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It's a bit too late for Gaylo to be saved by now, I just wish they would fucking reboot the franchise or some shit by now, but that's monkey paw shit.
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This is like saying some guy is done using the whore on the corner.
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They need to give it a break and come back with a regular ass Halo. They won’t, but they should. I’ll hold out hope a bit as Microshit occasionally can get the right people in the right place to make something, but it needs to practically semi-noncanon everything after 3 and just make a new mysterious place or some shit.
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bring back bungie and make a new marathon
Why do you want to give these niggers an out? Let them suffer the billion dollar black-hole.
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>>185056 (OP) 
I think the best thing to do for halo right now would be to consider everything post reach to be non-canon or in a different universe. A good idea for another halo game would be a game that focuses heavily coop and where you play as the Elites, possibly even the Arbiter. There could be a game mode where you fight the flood and it could be called "containment" or "extermination". Bringing back the idea of invasion would also be cool but instead of Spartans vs Elites it could be Brutes vs Elites. The game mode could be called "schism" in reference to the great schism that divided the covenant and had the Elites join the humans.

As for story, I don't really know. I think a lesser prophet should return but I'm not sure what he would do. I also am aware for a certain Elite Admiral who was in the background lore for halo for like a good 10 years before being killed off in a book by a tactical nuke that was accidentally activated. It was apparently a nuke that had the capability to destroy literal planets and took out around 300+ ships. I don't really know if this character would make a good villain since the elites have no reason to follow the Great Journey anymore so there's no reason to keep up their genocidal campaign against the humans because it was the Prophets who declare war, not the Elites. 

/v/, what are your story or game play ideas for another halo game and who or what should be the villain of a post halo 3 game, if the 343 halo games were considered non-canon?  
lolifags pls forgive me for image 4. I love big tits sorry.
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I hope that girl you've posted found a way to replace her onii-chan's special jam, or at least some way to make it up to him. It's a tragedy for an accident to cause strife between kith or kin.
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>pic 3
Now that's what I call bloatware.

>pic 4
The image of Chief/a Spartan and Cortana paired together was always really powerful.

>moar halo
I'm not sure that anything meaningful could be done with the series, honestly.  It had a long stretch of good games (H2, H3, H3:ODST, Reach) which had industry-leading featuers that even to this day most game companies don't bother with.  Halo 3 and Reach had the equivalent of private servers and a server browser and file manager on home consoles, and they supported custom maps and game modes.  In order to deliver a good modern Halo experience, you'd at least need to go back to the features the old games had, and giving players that kind of control would make it harder to monetize.

Like I said, I think Halo is at its best when you have Chief/a Spartan with an AI against overwhelming odds.  Halo Infinite seemed like it was trying to get back to that with the "soft reset" approach and the smaller story, but it's made by modern 343 so it was doomed to be trash.  They showed they don't understand the relationship between Chief and Cortana repeatedly since they kept trying to make "faceless super soldier self-insert" into a guy who is sad about his girlfriend.  I think that angle could work for a Spartan, but it couldn't be Chief.

Ironically, I think the one thing that was really a missed opportunity in the Bungie Halo games was not having any human enemies in the first chapter of Reach.  The Spartans at that point in time were something that ONI used to suppress rebellious border worlds like Reach, and people rightly hated them for that.  It would have been really cool to fight human enemies for part of one chapter, and just as things would get boring the Covenant arrive.  If there were to be a new Halo game without a series-wide retcon, then I think having some kind of black ops Spartan agent doing glownigger stuff or surgical strike missions in the early days of the human-Covenant war would be the best way to have something distinct from the Bungie games.
>>185056 (OP) 
Bring back Halo: Custom Edition, HEK, dedicated servers and a proper server browser. Forge should be also option for normies. Add a bonus map/short campaign where you play as flood. It was almost done by fans: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6486

>I think the best thing to do for halo right now would be to consider everything post reach to be non-canon or in a different universe.
this so fucking much! 343i was always unable to make a good Halo game.


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Eat a bullet
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I genuinely don't care about Halo. They could make a homoerotic June special edition Halo and I'd feel the same about it.
Also known as normalfaggots.
What a gay ass response. Why am I seeing this so much lately?
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I want to pinch her belly.
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>Why am I seeing this so much lately?
I've noticed it a fair amount too.  I think it's just cuckchanners/social media faggots cycling through their list of canned responses.  What's odd is that I remember seeing that kind of post a lot more on the normalfag clearnet about ten years ago.
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I want to tongue punch her asshole
It's used almost exclusively in a satirical context among the webring, but it doesn't make it any less faggy or gay to read.
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Unfortunately not. In fact, she begins to enjoy the act of spilling his and others special jam and revels in the act.
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Is it good or bad that I can identify every loli in this image?
Good, obviously.
I don't think any of them are that obscure.
I don't recognize any of them and I feel good about it.
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I would be massively concerned if you din't.
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degenerate basket case
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>>185056 (OP) 
And it only took them 8 years, people have been asking for the head roastie's head since halo of duty 4 came out and turned cortana into the stereotypical neurotic femoid (explained as "AI rampancy", even though guilty spark went insane in a different way). Not that it matters since the games have been shit since 2010 and the TV show shat on the franchise harder than 343 could.
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>calling anyone a degenerate
>for enjoying loli
>on imageboards
>calling anyone a degenerate for enjoying loli on imageboards
You do not belong here.
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Stop phoneposting, you mixed up the numbers in 2001.
child rapist
i cant identify a single one. I can tell you with confidence that they are from some forgettable garbage show.
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Kud's from a VN though
You don't belong anywhere, subhuman.
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