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Recommend good indie vidya or rant about pozzed shit.
I been playan some good stuff:
This game fucks. Is the only instance I can think of, of a game doing the 90s/early2000s look right. No modern lighting, no pixelated textures, no bullshit. Just pure quake-like goodness and busty babes. Gameplay is fast-paced without unnecessary complex mechanics. It oozes personality, from the graphics, to the SFX, to the fun enemies.   My only grudge is that the music is just atmospheric with no tunes to rock with. I listened to old metal while playing which I recommend doing.
Overall, I recommend it a lot. Full-game is out on itch.io. Releases June 8th on steam.
>Spooky Milk Life
Just an eroge I played. Nothing special but has nice smut.
>>201152 (OP) 
>but has nice smut.
that art looks terrible and by god, clang, seriously?
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>>201152 (OP) 
>no modern lightning
>no pixelated textures
>unique artstyle
>fat tats
You're right, that game looks pretty tight. Can you provide a download link? I take it itch.io doesn't have DRM right?
>armor: 513
>health: 345
What's going on in that first picture? Is the game's health not on a 100% scale?
Replies: >>201157
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>Is the game's health not on a 100% scale?
Max regular health is 200% but there are special items that allow you to get it up to 400-500% though it slowly decreases back to 200 with time.
Demo's on itchio without DRM.
Clang supremacy.
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>doesn't like clang
Your loss loser
Replies: >>201159
It does look pretty bad. You are not comparing that to the sanctity of medabot girls are you?
Replies: >>201163 >>201165
Of course not, that eroge art looks like shit
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y though?
Replies: >>201168
>no shading
>nipples as big as her face
>no attempt at making a robotic facsimile of hair so it comes off as bald 
>nonsense colour scheme
It's clearly unfinished and just shoved into the game.
Replies: >>201169 >>201172
I can see the head thing but the rest seems fine to me.
Colors aren't too dissimilar from a gunpla, lack of shading doesn't ruin the picture and I like big nips.
Maybe colors could be more saturated.
>>no attempt at making a robotic facsimile of hair so it comes off as bald 
She's meant to look like she's wearing a hat.
This is an oddball request, but has anyone tried or played Dungeons of Aether?  It's a roguelite spinoff of the anthro/furry smash clone Rivals of Aether.  I mentioned it a bit in the Rivals of Aether thread last year: >>159877

I normally would have stopped caring about the game, but it seems to have had absolutely no fanfare, and its player numbers have been pitiful according to Steam.  It doesn't even have the obligatory videos from desperate third string YouTubers (except for one male Vtuber), which means it must have flown seriously under the radar.

The gameplay loop seems to be a standard roguelike setup, but with a battle system that involves a dice draft at the start of each turn.  It's almost enough to get me interested, but I'm totally full on roguelikes so I have almost no desire to play it myself.
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this is a pretty good indie multiplayer
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I love that game.
Gamenight when?
Replies: >>201613
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i like Trine. If you get into the series you should know that the first game is the best and the third is shit.
Im down to play whenever.
Replies: >>202277
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Clustertruck is pretty good
Battlebit remastered is coming out sometime this month.
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Anyone has the Aero GPX Demo? The dev took it down.
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Aqua Ippan
Metal-Slug inspired fan-game.
Looks pretty good.
Replies: >>202281
>third is shit
What happened to the third one?
Replies: >>202623
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Just played the demo and had an absolute blast. Too bad it's just one level but holy shit the level of detail is top notch. Absolute masterpiece of a demo.
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『ENDER LILIES』: Quietus of the Knights
Holy rori with knights as stands jumps, dashes, dodges etc and fight monsters in a rainy world.

Despite the gothic nature, I find it soothing mainly due to the soundtrack.
Replies: >>213585
3D happened.
Why is the thread called 'Indiepshit'? What is the 'p' for?
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Say it out loud dumb fuck, it's funny.
Replies: >>203105 >>203128
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It's a pun on indieshit. You add the d in between die-shit and you get dipshit.
Alternatively it can also spell in deep shit depending on how you look at it.
>typing all that trite for what amounts to a silly joke
You're very insistent on not being called Fagatha but your reading comprehension's next to null considering you didn't even address >>202821's question.
Am I a child too because I think profanity is funny?
thats as cringe as the CRINGAN shit from the PLAYAN thread
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>spoonfeeding retards
<implying you're not the retard for going off on a tangent about how everyone using this site is actually 3 years old
>sounded shit out
Did you mean sorted shit out?
>It's not important that's why I left that part out
If it's not important why did you bother typing anything? Who are you to lecture anyone with that typing style you cockgobbling faggot?
>fagatha went to college
How do you know?
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>How do you know?
Who do you think you're talking to?
Replies: >>203120
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Well then fuck you and your gaping asshole, knew such a disgusting typing style could only belong to a certain someone.
And please stop littering /b/ with your bumfuck retarded platitudes and your shitty posts. What's more, leave this site altogether, please.
Remember that no one wants to talk to you or wants anything to do with your 12'' inch rambone plastic dick you bought from Amazog.com. Goodbye.
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Anon, I'm not him. I was warning you about him.
in deepee shit?
jrpg is the hint as jarpeg aloud and if you do not get that u r the tard

t. fagatha all along XD obvs
assharmed much?
Good to know a thread can be utterly ruined because someone is too retarded to comprehend a small joke that a 5 year old would get with minimal effort.
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>a thread can be derailed with bait
Replies: >>203208 >>203284
Well to be fair this thread was dogshit from the beginning, I honestly don't think the board would lose anything of substance if rapeman deleted the whole thread like he has many others.
Replies: >>203209
Hi eden
sorted does not sound right outside of England.
but they r shit! eternal daughter was sbit for example
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Lies of P
Probably the closest thing we'll get to a Bloodborne PC port. A soulslike about Pinocchio mostly inspired by Bloodborne.
There's a demo which will only last a month. Full game releases in September.
Looks pretty good. I'll give it a try and see if my PC can run it which I doubt.
Replies: >>203292 >>203320
nigga gay
this is the derailment post also gaymod

