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Why do people enjoy Assassin's Creed?

>combat system
There is no way to lock onto an opponent and move relative to them. The only way to make distance is to literally turn around and run away. Not that it matters because pressing the attack button will jump on top of the enemy no matter how far away you are. No dodge, roll or blocking either. In other words distance and positioning are completely irrelevant.

Your options in a fight are, break guard if enemy is guarding, counter if enemy is attacking, attack if enemy is idle. 'This is literally rock paper scissors my dudes.'

An equally vapid experience. In a game with exploration/stealth elements like Tenchu or Tomb Raider, how fast you run, the direction of the jump, grab/nograb, flip/noflip all affects where the character lands. And whether or not you make a jump is based entirely on the player's ability to juggle these variables. In AC you move towards an edge and autopilot carries you to the other side. What the actual fuck is that. Exploration is just triggering mini three second cutscenes of the character jumping around and is impossible to fail. How literally braindead do you have to be to get a sense of accomplishment from this.

So combat is just rock paper scissors with flashy animations and exploration is just a railroad track with flashy animations.

Is Assassin's Creed basically just an interactive novel?

Comments based on playing 30 minutes of Syndicate, skipping all cutscenes and dialogue because fuck you I don't care
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>>179040 (OP) 
Due parkour i guess.
>>179040 (OP) 
Combat is not rock paper scissors. Counter (idle) is neutral on guarding and idling. You will always stand around and counter, the 'skill' such as it were is to do an attack (or guard break -> attack) when you see the enemy commit to an animation that will allow you to land it when there's nothing else that's able to attack you out of it, which speeds up fights but isn't qualitatively different from just waiting for counters.
>Why do people enjoy Assassin's Creed?
They don't? What the fuck are you talking about?
Why do people enjoy FIFA22?
Replies: >>179059
>Combat is not rock paper scissors.
There are 3 states and 3 inputs and only 1 input works for each state.

>the 'skill' is to press the right button when you see the enemy commit to an animation
Ok so it's rock paper scissors where you get to see the enemy's hand first.

>They don't? What the fuck are you talking about?
They made like 20 of these games. Someone must be buying it.
>Ok so it's rock paper scissors where you get to see the enemy's hand first.
Yes. That's not fucking rock paper scissors.
>There are 3 states and 3 inputs and only 1 input works for each state.
There's one state (neutral) and 1 input (counter) and only 1 input (counter) works for each state
>Someone must be buying it.
Doesn't mean anyone's enjoying it.
Replies: >>179068
>>179040 (OP) 
Because you can climb buildings and stealth kill people. Thats the appeal.
>Yes. That's not fucking rock paper scissors.
Rock paper scissors for retards.

>There's one state (neutral) and 1 input (counter) and only 1 input (counter) works for each state
             Input                   Input
         + - + - + - +           + - + - + - +
         | r | p | s |           | a | b | c |
         | o | a | c |           | t | r | o |
         | c | p | i |           | t | e | u |
         | k | e | s |           | a | a | n |
         |   | r | s |           | c | k | t |
         |   |   | o |           | k |   | e |
 State   |   |   | r |   State   |   |   | r |
+--------+ - + - + - +  +--------+ - + - + - +
|rock    |   | X |   |  |guard   |   | X |   |
|paper   |   |   | X |  |attack  |   |   | X |
|scissor | X |   |   |  |idle    | X |   |   |
+--------+ - + - + - +  +--------+ - + - + - +
Isn't that the flow for generally every video game ever?
Replies: >>179076
Nigger what the fuck is wrong with you
Here's the whole chart:
>Input: counter
That's it.
It's an extremely easy, slow and forgiving rhythm game. There's no meaning to the combat and there's certainly no decision making. It's not RPS because the defining feature of RPS is that you guess. You don't guess in AC. You always know what to do, and if you personally don't know you can just wait then press counter, in which case you do know.
Replies: >>179076
>Isn't that the flow for generally every video game ever?
Distance is usually important. You have short and long range attacks, or short, medium, long. You need to use the right attack for the current distance. Or maneuver to change your distance to use the attack you want. While your opponent is doing the same.

There's usually a speed vs power tradeoff i.e. strong attacks are slow, weak attacks are fast. Sometimes there's some kind of stamina gauge or mana points or something as well so you can't just spam attacks with zero thought.

There's usually a way to block or avoid incoming attacks. In more sophisticated games you have different kinds of blocking as well like high vs low or vertical vs horizontal.

There are lots of things that go into a good combat system.

<>Input: counter
>That's it.
You're saying I can just spam the counter button regardless of what the enemies do?

I guess I'll say it again, does Assassins Creed actually qualify as a game at this point?
>>179040 (OP) 
>combat sucks
>exploration sucks

>Why do people enjoy Assassin's Creed?
It was a product of its time and a genuine novelty at first.  I know it's hard to imagine after a decade of Ubisoft open world game slushpile, but at the launch of the 6th console generation, AC was one of the poster boys for shiny new games with new ideas and new tech.  The combination of a historical setting and vague SF imagery seemed to hint at something deep and interesting, and the "fluid" combat with all the prebaked animations and snap-to-enemy kinesthetics were genuinely pretty visually impressive.  Recall that GUN was also a launch title for that console generation.

