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So you know how cuckchan made pokemon clover right, I have a suggestion that we make our own version of a pokemon game. Since there seems to be multiple anons on here who seem to be into pokemon or at least like to act retarded on pokemon showdown.
I want to fuck Onyx.
>>179013 (OP) 
>Takes in 1970s.
>Eastern europe inspired country.
>Eastern europe inspired pokemon.
Thats it.
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>Eastern europe inspired pokemon.
So they squat, listen to hardbass and get wasted all the time?
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How about playing the punkass rival's story?
>your hot mom is the professor, and she lets you counterpick the starter to put that little bitch neighbor kid in his place
>you can control when you fight the hero, with the option to heal up and arrange your team beforehand
>you get your bike first, and it's a ten speed with clickety clackers
>take the credit for the hero defeating Team Bullshit
>new Pokeball lets you snipe capture a Pokemon that another trainer is fighting; you can use these to get the legendaries when the hero meets them
>the Elite Four think you're super cool and want to hang out
Replies: >>179026
I don't really like this idea, Being handed everything on a silver platter is one of the main reasons why the new games in the pokemon franchise are so disliked. I think the standard pokemon formula is decent enough for a template but there must be ways we can improve on it.
Gopniks didn't exist in 1970s though.
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These guys would make a pretty funny region. 
>Bulgarians who larp as Greeks.
>Story is about Some guy trying to emulate Alexander the great and reunify all of Macedonia under a single region.
Replies: >>179039
Neither did Pokemon. Creative liberties and such.
just making it set in the 90s would be better at that point. Theres not many better eras or places in recent history that were as big of a clusterfuck as Yeltsin Russia
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>Bulgarians who larp as Greeks.
Worse. Skopje people are a mix of slavs, turks, albanians, bulgarians, romanians and a tiny percentage of greeks. 
But they ignore their 99,9% mixed heritage and focus on the 0,1% greek blood some of them have. And that 0,1% plus their position on the map was enough to convince them that they are the glorious descendants of ancient Greeks and the children of Alexander himself.
Replies: >>179885
Eastern Europe seems like a pretty popular option so let us choose one of these countries out of that area to be the region.
>The Baltics(Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia)
>Bosnia and Herzegovina 
>North Macedonia
Replies: >>179063 >>179090
>Austria-Hungary falling apart in a timeline where the Central League won the Great war
>Yugoslavia falling apart in a timeline where the Arceus Alliance won WW2
WW2 Pokemon but with Reich themed Pokemans
Replies: >>179079 >>189041
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A B/W prequel taking place during the Unovan civil war.
Replies: >>179371 >>189041
I'll make the logo.
Replies: >>179087 >>179210
We probably should also come up with a name for this rom hack. How about pokemon honey since it has something to do with bees.
Replies: >>179088 >>179225
>Pokemon Mark/Sturgeon
>Pokemon C&D
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How about Pokemon Green and Purple?
Replies: >>179091 >>179131
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I like Greece as a theme. I din’t think we should worry about custom Pokemon initially as that would take up too much time and balancing, but focusing on world design since that has always been Pokemon’s worst aspect. Each gym could be inspired by different Gods. You could divide the gyms into two different tiers, both completable in whatever order, with the first tier having to be completed first for scaling and the second tier being the inspired by Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus.
Pokemon green already exists but purple could work if we ignore the existence of violet... which we should.
Thing is you could just as easily use Greek Orthodox Christianity for a Grecian based region which is used a lot less than but it'd fit just as well. Greece is really flexible. Christianity in general is really underutilized for how big it actually is.
This is probably the best actual option.

Some basic questions to stimulate discussion:
>How big will the pokedex be?
>How many gyms and cities will there be?
>What technology will you use to make the romhack?

And perhaps most importantly of all, what kind of Greek myths, stories, and creatures will be used for pokemon designs and ideas?  I have a passing familiarity with the famous stories but those probably won't be enough for a full pokedex.
Replies: >>179103
Zeus would be electric types, Hades could be fire, Hephaestus would be ground/metal types, Poseidon would be water types, Ares would be all fighting types, Artemis would be normal animal types, and Demeter would be grass types.
Replies: >>179101 >>179103
Wouldn't ghost make more sense for hades? I'd assume Apollo would be the fire type representative.
Replies: >>179102 >>179103
Yeah, that sounds better. Hades should be Ghost/Dark.
Pluto should be rock (or ground). Persephone would be ghost, if it has to be a god.
Aphrodite would by psychic (or fairy, for numon).
>those probably won't be enough for a full pokedex
Buy one of those pocket encylopedias of greek myths or find a decent site. There's a lot of content, particularly if you're willing to pick one single-mention stuff like random titans or children of echidna etc.
Replies: >>179104 >>179225
We don't even need to make every single pokemon made to be inspired by greek myth. We could use other things related to greece.
Replies: >>179106
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Also, just because we don't do fakemons doesn't mean we can do regional variants.

Now, if we were to do Greece, would it be madness to do something like Legends Arceus and have it set in antiquity and each of the Gods would actually be various gym leaders? Also, now that I think of it, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus should be the Elite Four. You could either do the three of them or add someone like Hera to even it out.

What are some other interesting things about Greece besides its mythology? You should fight for it now before we go too far down this other path.
The fractured nature of Greece could be used as a blueprint for the region. Like how Greece was basically a collection of smaller countries as opposed to a unified entity. So we could have each area be distinct from each other and have distinctly different cultures as an example. Like how Athens and Sparta were wholly different from each other despite both being considered Greek. As for Gym leaders you could make the case for the gym leaders being based on these nation states. I.e Sparta would be a fighting type gym leader, Athens would be a water type, Corinth could be steel type. The villain team could simply be the Persians.
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>What are some other interesting things about Greece besides its mythology?
>As for Gym leaders you could make the case for the gym leaders being based on these nation states. I.e Sparta would be a fighting type gym leader, Athens would be a water type, Corinth could be steel type. The villain team could simply be the Persians.
Doing something like this for the gyms and the regions around them seems reasonable enough.
Greek myths are 90% athens and 10% crete, though
Replies: >>179115
Yeah if your knowledge about Greek mythology is hollywood tier
ok nodev
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If I made monster catching game, I would make the creatures proper kaijus and mechas.
Replies: >>189425
Even if nothing comes of it, it's at least more interesting talking about what could be rather than what is.
>>179013 (OP) 
Is it going to be a romhack or something else, like Pokemon Uranium ?
Is a 3D game a possibility ?
Is the gameplay going to be a direct clone of Red/Blue, or we will have the opportunity to deviate the mechanics or even copy the gameplay of other monster capturing games ?
Replies: >>179145
thanks doc
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Is someone copying threads from kikechan out of spite again?
Should definitely be a romhack. Far easier to set up, tons of resources, it's really the only option if anything is going to be made at all.

