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MGS4 was a pretty decent movie, too bad they forgot the game. They should've either done away with the franchise or rebooted it with a brand new cast of characters.
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MGS4 isn't a bad game (minus the bosses). The bigger problem was that Kojima was so fucking far up his own ass and didn't want to work on the series anymore so he turned it into a godawful movie complete with embarrassing scenes and making Meryl fuck Johnny of all people as a fuck you to the fans. At least you can just skip them all and play the game.
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MGS4 shouldn't exist.
It took me 13 years to finally play it and when I did, I was honestly so disappointed. 
It's like Kojimbo was spitting on my face, for about 10 hours.
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>>186266 (OP) 
>They should've either done away with the franchise or rebooted it with a brand new cast of characters.
They should've done away with the franchise.
Not every series needs to go on forever.
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Didn't he want to end MGS at 2? I remember reading that 3 wasn't even a MG game to begin with and 4 was forced upon him.
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Yeah he did, MGS2 ending makes it very clear that it all ends there. It ends with a hopeful message and an unambiguous ending.
MGS3 is pretty much a prequel and could have been it's own game.
MGS4,  PW and 5 are all awful.
4's gameplay at actual tactical espionage action was the most interesting, on par with 3, and it not being fully utilized was a blue ball. You can at least get the most out of it through MGO2. PW was alright.
Replies: >>186289
4 had serviceable gameplay for the most part but as you said, it was barely ever explored due to the overabundance of non-gampley moments. 
I feel like 5 (particularly GZ) was the all around tightest MGS experience.
Peace Walker felt like Metal Gear for the Monster Hunter audience, which it was.
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You shut your fucking whore mouth.
The real redpill is coming to terms the fact the writing was never particularly good, that it was always over the top and cheesygoofy and that MGS4 was hardly any different from the rest. Then you too can learn to appreciate it. The lack of gameplay is because the game was rushed as fuck and they cut a bunch of stuff from the final product in order to meet the deadlines.
I liked the 10 minutes of gameplay. The girls are hot and the ending was pretty cool.
>because the game was rushed as fuck and they cut a bunch of stuff from the final product in order to meet the deadlines
The gameplay was lackluster because kojimbo spent all the time and money into a movie.
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Yeah, but what a movie it was!
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MGS2's themes and plot made people think the series had excellent writing all-around, without that game you just have a decently-written and stylized action series. 4's uncanny and relatively quiet dystopia of worldwide war and robots in peoples' blood is something I never see appreciated about it unless it's just a given on how (barebones) cyberpunk it and the Solid Snake games were.
>the game was rushed
Do you know what was cut? I came across this image and couldn't find anything else pertaining to what else was left out.
The women in MGS4 are the hottest I've seen in a game without them being sexualized. It goes without saying that women in modern games are plain or ugly but even the ones that aren't are generic.
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>make one of the best trilogies in gaming, make it self contained so you don't even have to play all three games
>make a couple of lesser known titles before hand which are also classics
>even make a kickass mobile port of MGS1 which is just as good as the main console game
>keep getting forced to make more games, even tho the series is done and there is nothing more to say
>get literal death threats from fans when you try to hand over your role as a director to someone else to pass the torch
Old Snake is how Kojima feels about this whole thing, he is tired of having to make these games and blames the fans for wanting more, despite the story being finished. At least the prequel games with Big Boss were decent, but you could tell by the time MGS5 came around he literally just did everything he could to sabotage the project so that he would be kicked off. Konami should have respected his wishes and let someone else work on the franchise, even with games like MGR he was more than happy to work as a consultant and give green light to ideas he approved of or not. Hell, even Survive wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, and that game had zero Kojima in it
Difficult situation, but at least we got more games out of it, and Kojima can now make all the piss and cum delivery service walking simulators with Norman Reedus he wants now, so everybody is happy. Except the fans that Kojima mocked in 4 that want more and more, they will never be happy
You should take into account that MGS4 was also a launch or near-launch title for the PS3, which was a famously hard console to develop for (THE CELL™).  I remember booting it up for the first time as it loaded stuff, and flipping through the channels of a fictional TV station was really helpful for immersing me in the game.  The graphics were cutting edge at the time, too.

>4's uncanny and relatively quiet dystopia of worldwide war and robots in peoples' blood is something I never see appreciated about it 
I liked that part of it too.

>kickass mobile port
That's an oxymoron.
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>didn't play Ghost Babel on the Gameboy Color
must be fun being underage
A gameboy color isn't a phone dipshit
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nobody said it was, handhelds existed for quite a while, I'm sure even before you were born if you can't think of a proper handheld without thinking of your goyphone
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>nobody said it was
Then why the fuck did you even bring up Ghost Babel? At least I can press A on a gameboy instead of slamming my fucking finger into the screen with no feedback.
Replies: >>186313
I mentioned it because it's just as good as the console game. If you weren't an underage nigger that never owned a portable console aside from his iPhone, you would know that as MGS: GB is quite popular among both GB and MGS fans
Replies: >>186317 >>192031
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>i'm going to pretend the word "mobile" means "handheld" and that mobile/smartphones haven't taken over the word for a decade and a half
>then i'm going to keep saying "handheld"
It wasn't clever when Anno did his 'bitching about the fans" thing. Kojimbo's half-assed imitation isn't clever either.
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We really still have "Kojima was pretending to be retarded" fags here? I thought they all went back to Reddit.
Replies: >>186337 >>186480
>>186266 (OP) 
4 had the best gameplay though.
We also still have the "Kojima didn't contribute shit it was all Fukushima and then they got him kidnapped and killed by the Yakuza despite 0 evidence to support these pulled out of my ass claims that keep getting parroted" fags, so it's clear they didn't go back to reddit after all.
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It goes more like 
>he worked his ass off on MG1, 2 and MGS1 then lost interest in the series because he has autism
>series started being a best seller for the company so he was forced to make a sequel which he wanted to ruin with raiden but ended up being good probably because Fukushima
Who really gives a fuck about this though. We know now that Kojima's a hack westaboo.
>>186266 (OP) 
The first playthrough is fantastic but when you try to get the best rank you notice how the "game" part just exists to connect cutscenes, which sucks.

