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Previous thread: https://archive.is/BorLF >>165433

>SF6 released
>Guilty Gear Strive's latest character, Asuka R. Kreuz AKA That Man, has been added to the game
>Under Night 2 was trademarked, indicating a potential new entry in the series
>Guilty Gear Xrd's rollback has received a few patches to improve stability and eliminate bugs (although nothing to add new features, sadly)

If you've been playing fighting games for a while, you've probably noticed some trends and fads that have come and gone over the years.  What are your favorites and least favorites?
Replies: >>202558 >>202678
There were some good posts in the old thread that got buried at the end of the bump limit:
>>202300 [wall of text 1]
>>202302 [wall of text 2]
Replies: >>202490 >>202523
For better and for worse, Street Fighter tends to set the standard for what other fighting game series do and how the developers present both the mechanics of their games and the games as packages.  When SFV released in 2016, it followed the meteoric success of SF4 and the general resurgence of fighting games that weren't named Mortal Kombat and/or Tekken (although SNK had remained popular outside of North America), and that success attracted a fair number of other developers who would have otherwise abandoned the genre entirely.

SFV, rather than continuing this wellspring, nearly drained it dry thanks to a truly awful launch and generally being an atrocious, nonfunctional product with no meaningful content, a roster of characters who were gutted and one-dimensional compared to their previous incarnations, and obviously half-baked mechanics.  While the game certainly improved as more content was added and refinements were made to the systems, it never outgrew the shadow of its launch.  Sadly, many developers learned the wrong lesson from this, and rather than pouncing on a market of players who just wanted a good game and a good time, they chose to release skeletal products and expect their hardcore esports playerbase to buy reams of DLC.

With the release of SF6, the SFV era is now officially behind us.  Given that SF6 seems to be a much more robust and complete product than SFV (although not without the obligatory season passes and day 1 DLC costumes), perhaps other developers will take note and fighting game fans will finally stop spending as much money on things that spit in their faces.

One of the posts in >>202488 said that he felt the biggest difference between new and old fighting game was time spent in neutral (as though Sagat zoning you is somehow more fun in SF2 than in SF4 or SFV), but I think the biggest difference is how strict the standard super meter or comeback meter has been implemented in the SFV era.  Almost everything cool a character can do in any fighting game is locked behind a big, obvious meter tax.
>cool mixup?  only accessible once you've lost 50% of your life, which you won't if you're better than your opponent
>big, flashy combo?  hope you don't mind getting zero okizeme because you didn't end your combo with your designated okizeme super
And so on.

As far as mechanics go, SF6 is a radical departure from SFV and its ilk, and is the first fighting game in a very long time not to have any comeback mechanics whatsoever.  For this alone I am incredibly grateful.  Given that Tekken 8 is going in a similar direction and frontloading mechanical choices, I hope that other developers will take cues from that and stop holding all the fun stuff behind meter.
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Street Fighter 6 is about as pozzed as you would expect, not like anyone here should be shocked by this revelation
Here is something I have noticed, which I think was already mentioned: Markchan Resident Evil thread has gotten REALLY pissy when you mention how shit Capcom is or how pozzed their games are, to the point where a couple of users immediately cry when they see these posts and report them so they get immediately deleted. Sounds familiar? It should, that's what reddit and 4chan is doing when someone has done some wrongthink and criticized a current year tripla A title, this is also one of the reasons Julay imploded on itself as the discord trannies that run the place were really keen on defending Last of Us 2 when everybody shit on it
What I am saying is, keep in mind who is going to defend this trashheap. Mark is a sperg who has always defended nintendo/capcom and other AAA companies so no surprise, doesn't mean their ilk won't try doing the same here.
Game is looking mediocre aside from that, it doesn't really bring anything interesting that other entries haven't so unless they update the game with more content in the future, I don't see why you shouldn't just play the earlier titles or play some other new fighting games
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>70 dollar costume
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And I care why?
Replies: >>202500
>admitting you post on cakechan and cuckchan at the same time
Replies: >>202500
>second pic
It took me a minute to understand that shit, men aren't allowed to sit like men anymore, eh?
Replies: >>202498
Nobody in real life will stop you unless you live on the west coast or something.
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videogame shilling has been going on 4chan /v/ even before the exodus. unless you're a newfag, you would know that
>and I should care why?
I find it funny that for as much as those retards there want to think of themselves as betters, they are no different than cuckchan /v/ at the end of the day, making the same mistakes. Same company shills, same retards, same shitty opinions. Good to remind them of this at every turn, I know they are hate-lurking here
I haven't bothered watching the game as much as I have when SF5 came out, is it true they ruined my boy Ken like the leaks showed?
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I don't want trannies in games, anonkun.
>It is a joke about his size.
Replies: >>202510
>>No interesting character specific mechanics
I want to contest this because I don't think it's a matter of character specific mechanics disappearing so much as it's always been specific games that championed this kind of design philosophy or edge cases in other titles.
What I would be looking for are Unique or Distinct Resources, mobility options, interactions, move properties, etc. 

I'm very confident that at least one game released each year would meet these criteria as well as DLC releases continuing to put out interesting characters for legacy titles. Just off the top of my head we have both Them Fightin Herds and Skullgirls; the former is already built around a similar idea to BB by having a dedicated button for character specific abilities. Skullgirls introduced Umbrella who is a stance character based around managing a hunger meter which gives her normals and specials different properties and she has the ability to remove dead characters to buff Umbrella. Black Dahlia has an ammo system that's both random or can be pre-loaded with different types of shots, an empowered state, and a super that summons auto-attacking minions. 

While it was very watered down GBVS still attempts to give some characters resources to play into their gameplans like Percival's fire tokens and Soriz' Muscle Fury. Some characters also get wall clings or teleports which does distinguish them from the cast. Although that game has other issues and I can't say I like how stifled combos feel in addition to the input buffer fucking with me at times. Even in Strive, which waters down existing GG characters, I thought the wizard guy they just added has an interesting concept and magic system. Definitely the most standout thing I've seen in the game so far since I looked at Gold Lewis' special move inputs. 

We're also getting a new Under Night in the coming year or two. I just think the real issue is that the games that get the most play are not the games that really do character specific mechanics that deeply if at all.
only nigger lovers like fighting gamrs
I'm sorry that you feel that way, anon.
He's 240cm tall and over 200 kg. This is clearly a joke, spergs like you make us look bad.
Replies: >>204539
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may i introduce you niggers to your only move is hustle
it's more like very spicy chess disguised as toribash disguised as a TAS-based fighter
unfortunately the itch version is only a demo
Replies: >>202559 >>202565
>One of the posts in >>202488 said that he felt the biggest difference between new and old fighting game was time spent in neutral (as though Sagat zoning you is somehow more fun in SF2 than in SF4 or SFV), but I think the biggest difference is how strict the standard super meter or comeback meter has been implemented in the SFV era.  Almost everything cool a character can do in any fighting game is locked behind a big, obvious meter tax.
If I may throw my hat into the ring, the biggest difference I see between new and old fighting games has to do with attack power and health. In older games, they were not afraid to kick the player to the curb and end the match within 10 seconds as attacks were THAT powerful, meanwhile newer games can have one player whammy the opponent to their heart's content and see the health meter only trickle down a quarter of the length at most.
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New game shit, big news. You have a dozen old games with active communities that suit your specific interests that you haven't played or grinded properly yet. Get on cvs or samsho or r+ or something.
Replies: >>202884
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>>202486 (OP) 
If I don't care about single player world tour, is SF6 worth getting?
Replies: >>202564 >>202565
Why is there no background or character art
Replies: >>202565
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Absolutely fucking not.
That game is fun as hell, online works really well too.
I think you can change the backgrounds, no art cause lmao stick figures.

I'd wait for a sale maybe but the gameplay part of the games alright. If you want the classic costumes you gotta do the single player or fork over sheckles or just use an unlocker but I've been enjoing the multiplayer at least. Every character has at least one absolute bullshit moce so everyones a threat if you ain't careful. I think Bison is DEAD so not likely to be DLC anytime soon but JP is an alright evil guy successor (mainly due to him being unfair as hell, I seen some half your health combos from him)
Cakechan (?) screenshot aside, I was right when I said that this game was being actively shilled. None of you people ever doubt me again.
Replies: >>202574 >>202579
>the help of black consultants
>ugly sheboon is how niggers wanted to be represented
Send help I think I'm going to die laughing.
Capcom games are always shilled to high heaven. That's why I am surprised people on the webring are still falling for the fake hype, I mean just look at the whole RE4 Remake situation that was already mentioned in this thread, you would think these retards would be able to see thru it
>last screenshot
You know, I didn't really notice that all these new games were this purple until now. I guess a good warning sign when looking for shitty games?
Apparently Dudley isn't "authentic" or how they want to be represented and Elena wasn't ugly enough.
Replies: >>203007
I wouldnt call her an ugly sheboon, mainly due to how many gorrila women I've seen that look like dudes. Kimberly at least has a more girl bone structure than a few other "females" in recent capcom games, including street fighter. That gay nigger battle hub host was the FGC incarnate though.

Can I call Capcom cowards for saying Lily is 19 though? Couldn't go full loli, just made a small girl. Then again with the modding community and potentially the costume future, they gotta cover their asses. I noticed if you google Sf6 lily the first auto complete is "age".
Replies: >>202579
What incredibly organic posts.  Thank you so much, fellow well-intentiond anonymous internet user.  I might have almost come to my own opinions if it weren't for a cuckchan screencap and a bunch of demented, nigger-level screenshots of different characters in costumes that look nothing alike.

>I noticed if you google Sf6 lily the first auto complete is "age".
If you use Google in 2023 you should kill yourself.  It's an advertising and information laundering service incapable of providing useful results.  The autocomplete results are curated by hand for most things above a certain search frequency or which are deemed to be sensitive topics (politics, etc.).  How do you not know this?
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You got me. I was sent here by Capcom to tell you not to buy their product.
God, I hate Cakechan rapefugees.
Replies: >>202619
>I only use NON disinformation search engines for MY bullshit searches related to fighting games

We all know googles retarded and tries to tell you all sorts of fake AI gen article shit, but I'm talking about internet searching in general. The other alternative search engines got the same autofilled shit. I'm not searching for truth in politcal shit or about forbidden paranormal knowledge, I was just looking shit up about a fight game character. I don't need a tangent about "DID YOU KNOW GOOGLES EVIL?" in my fight game talk. I dont think its being hand picked in this case.
Replies: >>202619
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I'm holding fast and my spirit will NOT be broken. I will NEVER buy Street Fighter 6.
>being illiterate
>internet searching in general
Then say "search."  I haven't heard Google used as a synonym for all internet search engines in years.
Replies: >>202669
>being a nigger
Replies: >>202675
>being a fag
>>202486 (OP) 
>tranny game
>tranny game
>no idea what that is
>tranny game
The absolute state of fightan games.
Replies: >>202680
Why is the bird a tranny?
Replies: >>202681 >>202682
No dick.
There's 5 photos but 4 greentexts anon
Replies: >>202683
Okay then which one's which? Also is the last one tekken or vsav???
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>the game where the spotlight mode is donut steel niggertrannies all the way down
>not spitting in players' faces
Maybe that random newfag was right and niggerpill isn't the only paid shill around here. I guess I should take heart in capkike being so desperate as to waste money on even this secluded corner of the internet.
Replies: >>202691
Would you be horrified if you knew they were
doing it for free?
Replies: >>202713
Niggerpill probably is, he gets banned and bounces back and forth between /v/s and occasionally hunkers down on /animu/'s meta thread where he gets mocked and then sometimes he pretends he was totally bamboozling for replies like jk guise :^) before starting the cycle again.
This behavior is straight up broken brain behavior and in the off chance he's getting paid then the glowniggers should use whatever they're paying him for color revolutions instead.
>Street Fighter influences other fighting games
What'll be the outcome of 6's influence?
Replies: >>202720 >>202752
Everyone else will try to make create your own character stories that are shilled more then the rest of the game.
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More casualisation = better sales
>I'm still a fucking casual
>voice chat
Anon you are going to get raped hard and fast and if anyone says anything to you it will be simply to say that you should sell your game and pick up knitting immediately. Maybe you'll be asked why you're playing with a wiimote.
Despite this I still hope you have fun.
Replies: >>202927
>LukeGAWD game
Wtf is that even supposed to mean
>Capcom is back
That must be the 3489th time someone says that, then their newest game ends up being shit, and as soon as the new one gets announced these retards are pushing the same shit all over again:
<okay, the last one wasn't great, but this time Capcom is back!
it wouldn't surprise me if the mark made those abhorrent  posts
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I wish fighting games would stop having retarded le cinematic cutscene attacks.
Replies: >>202847 >>202885
Yeah it's only really neat once then it's just annoying seeing the same thing over and over.
Replies: >>202896
very yes
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Don't worry, giga mate 'ems will solve all your issues!
[Hide] (106.1KB, 500x375) Reverse
Delete this post
Get back to work, nodev.
[Hide] (60.8KB, 641x500) Reverse
>giga mate 'ems
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Maybe they'd be cool for a finishing move on a story/arcade boss fight, but in normal matches they just interrupt things.
The only fighting games I can think of that do them right is just maybe DOA5 since there they're a quick 3 hit combo with the person getting hit flying to a wall or stage hazard. 

