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I feel as if the maps arent really different maps but like 1 map together but just different stages. I would like to see different maps like you know now there is lets say "floor 2" that you start on and then from there you can either escape or advance to "floor 3". I would like to have a "map" that has other levels but its still the same 1,2,3 system. You know right now you are spawning on floor 2 since its the playtest but later on you will start on floor 1 and then go on and on if you so wish.
The problem is that after a while it gets so mundane playing the same "map" over and over again. Thats my problem because i think the devs consider the floor themselves different maps whereas they should treat it as 1 whole map i mean otherwise it just gets repetitive.

Now on the topic of solo play. Have you had any success playing solo? I tried playing wizard solo but that went pretty bad. I also tried paladin but i felt like that took too much effort and i was just confused. You have to manage spells and your sword and shit at the same time. I didnt have any success with it. I also tried the barbarian class but didnt have any success with it aswell. The problem with barbarian is that you wield a slow weapon (a two handed one) and i feel like the enemy just destroys you before you even have a chance. Now im not saying these classes are not solo viable its just seems way too hard and complicated to be solo viable. I mean i guess most classes can be solo viable if you prepare beforehand some really good gear but that doesnt really mean anything.
I had really good time playing the fighter class. Whats good is that the most braindead class and its solo viable. Now that doesnt mean you are going to win every fight or escape/win every game but it does mean you can fight multiple enemies and still have a chance. It just feels so good destroying 3 people when you are solo. Whats great about the fighter class aswell is that you have a speed boost ability and a healing ability. Its just so fun to pop the speed boost and rush in and kill someone even if that fight kills you. Just rushing some wizard or archer and hitting them in the head.
Its the only multiplayer ive enjoyed in a long time.
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the playtest started now
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>>179386 (OP) 
Wut is this gayme?
Replies: >>180541 >>180544
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Its D&D themed Tarkov where you scramble in a dungeon to get loot and all the other players are out to kill you for a klondike bar. You leave and you keep your shit but if you die you lose your shit and dont get anything.
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>>179386 (OP) 
>not a single fucking money bag
Replies: >>180768
>>179386 (OP) 
It's fine. I can't really say much more about an unifnished game.
>>179386 (OP) 
Solo is very difficult early on. Every team is full of bloodlust and will do everything in their power to kill you. This leave you with only 2 options, out play 3 people for 5 minutes straight, or hide until they all kill each other. Rogue if you're very careful, and you take sneak is good for solo given the prevalence of teams.
Replies: >>180768
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better now?
Rogue is fun just because you can go in starter gear and ruin someones game. Even if you die you die knowing you ruined the game for someone else.
Fighter is great for solo. I've done many 1v3 with it.
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Server ate my post if it comes out as duplicate.

