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>ctrl+F "EDF" "Earth Defense Force
>0 results
Let's fix that
Which EDF game are you playan'? Favorite class? Favorite weapon? Favorite enemy?
thoughts on Starship Troopers: Extermination?
4.1 > 5 
I'm still made they made it a movie game and completely ignored the book.
>>190588 (OP) 
Man I love EDF. The only game that gets fun sometimes. You get to pilot a giant robot and then they let you call it in on any mission.
Dash canceling a bug? Hey that's pretty cool, its now a mechanic. 

God I fucking love EDF
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I liked Iron Rain.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 986x1378) Reverse
I did too, even if I had to run it in potato mode. NotFencer was pretty fun still, but fuck the cover monster is an annoying shit.
Replies: >>190631
Worth it on the cheap?
Replies: >>190632
At a five-finger discount I think, you will blow through it pretty fast and I didn't feel like there was a good reason to replay it on a higher difficulty.
>>190588 (OP) 
It looks so fucking good, giving the classes active support items is such great idea now the Ranger grenades are actually useful and they also added new gas weapons, they also gave Wing Diver a fucking light saber and gave fencer mother fucking katanas.
Also EDF6 is the best selling EDF game of all time literally sold 300k copies in it first week of launch and won player of choice reward.

>Favorite class
I'm torn between Ranger and Fencer, I love the mecha feel that fencer has but ranger has certain charm to him
>Favorite Weapon
SHOTGUN or the Gallic Cannons for fencer that *ting* makes me cum
>Favorite enemy
Gotta be the Colonist/aliens, they are the perfect EDF enemy
Also EDF tier list :
Anybody with links for EDF5?
Trackers are blocked here
Replies: >>190724
Anyone with a toaster willing to share specs playing EDF5?
I need to know if I can play it on toaster.
From my knowledge you gotta have a decent CPU, the game doesn't use alot of GPU.
Replies: >>190646
Is it reliant on single threaded performance?
Replies: >>190650
Ehh not sure but it was made for the PS4 originally which 8 cores so I think it relies on multi thread, but I'm speaking out of my ass here.
Replies: >>190652
>speaking out of my ass
woah, how do you do that? can you post a video?
Replies: >>190666
I've never really experienced any choppiness on Hard+ with an old Ryzen 3 2600, although I have since installed a 5950X.
How was world brothers? I was thinking of getting it for my nephew.  He liked edf 5.
Replies: >>190666
My old AMD athlon II and HD 5770 would only really shit itself on base 228's surface (probably because of lack of vram or something),  but it ran decently well nearly everywhere else.
Easy, I got an ESP8266 with a microphone setup in my ass, all I gotta do is fart in morse code the microphone will pick it and ESP will send it to my PC which will decode the message to a text file which then would be posted here.
Although this is just a prototype I'm working currently on making it much more smaller for easy insertion.
It's not bad it's like a 7/10 game better than Iron Rain imo, but the story is too meta for my liking.
>He liked edf 5.
your nephew is gonna become a fine man
how about an edf gamenight?
Replies: >>190716
Fags here used to call for multiplayer here on EDF threads. Should be better to stay that way, since the room size's so low and EDF wouldn't fare too nicely as a gamenight when everyone turns up with underleveled weapons.
Replies: >>190720
sounds good to simply use this thread. im starting 4.1 all over again, might post about a room soon or something
>EDF thread made
>sseth video on edf shortly after

I know you're there you son of a bitch. I'm always okay with EDF threads so I won't rag on it. 

Does 5 ever go on sale? I haven't played it yet
Replies: >>190722 >>190741
>edf on sale
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Replies: >>190725
try steamunlocked
Replies: >>190728
Spoiler File
(2.1MB, 720x960, 00:13)
Thanks anon
That was really nice to record yourself doing that anon, I didn't know cute girls posted here.
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thank you anon
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>>190588 (OP) 
Air Raider > Ranger > Wing Diver > Fencer
tempest, stampede, great plasma cannon, blasthole spear
Those bird-like creatures.