Post gameplay then.
That is what I'm looking for thanks. Its not an authentic arcade experience if I'm not being sworn at or degraded when I lose.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 640x360, 00:26)
[Hide] (13.1MB, 640x360, 02:58)
>a truly awful launch and generally being an atrocious, nonfunctional product with no meaningful content
Reminds me of SFIII when it dropped. Even complete with a broken glitchfest characterIbuki
2nd vid is just somethingfunI found which seems to be using System Direction (console exclusive)
[Hide] (233.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (217.5KB, 1280x720) Reverse
If anyone's interested, there's a mod for DOA5 that's been in development for a year now that fixes it's lighting, sound effects, facial expressions, shaders and other shit.

Man I just want Dudley back, he was so fun to play.
[Hide] (502.5KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
The pinnacle of nigress beauty.
Bought the game because my friend group is also playing it. While the regular fighting is fine, World Tour sucks dick. It's way too empty and they straight up lied about it. There are only 2 "open" areas, the rest are all just very small rooms with a master, a merchant and 1-2 NPCs to fight.
Some forgotten ancient characters like Retsu having their own side quests are cool though.
Those fucking hips though, holy shit.
>made for niggers by niggers to represent niggers
>have to ape asian clothing style because niggers have no culture of their own
Replies: >>203037
On top of that she's wearing earbuds while talking to someone in public, which is seen as incredibly rude in Japan.
Replies: >>204539
I've only seen this nigress look even slightly attractive once and it was a porn model.
is it true that they replaced more than half the cast with niggers and the characters in the story mode are "influencers" and you can take selfies?
[Hide] (284.2KB, 456x337) Reverse
[Hide] (509.5KB, 2048x1367) Reverse
[Hide] (367.8KB, 2048x1367) Reverse
Actually, they replaced half the cast with women. 38.9% of the roster is comprised of women, compared to 31.3% in base Street Fighter 5, and 32.6% in SF5:CE. Base Street Fighter 4’s roster was 20% female, and USF4’s was 25% female. I sure hope you didn’t buy this game.
Replies: >>203079
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[Hide] (905.9KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
>is it true that they replaced more than half the cast with niggers
Only 3 niggers in the roster currently. There's Kimberly (which replaces Guy), Lily (a Mexican that replaces T. Hawk) and Dee Jay (a legacy SF2 character that's not really replacing anyone). Rashid from SF5 is confirmed to be in the first batch of DLC characters.
>characters in the story mode are "influencers" and you can take selfies?
There's a character literally named Infooencer that drives me mad. His only existence is to remind you of shit you figured out hours ago. And he speaks as infuriating as you might imagine.
There's a free camera mode that can switch to a selfie angle. If you have a high bond with your master they can even pose with you. Also feast your eyes on my Chinese bootleg Kazuya. The best part of the character creation is easily making abominations like these.
Forgot there's also Dhalsim, but he's just Dhalsim. He's in almost every game.
>replaced more than half the cast with niggers
I literally don't even know what this question means in the context of the game.  Look up the launch roster and come to whatever conclusion you want.

>he doesn't like fighting game girls

I don't really like the way Kimberly's face looks, but she's a neat twist on the ninja character archetype so I'm fine with her.  T. Hawk I never found very interesting, and Lily is a cute loli with a big weapon so I like her.

Very nice Kazuyer.  I had a sensible chuckle.
Replies: >>203080
Why is he wearing a dress though
[Hide] (18.2MB, 1280x720, 01:38)
[Hide] (515.8KB, 967x727) Reverse
You remember DNF Duel, right?
You remember Spectre being announced in December?
She still doesn't have a release date, but at least there's this trailer, featuring:
>whiff pokes into nothing
>combos into no oki
>jump-in into drop combo
>oki that doesn't work because the opponent tech rolls out
Replies: >>203312
[Hide] (150.7KB, 320x220) Reverse
>whiff pokes into nothing
>combos into no oki
>jump-in into drop combo
I don't need a dedicated character for this.
Goenitz trailer released
Replies: >>203363 >>203380
[Hide] (324.3KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Free character? Nice. Now fix the lag please. It's a pity; I like KOF mechanics the best for 2d fighters but hate half the character designs and can't get a decent ping with the few people online.
Replies: >>203367 >>203389
Armpit pussy
[Hide] (18.6MB, 1280x720, 02:15)
Replies: >>203520
>I like KOF mechanics the best for 2d fighters but hate half the character design
I'm by no means an expert on KoF but my impression of its characters is that a good majority of them look like they're trying to be cool. Not that they're naturally cool, but that they're consciously trying to dress and act cool. The result is that they come off as trying too hard.
Replies: >>203391 >>205019
Eh, it's KoF's thing.
[Hide] (132.3KB, 850x820) Reverse
When's the next Capcom vs SNK game? It's funny that the only way to play Capcom vs SNK in a modern game is AKUMA vs GEESE in Tekken7.
You can play Smash :^)
Replies: >>204044
[Hide] (17.4MB, 854x480, 03:25)
Goenitz' breakdown is here:
Assuming 15 characters each, who would you pick for a Capcom vs. SNK 3?
>Ryu (Breath of Fire, use original design instead of the existing 5 so he can talk and make references to any game in the series, called "Dragon Clan" or "Brood" by announcer)
>Frank West
>Aile (stance fighter)
>Rathalos (2 slot, a MonHun rep that doesn't require picking a hunter design)
>Daimon (2 slot, a DD rep that doesn't require picking an Arisen design, has dialog expressing annoyance at fighting little girls all the time if he fights Roll, Aile, Comet, Cyber Woo and/or Kei)
>Comet (assist based character who fights by summoning random cameos of minor Capcom characters)

>Metal Slug (Marco+Tarma, 2 slot)
>Cyber Woo (2 slot)
>Kei (SNK counterpart of Comet, since there's no chance the two would ever appear again outside of an SNK vs. Capcom and allows for crazy cameos)
[Hide] (24.3KB, 86x143) Reverse
[Hide] (18.3KB, 135x137) Reverse
Darli NIGGER Dagger
How about some Last Blade reps?
Replies: >>204062
Thinking more, maybe Diana+white armor guy from Pragmata instead of Cammy.

Could work.
Add Bub from Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move)
Also Brocken from World Heros
Replies: >>204092
But that's Taito.
Though speaking of Taito, I wonder who would be a good roster for a vs. Square Enix
>Cloud (Obligatory)
>Sephiroth (々)
>Ortega's Daughter (々)
>General, the man known as Kaiser Knuckle (by far the most famous of the characters from Taito's single fighting game)
>Rico Rodriguez (the sole western property SE still owns and makes games for, Scorpion, Spider-Man, and Nathan Spencer show grappling hook isn't all that starved for moveset options)
>Riesz (recognizable character from Mana series and was wildly popular with fan artists even before remake, and already in a SE fighting game) 
>Asellus (most famous SaGa character and has literal power to make girls lesbians)
>Thief Arthur (already appeared in crossover fighting game)
>2B (々)
>Koume Sakiyama (々)
>Sayo-Chan (Pocky)
>Bob and Bub (puppet)
If it was 20 fighters for each side we could include Leona, K' and Kula who, despite their popularity, never showed up in CvS or SvC at all. Also we can have more Rival Schools representatives.
>Frank West
Why not Chuck Greene this time? Actually, how about no Dead Rising reps? The franchise is pretty much dead thanks to DR4.
[Hide] (79.7KB, 810x960) Reverse
Fine, I'll bite.
>Monster Hunter (default white male design, stance character who switches between armor designs from pre-World games)
>Samanosuke Akechi
>Saki Omokane
>Akira Kazama

>Tam Tam
>Kusageredo (giant character to balance PTX-40A, only reason Samsho gets a third rep)
>Metal Slug (random pairing of two characters)
>Mr. Karate
>Griffon Mask
[Hide] (1.3MB, 646x824) Reverse
>Cammy had too many lip enhancements and ended up with permanent trout pout
>Chun has been made "disappeared" and replaced by someone else
>Kimberly is the ugliest fictional she-boon i have ever seen
>They couldn't make Lily look like a proper kid so they chickened out and said she's 19
>Marisa and Manon are straight up trannies
>Juri somehow looks the most normal
Behold, the power of the marvelous RE Engine.
>crop of a character's face in a player-controlled just-for-fun animation that is visible for 3 seconds
What do you get out of doing this?
Replies: >>204539
A buddy of mine just wrote up a review for SF6. I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Read or don't.

"So we're at 2 1/2 weeks of SF6 + like half a year of people grinding the cracked beta. 
My Full review

This game is really good. Doesn't feel like there's the input lag 5 had. Its still there, but doesn't feel as bad.
I may just be biased since a lot of people have picked up Blanka. Blanka is easy and probably the best character in the game, Can do everything, and be anywhere on screen pretty easily with the knowledge people have in the game so far. 

Newcomers don't feel misplaced. I felt a lot of that with the SF5 roster, and even some in SF4

What they really took from SF3, in my opinion, is good universal mechanics. I think the drive system works very hard to compensate what some characters lack, and doesnt seem to bring certain characters up a lot more than others.

-Drive Rush is really good. I like sliding sweeps, it feels really good to see a fireball full screen and be able to knock someone down for it. It feels cheap and busted in a good way.
-Drive impact has been pretty controversial with new players, but its a focus attack, buffed in some ways, nerfed in others. Its a lot easier to deal with than Focus was in the beginning for me. More of a cue that its happening, and cant be delayed or cancelled, so regular set ups you make against them should work almost all the time. Corner unblockable resets are nuts.
-Over Drive is really cool. I like EX moves being separate from your super meter. And I like that too much use of any Drive mechanic leads to burn out
-Burn Out is cool, I really like the mechanic. You can chip people in burnout, your moves have additional frame advantage against people with burn out, and it forces you  to care about your meter. Very interesting punishment.

One of the things I don't like, but its also kind of cool actually, is Dragon punches being throwable, technically. You can kind of go around this inputting up before the move comes out. I don't know if this works well for all moves, but its worked for me when I play. Haven't been throw looped since finding this out. I figured this out using Guile/Blanka, and then saw it discussed on videos online.

I still have been exploring avatar battles, but World Tour is more fun than I thought it'd be. Pretty decent single player content for a fighting game. I haven't even explored the other single player content because of it to be honest. I don't know if there's a survival mode, or if its been improved in any way.

I've also heard a lot about how hard this game is, from scrubs and pros. And they're right. Some things are difficult execution-wise, but execution has been brought down across the board. A lot of stuff is Easy to do, in general (not DBFZ easy), BUT the fact that you have to watch out for a lot of scenarios now, full screen punishes for stuff that would have been 100% safe in older games, the fact you can do more about scenarios that were bad for your character in previous games, and I think drive rush combos can be hard to do for some people as well. There's a lot of things that are difficult about the game when you play other people.

But so far the game is holding up. I'll probably change my opinion after they nerf Blanka to the ground and his H ball is more easily punishable on block"
[Hide] (210.3KB, 1961x1495) Reverse
If this is the best an artist can do, I hope all those normalfags get replaced by AIs.
I'm afraid they succeeded. By making something that's barely "good", compared to SF5, they have succeeded.
Replies: >>204409
Before I get deleted, by succeed I mean selling at least as much as SF5. That is, mitigating the damage SF5's horrible release caused by releasing a NORMAL game, nothing special as far as good, decent, as they should be fighting games go.
Replies: >>204422
>That is, mitigating the damage SF5's horrible release caused by releasing a NORMAL game, nothing special as far as good, decent, as they should be fighting games go.
Do you speak English?
Replies: >>204423
No my england bad pls sirs read it better
no sirs it is clear I meant that anything would be a masterpiece compared to SF5, unless you're an autist looking to get mad at people online for no reason.
Replies: >>204461
I think most of this is correct.  I got into fighting games pretty hard when I started in 2017, so I've played a lot of them and seen a lot of the offerings old and new.  Very few of them have the magic combination of:
>good music
>good kinesthetics and movement
>cool characters
>meaningful depth
SF6's semi-realistic aesthetic is definitely a miss for some people, and only half the OST is any good if I'm being generous, but those are really the only complaints I can aim at it.  The game is overall a great product marred by a terrible UI and the usual modern game cancer (microtransactions, battle passes, etc.)

>anything would be a masterpiece compared to SF5
True, but that's not so much Capcom's fault as it is fighting game fans being a bunch of battered housewives with short memories.  SFV was such a shit product that it was genuinely responsible for the propagation of different scenes and communities in 2016-2019.  It hemorrhaged players so sharply that there were thousands of previously dyed-in-the-wool Capcom fanboys who truly tried other games.

