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Archive: https://archive.vn/JIgEI

The devs behind Baldr Sky are shutting down and all of their games are going to be delisted. This is quite a shame and I would like help in compiling files for a torrent of all their games including any necessary patches as some games like Baldr Sky got censored by ((( Sekai Project ))). I've downloaded the community patch that's still up however the uncensored video files are missing.

Text of the linked article:
>Giga, the adult-oriented sub-brand of Entergram (itself a subsidiary of TGL Inc.) announced on November 22nd that the studio will be shutting down as of March 31st, 2023 and taking decades of visual novel and action-oriented mecha titles off of the market. The team’s Google translated statement follows:

>    Dear customers, Thank you very much for your patronage of “Giga” brand products. As of March 31, 2023 (Friday), product development and sales of the “Giga” brand will be discontinued. We sincerely apologize for the sudden notice to our customers. In addition, regarding the support work for each game software, the service will be terminated on the same day.

>    Released in 1993, “VG We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support and patronage of many customers over the long 30 years since ~Variable Geo~.  ★Future schedule is as follows. 

>    PC title release
  [Scheduled to be released on Friday, December 23, 2022]

>    ・ JINKI -Unlimited-

>    ・ Girls Frantic Clan 

>    Resale of archived products
>    [Reservation acceptance period] November 25, 2022 (Friday) to 2023

>    Scheduled for early February, it will be sold to order, so please make a reservation as soon as possible. Archive product:


>    ・Caricature Royal Sweet Collection

>    ・Ikiss 123 pack + Nanase After (*) (*) 

>    Nanase After will be available for individual download pre-sale from Friday, January 27, 2023

>    [Delivery of games start]
>    March 24, 2023 (Friday)

>    ・It will be received at the store where you made the reservation or will be delivered sequentially. 

>    Giga Memorial Event Information
>    We are planning to publish an event page that will decorate the end of the Giga brand. As soon as the details are decided, we will inform you on the official giga website.

>    Sales of “Giga” brand products will end March 31, 2023 (Friday)
>    *All packaged products and downloadable products will also end on the same day. For customers who want to keep it at the end, we would appreciate it if you could purchase it before the sales end date. Although there is only a short time left until the end of sales, we would appreciate your patronage of our products.        
>    All the caricature staff – November 22, 2022 (Tuesday)

>For Western audiences, Giga’s titles have been few and far between with 2019’s Baldr Sky being the most recent and readily available on Steam and GOG.com. Many others are available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Vita in Japan as well as on PC from Giga and various Japan-focused digital stores. As most of Giga’s releases on consoles are handled by parent brand Entergram, and the Western releases by Sekai Project,  it’s uncertain if they’re also at risk of being delisted or if we’re just talking about the racier PC stuff sold by Giga themselves.

>On top of this uncertainty, I am extremely out of my depth in regards to visual novels so I’ll leave it with a few links. Baldr Sky is currently available on Steam and on a 50% off sale at GOG.com. It hasn’t been confirmed but these versions are expected to be delisted on or shortly after the March 2023 deadline. You can browse all of Giga’s releases on their site and get more links to digital and physical purchases through their page at the Visual Novel Database.

>Thanks to Auster for submitting the news. I’ve added the major March 31st date to the Watch List calendar for now.
Replies: >>179292 >>181076
>visual novels
Check 'em.
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Visual novel or otherwise, it would be criminal to let an entire developer's catalog fall off the face of the earth. Furthermore, here is gameplay of Baldr Sky
Replies: >>179303 >>179435
Ah, before I forget here's a list of games they have developed. If anyone knows where to find files please let me know!
Readme from the uncensor patch for Baldr Sky. The GDrive link is active for the CGs however the links for the uncensored movie files are down.


