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I legitimately thought we would never get another AC, being stuck in seemingly endless "soulslikes". Although there is some worryingly Dark Souls style imagery and language being used. Overall this is the first game of this generation that I'm actually rather excited about, though still cautious obviously. Unfortunately there is no gameplay.
Hopefully you can still make custom emblems to adorn one's AC with swastikas.
>>178848 (OP) 
The game hasn't been good since AC 3.
Replies: >>178857 >>179014
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Replies: >>178857
I sort of agree (as long as you include Silent Line in the good titles) just because I hated the Changed controls from 4 on.
Please don't do this, I want to look forward to something for once.
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Here's the trailer.
Replies: >>178864 >>178879
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Low energy.
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If we don't get to build ACs it's trash to me.
Is Armored Core one of those franchises where the trailers look absolutely nothing like the actual game? Because from what I've seen that appears to be the case.
Replies: >>178878
No, the game is better.
Replies: >>178883
That autocannon scene made me cum, I miss industrial gritty shit like this man.
>No, the game is better.
I dunno, I don't really care for mechs so from what I've seen, it looks like a painfully bland game series.
Replies: >>178884
>I don't care for mechs
>what I've seen
>It looks like
Fuck off retard, either play the games or stop making such worthless posts.
Replies: >>178885
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>You need to PLAY a game in order to get it!
Just like I don't need to play fortnite to know it sucks, I don't need to play AC3 to know it's a boring ass mech game. 
So it would seem like I was correct, the trailers are way more interesting than the actual games.
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Anyone have an info graph of AC?
Replies: >>178892
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Replies: >>178950 >>179347
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>>178848 (OP) 
I absolutely do not trust them, they will somehow make it into a soulsborne there really needs to be an ASSFAGGOTS-style acronym for this shit with mechs. "Soul power" style stat ups will be fluffed as internals upgrades and parts will replace equipment. Missions will be structured like levels in Demon's Souls. Invasion multiplayer and PvP summons will be present, which is probably the only port from soulsbornes AC could actually benefit from. The controls will be massively nerfed even compared to AC4's more normalfag-friendly control scheme.

Screencap this post.
Replies: >>178934
no shit sherlock, were you born yesterday?
you're the kind of people gatekeeping was made for
I'm not a fan of the souls-whatever imagery. If they want to make a futuristic souls games then just do that, but if they're going to do AC do it properly.  Then again the series has really been all over the place since 4 and I don't think From even knows what they want to do with it, so they're probably going to do what they've been doing for the past 10+ years and hope it sticks.
Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment
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>half the fun of AC is spending time in the garage tinkering
I have never enjoyed or understood the appeal of games like this.
Replies: >>178952 >>179014
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Do you like Diablo games on higher difficulties?
Replies: >>178965
I played Diablo when I was a teenager and it controlled like absolute trash so I never finished it.
Replies: >>178976
>>178848 (OP) 
I will always be amazed how a company with such niche products became one of the most well known to normalfags even if they have been pumping souls games for the last 10 years.

Maybe casual audiences will become more interested in /m/ stuff and you will get more games for mech fags, i've been wanting to get into mechs for a long time so i'm playing Front Mission remake right now, might get into the series later (a few years from now).
Replies: >>178977
>Diablo controlled like trash
Are you braindead?
Replies: >>179042
AAA games are simply that bad nowadays.
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>groundbreaking gameplay
>from old games
It's all so tiresome.
I guess AC invasions could be cool but if I have to hoard items for lore to know what the fuck is going on or forge boss souls into missile launchers I'm going to be mad.
Replies: >>179042
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I feel sorry for you ACfags.
I, however, look forward to mecha souls.
Replies: >>178991 >>179002
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Fuckoff Mark
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>qt AI companion that helps you level up your mech
Me, too.
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>oh no this 20 year old game looks like a 20 year old game!
Are you literally gen Z?

>half the fun of AC is spending time in the garage tinkering
That's not what it said. Planning an AC build to support your chosen strategy for a mission and balancing limited resources and constraints (such as weight and ammo capacity), that is an essential part of the game.

>I have never enjoyed or understood the appeal of games like this.
God forbid a game doesn't just require you to mash buttons and follow orders from NPCs.

AC3 was the one I grew up with. It had some memorable parts like the Red Eye mission, you need to decide if you're going to put up with her bullshit or deal with her turning on you half way through the mission.

It was still quite linear though. There was a fair amount of freedom to choose which missions to do to get to the end. But the end was always the same. And killing people/letting them die along the way didn't change that much except them disappearing from the arena.

The 2v2 arena was epic though. I remember that shit.
Replies: >>179042
>AC => Armored Core
>MT => ???
I never figured that one out.
Replies: >>179020
Muscle Tracer, named for the control interface tech. ACs use the same system, but have interchangeable parts.
Replies: >>179205
Using a mouse to control a character in an action game is terrible.  It makes the game sluggish and unwieldy.