Thing is, SFV was a "patch" game rather than the traditional release treadmill model that most fighting games have previously used.  This meant that when additions were made to it, they were made to "SFV" as a whole rather than a specific revision of it.  I maintain that the addition of V-Shift was what made the game tolerable, but for a lot of people the ever-present now has receded in time and their view of SFV is informed by its best years, which were its last.
[Hide] (97.8KB, 984x554) Reverse
[Hide] (149.7KB, 1576x1080) Reverse
The issue isn't the engine, the issue is the art designers and Crapcom itself.
[Hide] (539.3KB, 569x847) Reverse
>image 4
I feel 100% certain that the post at the bottom of image 4 is a joke. There is absolutely no way someone could fuck up the village in RE 4 that badly. I refuse to believe that it's not bait. It's definitely bait, right?
>Newcomers don't feel misplaced
>most of the new character are trannys
Your friend is a bug chaser and I suggest you distance yourself before it's too late.
>Luke is easy and probably the best character in the game. Can do everything, and be anywhere on screen pretty easily with the knowledge people have in the game so far.
[Hide] (234.9KB, 1393x1536) Reverse
Imagine if playing SF5 running RE5 on a PS5. Haha.

3DCG for a 2d-gameplay fighter will always feel off to me...
[Hide] (22.4KB, 236x408) Reverse
What the fuck is going on ITT? Are there truly >people who want to talk about SF6? How does that thing appeal to anyone, at least aesthetically-wise? There are three million other fighting games under the sun that could be revisited that warrant more attention than that heap of shit.

>sitting in a neat and orderly line with their hands on their knees
Like women sit on public transport, unlike men who have to spread their legs out to leave room for the balls. You've just admitted that's exactly what the poster was talking about. Can you really not see it?
>he's 240cm tall and over 200 kg
What? How's that a joke? Tall people can sit on the subway too? Is the joke about him weighing a lot? I doubt laughing at his weight would have rolled with current Capcom's staff.
That's seen incredibly rude everywhere. I see someone speaking to me with his AirBuds™® on I'll slap them silly out of his/her stupid mug, doubly so if it's an ugly, garish looking sheboon like that character's meant to be.
It's not a good looking model, Anon, no way you put it. Whatever screencap he had used you'd have complained either way.
>what do you get out of doing this?
Good question, what are you getting out of this? Are you so blinded by seeing [Brand] you love and cherish on a product you can dismiss all shit the people who own [Brand] are actively throwing at (You)?
Replies: >>204558 >>204587
>There are three million other fighting games under the sun that could be revisited that warrant more attention than that heap of shit
<and I'll continue to be part of the problem

>Is the joke about him weighing a lot?
He is as large as two and a half grown men put together, yes.  You have autism.

>It's not a good looking model, Anon, no way you put it
>you put it
I didn't "put it" any way.  I'm stating the simple fact that people who want to criticize SF6's art style only include shitty crops and screenshots, because the majority of the cast look fine or good (Jamie, for instance).  I find it annoying when faggots hone in on a few details and pretend they represent the complete work.

This is also ignoring the mongoloids like >>202564 who seems to think that Manon having blue clothes and pink hair is some kind of tranny code, and who presumably goes looking for tranny faggots on twitter and takes their delusions as writ.

Your post reeks of oversocialization and projection.  Please go back to the gamergate thread.
Replies: >>204564
[Hide] (702.5KB, 1214x933) Reverse
>and I'll continue to be part of the problem
The image from my post is a crop from Tobal 1 I had just made to reply to you. If I don't play fighting games it's because I don't have anyone to play with and I don't want to go down the social media pipeline to find someone. No, I have no idea how Fightcade works but I assume it's no good.
>he is as large as two and a half grown men put together
The poster talks about seating,  which means how or where people will sit as taken from a dictionary, and predominantly features Hugo's akward pose on the center of the image. I genuinely don't know how else to break it down for you.
>people who want to criticize SF6's art style only include shitty crops and screenshots
The game runs on UE4-lite, the designs are unappealing to generic at most, all characters are dipped in vaseline and have leather sofa skin (look at >>203064's 3rd image) and the models themselves look ugly and uncanny when they didn't need to be as they are, hyperrealistic artstyle notwithstanding. Go play a fighting game from the turn of the millenium like DOA3 to see how videogames were meant to look like.
>shitty crops
I could make crops if I wanted to, but I'm not interested in playing the game. Do I have to be the good fan and eat donkey poop just to be able to have a say?
>the mongoloids who think that Manon having blue clothes and pink hair is some kind of tranny code
Yeah that's fucking stupid. Regardless, this is the first image search result I've found on the Internet. That's not a woman, and if she is she's easily one of the ugliest ones I've seen in a fighting game. If they took consultants on how to model >her I don't know, but they did admit on creating forehead nigger this way so who knows.
>please go back to the gamergate thread
That thread can go burn in a fiery pit in hell like everything that gets featured there so no.
Replies: >>204567 >>204587
[Hide] (13.5KB, 183x209) Reverse
>why are people talking about [thing I don't like], just as I am right now
<you should try talking about something you do like
>but I included an image of [thing I do like]!  you just don't get it!
[Hide] (125.7KB, 804x787) Reverse
>Tall people can sit on the subway too?
>Is the joke about him weighing a lot?
>85 IQ or less cannot grasp a simple joke
Anon are you perhaps brown or just inbred? The poser is obviously a throwback to the idea that crapcom designed a character who is ridiculously too big to even fit on a subway. That's literally the joke. 

>More autism about muh seating
You're grasping for straws. At best call it shit and leave it at that, but it isn't pozzed in any capacity, you're just too retarded to understand something so simple. Thus the case for the nigger brain.
Replies: >>204619
Why are Hugo's legs clenched so tightly together? He could be seated more naturally, without occupying any more space, because his fuck-huge torso and arms are the true cause of his occupying so much space. It's a manspreading "joke".
Replies: >>204641 >>204643
You're not fooling anyone faggot. Why not ask your parents to give the attention you so desperately need?
Replies: >>204633
>Why are Hugo's legs clenched so tightly together?
Better question. Why do you care and why does it matter? You're coming off as a bigger faggot than any of the gay shit capcom has brought into Street Fighter 6.
Replies: >>204660
The few times I've seen that kind of thing it's a visual gag because you'll have someone comically large crammed into a small space. Emphasizing the person is trying to minimize the real estate they take up by closing their legs despite that not actually solving anything is meant to be a joke. Taken on its own I don't see a problem with it and I'm not terminally online enough to get mad over a fucking poster in a game I don't play.
Replies: >>204660
[Hide] (223.7KB, 1280x1109) Reverse
You really went and reenacted pic related over SF6. More than one anon has interpreted it as being about manspreading.

That would be humorous, if it was a visual gag, but there's no attempt at one. There's no comic element to his posing. Have his head tilted to the side, touching the ceiling because even seated he's too tall, while the poster proclaims "Seating for Everyone". Do something with his size! They did nothing. Why take it on its own when it wasn't presented on its own?
>terminally online
Don't know why you thought those cliched, normalfag-tier, shaming tactics would work.
Guys, I am really afraid of what they might do to Mega Man.
I know they already censored the mobile game (Removed Roll's swimsuit) and I just fear they might try reviving Mega Man Legends or something and pozzing the crap out of it.
Replies: >>204669
Yeah they better release Legends 3 this summer or I'm gonna be pissed.
>afraid for megaman
Buddy you are decades late
Replies: >>204671
anon we've gotten plenty of shit games but nothing outright pozzed like what they are making. X8 and Xover or whatever are nothing compared to what they are doing now
>there's no attempt at one. There's no comic element to his posing.
A common sign of autism is the inability to interpret body language.
>if it was a visual gag, but there's no attempt at one
>Do something with his size! They did nothing
Having a big guy scrunch up in his seat is "doing something" with his size. It's not some grand joke but I do see how it would be an attempt at humor. 
>Don't know why you thought those cliched, normalfag-tier, shaming tactics would work.
I wasn't trying to shame you. I was pointing out the obvious.
[Hide] (300.8KB, 850x1039) Reverse
Cammy's re-design sucks ass especially her hair. That butch lesbian look is overdone.
>You really went and reenacted pic related over SF6.
<Everything that disagrees with me is SJW!!!
No I did not. I'm asking you why this is even a big deal because you aren't going to play the game and forget about all of this as soon as we stop having this conversation. it isn't being SJW or whatever retarded nonsense you think it is. It is just a bad joke, and you're trying to make it out to be something more. Autismos always have SJWs rent-free in their heads even when something isn't remotely Marxist. This is one of the things we used to disencoruage during the GG days to prevent ourselves from looking bad and here you are doing exactly just that. You're no better than anyone at oneangrynigger.
Replies: >>204697
[Hide] (10MB, 960x720, 00:35)
Fighting games don't need to have overly complex mechanics or stupidly long input strings to be good. As long as it knows what it wants to be and has good backing visuals/audio it can be a good time as any other fighting game.

Not that anon but are you finally coming to terms now? For a second there I thought I had to look up Capcom employees on the yellow pages to confirm that the poster was, indeed, about manspreading. I know, if it were up to you, you could be thrown Capcom-branded dildos in your face and you would make up a mind canon about how this means that Crapcum is secretly funding the Fourth Reich, but please accept that Capcom has outsider influence and it shows. 
>I'm asking you why this is even a big deal
>a big deal
I couldn't care less about CY+8 Capcom here but what you've said here is apologetic and fucking gay. Street Fighter is, for better or for worse, a trendsetter most fighting games tend to look forward to for inspiration. If you're asking what could the consequences be for the flagship fighting game franchise to have women look like men and pull >jokes straight out of Anita Sarkeesian's dried up womb I don't know what to tell you.
Replies: >>204749
[Hide] (91.3KB, 694x402) Reverse
>Anita Sarkeesian
1/10 bait.
That poster really do be about manspreading though. It even has poison on it.
[Hide] (433.7KB, 866x1192) Reverse
>Fighting games don't need to have overly complex mechanics or stupidly long input strings to be good
I am surprised it took devs this long to figure that out. When most discussions surrounding the genre is about how difficult and beginner unfriendly it is, you'd think the first impulse would be to scale back on the complexity. Like always it takes a good few financial failures and a company making bank for an industry to change. I do feel bad for all the arcade boomers who are proficient in these games and can really appreciate the depth they can offer. Now they're stuck with baby's first fighting vidya for the next decade, but it's either that or complete irrelevancy like their arcade brethren the schmups. As someone who only plays these games casually it doesn't effect me much, although it is quite cathartic to see all the fgcucks embracing the simpler games all the while having spent the last 3 years trying to convince people that "actually fighting games aren't any more difficult that other genres".
Replies: >>204764 >>204791
[Hide] (878.1KB, 666x500) Reverse
>embracing the simpler games 

Depth and width are very different. Width is all the characters, their moves and cool stuff you can do that keeps a casual player in. Depth is how far the game can be taken. If you think the removal of depth is what created a larger playerbase, you are wrong. And so are the devs for that matter. Ease of use did. Larger buffer and link windows which I absolutely support, all the visual and sound indicators plus better crafted hitsun when you get counter hit, block, get hit, and also overheads and lows depending on the game. Polishing the games in a genre with notoriously weird and obfuscated mechanics and hitboxes. In short, being able to actually play the game. 
I'm an 09er like almost every other retard online and I have struggled with games from before then and even SF4 itself for those reasons. It was much harder to do everything and being able to know what's going on compared to any modern game. You could play against someone better than you and get obliterated without a chance to consider whether you mashed too hard, or the opponent read and parried/dodged you, or whatever else, over and over again. You had no resources to learn and no way to even know what to improve.

Those are good things and actually make the game accessible but none of them make the game simpler, unless you want to argue that making bnb combos easier ruins the game. Removing depth from the game only hinders it. No one will play SF4 or 5 ever again, any tekken game past 5, any SC game except 2, and I'd bet strive will be forgotten as soon as another game is released. They are not making good games, they are the latest thing so it's the one that you can play (with other people) and they are actually well made/well developed, polished games. But mixing that with being "good" is a mistake. No one is embracing simplicity because they just aren't simple, they are shallow. The skill floor is at the same level as it has ever been, you mash buttons and do cool things. They are not more difficult than any other genre. What changed is the skill ceiling. 

However if you are somehow complaining about the people DEFENDING 1 frame links and whatnot, please ignore them.

As for the latest new thing, it's too early to tell with SF6 but SF5 was so horrible I bought it around 2 years before 6 for 5 dollars and I got bored of it immediately. Chances are SF5 was so horrible that 6 will be an improvement no matter what.
Replies: >>204803 >>205004
yeah but still, its possible to cum to this
just have to zoom in a bit but its doable
I still play SF4. I thought it was pretty cool and Omega mode is fun.
[Hide] (38.7KB, 599x412) Reverse
I am back and my idiot friend has recently discovered LowTierGod during his quest to find the most annoying youtube personality to talk to me about. He was very excited a few days back and spammed my inbox with links to the video where LTG loses to that other nigger with no legs. A 6 or 7 year old video by now and one I didn't give a fuck about even back then. As I know LTG is a clown much like DSP making a living off his "trolls" who constantly donate money to him for some retarded reason.