stupid q deserves stupid a
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Replies: >>203293 >>203295
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Replies: >>203295
mosaic thread?
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That's a beta, not a demo.
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>mindustry removed the ability to let you control individual units en masse
>you now have to use their gay pseudo-programming language to do anything
fuckin why
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I love this game.
Replies: >>208820
>>201152 (OP) 
Is that some sort of pseudo-katakana?
Replies: >>208882
literally ripped off thief
Replies: >>208828
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you disgusting fucking niggers would keep playing with sticks and stones if it didn't imply ripping something off
how about (You) rip off the dick off my foreskin in such a way that you gotta drink the liquid man juice out of your own face?
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It'd be cool if it were set on the moon. Is it set on the moon? Moonrunes if so, though ironically not ironically.
Replies: >>208888
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You reminded me of how on Duke Nukem Time to kill, a bunch of the alien machines have ワ written on them.
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Can I summon a mini-demon if I stack two doritos on top of eachother on a plate?
Replies: >>209683 >>209691
Is this that furshit from the LOL threads?
Replies: >>209688
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When I imagine furshit I imagine scum like kero but yeah sure
>wanting to be cursed with a pocket jew 
It will be always stealing shit and putting it in the walls and then it'll be all 'didn't do nothing goyim I am just a gatherer not a thief!'.
Replies: >>209694
I didn't say I'd put it in my pocket, I'd probably smash it with a hammer or something.
Replies: >>209695
You ever try to hit a rat with a hammar? They are too fast. That thing will be hidden in the walls m8t, taking baths out of your fav coffee mug! It will use your toothbrush as a back scracther and so many other annoying things!
Replies: >>209697
I have a cat
Replies: >>209698
So did Anne Frank.
Replies: >>209703
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Cool. How is the difficulty? If it's too easy, I'm not touching it.
I love pictures like these. Bones do not grow with the muscles, so can you imagine how tiny the bones are inside that flesh pile. Yet they hold it all together. One important bone breaks and that mountain of flesh is going to rip itself apart from the inside. Gory, glory, blory, Bobloranius Bloodfountain Escquire the Fifth.

Pointing out funny mistakes is peak retard culling, but the retard has a funny point.
[Hide] (7.7MB, 1280x720, 02:01)
I love pictures like these. Bones do not grow with the muscles, so can you imagine how tiny the bones are inside that flesh pile. Yet they hold it all together. One important bone breaks and that mountain of flesh is going to rip itself apart from the inside. Gory, glory, blory, Bobloranius Bloodfountain Escquire the Fifth.

Pointing out funny mistakes is peak retard culling, but the retard has a funny point. Why over complicate? Shit simple: Idieshit, Idietrash, Indeicrap. It just works, and if you want to get inventive, Indef indev, or some more realistic takes like: hype scam, funded disappoinment, cash only dream shop, refundorama, Mr Shit Face (and I like it), scammers guide to the internet, nostalgia bait, nostalgia bait two, the electric boogaloo.

And a "special" mention to Duke Nukem Forever, we all love how hard you tried, you just, just a little bit, missed the ok to be even released mark.
Pic. related
>>201152 (OP) 
Zortch is easily one of the best things to come out of the indie scene in quite some time. It's always impressive when devs write their own engines as a plus.
Replies: >>214154
it was fun for a bit, but it was ruined by hackers because devs only released it as a shitpost game and nobody expected it to blow up like it did
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Does Blasphemous II count as indie?
Replies: >>214158
He made his own engine? Holy fuck.
No wonder it runs so good.
Replies: >>214155
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>He made his own engine?
Yep, i think Zortch and HROT are the only examples i know of where the developers actually coded their own engines.
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>saving a thumbnail
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A Robocop game is in development by the same people who made Terminator: Resistance.
I like they didn't make it into a "fast-paced retro shooter" and Robocop plays like the tank he is.
You can disregard the post i made about this shitty game a few months ago. Devs are trannies and its a dead game.
Replies: >>219953
Who cares as long as the game is fun?
It's not like I'm paying for it.
Replies: >>219979
no you don't understand, you have to autistically always tie politics into everything even when you're not paying for it and even when there's no sign of said politics anywhere in site, you aren't allowed to have fun with the things anon said you can't have fun with otherwise you're a cuck. because we know it's literally impossible to separate the product from its maker, it's just how it is.
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Do you suppose "movement-based 3D platformer with anthro protagonist" will get some catchy genre name?  I don't like calling them mascot platformers unless the character is actually a mascot.  Anyway, I just finished Pseudoregalia.  It's a really good game that released a few months ago which I only discovered due to a YouTuber covering it in a grab bag video (sadly the only reliable way to know what games actually release these days).

You play as a cat-bunny-goat lady named Sybil and explore a dreamy, surreal world with 3D platformer retro graphics.  The game bills itself as a metroidvania but that's just become normalfag shorthand for "has exploration" - it's mostly just a 3D platformer where you can go in any direction you want.  There are abilities that allow you to progress through the game world in different ways, and there aren't specific routes that you have to follow, although there are definitely a few abilities that are used more than others.  I think I used the power attack maybe four or five times in the entire game, including the spot where I got it, but the wall kick and wall run can be used almost anywhere.

Pseudoregalia is a retro-inspired game, which normally means the developers cobble together some store assets and slap a pixel filter over them, but in the case of this game's developer he didn't bury the game in garbage.  The textures are definitely lower resolution than they perhaps should be, and it definitely doesn't conform to any particular console specs, but the game only has two retro options: a fuzz filter and a frame rate limiter (I never saw a difference for the latter).  Overall it runs very well at both 60FPS and 120FPS.  I only encountered a single crash (due to killing multiple enemies and stacking too many hit-sprites on top of each other, presumably) but that was an outlier likely due to my computer having been on for a long time.

The game performs very solidly and doesn't have any serious bugs that I encountered.  The only bug that affected my progress was a particular sloped roof in one area that prevented me from jumping onto it, which made me think there was an invisible wall over that particular building.  In truth, you can easily access that rooftop by approaching from another side, and from there you can get to a collectable residing on the top.
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[Hide] (2.7MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (1MB, 708x944, 00:07)
The main draw to Pseudoregalia is its movement.  You start with nothing but a jump and a backflip, but by the end you'll have a slide, a slide leap, wall kicking, wall running, a super jump, an air backflip, and a few other goodies that I won't get into since they're much more fun to discover for yourself.  The kinesthetics are incredibly good, and the simple inherent joy of moving around the world and stringing jumps together is the single biggest appeal of the game.