>forge boss souls into missile launchers
I've never played an AC game before but that sounds pretty rad.

>That's not what it said
Don't be autistic.  "Tinkering" is a perfectly fine way to paraphrase what the image said, and I don't like doing that.  I prefer playing games rather than poring over lists of numbers and theory crafting what my best loadout or build would be.
>God forbid a game doesn't just require you to mash buttons and follow orders from NPCs.
Why are you like this?
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How much Gen 1 pandering will there be? I did see a lot of Gen 3 designs on this trailer, maybe that was just me but it feels like this is leering more towards Gen 3-4
Are  they going to bring back Human Plus? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZT52oR8Ts0 )
I wonder if Nineball will make a cameo, since it has been so long I do believe that FromSoftware will go hard on the references.
This is a deceptively complex series, it's not some arcadey mech shooter by SEGA, this is a seriously autistic series with a level of depth often unseen in console games. And I am not even mentioning the intricacies of PvP.
Replies: >>179050
>"Tinkering" is a perfectly fine way to paraphrase what the image said
"Tinkering" implies a trivial and aimless activity.

You started it.
Replies: >>179060
Pic in >>178934 implies they aim to capitalize on recent gaming trends and are not looking backwards at all.
Replies: >>179058
>I've never played an AC game before but that sounds pretty rad.
Parts are not supposed to be leveled up.

My grenade launcher is the same as your grenade launcher.

Who wins depends on how we configured the rest of our parts and pure fucking skill.

Not who has been grinding for 50 hours or paid for some DLC bullshit.
Replies: >>179060
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Absolutely disgusting, so it's just normalfag pandering soulsshit once again but now using AC's corpse.
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>trivial and aimless 
Not by any definition I've ever seen.
>you started it
Started fucking what?  The only thing I've said is that I don't like building a loadout or configuring a mech from a laundry list of different parts.  Stop taking it personally.

>pure fucking skill
Sure, but the acquisition of a weapon in a Souls game is rarely done through grinding, and boss weapons are never acquired that way - unless you consider playing the game to be grinding.
Replies: >>179073 >>179117
>awkward, unskilled, clumsy
Implying the absence of consequences i.e. trivial.

>Started fucking what?  Stop taking it personally.
Fuck you don't tell me what I can take personally I'm going to personalize even harder.

>The only thing I've said is that I don't like building a loadout or configuring a mech from a laundry list of different parts.
That's because your dumb. Did you get that dummy.

>Sure, but the acquisition of a weapon in a Souls game is rarely done through grinding, and boss weapons are never acquired that way - unless you consider playing the game to be grinding.
I don't know, I only played a little bit of Elder Ring. I guess my point is that if they are going to add exp points and upgraded stats and other RPG stuff then that will be a radical change for a game that is supposed to be about planning and skill.
Replies: >>179077
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>Armored Core 6 announced
>G-Witch is top anime and sold out everywhere
>people finally respecting the robot
[Hide] (1.4MB, 953x1296) Reverse
>Implying the absence of consequences i.e. trivial.
Trust me there's consequences for making a shitty loadout in AC.
Replies: >>179117
[Hide] (810.8KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>massive bosses

Oh, hey Arms Forts are back!
>there's consequences for making a shitty loadout in AC.
So you agree that tinkering is the wrong word.

Suck it dumdum.
Replies: >>179121
>Suck it
Downie mc soulsbab is going to get the game he wants by all accounts, though
I just started the first one. Damn this is pretty fun.
Replies: >>179154
The original trilogy is my favorite, it's actually pretty fast paced compared to the later PS2 games.
Did anyone get use out of the floater leg type in 2? most floating legs move just as fast as the 4 legs but can't fire while on the move or carry much weight.
Replies: >>179205
Hat tip.

>Did anyone get use out of the floater leg type in 2? 
I am ashamed to say 10yo me ragequit Another Age and never looked back.

In AC3 there are water maps which are basically impossible without hover legs. But you probably already know that.
The only Armored Core game I ever really liked was For Answer. For some reason V and VD just seemed too autistic for me.
Interview released
confirms that this won't be Armored Souls, much to the disappointment of the interviewer who keeps fucking asking if it'll contain different Souls mechanics for 70% of the interview
Well I hoped is not pozzed.
Replies: >>179237
You will pilot the non-binary quasi demiboy mech and you will like it.
I went in and actually counted. You weren't kidding. 9/20 questions, and all but one of the early questions, were in some way "How will AC VI compare to the Souls games".

