the work that's being put in here.'"
I find the insistence on raytracing to be highly questionable, especially that in the video the game appears to be looking worse than the original. On the other hand, the addition of co-op is very promising.
Replies: >>214848
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Also, Goodbye Volcano High was apparently released today.
So what the game made by fans is better, and a funny reminder that devs that drag their feet on their games may have someone else finish it for them.
Man, I'm really curious how it compares to snootgame. The QTEs and strange 3D models don't seem too appealing.
When is the sequel to the Snoot game coming out? Thats literally all people care about.
I hate Ubisoft but this is pretty awesome.  Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is one of my all time favorite games and I'll be ecstatic if it gets some rough patches smoothed over and brought up to modern (read: 2014) standards.
[Hide] (203.5KB, 1918x1034) Reverse
[Hide] (77.8KB, 1868x291) Reverse
[Hide] (13KB, 731x82) Reverse
[Hide] (18.3KB, 975x85) Reverse
Cracking group MKDEV just publicly released some info about how to crack Denuvo.
Replies: >>214890 >>214894
Is this good or bad?
Because it sounds like they can easily patch this
Replies: >>214897
so all denuvo does is fuck with or encrpy values that the game then has to fix on its own?
Replies: >>214895 >>214897
[Hide] (323.8KB, 830x5976) Reverse
[Hide] (111.4KB, 640x1776) Reverse
Here's some supplementary reading material from the empress vs. skidrow slapfight from a couple weeks ago. It looks like the biggest obstacle is how tedious and time-consuming it is to reconstruct hundreds of functions one by one that denuvo obfuscates. I doubt the troons and pajeets at Irdeto will ever be capable of preventing autistic slavs from cracking their DRM, but they can slow them down by making it extremely tedious.
>drm exists for a reason, it protects legitimate interests of hard working people
>coming from a pirate group
I genuinely don't know who's more deranged here.
Replies: >>214924
>will ever be capable of preventing autistic slavs from cracking their DRM, but they can slow them down by making it extremely tedious
Is there any game protected by denuvo that's actually worth playing?
Replies: >>214967
empress is probably a tranny xerself despite zis's rants in their Harry Potter release. remember the strapon challenge?
Replies: >>214916
>probably a tranny
Is a tranny. I'm pretty sure he revealed that through one of his deranged rants on his circlejerk.
[Hide] (142.5KB, 634x414) Reverse

I fucking hate how fagged out everything is anymore, if you cannot inherently disagree with the notion DRM in it's entirety across all things you deserve to have you fingers lopped off.
[Hide] (91.7KB, 694x714) Reverse
This is embarrassing.
Games currently protected by Denuvo? I don't think so. But Death Stranding and Rocksmith are fun/
Call of Duty will use AI to moderate voice chat in real time
>Call of Duty is taking the next leap forward in its commitment to combat toxic and disruptive behavior with in-game voice chat moderation beginning with the launch of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III this November 10th. Activision will team with Modulate to deliver global real-time voice chat moderation, at-scale, starting with this fall’s upcoming Call of Duty blockbuster.
>Call of Duty’s new voice chat moderation system utilizes ToxMod, the AI-Powered voice chat moderation technology from Modulate, to identify in real-time and enforce against toxic speech—including hate speech, discriminatory language, harassment and more. This new development will bolster the ongoing moderation systems led by the Call of Duty anti-toxicity team, which includes text-based filtering across 14 languages for in-game text (chat and usernames) as well as a robust in-game player reporting system.
>An initial beta rollout of the voice chat moderation technology will begin in North America on August 30 inside the existing games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone™, to be followed by a full worldwide release (excluding Asia) timed to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III on November 10th. Support will begin in English with additional languages to follow at a later date.
Replies: >>214994 >>214997
Didn't they already put out Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III or have they shoveled out so much shit they're just reusing the same names now?
were they the same company that reported britbongs to their tyrannical government when they say bad words?
How will this affect ethnic minorities that use slurs against each other all the time, will it only detect it when white people say them?
Do I have to self-censor with words like binger? Not that I'm retarded enough to play any new AAA game, especially COD