My friend has hatched an evil plan to get me to play BB:Tag with him and his gay nigger friend from NJ on a console platform I don't even own. This morning I drug my ass out of bed at 6am to pick this ungrateful nigger up for work. As soon as I entered the room he loaded up some random tournament being MCed by some tranny for this boring ass tag game I dropped 5 years ago. A game I dropped within 2 or 3 days of it coming out. As it was the biggest disappointment in recent memory and all of my mains were somehow ruined worse than I could have even imagined.

Since this game has an easy-mode and both of these idiots are too broke to afford SF6 I guess they've been playing it. I think it was free this month on Xbox or something. Even at the price of free it was too much. As I discovered when I pirated it the day of release and promptly deleted it from my HDD. A total waste of space. Even my weeb friends do not like it.

This is all well and good. But this faggot keeps insisting that BB:Tag is "my game" and "I'm just being a hater" because "you're always that way". I attempted to change the subject several times but was met with stupidity at every turn.

At some point he brought up LTG again for the 100th time this week. Since his gay nigger Xbox friend is both a nigger and a total faggot I guess LTG's spiel causes him massive butthurt or something. When I explained that I do not give a shit about this dumb faggot and I would prefer to talk of something else he just kept going.

>You know the worse thing about LTG? He's won tournaments and could be really good.
I couldn't let this pass. I called bullshit and said no. There is no way that faggot won any tournament that didn't involve a bunch of pre-schoolers and maybe his gaggle of dick sucking unironic fans. My friend became enraged
>why are you always like that? Every time. I have the videos in yonder
to which I replied. No. You have no video in yonder. I do not believe you. In fact I bet there isn't anything stored on your HDD but overpriced games and porn. If such a video does exist it must be a hoax. I do not believe for one second that that nigger has won anything in his life.

I asked who else showed up for the tournament he won. Of course my friend didn't know because he doesn't know shit about anything. He got mad and left the room to go play yu-gi-oh with his nigger faggot friend.

This man has 4 children and I weep for the future. I don't understand how someone can be online all day and still chronically behind about the latest gossip by at least 8 years. The normalfags must have their own special internet where news travels slow.

I learned 2 new combos today and won a few matches online. I hope everyone is well. This idiot buys SF6 on the first of the month. God please nuke us all before he gives even more money to these faggots. I'm sick of watching him fund all this progressive bullshit then complaining about it. I used to think this guy was smart. I was wrong.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 480x360) Reverse
>This man has 4 children and I weep for the future.
Don't worry, with modern methods a human can be rendered into compost in as little as one month.
>No one will play SF4 or 5 ever again
Wrong. For better or worse here is your line-up for the foreseeable future:
>3rd Strike
>SF2 whyarewestilldoingthis edition
>SF<insert latest casual version here>
for other games off the top of my head:
>GG Xrd v2 + GG Accent Core Plus
>KoF 98 + 2002 + XIII + <insert latest version>
>Melty poverty edition
>MK3 + <insert latest version>
>Tekken <insert latest version> + whatever Tekken fags play when they play older edition

Those are the mains. From there you get some SNK games that are really good like Gaoru and the 100 editions of SF2+Alpha. Oh an Twinkle Star Sprites. Whatever it son Fightcade v1 with more than 10 people in the lobby basically.

The mainstays don't hang around and remain popular because of arcade boomers. They stand the test of time because they're fun and somewhat balanced (at least 4 characters are viable which is all you really need).

Skullgirls and all the other crap is regulated to the 10 odd-balls on some discord server.

People only played SF5 because there were plenty of scrubs to body. They'll play SF6 for the same reason they watch it: It's all that's available. The only people really flocking to such games are
>stream whores
>sponsored and forced to participate

If you got an honest poll from most guys attending tournaments over the age of about 16 they'd most likely lean towards older games like 3rd Strike, SF4, older sprite based KoFs and weeb shit like BB:CF. BB:CF and GGAC+ could come back to Evo's main stage this year and draw lots of viewers. It would be a good show because so much new blood has poured into those games over the past few years. But it will never happen because advertisers don't want to push old games.

The hard truth is when the FGC went corporate back around 2015-2016 it lost its soul. We no longer control the tournaments so we'll continue being forced fed bullshit until they ruin whatever is left of the real hype. Most of the top players looked so depressed and obviously don't want to be there anymore. A lot of them are pushing 45 and only continue playing because it's their only source of income. Whores every last one of them.

At least the hole-in-the-wall arcades are still fun as long as you avoid that one guy that's been camping the 3rd Strike cabinet since 2006. No one avoids him because he's good. They avoid him because he smells and constantly talks about that one time he went to Japan and got bodied. Everyone is tired of hearing the same fucking story from a sad middle aged man that has accomplished nothing in life but winning a regional tournament in 2009.

I expect things to continue getting worse until we're all dead. At which point we'll all probably come back for another disappointing life. We should be thankful we got to witness what real video games were like. The industry is never going to unfuck itself.
Replies: >>205008
Is that nigger the one that lost against a  white kid that told him after winning "If you forget the taste of my dick, fight me again" Or something like that?
Replies: >>205009
>giving up
The "industry" is a satanic construct. In time they will kill themselves as all children of Satan inevitably will and conservative men will build fun video games on top of their corpses.
inb4 niggerpill
Replies: >>205009
Yeah same dumb faggot. He's still keeping the act up for $20 a day in donations. I don't understand how he continues having an audience. You would think even the retards would get wise to the scam by this point.

The truth is the FGC was always a bunch of losers and retards. But it was far more fun when we could say the word nigger and dress up our waifus in skimpy clothing. I was done watching Evo the moment I saw them censor Cammy's original costume for the first ESPN broadcast. A fucking disgrace of the highest order.

Yes I am incredibly salty about it.

The jew isn't coming back to save you. The only way they die is if we do it ourselves.

Fun fact about the "industry": The English voice actors are getting paid more for their "talent" than all of the following combined:
>nip programmers
>nip voice actors
>nip artists

Wanna hear a sad story? There is a dedicated group of bots and paid shills for the SAG still posting on every BlazBlue forum to this day. They keep posting
>wahhh I can't understand story in game without English dub
over and over again in an attempt to shame the nips for telling them to fuck off back in 2015. Same people are sending DMCAs to any fan mod that tries to implement a dubbed version or any fan that dares to do original voice acting.

The person doing the translations for cruncyroll subtitles can't even pass the N3. They get paid like $150 per shitty episode. Fuck these people. We should have never imported nip content. We should have kept it locked away at Comiket behind a wall of kigurumi body guards.
Replies: >>205013 >>205882
[Hide] (51.6KB, 264x282) Reverse
Would you happen to have been raped by your father as a child?
[Hide] (551.7KB, 540x638) Reverse
>I'm by no means an expert on KoF but my impression of its characters is that a good majority of them look like they're trying to be cool. Not that they're naturally cool, but that they're consciously trying to dress and act cool. The result is that they come off as trying too hard.
You said it perfectly.
>Assuming 15 characters each, who would you pick for a Capcom vs. SNK 3?
I'll go for 20 on each side:


Terry Bogard
Mai Shiranui
Andy Bogard
Blue Mary
Big Bear
Joe Higashi
Billy Kane
Geese Howard
Sokaku Mochizuki
Cheng Sinzan
Kim Kaphwan
Yuri Sakazaki
Leona Heidern
Wolfgang Krauser
Li Xiangfei
Sylvie Paula Paula

To me it should be mostly Street Fighter VS Fatal Fury with only a few characters from other franchises here and there.
Replies: >>205043
>I drug my ass out of bed at 6am to pick this ungrateful nigger up for work
>No Kyo
>No Iori
Just openly tell us you don't want a CvS3 in current year.
Replies: >>205882
[Hide] (66.3KB, 400x210) Reverse
>3d models
<age extremely rapidly and can be done very badly very easily
>well-done spritework
<almost always looks 100x better and the only thing that ages it is the resolution
I really don't get why they do it.
Replies: >>205107
[Hide] (2.1MB, 2214x1200) Reverse
Because it costs a fortune and a lot of time. I believe KOF XIII made SNK go nearly bankrupt. Each character took 16 months to make. Kim's pants alone were half of the budget for it, and each character had about 10 people involved to get the thing done.
People just don't understand how time-consuming and expensive high quality 2D sprite art is. I remember people complaining about KOF XIII's pricetag when it released claiming that it was "too expensive for a 2D fighter" when sprites literally cost more time and effort than 3D models, bunch of retards, clearly complaints from people who have never picked up a pencil.
Replies: >>205116
Yeah I guess it's not worth all that effort when most fighting game players are as fickle as an LA whore and will move onto the next thing in a few months.
[Hide] (172.9KB, 1280x905) Reverse
>Wasn't gonna happen anyways...
I wouldn't be so sure, i remember reading that Oda (SNK producer and KoF director) was interested in it.
Obviously i would be more interested in a SNK version than a nu-Crapcom one.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1150x1600) Reverse
>Ken is supposed to be hiding after JP framed him as a terrorist
>You find him literally a 1 minute walk away from the Masters Foundation building
>Found via a selfie he took with a construction worker
>Casually tatsus a sack of sand on your first meeting
What the fuck is this horse shit of a story?
Replies: >>205417
The feds can't approach him because they're afraid of getting dragon punch'd
[Hide] (142.7KB, 974x758) Reverse
[Hide] (67.8KB, 921x742) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2560x2880) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 6692x2880) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5MB, 5120x2880) Reverse
I say this as one of the only faggots on here that had anything positive to say about Skullgirls in the wake of the panty saga. 

I was wrong and we were in fact sitting on a slippery slope that Future Club decided to dive headfirst along. I don't have much to say besides fuck this dev team for being full of emotionally and morally fragile people who can't stand behind their own work. Didn't know what would be for dinner but tonight I'm eating crow.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 540x360) Reverse
It's not like anyone actually pays for this shit anymore, their only source of revenue must be Blackrock jewgolds so this makes perfect sense. It's also not their work, it's Alex's, they just bought it like a U-Haul shed after the original owners died from ass cancer. Whatever. You and I both know what the solution to this problem is and we're both too pussy to carry it out, might as well just continue fapping to the porn and pretending the game doesn't exist like we've been doing since 2016.
Replies: >>205629 >>205665
What the fuck is even the point of this game with the sexy removed?
Replies: >>205628
Spoiler File
(8MB, 3925x4096) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.3MB, 850x1158) Reverse
Spoiler File
(10.5MB, 4000x3630) Reverse
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's a nerfed MvC2 clone with fappable character designs and some good ideas stolen from older games that nobody bothered to put in one place until now. That's why it dropped off the radar almost immediately after coming out, people played it, realized it was just as bullshit as MvC2 but rounds took twice as long and went back to playing shilled fotm garbage or the poverty games they already knew. I think they reworked the damage system at some point to make the game more playable but it was too little too late for me and for the rest of the internet, arguably even before they outed themselves as hating their own fanbase. Pics related, this is the face of the skullgirls community. It's a goddamn shame because Alex's design language was fantastic and if he was paired with someone who knew what he wanted from a fighting game and wasn't afraid of getting canceled I think it would have had a solid niche.

How's TFH doing?
>You and I both know what the solution to this problem is and we're both too pussy to carry it out,
Takes 0 courage to just uninstall a game. 

>might as well just continue fapping to the porn
I was never into the game because of the tertiary lewds. I actually liked the game for what it was trying to do and by all accounts, it was doing better this season pass by adding a lot of new character specific mechanics which is the kind of thing I'm drawn most too in fighting games.
Replies: >>205630
Spoiler File
(985.1KB, 802x1600) Reverse
Spoiler File
(771.8KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
>I was never into the game because of the tertiary lewds. I actually liked the game for what it was trying to do
Me too, I just got walled by the high-execution low-reward combos at launch and by the time I cared enough to try to push through that KikeZ had already told me he didn't want my money. I genuinely believe the game had good bones and they have at least some devs on the team with enough fighting game knowledge to make something of it, but collectively they're anti-white and anti-beauty and in the end that means they are worthless shit midases. t. bought Skullgirls twice because they were making the right noises at the time and I thought locals would be done on console near me
Replies: >>205657 >>205661
Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 3403x2935) Reverse
Spoiler File
(243.2KB, 796x904) Reverse
Spoiler File
(307.7KB, 1150x960) Reverse
Spoiler File
(683.4KB, 1280x1230) Reverse
Spoiler File
(445.7KB, 1174x1360) Reverse
I liked the game for it what it was as well, but them removing the panty shot was enough to make me completely lose faith in the company and everyone involved. It's a small act but it shows their standing. The fact that they didn't apologize for the panties or even changed it back silently showed that they were still the same censorship-loving fucks, and that's why I wasn't even remotely surprised when >>205622 happened. 
I want to put the cock into peacock.
[Hide] (19.2MB, 1920x1080, 02:01)
[Hide] (491.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (366.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (394.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Here's a video summary of the changes and a few screenshots which I think are pretty stupid.  The tongue tentacles in particular actually look more fetishy when they're wrapped around someone.
>look, just because we have a giant mass of womens bodies, twisted flesh, and gnashing teeth doesn't mean we have to have one of the ladies getting drooled on!
I jumped on during the IGG campaign and stuck around for a while, even doing locals and shilling the game to my friends. But in the past few years I rarely played fighting games outside story modes or the scattered online matches nowadays but I always wanted to reinstall SG during this season pass because at it's core I think the game does a lot right even though I wind up getting reset to death by any competent player. 

