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>how do I install it
Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0ceffd1632b36aa697fcd76eacaa719a8cafad39&dn=Worms+Armageddon+%5BGOG%5D&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969
After installing the game, install the latest patch: https://worms2d.info/files/WA_update-3.8_[GOG]_Installer.exe
https://uploadhaven.com/download/d591ec938d3e0c81bc86e8521d4e2d18 <-- some random upload site, don't mind the ads
Plug and play GOG installer, doesn't get any easier than that.
Consult the ZZZ technical hotline to lend you a hand. Just call at 1-500-1233-ZZZ and they'll answer all you inquiries I dunno.

WIP custom shit folder, simply drag and drop into your /User folder inside your W:A install. Will update it w/ more shit down the line:
Also drag and drop this into the root of your W:A folder.


To play online:
Room Name: Room of Sleep
Password: soronery2023

Consider installing SuperFrontendHD if you want menus to run at your system's native resolution
>extract files in the zip into game's root directory
>click question-mark menu > advanced > under tweaks make sure load WormKit modules is checked
>restart game

Lobby will appear on UTC 5pm. Be there or don't be there it's your choice.
Last edited by rapeman
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What are the room limits? 4 players?
Replies: >>184121
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>was going to host a proper wormnight in a couple weeks and get all the maps/gamemodes in order
<fag gets butthurt i'm not hosting it RIGHT NOW and is now going to host it last-minute and give nobody time to prepare or set things up
what the fuck is wrong with you?
Spoiler File
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can i just use my steam copy?
Replies: >>184121
>sets up game to play for other anons
[Hide] (222.5KB, 833x1090) Reverse
6 players maximum. I will open up the lobby every once in a while so if anon leaves someone else can join in.
Yes, you can just use your Steam copy right away.
As far as I'm concerned there's no divide between legitfags and piratefags :^). Just hop in #AnythingGoes and watch out for that room.

