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Just stumbled upon this.
I had no idea this shit was going to be a thing.
TLOU is truly the gift that keeps on giving, at this point is like they actually want people to laugh at this series.
Can't wait for the memes shitting on this.
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would you game ellie?
would you tv ellie?
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>would you tv ellie?
I would smash her ugly, jewish, potato face with a sledgehammer
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Wait, tv ellie is a kike?
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Spoiler File
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Yep, that's why that thing got the part in the first place, jewish nepotism and all.
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>I would smash
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looking for that video of mario golf where abby is the putter and joel is the ball
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what even is this shit
>>185789 (OP) 
but normalfags won't shit on it
they abide by groupthink, and not by critical thought, and groupthink dictates that it's the citizen kane of video games because the journalists basically said so, and so did all the normalfags that agreed with them

nevermind the fact that it's not actually the citizen kane of video games and it's actually shit

all you need to make something like this be beloved by normalfags is pure marketing
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Has anyone seen the show? How bad is it?
Replies: >>185825
Sure, just like they unanimously loved CockRings of Power
Replies: >>185821 >>185831
Did they though?
Replies: >>185823
That was modded GTA V I think
It was a reaction to >>185816 but for some reason clicking the post number only opened the reply window it seems.
My point being that no, they didn't, even the normalfags I know hated it.
They turned Joe's daugther into a nigger.
They turned Joe into a wetback.
So what do you think? Anyway they only had released 2 episodes, so far is almost like the movie videogame. Odds are the normalfags will eat it up like good goys.
Only a jew could be that ugly and malformed.
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Even normie's didn't like Rings of Power, but from what I'm seeing they're eating up TLoU.

Here you go
What even is the point of this thread? News? /tv/ irrelevance?
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>uhm, sweaty, laughing at bad video game adaptations is not video games
I bet you'd prolapse in incontinent rage if someone started talking about game manuals or novelizations on the video games board.
Replies: >>185845
>I'm seeing they're eating up TLoU
The show, besides making everyone uglier/racemixed, is apparently almost identical to the game. Which just makes it more retarded since if the normalfags already played the game then nothing new is happening, they are just seeing a 1:1 live action version of the movie they already played.
I reading lots of jewish websites and outlets bitching about "evil" gamers being hateful for making fun of the potato's appearance, so i guess even normalfags have fucking eyes.
Look at what i have found on plebbit, of all places.
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A face truly worthy of the Habsburg dynasty.
>Even normie's didn't like Rings of Power
Because the Tolkeinfags are the most autistic nerds in the planet that manage to bully amazon. It also helped that Rings of Power was shit.
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Dude she is 14...
Replies: >>185853
>>185789 (OP) 
That girl looks like a mannequin, what the fuck?
They're called normalfags.

Now there's a topic I've never seen on any /v/ board.  You should try making a thread about it.
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Bah, zombie is a shit genre to begin with, even if it's something novel like a mushroom zombie.
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No she isn't
The only good thing I've heard about it is that the actor for Jonathan from the Mummy is in a flashback clip, and I'm happy he still gets work. Other than that why would I watch it? I didn't even like the first game
>all that "NO U PEDO" fingerpointing/pearlclutching when someone brings up she plays an underage character despite the actress being 19
>that one retard saying 19 is underage
never change reddit
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>Because the Tolkeinfags are the most autistic nerds in the planet 
That's called being fans of the source material  (the books) 
Can you blame them for hating jewish corporation using TLOTR as a brand and shitting all over the lore for propaganda purposes?
Replies: >>185872 >>185875
>Tolkeinfags are the most autistic nerds in the planet
And thank God for that
>Can you blame them...
Of course not, I'm glad that they are that autistic and had the balls to fuck shit up.
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>still no show for The Silmarillion
not that i'd want one made today, but maybe after The Collapse(tm) and things go back to normal we can get a good one. in the meantime the album will have to do
reminder the last time there was a thread for TLoU the admin had an autistic breakdown and killed the site, so please be careful here thank you
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>admin had autistic breakdown
I just barely remember some drama about that, you got any screencaps?
Replies: >>185887
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Dare to enter the jewish realm?
not really, it was a thread after TLoU2 leaks were coming out and everyone was laughing at how dumb it was, then suddenly admin believed that everyone in the thread was a sekrit gamergate infiltrator out to get him and started mass banning everyone, including those who told him to calm the fuck down (yours included). thus ended julay.
It was because hangingforeskin started banning loli when there were no rules against it. Then 2hubird deleted /v/ twice and the rest is history.
Replies: >>185916
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I remember that, i was there.
/cow/tards were particularly assblasted about people spoiling and making fun of TLOU2 that they started mass reporting posts and derailing the thread asking mods the delete the thrread because of the off topic shit they wrote themselves to get thread deleted.
Too bad their efforts went nowhere, as the memes shitting on that garbage were spreading everywhere and at some point everyone was making fun of TLOU2.
Something similar happened to cuckchan as well.
Replies: >>185916
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I suppose it doesn't make much difference in the end, but I'm always irked by the casual revisionism that conflates HangingFlesh's meltdown and mass deletion of loli with the initial TLoU2 commotion on julay/v/.  A lot of the phrasing has very similar tones and I'm not sure how much of it is genuine memory fog from people who weren't there, or a malicious desire to rewrite history.  I did actually give a shit about the state of julay/v/ throughout its life, which I don't think most people did (beyond the general desire to have a /v/ that wasn't going to get deplatformed due to "Esther" false flagging with CP).

