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What a nice board!
Check >>>/tech/ out

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>What the fuck is this?
MechWarrior: Living Legends is an overhaul mod for Crysis that was the successor to the then dead MechWarrior series before MechWarrior 5 was released. In addition to piloting mechs, you can drive a number of both land and air vehicles as well as exit them and move about in an armored suit.
>Sounds sick. How can I play?
You can find the latest installer on their website, which will come with everything that you need.
>Can my computer run it?
If you have anything that was built in the last decade, probably, but that doesn't mean you should expect performance drops since it is CryEngine. Autodetect settings should be enough, but if issues persist, check out the wiki.
>When's the server going up?
While I have experimented with a test server, I wouldn't be able to keep it up for the duration of the gamenight. There are a plethora of public server options anyways and the regular players, though few, may appreciate a temporary uptick. I can put up a temporary server if need be, though.
>Why are you posting this Wednesday?
It's a 10gb download, and even if you already have it installed you should make sure that it's updated, which can be done via launcher. There are some performance and control configurations (including joystick support) you will want to get familiar or set up beforehand.

Important Links
Main website with installer: https://mechlivinglegends.net/
Guide directory: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=Category:Guides
Basics: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=MWLL_Basics_Guide
Performance settings: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=MWLL_Performance_Guide
Troubleshooting: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=Troubleshooting

Mech/Mecha General: >>837
Titanfall 2: >>14715
>>20137 (OP) 
We doing a private server?
>>20137 (OP) 
Oh I am an idiot I just read the OP. I dunno man, if you can't do a server the whole time then thats sorta lame.
Replies: >>20164
>no private server
shit nigger what are you doing
Replies: >>20164 >>20240
If it comes down to it I can set up a server for at least some of the time, but apparently last time this was played a public server was used. I'm not familiar with the community, so if they're pricks then I'll try my best.
Replies: >>20167
(254.5KB, 505x538)
>>20137 (OP) 
I'm not trying to be a fag but if you can't do it the whole time then its probably best to hold off. As much as I want to play it would just be better if we had our own room instead of tiptoeing around the regulars.
Replies: >>20171 >>20240
I should mention that a key reason why it'll be troublesome for me is that I most likely will be unavailable during my afternoon, meaning that the Euro will suffer. I could probably keep it up maybe seven hours per day at most during the evening on the East Coast or instruct a volunteer on how to set up a dedicated server, which really isn't that challenging.
>>20137 (OP) 
Perfect, no private server fag means no worries if this gets reposted to cakegag.
The fuck are you talking about, nigger. This is about not having to deal with regulars and having the server for us to noob around freely. Fuck off to the meta thread.
Replies: >>20193
(18.5KB, 360x450)
Truth is, the thread was derailed from the start.
Fine, I'll figure something out.
>muh board civil war
mark is your enemy, not the fucking board you juvenile fuck.
Replies: >>20193 >>20197
>post saying there's no worries if it gets reposted to cakegag
>Supporting board wars
No, I'm prepping the thread for another nuclear meltdown when I feel like poaching the thread here. Last thread had too many niggers butthurt about a measly repost. Anyone can agree Mark should be gassed but getting all riled up on including 8moe on something is extremely retarded.
Also considering previous gamenights have been posted over on cakechan without much fuss I'm guessing it's probably a gay op to D&C

>Not reading the previous thread
Private server fag was upset that his server was posted to cakegag. That's the context.
Replies: >>20197
You both type like fags and your shit's all retarded. I shouldn't have to remind you that, as a rule, we leave one place because it's unbearable. If people stay after it becomes unbearable, then they likely enable or perpetuate whatever terrible conditions made us leave. There's no "war". There is isolation, one might even call it quarantine. The less contact made with the infected the longer this place will hold out. Both of you retards probably don't get that because you're the modern-day equivalent of plague-ridden rats.
Replies: >>20256
Enough meta derailment, faggots. Take it here.
And don't bother engaging with the nigger.
Replies: >>20233 >>20256
Personally I'm hoping for shitposting on the public servers. Mic spam, being a public nusiance, and general asshattery are all but guaranteed at this point.
No, some have the No anitsemetism or racycism as their server message. And there is no voice.
MWLL is better on a full server, only issue would be not being able to join the full server.
Replies: >>20244
Alright, so what I'm gathering is that we have our fun with the high pop public servers and then set up the private server when enough of us get banned.
Replies: >>20247 >>20248
>some have the No anitsemetism or racycism as their server message
Yes, and? When has a server text message stopped you from doing anything?