Some other highlights.
> Interviewer talks about Elden Ring's increased accessibility and Miyazaki said by "we didn't necessarily take the same approach [...] when developing Armored Core VI".
> When asked how things would change with the new resources FromSoftware has access to, he focused entirely on visuals.
> While it will have multiplayer, the primary focus is on single player.
> Mission based, not open world.
> Brand new setting and brand new story.
> "We have generally tried to keep it on the challenging side, but it's not to say that it's a flat difficulty line throughout."
> The interviewer asked directly about RPG progression, and they answered "The general game cycle is to clear missions and you earn money and use money to buy more expensive weapons and parts for your mech."
> In the last question, the interviewer comments on how much it sounds like a traditional Armored Core game and how it doesn't clearly fit in with the more modern soulsborne games that FromSoft has been focusing on lately.
Replies: >>179289 >>179298
[Hide] (147.4KB, 782x577) Reverse
>Mission based, not open world
Replies: >>179298
[Hide] (370.7KB, 813x513) Reverse
I still don't trust them. They will fuck it up somehow. They bent the knee to satanism once already, so they'll probably do it again. In any case it'll be like a year before there's a playable crack so I'll just sit tight, assume the worst, and report any failed normalfags that somehow found there way here to post about buyfagging it.
What legs are good for energy weapons in the original AC? I'm playing through it now.
What are the two games from this franchise that you would recommend to play?
Replies: >>179347

You could also do release order but I think starting with 3 is a pretty safe bet.
>There are people who legitimately wanted open-world and fucking campfire mechanics because they can't handle FromSoft not making a souls game
Almost sounds like they want to go extremely autistic on customization. So long as I can sell my body for upgrades and read emails from the other mercenaries.
[Hide] (394.3KB, 850x1142) Reverse
If you're talking about THE energy weapon, that being the WG-1 Karasawa, then you're going to be looking at the light-medium standard legs and reverse joint legs in order to accommodate the size of the weapon. I believe one of the spider legs might be able to equip it but even without that, they're the second best for energy due to being able to rock the heavier shoulder weapons without having to stop to fire otherwise, choose parts that don't suck too much energy.
Replies: >>179362
>only 50 shots
What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? Is it really that good?
Replies: >>179365 >>179590
It's a murder cannon in most of the games.
Replies: >>179513
[Hide] (363.2KB, 900x459) Reverse
I'm using it now and it feels kinda dirty.
Replies: >>179514
The karasawa is a pretty overpowered weapon for the most part. The amount of ammo it has for the damage it does is ridiculous.
>>178848 (OP) 
>Hopefully you can still make custom emblems to adorn one's AC with swastikas.
The ability to make your own emblem will be taken out of the ((( western ))) release specifically to prevent anotha shoah.

I really want to be excited for AC6, but I'm 100% sure there will be some bullshit with it. Either the nips will make some really stupid decisions with it to try and make it appeal to normalfagswhich will fail or the ((( localizers ))) will change "problematic" content. Guess it just gives a reason to pirate it guiltfree though.
Replies: >>179521
I'm actually going to be excited for it because its been a while since I've been looking forward to a game. If I get let down all well, wouldn't be the first time.
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[Hide] (537.2KB, 600x900) Reverse
>Ctrl+F Souls
<32 Results
>Ctrl+F Souls
<12 Results
>Ctrl+F Soulsborne
<13 Results
Ladies and gentleman gaming journalism at it's finest, god damn it my sides are fucking gone lmaaaaaooo
Replies: >>179585
>>Ctrl+F Souls
><32 Results
>>Ctrl+F Souls
><12 Results
Stop using the quantum computer you shit
Replies: >>179587
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Also what the fuck is ?
Fuck the second one was meant to be sekiro
[Hide] (414.5KB, 663x928) Reverse
>What legs are good for energy weapons in the original AC?
Ones with low energy drain i.e. not quad or hover. Basically the gap between how much energy the AC takes just to run, and the energy output of the generator, that is how many times you can fire an energy weapon (or use the boosters) before the energy gauge is depleted and you need to wait for it to recharge. So you want that gap to be as large as possible.

Why do you even want to use energy weapons? This is proof that AC was pozzed from the start. The reason you don't pay for fuel in these games is to make sure that energy weapons are free. Wake up people, it was global warming propaganda all along. Be based and destroy the environment with shell weapons.