I don't think it should be a direct clone of the main games even though it will have the same kind of path. The progression of the mainline ones is streamlined and it's very hard to fuck up. I think the world should be organized in such a way that you can be challenged no matter where you are.
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I played Pokemon Arceus this weekend. Made it 2 hours in before I couldn't take how cheap and lazy the game was. Between all the forced tutorialization, the absolutely atrocious PC cocksucking, and the stupid fucking premise, I can't imagine how people enjoyed this.
I just about shit my pants when I opened up the Pokedex and saw shit like "Catch 10 Wurmple" as a form of progression. Then I get into an actual fight and it's just the exact same Pokemon formula as always except with a form of power attack or speed attack. Big fucking whoop.
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If it had the NPC literally suck your cock would you have liked it more?
Replies: >>179164 >>179166
Let the anon have his fun acting contrarian. Once he lurks for longer than one week he will learn nobody buys the act anymore
Replies: >>179165
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Pokemon gameplay has always been going further and further downhill but it sure doesn't help to have 5 hour tutorials, terrible environments, low framerate, terrible new pokemon models and designs, and less than zero challenge. I do like one new pokemon though
How is he acting contrarian? That is a literal contrarian opinion retard.
No. The character designs were all boring or ugly. However, this trend of completely deepthroating the player is annoying and no Pokemon game should do this shit anymore.
If I catch 3 pokemon in the first 15 minutes of the game and then everyone I meet is AMAZED that I'm capable of the most basic task in the entire fucking series and won't stop talking about how COOL and AWESOME I am for not getting KO'd by a Bidoof tackling me, then I'm just going to feel patronized and annoyed. This fucking series is almost 30 years old, there is absolutely no reason to do this.
Replies: >>179225
I propose a story where you get kicked out of your parent's basement and need to find a new home to stay. On your way to the nearest town, you save a lvl1 weedle that is being attacked by a fearow. After rescuing the weedle, you decide to be a pokemon trainer with that weedle being your starter. The villain team in this game will be a group of hive-minded elitists called Team Smogon. Their goal is to create a utopia for hyper-competitive trainers by "removing" Moody pokemon, evasion boosting pokemon, and trainers that engage in wrongthink. You must save the region by defeating Team Smogon using autistic movesets like PP Stall and Quick Claw Ditto.
Replies: >>179225
True, but, I would like to see a 3D pokemon fan game that is not a clone nor a remake of the older titles.
Replies: >>179214
So here's what we have so far if anything is going to happen.
1)Region will be based on Greece
2)It will be a rom hack
3)Gyms will be based either on Greek myth or Greek city states.
4)Evil team based on Persians.
5)This guy >>179084 will make the logo
Let's begin with story, Where would be the best place to begin on the Greek Peninsula. There are numerous starting locales that could be chosen.
Replies: >>179212
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>PC cocksucking
Game takes place in pokemon equivalent of feudal era japan, are you saying they actually put niggers and trannies in there when sinnoh had zero niggers in DPP?
BTW, the remake obviously did include niggers, maybe that's the new canon now
Replies: >>189425
If you're serious about this, then for the love of god, abandon the old tired trope of 8 gyms and elite 4, make the game focused more on story or defeating the evil team or something along those lines
Speaking of which, how about making several factions, each of which you can side with? If you don't like any of them, you can do the stereotypical "defeat the evil teams" story with the game. Also, don't bother actually making new pokemon, that's a waste of time and effort when there is SO MANY official ones. Take the ones you think would fit the most and remix them all over the region, create regional variants or even something like shadow pokemon if need be. Don't include legendary pokemon as part of the story either, that's also overdone, but I figure optional fights against the three legendary birds or the weather trio would be fine, dunno what else fits greece at the moment
Replies: >>179214
It's more important that something gets made at all that to reinvent the wheel. Even a romhack will take a lot of work and they're probably the easiest video games you could make. Let's focus on improving the core gameplay loop rather than the technology or turning it into a full-on RPG.

If it's about Greece, it's very naturally suited to have gyms and Elite Four. The Gymasium was an important institution in Greece and there are thirteen Olympians plus Hades, who isn't actually one as I have learned. You already have a Mount Olympus, which is obviously where the final part of the game is set, and the rest of the gyms can be divided up very nicely if you were to do a double gym with the twins Apollo and Artemis. You could either do a double battle or you have to fight Apollo during the day and Artemis at night to get the complete gymnasium badge.
>What are some other interesting things about Greece besides its mythology?
Not sure if it applies specifically to Greece, but expanding more in regard to the Mediterranean, Europe was once just a bunch of islands, and number of places that are on the mainland today featuring fossils exhibiting island gigantism or dwarfism from before they became connected or reconnected (as seen at Gargano and Scontrone in Italy, and Hateg in Romania). With Greece having thousands of islands within the boundary of the country, maybe find some way to work that element into the romhack, perhaps in still living form? And not just as the answer to one of those length/weight comparison NPCs like in RSE either.

It had a few mechanical elements that I felt were a step in the right direction and it had some nice music, but yeah, while I'm not sure I'd call it bad, I wouldn't exactly call it good either. Pretty much felt like a playable fanfic.
Could the romhack use RNG to determine the 3 starters from ~3 different sets of some crappy pokemon that are rarely actually used?

Perhaps the gym leaders could also be philosophers? And perhaps the main character is aspiring philosopher and your rival is a sophist?

>Buy one of those pocket encylopedias of greek myths
I recommend Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

>How about pokemon honey since it has something to do with bees.
Good idea.

>Should definitely be a romhack. Far easier to set up, tons of resources,
This is especially true for FR/LF and Emerald. 


kek, that actually almost sounds like a good idea.
Replies: >>179232
Also, I recommend that the first αlpha version of the romhack consist of just 2-3 towns and 1 gym because (you) need to learn to use the tools first. Don't add custom sprites or music. Just use the standard tiles/sprites/music that's included in the ROM and go ahead and make your very first alpha version. Also, Do not use gen1 games as basis for your romhack since the tools and the code are worse. I personally recommend gen3 because even a kid can use Advance Map (a tut: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=161616). I found this site that's full of tools: https://www.hackromtools.info/hack-tools-gba/ (but I haven't used this site before, so check files using VirusTotal). PokeCommunity is one of the main sites you should use for anything that's related to pokemon romhacks. Other sites of interest YT (you can find some tutorials there), https://www.romhacking.net and possibly https://www.zophar.net and vimm's lairr. Also, don't upload ROMs to your own site because Nintendont has taken down ROM hacks (like Pokemon Prism) before. Be sure to upload (separately) the patch file somewhere as well (and add the md5 checksum of the ROM you used in your readme.txt).
Replies: >>179328
I wish I could agree with you, but, I think using a third party engine like Godot or Phaser for example, will be safer and an easier to setup, than using any of tools mention by >>179232 .
I'm not saying its impossible, but, having a cross platform toolset that can be download safely, its a better option than downloading unknown or shady toolsets.
Replies: >>179334
A game from the ground up is unlikely to happen, anon.
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Is it worth playing these games if you never got into them as a kid? I didn't even know about them until much later. But I played Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior on the NES (before emulators, Internet, etc.), and those were fun.
Replies: >>179340 >>179345
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I think one of the reasons Pokemon is such a popular franchise is because of the simplicity of the rules.
All the kids I knew didn't care for JRPGs yet loved Porkyman and I think it's because rock, papers, scissors with more variations is something most people can pick up.
Why haven't more JRPGs done this? Even in other monster catching games like SMT you have to first find out what their weakness is by analizing them or simply guessing.
I just had the best time playing Pokemon Stadium 2.
Unless you're playing gen4 for the Pokemon Club thread, I'd say you're better off playing a difficulty romhack or playing a superior monster training game like SMT. The idea of it is sound but the mainline games are incredibly easy because they're designed for 8-year-olds, and Game Freak's competence as a developer has always been "okay" at best.