Sounds like a better plan so far
Replies: >>20248
I dont remember any anons getting banned last time we had a MWLL game night could be wrong though, cant remember what servers we played on back then though.
Does anyone have that video where a guy kills people in some Mechwarrior game to trick them into reading the script of the TDKR plane scene? That shit disappeared from the internet.
(302.4KB, 578x422)
>And there is no voice.
Replies: >>20255
(37.7KB, 111x129)
Don't worry! There's an official D i s c o r d.

Wait a second this is another 
>please host my game for me 
Gamenight. No thanks, I want to play with anons, not normalniggers
Replies: >>20334 >>20347
>People who STILL play some obscure crysis 1 mod in 2020
Replies: >>20347
Test server will go up today at around 5pm EST so I can make sure everything works and so you can fuck around and learn how to play. Unlimited money will be turned on.

I will host when I can so you whiny bastards don’t bicker, but I can’t do it constantly and it’ll be unfair to anons in the European timezone unless they stay up late. I can only do it in the evenings, you’re just going to have to deal with it when I can’t by either joining one of the many empty 24/7 servers like any person would or just do it yourself. I’m still waiting on someone I know who probably could do it for the entire weekend, but I don’t know yet.

To my surprise, there actually seems to be a decent amount of people who still play so a server may fill up. So, if that’s the case, I’ll put a password on when anon population is high and open it when it’s low and just kick any no-fun regular.
Replies: >>20399
Used to love this game but the devs are a bunch of niggers who keep nerfing mechs and buffing aircraft and otherwise ruining all my favorite variants. But since they make content most of the community sucks their dicks so I just stopped playing. 

If you guys want to piss off the tightwads amongst the regulars go onto the 12th VR server if it's still up (or any of the servers that's populated really) and name yourselves easily recognisable, milquetoast right-wing names, DonaldTrump4moreyears, Kyle Rittenhouse, etc, I hear they recently banned someone on their discord for "glorifying a murderer" when someone joined with the latter of those names.
Replies: >>20382 >>20386
Are you retarded, anon?
(106.5KB, 300x300)
>Using discord for a crysis mod
I expected that the only kind of person who still plays crysis and it's mods to be more like us, not a faggot discord user who cries about raycissm. 
I wasn't even planning on playing in this gamenight because I never liked mechs but now I will. Let's piss them off as much as possible. 

Is there teamkilling in this game? Would it even easier to grief these faggots. But we'll need a way to identify anons from the faggy regulars. Perhaps use clan tags? We could use this opportunity to fly the WWEW banner again.
Replies: >>20406
Some people are worse than others but the discord is known to be particularly cancerous (I never went there I don't use discord but I hear about what happens there). The discord seriously destroyed the MWLL community because everyone started hiding among their own little groups and the community is really split and adversarial now.

There's also a few tranny simps in the community that get buttmad when you make fun of trannies.

>is there team killing?
Yes, the absolute worst (best) way to teamkill someone is to take off one of their legs then not kill them. It won't leave any log that you "TK'd" them, and it ruins them financially usually because when you die, there's a minimum amount of money you will spawn with denoted by your score, so if you just make it so they don't die, and they can't sell their asset (because they can't return to a garage) they are usually stuck with no money and must either go buy a really cheap asset, or just get themselves killed so they can afford another one.
>thinking any anon is going to be able to leg someone
>thinking they wont just ping their fagcord for faggots to hand out bans
>as if more than 3 anons will show
>as if host is going to actually host
Truely shaping up to be an epic gamenight
Replies: >>20399
>thinking any anon is going to be able to leg someone
What's so difficult about someone in the legs?
>thinking they wont just ping their fagcord for faggots to hand out bans
If they get so assblasted to the point they need to go cry in their faggy little discord channels for bans, then we won. We farmed salt and got our screencaps. We'll then just play in OP's server, see >>20347
>as if more than 3 anons will show
Can't know until we try. Also 3 anons are more than enough to shit all over the discucks' little server. 

