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The only game that made close to crying was Klonoa, I don't know but that ending almost fucked me up damn it.
Klonoa story wasn't anything groundbreaking or something like it's just the friendship that you see form between klonoa and huepow is simply cute, but for it to end like that god it fucked me up.
Another one was Yakuza 0, that scene between Nishki and Kiryu man, I don't know man Bromance is the best type of Romance everything else is gay
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I almost cried at the fake end of MGS4, mostly because thinking Snake was dead and the adventure being over,  and on a bitter note to boot, was like losing a friend and part of my childhood dying with him. Nowadays any video game can have the same effect because I feel like I'm losing more and more pieces of myself with every day that passes.
>>182489 (OP) 
TWEWY had me extremely emotional when I saw Shiki's true form
>>182489 (OP) 
Most games with any kind of strong emotional plot, even if it's happy.
I cried at the end of The Walking Dead Game. I know, it's not a game, but it was still a hell of a ride back in the day.
Trails in the Sky, Fire Emblem 7, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest V, Trillion God of Destruction, Steins;Gate, Danganronpa, Odin Sphere, Advance Wars Days of Ruin, PMD Explorers, and various other games I cant remember off the top of my head
I cried when clementine showed her pussy and ass. It was so beautiful.
Replies: >>182658 >>182659
Seeing the in-game characters accept death for a tiny bit of hope and struggle to shake (you)r hand after a final match with (you) before disintegrating really fucked me up
nobody will know my secret
MGS2 I'd say got me. Even with the somewhat janky voices, the conversations with Raiden and Rose get me going. In particular, something about "Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday" playing while Rose complains about Raiden not letting her in his room and how he JUST CAN'T and the more dramatic version of it that plays when his issues get laid bear. Characters struggling to be something they aren't always get the waterworks goin. I cri erry tiem.
Ghost Trick may have too.
Several moments in the Ace Combat series, usually due to beautiful music.

Can't think of too many other moments, theres a couple moments that got the "tears of beauty/joy" I think though, most to do with music in the games.
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Sora no Kiseki 3's ending is the only one that got me. I don't consider anything after Ao canon.
Yakuza 7s ending too now that I think of it. Most of it was as contrived or over the top as I like but Ichiban trying to talk the closest thing he has to a brother out of killing himself, and just taking the loss like he did got me. Yakuza overall does a good job of sprinkling in high points and ridiculous shit with the heavy emotional beats to get emotions out.

Probably several moments in Ace Attorney too. In particular I think the last big one was Apollo figuring out who was in the coffin in SoJ The way he tried to hope he was wrong and then just slammed his head to the desk was good shit and I'd gotten shockingly attached to dhurke over the course of the game..
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I think season 1 was extremely impactful. I really thought Kenny was an interesting character as he had a lot of flaws and was even cowardly in some areas but still felt extremely relatable. I thought he was okay in season 2 but I admit I didn't care that much for season 2 as much as I did for season 1. I heard everything past season 2 was really shit and never bothered to play any of it. I know they made clementine a dyke.
Replies: >>182672
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I cried when Clementine held my hand and said "lmao nigger u have no arm" and i died.
Most people in the original threads as the TWD chapters came out for season 1 were really torn over Kenny, most people did not like him and I can see why. He was not very consistent and was frustratingly hard to please. He only really became likeable in the last episode where he redeemed himself with Ben (twice). It was Season 2 where he found his place. He was almost universally loved save for the odd faggot who sided with the neurotic short haired bitch who kills herself in the end.
Replies: >>182712
Even after you know what's behind the curtain, you can't forget the experience you had.
>most people did not like him
Sounds like a bunch of shitbirds to me.
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Replies: >>182726
>>182489 (OP) 
FE Three Houses when Geralt dies.
Replies: >>183482
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>can't anally rape me anymore
Replies: >>182728
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You can't get a girl pregnant by anally raping them, or cumming on their face.
Replies: >>182731 >>182769
Not with that attitude you can't.
Giv panda link
Replies: >>182783
Replies: >>182785
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Even better!