Or you could go play fullderp and shit the bed. The raising aspect of Pokemon always turned me off as a kid but I find the battle system itself fun.
Replies: >>179344 >>179978
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Oh that makes sense. Guess I'll try to find a romhack for the old 8-bit games, those look very comfy.
Check out Stadium and if you like the combat try out gen 2.
>>179013 (OP) 
a few things i was thinking of for a potential rom hack
>all dubs battles, since doubles is just more fun in general (and limit protect/detect)
>faster animations (might not be possible with the FRLG engine, but was possible with the gen 2 engine i think)
>bosses can be unique fakemon that sync well with each-other in a double battle
also keep in mind clover was made before the exodus of halfchins, and that their own philosophy was making lands based off of boards and fakemon based off of traditions at the time or just in-general offensive shit. the region here could easily be based off of boards around the webring or past traditions (maybe it could fit into the Greece theme you fags seem to be going for), and our main "mascot" could be some sort of sleepy fakemon
you could also use
>pokemon essentials
which has made some great games, but the finished product really wouldn't be as impressive as a fully fledged rom hack i think
>The singular tiny Hasburg in Transylvania
>>179013 (OP) 
I suggest taking the idea of field effects from reborn. I would also suggest having at least 2-3 ways to change a field to a different one.
you have no idea what you're about
the hottest women of europe are in north macedonia
I know some people scorn self-imposed bullshit but I got some decent challenge using monotype teams in my last few pokemon games.I actually had to give up on platinum with my all grass team because of the E4, between the bug guy, Flint and fucking Cynthia I would've had to grind up my leafy bois by like 10 lvls each.
I’m going to summarize my ideas I’ve shared, haven’t chared, and ones I think that are good from the thread so I have a clearer picture.

Game is set in fictionalized Pokemon-equivalent of ancient Greece during one of their many conflicts. Locations represented in the game include Athens, Sparta, Troy, Lesbos, Cyprus, Delphi, Marathon, Mt Etna, and Mt Olympus. Both historical and mythological figures will inspire the various trainers and gym leaders.

Very similar to base Pokemon. Few if any Fakemons, not including regional variants like a Water-type Ponyta or Steel-type Hoothoot. Progression is still based around gym (or gymnasium since it’s Greece) battles, but the world design is far more open with most towns being easily connected from the get-go by clear roads with more direct routes and and shortcuts being connected through typical tall grass and caves with higher-level Pokemon. Double battles are standard among trainers, and bandits that can steal your money, items, or even mons freely.
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>>179013 (OP) 
pokemon is peak middle school vibes
it has to have immersive and environments like pic related
you dont understand the feeling
of being under these few hundred trees
while coming of age
its not just a new and secret world
it has to have a sexy redhead like misty
who you have your first boner to
this is what made og pokemon amazing
its inextricably intertwined with sexuality, you cant get rid of that part without killing it
this is the reason kids would knife each other at school over trading cards
this idea of exploring an unknown world with a mixture of hi tech and nature as freshly weened middle schoolers was what made it cool for me, while being the same age when it came out
Replies: >>188947
[Hide] (4.3MB, 03:09)
Bump for interest
very based and sophisticated take
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So, since there's a bit of a romhack vs. New game debate happening, I'd like to point out the middle ground that is using pokeemerald or some other source dump of older games as a base. This is the whole game converted to easily readable and editable code that is much easier to work with than typical romhack tools.

There are still some quality of life tools like porymap/advancemap that help a lot but in the interest of making this as easy as possible I'd reccommend using pokeemerald. 


The hard part is setting up the dev environment, but that's just a one-time setup and it's super easy if you use linux. Still not terribly difficult for a windows setup.
if you use Pokemon Essentials like a smart person who doesn't want to try patching the same rom hundreds of time and praying that collaborative contributions don't brick it, it wouldn't be that difficult to make a Pokemon Conquest-style SRPG/Pokemon hybrid, or even just a SRPG layer with standard Pokemon mechanics under it

>What are some other interesting things about Greece besides its mythology?
agon/agoris/agorate - "the multitude Pokemon" - a collection of rock/fighting pillarmen based on Greek statues & Athens' Agora that grow in number and arete as it evolves; evolution requires you to have multiple agon/agoris in the party and consumes the ones not battling, signature ability similar to mega Kangaskhan's Parental Bond but only working with fighting moves
philosodon & rhetorex - "the wise Pokemon" & "the hungry Pokemon" - wise, deep thinker psychic/rock contrasting a malicious, manipulative dark/rock, the gen's fossil Pokemon with defensive and offensive EV spread respectively, philosodon gets a wider movepool and intimidate while rhetorex gets a dark STAB echoed voice meme, excuse to put philosoraptor in a Pokemon game and have it make sense
amphos - "the legacy Pokemon" single stage ghost/fairy amphora (aegean) urn covered in one of several different stylized patterns/formes depicting legends from past Pokemon regions, signature move uses a toned down of the legend's own signature move (i.e. Ho-Oh urn's "legacy wave" turns into Sacred Fire but with 60-70 BST, not 100), putting the "legend" in "legendary" by using the Greek way of depicting them
I have very limited confidence in this ever happening, but if it does chimp must be present as an NPC trainer. You fight him (probably after the gym leaders, or even in postgame) and he has a team of six random mons taken from a pool based on the bin, complete with nicknames. Flavor him as a professional wrestler heel kind of guy where all his mons have stage names because who the hell names their Gardevoir "blood waifu" and their Vaporeon "Compatible"?
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[Hide] (90.6KB, 485x483) Reverse
[Hide] (167.1KB, 575x571) Reverse

They say the hardest part of a journey is taking the first step. Let's get this ball rolling.

