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Check this game out. It looks like Klonoa/Mischief Makers but it's a Goemon game. In fact the PS1 has a ton of Goemon games that never left nippon. This one just got translated though.
I really like the style of PS1 games. I feel, though, that I haven't dived deep in the library as much as the N64 one. Do you know of any hidden gems that never get talked about?
I'm working through Echo Night right now. Very interesting game. Apparently after kingsfield the FromSoft team wanted to work on things with more realistic architecture. Only one puzzle stumped me so far. I wouldn't say its horror but it does get unsettling sometimes. It has a ton of voicework in it too which actually isn't all the bad.
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>>176741 (OP) 
>I really like the style of PS1 games
Which reminds me: to all of those gay ass devs making godawful PS1-inspired low poly games with washed up colors; some games did look like that.
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>that third image
I've been playing parasite eve, it's pretty gud.
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Do you like power shovels? There's a level where you serve curry while operating one.
Replies: >>185034
I mostly remember the PSX for the western games, didn't realize there was a weeb collection on it.

Those look awful indeed but at least they don't require 8 gorillion memory and HDD space to run.

Why not stream it on /ves/? I tried playing it before but got bored of the shoehorned RPG-style battles.
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The fuck do you mean? The FOTNS game is fucking awesome and looks awesome.
Games peaked with the PSX, niggaz those graphics were BALLIN!
i finished that a while ago. really liked it.
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>>176741 (OP) 
>ebisumaru, but instead, cute loli
why the FUCK did nobody tell me about this sooner
I really like the texture work on the HnK game.
I finished it now, good little package overall, I  wish it was voice acted though
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A REAL hidden gem right here.
It's funny it didn't get a western release considering the audio and the menu text is in English in the jap version.
Replies: >>237246
Is Mega Man Legends any good? Heard a lot of mixed stuff about it.
I enjoyed it, likable characters, fun story, gameplay is fun. Whats not to like I wonder? The controls take a little bit to get used to though.
Replies: >>185033
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It's good but like >>185031 says the biggest hurdle is the controls. You operate on tank controls but can hold a button for strafing which makes combat doable. It'd be on my list of must-plays for the PSX for sure.
what the fuck is this thread
popn tanks
This game looks really good
>didn't realize there was a weeb collection on it
I'm just going to assume you're retarded and tell you straight. PSX easily has the largest collection of weeb exclusive games of any console.
I never played it but I knew multiple people that swore off capcom because they didn't release a third game in the series. I did play Tron Bonne, and that is good. Very good. Bolt on steel chastity belt good. Top notch, in fact. Bolt on steel pussy notch, in fact.
Are any of the BoF games horrible or are they all good?
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Amazing game. Muppets Monster Adventure.
Replies: >>201174 >>201176
I love the spyro style visuals, might play.
Replies: >>201176 >>201354
I'm also really liking the similarities to spyro. I'll check this out to.
Replies: >>201354
pooping tanx
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>>176741 (OP) 
Did the Alita PS1 game ever get fully translated?
And is true that the SamSho RPG translation is worked on again?
With Sony desperately embracing PC gaming, how long do you think it will be before they start putting PS1 ISOs in a wrapper on Steam like Sega does with Genesis games?

Capcom leaks confirmed they're actively tweaking source code for the games. I'd wait a year or two for the legacy collection since it would have to include modern controls and z-buffered graphics.
Replies: >>201294
Not long probably, they already used PCSX-ReARMed for the Playstation Classic.
See if you can 100% the game without using online guides or the in game unlockable secrets page. One of the levels doesn't even hide the last item but to get it, you have to do a speedrunning-style mechanic that the game hasn't mentioned at all previously. Visuals and music are great though.
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i am going to play xenogears all the way through
Replies: >>208496
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I'm still on the first chapter of "Breath of Fire IV" almost 10 hours later.
See you on the other side, though I don't know if I'll ever finish it.
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Translation never ever. Why aren't you learning Nipponese?
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<you need one more thing in your life to worry about
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The fuck is that?
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I don't play shit games.
Replies: >>208527
>that fucking monkey arm behind the cat
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Now that's playing a game I can't win
Replies: >>208531
>honor my anti-drug
>Proceeds to use magician girl as ammo for a mechanical turtle
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I only recently discovered that a game I really liked way back then (Incredible Crisis / Tondemo Crisis) was also butchered because of shit localizers. Apparently they couldn't find a way to re-integrate a Karaoke minigame and a Bomb Defusal minigame because of the language barrier.