Might replay the entire series next year, my ps3 still works after all.
 >Ghost Babel
great title, it's really telling how shit the taste of people here is if there are people itt who never heard of it, let alone played it
>Kojima pretending to be retarded
>implying he ever stopped
you can not just shit in the bathroom in Death Stranding, but also collect the poop and add into your inventory to use in the open world section, as you down Monster EnergyTM by the gallons, he always had autism but that doesn't mean he wasn't tired of working on the game later on(he openly admitted to it but konami didn't care until they started seeing how much money MGS5 was costing them, it's always about the bottom line for these faggots and nothing else)
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I'm in the middle of a Big Boss Extreme run trying to get the highest rank (again). Weird how the "be stealthy while also being quick" part is easier than the "beat this mandatory fight without rations doing pitiful damage to the enemy while they delete half your hp bar if you get hit" part.
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Sorry for doublepost but I also found these comparison pics on twitter. It's the game without the standard "2008 game" piss filter. It looks way better.
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I still think that the idea of making Snake an old man in MGS4 was retarded.
but why? I could have swore MGS2 outright said Snake is going to die young since he's a clone
Replies: >>186797
>finish chapter 1
>35 minutes 56 seconds
>hey, that's pretty good
>read further
>alerts: 1
>continues: 1
And I saved, so the run is binned and now I have to actually finish the game because I don't wanna do it off a new save with no equipment.
>I still think that the idea of making Snake an old man in MGS4 was retarded.
I thought so too but I ended up liking it, it humanized him. What was retarded was giving him that fucking mustache instead of a stubble.
Replies: >>186797 >>186956
PW and GZ would have been fine on their own, as they perfectly explain why big boss became evil later on, but then cuckjima had to make TPP just so he could explain why solid had to kill two naked snakes instead of just making the MSX games non canon. Yes i'm still mad over the plastic surgery+hypnosis shit.
Replies: >>186529
>they perfectly explain why big boss became evil later on
Not really.
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Fukushima wrote the codecs, Kojima did the cutscene writing and scenarios. Notice that all the serious conversations in 1-3 are through codecs and after Fukushima left codec calls were no longer a staple of it.
I think the mustache is why people disliked it as it made him look extra elderly. They should've had him age throughout the plot.
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is snake die in metal gear revengins?
Replies: >>186645 >>186794
yeah he is kil by old virus
Replies: >>186646
Replies: >>186647
then who was codec
>PW had co-op
>mgsv only has the bullshit pvp 

Fuck I really wanted to find a stealth co-op game that would give me splinter cell co-op vibes. It would have been perfect.
Replies: >>186658
FOBs would have been better as a co-op deal and without the nigger tier mobile shit design behind them.
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There's something particularly neat about these plain color png drawings I can't put my finger on, same with MS Paint shitposts.
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It was bad to see Meryl mistreating Snake for being old, saying his time had passed, and then marrying and getting banged by that lame loser with perennial diarrhea Johnny, of all people.
The first picture (upper left corner) is much better looking and I wish that was what Snake looked like in MGS4.
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So I cleared the fucked run, started another one on Liquid Easy to fill up on non-lethal and get the dolls I was missing to unlock the Solar Gun, finished that one as well and I'm now in the middle of the new BBE run, I just finished Act 1 in 35:04 seconds gonna try Act 2 tomorrow, I predict it's gonna take me longer because the stealth isn't as straight forward, and has a boss fight which can't be cheesed in any way an is both hard and lengthy on extreme.
Snake dies shortly after MGS4 is over, that's probably why meryl didn't marry him, though choosing johnny was a terrible idea.
>It was bad to see Meryl
She looks like shit in MGS4
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>Solar Gun
I forgot Kojima directed those too.
How come doesnt make any more RPGs and full on VNs anymore?
Those were kinda cool.
Replies: >>187090
When I saw news of that Chip and Dale atrocity with the Gadget and Fly, that's the first thing that came into my mind.
kojimbo had open world blueballs since at least early 2000s, that's where the idea to make MGS3 originated but the hardware wasn't there yet. Same goes for MGS4, which was cut up and turned into a movie instead. Then came Peace Walker, which was on a fucking handheld, so the idea to make it open world never crossed his mind...then came MGS5, where he could finally splurge out his open world dream game he wanted...then he got fired, or quit I forget which, and then he made open world fetch quest - the game, because I figure he wasn't done ejaculating yet when he was forced out of the office by Konami and he had to finish at his new studio. Now, Death Stranding is a "franchise" so he is expected to work on that exclusively for the forseeable future
Honestly, if he didn't get into a fight with Konami and actually finished PT, that might have re-ignited the creative juices in him, especially as by that point he would be done with MGS5 so he could be satisfied with his open world nutting, in theory
Replies: >>187093 >>187102
>Honestly, if he didn't get into a fight with Konami and actually finished PT, that might have re-ignited the creative juices in him
lol, no
Kojima is hack
Replies: >>187096
yeah, but PT did look interesting. maybe survival horror would have been gotten a proper revival if kojima made the game, people would definitely play it and ask for more which would bring in imitators if nothing else
Hell, I remember that after PT blew up, people who never heard of Silent Hill started talking about it, they even thought that Kojima made the older titles and wouldn't hear otherwise
Death Stranding is better than MGS5 so maybe it's good he got fired.
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Finished chapter 2 and set a total time of 1:14:11, which translates to ~39 minutes for the segment, which is way under estimate. Not bad, I expected to take much longer. Next onto the first roadblock of the run, the fucking non-lethal only bike chase.