Yes, hosting this game RIGHT NOW wasn't the brightest idea, specially considering Linuxfags always have a hard time setting things up.
Either way, considering the game's small room size it wouldn't have been worth the trouble to make up a huge noise about this gamenight.
>get all the maps/gamemodes in order
You can simply download the schemes HostingBuddy uses then install wkWMBD to get you the maps right?
IIRC most fags on the average lobby aren't too picky and simply let WMDB choose their maps for them, so no need to download this and that map when the machine does the choosing for you.
>what the fuck is wrong with you?
I wasn't going to miss Worms for the umpteenth and tough decisions were made. Some win and some lose.
>>184103 (OP) 
I called the hotline and the guy called me a nigger for not knowing the command line like a white man. What gives?
Replies: >>184125 >>184126
If the hotline's too hot ask in this thread and perhaps someone will aid you sadly not me.
If you want an easy install try this page here, that's how I got it working for me on Debian. Remember to first download the GOG installer from the OP.
Replies: >>184213
it should just werk, run wine on WA.exe and it should be smoothsailing
Replies: >>184127
How about the patching though? The bin image on the OP is on 1.0 and needs updating.
Replies: >>184130
i read the OP and it's gay and retarded, patching was only for old copies
just grab an updated (3.8 or later) gog copy of worms instead and install it through wine
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[Hide] (206.1KB, 720x480, 00:02)
Can anybody come help me test out the lobby? I want to see if the new modpack works:
Drag and drop this on the root of your Worms Armageddon folder, the one you see the DATA and User folders in.
Hopefully we can get to use custom terrains and voicepacks and try out plenty of schemes.
Does anyone see the lobby?
[Hide] (677.4KB, 843x637) Reverse
It's 1 hour from the start, anyone up to test things out?
Replies: >>184165
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Its not like i've got anything else going.
Go into detail on what i need to do, baby steps.
Replies: >>184166
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Windows or Linux? As >>184130 said, if you're on Linux you'd need to install the GOG installer on the OP then run it on wine.
If you've got this installed already, simply download the MEGA link on >>184136 and place the contents on Worms' root directory. The zip's folders and your game's folders should match up.
Replies: >>184169 >>184173
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Downloaded and installed, put the mega link into the main folder of Worms
What now?
Replies: >>184170
Go make a team then click the computer window worm screen > WormNET > #AnythingGoes > Room of Sleep > join the fun.
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Yeah yeah i joined, what now
Replies: >>184174
I mean hold on, it asks for a password.
Replies: >>184175
[Hide] (47.6KB, 471x471) Reverse
Password should be soronery2023
It's on the OP, man.
Replies: >>184176
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I do not know how to scroll.
Someone give him vague answers so he continues to post more questions and thus more of that delicious tomboy set
Replies: >>184178 >>184182
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Played some Kaos with the Himenofag on to try out the maps. Custom terrain doesn't seem to work so that's a shame.
Lobby open, we're about to play some Bow & Arrow here.
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Might be back in a fucking second man i have to find out how to make those secret fucking images
Replies: >>184186
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You could simply ask here or on /b/, how to make images where the thumbnail's different from the image itself.
If you're trying out voices, if you hear either a default worm voice or nothing it's because some voicelines are not used in games, so some don't even bother editing them.
And please come back.
Replies: >>184187
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aww ok i'm coming back but i'm still trying to figure that shit out
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Satanism taking place atm.
Blue quitted after submitting him into Holy Grenade torture. Should have really played Normal then.
Lobby open, now playing Normal
After a single round of Normal we're back to an open lobby.
Lobby's open, get in here.
Practicing some ropes, CJ murdered himself and all of his crew in a gamemode where you can't hurt yourself.
Playing Bow & Arrow right now, lobby's open.
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Practicing some Robin hood larp, everyone fell into the ocean and died
Replies: >>184205
[Hide] (3.5MB, 399x200) Reverse
Goddamn did we die.
Lobby's up again, come join the >fun
[Hide] (407.1KB, 1913x873) Reverse
Getting high on Pot city, lobby's open again, 3 people in.
Replies: >>184208
I'll try to download the game today and join
Replies: >>184209
[Hide] (168.2KB, 1647x2161) Reverse
[Hide] (2.4MB, 2250x3222) Reverse
What time are you planning to drop in? EU or US time?
Lobby's open as we're speaking.
Replies: >>184211 >>184212
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[Hide] (30.1KB, 1280x768) Reverse
Sadoko please come back it was only a joke
I go to sleep, good night mean people
Replies: >>184213
Dunno what time but I'm in a euro zone.
Also I'm on linux so I'm yet to fuck with WINE to get this working, hopefully it's not too much effort.
Replies: >>184213
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Having a very hard time believing you'd ask me about the Jamaican flag then compare it to buttfuck nowhere in Apefrica, as if Burundi was more relevant than Jamaica.
If you want I'll help you out uhh on your quest to get it working under Loonix.
I got it working with >>184125, though there's one fag ITT that claims Worms can be installed with just the GOG installer and Wine.
[Hide] (23.2KB, 422x612) Reverse
Is anyone still interested or are we done for the night?
If that's it we'll start around the same time tomorrow, 5pm UTC. Been waiting here for a while.
Replies: >>184218
I am busy right now, but will install tomorrow. Problem is last time I tried to play this I kept getting DCed.
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Someone finally came after enduring pic related.
Come hop in and we'll be more. Looby's open.
Another guy came in. What happened to the first guy? Did you install the mod correctly?
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>dude comes first
>tell him to download the voicepack
<10 minutes later
>another dude comes in
>sit down 15 minutes of absolutely nothing
<new dude who came goes away
Hostfagging is suffering.
Replies: >>184230
Is it in the modpack, or in the "custom shit"?
Replies: >>184231
Here: >>184136
Sorry for being retarded and not finishing it in time for the OP.
Replies: >>184233
Spoiler File
(591.8KB, 2136x1016) Reverse
Spoiler File
(618.5KB, 2128x1200) Reverse
Spoiler File
(944.3KB, 2256x1800) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 3256x1232) Reverse
Spoiler File
(734.1KB, 2400x1680) Reverse
Here's a handful of tiddy maps we played years ago. The last one was the only one that was really "fun" to play on.
So it's the "modpack" folder, rapeman has added it to the OP. Thanks for clarification.
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Room currently open. Get in, get in, get in.
[Hide] (109.4KB, 1920x777) Reverse
Pachinko Worms is surprisingly fun when you've got the gist of it.
Room open for 3 minutes, get in Solomon.
Replies: >>184239
Solomon was Eden.
Replies: >>184244
No. Eden was impersonating Solomon. Who Eden was was GourmetNewell, that faggot.
Are you playing?
Replies: >>184245
OH, yeah i guess you are correct.
yes im joining
Replies: >>184247
[Hide] (159.4KB, 1918x731) Reverse
A bunch of intense bow fighting here. Really fucking fun.
Watch out for that lobby. It won't appear right away, but it will soon.
[Hide] (35KB, 640x480) Reverse
First time playing this, wtf do I do?
Replies: >>184251 >>184252
Hold on, I'll open the lobby soon enough.
Did you download and install >>184136?
Replies: >>184253
No. Do I need to? I just wanna try the game first.
Replies: >>184254
>do I need to?
You get greater resolution menus and some sweet ass soundbank compilation. Try it out.
Replies: >>184255
Maybe later. I wanna join a game for now.
Replies: >>184256
[Hide] (810.6KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
Well me and the fags decided to start the game since we believed you were downloading the modpack.
Might as well download it, heh sorry.
Replies: >>184257
Replies: >>184260
[Hide] (350.2KB, 1920x801) Reverse
Three fags in. The pachinko ensues. Now hopefully we'll get 4 fags on.
Lobby's open. You >>184257 get in.
Replies: >>184269
Lobby gone ;_;
that was fun
Replies: >>184275
[Hide] (454.7KB, 1920x863) Reverse
Eveyone's gone now, only 1v1 as of now. Doing some supersheeper.
Got 4 players maximum, which defies the expectations I had while starting the gamenight.
Glad you enjoyed it.
Opening again.
Replies: >>184278
>Opening again.
Replies: >>184279
Hold up, thought everyone was gone.
Give me a second.
[Hide] (305.1KB, 1920x857) Reverse
I'm calling it off for the day. Played some supersheeper as a closure, 1v1 against two different dudes.
Both fags seemed to have enjoyed supersheeper. It's an easy gamemode so that's a given.
Tomorrow we'll be playing again starting at 5pm UTC. Be or not be there.
Replies: >>184292
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I hope someone was named he/ho that game
[Hide] (702KB, 960x540) Reverse
>Missed it by 30 minutes
This is what I get for not scrolling down
Well this is the latest GOG version I could find anyways, for any penguinfags out there.
Replies: >>184296
The uploadhaven link in the OP works great with vanilla WINE, no tweaks were necessary (thank fuck) just install and play.
My version is wine-6.0
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[Hide] (293.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (252.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I've finally realized why none of you fags could load custom terrains: none of you had checked Load WorkKit modules on the menu.
Do as the steps say and make sure that option was checked. Try to download the latest version from here: https://uploadhaven.com/download/d591ec938d3e0c81bc86e8521d4e2d18
Playing in 3.8 is kind of gay when there's 3.8.1.
Replies: >>184366 >>184378
[Hide] (831.8KB, 853x480, 00:16)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 853x480, 00:39)
[Hide] (515.2KB, 853x480, 00:14)
[Hide] (1000.7KB, 853x480, 00:21)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 853x480, 00:29)
Replies: >>184339
[Hide] (202.8KB, 1024x768) Reverse
I've been trying to make a custom map terrain to use later. It's not finished yet so I'll try to at the very least get something else done for today.
>he saved my cow spaghetti
Nice of you to save webms, though.
If you want to check games again, there's a replay file of every game you've played somewhere in the /User folder in Worms.

