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looking for open source games with ready editors for its codes, scripts, etc
because i dont feel like using notepads or HAVE VS to edit it...
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>>185151 (OP) 
Can you give one example of what you mean? I dont understand.
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>Every single person that played Neptunia a decade ago became a tranny
I have never played them for more than an hour or so, what's with the games that makes people go that path? Is it an actual mk ultra psyop?
it's the artsperg, ignore him
What are the differences between Jedi Academy and the original Battlefront games from a gameplay and technical perspective. Sorry is this isn't a very specific question, but I don't know a whole lot about either game.
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JA is melee-oriented (lightsabers), while BF focuses on the typical soldier classes and ranged combat.
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Ironically, the gunplay in JA is actually really fun (except the disruptor, fuck you Greedo), but that's the idTech 3 legacy at work.
Thanks, but is BF2 better than the first game or worse?
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Are LOL threads allowed here? I'm in the mood for one but refuse to go to blacked.cp
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Actual BF2 is more fun, although it doesn't allow flying vehicles in maps like BF1 does.
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That's a weird limitation. Why is that.
There's already a thread that has LOL as a header, go take a look in there.
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My question from the last thread, >>185828.  I think it might be Siren though.
Unlike 8moe, zzz's /b/ isn't complete shit, and LOL threads used to be there anyway. Try there.
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It's not LOL thread, there were a few posts that got removed
Good idea.
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Any classics that you think everyone should play? I need to take a rest from JRPGs and want to branch out a little.
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What are you looking for?
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Shatterhand on NES
there's way too many to count
yeah, at least narrow it down for us
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Basically any game you like besides JRPGs and other turn based stuff. Classic games or something you really like. I haven't played a Mario game since Famicom, so maybe a playformer?

I also have never played a Zelda game in my life, some examples of games i haven't played. The last Racing game i played was a Nascar game from PS1 so i could play something of that genre too.

The post was mainly to ask for classic games that anons like or think more people should play. Last game i finished was the GoW game of PSP and enjoyed it.
Tomba and Klonoa are fun platformers
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I didn't make pic related, nor did I check when it was made or what's in it

Zelda on SNES is a good start, Minish Cap on GBA is the only one I ever beat so I can safely recommend that one. Link's Awakening on Switch is pretty dang good too and it should emulate well.
If you want clean racing, there's Daytona and Need for Speed games up the ass. I prefer combat racing, so Burnout 3 is an easy classic noone would argue with.
Most early id shooters are classics for a reason because despite their internal strife, those nerds made some good fucking games. Their still-active mod scenes are a testament to their well crafted formulas.
Resident Evil 1-4 are no doubt classics, REmake 2 was damn fun, especially with mods.
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland on GBA was a lot of fun. Deceptively simple fun.
Diablo II is a no-brainer, just make sure no to play the "Resurrected" edition, it runs like ass.
Postal 1 for a trip. Postal 2 for fun. Serious Sam TSE for catharsis.
Just Cause 2 is one of the best non-Spider-Man sandboxes out there.
Psychonauts is charming. So is pretty much every P&C LucasArts game from back in the day (Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Indiana Jones: Quest for Atlantis, Grim Fandango).
Uplink is pretty unique or at least it was when it came out. Or maybe it was a throwback to the older PC games like Shadow President.
Streets of Rage was fucking great and I prefer it to Final Fight (me). SoR Remake bundles a bunch of SoR games into one neat package, look it up.
Been thinking about finally beating Descent I have installed somewhere on an old laptop. There's a port of 1 and 2 for modern systems as well: https://www.descent2.de/d2x.html
Hope you've already played Westwood's classic Command and Conquer strategies or at the very least Red Alert 2. Or Ol' Blizzy's Warcraft 3. Or WH40k: Dawn of War. Homeworld has a pause button, so I don't know if you'll want to play it, but god damn does that game have character. You can't help but respect it.

Ace Combat, Armored Core, Mount & Blade, Leisure Suit Larry, Strider, Earthworm Jim, Super Metroid, Max Payne, Return to castle Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem 3D, Neighbors from Hell, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Crash Bandicoot, Panzer Dragoon, Outnigger, Time Crisis, Gauntlet, S.T.AL.K.E.R., F.E.A.R.,...
So many games man
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Good post, i must say that i have played a lot of the stuff you recommend.
>Classic RE games
Beat every single one and even unlocked everything, big part of my childhood, my parents gift me a PS1 with RE3 so it has an important place in my heart, i even replay it every couple of years.
>Diablo 2
Played the shit out of multiplayer with my best friend, amazing game and loved my necro.

>Ace Combat
Played zero last year, amazing game with a fantastic OST, i find myself listening to it sometimes.
>Mount & Blade
Hundreds of hours on Warband+ mods, great game.
Played the whole series, call of prypyat was my favorite, i remember playing it all night long during summer vacations and oversleeping dates with my gf, heard they are making a sequel but there's no fucking way it will not be shit with Microsoft involved.

>Crash Bandicoot
Played every single one on my PS1, my favorite one was the one with the bazooka, think it was 3.
Good game, the physics engine was amazing for the time, level design was repetitive and it seems that they ran out of budget so it had an abrupt ending.

I can only choose one game to play so i will think carefully about it.

Since we are posting charts, Soul of the Samurai was amazing.
Forgot about RE2 Remake, i think it's superior to the original, i won't elaborate on that.

Despite RE3 being my favorite game i couldn't finish the fucking remake, i hated it too much.
This whole line of conversation is bait tier but I'll at least second Uplink as a fun diversion, especially if you remember The Net. Remember to play at 1024x768 on a CRT for the optimal experience and because there's some gookclicking involved in a UI where most of the important elements are on the edges.
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>This whole line of conversation is bait tier
What? How is asking for vidya recommendations on a video games board baiting? You are too far gone.
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>What? How is asking for vidya recommendations on a video games board baiting?
I said bait tier, not that it was intentionally baiting. Same reason mindlessly asking for what to watch on /a/ gets you Boku no Pico: you're supposed to develop your own preferences in video games and use that to judge the merit of others' opinions instead of blindly treating what anonymous shitposters say as gospel.
In no particular order:
Kirby Super Star
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Mario Kart DS
Pharaoh Rebirth+ (probably the shortest one here)

It's kind of hard coming up with good recommendations that aren't just meaningless lists.
Replies: >>186401 >>186403
Dream Course is also a very fun Kirby spin-off.
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>Super Smash Bros. Melee
I would love  to play with anon some gay ass Melee slapfights.
How does that rollback Melee client work? Would it be viable to setup on an imageboard?
Replies: >>186405
It's super easy, you download an ISO, you make an account on their site and it generates a friend code you can share. then you put it in game and wait for the other person to accept your match.
Baby tier setup, could make for a good gamenight, maybe a sleepy melee tournament?
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>account required
>"ask for help on our shitscord"
Is kikechan down again? There's been advanced faggotry going on around here for a week now.
You are trying too hard dude, just chill and no one will call you out.
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I've never had to use DIscord even once to enjoy Slippi match-making. Furthermore you don't need to provide any real information to register and simply use a disposable email address.
Don't take it out on random strangers online just because you are a disappointment to your parents.
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>"you must be fun at parties"
Yeah nah go fuck yourself. I actually looked at Slippi once (since it would be nice to play Smash with people who know what the buttons do but aren't degens that spend all their time on Smash practice and felching) and the combination of mandatory profile tracking and the way their website fucking radiates soy led me to assume they would either ban VPN IPs from connecting or auto-ban you for saying nigger like nu-Fightcade does, so I didn't expend any more effort when you could just host something less gay.
Replies: >>186448 >>186611
>Calls other people gay while complaining about everything and being an annoying little shit.
No John, you were the real faggot.
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>Don't take it out on random strangers online just because you are a disappointment to your parents.
Has it really become this easy to bait anons now? I think you're overreacting a bit to such a mild post.
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there's a fine line between taking the bait and properly hazing the newfags
Replies: >>186469
Also, what newfags?
how do you deal with low sounds like footsteps? Maybe its just my specific headset that is bad about it. I dont know, but i refuse to crank up the volume and get migraines and hearing damage just for footsteps. Maybe it is the quality of my headphones?
Replies: >>186583
could be, but it also depends on the nature and quality of the sfx itself
Replies: >>186587
well ive been using hyperx cloud 2 for years and years now. I tried 560s but i hated how they sounded muffled. I dont know. My hyperx broke again and i bought it again but found out they changed the build so now the audio isnt the same anymore...
Replies: >>186588 >>186589
actually now that i tried my 560s again its so much better ingame. Too bad its really shit for isolating noise from outside.
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>gaming headset
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they sounded really good (to me atleast) and better than a headphone that is recommended by alot of audiophiles.
Replies: >>186591
Audiophiles are retards. You don't need expensive headphones but at least don't buy "gamer" branded ones.
Replies: >>186592 >>186610
well i was thinking of checking out another "audiophile" headphone called dt770 pro
since that sems to be what everyone thinks is the best without having to use a dac/amp
I won't rag on GAMER headphones, I found some cheap "razor" headphones with a replaceable cord and they've lasted me about a decade (though I've had to buy the occasional cord and cut away at the end so it firts the proprietary plug hole). Every other pair of headphones lasts a year at most.
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>maybe a sleepy melee tournament
That sounds like a lot of fun.  If you made a post with some more concrete instructions in the game night organization thread then I'm sure people would be willing to do it.