I mentioned this a little bit in the idea guy thread, but the multiplayer introduced in Brotherhood was also genuinely quite good, and one of the few examples of "standup" or mimicry-based stealth that succeeded by encouraging players to pantomime being different people or bots while trying to outsmart each other.  I loved playing Spy in Team Fortress 2, so gameplay based on outsmarting your opponents and pretending to be someone else was one of my favourite things.

The games having basically no difficulty was also a factor in their success, especially among normalfags.  I was a stupid teenager when I played the games, and I do have to give credit to Ubisoft because their design appealed perfectly to stupid teenagers.  I felt like I was cool when my character would automatically jump from one perch to another, and I thought I was smart when I would sneak through contrived stealth sections full of idiot guards.

It wasn't until AC:Revelations during one particular stealth sequence in a cave where I realized just how shallow it was.  I distinctly recall looking around and deciding "I could just shoot one of these guys," then doing it.  Nobody heard the giant BOOM echoing through the cave, so I shot about four or five more guys and there was still nothing.  That exact moment stripped away all the pretense that there was anything going on mechanically and ultimately what began to sour me on AAA games in general.
Replies: >>179120
>>179040 (OP) 
As a long-time fan of the series, it was really just the cool factor that had me going on for so long. Secret passages, obscure cults, cloak and dagger, it's the same kind of appeal people have for mysticism and mythos. It's still cool in my book, even though it's been steadily becoming less so.
Replies: >>179120
Makes sense. I agree the settings and aesthetics are cool.
>>179040 (OP) 
I've only played the psp game to it's fullest, the game was fine honestly. I don't remember any rock paper scissors bullshit though. Maybe it's because I played the second ass creed game that was released.
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>>179040 (OP) 
It's trash through and through, only the art direction is worth any amount of praise. Everything else is just really bad.
What the fuck
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The games have always been mediocre, but I still had some fun with them.
Pic related is the best in the series. Story isn't boring as shit and gameplay is refined and somehow better then every game that came after it.
Replies: >>179272
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Reminds me of what some anon wrote a few years ago.
Replies: >>179281
Hey, that was me. I actually ended up playing Origins about a year later and was pleasantly surprised. It ended up addressing a lot of the concerns with a decent amount of non-linear quests. First thing I did in the game was destroy some encampment and then I decided to do a side quest which was to do exactly that. Instead of having to do it again, the protagonist said something along the lines of "I actually just did that" and it was immediately completed. I remember there was another thing where you have to solve these ritual murders, and there are like dozens spread around the map. I just happened to find the murderer after only having discovered one of them and was able to complete the quest that way.

It also had an unusually mature storyline for a video game involving child murder, has improved AI with various states and schedules, emergent gameplay, dungeons, New Game Plus, and incredible art direction. It's better as a game than all the others prior to it and one of the better AAA games to have come out in the last couple of years, but that's because they came to the conclusion that there was nothing good about the earlier titles and and started with Soulslite, which is something that makes me sad. I never bothered with the latest two so I couldn't tell you how well they do.
Replies: >>179366
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I had a fun time playing through most of Black Flag, probably because that's the only game that's come out in the past 20 years that made me feel like a pirate.
Replies: >>179313
It is good until the novelty of sailing around, the ship combat and the exploration wears off. Additionally, the unskippable interactive cutscenes that drag you out of the simulation are one of the most obnoxious things I've seen in a game.
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[Hide] (11.7MB, 1280x680, 01:17)
Can't speak to the actual mechanical gameplay, but I know Ubisoft has taken the series' success as carte blanche to rewrite history and pretend they're doing everyone a favour.
I played A.C.-III. After all a pretty mediocre game with it's mechanics. The only really cool thing was the atmosphere, though and maybe the broken parkouring.

The most despicable aspect of AC, however, is that you need a U-Play account. 
They simply deleted my account after three months and didn't respond to any of my support requests - so I could never finish playing it.
>>179040 (OP) 
Essentially the only mainstream social stealth game. The vast majority of stealth games before and after AssCreed are purely ‘hide in bush, wait for enemy guard to walk by, then move’. AC had a mechanic to let you simply walk right past them provided you behaved and looked like an NPC. 
It was also open-ended enough that you didn’t HAVE to go that route if you didn’t want to. You could also do the traditional stealth game approach, or run through openly fighting enemies like in a fighting game, or you could parkour your way to the target bypassing the enemies standing in your way. 

As soon as they started moving towards fuckhueg wilderness maps and ship combat and railroading you into ‘cinematic setpieces’ and all that crap is when I lost interest.
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I know why redditrannys like asscreed so much now.
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Replies: >>190709
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Are the only things not doctored in the first image the prices?
I can't believe they actually put that shit into the game
>>179040 (OP) 
There's a reason why some call it ASSCREED.
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