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What the fuck's a MUGEN?
A cheap-ass fighting game engine that's a staple of the internet. Anyone can make a fighter and basically go from making a genuinely balanced cast that plays well with each other, to madlad shit, waifu shit, world's dumbest shit, you name it.

So what the fuck's new?
IKEMEN GO is pretty much the go-to MUGEN these days unless some characters can only function on older Mugen versions. It's built over Mugen 1.1 but has a lot of added features for anyone looking to build characters/whatnot. You can check it out here:

Either way; post your favorite characters or just rare shit, talk about how much mugenarchive sucks, or just shitpost and post your favorite MUGEN matches here.
Would have been a 2/10 but you don't know what ostensibly means.
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I think you should graduate high school before posting here again, anon.
actual OP here, you're a bitch lmao
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>>180630 (OP) 
MUGEN is only fun in that it's interesting seeing people create fighters and watching them fight like they do in saltybet. Actually playing it and manually building your own roster is painful.
Also, why the fuck was this thread sitting at the very bottom of the catalog? I thought this thread was deleted or something.
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Oh gee I dont know, maybe it is because nobody wants to talk about MUGEN. Have you ever considered that?
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Right, I get that nobody wants to talk about MUGEN because it is too niche and hyperspecific. What I was trying to say was that this thread was made today, but it somehow got put at the bottom of the catalog under other threads that haven't been touched in months. Maybe I have gone full retard and am forgetting something. If that is the case then an explanation would be nice.
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Maybe you should try to set up a mugen night one of these weekends, mite be fun.
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I want to talk about MUGEN, but I don't know anything about MUGEN so I haven't said anything.
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Wife material
>>180630 (OP) 
It's about time we got an open source MUGEN engine. Call me when we get rollback netcode.
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It's in the works
I was disappoint that Warframe Hydro wasn't like MUGEN MK Hydro with specials based on short-circuiting and shit
Modders use Mugen engine for fighters, right?
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>>180630 (OP) 
Some coders have been turning IKEMEN GO into a plataformer engine
Yes, it is a 2D fighting engine
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Really? Is there a link or just rumors?

Where can i find good characters for Ikemen?
Does Mathrus actually exist?
>>180630 (OP) 

KoF 2000 striker + '03 assist systems vs AI I did in IkemenGO

if only vans & ikaruga would make chars again & koopakoot will stop doing kof 98 shit
>>180630 (OP) 
Can the MUGEN engine do 3d fighting like Tekken or Virtua Fighter?
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