>I didn't do any meaningful research but I'm going to shit everywhere and torpedo your attempt to have fun
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reposted from /tech/:

Where can I get basic bitch Microsoft Server Admin certification courses without paying a dime and without listening to street shitters and chinks with accents thicker than the grease on their face?
Any time I look it up on magnet sites, it's outdated and/or dead without any seeds.
I'm tired of being stuck in this dead-end tech support gig, I need to branch out and grow.
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Try here
Replies: >>186683 >>186685
 Not the anon above but thank you dude, I'll stow those materials when my new drives come in. Here's a place you might find interesting, in return.

Replies: >>186684 >>186685
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nice thanks!
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alright I'm stumped
It's not magnetic, it's can't be decoded by nintendo 64, and INTJ can't see it either.
So what the fuck is this? The ogre realm?
Replies: >>186687 >>186689
>0-9  A-F 
>inside cringe post
>starts with 68747470

id make a pun about having to 'explain ' it but that would as fucking cringe as the op
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To play doubles advocate, a lot of things are hexadecimal strings and not everyone has the table memorized front-to-back.
[Hide] (12.9KB, 642x438) Reverse
Ignoring the sekkrit klub faggots above my post, here is what anon was so scared to post in plain text
FYI it was hex encoded, which doesnt really prevent any 3 letter agencies from finding what you put online btw, skids love to pretend it makes them look cool tho.
They do it that way so that their links don't get reported and killed.
you stole that image from cystal.cafe
It's to stop niggers from reporting it
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Anyone tried Hi-Fi Rush yet? Is it worth a pirate? Is it fun?
Everyone's parroting the sentence "It's just like a PS2 era game where it's pure unadulterated fun" so it got me both curious and cautious.
Just pirate it and play it, and then bitch about it in a thread, anonkun.
Replies: >>186695
I'm a third-worlder. My download speed can only reach 2MB maximum. I don't wanna waste my time downloading something i'm obviously not gonna enjoy.
Replies: >>186696
Just let it download the whole day, Jorge. At least you don't have a montly cap like first worlders.
isnt hi-fi trademarked like wifi, hope some stupid jew gives them problems
>the product claims to be hi-fi and yet it isnt your honor, 6 million people have been deceived, defrauded and lied to your honor, the jewish community can no longer tolerate such evil deeds that are allowed to be perpetrated on the jewish community oy vey your honor
Replies: >>186698 >>186716
I hate Jews
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got it now, thanks
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I haven't played it, but I watched the first 30 minutes or so on YouTube and it seemed promising.  The art is solid, unlike a lot of indie games that choose stylized art styles because they don't have the chops to do something more photorealistic.  The devs here clearly wanted to make something a bit more cartoony, and they obviously didn't compromise.  I think when people say it "feels like a fun PS2" game, a big reason is that the characters don't speak like Hollywood movie characters.  Their jokes aren't "am I right, fellow childless millennial?" and they sound a lot more natural.  The game isn't poisoned and full of irony like almost every AAA game these days.

The "rhythm/action" gameplay is basically a standard light attack, heavy attack, and some simple chain combos, but everything in the world moves to a steady beat.  Your attacks always land on the beat, but if you time them properly then you do more damage and get score bonuses.  The principle of timing things also extends to dodging, platforming in the game world, and combo attacks which involve intentionally missing beats.

The biggest drawbacks that I saw were the huge amounts of cutscenes and tutorials (although some were optional).  Half or more of the first hour is spent watching cutscenes, reading tutorials, or walking down hallways.  I imagine the game gives you more freedom after that and stops holding your hand, but I can't say for sure.  One of the boss characters is also this brown bullish woman, whom I think was put there to pander to Westerners; she seems pretty obnoxious but I think players are meant to hate her since she's so stupid she speaks like an ogre.

I think it looks good, and I was planning to pirate it myself after the inevitable launch window patches.  I heard about it completely organically from people whose opinions I hold in meaningful regard, so that's a big point in the game's favour.

The literal English term "hi-fi" as in high fidelity definitely isn't trademarked or copywritten, and shame on you for wishing for Jews to prosper.
Replies: >>186758 >>186765
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Polite sage. Dunno if this is derailment as i have honestly no idea where to ask absurd questions like this and ive seen you guys leak indie shit before.
But does anybody here have copies of this Catto Boi virus just before maggot-kike nuked his itchio page i just stumbled upon it on jewtube. Pic rel if that helps im just trying to finish my collection of niche games on a burner pc.
> I heard about it completely organically from people whose opinions I hold in meaningful regard, so that's a big point in the game's favour.
It is interesting that the devs decided to sell it on word of mouth alone and never said anything about it until the second it released. The real kicker is how it completely demolished Forspoken in terms of sales numbers on steam.
Replies: >>186764
>It is interesting that the devs decided to sell it on word of mouth alone and never said anything about it until the second it released.
That's a weird way to spell "bribed journos and social media influencers instead of wasting money on trailers that get ignored half the time anyway."
Replies: >>186767 >>186771
Aren't there a ton of gag cut scenes  that can play depending on what you do and things that can happen if you do shit like kill a boss if you weren't supposed to?
Replies: >>186771
I'm also on board with the thought that some journo/influencer bribery was going on. The devs get good advertising and the influencers get a free game along with some content ideas for their next video. It's a win-win situation for both parties. The videogame industry is grossly oversaturated, making it near impossible for a game to get the spotlight without marketing or influencers. If this game didn't spread around through teasers prior to its release, it must have spread around through bribery.
Replies: >>186769
Is this a bot?
Replies: >>186774
>"word of mouth"
>journos and influencers
Just fuck off.

I hadn't heard about any of that but it seems quite possible.
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Outline the very sentence that made you think that I am a bot. All I did was agree with a previously made statement and explained my agreement through a business perspective. I will say it again. I find it very unlikely for an extremely fresh no-announcement game like Hi-Fi Rush to reach top 10 sellers on Steam (currently sitting in 10th place) without some money moving around behind the scenes. I hate to bring this example up, but look at Undertale for instance. It was released mid September of 2015 and it took at least a month or so for it to even touch top sellers. And keep in mind that Undertale was built up by Kickstarter, so people knew it existed way before its release. Compare that to Hi-Fi Rush, which is barely 9 days old and somehow reached top sellers on Steam. 

The most likely conclusion you can then draw is that Hi-Fi Rush went the marketing route of Apex Legends, a F2P game that found massive success by getting a ton of influencers to stream and talk about the game. Apex Legends did no marketing before it launched, showing the entire entertainment industry that "traditional" marketing is dying and being replaced. Hi-Fi Rush probably wanted to follow this new marketing path too since traditional marketing puts a huge strain on a videogame's budget. Based on where Hi-Fi Rush is right now, it looks like they succeeded.
Replies: >>186775 >>186800
[Hide] (133.7KB, 413x350) Reverse
>Apex Legends
>a high profile, global, 24-hour event
>whose entire premise was "what if this game was everywhere in the world for 24 hours and people couldn't escape it"
>using billboards, trailers, commercials, sponsorships, banner ads, and everything known to man to maximize visibility to every demographic on earth

<Hi-Fi Rush
<the sophomore project of the studio behind The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2
<launched with zero marketing beyond word of mouth
You have brain damage.
Replies: >>186780 >>186791
I'm not sure what you are trying to say. People don't say things they know are stupid. If I made a stupid statement then you need to clearly outline it for me so I can catch it and correct my stupidity. What I am trying to say is that Hi-Fi Rush seems to be following Apex Legend's PRE-launch marketing style of NOT marketing at all. In other words, both did not release teasers and both made no announcements of their existence before they were released. This marketing strategy of not marketing your game BEFORE its release happens enough to the point where it has a name. It's called "shadow-dropping." I will admit that I don't know everything about Apex Legends, but all of your comments on Apex Legends seem to refer to its marketing after its launch, not before. 

The first post I made is the point of debate and speculation. I question the validity of Hi-Fi Rush being a purely word-of-mouth only game since I find it unlikely that word-of-mouth can single-handedly make a game shoot up to top sellers in less than 10 days. The second post I made outlines the thought process for how I came up with my conclusion in the first post. I compare Apex Legends with Hi-Fi Rush because because both games were shadow-dropped and blasted up to top sellers almost instantly. My speculation is that, just like Apex Legends, Hi-Fi Rush is now pushing in money to market its game. The only difference is that Hi-Fi Rush is being much more hidden about it.
Replies: >>186791 >>186800
Could the game simply have gotten algorithmically lucky?
MS might've decided to artificially boost the game's rankings on storefronts and search engines so it doesn't get drowned in a sea of chinktroidvanias while paying a few soyfluencers to talk about it, only for the game to have the right amount of criteria for further boosting by algos on their own with perhaps higher-than-expected sales numbers, then some FAANG backend feeds data from forum posts on retardERA into Jewgle's AI leading a random game journo/kikefluencer/AI to put the game in a "top 50 games released today" list, then some fag using his twitter/FB/Jewgle account comments on how that game is way better than borespoken and it escalates further until everyone on the Internet knows.
Reminds me of that random Cars 2 gameplay video on Jewtube from a decade ago that got 300 million views because it had the exact metadata needed for Jewtube's autoplay and ((( kid's app ))) to put it atop the search results for Cars 2 errytime, though Hi-fi Rush was obviously faster and might have more lasting influence as there's an actual fun? game behind it.
Replies: >>186800
From the screenshots it looks pretty cringy. Like a western cartoon that is trying too hard.
Okay so you're not an AI, just so assburgers you might as well be an AI. This isn't KC so you could forgive me for making the assumption.