Just steal it you nigger.
If you want to play online some anons here play using goldberg.
I finished EDF6, and have been trying really hard not to go back to it, cause I dont wanna burn myself out when it finally gets brought over to the states.
Replies: >>190775
I want to full force punch that ass.
You'd think they would be faster bringing these games outside Japan by now.
Replies: >>190780
I don't what the fuck is wrong with D3, the game is selling like crazy in japan it sold 300k in the first week or so and got 2st place in japan PSstore shop, and it's getting more and more popular internationally either they are having trouble with localization or D3 is just retarded.
They did just tease the first dlc mission pack recently so maybe they are waiting until they finish all the mission packs before international release. Basically, retarded yeah.
Aren't they still a smallish company? Maybe that's why.
Replies: >>190806
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Sandlot is the smallish company not D3, D3 is literally backed by Bandai Namco and they did release World Brother (a spinoff game) world wide on after like few months of launch with full english voice acting and released a PC port few weeks after.
They always neglect the mainline games in the west while pumping money on shitty fucking spin-offs that always fail to appeal to the general audience, while the mainline games always review better and sell better.
D3 is desperately want the Monster Hunter World kind of success yet they keep failing and failing, if they focus 100% on the mainline game do a strong ad campaign they might see that kind of success.
Hell EDF5 which is a 6 year old game at this point is still selling and it's still with an active player that still continuing to grow to this day, so D3 stop being retarded and ride that success you fucking idiots
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>I don't know
Exclusivity deals. You don't know, but D3 knows what's up.
>release game exclusively on Sony platform on Japan
<fags buy the game on masse since it's what they were waiting for
>release the game 2 years later on the same Sony platform fully localized on English
<fags who didn't import the game at first and fags who want to be talked in a language they understand lap it up
>finally release it fully localized on PC, the biggest market available
<fags who didn't have a piss poor can finally play the fuckng game
They ride the entire release wave and make the most profit possible with the same product, same as Fatlus did with Purse Owner 5, hyping up the release for a game that came out 8 years ago.
Replies: >>190824 >>190825
So you think that D3 is actually confident that EDF will sale no matter what even if they put hurdles to buy it.
Also I do know about the exclusivity deal kinda ironic how Sony Of America hates EDF yet it's literally saving the PS5 in japan.
Replies: >>190833
Atlus only recently started porting their games, they used to make 90% of their games as platform exclusives
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I mean I bought EDF 2025 when it came out on PS3, then 4.1 when I got a PS4, and again when it released on PC. Did the samething with 5, bought it on PS4 day 1 it released in Japan, then again day 1 when it released in the States, and day 1 again when it released on PC. Even bought the JP ports on the Vita games on Switch. I have no shame. I'm going to do the same with 6.
Replies: >>190836 >>191982
Tbh these games deserve this kind of support, they are made with love and soul one of the few games that constantly improve.
Replies: >>190844
No game deserves being bought 3 times.
Replies: >>190848
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EDF 6 PC release when?
Replies: >>190863
Replies: >>190849 >>190864
go away tod
Early next year
Explain, you cancer causing nigger.
Replies: >>190893
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Replies: >>190892 >>190903
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Replies: >>190902 >>190913
Because EDF is worth it.
Replies: >>190918
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Replies: >>190903
Did they make an EDF anime ?
Replies: >>190904 >>190912
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[Hide] (15.5MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
I got around to watching the sseth video on this game. He mentions the ranger bike being unusable. What is he on about? It's useful and stable.

