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Do you plan out what you are going to play through the year? I do, i usually choose twelve games. Post whatever games you think you'll play through 2023.
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I usually pick what I want to play based on my mood and/or habit, instead of forcing myself to do certain things and then not enjoying them. But, to each his own I suppose.
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XCOM 2, Prime 4 never ever, might get back into Smash Ultimate again because i need an excuse to meet people that are at least somewhat like-minded and going to in-person tourneys seems like a good way to do so, the few I've been to all had great people even if the game itself is subpar and hardcoded to be blatantly unfair
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That would make life extremely boring
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I keep a list of games I'm interested in and pick them up when I feel like it. I'll probably play Lorelei and the Laser Eyes when it comes out.
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>there was no yuri in anime, despite being the tamer part or the arc
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Do not plan out an entire year.  Normally have like 5-6 games that fill niches.  Should make a plan for games to replace them rather than just downloading games one after another until one fits.  Right now it looks like.
Multiplayer games: ss13, Dark and Darker, and old fps with friends
Single player casual: Working through Mass Effect 1&2 (currently early in second game and don't like the only two options for difficulty are piss easy and heavily armor bullet sponge).
Single player challenge: Wrath of the Righteous and Underrail
Comfy game: Morrowind (though normally it is some old console platform/adventure game)
As for upcoming never played the Deus Ex series and only ever played Myst but want to try the whole collection.  With the Morrowind kick will have to see how difficult it is to setup multiplayer OpenMW and once a dedicated w11 boot is setup will have to catch up to friends in Darktide.  If all else fails there is always the essentials list.
What the fuck are you talking about?
>I usually pick what I want to play based on my mood and/or habit, instead of forcing myself to do certain things and then not enjoying them
I don't pick stuff that i don't like anon.
Markchan didn't even exist in 2018.
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What a fucking idiot.
Kill yourself, newnigger.
You plan out what you want to play for an entire year? I pirate games and play them on a whim. Usually I get lucky and pick a game that can last me for at least 100 hours.
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SF Six
Yeah otherwise i hop from game to game and don't finish anything even if i like them.
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Nope, I just play whatever catches my eye. I'll play it an hour and stop playing it if I don't like it
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Play whatever you want whenever
For example, playing Russian Bioshock now with the faceless robo-ballerinas.
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