If you need more than 50 shots then you either can't shoot or you're in way over your head.
Replies: >>179713 >>179946
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>Using a mouse to control a character in an action game is terrible.
I guess you are braindead
Replies: >>179732
Alright zzz, what's the name of your AC?
Generally what >>179590 said but except for one thing.
>So you want that gap to be as large as possible.
This is not necessarily the case. To make your AC better for using energy weapons you can do three things to improve it's efficiency. 
>Generator with a high output.
>Generator with a high amount of stored energy.
>buy parts that are efficient energy wise.
Having a high amount of stored energy is really good for really large bursts of energy attacks or flying, but the generators with the highest storage typically have poor outputs. Where as generators with high output but low storage are good for more conservative sustained fighting without long pauses. For example I once made an AC that had very low energy drain from my parts, and no energy weapons so I could (in AC 2) fly pretty much indefinitely with the highest output generator in the game. If I needed energy I could stop pumping my boosters momentarily for and get back more energy than I used because of the high output. You'll have to determine on your own which generator will work best for you with your given loadout and fighting style whether fast and aggressive or more cautious, but generally low energy consuming parts are one of the best ways to help your energy weapon consumption.
Replies: >>179946
I was an edgelord so my AC was a totally black mech with red highlights called Blackbird.
Provide an example where click-to-move or drag-to-move mouse controls are superior to a keyboard or gamepad for a twitch action game.  Diablo isn't quite as fast as what people picture when they hear "twitch action" but it's definitely fast enough to demand quick movement and attacks.
MoneyPit, feels like it anyway.
Replies: >>179739
Then again, any sort of realistic mech *would* be a money pit.
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[Hide] (99.9KB, 1280x720) Reverse
So Maximum Charge is the size of the energy gauge.
Energy Output is how fast the gauge recharges.
Energy Drain of all AC parts in use slows down the recharging.

So "the gap" >>179590 talks about between drain and output will help recharge energy weapons faster. But if the capacity of the generator is too low then you might only get 1 or 2 shots off before the gauge is empty which is no good.

And conversely if a generator has high capacity with low output then you might get a dozen shots out but then you have to wait ages for the gauge to slowly fill back up.

That's my interpretation.
Replies: >>180044
[Hide] (9MB, 1280x720, 00:54)
You got it. You have many generators to choose from and depending on the weapon you have and how you use it will determine how efficient it will be. Also remember firing ALL weapons does take energy. It's just that energy weapons use energy to power the projectile on top of firing the weapon.
>IGN: Is it fair to say that Armored Core VI will be closer to the Soulsborne games than the series has been in the past?
<Hidetaka Miyazaki: No, we've not been making a conscious effort to try to direct it towards more Soulsborne type gameplay. First of all, let me just make that clear.
several questions later
>IGN:...it seems natural, for example, for Armored Core to move away from the mission-based structure of the original Armored Core games and more toward the open-ended exploration that we've come to expect from a Soulsborne game.
<Hidetaka Miyazaki: I think first of all, speaking to those aspects, you mentioned the heavy combat, the air of mystery, the exploration and sense of darkness. I think rather than being typically Soulsborne, these are just things that are typical of FromSoftware in general.
Replies: >>180077
[Hide] (688.6KB, 570x800) Reverse
>heavy combat, the air of mystery, the exploration and sense of darkness
>are typical of FromSoftware in general

Lost Kingdoms 2 is great, but I don't think there's much sense of darkness.
Replies: >>185082
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[Hide] (1021.7KB, 666x930) Reverse
Reminder that the Marakumo Operator is cuter and therefore they are the correct choice in Armored Core. 
I'm about 60% through it now I think. I just fought that big boy and then did another mission where I got jumped by some chrome lackey in an AC. Looking forward to the next 2, then I'll move onto either Armored core 2 or 3, haven't decided yet.
Replies: >>180126 >>180145
Oh, you can only get moonlight if you do Chrome. 
Well time to fucking kill myself.
Replies: >>180136
[Hide] (93.4KB, 313x382) Reverse
Just do all of the missions for Murakumo and complete the 'struggle' mission for Chrome afterwards, and then kill yourself.
Replies: >>180171
Objectively false
Replies: >>180171 >>180238
Oh I see, you get to do all the missions after you win. 
Also fuck floating mines, aids mission, yes I cheesed it with that laser rifle.
Replies: >>180190
Do note: you can't get PLUS after you beat the floating mines mission, if you finish all of the missions however you can bypass the overweight restriction
Replies: >>180204 >>180238
>you can get PLUS
I've been playing this game all wrong.
PLUS is for nerds.

Glasses girl is probably smelly and draws boys kissing. Meanwhile the other girl also stinks, but like good and saw a ss doujin once and thinks about it once a week and sometimes daily.
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[Hide] (2.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Do Armored Core fans like Ad Stella's mecha designs?
Replies: >>184861 >>184862
They kind of look like Arm Slaves, don't they? They're okay. I'm not watching the new Gundam, though.
Replies: >>192489
They look like AC's so sure.
What about the God of Harmony wasn't dark? It may not be as dark as their later entries, but it certainly wasn't lighthearted.
Gundam shows are basically a 22-min ad for the gunpla model kits...
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