Now stop bitching and download the game.
This game is primarily mechs, but there are other types of vehicles.
(136KB, 540x304)
I'm going to put up the test server a little early so people can get accustomed to the controls. It should be an Internet game obviously named. Unlimited money will be enabled, you just have to press the "Home" key on your keyboard.

 Password is copper.
I got enough toaster for this now I think, will download tonight.
Server will be up while I eat. Everything seems nominal. I've only played MW4 before which I may do in the future if anyone struggles with running this game so if there's anything you want me to add into the map rotation let me know because I wouldn't know.

I'm also going to emphasize that you should really try to get your joystick set up if you have one.
(28KB, 627x649)
Feels good having Crysis set itself to High as optimal settings, what a time to still be alive.
Replies: >>20461
The levels are a barren wasteland with nothing heavy to render
Test server has gone down for now. I'm trying something out. I'm not sure if I'll put it back up or not.
(3.9MB, 1280x720, 00:45)
Is this supposed to happen when I right click?
Replies: >>20519 >>20520
Yes. Its a ba machinegun
Replies: >>20520
(604.9KB, 500x601)
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 1200x750)
Sorry anon you're a mutant now how did this even happen? Having a secret MG+s.laser would make ejecting worth it.
He doesnt have MG equipped.

Saw the test server in the browser, are we going hostfag server or public?
(7MB, 640x368, 03:10)
I'm putting up the server early today for Euros, but I have to go for now. Deathmatch only for now.

Replies: >>20545
(52KB, 1239x488)
Should open the server at some point so we can play actual games instead of SA wank.
Replies: >>20549 >>20550
They would probably only stick to the regular servers. This game has enough to get a full just about every night.
Replies: >>20555
I wanted to play it safe because I didn't think there'd be enough players to warrant team games. I'm going to reset the server and add them in.
Replies: >>20555
How do I git gud? I'm doing okay but sometimes it seems like I'm just not damaging the thing I'm shooting at.
Replies: >>20554 >>20559
>>20137 (OP) 
faggot, pick a fun game next time
Replies: >>20554 >>20559
Its janky. Remember the chest is separated into 3 parts so you might be raking damage across multiple parts. A lot of guys will rock their their chest to spread damage around. 

Host if you're so great.
(231.3KB, 724x208)
This game is meant to be played on TC maps. If we dont we'll just end up like pic all night. Any anons joining in on SA is going to get the wrong impression.
Replies: >>20559
Host you forgot to turn the cbills back to normal unless you want 150k start.
Replies: >>20559 >>20564
I reset the server for team games. If pop is low I'll let the regulars in.

Noted. I figured that they might be too large, but I can load some in. The gamenight is still young.

I'll see if I can adjust it, but that seems to be friendly to new players.

Git gud, old man.
Replies: >>20564
Cbills are back to normal after you die anyway.
Switched to TC. Post issues in the thread because I got to deal with something.
Replies: >>20573 >>20580
Server still thinks its on TSA and we cant cap shit.
Replies: >>20596
Also not getting any cbills for damage/kills/assists.
Replies: >>20596
This is very annoying. I will work on it.
(124KB, 536x640)
Okay, I realized my mistake. Turns out the server commands probably work and I was selecting TC maps, but they were under a different gamemode. I hope that this fixes the C-bill error.
Replies: >>20621
(98.2KB, 511x360)
C-bills seem to be fixed for now, but for whatever reason tickets are going up instead of down. I'm going to try to fix that. Also, there are 8 people online at the moment.
Replies: >>20635
Ticket issue is score-based because the default setting for team tickets is individual to each map for some reason. If the server actually updated, then it should be fixed in the next map. There is a master server config file that does seem to have default values set, but for whatever reason when launching the dedicated server it doesn't read from it.
(15KB, 460x466)
Everything seems a-ok now. All the server-side issues have been resolved. So far the peak today was 11 players. If there's anything that you may be confused about, I really recommend reading the wiki because this isn't the sort of game you just drop in and learn. I'm going to go eat now.

