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I've recently become obsessed with playing pinball at bars and arcades in my area. It exercises different skills than playing most vidya, and most of the tables that are still in use (80s-90s Bally/Williams, Data East and Sega) are masterpieces of visual and sound design. If you're yesdev and struggling to come up with compelling sound effects or voice clips, play some pinball. Also unlike arcade games there are still new pinball tables coming out yearly, even if they're marketed as soy toys as much as profit-making location games these days.
<hurf durf not video games
lol try again:
>most pinball makers also sold video games
>when DMDs became the standard makes almost immediately started including minigames using the display and flippers
>that one Pac-Man spinoff with a little pinball table in the cabinet
>the zillion pinball simulators released in the 90s
>Pinball FX and The Pinball Arcade converting real pinball tables into video game form and making original tables that would be impractical to impossible to do IRL
>fanmade pinball emulators like Visual Pinball+PinMAME and UltraPin
So suck my nuts.

>okay smartass which one should I pirate?
Pinball FX has the Bally/Williams license and they made the best machines around, so start with that. If you like what you see then The Pinball Arcade has the license for every other manufacturer of note, mostly from the pre-DMD era, and used to have the Bally/Williams license as well. Note that several of these tables were censored in TPA (by being locked into "family mode") and THE biggest table of all time (The Addams Family) will never be remade or digitized because all the rightsholders are either dead or pedowood. You really should look for these tables to play IRL if you can.
>how do I git gud
Number one tip is to ALWAYS KEEP CONTROL OF THE BALL. If you just pound on the flippers whenever the ball gets close you will drain 24/7 like a retard and get pathetic scores. Pinball tables are investments, they are designed to do this so they can take your money. Whenever you can, get the ball cradled on the flipper and aim for things. In multiball modes put one ball on one flipper and the rest of the balls on the other flipper so you can make those jackpot shots instead of flailing everywhere hitting literally every surface of the table other than the jackpot.
When in doubt, if there's a shot you can make that sends the ball screaming back to the shooting flipper, keep doing that shot until the end of time because usually that shot gives you increasingly absurd point awards because the designers assumed people would make the loop a few times, drain like a bitch because the ball was moving too fast and then give up.
For everything else PAPA on jewtube has walkthroughs for the most popular tables.
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this will forever be my favorite digital pinball table, yes, even more so than the default XP demo
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>visit "arcade" downtown
>walk in, place is completely empty save for some 5'2" obese goth chick covered in piercings
>handful of pinball machines on one side of the wall, across from the bar
>batman statue with a pride flag wrapped around him
fuck normalniggers
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Replies: >>183663
haha what does the devil crush, asking for a friend
Replies: >>183664
your highscores and earlobes
if I remember correctly, the music sucked in this game
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>>183655 (OP) 
Haven't played but there's a Senran pinball game.
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Living in a fag capital sucks. Fortunately I live within trucking distance of Chicago so I have options on that front, some faggier than others. I hope you shat in their toilet and didn't flush.
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I'm not into pinball games but you may want to look at Demon's Tilt if you are.
Replies: >>184533
I didn't even stay in there for 30 seconds, maybe 15 at the most. I was just visiting the town anyways and had fuckall else to do, but I wasn't going to waste it in there.
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Man i just want to play Capcom's BIG BANG BAR
I don't care if it's the real machine or a digital reproduction as long as it is faithful.
Always loved the theme and artwork of this one.
I would love a pinballFX version of it.
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Holy shit I was looking at The Pinball Arcade shit and they actually got the license to remake The Addams Family for a few years, the absolute madmen. This makes pirating TPA with all the DLC the go to choice for starting with video pinball and makes the WMS license getting resold to Zen a crime against humanity. If only TPA didn't look so plasticky and have a UI straight out of a DVD menu from 2000. This is also a good time to point out that pinball vidya is usually much easier to get huge scores on than real pinball, not just because of greedy operators but because vidya physics engines suck donkeys and fail to emulate all the slop and chaotic factors that make shots in pinball a pain in the dick to land consistently. You can see tourneyfags racking up obscene scores in games like TPA because without ball spin, flipper slop and random fuck-yous from worn-out mechanics they can just keep making the money shot over and over again until they get bored. There's a retired special effects guy who makes all-metal flippers with zero slop and there was complaints that they would make the game too easy the way modern sports equipment does.