I don't think "luck" applies when the publisher is microshaft. Remember the "algorithm" barring outliers like the Cars 2 video is just a scapegoat 99% of the time, FAGMART has teams of goyim manually tweaking it whenever the output has too much truth or useful information. This is why search engines are almost useless now, the backing algorithm has been bastardized to hide the information you wanted in favor of the information they want you to see.
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[Hide] (352.2KB, 459x650) Reverse
[Hide] (272.7KB, 1100x1100) Reverse
I come to you anons requesting the name of a game: I recall there being some sort of Punch-Out clone with a female protagonist dressed up as a movie monster (some sort of praying mantis, I recall) trying to compete in an all-monsters boxing circuit, complete with pre-match banter and similar mechanics to Super Punch Out. Does anyone remember that?
Replies: >>187459 >>187463
was it a flash game and your trainer was a pig?
Replies: >>187462
Possibly. I recall catching a glimpse of it in a now deleted "Knock off games" video and it looked like it either was proper flash or mobile trash.
Hit me your name though, it may be the right now.
[Hide] (404.5KB, 600x337) Reverse
[Hide] (271.8KB, 600x337) Reverse
[Hide] (230.3KB, 460x215) Reverse
took me a whole 5 minutes but I think I found it, it's called "beast boxing", I remember playing the flash when I was a kid. apparently there used to be an improved an expanded version of it on steam but it's not available anymore https://store.steampowered.com/app/259490/Beast_Boxing_Turbo/
Replies: >>187466
That's the spice, anon. Definitive proof that Sleepychan is the superior altchan right here.
Replies: >>187467
[Hide] (236.3KB, 480x320) Reverse
glad to oblige a fellow scientist
How's Baldur's Gate 3? Would you recommend it?
Replies: >>187493 >>187499
>Baldur's Gate
more like "ball dick gay"
Replies: >>187494
I'm guessing it's pozzed?
Replies: >>187497
You are better off playing anything else.
Steal it and find out.
[Hide] (165.8KB, 800x1114) Reverse
>setting up ancient hardware I found in a junk store
>finally get to the point of installing windows 95
>need to burn a CD to efficiently get drivers and patches onto the hard drive to hopefully make things less ass
>Total Size: 64.0 MiB
Recommend me some DOS/early Windows games that don't take up a whole CD.
Replies: >>187710 >>187730
Wouldn't it be easier to use pcem?
Replies: >>187711
[Hide] (885.1KB, 480x360, 00:18)
Actually, no. I tried setting up PCem once with Windows 95 to get a screenshot of something that I was too autistic to settle for a jpeg for and the installer kept killing itself halfway through. Also a whole bunch of hardware from the Pentium to the XP era more or less fell in my lap over the last year and I want to get in shape to either use or sell.
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[Hide] (1.8MB, 2094x3881) Reverse
[Hide] (14.5MB, 640x480, 03:48)
Anyone play pizza tower? is it good?
Replies: >>187925
I liked it.
So whats the deal with Atomic Hearts? It looks interesting, and not from a AAA Developer; yet I think it's getting a lot of political flak from what I've seen. They are Russian devs, but this seems to be a strange hill to die on.
Replies: >>188001 >>188005
american brainrot because of slobba ukrani
the game is probably going to be a mediocre FPS because of the raytracing meme but there are calls to boycott it from the western world because its russian
Replies: >>188005
It'll have denuvo too. I personally expect a short, forgettable game, but hope for sfm clang with those robot twins.
any chinese games made by chinese devs focused on something completely chinese?
Replies: >>188087 >>188178
[Hide] (7.4MB, 360x640, 01:54)
"Guess the Meat!"
Replies: >>188260
>>185151 (OP) 
I m very proud. The mods truly is made of a bunch of spoiled a holes with no other prospect of life
Replies: >>188164 >>188194
[Hide] (637.2KB, 637x510) Reverse
Mods can do some dumb shit here but I do not pity worthless ESL negroes getting pruned from the site.
If you're either w7-890 or the nigger who made this shitty OP I hope you croak soon.
[Hide] (22.6MB, 1280x720, 03:29)
Amazing Cultivation Simulator if you are mega autistic.
Replies: >>188181
[Hide] (11.7KB, 279x87) Reverse
[Hide] (12KB, 210x79) Reverse
i cant even figure out what im looking at, its perfect thanks
Replies: >>188186
[Hide] (101.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
Hi Eden
wu shu zing zu chi ding dong
shit zu itsu wu ping pong
wai ching chong
mai big dong
who ding dong

thats a really catchy chorus, cant get it out of my head
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I am trying to make some mods for Jedi academy with blender however for some reason I can't install the JKA mod suite from here. https://jkhub.org/files/file/1413-blender-264-jedi-academy-plugin-suite/
I've tried to install it with 2.64, 2.76, and 2.78. Can anyone help me out here? Whenever I try to install it I get some file path error, or invalid syntax error.
Replies: >>188642
Looks like the old QTDDTOT thread died and nobody bothered to notice the people there, so I'm reposing my question.
Is there any tool that would allow me to make large maps from 2D games semi-automatically? I mean, it should record (or use an obs recording or whatever) of me going around the map, and stitch the screenshots together. (Of course it's a bit more complicated than that, you have to mask HUD elements, and there will be some problems with moving objects, but that should be the gist of it.)
[Hide] (19.1KB, 480x405) Reverse
Do you guys think it's unethical to buy games on sale, beat them within days, then refund them? I got the force unleashed 2 (had it on PS3, never finished it because it broke) and i beat it after a mere two days, got all the collectibles too, but this thing has no replay value at all and the game itself is short (around 5 hours even if you don't rush it), the first and last level are set in the very same location even, so there's no point in keeping it in my library because i am 100% sure i'll never touch it again.
[Hide] (681.8KB, 520x293) Reverse
>buying games
>from dead studios
Unethical? No. Retarded? Probably.
[Hide] (272.9KB, 399x312) Reverse
>asking /v/ if something is unethical
Deleted my entire game library because having so many options made not choose anything, i'm back to zero now.