If you're not bothering to read the thread, the server is named GAMENIGHT and the password is WEDIGGIANTROBOTS and that's with two g's because I noticed a couple of failed authentication attempts in my console.
Replies: >>20655
I can connect but the game crashes exactly 5 seconds after. Did anyone write down what exactly the anticheat checks for?
>hooking a trainer on a gamenight
What the fuck are you even doing?
Replies: >>20665
That sounds more like a driver issue than anticheat.
You can change the directx version in the launcher, try that.
I'm using Wine with DXVK you fucking ape, I was just asking before I started fucking around trying to see what's making it break.
Replies: >>20670 >>20671
According to the server browser none of the servers have punkbuster enabled.
Try launching the game in a 32-bit Wine prefix, changing the DirectX version or Windows compatibility mode.
Is anyone else going to play? Because 1v1 is not much fun.
Replies: >>20695
I'll be on more tomorrow.
>crashed for seemingly no reason when I died
(53.1KB, 325x247)
Server shut down for the night. I'm going to test a server out to try to iron out some of the kinks and set up a good rotation. The plan is to reduce a good chunk of the TC maps to 30-45 minutes for majority of the maps and a couple quick 7 minute death matches every few games to break it up. Saturday will be all private, and Sunday I'll open it up to the public so we get a chance to annoy them. We'll probably get overflow for when the Vegan server fills up and then I'll do a big game then.

Thanks for playing and helping me work out the issues. For whatever reason I'm getting the strangest sense of deja-vu typing this.
thank you for hosting, I am not good at the game but driving tanks around was fun.
Sorry anon I had a thing to attend but I really want to play hard tomorrow.
I should mention just as I did in the other threads that I'm going to get the server up at 12PM EST tomorrow and Sunday and arbitrarily turn it off. 

For anyone who does play, tell me if there are any maps that you want to see added or removed and in what gamemode if there's any overlap. No TSA though. I'm definitely going to remove Marshes and that volcano one which I think was called Inferno.
(361.1KB, 737x771)
I had a nightmare tonight where I was part of a really good orgy and then the goblins bust in (because we fucked up a rune ritual with the dwarves) and all I had as a getaway vehicle was that fucking howitzer tank.
Fuck you.
(95.4KB, 1080x1086)
Replies: >>20778
>I had a nightmare tonight where I was part of a really good orgy
domt basturmate
Noon EST. Already posted it.

I had a dream that a three man shitter group kept fucking around the server so much that I physically hunted them down and beat the shit out of them including driving two of them off a park overpass in a go-kart. Then they complained in the game chat about it. Also, Sir Edmund Hillary was a crossdresser for some reason.
>Gamenight in serverlist
Give password, you DOUBLE NIGGER!
(10.8KB, 153x128)
Server UP
Downloading the game right now, be there soon.
2 of us now, waiting for more
Six lads on, get in here.
(263KB, 1920x1080)
(203.6KB, 1920x1080)
(263.7KB, 1920x1080)
(263.4KB, 1920x1080)
get in here faggots
Replies: >>20803 >>20816
(49.1KB, 450x600)
No thanks, even if there were more players, it would not hide how poor the gameplay is. The obvious 'professionals' in this gamenight can circlejerk in isolation. The same thing happened in the TF2 Vintage gamenights, actually, if you'll recall.
Replies: >>20812 >>20838
The gameplay is fine. It's just something that you're unfamiliar with because it's an overlooked genre. You can read the manuals if you want to be better, but don't dismiss it just because of the big skillgap there is between new and experienced players.
Also, we have ten players on at the moment. I'm also going to remove all SA maps even though I put them in for brief periods because that kills interest.
Would hop in if I wasn't sick this weekend.
(179.8KB, 169x250)
The collision detection on some maps is amazing.
(2.4MB, 1470x1736)
git gud
(452KB, 697x768)
What a fag, you probably cry when you lose.
Replies: >>20845
(32.4KB, 499x338)
Let's see about that - I challenge you to a complex game of chess except I will withold the rules from you and only I will have memorized them at the start.
Replies: >>20846
>complex game of chess
just like, shoot mech
Replies: >>20849
(102.3KB, 512x512)
>just like, shoot mech
<and pick the mech that is secretly the best one. If you pick any of these other mechs you will die first no matter your maneuvers.
Replies: >>20852
There is no best mech.
Replies: >>20854 >>20855
Yeah, it's all very situational. You really have to coordinate in this game with voice chat or something, but I felt that not enough people would be receptive to it. Truthfully, I think most tactical multiplayer games would benefit from having a coordinator.
Replies: >>20856
The best mech is whichever is your favorite.
Replies: >>20856
Now that I think about it posting what weapons are what in the thread would have been a good idea. how the fuck is someone supposed to know what an ac vs a uac is? 
The only truth.
Replies: >>20871 >>20875
>how the fuck is someone supposed to know what an ac vs a uac is? 
git gud, that's how!
>how the fuck is someone supposed to know what
By trial and error if you aren't a fucking casual crybaby looking for instant gratification. Or by reading the freely avaible wiki/manual included in the OP.
Replies: >>20885
just ask dumb questions in public chat.
(25.6MB, 480x368, 05:13)
Server is shut down for the night. Once again peaked at eleven. Tomorrow I'm going to open the server up to regulars, so anticipate a higher than normal population.