Gamenight in 45 minutes.
[Hide] (13.9KB, 340x432) Reverse
Might be too early but openan the lobby.
Gamenight in 20 minutes.
Replies: >>184348
Gonna download the mods brb
[Hide] (119KB, 500x500) Reverse
To the fag that left, you don't need to get wkTerrainSync. I can convert the map to  a png so everyone can play.
If you feel like downloading go ahead, it's here: >>184136 with the rest of shit.
Come back soon though.
Lobby currently open.
[Hide] (483.5KB, 1920x881) Reverse
Welcome to hell. Finally for once everyone has checked load wormkit modules.
Replies: >>184637 >>184641
[Hide] (511.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Should have made more bullshit maps for the night.
[Hide] (38.7KB, 333x417) Reverse
We got at least 5 worms stuck in there.
Lobby open.
Replies: >>184363
Still Room of Sleep? I can't see it.
Replies: >>184364 >>184368
We got into another game, should take 10 min.
Wait for a bit.
[Hide] (936.1KB, 1920x1072) Reverse
Game is taking a bit longer than expected. Purissu understandu.

While we're at it, have you downloaded >>184136? Do this >>184317 too while we're at it.
Fag you're still here? Lobby's open.
[Hide] (142KB, 987x843) Reverse
Holy shit 5 fags in. Thank you everyone who has showed up.
Playan supersheeper atm.
Replies: >>184371
delete this
Lobby's open again. Next up, kaos.
[Hide] (914.4KB, 1448x2048) Reverse
Unzip the mega link on the base folder where you see /User and /DATA then do >>184317.
It's not that hard you ass.
[Hide] (50.9KB, 720x454) Reverse
You faggot come back here.
No need to solve anything, we can play either way.
I don't know what the fuck is going on with solomon but I have a room up under the name NateHiggers if you're waiting to join.
Replies: >>184382
[Hide] (443.2KB, 1920x863) Reverse
t begins
Heh, sorry for kicking you but the game doesn't support 7 players.
Don't know if you were there to watch but I went the peaceful way.
You can set up another room if anyone else wants to play.
Someone make room for me
Replies: >>184389
It's open now, get in
[Hide] (38.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Hey fuckers, add this voicepack to User/Speech
Replies: >>184396
[Hide] (77.1KB, 1057x641) Reverse
Playing intermediate now.
We already had a Bane voicepack in it. Could have looked at what was already in the modpack.
Replies: >>184397
Except mine is only from the plane scene, so mine is better
Replies: >>184398
[Hide] (112.7KB, 1389x724) Reverse
I suppose we'll settle on intermediate for the time being. One fag dind't check the Load wormkit modules so we're stuck without custom terrains again
Yeah, didn't find it when I was searching for voicepacks. Is it on tus-wa? Why did you leave?
Replies: >>184399
>Is it on tus-wa?]
>Why did you leave?
Because I made the voice pack myself.
Replies: >>184402
open game plz
Replies: >>184402
[Hide] (21.5KB, 263x397) Reverse
The entirety of green team is currently here.
Case in point, a few of the voicebanks on the pack aren't on tus-wa.
It wouldn't hurt to upload them there since that's the first place anon's going to look for custom shit.
Game open RIGHT NOW
Game about to open NOW.
[Hide] (46.3KB, 432x600) Reverse
Back to the roots with the supersheeper.
[Hide] (70.4KB, 434x626) Reverse
How does this make you feel furfaggot.
[Hide] (66.4KB, 408x600) Reverse
How does this make you feel?