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I like pinball. Was staying in a hostel in Seattle for a little bit and would go to a pinball centric arcade bar nearby and play the shit out of Surf Champ by Gottlieb for hours on end. Spent an hour in an arcade yesterday but spent all my quarters on fightan and skipped the pinball
Demon's tilt is absolutely amazing and I crave more.
To be honest i never got what makes this table so special.
It's like people asked so much for it only because it was the hardest to get the license for.
I am not saying is a bad table, just overrated.
Tables like Medieval Madness, Revenge From Mars, or Tales Of The Arabian Nights are way better.
Replies: >>184579
>>183655 (OP) 
>how do I git gud
But how do I even start? I mean, I checked out that papa yewtube channel, but that assumes I can do more than randomly bashing the buttons.
Plus there's that table nudging thing that you can't really do with a PC. I mean, it's usually bound to some buttons, but they're awkward to reach/use.
t. a complete retard
Replies: >>184579
>To be honest i never got what makes this table so special.
>It's like people asked so much for it only because it was the hardest to get the license for.
A few reasons:
>It's one of the relatively few tables that has something for everyone. Even normalfags still recognize the Addams family (though TAF is a tie-in to the Raul Julia movie) and will enjoy all the silly callouts from Gomez and Morticia, as well as Thing coming out from the edge of the playfield if they get that far. Tourneyfags and other tryhards can chase the big points getting all the difficult combos dialed in, and can never really fall asleep in the process because of the inherently challenging playfield layout and complete lack of ball savers.
>The rules are simple enough that you can read the stickers on the playfield and start shooting stuff immediately with some success, and the shots are challenging enough yet simple enough to have that addictive quality a good pinball needs. Later tables that tried to be the same but more can end up having so much "stuff" that as a non-tryhard everything kind of runs together, and tryhards end up ignoring 90% of it in favor of one repeatable shot due to less than perfect score balancing.
>Unlike some other tables from the same period (FunHouse) the different modes are reasonably well-balanced in that you can get big points whether you focus on collecting modes or just going for multiballs.
>Because of the former points it fucking printed money for operators, leading to TAF breaking all sales records at 20,500ish units produced. This means anyone who had an arcade growing up is much more likely to have memories of TAF than, say, Rocky & Bullwinkle.
>Because it printed money and became stupid famous, TAF (alongside the AFM trilogy) ended up defining "make some bullshots, set up multiball, start modes, start multiball, collect modes, repeat until wizard mode" as the default pinball gameplay loop.
It may be somewhat overrated but it's still a historical landmark and worth preserving in digital form.

>Revenge From Mars
Do you mean Attack From Mars? I've never seen a Revenge From Mars because it's a fucking 486 PC with a pinball table glued to it, meaning Williams barely made any before they closed down and working ones go for stupid money even by pinball standards. I personally have issues with the AFM trilogy (Attack From Mars, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, all respins of the same general gameplay from the same design team) because while they have a lot of fun gimmicks they all end up draining your ball in bullshit ways.

Aim for flashing shit. Try to get multiballs. Avoid hitting things that send the ball either down the middle or side-to-side at incredibly hnng speeds (AFM saucer and MARTIAN targets, MM castle and catapult, Monster Bash ramp posts) outside of a ball save or multiball. Don't bother with targets along the sides of the playfield unless you're out of other things to shoot, usually you end up hitting them by accident and consciously aiming for them is often a one-way ticket to the outlanes. Nudge is more important in real life than in vidya in my experience, for example in Pinball FX it barely seems to change the ball trajectory and gives you an automatic tilt warning while in machines "on location" you can often nudge toward an outlane to convince a ball bouncing on the inlane/outlane divider to remain in play without getting a tilt warning.
Replies: >>184607
Not a pure pinball game but Yoku's Island Express might be something of interest here.