Sybil has a wonderful momentum to her, and the game uses analog movement so you have a very fine degree of control over exactly where she moves and how much she slides on landing and so forth.  If you played Super Smash Bros Melee as a kid like I did and were infected with an insatiable desire to move well in video games, then Pseudoregalia scratches that itch wonderfully.  Once you get to grips with the various power-ups you can easily start visualizing lines moving through the world, and mentally planning out how to spend your various abilities to end up where you need to.  It is incredibly satisfying.

Exploration and Aesthetic
The dream world aesthetic runs through the entire game, and helps to excuse some of the nonsense video game/amateur 3D environments which would otherwise draw attention to themselves.  The castles and houses don't make logical sense because it's a dream, so they feel more like images of castles and houses and I'm not bothered by the extremely low poly count.  The environments themselves are not really that complicated, but being able to scrabble over almost every ledge and wall makes them feel a lot more explorable.

There isn't much of a story, which is nice because it doesn't get in the way, and exploration is left to the player to manage.  There is no map, and only the bare minimum of tracking your collectable progress in that they appear on the pause menu once you've collected them.  If you find a locked door and want to search for a key, you'll have to make a mental or physical note of that yourself and come back later.  Keys are interchangeable so you can take something you find in one area and use it to progress in another.

Combat isn't very deep so the game doesn't have many enemies beyond types that run at you and attack or that stay back and shoot.  There are some really neat designs like the swords that fling themselves at you and get stuck in the ground, and some of the power-ups you collect will encourage you to think about when you spend your mana/power/whatever on healing vs keeping it stockpiled for later.  You can definitely feel the Dark Souls and Hollow Knight influences in the game insofar as managing your healing and magic.

Personally, I love the feeling of exploration and being left to my own devices; one of the things I enjoyed about the Souls games was the large portions of raw gameplay that were only briefly interrupted by cutscenes or story beats, and Pseudoregalia feels the same way.  There are exactly two cutscenes, one at the start and one at the end, which last for a total of perhaps 45 seconds.

Sybil is pretty.  She has a nice butt and legs.  I like how some of the power-ups you acquire appear on her as items of clothing, but I also appreciate the dev giving you the option to enable or disable each one of them.  There are also a couple alternate costumes, one of which is available at the start if you're some kind of faggot who wants to put stupid-looking pants on Sybil.
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The game is very specific and won't appeal to everyone, but even if it does appeal to you then there is one issue which may cause aggravation.  The game treats each room as a distinct challenge, and each door into/out of a root is opaque until you walk up to and through it.  This was likely done to help with rendering load and occlusion, but the simple fact I couldn't see into the next room from one room made it hard for me to mentally map the environment compared to something like, well, Dark Souls.  Quite a few rooms are nothing more than platforms in the middle and doors on the edges, and while the developer obviously tried to separate them by layout and color palette it doesn't always work.  Some of them just look really similar to one another and you can get lost even if you put in a lot of effort to make a good mental map.

Pseudoregalia is a great game with good visuals and a cute girl for a low price - about $5 USD.  I had a look at the developer's Twitter profile and he doesn't seem to be a faggot (more than the usual furfaggotry, if that bothers you) so I don't regret buying the game.  But regardless of whether you plan to give the developer money or not, you should definitely find the time to play Pseudoregalia.

Here's some assorted fanart.
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[Hide] (130.5KB, 1500x1134) Reverse
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The work of one who consorts with beasts!
[Hide] (401.1KB, 600x600) Reverse
Stop I don't want to be a furry
[Hide] (1000.2KB, 500x250) Reverse
A real PS1 would struggle with an ass that fat.
Replies: >>244657
[Hide] (727.2KB, 700x800) Reverse
>thick eyebrows
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
Here's a more clear cut example of a movement chain.
Is this supposed to be some 3D rabi-ribi?
Replies: >>220969 >>220971
It's not "supposed" to be anything except itself.  I explained in great detail what the game is like above.
Rabi-ribi didn't invent wall-kicking
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
Corn Kidz 64 released today.  I only heard about it yesterday from the Pseudoregalia dev's Twitter but it looked neat enough for me to buy and try it.  The dev for this one (BogoSoft - https://www.bogozone.net/index.html) has apparently been active since the early 00s so he has a good track record, and his Twitter profile doesn't indicate he's insane.  His website describes Corn Kidz 64 as a "very belated follow-up" to Lyle in Cube Sector, a game from 2006, although I'm not sure if that's just a joke.

The game is a retro 3D platformer like Banjo-Kazooie, but unlike BK it doesn't have a ton of worthless collectables and meaningless transformations.  The game advertises 2 large worlds to explore and a lot of smaller rooms and challenges, which is how I prefer games to be made.  You control a goat lad named Seve (not Steve, Seve) who is trying to get infinite nachos inside a dream, assisted (?) by his friend-who-is-a-girl Alexis.

The movement mechanics are a lot less snappy than Pseudoregalia but the sense of impact and weight is really good.  Damaging enemies, walking around, falling onto stuff, picking up things - it all feels really nice and there are good sound effects for everything.  You have a dashing headbutt and a wall jump, but you can combine them in fun ways since you have a lot of control over what angle Seve jumps off the wall at, and you can headbutt in the air, on the ground, or as a high jump.  It feels like a modern implementation of the "do a lot with a little" philosophy that early 3D games had.

The only quirk I've encountered so far was the game logic being tied to frame rate, so enabling vsync in the starting options menu doubled the game logic and made it run twice as fast because the game is meant to be locked at 30FPS.  Corn Kidz is trying to be more retro than Pseudoregalia was, which means you can't rebind any controls, you can't use a keyboard, you can't customize how the camera behaves (either both axes are inverted or neither is), and you can't fiddle with resolution and graphics options.

According to the Steam page:
>!!CONTROLLER REQUIRED!! XBOX, PS4/5, Switch Pro, Steam Deck all supported (it is still possible to try to play with the keyboard but pain will ensue)
>locked at 30fps (probably should've been 20fps to be more obsessively accurate but you'll just have to be burdened with those extra 10 frames I'm afraid)
>not very modernized at all (but does support dual analog, widescreen and stereoscopic 3D)

So it's a bit of a mixed bag technically, but the hour I played at the start was promising.  I'll report back with more once I'm finished.
Replies: >>221112 >>221149
It looks pretty lively and faithful to a N64 game so it gets a plus from me on that at least.
>worthless collectables and meaningless transformations
That's why BK it's FUN.
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (6.1MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (4MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (7.5MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
Upon further examination, this game may be pretty good after all.
What did they mean by this?
Why owls and not rats?
Got a download link or torrent for this?
Replies: >>221170
That scanline filter gives me cancer.
Replies: >>221170
Sorry, I'm a buyfag.  I'm sure the usual places will have a torrent within a week.