Also who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make the virtual range off white while the UI and the targets are light orange? It's fucking impossible to see or read anything.
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Went ahead and completed both Acts 3 and 4. 
The bike chase actually didn't give me as much trouble as I thought it would. I managed to clear the first half on the first try and the second half on the fourth. Back when the game came out and I first attempted a BBE run, it must've taken me some 50 fucking tries for each segment. Raging Raven was a walk in the park and I defeated her in like 30ish seconds at most. The final time after the chapter was 2:01:37, a whopping 47 minutes and a half, courtesy of the mandatory tailing segment; not great but still under 1 hour.
Act 4 was a breeze thanks to the Chaff grenades I had stockpiled, just 5 of them let me run pretty much through the entire level. Boss fight against the beast form of Wolf took probably a little over 1 minute, while the beauty form a little over 2, much like the rest. Second to last boss fight took less than 30 seconds thanks to the Solar gun, and the Gundam battle took around 3-4 minutes. Final total time was 2:32 and a couple tens of seconds, meaning this one was the quickest segment at 31 minutes and a half. After being lazy about skipping the movie I checked my partial time after the mid-movie save you get and it's 2:33:00 on the dot. Considering Act 5 consists of:
>1 tiny stealth segment
>1 and a half fairly easy boss fight
>1 unskippable interactive cutscene leading to another unskippable interactive cutscene
>1 longish boss fight
>2 sets of unskippable credits
>yet another unskippable cutscene
I don't think I'm gonna make the <3 hour mark. I estimate my final time will land somewhere between 3h10m and 3h30m. Still pretty good when you consider my original run over 10 years ago I barely made it under the 5 hour objective with a time of 4:47 and a few seconds.

It's actually nowhere as hard as I recall. The requirements aren't that strict and can be circumvented one way or another. The "no kill thing" is irrelevant because you can still use the tranq gun and be perfectly fine; the beast bosses can be killed with lethal and it doesn't even count, and the beauties are a joke fight. Not being spotted is pretty easy when you just tranq everyone, besides there's literally only 2 Acts and a half where you have to stealth and it's only some specific sections because with all the war around you it's pretty easy to go unseen as long as you don't go full retard. The "no healing items" thing is also irrelevant because no alerts = no fighting = no damage = no need to heal; half of the beast boss fights can be cheesed and the other half are just a matter of learning the super ez patterns; beauty fights, no comment; homo fight: S U N L I G H T; Gundam battle and MMA cage match can't actually use items so no issue. That leaves the bike sequence which I think is the most problematic bit when it comes to not dying without rations issue. And then there's the time requirement, but hear me out: if you skip the cutscenes and don't waste time fucking around and exploring places, 5 hours is actually fairly generous. Even without being fairly cautious, crawling around enemies and running only when there's no one around, which is what I did back then, you'll likely still graze the mark and go under estimate, then it's just a matter of learning a few tricks to save some time here in there, like boss fights, and it's done.

