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Starting at 1pm Pacific Time / 9pm British Time
Come join or something:
Any predictions?
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>>200332 (OP) 
I predict shit
Replies: >>200335
Arent you excited for how shit its going to be though?
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I've become too jaded
No actually. I think the shittiness of Sony's showcases peaked with the time in E3 where they built an entire separate stage just to show off TLOU2 and then spent ten minutes funneling everyone into a separate stage. Everyone there complained about it and it was especially hilarious when every other game had a more interesting showcase than TLOU2 itself despite the extra effort going into its presentation.
They would have to do something astronomically shit for it to somehow top that, like 2006 levels of bad, and they're not going to do that.
Replies: >>201210
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It's gotten to a point where I don't care anymore. Let it be.
I predict: 0 games, but at least 2 men in women's clothes.
Bonus: Some cripple whining about representation.
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Did someone said... VIDEOGAMES?!
>>200332 (OP) 
maybe they'll announce EDF6 international release but it's still a stretch.
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>>200332 (OP) 
>Any predictions?
Replies: >>200353
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Endless horrors made by subhumans.
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8moe restream coming up
Replies: >>200355 >>200381
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>8chan stream while there is already a stream in the OP
Come on, anonkun.
Replies: >>200358
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And here we go!
Hey more power to you if you want to watch a jewtube embed on cytube's UI. But most people are justifiably hesitant to let jewtube past their umatriz rules.
Replies: >>200362
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Stream starting in 15 minutes
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Hey more power to you if you want to watch it on a honeypot. But most people are justifiably hesitant to let feds collect their IP.
Replies: >>200367
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My money's on a BlueShartâ„¢ demaster of Bloodborne.
PS5 exclusive
Replies: >>200366
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>Any predictions?

*Still no games
*Muh Netflix shows
*Muh Last of Us is now a franchise!
*Yet another fucking Spiderman game
*Shitty new edition for a console with nothing to play on
*Niggers, trannies and LGBT up the ass, maybe with muh wahmen
*Maybe one of the beloved franchises people once loved gets brought back, like a hostage with a gun pointed at it's head reading off a card
*Showing off the latest slop Bungie or Square Enix made to distract people from the fact that Microsoft now owns Bethesda, Blizzard and Call of Duty
*Another remaster of a formerly beloved game with niggers and trannies everywhere
Replies: >>200368 >>200369
It needs those exclusives.
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>he says on a site that openly allows cuckflare
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Replies: >>200371
Well, the tranny wants wolvorine to be trans so you can't get worse than that.
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Sackgirl is gone too
Another one I forgot to add
*NO JAPANESE IPs, Sony will continue trying to blackholing their sheer existence for as much as possible while they focus on the capeshit and Cinematic ExperiencesTM
The only exception to this will be Final Fantasy, since it fits that description
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>opens with negress talking about smashing capitalism
>no gameplay
>not even exclusive
>presenter implies it's not what anyone was waiting for
Replies: >>200377
>married to negress
They're not even hiding it.
Calling it right now, that will be the new Redfall, giving off the same vibes and made by similar shitters
>Race mixed family
This is their answer to Halo? Looks like that mixed in with Starship Troopers and poz
Wait, don't they already have the answer to gaylo? Where is Killzone?
Replies: >>200489
>EA Originals
Looks like a combination of Anthem and Forspoken. There is no originality anymore
So much bright flashy shit going on it looks like it would be impossible to actually see what's happening.
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>blacked.gov stream
This looks good, as long as they don't shove in niggers or other poz
>I want Bloodbourne and Sekiro 2
>We have Sekiro and Blooodbourne 2 at home
Am I the only one getting sick of these open world souls clones?
Replies: >>200386
Gameplay looked really autopilot when the swords clash.
>Yet another "atmospheric" too deep 4 u "journey" indie games
Well, whether they are open world or not. i am sick of soulshit
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Talos Principle 2?
>another black woman

