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Found these at a thrift store each for 5 bucks earlier today.
They're in pretty good condition and have manuals. War of the Monsters even has the poster.
Do you like to check thrift stores for gaems? What are some of your coolest finding or best deals you got?
>>185250 (OP) 
Try to find cheap games to give a good home, but some of those niggers use ebay prices.
>>185250 (OP) 
Why was there never war of the monsters 2? I liked that game and it had room for improvement.
>>185250 (OP) 
>Found these at a thrift store each for 5 bucks earlier today.
>each 5 bucks
the guy who sold you those bought a kid's entire collection which had 10 times that many games for 5 bucks total, you got ripped off
Replies: >>185261
Could be. It wasn't a thrift store specialized in games. Usually they only have clothes and shitty DVDs.
It was a surprise seeing these games in such a good condition.
I also found a Wii for 15 bucks.
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>sell my non-platinum ape escape for 30 yuros
>it's a bit dingy, perhaps I can find a better looking copy
>all the other listings sit around 40 yuros
>decide to wait it out
>that was 2 years ago
>remember about it, check our equivalent to craiglist
>100 yuros
How the fuck did it happen that I was born in a country of scalpers? Where the fuck do these >people come from? Is this all they do?
Why would they have such demanding prices to begin with? 4 random games you had as a child aren't still going to pay your rent.
I seriously hope these niggers aren't hoping to sell their games at an extra to buy the game that's a bit more expensive on eBay or something.
Replies: >>185286 >>185455
A few days ago i managed to get both DMC1 and MGS2 for the PS2 for 8 bucks, they were in pretty good shape and still have their manuals. 
Keep your eyes opem m8s, you'll never know what gems you can find
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I know this feeling way too well. In my country its common to find games like Crash Twinsanity (OG Xbox) go for 50€ or more simply because its supposedly a rare collectors item. I reached a stage where buying games on amazon and importing them is cheaper than buying domestically. Worse yet I know nobody is buying them because of these listings have been up for over 5 years and nobody took the bait. So at this point these assholes are just price gouging for no particular reason besides spite. 

However the worst part is that they are usually not even functional or complete copies. Commonly the case will be all sorts of fucked up. I have several discs that were cracked around the center and its not unusual for the manual to be missing. So they are not only price gouging on a market with no demand but are on top of it price gouging complete crap.
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>listings have been up for over 5 years
I don't think you understand the situation at hand here. There are always going to be pieces of shit uploading games for ludicrous prices while others are selling them for a tenth of that. Of course no one's going to buy those.
That's not the case in my country though. The listings here are being uploaded and sold to actual human beings. For instance, the pictures with tags on my post mean that someone's on the process of buying the game.
>I know pain
Trust me, you do NOT know pain.
Replies: >>185291 >>185297
i hope you're emulating all of this and not actually buying them, macaco. doesn't huezil still make games for the Mega Drive?
Replies: >>185295
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Some more real listings.
how many of those have you played now, OP?
Replies: >>185355
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One last post else I'm going to get very pissed. Note that these are all real market prices, not some stray listings that have been online for 6 years straight.
I'm a 1st worlder you fatherless nigger.
Replies: >>185298 >>185309
>all those shekels for PS1 games
I thought beaners sold cheap games.
Replies: >>185301
>1st world
pick none.
Replies: >>185301
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>he's still going on
Is the Euro the de facto currency of Brazil perhaps? Can you not read?
Have no idea why but there are plenty of adult men who spend their time like this here, buying/selling used videogames as a drive in life.
Kind of funny since most of the young adult workforce here still lives with their parents, that's the highest in yurop apparently.
Replies: >>185307
>Have no idea why 
Literal memes. Market manipulators Investors have managed to not only ruin the market but also profit in the process and now retards keep buying games at 5 times the price hoping to resell for twice what they paid.
These look about the same in freedomdollards too. The fuck man, do people not know about emulation?
I'm paraphrasing but you're basically asking "Are people retarded?" and the answer is yes.
Replies: >>185351
>>185250 (OP) 
>Do you like to check thrift stores for gaems?
No the only old games I buy these days are Japanese and I don't live in Japan so I doubt I would find any.
Its not about emulation that, scalpers buy physical copies en masse then they jack up the price ten-fold, and to make matters worse they lobby for emulation sites and the like to be taken down so at the end of the day if you want to play an old game you gotta but it from THEM
Replies: >>185351
I'd wager it's probably a bunch of "people" trying to do the same thing that Heritage Auctions and the rest of their clique did with retro games like Super Mario Bros, but for considerably smaller stakes since they're operating with niche PS1 games.  You should watch Karl Jobst's videos on retro games exploitation if you want to learn how it all works.
Replies: >>185351
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>implying it's an organized clique
I don't think anyone of you understand the brain of the guys that buy old games.
They didn't buy it to play the game. They won't even bother to try it if it works. Having it sit in their collection, whether big or small is all they want.
Been trying out Mx vs ATV and SSX3.
Pretty fun.
that last one gives me a strong desire to break in, shatter all the glass by kicking it and nig everything I can angrily shoveling shit off the shelves in black trash bags. then while on the drive back I'd keep one of the bags on the passenger seat, dig through it with my free arm and start selecting shit I want to keep or not, chucking the rejected stuff from the window
Replies: >>185378
Collectors existed for years but this shit wasn't this bad until heritage.
>router box in first pic
strange thing to collect
Replies: >>185383
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You would get a whole lot of nothing since it's all LCD handhelds.
There's not even a Game & Watch in there.
Replies: >>185407
You just wait until the retro router market takes off.
Replies: >>185385
>wanting an old router outside of seeing how it worked
Why? Even then most routing shit has been abandoned for a reason, and the ones that mattered are still around.
Replies: >>185388
Mine was a shitpost but who knows, maybe had some sentimental value somehow.
>>185250 (OP) 
No, i gave up on physical media at the start of the 5th gen due to my country having retarded taxes on vidya (we've had $70 games since the start of the 8th gen, the current one bumped the standard price to $80), i don't even buy consoles unless i can easily pirate on them. PC is something else though, even though i'm getting nothing but digital copies i gladly pay for them due to deep discounts (i don't buy shit unless it's 50% off at the very least) and not having to pay to use my own internet for multiplayer.
ruining that fag's collection would be a reward on its own
Anyone got Cookie's Bustle? Some nigger scalper is trying to delete it from the internet.
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I am downloading it.
I also happen to have this
Mortal Kombat 2's source code.
Replies: >>185447
Scalpers are scum. There has never been a time in recent memory where the message of the goose who laid the golden egg has been more poignant.
Replies: >>185455
Replies: >>185447
Assuming this doesn't rape my computer or give me more for my dolphin porn collection, thanks you.
Replies: >>185448 >>185450
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Replies: >>185450
[Hide] (12.8MB, 354x266, 03:38)
It's legit, here's proof. You are welcome.
Replies: >>185456
>>185250 (OP) 
Thrift stores where I live have never, ever had any worthwhile games in the years I've tried going to them (which admittedly hasn’t been often on account of that). I suspect that either there have long been scalpers making the rounds out here, the stores opt to sell them full price online as opposed to cheaply as brick and mortar, or people with decent games just don't take them there to begin with. 