Play it if you can, it's a really nice and short experience.
Replies: >>208566 >>217434
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I think it's the first Summon Night game from looking at the screenshots. Never played those games though.
Wasn't that game localized by Titus, the same faggots who developed Sperman 64? Makes sense the game was butchered by incompetence.
It could've been worse, though. It could have been Working Designs.
I remember wanting to play that game then seeing a huge in collaboration with Working Designs letterbox play right after Psygnosis' logo.
Replies: >>208567
I don't recall, but basically the Karaoke segment was removed because they couldn't bother to put a non Japanese song or even keep the same song (the usual bbbbutttttt it's toooo foreeeeeeeeign excuse), while the Bomb Defusal stage had slightly more merit to it: basically the salaryman is instructed on how to defuse a bomb on a speeding bullet train while receiving instructions by a bomb squad situated on the various train stations in the form of cardboard messages. Obviously, since it's in Japanese, they could fit Kanjis and Hiragana on each, meaning that they would only use a set amount of cardboard signs per stage of the mission, but replicating that would have meant taking a lot of time and effort into making the minigame make sense.

The problem is that not only did they cut the two minigames, they also cut the 'cutscenes' leading in and out of them, which make the narrative feel super disjointed without them.
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"Being a p-paper knife, if cut with it <???> blood comes out!"
"I-it's a paper knife, so if you get cut <???> you'll bleed!" (less direct translation)
The "<???>" is the word with a kanji I don't know + "ishi" (the word between "kiraretara" and "chi ga demasu yo-"). From the context, I guess maybe it means something like "still"? As in "you'll still bleed"?
Rate my Nippongo. (I've studied to about N4 within a few months but I'm a lazy nigger so I put it on hold for about a year now, although I've been learning little bits here and there very passively)
As a side note, I know someone who likes the Summon Night games and played them as a kid on emulators even without knowing Japanese. Maybe I should play them too as a tribute to him.
Replies: >>217445 >>223043
Replies: >>223043
Mednafen to play at native res as the lord intended.
Was Alice in Cyberland made by time-traveling Anons?
It has many elements of the current age but degayed to make them palatable to audiences of the year 1996, balls to the wall no holds barred Yuri and a soundtrack that may as well be a manifestation of gondola long before the advent of 8chan.
Because I can't.
>Was going to buy this
>Bought Hype the Time Quest for PC instead
Worth it honestly
><???>" is the word with a kanji I don't know
You mean 痛い=いたい?
She says something like "If I cut it with a paper knife, it hurts and blood comes out, you know?"
し is a kind of "and" in this case, to list multiple things (but I think you'd need a し after 血が出ます to be grammarly correct).
よ is used when saying something the other person should know. "You know?" might be a bit too much, but without any context I have no better idea.
>not knowing about all those jrgp games on the psx
It's THE jrgp console. It throws me... you're on some obsure imageboard and it's a video game board and you don't know that psx, as easily emulated as it's been for ages, has lots of 'weeb tier' games? How young are you? This is like seeing the sega saturn only for tomb raider and such. It's just odd. 

>they look awful
You don't like games as much as you think you do, you like movies. That's like complaining about moe. It's shittier art, yes, but it's got gameplay. Games are played, it's not just a piece of art but a game. Bad graphics are charming. 