Also, anyone else looking foreword to the new Grimdawn expansion and Titan Quest 2?
>using voice
>the new Grimdawn expansion
I had to look it up because the devs said years ago that they weren't going to make another expansion because they wanted to build a new engine instead.
I'm kind of disappointed that they're not making a new engine.
>new Grimdawn expansion
Didn´t expect them to still work on the game instead of making a sequel
No increase in lvl or devotion cap is kinda meh and I don´t expect the Berserker class to be as "transformative" as they claim, but I´ll wait and see how the new stuff plays out when it comes out
>Titan Quest 2
Never really liked the first game for unknown reason so I´m not expecting much, especially after reading the little bit of minimum system requirements that are available on steam (16gigs of RAM and 50gigs of space)
[Hide] (368.7KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Epic now offers 100% revenue to developers in exchange for 6 month timed exclusivity
>While Epic exclusivity means these games won't show up on Steam or platforms like PC Game Pass, it won't block companies from selling their games on their own stores/launchers via direct sales. Using third-party resellers like Humble Store and Green Man Gaming will also be supported.
Desperate. Now you.
I can see it be successful. More then likely this'll create a sort of pre-release thing for Epic then the devs will take the money and act as if the big release is after the 6-months.
Already happened before with games like snowrunner and automata goty.
Hades did that already and they were one of the first games on the EGS.
[Hide] (4.4MB, 1855x1554) Reverse
[Hide] (646.3KB, 900x800) Reverse
[Hide] (890.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
No Straight Roads did the one year exclusivity thing, I bet they'll be thrill to reduce it by HALF that time.
Anon, they have been doing timed exclusivity for a long time. The difference is they used to straight up pay devs some kind of "guaranteed sales" deal I think it was and it used to be for a whole year. Basically the chinks propping up the platform have run out of shekels and this is a last ditch attempt to keep the platform relevant as anything other than a Fortnite launcher.
You know what Epic could do? Sell all the games that steam has banned or censored.
Replies: >>215133
The tencent stigmata is far too much for them, even if they got out of that deal finally.
Replies: >>215140
Are they not owned by the chinks anymore?
Replies: >>215195
[Hide] (227.7KB, 976x516) Reverse
Why would anyone care about this tranny furry shit here?
Replies: >>215163
Halfchan got obsessed with one character from it and made a fangame about her where you fuck her into being straight and make the original MC realize she's brainwashed into being nonbinary, which made the devs really buttmad.
So to answer your question, imagine if Uncommon Time got an official sequel, people would post about that too despite it being tranny shit right? Same thing here. There's also the fact that said fangame came out over 2 years ago, so the release date is a good laugh at how long it took them to finish a VN. I'm surprised Libbie VN wasn't finished before GBVH.
Replies: >>215172
Said fangame later got butthurt about cuckchan and added some cuckshit to it.
[Hide] (236.9KB, 800x800) Reverse
[Hide] (18.9MB, 852x480, 01:56)
volition shut down
[Hide] (75.4KB, 541x267) Reverse
>10 year NDA
>for a patch on an existing product that is publicly known about
Supposedly they bought themselves back from them. I don't know how true it is since it was all hearsay.
[Hide] (581.7KB, 480x354) Reverse
[Hide] (550.3KB, 698x1250, 00:05)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
Blue Reflection Sun censored feet and cleavage at request of Apple
>While the game will be censored on iPhones, it wasn’t mentioned whether or not the game will be butchered on Google’s Android as well.
>Blue Reflection Sun’s official Twitter account made the sad announcement on August 28th, stating that illustrations in-game will have to be “reviewed” to “comply with Apple’s standards”.
IzanagiGames and Hotel Dusk creator Rika Suzuki announce Dark Auction: Hitler’s Estate
Goddess of Victory: Nikke adds 2B and she’s desirably bouncy
Replies: >>215344 >>215350
[Hide] (315.8KB, 2048x1152) Reverse
>Blue Reflection Sun
>Make game series about magical girls
<Investors want gacha bux
<FeMC in gacha game is a "risk"
<Make game have a male main character
<Male main character on a game series about magical girls, which actively advertised to female players in the past
>Fanbase fucking hates this and proceeds to pretend that the gacha game doesn't exist
<Jewish overlords at apple hate anime tiddies
<Censor the gacha game
<Now even gacha haremfaggots won't even touch your game because you've "gone woke"
All you had to do was keep making console games about gay magical girls and you fucked that up.
Replies: >>215346 >>215368
>Make game have a male main character
I fail to see the problem, fix all these magical dykes through dick unity
Replies: >>215353 >>215360
[Hide] (57.2KB, 184x240, 00:02)
>Dark Auction: Hitler’s Estate
>and, as someone living in the 1980s, comes to terms with the absurdity of the trauma the war left behind, learning of the truths hidden deep within those affected
[Hide] (53.8KB, 300x514) Reverse
[Hide] (83.6KB, 467x700) Reverse
Are you seriously defending a gacha game because "muh dik"? Only one of the girls from the original games appears, and she's the one who doesn't really befriend any other girl, so you're not really converting any dykes anyway.
This goes both ways, remember what happened to Kenka Bancho?
As soon as gacha niggers stop being profitable, that game is as good as dead.
Replies: >>215363
Arent they just friends?
Replies: >>215363
oh god dont remind me, i loved this series.
i havent played it, was just teasing that anon
Some of the biggest gachapon have male/female options options anyways, which makes Sun make even less sense.
SAG-AFTRA Members Will Vote To Authorize A Video Game Strike
>On September 1st, 2023, the Screen Actor's Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists National Board voted unanimously to send an "interactive media" strike authorization vote to union members.
>This decision comes several weeks before SAG-AFTRA resumes bargaining on their Interactive Media Agreement on September 26. According to SAG-AFTRA, the Interactive Media agreement includes not only video game voice actors but "performance capture" work that involves professional actors, frequently stunt performers, creating digitally captured performances for use in video games. One of the key points of discussion ahead of this decision is the proliferation of AI in both voice and image generation, which has also been a major talking point in the ongoing SAG-AFTRA film and television strike, and the concurrent Writers Guild of America strike. In a statement on SAG-AFTRA's website, union president Fran Drescher said "Once again artificial intelligence is putting our members in jeopardy of reducing their opportunity to work. And once again SAG-AFTRA is standing up to tyranny on behalf of its members."
Replies: >>215398
>actors go on strike because AI TOOK MUH JERB
>companies replace striking actors with AI
Replies: >>215399
fuck off kike.
Replies: >>215400
Replies: >>215401
>defending AI
>defending corporations
Replies: >>215402 >>215403
Not defending shit. Just pointing out that a strike is not necessarily going to have the intended effect. Forming a new filming institution to compete with the kikes would be much better.
>not defending AI
Replies: >>215408
If you believe your stupid fucking AI will save you from the poz you're dead wrong. That shit's born from investor kikery, that's going to be the only thing remaining when Jews figure out a way to replace the entire workforce. Besides, why would you trust an online-only solution owned by an affluent American company to make your games for you?
Replies: >>215409 >>215411
stable diffusion and lots of other AI shit is open source
AI is a technology, you are only referring to a specific application of that technology. Being reactionary against all AI certainly won't help us advance to a more open application.
Starfield review controversy traces game journalism's orbital decay | This Week in Business
>Starfield launches today for those who paid extra for the Premium edition, so in the grand tradition of Bethesda games, we're going to talk about how broken stuff is.
>Instead, we're going to talk about how broken games journalism is, prompted in part by a mini-scandal around who got review codes in advance, and who didn't.
>Writers from UK-based outlets The Guardian, Edge, and Metro also publicly confirmed they had not received review codes of the game.
>GamesIndustry.biz also did not receive a review code, which could be because we're also owned by Reedpop, because we don't actually review games, or because the one time we did run a review, we gave the biggest game of the year a zero out of ten.
>Does Starfield's narrative cast Space Britain as the evil empire and climax with you hunting down and killing King Charles, who has been kept alive as a Futurama-like head in a jar? Come on. Do you really expect me to spoil Starfield on the day it launches and ensure ReedPop sites never get Bethesda review code ever again?
>Games media is now overly dependent on hit games coming out (not in our control), on writing walkthroughs and guides for those games (things the publishers and developers could do better themselves and can be easily plagiarized and found anywhere online), and on gaming the system with the right combination of keywords and SEO best practices to be lucky enough for Google to direct readers our way. And that process is less about communicating information to another person clearly and concisely, and more like performing spatulamancy to understand the whims of an uncaring and unresponsive god.
>ignoring brits
Replies: >>215428
>it ends with you killing the emperor
What are the other endings?
Am I forced to follow a role and play as someones parent again?
I didn't play FO4 because I'm not retarded, but all the others had at least a few choices.
Replies: >>215438
[Hide] (76.8KB, 500x696) Reverse
based muhfugguh noum wo seyin, we hoo we ah n shiet
smoken crack n shiet das based yo nigga, bix nood on gawd mane
fuk yo bitch ass doop dip, da based kings gone real, mane based mane
>but all the others had at least a few choices
You mean like FO3 where you can't send in the supermutant in a radiation filled room to save everyone?
Replies: >>215442 >>215474
Please understand that the MC needs to die!
Replies: >>215450
I thought it was Liam Neeson who died.
It should also be noted that Fallout 3's main character has a set in stone origin and age. So even if you play as an old man, you're still canonically a 19 year old.
This is just some game journos complaining about not getting a game for free.
Xbox Series X sales skyrocket over 1000% on Amazon thanks to Starfield
Grand Theft Auto VI looking like Saints Row reboot as another writer leaves
>This occurred after Lazlow Jones, a writer and producer for the series for 20 years, left the company for reasons unknown back in 2020 (20 year creative lead Dan Houser also left that same year).
>The latest to vacate the company is Michael Unsworth, who served as a writer for Red Dead Redemption and a dialogue writer for Grand Theft Auto V and IV, Max Payne 3, LA Noire, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and other games.
Replies: >>215560
>all the men leaving
It's going to be shit.
[Hide] (64.9KB, 720x960) Reverse
TV Museum Will Die in 48 Hours Unless Sony Retracts YouTube Copyright Strikes
Not vidya but it's important enough to post. 

TL;DR there's an online museum with a collection of VHS content hosted on youtube, and now sony is killing it with copyright fuckery. Sony being sony and youtube being youtube odds are they'll die within the next two days. 
Hoard everything you want now. 
It's a shame that Sony is till alive.
There is a new Archeage pserver, Archeage Classic.
Not sure what to think about it yet, kinda want to play but probably shouldn't.
Also are you guys aware of the Turok 3 remaster?
Looking good imo, it was stuck on N64 before.
[Hide] (54.6KB, 437x427) Reverse
And right after my external hard drive hits triple digit GBs worth of space, too. Fucking kikes.
Replies: >>215691
[Hide] (427.9KB, 800x800) Reverse
Most of it is old midwestern "news" broadcasts and movies, along with some commercials and shitty PSAs. I queued up a selection of videos to download but overall my feelings are similar to what happened when mangadex shat the bed: if they no backup to jewtube for preservation of these videos, they deserve everything they get. Even the Internet Archive would have been better.
Replies: >>215703 >>215708
>if they no backup to jewtube for preservation of these videos
They've been posting since 2008, they couldn't have known.
Replies: >>215708
>Over 5,000 videos are posted here as well as on our official website at:
Replies: >>215710
Sony and Jewtube, cancer combo.
It's probably embeds but I'm too lazy to check
Replies: >>215716
It looks like it is just .mp4s on their site. But either Sony poos are DDOSing it or Chicago internet sucks since the site is cripplingly slow.
Replies: >>215750
It also hasn't been updated since 2021. There's a shitload of videos that just aren't there.
Bethesda's Pete Hines Says Redfall Will Be a Good Game Eventually, Compares It to Fallout 76
>"We are the same company that has had launches that didn't go the way we wanted, and we don't quit or abandon stuff just because it didn't start right," he said. "The Elder Scrolls Online's PC launch was not flawless but we stuck with it. Now it's like this insanely popular multiplatform. It's the same with Fallout 76. Redfall is no different for us.
>"Okay, we didn't get the start we wanted, but it's still a fun game… and we're going to keep working on it. We're going to do 60fps. We're going to get it to be a good game because we know, as a first-party studio, Game Pass lives forever. There will be people ten years from now who are going to join Game Pass, and Redfall will be there.
We have to thank Sony and NuMansSky for this.
Release a broken shitty game and fix it later was always Bethesdas motto, but it became the norm with other companies as well after that shit.
[Hide] (252.8KB, 480x270) Reverse
>we don't quit or abandon stuff
[Hide] (112.8KB, 471x398) Reverse
>Compares It to Fallout 76
>Game Pass lives forever
>join Game Pass, and Redfall will be there
Why would Hines mention this specifically? Did Microsoft crack the whip or have they been breathing down his neck for good news since the Redfall disaster and are now poised to lunge with the problems their QA team found in and the vocal reaction to Starfield?
Replies: >>215853
[Hide] (7KB, 883x81) Reverse
Yep, the channel is gone now.
Replies: >>215806
[Hide] (514.1KB, 613x905) Reverse
This will probably amount to nothing, but at least it's a high level jew bringing it up so there might be some credence? 
Imagine if Jewvidia blows up because of this, most of the gaming scene would blow up alongside it since NYidiya still has 80+% of the market last I checked.
Then again, even if this turns out to be true it'd probably just end with some behind the scenes payments and nothing changing.