Lobby open.
Currently someone else on lobby. If  someone wants to join in, do so now.
Replies: >>184415
I'm so bad at this game it just minimizes to protect itself
Replies: >>184416
Whoops I accidentally kicked a guy out of the game. Come back ;_;
No time for self pity here, get in.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Three fags currently on. Nothing like supersheeper eh.
[Hide] (3.4MB, 924x520, 00:49)
To the guy that didn't get the Star Wars team.
Lobby will open in a few minutes, stay alert.
Replies: >>184421
[Hide] (14.6MB, 1280x720, 01:00)
[Hide] (161.4KB, 1920x825) Reverse
[Hide] (166.6KB, 1920x879) Reverse
From autism central to autismer central. Currently one other guy on.
Playan' Holy War atm.
Replies: >>184426
me want to play
Replies: >>184427
[Hide] (92.3KB, 769x706) Reverse
This is fucking retarded.
Hold up, I'll make some room. Make sure to check out this thread every minute from now on.
Room's open. GET IN.
Fag didn't rike Holy War, back to intermediate.
Lobby's open, get in.
[Hide] (359.1KB, 105x189) Reverse
Back to nno one again. Had some intermediate  fun with a feller and did him this.
Room's open, get in.
[Hide] (177.7KB, 1360x1338) Reverse
I went to open Worms today and the mouse is no longer working. I didn't even touch WINE since yesterday...
Could it be enabling Wk that caused this?
Replies: >>184437 >>184459
[Hide] (559KB, 800x570) Reverse
>enabling wk did it
It'd be more likely that your natteries ran out that enabling that particular option did it.
No idea though why it doesn't work. It used to work yesterday right?
Replies: >>184438
>It'd be more likely that your natteries ran out that enabling that particular option did it.
>It used to work yesterday right?
Yes, I played with the hostfag yesterday.
Replies: >>184439
I said batteries. The batteries on your mouse went out.
Surely there has to be some error with Wine in some capacity? In case of soubt restart your computer like a true technician would do :^)
Replies: >>184441
[Hide] (59.4KB, 520x520) Reverse
>batteries on your mouse
I'm using a wired mouse. don't tell me you're one of those fags
>In case of soubt restart your computer like a true technician would do
I guess I'll try installing Worms again in another prefix and see if this solves the problem.
Replies: >>184442
Remember to download the 2nd install option from the OP, this one: https://uploadhaven.com/download/d591ec938d3e0c81bc86e8521d4e2d18 as the first option is outdated. As far as I'm concerned the GOG installer is plug and play on Loonix.
Replies: >>184445
[Hide] (16.3KB, 771x171) Reverse
You have to understand, Worms players have brain damage.  They defend controls like this.
[Hide] (236.3KB, 497x480) Reverse
Re-installed, now the mouse is working again.
That's what I downloaded yesterday, it was working just fine. I think it's probably the Wk option, which I turned on before I closed the game yesterday.
Replies: >>184447
[Hide] (206KB, 560x433) Reverse
>They defend controls like this
How would you go around it then? Jump with the arrow keys so that you have to stop moving to aim your jump.
What's the other option if one doesn't like it then, stopping playing?
Are you that fag from that previous Worms thread? Get out of this thread you cockmongling retard.
It must have been some issue with Wine itself, not the wk option. Please enable it again.
Replies: >>184567
Replies: >>184449
Who kicked me? I was preparing my team!
Replies: >>184450
Shlomo was being a cunt and wanted to start RIGHT NOW. Hopefully we'll end soon enough.
[Hide] (71.5KB, 241x369) Reverse
>backspace backspace enter.
>Having the two jump keys be that far apart.
>Having two keys for jumping to begin with.
Fucking why?
Replies: >>184453 >>184454
>local anon can't understand controls for a 23 year old game for LITERAL CHILDREN
Replies: >>184455
[Hide] (24.5KB, 580x348) Reverse
Alright, the lobby's now open. Sorry for that.
Have you never played Worms?
[Hide] (958.4KB, 500x335) Reverse
I understand it, but I don't see why you'd ever do it like that. Just have your jump binded to Space, and control the direction with the directional buttons. It's easier to program, more intuitive, and just plain simpler.
Replies: >>184456
[Hide] (3.4MB, 320x240) Reverse
>control the jump movement with the directional buttons
>on a game where you're constantly pressing forward to move
>so you'd have to change direction in a microsecond to jump in that specific direction
You'd have your fingers sore from playing half an hour.
What you're doing here arguing about controls either way? If you want to play get in and stop starting shit.
Replies: >>184458
>You'd have your fingers sore from playing half an hour.
You have more than enough time for your fingers to rest because it's turn based.
>stop starting shit.
I'm just having a conversation about the games controls. If that's what's considered starting shit, then I don't know what to say.
Replies: >>184460
Take the windows spectre pill
Replies: >>184461
[Hide] (353.9KB, 1920x914) Reverse
With the help of one dude we neutralized the Shlomo menace.
Lobby's open.
>you have more than enough time to rest because it's turn based
I can tell already you've never played this game in your life.
Replies: >>184462
>windows spectre