Rather than thrift stores, I used to have have pretty good luck with multimedia stores fucking up on prices. Sometimes they'd ask far more than other stores here would, but at other times far less, and the games I was looking to play would usually be in the latter if I just had some patience and persistence about them. My guess is that they used to still go off an internal database of what they'd previously sold stuff at as opposed to then-current online auction prices. That happened less and less frequently as the past decade went on though, as they started catching on to how much money their stores had been missing out on. Last time I could still find the occasional game at comparatively bargain prices was right before the chink flu sent every used media store here scrambling to update their inventory to better profit from the sudden circumstances.

>Where the fuck do these >people come from? Is this all they do?
There are indeed people that just go around looking for shit they can sell online, be it thrift stores, yard sales, craigslist (or whatever the local equivalent is), etc, and treat scalping them as a second job, if not their only job (as unstable as that ought to be). It's to the point that I've started seeing yard sale ads specifying stuff like "absolutely NO video games" just to cut down on people who show up solely to ask about them taking up curb space.

I think a lot of people do know about it as a concept, but also conflate emulation with piracy and thus consider both to be crimes (unless it's a publisher using an emulator for their own official rereleases; then they're fine with it), and put up with highway robbery tier prices as a result since that’s at least “legal”.

Seen some even trying to create new markets relating to video games, just so they can charge even more. Like making a selling point of old games that still have unused registration or survey cards in them, as if publishers are going to do anything other than toss those directly in the trash if people fill them out and mail them in at this point, assuming said publisher is one that's even still around to begin with.
Bullshit and I don't believe, make a video of you playing the game.
Replies: >>185493
Make a video of you suckstarting a shotgun faggot
 Don't care if you don't believe me
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>Go to retro gameshop
>Everything is overpriced ($50+ everything)
>2 games I want don't have prices, Kessen 3 and Ring of red
>Cashier sells them together for just $25 because he has never heard of them before
Felt bretty good about that deal after seeing they both normally go for way more.
Replies: >>185507
Damn, you one lucky anon.
I have no fucking clue how, but like 8 years ago my mom found me an NES with 10-12ish games for only $100. The games are Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Ghosts N Goblins, Contra, The Legend of Zelda, some volleyball game, and the others I don't remember.
Replies: >>185525
The cost inflation of NES crap is a crime against humanity. An NES that isn't at least complete with no UV browning has no business costing more than $50 with how many of those fuckers are floating around.
Replies: >>185528
I am told there is no bubble meme but I swear video game collecting is a bubble even bigger than when coin collecting was a thing back then. For that reason I have told myself not to buy from the (scalped) physical games market until that bubble pops, or at least only buy from yard sales or craigslist ads. I dont consider it "sharking" to get my games for an un-scalped price.
Replies: >>185529
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>game collecting is a bubble even bigger than when coin collecting was a thing
If I remember correctly the same jew is behind both, no kidding.
Replies: >>185581 >>185583
>Stop at store while out earlier.
>Copy of Haunting Ground there for $400.
>Not sure if it even had the manual or not, even at that price.
Far cry from when that same place had one for $23 a few years back.

And manipulating the comic market as all, from what I remember.
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Yes, it's this cunt. He's even getting into VHS tapes now because everything should be a scam.
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