>everyone was laughing at how dumb it was, then suddenly admin believed that everyone in the thread was a sekrit gamergate infiltrator out to get him
What actually happened was that a huge stream of /pol/-tier images and low-effort posts that had barely anything to do with the game.  I'm talking copypastas, non-photoshopped happy merchant images, Facebook-tier infographs about jews, etc.  There isn't anything wrong with posting this in a thread about a game made by a jew, especially given all obvious jewish tricks in it, but given that the board had suffered attacks of wojak/other types of spam in the past, I think anons were right to be skeptical.  There was an obvious split between the /pol/-tier posts and the more gameplay and story-focused stuff.
<but that could have been a false flag from /cow/, not /v/ anons
Quite possibly.  I never spent any time on /cow/ so if they did "organize" something like that then I didn't know about it.  I don't think that changes anything about my description.

The autism was contained within the thread until the /v/ BO deleted it (Muses, I think his name was - I think he had been BO of a /mu/ board in the past), and started deleting replacement threads.  That was when the actual firestorm began; I had supported or at least understood the BO's decisions most of the time in the past, but the way he reacted then was the worst thing to do.

From there, the /2hu/ hordes came, and ultimately julay collapsed under the weight of /cow/'s radioactive autism, which led to the creation of fatchan and 8chan.moe (acidchan/kikechan) and a few other image boards.
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>We want the Walking Dead audience
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>They made Joel's daughter a nigger
God, seeing that thing in motion is even worse, i only saw picture of that jewish abomination until now.
A face not even a mother could love.
Replies: >>186049
Nigger, I posted a picture of the leak and got my post deleted and got banned for a week.
That was way before any spam, be it falseflagging from deformed subhumans like Dolphin or Wytts classic drawing.

I fucking stopped using that shithole after that.
It was funny watching it implode from drama, fucking hell, Bloodsports and Kiwiniggers really raped that place good.
Just delete the fucking thread you absolute retard
Replies: >>185937
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>I can't spam random cuckchan shit
>Just delete the thread then.
Kill yourself.
Replies: >>185938
The thread is garbage to begin with and is going to attract more retards you stupid faggot.
It looks so bad. Who signs off on this shit? Was this shot using a phone camera? It looks incredibly low budget and has sitcom-lighting.
>Who signs
That's exactly it anon. Soulless husks have shit signed to bring in shekels. They give zero fucks about anything after that because they got paid for sealing a deal. This is just free money to ((( them ))) at everyone else's expense.
More than likely, they don't get pitched actual footage these days. They get told all about some marketable aspects about the director and such, what stuff they'll promote in the show and then just greenlight it.
This isn't just negligence to the viewer, but there's been obvious signs of it in regards to multiple properties. Its nepotism to an extent, but a sort incestuous deformity of even that. Larger companies have gotten so entrenched in these sorta concepts they're slowly melting themselves from the inside.
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>Who signs off on this shit?
It's the same old story anon, billionare kikes fund this type of trash just for propaganda purposes, no matter if they don't get any money back.
That's why shit like this keeps being produced despite turning into a failure after failure and making no profits.
Replies: >>186041 >>186054
Spoiler File
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Looks like 2D isn't even immune from the 4th wall.
>just for propaganda 
>first few minutes into the show
>world has a zombie apocalipsis, because of climate change
Replies: >>186074
I skipped through the videos, apparently is full blown The Last of Dindus.
Golly /v/, doesn't this make you excited for the upcoming Fallout TV series?
Replies: >>186051 >>186071
It's just gonna be
<The Show
Replies: >>186071
>making no profits
You'd be surprised. Just because something doesn't turn a profit on paper doesn't mean it didn't make the kikes money. Look up hollywood accounting if you aren't already aware of it.
This thread sucks
Replies: >>186074
>failout tv show
Is this real? Bethesda has already laid the groundwork for lore gangrape so I do not expect to be shocked.
Spoiler File
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what actually happened was that /gg/ migrated to julay after something happened on the board they were on and used the tlou2 threads as a thread for their /gg/ general. Thats why it got deleted. And thats why a "firestorm" began because they werent getting the special treatment they wanted.
Replies: >>186076
Spoiler File
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>first few minutes into the show
>world has a zombie apocalipsis, because of climate change
Did they really say that on the show!?
It's not like i find it hard to believe, but still...

>still asshurt his retarded spam got deleted
Just give it a rest already, you moron.
That was also a factor, true.
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