There are about seven or eight to choose from.  The first two videos I uploaded have a slightly different scanline filter with brighter whites.  I found the second one easier to look at and it seems to be implemented a hell of a lot better than most meme scanline filters I see in games.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 953x716) Reverse
Replies: >>222812
[Hide] (7.4MB, 320x240, 05:19)
death to furries
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2000x1289) Reverse
[Hide] (845.3KB, 1859x1289) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1351x1884) Reverse
I finished Corn Kidz after about 6 hours.  I'll probably spend another hour combing the environments for collectables to unlock a final door, but I'm very happy with what I got for my money.

Minus the fuzz filters and a consistent high frame rate, CK really feels like something that could have released in the 5th console generation.  The game isn't bullshitting about being a throwback to N64 platformers: while lots of modern faux-retro games have aped the style of old games, few of them have imitated the sensibilities (or have done a bad job like Yooka-Laylee).  These games have a retro graphical style and low resolution textures but are mechanically targeted at 30-year-olds who have been playing video games since the 90s and are familiar with every type of trick and genre tradition known to man.  Movement-focused platformers are particularly vulnerable to overindulging their mechanics and feeling too much like a video game.
>here's a mechanic
>here are the obligatory introductory things you do with this mechanic [mandatory collectable]
>here's a twist on the mechanic [mandatory collectable]
>here's a side challenge area where the mechanic is stretched [optional collectable]
>here'a a suspiciously almost accessible area which you will obviously have to return to [optional collectable]
>we wouldn't want you to have to, y'know, learn how the world fits together, so here are copious fast travel points sprinkled through each environment
>here's a running tally of every single collectable and a detailed log of every quest and an objective marker telling you where to find it

It gets a little overbearing sometimes.  CK is different in that everything is open all the time, and your moveset doesn't change much.  The first area is just a big playground with a couple smaller environments, the second area is MUCH larger and has a lot more focused environments accessible through it, and the third area is a linear set of challenges.  That's it.  All killer, no filler.

There's a special challenge level to unlock if you collect enough stuff in the overworld, which is a nice touch since the level itself is genuinely really challenging.
Replies: >>222815 >>222991
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[Hide] (7.5MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
I have to give special credit to Wolloh's Owlloh's Hollow, the largest environment where most of the game takes place.  There are a ton of different things you can do here, and every part of the environment has some ledge you can grab or some kind of object to get your attention.  If you've ever played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and remember Windfall Island where most of the townsfolk could be found, the Hollow is very reminiscent of that.  The number of places you need to visit to get all the collectables mean you'll be running through every area two or three times from different angles, and that you're more likely to notice things you might have missed the first time.  Most of the puzzles walk a line between not having obvious solutions, but having a very obvious hint as to how you can combine things in the game world to solve them.  This isn't a game where you'll be sequence breaking a lot, but when you put 2 and 2 together it'll feel really good.

Rather than freedom of combining movement options, you have a very simple moveset that is extremely punchy to do: headbutt/airdash, wall jump, ground pound, various wall clings.  The headbutt impact in particular is extremely heavy and produces a great THUD sound, as does falling from too high and taking fall damage.  You get exactly two power-ups, one of which is simply to save time and let you manually reset to a checkpoint when you miss a jump instead of having to wait until you hit the floor.  Maximizing travel distance can allow you to move through a level faster or to skip the occasional platform, but when you reach the later parts of the game things become significantly more challenging.  Do you know exactly how each of your character's moves behaves?  Do you know the difference between a running jump and a standing jump?  Do you know about the teensy bit of extra height you can get when you scrabble up a wall before falling down it?

Despite how linear most of the challenge sections are, they feel suitably challenging because each one has this feeling of finality over it: you absolutely cannot save yourself if you miss a jump or put your abilities together in the wrong way, and it's a long way down if you don't get where you need to go.  This is all cranked up to 11 in the obligatory post-game challenge area, which I still have yet to beat.

You can tell BogoSoft truly cares about 3D platformers and video games, which makes sense for someone who's been active since the early 2000s.  Corn Kidz 64 doesn't really do anything that would be out of place in an N64 game, and that's the beauty of it.  This game takes the idea of a 3D platformer and polishes it to a mirror sheen.
Replies: >>222991
I'm not a furry, but...
Replies: >>222821
[Hide] (153.3KB, 790x559) Reverse
Nice, but I want a mod that turns her into a human.
Replies: >>222821
[Hide] (83.6KB, 814x1229) Reverse
You WILL buy the cat goat bunny lady's game.  You WILL support good independent games.  You WILL leave positive Steam reviews and smash that like button.
[Hide] (8.5MB, 720x540, 04:02)
OK, I will do it.
[Hide] (719.9KB, 1500x1500) Reverse
I still have trouble accepting that furries aren't the top of the cancer food chain sometimes. Doesn't help that the main character looks like the bitch from Hedone if you replace closet horsecock faggotry with open 90s furry webcomic faggotry. Regardless, I appreciate your arguments and you enthusiasm and so I will make a point to download and play it.
[Hide] (14.3MB, 1280x720, 00:44)
[Hide] (5.5MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 953x716) Reverse
I wrote these posts a few days ago before uploading them, and I wanted to expand on Corn Kidz.  I have gone on a long, dark journey that is 100% completion.  I thought the Anxiety Tower unlocked at level 5 experience was my reward for perseverance, but I was wrong.  Oh, how wrong I was.

There are secret collectables that are so secret the game doesn't even bother tracking them until you find one.  They're hidden in places you would never think to look - one is even hidden out of bounds around a corner in the tutorial area, and you need to avoid a giant enemy chasing you in order to make it there in time.  There's a secret area where you use these secret collectables to unlock doors and progress deeper into a 3D maze of liminal hallways containing eerie 3D models, old dev environments, and unlockable costumes.

oh hey the dev played pseudoregalia; that's neat
isn't it kind of funny how two retro 3D platformers with anthro goat characters released in the same year? ah well

Then there's a level 6 door.  You can only open it by 100%-ing the game.  I have 359/360 XP cubes.  There is no way to find XP except to see it for yourself.  There is no way to check your completion percentage except by climbing the Anxiety Tower again.