At least the "no smoke without fire" catchphrase is funny.
Replies: >>215828
schizo-tier, nothing is going to happen
Replies: >>215829
>market manipulation to "get rid" of the huge surplus everyone knows you have in order to artificially decrease supply to increase the price of your already overpriced product, all with the help of your main investor which would also make a killing from it, is unrealistic
Replies: >>215835
absolutely nothing will come of this regardless if it's true or not
Replies: >>215837
Actually reminds me of this suspicious sounding statement from Nivida's head I saw earlier this week.

>Jensen Huang -- President and Chief Executive Officer
>I would say that without crypto dynamic, the mix would go down. However, the overall trend long-term, the ASP is drifting up. And the way to think about that is a game console, when -- my first game console was $99. Lately, game consoles are selling for about $599.
>And the reason for that is because it's more useful than ever. You use your game console for your greatest form of entertainment, and you use it for a very, very long time. And GeForce essentially is a game console inside your PC. 'And we've always believed that the ASP of GeForce should drift toward the average selling price of a game console.'
>And so it should be something along the lines of $500 or so roughly at this time. We also have GeForce in the cloud. And because GeForce in the cloud is hosting many gamers simultaneously, it tends to want to be a much more powerful GeForce. And so our cloud-gaming GeForce tends to be -- our cloud-gaming graphics tends to be a much higher-end.
>And so -- and then, of course, there's the design aspect of it. Most designers and most creators are able to use GeForce these days. And they use their PC to create content. And much of that content goes into video games and/or they're using video games to create their artistic content.
>And so the GeForce is not just for gaming for them, the GeForce is essentially their creative workstation as well. And so there are several dynamics that are causing the ASP of GeForce to go up, and we've been seeing this trend for several years now.
[Hide] (3MB, 1280x720, 00:11)
Yes to both. Sony must of just thought FFXVI didn't need selling since it was a relatively muted launch. But Microsoft has gone and thrown movie-tier marketing since every youtuber seems to have been bought out and there are countless ads everywhere selling Starfield. If Starfield fails, then gamepass looks pointless since it needs the newest and greatest games. Supporting Redfield is bullshit if Starfield is successful. They'll push a 60fps update that only works if using DLSS3.0 using low settings and call it a day.
Why the fuck some news got deleted?
Replies: >>216230
The mods fat-fingered delete by IP again
[Hide] (239.3KB, 1042x1474) Reverse
[Hide] (326.4KB, 1441x1076) Reverse
[Hide] (109.5KB, 1216x412) Reverse
[Hide] (64.7KB, 596x579) Reverse
Dungeons and Dragons reveals its first canonically autistic character
>Created by Makenzie De Armas, Asteria is a princess-turned-paladin who assisted in the making of The Deck of Many Things.
>Introduced in The Book of Many Things, Asteria is an autistic paladin who suffers from sensory overload and other common manifestations of the disorder. She was described by designer Makenzie De Armas in an interview with Polygon.
Rockstar Games caught selling cracked games on Steam
>Users have found that some of Rockstar’s games on Steam have been previously cracked.
>Game developer and modder __Silent_ found cracking group tags while looking at the hex code for some of Rockstars games on Steam.
>By looking into the .exe files for Midnight Club 2, Manhunt, and Max Payne, the modder has found that even Rockstar didn’t bother with their own DRM, and re-sold cracked copies instead.
Artist harassed over extra thicc Fear & Hunger illustration
Nexus Mods reportedly banning Starfield mods that remove pronouns
Majikoi fan translator censoring “homophobic” lines
>Users have found that some of Rockstar’s games on Steam have been previously cracked.
>Game developer and modder __Silent_ found cracking group tags while looking at the hex code for some of Rockstars games on Steam.
>By looking into the .exe files for Midnight Club 2, Manhunt, and Max Payne, the modder has found that even Rockstar didn’t bother with their own DRM, and re-sold cracked copies instead.
what does this mean exactly, I don't get it
[Hide] (80.3KB, 834x746) Reverse
Replies: >>216384 >>216556
[Hide] (210.8KB, 404x436) Reverse
Replies: >>216386 >>216390
They're not using their own no-cd crack, they're using one from a pirate group, retard.
[Hide] (40.6KB, 680x630) Reverse
>posts his shit on twitter and is shocked when mentally ill trannies go ballistic
Replies: >>216392
[Hide] (795.8KB, 1080x1079) Reverse
The name of the cracking group littering the files means that rockstar used a torrented version to submit to steam instead of removing whatever dogshit drm they previously had that would have rendered the steam version literally unplayable. They are too lazy to fix their own deliberately shitted up version. Something that should have been easy for them seeing as they should have the source code, or at least a drm free version for testing purposes.
>Censoring a "homphobic" line while translating a completely hetrosexual game
I don't understand. If you care about that stuff, then there's a bunch of yaoi and yuri VNs you can translate instead. I swear, finding good translators that aren't basically lolcows is hard these days.
We had a resident translator on my board, coolest anon I ever knew too. But he got multiple sclerosis and disappeared one day. He learned Japanese just to read actual novels and slowly started losing the ability to read thanks to his MS. Why must the cool ones suffer while the retards prosper?
Replies: >>216392
[Hide] (13.7KB, 512x448) Reverse
>posts his shit on twitter and is shocked when mentally ill trannies go ballistic
To be fair, trannies are all over fear and hunger. The main testers for F&H Majora's Mask are trannies. There's a tranny character and one of trannies OC's made it in as a boss.

They're faggots who want to infest everything. Don't try to "understand" them. That's a worthless endeavor. You should instead consider ways to exterminate them. In minecraft, of course.
Replies: >>216485
I have no sympathy for anyone who is still an EOP.
>Rockstar Games caught selling cracked games on Steam
Pretty sure this has been known for many years.
[Hide] (37.9KB, 1010x1012) Reverse
Roblox wants to make a dating space for minors and adults
>Roblox announced in their recent keynote speech that they wanted to branch out into helping form “real life relationships”.
>This alone, isn’t necessarily cause for concern. Roblox is one of the most popular online games out there today. But Roblox CEO David Baszucki showed a slide explaining that users as young as 17 would be eligible for “17+” experiences.
[Hide] (857.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Finally I'll be able to meet my roblox gf.
Source me up, lad.
Replies: >>216497
Guess they did the math and the money will offset the class action suits by minors getting raped.
Who would have guessed that the faggot game would attract faggots. Am I right, fellas?
Replies: >>216493
[Hide] (81.1KB, 616x353) Reverse
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (152KB, 850x1134) Reverse
[Hide] (629.2KB, 997x537) Reverse
Pardon this entire post but goddammit I HAVE to share this and captcha faggotry won't stop me.
archive.ph and archive.is both don't work for me, I'm just getting a captcha loop. Should I just bite the bullet and post direct links? It'd just be to a few Tumblr and Twitter posts because hell if I can find more in-depth explanations, biased as they may be.

For now, a tl;dr because this is fucking hysterical and maybe someone who can actually get on archive.ph can do the archiving for me if it doesn't get fixed while I'm awake:
>Project Moon, devs of Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, become gachashit devs by releasing Limbus Company
>summer banners come in, only two IDs(costumes with different movesets and passives), and one is Sinclair, a male character, who is showing more skin than the Ishmael's ID, who is a female character
>Korean gachafags are pissed about this and do some digging, weaponize their autism to learn one of the artists is a feminist hole even if there's some potential schizophrenia mixed in
>show up at PM's offices in Library of Ruina cosplay, dressed as and calling themselves the Reverberation Ensemble(BBEG group of LoR, which means no they aren't secondaries, I'm just as shocked as you are) to protest
>manage to get inside, after some negotiations/intimidation she supposedly gets fired over the phone(can't tell if that's a busted myth or not), westerners and leftists are fucking fuming that they nipped the problem in the bud and they weren't the ones pressuring companies for once
Even if they're gachafags, they did good. A shame doing the same in Burgerstan would be fucking impossible thanks to feds and cops, but hopefully Japan does the same.
[Hide] (104.3KB, 1635x1290) Reverse
[Hide] (73.4KB, 1602x1055) Reverse
[Hide] (62.8KB, 1600x740) Reverse
[Hide] (63.7KB, 1592x777) Reverse
[Hide] (231.2KB, 1079x1558) Reverse
As a follow-up, there's a transcript of the talks the RE had with PM, but it's translated by someone pissy about it so take it with a grain of salt.
Also, I wasn't kidding about them all doing it in cosplay. The bantz are on another fucking level.
Replies: >>216492 >>216526
can I get a tl;dr of the tl;dr
Replies: >>216494
>the small penis handsignal
I can't unsee it.