Weapon balance in this game makes no sense. Heavy, slow weapons are worthless. They deal no more damage than the faster ones, extra reach is barely a positive if they even have more reach, and they freeze you in place until the extremely slow animation is completed. You can hit two enemies at the same time I guess? In contrast, fast weapons usually deal the same damage (or more for some reason) PER HIT, and naturally this leads to overall much better DPS while also being actually mobile and able to dodge attacks. For example, every single barbarian axe is terrible compared to the felling or boarding axe, the default cleric mace is better than a morningstar, etc. It's much more worth it to buy as many cheap, 13-ish gold weapons of the good type as there are available and play with those. The difference is insane, I wouldn't be able to win versus a single player with the default barbarian axe and I can manage to kill 2 or even 3 with the better ones. You would think a giant axe or a hammer would hurt a lot more, but they don't. Not even the non default ones. Really weird.
> Heavy, slow weapons are worthless. They deal no more damage than the faster ones, extra reach is barely a positive if they even have more reach, and they freeze you in place until the extremely slow animation is completed. You can hit two enemies at the same time I guess? In contrast, fast weapons usually deal the same damage (or more for some reason) PER HIT, and naturally this leads to overall much better DPS while also being actually mobile and able to dodge attacks.
So you mean it's the same as literally every other first/3rd person pvp slasher ever made? Have you fucking played m&b?
Replies: >>180825
No I haven't played any game where large weapons take nearly 2 seconds to swing and another 2 seconds to recover making it almost 4 seconds of being frozen in place, while also dealing no damage. Not mountainblade, chivalry, mordhau, or any other. In fact in those games they usually lock you in place but the attack animations are faster and they deal a lot more damage than one handed weapons. Seeing how they hotpatch the game a dozen times a day, I imagine they'll probably change them soon.
Replies: >>180833
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The default barbarian axe isnt that bad because it has a good swing rotation (2 overhead swings and a side swing) and does pretty good damage but you have to know your range and when to swing when approaching or being approached. Its was a lot worse before in the last playtest where they were slower and did less damage. Bardiche is a better version of default barbarian axe because the range is longer and you get a stab. I've had instances where I was underestimated as a barb with a bardiche or default barbarian axe and killed a full party of 3 because they thought I was free loot. You are right though about most heavy slow weapons though war mauls, double axes, zweihanders and halberds. Their swings are too wide in most situations and you're much more likely to get goblin slayer'd.
Replies: >>180836 >>180941
That is literally what happened in mordhau (all weapons were like that in mordhau though) and chiv2 and bannerlord. In warband the 0gold 1h sword can unblockable voulges because it'll still be in recovery after you parry. In chiv1 large weapons took longer than that and you only didn't notice because you have to be point blank to 50/50/50 people with waterfalls. In WotV you literally got a free hit on 2h axe users any time they tried to swing with the dodge attack function. In Of Kings and Men you could fucking stunlock people with 1h weapons. Release mordhau you could start up swings ON REACTION to most weapons swinging with a 1h axe and interrupt them. In unreal 2004 chaos (and the chiv source mod?) this was the main way you killed people, because they were locked in place and helpless and you just moved out of their range then hit them. Pretty much every soulslike PvP (including nioh 1 & 2) has the same thing, where you just use fast recovery wide running attacks and fast throwable interrupting projectiles and nothing else if you're serious.
The only games which weren't like this were WotR (rip poleaxe, king of kings, may flights of instakills sing thee to thy rest) and fucking Tiger Knight.

Anyway, seeing you whine has made me want to play this game so I'll give it a spin and post thoughts on the combat.
Replies: >>180836 >>180941
Honestly, after seeing how bad the rest of the weapons were, I haven't tried the bardiche but I have seen most barbarians using that so that explains it.

Yes, 1 handed weapons are better in technical terms. This is the case in most games not just this one. I said it's weird that they would make 2h slow, clunky and also deal no damage at all. No reward for using them not even in pve.
Replies: >>180941
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Any anons wanna party?
Replies: >>180850
Replies: >>181023
>This is like when thanos snapped the philosopher's stone in harry potter and the end of the game!
Read another book
Alright so I've played it. >>180810 >>180836
So basically, you suck shit. Against rogues specifically, if you don't have rage, you need them to commit to coming within a certain distance (that they can't avoid if they want to hit you) in order to land a hit. Other than that the default barb axe is extremely consistent and fighter/ranger polearms are literally the best (melee) weapons in the game. There's no turncap so if you ever miss a swing with a weapon that's longer than a knife (including hitting a wall before your target) you should kill yourself fr, you've got no talent and no hope and probably have worse depth perception than the average one-eyed 108yrold hag.
This isn't a game where you swing at the edge of your range because whiff/groundhit recovery is super generous (roses, chiv2, mordhau), it's more like chiv1 where you confirm that you're going to hit people before you commit to the swing. For spears/polearms, you can seemingly always still get the first hit vs. daggers doing this as well as catching the second hit when trailing someone which lets you confirm the 2shot and basically makes you uncontestable.
>>179386 (OP) 
Ranger does WAY too fucking much damage, or, they don't pay any sort of mobility cost for doing so much damage. The arrow abilities restocking all your ammo and having the literal best version (20str vs. 15str) of the best weapon (spear) for melee means that you never have a disadvantage vs. anyone, not to mention that for all the usual dragons-dogma reasons having an unlimited bow in the melee-designed pve sections is basically godmode (or, more accurately, is basically like shooting at bots from outside of the map with noclip).
It's especially obnoxious because everything about ranger that's good is something that's even better in a group. Wizards are in a similar position once they get a good magic sword but they actually feel fragile and like they are relying on the time and space bought by being in a team (or picking your fights and praying you don't get jumpscared as a solo) to refresh their spells and get through doors and stuff, but rangers you can basically do the rogue special of walking past monsters and opening/closing doors in their faces before they're able to hit you without any sort of compromise in your durability or damage output for being caught out of position.
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How long is the current alpha Test going until?
Replies: >>180984
until your balls drop
Replies: >>180983
My balls drop on your face.
26th. The game was offline so often they had to extend the test.
Well fuck I fell asleep, my bad.