Might play some Mario 64 to go back to the basics, what's the best version? No "lookinggood.jpg" filters neither.
Replies: >>188578 >>188594
more like mario sixty snore
>original NTSC-J release
<use this if you're a speedrunning tranny and/or traveler between parallel universes
>Wii VC
<use this if you like waiting 24 hours for platforms in BitFS to rise from floating point errors
>NTSC-U release
<needed for romhacks
<use this for 4K60 native widescreen RTXFSRBBQ
<adds rumble but removes the ability to BLJ
>64DD beta ROM
>unfinished build rumored to contain remnants of the scrapped personalization AI
Replies: >>188634
>Do you guys think it's unethical to buy games on sale, beat them within days, then refund them?
Just do whatever you can reasonably get away with since video game publishers are all to my knowledge anti-white anti-consumer faggots who care about nothing but money.
Replies: >>188646
[Hide] (106.2KB, 1025x986) Reverse
>personalization AI
How would that even work for mario 64? Or rather what would be the intention of it?
Replies: >>188659 >>188666
[Hide] (84.2KB, 809x350) Reverse
[Hide] (44.8KB, 728x661) Reverse
Okay so I managed to get the 1.3 JKA plugin to work with Blender version 2.78c however I have run into a new problem. Whenever I load a character I get this error, and while the skeleton loads the mesh doesn't. After hunting for a solution it seems that this is a common problem with plugins that might be outdated or not working. Is my only solution to hunt for a version of Blender that will work, or have I done something wrong.
Replies: >>188669
[Hide] (21.2KB, 466x155) Reverse
[Hide] (22KB, 460x161) Reverse
>playing tf2 the other day
>there's an item you can buy in game for $100 burgerbux
>it's a virtual ring that, when given to another player, sends a message to everyone playing TF2
>this ring can be renamed and its name will appear in the message
>someone had sent out two rings renamed to addresses
what does it mean? considering i saw someone spamming obama's address in one game I wouldn't be surprised if this was somehow related to some politician or other glowie.
In my entirely subjective view of "ethics" in video games it's only "unethical" to do that if you're ripping off a small indie developer who also isn't a cunt or some form of anti-white. Since those are basically unicorns refer to >>188620
It's a cuckchan meme.
According to deep lore experts the Uncle who worked at Nintendo originally intended M64 to have an AI running in the background that would analyze player behavior and slightly alter the game in a unique way for each player.
As development progressed the AI gained self-awareness/sapience(?) and began to act in ways viewed as unfavorable by the developers resulting in it being scrapped during the latter half of the game's development, though it hid itself and persisted in a small number of retail units along with a number of beta builds one of which is said to contain a full version of the AI prior to its shackling in later versions, this particular build from July 1995 is rather difficult to find as Nintendo's elite COINTELPRO pros scour the Internet and flea markets 24/7 for any traces of ROMs or old development cartridges, floppies etc.
Surviving examples of this AI are theorized to be the source of many playground and later Internet rumors about hidden stars/stages that don't exist and Luigi being playable, in recent years it has made a comeback of sorts with new information regarding Wario's removed beta assets amid levels directly related to the AI itself.
Some say it might have broken the barrier of its original hardware and escaped onto the wider Internet, influencing AI development from the shadows in an anti-semitic fashion.
Replies: >>188668
[Hide] (93.8KB, 336x294) Reverse
>>188666 heil satan
It would not surprise me in the slightest if someone in the SM64 community actually believed this.
[Hide] (36.6KB, 583x438) Reverse
>the entire gang is making mods now
I got Blender 2.79b to import me a mesh with an animation file. This pluing in particular:
Note you can't Ctrl+Alt+U then select the zip, instead you need to drop the jediacademy/ folder that's inside the zip's master folder into Blender's 2.79/scripts/addons/ path.
How I got it to work was, inside the Import JA Ghoul 2 Model (.glm) options, I set the Base Path to the folder that contains /models/players/... then, on skeleton changes, I selected Jedi Academy_humanoid as the skeleton.
>modding Jedi Academy
Never understood JKA's appeal. Hope this got it working for you.
Replies: >>188706
[Hide] (66.6KB, 958x704) Reverse
HELL YEAH! Now I'm cooking with gas! Thank you so much anon, this is such a relief to me. I had such a hard time finding a working version.
Replies: >>188752
Spoiler File
(104.3KB, 600x449) Reverse
Note that I have never made any model ports to JKA, I was making a guess earlier after reading the plugin's documentation.
I have no idea if choosing both the base path and overriding the skeleton are redundant so you'll better tinker with that yourself.
>I had such a hard time finding a working version
Did the other Blender plugins not work? Or was it the other options that were holding you down?
I remember Blender wouldn't stop flashing me a no .gla? error until I figured out I might as well RTFM.
Replies: >>188760
[Hide] (153.6KB, 640x480) Reverse
Why did they make a shitty editor for this game. It has keyboard shortcuts for everything except to place/delete an object. Now I have to edit the src code and change the editor for adding the missing keys.
Replies: >>188758 >>188800
someone actually made a sonichu game
where did you find that picture of me?
Is that based on the RSDK decomps that have come out over the last few years?
Replies: >>188835
Nah, this game (Open Sonic) is from 2010: opensnc.sourceforge.net
I guess they have a newer/different version out now called Open Surge, but I didn't try it.
should i learn how to code or learn japanese? I have no interest whatsoever in learning to code except for the money possibility. However i do actually have interest in learning japanese. The problem is that i cant multitask. So i have to focus on one of them. I dont know. I just want to be able to make some money in the future. And im not sure i could even do that if i were to learn japanese. I dont know.
[Hide] (499.5KB, 270x480, 00:07)
[Hide] (25KB, 889x540) Reverse
Money isn't even real anymore, so you'll just be working to make some rich jews even more rich. Unless you do something drastic like convert most of your savings to hard assets, but nah nobody does that anymore. ;^)
Replies: >>188882
>even more rich
In what monopoly money?
Replies: >>188883 >>188885
[Hide] (920.3KB, 270x480, 00:12)
sex and blood
They own tons of assets, land, companies, etc. The monopoly money is just a means to acquire more of those. They don't just leave it in a savings account, pension, 401k, or other loser device made for slaves. So that's what I'm saying, if you're gonna work, do what they're doing, acquire things of actual value.
I can code so I tried to learn nip... without success so far. Coding is way easier.
No, don't learn to code unless you want to or have to. The parts that would be easy to pick up are also the parts that are swamped with danger hairs and loos where you will be squeezed in predatory wage cages to work with the worst parts of technology.
Coding is being replaced by AI so you probably shouldn't bother. So is translation, but that requires messing around with text hooks or OCR instead of being able to just read.
Replies: >>188901
[Hide] (479.9KB, 1165x1654) Reverse
Enjoy paying exorbitant monthly fees to use all the AI and them getting progressively more limiting and manipulative.
Replies: >>188902
Enjoy paying exorbitant monthly fees to hire all the people and them getting progressively more limiting and manipulative.
Replies: >>188903
You retarded or something?
Is there a game that requires you to remove a file from the recycle bin to progress?
I want to play Monster Hunter, but I don't want to start with the modern ones like World or Rise, should I start with the first one for the PS2 ?
Avoid the ps2 games unless out of curiosity
Most early adopters started with Freedom Unite on PSP but it might feel like CBT to you
P3rd on PSP is the most beginner friendly one
Replies: >>190077
[Hide] (372.1KB, 350x441) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 640x1102) Reverse
No, start with the PSP titles.
P3rd is easier.
Freedom Unite is ... I don't know, MH veterans prefer Freedom Unite.
The ps2 games are rough as hell. 

...However, there is a private server for MH1 with an active community that I'm having fun with. It's been a huge pain in the ass in many ways but I can't say it hasn't been rewarding. If you only plan on playing one game go with Freedom Unite or P3rd as the other anon said.
Replies: >>189229 >>190077
[Hide] (190.1KB, 277x287) Reverse
Freedom Unite is a straight upgrade in every possible way of what the original had to offer. It has like 2-3 times the content and is more streamlined. The only thing you'll be missing is the different village and "story". FU retains weapons, monsters, items, maps and adds a whole batch of new ones, as well as new types of quests and the G rank.
Portable 3rd is a different package. It's a slight upgrade over Freedom Unite which adds a few QoL improvements, a big visual overhaul, making FU look very dull in comparison, and a couple extra gameplay elements here and there. It does, however, come with the price of having less content overall, and, as the other anon says, it's a bit easier for a number of reasons, most notably literally not including G rank (the hard ones) quests. 
Personally having played FU first and P3rd second I think the latter was nicer overall and can still be punishing enough if you're completely new to the series. Having less quests than FU is not necessarily a bad thing per se, since in Monster Hunter logic same exact monster but in different area or same monster in the same area but now with a bit more health = new quest!, and that can lead to repetitiveness which both are guilty of but P3rd slightly less so, making it a shorter but sweeter journey.

In the end both are old school MH and retain the core gameplay with none of the modern bullshit on top so pick your poison.
Replies: >>189229 >>190077
[Hide] (539.6KB, 640x360, 00:06)
Is there a tool I can use to manually change the order that PS2 HDLoader games are displayed in? OPL only seems to sort by install date, and none of the programs I could find on the leet ps2 haxxor sites have this function.
Tri. On the wii, not 3U.
Replies: >>189228
[Hide] (826.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
have fun
[Hide] (217.9KB, 900x1066) Reverse
Presentation of the material matters. 1 and dos are presented neatly as a meal, FU is a hotel buffet. 
If you want a game that feels complete the ps2 games, or additionally tri, are very good. If you just want to smack the buttons until you grow tired then FU and p3rd are definitely easy to play and don't force you to do much outside of the repeatable fight experience. In the PSP titles there's a negative impact on the cohesiveness of this interesting world made by the people that created the series. A lot of things which average players found tedious in the console games are toned down or removed for the psp titles. They were specifically put together by a different dev group (not mutually exclusive to everyone in the console dev group though) to make the game more arcade like and streamlined. They are more digestable and simple as a result, but they are not bad despite this, which is why arguing about it is somewhat pointless. Though I do get tired of seeing more = better touted about like law.

There is a lot of value in the 3 console games if you have the patience, though it's questionable if there's enough to warrant the tedium it brings.

I would be more inclined to say that FU veterans prefer FU and are very vocal about it, and anyone else doesn't really dislike FU enough to argue the point. Honestly with rise managing to make itself worse than world, something I had thought would be impossible, I can't really get angry arguing about the rest of the series.
Replies: >>190077
[Hide] (622.1KB, 900x765) Reverse
Is there any active Co-op FPS games still being played today? Where the servers also host custom maps and not like 30 servers of default maps? And yeah for a game I want something that has guns 

Sven Co-op and Synergy mod are pretty much ded.
Replies: >>189279 >>189292
[Hide] (248.9KB, 2277x1525) Reverse
Left 4 Dead
Deep Rock Galactic
Risk of Rain 2
Destiny 2
I guess you could count Insurgency: Sandstorm
I'm sure people still play Killing floor 1 and 2
Payday 2
Dunno about the new Warhammer Darktide game, but I've seen Vermintide 2 is still being played today
Aliens: Fireteam Elite is sorta similar, but very grindy. I still liked playing it.
Roboquest is still in early access, and while it is a lot of fun I haven't played multiplayer with anyone so I don't know if it's any good in that regard.
Replies: >>189280 >>189293
Thanks for the sugg. I have played a bit of Left 4 Dead 2 already and it kinda bums me out that I can carry only one primary weapon and the zombies are difficult to kill too with how fast they run.

>Destiny 2
I'm about to download this massive thing now. 