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Would Slam Tilt sate your thirst for pinball music? The Multiball and special mode themes are pretty rad.
Replies: >>184613
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>Do you mean Attack From Mars? I've never seen a Revenge From Mars because it's a fucking 486 PC with a pinball table glued to it, meaning Williams barely made any before they closed down and working ones go for stupid money even by pinball standards.
I like Attack from Mars too, but yes, i meant Revenge From Mars, which i played a lot here in Europe.
I used to play it in the middle 2000's and now i recently found it again in another arcade, one of the few ones still alive here.
I love that pinball.
The pinball table + 3D effect was fantastic, i wonder if it would be possible to replicate in vidya form, if PinballFX has the license for it, i hope so.
I always felt that attack from Mars looked kind empty, despite all the alien toys and ufos inside the machine, maybe some side art blades like these would have helped al lot.
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[Hide] (565.9KB, 1280x720, 00:03)

This is peak pinball.
This is what I expect from modern pinball.
Replies: >>184664
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Awesome, isn't it!?
I loved playing that table, it's like a cool mixture between pinball and vidya.
You said it right, that's the next evolution in pinball.
Replies: >>184705
Unfortunately the bottom dropping out of the pinball market pretty much killed that idea. The replacement from the new manufacturers (nu-Stern, Jersey Jack, Spooky, plus a couple also-rans) is video callouts played on an tablet screen embedded in the backbox, combined with clever use of playfield toys like the moving building in Godzilla or mini-screens like the giant smartphone in Dialed In. Cost (margins on pinball aren't as good as you would think given they cost as much as a used car) and engineering issues murdered the idea of reusing the rear projection technique Pinball 2000 did, and whoever snapped up Williams probably has a patent on it. I have seen a Ghostbusters table with a projected "ghost" target though, and with mini laser projectors coming down in price it's possible someone will give it the comeback it deserves.
Replies: >>184707
That holographic projection is outside of patent. It's the same technology used in teleprompters.
My main issue with modern pinball tables is that they cut costs by putting a LCD in everything.
I'm not a fan of pinball, and I hate those LCD filled tables.
This is the future, they could one-off 3d print articulated figures to put in any cabinet.
Replies: >>184710
Remember how many obviously unpatentable ideas have been patented just by tacking "...on a computer" onto the claim. Why would "...in a pinball table" be different?
>My main issue with modern pinball tables is that they cut costs by putting a LCD in everything. I'm not a fan of pinball, and I hate those LCD filled tables.
The only tables I've seen with an LCD anywhere other than the backbox have been homebrews, Jersey Jack tables and one Stern table. I hate Jersey Jack tables too, they look like fucking slot machines with all the RGB unicorn vomit lights and they're all crammed full of so much plastic crap and "features" you never get the feeling you can master the machine. Stern tables tend to focus on having one or two toys (Black Knight bust, Godzilla building and spinner/targets disc, Avengers magnet tower and sling ring) take center stage with rules you can actually start to learn over a few games.
>This is the future, they could one-off 3d print articulated figures to put in any cabinet.
The problem with articulated figures is you have to articulate them. That means servos and mechanical linkages, which cost money designers would rather spend on something that interacts with the ball more than a plastic figure, or at least something that can upsell soys to a more expensive trim level. There's also the little issue of everything in a pinball table needing to be able to survive getting bricked in the face by a stray ball without chipping and be able to actuate for hundreds to thousands of plays without breaking, which 3D printed resin on a worm gear cannot. The pinball industry is littered with the corpses of tables that forgot these rules and are never seem on the field because they're maintenance nightmares.
You'll be pleased to hear the rumor mill is reporting one of the minor pinball companies (probably American Pinball since Chicago Games Company just remade Cactus Canyon a couple years ago and is still working through preorders) is remaking Big Bang Bar this year.
Replies: >>184907
I heard they also remade Medieval Madness recently.
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I have a legit excuse to bump this thread, Spooky posted a 30+min gameplay video from the new Scooby pin.