Toby Fox couldn't foresee something this obvious.
Replies: >>216496
[Hide] (118.3KB, 929x566) Reverse
Found the second half of the manifesto's first page.
Korean game devs make mobage shit and get what they deserve when gachafags show up outside their offices wanting blood
Replies: >>216496
>small penis handsignal
>gachafags show up outside their offices wanting blood
as in literally? that's crazy
Replies: >>216501 >>216502
[Hide] (212.2KB, 480x1452) Reverse
>wearing away your game's biggest appeal to the people who "play" it for quite literally no reason
I will never understand these people
Replies: >>216502
[Hide] (23.5KB, 640x355) Reverse
It's everywhere in worst korea.
I think they were implying that they'd get physical during the interview, but it might be the translator taking liberties to skew the narrative, and/or me being a retard. Here, copypasted from the ((( Google Doc ))):
If both of those sites are no good, then go suck a nigger dick and/or link me a better host.
>>wearing away your game's biggest appeal to the people who "play" it for quite literally no reason
I don't understand what you mean.
Replies: >>216505
[Hide] (571.5KB, 4096x4096) Reverse
>I don't understand what you mean.
You know when a localization company censors something like FGO to appeal to people who don't play it? That's what I mean by "wearing away the biggest appeal of the game".
Replies: >>216515
>archive.ph and archive.is both don't work for me, I'm just getting a captcha loop
Same here.
>Even if they're gachafags, they did good
Not really. Encouraging gacha is bad to begin with. I don't care if they managed to pick some unsightly lumps out of their shit.
Replies: >>216515
Ahh, I get you. I hate to play devil's advocate, but Project Moon has never been a titty company. I freely admit that if the gachafags didn't get some solid dirt on PM, I'd have chalked it all up to secondaries not understanding the franchise. Of course, I'd still have zero sympathy for PM, because fuck gacha.
Honestly, fair enough. I just hope this isn't the last time people get off their asses and get shit done on this scale.
Just imagine people doing this at, I dunno, Denuvo's offices. Sure, this is more likely to be done by ANTIFAgs than anyone who actually likes video games, and there's no way it could happen without glowniggers mass arresting everyone immediately, but a guy can dream.
Replies: >>216551
>archive.ph and archive.is both don't work for me
Use https://archive.org/
Gachafags get shit done.
>not a titty company
>when their seminal works were ero-vns
Replies: >>216553
I think you're thinking of Type Moon
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x360, 00:33)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x360, 00:14)
[Hide] (649.5KB, 512x304, 00:09)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1154x720, 00:06)
>company has the opportunity to remove DRM in a clean way
>instead chooses to infringe copyright by reselling unlicensed code
Wew lad.
Replies: >>216557
it's not like razor1911 is going to sue them for pirating their crack
Replies: >>216559
It's the Dave Chapelle photo on a Prince album cover situation.
>archive.ph and archive.is both don't work for me, I'm just getting a captcha loop.
Which DNS server are you using? archive.today blocks every DNS that doesn't pass ECS like Cloudflare's DNS.
Replies: >>216622 >>216636
>Cuckflare's DNS is shit
Random nigger scrolling through the index here, archive.is not working has pissed me off for a long time. I'm eager to try a different DNS server when I get a chance. Thanks anon.
Replies: >>216631
It's not really Cloudflare that's at fault here (or any other DNS provider's fault for that matter). archive.today's owner is just being a fag about ECS, since disabling it won't let the DNS server tell some information about the client's location.
Replies: >>216631 >>216645
Meant for >>216622
Replies: >>216645
[Hide] (11KB, 330x248) Reverse
>archive.today blocks every DNS that doesn't pass ECS
I use google, which apparently does but it doesn't work for me either.
Replies: >>216645 >>216662
[Hide] (115.3KB, 289x277) Reverse
What the hell is happening? I didn't even open the reply box. Either way, I though that this is the webm thread for some reason. Mods please unlink the files from >>216630 >>216631 and delete >>216644
I just set up Google's DNS and the site works fine for me.
Replies: >>216646 >>216652
>I just set up Google's DNS and the site works fine for me.
Could it have to do with DNS over HTTPS? I have it set up that way.
Replies: >>216647
That could be the case. I was using Google's DNS over TLS system wide.
with LibreDNS DoH and a VPN I just get one captcha on archive.ph

you can delete your own posts and unlink or spoiler files with Show Post Actions at the bottom of the page.
Replies: >>216672
>archive.today blocks every DNS that doesn't pass ECS
Works for https://www.opennic.org/
Replies: >>216672
[Hide] (744.8KB, 672x808) Reverse
>Works for https://www.opennic.org/
>with LibreDNS DoH and a VPN I just get one captcha on archive.ph
Then I honestly have no idea what is the archive.today owner doing. Maybe he only blacklisted Cuckflare's DNS, but I've read a rant on archive.today somewhere that other DNS servers that don't pass ECS are also borked. Unfortunately I didn't save the link.
>you can delete your own posts and unlink or spoiler files with Show Post Actions at the bottom of the page.
I've already tried that, but apparently I lost the passwords because my browser self-wiped the cookies on exit. All that I'm getting is this error message:
>Forbidden ×
>Password did not match any selected posts
Next time I'll try to be a less of a baka when I'm incredibly tired, and will make sure that I'm posting in the right thread.
Replies: >>216677
Spoiler File
(21.2MB, 640x360, 06:39)
how do you know it's a dns problem and not one of your privacy extensions or settings like XOriginPolicy or your IP is banned for some reason
Replies: >>216678
[Hide] (129.8KB, 300x250) Reverse
>how do you know it's a dns problem and not one of your privacy extensions or settings like XOriginPolicy or your IP is banned for some reason
Because the moment I swapped from Cloudflare's DNS to my ISP's DNS the captcha magically stopped looping endlessly on both Brave and LibreWolf. I have the exact same extensions on both of the browsers, as well as all the privacy features that tend to break some websites enabled.
Thanks, I hate it.
[Hide] (134.1KB, 753x711) Reverse
[Hide] (82.1KB, 1280x720, 00:01)
Developers will pay for each game installation under new Unity plan
>A developer selling a $70 game will pay the same amount as the developer of a $10 game per install, any price difference is a result of different Unity licenses.
>Free to play games without monetization are technically exempt, as users have to meet both thresholds (revenue and installation count) to begin incurring fees. Free to play games with monetization schemes are obviously not exempt and may run the risk of incurring greater fees due to the ability for anyone to install, but not necessarily pay.
>use godot
>pay nothing
Will this finally mean no one will use that unity shit and they go bankrupt?
Replies: >>216768
Holy shit that's one of the most jewish things I've ever seen
Replies: >>216737
[Hide] (222.9KB, 480x360, 00:05)
What a new and exciting way to fuck with shitty devs!
[Hide] (314.9KB, 400x400) Reverse
Considering unity's CEO is our favorite corporate sack of dogshit from EA its surprising this hasn't happened sooner.
Replies: >>216797
>Unity is acquired by ((( ironsource )))
>Creates one of the most jewish monetization models known to man
Doubtful since this scheme is very obviously targeted at indieshits that go viral without the Learned Elders' permission. AAAniggers will continue using Unreal for everything as they have since 2007, indieshits with government backing will pay the fees with money stolen from (You) so they won't care, and other indieshits will never sell enough to run into this because of the dead internet making them invisible.
Replies: >>216772
godot and older engines will become more popular.
Unity has been shit for ages.
more like 2-bad-2-sex lmao incel
[Hide] (241.2KB, 1452x925) Reverse
[Hide] (84.1KB, 450x283) Reverse
[Hide] (90.1KB, 397x300) Reverse
[Hide] (44.5KB, 450x218) Reverse
[Hide] (166.3KB, 674x280) Reverse
Steams 20th anniversary 
Chell says her first words
[Hide] (49.9KB, 300x337) Reverse
[Hide] (141.7KB, 447x350) Reverse
[Hide] (47.6KB, 439x280) Reverse
[Hide] (57KB, 138x350) Reverse
[Hide] (81KB, 251x340) Reverse
[Hide] (93KB, 450x272) Reverse
[Hide] (76.8KB, 402x340) Reverse
[Hide] (90KB, 411x340) Reverse
[Hide] (103.4KB, 370x350) Reverse
[Hide] (103.3KB, 461x350) Reverse
[Hide] (69.8KB, 320x382) Reverse
[Hide] (107.3KB, 550x285) Reverse
[Hide] (75.1KB, 312x345) Reverse
[Hide] (49.3KB, 245x350) Reverse
[Hide] (76.5KB, 331x300) Reverse
[Hide] (46.4KB, 160x350) Reverse
[Hide] (32.7KB, 219x250) Reverse
Replies: >>216896 >>217175
[Hide] (5.5MB, 1920x1080, 00:40)
Official Steamdeck-tan confirmed
That's fucking retarded but I'm somewhat glad freemium games are getting shafted too. 
Hopefully anons are right and it kills the engine's popularity. I hate seeing the unity ground. 
Isn't he the guy that said doing anything for free is retarded? 
>w-wouldn't it be funny if you made porn of our console, h-ha ha
>let's celebrate by getting some hack "artist" to draw le maymays and references
[Hide] (139.5KB, 346x357) Reverse
>haha here's all the properties we let wither way into dust!
wow, epic
>make it better
>continue to censor games
>continue to ban games
Women should had never enter the workforce.
More info on this unity thing
Unity's CEO Sold Company Shares Before This Week's Unpopular Announcement
>Unity CEO John Riccitiello's recent sale of 2,000 shares coincided with a controversial decision to charge game developers every time their game is installed, leading to a drop in share prices.
He might just be shorting the company, but some people think Genshin might have something to do with this since the game runs on Unity and he might be after gacha money. Either way, it's a win win for this cunt. 