And I refuse to play some mobile game.  

All of these changes don't "fix" anything so I don't see the point beyond the devs being truly cucked to hell and back. The Red Cross is one thing because the organization by the same name is really litigious; but taking away the arm bands doesn't change the fact that the Egrets still look like nazis, that people in eliza's story are still put in bondage or brutally murdered, and it diminishes the violence for BBs betrayal.
Replies: >>205664 >>205670
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1800x2400) Reverse
I heard that they also got rid of a Russian announcer due to the Ukraine stuff. Is that true?
>All of these changes don't "fix" anything so I don't see the point beyond the devs being truly cucked to hell and back. 
Yeah, all of the changes are really strange and fundamentally don't change that skullgirls was always intended to be an edgy erotic fighting game. What's the appeal to SG if it isn't the gore and fan service, what distinguishes it from other fighters? The censorship seems very petty (even goings as far as removing content) and I doubt few fans the game has left will stick around. Maybe if Mike Z wins his lawsuit he might repair some of the damage done, but I am not holding my breath for that. 
It's a shame that despite the freedom that indie development brings people still feel the need to censor themselves this much. Why even bother going independent if your going to be just as censorious as a committee following focus groups and HR departments? I just don't understand.
Replies: >>205670
[Hide] (202.1KB, 930x1098) Reverse
[Hide] (25.6MB, 636x360, 05:50)
Their Steam page is full on damage control. People are asking to get the games removed from their own Steam library so much that this decision hurts them.
I still do not understand what's the sense in any of the changes, not only is this game's peak player count at something like 300 (which is practically dead) even during the launch of characters that people have been demanding like five years ago, without the sexy this game has literally nothing that can't be gotten elsewhere. Even SFVI is better than that.
>It's not like anyone actually pays for this shit anymore
They jewed out a mobileshit game that seems to be quite popular with whales, but mobileshit is an unsustainable model long term because people just move on once the service stops pumping new content.
TheBestGamers were right.
Replies: >>205668
Imagine if DOA Or Arcana Heart removed their only appeal. LMAO. Nobody plays Skullgirls for it's gameplay first and characters second, people who choose such a game do so because they get bouncing tits on their screen.
Replies: >>205671
>I still do not understand what's the sense in any of the changes
It's what happens when all your PR are based on twitter posts.
Replies: >>205731 >>205735
[Hide] (659.1KB, 1280x1024, 00:28)
[Hide] (377.4KB, 1010x800, 00:29)
I hadn't seen concise comparisons of the panty censorship before now, so I'm sharing these.

>All of these changes don't "fix" anything so I don't see the point beyond the devs being truly cucked to hell and back
It's a purity signal.  The same phenomenon is what Soviet collaborators rat out their families over nothing in exchange for the state's favor.  But in this case, "the state" is globohomo.

>I heard that they also got rid of a Russian announcer due to the Ukraine stuff. Is that true?
It wouldn't surprise me but I haven't heard about it.
Replies: >>205674 >>205687
>Imagine if DOA Or Arcana Heart removed their only appeal
>removed their only appeal
Didn't they already do that?
Replies: >>205676
[Hide] (204.9KB, 1133x887) Reverse
[Hide] (233.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (485.3KB, 539x660) Reverse
Is it me or are the censored frames really hastily put together? Not talking about the animation, but rather the lineart. It looks unpolished.

Anyhow, here's the original digital compendium before the game went to shit. It's missing Frame Data for DLC characters past Squigly, but those were not modified as far as I know.
Replies: >>205678 >>205720
My bad, i'm not up to date with that series
Replies: >>205678
[Hide] (1.7MB, 887x1440) Reverse
[Hide] (878.1KB, 840x472, 00:03)
[Hide] (4.4MB, 2100x1731) Reverse
>really hastily put together
Yeah.  They look very unnatural and amateurish.  I remember looking up some gameplay to see the animations in practice and they are a burr on otherwise very polished work.

DoA6 tried to do that before being ridiculed by anyone with red blood in his veins.  It straddles an awkward line between sexless esports pandering and desperate titty pandering.
christ they really fucked up their faces on 6
Thank fuck I never supported skullgirls. What the fuck was that meme about way back when where they would exaggerate how difficult making animations for it was?
Replies: >>205692
>implying its that difficult to add them back in.

Replies: >>205692
[Hide] (114.8KB, 960x540) Reverse
You're probably thinking of this, which was mostly "paying rent in California."

You seem to be a retarded nigger.  Have you considered suicide?
Replies: >>205696
You seem to be retarded and should commit suicide immediately.
[Hide] (257.4KB, 1242x1980) Reverse
[Hide] (110KB, 1242x903) Reverse
[Hide] (228.8KB, 600x800) Reverse
>mfw they removed the cancer drive art
Replies: >>206006
[Hide] (251.9KB, 563x701) Reverse
Thanks for zips dude.
[Hide] (145.6KB, 1200x800) Reverse
To be fair, it's clear DOA's never going to try that again since 6's whole esports pandering backlash killed Shimbori's career. 
I'm worried if we'll ever see DOA again, but hopefully if we do it won't be the sanitized EVO-friendly version of it he tried to make it be.
[Hide] (24.6KB, 128x128) Reverse
>It's what happens when all your PR are based on twitter posts.
No wonder that no one plays this game.
Replies: >>205735
Worse: it's all based on a single Discord channel the 200ish remaining players use for matchmaking.
Replies: >>205740
[Hide] (36KB, 480x384) Reverse
Replies: >>205782
>They left the dude's bulge alone
Someone is blatantly a faggot.
I don't know if the invites still work but Skullheart is littered with official Skullgirls matchmaking servers that had basically the majority of the current playerbase on them
The simultaneous input assist button (for doing EX moves without having to bind separate PPP and KKK macros) has led to a pretty broken option select in SF6.
>hold down HP+HK (and a medium button if your character has PP or KK inputs, like Zangief's lariat)
>hold down back to block low
>press the SIA button without pressing it too quickly
And you can ignore both strikes and throws.  Command grabs, overheads, and guard break moves like DI still work, but you can simply let go of the buttons and do your own DI instead.

Capcom is aware of this and will be patching it, but it's temporarily banned in events until then.  Ranked mode, on the other hand . . .
Replies: >>205799
I don't even know why they released the game with all the modern control crap. They realized it was broken so they had to neuter some characters in modern so now if you play them in modern you don't have half of their normals? At that point they should have just done plain old autocombos by mashing and be done with it.
Replies: >>205829
Holy fuck Goenitz just RAPES me real bad this is gonna be hell to unlock his gay lil cape
Replies: >>205829
Ironically, this particular bug isn't available on Modern controls.  The SIA button only does something on Classic controls.
>modern control crap
They did it just to make it easier for people to play in ways that they find comfortable.  The SIA button was obviously going to lead to some kind of gamebreaking bug given all the stuff it does, but playing on modern controls is a perfectly legitimate way to play for people coming from 4-button airdashers, or who just don't want to manage the entire 6-button layout.  I'm fine with SF's controls now, but for someone with less experience it's pretty harmless and leads to a lot more people feeling like they can enjoy the game.

A lot of traditional and beloved fighting games were pretty simple at their core and originally arcade games, so the inflexible controls worked fine.  With something like SF6 that is obviously trying to be extremely complex and leave a lot of room for lab monsters to explore, having more types of inputs makes sense.  It reminds me of old PC games where you could rebind all your controls to anything on your keyboard and do broken stuff; it never harmed anyone but it must have made the average player more comfortable.

I'm happy that a new generation can experience some SNK boss syndrome, even if it is easier to cheese.
Replies: >>205831
[Hide] (414.3KB, 950x1200) Reverse
>new generation can experience some SNK boss syndrome
Exactly this, I wish there was a way to put the bastard at the end of an arcade mode, though. Really let the younger ones get the feel of what it means to hate a boss. Who knows, maybe they'll get their nuts back and have the final boss in arcade/story be a real serial rapist in 16.
[Hide] (96.6KB, 1200x675) Reverse
>The truth is the FGC was always a bunch of losers and retards.
I don't know how anyone, even in this thread, still gives a fuck about tournyfags.
The so-called FGC and shit like EVO is what killed the fun in fighting games.

>No Kyo
>No Iori
Couldn't care less about those two fags.
Replies: >>205910 >>205987
I know your IQ is barely above room temperature slidechink but if you think modern rent-seeking tourneys are in any way comparable to video game players trying to git gud through competition at the local or even regional level you need to shoot yourself.
Replies: >>205917 >>205919
You are mentally ill
You are correct
Replies: >>205921
Man you're pathetic
Replies: >>205922
[Hide] (184.6KB, 1050x850) Reverse
>someone can't possibly agree with another person
You are literally brain damaged
I care. I won't even bother to pirate a CvS game without my boys.
[Hide] (298KB, 800x800) Reverse
All of this bullshit.
>Make game.
>Make a big deal out of all the porn artists.
What are they smoking? It can't possibly be as simple as globohomotwittershitte right?
Replies: >>206054
It's not that complicated. Just another instance of trannies taking over an old franchise and ruining it.
[Hide] (113.1KB, 850x984) Reverse
>Despite having 3DCG models and environments, still stuck using the 2d plane.
Why not implement a limited universal dodge system like Cody in Alpha3?
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1254x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (3.8MB, 2048x1858) Reverse
[Hide] (413.7KB, 1070x649) Reverse
[Hide] (43.9KB, 646x103) Reverse
[Hide] (110.2KB, 654x302) Reverse
The forums are filled with trannies and  squeamish normalniggers having a slapfight against people who are compalining about the censorship, some of them are protesting by posting uncensored CG and removed fanart, as well as that unused animation.
I also see plenty of posts like 3rd pic, mostly ad hominem attacks towards the people who don't want censorship.
Replies: >>206183
>get better hobbies, you people who share my hobby
Replies: >>206187
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1440x1440) Reverse
[Hide] (872.9KB, 1226x1235) Reverse
Here's something somewhat amusing.
>Go into the profile of anyone defending the censorship or calling people "right wing pedos"
>look at their reviews/owned games

Had to screenshot these because the irony is simply too sweet
I think that (maybe you never know) the implied hobby there is supposed to be complaining about censorship or something.
That's really just your average steam user, all you need is 3k hours in tf2.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1905x975) Reverse
Australians; what do you have to say for yourselves?
[Hide] (294.2KB, 835x1200) Reverse
>beastars avatar
>huge degenerate
>skullgirls "player" who presumably bought it just to leave a review
<pro censorship
I miss when weirdos had some sense of shame.
Replies: >>206238
[Hide] (180.6KB, 625x787) Reverse
Have some OC.
Replies: >>206331 >>206736
>pre-faggotized internet: weirdos and huge cuckolds are forced to hide their shit on specific sites or forums and do not willingly post personal info of any sort
<people generally have places to say and do as they please regardless of inclinations, no one is particularly hounded and shit on more than anyone else 
>post-faggotized internet: weirdos and huge cuckolds control all major sites and even many obscure sites and also form cults of personality around themselves 
<people have to namefag and jump through hoops or find small ultra sekrit clubhouses to post some of what they want, and even then it'll eventually be used against them when the weirdos and cuckolds all decide it's bad bad poopy stuff
No matter how gay and fucking stupid anons themselves get full on anonymity is alway preferable to this.
The icing on the cake is that Skullgirls' entire PR comes off of Twitter. Now that their tranny golems are scrambling to find a solution to their probelms, all that "free publicity" and EVO hype evaporated, likely long enough for it to hurt their viewership.
[Hide] (109.1KB, 850x913) Reverse
Skullgirls 2nd Encore, with all the DLC up to Black Dahlia
password is name of the game
Replies: >>206770 >>206991
when is tasofro making new soku
Replies: >>206754
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1400x788) Reverse
He did.
Replies: >>206773 >>208117
You are my greatest ally, anon.
>select master
>select slave?
Replies: >>206774
♂dung jung master♂
[Hide] (177.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
1st SF6 dlc character is Rashido.
Replies: >>207107
[Hide] (75KB, 370x420) Reverse
>pw is name of game
<not Skullgirls
<not Skull Girls
<not skullgirls
<not skull girls
<not Skull Girls 2nd Encore
<not SkullGirls2ndEncore
<not skullgirls2ndencore
you didn't try Skullgirls 2nd Encore
[Hide] (71.2KB, 324x437) Reverse
<not Skullgirls 2nd Encore
<not Skullgirls2ndEncore
[Hide] (2.1MB, 480x270) Reverse
you didn't try skullgirls 2nd encore
[Hide] (621.6KB, 820x626) Reverse
You didn't try Skullgirls 2nd Encore, with all the DLC up to Black Dahlia
I would've expected >>206996 to be right, personally
Anon the password is the name of the file.
Replies: >>207013
[Hide] (787.4KB, 546x820) Reverse
Replies: >>207107
[Hide] (233.1KB, 250x135) Reverse
Rashido is allowed in EVO2023? LOL

Skullgirls will never be an official game at EVO
Who gives a shit about EVO
Street Fighter pros especially since it feeds into Capcom Cup for a cool $1m first prize.
but muh Core values!
Replies: >>207117
Core Values are Dead or Alive? lol
[Hide] (96.5KB, 520x600) Reverse
Not going to watch any of your shit if you link to jewtube, faggot.
Anyone got the archive of the skullgirls devs talking about how they are toning down their art from the beggining?
Replies: >>207482
That's what you're doing because you're a dumb nigger.  The word you want is beginning.
Replies: >>207483
Please no bully, anon.
[Hide] (653.2KB, 949x481) Reverse
Steam censors bad Skullgirls reviews, calls them off-topic instead
Replies: >>207591 >>207600
Well I don't envy whoever is in charge of these. Valve definitely scraps anything as off topic if it's wrongthink, but you also have massive review bombs from chinks if a dev or someone tangentially related to a game says something bad tangentially related to china.
Replies: >>207594
One of the top reviews is "I think Eliza should be in Fortnite" and it's not considered "off topic".
[Hide] (85.1KB, 1155x448) Reverse
at the end of the day I'm unsure how effective the review bombing was given this announcement came the week before the steam sale and the game dropping to basically nothing. But also how none of this probably matters to the goal of Hidden Variables because the cash cow for the past years has been the mobile game not the fighting game. 