Can't the controls be remapped?
Replies: >>184463 >>184464
I just extracted WA MODPACK.7z inside the new install of worms, and the mouse borked. This confirms that Wk is fucked on WINE. I'll try rollback...
Windows Ghost Spectre is a Debloated windows 10
>fag leaves because worm placement comes up
If you read the chat you'd know there's a fast and easy way to place your worms on the field.
Only thing you needed to do was to type/afk on the chat window and no one you have needed to quit.
Apparently you can with the help of a WormKit module.
Replies: >>184465
>fag leaves
My screen didn't resize when the game started, I tried to find the settings and ended up quitting by mistake lol. sorry
I'll just wait in the lobby for now.
Replies: >>184466
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x767) Reverse
>by mistake
I got just a bit mad because that's what the usual fag does when entering a game on Worms; sees the place you worm screen then leave like a faggot. Thought that was the case here. Come get back in, it's open.
[Hide] (53.6KB, 388x486) Reverse
After deleting the MAGIC cake man we're back to an open lobby. Open lobby, I've said.
[Hide] (29.8KB, 396x418) Reverse
We took the NSFW out of Piccolo dick.
Lobby's open.
Any ideas for an image I can make a quick edit of for a map? Suggestions are open. If it's funny, even better.
Replies: >>184470
[Hide] (632.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Think (you) can edit this in time?
Replies: >>184471
[Hide] (40.5KB, 408x424) Reverse
I'll see if I'm quick enough.
[Hide] (34.5KB, 512x232) Reverse
Seems to be working. Lobby's open.
Replies: >>184475
[Hide] (41.1KB, 1280x960) Reverse
This PNG is ready to go
Replies: >>184478
[Hide] (378KB, 957x974) Reverse
>not the original
Replies: >>184476
[Hide] (168.7KB, 1920x1076) Reverse
We're seeing some giant Z-tan action now.
Should have said that before you cunt.
Replies: >>184477
Forgot to add, lobby's open if anyone wants to check in.
[Hide] (37.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Another one
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1440x1080) Reverse
Fag on game asked me what I was editing for a map.
Lobby currently open.
Replies: >>184480
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1440x1080) Reverse
This better?
Replies: >>184481
I meant to hollow out the gore as I was doing on the lower parts, but it's good. Let's try it out.
Any games goin right now?
Replies: >>184483
[Hide] (132KB, 1035x893) Reverse
Gender reassignment operation undertaken.
Yes. We'll be done in 5 minutes.
Alright, it's open now fags.
[Hide] (370.1KB, 2504x2000) Reverse
To the guy who asked, here's the subway special.
Replies: >>184490
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1440x1080) Reverse
I need you to remove the #000000 color from this image.
Make a palette for it in between 112 and 256 colors I don't mind, then remove the color #000000 from it. Return the result including transparencies pl0x.
Replies: >>184493
[Hide] (189.3KB, 1387x800) Reverse
Some intense intermediate later, hostfag wins.
Lobby open.
Spoiler File
(1MB, 2504x2000) Reverse
Fixed version spoiler shit next time
Replies: >>184492
Is it indexed too? I genuinely didn't mind the map's quality. It's not as if I wanted to stare at it.
Replies: >>184493
[Hide] (413.3KB, 1440x1080) Reverse
Cleaned and dithered to exactly 112 colors. Now add me back to the lobby, faggot.