I'll post a pic of my final stat screen tomorrow after I likely get the emblem.
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>I'll post a pic of my final stat screen tomorrow after I likely get the emblem.
And here it is. 38 minutes and 58 seconds for segment, 3:11:58 total time, which is within my estimate. The MMA grudge match + unskippable cutscenes + credits were the ones that padded the most, as after the final beauty fight I was still well under 2 hours and 50 minutes. Overall way easier than I recall. I guess I was just a worse gamer when I was a kid.
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Replies: >>187223 >>187296
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>During the filming of The Boss's fighting Naked Snake at Dremuchij North during Operation Snake Eater (specifically, the part where she says to Snake "Go Back!"), Eriko Hirata, The Boss's motion capture actress, started breaking into tears, as she had read the script and thus already knew about The Boss's ultimate fate.[20] 
the boss... had a hard life... ;_;7
Replies: >>187272
why is the pink one taking a shit
its a hard boss life 
for us
Replies: >>187276
for you
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>>186266 (OP) 
/v/ sings Koi no Yokushiryoku when
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How long until the Patriots become real? I think we have all the technology now.
They're already real.
This shit is fucking terrifying
Replies: >>187588
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>super AI that controls the world
An improvement over kikes, I guess.
Fucking normalfags will never learn.
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>Do you know what was cut? I came across this image and couldn't find anything else pertaining to what else was left out.
To name a few:
>Extra on foot segment in act 3 taking place in the sewers after the boss fight and you were supposed to escort Big Mama and navigate to the river exit while avoiding ambushing gekkos and such.
>Act 4 was supposed to be bigger with more areas and have more action. One such area was supposed to be a frozen lake which was guarded by gekkos which you were supposed to cross, but you were also meant to revisit the B1 floor of the warhead storage building. Some inaccessible leftovers of this are still visible if you open the start menu and check the map in certain places.
>A bunch of more weapons like FA-MAS were to be included
>A bunch more outfits and codec calls
And that's just some of the knwon stuff, God knows how many more things they had planned and cut. There is just too little gameplay to justify hours and hours of cutscenes. They must've had more and scrapped it either because size or time constraints giving priority to muh hollywood anime cutscenes.
Replies: >>188056 >>191793
In reality, things will just go back to analogue. You can’t synthesise physical media. Actual cellophane film and ink on paper. Social media and digital tech will wither away, and people will only use the internet to play games. People are stupid, but as soon as the cat is out of the bag that most digital stuff is faked AI, nobody will believe anything they didn’t see personally anymore.
Replies: >>187721
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Anons aren't real anymore.
Replies: >>187614
You were the anons all along!
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there's one place where the AI's can't shitpost. Time to shitpost messages on the back of an abandoned building.
Replies: >>187624
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shitposting is an ancient art
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Is this a Metal Gear PLAYAN thread? 
Might as well post it here, I'm currently going thru every single Metal Gear game chronologically, mostly blind. I am documenting my marathon via the Friday Night threads on moe, the boards are not active enough for me to post any more frequently and I usually have a longer one in the bank by that point anyways. 
I just finished Phantom Pain and am starting the very original Metal Gear on MSX. If that's something that interests you, then you can check out the the 8moe friday night thread every week. 
At the end, I am hoping to have it all archived in one single pic, here is what I have saved so far. It is definitely ugly and unpolished but it's a work in progress, it will probably look better at the end

Speaking of MGS4, I heard it was about three hours long and then padded with cutscenes, real shame since from what I saw the gameplay is actually pretty decent. I think what hurts me the most is the removal of the Faction system, having to juggle relations between country A and country B without pissing off country C sounds like a decent idea, since you never know whose territory you are going to trespass on for the next mission. If you were feeling masochistic, you could be enemies with all three and enjoy a much harder game as well, adding to replayability, I doubt anything more than a skeleton of that system is in the final game
Replies: >>187704 >>191552
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>abloo abloo too slow
>"marathon" but he's actually playing them segmented
>AND in the wrong order
wipe the drool off your shirt and then ask your mom to apply for mental disability gibs on your behalf, fucking retard
Replies: >>187706 >>187707
>doll in second
I've been seriously considering getting a BJD.
Replies: >>187714
fair on the first two, but I am definitely playing them in the "right order". If you knew how to read, or knew anything about those games, you would know I am playing them chronologically not in the order they were released, but chronological order in-game, meaning starting with big boss saga and ending with old snake and cyborg raiden. I did something similar with Fallout a year ago and that took me, well, a year to complete every major Fallout game plus some, so I am doing the same thing with MGS and see where it goes. I am not speedrunning the games, but I am playing them one after the other without pause, you can call that whatever you want
If anyone is actually interested in seeing someone talk about these games, you can still find my posts there every friday. I'm not going to type the same thing on two different threads and I started posting on moe
>you would know I am playing them chronologically not in the order they were released, but chronological order in-game
Dont bother replying to him, his post history shows he is sperging out histrionically in every thread.
I appreciate the effort you put into reviewing the games in depth, in an almost "retrospective" manner, as the kids say these days. I will have to check out the original friday threads for more details.
Replies: >>187720 >>187760
What's stopping you
Replies: >>187717
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>>186266 (OP) 
Replies: >>187725
Wondering how I want her faceup.
[Hide] (18.9MB, 9120x9388) Reverse
My ID is gonna change, but I mentioned doing a Fallout retrospective that gave me the idea. Here is pic related, as you can see some of the later games turned to essays that I had to type out in word doc, simply because I had that much to say. The Friday Night thread format keeps things fresh and limits how much I can post. It also means I can make said posts more regularly, instead of waiting until I am finished each time. 
Either way I'm not gonna derail this thread any longer, but I will shill Metal Gear Survive since it's thread appropriate. It was way more fun than I thought, not sure how I'm gonna rate all of these games by the end but I can almost guarantee that Survive is gonna beat 4 just by the virtue that it has more gameplay than it, if what I am seeing about it being an interactive movie is true
Replies: >>191552
>as soon as the cat is out of the bag that most digital stuff is faked AI, nobody will believe anything they didn’t see personally anymore
A lot of people will refuse to believe what they see personally too though, overexposure to the internet (specifically social media) mindfucked quite a few of them into completely disregarding the things they see with their own eyes irl. I don't think it's a majority of people though, but it most likely is enough to have some seriously fucked up very long term consequences on society that won't be fixed simply by going back to analogue. In terms of government and education the western world has almost entirely succumbed to Amerisraeli insanity in the decade and a half since smartphones made the internet widely available for any tech illiterate moron to traipse around posting their data without even stopping to consider that maybe remaining as anonymous as possible on the internet is a better idea than just spreading their assholes in front of the world,
Replies: >>187760
[Hide] (515.2KB, 640x360, 00:09)
>I'll show the boys what the girls can do!
[Hide] (121.8KB, 352x380) Reverse
>Johnny bad
fuck off Johnny did nothing wrong eh cool, kill frog, wear radical sunglasses, and doesnt afraid of anything eh probably browses /v/ too being a weeb and all
Replies: >>187733
Shits his pants like a champ.
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[Hide] (996.5KB, 884x623) Reverse
36 hours 1 minute and 2 seconds later, I achieved the Chicken rank, and quite a few more I farmed for to pad time. Painfully unfun playthrough, but now I'm just missing 8. I'm thinking of redoing a BBE run to improve my time since I've learned a few new tricks here and there, 2 in particular which would allow me to save some 30 minutes, couple that with better routes now that I'm more confident with the stealth, less lazy movie skipping and better menuing, I could save maybe some extra 10-15 minutes, meaning I could potentially get under the 2 hour and 30 minutes mark, which is pretty good if you consider the WR is around 2 hours.
I wonder where people got the exact scores you needed to get each rank. I guess the devs just told official guide editors?

