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I need a new PC, post some ~2k builds
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>post some ~2k builds
Replies: >>183147 >>183270
I'm about to have spare parts and a spare case, what to do with the other computer I will have laying around?
Replies: >>183146
Make a home server out of it.
>>183123 (OP) 
How the hell does third pic even happen? Did the Thonkpad overheat? Did someone put a fucking blowtorch to the keys? Was some uber-neckbeard's mitts so warm and greasy it melted plastic? 
Goddamn, don't do this to me anon. I don't need to suffer like this thinking about the good old days.
Probably spilled coffee, it doesn't take as much heat as you'd think to melt Chinesium, especially on the newer Chinkpads.
>I don't need to suffer like this thinking about the good old days.
just do what I did, snoop around your mom's workplace and find some beige towers in the back and steal them give them good homes and slap your old AGP GPU in it.
Replies: >>183159
alternatively (only works if you have a car)
>put ad on craigslist/local ad site
>"old computer free pickup!"
>get dozens of boomers wanting to get rid of their jurassic computers without lifting their asses
Replies: >>183160
Good idea, also comes with the added bonus of getting to scrape passwords/credit card numbers/SSNs they leave on them.
Post more.
Replies: >>189432
You forgot to post the links!


https://rufus.ie/en/ (use it in dd mode if you get errors)
https://linuxmint.com/ || https://xubuntu.org/
https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php && https://wiki.archlinux.org/
https://appdb.winehq.org/ && https://www.protondb.com/ && https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_games && https://libregamewiki.org/List_of_games

Buying the parts and building your PC yourself is better than getting a prebuilt PC or a ((( gaming laptop ))). Laptops are only good for the portability. You can actually save money in the long run if you build your PC yourself because you can replace broken parts and upgrading your GPU is probably enough when you need to upgrade (to be able to play a new game, for example). You can use NirSoft ProduKey to get the Windoze product key from your old computer. The last time I checked, you can use Windows 7 product keys on Botnet 10. You can get a Botnet 10 iso here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO 
be sure to run a (probably mostly snakeoil) script that attempts to mitigate some of the spyware features in Botnet 10: https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater && https://github.com/bitlog2/DisableWinTracking && https://github.com/builtbybel/privatezilla && https://www.safer-networking.org/products/spybot-anti-beacon/ (proprietary freeware)

A better solution is to switch to GNU/Linux (like Linux Mint).

>>183123 (OP) 
>I need a new PC, post some ~2k builds
Do you really need a 2k PC? Perhaps you do, but what are you going to use it for? What games you want to play (etc)?
You can use this build as basis for your build: 
Some notes:
* if you can't get a Fractal Design Focus G case, I recommend Fractal Design Focus 2 (or perhaps some EATX case).
* if you want a different GPU, make sure to get one that has at least 8GB of VRAM. also, I wouldn't get Intel Arc GPU. I think waiting for a new generation is a good idea.
* if you want to be able to emulate PS3, get a CPU that has support for AVX-512: https://whatcookie.github.io/posts/why-is-avx-512-useful-for-rpcs3/
* if you have some money to burn, you might want to get AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (or even AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D or even some AM5 cpu (+mobo+ddr5 RAM)) but if you get it, you should buy a CPU cooler (but the stock cooler is good enough for AMD Ryzen 5 5600).
* If you want to have integrated GPU as a backup, you may want to consider something like AMD Ryzen 5 5600G or Intel Core i5-12400 (not the ~F version). But intel CPUs need a different MoBo.
Replies: >>183326 >>183837
Don't switch to Mint. Their package repository has been breached so many times that it has to be compromised at this point.
Replies: >>183327 >>183495
Wasn't it just once and it was caught right away?
Replies: >>183330
As far as I know, yes: https://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=2994
Replies: >>183335
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RX 7700 XT release fucking when? Those damn double niggers kikes of AMD made me waste the whole day watching their presentation while they masturbate about tech helping niggers and womyn get to the moon.
Replies: >>190952
Good. I use mint now. My only complaint is that they changed the default colors on things with 21, you can change it all back though.
My robot wife is stuck on a bootloop when I was trying to jailbreak her, send help.
Replies: >>183415 >>183418
>not buying the FOSS wife
This is a bit long-winded but I wanted to share it with you guys because it's kind of funny.
>decided to "upgrade" from Win7 to Win10 because I'm actually starting to encounter meaningful programs that don't work properly on or support features for Win7
>new hardware and drivers are also meant to be compatible with Win10, so I may be hard-pressed to find a new mobo or CPU if I decide to upgrade
>do my research, get ISOs from reliable sources, validate the checksums to ensure the OS isn't compromised, etc.
>installation is bittersweet, but nothing seems to be awry, and I'm using the long term service channel so the OS itself should be stable
>bluescreen after five minutes
>bluescreen again even sooner
>bluescreen-boot loop eventually stops at the repair screen
>try every single troubleshooting and auto-repair option over the course of two days
>fiddle with BIOS settings, try different versions of Win10, everything
>at best, bluescreen after a few minutes
>at worst, computer doesn't boot
>finally down to my final two options: install a new motherboard which might magically work better with Win10, or try reinstalling Win7 just for the sake of stability
>"let's go with the software solution first"
>installation would have gone fine, except my keyboard and mouse stopped working
>this also applied to another keyboard and mouse that hadn't been plugged into the PC case in months
>"alright, I guess I'll try restarting manually"
>PC boots into auto-repair mode this time, and it actually does something
>nearly have a heart attack when it starts scanning and "fixing" my media drives, but it doesn't actually harm them
>reboot, scan, reboot, scan
>"not again"
>one final reboot
>it's the Win10 login screen, with my account properly implemented
>the OS recognizes both my monitors immediately and outputs at the correct resolution and refresh rate

I choose to believe that the malicious spirit within every Win10 installation felt genuine fear when I started replacing it with Win7 and finally chose to accept the supremacy of flesh.  It's genuinely insane to me that I had a better "it just works" experience with non-systemd Linux (Devuan) on another PC I was building than I did with modern Windows.

At least she isn't actively misbehaving, right?
Now be prepared for the same thing every other time it updates t. subbed in computer repair shop which today means unfucking win10+ updates 90% of the time
If you have any programming knowledge at all unpatching software to run on win7 again is less of a hassle.
>installation would have gone fine, except my keyboard and mouse stopped working
So they were working at the beginning of the setup, then stopped? That's really strange...
In the future, if you wanna cleanly remove a faulty Windows install then you need to live boot into a Linux image or one of the specialized rescue discs (e.g. SystemRescue). Once booted wipe the C:\ drive (assuming there's nothing on it except Windows itself) then go on to installing whatever you like.
Replies: >>183443 >>183451
What to do if I let some very little to the point its barely noticeable water into my PC case?
The computer font was not powered on, by the way.
Water is not a magic fatal curse for electronics. Plug it off, take it apart, put all pieces upside down or in whichever position will make the water flow out, use a hair drier or something similar if you can and just let the water dissipate.
>In the future, if you wanna cleanly remove a faulty Windows install then you need to live boot into a Linux image or one of the specialized rescue discs (e.g. SystemRescue). Once booted wipe the C:\ drive (assuming there's nothing on it except Windows itself) then go on to installing whatever you like.
Why would you not create a newly formatted partition at install time? Installing operating systems on existing partitions makes no sense.
Unplug it, let it dry. Hope it's not fried.
I formatted the C: drive several times throughout the process.  I don't know what kind of data could have endured and caused trouble.
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Your PC is going to explode next time you turn it on.
Replies: >>183492
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>free bomb
What CPU has the best integrated graphics right now? Not most efficient, or best value, but straight up most powerful graphics processing. I'm curious how good an IGPU can get.
Replies: >>183495 >>183496
Be a big boy and use Devuan.
It's more efficient than SystemD+Linux OS's.

Proton or wine staging work fine for good games.

Replies: >>183555
The Ryzen 5000 APUs. Based on Vega due to RDNA/Navi not scaling down well enough to fit in an APU's power budget. Like any iGPU your performance will be dictated almost entirely by RAM frequency though.
>It's genuinely insane to me that I had a better "it just works" experience with non-systemd Linux (Devuan) on another PC I was building than I did with modern Windows.
<Be a big boy and use Devuan.
<single line "This." and line breaks for dramatic emphasis
Average freetard literacy.
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What do you guys think of gaming laptop? I have been considering these for a while now. Since I am a highly competent programmer, my job often requires me to travel oversea. I was wondering whether to get a macbook pro or a high end gaming laptop? Can you guys recommend a game dev like me which types of laptop fit me the most? No desktop btw.
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Replies: >>183646 >>183894
if you really were one, you wouldn't be asking this question
and besides, gaming laptop is an oxymoron, only spoiled kids nag their parents to buy them the latest Razer glow in the dark machine.
If you really do need a powerful GPU to, I don't know, render videos on the go, then look up private contractors who will build you a laptop to spec "from scratch".
Either way, you can't afford it. And I'm sure you don't actually work, so you can't ask your employer to buy it for you.
>highly competent programmer
Yeah right, anyway, if you want performance from a Laptop you almost always want workstation Laptops from, say Dell or Lenovo. They also have the added benifit of (usually) not looking like shit designed for children.
I've melted part of my keyboard by screwing the exhaust on my gas powdered soldering iron on the wrong way.
You can spec out a laptop with a GPU (RTX 3060, 3070, 3080 should get you going), it will run hot though and they start at about $1,800. 


Agreed with the others, if you do computers for work, don't show up with the RGB unicorn shart model.
Replies: >>183894
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What's wrong with macbook pro? I can afford it so i don't care about price. Money is not an issue for me.
>what's wrong with apple
Replies: >>183894
You're going to make so many people genuinely angry I have to congratulate you.
>on a macbook
>which doesn't run .exe files without using wine
I know you're probably baiting but c'mon now.
Replies: >>183894
>my job often requires me to travel
>game dev
>What's wrong with macbook pro? 
Overpriced and locked to Apple. And if you exclude Adobe products, GNU/Linux has as good software support as Apple FagOS. A gaymer laptop or a business laptop is better choice. I recommend a Thinkpad (even a modern model). If you want to buy new, you can buy it directly from Lenovo and you can even customize some of their models.

>No desktop btw.
It goes without saying if you need to travel.
Replies: >>183894
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>use artix
>want to use blender
>install it
>mfw pic related
>do pacman -Sy artix-keyring
>still have the same problem
Replies: >>183834 >>183845
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>signature from [...]@archlinux.org
You need both artix-keyring and artix-archlinux-keyring.
pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring artix-keyringIt should automatically get rid of old signatures and run the init and populate commands on the new ones, but if not you'll have to run those manually.
And if you haven't already, for artix-archlinux-keyring you need to enable the [Universe] repos. They moved it because it's not needed to run the OS itself anymore, but anyone who wants to actually use a lot of software now needs to do extra steps, fucking retards.
>Do you really need a 2k PC? Perhaps you do, but what are you going to use it for? What games you want to play (etc)?
I don't need anything, I don't even need a PC at all, I just want one to play all the games and I don't think I'm ever going to build a new PC again after that.
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Thanks, anons, the spirit in the machine is letting me use blender.
Replies: >>183879 >>184970
Replies: >>183884
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F to the man
S to the software
Replies: >>183885
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>starting to encounter meaningful programs that don't work properly on or support features for Win7
Yeah I feel ya. I chose to go with Windows 10 Ameliorated. Bit of a hassle to work around things but ultimately. it just werks and I'm not apart of windoze botnet10.
Replies: >>184340
Keep in mind when spec'ing out laptops or SoC/SBC desktops, that any part's supposed model name is roughly comparable to desktop parts a tier lower, due to thermal throttling, downclocking, or literally being different silicon. e.g., mobile 3080 is roughly on par with desktop 2080

Serious answer for anyone who may get saddled with modern crApple whether or not you run a normal OS on it: The hardware is sealed shut, taped, glued, and soldered together in ways many other makes of laptop still aren't, on top of which the latest models have individual subcomponents (from ribbon cables to BOOT DRIVES) cryptosigned to hardbrick if you try to swap or fix them.