Looks fun. It has a bit of the "slot machine effect" problem but the 70s animation means it somehow ends up looking way better than their previous attempts, let alone Jersey Jack's horseshit. It's amusing watching these guys get rekt by the pinball machine they designed, and they don't seem to be following a gay marketing script either.
Replies: >>185908
Who's making this pinball machine, Stern?
Replies: >>185911
Nope, Spooky is a company out of Wisconsin selling "boo-tique" tables (<3000 made in an industry where 5000 is a smash success) with whatever cheap licensed themes the owners enjoy and Stern hasn't bought out. The reason they have enough cash for a license like Scooby-Doo is picking up Reddit Memey for a song just as the show's target audience discovered home pinball. They're mainly known for shipping machines with beta code (even though they always fix it eventually, Stern is almost as bad and JJP is even worse) and giving you a lot more value for your money than Stern or the other boutiques. The table in the video costs less than $10k and has the kind of trim upgrades Stern charges $13k or more for.
Replies: >>185919
pinball to me was always just "smack ball to make machine light up and make funny noises until ball gone and big numbers", never bothered with any objectives, maybe because i was just a dumb child that could only focus on one thing at a time (keep ball alive)
Well, i am just glad Stern doesn't hold the pinball machine monopoly anymore.
It's cool to see a soft revival of pinball.
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Just tried out Pinball Arcade since I remembered there was a Vita port of it. It was significantly worse than I expected.
>First of all, shit looks like a 2005 game, everything is Gourad shaded, all the playfield art looks like a blown-up jpeg, playfield inserts were "lit up" with the magic wand tool in Photoshop, and everything is fullbright. Any mobile elements that aren't just boxes with decals on them look like shit because their textures were cut from photos instead of being scanned.
>The UI is about as responsive as a DVD menu. The control scheme is basically fixed and has no way to "stage flippers" (half-pressing a flipper button on games with multiple flippers on the same side so only the bottom flipper activates) which prevents you from making shots that would otherwise be perfectly doable, because your goddamn flipper is in the way.
>None of the camera options feel like they're showing you enough of the table. When plunging the ball the camera gets laser-focused on the shooter lane so good luck making any skill shots.
>Table sound is crunchy for no good reason since this game allegedly emulates the original logic board. Actual gameplay sounds (aka the noises crap makes when it's hit with a steel ball or a solenoid because pinball is a physical game) range from pop bumpers being almost inaudible versus IRL to the drawbridge motor on MM sounding like an angle grinder in your ear, which it absolutely should not unless it's spent 30 years in a smoky bar without being serviced and you also took the glass off.
>Physics are... weird. Compared to my experience playing way too much pinball in the local bars and arcades, the tables are coated with Teflon and rubber elements are much bouncier than any table you're likely to see outside of a 30-year-old boomer's basement. This means you're going to get power outlanes or the ball just zooming past the flippers faster than you can react a lot. Ball spin is completely missing, so if you get the timings down you can in theory get INFINITE POINTS because shot trajectories will be the same every time. Also nudging is a goddamn mess, judging by the amount of jostling you can get away with before getting a single warning the virtual tilt ring is about an inch down from where the tilt bob would be mounted or there's a bug and what triggers the tilt was supposed to trigger the slam tilt instead.
>On the other hand, being digital means everything actually fucking works at 100%, with none of the fuck yous a broken or deliberately misadjusted table will throw at you. Think kickout coils or ramps that throw your ball straight down the middle or flippers with erectile dysfunction.
It's a fucking crime, given Pinball FX3 is even more censored (apparently the ESRB never bothered following up on that E10+ rating for TPA) and this game is going to most people's only exposure to a lot of hidden gems that have been forgotten by practically everyone. Like pic related.
Replies: >>187190
Spoiler File
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So what about this never released Capcom pinball?

Replies: >>188425 >>188618
[Hide] (316.4KB, 1452x1936) Reverse
I was wondering when someone was going to find that. Python Angelo is right up there with Syd Barret and the cat painter guy in terms of evidence that artistic genius is just a symptom of insanity, he went from penciling amazing shit like Pin-Bot/Bride of Pin-Bot to this and killed Capcom Pinball almost single-handedly.