    _/_/_/      _/_/    _/        _/_/_/    _/_/_/      _/_/_/  _/    _/  _/      _/   
   _/    _/  _/    _/  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/  _/        _/  _/      _/  _/      
  _/_/_/    _/_/_/_/  _/        _/    _/  _/_/_/      _/_/    _/_/          _/         
 _/    _/  _/    _/  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/        _/  _/  _/        _/          
_/_/_/    _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/    _/    _/  _/_/_/    _/    _/      _/           
1. About the Baldr Sky patch project
We are SHADOWWOLF, a group of dedicated fans such as yourself.
After learning that the English release of Baldr Sky would cut out the 
adult content, we organized to create a fully uncut version of the game. 
Though it's taken several months of translation and hard work from our 
members, we've created a set of drop-in replacement files for game 
scripts, files and images most likely to be targeted by game cuts.
The patch is now live. You can apply the patch via download links
provided below. A separate download for movie files is available because
the changes are minor and the files are much larger. See the bottom of 
this page for instructions on how to apply the patch.
We thank you all for your generous support. Please enjoy Baldr Sky.
This patch is intended to be applied to the English Steam version. 
You can obtain a copy of the game via Steam at the address:
Note: Applying the patch after reaching Rain Chapter 7 can cause some side 
effects (or crashes) related to the Event Jump feature. We recommend applying 
the patch prior to starting a new game, or shortly thereafter.
* Adult Patch 1.01 *
Patch notes available below. Download size 100Mb.
* Unmodified Ending Credits *
The ending movies have brief spots where character nipples are shown and blurred
out. Since the files are rather large (1.8Gb) they are provided here as an 
optional second download.
Notice: Our MEGA account has been suspended due to false DMCA claims by a
troll by the name of Guapler. Users on the steam forums have been mirroring
downloads so that would be a good place to check while we work to restore
download links (linking them from this post would get them hit by DMCA).
3. Patch Notes
Adult Patch Version 1.01
- Some typo fixes.
Adult Patch Version 1.00
- All sex scenes are restored.
- All CGs modified to remove nudity have been restored.
- Restored removed CG and nude character standing illustrations.
- Restored nipples to character face window portraits.
- Restored a small number of lines that were cut or modified outside of sex scenes.
- CG Gallery updated to display 18+ CG.
- The Scene Gallery replaces the Movie Gallery.
- Secret Files bonus h-scene unlocks are restored.
- The scenario chart updated to show the proper icon and thumbnail for sex scenes.
4. Instructions
- Download the files listed above.
- In steam, right click your game and select properties.
- In the Local Files tab, click Browse Local Files.
- Extract the contents of the archive into this folder.
- Launch the game. The title bar should indicate the game is patched.
Note: Saves made with the unpatched steam version may not be fully 
compatible with the patch.`
>reposting on cuckedmoe.gov
Not participating in this. Thanks for ruining it, OP.
Replies: >>179290
And how would you know that?
Either way, more eyes looking to preserve Giga's catalogue is better and I fail to see how reposting this on multiple boards ruins it.
Replies: >>179291
Because my informant told me OP posted it there, too. 
> I fail to see how reposting this on multiple boards ruins it.
Just post a red anon may-may and a Vivian with an cuckfinity bow already, it's dead obvious who you are, faggot nigger.
>>179265 (OP) 
Who? Why should I care especially for weebshit? 
LOL yeah what a big loss.
Replies: >>179303
>mfw he thinks people here fall for this crap
>mfw he does it for free
See >>179276
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Is there a single non niche VN company that isn't bankrupt at this point? All I can think of is SMEE and they're gonna be filing soon after their last two flops.
I have their entire (worthwhile) catalogue sitting on a drive anyway, which do you want specifically?
Replies: >>179315
Again, I don't care as I don't consider VNs vidya and 99.9% of them are trash.
Replies: >>179310
Watch the video, retard. Does that look like a VN to you?
Replies: >>179311
Why even argue with him? You're trying to prove a negative to somebody who's entrenched in their own taste. You might as well argue with a wall.
This thread's probably gonna get deleted anyway because rapeman is a nigger.
Replies: >>179319
Everything, if possible.
Replies: >>179327
I reported it because its most assuredly a Mark or Eden thread. I wish the mods would get off their fat lazy asses and moderate for once
Replies: >>179320
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real subtle
Alright, I'll post links for them over the next few days in this thread and if this one gets deleted the other one over on blackeddotgov.
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Other than the original Bladr, this one's my favourite Giga release
64, remove the red A
Replies: >>179435
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How come we're always using Base64 to decode links? Is it because it's easy to find a decoder online?
Don't data scrapers ever pick up on this?
Holy shit that mp4.
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and nothing of value was lost
Replies: >>179482 >>181076
Isn't most this stuff up on the usual places anyway?
Replies: >>179482
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Nowadays places like those get shut down left and right.
Plus they had future releases as well, like 4 of them and they'll only be available on a really short time window unless somehow they get sold somewhere else by someone else.

If you don't look like this you need to leave this website.
Replies: >>179483 >>181095
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Encoded torrent for Baldr Sky 1&2 in japanese. I'll seed it for a week or two.
Any half decent text editor should have a base 64 en/decoder built in. 
As far as I'm aware scrapers don't yet identify and decode strings of text. Yet
Replies: >>181076
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>>179265 (OP) 
I'm here to preserve protoculture
If you look like this, you need to leave this website.
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pls let me stay mister
i'll be good, i'll lurk
Replies: >>181140
That's literally me.
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I see you talkin'
I don't see you lurkan
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i was lyin'
Is there a full collection package?
Replies: >>190261
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There was at once point but I don't know if it still exists. Unfortunately I only downloaded one game from it.
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