Seriously tho, we should get a place to coordinate through. 3-party rogues and shit.
Replies: >>181031
alright but how?
Replies: >>181042
Post your in game name, then we need to decide on a time. I'm magicalbumpkin.
Replies: >>181069
im usuck.
This game really needs a voice function.
Replies: >>181489
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i like running around as a archer and picking off the elite mobs through doors.
Replies: >>181489
As I thought, they improved the heavier weapons, and they specifically tweaked the default barbarian axe. Every time I play the entire game is different, two days ago the spiders were stronger for some reason.

In the next test.

I really hope you die.
Replies: >>181501
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Replies: >>181516
Shit, Mr. Bones got your back.
We ready to fucking go again?
Replies: >>181518
The playtest is now over next one is sometime in February.
Replies: >>181812
Well now that the dust has settled, ha ha
I guess the only other contender for "immersive-extraction-PvPvE" is Tarkov, which is despite anyone's opinion way ahead in all fields.
What's presented so far is pretty solid and seems like they nailed the basics, a diamond in the rough. That said, it's going to need a good amount of polish before it reaches full potential.
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dev q&a
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playtest starts on february 6th.
They did some community event with some cryptic puzzle and it revealed a new boss? coming. Picture on their website is named "trollking arrives.png"
Playtest Length: 7AM EST Feb 6th - Feb 13th
New Dungeon: Mines Single Floor Dungeon with Troll Boss and is "Solo Queue Only" and "max drop rarity is Epic"
Wizard Changes: "Current Wizard is based on our first attempt at a magic system... will likely need changes"
Skill Tree: "No Skill Tree yet"
Early Access: "Early Access Late-April to May, MUST release with Floor 1"
Floor 1: No Floor 1 development has begun, discussion on outside/sunlight "has been discussed internally"
Blocking: "Not actively looking at" blocking changes, but are "smoothing out that system by checking collision boxes"
Two Handed Weapons: "may have gone overboard on two handed weapons," "not returning to October's no movement penalty," but it is changing
Maul Swings: "we haven't touched that" in regards to the horizontal swinging of two handed Mauls
Speeds: "we will now look into" stacking speed penalties
Gold Storage: "we haven't touched anything about gold storage," "good chance in the future we're going to implement it"
Trading Post: "we're close to the Trading Post being what we wanted," but "we're making changes to make it more... functional"
Shared Stash: the idea is "on hold"
VoIP Muting: "You just press it and it mutes it" (in regards to in-game voice muting for streamers/bad actors/etc.)
Bards: "hopefully next time"
Sorcerer: "I kinda gave away that it's coming as well" (not this test)
Skills/Classes/Etc: "Not much (added)," "Maybe one or two"
In-Game Party Finder: "in-game chat room with inspect feature based on regions"
Karma: "system based on team killing that will mark you if you do it too much"
Team Kill Protection: "team killing... is actually part of Dark and Darker," "if the community degenerates... draw a harder line"
Bulk Buying/Selling: "we do have a solution, it does sell stack items now"
Rubysilver: "We just slashed [rubysilver requirements] in half"
Quests: "...will see preliminary system in the next playtest"
Replies: >>186640
>bards in the future