Thank you for playing again tonight and see you tomorrow.
I wasn't aware you were doing gamenights so frequently, shit
Replies: >>20968
Different hostfags.
(3.9MB, 613x614, 03:57)
I apologize for the delay today. Server is up and the password is removed.
(2.2MB, 1680x1050)
I still got it after all this time.
Replies: >>21055 >>21078
>those tickets
So the teams weren't balanced at all, then. Gotcha. Congrats on your win.
(96.6KB, 457x317)
Of course the teams weren't balanced, I was on Clan.
>get in
>only 6 anons
Normalfags bailed out?
Replies: >>21082
That was before the serb was up so it was the public server
Currently 16 people on. Mix of regulars and anons.
I have to say that the game has gotten a little bit easier with more players. If you were turned off by the knowledge gap then I advise you to trying the game out now.
Replies: >>21100
Game always works better with more people, can rely on less skilled people to act as meat shields and more opportunity to pick off wounded stragglers. Low pop always devolves into 1v1's (or worse) where asset selection and mastery of said asset means skilled players walk all over newbs.
This is why I said to go public servers from the start, can do lots of support roles with more players.
Yeah, then C3 assets come into play and backcapping points can easily earn you ranks without being a good shot
(84.9KB, 800x570)
Final game, boys. We have 19 players new and old. It's an hour match so join if you want to. I guarantee you'll have more fun if you were turned off by it earlier.

Get in the fucking robot already.
Replies: >>21159
26 peeps now and 30 minutes left.
(12.2MB, 640x368, 04:31)
Gamenight is over. We peaked at 29 players at the very end and somehow my poor little i5 4690k managed to hold up better than these dual Xeon dedicated servers. It was pretty fun. I never played before or hosted it, so thanks for sticking it out with the mistakes in Friday and Saturday's rotation.

I'm sorry for those who didn't enjoy it as much, but it really did get a lot better with a high population and team fighting. Looking back at the OP, I should have stressed that this is something you need to read about and experiment with. I'll try to be more considerate in the future, but my next gamenight, if I do another gamenight, will be either Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander or SWAT 3 if I can get that bitch to work. I'm awful at RTS, but I will try to help people who are new out if they're not so overwhelmed so long as they're willing to learn.

For those who did enjoy it, I'm happy you did and thank you for playing. Cheers.
(32KB, 826x38)
(4.1MB, 1920x1200)
Good games, thanks for hosting OP. Last game was great but then I was also the fag in the Daishi. Next time have the server open for regulars from the start if were not going public and we can have games like that all weekend.
Replies: >>21173
Cool gamenight OP. I wasn't able to play for all of it but I did enjoy the game. I think it was mostly just one angry faggot that didn't like it, ignore him.
Yeah, I was just concerned from the initial responses that there would be no interest in playing had I not hosted. I don't think I will personally host this again for any future gamenight because there are public servers.  I'll get another host to do it if we ever get enough anons for a private server.

I request that when this thread is unstickied that it isn't bumplocked because I may do some private games semi-regularly with just a handful of folks, and if you're one of those who felt defeated but want to give the game more of chance you'll get an opportunity to in one one of these matches.
(678.5KB, 625x468)
>I stopped just when shit had peak player count
Fuck. Thanks for hosting. I'd be open to making this a monthly thing since everyone seemed to like it so much, and the regulars didn't even get mad when we said nigger in chat. I'm planning on setting up a Pokemon Stadium 2 gamenight this week since the rona wrecked my Thanksgiving plans, does that sound cool or should we take a weekend off?
Replies: >>21175
Not like anyone has any plans for Thanksgiving. Do what you will, but do so before the S4fags notice.

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