No. It's just an anime where there is a force to defend the earth with the same name.  They are apparently defeated and the result is a citizen based army that is called on to assemble and fight them, which is kinda like "operation omega" mentioned during the final boss in edf5.
Many of the male civilians being called into action were watching hentai at the time.
Replies: >>190909 >>190927
They are actually more stable in EDF6 from what I've seen, they can destroy small obstacles now.
also what's the name of that anime ?
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I wish we would get an EDF anime.
Replies: >>190927
I dont know why, maybe its the perp but this is giving me cop craft vibes.
I miss that show.
Replies: >>190926
worth it in what way you cancerous faggot?
Replies: >>190919 >>190922
A better question is in what way is it not worth it? This reply chain is somehow about buying the same game 10 limes like how Toddestha resold Skyrim 20 different ways. But that was the same game each time. That doesn't apply to EFD, since every version has different missions, enemies, new weapons, and different story. There's a decent bit of asset reuse, but it's not the same thing rereleased repeatedly, and always improved in some ways.
So tell me, in what way is an improved sequel not worth it, you cancerous faggot?
Replies: >>191982
I just pirate it lmao
If you can't see why its worth it then don't worry about it.
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[Hide] (79.6KB, 1280x720) Reverse
It was definitely underappreciated.
Replies: >>190927
>I got around to watching the sseth video on this game. He mentions the ranger bike being unusable. What is he on about? It's useful and stable.
He is just bad at videogames, also his review was boring and shit.
Netflix adaptation.
They should nuke those filthy nonhumans.
Yeah the review was mediocre, maybe one day I'll do a review of the whole series for the zzzine. and 1 hour analysis for EDF5
Replies: >>190938
>Netflix adaptation
Please no, anything but that
TheRussianBadger's review of EDF4.1 was a lot better
Replies: >>190946
Speak for yourself, I'd rather have my little elf loli harem.
[Hide] (28.8MB, 1280x720, 05:04)
Replies: >>190961
[Hide] (84.1KB, 400x226) Reverse
Love his voice, he sounds like he should be recalling events during the vietnam war
Replies: >>190964
Southern American accents are dying unfortunately, half of it due to Hollyjews demonization of Southern States as racist Republican demons and retards actually falling for it.
Replies: >>191129
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They finally showed some info about the DLC they teased and ohh boy there alot of shit in here
>70+ new weapons (more than EDF5 DLC combined)
>15+ new missions fully voice acted this time and actual story
>One of the new weapon is fuck off Sniper called "Planet Sniper Cannon", it's packs a punch and it looks like a portable railgun and it even comes with a new animation where the Ranger crouches before shooting idk why but it looks rad as hell
>Tons of new enemies varient
>A Red Mother ant that throws boulders at you and rushes you
>Blue giant Gamma that crushes everything in it's way
>Blue Ants that spit constant acid
>Blue Bees that shoot darts like a machine gun
>New maps
It drops the 23 of march
Replies: >>191088 >>191213
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PC port when?
Replies: >>191149
[Hide] (331.4KB, 00:25)
Replies: >>191150
I've heard it's suppose to be sometime this year. Not sure if that's true or just a rumor though.
Replies: >>191151
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Playasia has the US relaese up for preorder, but no date.
Here's a jewtube video of some of the DLC content in question.
>25:13 The new mutants species' intro
>29:45 Crimson Mother Monster+
>34:37 Blue Aggressor α+
>37:40 Blue Flying Aggressor
>42:40 Violet Aggressor β+
>50:14 The so-called Planet Sniper Cannon It's a Lysander on steroids.
>53:35 Gianter aggressor γ I nickname them Homewreckers
The presenters are also terrible at videogames.
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>Netflix adaptation
Better nothing at that point
Replies: >>191470
Has there ever been a single time where the manga was worse than the anime? 
Hard mode, no Akira.
Planetes, although the art in the manga still makes it worthwhile.
Highschool of the Dead
Mai HiME and Mai Otome.
Me too, the grappling hook is fantastic.
Hell Girl
Gunsmith Cats :^)
Replies: >>191815
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[Hide] (148.5KB, 728x1029) Reverse
[Hide] (164.7KB, 728x1029) Reverse
Objectively wrong.
[Hide] (93.8KB, 478x532) Reverse
I'm glad I stopped reading.
Hey those aren't cats
So is Rally one of them dykes or something?
Replies: >>191847
Didn't it had gang rape, prostitution and stuff?
Replies: >>191844 >>191847
That never fucking happened. I read the whole thing.
And drugs, with half an addiction arc.
Replies: >>191847
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Spoiler File
(697.3KB, 1221x858) Reverse
Spoiler File
(798.3KB, 1220x857) Reverse
[Hide] (987.7KB, 1221x857) Reverse
yes, at least bi. If I recall she even had an affair with a female control-freak villain (Goldie) in the same chapter
It did, I read the whole thing too, plus Burst and Bean. This was in the last chapter of Gunsmith Cats: Burst.
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>those spoilers
[Hide] (432.7KB, 1344x1082) Reverse
>reading it in such low res when you can read it in all of it's glory of digital release
Replies: >>191900
[Hide] (328.7KB, 1008x600) Reverse
>Vomiting at the sight of a naked woman
Replies: >>191904 >>191913
Spoiler File
(2.4MB, 1343x1900) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1343x1900) Reverse
I just took the screenshots from the first source I could find, can't even remember where I read it originally
Well, it depends on with she is doing.
Replies: >>191908 >>191920
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you like canned spaghetti?

[Hide] (112.2KB, 1024x980) Reverse
>old and a dyke
>not disgusting
Replies: >>191920 >>191924
[Hide] (366.6KB, 640x848, 00:13)
Replies: >>191926
[Hide] (675.5KB, 640x360, 00:07)
Replies: >>191926
[Hide] (699KB, 797x1600) Reverse
Are there really yuri defending fags on this board?
Replies: >>191930
[Hide] (1.4MB, 480x360, 00:11)
Had to check twice this was in fact the EDF thread.
Replies: >>191940 >>191966
Yuri isn't gay. But you are.
wait this was EDF?
Replies: >>191946
[Hide] (1.5MB, 480x360, 00:23)
I thought it was the webm thread for a moment.
>buying different edf games
That's ok. No one is arguing against that. It's retarded when someone buys the same game, literally the same game not even a remaster like 2025 and 4.1, like >>190833 bought 5 three times. Unless you're buying several copies to play with friends, then that's just recruiting for the EDF.
There was more? Fuck.
[Hide] (170.7KB, 1000x1150) Reverse
EDF 6 fucking when?
Replies: >>192048
it's already out...in japan only
Replies: >>192062
I'll rephrase that for him.
EDF 6 PC release fucking when?
Replies: >>192087 >>192213
[Hide] (94.5KB, 1255x837) Reverse
within 6 months
Not soon enough, and I've been wanting to replay it again too.
[Hide] (14.8KB, 319x326) Reverse
So EDF6 DLC just dropped and man that final mission.
Protecting the nuclear missiles silos only for the EDF to use them to nuke the fucking earth as a last resort against the primers is just fucked up I know EDF can be dark sometimes but this something else, also this explains why the primers always destroy target them first in the later timelines
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