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(Newest beta patch gets rid of the low quality arena crowds.)

What faction you playing?
What fiefs you holding?
What mods you running?

I haven't played in many months and since then I built a new PC and Proton patched the issues with this game on Linux once the patch hits main branch and mods are updated. Any mods one would recommend on top of the following?

>Realistic Weather
>Better Time
>Character Reload
>RTS Camera
>Better Smithing Continued
>Helmet Hair Cover Continued
>Detailed Character Creation
>Children are No Longer Immortal
I legit never played or even saw gameplay of this game. What's so special about it?
Its an RTS with a campaign map, but in battle you control a single character in addition to your troops. The melee combat is excellent, and it's pretty much the only game to get playing as cavalry right (it's not just a movement speed bonus). Also:The last two mods listed in OP let you play as a loli.
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Something I forgot to add to OP: Should I install the game on my (non-system) SSD, or does it not benefit enough to warrant putting it there over my huge HDD?
>>184297 (OP) 
Overhauls when? They hit 1.0 right?
>What's so special about it?
Nothing. The game was only fun when multiplayer wasn't dead, otherwise single-player and yes even with mods, is dogshit. Butterlord is just warband 2 at this point.
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>>184297 (OP) 
I'm still waiting for a good custom units mod.
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Big mediveal sandbox/simulation with thousands of warriors on screen.
Think XCOM but you have a party and can move instead of a base.

Compfags get the rope
Is Bonerlord good yet?
Multiplayer was the bomb. The high octane battles in Native, the 200 man pubs in Napoleonic Wars, the clash of factions in Persistent Worlds. I miss it.
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If you're talking about creating your very own custom troops, then so far the best one I've seen is the one from Native Gold Edition. It is somewhat broken and the prices are all over the place due to the vanilla game's shitty economy, but you can still create your own troop tree after you've establish your first kingdom, or start off with your own. It also comes with dickplomacy.
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Native is mostly dead, but you can still meet 100+ people on NW minisiege server. Personally I prefer the commander battles, the servers are also active daily.
>or start off with your own
I don't get why they make you do that either. I can start the game recruit some peasants and turn them into infantrymen with leather tunics and metal weapons magically by paying gold, but I can't just buy them a different kind of stick instead of the one that comes by default. I don't care if it's more expensive to cover getting a different weapon and training them in it, it's just ridiculous that I can't control my own troops.
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Help me bros. Sturgians got all their fiefs taken and I started my own faction when one of the taken cities rebelled. I also took another city and a castle from the faction that took them from the sturgians. Now the sturgians declared war on me and are running around with tiny ~20 men parties. Sometimes they somehow manage to accumulate parties of 80 and bunch up into an army. I have to babysit the fucking the fucking fiefs non-stop. I kicked so many of their asses and captured all the lord's multiple times over and they want ME to pay when making peace. 

tldr; how do you permanently wipe a faction after they lost all fiefs?
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Capture and kill leaders.
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The relationship penalty is fucked up. It will bring you to -100 with everyone
>I don't get why they make you do that either.
I meant you begin the game as a king or lord. You still can't directly change your troops equipment, but once you've established your first kingdom, you can then create your own custom troop and decide what gear they should have along with their stats.
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>try to play Viking Conquest with the Rebalance mod because I want to have fun fighting Vikangz, dirty Anglos and the potato niggers
>I make my character as an Anglo-Saxon, whom I headcanon as this semi-romantic figure, one of the last pagans in a Christianized land.
>start story mode
>game fucking crashes on me at the part Sven first appears
>sigh heavily and remake everything again
>game crashes when I reach Frisia
>try again
>fucking crash at the beginning
Fuck you, I get it. I'll do a sandbox campaign if you'll keep crashing on me you nigger of a game.
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>>184297 (OP) 
This thread reminded me of this game I played years ago https://www.gog.com/game/blood_gold_caribbean

I don't know how it came to be but it's pretty fascinating. The only good aspects about it are that it's M&B with pirates, and that you manually control ships. Everything else is terrible and most of the time completely broken, the devs got fired for making such a horrible game and the new dev team just gave up on it immediately, but it's such a novel concept I liked it. At least for 1 or 2 hours. That, along with how popular the vikings expansion for warband is, makes me wonder why they don't make more "mountainblade but with X" games.
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VC is shit and the fact is widely known. if you want hot vikang on anglo action then play Brytenwalda mod.
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>u hav thr banner
>u r...the bannerlord
I clapped when it was name dropped in game. Who do I back?
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my favrt part was when eh said "it's bannin time!" and then he kicked napoleon's ass XD
I had fun with VC, though, and Brytenwalda is just as buggy for me, since I'll fucking crash when going into battle, either at the menu or when I select an option. Guess I'll play Native Gold for the coomer giggles or A New Dawn for the fuckhueg gameplay additions.
>no evasion
>look left to attack/block left
>look right to attack/block right
>look up to attack/block up
>look down to attack/block down
>The melee combat is excellent

>more "mountainblade but with X" games
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare was supposed to be mountainblade with guns but it is also horribly broken and incomplete.
That's why I play with autoblock.
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I want M&B with Souls combat. Is that so much to ask?
Replies: >>191866
Apparently .... yes
>no evasion

Get good. It's a secondary defense, but you can absolutely evade attacks.
the kings without fiefs will lose friends and support and eventually be alone. so what i do is either beat them up and imprison them indefinitely in my dungeons until i basically have every clan in there, or i beat them up and release clan leaders and make fast friends and then bribe them to join me. 

there is evasion, just no dodgeroll. you can evade attacks if youre not a fat fuck.

>Who do I back?
battanians RISE UP
Where are all the sweet overhauls mods?
Replies: >>192123 >>192127
It's @ MongolianHorseArcherGirls.com
Replies: >>192134
What kind of overhauls are you looking for?
These are just all horses.
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