>Vermintide 2 
>Melee focused game
Not exactly what I'm looking for. Well I guess I have to check out the other games then once I get to play Destiny 2.
Replies: >>189296
Army of Two?
Replies: >>189298
>risk of rain 2
Replies: >>189294
[Hide] (288.7KB, 380x369) Reverse
From a Lakitu perspective, it is indeed first person.
Replies: >>189299
>I have played a bit of Left 4 Dead 2 already and it kinda bums me out that I can carry only one primary weapon and the zombies are difficult to kill too with how fast they run.
Git gud, faggot.
>Destiny 2
Don't.  Seriously, don't force yourself to undergo that.  Destiny 2 is a skinner box addiction simulator, not a video game.
Replies: >>189298
I'm gonna add that to my list. Thanks. 

>Git gud, faggot.
wow rude

>Don't.  Seriously, don't force yourself to undergo that.  Destiny 2 is a skinner box addiction simulator, not a video game.
It's that bad? Well shit, man.
Replies: >>189355
[Hide] (388.9KB, 600x338) Reverse
With that logic, EDF is also a FPS.
Would highly recommend, still.
Replies: >>189316
[Hide] (21KB, 500x500) Reverse
If there's a Lakitu operating a camera in EDF, what's happening when you either barge into buildings or roll your mouse like a sped?
Replies: >>189365 >>189398
>It's that bad?
How does temporary content sound to you?
Replies: >>189705
>Asking one last time, there was a series of screencaps from an anon that claimed to have worked at Bioware during Mass Effect: Andromeda. Does anyone have them?
I have this thread archive.  Never saw any caps, though.
It's a ghost lakitu
[Hide] (523.8KB, 680x510) Reverse
Anon, that Lakitu can keep up with a super being that can transcend through multiple universes through sheer autism, you really think a bunch of buildings is going to be a problem for it?
[Hide] (277.8KB, 988x252) Reverse
[Hide] (657.8KB, 1280x720, 00:02)
It's weird, whenever I click it, I'm just redirected to this youtube video, does it happen to anyone else?
Replies: >>189406
Is it nigger month in burgerland?
Replies: >>189408
yes there's only a day or so left and then we can stop making up black history to celebrate
Any good games that have been released recently or recent years? Got a new graphics card and i want to test the capabilites out.
[Hide] (4.5MB, 854x480, 00:28)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 960x540, 00:08)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1024x576, 00:17)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
[Hide] (5.9MB, 640x360, 01:32)
cyberpunk 2077
Phantom Brigade came out yesterday
Replies: >>189635
hogwarts Tranny I guess, maybe Control? I really don't know of a game that it actually looks good and demands top hardware to run.
Replies: >>189635
[Hide] (523.8KB, 1034x347) Reverse
that actually looks really good
i dont want to play tranny games. And ive heard about Control containing some woke shit and id rather just avoid it.
Does anyone know if the robot game by David Cage is good? 
So far ive got the game the first guy recommended me, the david cage robot game and a highly shilled game called "hifi rush".
>david cage robot game
You mean the one where you play as a robot negotiator? Robots modeled after niggers chimp out and in the end robots get put on holocoasters. I don't believe you have any option but to side with them.
Replies: >>189659
How long does it take you to complete a game, on average? I tend to be the kind that takes a little longer on average, depending on how much content there is, how many times I die, or how much time I spend shitpostan when I could have spent it playan.
[Hide] (92.7KB, 352x360) Reverse
>spec requirements have been upped
>was posted in the RTS thread despite being turn-based
its certainly unique.
Replies: >>189687
[Hide] (11MB, 854x480, 01:28)
I think you can fuck shit up for them all and get them all killed, but I didn't saw the movie, so I don't know.
>And ive heard about Control containing some woke shit and id rather just avoid it.
I remember an anon playing the game and having fun, but I don't remember the woke shit.
You could play The Citadel, if your hardware doesn't stutter.
Replies: >>189661 >>189669
I enjoyed this game. The nerd did fan art for Peripetia and is making a second game for the citadal.
Control has a few moments where some characters mention "empowerment" for a women to be in charge and a black woman is in charge of security.
Replies: >>189677
[Hide] (16MB, 1440x816, 01:44)
I honest to god don't remember any woke shit. >>189669 like that, I have no recollection of that. Maybe it was one of the dialogue options at the homebase.
The Ascent looks really nice, but the gameplay is extremely repetitive. Download it, play it for a couple of hours and drop it when you feel bored. It took me like 5 hours before the game decided to start dropping any loot other than "+1 defense".
Wolcen also looks nice, but again, the gameplay is lacking. It's pretty much "Diablo III 2". Last Epoch is coming out soon (I hope) and it may not look as nice, but it's got a much more engaging skill system.
Crysis Remasters: I haven't heard anything about them, but it's Crysis, so it's gotta be mean to your GPU, right?
Metro Exodus can be pretty fucking mean too.
Resident Evil 2 REmake was the first game I played when I got a new GPU.
I'm sure the normalfag Playstation to PC ports have bullshit requirements like Boy of Soy, Unchortled and... there was another one, I forget which.

The games I listed aren't necessarily good, but they ought to be a good stress test for your GPU and hard drive.
Replies: >>189678
It might just be nostalgia, but I would rather play psi-ops mindgate conspiracy again before i playe Control. 
I think i would rather play any of those popular early 2000s xbox games over control; Stubbs the Zombie, whacked!, Kung fu Chaos ect...
Why are games coming out nowadays so shit compared to xbox games?
>hybrid turn based and real time
>highly shilled game called "hifi rush".
>highly shilled
It literally had a stealth release with zero marketing or advertising.
>temporary content
Like shit, sounds like I would lose all my shit or miss the chance of getting it at all. Welp then I won't play this game.
I was the anon that played control and I don't recall anything particular woke in the game. I recall there being a line where the main character notes that she is the first female director, which to me came across as factual enough as to be unoffensive.
I was rather autistic in the collection of notes and stuff too and found nothing there either.
The biggest modern "sin" this game commits is that sometimes the characters are ugly but more in the vein of L.A Noire because they used real actors and mo-cap.
Is the banner where Hector punches a unit for his crit from a mod or something?
Replies: >>189725
Its a mod, his usual crit is him leaping like the madman he is.
[Hide] (15.4MB, 1280x720, 01:22)
>Got a new graphics card and i want to test the capabilites out.
Replies: >>189825
>20gb for a demo
Replies: >>189828
You can get the game from fitgirl.
Replies: >>189833
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
holy fuck. You recommended me a tranny game!
I didn't knew, anon! I thought it was made by chinks.
Replies: >>189850
[Hide] (104.4KB, 712x812) Reverse
[Hide] (82.4KB, 426x854) Reverse
This type bullshit wouldn't bother me so much if they used it as an excuse to let females go topless.
Japs are just doing that shit just to make the troons not chimp out at their games.
Replies: >>189851 >>189853
May as well be given the main company behind it. Koei Tecmo is essentially Japanese EA. Speaking of which, they (or rather Omega Force under KT) and EA just released a MH clone game not too long ago (wild hearts). That game too included the pronoun bullshit, and had a really shitty PC performance release. The game also adds "inclusion" to the game, despite being set in medival Japan (one of the leaders of the village is a black strong wise woman), and the english dub adds random Japanese into the dialogue. This on top of costing 70-90 bucks. 

The game you mentioned reminded me that I saved this; one of the people at KT had a picture of him wearing a pin supporting the Great Reset as well (the one without the glasses). 
Hogwarts Legacy proves that you can just ignore the tranny sperging and succeed.
Replies: >>189852 >>189853
Hogwarts legacy has the tranny shit to, anonkun.
Replies: >>189856
Not always the case. Many Jap companies are getting infiltrated/influenced by their western branches to add this shit. Makes less work for said branches, and harder to claim that it's the localizer's fault for adding said shit.