7% of the population, 50% of the trailers.
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At least this looks like a video game, I still don't know what the strong nigger woman thing is supposed to be
>Square Enix does Splatoon
Who asked for this? No original ideas in this industry anymore
Watch as it gets loot crates and micro transactions up the ass
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>One of the three heroes is a mutt, the other a nigger
<White villain
>even the block game with no other characters had to include a black woman

I think 50% was an under estimate.
Another one.
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>Oh look it's Dragon's Dog-
Replies: >>200400 >>200458
The first one had a nigger in it, however I'm still pirating it first.
Replies: >>200402
Anyone got that part where the tranny wanted wolvorine to be a tranny?
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He was a cool dude. I liked him.
>Marathon comes back as an Extraction shooter.
Bungie you absolute niggers.
What did you expect? a FPS singleplayer game with no micro transactions?
Replies: >>200409
Is it too much to ask for these days?
Replies: >>200410 >>200412
Replies: >>200414
You could play atomic heart, it looks fun.
Replies: >>200431
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How was it?
It's censored.
Replies: >>200437
There was Dragon's Dogma 2 gameplay footage with some combat It looks good, but too early to say if it will be good. Plenty of time for Crapcom to fuck it up.
>It looks good, but too early to say if it will be good. Plenty of time for Crapcom to fuck it up.
It was already confirmed to have BLM promo DLC. It's pozzed as fuck.
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>It was already confirmed to have BLM promo DLC
I wouldn't be surprised considering CY+8 Capcom but some proofs would be welcome.
Replies: >>200846 >>200986
Got a source on that? Legit question as I haven't seen any notion of DLC announcement
Replies: >>200447
Just needs a quick fix.
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Was meh, DD2 was cool, glad we're getting more Helldiver, I gladly play any game that lets you stomp bugs.
Replies: >>200444
> I gladly play any game that lets you stomp bugs.
get really good at starcraft or just get BF vietnam
It will definitely have body type/pronouns in the character creator, and probably won't let you make lolis or big tits.
Replies: >>200448
He made it up
Replies: >>200846
>won't let you make lolis or big tits.
A crime against humanity, I hate this tranny era.
Replies: >>200467
I'm actually somewhat optimistic about dragons dogma two because you can see beastmen in the trailer. In that old design document floating around it showed the original intent was to add multiple races. 
We may be getting the dragons dogma as originally realized this time.
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The first one had Mason though, and he was honestly one of the better characters. A few blacks here and there in a pure fantasy setting like DD is fine as long as they're not elves or dwarves, in my opinion.
Replies: >>200490
Say trans rights or your pronouns will be was/were. You don't want to end up like Foxdickfarms do you?
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>The first one had Mason though, and he was honestly one of the better characters.
This claim is disputed
>A few blacks here and there in a pure fantasy setting like DD is fine as long as they're not elves or dwarves, in my opinion.
And they not not portrayed as knights of some other ridiculous shit like that, the only redeeming quality about mason was that at least he was dressed as a sandnigger of sorts and claimed he came from far away.
So he was presented as an outsider at least, but having niggers going "WE WUZ MEDIEVAL KNIGHTS AND SHIT" is fucking ridiculous.
Itsuno is a faggot.
Replies: >>201058
>Marathon dev video has pronouns
>oh, so one of these will be a tranny
>one of them is a tranny
Just once I'd like to be pleasantly surprised.
Isn't Marathon an old Bungie game? Are they remastering it?!?
Replies: >>200514
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>Sci-fi PvP extraction shooter
For fucks sake, nobody asked for this. I tried playing Marathon but couldn't get into it because of the level design was a bit too much for me. But the lore, weapons and background were interesting to me. But this; is just fucking sick.
Sorry goyim it's a PVP shooter now. No singleplayer so give them all your money!
>remaking marathon
It's not even a remake, it's literally a cancereous looter shooter gangbanging the IP's namesake just for publicity. It's basically just tarkov reskinned to be flamboyantly gay. There's not even any indication that you'd be genociding the pfhor or that they'd be weapons like the WSTM-5 dual-barrel level-action shotguns or the SPNKr twin rocket launcher. Just generic assault rifle onetaps and meme pvp gameplay.