I didn't bother with a timestamp since you can tell it's the same TV with the glare from the window reflecting off of it and the emblem collection has the same emblems with the yellow ribbon.
Replies: >>187736 >>189992
Why are you playing a PS3 game on a CRT?
Because that's all I have and the low input lag is invaluable for a rhythm game I play.
[Hide] (30.8KB, 522x522) Reverse
Because he has superior taste.
[Hide] (107.1KB, 768x432) Reverse
Most PS3 games render at 720p, and that resolution looks horrid on +1080p displays. CRT's don't have fixed pixel displays, which makes them the perfect choice for retro/older video games that output at resolutions below 1080p. Not to mention that the graphics of retro vidya were designed with CRT's in mind (pic related).
Replies: >>187756 >>187757
I'll never forget that feeling of playing Ace Combat 3 on my CRT it looked amazing, I don't know how to describe it but playing PS1 games on LCD doesn't do them justice.
this is from interlacing which is a defect not a feature, you can just emulate this if you want it that bad along with all the other defects from crts like chroma distortions, misaligned scanlines, off center borders and flickering and that buzzing noise that reminds you youre being irradiated
Replies: >>187760
> I am playing them chronologically not in the order they were released, but chronological order in-game
>"right order"
You're a fucking retard and you should kill yourself.

Very organic post, fellow anonymous user who is indigenous to this board.  I too shall have to go to [board desperate for attention].

>completely disregarding the things they see with their own eyes irl
That has been the case for a long time.  Most people learn their convictions from their parents (or more likely, from the state via public school) and even if they're wrong you can't convince them to change their minds by proving them wrong with an epic debate.  I know this from personal experience; the imperial cult popular in the US and spread via globohomo now is occupying the role that religion used to occupy in most peoples' lives, so challenges to it are perceived as threats to the existence of the society, not just disagreeable statements.

>defect not a feature
You are also retarded.  Please kill yourself.
Replies: >>188188
Johnny was one of the few characters in the game I felt that weren't poorly written or shoehorned into the plot.
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>>186266 (OP) 
if you still don't believe kojima is a hack watch this video to cement it
the guy's ideas while definitely "visionary" are totally retarded and hardly have any place in a metal gear game, you can tell his team likely thought the same about him as they outright refused to include some of his most inane delusions
also adds to these
I watched the video and there's pretty much nothing mentioned there that seems out of place. Even the whole player-controlled AI thing is essentially what Demon & Dark Souls tried and succeeded at. 

