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AMD Quietly Lists 31 New CPU Vulnerabilities, Issues Patch Guidance
Fallout and Doom QA Testers Just Formed the Biggest Union in the US Games Industry
EA says it can’t recover 60% of players’ corrupted Madden franchise save files
Four Genshin Impact Leakers Targeted in New Set of DMCA Subpoenas
High on Life and Rick and Morty creator faces domestic abuse charges
Google Chrome will end support for several Windows versions in days
Beyond Good and Evil 2 development still “underway”, says Ubisoft
The Callisto Protocol bombs, misses initial sales estimates by over 3 million
High on Life and Rick and Morty creator faces domestic abuse charges
Police Complaint Removes Pirate Bay Proxy Portal from GitHub
Artists launch copyright lawsuit against AI art generators Stable Diffusion and Midjourney
Social media use is linked to brain changes in teens, research finds
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>>184732 (OP) 
>Artists launch copyright lawsuit against AI art generators Stable Diffusion and Midjourney
Video games?
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Meant to quote the social media one.
>These vulnerabilities can be exploited through either BIOS hacks or an attack on the AMD Secure Processor (ASP) bootloader
So for normal users, this is a nothing burger?
Replies: >>184757
More like someone cashed in on the various NSA bugdoors now that Pluton has rendered them obsolete.
>>184732 (OP) 
>Beyond Good and Evil 2 development still “underway”, says Ubisoft
What's really still underway is me burning ubishit's studio to the ground.
Replies: >>184762 >>184763
>but there is a Netflix film adaptation expected to come out in the future.
I am speechless. This whole situation is so hard to believe I am amazed. I have waited almost 20 years for a sequel and this is what happens. I can only hope that it flops so hard every single person in charge of any creative aspect about the game gets fired or even go into debt.
On that topic:
Ubisoft projects 10% earnings dip in 2023, cancels three unannounced projects, blames putler and covid
>Ubisoft said Wednesday that it would depreciate around 500 million euros of capitalized research and development and narrow its focus to fewer titles. It shelved three unannounced game projects and delayed the release of its upcoming Skull and Bones pirate game until a period between early 2023 to 2024.
>The company hopes to cut costs by about 200 million euros through a mix of targeted restructuring, divestment of "non-core" assets, and employee attrition.
Dance thread?
Replies: >>184768
Not yet. Also archive your shit:
>>184732 (OP) 
>Beyond Good and Evil 2 development still “underway”, says Ubisoft
Hopefully it continues to be developed since it appears to be a massive case of sunken cost fallacy and Ubishit will hopefully be on its way to bankruptcy over it, all the canceled projects, and the missed sales figures for new games.
>The Callisto Protocol bombs, misses initial sales estimates by over 3 million
Sounds like a tax write off or copying Square in over estimating sales. It has good sales numbers anyway, there just isn't a chance a horror game from a new studio would pull insane numbers. Especially since the game has performance problems and the game doesn't even have an ending, it just teases one.
>>184732 (OP) 
Who's that guy in the OP pic?
A guy that dared to date 3DPD.
Co-creator of Rick and Morty and that equally annoying High on Life game.
Replies: >>184866
Classified military documents leaked on the War Thunder forums, again
Replies: >>184845 >>184874
What pisses me off is retards leaking info for such a shit game.
Replies: >>184851
>be intern at major weapon and vehicle manufacturing entity
>think this is somehow a good idea to own fags online when you want to prove them wrong
[Hide] (2.6MB, 853x480, 00:22)
He truly was High on Life.
I wonder if any counter-intelligence people have caught onto the possibility of making fake but real looking documents and "leaking" them on the War Thunder forums. Drastically over/under sell capabilities so enemies either don't put enough effort into countering it, or go for unwieldy overkill.
Replies: >>184902 >>184906
Anon got arrested
Replies: >>184899 >>184905
Checks out
You would fool the playerbase at best, it's doubtful your enemy's intelligence and R&D specialists would fall for that.
Replies: >>184906 >>185773
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Slightly funny that 4chan is the default for people to point their fingers at when pedophiles come up when sites like Reddit are way more disgusting with the pedo shit to the point that the founder Aaron Swartz was a CP (actual CP) advocate.
Pic related was a pedophile tranny hired to be an admin on plebbit that was eventually and swiftly fired after a few hundred users got banned for protesting the decision to hire him.
>enemy's intelligence and R&D specialists
Anon I think you put way too much faith in the "pros". Having had some insight in western defence industry that was at least "working okay" I highly doubt outside countries have the capability to identify a well crafted fake. 