The things are timebombs waiting to go off in your face unless you have free replacements from corporate and store all your files on external drives
My custom build PC died again and I don't have any extra parts to test which caused the failure. Meanwhile, my 10 year old dell laptop, which I teared down and broke the plastic so many times still works flawlessly to this day. Fuck PC. Go fuck yourself.
Replies: >>184337 >>184350
I will never ever listen to your pieces of trash ever again. To the general public, macbook is the epitome of quality and getting shit done. Go fuck yourself.
How did you get around updates?
I failed to block it, are there some written instructions you followed?
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Replies: >>189764
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Windows 10 is a lot like rape:
The more you struggle and fight against it, the worse it gets. If you really want to go through with it, you would have to give in and surrender completely. 
Your ego is dead, your privacy is null, and your hardware isn't yours.
Replies: >>184354
How did it die?
Replies: >>184351 >>184354
It just died. Was using it normally the day before, like 10 hours before.
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You aren't running AME like other anon. AME completely removes many parts of Windows, including the Windows Update automatic service, so that any desired updates must be installed manually (e.g.: via DISM).

If something as extreme as AME doesn't fit your use case, there are basically three other approaches:
<a) Block all known M$ IP#s in your router/VM/.hosts/etc. and hope you didn't miss any
<b) Do not give your Windows install NIC access at all
<c) Do like  >>184345 sez and let the full-on botnet happen. Just avoid doing anything sensitive with nor exposing any sensitive information to your Windows install.

>talking to it
If it's a troll, it's maybe 2/10 at best, needs more creativity. If it's not a troll, it will eventually learn appreciate the convenience of easily swapping out major hardware components for <1/4 the MSRP instead of struggling with finicky sealed craptops built out of nonstandard parts.
Replies: >>185371
Pick your poison my good man.

Check here for various info
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>friend's nu gaymer rig isn't working
>every time he plays Density 2 it crashes at either the menu or character select, other games have similar issues
>ok what error does it give you
<it just says "broccoli"
>this is an actual error thrown by Destiny 2 for GPU memory errors
it's like devs don't want their bugs to be fixed when they don't tell us what is actually happening, just some dumb codename that means nothing. he's already reinstalled Win11 several times and RMA'd his GPU, the only notes that came back with it were "Fixed OK". Reinstalled nYidia drivers several times. At this point I'm considering just putting him on 10 to see if that fixes it, unless there are any other solutions you can think of.
Tell him to stop playing shit games.
><it just says "broccoli"
I am going to kill all destiny devs and then myself, in that order.
like the bumblebee errors
nvidea names their drivers like this whats your problem retard
Replies: >>184703
Did nothing come up for the code name error? Considering how popular it is there should be someone else who got it, right?
It accomplishes nothing and makes niggers like you speak up when you should butt out of shit you don't understand.
>Reinstalled nYidia drivers several times
Did he use DDU (Wagnardsoft's Display Driver Uninstaller) each time, like everyone knows you should on Windows? Or was he silly enough to use the built-in uninstallers?
>unless there are any other solutions you can think of
After properly reinstalling the drivers, the next thing to rule out is hardware problems. Start by framecapping the game (e.g.: to 30 FPS) to decrease load, and downclocking the GPU (e.g.: to 80% of stock clocks), if that fixes it, crank them up a bit at a time until it starts crashing again.
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I know even the lowest end zen 3/4 cpu beats mine in single core, but I decided I wanted to overclock my rig, so I did, and reached my max clock of 4.55ghz in my 3950X @ 1.37v, along with RAM being 3800mhz 16-15-15-24cl timings and I'm very satisfied. Feels good man, feels very good. Still not enough to run sonic unleashed at a locked 100fps though, let alone 60 in the demanding areas
Replies: >>184969
Nice work anon. 
Here I haven't even picked out a background yet for my desktop yet.
How do you type on that thing?
Any recommendations for android anti-virus?
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Anon... what have you done?
Replies: >>185070
Nothing, just a precaution.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1500x1860) Reverse
Install a custom ROM, use some sort of firewall, remove gapps...thats about it
[Hide] (60.2KB, 256x233) Reverse
I'm gonna sound like an absolute poorfag i am and a slowpoke, but my god do NVME drives make a huge difference. I always thought SATA SSDs were fast enough, but these things are something else. I went to take a dump while winblows install was copying files to the fresh drive, and when i came back the computer was already in the setup, once i said no to everything i was in the desktop in roughly 2 minutes. My boot times went from 10-15 seconds to 5-10, shit's so fast i can't even see the BIOS screen anymore, it gets to the login screen faster than my monitor can pick up the signal, i gotta mash DEL on boot if i want to enter the BIOS now. I was able to move everything i had on my SATA SSD (80% full) to the NVME in roughly 5 minutes. And this was a budget PCIe 3.0 drive on a budget rig (B450/R5 3600), i don't even want to imagine how fast a PCIe 4.0 drive will be on a motherboard and CPU that will support its maximum speed.

I'm sorry, but i can no longer go back to my old 4TB WD Black, from now on i'll use the 1TB MX500 i've been using as a boot drive for games, and the 1TB P3 as a boot drive.
Replies: >>185147
Yeah platter drives are inadequate for anything but storage these days.
Replies: >>185155 >>185161
Not really. Larger drives means higher platter density and more platters which both mean more speed. Having multiple platters is like before SSD's when people would run a bunch of drives in RAID 0 for speed, except in one self-contained package. My largest drives are about as fast as my old SATA SSD's on sequential R/W and there are significantly larger drives on the market now.

Of course, if you are dumb enough to use wang10+ you're pretty much forced to use an SSD unless you want your system drive to be completely crippled by your OS doing constant random R/W 24/7 no exceptions.
Replies: >>185157
None of that matters though. A platter drive will always be limited by the fact that the read head needs to physically move to the data. It's simply obsolete technology.
Replies: >>185158 >>185187
Sure anon. Wake me up when a decent game even needs NVMe speeds and the price per TB has caught up.
outdated even for storage
old school magnetic tapes are still the industry standard for archives not retarded spinning disks
Replies: >>185187 >>185219
Your mom is obsolete technology.
If you actually used one you would know this is bullshit. The only advantages tapes have over platter drives is $/TB, cold storage guarantees and keeping all the moving parts in the drive. It continues to be the standard for backups because those three things are all you care about in backups. For online storage platter drives will be better until dotr happens and we get Superman holographic data crystals.
Replies: >>185189
Most of the people complaining about physical disks are the people who torrent all day several magnitudes of GBs to one drive, pushing the drives well beyond their limits even compared to data center use. And of course instead of actually storing the data they delete it and download it again 2 days late.
[Hide] (67.3KB, 600x662) Reverse
>Still running a i5-4690k + R9 290 PC from 2014
>Want to play some newer shit like RE:Village, War of Rights, Post Scriptum, etc. but they run like shit so I have to upgrade
>hmm, let's check the prices
>mid range GPUs in 2023 cost as much as a high-end GPU in 2014
What the fuck happened? I would have fucking upgraded back in 2016 if I knew things were going to become this cancer.
>What the fuck happened?
Have you been living under a rock? Lolrona and its money printing, manufacturers trying to artificially inflate prices and short supply, scalpers and even more inflation have fucked prices. In fact the current prices are almost low compared to what they were a year ago.
>want to play some newer shit
Don't. A 6500XT will be faster (and a lot cooler) than what you have and about $400 still, and it will play everything worth playing aka none of the garbage you just listed on high or max settings. There's also the used market which is slowly approaching sanity now that crypto has been jewicided and almost everyone who was willing to pay scalper prices to upgrade already has.
Replies: >>185208 >>185219
never forget the 6 trillion holocough (march 2020, havent bothered looking at the total spending now the 6 tells you everything)
a trillion is a million times a million btw
thats 1e12 btw
or 1 million per day for 2740 years btw
There's good deals still, if you only wanna spend about $200 you could get a RX 590/1080 Ti off ebay, although the bottleneck will be insane, even with the fastest CPU your MOBO can use.

If you can afford it, get a MSI B550, a Ryzen 5600 (3600 is cheaper but way slower, 5600X is slightly faster but tends to cost $50 more and runs way hotter) and two 8GB RAM sticks at 3200/3600 MHz, you can reuse your case and PSU if you feel they're still in good shape, although these two are not too expensive (a corsair 4000D for $90 and a EVGA supernova 750 for $100 are good choices), as for your GPU you can go with any of the above or a RX 6600 if you can get it for about $250, 6600 XT and 6650 XT are way too expensive for what they offer, and you can no longer get a 6700 XT for $450.
>6500 XT
You mean that one card with no h264 encoding and gimped lanes that is only slightly faster than a 1650 yet costs more than twice as much?
Replies: >>185209 >>185224
Anon should just straight up ignore the Ryzen 5600X. It gives like 3 frames more in very demanding vidya for extra $50. It's straight up a scam.
>old school magnetic tapes are still the industry standard for archives not retarded spinning disks
Sure, but when consumer tape formats died in the early '00s, the industry used that as a pretext to kill helical scan, consolidate entirely around LTO, and crank prices to the squeaking point.

As a result, current-gen tapes cost more than HDD per TB unless you bulk order them by the dozens, and drives are THOUSANDS of dollars. But enterprise users don't mind, because the tape manufacturers' massive profit margins allow special directly negotiated orders to always undercut HDDs by just enough.

Oh, what's that, you also want something almost as cheap as tape, and even more reliable, but random-access like HDD and almost as fast? Too bad! BDXL-RE MSRPs are pricier than SSDs, and their enterprice-targeted derivative (ODA) has the same deliberately impassible two-tiered pricing structure as tape.

Unless you have personal connections with the IT department of a Cloud Computing™ megacorp, the only affordable option for personal data hoarders is a NAS full of HDDs.

>the used market which is slowly approaching sanity now that crypto has been jewicided and almost everyone who was willing to pay scalper prices to upgrade already has
This is the actual answer. Used is presently 1/2 to 1/4 the price of new for most GPUs.
Replies: >>185262
You're right, I was thinking that the 6500XT was the cheapest ungimped RDNA2 card and the 6400 was the literal laptop GPU slapped onto a PCIe card to exploit the crypto bubble.
Replies: >>185231
Its time to buy a new computer in blackfriday.
That GPU is a piece of shit too, the only good thing about the 6400 is that is only 1 slot. So, if anon wants to buy the cheapest newest AMD GPU, it should be the RX 6600. But it would be better to buy used, if he doesn't make a bad roll and gets an used GPU from a crypto miner nigger that used a hose to clean the GPUs with water.
Replies: >>185255 >>185380
>make a bad roll and gets an used GPU from a crypto miner nigger that used a hose to clean the GPUs with water
Many sellers on used sites offer no-questions-asked 90-day returns, or you can buy a cheap 2-4-year 3rd-party warranty . That's on top of the 1-month returns for items not matching description on all items by the site itself (e.g.: eBay, Amazon Marketplace), taxes/fees/shipping both ways included. Also, many items on those sites aren't even used, but refurb or new listed by the manufacturer, with OEM warranty intact.
>As a result, current-gen tapes cost more than HDD per TB
And this is why SMR is the default backup media for little people.
>But enterprise users don't mind, because
Tax write-offs and government contracts. If you have a tax bill coming, you're better off spending what you would spend on those taxes on expensive hardware.
Replies: >>185269
Bad news: That will fuck you up if you allow the drive to pretend it's PMR supporting conventional FSs

Good news: Using certain FSs (F2FS, ZFS, Btrfs) when correctly configured, and an HDD with firmware supporting host-managed drivers, it will work properly and save some cash.