Also, he's such a subhuman he was already trying to trick players into microtransactions back in 2011.
Unity’s CEO making devs pay per install tried to charge FPS gamers per bullet
>During a 2011 stockholder meeting, the ex-EA CEO tried to introduce paid gun magazines in games such as Battlefield during the heat of gameplay.
>“When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your >clip and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you’re really not that price sensitive at that point in time,” the CEO said.
>At a time when EA was pushing to be a “100 percent digital only publisher” under Riccitiello’s leadership, the CEO claimed that paying per bullet was great for the future of gaming.
>“It’s a great model and it represents a substantially better future for the industry,” Riccitiello said.
>first image
That hurts on a new fucking level
[Hide] (186.8KB, 750x1000) Reverse
Imagine you're playing like advance wars or something and they charge you real money to bring out a tank or to roll a roulette for the chance to use Sami. That's what that nigger pretended is a "better future for the industry".
Considering how much money gacha shit makes, I think normalfags would definitely pay real money for virtual ammo.
Replies: >>216900
[Hide] (185.2KB, 1125x2097) Reverse
>willingly program games in a shit engine that steals the consumer's data
>pay for it in cold hard cash and pay for it hard
Best timeline. Hoping we get to see devs blowing their brains out over this.
Replies: >>216893
>sound is clearly just "pah"
>says sfx: mmhmph, psshaa
Translations have reached the point where they're so bad that I only kind of think this is an edit.
[Hide] (34KB, 634x305) Reverse
>charge FPS gamers per bullet
What the fuck is this guys problem?
>you run out of ammo in your >clip and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you’re really not that price sensitive at that point in time
My reaction would be to uninstall that shit and never touch anything made by that company ever. Not even pirating.
... But I guess normalfags are retarded enough to fall for this. Gachashit works, after all.
Wow, these are fucking terrible.  Nyan cat?  Jesus wept.

>obligatory man in drag/tranny stuff
The Spy deserves better than this.  I hate women so much.

>pic 5
That's a normalfag image template where a guy and his girlfriend are walking towards the background, but he turns around and looks at another woman walking towards the foreground.  His girlfriend is annoyed.  This image is an adaptation of that from Portal, where Cave Johnson is looking at lemon grenades while GladOS (or the woman who would become GladOS) is annoyed at him.

You remember lemons, right?  Cave Johnson?  The guy who's gonna burn your house down?  With the lemons?

>gangnam style
>in 2023
Kill everyone at Valve.
>pic 2
I think that's just an adaptation of a reaction image.  Couldn't tell you who the guy is, though; maybe he's a Counter-Strike character since they've added a lot to CSGO over the years, including a battle royale game mode, a horde defense game mode, and hero shooter characters.
Replies: >>217131 >>217145
[Hide] (2MB, 359x346) Reverse
[Hide] (89.7KB, 618x803) Reverse
[Hide] (413.7KB, 480x513) Reverse
[Hide] (158.7KB, 260x199) Reverse
[Hide] (63.4KB, 819x1024) Reverse
The judaism is strong in this one.
only if the bullets have a chance to be legendary exclusive limited edition bullets that do the same damage but are a different color
[Hide] (7.3MB, 3307x4677) Reverse
Square Enix has lost nearly $2bn in market value since Final Fantasy 16’s release
>Square Enix’s stock has fallen 30% from its peak this year, wiping almost $2 billion off the company’s market value.
>The slump comes after sales of the PS5 game reportedly failed to meet the high end of the company’s expectations.
>But it also follows the disappointing performance of other big budget releases like 2020’s live service flop Marvel’s Avengers, support for which will end this month, and Forspoken, the debut game from Square Enix’s Luminous Productions studio, which launched to “lacklustre” sales, according to the company.
>Earlier this month Square Enix announced that a PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is in development, in addition to two pieces of paid DLC.
Imagining telling investors, after multiple flops, that your next final fantasy game is going to be a huge hit, and then you make it a PS5 exclusive and it sells like shit.
The investors are probably the ones who pushed to make it a shitty action game in the first place.
Replies: >>216914
The game doesn't matter much as long as marketing does its thing, specially given the popularity of FF72. The problem is that marketing can't trick normalfags into buying games when they literally can't buy it because no one has a PS5. 
I hope Sony at least paid them for it, because making your flagship game exclusively available on a new console with huge supply problems is possibly the most retarded corporate decision I've seen this year.
[Hide] (174.9KB, 1418x1432) Reverse
New nintendo leak
Replies: >>216975
[Hide] (808.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
This is what happens when companies cater to fans
Replies: >>216976
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 1440x1440) Reverse
This is what happens when companies cater to fags
>PS5 exclusive
>expect hueg sales
This can't be real.
>Imagining telling investors, after multiple flops, that your next final fantasy game is going to be a huge hit, and then you make it a PS5 exclusive and it sells like shit.
If Square didn't say it "failed to meet expectations", then nobody would be saying it sold like shit. I can only imagine insider trading for the reason they even said it, since certainly 3 million sales in a single day is only "bad" for AAA who want instant $100billion the second a game releases. Not to mention it only released on the PS5 and they still have a chance to sell more on PC and Xbox.
Replies: >>217077
Square Enix Has Lost Almost $2 Billion In Market Value Since Final Fantasy 16 Launched
>According to Bloomberg, Square Enix shares have nosedived because of weak Final Fantasy 16 sales in addition to the company reporting a considerable profit decline last month. For its part, Square Enix has previously fought back against the claims that Final Fantasy 16 has underperformed. In July, it said sales were "extremely strong" for the JRPG on PS5.
>Investors and analysts are apparently not too sure about Square Enix's future, though. Bloomberg talked with Tokyo-based game consultant Serkan Toto, who said the company "has problems with their games output." He pointed out that Square Enix doesn't have enough titles aiming for blockbuster status. Instead, they're "kind of OK" and "very forgettable."
>UBS Securities analyst Kenji Fukuyama added that Square Enix hasn't built another brand as big as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. So, if "we look five years ahead, there isn't much that can make investors confident about the company's future," Fukuyama said.
>One big game released this year from the company--outside those two storied series--was Forspoken for PS5 and PC. But Square Enix did admit Forspoken sales were "lackluster," with "challenging" reviews.
>Bloomberg reports that new Square Enix CEO Takashi Kiryu plans to shift the company's priorities to big-budget games and away from smaller titles. Plus, Kiryu wants to get away from outsourcing development.
>since certainly 3 million sales in a single day
FF7 remake sold 3.5 million in the first day. FF15 sold 5 million in the first day. FF16 sold only 3 million in the first week, not in a single day. 
>only "bad" for AAA who want instant $100billion the second a game releases
Because when you spend millions in marketing a million sales suddenly isn't that much.
I think previously you could buy unity for a flat fee, and do whatever you want to do with it, now they want you to pay after each sale.
Replies: >>217086 >>217089
>now they want you to pay after each sale
They want you to pay for each install, including multiple installs from the same user. The way they are going to do this is via telemetry. 
I'm not sure if that's going to require unity installers to be online-only from now on, or they're just going to make up numbers to account for offline installs.
Replies: >>217089
From what I've gathered they're demanding a fee for every installation once you've gone over a certain number. That allegedly includes demos and pirated copies. Not sure how much they've backpedaled and damage controlled by now. Also heard that the EA subhuman in charge sold his stocks right before the announcement.
Basically, suits deliberately ruining something instead of hanging from lamp posts like they should.
Replies: >>217090 >>217127
Before it was based on revenue, now any install costs you $0.20 after a certain total revenue threshold. Rumor has it this was only intended to kill mobilenigger devs with an ARPU significantly less than $0.20 that don't use the jew's own ad and payment platforms, for which Unity is allegedly waiving the per-install fee. Nobody uses those platforms today because they suck.
They lied and claimed their engine-ntegrated spyware is smart enough to filter out piracy and reinstalls, along with Humble Bundle type "charity" sales and Game Pass installs. To the industry's credit, nobody believes they can actually make those distinctions.
>That allegedly includes demos and pirated copies
So now I can bankrupt any developer I don't like by re-installing the same game million times in a VM? Sweet.
>the pirating a game multiple times to make companies lose more sales joke will become reality
Replies: >>217111
You don't even need to pirate it, you can make them lose sales with spite if you hate the game enough.
how would a pirated copy even phone home? why pirate something that can contact people you don't deliberately contact?
Replies: >>217128 >>217224
most pirated copies/cracks route network requests from the application back to localhost so it can't communicate with anything
Replies: >>217139
>>gangnam style
>>in 2023
Are you complaining about them using outdated memes in a retrospective deliberately using memes from the times it's retrospecting?
Replies: >>217144
That wasn't my experience when I last wiresharked a cracked game. All crackfags really do is get the game to boot, hopefully play it for a few hours to catch any delayed-action traps like the pink scorpion in Serious Sam 3, then shove a footnote to block the game in Windows Firewall in the NFO. I stopped caring because I have VPN running 24/7 anyway and Wine outside of the steamdick is such a small demographic it embedded spyware isn't going to know it needs to scan Z: to see anything interesting.