In other news, this skeezy fuck has the first retail Scooby Doo machine off the production line. Apparently it's on route at a bar in Wisconsin. Sounds like most distros/operators will get theirs by end of summer at the latest.
Replies: >>188614 >>192526
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>he went from penciling amazing shit like Pin-Bot/Bride of Pin-Bot to this and killed Capcom Pinball almost single-handedly.

Maybe that was his plan all along.
[Hide] (10.7KB, 218x252) Reverse
Only there was a higher resolution image on this machine I could make a decent crop.
This guy's face is a reaction image if I've ever seen one.
Replies: >>188625
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[Hide] (494.6KB, 388x690) Reverse
That is a prototype that never went into production, so the pics for it are not easy to find.
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It's been a busy month in pinball.
>Skeezy fuck from >>188425 has had Scooby on location for a month, it's been the #1 earner out of about 20 tables in that month.
>JJP has a new Godfather table. I had a chance to play this and it's the first JJP table that isn't immediately repellent to me. Still has the slot-machine problem but it's not trying to shove poorly-pasted movie clips in your face the entire time no matter how unfitting like Oz does. It's more like a generic mobster pin with clips of the beatings/hits from the Godfather movies where it makes sense. Parts of it feel clunky (trying to hit the upper flipper shots was a crapshoot, and one of of the orbits/u-turns literally sends the ball straight down the middle if you don't know to divert it) but that could just be a location table being set on maximum fuck you. A huge chunk of real estate is taken up by a giant "Knuckles Santino" mobster bust which has some god tier voice clips tied to it.
<I'm $NAME, and I'm gonna send your wife some flowers.
<I'm gonna make YOU look like an accident.
<Hey, wanna go for a swim? I know a great place.
<(on hit) Are you talkin ta me?
<(on drain) Let me buy you some cement shoes as a parting gift.
>American Pinball has Galactic Tank Force. It looked absolutely retarded for months (save le ice cream!, corny FMV clips with acting that makes MST3K targets look good, 3D printed toys with layer lines and untrimmed stringy goop in view, a top trim level whose only revealed gimmick over the cheaper trims is that it looks like a tank when folded up) and it's all on AP for refusing to show people actual gameplay and asking them to put down non-refundable deposits sight unseen. They're at Texas Pinball Festival this weekend and one of the first things they did at their booth was piss on everybody angry at them online for being jerked around like this. Now that people actually have the chance to play it consensus is that it's excellent, but AP is still letting shaky cell phone videos sell the game to people instead of coming up with something professional. It's utterly baffling.
>Stern is finally shipping their $20k super-limited collector's edition Bond table.
<no actual bells and chimes despite trying to be faux-EM, it's all simulated (with the option for 80s alphanumeric and modern digital sound packages on game start)
<build quality on par with a modern Stern pro (so loose screws, random piles of sawdust, hand smears on the glass, misassembled playfield bits, etc.)
<no shaker motor installed for early shipments despite it being on the flyer, you have to call your distro to get all of what you paid $20k for
<EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM SHOOTER KNOB is just a generic shooter knob with a union jack popsocket pressed into it
Point and laugh. At least it allegedly plays well.
Replies: >>192552
I honestly can't see the point of these "super duper limited edition" pinball machines, considering very few people can afford one or have the space to get one.
Replies: >>192554
They sell. They sell stupidly well. The target market is boomers and Gen X idiots spending their retirement money, much like $10k+ home theaters and sports cars. Also consider there are tons of angloids out there that will pay stupid money for swim trunks, wallets and fountain pens in the hope that through some sympathetic magic it'll make them as attractive to women as Sean Connery. Official word is the rightsholders demanded a stupidly overpriced collector pin for Stern to get the Bond license, and they're also responsible for the mass market Bond pin being blatantly unfinished.
[Hide] (169.1KB, 700x700) Reverse
>Official word is the rightsholders demanded a stupidly overpriced collector pin for Stern to get the Bond license
Okay, now THAT makes sense.
Still it's not like who buys one can go:
"Hey look, i have the super collector edition unlike everyone else who has just the standard version" when pinball machines is a very niche hobby and very few people have the space and money (and patience) to even get a standard one.