Yup, it's ready to go.
Replies: >>184496
Hold on guys my install broke itsef this morning somehow gimem like 15 mins
Replies: >>184498
[Hide] (364.9KB, 1358x952) Reverse
>the absolute madman did it
Thank you man, but it's waiting for you. This is taking way too long.
[Hide] (81.3KB, 539x573) Reverse
It finally ended, watch out for that lobby.
Replies: >>184500
[Hide] (198.6KB, 764x614) Reverse
I can't click anything besides single player.
I think the WK thing is broken
Replies: >>184499 >>184501
Remove all WK files, that fixed it for me.
Replies: >>184502
What the fuck happened? I was disconnected.
Replies: >>184501
Which version have you downloaded? The GOG installer or the first option in the OP you should have dismissed?.
No idea. It said network drop so that's on you or your ISP.
Replies: >>184502
Figures, reinstalling anyway.
GOG 3.8.1
[Hide] (292.8KB, 1920x945) Reverse
Carry on editfag, game will end soon.
[Hide] (50.2KB, 770x639) Reverse
I'm in, which one is it?
Replies: >>184505
[Hide] (73.5KB, 490x521) Reverse
Wait a bit more, 2nd player is a cunt and refuses to let go.
Replies: >>184506
[Hide] (39.6KB, 200x204) Reverse
Too bad you can't spectate.
Replies: >>184507
[Hide] (152KB, 1190x575) Reverse
Now he'e teleported here this miserable faggot.
You could be able to spectate if you were on the lobby. Thing is, when you start a game the lobby isn't open.
[Hide] (131.5KB, 1018x613) Reverse
[Hide] (19.5KB, 300x309) Reverse
Lobby's finally open.
Replies: >>184509
[Hide] (91.2KB, 960x958) Reverse
[Hide] (516KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
The wind is a lie
Replies: >>184513
[Hide] (21.5KB, 216x256) Reverse
Just a bunch of babyheads.
That's because of the custom terrain that didn't load. No wind particles for you.
I've come to remember that wormkitmodelues didn't werk on linux. I couldn't get them to work on my machine.
Holy shit wtf
[Hide] (237.3KB, 1869x1062) Reverse
Supersheeper now. Jews are all over China.
[Hide] (144.5KB, 1920x859) Reverse
Giving fellow 2db37f a tour through the gamemodes. Now we're playing on bow and arrow.
Replies: >>184517
How many are there?
Replies: >>184518
Currently no one else other than me. Wanna join?
[Hide] (73.6KB, 650x873) Reverse
As of now it's been 16 hours of nonstop Worms playan for me. I've played with fags I'd never thought of sharing the time and day with, dudes on the polar opposite of the globe.
I'm going to call it for the weekend, the entire weekend. I won't be able to host tomorrow today, so hopefully the resident jew player can relieve me and host himself.
I'm calling it off. See you some other day.
Replies: >>184522
Spoiler File
(181.4KB, 1920x1432) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1MB, 2504x2000) Reverse
Spoiler File
(300.7KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 2880x2160) Reverse
Spoiler File
(55.1KB, 2632x2416) Reverse
Forgot to add, here are all the maps that were on rotation for Supersheeper.
>open fornt door
>sun's shining bright outside
Fucking surreal.
Replies: >>184521 >>184522
Spoiler File
(110.5KB, 3840x2880) Reverse
Spoiler File
(86.7KB, 3840x2160) Reverse
Spoiler File
(482.5KB, 2384x1032) Reverse
[Hide] (3MB, 2409x1962) Reverse
Thanks for hosting. Too bd it was only us two left.
I need to move timezones
>just downloaded the game
>see it's over
well fuck.
Replies: >>184549
Play single player?
>immediate straw man schizo delusion when your sacred cow is rightfully criticized
I would expect nothing less from TOR.

These are the jump arcs that we want to have: forward jump, back jump, vertical jump, backflip.  The image says a small backflip and a back jump  are the same mechanically, so I'll assume there's no mechanical reason to include it barring some wonky thing related to physics or momentum.  There's already a modifier button that keeps your worm facing the same way when moving, so simply have that apply to jumps as well.  I don't believe the default ground movement has any momentum, so you wouldn't have skidding problems

 If the jump button is J and the same-side modifier is M, then:
J - forward jump
M+J - back jump
hold J - vertical jump
M+hold J - backflip

Obviously if you're just doing simple movement then most of these are irrelevant, so the usual combination of directional keys and the single jump button would suffice for the majority of player movement.
Replies: >>184592 >>184597
[Hide] (93.5KB, 203x345) Reverse
In spite of all shortcomings, as in the OP being misleading and dropping in a few hours away from the gamenight, having 2 concurrent players most of the time and nothing going on on Sunday, I'd say it wasn't an absolute disaster.
How about we do another one in 4~5 months now that at least some fags are familiar with the game? Problem with this game is you don't get any fun out of it unless you know how to play.
>immediate straw man schizo cope seethe dilate have sex
Get the fuck out of here.
I repeat, given this is a children's game the jump controls are the best they could have come up with, as Enter, not so much Backspace, are keys you expect to do something in a game.
Multiple key presses doing multiple jumps has to do with children mashing buttons to play so as they're murdering those two keys they're going to come across all those different jump combinations.
Besides, there being so many jump combinations makes up for there being no momentum carried over from the worm's movement. This is ideal if you were to get autistic with the game I know Andy Davidson was so once you know them well you'll be able to know how to jump to a 1-pixel wide platform because a jump always behave the exact same.
>small backflip
It's not the exact same as the back jump. Both have different trajectories and, most importantly, the small backflip has a stronger gravity which is ideal if you're using Low Gravity and don't want your jump to last 5 seconds.
Hence, you want to use the backjump to reach places that either don't require a vertical trajectory as strong as the backflip's but neither as spread out as the forward jump; whereas the small backflip is meant to be used for either niche jumps w/o Low Gravity or for getting across the map w/ Low Gravity.