I find it interesting how Boku no Pico went from being the most shocking example of hentai to me to being one of the more vanilla things I would consider whacking it to.
Replies: >>182823 >>182825
What would you consider shocking at this point?
Replies: >>182825
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I'm rescinding the latter part of my statement. I just downloaded it and it was gay as fuck. 

A lot of the guro stuff disturbs me as well as stuff involving bodily-fluids. I don't really like anything physically or even emotionally abusive. I've just learned to fetishize weird things like dicks, armpits, backs, feet, and hands, but even then I guess I'm not too extreme as everything has to be in good hygiene. If anything, I'm an anatomical fetishist and value the measurements, curvatures, proportions, and postures. 

>>182489 (OP) 
And so I don't derail the thread, LA Noire didn't get me to cry, but I consider it to be the most depressing game I've played since it's all grounded in reality and about the worst of human nature. One of the few games I didn't spoil for myself, so the ending came at a complete shock to me.
I have never cried from games because I skip dialogue and cutscenes almost all the time.
I can't remember crying over a game, but I do remember crying over Shrek 4
Replies: >>183061
Sounds like it was emotionally OGREWHELMING.
Man, that game's story annoyed me. Whatever your objective in each mission, you could bet it would be undone by a cutscene right afterward. That mission was one of the worst examples.
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I got emotional over Persona 4.
Replies: >>183609
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Persona 3 is far better.
I don't really cry from sad things because brain is broken, but i remember a few games that stuck out for me for some reason.
Nier Tomato with the whole Emile thing and the futility of their existence and how they have to live and experience the result of their failures and keep trying out of a feeling of obligation knowing that nothing will ever get better.
Senran Kagura Estival Versus caught me off guard when they went to a realm between heaven and earth for the tournament and all had to say goodbye to their deceased relatives.
More recently Atelier Sophie 2 caught me off guard when she had to say goodbye to her grandmother after meeting her in a world where time stood still that they both accessed it at the same time. Sophie wasted most of the time there with her grandmother because it was before the grandmother was old enough to ever have met Sophie, so the grandmother didn't really feel a connection to Sophie, but Sophie had a bunch of emotions she felt towards her grandmother but wasn't able to express them because Sophie was essentially a stranger to the grandmother, but to Sophie that was the person who raised her that passed away before the first game begins.
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I replayed Trauma Team because I've been trying to get the max rank on every operation in the franchise. I'm starting with arguably the easiest one, don't assume I'm a god among men. I knew EXACTLY how Proud One would go. I knew Sam was going to deteriorate and that he'd die off-screen, only being mentioned in passing during Naomi's final investigation. I knew how he'd go from autistic about his duty, to earnestly working with Gabriel to work around the nigger spyware that would prevent standard diagnosis procedure, to an absolute husk of his former self who pathetically begged Gabriel to not let his death be in vain.
Yet I was uncontrollably sobbing like a bitch the entire time, to the point where I managed to misclick and lose a heart.
The fact that it didn't completely kill the mood for me is a testament to how genuinely heartbreaking Sam's fate is.
Replies: >>185680
the entire time during the second part*
Let's just say I typo'd only because I'm still crying my eyes out over the second-best soldier first place is Doomguy, Soldier from TF2 is third-best because he's a shitter class in vidya, and not because I was stupid. But it'd be a convincing lie, because holy shit the mood whiplash hit me like a truck.
Me when I cummed inside your mom pussy.
Replies: >>185710
my mom has cervix cancer
Replies: >>185714 >>185760
He didn't say it was consensual
probably metastisized from you during labor
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>>182489 (OP) 
Planetarium was the closest thing to ever making me cry, but if that doesn't count, it had to be Silent Hill 2 or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky.