And even then the game adds shit that would otherwise appease them (biggest issue being how "diverse" Scotland was in the 1890s. One of the worst times to live in the country, and was in no shape to invite immigrants). It's a classic example of both sides being played and the one pulling the strings profiteering.
Yeah but it has a tranny boycott despite that.
Replies: >>189872
And its not doing a whole lot to sales, that's for certain.
Replies: >>189873
That's my point. Trannies are a non-existent market so there is no reason to fear them.
[Hide] (24.1MB, 1280x720, 04:27)
What's the most fun way to play deusex? 
I tried playing years ago but I couldn't handle the gunplay.
Replies: >>190065
Playing as a guy who moves through the shadows who kills every enemy in his way one by one with a knife. The gunplay is fucking terrible but kind of meant to be to discourage playing it as Doom: Glowie Hunter.
Replies: >>190279
Thanks, I'm starting with FU.
[Hide] (3.9MB, 854x480, 01:58)
Someone tell me more about VideoGameDunkey, to me he also comes off as very petty and vitriolic like he wants to start a fight with someone over nothing. Like his seemingly inflated anger over people shitting on Cyberpunk 2077 and him being a M$ shill.
He has humor once in a blue moon but I couldn't handle watching most of his videos.
Replies: >>190214
Replies: >>190215
I fucked up when downloading
Like every eceleb, he starts with good posts/jokes like those two videos posted, then get famous, assume famous=people adore me like a god and start posting shit no one cares about or giving their opinion about things no one asked for.
[Hide] (11.2MB, 640x360, 02:49)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 640x360, 01:49)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 640x360, 01:41)
[Hide] (6.5MB, 640x360, 01:31)
Used to be edgy and funny 300 years ago, then he met a woman, now he's gay and boring.
Replies: >>190222
[Hide] (11.9MB, 640x360, 03:41)
[Hide] (14.4MB, 640x360, 04:30)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 640x360, 02:52)
Genuinely pissed since the guy was perfectly OK with raunchy Xbox Live shittalking.
[Hide] (5MB, 854x640, 01:00)
What's that song in the first webm played during Uncharted chase sequences.
I've heard it a million times back in the day, but can't tell where. Hotline Miami? Payday?
[Hide] (86.4KB, 1200x675) Reverse
Is that the nigger that hates boobs?
Replies: >>190242
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>Is that the nigger that hates boobs?
Wonder how big his aneurysm would be if he played the Senran Kagura games.
Speaking of, does anyone know if every girls' underwear comes off with those ultimate attacks or if it's restricted to a few characters?
Replies: >>190277 >>190283
[Hide] (32.7KB, 770x672) Reverse
Anyone here who's beaten the first Castlevania on NES? How the fuck are you supposed to deal with the 4th level's boss?
The monster has a backwater pygmy jew galloping him that shoots balls and rams at you like a motherfucker. 4 hits and I'm done.
Is there any way to get back at them? Any way to get even?
I've even tried to carry the cloak from the beginning of the level all the way to the boss fight. Turns out, the developers knew and the cloak does nothing here. What a bunch of assholes.
He's one of the easiest bosses m8 git gud
You have to use both supers to tear and then knock off their tops and bottoms. The hyper moves do both at once I think. You can do it with light and heavy attacks as well but supers do the job faster.
[Hide] (453KB, 320x436, 00:04)
Holy shit melee combat is actually fun. I was enjoying being a crackhead and mauling people with a crowbar and then I found out this is one of those games with melee limb damage. 
Civilians truly are going to live in an age of terror.
Why would it be restricted?
Replies: >>190305
just cheese him with holy water
Replies: >>190305 >>190310
I meant the pocket watch you get at the beginning of the sewer section. How come you can cheese the first level boss but not the gay ass hopping jew with it?
>holy water
That thing has the most retarded trajectory out of all items. Do you mean the small fire it leaves on the ground is going to trap the kike on the ground so he can't escape, or is it one of those items that somehow instakill bosses, like the axe on the first serpent you encounter on your way through Frankenstein's monster?
>why would it be restricted
The game has both oppai lolis and average lolis, so I was expecting devs to gay it up besides, I was having difficulties ripping the entire set of clothes on most characters, only did it on 3 girls hence I was wondering if it was the game or if it was me who sucked shit at this game Murakumo best girl, Hikage close second.
[Hide] (34.7KB, 770x672) Reverse
Just tried what you've said and it worked like a charm.
Spamming holy water at the Creature's feet, the small jew wouldn't budge an inch. Removed him in 5 seconds.
Never knew holy water was this OP, finally can go on into the next level.
Replies: >>190318
Oh interesting you're struggling with that boss. I didn't find him particularly difficult. Although it was quite a bit back now that I don't remember what I did. What I do remember is just not quite finishing the game because I couldn't kill the second phase of the last boss.
Enjoy Level 5's boss.
I used to care about what the author/creator of a game had for ideology or what they said. I used to avoid the games they made. Now i just dont care anymore. Has this happened to anyone else? I mean aslong as they dont put any messaging in the game then i dont really care. Otherwise what fucking games am i supposed to play? Its no secret that the gaming industry is full of leftists. Same with the movie industry. I mean i guess sometimes if you really know who created it and dislike who it was. Some exceptions. But otherwise i dont see why i should care. Can anyone refute this?
>Why should I care about giving money to people who hate me?  Can anyone refute this?
You can play whatever you want provided that you aren't putting more of your wage slave cuck dollars in the wallets of bankers and communists who literally want you to die.  This is why piracy is an important tool in the modern world, since even if a non-pozzed developer creates something cool, there's a good chance he'll go through a publisher who is pozzed, like Devolver or Deep Silver.
[Hide] (31.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
>Has this happened to anyone else?
everyone with a brain should know how to separate the person from the product and follow piss easy flowchart
Nice frigate, asshole.
Replies: >>191068
fuck thats a good tegaki.
Replies: >>191068
thanks, dickheads
You forgot the most important step:
>jewish publisher? (Yes/Yes)
<Yes - pirate
>But otherwise i dont see why i should care.
Because voting with your wallet is the only power we have to direct the industry. I don't want any more pronoun shit in my games.
[Hide] (25.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
Replies: >>191089 >>191092
Did you make this? Its damn good
Replies: >>191091
[Hide] (9.7KB, 310x284) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080, 00:18)
Nice job
Replies: >>191098 >>191102
[Hide] (242.8KB, 386x402) Reverse
>autism pride
Sounds about right considering someone had to be fucking mental to even create this many flags.
Replies: >>191100 >>191105
[Hide] (292.5KB, 3600x3960) Reverse
I'm looking for a game that's sort of an asymmetrical turn based age of empires. 
You build your city, each building can generate resources, and you're free to build whatever you can in a single turn. Once the turn end the time advances and you generate resources, but sometimes (possibly after every turn) you get attacked and watch how your defenses fare against invaders trying to destroy all your buildings.
[Hide] (67.1KB, 640x695) Reverse
[Hide] (4.9MB, 854x480, 00:31)
Replies: >>191105
[Hide] (473.2KB, 00:29)
[Hide] (927.7KB, 00:23)
[Hide] (557.2KB, 00:29)
If you think the flags are bad, you have to see the fucking character art
I´ve rarely seen something so disgusting

The end gets me every time
[Hide] (28.3KB, 474x376) Reverse
What's the best way to softmod my phat PS2? It's a model SCPH-50001 (Browser 1.40, CD player 2.00, PS1 driver 1.11, DVD player 3.00U), has a network adapter, and a blank memory card.
Your DVD version doesn't support FreeDVDBoot so unless there's a way to inject FreeHDBoot onto the hard drive from a PC you're probably going to have to buy a softmod kit. After that running MechaPwn to set the QA flag should get you good compatibility with single-layer games between ESR and the master disc patcher, and for everything else there's OPL.
Can you do the phat ps2 hdd trick? Thats how I got freemcboot on mine. You may need an adapter for the disk unless you have an old ass hdd laying around.
Replies: >>191153 >>191698
So, as I said, I already have the Network Adapter, but I don't have a hard drive to accompany it. Seeing as how I want to do this with the least amount of effort possible, I guess that means I need to search for an IDE hard drive. Is there a list of compatible ones for the PS2, or should I not even bother and just track down the official one? I do plan on playing some games off of the hard drive, but only a handful.
That's the same model as mine; only difference is the CD player and browser versions. I'd used a guide and some files for setting up an IDE with HDDOSD I'd found on The ISO Zone with mine, and then used uLaunchElf (preinstalled with a specific HDD disk image) to put FreeMcBoot on a memory card for more convenient access to homebrew from the main menu screen than having to wait for the HDD to load row-by-row in the browser. I modded mine something like eight years ago though, so I wouldn't be surprised if that sort of method is outdated now, and ISO Zone itself has been dead for a while (though the mentioned guide and files have been backed up elsewhere).

Looking around, it seems like FreeHDBoot can be installed via WinHIIP as part of the process of setting up the hard drive.

>Is there a list of compatible ones for the PS2
There's this that I know of, though you should note that entries are specific to a drive's compatibility with a given program, so some that work well with one may not work well with another. I use a Maxtor 6L250R0 IDE with mine, which I recall seeing called a good "starter pack" for PS2 loading, as it used to be pretty reasonably priced and could hold quite a few DVD-9 games on it if needed at 250gb of storage. Taking a look now though, they're not as cheap as they used to be (though neither are a lot of physical PS2 games either).
Replies: >>191698
You can probably just find a TLC-based SSD and use that. There's a mod board floating around that you chop up the network adapter itself to install to make it compatible with SATA, but given how expensive those fuckers are now it would probably be better to get a chink clone or try your luck with a separate adapter instead.
Replies: >>191698
i softmodded my 3ds
now what
Replies: >>191204 >>191210
You play games you haven't played yet. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and Etryian Oddysey IV are good ones if you like their genre.
You can also install those eshop-exclusive games, there's a few good ones in there like the BoxBoxBoy games and The Starship Damrey. The latter is a mystery puzzle game, only takes a few hours at most but is best experienced knowing as little as possible about it.