Hell you don't even play as a goddamn Battleroid, just as synthetic android of some sort called a Runner. It's just that fucking lame.
Replies: >>200557 >>201210
because they already fucked Halo into the ground with open-world
How many more Bungie franchises can be destroyed?
Is Destiny worth talking about? That's a very repetitive MMO shooter with bullet sponges.
GNOP? How can you make pong cancerous?
Replies: >>200568
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Jesus christ, Bungie really is on a race to the bottom.
Replies: >>201210
Just watch them remake Pathways into Darkness into a mobile only pay to play zero agency RNG dungeon crawler with base building bullshit.
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The Absolute State
[Hide] (139.2KB, 404x470) Reverse
deport all trannies back to japan
Replies: >>200583
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I want off this planet
[Hide] (88KB, 744x800) Reverse
Replies: >>200592
Yeah, insane.
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>a white man is taking jobs from non-whites women
Shameful, sony.
Replies: >>200994
Remember what EA did with Syndicate? Imagine that but worse.
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>It was already confirmed to have BLM promo DLC. It's pozzed as fuck.
>I wouldn't be surprised considering CY+8 Capcom but some proofs would be welcome.
>He made it up
That anon surely made that shit up altough with how shit current Crapcom is, you can't be sure STILL, having niggers in medieval armor going "We wuz knights n'shit nigguh, das rite!" won't change much, it may be a different brand of poz, but it is still poz.
Replies: >>201210
As long as they keep the T&A I could care less if there are brown folk.
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That's white WOMAN, bigot
Replies: >>201014 >>201049
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>those muscles
>sailor moon shirt
Probably so low test already that HRT had no effect on him
>Decapitated sailor moon apron 
Why would anyone want that?
Yeah it's kinda dumb, I guess, but maybe it wasn't Itsuno's decision. Who knows?
Replies: >>201059
Itsuno is a westaboo faggot like kojimbo, and booth don't even take the best part of west, but the kike produced Hollywood garbage.
This is the same guy that said was a fan of DmC and wanted to make a DmC2.
His games are usually good gameplay but shit character design, just look at DMC5.
Replies: >>201060
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>This is the same guy that said was a fan of DmC and wanted to make a DmC2. 
Now that you mention it, yeah, I remember now. Can't believe I forgot about that. 
Here's an interview screenshot I had saved. (Sorry it's not archived, I took it quite long ago.)
Replies: >>201062 >>201142
<We learned so much from Ninja Theory and DmC.... those guys are style Incarnate.
<DmC is one of my favourite DMC, if not my favourite.
>Talking about that shit character Nico as if it was anything but trash
<Her grandmother ((( Nell Goldstein )))

This interview gave me cancer, Itsuno is such a fucking retard, that's why i am not getting my hopes up about Dragon's Dogma 2 being good, i am sure there's going to be some cool mechanics here and there, but i expect some major poz too.
Replies: >>201068
[Hide] (518.5KB, 419x610) Reverse
Yeah, it's evident Itsuno has bad taste in character design and style (or what he perceives as "style"). It's quite sad now that I remember it. 
Anyway, here's the full interview. Turns out it was super easy to find again, and it was already archived 4 years ago: 

>we learned a lot from ninja theory
So that's why every environment looks horrible in 5
Replies: >>201184
>So that's why every environment looks horrible in 5
Only the environments?
The main cast looks like absolute shit, especially that V who looks like a jewish faggot.
I wish Kamiya never left the series to be honest.
Replies: >>201195
[Hide] (515.8KB, 1280x512, 00:02)
I'm gonna get called cakekike for this but the actual combat is really fun if a little too easy to get high rank on, but everything else is just bad. The story, the female models, the environments, the enemy designs, the level designs, the way characters interact. Vergil feels shoved in for no reason and I don't know why Dante now has a super-demon form that's completely broken. Also, I don't know why the fuck they added Nico when they just as easily could have had Nero team up with Lady or Trish instead of having them show up to do literally nothing the entire game. Was it really worth it for a lore explanation of Dante's guns and a callback to DMC4's easiest boss?
Replies: >>201201 >>201203
>I'm gonna get called cakekike for this
Nah, if you were the cake kike you would be screeching like an autistic faggot about DMC5 being the best game ever made, thinking that Itsuno is your friend just because he took a picture with you, and sperging about some made up "DmC2fag" as if there's only one single person in existence who dislikes DMC5 and see the similarities with DmC,  that shit game that Itsuno himself admitted of taking inspiration from when he made DMC5.