Replies: >>185777
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Replies: >>185805
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There is an NGE VN called Ayanami Raising Project. Call me a bitch, but the endings somehow made me tear up a little. In case you don't know, the game differs from the anime/OVA somewhat, and focuses more on, well, raising either one of the two girls(at least on the DS version), similarly to Princess Maker. You have a choice of several different endings, as well as several different gameplay branches plus a "true end". Not gonna spoil the ending for all three of your that haven't watched it yet, but it hits a bit harder when you actually spend more time with the girls and get to know them better, even get to improve their shitty lives a bit, but always know exactly how things will happen, each and every single time. The ending credits music actually makes the most impact as to why I tear up, definitely captures the spirit of the anime. Would definitely play something like this again, shame that the other VNs are more about romance/comedy instead, or so I heard
Replies: >>185810
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Actually, I got another one, with strange parallels to Evangelion, tl;dr if you don't care about the deepest COD lore: 

COD zombies takes some context to get going, since it has 10 years worth of lore, and due to the way the story is delivered, it is really convoluted. The basic summary is that it is a series spanning 10 years, at the time the final Aether map, Tag Der Toten, was released. The mode started off very humbly, grounded even, but started escalating quickly. Long story short, there is 4 heroes, each one has the original older side(who are all batshit) and younger sides, before they lost their sanity. Thru time travel shenanigans, the younger version(primis) end up having things in their timeline go wrong, and eventually have to go forward in time to kill their older selves(ultimis). At the end of this journey, it is revealed they were never supposed to win, so instead of fading away from reality at the end of "Revelations" map, the cycle starts all over again: Every single event has to be repeated, over and over and over again, into infinity, with the same results every time, everything the player experienced up until this point was only the first cycle. This is not entirely true, however, as with each cycle, the fabric of reality slowly collapses, and things start happening differently, everything is slowly starting to get corrupted. Eventually, the characters, thru many, many cycles, regain their memory, and sign what is basically a suicide pact: In order to end their suffering, they must end all existence, and (You), the player, will help them. The process starts on map "Blood of The Dead", which ends with the primis Ritchtofen being betrayed and having his blood sucked dry, blood of the 4 being an important aspect and it being spilled serving as a metaphor. That sacrifice starts the pact of self-destruction, as Richtofen is betrayed and left forgotten and alone, dying in hellish recreation of Alcatraz as he begs his former comrades to come back for him and help him save the universe, lamenting on how he failed in his dying breaths. The very original primis Richtofen joins the crew, the one from the original cycle(being kept frozen just for this opportunity in the lab underneath Alcatraz), and together, they proceed to set the stage for the end, by retrieving the ultimis instead of killing them, as they are needed for the blood pact as well. Tag der toten is german for "Day of the dead", with the first map being called "Nacth der untoten", night of the undead, another metaphor for the longest night finally coming to an end. The very final map is a nostalgia trip, as it almost reminds the fans of everything they have been thru for the last 10 years, and reminding them that everything will soon come to a close, it is hard to describe the bittersweet feeling of playing this map, but it is similar to the NGE game, except that rather than finishing that in a span of several hours, it took zombies fans 10 years to get to the end.
The final act of the ritual isn't done by the crew, but rather by victis, a group of survivors from the very first COD universe, before it was blown up and split into infinite multiverses(it's a long story, they were frozen underneath alcatraz just like original primis richtofen), and as before in black ops 2, they are manipulated by ultimis Richtofen, the very catalyst for the universe being in chaos and disarray in the first place. As he manipulates the crew into doing the final easter egg story quest, in the background, the 8 characters(ultimus/primis) are having a feast, celebrating their "final victory"(only both richtofens and primis nikolai know what is going on, the rest are, as they have always been, disposable pawns and still think they are on a quest to save the universe). They eat and drink before their "final battle", but the wine is poisoned. The intro for the map spoils everything, the characters that zombies fans have been invested in die like animals, without dignity, still thinking there is a way out of their situation right before their final breaths are stolen away. The only one remaining is ultimis richtofen(who has become a zombie and was able to survive the poisoning) and primis nikolai, who needs to be the final sacrifice, since primis richtofen died in Alcatraz. Once ultimis richtofen finishes guiding victis thru the story quest, his part is finished, and he gets his zombie brains blown out by nikolai, a fitting end for someone who let all of this happen to begin