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why would you ever kick someone in a video game?
like if someone is being "racist" or being black or whatever your enemy is, why would you kick them? wouldn't that just make you want to beat them more? by kicking them they literally just instantly win because they know you pussied out.
that's for competitive players, but its just even more cringe if you're casual and you do that shit. that means you actually took the time to learn to pronounce someone's name, out of thousands of passerbys, disrupting your own gaming session to get mad about some person who doesn't matter. i guess this is like if someone was doing drugs in the gutter and he hears someone he doesn't like come by and suddenly in a rare spectacle he gets off his ass to go up to the person and talk shit.
i just cant figure this out, how can someone not be a massive faggot if he kicks someone from his game server? how is this still seen as acceptable?
pretending to be retarded is not a good thread.
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>waahhh you made a post i dont like
shut the fuck up and eat my dick
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Moderation is gay and should only be used for those who are cheating. Maybe if someone micspamming with multiple people bitching AND no local mute. Not many games these days don't allow you to locally mute though.
Replies: >>179440
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>>179416 (OP) 
>>179416 (OP) 
It's ruined multiplayer games and most servers are ruined at this point. (people only talking in discord also has)

>Have a gun to your head and if you even misspeak it can go off
>If you get banned you would be forced to have a discord account to beg furries in furcord for an unban
>Admin abuse rampant
>Cheaters are also allowed if they know people or are "trusted" and just soft hack 
>Devs with their own rules sometimes if they're faggots

Squad is a great example of this they have a list that bans you from all servers if 3 servers ban you and thus tens-of-thousands are banned from the game (more than the game has ever peaked on steam charts which is outrageous for a title like it; million other things wrong with that game I would swear it's conditioning to create obedient little dogs for the military). I've enjoyed official servers more than community servers in a lot of games because of this. Why double up on who can ban you?
so sick of not being able to either name myself chinksoldier420 or Tyrone (either SJW or stormfag mods)
it's like you can't just join a deathmatch server, you have to go learn about what culture the admin is from first, and establish a relationship with him
for the last 3 years I've been naming myself a single letter, and half the servers I join and not type a single thing in chat ever, I get some faggot speculating "K is <literallywho>", and then it turns out <literallywho> was some hacker and I get banned
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I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way but it seems like moderation and kicking has drastically increased in the past decade. I think the reason for this has to do with generation z and the younger generations being the majority in videogames now. These people grew up in a time where you could simply block people you don't like and avoid confrontation as much as possible by sitting in a little hugbox. It makes sense that they would all have incredibly thin skin and lash out at the littlest things that make them upset. They'll never experience the chaotic servers that have multiple personalities in them because they are the ones actively killing it.
>I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way
It's an objective fact.
>muting brave battle bards
lol queer
Always swing between chaotic good, true neutral, and lawful evil
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>the wiimmfi troons have started mass banning people for using VPNs
How is this supposed to fend off cheaters or anti-semitic Mii users?
What fucking harm is there in someone using a VPN to connect a hacked Wii running a patched ROM to play a Bing Bing Wahoo from 2008 whose official multiplayer servers were shut down in 2014?
Nowadays if you try and banter with random people on the internet you will get blocked at best and reported at worst. Why bother talking to people who fly into hysterics over the smallest slight?
>>179416 (OP) 
I would kick anyone who wasn't a white male.
Replies: >>179489
Really depends on the game, if you're playing new garbage with centralized servers, yeah you usually find only trash.
If you're playing more niche or older stuff with dedicated servers, shit's more lax.
Replies: >>179494
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I think the 2016 election was what really sent things into overdrive with faggot moderators and admins. There were huge political backlashes over who supported who and a lot of people that were accused of being evil trump stormtrooper nazis just left their positions instead of having to constantly defend themselves. That power vacuum was inevitably filled with the troons we are dealing with today.
Replies: >>179492 >>187815
How do you even find people to play with as an autist?

I haven't played with people in years but when I was a bit younger these were the people I played with:
High School (group):
>spanish kid with rich doctor parents
>spanish kid's friend (also spanish) that could pass for white
>white kid that made refreshingly racist commentary
>black kid 
Eventually white kid and black kid had an argument over him saying nigger and the group fizzled out.

>dismissive probably white college nerd
>soon-to-be divorced dad that sounded like he wanted to kill himself kept giving me advice on never to marry 
>probably gay guy that oddly played with me
>Asian airsoft player living in Belgium
>military guy that ended up being sent to Germany

I just haven't ever had a long term friend ever (both IRL and online) and I'm not sure I have time to dedicate to one as well. I just wish that randoms were better or people to play with but not super regularly. Multiplayer games where I can just hop on don't really exist because of everyone using discord and other issues we've discussed.