Here we have three images, the normal Petalburg as it appears in Pokemon Emerald, the actual interact-able space of Petalburg with the grid as it appears in Porymap, and the completely obliterated Petalburg that will serve as the starting point of our little project. 
Now, let's not get bogged down in the details brought up by the rest of the thread. For now, let's start by just adding whatever we fancy to our blank canvas here. Sprite it, draw it, just name a range of grid spaces and what you want there, whatever is fine. Keep in mind one grid space is about the size of our player character.

This probably won't be a good area or even a usable one by any means but it'll get the creative juices flowing.
Replies: >>189248 >>189249
>They say the hardest part of a journey is taking the first step.
the hardest part is gonna be coming up and drawing 100+ pokeyman coherent designs, considering the game is literally called like that, maps, characters and writing can come second
Replies: >>189249 >>189262
[Hide] (41.5KB, 640x480) Reverse
Fucking exactly. Maybe not 100+ but at least 50 or 70, enough to make this game worth investing time into. The first step is drawing up the pokeyman designs then converting it in to sprites. Preferably a whole new soundtrack will be needed, too. 

If this game is taking place in Ancient Greece, there should be more hills, more mountains, less grass, way less trees, more dirt, etc.
Replies: >>189261
[Hide] (71.6KB, 575x571) Reverse
[Hide] (40.8KB, 457x457) Reverse
Your hills, mountains and dirt, m'lord.
Replies: >>189405
Screw custom mons, just use what they have already and if an anon wants to stat and sprite one then that up to them.

Maybe another good first step is to just ms paint a world map so there is a flow.
Wild West theme. Towns are based on various infamous western towns (Tombstone, Deadwood, etc), various major NPCs based on famous gunslingers. Special ‘quickdraw’ battle system where the person who sends their pokemon out first gets to move first and get a guaranteed crit (using a reflex-based minigame). Enemy team are either roving indians or a gang of desperados (or both). Instead of Gyms, there’s Saloons. Music sounds like it’s lifted straight from an Ennio Moricone’s discography.
That’s the fangame I’d make.
Replies: >>189269
If we did that we could just set the game in the Orre region and just flesh it out more.
Replies: >>189314
Orre is more Mad Max/futuristic western, and the map is solely desert. I meant genuine 19th century-level tech and fashion and sensibilities (like PLA), and a variety of biomes like the highland prairie of states like Wyoming and snowcapped mountains of Colorado.
Thinking about it, something that stands out to me is how they never made an allusion to gun politics in the pokemon universe. It’s such an easy connection to make, with pokemon = guns. As simple as having an evil team/activist group that wants to ban private ownership of pokemon because they are “dangerous beasts that can hurt children”.
Replies: >>189353
pokemon only makes sense in the fallout universe where 'gotta catch em all' was the propaganda slogan to recruit people to clean up and catch all the mutated animals from the area except it ended up creating an underground cockfighting scene where people would cockfight with them for money and the strongest would go to the secret club in the basement of a chinese restaurant (gyms)
Replies: >>189454
Team Plasma was basically that + PETA, complete with scheming rat jew manipulating everyone behind the scenes so he can have a monopoly on violence Pokemon and take over.
Replies: >>189364
They never really leant into the ‘pokemon are dangerous and only trained professionals should be allowed to own them’ angle, it was more an allegory towards slavery than anything.
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>not made in Essentials
>no field effects
>doubles faggotry
>no fakemons
You all sicken me.
Replies: >>189388 >>189390
There's no anything because nobody has made shit yet. Sprite a fakemon if you're so great.
>not made in Essentials
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[Hide] (183KB, 475x461) Reverse
[Hide] (51.1KB, 642x286) Reverse
Pic 1 is a map of the Greek polis and their expanse. For a region, I think focusing on Attica & the Argolid Peninsula with islands in the middle would be cool, because it has most of the cities that people who aren't fucking nerds are at least vaguely familiar with. Pic 2 has a list of cities that were kind of relevant & the wild islands in the middle. Here's a quick shakedown on relevant locales. I'm playing fast and loose with the cults to allow some diversity of worship but the period is roughly 450-400 B.C.. Swap names and shift things around as you like.
>Athens & Attica
Likely site of the Elite 4 & Mt. Silver analogue. Hymettus isn't a very tall mountain, but it is known for being an exceptionally long and sprawling one, so have it act as Rock Tunnel but deep inside, if you get the right HMs (rock climb? waterfall?) you can get to the true route that contains Victory Road. Athens is a "big city" even in ancient times and should be a late-game/post-game area with some sidequests. Athens is currently very nice, but most people are nervous about invasions from Sparta. 
Ancient, ritualistic site. Small town. Eleusis did not originate with the Greeks and it outlasted them in some ways, though by the 1500s it was abandoned. Put a cool ruins there, but it should barely be more than a temple. Speaking of which, gyms should 100% be temples, that's a good idea. Eleusis would have Demeter, give her fairies or grass.
Distant and inhospitable mostly wasteland. Not actually a town, really, so much as a big open plain. Small settlement with either a very hard route or a safari zone. Worshipped Hercules+Zeus, may not need a real gym or temple.
Close religious ties to the distant Marathon but worships primarily Apollo in the time period people like. Theme could be similar to Saffron City, with the "original temple" to Demeter being replaced by Apollo's smug oracles. Megara was a port city and should potentially have an early-game boat to Salamis. Ajax hung out a lot in Megara, hailing from Salamis. Megara was named for the wife of Hercules and there was also a big cult of Poseidon, which also makes it a great thematic candidate for "port city feat. water gym"
>Salamis & Aegina
Poorly inhabited islands with very rough wildlife. A few rustic towns. Aegina is a beautiful volcanic farmland/beach island, while Salamis had an endogenous cult that wormed its way into Athenian culture. "Athena Skiras" is similar to how Santaría used saints to get acceptance for voodoo, masking them as the new religion while worshipping in the old ways. Salamis should either be one of the last gyms or a key site for whatever bad guy team is around. 
Much more chill place "these days," formerly under the auspices of a series of great tyrants. Now typically worships Aphrodite - the city of love (& whores). Should nickel and dime the player and cost way more than everywhere else. Helios also has a presence, so break out the sunny day.
Formerly massive city and direct competitor to Athens in the early days. Slowly being abandoned after being sacked once by Argos, with lots of homes left derelict or haunted. Extremely impressive buildings are now tourist attractions, while in the outskirts and in these locales there is still an active town-city life. Worshipped Poseidon & Demeter most of all, but since Sparta is too far off the barely-living Mycenae should worship Artemis instead. Grass types. Almost as horny as Corinth.
Big, almost entirely abandoned and decimated citadel. Haunted and full of ghosts, with lots of narrow tunnels and thieves come to loot. Barrier on the way to Argos.
Further west - off screen - is Argos, the reason Mycenae sucks so bad. They practically wiped out and leveled them, after all. Seems like a neat place, but very warlike and aggressive. They like Athens and are supposed to be helping them prepare for those weird invaders, but don't seem very motivated to do so. Worshipped Hera aggressively with a temple to Hera much larger & fancier than the broken one at Mycenae, but also Hebe (yes that Hebe, goddess of youth). 
Tiny port village, worshipped Apollo. It is currently nearly abandoned and is taken up by bandits, the homeless, and philosophers. When the invaders levelled it & deported the Asine locals West, the only building they left standing was their grand temple to Apollo, which hung over the ocean. It would be pretty unique as a gym you have to get to on a long route - with no Pokecenter or other healing spots. If Apollo winds up in Megara, make this a bad guy hideout exclusively instead. 
Earlygame town. Unique history of worshipping Isis+Sarapis (of Egyptian fame) around 300BC but generally worshipped their own local cult & Ares before that. Fighting types, probably. Hippolytus was historically set in Troezen and played in Athens around 430 BC - you should probably get asked about Troezen a lot if you show up in Athens with that badge. Troezen locals are not keen on Aphrodite/Corinth.
>Mases & Hermione
Mases is probably where the professor hangs out, it's the port near Hermione and a shortcut to maybe Megara and/or Athens if you're too weak for the routes. No temple. Hermione would probably be the analogue for the starting town, but quite large and with a temple/gym to Hestia, with fire types or normal types. Lots of red colors - it was the home of the red dye that Greece & Macedonia used everywhere.