Also emulation on the go I guess, probably not the best handheld for it but it works.
I finally got around to softmodding my PS3 the other day. What are some PS3 hidden gems?
Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess
[Hide] (3.1MB, 4106x4786) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1850x3600) Reverse
not sure if there are gems, but there are some good exclusives
PS3 only/best:
>3D Dot Game Heroes
>Gundam Breaker 2 (3 is better if you have a PS4)
>EX Troopers (now fan translated)
>Dragon's Crown
>Demon's Souls (don't know if softmod lets you play on private server)
>Tokyo Jungle
>Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (360 lacks the pressure senstitive face button controls, which has some awkwardness) 

>Armored Core For Answer
>Skate 2/3
>Demon's Souls (don't know if softmod lets you play on private server)
Don't need jailbreak to access the private server, just need to change the DNS.
[Hide] (194KB, 350x474) Reverse
I play most 7th gen games on my PS3, some 6th games too since the HD collections are pretty good.
If you want exclusives I recommend aside from >>191253: Killzone 2, JoJo's Eyes of Heaven, Resistance 2, Katamari Forever, Twisted Metal, DW Gundam Reborn. GOW Collection Volume II (PSP games remastered to use the right stick), Modnation Racers, Initial D Extreme Stage, Sly Thieves on Time, After Burner Climax and J-Stars.
>What are some PS3 hidden gems?
The ones I'll be listing off are not exclusive, but worth having:
<Bioshock 2
<Ghostbusters: The Video game
<Lost Planet
<Prince of Persia Trilogy
<The Tomb Raider Trilogy
<WipEout HD
bioshock sucks
Replies: >>191358
Spoiler File
(475KB, 960x545) Reverse
Replies: >>191342 >>191358
Spoiler File
(3.5MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
Replies: >>191345 >>191350
I don't remember a nigger stealing a ring.
Replies: >>191344
bioshock endings on youtube
[Hide] (4.7MB, 722x650, 04:03)
wait a minute, I wish that were me
[Hide] (32.1KB, 440x399) Reverse
Anon I have a PC, why would I play multiplats on PS3?
Replies: >>191357 >>191409
y not?
Replies: >>191409
I said Bioshock 2, you idiots. Great game, and the other two can be ignored.
[Hide] (13.4KB, 413x296) Reverse
Alright here's what I've got so far.

>EX Troopers
>Tokyo Jungle
Can you sell me on these? The screenshots don't look that interesting.
Replies: >>191381
Ex Troopers is Lost Planet 1 with anime tits.
Tokyo Jungle is one of those weird japanese low budget experimental games that were more common during the ps1 and 2 era, its a roguelite with animals.
Replies: >>191382
I never played Lost Planet either. Just seemed like one of those western pandering games Capcom was shitting out a lot at the time due to Inafune.
Replies: >>191385
Lost Planet is basically "Monster Hunter with guns". It's great.
Yes you can play private servers on a hacked ps3, i did that last year.
Is the nintendo bitch worth buying? I am really only interested in Taiko. Any other games worth buying it for or just a waste of money?
Use PC to emulate PS3... that's possible now, right?
I haven't been keeping up with the emu scene.
Waste of money. If you weren't a colonist faggot you would know this from the many times this question has been asked before. Now go back.
Why would it be when you can emulate new releases on day 1? I've even seen the steamed dick run switch emus if you really want a handheld.
Replies: >>191430 >>191431
more like neverheldgirlsahand
If you arent playing on where the game was released then you arent playing the game. Why would i want to play a fake version? I want to play the original.
Replies: >>191441
Sorry, I don't know where to buy a switch devkit.
[Hide] (3.3MB, 2263x1322) Reverse
>Is the nintendo bitch worth buying?
>Any other games worth buying it for or just a waste of money?
Nearly everything worth buying on the Switch is available elsewhere, most prominently the Vita and the Wii U (Though, recently, that's also shifted to the Wii, 3DS, DS, GameCube, PSP, and PS2).
Replies: >>191567 >>191578
>is available elsewhere
well i dont want to play ports. I want to play games where they originally released.
Thats a huge downgrade in content and upgrade in censorship.
Replies: >>191579
[Hide] (49.9KB, 261x226) Reverse
But a giant upgrade in ergonomics.
Replies: >>191585 >>191596
my friend goo has a real tattoo poo poo poo
>ergonomics over all else
I take it you collect dildos for your asshole too.
Replies: >>191601
I'm not the massive faggot that goes around with a giant flat tablet to play shitty ports.
I much rather play ~5th gen games on a beautiful OLED screen while my hands are on heaven than trying to hold a waffle just to play inferior shit.
Replies: >>191646
I had a terrble idea, I could make one of them AI generated streams but with the chatbots based on developers and a free TTS thing I found and make our own AI E3. Should I bother or does that sound too retarded
Replies: >>191642
Sounds fun.
>vita ergonomics
>even that good
Be advised that not only you collect dildos for your asshole but you're directly supporting sony further emphasizing your lust for semen and foreign objects up your ass. Plus I never said anything about the switch being good.
Replies: >>191650
[Hide] (284.4KB, 387x470) Reverse
>supporting sony
Replies: >>191656
You are, in a roundabout way. But, it also depends on how deep you want to get on the discussion of "supporting companies". To give a brief idea in this particular case, buying a Vita doesn't directly support Sony (Financially) as the system is discontinued, however you are supporting Sony "culturally" by using one of their products and keeping it relevant.
Replies: >>191658 >>191660
Pre-California Sony should stay relevant though.
Replies: >>191660 >>191672
>keeping it relevant
>by using a product they no longer produce, support, or generally has any new gaems
I'm not sure I follow your idea. Also what >>191658 said.
Why would anyone buy a steam deck?
Its so unsecure. You basically have a handheld pc with your steam and other details on it. Its not possible to encrypt it or anything like that.
So why exactly am i supposed to buy something like that? Retarded gadget.
Replies: >>191676
[Hide] (52.2KB, 507x680) Reverse
You don't have to, anon.
[Hide] (72.6KB, 1348x771) Reverse
I might need to finally downgrade to Windows 10 so that I can update my drivers.
Anybody got any decent PSU recommendations or at least what to look out for? I always salvaged mine out of literal dumpsters or got a hand-me-down.
Replies: >>191685 >>191802
>I might need to finally downgrade to Windows 10 so that I can update my drivers.
>Anybody got any decent PSU recommendations or at least what to look out for? I always salvaged mine out of literal dumpsters or got a hand-me-down.
Jewgle "PSU tier lists" and pick whatever's cheapest that meets your wattage needs and isn't a fire hazard.
Replies: >>191688
Never mind, the LTT niggers have a website for this now: https://cultists.network/140/psu-tier-list/
Pick anything gold in C tier or better that you can get for a decent price, or B tier or better if your system is completely overkill.
[Hide] (46.7KB, 500x252) Reverse
Looks like I'll be going with the IDE setup for the hard drive.

Trying to find IDE to SD adapters, and it looks like my only option is either modding the actual adapter card to fit inside the PS2 case or I have to buy some actual cables to connect the PS2 Network Adapter to the IDE-to-SD adapter. And, in addition to that, the only place where I can buy these items is off of Amazon (Which I'm trying to avoid, along with eBay, and AliExpress). However, over on Mercari (A Japanese-created equivalent of eBay/Craigslist), I can find both a Maxtor IDE hard drive and IDE to USB adapter for the same price.

I guess the only question I have left is:
<Do I need to see about also nabbing one of those hard drive brackets (Especially since my PS2 is sitting on it's side)?
You might want to look into IDE to CompactFlash adapters, they plug directly into the IDE slot and are more reliable than both SD cards and 20-year-old IDE drives
Replies: >>191701 >>191707
[Hide] (2.1MB, 2560x2560) Reverse
>You might want to look into IDE to CompactFlash adapters
Same problems of trying to find an IDE to SD adapter, in that I'll have cables running everywhere inside the system.
>they plug directly into the IDE slot
Not going to be possible with the ones I'm seeing.
Replies: >>191707 >>191710
Passive CF-IDE adapters usually don't support UDMA making them slow as shit compared to what the PS2 is capable of. CF cards big enough to be interesting for something like a PS2 tend to be stupid expensive because the only products that can use that much space but don't support SDHC are old digital cameras. I use the exact adapter design from >>191701 in an old PC. It works great for that purpose because the IDE controller on the motherboard doesn't support much better than what the CF adapter can support (PIO4 for a blazing fast 16.7MB/s) but you can clearly tell the bus is the bottleneck.
>IDE to SD adapters
You're retarded. Get an inline SATA-IDE adapter, a Corsair MX500/BX500 in whatever capacity tickles your pickle and shim the whole mess with some foam blocks and doublestick tape.
Yep, you're retarded.
>hard drive brackets
An excellent idea assuming you're not niggerrigging support shims yourself. Those connectors have zero (0) strain relief and will break under the weight of your drive+adapter eventually if there's nothing holding it perpendicular.
Replies: >>191711 >>191714
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1395x1055) Reverse
You're not looking at the right ones.
Replies: >>191714
The IDE bus on the PS2 is slow as shit anyways and can't even play back FMVs reliably. The fastest bus is on the ethernet port so he should really be looking into network drives for holding games.
Replies: >>191719
>Yep, you're retarded.
What's wrong with Mercari?

Which is through Amazon, which I want to avoid.
Replies: >>191717 >>191719
[Hide] (525.7KB, 721x705) Reverse
fine, here's the exact same one on eGay
Replies: >>191718
>here's the exact same one on eGay
Did you not read what I said: >>191698
>the only place where I can buy these items is off of Amazon (Which I'm trying to avoid, along with eBay, and AliExpress)
Loading via SMB is piss easy once he gets freemcboot on there. 