>Tax write-offs and government contracts
That too, but the prices negotiated at those scales really do undercut HDD, though still not as much as they would under genuine competition. Another example of the same obtuse pricing structure is the latest generation of multi-socket ARM server hardware (e.g.: ThunderX3, AmpereOne, Neoverse 2) abandoning sales to the general public, in favor of bespoke chips that compete solely against internal hyperscaler CPUs (e.g.: Amazon Graviton, Google Tensor).
Replies: >>185371 >>185374
Is this photo real? How will they deal with accidental data loss?
What's the OpenWRT equivalent of SImpleWall? im a newfag here and just want to do it on the ISP level rather than messing up system files

kek this reminds of that one guy who spent hours troubleshooting the virtIO drivers on plebbit same exact compatibility hell because he accidentally selected the newer version for win7 guest expecting it to work

>SMR pretends to be CMR drive
Same i also got a 4tb drive as well some articles say that these units tend to write them transparently undetectable to the OS
How do i get the drive to unhide its SMR features for my jewbuntu system i just want it to work with proper drivers not some firmware hackery
I already formatted it with ext4 do i need to wipe it again just to disable the default CMR mode?
Replies: >>185373
[Hide] (59.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
>Is this photo real?
Anon that's an obvious shop.
Replies: >>185379
>That will fuck you up if you allow the drive to pretend it's PMR supporting conventional FSs 
What? Just treat it like tape.
tar -czf /path/to/drive /path/to/files
>replying to the soyjak nigger
The 66XX were trash at mining, people were even trading these cards for the 5600/5700 line, the reason there are a lot of 6600 on the used market is because it was the only good card you could buy for cheap (read: $400 to $500) during COYID, once that shit died down and crypto crashed hard everyone upgraded ASAP and these cards flooded the market ($350+), so everyone with a brain bought a RX 480/580 for $200 instead. Then AMD released the 6650 XT, which was a good 10% faster than the already cheap 6600 XT (itself 10% faster than the RX 6600), for $400, and it made the 6600 even more worthless.

These days you can get one for ~$250 and it's an excellent deal because it's roughly on par with a 1080 Ti while drawing much less power and being much newer. Get one while you still can, because people are going to seek these out in a couple years much like they did the RX 480/580.
[Hide] (5.4MB, 2322x4128) Reverse
[Hide] (3.6MB, 2322x4128) Reverse
[Hide] (2.9MB, 4128x2322) Reverse
[Hide] (3.2MB, 4128x2322) Reverse
bumping with some OC gore from my previous job that i posted in local terrorist's stream yesterday
Replies: >>185474
in order
>dried cat piss on macbook, other guy cleaned it spotless with alcohol but it was too late
>boomer that wanted to destroy the data on his old PC, so he thought the best way to go about this was to rip the socket, CPU, and heatsink from the board and cut some random power cables. drives were untouched
>brilliant display of HP's battery quality control
>hoorah marine thinking he knows how to build a PC, screwed down the NVMe without the riser. it still worked.
Replies: >>185475
Was the computer full of CP?
Replies: >>185479
no it was full of dust and cobwebs
Anybody knows if simplix is still working?
I tried dragging and dropping the W7 Enterprise ISO on it and it wont recognize it.
[Hide] (333.4KB, 563x999) Reverse
Never a Better Time to Upgrade with Radeon™ Graphics
AMD's Own Marketing Admits Radeon RX 7900 GPUs Can Lag in Value
>An AMD marketing effort to pump up its graphics cards has perhaps inadvertently pointed out that the newly launched Radeon RX 7900 GPUs can offer lackluster value compared to the last-generation products.
>This week, AMD published a blog post(Opens in a new window) urging consumers to buy a Radeon GPU. The blog post did so by comparing the frames per second (FPS) across both the Radeon RX 7900 series and last generation’s Radeon RX 6000 line. 
>It’s no surprise that the Radeon RX 7900 XTX and 7900 XT cards can offer the highest FPS rates at the highest resolutions. But AMD took things a step further by creating a graph that shows the FPS per dollar for each graphic card.
>The results show the RX 7900 XTX and 7900 XT lagging behind the older Radeon RX 6000 series when it comes to this metric. According to the graph, the midrange Radeon RX 6700 XT offers the best FPS-per-dollar value, given its $369 street price.
Replies: >>186044 >>186055
I've heard that it was intentional to sell all the 6000 series stock they've got laying out.
Replies: >>186045
Maybe, but the damn things are way to expensive for what they do.
Fuck i'm jealous of these prices, here the RX 6750 XT is $700 (shipping costs included), and it's definitely not worth the extra $350 compared to the $350 RX 6650 XT, which itself is a bit overpriced, still damn good value considering it can put out 60fps on high-ultra settings at 1440p on many recent titles.
[Hide] (1MB, 520x375) Reverse
I'm tired of running out of memory on my Linux install during playing more demanding vidya, even with zstd-compressed zram configured at more than half of my RAM.
>Ryzen 7 5700X
>16gb DDR4 3600 MT/s CL18
>B550 with ALC1200, because I'm tired of ALC887's random audio crackles and disortions
>some budget 1 TB NVMe SSD at ~3000 MB/s read/write speed.
Would this suffice my ~$400 budget for emulating PS3/Switch (and maybe PS4 in the near future), or do I need to change anything? For reference my current setup consists of:
>GTX 1060 3GB
>8gb DDR4 2133
>ASRock 110M-HDV
Replies: >>186503 >>186505
Is there even a working PS3 emulator?
Replies: >>186506
AFAIK rpcs3 and yuzu devs are optimizing for intel due to avx12 support, but ((( they ))) removed it completely via a BIOS update and then by manufacturing newer batches with said feature disabled from the get go, so unless you're willing to hunt down a brand new MOBO and alder lake CPU from early 2021 i would go with a cheaper R5 5600 instead, as the only ryzens with avx12 support are the 7900 series. Since you're a linuxfag it might be worth selling your current GPU and use the $50-$100 you saved on the CPU to buy a RX 6600, or hell, even a RX 580.
>AFAIK rpcs3 and yuzu devs are optimizing for intel due to avx12 support, but (((  they  ))) removed it completely via a BIOS update and then by manufacturing newer batches with said feature disabled from the get go, so unless you're willing to hunt down a brand new MOBO and alder lake CPU from early 2021 i would go with a cheaper R5 5600 instead, as the only ryzens with avx12 support are the 7900 series.
Yeah, I know all that, but the DDR5 motherboards cost almost as much as a budget GPU, and they're not gonna drop in price any time soon.
>Since you're a linuxfag it might be worth selling your current GPU and use the $50-$100 you saved on the CPU to buy a RX 6600, or hell, even a RX 580.
I was considering exactly that and buying a used RX 580, because the RX's 6600 price is out of reach for me for now, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea, since I could be buying some cryptotard's used up piece of junk instead. That's one of the reasons why I even thought about the R7 5700X. The second reason was savings on electrical bills. Of course the 5700X won't benefit much in newer vidya (which I don't even play that often), but the higher clock speeds will help in older CPU-starved single-core games.
Replies: >>186524
Why would they get rid of an instruction set?
Replies: >>186519 >>186520
According to Intel, Alder Lake's E-cores weren't able to handle AVX-512 well. This might be just one huge bullshit, because AMD wanted to charge a lot more money for it, but I did seen the early benchmarks of Alder Lake CPUs and they indeed had frametime issues in games when compared to AMD's CPUs.
Nobody used it except RPCS3, HPC applications and people who were bribed by Shintel to make AMD chips perform worse.
Replies: >>186521
Is it normal for a new instruction set to gain widespread adoption in just a few years? It obviously has applications if it improves performance in emulators.
Replies: >>186522
AVX512 has been around for about 10 years. The problem is it's basically a power virus with how much silicon it lights up at once, meaning the CPU is forced to downclock to avoid melting itself, which means programs that want to use both AVX and scalar code at the same time (read: all of them outside of a few very narrow applications like physics sims) and up being slower than using AVX256. AMD got around this by just running the 256-bit logic twice, which isn't significantly faster than regular AVX but at least doesn't make the rest of your code slower.
[Hide] (335.9KB, 960x960) Reverse
You don't need a DDR5 board though? A B660 and a 12400F are as cheap as a B550 and a 5600.
>used RX 580
Go for it, they're $100 everywhere i look. The 6600 costs slightly more than twice, but it's worth it. If you don't mind dealing with a notoriously problematic card there's also the 5700 XT, ranging from $150 to $200, and you don't have to get it from ebay, aliexpress has them for $160-ish but they're either pink or purple with a anime girl on the backplate.
[Hide] (274KB, 360x360, 00:06)
>AliExpress GPU
it'd be a smarter idea to buy penis enlargement pills off of wish
Replies: >>186530
[Hide] (109.7KB, 1456x893) Reverse
Anon, we're not in 2010 anymore, aliexpress can get shit to your doorstep within two weeks regardless of country (amazon takes 2 to 5 days just to ship shit from one state to another) and the refund process is easier and faster than amazon's, let's say the 5700 XT you ordered came with a slightly bent bracket, you get your money back while keeping the card.