This gives 10+ potential gyms with some wiggle-room for moving them around/balancing. It also helps inform how you map could look. Pic 3 is a depiction of Hermione in antiquity. I wouldn't try to fit it on one screen, actually; have your player family's dwelling on the close side, where the big gate is away from the peninsula, and then key features like the temple/gym and other buildings further on the peninsula. The terrain would in this case be sandy, grassy, a few trees but paths and buildings scattered among them, with beaches or sea on the outside edges. Kind of similar to an ancient Greek Slateport. Then you have another small route or two, and you arrive at Mases, which is more of a small village than a town and has a large port with lots of enterable boats off it instead of random houses.
Replies: >>189407
[Hide] (740.3KB, 1579x1050) Reverse
Whoops, I forgot to mention Cleonae due to the cut-off zoomed in map. It's between Mycenae and Corinth. 
I honestly don't know much about it because it stopped existing by around 200 AD and it wasn't otherwise all that famous. Got along fine with the Argos and the Athenians. Known to be a fairly pretty and large town, but not really a big city. Primarily worshipped Hercules (and therefore Zeus), but liked Helios quite a lot as well, and Apollo tacitly with him. Helios would probably fill out the roster best, but it depends on how you handle Hercules+Zeus, whose legend Cleonae has one of the best claims to.
Similar to Troezen, had some Egyptian Isis worship infiltration around 200 BC, but that's bending timelines a lot. Nearby site of Nemea (of Nemean Lions fame) would be fodder for having pyroars hang around, or a legendary.
Replies: >>189459
>What are some other interesting things about Greece besides its mythology?
Sponge diving should be a thing around this time, it would be a great opportunity for the player to acquire the Dive HM and water pokemon.
[Hide] (676.6KB, 1585x1905) Reverse
[Hide] (83.4KB, 788x443) Reverse
So Pokemon before most of the team got together then? Morimoto did some of the more fucking weird designs, and Nishida did most of the cute/popular designs like most of the starters, Pikachu, and the one Eeveelution normalfags want to fuck for some reason. Here's a neat little resource I like to check.
>Game takes place in pokemon equivalent of feudal era japan
Meiji Restoration, actually. So really late 1800's at the earliest, not to mention the expedition team visiting is explicitly a multinational venture. But yes, there is in fact at least one nigger, and given the era it isn't even Oda Nobunaga's cool black friend unfortunately. There's also a guy implied to be from India, given the mention of Copperaja in the context of the old Indian Elephant lore, Copperaja not being native to Galar, and him mentioning it being from his homeland. No, Clay's ancestor being a native there isn't weird, Clay was designed as a Japanese businessman who made his fortune in America so that lore checks out.
Replies: >>189456
>duuude what if (x) except DARK and MATURE???
>and the one Eeveelution normalfags want to fuck 
>the one
Replies: >>189549
So, you want more rocks?
Replies: >>189484
Replies: >>189577
In reference to the Gen 1 Eeveelutions, yes. She only designed one of them, the other two (and Eevee itself) were designed by Motofumi Fujiwara. Atsuko Nishida went on to design the rest of the future Eeveelutions to my understanding, Spaceworld Leafeon notwithstanding. And if you mean that normalfags want to fuck more Eeveelutions, I don't think you understand what normalfag means given the fact that only Vaporeon has a fucking weird ass meme associated with it at this point.
Replies: >>189562
Do normalfaggots even know about compatible.txt?
Replies: >>189571
It apparently made it to NoA internally, or I heard something like that anyway. And not in the "we heard about it to shut it down" way, but the "weirdos just fucking talking about it in the office" way.
[Hide] (70.2KB, 783x763) Reverse
[Hide] (57.8KB, 681x684) Reverse
Achieved, now what?
Someone make a diogenes farfetch'd
Replies: >>189742 >>189746
Wake up. Do some pokemon.
Replies: >>189722
[Hide] (219KB, 512x612) Reverse
Anon...I don't think there are any drawfags left
Replies: >>189746
[Hide] (134.6KB, 768x781) Reverse
Fuck it, I'll do it then. Too bad I don't know shit about Diogenes other than he allegedly lived in a barrel and furiously shitposted every day of his life.
Good shit. Give him Prankster and a bunch of Dark moves so he can taunt and heckle the opponent's smogonmons.
>Diogenes Farfetch'd
>It isn't plucked of feathers
You have failed massively. That was kind of the entire joke from the beginning. 
>I don't know shit about Diogenes
Ah, that explains it. I think I'll do the coding for this game. I've never coded in my life nor do I know any coding languages but this anon has inspired me.
Replies: >>189781 >>189784
Spoiler File
(119.1KB, 475x475) Reverse
I realized the joke on my way to work today, I've got a good idea that I'll draw up when I get home.
If you want to code, there's a great writeup on how the scripting works for the pokeemerald decomp if we go with that. Check it out:

Otherwise you can check out pokemon essentials which I think is in game maker's language. I don't know shit about that though. Other-otherwise you can check out godot if you want to build this from the ground up (read: never finish it).
[Hide] (106KB, 887x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (11.3MB, 460x358, 02:52)
Okay, now that I got your attention; it's very good that we've banded together to just like make game lmao. The problem is that, for some retarded reason, someone convinced the thread to make this a ROM hack rather than an Essentials game. Lemme break down why that's retarded.