Most of the video is Kojima talking about things he wanted to do but couldn't because of budget constraints or inefficient hardware.
>Cameras that players could place and see remotely
Funny how they got it to work in Splinter Cell, granted the PS2 version is downgraded anyway and they probably wanted the player to constantly see the feed instead of by button press like Splinter Cell.
[Hide] (6.1MB, 640x360, 01:59)
>It's not a bug, it's a feature
Replies: >>188190
I never understood why people get so autistically enraged about the PSX wobble.
[Hide] (322.8KB, 711x400) Reverse
Here's a shorthand of how I would fix MGS4.
>shorter and less cutscenes
Have more gameplay of core stealth and awkward combat. Have the Act 1 be a sandbox, Act 2 a more linear one, Act 3 almost as linear as the original, then Act 4 and 5 be typical gameplay.
>no one-liners or shitty poetry coming out of everyone's mouths
The plot was convoluted as fuck which is understandable since it follows 2 but within that plot the writing is poofy as fuck, it sounds like an 11-year old girl's diary.
>no airplane gluing the acts together
The game jumped from one location to the next and didn't feel tied together. Have Snake go do the first three acts uninterrupted then introduce the airplane on your way to Shadow Moses with the final battle happening on Outer Haven.
>technology and war
Show civilians running for cover and dying, show more uncanny tech cyborgs with artificial wings replacing their arms, something more than nanomachines and robotic limbs.
>Snake's aging
Have him look anemic and white-haired at the end of the game when he gets more radiation than your nutsack in front of your PC, make him look 60 instead of 70 and get rid of the mustache.
>The Patriots
I don't know where to begin on that but the support team from 3 as the founding members of the Patriots was lazy and cynical, and what brought the series into ham and cheese, you can keep them as AI but have more human involvement with it and still have the support team become involved in some way I guess.
>Big Boss, Eva, and Zero
Keep them in but rewrite it.
I don't know but don't have nanomachines be the reason for his superpowers, don't explain that shit ever.
Make them the ace in the hole for each PMC instead of Charlie's Angels for Liquid, don't have them be callbacks to previous bosses and give them variation in personality and backstory.
Attach him to Rat Patrol I guess to have an excuse for him to reoccur as some dealer trusted and approved by the fed.
Have him be on the support team but the plot should be set in motion by Snake, Otacon, and Raiden's good will.
Don't take his aversion the nanomachines as a laugh, make him unseemingly intelligent and wary of technology and centralization but too scared to object it.
>war mechanic
Make it harder to win over a side, usually require a side quest to make them amicable towards you.
Give them more characterization and different equipment based on their country. Have each one based their personal equipment and gear based on their country of origin and size. Have a French/Euro one, an American one or two, a Russian one, I don't know about a Chinese one, and Liquid's. Have little PMCs operate with rebels or the big ones.
>Act 1
Have it take place in Yemen which is the biggest shithole in the middle-east and has had non-stop wars so it's fitting.
>Act 2
Snake goes north to the Jawlan Heights to find Naomi or a still-kidnapped Sunny. Act 2 was the best part of the game so there's not much to change unless that turret section bothered you as much as the one in Act 3.
>Act 3
After Snake escapes from Jawlan he ends up in Europe somehow. Keep the tailing but have more guards roaming, no chase setpiece, have a mobile battle against French/Euro PMC through the sewers to the epic cutscene where Liquid enacts GoP.
>Act 4
Sneak around American PMC, include fauna that can kill or befriend you.
>Act 5
Have it take place on Outer Haven but with the ship far more explorable.

Also it's not that important of a feature but remove the gun porn too or easy access to it, it's nice to oggle at that many accurately-modeled guns but it serves no purpose except with fan justifications that it represents the war economy's and all guns are the same. The only thing I feel strongly about is that Snake should've kept the Mk. 23 or used the Mk. 24 instead of the 1911.
Replies: >>189649
Because LCDs are stuck to a single res.
[Hide] (898KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>shorter and less cutscenes
the length of the cutscenes itself wouldn't be that bad if they paired enough gameplay to go along with them, both metal gear solid 2 and 3 already had full retard long ass cutscenes and little gameplay, but in 4 they decided to go beyond retarded and triple the cutscene time and keep the same amount of gameplay
>no one-liners or shitty poetry coming out of everyone's mouths
why? that's metal gear, if you don't want cheesy head up his own ass wannabe american japanese philosophy play another game. the one liners and shitty poetry are one of its unique writing quirks.
>no airplane gluing the acts together
don't see the issue with this one, if you were gonna travel from one place to another it was obvious there were going to be some cutscenes in between and they had to be at some sort of "base" the airplane is that and explains how they get from A to B to C. kind of a weird thing to single out.
>technology and war
>Show civilians running for cover and dying
this is actually seen at the end of act 2
>show more uncanny tech cyborgs with artificial wings replacing their arms, something more than nanomachines and robotic limbs.
they actually were planning some of that, the exo suits as well as at least one of the cyborgs from mgr were supposed to appear but got scrapped with the former only appearing for like 2 seconds in act 2
>Snake's aging
kojima was already done with metal gear after the first one, snake becoming a decrepit old man was a way to make sure he was dead for good and possible sequels would be less likely, his overall design was lukewarm and the stache really sucked but whatever definitely not gamebreaking.
>The Patriots
>Big Boss, Eva, and Zero
again, quick tying of loose ends to make sure everything was explained and nothing else was needed after, killing off every character for good to prevent more sequels with the original iconic cast from happening and further ruining the game. in hindsight I think it was pretty clever of kojima. "u stirr want metaru gia soriddu? ok u get metaru gia i kill everyone and den ask me make anotha game mothafucka fack u"