Maxsun and yeston are well known brands in china and they've been making animu GPUs since forever, latest one was the 7900 XTX.
[Hide] (857.1KB, 1400x5552) Reverse
>trusting the chinese
Replies: >>186532 >>187341
I trust them more than bezos, i've bought plenty of shit from them and i've never been chinked, even with $1 items.
fuck off xi hao shang, no amount of cock teasing will get me to buy your yellow gpus
Replies: >>186535
Then get it from ebay? All i'm saying is that while the RX 580 is still perfectly fine these days, it's worth spending a little more for a 6600/5700 XT.
>You don't need a DDR5 board though?
I meant the newest Ryzen CPUs that need an AM5 socket. I think I'll just save money and buy the next upcoming budget AMD GPU at some point, since it I'll have better support for AI-generated monster girl drawings, as well as hardware AV1 encoding.
[Hide] (70.6KB, 640x480) Reverse
>you buy cheap gpu gwailo? only 3 years of 24/7 100% utilization in shitcoin farm, practically brand new!
Replies: >>186542 >>187341
[Hide] (1.3MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
Well, I manage to add more ram on my computer to an autistic 128GB, because its dirty cheap right now. Had some problems like sitting it correctly, to enabling some features in the BIOS to make it run, but thankfully at the end of the day it is running with no problems.
Replies: >>186542 >>186665
They're actually old stock, they also sell a $100 RX 6600 that is actually a repurposed laptop 6600M. Even if you do get a shitcoin GPU you can just refund it, again sometimes you even get to keep the item if they didn't specific it was a miner card.
4x32GB? And here i thought my 4x8GB 3200MHz was too much. Do you even use it? When i have money to spare i either upgrade my peripherals or storage.
>AFAIK rpcs3 and yuzu devs are optimizing for intel due to avx12 support
How big of a difference is between a cpu with avx12 vs one that doesn't have it?
>Do you even use it?
Its for blender and VMs.
Replies: >>186564
If you think you aren't getting scammed buying directly from chinks it's because you just haven't realized it yet.
>too much
That's just enough to run a browser these days. I yearn for the days when I could go entirely without page/swap but I'd probably have to go overkill like 128gb-anon if I want to do that again.
Stop using jewgle and leaving 50 tabs open for days on end. I have 16GB and don't use more than half of it outside of something crashing really badly or the occasional AAAshit.
Replies: >>186557 >>186652
[Hide] (13.8KB, 732x59) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1245x812) Reverse
>That's just enough to run a browser these days
>have two shitty monitors using hdmi and vga
>3 tabs open
>one with a video playing and the other for shit posting
What the hell are you using?
Replies: >>186549 >>186557
[Hide] (85KB, 666x960) Reverse
>10 tabs open in Unjewgled Chromium
>idling at 1.6GB
maybe you're just bad at setting up computers
I was exaggerating a bit but I can hardly run the hundreds of tabs I used to on a system with half the RAM and no page file. Maybe 10-15 constantly active tabs and a few unloaded on top of normal browsing in unjewgled-chromium with restarts every few days. I ran Palememe a few years ago because it used less memory but it got more and more unstable the more it differentiated itself from Firefox.
The worst games in my experience aren't AAA but, much like browsers, games running on engines with broken garbage collection like Unity and to a lesser degree managed languages in general.
>That's just enough to run a browser these days.
What? I have 65 tabs open in Qutebrowser, 45 tabs open in ungoogled chromium and 63 tabs in Brave and if I deduct the size of my zfs ARC I am at about 20Gigs of RAM usage.
>tab hoarders
Get help
Replies: >>186561 >>186562
but muh threads
But some of my tabs are from before the coof-times, they'll be worth something at some point just you watch.
>How big of a difference is between a cpu with avx12 vs one that doesn't have it?
It depends.
Replies: >>186581 >>186593
>my cpu has AVX2 support
Well, I can emulate, I just need to buy a fucking gpu card.
Replies: >>186594
those instructions make the cpu downclock (on instruction) and slow down every other port thats not executing autism instructions 
thats why incel abandoned it thers no point being able to do 50% more of the vector instructions when every other scalar instruction that executes along side is slowed down, 512 is an idiotic size and incel have the compatibility tism so there has to be 31 of these ovens never going to work and if it does its literally just seconds before the shit throttles down and whatever gains you thhink you got are lost when you start doing normal instructions
AVX2 is something different and more common.
[Hide] (437.9KB, 1432x825) Reverse
AMD is ‘undershipping’ chips to keep CPU, GPU prices elevated
>So why aren’t CPU and GPU prices falling too? In a call with investors Tuesday night, CEO Lisa Su confirmed that AMD has been “undershipping” chips for a while now to balance supply and demand
>“We have been undershipping the sell-through or consumption for the last two quarters,” Su said, as spotted by PC Gamer. “We undershipped in Q3, we undershipped in Q4. We will undership, to a lesser extent, in Q1.”
>“We’re continuing to watch each and every day in terms of the sell-through that we’re seeing,” Nvidia CFO Colette Kress said to investors in November. “So we have been undershipping. We have been undershipping gaming at this time so that we can correct that inventory that is out in the channel.”
AMD and Nvidia kiking, surprising noone.
Replies: >>186621 >>186622
Maybe on windows, i was getting by just fine on a X220 running linux with just a 2x4GB setup, but to be fair i never have more than 20 tabs open at a time, even on my desktop computer. If you're the kind of person who has 100+ tabs open at all times instead of just bookmarking everything important, i suggest you use tab session manager and auto tab discard.
Didn't the 5900X retail at $500? This is a $100 increase, is it the 3D cache? Regardless, why would anyone buy this shit when a X570, 5800X3D and 32GB of DDR4 3600MHz RAM will cost them less than a equivalent AM5 MOBO and DDR5 RAM alone?
Replies: >>186629 >>186650
>a corporation wants to earn money
I am truly shocked.
Replies: >>186626 >>187341
The funny thing is nyidia is actually in the more defensible position here, since they massively overproduced for the crypto bubble as it burst and the distributors were fucking pissed because they had bought warehouses full of crap that they would then be forced to dump at pennies on the dollar. Rumor has it Ingram Micro (distro for every big box store left in the US and a lot of online sellers, Micro Center is their retail outlet) demanded they do something to sell down the remaining stock of Turing cards or any Ada shipments would be left to rot on the docks. Meanwhile the narrative with AMD was always that they were selling everything they could make.
>why would anyone buy this shit
What is it anon? You don't want to consume the new shiny thing?
How will you dab on the poorfags if you don't have the best shti?
[Hide] (4KB, 1788x8) Reverse
I leave way too many tabs open but 2x4+2x8 is enough to play vidya and have a ramdisk mounted, all at the same time. Maybe just don't use a modern OS.
Since were talking about browsers should i stick to the snap version of ungoogled chromium or force install the normal deb version? What's the difference between the two? And why does firefox use snap as well by default on jewbuntu?
Can somebody tell me the advantages of snap? Help me decide i dunno if the former will eat up more ram and why are there weird loop devices on lsblk?
brokedick systemdicks-dependent piece of shit that doesn't even work. use appimages instead.
Replies: >>186664
also install this to make appimages integrate with the system better
Fuck im so jealous man where the hell did you buy so much ram? I really need some ddr5 for newer shintel processors
>its for VMs
same here pal but with wangblows guests instead also my config is just 2x32 ddr4
Replies: >>186668
>where the hell did you buy so much ram?
www.newegg. com/g-skill-64gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820374003?Item=N82E16820374003
Bought a pack when it was 250 shekels, then another pack when it was 150 shekels.
Anything to watch out for when buying multi-mode fiberoptic cables?
Replies: >>186825
You're unironically better off asking questions like that on a place like servethehome. As a rule anons don't have the means or need for anything beefier than 2.5GbE over twisted pair. Most I can tell you is make sure whatever you get is bend-insensitive and to avoid chinky SFP+ modules as I've heard they have a bad habit of melting whatever enclosure they're in without having a fan blowing directly on them.
Snap is a piece of shit that makes everything slower for no good reason. There's a reason why the Linux Mint guys completely removed from their distribution.
removed it*
Snap is basically an attempt to recreate the windows installer method of installing programs to your computer because the terminal and package managers are 2spooky for normies. The only reason I would use it is if theres literally no option in the repo for your distro including adding a new source and you're unwilling or too retarded to install from source code.
While we're on the subject of RAM
I'd heard that early Zen CPUs were badly hobbled by bad RAM. How important are RAM throughput/latency to Zen 2/3?

Anon, literally everything in your computer is chingchong, just cut out the middleman.

I don't think colluding to fix prices with your sole "competitor" in your de-facto duopoly sector for massive inflation while lying about doing it for years, then continuing to do that when every one of your supposed justifications evaporated, counts as "earning" money.

>should i stick to the snap version of ungoogled chromium or force install the normal deb version?
Install via your package manager, always. In the case of Ubuntu, you'll have to add Google's APT repo manually:
NEVER use pseudo-containerization such as Snap if you can possibly help it, also avoid manually installing Debs or from source manually because it's a pain in the ass to update a bazillion things by hand and your system will become an outdated dumpsterfire.
>why does firefox use snap as well by default on jewbuntu?
Because Ubuntu's creator, Canonical, is attempting to kill their APT package manager and related PPA system. That campaign might go upstream to Debian, so unless dissident forks like Mint can save APT, it might be best to jump ship to another distro family, such as OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.
>Can somebody tell me the advantages of snap?
It bypasses some compatibility issues on Linux for faster software releases to multiple versions of Linux, but it also causes more compatibility issues of its own, isn't secure, is extremely bloated, doesn't fix Linux's underlying "dependency hell" problem that BSD/MacOS/Windows/etc. all solved decades ago, and will ultimately destroy Linux if they become popular enough. Same for Flatpak & AppImage which are also 1000% cancer.

See the following thread: >>>/tech/4739
[Hide] (538.9KB, 720x720) Reverse
>this entire post
>that entire thread
AppImage is the least worst solution if you absolutely need to distribute a compiled binary that depends on anything other than libc and Mesa, but that's only for proprietary niggerware and jailbroken forks of shit with deliberately broken build systems like chromium.
Replies: >>187358
>AppImage is the least worst solution
Barf, that's worse than a chroot. Best solution is probably a cross-distro package manager that actually fixes the underlying problem, like Nix. But it isn't very popular at the moment.
>How important are RAM throughput/latency to Zen 2/3?
I haven't seen any restrictions on RAM for Zen3. The only thing I remember is that Zen3 gets a minor boost in performance if you use 4 sticks instead of 2.
Replies: >>187372
cpus look ahead for memory access and do a prefetch long before the memory is even needed, they do everything to avoid ram thats the whole point of the cache and if it has to get something from ram it takes an entire chunk instead of just one value just to avoid having to go back for something in the same region 
it hates ram so much it has a cache for the cache and another to share with friends just so they dont have to talk with that loser
Replies: >>187390
I think these are what anon is talking about, especially the first.

I vaguely recall a few things. Ryzen works better with fast ram due to infinity fabric. Another thing was Ryzen likes B-die ram. Something like that.
Replies: >>187418
[Hide] (40.2KB, 591x379) Reverse
did anyone benchmark with apb disabled, using only 2 sticks could be tripping a shitty algorithm
You heard wrong, early zen CPUs (Zen, Zen+, Zen 2) worked just fine with slow RAM (ie 2666MHz), but Zen 3 and Zen 4 are way different, a 5800X3D using 3200MHz RAM (the bare minimum for a decent machine) can see up to a 20% increase in performance by simply moving to 3600MHz RAM and up, latency matters a lot as well, for 3600MHz you want CL18, otherwise 3200MHz CL16 can outperform it while costing less, then there's the matter of dual channel and dual rank, ideally you'd buy RAM kits, as buying one stick today then another the next week can't guarantee you'll be getting identical sticks (to enable dual channel/rank, however Zen 2 was special in that using different RAM sticks can cause your CPU to shit itself and refuse to boot up), even if they're the exact same brand, model and have the same specs.
Replies: >>188084
>their APT package manager
Nigger, apt is Debian.
Ubuntu is based on Debian.
[Hide] (158.7KB, 640x640) Reverse
Is there any reason my 1070 max q wont boost in W7? The drivers seem to be functioning. Just gimped compared to on Linux
Replies: >>187853 >>187922
   have you try turn off and turn on
thenk you for query
Replies: >>187856
[Hide] (256.9KB, 680x652) Reverse
Funny thing is if I reset the video renderer or whatnot while its running the frames do pick back up for a while.
Motherboard Shipments Plummet by Ten Million Units in 2022: Report
Taiwan motherboard brands see drastic decline in combined shipments in 2022
[Hide] (49.7KB, 1110x430) Reverse
>le epic gaymur lappy
The guide for the final (474.11) W7 driver version's control panel sez there should be a control exactly like the current proprietary Linux driver's "PowerMizer" control, which should be set to "prefer maximum performance" when you're ready for your notebook to roast your nuts.

If it works like the Linux driver, that setting should almost immediately lock the GPU's graphics/memory/processor to their full stock clocks until you choose another setting. Other more dynamic settings may be adequate depending on how well behaved your applications are.
Replies: >>187926
>The guide for the final (474.11)
Yeah that one doesn't work at all, I'm using 471.11
Replies: >>187950
>that one doesn't work at all
Update your driver, update your OS to 6.1.7601.24499.
Replies: >>188049
What's a good optically clear adhesive for repairing anti-semitic CFW'd phones with removeable batteries and no DRM installed on the digitizer?
Does it have to cure via UV?
Replies: >>187997
[Hide] (187.3KB, 892x892) Reverse
gorilla glue fix everything
Replies: >>187998
drink my gorilla goo
Replies: >>188051
[Hide] (288.7KB, 2048x1773) Reverse
But I already used simplix and SDI.
Is there something else I'm missing?
Replies: >>188070 >>188074
gorilla poo
Replies: >>188131
>Is there something else I'm missing?
Look at your computer properties and see what version Windows reports itself as. For GPU drivers in particular, it may be necessary to run Wagnardsoft DDU before installing any.