Replies: >>179558
you mean 2001?
Replies: >>179705
>wordfilters can autoban you for saying anything and you never know which strings set them off
>thin-skinned faggots will report you to power-tripping admins whenever they get butthurt
Communication is dead and censorship killed it. Anyone dumb enough to post anything without anonymity or actually use in-game chat is just asking to lose his account.
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See picrel. Imho communication in video games should be on topic 99% of the time. Not that friendly banter is bad, but I can't stand morons who go so far as to talk about football, bbq or when they spill their guts in front of everyone, expecting everyone to give them attention and sympathy. Jesus Christ.
Words of truth, although self victimizing, fragile lying little shits are trying to worm their way everywhere. That, or the disease spreading to players who should know better. It's good practice to not type e.g. nigger as every other word when interacting with someone for the first time.
Replies: >>179508 >>179510
>>179416 (OP) 
If banning someone means that they win, then do you sound so defeated?
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It's both Discord/Reddit niggers following the herd in AAA games and siad AAA companies pushing for moderation to attract more retards so they don;t feel bad about anything and prevent government intervention.

There's no winning, the majority will always be retarded, so gatekeep your shit and support the little guy.
Replies: >>179529
Who said friendly banter? I wanna piss somebody off so bad they quit playing the game.
The automatic moderation being extended into voice chats (creating transcriptions) for games like Valorant and Overwatch is unbelievable. Never thought such a thing could happen. Pure dystopia.
Replies: >>179631
>>179416 (OP) 
>How can someone not be a massive faggot If he kicks someone from his game server? How is this still seen as acceptable?
It's not about being seen acceptable it's about getting to own that evil hateful gamer while trying to act smug to their discord harems.
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>Eventually white kid and black kid had an argument over him saying nigger and the group fizzled out.
It was the nigger kid's fault.
And a bit yours too for welcoming a nigger
Replies: >>179620
Eh I defended the white kid and still played with him for a while after. Never welcomed the black kid as I was the one that had joined the group last and ultimately as an autist I can't be that picky. As long as someone can handle banter they're fine but unfortunately that didn't occur here.
Replies: >>179634
There's a reason only braindead soyboys play that shit.
Not even kids touch it
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> I defended the white kid and still played with him for a while after. Never welcomed the black kid 
>>179416 (OP) 
i've never really understood it either. like other anons said i don't really get what the problem is when local mute functionality exists. if you get triggered by someone saying nigger or trans rights or whatever the hot political bait of currentyear is, just block them and keep playing. feels like people just want to be angry/offended without reason
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Replies: >>179646
I once took a look at a dicksword of an unreleased game that is about to exit closed alpha, enter open. There was one person who when he typed, 5 gay ass streamers would whine that the guys clan leader ruined last test, is banned, and no one should associate with him. One of said streamers literally DMd me when I talked to the guy anyway. Long story short, I’m now in his organization and am recruiting for in game terrorism and ruining the alpha for next test, cause if they’re gonna ban people for playing normally might as well salt the earth. I plan to try to play normally too, but no way am I not gonna fuck with these whiney streamer faggots.
Replies: >>179653
What game was it?
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>try out some older games multiplayer/co-op
>its ran by discord trannies that are no fun allowed niggers
Why is this the case? why does every game need some shitty discord clique for a weekend gamenight? where did these faggots come from because years earlier you could have been called "Nigger" in game and no one would have cared but now its all cuck shit
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>that's not cool dude
>he's Barry White he can do what he wants
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Imagine being a vidya janny.
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Replies: >>179687 >>179688
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Replies: >>179691
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When I was playing CS:GO in current year 1 time some Ruskies yelled "LONDON!" on the voice chat and then they stared to vote kick me and everyone else who wasn't Russian. CS:S is/was better.
Replies: >>180402
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We thought we were having fun, but we were making memories.
Fucking classics
Replies: >>179695 >>179696
Trolling is dead, and that's a good thing!
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It's should all be based on context.
Casual server? Anything but spam goes,including casual racism.
Competitive server? Depends on the audience you're going for. If it's open to everyone then banning for racism is retarded, if it's for specific crowds then why are you associating with pussies who ban for racism in the first place?
RP server? Racism should be fine if it fits the character you're playing, otherwise you're just being an obnoxious faggot. RP servers are for gays anyway though.
"Fuck who cares?" server? Obviously everything goes.
Unfortunately almost no one pays attention to context, especially fagmins, shit on everything in sight fuck everyone else if they try to ruin your good time death to buzzkills.