10/10 will doubtless enjoy becoming a schizo searching for the final tiny XP cube somewhere out there
Replies: >>223819
[Hide] (402.7KB, 875x639) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1062x896) Reverse
trash game. Nice goat-lady thing I'd fuck.
If you're a human & wanna bang the wide hipped anthro lady. You're a xenophile. There's a difference.
Replies: >>223017 >>223034
Not sure if that fits, perhaps anthropomorphiliac? I'm just making up words here now.
It's an interesting topic, there's clearly a pretty strong human compulsion to anthropomorphize anything and everything Like the state of fucking Ohio then add the compulsion to fuck everything that moves and here we are.
Replies: >>223034 >>223827
Very high quality posting going on in this thread.  Thank you anon for these reviews.
Replies: >>223034
>trash game

The concept you and the other guy are describing is human male on female anthro (HMoFA), which has some overlap with xenophilia (wanting to fuck aliens, nonhuman things, etc. - usually just the xcom viper).  The term "furry" used to mean having a fursona and wanting to fuck anthro ladies and dudes but as the internet has become an ocean of pornography and it has become easier to see any individual part without being a member of a particular in-group, the label has mostly become detached from the anthro lady stuff.  That's what I've seen, at least.

Given the sheer volumes and relative quality of furry porn I never really thought most people were opposed to its creation inherently, especially when worse stuff exists.  The stigma is usually reserved for the insufferable faggots who create it since their desire to replace themselves with cartoon animals often indicates a deep-seated sense of shame for themselves, which is reflected in their vile personalities.

Happy to help.  Buy Corn Kidz.
Because of >>220933 I have been distracted by thoughts of putting this cat goat bunny in a full nelson or mating press all day. FUCK YOU! Stop it now!
Coco and the wakfu girls are okay though.
[Hide] (27KB, 129x110) Reverse
bitch better leave that poor crab alone and not eat him
Turns out the last XP cube was hidden behind the chimney in the the house in the graveyard's attic, and due to the fixed camera angle it is totally invisible.  A cruel trick by the developer which cost some poor bastard on the Steam forums at least a dozen hours of his life.

The final secret area is pretty neat, most notably for the dev room you can access and run around in.  I think it's cool how the developer turned something like that into a little challenge for true completionists.
>compulsion to anthropomorphize anything and everything Like the state of fucking Ohio
>Like the state of fucking Ohio
Please elaborate
[Hide] (119.8KB, 448x454) Reverse
Replies: >>223867
>there are anons who haven't heard of the Tale of Ohio-anon
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2036x3604) Reverse
[Hide] (151.8KB, 269x269) Reverse
>anon is groomed by a fag twice his age into ejaculating onto him in a countryside orgy
I read it once and I've read it enough.
That Clint Eastwood reaction image on the OP couldn't be more appropiate.
[Hide] (90.1KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
Not only that, he fucking loved it.
Stop deleting and reposting every post you make faggot
Replies: >>223865
[Hide] (275.4KB, 613x700) Reverse
>fucks up spelling
>deletes posts
>posts again
<still fucks up spelling
Replies: >>223865
[Hide] (26.2KB, 221x221) Reverse
<still fucks up spelling
My last post is perfectly grammatically correct and there's nothing to object.
Replies: >>223866
[Hide] (73.3KB, 618x618) Reverse
>pretending to be retarded
[Hide] (238.7KB, 568x653) Reverse
Poor anon, he turned into a faggot.
Replies: >>223870
What makes you think he wasn't one already?
Replies: >>223884
[Hide] (114.3KB, 1137x806) Reverse
Potential new information.
[Hide] (528.1KB, 320x240, 00:12)
holy shit
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1483x2047) Reverse
>check zzz/v/ looking for Libbie VN updates
>check another thread out of boredom
>find what looks like the only other person on the internet who's noticed Corn Kidz 64's writing
That was a pleasant surprise. Also didn't expect to see Ohioanon's rapist reposted here.
[Hide] (5.9MB, 720x720, 02:18)
[Hide] (5.9MB, 1080x1080, 00:32)
[Hide] (997.7KB, 1080x1080, 00:17)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1080x1080, 00:26)
Andres Guerrero/AndyL4nd released a proper trailer for Endacopia, a surreal horror adventure game he's been developing for a few years.  Should be releasing sometime in 2024 or Soon™.

He's done the art for a couple other games, notably Olive's Art-Venture which is a short top-down shooter which you control with the mouse (or a drawing tablet) to paint shapes for special attacks.  His work looks tumblr-core and le so quirky but I've been paying attention to him for several years and he doesn't seem to be more of a faggot than most artists.
Replies: >>227141 >>227409
[Hide] (23.3MB, 1080x1080, 01:30)
I think this is probably his best single work.  I remember people telling him he should make an adventure game or something based on the atmosphere it gave off.
Looks amazing. Very n64... or very gen 5 rather. I should start playing video games. Back when I wanted to they didn't make adventure games via homebrew. It was always fps, doom or quake 2 over and over... wasn't it? When did it change?
Replies: >>227166
People have been making adventure games since Zork, and they were very common in the days of personal computers like the Commodore 64 and its predecessors.  Unless you mean adventure games as in 3D platformers with emphasis on exploration, in which case those started around the turn of the millennium as 3D graphics became more practical.
Replies: >>227168
I possibly didn't socialize enough to hear about a good homebrew game, one that was 3d, of which was not a first person shooter. I used to just browse download pages. I've read about unfinished short, failed,  or stalled projects of such a tier of games but they didn't count. Is this still the demo phase?
Replies: >>227171
Oh... I remember what was up with that now....
Replies: >>227171
Corn Kidz was made in Unity, though it does a good job obfuscating that, and doesn't feel like a Unity game at all.  It's been out on Steam for about a month.