Personally, i would like to have one at home, (either Medieval Madness, Tales of the Arabian Nights or Big Bang Bar) but i don't have the space nor do i want to deal with its maintenance.
So i am just content enough to play the vidya version.
Replies: >>192570
>Still it's not like who buys one can go: "Hey look, i have the super collector edition unlike everyone else who has just the standard version" when pinball machines is a very niche hobby and very few people have the space and money (and patience) to even get a standard one.
That's exactly what they do. They buy this shit and show it off in front of friends and extended family. They have leagues and invite each other over for competitive play. Again, the pinheads buying tables are mostly boomers and Gen X fags, so they actually have houses big enough they can set aside a room for games and stuff it with a dozen pinball tables. When they run out of space or money they sell whatever they're least in love with to pay for the new shiny. A less rich collector buys it, does the basic repairs to get it back in top condition and the cycle repeats. Sometimes they put their excess pins on location in bars and bowling alleys to offset maintenance costs and let normal people play their games. It's a lot like the retro bubble in a sense, except unlike the retro bubble most of the people involved genuinely enjoy pinball as a hobby and aren't just kikes exploiting a niche.
The Bond SLE also isn't an overpriced version of the regular Bond you're going to find in a bar, it's a completely different machine, which is part of why it sold so well. The smaller makers smell blood in the water and are starting to put together their own "classic modern" tables at slightly less insane prices, starting with a Pulp Fiction table from the company in charge of the Williams remakes.
Replies: >>192576
>The Bond SLE also isn't an overpriced version of the regular Bond you're going to find in a bar, it's a completely different machine
Ah ok.
Because most of these limited edition pinball machines are the same as the standard version but with a literal, different coat of paint on the legs and frame.
Replies: >>192587
It's the same deal as "collector's editions" in vidya, you overpay for dick-swinging purposes and some nice-to-haves. In general the trim levels manufacturers use are:
>a standard/"pro" model with the bare minimum of complex mechs, plain finishes and printed butyrate for playfield objects, intended for location play and "budget" home owners who are too uppity to buy used
>a Premium model that has extra mechs left out of the pro model (or tacked onto the premium model, see Black Knight which has a tacked-on upper playfield because "BK games are supposed to have an upper playfield") a nicer finish on the metal bits, armor to reduce cabinet wear from play and sculpted playfield objects
>a Limited Edition with everything the Premium has plus whatever shiny crap they think suckers will jump for: armor that's gold-plated or powder-coated an eye-popping color, a "cooler" art package, a bunch of mods you could install yourself for a few hundred bucks like anti-glare glass or better speakers, and more recently a topper
>some makers go even further beyond with optional upgrades or super-premiums that are either blatant sucker bait or genuinely really nice, an example of the latter is Spooky's butter cabinets which are silk-screened instead of decaled or inkjet printed, sprayed with automotive clear coat and polished to a mirror shine
[Hide] (3.9MB, 370x208) Reverse
> Gen X
Pfff! You mean maybe the top 0.001% that got hired at FAGMAN companies. Also technically only boomers are of retirement age. And I bet you a lot of GenX and boomers are going to have most of their life saving wiped out in this banking/currency crisis, so I doubt they'll be buying many of these fancy limited edition games. This kind of non-essential luxury stuff isn't going to have a market in the near future.
Replies: >>192597 >>192602
Later generations aren't better either. A milennial ~friend got completely stumped when I told him I spent a whopping $250 on a 3D printer, when he spent $3500+ on some gaymer notebook a few weeks before. And he always whines how he doesn't have any money. Older generations spend their retirement money, while younger generations are fucking niggers who lack the capability to think for more than 5 seconds ahead.
Replies: >>192602
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Was this post supposed to prove how paste and redbulled you are?
Every generation has its idiots. They get theirs eventually.
Replies: >>192633
[Hide] (11.1KB, 320x256) Reverse
You won't be laughing when the dollar loses reserve currency status, and most americans find themselves rugged, and their extremely high living standards drop like a rock.
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