with. The entire zombies story ends with nikolai handing over the gun to samantha(an 8 year old girl who became possessed in the original timeline and became the big bad unwittingly, but was later send thru time to disrupt events of primis and force them to start their multiverse quest, it's a long story). She pulls the trigger and ends the whole affair. The aether story ends with samantha and 8yr old richtofen(again, a very long story) walking into the great unknown, as a variation of samantha's theme plays out(originally "samantha's lullaby", now "samantha's peace"). This would be sad enough, you would think, but then you hear the 8 characters, talking about what they will do once they "save the day" from earlier as the two children walk forward. That was the part that set me off, the game really wants to get it thru to you that there was never going to be a final battle, the characters were always going to end up like this and closest thing to the ideal ending is the characters themselves describing what their ideal retirement would look like...but that's okay, because it's time to move forward and stop looking at the past. I mean that literally as you still get to control the two children, but you can only move straight ahead, signifying that this is the end of the COD universe, and the infinite cycle that was, at that point, started countless eons ago. This was actually the rebirth of the COD universe, hence why you saw Modern Warfare getting a reboot. Samantha's and Eddie's stories don't end there, and what Sam goes thru as she now has to survive in the wastelands of the entire previous multiverse that becomes later known as "Dark Aether", as an 8 year old girl, is actually pretty chilling, Sam becomes fucked up by the time she grows into an adult and becomes involved in the story of Cold War zombies reboot, then eventually sacrifices herself by the end. 
Anyways, you will likely not get it if you haven't played the games, as I can hardly describe what the emotional impact of this entire final chapter felt like after 10 years of consistent story updates and rising stakes, but it was a pretty big event for COD Zombies fans. The game mode definitely doesn't get the recognition it deserves, most people think it's just rooty shooty for 12yr olds, but the entire zombies side of it is pretty indepth
So yeah, I did cry over a COD game, call me a faggot all you want but that was a pretty depressing ending. The entire final act of the game felt like putting a gun in your mouth, then pulling the trigger. Just like with NGE, the music really played an impact, Samantha's theme has major significance in the ethos of the gamemode, and I am happy that's what they used to finally close it out on
Replies: >>185846
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Rei became a kindergarten teacher when I played that.
Replies: >>185931
>COD Zombies having THE DEEPEST LORE
That's pretty fucking left field, wtf?
Replies: >>185866
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Yeah, COD zombies is a hidden gem. Shame it gets chained to one of the worst franchises currently, at least last two gens the games were somewhat decent but modern day COD is just pure fucking garbage, and I hope it dies.
You won't really get the same experience if you play it now, first of all most of the maps are tied to DLCs across several different games, so just getting everything set up is a pain, second the game has no "story mode" literally every single story moment has to be earned thru some strangely obscure easter eggs(which is why I called them that) that require a guide and some rather difficult puzzle solving. No joke, several quests require you to learn morse code, one actually requires an indepth knowledge of chemistry equations, and quite a few require co-op partners, doing them without a guide is pretty much impossible and resembles an ARG more than a normal video game campaign, with half the steps resembling something you would hear as a rumor or a troll on an obscure forum or school playground pre-internet era.  
You really wouldn't expect that from a franchise where single player campaigns are just 6 hour movies and multiplayer is largely played by dude bros and 12 yr olds spamming racial slurs thru their 5$ mics. 
The other thing is that the period between maps was also rather magical, even from the start the lore and story theorizing was wild, people were always wondering what the next map was going to be, and there is always the unsolved non-story related easter eggs and military grade ciphers that are always ready to be solved, some are still uncracked after almost a decade later and some in-game easter eggs have such specific triggers that they are now only found thru going into the game's code and cheating to activate them. 
This makes Tag Der Toten that much more perfect, it's hard to stress how much buildup there was to the grand finale. Shame Zombies is an Activision franchise, so even after this great ending, the series will become a shambling corpse itself and release Halo 343i esque awful non-sequels that are a stain on the original work. At least the Chaos and Dark Aether arcs were decent, speaking more recently, but after Vanguard, I am just tuning out. I had my fun, the 11 years I had with Zombies will always be unironically some of my best in my gaming career. The ride might be over, but I won't miss a beat if I am ever given an excuse to sperg out about it. Even if you don't plan on ever playing the games, I suggest looking up some 3 hour autistic lore videos or easter egg quest videos, if only to experience the autism first hand
How many clones died so she could be a kindergarten teacher?