For Unity, allegedly they do the nightmare spying scenario of jizzing hundreds of HTTPS connections to multicast AWS endpoints so you can't block them all without breaking the rest of the internet or preventing the game from opening any TCP sockets at all.
>deliberately using memes from the times it's retrospecting
The memes in the sticker packages are from like 2009 onward.  Where are the lolcats?  Where are the CS dudes telling me the pool's closed?
[Hide] (417.6KB, 640x356) Reverse
>being this mad over a bunch of jpegs
kill yourself autist
Replies: >>217150
[Hide] (93KB, 500x447) Reverse
All of these are horrendous, particularly the Spy and Chell one, and the artstyle reeks of Tumblr diversity hires.
>that piece of shit steam deck one
That one's somehow the worst one of the bunch. Imagine a corporation trying to meme their own console-tan, and what a cynically retarded one at that, not to mention the one with male legs.
>you're not allowed to be mad at some shady corporation's desperate attempt to look hip
>obligatory tf2 reaction image
Looks like the Steamdrone brigade has finally arrived. Tell me about how much money you've spent on virtual hats, anon.
Replies: >>217152
[Hide] (10.2KB, 293x282) Reverse
>still being this mad over a company making jpegs of their properties
Replies: >>217156
[Hide] (9.2KB, 217x225) Reverse
I was commenting on something I saw on this thread the other day I never bothered replying to.
Am I now some imaginary bogeyman because I wanted to share my opinion?
Replies: >>217157 >>217158
[Hide] (898KB, 880x684) Reverse
why the fuck do you care, retard? you don't use steam, you don't
any games from them, why do you care what they do?
Replies: >>217160
Do not reply to the valvedrone.
No, I don't use Steam, nor do I really care about the franchises on the images, or own any stakes at Valve for that matter.
>why do you care about what they do?
I don't know, I was simply giving my initial impression on this company's stunt move. Am I not allowed to write down what I thought about it on this Slavic wall tapestry forum?
Replies: >>217161 >>217163
>Am I not allowed to write down what I thought about it on this Slavic wall tapestry forum?
pretending to be mad at a bunch of images from a company that you admit you don't care about does not make you exempt from criticism
Replies: >>217168
[Hide] (3.9KB, 160x160) Reverse
>No, I don't use Steam
>nor do I really care about the franchises on the images
>or own any stakes at Valve for that matter.
Replies: >>217164
[Hide] (88.4KB, 214x256) Reverse
>someone dislikes something
Holy shit how could this happen?
Replies: >>217166
[Hide] (51.6KB, 400x400) Reverse
>someone sees something they don't like and feels the need to type up a whole post about how much they don't like it
[Hide] (2.7MB, 248x205) Reverse
>pretending to be mad at a bunch of images from a company that you admit you don't care about does not make you exempt from criticism
>does not make you exempt from criticism
The more you type the more deranged you make yourself out to be. Why are you still replying? I don't like the publicity stunt. That's it. Once I was done typing that post I resumed what I was doing and stopped giving those images any more thought.
The only reply I was expecting was someone either agreeing with me or disagreeing and following with an argument, not some spiteful autist actively preventing me from posting on an imageboard.
Replies: >>217169
[Hide] (65.8KB, 600x1147) Reverse
>The more you type the more deranged you make yourself out to be.
i'm deranged because i replied to your post and said you were wrong?
>Why are you still replying?
because i can?
>The only reply I was expecting was someone either agreeing with me or disagreeing and following with an argument
>on /v/
>on zzzchan.xyz
where do you think we are
>not some spiteful autist actively preventing me from posting on an imageboard
you can post all you want, you're not shielded from criticism just because your opinions are dogshit
Replies: >>217174
Now kiss
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2619x1966) Reverse
i'll kiss your mother anon
Replies: >>217173
my mother would never do that, I'm literally shaking and crying rn
Replies: >>217176
[Hide] (44KB, 680x356) Reverse
I'm typing this because I no longer care about this little argument we're having here.
In fact, I have no idea how to respond to anything you've posted.
This reply chain has got so stupid it's making me laugh my ass off IRL, and a laugh's always welcome.
Wherever you are anon, God bless your eternal soul.
Replies: >>217182
[Hide] (263.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I hate this reality.
yeah she would, your mom's a whore  and not even a good one
Replies: >>217184
[Hide] (211.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Wow, this thread got incredibly gay very fast.
[Hide] (45.6KB, 680x356) Reverse
sometimes i get drunk and start shit with other anons just because i can, idk why, it just amuses me to make some nigger on the other side of the country butthurt
sorry for being a fag
and fuck this captcha
[Hide] (111.3KB, 311x304) Reverse
nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's noot truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!==
Replies: >>217187
[Hide] (12.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
your mom likes it in the ass
Replies: >>217190
Sorry anon, I'm blind. Can you describe the image in vivid detail?
Replies: >>217191
[Hide] (227.5KB, 640x360, 00:05)
have my cat translate it for you
[Hide] (108.5KB, 1200x664) Reverse
[Hide] (197.2KB, 2080x1170) Reverse
Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince covers up Manya’s classic outfit
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720) Reverse
F-Zero 99 Announced for Nintendo Switch, and It's Out Today
>This new battle-royale racing game is free for all Nintendo Switch Online members
Nintendo learned that there are still F-zero fans out there, and so they released an always-online, battle-royale, games as a service version of the first game with no single player. You know it's good when even normalfags opinions are mixed.
Because crackers generally only care about removing copy protection, and not fixing bugs in the game.
Replies: >>217227
[Hide] (59.4KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
>Because crackers
Replies: >>217239 >>217243
>implying niggers can spell
https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cracker sense 9 idiot
[Hide] (29KB, 1119x112) Reverse
[Hide] (121.8KB, 1133x367) Reverse
[Hide] (129.3KB, 1106x389) Reverse
Unity doubles down on their new policy changes
>The company seems to be currently working on PR damage control, replying to official accounts that stated they will remove their games from platforms, regardless if they were joke posts or not.
>Even if studios weren’t serious when it came to removing their games from platforms, developers like Massive Monster, Mega Crit, Aggro Crab, and Rose City Games have all released statements pertaining to engine changes, as their trust in Unity has now been tainted by these new policies.
Attorney Generals from across United States consider AI art ban on fictional “child sex imagery”
>As Attorneys General of our respective States and territories, we have a deep and grave concern for the safety of the children within our respective jurisdictions. We also have a responsibility to hold accountable those who seek to harm children in our States and territories. And while internet crimes against children are already being actively prosecuted, we are concerned that AI is creating a new frontier for abuse that makes such prosecution more difficult.
>The CIA now has a legitimate competitor in child porn production in AI
Time to shut it down.
Replies: >>217255
Good, I hope unity fucking dies.
>those tweets
It keeps getting worse. 
>After their previous controversy with license changes, in 2019, after disagreements with Improbable, unity updated their Terms of Service, with the following statement:
>When you obtain a version of Unity, and don’t upgrade your project, we think you should be able to stick to that version of the TOS.
>As part of their "commitment to being an open platform", they made a Github repository, that tracks changes to the unity terms to "give developers full transparency about what changes are happening, and when"
>Well, sometime around June last year, they silently deleted that Github repo.
>They've purposefully removed the repo that shows license changes, removed the clause that means you could avoid future license changes, then changed the license to add additional fees retroactively, with no way to opt-out.
>trying to stop AI CP
Well they'll be trying to close Pandora's box in this case, good luck stopping any significant number of pedoniggers with a computer capable of creating such images. The glowniggers will probably just use the tech to make their own pizza themselves anyway and throw even more confusion into the mix.
Makes me wonder if there was a button to kill all pedophiles and someone pressed it if there would even be enough politicians or glowniggers left to form a functioning government at all in the USA.
Replies: >>217259 >>217284
>there would even be enough politicians or glowniggers left to form a functioning government at all in the USA
There would be, it's just that you wouldn't see any familiar faces.
But it's already illegal even when it's AI?
I don't understand, how is this anything but another attempt at getting AI banned?
>AI is creating a new frontier for abuse
Abusing WHO exactly? This is gonna be a mess since AI just recreates images and doesn't create anything by itself, you could train it with normal porn and then throw some midgets or some shit into the mix and there you have it, instant jail time. 
The only way would be to crack down on "unauthorized AI use" but that would be impossible, they'll probably just add and append or something like that that says "AI is CP too" and call it a day.
Replies: >>217288 >>217295
>in the USA.
Pretty sure it'd reach across the planet and you'd have potential world peace.
>you could train it with normal porn and then throw some midgets or some shit into the mix and there you have it, instant jail time. 
You don't even need midgets, aren't there porn actors that are selected just because they look young and -tismy?
I remember that Australian guy who got caught for watching some jailbait porn actress, and she ended up flying down there and yelled at the judge that she wasn't 15 or some shit (she was in her 20s).
Not to mention if you used normal people without jailb8 or midgets, there is always the chance AI can create something resembling jailbait anyway, human variety is massive, a short Asian woman and another girl who lacks sex appeal and boom, your AI has given you a court date. You don't even have to try.