The only strong case here you've made is the placement of the jump keys relative to one another and the arrow keys. It's not comfortable to take your hand away from the arrows to jump, or to spread out your right hand while moving to reach for the jump keys.
>hold J
>M+hold J
Congratulations, you've somehow created a more arbitrary control scheme than the one made by the devs. I genuinely doubt anyone's going to figure that out without reading a manual. At least it's a guarantee everyone's going to try the Enter key when playing for the first time.

>I would expect nothing less from TOR
Replies: >>184601 >>184650
[Hide] (40.3KB, 640x522) Reverse
You ok anon?
Why so far in the future? I'll have forgotten all my hard earned rope skills by then.
Replies: >>184602 >>184606
[Hide] (112.1KB, 637x900) Reverse
Replies: >>184604
Damn i want to die.
Replies: >>184605
[Hide] (783.7KB, 750x1250) Reverse
What, you want one earlier on? I proposed that timeline because I thought the game didn't catch on, but we can have one earlier. Say, 2~3 months from now?
Replies: >>184609
[Hide] (280.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I got into W:A this gamenight and after it was over I started playing single player rounds against the computer... After about 20 rounds I finally managed to win. It's very fun despite the frustration, but I prefer playing against humans instead of a computer with perfect aim.

Let's play again next weekend.
Replies: >>184611
[Hide] (22.5KB, 500x499) Reverse
If you want to try out human opponents the #AnythingGoes channel gets matches very frequently. Frequently as in log in and in 30 seconds you're already playing with some faggots.
>next weekend
Next weekend? Don't know if there's anyone here already planning something or if I'll be able to spare the weekend.
Either way I need confirmation if faggots truly want to play a second consecutive gamenight of Worms here.
Replies: >>184612
>either way I need confirmation if faggots truly want to play a second consecutive gamenight of Worms here.
I don't wanna, host CS 1.6 next
I play Worm all the time, you can always join my games so I can bully play with you.
t. solonigger
Replies: >>184615
Then why don't you announce when you play? Make a general thread with live posting so anons can join.
Replies: >>184616
He's a burgernigger so I would never catch up to his gay ass games. Besides, binging on #AnythingGoes is too easy when there's at least a bare minimum of 20 guys at any time on the channel, making waiting for anon a hinderance in comparison. Still, someone should make a Worms thread.
Replies: >>184618
>a bare minimum of 20 guys at any time
Oh no fuck that. I can barely wait for 3 other guys to play their turns to begin with.
>Still, someone should make a Worms thread.
Agreed. Once this thread runs its course there better be a new one, preferably cyclical, where anons can play any time.
Replies: >>184620
[Hide] (145.1KB, 807x605) Reverse
>a bare minimum of 20 guys at any time
What I meant was that 20 guys could be waiting for a game at any time, not that there were 20 guys inside a room.
>there better be a new one
A new, cyclical thread with an updated OP to install W:A that can also serve as a general would be great.
As is, there are a few inconsistencies in the OP that need fixing:
First of, the first download link is outdated (3.8 instead of 3.8.1). Furthermore, apparently SuperFrontendHD does not work on Loonix as it uses DirectX, which cause the WormKit modules to not work at all on penguinfags I'm not too sure. Two separate links for either Wangblows and Loonix would have solved this.
Replies: >>184621 >>184623
>20 guys inside a room.
w-what are they doing?
Replies: >>184622
Well they like video games, so the farthest possible thing from sexual.
>updated OP
I can write a draft in a bit, will post here for anons to rate.
>Two separate links for either Wangblows and Loonix would have solved this.
There's no need for SuperHD anyway, the game looks fine as-is even on my "HD" monitor.
Replies: >>184632
Use this thread to host and join quick W:A matches at any time without prior planning. Take advantage of the live posting feature to keep everyone updated on when you're playing.

1. Download and install v3.8.1 from this link: https://uploadhaven.com/download/d591ec938d3e0c81bc86e8521d4e2d18
2. Extract this into the game installation folder: [updated link without Wk shit]
3. Launch game.
Game works flawlessly for Windows as well as Linux under WINE (tested with WINE v6.0).