On the other hand I also have doubts anyone would go through the hassle to setup a task force just to make a convincing document, I mean sure you could put an engineer or two to shit out some technical manual. 
I guess what I'm saying is that the intelligence community could probably come up with the plan but I have a hard time seeing them getting a lot of interest from the companies that could feasibly make the documents, they have better shit to do.

Besides, a lot of blueprints and such is already out there, from both sides. The hard part of advanced equipment is production anyway.
Replies: >>185773
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Report: Nintendo plans to increase Switch production run for 2023, after 7 years on the market
NetEase publicly tears down World of Warcraft statue following Blizzard rift
>According to Chinese esports caster Alan Gai, NetEase dismantled the statue on Wednesday, streaming the process via its official Naraka Bladepoint channel.
>The incident was then captured by Chinese TikTok channel ChaikingNDS, which also showed participants being given special ‘Blizzard Green Tea’ drinks as a reward.
>In China, ‘Green Tea Bitch’ is a stereotypical insult that originated on social media, and describes a person who appears innocent and sweet but is actually fake, immoral and manipulative. The teas, therefore, appear to be a jibe aimed at Blizzard.
Chinks are goddamn insane, film at 11.
The Last of Us co-director calls for unionisation after not getting HBO credit
>imagine getting cucked out of credit by fucking Druckmann
<imagine wanting to take credit for Last of Soy
Replies: >>185225
Fandom’s Giant Bomb, GameSpot, Metacritic, TV Guide Sites Hit by Layoffs
Phil Spencer: Game companies should "turn away from dividing players and creators"
Hasbro Inc. stock falls Wednesday, underperforms market
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Fire Emblem Engage got censored. https://archive.is/agMRN
Replies: >>185075 >>185087
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Not really surprising in the least.
If you are reading this and you own a switch cut your throat open.
I felt that romance in fire emblem should have been removed, but not like this.
Replies: >>185115 >>185629
Well, you got your way.
Replies: >>185122
A pyric victory
Replies: >>185124
please tell me you did that on purpose
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Metal Gear Rising 2 announcement teased by Raiden voice actor
Armored Core 6 will have an hour long showcase in February
Also since when does Nichegoy require you to PAY for the comment section?
I'm guessing either their host threatened to deplatform them or (almost more likely) they saw Parler/TruthSocial as evidence migapedes were willing to dox themselves for permission to say nigger and wanted a piece of the action. I can't imagine being a dollar store knockoff of Breitbart for vidya brings in much revenue.
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>NetEase publicly tears down World of Warcraft statue following Blizzard rift
nigger tier
Replies: >>185227
[Hide] (109KB, 335x385) Reverse
Blizzard definitely deserves it though. So much for trying to appeal to the chink market.
Replies: >>185228 >>185233
Sadly, they're still allowed to publish Diablo: Immoral in chinkland.
Replies: >>185234
No it's a cat.
Replies: >>185236 >>185247
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The smug alto for the flag really just makes this all the more funny.
>rick and morty
Hold on a sec? why does this somehow remind me of somethingawful
Replies: >>185334
Because rick and morty is something awful.
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Wizards of the Coast apologises for Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License fiasco
Improper storage believed to be the number one suspect in the strange case involving 48 broken AMD Radeon RX 6800 / 6900 XT cards
Most MSI motherboards will allow any code to run in a bizarrely insecure Secure Boot mode
ChatGPT AI Threat Pulls Google Co-Founders Back Into Action, Report Says
With PC sales down, laptop makers turn to services
Microsoft 365 Basic is a new $1.99 a month subscription with 100GB of storage and more
While Windows 7 has a fighting chance, it is game over for Windows 8.1
MSI intends 'to continue with Afterburner' overclocking app despite not paying its Russian dev
Native Americans urge Apache Software Foundation to ditch its name
Steam Reaches 10 Million Concurrent Active Players for the First Time
OpenAI begins piloting ChatGPT Professional, a premium version of its viral chatbot
This Virtual Twitch Streamer is Controlled Entirely By AI
BMW Doubles Up On Paid Subscriptions In the US, Charges $105 A Year For Remote Engine Start
Anyone got that open source vs closed source card maymay picture?
Moderna under fire for 400% price hike of COVID vaccine: ‘Outrageous’
A US federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves
Replies: >>185340 >>185391
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>This Virtual Twitch Streamer is Controlled Entirely By AI
<many open-source AI models have a high propensity for human bias, and often mimic racist and sexist stereotypes. So while Neuro-sama’s streams are 100 percent automated, Vedal has a team that monitors and moderates her and the chat. 