But the more time passes the more this censorship update reveals the hypocrisy of everyone involved. But even 8 years ago it was already understood that there's nothing that can be done to truly change what Skullgirls is. And yet another attempt was still botched to nobodies benefit.
[Hide] (511.6KB, 640x800) Reverse
Turns out you can easily cheese the fuck out of Goenitz with Kim's dp
Rest of the world versus the 60 or so people here.
[Hide] (37.4KB, 620x450) Reverse
>The entire world cares about EVO except for you!
Are really tournyfags this delusional?
I can ask any normalfag in this very moment and the 90% of them wouldn"t even know what the fuck EVO even is.
Figthing games' dedicated online forums or jewtube channels  aren't "the world" faggot.
Replies: >>208506 >>208507
Watching the matches or the VODs is different from what I think it is that you hate about EVO and tournaments, I hope you understand that.
[Hide] (50.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
You're still the minority. Cry more.
I just like watching people like DSP getting blown the fuck out.
[Hide] (670.1KB, 319x234) Reverse
>"i am not butthurt, i swear!"
>:here's this smug anime girl that proves you that i am not!"
Nice non-argument you got there, faggot, now go take a shower tourneyfag.
Or do you also want to argue that people who do take a shower are also the minority?
unless you live in a shithole, of course
Nobody is crying here but yourself lmao
Replies: >>208691
[Hide] (575.4KB, 200x110) Reverse
I would love to see someone play a Day 10 Rashid and stomp everyone else in SF6.
[Hide] (243.3KB, 495x412) Reverse
I don't know how any of you guys feel about all this, but if I wasted decades of my life on this cucked-ass game genre, then I'd prefer to at least be compensated for it monetarily.
Yep, definitely not bawling his eyes at the mere thought of people outside his tiny circlejerk are having fun. Not at all. You are pathetic.
Replies: >>208703 >>209549
[Hide] (17.8MB, 854x480, 02:34)
Replies: >>208698
[Hide] (1.7MB, 500x500) Reverse
How's your phoneposting coming along? Have you not figured out how to download 60fps videos yet?
Replies: >>209339
You have to go back.
Tekken 8 CBT is out on PS5. Next week it'll release for PC so everyone can play the crack. Most notable so far is that movement is extremely different between characters.
Replies: >>209216 >>209387
[Hide] (243.9KB, 646x718) Reverse
>Tekken 8 CBT
Sounds painful
Replies: >>209372
[Hide] (40.2KB, 580x345) Reverse
Replies: >>209402
Anything above 15fps, unless it's retro gaming, is overkill. 

Not like you're Barry Allen.
No, the CBT was for Strive since it's a tranny game.  Tekken 8 is having a CNT because it's meant to attract real men.
Replies: >>209591
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1280x720, 00:50)
>game isn't even out yet
>base roster has only 14 characters
>1 character is preorder exclusive
>first fighter pass has already been announced with 6 characters
>half of them are netflix capeshit nobodies
Jesus Christ, I know it's rather normalfag, but I like Mortal Kombat for what it is, or used to be. Yet it seems like only the first 3 titles were the only ones to ever feel like what i liked. This is just sad.
Replies: >>209399 >>209415
King has new throws!!!!!!!! And in general just looks sick as fuck. The game feels more fluid and I like how the camera's zoomed out a little more.
[Hide] (52.2KB, 828x450) Reverse
Here's a game for you. Guess which character pic related is.
Answer: It's Tanya
God I wish.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1238x832) Reverse
For all their faults Skullgirls and TFH showed you can have a fun game with a small roster if each character is distinct enough. When this abomination fails it won't be because there's "only" 14 characters.
[Hide] (49.6KB, 446x361) Reverse
Cock and Nuts Torture?
Replies: >>209593
Replies: >>209908
[Hide] (71.2KB, 1024x896) Reverse
Rashid is out and so good that people are betting on Rashid to win SF6 in EVO2023 

I don't follow
[Hide] (822.2KB, 1200x630) Reverse
[Hide] (706.4KB, 680x680) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1280x720) Reverse
I saw this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4a7UzySL9o
and noticed that late in the video, ekko (black man) did some gay alpha counter or parry? (one of the girl gamers called it a parry) and nullified not only the assist from darius (axe man) but also the ahri's (fox lady) super
like I get powerful defense options to offset powerful offense, but this is just the gayest shit i've ever seen and it costs one bar too, could be worse like costing half a bar or something
Replies: >>210181
>tail is not fluffy
How can normalfags fail at such a level?
You really had to pick that guy of all the fighting game YouTube beggars, huh?

>one of the girl gamers called it a parry
I think Ekko was in his proximity guard/crouching animation before flashing blue, so it seems like this was a parry rather than a guard cancel.  I'd be surprised if guard cancels weren't in the game, though; tag games have traditionally had absolutely degenerate mix-ups and pressure due to tag mechanics, and the only reason people tolerate them is because you're getting ToD'd by Iron Man or Spider-Man or whoever.  In a game that wants to be more balanced while still having fun and flexible mechanics, it's necessary to have powerful defensive options.

The devs have only talked about the aggressive options so far.  I'm not sure how defense will work in Project L.

I can't wait for the game to have no playable Yordles and fumble the only reason anyone would even begin to care about it.
I like this guy's videos. According to the comments, a lot of the hate for Ex3 comes from the fact that Japanese Ex3 'is' terrible.
Wasn't EVO's owner an actual pedo, forcing it to be bought out by Sony?
We can tell you used an AI to write this post, nigger.

He wasn't the owner but her was the guy running it, which is probably the only reason it could continue as they could drop him quick. The actual owners are the guys that made the early fightgame Rollback solutions and current makers of project L.

As for the guy, I think what happened was he made a george floyd joke during a stream and all hell proceeded to break loose. either everyone in his company gathered the courage to call him out for being a rude and abusive employer, or he was just completely ganged up on by employees and press that smelt blood in the water. He used autism as a defense in the ongoing lawsuit which is either really funny or possibly true. I can see an autist with power either power tripping or being manipulated.. He's currently working on another fight game called diesal legacy, but not as a team leader. Apparebtly theres no drama with that project so either he learnt his lesson and didnt go full asshole or the old team was just assholes making shit up. 

As for if he's a pedo, lmao he is involved with the FGC so obviously yes.
Replies: >>211093 >>211095
[Hide] (167.7KB, 333x301) Reverse
You're conflating like three or four dudes in the FGC.
>EVO pedo
Mr. Wizard AKA Joey Cuellar.  Definitely a pedo and one of the organizers/directors of EVO along with Tom Cannon and Tony Cannon.  I'm not sure how involved he was aside from being the face of the event.
>current makers of project L
The Cannon brothers are two people working on Project L.  I'm pretty sure Riot Games hired them on after they had started the project themselves.
>george floyd joke, rude and abusive employer, autism
Mike Zaimont AKA Mike Z AKA Kike Z, maker of the Z Engine and director of Skullgirls and Indivisible.  I don't know anything about any ongoing lawsuit, although there were some legal rumblings when he was formally ousted from the Skullgirls development team due to wrongthink.
>Diesel Legacy
I haven't heard anything about Mike Z being involved in this game, but after a quick search on Twitter I was able to find an article where he is confirmed to be working on the game's netcode.  There isn't any info on the studio page that I could find, which makes sense now that I think about it.
Replies: >>211095 >>211099
[Hide] (103.8KB, 375x375) Reverse
He was a pederast, that's a felon, a criminal liable to his offenses to be persecuted by the law. 
Pedo itself is just the latest meme insult social media drones flock to because they can't afford to offend minorities now.
Call him a pederast and stop beating around the bush, you fucking faggots.
Replies: >>211103
Ah thanks, can't keep track of weirdos involved in fighting games
>t. pedo
>Project L
Thanks for reminding me of one of the worst game names of all time. I'd fire somebody if they proposed a name like that for a video game I'm trying to sell.
>dragonball fighter and mahvel
Hey, that almost sounds tolerable. If this isn't a weird AI thing like the other anon suggested then I might even watch the main streams when there isn't Jojo or puzzle fighters going on.
[Hide] (139.7KB, 1703x758) Reverse
[Hide] (159.6KB, 1832x757) Reverse
[Hide] (70.5KB, 1833x453) Reverse
[Hide] (46.9KB, 554x536) Reverse
Stream schedule for EVO main games.  The "industry showcase" on Friday is detailed in pic 4.
[Hide] (124.4KB, 1704x705) Reverse
[Hide] (140.8KB, 1706x757) Reverse
Stream schedule for EVO side/community games.
Replies: >>211265 >>211268
[Hide] (131.1KB, 2022x430) Reverse
[Hide] (131.9KB, 2021x430) Reverse
Stream schedule for EVO poverty games (BYOC).
[Hide] (80.3KB, 331x335) Reverse
This is an impressive level of gay. I count four games that might be worth watching, none of them on main stage. I know I'm the only one here who actually watches this crap so I'll try to remember to cap anything funny I see and post it here.
Replies: >>211291
>no puzzle fighters
What a gay. If they weren't running Battle Network then I'd be right pissed.
[Hide] (409.2KB, 1502x2381) Reverse
>Community line-up has actual respectable fighting games in it
Why do people care about the main show again?
Replies: >>211291
I wish Puyo Puyo Tetris was a part of this shit.
Replies: >>211276 >>211291
Unfortunately this series is published by Sega so they somehow managed to fuck up all the traction they got in western territories from the original PPT. If it was under any other company then they would have actually used the foot they got in the door and there would probably still be events.
So it goes.
That's how EVO has always been though.

It was in a side event once wasn't it?
[Hide] (1010.1KB, 1105x690) Reverse
[Hide] (477.4KB, 636x660) Reverse
I decided to skim the Evo Industry Showcase to see if there was any worthwhile news or reveals among the esports faggotry.  There's a Tekken 8 showcase later in my time zone and assorted indie games that are full of gay niggers and which will die within a week from launch.

>Rivals of Aether 2
Dan Fornace had three separate points where he spoke and not a single one of them had audio going to the stream.  Thanks, EVO.

Maypul Trailer featuring a guest animation by KekeFlipNote, and no I'm not joking: https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=yKUH3zTNWMk
She looks much improved from her RoA1 version and very cute.  In RoA1 she had two plant gimmicks: put a plant on the ground and then hit people into it for combo extensions, and a seed/nut she could throw at her opponents or the plant which would let her zipline directly to the target later.  In RoA2 she seems to have three separate plants: one behaves like the RoA1 plant, one that she can plant at the ledge, and one that she can plant directly on her opponent and "pop" for a big launcher.

I thought Maypul was one of the cooler characters in RoA1 so I'm glad to see she made the jump to 3D graphics well.  The voice acting doesn't seem cringey either, but story mode could always prove me wrong down the line.

>Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
New particle effects when people get hit and some character model/shader updates.  A new character called Grimmnir or something.  No gameplay.
[Hide] (14.5KB, 99x88) Reverse
wew lad
[Hide] (996.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Is the the most MvC2 matchup possible?
[Hide] (115.2KB, 425x239) Reverse
This is definitely the most soku stream possible without getting a fat canadian involved.
[Hide] (383.5KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Replies: >>211419
Got a cytube link?
Replies: >>211421 >>211424
Does twitch even work on cytube? Even if it did someone would have to switch between streams and deal with the hours-long gulfs between worthwhile games.
Replies: >>211424
[Hide] (279KB, 640x480) Reverse
There used to be a command line utility called Livestreamer or Streamlink or something which let you watch Twitch streams in a VLC or other player window.  It was unsupported and replaced by something else, whose name escapes me.  You can try that if you want to watch without suffering through Twitch cancer.

I have no idea how Cytube integration would work.  In past years we just posted in the thread when something funny happened.
Replies: >>211435
>just missed MvC2 top 6
I'm just in time for Third Strike top 6 at least.
Streamlink is what replaced livestreamer, I'm using it now.

Looking it up cytube does still support twitch sync. The point about the schedule being a mess stands though, I don't want to babysit the room for most of Saturday or worry about being late to change streams.
[Hide] (59.9KB, 422x582) Reverse
>missed MMBN
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
That's some serious nail fungus.
Duo Lon just announced with nothing but a character model. Najd release 8/8
[Hide] (18.1MB, 1280x720, 01:00)
Twitch is cancer, but the clips feature is handy for saving video highlights from all the random video archives.
Replies: >>211562
[Hide] (8.9MB, 1280x720, 00:30)
Replies: >>211578
[Hide] (8.6MB, 1280x720, 00:30)
I'm catching up on the 3S top 8 now.  I was initially happy to see an Elena player make it to the winners side of grand finals, but after I noticed how the commentators conspicuously avoided referring to him as "he" or "him" I began to feel that old sinking feeling.

Trannies truly are the worst.  I can't even have fun rooting for a low tier in 3S anymore.  At least I'm getting better at identifying trannies through gameplay patterns.
Replies: >>211604
>tranny got fucking demolished 6-0 in grand finals by Chun Li
Schizos can't play footsies, I guess.
Replies: >>211602 >>211603
>tranny all the way to grand finals
I might have watched 3s vods but now I won't, thanks.
Replies: >>211603
Aren't trannies the majority in fighting games, and esports in general?
Replies: >>211607 >>211608
Last time I was at a smash tournament there were two trannies in my pool. Looking around I realized that 1/3 of the tournament entrants and the TO were trannies.
If nintendo hadn't already killed Project M that tournament would have.
Replies: >>211607 >>211608
They're overrepresented in esports circuits but they are nowhere near the majority.  There are certainly lots of autistic 130 IQ men who could become trannies with the right brainwashing.

I was watching some videos for a recent Smash Ultimate major (there are usually one or two good matches) and saw some young teenager playing in pools.  I thought it would be neat until I clicked and realized that the kid was obviously a boy in a dress who had been groomed in some Discord.
>Put on a wig
>Say you identify as a woman
>The shitlibs who normally complain about 'ugh toxic gamers' now suck your dick and give you donations
They're just playing the meta, guys :^)
[Hide] (24MB, 1280x720, 01:25)
>Johnny is in
>has answer's cards instead of coin
>new jack card super, reminds me of K' throwing his glasses

i suspect he won't have mist let alone unblockable loops
Replies: >>211621 >>211718
>won't have mist let alone unblockable loops
Unblockables have always been cancer but it's a shame to him not have any coins, or for the coins to be replaced with a Strive-ified mechanic that is literally impossible to use the "wrong way."
I think they could have done something fun with Bacchus Sigh and the mist - maybe it leads to a guard crush - but perhaps it had too many problems with the RC system.
Replies: >>211626
the mist being guard crush similar to heat knuckle change would be fine, would be easy to set up without the rc system due to the wall splat or wall slumping, even with the rc system fprc is still in the neighbourhood of ~40% (36% to 48%) cost
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1542x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1542x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1536x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (438.8KB, 740x740) Reverse
>world tour nigger gets FENTANYL'd by wacky mushroom lady
Thanks Capcom, I love it.
where's the SF6 clip where the tourney organizers accidentally left the chun-li nude mod on
Replies: >>211708
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1280x720, 00:39)
I've never really seen the point of nude mods.  The characters look so out of place.
Replies: >>211709 >>211743
clothing hinders movement
[Hide] (12.4MB, 1280x720, 01:01)
Forgot to mention, there's actually a season 3 update
<Adds actual new moves
>May gets to jump off her dolphin 
>Ramlethal has some kind of move where rocks come out of the ground behind the enemy
>Faust gets to eat his item and can use it for later
>When Anji does his spinning dash move, he can slash with his fans with water coming out
<Supposedly more characters in the roster will be getting move moves

<System mechanics (both of these use 50% of burst, unknown if they refund a bit on hit/block)
>Wild Assault - allows anyone to unga forward (it includes all characters, so Potemkin might finally have a good 6K/Hammerfall for once)
>Deflect Shield - super block, blocks lows overheads projectiles crossups included
[Hide] (473KB, 720x694) Reverse
Tekken 8 full roster was leaked a few days ago.  The Raven (top left) and Azucena (top row, third in from left) trailers seem to imply that it's real.
Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 480x480) Reverse
>I've never seen the point of nude mods.
That's because you're gay.
Replies: >>211744 >>211745
I want to fight her on a bed.
>original sprite porn that resembles absolutely nothing in any SF game
I don't think you're making the point you think you are.
Replies: >>212177
I'm catching up on the USF4 bracket from EVO and I'm pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to watch now that people aren't taking it too seriously.  You still get the occasional Elena who wants to do 2MK > Lynx Tail and EX Mallet Smash then run away with Healing (or one of the SFxTekken characters, who are all pretty poorly balanced), but most people seem to be playing more esoteric characters.  I've seen Seth, Oni, and even a Hakan player who was doing some cool stuff.

SF4 was a pretty broken game once people discovered all the cross-up unblockables and degenerate throw break OSs, but the neutral game is pretty nuanced and fast, which is nice for a groundwalker game without airdashes.  It's a shame that the devs couldn't ever figure out how to truly fix the problems in the game's code/mechanics because there's still something really cathartic about hitting people in SF4 that SFV never really matched.
It might be the first time i though a sex swapped character was better than the original one, and with this i mean Master Raven > Raven
Replies: >>212054
[Hide] (227.6KB, 451x259) Reverse
>Right of random icon
Who's that?
>middle row, last icon
Yoshimitsu I assume?
>Alisia has long hair now
>No Kunimitsu
>No Lidia
Kind of rude to introduce a new character and moveset on the last season and not bring them over to the next game
Pretty decent roster though. It has all of the mandatory legacy characters, something most fighting games fail to do nowadays.
Replies: >>212057
[Hide] (7.3MB, 941x522, 00:50)
the fact ninjas dress completely black already tells you ninjas were originally blacks this is basic history nigger get educated
Replies: >>212093
It better be fake because I'm not interested in any of those characters. Also there were some other datamine leaks that named zafina but I don't see her, unless it's the one to the right of the random button?

Left of random must be lee since it kind of looks like him and I really doubt he wouldn't make it to the base roster. I'm more confused about the dude next to kuma I don't know if that's shaheen or bob or something. and whoever's between kaz and law.
Replies: >>212082 >>212099
I believe she's top left, just next to Raven and wearing a hood.
>dude next to Kuma
Definitely Shaheen.
>between kazuya and law
I think that might be a newcomer or Violet.
Replies: >>212099
[Hide] (50.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
Also just realized, no Heihachi? 
Are they retiring him because his second voice actor died?
Or is he going to be an unlockable boss character? 

Fuck, hearing about how his first voice actor died is depressing. He was the original Dozle Zabi too.
Replies: >>212105 >>212168
Yeah, not a single person on Earth cares about the story but the deepest lore demands that he dies even though by that same logic 12 nukes can't kill him.
>Are they retiring him because his second voice actor died?
T8 seems like it's trying to move forward and do new things, so retiring the Mishima saga is part of that.  I imagine the decision was made well in advance of the voice actor dying.
>What is SF3?
>Main argument wasn't talking specifically about SF
Nice try retard
Replies: >>212192
Is SF3 a first person porn game?
Replies: >>212194 >>212220
Hell yeah 🤙🏻
[Hide] (1.6MB, 850x1133) Reverse
God I wish.
[Hide] (83.9KB, 215x463) Reverse
[Hide] (772.2KB, 557x700) Reverse
Post fighting games without female fighters that
>have more than 10 characters
>aren't sims for real segregated sports
[Hide] (5.3MB, 432x568, 00:46)
[Hide] (70.6KB, 690x1000) Reverse
SF6 has done it. Now every casual will complain about modern (ie. simplified) in every subsequent fighting game. GBFVs just had a patch to remove motion controls...
Replies: >>214082
Bls explain more for those of us who haven't been keeping up with SF6
Replies: >>214100
I want to type up a wall of text about it, but the gist is that SF6 offers Classic controls (traditional 6-button SF) and Modern controls, which are a 5-button scheme: Light, Medium, Heavy, Special Moves, and an Autocombo assist button.  There are also shortcuts for supers.

Modern still lets you do special moves and super with the traditional inputs, and using the special move button/super input shortcut will incur a 20% damage penalty.  You also simply do not have access to all the normals and special moves your character has in Classic.  Guile loses his 6HK "upside down kick" and his 6MP overhead punch, which means he lacks his longest range high profile poke (which can technically also be used to bait throws, but he still has plenty of ways to do this) and his overhead "mix-up" option.  Marisa doesn't have her step kick special move at all, which is pretty significant because that move is huge and used in a lot of her combos.

Despite all this, Modern controls are a very strong option because you have access to 1-button special moves and 1-button supers.  SF6's mechanics are built to require specific types of attacks (supers, armored moves, invincible moves, anti-air invincible moves) at very specific points, and much of the neutral game involves overloading your opponent's mental stack so he can't react to things that would otherwise be simple.

Modern controls let you always, always react.  A jump-in that would have been impossible to anti-air on Classic is trivial on Modern.  A reaction super that would have required several seconds of high-commitment buffering on Classic is a single button press on Modern.  This simple fact alone means you can lock people out of certain options if your character has a very good level 1 super, like Luke, because your opponent attempting to do something will always be at the mercy of your 1-button reaction.

You can still do big combos and other things too: Guile keeps all three of his special moves in Modern, so you can still abuse the space control and neutral he's known for.  BUT you can also mash your invincible Flash Kick or your level 1 super in a blockstring.  Because both of these are charge moves, Guile normally can't do them more than once because attempting the motion input causes him to lose his charge if the move doesn't come out.

There are a couple of Modern players who went far at EVO.  Haitani playing Chun Li made it the furthest, I think: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Au8aOt-CFyw
Replies: >>214119
[Hide] (110.3KB, 256x256) Reverse
So does this mean one button supers will stay in fighting games or be removed now that people are starting to see how retarded they are?
I really just want supers as a whole removed from my 3D fighting games. It's annoying how series that had little to no supers a few gens ago now have 30 second long cutscene supers be the deciding factor of every match now.

And I imagine that that 20% penalty is worth it because you'll be able to use supers in situations when you normally shouldn't be able to. Combine that with modern mode "friendly" characters who don't lose important moves and then you'll have shitty new players who can stand up to people who mastered classic mode. Great.
Replies: >>214418
[Hide] (11.5MB, 1280x720, 01:26)
[Hide] (7.6MB, 960x720, 00:58)
[Hide] (6.4MB, 1280x720, 00:27)
>So does this mean one button supers will stay in fighting games or be removed now that people are starting to see how retarded they are?
People have known how strong they are since Granblue Fantasy Versus had them.  The game didn't take off in the competitive scene, but it sold a ton to casuals and Granblue Fantasy players so it established pretty significant mindshare for itself.  And honestly, the actual concept of a 1-button special move or super isn't that crazy; if you're canceling into a move then it may as well be instant, and doing it any later because of a complex input is usually an error.

A trend I have noticed in many successful and stimulating games with high difficulty released in recent years is that most of their difficulty is optional, and feast-or-famine mechanics are not prevalent.  Pizza Tower is the embodiment of this philosophy, since you can't die until you start the escape sequence in a level and there are lots of things to collect.  But getting the highest possible rank on a level is still incredibly difficult and demands very thorough knowledge of the level and enemy layout, and quite a bit of precise execution.

I think SF6 did a decent job of implementing Modern controls (I've heard that it was apparently not even planned to have the Classic option, but passionate lobbying from some members of the dev team led to them putting it back in) since a lot of the game involves managing your mental stack and priming your reactions to just-barely-reactable attacks, so the trade-off between having perfect reactions but fewer special moves/ways to mix up your opponent and less damage works on paper.  We'll see how it pans out in the next three or four years, because I seriously don't want this to become another SF4/SFV game where everybody just fishes with 2MK and never tries anything spicy.  In future games that inevitably take after SF6, there will likely be a lot of mechanics where you get rewarded for doing something cool and precise, but aren't locked out of doing stuff if you can't grasp the inputs required to do a special move.

