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Nitter censorship
The twitter proxy called Nitter allows the instance hosters to censor content. I've noticed it myself alot and it is confirmed by the developer on github. The bad thing is that it doesnt seem to happen with only german instances. I dont really take account into what instances i use but right now i just tested a french instance and it was censored aswell. The instance owner can choose to censor aswell? Its weird. "tweet not found" or "this user has posted no tweets" or "profile not found". So shitty when this is supposed to be a proxy service. 
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>>183366 (OP) 
>putting this in the OP
>not even vidya
Welcome to a 1/10 thread
>>183366 (OP) 
you clearly don't know how a proxy works, dumbass

using a german nitter will have you be submit to german censor, in the same way that using a chinese proxy will have you be submit to the chinese firewall
>>183366 (OP) 
>The twitter proxy called Nitter allows the instance hosters to censor content
No, nitter goes to twitter for you and returns what it finds. Any nitter instance in Germany goes to twitter through german ISPs. Anything going to twitter through german ISPs doesn't receive those tweets. There's zero "allowing to censor" involved.
What you "notice" instead is the fact twitter doesn't return any accounts or tweets labeled as NSFW. This is because twitter doesn't return this to anyone not using an account, and using an account for a proxy service is a very easy way to get said account banned within 2 minutes for too many requests.

Can we make "knows what the fuck he's talking about" a requirement to being news thread OP?
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Cyberpunk 2077 lawsuit forces CD Projekt Red to pay out $1.85 million
>The United States District Court for the Central District of California has reportedly given the go-ahead for CD Projekt Red to begin making payments as a result of the lawsuit
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Not vidya nigger.
Replies: >>183515
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Smash Bros Director Masahiro Sakurai Talks About Social Media Attacks on Games
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social media retards and shills stop being a problem the moment you stop giving a fuck about the retarded shit they do or might say.
The main problem is that these idiots still think twatter bots should be considered in any way, when they should just being ignored as they don't matter at all.
Replies: >>183551
Lurk 1000 years
>install libredirect
>press switch instance
>problem solved
Replies: >>183593
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He's correct, though Japan's corporate culture of stuffiness and doing things just because "that's how we've always done them" obviously makes it hard for them to adapt to the modern social media landscape.  Some indie developers in the West have had success in using memes to generate sales and reputation, which in my experience are often the ones that support mods: Rivals of Aether's workshop is basically a tool to let people make a shitpost into a real playable character, for instance, which greatly extended the lifespan of what was otherwise a pretty ugly Smash Bros Melee clone.  Hollow Knight, though a good game in its own right, has a dedicated community of challenge runners and speed runners (and trannies) because it's pretty easy to make custom levels and custom weapons.

Given how Nintendo treats mods like they're the work of the devil, and certain challenge runs like they're literally hacking (nuzlocke Pokemon runs, for instance), I can imagine a lot of conflict between a 70-year-old salaryman giving orders to his subordinates and the reception of those orders among the wider internet culture.  Even when something genuinely innovative and cool is made, there's no guarantee that the people responsible for its distribution and promotion are going to take the risks necessary to help it succeed.  Especially not when you can just tell normalfags "X thing is cool" for a week and have most of them believe it, which is how Apex Legends became successful.