The first one is liked more probably because the second has a hard mode that really kills. They are both good. Being stuck on one island somehow feels more homey and also it's more a mystery at first. The first feels more linear than the second with how it lets you fly all over the place. Also, megaman's voice sounds gay and the ending is bad on number 2. It needed a third but they canceled it because they only sell what they know will sell. It was going to be on the ds, that third one, if I recall.
Replies: >>223041
>>176741 (OP) 
Saiyuki: Journey West. Some stuff from the nip version was cut, namely a few voice clips, but the gameplay and BGM are intact.
note: a fuckton of treasure is hidden in destructible terrain, so take your time instead of rushing to shitstomp bosses. also, you can't go back after you switch chapters so be careful. and finally, do abuse floating status to save a lot of turns when climbing/walking uphill
Legends 3 was going to be on the 3DS actually, there was a demo for it and everything. If you look hard enough you might be able to find it online somewhere.
It's 痛い. Where do you see 石 there? What kind of drugs are you on?
Didn't the dev throw a shitfit and leave when Retrofag packaged his emulator core?
Anyway, I can't help but wonder why you wouldn't use BeetlePSX (or BeetlePSXHW)
>inb4 muh GUI bawwww
Holy shit stop being a fucking pussy just paste the 1 or 2 options you need into a configfile like a normal person.
The only thing that sucks is the geniuses who made it didn't provide a list of keybinds to copy-paste off.
Replies: >>223064 >>223545
Or you could skip the retrobloat garbage and just run mednafen directly.
Replies: >>223084 >>223545
Mednafen packs many emulators, including BeetlePSX. The HW version is only in Retroarch afaik.
The filters and CRT shaders are simply too good to ignore. I play with 3x integer scaling + some CRT shaders. The messy console-ified menu UI sucks major ass, but at least you only have to use it one or 2 times to set up a new emulator.
The one point you can't deny is that Retrofag makes it possible to access some emulators on mobile.
The only thing I can't figure out is why the Retrofag version of mGBA doesn't pick the correct save types for games. The only info I've been able to find is the core based on mGBA is a mess.
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Playing FF Tactics, its okay, not great, job system feels like busywork and combat is kind meh.
Replies: >>223123 >>223195
Yeah, leveling newer troops is a pain.
Replies: >>223141
Still better than dealing with stupid laws and the AI getting 10 yellow cards in a row.
Replies: >>223195
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>filters and CRT shaders
Are you fucking retarded or what?
i can attest to the blending simulated in the mednafen filter list being good
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1844x2047) Reverse
It's pretty overrated.
Some units are just complete trash compared to others. Some unique units you get break the game and there aren't enough maps to actually be able to experiment with unit combinations.
I liked the story but it just fizzles out at the end. It does have the unique property of being the only FF game without a shitty protagonist.
I don't think anybody will defend the GBA games.
Replies: >>223257
>he looks at raw pixel vomit on an LCD
You take it too far in the opposite direction. The thing is old games were made with CRTs in mind. To deny this is madness.
Replies: >>223208 >>229732
I'm not denying it, but CRT filters still make it worse than using no filters at all. If you want it to look like a CRT, get a CRT.
Replies: >>223492
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Replies: >>223253
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>I don't think anybody will defend the GBA games.
[Hide] (278.6KB, 1002x1956) Reverse
>CRT shaders
If you must.
Replies: >>223492
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1440) Reverse
We all know that doesn't hold a candle to Retrofag's CRT shaders, least of all CRT-Royale
>CRT filters still make it worse than using no filters at all
Look at this pic. You have to be blind to tell me the frame without shaders looks better than the one with shaders.
Replies: >>223498 >>223499
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lookin good
Replies: >>223501 >>229732
It looks like someone took a screenshot by taking a photo of the screen using a phone.
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[Hide] (389.4KB, 894x672) Reverse
I use NTSC color generation and blitter as provided by mednafen to achieve that color bleeding that CRTs had, in the third picture i also have the Goat shader enabled with this goatron mask pattern which is allegedly very accurate, i dont know if just using Goat is enough or not, i tend to just use NTSC stuff.
these are NES titles
Replies: >>223507
[Hide] (114.1KB, 425x433) Reverse
You're picking the raw pixel input frame as the ugly one instead of the other one with all those shaders on.
Good job proving him right, dumbass.
Replies: >>223502
[Hide] (204.8KB, 545x476) Reverse
you are retarterd mongoloid
Replies: >>223504
[Hide] (23.4KB, 680x461) Reverse
And your brain was melting away as you were typing these last words.
Is this what the next generation of imageboard shitposters has to offer?
Replies: >>223506
[Hide] (41.4KB, 500x375) Reverse
nice attempt at damage controle retart
Replies: >>234312
Replies: >>223543
もしかしてこのスレ、別のスレと間違ってるんじゃないか? 日本語勉強スレはこちら >>213476
PCSXR-PGXP is by far the best PSX emulator since epsxe first launched. Everything else is bullshit.
Replies: >>223593
Asking here since I'm interested in Pocketstation games.
I can't get XEBRA to run well on Windows 10. Mednafen runs at like 600 FPS uncapped on my setup, so how come XEBRA can't attain full speed?
Is it Wangblows 10's fault? Is it some misconfigured setting? Modern drivers not playing nice with it? I couldn't find anyone experiencing the same problem either so I'm at my wits' end.
Replies: >>223616
How so? Both Duckstation and BeetlePSX has PGXP.
It's your fault for using windows.
Replies: >>223621
XEBRA is proprietary and has no Poonix ports. It's also the only emulator that bothered to implement Pocketstation support.
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I bought a PSOne a few days ago. I know it's a bit retarded when PS1 emulation has been pretty much perfect for a while, but it was mostly just to play on my CRT. And thankfully didn't have to pay much retro tax for it.
I can't get an ODE at the moment, so anything i should know for burning isos to CD-Rs? I've burnt a few games to Verbatim 700MB CDs just fine but i read a guide somewhere saying that 650MB CDs are better for PS1.