To get back to your original problem, consulting the PDF guide for your older 471.11 Windows driver, it lists the same control I described. Does adjusting it cause your GPU to reclock itself as intended?
Replies: >>188843
>Is there something else I'm missing?
An actual PC.
Replies: >>188075 >>188843
Hopefully anon has some practical reason to use a notebook
>can see up to a 20% increase in performance by simply moving to 3600MHz RAM and up
Thanks for letting me know this.
I was going to start buying the parts for a ~250$ upgrade and was looking at cheaper ram to stay within budget.
gorilla jew
AMD Has Not Released A New Radeon Driver For RDNA 2 “Radeon RX 6000” GPUs In 2 Months
AMD Software Adrenalin 23.2.1 Released: Finally Updates for RX 6000 Series and Older
>The drivers also introduce IREE compiler using MLIR interface on Vulkan, and a handful of new Vulkan API extensions. The drivers also catch up on the past two months of optimizations that were only released for the RX 7000 series
>Known Issues
>Application crash may be observed while opening Premium Gold Packs in EA SPORTS FIFA 23.
[Hide] (249.6KB, 722x960) Reverse
[Hide] (273.9KB, 720x960) Reverse
[Hide] (208.5KB, 720x960) Reverse
[Hide] (120.8KB, 792x485) Reverse
PSA: Corrosion Happening on ASUS ROG Z690 Formula VRM Block, Company Remains Silent
>While the board has reached end-of-life status at ASUS internally, the company's customers are only just starting to face problems. The board's unique selling point is that it comes with an optional CrossChill EK III hybrid VRM thermal solution, which is effectively a waterblock for your VRMs to keep them cool at all times. Based on ASUS's official advertisement of "nickel-plated" and EK's involvement, everybody assumed that the material used is nickel-plated copper, but it turns out it's something different, most probably nickel-plated aluminium.
>Mixing metals in a watercooling loop is a bad idea and will result in galvanic corrosion from the different electrochemical potential of the metals.
>>183123 (OP) 
>tfw my keyboard is starting to look like that
I really wish I didn't get so autistically attached to my possessions.
the blocks are still there and will be for the next century, has zero impact on them sucking up heat 
pointless soy bitching
Replies: >>188356 >>188357
Wrong that shit will start to clog the fins and other small sections
[Hide] (4.5MB, 490x360, 00:30)
>This can result in the block etching off and flakes/chunks getting in the loop to create an increasingly worse reaction with the coolant used. This can lead to blocked channels and even pump failure due to the corroded materials jamming the impeller.
Replies: >>188363
come back when it happens you naive autist, ill be at b9, 22nd mollusc avenue, mars
Replies: >>188363 >>188364
meant for  ^
stop range banning
Replies: >>188364
[Hide] (133.5KB, 1270x900) Reverse
Point is when you have anything built to squirt water around inside your electronics, you need that perfectly tight.
[Hide] (4.9MB, 446x252) Reverse
>friend asks me to look at his gaymer PC
>running into random crashes, Nvidia errors, etc.
>he's tried just about everything, it all points to GPU issues
>RMA'd card, most likely all they did was take it out, poke around with it, then send it back saying it was OK because everything is still broke
>apparently the whole line of 3080s have had capacitor/power issues
He's now asking me for help on what card I suggest. I don't play modern vidya and haven't researched anything since I built my rig four years ago. I am inclined to suggest an RX 6800, any other ideas?
Rest of his specs:
>Ryzen 9 5900X
>MSI RX 3080 12GB
>AORUS something motherboard (I warned against it but it was too late)
Used 3090 :^)
>Mixing metals in a watercooling loop is a bad idea and will result in galvanic corrosion from the different electrochemical potential of the metals.
This is because all these water cooling fags want clear loops.
Just get some Dowfrost HD and follow the instructions.
Replies: >>188531
[Hide] (3.5KB, 429x212) Reverse
>tiny metal flakes rolling around in mechanical parts isn't a problem
Replies: >>188534
[Hide] (409.2KB, 805x714) Reverse
Why are seals so cute?
Proper coolants have an effective corrosion inhibitor package as well as anti-microbial additives.
I run dowfrost HD in shitty chink loops with bare copper and aluminium, yet have none of the corrosion problems water cooling fags have.
[Hide] (36.5KB, 540x253) Reverse
my friend might be wrong, just played through a whole level of Density 2 without any issues. maybe it was a level he already played before and he was drastically overleveled but it was really fucking easy, final boss was something like "Queztocoatl Rrajigar, Eighth Shepherd of the Dark Herds of Murderous Darkness through Eternal Salvation" or something like that but after a dozen point blank railgun and shotgun blasts he was kill. Halo-style health regeneration made fights easy as long as you don't rush out like a retard. Am I just this good at vidya or is modern vidya just bad?
If you really want to help him then uninstall all the shitty games like that he has and put some real vidya on that PC.
Replies: >>188539
it's a clean install, destiny 2 is all that's on there. he has lots of other vidya though
[Hide] (5.2MB, 640x360, 01:12)
>>AORUS something motherboard (I warned against it but it was too late)
Is there something bad about AORUS motherboards?  I bought one a while ago and haven't gotten around to installing it, but it seemed fine and I didn't hear about any endemic problems.
>Am I just this good at vidya or is modern vidya just bad?
Destiny and Destiny 2 are based on theme park MMO mechanics which ensures you cannot lose if you are high enough level and you cannot win unless you have grinded enough.  They literally use psychological tricks (beyond the usual "numbers going up makes people feel good") to make their players into addicts and wireheads.
Replies: >>188576
If he was able to prove that his card was malfunctioning and they accepted to RMA it then it's illegal for them to just send it back as it is, they should have either refunded the purchase or sent a new one, tell your friend to pester them until they give him a new one, then sell it on ebay for $600 or so. Anyway, if your friend was cool with spending 1k on a 3080 i'm going to assume he bought it last year then i doubt he'd see anything wrong with a ~$700 6950 XT, this thing trades blows with the 7900 XTX and the 4090 while costing way, way less.
>AORUS something motherboard
What is wrong with this, exactly? I had an Aorus B450 Pro Wifi for the longest time, then i upgraded to a MSI X570 Gaming Edge because it was bundled with a 5700X3D, and it never gave me any issues, for comparison the Asrock B550M Steel Legend i bought first just fucking died after three months of use and i wasn't able to refund it on amazon, i never got any response from Asrock either, so i lost $200 on that shit and swore to never buy from them ever again.
Replies: >>188576
From what I remember Aorus was only a step above Biostar for budget-tier motherboards. I've always bought MSI and had no issues with them, after the first motherboard I bought (Assrock) died a few months after I bought it.
As for the RMA, it came back with a note saying "Tested OK" which didn't answer any questions and means they probably just put it through their basic bitch stress testing to filter out the "we don't want to fix this" cards that come in.
[Hide] (38.2KB, 326x251) Reverse
>running into random crashes
What are the odds of being the PSU not being able to handle the retarded spikes of power the 3080 pulls sometimes?
What PSU is he using?
>my friend might be wrong, just played through a whole level of Density 2 without any issues
OK, now I know it must be the PSU that can't handle the gpu.
[Hide] (29.5KB, 200x193) Reverse
Have you two tried physical process of elimination?