It's true that not giving a fuck helps a lot - look at Hideki Kamiya and his famous use of Twitter's block button - but Sakurai is perceptive enough to identify the real problem: even if the actual impact of Twitter bots and idiots is nothing, the perceived impact of it, and the threat of the perceived impact, is often enough to get normalfags to self-censor and otherwise compromise on things that might be controversial.  The panopticon affects everything it sees, even if the guard isn't looking.
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Japanese politeness clashes with the abrasive western way of expression, Japs need to learn to adapt and and be assholes every once in a while, it's the exact opposite problem with Ashkenazi Jews in the media where they have to learn to be more respectful instead of acting like textbook borderlines.
Replies: >>183853
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That was quick
Replies: >>183727
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There are people on this board right now who go on twitter for hours every day.
Replies: >>183733
Replies: >>183745
Give me your most wholesome image and I will give you the sauce
Replies: >>183747
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i had a rly good one but i losed it so this is the second best lol
Replies: >>183748
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That works.
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Basically chink owner is a typical chink. And he hates whites aswell.
Can we just delete the fucking thread? The OP itself is blatant disinformation.
>and be assholes
Indeed, they need to add more qt clown girls in vidya to destroy the gayings.
Are you retarded?
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>responding to the soyjak nigger
commit self destruct
Replies: >>183966 >>183969
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>the soyjak nigger
Where is the soyjak I responded to?
Nevermind I get it now.
Belarus Legalizes Piracy of Movies, Music & Software of ‘Unfriendly’ Nations
Warner Bros. Fights ‘Mortal Kombat II’ Source Code Leak
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TF2 had a big leak
My dick
Looks like tf2 wasnt the only thing that leaked
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Warner Bros wants Mortal Kombat to be SJW capeshit and nothing more
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>Warner Bros. Fights ‘Mortal Kombat II’ Source Code Leak
How do you fight a leak? Shutting down every website that spreads them?
Nope, looks like they're DMCA Githugs who use it
>The repository is titled “not-mk2” but instead of reposting the leak, it simply contains a copy of a Wikipedia entry, discussing complaints of gender discrimination and a toxic workplace at NetherRealm. 
Thank you Warner Bros for defending the source code of a 30 year old game that no one buys anymore.
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>mk2 leak DMCAd
Shit, did anyone download it?
Also, what kind of retarded nigger you have to be to upload shit like this to github and nowhere else?
At least they'd be able to have a voice actor for her then. Can you imagine them trying to add any new content or release a new video without Rick May?
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Yeah rest in pieces Rick May, but still its a woman!
Is that Heavy's sister from the comics? The one that's after soldier's dick?
Replies: >>184150
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Zhanna, she looks a little different if its her
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Am I understanding it correctly?
>voice actor dies
>genderswap said character to give new voices
I'm very afraid.
This is cut content, highly unlikely they're going to do anything with the game anyways. Bots are still running amok after four years.
Replies: >>184154
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Appears so
Dead game
You would have to be a colossal fucking idiot to think Valve would just add something like that to the game, as though Scout and Ms Pauling hadn't already become the default voiced characters due to their larynxes not deteriorating with age.  And, if you had spent five minutes reading through the links, you'd see that the Twitter account which documents cut content/leaks indicates the female Soldier model has fanmade textures.
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No. The leak contains content up to 2015. Also,
>implying that Valve will ever make new TF2 content again
Replies: >>184157
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There's two and a half devs for TF2
We aren't seeing crap.
Replies: >>184160
Last i heard it was just one guy.
Replies: >>184163
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LOOK at those fucking shoulders, and whet the hell is her neck?
Replies: >>184195
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I have no idea guy
>who are you
The TF2 dev team
>what do you mean, you're the entire team
Dedicated Tf2 bot hoster here,  things are not looking good for us. They patched the hack last month so we havent been able to mass host bots for a while now.  The only way to do it now is have many instances of windows running paid version of lmaobox. I hope the cheat dev fix the problem soon.
Replies: >>184171
Rick May hasnt voiced Soldier in a while, even before he died. That Bread SFM didnt have Rick May and neither did that Pyro update SFM, I forget who it was but it was one of those VAs who voices a million characters already. If this were Japan then out of respect they wouldn't make anyone voice the character anymore but this is profit-oriented Western values we're talkin' here.
Replies: >>184192 >>184206
This is a bullshit weeaboo myth. There have been several cases where a dead voice actor has been replaced, the one everyone points out being King Kai in DBZ. Probably Bulma too since her VA died a few years back but I haven't bothered pirating Super Hero yet so idk. When the nips baleet a character due to VA death it's usually done because the character and voice were pivotal to the show and/or the VA died from something other than old age. The one everyone brings up there (and probably the reason why this myth keeps getting spread) is Shimoneta, which will never get an S2 because the main girl's VA was laid up for months with viral pneumonia before she kicked it. Even did the "when this is over I'm gonna get married" speech when they couldn't keep her alive any longer, that's some dedication right there.
Replies: >>184210 >>184214
big frame for big tits
They already did this with Eli in HL:A
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Weebs reaffirming their position as the niggers of the internet.
You're right but there's some anecdotal stuff to the contrary like Cornette
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Lost Ark mass ban inactive players
Replies: >>184325 >>184330
I wouldn't be surprised if their accounts got hacked from a mass leak.
Although I'm unsure of the legality of banning a player from playing a game for no reason like Europe or Australia.
Essentially they're depriving someone of the product that they paid for am i right?
Replies: >>184326 >>184331
>that they paid for
I think it's some trash F2P gook MMO.
Replies: >>184327 >>184328
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nvm then, they got what was coming for them.
It's a F2P P2W ARPG like Path of Exile.