The list of things you can do with decompiled Emerald is nowhere NEAR as long as what Essentials allows. Not just in terms of pretty pictures and music, but you know what you can do in Essentials far easier than you can in a ROM hack? Add shit. Not just graphics, music, and whatnot, but mons, moves, abilities, damn near anything. It's as easy as fucking around with the PBS files.
"But Essentials sperg," you might say, "I can't play an Essentials game on physical hardware!" To which I say eat a dick you goofy nigger, nobody other than my own personal strawman is gonna be playing this on a flashcart even if we use a ROM hack instead of Essentials. There is literally no reason to neuter the game from the word "go."
As an aside, it's easy as pie to import a movie playing script into Essentials, and, well, be able to play video files. Yes, this means you could put the plane scene in the game. Should you? Absolutely not, but to an extent, the sky's the limit for adding features.
WebM related, all I did was overwrite the original opening with a different one.

Now, let's talk about the big thing Essentials can do that ROM hacks can't. Remember the Terrains from Gen 7? Those were kind of neat, but nothing really to write home about.
What if I told you that you can make Pokemon an actual challenge without bloated numbers? No need to give the AI max stats and expect the player to grind EVs for 1488 hours, no, there can be actual strategic depth to it. How? The motherfucking Field system, created by Pokemon Reborn.
"Buh-buh-but that game has trannies!" Yeah, it does, but you know what else it has? The best goddamn thing to ever happen to Pokemon as a whole. Ame might be a jew-nosed 41%er, but he made the best call possible by introducing Fields to fangames. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater by completely dismissing Reborn, it became a 9.5/10 game once I learned that you can press Alt to turn on turbo, and hold X to skip text. Seriously, it's worth playing.

No, seriously. If you want to make a Reborn game, the coding is all done. Sure, you need to code in new Fields, but you've already got plenty of work done. Hell, if you want new moves, mons, abilities, and what have you, they're piss easy to find.

Now, this is getting deep into autism territory implying i'm not already in the deepest depths of spergery but hear me out: fucking with a ROM hack requires grabbing whatever ROM hacking program is out there, as well as Action Replay codes for shit like walking through walls and instant EV training. You know what you have to do in Essentials to do that? Just open it up in RPG Maker 2003, which is easy to pirate. Hell, for Pokemon-specific shit, like trainers, Pokemon, and whatnot, you don't even have to open up RPG Maker, just edit the PBS files. You want to import Assrape, your original mon do not steal? Just get some sprites for him, name them appropriately, put them in the appropriate graphics folder, and add his data to the pokemon.txt PBS. I don't think you even need a cry, but feel free to bitcrunch yourself saying "niggers tongue my anus" or whatever.
And if you hate the music in a game, you can easily replace it. If you want to replace Toxapex's sprite with a screencap of a post discussing how much Pex users deserve to be gassed, you can easily replace that too. And if you're a casual shitter who can't handle a good challenge without a debugged Level 100 Charizard and nothing but OHKO moves? Well, you may be a bitch, but the debug menu can get you just that without any hassle. Add Pokemon, pick Charizard, then edit his stats/moves in the Pokemon/PC menu.
Why do I bring all of this up as a positive? Because the player gets so much more freedom this way. If Randy Retard wants to bulldoze the game with hackmons, well he can go right ahead. Just don't listen to him whining about the game being easy.
Yes, this is all freetard-tier sperging, but by god it's something I consider important. If I can peek under the hood of a game, I'll like it more.

That's all my sorry autistic ass can think of at the moment. In the meantime, here's some games made with (various versions of) Pokemon Reborn's engine, but without the poz:

https://mega.nz/file/5u4HzC5Q#ZamP73MvSi-MF067jpwvm2HJFs0p2wP_KcawlJSr32c (use the patch at https://mega.nz/file/tkNk0RKI#E_ro4axE4cML23rSeLfBV8nm-FCIEkuJwtc6oGTlE9A to shitfix some graphical stuff, just copypaste the contents into the Graphics folder of the first link)
A two-gym game that's the first real episode of the Ocandia series. You start after the first badge, because level 5 slap fights are boring and gay. 
The sequel to Pokemon Ocandia. Same protagonist as the last game. There's a shitload of new mons to try out.
A short boss rush game with some worldbuilding and lore autism. Features the best fucking Champion fight of the entire Pokemon franchise.
This is an odd one, it's a mod of the original Jops Goes Grocery Shopping. I figured I'd link it instead of OG JGGS, since it has more content. Regardless, this is the most current game in the Ocandia series, where you play as a member of the antagonist group of the games, The Suggesters. You go run errands for the rest of your teammates.
From the dev of JGHS comes an original game in a different region from Ocandia. This is not the best place to start, it assumes you've played Rebornlikes before, and treats you as such. I can confirm, I suggested this as someone's first Rebornlike and it didn't go too well. Taking place completely separately from the Ocandia games' events, though there are some references, you play as a member of Altera's Elite Four equivalent as you go stop a Legendary Pokemon from pissing off the resident god of the region.
You should wait for the edit of it. The gay parts of the plot are gonna be tweaked and/or removed, EV/IV training will be instant like the Ocandia games, and it'll make the tranny devs of OG Reborn have aneurysms. Probably.
You CAN find it yourself, but keep in mind that in the future, the definitive edition will more or less make it obsolete. If you play it, let me know and I'll upload an edited map file that includes instant EV/IV shitfixing and other QoL changes.

I most likely misworded many things, or have been flat-out wrong about them. I'll figure it out later, this is my best attempt at a coherent wall of text. Best by my standards, not triple digit IQ standards.
If you can take away only one thing from this: Play Pokemon Ocandia. It's a good game.
>whole post turns out to be a joke advertising some shitty reddit pokemon hack
These fags are going to pop up ITT from time to time, ignore them. They will only distract anons from getting work done on this project. Just filter and hide niggers like that.
Replies: >>189804
Honestly don't care how it gets done, at this point the first person to produce some damn code picks the language. I'll give that nodev anon from earlier a chance to weigh his options since he spoke up.
Replies: >>189804
[Hide] (69.4KB, 342x250) Reverse
If I discuss a concept only seen in a few fangames, I'm going to provide examples. Were you one of the cuckchannel faggots who Rare Candied their way up to Level 100 in Ocandia, and bitched about the game due to your nigger-like lack impulse control?
Again, the code is already all set up if you use Essentials. Hell, you can use another game as your base, and edit it from there. The best picks for that are either Pokemon Desolation(most recently updated Rebornlike that uses a new engine) or Jops Goes Hentai Shopping. You'd have to remove the filtering script manually for the latter, though, but it's simple enough from what I remember.
Replies: >>189807
watch me ball my dick on you, beaner
Effortpost witnessed
[Hide] (351.7KB, 1401x946) Reverse
I'm the guy who made/is making the Ocandia series so I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring.