a lot of the other shit you said is just really retarded and pretty much scrapping the whole game and making it into another and I don't feel like addressing every thing one by one, in a nutshell: nanomachines.
>Snake should've kept the Mk. 23 or used the Mk. 24 instead of the 1911.
they gave him a 1911 because he was supposed to be a big boss lite with the whole camo system and eyepatch throwback to mgs3, fuck the whole game is just a huge throwback to the previous games.
Replies: >>189655 >>189683
[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x360, 00:38)
>3 is what brought the series into ham and cheese
Someone post that video of Liquid talking about Big Chungus, I forgot to save it.
Replies: >>189691
I mostly agree...though MGS4 turned the gimmickry up to intolerable levels. Kojima made MGS4 a piece of shit on purpose...and then later regretted rage quitting with all his Boss-shit later on. 
>the women in MGS4 are the hottest I've seen in a game without them being sexaulized
Yes but MGS4 was not woke. Rather it was kosher edgy and its politics are an anachronism of the mid 2000s. Kojima was absolutely and completely wrong about PMCs and "war profiteering." Instead, NGOs and authoritarian liberal governments rule the world with the goal of "controlled collapse" that they push through "Democracy," transsexual rights (sterilization), gay rights (sterilization), feminism (sterilization), climate pseudo-religion (sterilization) and pornography (sterilization). 
The Patriots wanted to maintain the status quo of the 20th century going indefinitely. Kojima was perversely wrong. No one saw the great Castration and deliberate, self induced death spiral coming. There are no Patriots now, just a Death Cult bent on total depopulation and degrowth while also forbidding the population from returning to any semblance of pre-20th century traditional norms once that depopulation and degrowth is secured. Nothing but "bugs and pods" for whoever is left standing. 
Fuck Kojima. He was a pretentious bluepilled normie pretending to offer some kind of secret insight into the world order. Konami did nothing wrong. Death Stranding was a godawful pile of liberal shit.
Replies: >>189665
[Hide] (971.1KB, 1080x1067) Reverse
>look how contrarian i am do i fit in yet?
Replies: >>189691 >>189702
>that's metal gear
I'm talking about shit like
>I'll light my own spark
>If you won't be a prisoner to fate...
>the entire back and forth between Snake and Raiden on the nomad
All of that pretentious shit is what's up the ass.
>kind of a weird thing to single out
Pacing issue that doesn't feel like the games are connected.
>his overall design was lukewarm and the stache really sucked but whatever definitely not gamebreaking
Yeah that's a personal one.
>pretty much scrapping the whole game and making it into another
Yes, completely rewrite the whole thing.
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Argue your positions or die.
Replies: >>189693
[Hide] (478KB, 1266x688) Reverse
make me
People have been rightly shitting on Hackjima for awhile now. Kys.
[Hide] (1016.6KB, 858x612) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 885x595) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 886x569) Reverse
Some 6 or 7 more playthroughs later, I finally got the last two of the 40 emblems today, I was just missing Tarantula and Assassin. Gonna attempt a quicker BBE run now and also get that pesky iPod track that apparently eluded me until now made my efforts to get the Plat vain. Pics related a reminder Kojima fellated Assassin's Creed.
Replies: >>190576
[Hide] (875.8KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I started two more runs: one to improve my BBE time and a ghosting run on TBE to kill time.
The BBE run is going rather well so far. I cleared the first two acts with a partial time of 59:27, a solid 14~ minutes improvement over my previous >>187126. Next up is act 3, which was the slowest segment, but, thanks to a massive time/saving skip I learned about which allows you to skip the whole tailing bit, effectively halving clear time, it might become the quickest, potentially saving some 20-ish minutes and, assuming another 5+5 minutes saved in the other two acts, potentially 45~ minutes total, which translates into a possible sub 2 hour 30 final time estimate.

As for the other one it's not flying so good. I'm already stuck in the militia safehouse's third room where the two kebabs are talking about and inspecting the wing of a downed UCAV. I can't seem to be able to get past them without one of them noticing me. I could just use the disguise but it feels cheap.
Replies: >>191561 >>191793
[Hide] (28.3KB, 512x288) Reverse
So, a small update, I finished my Metal Gear marathon, and here are all my posts + final thoughts I had on every game I played. For some reason, I cannot upload the actual pic(even tho it is 28mb, well within the 32mb limit), so here is the catbox link, the image has all my posts so you don't have to go to blacked.gov to look for them
Ironically enough, MGS4 was the only game I didn't play due to emulation issues, but even then, when I watched footage of it, I explained why I didn't mind it that much, I guess people who played it from start to finish will have to tell me if I am missing out on some great gameplay, because I am sure not impressed from the story/writing point of view.
Overall I recommend doing something like this yourself, I've had a blast just playing one game after another in a short period of time, especially when I never played most of these titles. You're not going to get much stimulation from the gaming industry as it is now, so I recommend finding a franchise with quite a few titles like this, preferably many of which that you haven't played but wanted to from your backlog, and give them all a try. I'm definitely coming back to this format at some point
[Hide] (40.5KB, 600x600) Reverse
I finally finished act 3 with a partial time of 1:23:37 which sets the time for the segment at 24:10, an improvement of more than 23 minutes over my previous >>187165 and making it the quickest segment of both runs. Even though I found about a trick that makes the bike chase easier, I had more trouble with it because I splooged all my solar gun ammo in the first part.
Now, since I significantly improved my times in every act up to this, I'm 38 minutes flat down from the previous partial of 2:01:37. Assuming I can shave off 5 minutes from each of the remaining chapters by virtue of taking better routes and wasting absolutely no time skipping cutscenes and menuing, the final estimate would fall well under the 2:30:00 mark fairly close to scraping 2:20:00. Not bad. 
I'm not entirely sure if I can actually save 5 minutes though, as most of the time saved during the first 3 acts was during the "freeroam" stealth segments by not being a pussy, taking more optimal routes and not wasting time shooting with the tranq gun. Acts 4 and 5 were very straight forward stealth wise so I doubt I can save that much time there. There are a bunch of places where I know I can save time but I don't know if it'll add up to 5 minutes, in order:
>beauty form fights (learned a trick to finish them in like 15 seconds which I didn't use in the previous run)
>mecha showdown (was sloppy and slow in the previous run)
>act 5 pre-boss fight (was sloppy and slow in the previous run)
>menuing and skipping videos 
The beauty forms will be the biggest sure-fire time savers since in the previous run it took me literally some 2-3 minutes each of running them over with the barrel, kicking their teeth in while they were down and trying to carefully get some Mk. 22, shotgun vortex rounds in, meanwhile now some 2 shots of magic bullshit to the face will do the trick in a jiffy. The rest, I just don't know.