Maybe the just rangebanned turkroaches
If that was illegal then steam bans or DRM in general would be illegal as well. I'm sure it's perfectly kosher as far as the law is concerned. The better question is: why would anyone give a fuck about being banned from a game you no don't play?
>If that was illegal then steam bans or DRM in general would be illegal as well. I'm sure it's perfectly kosher as far as the law is concerned
Its legal because there is a terms of service that you sign, either in the game or on steam. But those TOSs generally don't have "we can ban you at any point at our discretion" in them. Normally they're supposed to actually give you an excuse for why. Not playing them is generally not one of them.
But considering it is F2P trash MMO caner, so maybe it has shit like that in there.
>why would anyone give a fuck about being banned from a game you no don't play?
Have ever changed your mind? Have you ever replayed a game that you haven't played in a year? It's not simply okay.
Replies: >>184355
I replay good games. This is a P2W gook grinder, with battle passes, premium states and everything. Quitting that is more like breaking an addiction. Not saying it was ok, I just can't imagine many returning players. Whales are too addicted to ever quit and others won't spend the hundreds of dollars needed to catch up when they are several updates behind.
>The better question is: why would anyone give a fuck about being banned from a game you no don't play?
It's a VAC ban, it displays a large red warning that you're a meanie evil cheater on your Steam profile for like 7 years and can lead to not being allowed to play on various other games' servers. If it was just getting banned from the game almost no one would give a shit.
Replies: >>184369
>vac ban
No its a game ban.
Replies: >>184379
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Looking into it more, you're half right. It's linked into the VAC system, but not an official VAC ban. Still shows up on people's profiles though, so still fucking garbage. Checked a bunch of people's accounts from complaint threads on the game's discussion forum, they all have this.
Replies: >>184383
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>game ban for not playing enough
I'm struggling to see what this accomplishes, even to supposedly combat bot.
Replies: >>184384
The only thing I could estimate it accomplishes is freeing up "resources" for people who are actually playing the game and presumably generating revenue for the company.  I cannot fathom how messy their server and database system must be to care about something like that, but that's the only reason that makes any kind of sense.

It could simply be they're just plain retarded.
Replies: >>184385 >>184390
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>It could simply be they're just plain retarded.
Thats usually the case, just wondering if this is a rare exception.
A ban is reversible, so they're still keeping the same data. They could've just sent a notice that your account will be deleted, without any form of ban involved, and it would both trick some idiots into playing and save up resources as you mention. But instead they did this, with none of the benefits and a small shitstorm.
Maybe it getting in the news will attract some attention at least, but I doubt it'll bring much in the way of new player engagement.
Replies: >>184391
>I doubt it'll bring much in the way of new player engagement.
<play our game forever or get a bad boy mark on your account
Damn right it won't.
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