Swap each major component of the misbehaving PC, piece by piece, into another known-good PC, and use appropriate stress bench software (e.g., for the GPU, use FurMark for a few minutes to test your cooler, and Unigen for a couple hours for sustained performance, watching for overheating, visual glitches, or crashes) on both PCs to isolate the malfunctioning component.
[Hide] (32.4KB, 500x627) Reverse
Still doing testing, it's playing every game without any issues whatsoever. All I've done was install the Novidya drivers with a clean install. Destiny 2 plays fine, Ready or Not plays fine open door, die instantly, such fun, wow, the only other "fix" I've done was convert his disk to GPT so I could enable UEFI. There's not a damn thing wrong with this PC. I'll take it back to his place this weekend and see if there's some environmental issue with it, maybe he has something hooked up wrong, no idea.
Replies: >>188886
[Hide] (87.3KB, 886x720) Reverse
[Hide] (8MB, 05:47)
After rerunning simplix and meddling with both main and gpu power options it seems like boositng was working fine.
I'm just retarded.
Thanks for the help anon.
Have something I recently dug out from my old rig.
Fuck you I wanna do that so bad but I have to keep moving because of this shitty job.
>only other "fix" I've done was convert his disk to GPT so I could enable UEFI
Microsoft included "bugs" that purposely  crashed his machine because UEFI wasn't enabled.
[Hide] (780KB, 1905x3532) Reverse
[Hide] (392.3KB, 600x600) Reverse
Where are the AMD, RX 7800, RX 7700, and RX 7600 GPUs? well they’re delayed to 618
>The high stock that is currently in place, despite the fact that shipments were low, is the perfect scenario so that neither AMD, nor NVIDIA, nor Intel are in a hurry to launch new models, in short, they are not sold. Could But then where are the PC’s RX 7800, RX 7700 and RX 7600? Because barring the last two, the first one should arrive as soon as possible to cover the RTX 4070 in sales… or maybe not.
>Therefore, both the RX 7800, as well as the RX 7700 and RX 7600 on PC, will arrive at a very close and specific point, event 618, to be specific. And what exactly is it? It is one of the biggest e-commerce events in China in the first half of the year and usually takes place between April and June each year.
>There is a lot of speculation about the cause to this date, with possible problems with the Navi 32 and Navi 33 chips also speculated to be due to poor performance, which will have to be compensated for by, it is claimed, very well optimized drivers and , perhaps, with higher frequencies and consumption.
The wait continues.
Is there a reason to buy the new shit? I mean feature wise, I know that the new AMD CPUs give a nice boost in emulation, but what about GPUs?
delayed to 618? when is that? is that like a new calendar standard?
Replies: >>189117
[Hide] (155.9KB, 471x440) Reverse
Why are you thirsting after overpriced and untested hardware?
It should bring down the prices on the 6700 XT/6800 XT
Replies: >>189134
Speaking of new GPUs, haven't newer started implementing checks that prevent them from running on anything before wangblows 10? I remember hearing about something like that years ago, but it may have just been rumors.
>Is there a reason to buy the new shit? I mean feature wise, I know that the new AMD CPUs give a nice boost in emulation, but what about GPUs?
New AMD GPUs will have AI acceleration, AV1 hardware encoding support, and maybe better ray-tracing performance.
Replies: >>189117 >>189118
[Hide] (617KB, 4093x2894) Reverse
Its a the chink version of black friday.
>AI acceleration
>AV1 hardware encoding
Will there be a huge difference in performance between the 7000 vs 6000 gpus? I don't give a fuck about ray-tracing.
Replies: >>189168
new ones also have video game acceleration and graphics support maybe even render support
Aside from what >>189111 said about older models, if manufacturers swallow their pride and accept they will have to roll out new hardware before the old stock is anywhere close to clearing from channels at current MSRP, new models will drop back down to sane prices.
Replies: >>189192
>Will there be a huge difference in performance between the 7000 vs 6000 gpus?
I don't know, anon. The product is not out there yet. We'll all see once they finally come out and get properly reviewed.
>if manufacturers swallow their pride and accept they will have to roll out new hardware before the old stock is anywhere close
They will do everything they can to sell high, the goyim doesn't deserve mercy. Is it just me or there is a lot of news about the "dangers" on buying used GPUs?
Replies: >>189245 >>189283
[Hide] (36.6KB, 624x353) Reverse
I think they might not have a choice, it's still too large a part of their revenue to abandon. Nah, that's just consoomer sheeple consooming sheepishly like they always have: "oh noes, teh GPU I paid 1/4 of MSRP for failed after the 3-month return window expired, I guess I'll have to cry myself to sleep on the pile of money I saved even after buying another one.
Replies: >>189247
[Hide] (55.1KB, 1280x760) Reverse
Well, luckily the normalfags didn't consume the 4080 like good goys and since everybody and their mother have an upgraded computer in their home over the last 2 years, this blackfriday will be the perfect time to upgrade my R9 280.
[Hide] (142.1KB, 939x1080) Reverse
>The high stock that is currently in place, despite the fact that shipments were low, is the perfect scenario so that neither AMD, nor NVIDIA, nor Intel are in a hurry to launch new models, in short, they are not sold
Then why the fuck are they still priced at 2x MSRP?
Replies: >>189259 >>189274
[Hide] (235.5KB, 707x223) Reverse
Because professional bagholders still haven't given up on trying to cash out, even though the gaming market is essentially saturated. Also, what the hell are you trying to buy that's being scalped at 2x MSRP?
Replies: >>189263 >>189278
6700 xt because I wanted to try team red for once. I don't think I'll get a new gpu before the next cards hit the market.
Replies: >>189274
Like brand spankin new? I would wait for brandnew hardware and the bugs to be ironed out. That all depends on your mileage you think you are going to get out of it though. I just bought nicer stuff for once and will ride that out for years at this point which can be nice.
what graphics card should i get if i want to upgrade from a 1060 6gb? I want the card to be quiet.
Replies: >>189281 >>189282
[Hide] (640.5KB, 1385x749) Reverse
>Then why the fuck are they still priced at 2x MSRP?
Because they are kikes and they want to squeeze every drop of blood from the goys and so they will wait for the last second to give the goys a discount on gpus and it will sell like shit since the consumers already bought a 4090/7900XTX and any other potential customer already bought used cards from 2 or 3 generations old.
>6700 XT
Is that the one you want to buy? That shit is not at 2x MSRP, you ungreatful goy, how dare you! Why aren't you buying it right now!?
Once they finish releasing the 7000 series the 6700/6750 should get another "discount".
Replies: >>189328
[Hide] (202.2KB, 1920x1080, 00:01)
What is your budget and resolution you are using?
Amd has coil whine from my experience. To have to pay the nvidia markup if you don't want that though.
dunno about used cards, definitely  should be wary about "new" GPUs
If I were to get a 6950 XT would my Ryzen 7 2700 be a bottleneck?
[Hide] (134.3KB, 600x600) Reverse
ordered a nitro+ 6700 for 540 dollars
maybe not the best choice but i really want it because looking at noise tests it seemed to be the lowest of all and i value that. I also didnt want to buy a graphics card with the name "hell" or "devil" in it. I could have paid 50 bucks less for the same card but with a hell name or a something more noisy. Basically it was either between the hell name or nitro+.
Im just making excuses for overpaying. but still.
[Hide] (84.1KB, 400x297) Reverse
>I also didnt want to buy a graphics card with the name "hell" or "devil" in it
Replies: >>189362
[Hide] (70.2KB, 2000x800) Reverse
Oh and needless to say
>I could have paid 50 bucks less for the same card
Or under $300 used
Replies: >>189341
I dont want to own something that someone else has owned before. Thats what my current graphics card is and i dont like it. I want my original thing. Something that has belonged to me and me only.
Replies: >>189354
hmm now that i look at the same website i couldve gotten a 6750 nitro for 10 dollars more. And that would of atleast been at msrp. I cant cancel the order though.
Replies: >>189352 >>189358
if it hasn't shipped yet you can message the seller and ask them to cancel it, most of them will do so without question
Replies: >>189356
[Hide] (181.7KB, 481x511) Reverse
>I dont want to own something that someone else has owned before. Thats what my current graphics card is and i dont like it. I want my original thing. Something that has belonged to me and me only.
It was owned by the retailer before you. Before that it was owned by a distributor. Before that it was owned by an import/export company, and before that the manufacturer.
Replies: >>189358
well i did contact the company and they said they already packaged it so they cant cancel it. Whatever.
Replies: >>189358
[Hide] (126.9KB, 1200x1327) Reverse
Jesus H. Christ, anon you got robbed.
Is not the same, anon!
Replies: >>189360
[Hide] (3.4MB, 450x450, 00:40)
i live in europe. Its more expensive there. Im not just coping... 
the 6700 regular shit brands are at like 500 dollars. So i paid a little extra for this brand. So what? I dont feel ripped off. I didnt work for this money. This is neetbux.
Replies: >>189393
>t. listens to rock music unironically
Replies: >>189375
Is that the sapphire brand? I think you got the same one as me for around the same price. I snagged mine right when the prices dropped because I wasn't sure they were going to stay low.  It's worked for me so far. Has coil whine though sometimes.
Replies: >>189422
[Hide] (385.5KB, 1246x2714) Reverse
Only the Good™ stuff
Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, >>>/fascist/ is two doors down
Replies: >>189379
>shit nobody cares about as D&D replacement
>not Pendragon or MERP
You sicken me.
Nah /fascist/ is more interested in being LARPagans, though they may bond with /islam/ over their shared love of splitting toddlers in half with their dicks.
Replies: >>189385 >>189902
dragonraid looks pretty cool ngl
Only said that because if its one thing /fascist/ loves, its spitting on and actively hurting Christians rather than bonding with them. Kind of like Varg who would burn down churches all day but do nothing against mosques or temples.
Replies: >>189386
[Hide] (31.6KB, 431x502) Reverse
Pretty sure mosques and temples get burned for being foreign, not for hailing Odin the Dick-Sucker or whatever. In any case the point is irrelevant as the kind of christcucks responsible for all the "X but we put a cross and the word G-d on it" crap are the main reason why we haven't had a good holy war in ages and will be getting a one-way ticket to Sheol for that alone.
What are the recommended gpus brands? I have locked down into 3 options, 2 really, since ASUS is so fucking expensive, so I'm between XFX or Sapphire its nice that I can replace the fans without taking the whole card apart.
>This is neetbux.
You lucky cunt!
I always wanted to know if there was a tabletop rpg that wasn't full of pozzed shit.
Replies: >>189400 >>189463
XFX is good, I had one for years before it cooked to death but that's my fault. MSI tends to be the budget brand with jet turbines for fans and concerningly high operating temps. Sapphire should be good as well.
Replies: >>189420
Seconding XFX. When they RMA'd my card, they replaced it with one two generations newer.
>Is that the sapphire brand
>I think you got the same one as me for around the same price
atleast im not alone.
[Hide] (25.7MB, 1280x720, 02:07)
Replies: >>189436
Jesus Christ, how do you live with that boot time?
Replies: >>189444 >>189460
>2 minutes
Is not that bad.
it was slower than usual since I haven't used it in a while and it needed updates
Quick keyboard review (that nobody asked for)
Micro$oft Wired Keyboard 600  (it costs around 18€ or 20€)
The build quality sucks (I looked at some online reviews. Some units are defect and start inputting keys on its own). Thankfully the unit I got is fine. The keys  are also lacking solid feel. But on the plus side, the keyboard is quiet and it has  "special" keys (multimedia keys, keys for adjusting the volume and even a key for launching the calculator program. There are also some Windows specific keys that can be accessed using the Fn key). If you do not care about those extra keys, I recommend instead getting a cheap e.g. Logitech or other equivalent. I previously used some cheap HP OEM keyboard and it was much better (both the feel and build quality) than the M$ one (but it didn't have the "special" keys, unfortunately). 

>XFX or Sapphire
Both are good. Sapphire is considered the best manufacturer of AMD GPUs. Asus and MSI are also pretty good. I had bad experience with a GPU made by Gigabyte in the past.
Replies: >>189465
[Hide] (145KB, 220x159) Reverse
>rubber dome
Replies: >>189467 >>189476
Now you're going to get a swarm of rationalizing poorfags saying mechanical keyboards hurt their fingers and are too loud and cost $800.
Replies: >>189470
[Hide] (165.9KB, 1500x558) Reverse
what is it with keyboard autism, been using pic related for years without issue
Replies: >>189470
I mean, if you really want to be a lilting lace coifed faggot about keyboards, you should at least stabilize it with scissor action.

>i have spent my entire life on an exclusive diet of shit, why would anyone turn their nose up at shit?
Replies: >>189471
the difference is i've never paid for a keyboard in my life
Replies: >>189474
I guess the last PCs to come with mechanical keyboards were higher-end models in the mid-90s. Back when today's typical mushy rubber dome junk was a major step up from bare membrane keyboards most lower-end micros had built in.

But if you're scavenging old office keyboards, it isn't that hard to lay hands on disused PS/2 keyboards that are actually good.
I know. But I needed a cheap keyboard for my HP laptop which has even worse keyboard. What would you recommend for someone who is looking for a cheap keyboard?
Replies: >>189477 >>189482
dig through a dumpster outside an office park, you might even score one of those sweet office chairs if it's not covered in hobo piss
Hiw future proof is a 6900xt?
Replies: >>189492
Modern mechanical keyboards are a scam to part goyim from their money instead of spending an extra 5bux on making rubber-dome boards that aren't shit. Fun fact: the Model M, the keyboard reddit masturbates to, is a membrane keyboard. The spring is only there to provide counterforce (which a quality rubber dome does cheaper) and a clickety clack noise because otherwise the dried up spinsters doing data entry would think it was broken.
Replies: >>189485
If you can't scavenge something decent from work/school/friends? NK-2000ME.

€30 new, decent knockoff MX Blue switches, full 104-key DE layout.
[Hide] (294.2KB, 1000x700) Reverse
>The spring is only there to provide counterforce
The key itself doesn't directly depress the membrane, instead a "hammer" swung by the spring does so. This is fundamentally different from something like a scissor switch or rack & pinion mechanism, that doesn't fix the need to fully "bottom out" key travel before a keypress is registered.
>which a quality rubber dome does cheaper
The purpose of keyswitches, and likewise a buckling spring mechanism, is to provide a sharp, snappy feeling force curve. Without additional mechanisms, it's impossible to avoid the broad, mushy force curves inherent to bare domes.
[Hide] (26.3KB, 652x432) Reverse
Forgot a pic
Replies: >>189487
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1400x1400) Reverse
look at this fucking nerd lmao
Replies: >>189488
[Hide] (1MB, 486x826) Reverse
Do you know where you are?
Replies: >>189493
Is it just me, or does that chart basically say Scissor Switch Membrane keyboards are tactile as fuck? Only downside I see is they have shorter total travel time so you bottom out easily. The pretravel is pretty long but it's not an upwards curve so it shouldn't feel mushy.
>Matias Quit Click
What kind of retard name is that? Is it quiet or clicky, make up your mind.
It really depends on the games you are playing or if you want it for work.
[Hide] (145.1KB, 1280x720) Reverse
haha nerd
dont buy a corsair psu
i have been bothered by a continuous noise ever since i built my pc. I just thought it was my cpu cooler. Bought a new one. slightly less noise. Thought it was my graphics card. Bought a new one. Slightly less noise. Now i ofcourse stopped the fan in its tracks on both of them and thats why i replaced them because noise was gone.
But now i figured out that this annoying continous noise is coming from my corsair psu. Mind you that i paid like 200 bucks for this shit. Fucking hell. Fuck corsair.
however. im still not 100% sure its the psu.
Replies: >>189583
Actually it might have been the case all along. Im not sure though... Fuck. That will be a pain in the ass if its true.
Replies: >>189587
im a dumb fuck. Well i got a meshify case. Im just reading how meshify is louder than other cases apparently... Well what the fuck.
Replies: >>189588
what do you think noise is and how do you expect a fan to make no noise
Replies: >>189589
what point are you trying to make. I expect my pc to be fucking quiet
Replies: >>189591
>Fuck corsair.
In my experience, Corsair makes decent PSUs and other products. It may not be the absolute best brand but it's still pretty good.
>200 shekels for a psu
If you have that much monopoly money, go for Seasonic, those guys have been the standard for psus since forever.
>I expect my pc to be fucking quiet
While using a computer, wear headphones to cancel all noice, anonkun.
Replies: >>189593
i wear headphones and i still hear my computer
Replies: >>189704 >>189799
turdworder here where can i buy a replacement micro hdmi port for raspberry pi 4? Im trying to fix my chinky laptop with the same exact plug shape as i loosened the insides from too much unplugging ill solder the thing myself later on and linux refuses to operate without any display
probably the wrong place to ask but can somebody provide me a working shopee link? all i get is a bunch of micro to normal size adapters which i already have and the repair guys mistake it for a type c port. Amazon does not work on my shithole or is too expensive. Something like one of these spare part factories where i can buy SMD components for cheap.
Have you tired ttps://www.digikey.com/ or maybe buy a broken raspberry pi 4 in ebay so you can unsolder the hdmi.
If you're wearing headphones (that aren't noise canceling) and you can't hear your computer then either your fans are too slow or you're getting hearing damage. You can pick any two of silence, cooling and performance. Watercooling is a common compromise because it effectively gives you a heatsink the size of your coolant tank but even then you will still have fan and pump noise.
dont ever buy anything from the jews https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-micro-hdmi-socket.html
Replies: >>189714 >>189763
<buy from the yellow jews instead
You're not very bright, are you?
Replies: >>189717
[Hide] (748.2KB, 1079x1456) Reverse
>everyone thats not a jew is a jew
go get your 7th shot of jew poison into your arm idiot
President Xinnie the Pooh approves.
Chinks idolize the jews, and the Talmud is a bestseller over there. So yes, the chinkroaches are yellow jews. Plus they're commies, communism is a jewish creation.
Nice projection by the way, I'm glad I'm unvaxxed.
Replies: >>189763
>one of these spare part factories where i can buy SMD components for cheap
I didn't even know those existed.
Also ebay guy might have the best Idea
Replies: >>189749 >>189750
[Hide] (452.1KB, 881x534) Reverse
>everyone thats not a jew is a jew
To be a non-jew, you must be not jewish in both spirit and body.
One can be a spiritual jew without ties to their blood.
Replies: >>189757
Replies: >>189750
[Hide] (58.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>Why are gpu prices so bad?
Replies: >>189763
>talmud is the best seller there
concrete proof to back it up? im actually investigating this shit for myself
irony is that xinjiang is considered one of the most rural parts of china despite being the "superior race" kek see for yourself

