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Why all games are about killing, about murder?
Not just shooter games. Even "nice" and "friendly" medieval rpg and mmorpg, they are all about killing, killing humans and monsters. In rpg/mmorpg you do the same thing like in shooter games, you just kill with a sword instead of a gun.
Humans are psychopaths and they only have fun and pleasure from murder of innocent beings. We need to exterminate humans.

Holy shit just imagine someone playing mmorpg. The guy is basically looking at screen 11 hours and clicking on "monsters" to kill them, murder innocent beings. He murders thousands of them per day. That's how mentally sick humans are.

Why you only play murder games? And they most popular?
Any games without killing exist? puzzle games? sportsball?
95% of games are about murder and violence. What does it say about humans?
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shooters/fps = murder
rpg = murder
mmorpg = murder
strategy/rts = murder
action/gta = murder
platform/mario = murder
fighting = murder

Not murder:
-vehicle simulation (plane, car, train, truck)
-puzzle/logic games

The "not murder" games exist but they are very niche. Just look at top selling games.
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Undertale tackled this concept and it was the gayest shit imaginable.
Murder rocks!!
Because it's the...
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inb4 it's not a murder or that it doesn't matter
If you think so then create rpg, mmorpg, or fps, where you don't kill your opponents or monsters. Then check how many sales it got.

Even "innocent" children games like Worms are about torture and murder. They even have weapons where you burn worm with a fire. If this is "children" game this shows how psychopathic your species is. We need to make a mafia of other species, other animals and we have to cooperate against humans to destroy them and torture. We need to produce human meat from humans and feed it to animals. The roles will reverse and you will cry but it will be too late.

The Mario games are also about murder, murder sold in cute colors and music.
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How could you go and kill something as innocent as this lady? In video games and in real life. You should go for a date with her and fuck her, not murder and eat dead corpse of it. You are monster and I am going to kill you, all of you.
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>>183754 (OP) 
This is actually a question I asked myself as a kid too. All games minus puzzle games and sports are about killing or defeating some kind of enemy lethally or not.
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Another example of psychopathic game. Why can't you just explore and have fun, meet friends, build things? NO. You have to murder. Entire gameplay is about murder. You gain skills and equipment, swords, just so you are killing more stuff and being more efficient in killing, like a Hitler would.

Why do you have to kill innocent frogs? Why can't fuck them or let them jump near the river? Or draw a painting of frogs. Listen to the cute sounds they create.
Replies: >>183807
a thread died for this
> Why can't you just explore and have fun, meet friends, build things?
No vidya can compete with doing those things IRL. Once you rule out all the things you might as well just do, of course video games involve violence.
Replies: >>183799 >>183802
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Unless you live in Brazil
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Where in real life can I build an entire space station then swallow up the whole thing in a singularity?
Replies: >>183806
I was the blob in that round.
I miss those days in pizza/hatestation.
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What's with the gay half-baked threads? Did somebody's mom just barge in here?
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Op things like RCT exist and in games like Vicky 2 the whole purpose is to build an industry.
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wrong, in games like Vicky 2 the whole purpose is to exterminate the entire ashkenazi population.
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>>183754 (OP) 
>We need to exterminate humans.
>That's how mentally sick humans are.
I wonder who could be behind this post.
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Fucking ayys scums, the EDF will always prevails
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Aliens aren't responsible for thi- I mean they don't exist.
What, are you inventing some invisible boogeyman to throw your blame into?
You posted child female deer, are you a pedo?
I would fuck a deer if it is underage.
Replies: >>183903 >>183904
I don't know about you guys, but I would only fuck a deer if it was underage. No legal deer pussy for me, no sir.
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Everything's legal if they never catch you.
>>183754 (OP) 
You don't know what the word 'murder' means.
Neither of these are half baked. Please consider gun to the head.
Replies: >>183975
I've thought about this before and it's extremely hard to come up with a fun game that's not about shooting or smashing things, unless you make a puzzle game or something.

But just imagine, what kind of game would you replace Dark Souls with? There's no way to have the same kind of gameplay and appeal without combat or violence of some kind.
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aren't you forgetting to tell me to rape myself twice?
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>>183754 (OP) 
I play Sim CIty
Replies: >>184526
>>183754 (OP) 
>Any games without killing exist? 
Postal 2 is just as violent as you are. Look up pacifist speedruns and play Super 3-D Noah's Ark. There is also that non-violent WAD that even got a Cacoward.
Humans are psychopathic monsters. Even human children,
Replies: >>184429 >>192172
We need to kill humans. We need mass murders.
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Only gay bullshit baby toys for children have muder. Actually artistic video games aren't all about killing.
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>>183754 (OP) 
>Why all games are about killing, about murder?

Because games are realistic and about life, life is all about murder.
>hurrr but I, OP. and a huge pacishit faggot who wouldn't hurt a fly
No matter, someone will murder or bully you. Part of life.

Real life is like Rimworld. Don't matter if you live in a shithole where logic dictates you should work togeder to survive, you are still gonna get raided by humans. And them one of your own colonists will try to murder you because he was too bored.

On that subject, Overlord 2 and Raiders! Forsaken Earth are some of my favorite games. Care to guess what they are all about, OP?
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That's a nice Abrams tonk.
Replies: >>192121
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It's an aussie paint job
>>183754 (OP) 
>animal crossing
>farming sim
Except when compared to every other species which will kill and sometimes even eat each other just for accidentally walking in front of each other
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