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For games that are not yet finished, but which hopefully will be.

Demos can say a lot about a game, and in some cases they can be important pieces of a game's development.  If the games never come to be, then the demo is often the only proof that any effort ever existed.  Are there any demos that you've enjoyed for games that never released?

Even better, are there any demos for games you're looking forward to?
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The topic came to mind because I stumbled onto the page for Starwind Shrine, a game jam puzzle game about using your breath to push and pull things around.  It'll take you maybe half an hour to beat, and there's no story or anything else to get in the way.
>the work of one who consorts with beasts!
Yes, but they don't seem to be enormous faggots about it.
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Made me think of Deep Down, but apparently it didn't have a demo
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The demo runs like hot molasses on my PC but it does seem fun.
I recommend it.
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I'm looking for your' demos, this being the 5/5 /agdg/ Demo Day after all..
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>>197451 (OP) 
I miss the days of the demo discs. 
Probably the reason we are seeing less and less demos available nowadays, despite the fact that devs could easily release them digitally, is that even the devs and publishers aren't so confident about the "quality" of their product, and hope customers will buy their out of impulse instead.
More like because devs can use Early Access digitally for people to pay good money to use their product and be free beta testers, all without having to pay to distribute discs with the game on them.
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Check out the Haunted PS1 Demo Disks if you don't mind shitty indie knockoffs. There are some gems in there, and the 2020 disk at least manages to nail the visual style.
Fair warning, pretty much anyone can get their game featured in there as long as it's horror so it's got some tranny games. At least it's free.
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Yes, but that only works with well known, established franchises, especially if they are memes among the normalfags like COD, Minecraft or Fifa, but in those cases you already know what to expect from those games.
I was talking more about new franchises or game series that are not so popular.
We do get some prototype demos via that Steam indie event they have every few months.
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>There are some gems in there
Such as?
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The demo is really unpolished but its still a demo in the end.
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Ex-fucking-cuse me? Slave Zero?
What is this fucking timeline?
I take it this has nothing to do with Slave Zero for the dreamcast.
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Same setting.
Looks like Ziggurat Interactive has picked up a lot retro IPs. A lot of 3DO I see as well. 
Quickly looking through their catalogue I see Bloodrayne, Advent Rising, KKND, Superhero League of Hoboken and Two crude dudes lol.
Pretty interesting.
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What kind of company it is?
Are they cool, turbojews, faggots or what?
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Does Diablo IV have a demo? Wanna try it before buying it.
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You missed the stress test weekend a week or so ago.
It's a good looking MMOARPG, very similar to Lost Ark, if you decide to play alone, you're in for a boring grindfest with spongy enemies. At least 2 seperate debuffs need to be applied to trash mobs in order to make TTK short and satisfying enough.
So if you manage to find someone to play with, it can be fun, but that also means giving Blizzcucks 70 more dollars. On top of the very obvious Skinner Box mechanics.
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One of the biggest games studio can't afford a demo? 
> always online
Oh, I get it now. I'll just go back to D2R, a skinner box game that I *can* play when on a bus or plane.
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>always online
I think they did offline for diablo 3 playstation edition, but not for PC, because fuck you goy.
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If D4 does offline, gonna get that version. "Do you guys not have consoles/phones?" Why not make a D4 version for mobile then?
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