Replies: >>179760
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It only dies when you want it to die
Make an effort fag
>troll server
<get banned
Replies: >>179704
>He doesn't have alts
Yeah you're right I remember tranny furries taking over every multiplayer server and reigning through discord right after Bush got elected. Idiot.
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Just a heads up this guy looks like this
Replies: >>179718 >>179782
I don't know what it is about "streamers" but those entitled little brats really get on my nerves.
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Unfortunately that's just modern community moderation in a nutshell.
Alot of it has to do with their autistic fascination with older games and making it their identity around it.
>Why does every game need some shitty discord clique for a weekend gamenight?
Thing is Discord is the only platform they know. It's the only place where some e-celeb/tranny group/fur-fags like to congregate into their own gay hugbox.
Doesn't help that those are the people that know how to run a server and manages to have really good ping but you'd have to deal with their other bullshit as well. Not moderation wise but some annoying fucking balances that aren't even needed because some no-fun faggot cried about a weapon on discord and demanded it be changed.
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>casual racism
Replies: >>179802 >>179935
That's some guy he mocked in his video.
Casual as in occurring within the context of a natural conversation and not just spouting slurs like a spastic nigger.
Replies: >>179806 >>179853
this, when you have retards that use it every other word then act surprised when they get kicked i don't really care. its the same logic as "if you make them mad you win". If someone's being a nigger I'll tell it to their face but i don't join every server and spam NIGGERNIGGERNIGGER in chat.
Replies: >>179877
No, a natural conversations can include racial epithets without being racist (perhaps to discuss them or historical discussion). I hate all of these jewish terms anyway they don't make sense and to explain them you have to use more jewish gobbledygook.
Replies: >>179878
Replies: >>179903
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>you have to be polite cus i said so
>in a video game
>in a pub
>where matches last 5 minutes
>even reading chat
congratulations you are the cancer
you're either some boomer who thinks in terms of cliques and plays games to form them, or a hall monitor autist who thinks every microinjustice needs to be solved (and somehow oblivious to the fact that adjusting one variable doesnt cause a net gain)
Replies: >>179878 >>180467
>No, a natural conversations can include racial epithets without being racist
It can also include them and be racist, you clearly agree with me but are just looking for reasons to say nuh uh like an annoying argumentative nigger.
>I'll just pretend I don't understand nuance so I can yell cancer at someone
At least i hope you're pretending, a lot of you mewling little gen z kikes genuinely don't seem to grasp the concept.
Replies: >>179881 >>180172
wew lad, what a fucking nigger.
Replies: >>179886
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[Hide] (3.8MB, 852x480, 00:04)
>Fuck niggers
Don't mind if I do!
Competitive racism is what you get when a bot tracks n-word usage on an internet form/chat room.
>t. clanfag
Replies: >>181248
CS:S was better. Lots of community issues there now as well.
>banned for screaming "I hate this map!"
>issued warning by Admin for language when I called someone a butthole
faggotry shitting on everything good in this world.
You get banned for saying nigger in a game because "think of the blacks".
You get banned for saying faggot because "think of the LGBTABCDEFGHIJK".
You can't talk about sex and minors because "think of the children".
You have to buy masks because "think of the elderly".
You can't use software the way you want because "think of the business".
You can't put music in your faggot Twitch stream because "think of the producers".
Have we hit a freedom bottleneck? The last big parts of tyranny were removed in the last 100 years as the remaining world empires dissolved, but it seems now idiots with power will always fall for the imaginary victim meme.
The best thing that illustrates this is how people are too cucked to say "I don't download pictures of 16 year olds naked because I could easily get 20 years of jail for that". Even though it's obviously not illegal to only abide with a law to avoid jail, people will not admit this.
Replies: >>180486 >>187815
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Did Somebody say, HALL MONITOR!?
Any way this could be abused?
[Hide] (83.7KB, 875x221) Reverse
Official badges to wear for saying nigger in an online match.
Replies: >>180481 >>180489
Notice how the more disonoraburu you are the blacker your badge is.
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>Have we hit a freedom bottleneck? The last big parts of tyranny were removed in the last 100 years as the remaining world empires dissolved, but it seems now idiots with power will always fall for the imaginary victim meme.
Freedom? Whatever true freedom there was was sacrificed for "security", reducing it to one more fit for a pet than a man.
Asking the obvious here, but - how do the negative badges connote the negativity? Instead it seems that everyone starts as dishonorabru and works his way up to disruptive.
Replies: >>180539
I think the idea is that you start at Respectable and can either be promoted or demoted based on conduct.  This is completely unlike any military hierarchy in the world so their choice of chevron analogies for the icons is complete nonsense.  The "people" who play this tripe will still fall for it, though.