Replies: >>185940
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>best selling AAA billion dollar franchise is a hidden gem
you're a hidden retard
Replies: >>185963 >>185991
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How could I forget this one? I still get heartache whenever I'm reminded of it. I wish it didn't have smut, for me it felt somewhat forced and ruined the atmosphere more than it added to it.
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It was implied he was a retard the moment he posted cawadoody in a thread about crying of all things.
The squeakers on PSN and Xbox Live are now old enough to post here so expect more posts like this in the near future.
Replies: >>185991 >>185993
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Not really a game by virtue of being a VN, but Yumemi looking up to you like a retarded dog puppy made it pretty harsh.
Replies: >>185990
Spoiler File
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I cried way too much playing this shit game.
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it's okay, lads. you can let it go, it's been over 10 years, no use pretending you didn't play those games either. remember the /v/ MW2 "boycott"?
plus, I'm not talking about cowadooty, I'm talking about the zombies mode that's separate from the main games, but still takes place within that same universe, it should be considered a spin off if anything
thanks for proving my point btw, how nobody will give it the time of day because the fact you have to own several COD titles first filters them. your loss, there truly will never be nothing like it again
Replies: >>186007 >>186012
I wish we could expect more posters.
>the /v/ MW2 "boycott"
>image has nothing to do with /v/
You mean the normalfag boycott? I have never seen a CoD thread on /v/.
you're delusional
>COD zombies is a hidden gem
>COD, a game franchise that became a meme because MILLIONS of retarded normalfags buy it for the name alone regardless of its quality or actual enjoyment they get from it, just because their stupid friends and their mom buy it for the same reason.
>"hidden gem"
You clearly had no idea what that term actually means.

Hidden Gem:
That which is of exceptional or underappreciated quality but is not especially popular or widely known.
When you say cry, do you mean a single tear or actual extended bouts of crying and facial compressions? Cause I've never had the second for a game but I've gotten extremely easy to get a tear/watery eyes in the last few years, maybe it's lower testosterone with age? I dunno. Anyway, it's gotten pretty bad for me, all it takes is some melancholic or inspiring music and that's pretty much it. I got watery eyes during dragon quest builders of all things, what is wrong with me? Now that I think about it, I think I developed a stronger emotional response to music for some reason. Is this a thing that happens?
Believe it or not... Tumblrtale. Yes, fucking undertale of all things got me to cry. Mostly because of Papyrus and how much I had grown to like how much of a lovable goofball he is..
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While I think you're baiting with the "hidden gem" statement I do agree that zombies is at least fun. I would actually love to do a game night unfortunately I don't have a torrent link to the game. Also which one would be we play? I have stronger feelings towards black ops 1 and  black ops 3. WaW wouldn't be bad either since we could also play coop campaign. Would /v/ be open to a cod zombies game night? Pirated, of course.
Replies: >>192416
If you want a large number of anons, you should get everyone on COD4. There is a mod called "ROTU", Reign of The Undead, which is a more chaotic take on Zombies that resembles a mix of COD Zombies and Killing Floor. More importantly, there is over 20 spots for players instead of 4, and the gamemode is simple enough to understand without needing to know the meta or solve puzzles: You select a class, soldier medic heavy engineer ect. and dig in, you kill zombies and spend points on ammo, upgraded weapons or spend them at the shop for wonder weapons, traps ect. Depending on the server, you can select if it's a "cracked" server(ie lets pirated copies play), which special zombies the game summons, map rotations ect. There is plenty of (usually dead) ROTU servers already that we could play on, but nothing is stopping someone from creating a custom /v/ server. COD 4 should already be cheap as dirt, but you can obviously easily pirate it as well

And no, I wasn't baiting, I will take every opportunity to sperg out about zombies mode
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