As for the ghosting run, I found a way to get past the third room and managed to make some progress. It required some fairly precise and appropriately timed movement combined with minor amounts of luck, it took me literally dozens of tries but to figure out the exact flow but I did it eventually. The room right after was another minor roadblock since it seemed like there literally no way to get past as it was too tight and with little to no cover, but with some slight intuition and a feat of chance I found out the guys in it eventually just leave if you wait enough, letting you slip past easily.
I'm now stuck at the mini boss fight at Advent Palace. I've been trying clear it without directly harming the Haven troopers and just running around with Snake or the Mk. II to distract them but I haven't managed to get past the kitchens since a million of them spawn in that area and some retard always gets clipped there. I might just have to actually fight it out, I mean it makes sense to make an exception for mandatory fights, otherwise I would never be able to get past the other bosses.
Replies: >>191657
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1135x449) Reverse
Act 4 destroyed. Partial was 1:46:31, meaning 22:55 for the segment, down by well over 8 minutes from the previous run's segment of "31 and a half" and even beating act 3's time, which I thought was going to be the quickest segment of this run.
With the previous run's partial time set at "2:32 and a couple tens of seconds" it means I'm already down by some 45 minutes and I'm still missing the last act. Again assuming the hypothetical "5 minutes" figure I conjured out of my ass, it would add up to a total 50 minutes saved and the final estimate could very well be a guaranteed sub 2:20:00, which isn't quite the sub 2 hours current WR, but it's almost 1 hour closer to it than what I thought was already an impressive time here >>187186.
Replies: >>191958
[Hide] (333.6KB, 640x719) Reverse
I'm afraid it's been.....'nine years'
Replies: >>191663 >>192041
>Some inaccessible leftovers of this are still visible if you open the start menu and check the map in certain places.
Do you have more information on this? I'm a Cheat Enginefag and could freecam or teleport over there.
Don't forget that the Act 3 resistance 'skip' doesn't actually skip anything and is slower in RTA. If all you care about is multi-segment IGT, then go for it, just remember that the 2 hour/1:54 runs don't use that since they're single segment.
Replies: >>191958
[Hide] (937.1KB, 886x582) Reverse
>ran through most of the stealth section with only a minor slowdown
>beat the pre-boss fight quicker (I think)
>used the barrel+solar gun trick to beat the beauty
>used chaff grenades to prevent dwarf gekkos from knocking me over so I could breeze through
>won the MMA grudge match without ever being hit
>made sure to skip all cutscenes and codecs immediately
Yet, I got a 37:13 for the segment, just barely over 1 minute and a half quicker than the previous run. I honestly have no clue how this time worked out. Final time in pic related: 2:23:44. Somewhat of a bittersweet result despite the 48 minutes improvement, I thought for sure I would get a sub 2:20:00 but I guess I did the math wrong. I think I've had enough of this game for a few years.

>Do you have more information on this? I'm a Cheat Enginefag and could freecam or teleport over there.
Check the map in the outdoors sections of act 4, particularly the snowfield section, you'll see there are some places that are fenced off and inaccessible during gameplay but are still charted on the map. If I recall correctly one is right next to the tracked truck near where you start after the boss cutscene, and another on the opposite end of the map, NW from there. I think there was also something either in the canyon where you fight Raven or the helipad, but I'm not entirely sure. I wonder if there's any leftover models or if it's just the map that shows them. If you can't find them still give me a few days to recover from the burnout of playing this game for 2 months straight and I'll start another run on easy take some pics of the areas in question, even though they're pretty easy to spot.
>Don't forget that the Act 3 resistance 'skip' doesn't actually skip anything and is slower in RTA. If all you care about is multi-segment IGT, then go for it, just remember that the 2 hour/1:54 runs don't use that since they're single segment.
Yeah, I don't really care for official speedrun rulings and category bullshit, it was just a self imposed challenge that's all.
>You should take into account that MGS4 was also a launch or near-launch title for the PS3
>PS3 launches Fall 2006
>MGS4: summer 2008
A year and half after launch is not remotely even "near launch."
>The graphics were cutting edge at the time, too.
The TGS demo from 2005 was cutting edge. The final result was a severe downgrade with above average textures and constantly fluctuating frame rate.
>even make a kickass mobile port of MGS1 
>Ghost Babel on the Gameboy Color
Handheld =! mobile and Ghost Babel isn't a port, you retarded nigger.
>I mentioned it because it's just as good as the console game.
Ghost Bable is its own game and more of throw back to the MSX games you posturing nigger.
Replies: >>192076
New chapter soon! Just you wait.
When anon said mobile, I assumed he was talking about the Nokia game, and the post still made no sense. What a retard.
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