>the badge for saying nigger is solid black
why do video games constantly add the goyest shit? every single thing ive seen since 2001 was retarded dicksucker shit like this. it was bad enough back when WoW got 2FA, runescape had some stupid thing to prevent keylogging by using the mouse to enter your bank password, and typical retarded shit punkbuster did and other anticheats at the time. none of this shit ever worked. how are they still doing this bullshit 20 years later? just fuck off already. quake 3 / ut99 was fine
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>>179416 (OP) 
>why would you ever kick someone in a video game?
To push them into a hazard, obviously.
Anyone hosting a serb needs to accept that whatever can happen in a game may well happen in theirs and kicking someone is utterly retarded as it's a surefire way to lose other good interesting players and generally degrade the overall experience, UNLESS it's some fucking annoying kid who has delusions of grandeur and thinks they've carte blanche to act the cunt you can kick those little shit heads all day long. They need it IRL too.
to play devil's advocate here is one example i had recently
>playing tf2 casual because comp is for fags
>some guy is just dicking around as sniper, since it's casual and we're winning i don't give any semblance of a fuck
>some womyn on the team tries to votekick him
<he's so bad lol xDD
>me and some other guy ask her why the fuck she cares, it's fucking casual
>vote fails
>other guy immediately votekicks her for being a cunt
>obviously going to pass, start talking trash to her for being dumb womyn
>vote completes, she gets the boot
>harmony restored
i have a video of it but it's on my wangblows 10 machine, if anyone cares enough to see it i'll get it off there
Oh yes absolutely if this is something that actually happened and not you being an evil internet muh soggy knee nazi making up stories, that's really worth sharing.
Replies: >>189012
>kick player for playing the game
>this is why we need kicks
Replies: >>189012
I keep getting kicked in TF2 for micspamming even though I only start when I am at the top of the leaderboard. Everyone thinks I am a bot. Their loss, since I am the best player on any given team.
I don't know what you mean by that.
>>179416 (OP) 
you kick people for spamming the shit out of in-game chat
>Should I post OC?
Yes nigger
Replies: >>189012
>>179416 (OP) 
I’ve only kicked people who are obviously griefing or using cheats/hacks
In the few times I modded games I would only kick myself just to see if it was possible.
>>179416 (OP) 
>why would you ever kick someone in a video game?
Only when they fuck with the game. Stuff that can be objectively defined, instead of vague bullshit rules that are selectively enforced like in your average multiplayer nu-game:
<when there's a faggot who softlocks the game or causes the game to freeze or crash
<when there's a faggot doing dumb shit that hampers progress like blocking the way, messing with your aim, or giving ammo and health packs to enemies, etc.
<faggot micspamming ear-rape, especially in games without mute
You forgot to mention that we're long past the era of self-hosted community servers. Now everything goes through corporate servers and there are draconian, vaguely-phrased ((( CoCs ))) that get selectively enforced, and psyops run by corporations that condition little kids to become pseudo-jannies and perform game corpos' jannies' jobs for free.
>2016 election
Shit happened way before the election. There always were sensitive snowflakes, but everyone used to laugh at them and milk them for laughs as they had meltdowns. Things went to shit around the time the whole 'muh safespaces' and 'muh toxicitay', and other bullshit like CoCs started spreading everywhere.
In the end, the real racists and bigots are the ones promoting ((( tolerance ))). The slogan says it best: 'We're intolerant only towards the intolerant*'
*intolerant means anyone I don't like
>Any way this could be abused?
Same weakness as any other good goy points system: you get bumbling retards to trigger a penalty. Works great when the company is reluctant to elaborate on what results in punishment.
Also reminder that online ((( live games ))) are basically testbeds for behavior control programs and social score systems.
>Have we hit a freedom bottleneck?
Think of is this way: all this virtue signaling is an act by ((( them ))) to shame you into surrendering your rights for their own benefit, while garnering positive PR.
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as promised, two months later because i'm lazy
Replies: >>189092
[Hide] (96.4KB, 533x373) Reverse
>All this autism because of a dead fucking meme being used as a Steam profile picture.
I don't mean this as a joke, you sound exactly like peter griffin.
Replies: >>189093 >>189106
[Hide] (53.8KB, 640x484) Reverse
do you really think you're the first person to point that out
Replies: >>189119
I'm pretty sure he's trying to do a jerma impression.
>ah sweet
>not frickin' sweet
3/10 family guy meme
>>179416 (OP) 
I am the player and therefore am objectively correct, and any NPC that inconveniences me is objectively wrong
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