Replies: >>185468
God, I want to rest my head on her thighs while chugging down a bottle of Vodka.
>All this work is a continuation of the “healthy disregard for the impossible” that’s been core to our culture from the beginning. 
<Accept the impossible
>When I look around Google today, I see that same spirit and energy driving our efforts. 
<We're the same as we've always been
>That’s why I remain optimistic about our ability to deliver on our mission, even on our toughest days. Today is certainly one of them.
<This is all part of our plan
Apparently its to cut "dramatic Growth", as in they hired a lot more people than the intended over the past two years.
At the same time. several other big tech companies have had mass lay offs over the past few years and actually got higher shares as a result.
Regardless of why they did it, they're new Aim is investing into AI technology, likely machine learning. I blame the AI art programs, like Diffusion and such.
[Hide] (884.6KB, 1280x720, 00:07)
[Hide] (208.8KB, 640x360, 00:04)
They do it for free.
Replies: >>185469
And they told me AI would be scary
Replies: >>185478
I always knew that it was writers projecting their hatred of humans and of themselves.
I turned myself into a felon morty!!!
4A the studio behind the Metro games just released their engine SDK for modders.
Replies: >>185523 >>185530
[Hide] (764.5KB, 1285x1315) Reverse
Well I be damn, I loved their previous games and I haven't played Exodus yet, I guess I will bump it in the to-do list.
>you can’t use it for commercial purposes, share it behind a paywall, or sell anything you make with it.
I can already hear the trannies cry their eyes out. Just how many thousands of many times have faggots tried to make money out of fucking modding? 

Stay mad forever and ever. Mods are free, this is a universal law.
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Good riddance. Death to Rick and Morty.
Replies: >>185547
[Hide] (3.6MB, 800x6207) Reverse
>its domestic abuse allegations
I'm presuming the have some footage of this to act this fast. Not that its worth looking into. It would be retarded if they didn't have some strong evidence.
Not that it wasn't retarded before
This is the only rick and Morty related pic on my computer
Replies: >>185547 >>185590
Nah, Johnny Depp immediately got dropped like a brick as soon as his wife alledged domestic abuse, and the general public believed her too. It took him multiple years to prove it was bullshit and he got abused instead, and only then did all the normalfags suddenly love him again. They don't need proof when a strong independent wom*n says something.

Can you not read, the show will continue as normal without him. There is no escaping the Reddit and Morty.
[Hide] (339.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>continue as normal without the fag voicing half the characters including both the main characters
Replies: >>185550
Yes, they will just replace him with members from the western voice-acting cabal.
>There is no escaping the Reddit and Morty.
<now voiced by actual reddiors
assuming that they weren't already
Do you think they'll remove his voice from that talking gun game?
Replies: >>185553 >>185571
Reading is gay nigga.
[Hide] (110KB, 1080x1080) Reverse
Most likely. The devs for the game, Squanch Games, just kicked him out.
At least this means his annoying voice is done. Can't say the same for blatant "meta comedy" but it is a start.
Replies: >>185577 >>185582
[Hide] (4.4MB, 640x270, 00:56)
How are they going to replace the voices?
It's fucking dead, also a reminder that Sammy somehow got less controversy than this fuck, lmao.
Replies: >>185576
Just have Nolan North do it. Or else they'll steal 15.ai and count on the double-digit IQ of the target audience to cover for the artifacting the model has with male voices, or have a contest on le reddit like Aflac did to replace Gilbert Gottfried after he got canceled.
>J-justin please n-
Replies: >>185584
Wait what? Fucking how? Wasn't the he CEO and co-founder?
<Justin why are you doing this?
>I'm presuming the have some footage of this to act this fast.
Lol no, in all likelihood there is fucking nothing or some obviously faked bullshit like textmessages between her and a close friends.