>The only way would be to crack down on "unauthorized AI use"
I wouldn't put it past them to try and "regulate" AI anyway." All AI image generators must be stamped with government approval, all images made must also contain enough meta-data to locate you, and if possible your name and address".
AI could help start up businesses, so it's quite possible Big Business would want it regulated.

>"AI is CP too" and call it a day.
If its entirely based on 100% adult people and you can prove it, what justification do they have to ban it apart from the classic "video games make people violent" excuse? 
That and possibly taking up FBI's time by chasing fictional people in attempts to catch the perpetrators, but that's already flown the coup, they have the technology and are probably spamming the FBI with new stuff every second of every day. It will be soon impossible for the FBI to tell AI-generated images from not, making it impossible to hunt down anyone in those images for rescuing. this is my main reason for it to be banned  I feel like the CIA is celebrating for some reason.
>All AI image generators must be stamped with government approval
Too late it's open source. If they make uncucked AI illegal it'll just drive more people to the darkweb where they'll realize they don't even need AI-generated CP.
Replies: >>217294
>Too late it's open source. 
I meant for general business purposes. Like AI generated porn games.
Replies: >>217295
[Hide] (56.5KB, 620x930) Reverse
Because we should follow the lead of the biggest activist against child abuse such as the UK government ignore rotherham and similar cases and the UN ignore Peter Newell and similar cases, both of whom have highlighted the importance of fighting against fictional acts and depictions. 
>aren't there porn actors that are selected just because they look young and -tismy?
Yeah. Katerina Rys aka Monroe is the most popular one. I've also seen feminists complaining about piper perri, and dakota skye would probably be enough to give most normalfags an aneurysm and a boner. There are also JAV that intentionally frames the girls as if they were children, which isn't too hard with how skeletal and neotenic nips are.  
>I wouldn't put it past them to try and "regulate" AI anyway."
It's not about safety or right, it never was. AI is the new powerful thing and that means the old men running the world want to control it. They don't understand how it works and never will fully suppress it, but they can sway public opinion and rule through fear. 
There's already some fuckery with public training repositories being taken down due to copyright issues, all while ignoring the huge corporations that used those very same sources to train their AI. 
I wouldn't be surprised if it led to non-corpo AI being banned with unreasonable punishments to force repositories to nuke any semblance of code. 
If shit hits the fan there's always buttcoin and tornado. You shouldn't be selling porn games with your own credentials anyway.
Replies: >>217303
>I feel like the CIA is celebrating for some reason
Whatever disgusting psychopathic shit you can think up the CIA can one up you no problem, I have no doubt in my mind that they've already concocted plans for MKULTRA 2.0: AI Boogaloo. Hell they've probably already been working on something like that considering how long the first MKULTRA was in operation before it was confirmed as existing.
Replies: >>217303
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1082x3918) Reverse
>what justification do they have to ban it...
"It's obscene."
The Americans have a law that says that, don't they? Where it's up to the judge to decide if your loli doujin are illegal or you're just a loser.
Replies: >>217304
Spoiler File
(9.9MB, 640x480, 04:56)
you mean 3.0, 2.0 is the internet
>western 3dpd
have a palette cleanser with this video of Anna Kuramoto pooping in another girl's mouth and then pooping some more on her chest
Replies: >>217340
>or you're just a loser.
Those aren't mutually exclusive...
Also it varies from state.
Replies: >>217307
[Hide] (720.8KB, 800x578) Reverse
[Hide] (270.4KB, 640x360) Reverse
>Those aren't mutually exclusive...
Well shit, you're right. I'll rephrase it:
>it's up to the judge to decide if your loli doujin are illegal, you're a loser and going to jail or if you're just a loser.
every day I thank God I'm not autistic like some people
Replies: >>217330
You haven't made a single good post this entire thread so I doubt that you aren't.
pedophilia and child abuse are not the same thing, images don't abuse children, trannies homos and groomers do
The internet wasn't a secret project targeting their own civilians, and there wasn't any tranny lunacy of this magnitude until smartphones, which is probably the real 2.0 now that I think about it.
[Hide] (78.4KB, 718x487) Reverse
[Hide] (40.1KB, 728x177) Reverse
[Hide] (37.2KB, 735x177) Reverse
Unity caught sending themselves death treats. 
>Hey y'all
This guy deserves death threats and more
Replies: >>217552
Only a retard would target random employees when it is so clearly the top brass pushing for sheqels.
Replies: >>217536
It's unity.
[Hide] (95.4KB, 1080x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (112KB, 973x1280) Reverse
>"Jews" caught false flagging
Daily reminder that the only proof of the holocaust happening was in greece, the sephardim of the balkans (ancient matrilineal jews) were killed in order for the recent patrilineal (false european) ashkenazim jews to take credit for their tragedy and appropriated their suffering as their own.
Ashkenazim need to be destroyed, they are behind every bad thing that's ever happened to jews in the last 1000 years and have further accelerated the level of suffering, economic apartheid and conflict in the world.
Y'all anons be trippin' and shit dawg
[Hide] (1.6MB, 720x1280, 00:09)
[Hide] (100.8KB, 589x392) Reverse
[Hide] (15.8MB, 1080x1920, 00:55)
Physical media collectors feel insulted by Xbox Game Pass ad
>The ad encouraged a response from Twitter users who took offense to the ad’s jab at physical media collectors. In recent years, the trend towards digital licensing in lieu of physical ownership has sparked a worthwhile discussion on the benefits of owning physical copies of games; especially since Xbox removes games from the service regularly.
Kashino L2D skin sparks response from Azur Lane fans and critics
>Kashino, is a buxom cowgirl (ushimimi) character which in real life was a support ship meant for carrying supplies and ammo. Azur Lane developers decided to represent this with her “Robust Ballasts” (that’s literally the name of one of her skills.)
>More than a few users accused the artist of not interacting with women in real life, despite the character designer for Kashino being a woman herself.
[Hide] (448.4KB, 846x900) Reverse
>More than a few users accused the artist of not interacting with women in real life, despite the character designer for Kashino being a woman herself.
A tale as old as time.
>More than a few users accused the artist of not interacting with women in real life, despite the character designer for Kashino being a woman herself.
lol + XD
this is where my big booba porn comes from?
>not interacting with women in real life
99% of the people crying sexist haven't interacted with women at all, or are orbiting a landwhale in hopes of pity sex. The 1% are just in it to watch shit burn.
What the fuck is with this retarded aspect ratio videos?
Replies: >>217628 >>217632
[Hide] (21.9KB, 160x143) Reverse
>Have big digital collection
>Say mean things online
>Your precious collection is taken away from you.
>Pic related
You don't own nothin goy, or that's how ((( they ))) want it to be.