Also he would be extremely butthurt about not being able to delete the other anon's post with the link to Itsuno's interview admitting that he actually wanted to make DmC2

But yeah, Itsuno is a guy would should be put in charge EXCLUSIVELY for the game's gameplay mechanics and nothing else, because he's shit at everything else.
The only character that felt fun to play was Dante, and they still found ways to fuck him up his character (when the fuck did he ever show interest in anything Michael Jackson until this game?). 
>Vergil feels shoved in for no reason
They gave him the same treatment they've always have; making him a special edition character to get more money out of fans, regardless if it makes any sense or the levels are balanced for his playstyle. They still refuse to even give him his own unique levels.
>Also, I don't know why the fuck they added Nico
To appeal to a new audience in order to replace expand the old. Since the 2010s or even sooner, Capcom's been trying to appeal to the western audience thanks to faggots like Inafune saying Japan should start doing so. Nico's just another example of Capcom continuing this, giving no fucks how many old fans are lost in the process.
Replies: >>201204 >>201205
Who the fuck does Nico appeal to though? She's unfunny, annoying and forced.
Replies: >>201205
>The only character that felt fun to play was Dante, and they still found ways to fuck him up his character (when the fuck did he ever show interest in anything Michael Jackson until this game?). 
We talked about this in Bayonetta thread i think, Dante used to be manly, elegant badass with a "whatever" attitude and cracked some jokes once in a while to ease the tension.
Once Itsuno was put in charge of the series, he turned Dante into a fucking buffoon who tries too hard to be funny all the time.
That's not what Dante was supposed to be.
I think that after he was defeated as "Nero Angelo" he should have being put to rest, no reason to bring him back all the time.
About Nero, a character i always hated, as is only a poor man's version of Dante, some anon argued that it would have being better if they introduced him as Mundus' son instead of Vergil's, sent to kill Dante and then changing his ways and joining him.
I think that if they also gave him a different look, wearing something that wasn't a trench coat , black hair and different weapons, then maybe he wouldn't have been as redundant as he is. 
>Who the fuck does Nico appeal to though? She's unfunny, annoying and forced.
What were they even thinking!?
[Hide] (277.1KB, 760x1080) Reverse
>and they're not going to do that.
Have a little faith anon, it could happen.

>that Europe was always multicultural
I mean technically speaking Fins, Swedes, and Sami's, various Mediterranean and indo European groups, Celts, Anglo's, the Dutch, Eastern and Southern Slavs, as well as Bulgarians, Hungarians, Gypsies/Romani and Romanians or even just the differences between Northern and Southern Italy does constitute a long history of being a 'multi cultural' and 'multi ethnic' sub continent.... Just not in the way the BBC and Netflix wish to present it though.

Honestly if they wanna make movies and documentaries to worship niggers fine but why not actually do something interesting like a movie about how Italy failed (twice) to conquer Ethiopia (the Afghanistan of Africa) even with the help of the Somalians and Germany the second time no less. I'd watch an action packed shoot em up film like that if he was done right. But of course we're talking about the Bongistani government and Hollywood so of course they don't actually care about real history. They just wanna virginal signal.

So why did Sony spend six gorillion dollars on Bungie? Did someone forget to mention they weren't making anymore Gaylo games? I don't get it unless it's Sony's goal to lose money then congrats I guess.
Replies: >>201242 >>201286
>unless it's Sony's goal to lose money
They've been doing that for years. This is the same company that put out Ghostbusters 2016.
>So why did Sony spend six gorillion dollars on Bungie?
Simply to have a pissing contest with Microshaft that was also buying lots of studios and IPs.
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