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Vice, a Beleaguered Avatar of New Media, Hangs a ‘For Sale’ Sign
Latest Union Drive at Activision Blizzard Falters as Group Withdraws Election Petition
Washington Post Is Closing Launcher, Its Highly Regarded Video Game Website
Gaming YouTube Is In Turmoil Thanks To New Violence And Profanity Rules
D&D will move to a Creative Commons license, requests feedback on a new OGL
Game makers stage mass exodus from Dungeons & Dragons’ “open” license
Microsoft Will End Sale of Windows 10 Licenses to Consumers This Month
The first “Bored Ape” NFT game costs $2,300+ for three weeks of play
Video game studio called Proletariat declines to recognize union (lol)Yes, they really added that in the title
General availability of Azure OpenAI Service expands access to large, advanced AI models with added enterprise benefits
CAMM: The future of laptop memory has arrived
Microsoft faces EU antitrust warning over Activision deal
This Top-Secret Prototype Display Is Truly Groundbreaking
USB-C can hit 120Gbps with newly published USB4 Version 2.0 spec
Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees
No, you can’t get a 16TB SSD for a hundred bucks
Taliban start buying blue ticks on Twitter
>Washington Post Is Closing Launcher, Its Highly Regarded Video Game Website
Didn't even know that ran a games website, thank god I don't read reviewers.

>Taliban start buying blue ticks on Twitter
I honestly can't see a downside to this.
[Hide] (379.7KB, 1240x1232) Reverse
>Gaming YouTube Is In Turmoil Thanks To New Violence And Profanity Rules
How many times do the jewtube grifters have to get fucked in the ass before they realize that they are specifically unwanted on the site?
Replies: >>185622
>Gaming YouTube Is In Turmoil Thanks To New Violence And Profanity Rules
Didn't they do pretty much the same thing and then backtrack 3-4 times already?
Youtube won't die unless they kill themselves. They fuck 90% of their uploaders over but they keep their cash cows around. Unprofitable uploaders will leave every once in a while,  but not fast enough for users to notice. 
The only way for youtube to die is a sudden mass censorship directed at the users, and not just the demonetization/suggested game they keep playing with creators.  
Youtube's new monetization content dictates they can retroactively refuse to pay you and withdraw money from your account, yet the affected are still uploading, and they'll keep uploading as longs as there are users watching. Youtube's entire system, from the removal of the dislike bar, to the comments filled with censorship and scam bots, to the atrocious google-like search that effectively shoves ads in your face rather than what you're actively searching for, it's all extremely hostile to users, yet they'll keep using it as long as the people they watch are still uploading. 
The lack of decent alternative certainly doesn't help, but the users are the biggest problem, as always.
Replies: >>185624
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1548x934) Reverse
>journo bullshit
>journo bullshit
>journo bullshit
>/tg/ bullshit
>lol who cares
>lol who cares
>/tech/ bullshit with absolutely nothing to do with video games
>unironic social media drama
Hey buddy, I think (You) got the wrong door, kikechan is three sites down.
Replies: >>185635
Where did I say youtube would die?
Replies: >>185629
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[Hide] (2.3MB, 1526x766) Reverse
[Hide] (4.8MB, 1573x1451) Reverse
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1666x1597) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 746x1131) Reverse
Fire Emblem Engage Translation Worse Than Feared, Censors All Romance
Are you happy now? 
You asked when they would leave, and the answer is that they'll stay until it dies.
You know, I wanted the 'waifu' shit out of fire emblem but not like this. I wonder if this game is going to bomb in the west or not. Also the character designs look absolutely terrible. But yeah you guys, let this be a lesson on how you should make an effort to stick to japanese only even though they are beginning to pozz that as well
Replies: >>185632
Wow, romance censored for a shit game because the publishers are pussies!
>baiting the unspoken one
Replies: >>185633
>unspoken one
I thought he would stay away for a bit after his twitter got doxxed
Replies: >>185634
Everybody says that but not a single person has been able to show me it when I ask for it.
[Hide] (198.1KB, 326x371) Reverse
I'll never not feel bad for this guy for standing next to the JEWCY one.
League of Legends source code stolen in hack, Riot rejects ransom
Do the normalfags really hate yuri that much?
Replies: >>185670
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Samsung refusing to acknowledge and replace 990 Pro SSD with rapid health drops [Update]
Samsung 990 Pro SSDs are apparently failing fast, and nobody knows why
Good thing I have a 980 pro and it has 100% health.
>assuming localizers speak for fans
What a dumb mistake, the japs already made that, don't repeat it
>Tranny localizers censoring yuri
Why am I not surprised. 
At least they picked the one with the worst character designs to censor.
Replies: >>185674
>At least they picked the one with the worst character designs to censor.
[Hide] (531.2KB, 500x281) Reverse
>Metal Gear Rising 2 announcement teased by Raiden voice actor
MGR was positively fucking incredible back when it came out TEN years ago, I can't even begin to imagine how awesome it's gonna be with modern tech. Assuming KONAMI or Platinum don't screw it up.