It's for phonefags, how is that not obvious?
Replies: >>217640
[Hide] (1.3MB, 360x360, 00:05)
More AI stuff.
Physical for PS5/Xbox is pointless if half the game, if that, is even on the disc. Might as well rebrand those useless discs as a pizza cutter collection.
Replies: >>217640
And phonefags don't know the difference between a book and a video?
What game was it, where the physical release was a cardboard disc with a steam redeem code printed on it?
Replies: >>217641
>What game was it, where the physical release was a cardboard disc with a steam redeem code printed on it?
Fallout 76
Replies: >>217645
[Hide] (15.8MB, 4032x3024) Reverse
>no pic
It's not even the only one that did this
I didn't have the pic but I knew.
Somewhy I remembered steam, but it's just bethesda being bethesda.
Isn't that an online-only game anyway? It'll disappear once the servers do, disc or not.
Replies: >>217685
Yeah. But after the servers have been offline for long enough, I think the number is 6 months, people can legally make private servers for it. So it will still have some value.
Replies: >>217686 >>217688
is bethesda going to supply people with the server-side code to do that or are devs going to have to spend tens of thousands of hours reverse engineering it?
Law doesn't matter when you're going against rich corporations. 
Besides, F76 is inherently without value.
[Hide] (266.9KB, 958x538) Reverse
And speaking of fallout without value
All the Xbox FTC leaks: Fallout 3 and Oblivion remasters, Xbox Series X refresh, and more
>a huge Microsoft and Bethesda leak sprang from the Xbox FTC court documents
>An Xbox Series X refresh, codenamed internally as 'Brooklin', is arguably the biggest takeaway from the Microsoft leaks. The key takeaway are 2TB of storage, no disk drive, and a curved design. 
>The second biggest reveal from the Microsoft FTC leak is what appears to be a full release schedule of upcoming Bethesda games, pointing to new games from the entire Bethesda Softworks group. These internal documents are dated to March 2020 – before the release of Doom Eternal, and the finalisation of Xbox's acquisition of Bethesda – and some expected timings have mostly been pushed back by a year or two, likely as a result of pandemic-era disruption
>The leaked Bethesda release schedule also mentions the new Indiana Jones game, which we've known about for some time, but the biggest reveals are the Oblivion and Fallout 3 remasters. Initially expected in the 2022 and 2024 fiscal years respectively
>Additionally, the list confirms a new Doom game, titled Doom: Year Zero, Ghostwire: Tokyo 2, and Dishonored 3 – something which Arkane fans are already reeling over, following the tepid response to Redfall. That's on top of Project Kestrel, which seems like it could be Zenimax Online's new MMO, something called Project Platinum, and an unannounced game from a licensed IP. 
>Development disruption means we're unlikely to see some of those games until 2026 based on other release windows.
>In a conversation about potential acquisition targets, Phil Spencer outlined his desire to buy Nintendo, describing the possibility as a "career moment." Spencer does note that that would be an ambitious target, placing Steam owner Valve firmly in his sights in a similar way. More attention is paid to an attempt to purchase Warner Bros Interactive, but there's no sign of that deal coming through just yet.
[Hide] (759.1KB, 240x240, 00:30)
>Phil Spencer outlined his desire to buy Nintendo
[Hide] (14.2KB, 208x241) Reverse
Unity pretends to backpedal on per-install fees
https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/tentative-changes-to-unitys-controversial-install-fee-policy-have-leaked/ I will archive when the archive nigger stops banning VPNs
>Limiting fees to 4% of a game’s revenue over $1 million.
>Installations counted toward reaching the threshold will no longer be retroactive.
>Installations will no longer be tracked by proprietary tools. Instead, Unity will rely on users to self-report the data.
This changes absolutely nothing. Mobiledevs will still be underwater at 4% and jewnity is still effectively forcing developers to stuff their games full of spyware to "prove" they didn't get six gorillion installs and owe a million dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if indieshitters choose to believe this makes it all better instead of learning to code, just like what happened in /tg/ with the OGL fiasco. Devs who can actually read a balance sheet won't buy it for a second.
Neither Steam or Nintendo need or want Microshafts stink all over them.
This is hilarious.
Microsoft executives to this day must be shitting themselves over an ex employee holding the digital software monopoly while using their own OS as a backend.
Replies: >>217703 >>217713
>no disk drive
It is over for the normalfags.
[Hide] (15.9KB, 829x123) Reverse
Nice 4D chess. Even if I still think he's a subhuman that was pretty well executed.
>sell your stock knowing the price is going to drop 
>unveil your full retard policy fully aware everyone is going to hate it 
>stock drops, allowing you to buy it back at a considerable profit 
>"listen to feedback" and change your policy into something that's objectively bad but not nearly as bad as it was originally 
>users not only praise you for listening, solidifying the corporations image as a friend and object of worship, and accepting the otherwise unreasonable policy thanks to marketing 101 
Not only does he get extra revenue and bundled in spyware, but he even made himself money from the whole thing. That's a win win situation except he wins twice and everyone else loses. 
Archive.org is an option if the alternatives aren't working.
>Instead, Unity will rely on users to self-report the data.
Yeah this just means they're going to pack in some spyware that phones home with some ID and/or your hardware profile, then they bill developers later.
Replies: >>217726
>Microsoft executives to this day must be shitting themselves over an ex employee holding the digital software monopoly while using their own OS as a backend.
they had a chance to reclaim the mantle with GFWL but fucked it up beyond all human comprehension, cementing gay ban as the big guy in charge of PC gaming
>just like what happened in /tg/ with the OGL fiasco
I wish there was a FREE AS IN FREEDOM tabletop system for rpgs and shit.
Replies: >>217714
>implying gayben wouldn't go down on phil spencer and fellow microsoft executives like a hotdog eating contest and sign whatever contracts are put in front of him for half of what they bought mojang for
Replies: >>217715 >>217725
There is, it's called pirating OD&D and homebrewing whatever you need on top of it. If it worked for grad students at UW in the late 70s it's good enough for you.
[Hide] (722.4KB, 464x1000) Reverse
the fat jew has made it abundantly clear multiple times that he hates microsoft and has refused multiple attempts from other big companies like jewgle to buy them out. he likes his monopoly quite well and will glady tell M$ to go fuck themselves. that doesn't make him any less jewish though.
>As of 2021, he owned at least one quarter of Valve and has been estimated to have a net worth of $3.9 billion or $6 billion
No I don't think he would.
Replies: >>217726
[Hide] (121.6KB, 396x536) Reverse
>Unity will rely on users to self-report the data.
Reading is fundamental.
If there's one thing you can count on from jews besides demonolatry it's blatantly self-destructive acts in pursuit of a few more shekels.
Replies: >>217738
You're not gullible enough to believe they expect users to manually notify them about installs, right?
Replies: >>217742
[Hide] (155.4KB, 500x665) Reverse
Of course not. I fully expect them to saddle devs with blatantly unfair fees if they don't hand over installation data from "approved" spyware vendors. That way they can trot out the old pilpul of "we didn't tell them to spy on you, goy- guys, it's all the big bad developer's fault!" if they get called on it.
If you can't beat them, buy them.

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