I've got lots of experience using Reborn Essentials so if we go down that route I'd be willing to help wherever I can.
I can do some scripting, I know my way around events, and I've played some competitive Pokemon (lol) and a lot of Pokemon fangames so I consider myself pretty good when it comes to balance and challenge with regards to trainers and boss fights.
I've made several games by myself and been on a handful of fangame dev teams so I know a bit of everything, more or less.
I can't do design concepts, mapping, or spriting though. We'd need someone for those.

I don't want to be the project lead though, and I'll wait until I'm sure there's actually some interest in doing the work to get this thing made before I formally volunteer.
Replies: >>189839
We need to decide scope. I say keep it simple for now and the basic template we should have is 8 leaders, rival, and elite 4. No fakemons unless someone wants to add their own which sounds ez with essentials.  The field stuff sounds cool to.  
By keeping it simple we can find out if we can even do a basic project before going bigger. 
This framework adds some wiggle room too if we want to expand on an idea like boss fights or an area to explore.
>No fakemons
Boring if true. The project needs fakemons otherwise this may as well be a bog-standard RPG maker project instead of a pokemon one. Even the 4chan pokemon project all those years ago taking place in PokeAustralia started with the Fakemons. 
The theme would be PokeAncient Greece. Should allow for a million good fakemon ideas.
Do gondola as the eeveelutions, bam instantly like 8 new pokemans
Replies: >>189823
What does Gondola have to do with Greece you fucking faggot ass fucking newfag fuckface
Replies: >>189827
>immediately becoming ridiculously hostile because someone suggested something unrelated to something you just suggested before anyone else agreed to it
I vote against making it Greece themed just because you're a nigger and a faggot.
Replies: >>189829
The greece theme was decided on WAY before he posted that trash idea, since you don't know how to read I will go ahead and link said post: >>179090

We even got a drawfag to start work on a design idea >>189746
and I myself am working on some concepts for Greek-themed pokemon. Shut the fuck up.
Replies: >>189830
I'll admit my mistake but you're still acting like a nigger.
Replies: >>189831 >>189832
my dick is balling at your cringe
[Hide] (76.3KB, 1000x542) Reverse
If you're doing Greece, I can come up with fakemon ideas for any artfags to make drawings of (I can't draw for shit) 

Based off of the Basking Shark, which is apparently a thing in Greece oceans such as the Aegean Sea

Name:  Basktard (combination of Basking and Bastard)

Type:  Water (could also have a second type, maybe steel since it kinda looks like a submarine?)

1st Ability - Mega Blast (new offensive ability), makes any "beam" move do 1.5x damage.  This pokemon would also have moves like Solar Beam (even though it's uncommon for a water type to know that move) since this shark in real life likes to bask in the surface under the sun.

2nd Ability - Filter (defensive ability) and one that's already in the pokemon series (Mr. Mine, Mega Aggron, etc...).  Basking Sharks are filter feeders, so it makes sense.

Hidden Ability - N/A.  Not really sure what else you could give this thing to make it more unique.

Evolution:  None, although it could be a 1st stage evolution to something else if people want.

Leer/Tail Whip/Harden (if 2nd type is steel)
Water Gun
Echo Voice
Metal Sound (if 2nd type is steel)
Stockpile+Spit Up+Swallow
Iron Head (if 2nd type is steel)
Hydro Pump
Hyper Beam

SPECIFIC TM/HM/Egg Moves it can learn:
Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Charge Beam, Solar Beam, Signal Beam, Psybeam

in general, it can learn any/all TM/HM/Egg Moves that any other water (and steel if that type were to be used) type can learn

Regarding stats, this thing would have piss-poor speed, since IRL Basking Sharks are slow moving.  it's special attack would be better than it's attack, and the defenses could either be equal, or have one be higher than the other.  The HP could probably be high.  In general it could be a bulky special user that would work better in a trick-room team.

This is just one idea.  I could come up with more, and the one i suggested here can be changed to whatever anons on here want it, so nothing is set in stone.
Replies: >>189847 >>190162
[Hide] (42.5KB, 640x480) Reverse
>Guy comes in to get everyone's attention and shill Ocandia
>The maker of Ocandia not only posts here, but shows up on cue

Replies: >>189847 >>189883
[Hide] (283.8KB, 496x482) Reverse
>Mega Blast
Kind of a misleading name, considering the fact that it's not a Mega Evolution mon. It's autistic on my part, I know. Suggesting "Amplifier" or "Focus Point" for alternative ability names.
>Hidden Ability
Maybe Steelworker, and make it a pure Water type?
Okay fine I'll stop providing examples for anything I say and let you run around and do the work. I'll pretend to be surprised by the consequences of my actions when you run to me begging me to give some examples of what field effects are, and how they work.

Stop sperging.
Replies: >>189857 >>189860
Mega Launcher exists. I agree it's confusing, but it's consistent.
[Hide] (309.8KB, 1242x858) Reverse
Aw lighten up. Here's a new take on the Diogenes bird.

I will admit, it seemed a lot cooler in my head. This guy would basically be the magikarp/gyarados of the game. Completely useless first form with a rad second form.
Normally I hate fursona mons that look like some dude in a fursuit or a cosplay, but it fits a Diogenes mon really well. The evolution makes a lot of sense. Great concept.
Replies: >>189871
Replies: >>189871
Not bad, but I still think it would work better as a Farfetch'd-Galar>Sirfetch'd style transformation. If you don't mind going full epin meme reference, having the first form be stuck in a pot/jar would extend the joke Farfetch'd is based on - a bird, carrying a leek, already in the cooking pot.
Replies: >>189871
[Hide] (1.3MB, 760x909) Reverse
Don't have a scanner and I don't have a drawing pad so forgive the guerilla style picture.
Here's my take on the idea, I don't think it's necessary to stick to Farfetch'd base. I also went pretty heavy on the Greek influence and the usual pokepuns though not necessarily in Greek (Huhn is German for chicken, pollo is seen in multiple languages as the word for Chicken)
Kind of undecided on the middle evolution just being the first version inside a barrel (or pot) just like Diogenes had as his favored living arrangement. The third evolution is like a Phoenix man bursting from that barrel with Apollo iconography as well, and I figured I'd sneak in a Chi Rho. I feel my third evo is too human looking and more fitting in something like Digimon or SMT so some other kind anon can refine my ideas. 
Some other rejected names: Cynicken (Cynic + chicken) and Chinope (Chinese word for Chicken and Sinope)
I don't know what it is about it but that final evo is downright spooky, it looks like the kind of thing that would come to collect sinners when the judgement day comes, I think that belongs more in a silent hill type game than pokemen
Replies: >>189877 >>189881
doublepost but the barrel the second (or third) evo is in  should be sideways and its signature  move could be something like rollout which hits randomly targets during tag battles, causes big dommage, locks you in for 3 turns into it and then during the last one damages you too
doesnt need a middle evolution this would be perfect as a magikarp, makes sense for diogenes
Yeah final evo could definitely use some work, but the idea would be that it's a fully anthropomorphic and also like a phoenix or apollo. I think it's kind of spooky looking because it is nearly human but has a bird helmet head
We're friends on fullderp.
Replies: >>189884 >>189890
Oh, neat. I thought fullderp was dead.
Replies: >>189888
[Hide] (52.7KB, 682x682) Reverse
[Hide] (90.9KB, 709x900) Reverse
[Hide] (73.9KB, 598x447) Reverse
This is the Kri-Kri.  A goat that is only found in Greece on three small islands just off the shore of Crete (Dia, Thodorou and Agii Pantes). The kri-kri can also be found on the island of Sapientza ( Messenian Oinousses ) which was brought to the island in great numbers, in order to protect the species from extinction.