Pardon me for asking, but are you 50 years old or something?
[Hide] (13.9MB, 1280x720, 01:34)
Penny's Big Breakaway got a new trailer.  It's releasing sometime early next year.
Internet autism never ceases to amaze. Counterpoint: It's not rape if anon came hard as fuck and didn't go to the police afterwards.
Looks fascinating. Hopefully he can tough it out to release.
[Hide] (168KB, 886x865) Reverse
>>201152 (OP) 
anybody got a download link?
All the magnets I can find are by IGGGAMES, fuck that currynigger shit.
And even when I try to buy it, my bank authentication window bugs out.
Replies: >>229251
[Hide] (489.2KB, 220x207) Reverse
Here you go. It's a shame you can't buy it.
This guy made an amazing 90s FPS looking game and charges only 5 bucks for it.
Replies: >>229265
[Hide] (379.2KB, 642x512) Reverse
thanks a bunch
Replies: >>229268
>get a cs.rin.ru account 
>get goldberg emulator
>grab clean steam files
>change dll and appid
now you can play any steam game that doesnt have drm.
Replies: >>229270 >>229289
[Hide] (130.4KB, 500x333) Reverse
>grab clean steam files
You tell me where.
There used to be one guy on cs.rin.ru who had a bunch of clean copies, but his collection got nuked for being retarded enough to upload them on jewgle drive.
Besides, Goldberg doesn't seem to work with the older Steam games, like KF for instance. What do you do then if not snatch a shady repack with a dude trust me revEmu executable?
Replies: >>229271
zortch thread. guy uploads file to pixeldrain in it.
Replies: >>229272
[Hide] (132.3KB, 372x340) Reverse
Can you repeat? I'm not following.
Replies: >>229278
Make a cs.rin.ru account. Then search for said game. The game thread has a guy posting links to clean steam files in the thread (links are pixeldrain)
Some games also require using this on the exe: https://github.com/atom0s/Steamless
[Hide] (119.1KB, 616x353) Reverse
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1857x853) Reverse
Pull Stay' Early Access is set to release in 2 days.
For those of you who don't know. It's a game made by a hikkimori that's been in development for 6 years all by himself I believe.
The game looks like asset flip stank but I think it gives it a charming look and the demo was quite fun.
I may get it if the price is not too high.
[Hide] (76.3KB, 420x338) Reverse
I want to come inside Mel
Was that game made by someone from agora? I was thinking it has a kind of trashy, narcotic-induced, melting early 00s aesthetic like agora. Some of the dialogue is funny I guess.
I actually played this and refunded it lmao
[Hide] (85.5KB, 648x364) Reverse
I played Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos on the highest difficulty and it sucks. The hitpoints function oddly, at least on that mode. You get hit once and lose about half your health, then you get hit again and lose another third. Essentially, you can only ever take 3-4 hits without healing. That means all the max HP upgrades are a red herring (although the same upgrade tree gives more health from healing sources, which are probably worthwhile).

Anyway, the game basically plays like a very clunky version of A Link to the Past. As in, almost all of the equipment is directly aped from that game. It's fairly easy, but a lot of deaths feel cheap. I have walked into a room and instantly died because an enemy was spawned on me. It also has co-op, but apparently it's still buggy to this day. One big piece of advice for accelerating progression to anyone who tries it: always buy the elevator shortcuts. Lower floors drop more of the upgrade currency (e.g. dungeon 1 floor 2 drops more than dungeon 1 floor 1, dungeon 2 floor 1 drops more than dungeon 1 floor 3, etc), which you lose most of upon trying to re-enter a dungeon after having died.

There are a couple collectathons I recall. One is fishing and the other is finding 100 orbs hidden across the world. What's strange is the orbs upgrade your dungeon currency retention between dungeon attempts, but it only ever goes up to 25% and you're almost done with the game by the time you collect them all.

There are also some other classes to unlock, which presumably scale with certain equipment better, but the sword is just so good that there's not much reason to play anything except a melee class. In my experience, thief was piss-easy as you can stealth for backstab damage.

Probably a 4/10. Has a lot of cool concepts and systems, but dogshit implementation. After playing this, I wish I had just played A Link to the Past again.
Replies: >>242239
Yeah, those are some bad cases of tumblr noses and ugly characters trying to pass for chibi. I hadn't even heard of this but if the idea is to combine a structured hand-crafted world like ALttP with roguelike progression and dungeon delving then that sounds like putting pickles on chocolate cake.
Replies: >>242244
The older box art was a little less shitty. Just a little. Cuter art style.
What are some comfy, relaxing games that don't evolve into a dick measuring contest like Stardew Valley? I just want to relax and have fun in a vibrant world and with no pressure
Replies: >>244516
>$2000 pc 
>Mostly used to play pre2009 games
>maybe play a rare decent title like robocop
Where did it all go wrong? Most of the time I try not being pessimistic about new games but I swear there’s nothing worth playing nowadays
>Where did it all go wrong? 
Normalfags, 2007, internet focus, smartphones, Microsoft
>$2000 pc 
>Mostly used to play pre2009 games
I hear ya, I got a 4080, 7800x3d and a 4k monitor all I still play the same shit I used to 10 years ago, occasionally trying out some new modern games only to get bored 1 hour in
idk play Zortch or MGRR or something.
>there’s nothing worth playing nowadays
There are lots of good indie games being released, some of which you can find in >>230640. I think the "Crysis era" of building a super hardcore gaming rig and playing the newest games in extremely high definition is gone.
Replies: >>244552
> I think the "Crysis era" of building a super hardcore gaming rig and playing the newest games in extremely high definition is gone.
In more ways than one
Building a high end PC then was like maybe $2-3k, now it's $5-6k,  though the good "price perf" price point hasn't degraded as badly
Modern games still run like trash on a top of the line modern PC, like 1080p/60 not stable tiers of trash granted Crysis on period correct hardware wasn't much better

Nowadays you build a powerful PC because shitty devs can't optimize so you have to power through, even indies run into that issue.
Hell probably the only reason I see a good PC being really worth is if you've fell into some endless autism pit of a game that also happens to run like shit for one reason or another like Starsector / Rimworld / Dorf Fort etc
It’s also best to go with a higher spec build to future proof yourself for a couple years. I don’t see the 3080-90 cards becoming irrelevant for another decade
Replies: >>244607
>I don’t see the 3080-90 cards becoming irrelevant for another decade
That is if they survive, they have many poor design decisions that greatly impairs their ability to not catch on fire.
Nvidia is a specialist when it comes to skimping on power delivery in one way or another, on the 30 series they fucked up by separatign and under sizing the MSVDD rails ones so worst case scenario you could end up with MSVDD pulling 100W at 0.7-1.2v on a VRM that can only handle 100-140A (Protip: this is very bad, you want loads under 50% on your VRM, ideal is 20% and under), made especially bad when they used couple phases where one phase  is gonna get slammed with the whole load everytime (so you're asking ~80A out of a power stage that might not even be rated for it, no need to tell you that if over 50% load is bad, 100% + is absolutely terrible)
Replies: >>244608 >>244610
I thought these issues only came up on overclocked 3060-3070 cards? Thanks for the info, after some digging found out this is still an issue with the 40 series cards specifically the cheaper Zotac models which come with cheap connectors 