[Hide] (4.4MB, 512x384, 01:01)
I personally expect it to be fucked up. I was vaguely excited for the Callisto Protocol but that turned out to be a boring, uninteresting game that just looked good but didn't play good. However, I respect your enthusiasm and I hope it will be good.
Replies: >>185678
[Hide] (262.9KB, 500x545) Reverse
G-good things can happen too!
[Hide] (88.2KB, 242x208) Reverse
>Metal Gear Rising 2 announcement teased by Raiden voice actor
I've been waiting TEN FUCKING YEARS
Replies: >>185690
[Hide] (275.7KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
Why would you ever assume Konami won't screw something up?
Replies: >>185715
[Hide] (54.3KB, 418x736) Reverse
I ain't getting hype for anything from big corps. If it comes out and it's good I'll be happy, but until then it might as well just not exist.
Replies: >>185693
He just said "maybe ;;)" it's just what devs and ecelebs say when they are going to release an HD remaster or a rerelase on a new console or something like that.
Replies: >>185697
That's how everyone should do.
>remaster for a 10 year old game
That's what drove AlphaDream into the ground
Replies: >>185702
No, reddit-kun, nutendo is what drove AlphaDream into the ground.
Replies: >>185704
US Marines Defeat DARPA Robot by Hiding Under a Cardboard Box
>remake two games that didn't need remakes, and not even fixing the issues they had but instead tacking on some mobile-tier minigames
you are wrong
Replies: >>185730
[Hide] (77.3KB, 700x700) Reverse
[Hide] (896KB, 3024x4032) Reverse
so,  cats were right the whole time?
I played this, it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be, just kind of shallow and underdeveloped. I would love it if they expanded on this concept and made it more focused on cooperative play, but I got to agree that laying this on us right as Kojima quit and MGS5 never got finished was the worst possible move, however you have to realize that the game was likely in pre production even before MGS5 was finished so there was little that the devs could do about it. Maybe Konami hoped that Kojima's name would salvage the title in the eyes of his fanbase, but obviously that never happened
[Hide] (991.2KB, 490x276) Reverse
Wasn't the Bowser's Inside Story remake the one that killed them? I thought the Superstar Saga remake did decently well financially
Replies: >>185759
Both were unnecessary. Superstar Saga's main issue was assigning too many controls to too few buttons. They had double the buttons on the 3DS but still make you cycle through each action or use the touchscreen which is impractical. They also made it way too easy, while the original was real picky on timing, the remake gave you way too much leeway and removed the hammer hold timer entirely, mega gay. At least most of the music is good, while Bowletta's theme is superior to the original, Cackletta's Soul theme is far inferior in the remake.
Soviets fell for all sorts of false blueprints. Rumor is Concordski crashed because of it.
>mine chia on SSD
>SSD fails fast
>complain that your SSD is failing fast
Remember how Denuvo thrashed disks a few years ago?
Replies: >>185787
>latest version being worse than the last 
>refusing to replace, keeping quiet about the reason (probably cutting corners or just incompetence), and offering to replace them (which will probably also fail).
Not at all surprised.  
Not just chia, but certain games can chew through the TBW limit of an SSD more than you'd expect. Biggest examples are Fromsoft's games due to them constantly saving/writing to the SSD every second during gameplay. Granted, the TBW limit on modern SSDs are higher than they were years ago and would take years for it to reach the limit (depending on how often data is written onto them), but still something to keep track of.
>Remember how Denuvo thrashed disks a few years ago?
It still does, but most don't notice it happening right away due to higher TBW limits.

For those unfamiliar with TBW (Terabytes Written), it represents the amount of data that can be written on an SSD's flash memory cells before it loses or starts to lose the ability to write anything new on the drive (even if you delete things off of it). You cannot recover the amount used, at least not on your own easily (correct me if I'm wrong). After the limit, you can still read and backup data from the SSD, but that's as much as you can do with it at that point. You can't even archive them, as the memory cells deteriorate over time (months) if not powered/connected to power in some way (such as motherboards for NVMe models). Even so, newer SSDs have much higher limits than before that would take years to reach with normal use (barring what I mentioned above), so it's not as large of an issue as it would've been 5-10 years ago. The TBW for each SSD is different depending on the brand and size. If you have SSDs in use, make sure to check them using software like Crystal Disk Info to keep tabs on how much has already been used (with said software, it will be "Total Host Writes") and it's health.
Replies: >>185808
[Hide] (54.8KB, 698x447) Reverse
I looked up the limit for my drive and it's 600TBW. I should be fine for another few decades not like I will keep using the same drive for that long anyway since I only reached 20TBW in 3 years.
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