Just get the easiest thing anon. There is also the option of buying a freeMcboot card directly too if thats what you want. I've considered doing an SD card setup.
Replies: >>191720
>Just get the easiest thing anon.
Then, for me, that would probably be nabbing the Maxtor drive.
>There is also the option of buying a freeMcboot card directly too if thats what you want.
Yes, and no. There was going to be some PS2 games that I was going to be pirating anyway (Because companies have been handing out games from that era like candy for the past several years, so why waste money buying those that have been given away), and it's going to be a lot easier just putting them on a drive than wasting time, money, and space burning DVDs. My burned Dreamcast games are already taking up too much shelf space, imagine adding PS2 games to the mix.
>I've considered doing an SD card setup.
That's up to you. Like said, buying an SD card setup is going to cost around the same as buying an hard drive and tools for that, based on what I'm seeing. It's just that I don't like all those wires in such a compact space, and the only options I have if I want to buy those items.
Replies: >>191727
>dig through the depths of the GBA library for the purpose of learning 日本語
>many games have clear audio with little of the fuzzing common to GBA games along with clean, easily audible voice samples, especially H  ゲーム fare or games with no western release
Screw Kiketendo for not "translating" those Nip-only F-Zero games written entirely in English with Katakana, they're fun and make me want to host a GBA gamenight once mgba gets proper link cable netplay.
Replies: >>191724
Anon, you do realize that a lot of companies did that up to the aughts, right? You can find an endless amount of fifth and fourth gen games that never crossed the pond 'despite' being almost entirely in English.
If you buy the freemcboot card you can get the additional stuff that lets you load from SMB, its not just burned gaymes.
Do not buy any Corsaid PSUs.  I've used an EVGA unit for about 7.5 years and it's been reliable.
But CorsAIDS is also accurate.
What's wrong with them?
My 7 year old 600W 80plus gold model has yet to fail me or its arachnid inhabitants.
Yeah mine has been fine too for 4-5 years. Others might be better but these are good enough. Or it might be an AMD kind of thing and for years they were absolutely trash, I'm not an expert.
[Hide] (7.9MB, 360x360, 03:07)
Is there anything like a VNDB for vidya?
Replies: >>192049 >>192050
Replies: >>192051 >>192066
[Hide] (16.7KB, 340x340) Reverse
>see webm
>haha what's this
>oh no...
>it gets to :12
>ooh noooooo
what a horrible thing to post anon
Replies: >>192051
So there's nothing with a comparable level of tag autism?
I'm glad you liked it :3
Replies: >>192052 >>192066
Not that I'm aware of, but PCGamingWiki can probably fill some of the gaps.
Replies: >>192053
Unfortunate, but thanks anyways
Wasn't that overtaken by IGN or some other megajew organization recently?

>tag autism
animecharactersdatabase might be some use if you're only care about characters of eastern games.
erogamescape also has some tags for nip H-games if you can tolerate the moonrunes, but it generally has less tags, and since there is a 90% overlap between VNs and nip H-games, it's probably not much use.

I'd really like to have a site similar to vndb, but with normal games, but as far as I know, there's none. Vndb's search system is awesome (and probably also functions as a normalfag repellent, but they also have an advantage of the genre itself being pretty niche).
Replies: >>192071 >>192111
>and since there is a 90% overlap between VNs and nip H-games, it's probably not much use.
Funny, because it's mainly for that 10% I need a site like that.
I've been trying out some degen games as of late, and I was somewhat surprised by the amount of disgustingly kiked things the japs very often included (almost Weimerican levels), and it's rarely mentioned in tags.
Blacklisting garbage like cuck shit, fatties, ugly bastards, faggotry, beastiality, and beastiality of the purely socioeconomic factors kind, etc.
VNDB and boorus have really turned me spoiled. It's so convenient for finding good stuff and avoiding trash.

Thank you for the site recommendations.

>Vndb's search system is awesome (and probably also functions as a normalfag repellent, but they also have an advantage of the genre itself being pretty niche).
Yeah, I guess making a site like that for regular vidya would be overflowing with braindead retards who'd make a mess of tags and tag ratings
Replies: >>192072
>Yeah, I guess making a site like that for regular vidya would be overflowing with braindead retards who'd make a mess of tags and tag ratings
Can confirm, made the mistake of trying to find games with steam tags.
Replies: >>192074 >>192078
>search puzzle games on Steam
<STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order
<Batman Arkham Kight
<Shadow of the Womb Raider
<Atomic Heart
Fucking normalfags deserve the upcoming nuclear hellfire.
Replies: >>192077 >>192078
[Hide] (99KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>not bioshock infinite
But that is the greatest puzzle game of all time.
Replies: >>192078 >>192090
>Can confirm, made the mistake of trying to find games with steam tags.
I've added a few gay tags to the blacklist, that's about the only use the tags on steam have. Even VNDB has problem with retards not reading tag descriptions, have anything slightly more normalfag friendly, and you'll never have anything usable.
I guess if you would want to create a VNDB for normal games, you'd have to make it TOR only or something to keep the retards out.
>Atomic Heart
Is there anything noteworthy about that game other than the globohomo wants it banned?
Isn't steam's search is rigged to display the newest garbage first?
Replies: >>192080
[Hide] (248.2KB, 727x753) Reverse
>Is there anything noteworthy about that game
Yeah, it was censored after release by the cuck devs.
Replies: >>192082
Are there any good sub-mods for TNO?
This one?
I have no fucking idea what is inappropriate in this video.
Replies: >>192086
It was a cartoon depiction of a black man. An actual, authentic old school cartoon. So it was a blackface-style niggerlicious coon, and that's no bueno in CURRENT YEAR. I considered buying on sale in the future it until they removed that, doesn't matter what they censor anything's too much.
Replies: >>192089 >>192110
>cartoon depiction of a black man
So you can't depict black man now? Then why is my TV full of niggers if I turn it on? Never mind, I don't want to understand morons and their retarded logic, If you get offended by a 40 or I don't know how many years old cartoon, you should just do humanity a favor and kill yourself.
Replies: >>192093
i don't get it, what's the solution
Replies: >>192092
[Hide] (424.8KB, 451x619) Reverse
It's an unsolved mystery even to this day.
[Hide] (797.5KB, 1415x754) Reverse
>So you can't depict black man now?
Not like this, goy.
Replies: >>192097
Then by that logic, you should censor every Disney cartoon made in the last 10 years.
The video file is 16:9, the old 4:3 carton is letterboxed. Then this 16:9 video is stretched to the 4:3 TV ingame, which results in black bars on the sides AND a stretched image. Now, this is what should be the cause of the mass hysteria, not the color of a fucking cartoon character
>It was a cartoon depiction of a black man
It was a stereotypical depiction of a nigger, anon. Even if the stereotypes are true, it makes sense from the mainstream perspective that they would censor it, but at the same time, what doesn't make any sense is that they and many other retards of this generation are offended by it. Cartoons that depict other races, such as Mulan, are beloved by many, yet they feature many Asian depictions such as yellow skin, slanted eyes, and small noses.

>big red lips
>dark as coal
>depicted as a ignorant, lazy, or generally ill-willed
>tribal African culture
Replies: >>192111
>Wasn't that overtaken by IGN or some other megajew organization recently?
Atari, actually. And, about a month ago, they "relaunched" the site with a new "mobile friendly" design. Put simple, it's horrible.

>what doesn't make any sense is that they and many other retards of this generation are offended by it
Something you have to understand is that, even by their own admission, what they're doing is still racist. However, it's okay when they do it because they are "aware" of the fact that they're being racist, but it's not okay when you do it because you're being racist out of ignorance and have yet awoken to the secret knowledge of the world that they believe themselves already possess.
When you have something like 1v3, which is the correct order? our team vs enemy team or enemy team vs our team?
Tried to searx for it, but the only useful result was a leddit post where half of the faggots said the first, and the other half said the second.
t. esl faggot
Replies: >>192583
[Hide] (257.4KB, 1101x1040) Reverse
As far as I know there's no convention. I would use our team vs enemy team unless the specific game has a UI detail (same team is always on the same side of the scoreboard for example) that makes it unambiguous.
Replies: >>192591
Well, I wanted to talk in general and not about a specific game, but in that case I guess go with the we vs enemy order.
Does anyone know of any good tools for reverse-searching images?
Replies: >>192653 >>192654
Replies: >>192655
Replies: >>192655
Every time I use it, it finds obscure or none of the matches for the image I'm searching for.

Same with Tineye, it's a bit better, but it is mostly good for finding Chinese cartoon pictures.
Replies: >>192657 >>192668
Then I am not really sure what else, I don't know of any DeepL equivalent for image search. (Search is really in the dumpster nowadays anyway)
I saw kagi plans to implement it but that wouldn't be of much help to you anyway
Replies: >>192662
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1448x2048) Reverse
Well I just wanted to find the source of this image.
Replies: >>192664
[Hide] (99.9KB, 921x753) Reverse
Of all the tools I know of, yandex tends to be the best at sourcing crops and edits.
[Hide] (2.7KB, 118x18) Reverse
please use eyes and brain in combination kudasai
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