What the fuck
Replies: >>244609
Nope, all the way to the 3090, I think the 3090ti is spared but I'm not 100%
40 series doesn't have "that" specific issue because the VRM is unified and paired phases are gone, also the cards themselves are much less power hungry, but like you pointed some 3rd party still find ways to fuck that up, mostly it's just bad 12VHPWR connectors (though lets be fair if you're not pulling over 300W it's not gonna matter as much) and for some ungodly reason VRMs that go under the reference design recommended capacity for the 4090 and other when the reference design (reference isn't FE, FE is crazy good actually) is kind of just barely enough if you're gonna do anything that isn't pure stock operation
Replies: >>244620
[Hide] (38.6KB, 600x600) Reverse
>high end now is $5-6k
no? it's certainly more expensive now but you can get a brand new, top spec rig for around 4k or even less if you buy at the right time from the right vendors to get good deals. you only get in the 5 to 6k ballpark if you want the best of the best, say an rog 4090, significantly more expensive than a 4090 from a "cheaper" brand like gigabyte, or highest tier mobos and cases for the extra ports and features which at the end of the day don't affect your performance at all. high end you can still easily get in the 2 to 3k range.
meant to reply to this >>244552
Replies: >>244615 >>244621
[Hide] (12.7KB, 255x255) Reverse
>proves me right
Replies: >>244616 >>244621
Top of the line means top of the line, and to be honest I didn't even go full meme, needs a secondary screen, a pair of VR googles , a headphone amp and a decent speaker set + amp.
Just because you're not wealthy enough to afford the pricier stuff doesn't mean the pricier stuff isn't better / more performant / more useful.
And by default you assessment is wrong a 14900KS (or 7950X3D + 4090 (not a shit tier one that'll keel over with normal use) + a decent mobo is $3k
Replies: >>244617 >>244621
[Hide] (20.5KB, 424x284) Reverse
you can have a top of the line rig without blowing money on overpriced things or what's essentially bragging rights with no real use case. you just filtered by highest price and clicked random shit to fit your 5 to 6k criteria. you can make a machine with comparable specs, if not better in some cases for way less, and there's still plenty of room for cutting corners here and there further dropping the price. 

> you just filtered by highest price and clicked random shit to fit your 5 to 6k criteria
Oh shit I got a 3080 ti. Am I ok or should I sell it and go with a 4070 ti? I was hoping to squeeze a decade out of this gpu but if the 30 cards are prone to shit, then oops
Replies: >>244624 >>244629
Replies: >>244623
Also yeah forgot to mention 7800X3D is not top of the line, not since there' now game using more cores than it has and not since a properly tuned 14900k / KS blows the fuck out of it to the tune of 10-20% depending on games (though a few do still have the X3D on top)

NZXT isn't good, if you're gonna go normal AiO it's Arctic or EK or Lian-li, anything else is shit / overpriced / underperforming
APEX Encore is cool if you're gonna go extreme OC, there's more useful high end alternative if you don't
32GB isn't enough, at the very least 2x24GB, they clock better than 16GB stick anyways.
No that's just shit, it's the one that had multiple data destroying issue / premature performance degradation issues, fuck buying that.
Replies: >>244644
I mean if you can somehow not lose too much money on the exchange do it, 40 series cards are so much less power hungry it's not even funny
my 3080ti responds really well to undervolting. I have never seen mine go over 70c even at full load. I forgot my power rating but i maintain around 1650mhz at full load without throttling. Unless i won the silicone lottery, but i’ve seen others get better results.

I have an nvidia founders 3080ti which might make a difference too.
Replies: >>244631
>my 3080ti responds really well to undervolting
Pretty much anyone can get 50W less without issue on those 
>I have an nvidia founders 3080ti which might make a difference too.
Yeah those are binned and have actually decent power delivery.
Replies: >>244649
Is this the hardware thread or the fucking indie thread?
Replies: >>244649
[Hide] (196.8KB, 961x717) Reverse
I like Corn Kidz 64, although it has that omg so retro vibe that some of you faggots hate (I don't know why). 
I personally love games that look like this. Very fun platformer.
AMD has been a real fucking disappointment for the last five years. It’s despicable that a company that is deliberately releasing shit products is still around 

>that list
It’s from some youtuber called frame chasers that claims that is his top of the line, most optimal build you can put together for top dollar. Figured something might be shit in it
It's cool but it really lacks a collectible tracker, had to search everywhere thrice to catch that last fucking cube.
Replies: >>244650
I wish the game was prettier. All of the environments looked so ugly to me.

>you guys arent keeping /v/ organized enough!
You people are the worst. destroyers of imageboards. Besides, you need top notch hardware to run pixel indie shit at a stable framerate.

I think its lowered by mV, not sure how many watts less it is. how would i figure that out? using a kill a watt meter while benchmarking undervolted vs default and subtracting the difference?
What is different about the FEs?
>(I don't know why)
A combination of shitty indie devs making games with bad graphics because they're lazy/bad, and the usual cargo cult contrarianism on /v/.

You found all the void screws, right?

>All of the environments looked so ugly to me.
It's got that kind of Courage the Cowardly Dog art style where things are grimy and super gross, dude but the game isn't ugly.
Replies: >>244653 >>244670
>the game isn't ugly.
Ugly enough for me to drop it because i had no interest in exploring something so drab and ugly. purely an aesthetic i hate down to the color palette.
The graphics aren't bad though, if that's what you think I meant. Though I really hate the filters that add scanlines and retro effects, but I'm pretty sure you can turn all of that crap off.
Replies: >>244672
[Hide] (253KB, 250x231) Reverse
[Hide] (27.3MB, 960x540, 04:03)
[Hide] (20.3KB, 189x600) Reverse
>a real PS1 would struggle with an ass that fat
It didn't.
Replies: >>244661
can you play that in nip with burger subtitles?
Replies: >>244666
[Hide] (510.1KB, 1000x1174) Reverse
Yes. The burger version shipped with the in-game dialogue inside the disc and can be unlocked by entering a cheat code.
The Japanese re-release did something similar by letting you choose the English dialogue, with the Italian and French dialogue hidden as post-game unlockables as well.
Replies: >>244675
>how would i figure that out?
MSI afterburner or GPUZ, or maybe even HWinfo64