So basically they're a protected animal (endangered), so it could either be a pokemon thats only in a very specific location, or it could be one of the legendaries in the game, especially since this thing used to be worshiped a long time ago and is pretty much the "symbol of the island".

I'm thinking it could be pure Ground type because it lives in dry mountain and alpine areas to rocky sites with brush and woodland, near coniferous forests.
It is. Between 8chan dying, showdown modlets inventing a brand new method of censoring any form of speech that isn't sucking underage tranny penis, LGPE being the worst game the series had ever seen (so far), S&S being the worst game the series had ever seen (so far), and SV being the worst game the series had ever seen (so far) for the third time in a row, fullderp has been on life support for half as long as its been alive. We're lucky to have more than one battle a week nowadays.
Replies: >>189889 >>189890
>showdown modlets inventing a brand new method of censoring any form of speech that isn't sucking underage tranny penis once a month*
Mangled that sentence. It's incredible when you look into showdowns censorship features, they have several completely different forms of shadowbans implemented, because their official policy is "shadowbans don't exist lol check the code on github we don't have shadowban.exe :^)" leading to half the devs not even realizing the site already has shadowbans, then independently deciding to implement their own new shadowban script.
Replies: >>189909
haha yes "friends" now post your commissions of your totally not a self insert OC getting drilled by Field groups
I dunno, in my opinion all of that would either be suffered through or just more meme fodder if it wasn't for every VPN IP under the sun getting castrated by the modlets. I know 99% of the time when I feel like chimping I get the "your IP is cucked due to being a proxy" popup and give up because it's not worth the effort to dick with my VPN config until I get an IP that Zarel missed.
Replies: >>189909
Man, sounds like we should be making a pokemon showdown clone instead of pokemon.
Replies: >>190488 >>190492
The chances of you finding a shark in Greece are about the same as finding a homeless jew
Replies: >>190199
[Hide] (314.8KB, 1086x833) Reverse
So? Gen 5 added lots of shit you don't see anywhere in the 5 burrows, what Anteater or Polar Bear do you know that lives in New York that's NOT in a fucking zoo?

At least I'm going off of what's being shown to me online.  The first few links even say Basking Sharks can be found in Greece
Replies: >>190200 >>190265
why focus on real animals isnt greece famous for mythical monsters
>american mink
if my calculations are correct, this animal is not native to greece
Replies: >>190280
It's like when retards whine, "Why are the musketeers in New York instead of France? Why are the yin-yang legendaries in New York instead of Japan?", because they think Pokemon regions need to be a 1:1 replica of a real place, instead of being loosely inspired by a real place. To them, Unova isn't a place inspired by New York, it is New York. It's become an especially big issue in more recent gens, where a lot of the pokemon designs are just references to the local culture, like Weezing wearing a tophat because he's in Britain, instead of trying to create original monster designs that might actually live in an environment like that. A lot of fangames run into this issue, and end up with very bland and uninspired designs that feel like they were made by a tourism agency.

Stealing this idea asap
[Hide] (52KB, 1280x700) Reverse
>why focus on real animals isnt greece famous for mythical monsters
Fine, then make pokemon version of the Titans from Hercules and that can be your legendaries for the game.

Lythos = Pure Rock Type
Hydros = Pure ice Type
Pyros = Pure Fire Type
Stratos = Pure Flying Type
Arges = Pure Normal (or Pure Fighting) Type

Hell, Why not add Hades too?  Dark/Fire type.  Then you can add Zeus with Fighting/Electric.
those already exist, they're called regirock, registeel, and regice
Replies: >>190284 >>190286
>taking crab bucket faggot seriously
Your basking shark idea was neat.  Keep it up.
Then this project is dead in the water.  The official Pokemon games as of the latest gen have over a thousand of these bastards.  Why would you purposefully limit yourself to shit that GameFreak hasn't done before or even make new evos/versions of old pokemon (which isn't past gen pandering one of the things that people compalin about with the series anyway???) when you can pull a Pokemon Clover and go all ham on the creativity? 

This is the Pokemon equivilant of "The Simpsons Did It!!!"
Honestly there's a number of Greek creatures and monsters you wouldn't want to use because they're almost too crazy. Get a load of this:
>Gigantes - giants with snakes for legs
>Empusa - demon goddess with one brass leg and one donkey's leg, oh and hair literally made of fire
>the more myth accurate depictions of the gorgons that are actually ugly instead of just casting Flesh to Stone as a gaze attack
>Odontotyrannos - dire elephant with a head like a horse and horns like a triceratops
>sea goat - literally a mergoat
>Tarandos - grazing animal with optic camo
>Stymphalian birds - bird with metal beaks and feathers, basically that thing from the cover of Screaming for Vengeance
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Even though showdown is open* source, they still have ways of shutting down showdown instances they don't like. Recently the modlets updated the retarded "no fangame talk" rule to include side servers, so don't be surprised if Clover/Radical Reddit/etc.'s showdown instances get shoahed. There's also the issue of having no players, half the fun of fullderp was outsmarting plantlife is low ladder.

reborn cocksucking aside, essentials would be a lot simpler to organize since it's RPGM XP (ez to pirate), doesn't require you install a dozen different tools to make pikachu say fuck for its cry, and there's less chance of bricking shit when it comes to multiple devs.
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we tried
Wait you fags tried it already? I thought cuckderp did it first with the dogars thing and the "oh yeah btw using this server immediately lets the modlets know you're from showderp and they can ban you and everyone else using it whenever they want" disclaimer let everyone else know what a bad idea it was.
Replies: >>190513
Note: "Major rulebreaking" meant "not enforcing permabans from the main server" because how DARE you not give Smognog modlets the same powers on "your own" server.

Dogars still connects to the main server and is more of a knockoff of our 2018-era userscripts.
Digimon is better.
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Lilithmon > Every Pokemon ever designed
Only faggots or furries will disagree.
Replies: >>190565
How does someone else delete your server?
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>not sistermon
Replies: >>190607
I said Pokemon, not other Digimon.
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