When I first started playing fighting games, I tried doing basic stuff like gatlings into a charge special move, and I really couldn't do it.  It made me question the entire point of why I wanted to get into these games in the first place.  Luckily I'm autistic so I was able to keep trying and ultimately find a way that worked for me, but the majority of people are total mouth breathing cavemen who get filtered hard if they ever encounter something like that.  It's good for a game to allow these people to have casual or less serious fun, but contain mechanics that encourage them to act with precision or reward them for being aware of various situations.

I see a lot of people complain about newer games being dumbed down or making things easy - and many of them do, to be fair - but SF6 has a lot of precise mechanics that reward you for digging your teeth into the game.  If you wanted to recreate the famous moment 37 parry in SF6 and perfect parry every hit, it would be significantly harder than parrying the same super in SF3 because the SF6 perfect parry window is only 2 frames and there aren't any tricks like being able to parry the super flash to guarantee the first hit is a parry.

>supers as a whole removed from my 3D fighting games
I feel you.  I hate watching cutscenes every round.

>shitty new players who can stand up to people who mastered classic mode
If the only reason you're losing to a "shitty" new player is that he can access all his character's moves quickly, then he's probably not shitty and you're not nearly as good as you think you are.  The situation reminds me of people who bitch about leverless/hitbox controllers making certain techniques really easy; overcoming the inherent awfulness of an arcade stick for delicate inputs isn't "cheating," the input device just sucks.
Replies: >>214421 >>214447
One thing I forgot to mention: the inclusion of Modern controls has had a huge impact on casuals feeling like the game is approachable, and that they won't just get fucked if they try playing for more than a couple weeks.  We all hate casuals, but it's important to have new blood coming into the scene and I appreciate SF6 for doing that.
Replies: >>214431 >>214495
[Hide] (52.8KB, 285x587) Reverse
>it's important to have new blood coming into the scene
Is it though? All that seems to get us is a market that goes further from what the core base wants and a whole lot more rules as they strive to be more professional and inclusive.
Replies: >>214441 >>214495
That cutscene really kills the moment.
[Hide] (8.9MB, 1280x562, 00:14)
[Hide] (5.2MB, 1280x564, 00:14)
So it seems to be 100% real. 32 characters as announced, renders of old returning characters are identical and Azuzena was 100% on point so it looks like this is what it's in the game. My thoughts about it are:

No Lidia and Fahk surprise me, since they feel like the Luke of Tekken. Characters obviously made for 8 added in a rush since the previous game happened to sell better than expected. 

Lucky Chloe was an interesting character, beyond the surface level scrub tier qualities. A simplified Lei, which is overall (and I mean overall, for the game as a whole in all levels) a good thing. Barely anyone spent enough time diving into the character to see that the devs probably aimed to replace him with her. I don't think Azucena, the closest thing to the "Lei" archetype in 8, fills the same niche as them at all.

AK, Anna, Marduk and some Noctis/Negan copycat are guaranteed to be DLC, I'm certain of it. They are popular and different enough to get popular attention in the usual tournament announcement.

I can't blame them for adding just one chink kung fu fighter. Julia and Leo filled the same niche at the same time, and Leo could have even replaced Feng and I would have been glad if I didn't saw Feng again for another decade. 

Chances are that, seeing how they are putting some extra effort on renovating all characters and systems, Panda will be an actual character. Same thing goes for djin, especially since Jin took half of his moves, he might be overtuned now.

Word on the street is that Reina is nearly a Heihachi clone. We'll see about that. Chances are they didn't add Lidia because they already had a strong traditional karater girl in Reina, but at the same time I doubt they won't add Lidia into the game. Lidia, and Fahk, feel like the lukes of tekken, made for the next game but added into the previous since it was selling so much. So having two characters that are essentially the same, "strong" traditional karate girls, with powerful pressure, that play at the same ranges, with the same weaknesses, it would be a strange design choice in my opinion. So I have no hope for him.
Where Yoshimitsu? Is that him leftmost mid row or rightmost?
Except the casuals do leave after a few weeks after there's no new content, even with win button. What fighting games need is tutorials for the more advanced concepts and robust single player content that encourage learning the game properly (instead of just throw cheating AI at the player so they only learn cheese that works on the AI). Soul Calibur manages it.
[Hide] (5.3MB, 1280x720, 00:49)
I am now playing ^ core plus because memes got me interested in guilty gear. Last time I played a real fighting game was around at least decade ago and I can't even wins two fights in a row in story mode. 
This shit plays too fast and my brain just reverts to button mashing, but it's fun. 
I'm going to play the cat's game after this.
Replies: >>215278 >>215298
>^ core plus
Please just call it GGXXAC+R or +R like everyone else.  But I'm glad you're having fun.  +R is a very fun game even if it does contain Zappa, Baiken, Slayer, and Dizzy.
Replies: >>215415
I can open a +R lobby if you are feeling brave. I don't play much of the game anyway.
Replies: >>215415
[Hide] (5.1MB, 853x480, 01:12)
[Hide] (6.5MB, 853x480, 01:13)
[Hide] (7.7MB, 853x480, 01:26)
[Hide] (5.7MB, 853x480, 01:04)
[Hide] (6.3MB, 853x480, 01:10)
I'm playing the PS2 version because I misread the wiki and thought +R was for consoles only.
I mash buttons in the general pattern of attacks and win about half of the time depending on the characters. I am tired of this bitch kicking my ass and playing eruption though.
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1881x1056) Reverse
Fuck you. 
I had to read a wiki and watch half of two videos for this.
Replies: >>215424
[Hide] (13.8MB, 1280x720, 00:54)
>playing on the PS2
+R was released as a patch for Accent Core in 2013/2014, so I doubt that's what you're playing.  Judging by the burst gauge, it looks like vanilla Accent Core.  You really should get +R.  It goes on sale on Steam for like $3 regularly and the training mode has a lot of modern quality of life features you won't find in the older games.  There is still no real tutorial, sadly, but that's what Dustloop is for.

>desperately counterpicking Axl to beat I-No
Heh.  At least you're doing that much right.  Your real issue is not pressing standing P/5P enough.
Replies: >>215426 >>215486
Apparently PS1 is getting on fightcade soon, so you should start preparing for tekken 3, bloody roar, sfex, bushido blade...

I'm almost sure I got mine for less than a dollar, and it has the voodoo netcode that lets you play across the planet so it's really worth it.
I played it for the lore, because I heard the new game fucked it up. He is also fun to play as, even if a bit too easy.
But yeah, I'd fuck bridget.
>so I doubt that's what you're playing
Like I said, I'm play :^) core plus, not +R. 
>desperately counterpicking Axl to beat I-No
I just picked random characters and stuck with axl because he was fun. If anything I was having an easier time with bridget before learning how the game works. Even now I can't even kill the bitch again with axl without using instant death. Easily the hardest fight in the game, even justice was a pushover compared to her.
Replies: >>215495
>reading a fucking fandom wiki
Good Lord, there really isn't much hope for some of you, is there?
Replies: >>215496
Spoiler File
(463.8KB, 587x453) Reverse
That's just what shows up when you look for the game, not the one I read earlier. 
If you want a real reason to be disappointed this is what I'm playing with.
Replies: >>215516
[Hide] (236.2KB, 432x700) Reverse
my condolences,
if you're playing for the L O R E
i recommend the following
>GG (PS1)
>GGXX & #RELOAD (AC & AC+ & ACPR or whatever have mostly unrelated story if i recall)
this will mostly explain the holy order & justice
>GG Xrd SIGN Arcade Mode
>GG Xrd SIGN Story Mode (you can watch this on youtube)
>GG Xrd Relevator Arcade Mode
>GG Xrd Relevator Story Mode (there's also an after story too)
>GG Strive Story Mode
this explains some retarded shit, more importantly it does conclude the original trio of Sol, That Man & Sol's Wife (i forgot her name)
there might be some notable story in the Gacha game but I don't think it's that important
Replies: >>215518
[Hide] (13.6MB, 924x520, 01:04)
[Hide] (17.8MB, 924x520, 01:28)
Turns out I forgot that PCSX2 is a well designed software and that using their frame limiter doubles input latency. 
The game felt really fast in those webms because I was playing with half a second of input lag. Turning the frame limiter off allows you to react to the AI and makes the game 10 times easier. 
Now the only limiting factor is this disgrace of a d-pad that fails me during specials. And that bitch's special attack that hits the entire map and takes half of your health off while blocking. 
>GG (PS1)
I thought the pre-X2 games didn't have a story mode. Is it worth playing those games just for the lore?
Replies: >>215519
[Hide] (71.1KB, 356x223) Reverse
GG1 & GGX has some sort of story, GG1 is about a tournament Justice, GGX is about some holy order war I think and something to do with Dizzy, you can consult endless amount of information on this tumblr blog: https://gear-project.tumblr.com/
and yes this is probably the 'best' way to find an autist detailing and answering story-related questions about GG
also fix the dang aspect ratio of your ps2 gameplay
Replies: >>215551
>gear project
That fag is wrong about lots of stuff and super retarded to boot.
Duo Lon trailer came out
Replies: >>216931
[Hide] (370.2KB, 923x466) Reverse
[Hide] (626.6KB, 931x456) Reverse
[Hide] (464.9KB, 925x469) Reverse
New character for Under Night 2:
>twin barrel beauty
Oh, she's got twin barrels, alright.  Doesn't really look or feel lik an Under Night character, but that's fine because Under Night's art style is mostly animu garbage.

>too lazy to copy paste a link
Here you go: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=2e0A6PN3pVE
He looks like he'll be just as annoying as his KoFXIII incarnation, although now that he can't go from rekka into teleport without spending meter he might have to think a little bit how to cancel his moves.
Replies: >>217098
Opps.. forgot link
[Hide] (240.9KB, 805x942) Reverse
[Hide] (478.7KB, 1331x898) Reverse
>doesn't even open the file picker
>just copies and pastes the thumbnail
every day I thank all the gods in heaven that I'm not chinese
[Hide] (17.6MB, 1280x720, 01:11)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:16)
[Hide] (156.7KB, 249x477) Reverse
>Doesn't really look or feel lik an Under Night character
Because she's Noel Vermillion with an "ara-ara" lemon twist.

I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about the lore of UNI, but this chick is a member of the same quasi-religious organization Orie, Wagner, Mika, and technically the ice dude from Cl-R are from. But she and Mika don't dress as conservatively as the rest and at the risk of sounding like a prude, they probably should. You can make a gunkata battle nun without having her tits out and just like you can have some underaged chick without her middriff exposed. And since they imported one Akatsuki Blitzkamf character, they could easily have taken a page out of Anonym and had this new chick dress a bit more modestly even if she is some kind of assassin. 

On the other hand, this game is anime as fuck so I'll just see how she plays when she drops.
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Anon, is not rushed, it's just shit.
I am worried for Ed Boon's mental health at this point, witnessing something he helped create get turned into pozzed garbage by Warner Kikes' suits.
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>replying to the chink
SF6 Luke, Cammy, Lily, and Ken's Outfit 3 revealed at Tokyo Game Show

TL;Dr MK1 sucks ass; do NOT get
This isn't exactly news, but the Mk1 launch isn't doing so good with shit like the pc port being ass, The inability to tag moves when such a feature was in previous Nrs games, the timer glitch, the horrible connections with desyncs and disconnects. what about the online matches or lack thereof can I play casual nope, can I make a lobby for my friends nope, Yo I got a dude who plays Xbox and another on pc can we play together how about FUCK YOU. Do I need to bring up the switch port and its numerous glitches, shit lighting and poor graphics.

Well at least there's offline content invasion mode with piss poor challenges we have a post that shows one, man that looks fun right, what about the story with characters that drop in and out with loopholes and dropped characters from left to right.

what about the gameplay? the Kameo system allows more combo variety and allows greater experimentation, Geras and Sektor has really caught on with me , not mkx levels but it has potential I'll give it that. animation on a whole is much better than previous titles baraka, Havik, Reiko and shao are actually really good for the most part, other characters are inoffensive. some stick out as horrible but improvements have been made.

I don't know what happened behind the scenes. Its obvious this was supposed to be injustice 3 from the super move close up, the Ui and the overall design feels like a superhero movie. With the WB fiasco ranging from canceled movie projects, relaunching the DCEU even thou he super hero movie genre is at a Twighlight, the unfortunate and sudden death of Kevin Conroy (rip) and with WB contemplating selling dc and Nrs during development Along with the suicide squad being delayed. I can somewhat understand as to why ij3 was canned.

It's funny how capcom released sfv and mvci almost back-to-back and pissed away almost all good will it built during sf4, que years later sf6 breaks records and sets a new bar for other games to compete at. Nrs releases mkx which garnered much love from the fgc but then it releases mk11 with felt bland and soon after gives us this MK1 which is bleeding out new players and pretty much is being called mid by a sizable chunk of players. To those still in the honeymoon phase Godspeed you got a better tolerance than. hopefully it gets better but damn what a rough launch.
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