Pic unrelated
Replies: >>227448 >>227450
Mostly you want to burn as slowly as possible, old IDE drives are the best. The piss one is designed for ancient 71 minute CDs and doesn't like cheap media, so buy CMC Pro unless you're like me and have enough cheap CD-Rs from thrift stores you can afford to coaster them. Don't try CD-RWs, they're not reflective enough.
Replies: >>229653
[Hide] (37.3KB, 960x960) Reverse
If you have a PS2 and an extra memory card there's a softmod you can do to it in order to play burnt CDs.
At least that's how I did it.
Replies: >>227453
There is a lot of mods for the  ps2, all the way to installing an ssd.
Replies: >>227455
No I mean there's a way to softmod a PS1 memory card using a PS2 so you can use it to play pirated games on your PS1.
Replies: >>227457 >>227458
Yeah but i just happened to have the shittier later slim models that replaced the PS1 chip with a powerPC one (hence why i got a chipped PSOne), and apparently those don't read PS1 memory cards at all.
Replies: >>227461 >>227472
I don't think it matters. As long as that PS2 slim has FreeMCBoot on it through Funtuna you're good to go.
All the PS2 is needed for is to transfer an image to the PS1 memory card.
Here's the video: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ggpm-thuaTY
Replies: >>229653
>apparently those don't read PS1 memory cards at all
What? I have one of those (honestly the best choice in current year because of mechapwn) and it reads both generic and official PS1 cards just fine.
Replies: >>229653
[Hide] (1.9MB, 400x280) Reverse
It's a SCPH-77001 and i tried both an official and a third party memcard. I've looked it up online i saw plenty of people reporting the same thing on slim PS2s. I heard that a multitap can get around it though so i'm gonna try that later to transfer some saves from PC emulators.