Oh hell yes interest increased. For now I will pretend to be one with VOIP and music playlist
Replies: >>186649
too bad about the solo queue. It will only  incentivize solo players to only play that. So now if you're a solo that wants to play against all teams then you're only going to be matched with teams of 2's and 3's and no other solo's. Hopefully this is only temporary and they will remove it later. Also all the shitters will occupy solo since you can still get gear from it. Why even bother trying the mode with teams on them when you are shit at the game?
2 hours and 20 minutes
Alpha Playtest #4 Changelog
# New Features and Updates
- New Gathering Hall System - Hang out at the Gathering Hall and build the perfect dungeon party.
- New Karma System - Rate your fellow allies after your adventure. Beware! Scoundrels and deviants are unable to participate.
- New VoIP - In-game voice chat to interact with other adventurers. 
- New experimental Goblin Caves for a solo adventurer experience!
- New Trading Channel QoL features.
- New Report system to help us round up and punish the wicked.
- New Cosmetics
- New Weapons - Short Sword and Quarterstaff, 
- Some Unique Weapons have been greatly improved.
- Attack animation improved for the War Maul, Double Axe & Battle Axe.
- Weapon attack animations now do more varying amounts of damage. 
- New Armors for the 'head' slot.
- New 'Sanctuary' spell for the Cleric.
- New Ore and Craft Items.
- New 'Valentine' NPC.
- The secretive 'Goblin Merchant' now sells mysterious wares.
- An improved party invite system.
- Added bundled items to the merchants.
- Added Flavor texts for more immersive game mood.
- Added a new Tokyo Region + preliminary Japanese localization - first draft.

# Balancing
- Moved the starting spawns from the edge of the map to the interior and added more variations to test.
- 2-handed weapon attack movement penalty has been reduced.
- Added +1 base stat point to 'agility' to the Cleric to normalize the class with all other classes.
- Rebalanced the Wizard's starting stats.
- Added a projectile damage falloff system where damage slightly decreases based on distance. Currently the effect is very small.
- Plate armor improved to give more bonuses, 
- Lightfoot Boots, Regal Gambeson and Templar Armor are a little slower.
- Rapier damage slightly buffed.
- An installed Pavise can now be knocked down by an attack.
- Buffs for many of the less frequently used Perks and Skills.
- Wizard's 'Light' spell now removes the 'Hide' status. Does not remove the 'invisibility' status.
- Increased the duration of an installed campfire but the recovery effects per tick has been reduced. You will need to sit at a campfire for a longer period compared to the last playtest for the same recovery effects.
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its up
[Hide] (79.4KB, 291x151) Reverse
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game has been pozzed. Changed male and female gender to body type A&B
[Hide] (4.3MB, 640x360, 02:48)
Been playing it, I prefer it over Tarkov at the very least. It's not pay to win...Yet. 

The gay ring felt lazy and I hated at first but I find myself running into it more often to escape. I still don't believe it belongs in its current form, because the levels aren't designed for it. At least the damage from it isn't very high. Combat feels like Thief, and the lighting/sound reminds me of the Dark Mod. Main mode suffers from a shared queue of solo and teams, putting you at a distinct disadvantage unless your friends are irredeemably retarded. (Mine are.) The solo cave is somehow more difficult with the default gear, but it's fortunately free. I have found that players are more likely to team up with you there to kill bosses. 

The meta has devolved into barbarian ranger cleric comps, which easily clean up most other teams. For solo, I found ranger to be the best. You get a self heal and can easily kite mobs with headshots.

I can see myself buying it if they don't fuck it up by the time they release it on early access.
Replies: >>187840
>I prefer it over Tarkov at the very least. 
Tarkov suffers from identity crisis and talentless programmers. However Tarkov is still one of it's kind and most importantly it has not cucked out in the slightest. 

The main dev has said again and again that they'll never add women to the game despite all the redditors and cuck streamers screeching about it. They don't even have niggers in the game despite one of the playable factions being essentially Not-America. 
Really the only real complaints about Tarkov are:
>Markets itself as a hyper-realistic combat sim when in reality it's just glorified CoD with real-world military gear brands 
>Runs like absolute trash even though it looks like a 2012 game at best
>Incredibly slow development, old bugs reappear out of nowhere 
>The quests and gear progression are terrible. The devs have clearly never played a good game before and they seem to be trying to reinvent the wheel 
>The super deluxe version has way too many benefits that turn the game into ez modo

But there's no microtransactions and as we've already established, no cuckoldry. Those 2 things alone already put it leagues ahead 99% of modern games.
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>male and female gender
>not male and female sex
Your standards are declining.
Replies: >>187842
Gender and sex are the same thing. Anyone who says otherwise bases his opinion on pseudo-science that relies entirely on muh feelings
Replies: >>187844 >>187845
Gender is a purely grammatical term that has no relation with a person's sex.
Replies: >>187845
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Ever heard of a synonym, bucko?