>NED virtue signaling also why are we arguing? i should've asked this on /tech/ instead inb4 soyjak nigger
$5 USD has been deposited to your GAYpal account. Nice controlled opposition bro you'll never nuke our continent.

i actually found one there but the shipping fee expensive as hell 800 fucking peso just for a tiny component infact i actually had to pay an additional 500 sheckel just to receive my FedEx mini pc package despite the free shipping from the official seller but other than that the deal was really sweet just 16K for 16gb ram and 1tb of storage
>grab a broken pi from ebay
that's exactly what im about to do but instead i asked makerlab/circuitrocks to get a fresh spare port from their PH factory and bundle it on the parcel when i buy something cheap im pretty sure they wont mind the custom offer
speaking of RPI why is everything sold out globally? this was trending last year on the front page and the remaining ones costed a whopping 10k each like wtf?
>SMD factories
i saw these randomly on shopee you can tell its a direct supplier since they offer a ten of these components in a box for very cheap (just 120 each product)

no idea but is it me or mini PCs are getting cheaper online? it it used to be really pricy last year weird but thanks
[Hide] (880.7KB, 2000x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (374.8KB, 1601x1601) Reverse
[Hide] (264.7KB, 800x800) Reverse
Whats the easiest way to imitate the Asus screenpad experience on an old phone? is there some kind of wireless control panel app for wangblows or linux? i dont really want a second display i just needed a real-time task manager with some additional gizmos and features something like pic related
sorry for the chinky product i could not find a better example if anybody has the drivers for this KKmoon display please share the ISO/zip ill see if i could decompile it
Also is there a mobile good app that turns your phone into a wireless (WIFI not Bluetooth) gamepad? something like Droidjoy where you assign the IPs to the device?
i just need something network based and platform agnostic which works on all of my VMs rather than passing through an annoying dongle every time. (from the KVM tutorial)
im trying out a hybrid switch lite experience with a chink controller because fuck Nintendo

back then i saw some script that pauses your updates for 10000 days in the registry then you can resume anytime. How the hell do you do this? i'd rather just defuse the source instead of a firewall. I recall seeing this on some obscure pirated windows forum with drivers but didn't save it years ago

Thank you for the snappy answer. Will 3800 or 3600mhz make a noticeable difference over 3200mhz?
i saw some guy overclocking his laptop ram in a bios modding forum even though AMD site says 3200 is maximum and it worked but i dont wanna take the risk frying shit is it worth it?
Replies: >>190178
Try LCSC. You need to make sure the footprint will match; not just any old connector will do. You may be able to nigger-rig a USB A connector or something but the pin pitch on HDMI is too tight to fuck around with. LCSC is used by a lot of (most?) Asian PCB assemblers and odds are good you'll find the exact part that was on your PI. Plus parts cost pennies and the shipping to the turd world should be better than American distributors like Digikey or Mouser. Good Luck and post pics of the repair job.

t. hardware engineer
i finally seemed to solve my computer being loud problem. I think it was the headphones. Weirdly enough the headphones i had seemed to amplify my pc to become even louder??? I dont know how thats possible but that seems to be the case because i got another pair of headphones that are less noise isolating than the ones i wore and my pc is next to soundless when im wearing these. Maybe its just a difference of build quality in the headphones? No... Because my pc is quiet if i remove my headphones. But when i wore the headphones previously it would make my pc even louder. Really strange stuff.
Replies: >>189843 >>189864
Maybe noise cancellation is a scam, ever thought of that?
Okay so the noise was still there. But finally! Finally i figured it out! It was the fucking case fan in the back. It was making some sort of vibration humming noise.
[Hide] (5KB, 320x200) Reverse
That 1983 Basic D&D isn't played anymore, even the autists on smug are using BFRPG and new "OSR" shit.
Also real autists play Harn (with the ^ accent on the a) or at least Rolemaster Standard System.
[Hide] (306.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i need new peripherals and i don't know what to buy, i've always gone with logitech but none of their offers have what i need, price doesn't matter as this is the kind of thing you shouldn't cheap out on, like shoes and a mattress.

The mouse:
>doesn't need to have a gorillion buttons like the G502, but DPI and side buttons are a must
>good switches, this is why i refuse to buy logitech again
>good scroll wheel, as the ones on my G203 prodigy and G502 proteus started malfunctioning after a couple months
>minimal, clean design ie no RGB (at the very least no excessive RGB) or holes anywhere

The keyboard:
>mechanical, the kind of switches it has (red, blue, etc) don't matter but they need to be replaceable so i spend as little as possible when doing repairs
>wireless, this is very important
>80% (i think?) layout, basically every key but the numpad and the few keys above it
>detachable palm rest, if it even has one
>customizable RGB backlighting, as i want solid red lights instead of a pride parade in my desk
>no obnoxious branding everywhere (ie REDRAGON in a small nameplate over the arrow keys and in the space bar)

Haven't found a good keyboard that meets all of my needs yet, but for the mouse i've been considering the razer basilisk X hyperspeed, i know >razer but i keep a cheap thinkpad exactly for this reason, as openrazer has none of the chink malware and can save my custom settings to the onboard memory.
Why wouldn't you want a numpad?
What do you even need numpad for? Besides playing elona of course,
Replies: >>190174
For games you need a numpad for...
Replies: >>190181
[Hide] (364.5KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (64.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
[Hide] (245.4KB, 1280x855) Reverse
>is there a mobile good app that turns your phone into a wireless (WIFI not Bluetooth) gamepad?
I would recommend using Cemuhook, which functions over any TCP/IP sockets, including for VMs. Many newer drivers, emulators, and games use it directly, while good well-maintained shims exist for XInput/DirectInput (Windows), evdev (Linux), and Paddleboat (Android).

The one legitimate reason not to have a numpad is if you're right-handed and want your hand to go from mouse to keyboard faster, in which case you can still have a discrete numpad standing by for when you need it. Some go further, dumping both the nav cluster & f-keys there. This is not to mention the '90s fad of splitting the home rows into discrete sections or boards, too.
I simply don't need it, i've never used it in fact, not even for games like >>190174 mentions, even back in the flash era.
Replies: >>190184
[Hide] (7.5KB, 402x302) Reverse
> flash era
That's Windoze territory. You gotta go back to the DOS era to find lots of games that use the numpad.
Replies: >>190185
I think by "Flash era" he's referring to "shit webgames with hardcoded keys"

The only thing worse is azn games (whether doujinsoft or terrible console ports) that hardcode everything to the bottom row (zxcv...) for some bizarre reason
Replies: >>190198
chinks dont use qwerty they have some chink layout and chinkydo locale
Replies: >>190370
[Hide] (52.3KB, 1280x427) Reverse
[Hide] (104.7KB, 1000x348) Reverse
False. Most of them, in particular essentially all modern (e.g.: since the '70s) Japanese and Chinese keyboards, use something that resolves to (and is physically labeled on keycaps as) USA QWERTY when typing Latin script. Their silly CJK hieroglyphs must then be typed using multiple keystrokes, either corresponding to phonetic transliteration or compound etymological roots.

This is quite distinct from what you're probably thinking of, alphabets ranging from Western European Latin scripts with silly diacritics, to Eastern European Cyrillic, to MENA and SEA scripts such as Arabic, most of which use keyboard layouts which diverge noticeably from (AZERTY, QWERTZ) or are totally unrelated to (JCUKEN) US QWERTY.
Filco Majestouch baby
You aint fooling anyone, Hong.
Replies: >>190828
[Hide] (66.5KB, 128x245) Reverse
[Hide] (90.2KB, 600x989) Reverse
[Hide] (198.3KB, 2000x1125) Reverse
>Reminder to always buy Chinese products
There is nothing else
>Western garbage
There is no such thing
Replies: >>190907 >>190908
There was this massive deal to stick a samsung semi conductor plant in Texas recently. Thats years off still but I think people are realizing that when someone you are economically competing against makes all your shit you might be in a bit of a snafu.
[Hide] (36KB, 417x436) Reverse
[Hide] (68.7KB, 1024x663) Reverse
Oh, I should add, this is for varying values of chingchong.
Replies: >>190910 >>190934
Also also, regarding GlobalFoundries being in the "other" category, in spite of the name and US HQ, most of their fab capacity is in Singapore.
That map aint wrong though
Replies: >>190940
[Hide] (6.3MB, 426x240, 02:53)
You say that now
Funny, I've been waiting for a mid-range GPU as well. Apparently the biggest chance of them announcing it is at some Chink tech conference in June.
[Hide] (6.6MB, 3589x1333) Reverse
New IPL replacement board. This one has 16MB onboard flash so you can boot Swiss without an SD2SP2 if you ever need to.
Replies: >>190968 >>190973
Replies: >>190973
Nice, I still have my GameCube with a broken lid in one of my drawers. Could be cool making a project out of it with these modding addons

No it's the worst spy knive.
Replies: >>190975 >>190978
>No it's the worst spy knive.
Maybe in compfag territory.
Replies: >>190994
Kunai is becoming the meta, if you're a trickstabbing spy that abuses hitboxes and nobody ever chases after a dead ringer spy
Replies: >>190994
>Maybe in compfag territory.
Worst as in the most annoying shit to play against. Every time one of these kill compilation farmers joins the enemy team, with or without fakelag, I have to drop everything I am doing and having fun with to play pyro and use the mystical power of the airblast that no one in my team seems to know about to keep that cheap shit away from the team.
Replies: >>190995
[Hide] (70.6KB, 404x717) Reverse
at least they patched the interp exploit
>see a spy lagging out with 900+ ping at least 30 feet away
>don't move and face him at all times
>teleports behind you nothing personnel kid backstab dead
such a secure game. now there's an exploit with the voting system where you can either
>delay a vote indefinitely
>make a vote automatically pass/fail
>make calling a vote crash the game of whoever called it
source was a mistake
Replies: >>190996
theres a homosexual that posts here with HIV AIDS at least you dont have HIV AIDS always remember youre not a faggot with HIV AIDS!!!
Replies: >>191000 >>191040
Kinda mean to talk about yourself like that isn't it?
Yeah! I'm a homosexual without HIV/AIDS.
Spoiler File
(4.6MB, 482x480, 00:19)
Noctua or Bequiet fans
Im looking for whats the most quiet.
My current case fans are garbage and vibrate and hums. 
I was thinking either silent wings 3 or a12x25
[Hide] (11.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (4.6MB, 2048x1367) Reverse
>Im looking for whats the most quiet.
the night is quiet
you sleep, my balls meet your face
not a sound escapes
[Hide] (182.2KB, 600x465) Reverse
Noctua fans + vibration dampers to mount them
Replies: >>191354
Don't, that shit is good for heatsink, like cpu cooler or watercooler. Go for NF-A14 for case fans.
I couldn't get those things to go in so I just used screws and it's still quiet.
This is a longshot, but somebody needs to oppose the blatant attempts to bury the front page in shit and fuck making a VOGONS account for this.