Yeah I've done it, with some help for the last couple because some of those are retarded, got my grilled cheese as well.
It's about as close to actual N64 graphics I've seen any indie get, the filter are a bit much but with 1080p mode it's basically like N64 emulation, now it's up to personal taste whether you think N64 graphics are ugly.
>What is different about the FEs?
They're binned, as in they select the chip that are of higher quality (clocks better at the same power / uses less power at the same clocks)
The PCB is very custom and rather well made when you consider the insane space constraints they decide to subject themselves to.
The VRM is on the upper tier of VRMs

>Though I really hate the filters that add scanlines and retro effects, but I'm pretty sure you can turn all of that crap off.
Yeah there's even a 60fps beta but I don't think you can pirate that.
Replies: >>245034
Thanks, satan.
I feel like i lost the silicone lottery on this one, but can still undervolt by alot.
My 3080ti FE by default only boosts to around 1800mhz at around 900mv. It doesn’t stay there long but that could be an airflow issue. Once it hits 83c it throttles down to fluctuations between 1350-1600mhz and stays around 900mv.
I undervolt it at 1650mhz@750mv which keeps it around 65-70c. Which i feel like is a good amount. If i go any higher in mhz it gets unstable without raising mv. But when i do that the temp will climb to 83 over time and start throttling, but instead of being in the 1350-1500 range at 83c, its atleast 1600. 

Im not sure how many watts less the card is using when i go from 900mv to 750mv. Ill have to monitor that with gpuz

Is that game 30fps by default?
You could watercool it.
Replies: >>245155
>Is that game 30fps by default?
Yeah 30 lock by default, it's not as bad as you might think but still less pleasant than 60.

>I feel like i lost the silicone lottery on this one, but can still undervolt by alot.
Make sure you're not clock stretching to hell (run some GPU heavy benchmark and verify you're not losing a ton of performance) Nvidia GPUs do that now, and while it's cool because no matter what you're trying to do it stays rather stable it makes identifying a good UV / OC harder as it "works" and doesn't look obviously wrong until you actually measure performance
Replies: >>245155
>Is that game 30fps by default?
Yeah, Corn Kidz is 30FPS but unlike most recent games that target that number, it a) actually reaches it and remains steady, and b) feels good and consistent. You honestly won't notice it's at 30FPS once you play it for a bit.
Replies: >>245082 >>245155
i mean the game looks like it belongs on the ps2 at its launch, so thats not much of a feat
Replies: >>245098
But it's made in Unity.
[Hide] (918.9KB, 240x180) Reverse
[Hide] (246.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I shamelessly bought the game and am enjoying it
Replies: >>245167 >>245174
I've turned retro graphics off but left retro framerate on because I like it
Replies: >>245167
It boosts to only 1800. Theoretically if water cooling was effective enough to keep it at a stable temperature at 1800 would an increase from 1650 to 1800hz even make that much of a difference?

Heaven benchmark scores about 20pts lower. But benchmarking really doesnt tell the whole story since when using over 750mv the heat climbs until it throttles. So even if it bechmarks better it wont last. Who plays a game for only 30 minutes? I can keep it at 1650mhz for hours and not hit the max temp.

30fps with good frame pacing feels better than an unstable 60 or 60 with poor frame pacing, even if the low fps is above 30.
Good! Leave a positive review and smash that like button!
I find the retro frame rate by far the worse of the two, especially since I was running it at 120hz on my monitor.
>uses ashamed reaction pic
Replies: >>245206
I meant that I shamelessly bought it and now I'm ashamed
Replies: >>245266
But you're enjoying it.
Im going to play everything in this thread. God bless.
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Took me about an hour or so to beat. It was really fun. Run fast and jump platforms and stuff.
>Crow Story
All i can say is that it was a platformer. Took me around 30 mins or so to beat.
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palworld is fun
i like palworld
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How much have they progressed with the game's development since launch?
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a good most of their stuff right now is bugfixes for some pretty atrocious shit alongside various quality-of-life additions. otherwise really there's a new boss fight, but they showed off plans for a whole other island and pvpshittery for the summer
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It would be thread appropriate to talk about Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, but honestly there isn't much to say about that game. It's ok. I should be using power-ups more, but I can hoard them and you can't make me use them. Weapons range from good (shotgun, slag cannon, railgun) to meh (pistol, green ball launcher), but they aren't outstanding. Enemies are ok, I think, but man do I wish there were some mini-bosses like cyberdemon. Strictly speaking there's one guy that poses a significant threat like that, but he's melee, so it's over quickly either way. Considering the incredible length of the levels in the game, I miss pistol starting, too.

The game has some things going for it. Power-ups are pretty fun to use actually, even if I optimise my fun out of it. Blade parkour is neat. I like that there are no hitscan enemies (even if invaders get pretty close). Levels look rather pretty and detailed to me. It's just that the game isn't outstanding.

What else... I got to play"test" a niche indie game, because the dev is desperate for playtesters and lets you in if you simply ask about it.

For Starsector, you can get a Java 21 mod to make it run smoother, or a year for the next official release that will upgrade to Java 17
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>there isn't much to say about that game It's ok.
That's the sad truth about many if not most "retro" FPS that release now.

>For Starsector, you can get a Java 21 mod to make it run smoother, or a year for the next official release that will upgrade to Java 17
Pretty sure some mods still make that game crawl to a stop even with newer Java when you use them, especially the missiles / fighters heavy factions like YRXP / Red, and stock will still shit the bed with triple engagements (helping a friendly faction) and a large enough DP limit.
Has anyone tried out Little Kitty, Big City? It seems cute and relaxing but devs who make stuff like that tend to be faggots. I've also heard that it's only a few hours long, which isn't a bad thing but does make me hesitate on considering a purchase.
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I know the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" but from a quick search that looks exactly like the kind of game that would have fag flags and Marvel snark all over the place.
It is really damn short, and rather buggy, but it didn't have any faggotry from what I remember.
Anon pls. At least wait for a decent sale, purely because how much game you get does not justify the current price. If it were 50% off you'd still probably pay $2 per hour of gameplay. Plus by the time such a sale comes by maybe they'll have fixed the jank.
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