Playing online
From the main menu click the following:
Then click the name of the current gamenight room, and enter the password if required. These details should be posted beforehand by the current host.

Custom map specs
>both width and height must be a multiple of 8
>image must be indexed at a maximum of 112 colors (64 colors recommended)
>the color black (#000000) is the empty space color (transparency)
>default map size is 1920 x 696
More info here: https://worms2d.info/Colour_map
Replies: >>184634
[Hide] (242.1KB, 221x477) Reverse
[Hide] (495.6KB, 960x1611) Reverse
>[updated link without Wk shit]
No, I don't want that. If anything we should have two different links containing the voicepacks and Wk crap depending whether Wangblows or Linux.
Can you check out whether Wk works if you delete the SuperFrontendHD module deleted? Check the contents of this .zip if you have it installed: https://steps.keybase.pub/wa/wk/wkSuperFrontendHD_full.7z
If we're going with the WormKit module the OP should have 2nd pic related as a visual aid.
And in case you have nothing as an OP image yet, please accept this shitty edit I've just made.
Replies: >>184636
Voicepacks should be available for everyone regardless of OS, as for the Wk shit it should be in a separate archive and marked as optional... Why do you need Wk anyway? It's not necessary for online play.
>please accept this shitty edit I've just made.
Replies: >>184637
>why do you need Wk anyway?
Please consider this: >>184356
Besides, it gives you a very useful utility (wkWMDB) which is what was used to load Bow and Arrow maps.
If you're the Linuxfag, could you check if deleting SuperFrontendHD makes shit work?
Replies: >>184641
>Please consider this: >>184356
You got a custom background? Big fucking deal. The map is nice but it works fine without Wk.
>(wkWMDB) which is what was used to load Bow and Arrow maps.
That's a valid reason, I think. Not a high priority though.
>could you check if deleting SuperFrontendHD makes shit work?
Later. The game is already running now and I'm playing.
Replies: >>184645
[Hide] (58KB, 600x360) Reverse
>Big fucking deal
Yes it is you fucking asshole. Doesn't hurt to include it if it can work on Linux too.
Plenty of many other interesting modules that could be added too, like BindKeys or wkRealTime in case someone wants the Liero route.
If you're going to skip that might as well make the thread myself you cunt. Go check if SuperFrontendHD is what made Loonix shit the bed and you're forgiven.
Replies: >>184647
>might as well make the thread myself
You should, I know nothing about hosting.
[Hide] (907.5KB, 1263x568) Reverse
>if you have a problem with six different inputs for five possible jumps, including an overlapping command, then you must be the same guy as last time
<that's schizophrenic
Proving my point.

>jump controls are the best they could come up with
I will concede that having a lot of different jumps in a game like Worms is not an easy thing to do because the worms having shitty walk speed and relying on tools, etc. is a core part of the gameplay - but I think they could have simply bypassed the issue entirely by doing one or more of the following:
- have a menu of jump types to choose from, with possible hotkeys for different arcs
- remove the more niche jumps (vertical, backflip) and just have four total
- let the player choose an angle and a force, similar to throwing a grenade
The game would obviously be quite different if the first or third points were implemented, but if the "only" possible option is to design a clunky and inconsistent system like the one they chose, then they should have gone back to the drawing board.

>placement of the jump keys
The literal keys on the keyboard don't matter, which is what I was saying in the post you're quoting.  Not literally the J key and the M key, having a single key for jumping and a second key for modifying that jump.  Enter and Backspace are insane choices for jump keys, but they could be literally anything as long as the behaviour of each individual key was consistent.  Currently the most basic options, single and double taps, are:
Enter - forward jump
Enter, Enter - back jump
Backspace - vertical jump
Backspace, Backspace - backflip

It would, at the very least, make more sense for one jump button to be "forward and neutral" and the other to be "backward and slightly less backward."

>more arbitrary
As opposed to the current system which has triple combination inputs, and six ways of inputting five actions.  It resembles a chain combo in Tekken 3, not jump commands in a strategy game.  Lots of other games had more complex problems with better solutions at the time of this game's release, so the primitive nature of PC gaming and a lack of standardized controls isn't an excuse.
[Hide] (86.9KB, 512x512) Reverse
Replies: >>184655
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2880x2160) Reverse
[Hide] (703.4KB, 4096x2048) Reverse
Playtested the Angel Cop map. I've made some improvements to make the Supersheeper a bit more interesting.
Map's too small. Here, an improvement.
>nobody has made a map out of Eden yet
for shame
Replies: >>184659 >>184660
too irrelevant
Replies: >>184660
[Hide] (71.7KB, 512x512) Reverse
Speak no more.
NEW THREAD >>184662
NEW THREAD >>184662
NEW THREAD >>184662
NEW THREAD >>184662
NEW THREAD >>184662
NEW THREAD >>184662
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