I have a Socket 7 system I pulled out of a flea market and fitted with a Sound Blaster Pro2. I can play DOS games with it after doing SET BLASTER and everything works fine, but when I install Windows 95 the plug'n'pray detector completely ignores the OPL synth on port 388h, so I have no MIDI. If I run Add New  Hardware it magically starts recognizing the OPL and I can select it in the MIDI control panel, but then digital sound gets cut off at random and any sound playback will randomly get cut off by high-pitched screeching that sounds like a rapid-fire series of beeps and lasts many times longer than whatever the computer was actually trying to play. What the fuck is going on? Bus clock is 66MHz which I believe is the standard, and the board actually looks like it could be 5 years old, which is amazing considering the metal parts all look like the thing was used as a doorstop on a pirate ship.
try finding the actual driver disc and installing it from there
Replies: >>191708
Is there some sort of SSDready alternative for linux? is iotop good? i recently found out about this command
need to monitor that chinky drive my system came with since jewbuntu is waay too bloated also how the heck do you check the TBW of m2 sata drives?
Replies: >>191705
What is SSDready? Some sort of SMART monitoring for SSDs? Because I recall you can setup checks that will notify you if something goes wrong according to the ArchWiki
>I have no idea what I'm talking about but I'll reply with the first google result anyway to sound smart.
There is no driver disk, genius. Well technically there is but it's for 3.1 and replacing the MS SBPro driver with it would probably make shit even worse.
Replies: >>191712
looking a bit further it seems there are no drivers for that card above 3.1. so win95 probably won't work with that card. either install DOS or get a different card.
>fuck making a VOGONS account for this
<check vogons on the subject out of curiosity
<possible solutions include:
<clocks set wrong
<IRQ set wrong
<caches set wrong
<battery hidden inside clock crystal needs replacement
<too much driver soup, reinstall windows and it'll work
LOL this is why I avoided IBM/clones back in the day
[Hide] (2.7MB, 497x280) Reverse
Has anyone EVER seen OEM-applied thermal paste that didn't look like it had been slathered on with a spoon?

I always assumed applying precise daubs of goop is supposed to be something robots are good at
Replies: >>191854
[Hide] (815.2KB, 1200x600) Reverse
I know by OEM you mean system integrator like hp or dell, but actual OEM's apply thermal paste on factories with screen printing so it's always perfect. (like on gpu/waterblocks/heatsinks etc)
Replies: >>191867
Why did the RRoD happen then?
Replies: >>191880 >>191911
M$ had to use shitty environmentally-friendly thermal paste because of EU regulations that couldn't handle the stress
Replies: >>191911
It wasn't so much the paste causing issues, it was the solder
Alright lads stupid question but how the hell do you fully backup a wangblows system without disk-imaging it? im cleaning up a couple of unused VMs not copying another bloated kernel to my HDD its gonna be reinstalled anyway with newer iso
Ive already moved all the important contents of downloads documents desktop folder on to another virtual usb disk and the entire Appdata was 7zipped after emptying up the microshaft cache folder dont forget your browsing history
Any other folders worth looking out for? the exported registry backup was pretty darn easy to compress. Does the ProgramData folder have any value? ill just reinstall the software manually as needed
Spoiler File
(94.1KB, 1059x1281) Reverse
If I want to make AI art, what GPU should I get?
Replies: >>192405
Any mid to upper nvidia card
Replies: >>192406
AI art generation can't run in amd?
Replies: >>192407 >>192415
Most of the software is reliant on CUDA, and AMD's attempt at competing with it is limited to Linux and only then just barely, so you'd likely be stuck with using CPU. Getting a Nvidia card will cut out all of the hassle.
Replies: >>192410
theres nothing to compete with idiot cuda is just an arbitrary proprietary api nigshitia provides to avoid providing documentation on the actual hardware
Replies: >>192415
Can you? Sure but you will spend days if not more working around the fact that CUDA dominates all compute applications. And even then you will likely only get token or experimental support. So just go nvidia.

Yeah no shit retard any api is abitrary, that's the point and of course they are not going to provide info that helps going around their ecosystem. AMD fucked it up like they do with most any standard they try by just shitting it out and then doing fuck all to actually have it reach a state where it is even a remotely defensible position for some random decision maker to pick an AMD product over the nvidia one because you can actually start doing whatever you want to do with nvidia opposed to having a fixer-upper on your hands with amd.
Replies: >>192419
[Hide] (116.1KB, 947x901) Reverse
>clueless ramblings
amd makes cpus idiot they know how to document their shit and have been doing so for their gpus for fucking decades everythings open and no one complains unlike the Nig which go so far as to encrypt their shitty api in hardware to stop driver writers from figuring out the isa, anything written in cuda after 2010 was written by a moron the open_l api was the agreed standard for both manufacturers to implement
Replies: >>192424
You can sperg all you want and pretend that nvidia somehow doesn't also publish documentation or whatever. AMD and even the khronos group at large have failed to hold ground against nvidias offerings in all the myriad tech stacks that use acceleration.
Anon wants to do generative AI, not fuck around with underused compute APIs, so he should get a nvidia card.
Replies: >>192428
post the isa of a single nvidia gpu loser, the Nig only publishes cuda manuals which has nothing to with hardware and have literally said they will never document their architectures youre fucking clueless

im talking to you idiot, the fact that ai pajeets cant code using the agreed standards is irrelevant to the fact clueless retards like you somehow think this has anything to do with the manufacturer being superior especially when they cant even do basic shit like simple documentation or provide the agreed interface instead of their proprietary garbage
Replies: >>192431
Why did you IP hop again?

>agreed standards
Nice "standard" that isn't agreed on by the two main manufacturers and also not used by the bigger one
>think this has anything to do with the manufacturer being superior
The quality and ease with which one can use a product line to do work is very much a point of superiority. Nvidia is a shit company, it also is the only vendor sensibly implemented into the tech stacks that get used, your "standards" or isa docs don't matter a single bit in this discussion.
Replies: >>192434 >>192439
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1748x1240) Reverse
CUDA became dominant for two reasons: nobody ever got fired or bullied for buying nYidia, and AMD was still in broke-dick mode from trying and failing to overcome (1) and couldn't build a comparable software stack in time. AMD's ability to punch above its weight in Vulkan-based emulators and the few games that exploit compute shaders arguably prove the hardware is there, but between being the first mover and having more R&D budget than AMD's entire hardware division CUDA has a monopoly and will continue to have a monopoly until custom ASICs or some other bullshit displaces it entirely.
the Nig is a contributing member in khronos you clueless fucking imbecile the Nig literally voted on the open_l standards, if they werent serious about abandoning cuda for the standards they should have just fucked off instead of waste everyones time
dont get a fractal design case. Just dont. My personal experience with meshify c is that its a fucking humming/vibrating piece of shit with low quality materials.
Im going to try bequiets pure base 500dx next.
Since their company actually seems to focus on their cases being quiet. Im not sure the big difference but ium sure they think more about soundproofing than fractal design
Replies: >>192551 >>192558
Replies: >>192548
yeah pc gaming is dead, basically just use mine for a emu box
[Hide] (549.8KB, 1117x1369) Reverse
[Hide] (800.7KB, 2000x1125) Reverse
[Hide] (552.5KB, 2000x1125) Reverse
[Hide] (424.8KB, 1125x945) Reverse
I love buying used things.
How in the world did this thing rust?
Replies: >>192551 >>192642
[Hide] (106.3KB, 1000x667) Reverse
I dunno, my Core and Node cases are doing pretty damn well considering I spent less than 100 burgers on the both of them. I'm gonna laugh my ass off when you waste more money on the bequiet and whine that you can still hear something.
Humidity + salt = rust. If you live in the Gulf Stream area, on the eastern seaboard, are a fucking med, etc. that's disappointing but not surprising. You can strip it like any other piece of sheet metal or get a "for parts" console from eGay and swap the shield out with one that's hopefully less fucked up. Also looks like the previous owner went bananas with epoxy because he read that makes it quieter, which is true but you only need a couple dots to absorb the vibration that causes coil whine. Other than that it looks good for something that was probably sitting in a garage for years, just disassemble the controller and scrub the shell with soapy water.
Replies: >>192619
I got the meshify 2 and have really liked it. I got it on sale though. Shits normally like $150.
[Hide] (52.2KB, 1280x960) Reverse
>I'm gonna laugh my ass off when you waste more money on the bequiet and whine that you can still hear something.
Well the good thing about a case is that once you have a good one you never need to get another one. I've had this same Antec 300 case for over 10 years, and just change the internals as needed.
the xbox is laughably easy to take apart piece by piece and clean. unlike modern consoles where the boards are snapped/riveted in you can just unscrew each piece of the box and get it individually. take each piece out, vacuum the case to get the huge dust chunks out, blow off the other stuff with compressed air or a machine shop air compressor, use some rubbing alcohol and a qtip to get stains off the board and remove the clock capacitor on the motherboard if it's not too late.
>IBM DeskStar
Xboxes shipped with a 8GB or 10GB WD Caviar by default, judging from the sharpie on that HDD that console has already been hardmodded. Maybe.
You can absolutely salvage this console, if it still turns on you're doing great. That controller doesn't even look bad.
lul euro
Replies: >>192650 >>192656
what the fuck is a clock capacitor? QRD me on how it works as i never owned a console before
Replies: >>192656
[Hide] (3.9MB, 2016x1134) Reverse
[Hide] (627.4KB, 1732x1124) Reverse
[Hide] (417.1KB, 1764x1027) Reverse
Classic Xbox is one of the few, if not the only, consoles to use a capacitor instead of a battery to keep the clock going.
I disassembled the controller and cleaned it to the best of my ability with soapy water, cleaning solution, 70% ethanol (I don't have a 90% isopropyl bottle laying around) and a toothbrush. The left vibration rotor is still rusted to all hell and seems to have acid damage. Or something, I don't know what would cause it to have green-ish corrosion marks.
Gonna tear the capacitor out now, got some better screwdrivers to work with instead of the IKEA basic bitch tool set. I think I need to buy an ifixit kit at this point, sick and tired of breaking plastic components.
Replies: >>192658
controller already looks better, if it still doesn't work you can always get a new one, they're pretty cheap. just make sure you're pulling out the correct capacitor.
Replies: >>192660
[Hide] (7KB, 1146x66) Reverse
[Hide] (633KB, 320x240, 00:19)
oh no the controller worked before like a charm, but it was so sticky and icky and just eugh, know what I mean gurl?
I played a little bit of Splinter Cell that came with the console. There's already a  bunch of save files on it, including emulators and I'm sure I saw a softmod "save" n there or something.
However, the console doesn't launch into any custom firmware, nor was there a "linux" save file found when I launched SC.
I have the " JCRocky5 " package here at the ready. I don't have a 4GB flash drive, but I do have a 4GB SD card, which he says is even better than a pen drive. Can't format it correctly with "USB FATX Formatter v1.3.2", though. Even after following all the instructions of corrupting my SD card during formatting, "Xplore360" still doesn't recognize it. 
So I'm gonna get in touch with the guy who sold it to me and ask him to lend me the USB adapter. I'm pretty sure this is the last component I need. I don't want to bother installing a new hard drive, considering an IDE-SATA adapter costs around 50-60 bucks locally. 
BTW, he said the thing rusted within a month. Something to do with the building's AC and condensation.
[Hide] (959.3KB, 1666x1124) Reverse
>Aladdin Advanced
Wait a minute, so this console really is already hardmodded.
I was wondering why there were so many wires running around.
So why the fuck won't it launch into some custom firmware?
>all that orange rust
there were still drops of moisture in there, gawd daym
Take care of your consoles, kids. You never know when you might resell them to some retro hipster at an inflated price.
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