Did they ever say what purpose was this change supposed to serve?
Replies: >>187846 >>187848
>Did they ever say what purpose was this change supposed to serve?
no. I sent emails and asked a admin of theirs directly but it was all ignored. Although the admin did ask me what problem i was having. He just ignored what i said after that.
its not a synonym retard 
sex is biological, gender is anything (unironically)
male/female are sexes masculine/feminine are genders the fucking troons are the ones that conflate the two as if theyre interchangeable
Replies: >>187850
Gender is a Victorian-era euphemism for sex. The term only got conflated with trooning in Weimar Germany when child molesters were allowed to freely roam the streets.
Replies: >>187872 >>190515
This sounds interesting, can you elaborate
Replies: >>188076
You got enough markers to look into it yourself.
Replies: >>188116
Translation: I have no evidence
Replies: >>188140
Translation: spoonfeed me
Replies: >>190554
The game is addicting but it's also kind of a complete shit-show. I can't really gauge how incompetent the devs are yet but their class balancing decisions are suspect to say the least.

The wizard nerf during the playtest was quite bizarre. It was done to deal with the fact they are broken with gear, but 95% of the playerbase will never be geared. I imagine it's going to run into a problem where the devs balance around the top 5% of players and how they interact with the game while ignoring how that impacts the 95% of casual players.

But thankfully they seem to be planing to nerf retarded shit like infinite arrows on ranger and fighter. Though barbarian needs some serious nerfs, particularly to the fact he suffers zero punishment for swinging blindly at a shield. If a barb hits your shield once you are 100% confirmed dead because his swing resets faster than lowering your block does.

I only discovered riposting as fighter with the two handed sword at the very end of the playtest but that was pretty fun, especially since you could just buy them for like 15 gold off the weapons vendor. I also wholly expect the anti-cheat they implement to brick linux compatibility so I probably won't be able to play the game in the future.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 256x192) Reverse
I have read quite a bit of late 19th century and early twentieth century fiction, and a handful of non-fiction books and I have never encountered this once. In fact, the earliest use of the word "gender" (in any capacity whatsoever) that I can think of at the moment is in the perhaps poz-adjacent 1908 book "The Kybalion".
Furthermore, if one stops to think about it, gender as a euphemism for the act of sex doesn't even make any sense grammatically or logically. How would one even use the word "gender" as a euphemism?
In short, you're full of shit.
Replies: >>190531 >>190560
[Hide] (889.4KB, 1490x1066) Reverse
I don't care if your dad works for Nintendo.
Replies: >>190554
But in your mind, it was real. Right?
retard probably confused it with the word sex which probably originally only refereed to m/f genitals not sexual intercourse (aka when the man puts his penis in the womans bellybutton ) 'lets have sex' back then would probably have sounded like 'lets have pronouns'  today
Replies: >>190567
>retard probably confused it with the word sex
Maybe you're right but that would be odd because it's identical to modern common use of the word "gender".
The word "sex" should still properly only be used to refer to one's sex, as in "the fairer sex" but moderns are fools and fell for the gender psyop hook, line and sinker. "Gender" as a concept and a word was invented to promote the fallacious concept that sex roles are somehow independent of sex.
Replies: >>190578
yeah but gender is as old as language because its just grammar, the majority of languages have gendered nouns, english doesnt anymore for some reason, in german chair is masculine but in french its feminine it has nothing to do with chairs having sexes it just determines how you use the word and what pronouns(unironically) you can use, none of this is relevant to biology or sex, no one is saying the chair has male genitals or is a man, its not even masculine as in 'manly' its just the gender which is only relevant to grammar
Replies: >>190586 >>190762
[Hide] (951.4KB, 500x452) Reverse
Gender is not "as old as language" as you assert, in fact my cursory look into wikipedia shows that in it's modern use that we are discussing, it only dates to 1955. It was the work of pedophile psychologist John Money (who drove a young man to suicide through forcing brothers to molest each other as a part of involuntary sex reassignment as children) that popularized gender.
The existence of grammatical gender (the actual origin and proper use of the word) is entirely irrelevant, especially as English does not typically gender objects, ships aside.
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