>IDE drives
>74 min CD-Rs which are basically unsold old stock at this point
I guess it's not gonna be as straightforward as burning PS2 or Xbox DVDs like i thought.
Replies: >>229693 >>234310
[Hide] (1.3MB, 3160x3612) Reverse
Stop sperging about it and just try it. Worst thing that happens is it doesn't work. also
>burning hueg DVDs
[Hide] (39.2KB, 609x419) Reverse
>You take it too far in the opposite direction. The thing is old games were made with CRTs in mind. To deny this is madness.
I think shitting on filters became a meme, i mean some filters do look like shit, such as those that only add a few thin black lines resulting simply in a darker image, but filters improved a lot and some newer ones can give a pretty convincing CRT look to pixel games.
>lookin good
This is just disingenuous.
Try taking the same zoomed in picture without filters and let's see if it looks any better.
Zooming that much will make any PS1 era game look like shit, filters or not.
Replies: >>234310
>>176741 (OP) 
all the goemon games on psx are diferent and worth playing
>IDE drives
>74 min CD-Rs
No need to get that autistic. I repurposed the DVD burner off a 10 years old PC which supported many different reading/burning speeds, slowest being 4x. It's not 2x, but everything I've burned has run fine on my PS1, other than the cheap Philips CDs wearing from a few months of use and audio tracks getting messed up.
>zooming that much will make any PS1 era game look like shit
Worst of all, he picked the shot without any filters on, missing the entire point completely. What a retard.
Replies: >>234312
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1440) Reverse
>nice attempt at damage controle retart
Not the anon you are replying to, but what "damage" he's supposed to "control"?
(You) are the one who fucked up here, not him for pointing that out.

>Worst of all, he picked the shot without any filters on, missing the entire point completely. What a retard.
I think he was in hurry to post "le epic meme" without even thinking what he was doing.
Replies: >>235146
[Hide] (98.5KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I got a pocketstation a while back. While it's nowhere as integral for most PS1 games as the VMU was for Dreamcast games. It does have some neat or soulful uses, and even whole games dedicated to it. Pocket MuuMuu, a jumping flash spinoff, has more than a hundred downloadable minigames and tools that you can buy with points you get from playing other minigames, Pocket Digimon World lets you turn your PocketStation into a glorified v-pet with up to 6 digimon on the same device, with features like an adventure mode, battles or jogress evolution with another user through infrared, and even a Pokemon-Stadium style colosseum in the PS1 disc. Brightis, FF8 and some other RPGs have minigames that can level up or upgrade your in-game characters or gain items, essentially just giving you a fun way to grind on the go. There was also some Yu-Gi-Oh! game that infamously became a lot grindier because of some PocketStation feature for unlocking cards that didn't make it to the western version.
Thankfully PocketStations themselves aren't region locked so you can use them on burger or yurop systems just as long as they're modded to play japanese games, or the few burger localizations that left pocketstation support like RR4 or FF8. There's also patches for games like Digimon World 2 or Legend of Mana that add pocketstation features back into their US versions.
Replies: >>235152
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1440x1080) Reverse
>that filter
That's kinda cool, i wonder why Sony didn't even try selling the PocketStation in Europe or the US
That Fist of the North Star game looks cool, i had no idea it even existed.
I remember having a FotNS game for the PS1 that wasn't 3D like that, but had a sort of turn based combat where you had to choose the moves and the game would first show a clip of Kenshiro performing said move with a 2D cutscene and then the enemy receiving it.
I never went too far with it or never really understand how it worked because it was in Japanese, but i remember thinking it was cool, kinda like an interactive episode of the anime.
[Hide] (563.8KB, 1100x1042) Reverse
[Hide] (276.5KB, 1280x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (184.2KB, 750x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (146.9KB, 1280x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (593.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Play Thousand Arms, it is a fun RPG game where you must date qt girls to power up your weapon to defeat enemies.
Replies: >>235870
>RPG game where you must date qt girls to power up your weapon to defeat enemies.
That's an interesting concept, i am intrigued.
[Hide] (125KB, 1200x675) Reverse
[Hide] (121.8KB, 1200x675) Reverse
[Hide] (129.5KB, 1200x675) Reverse
[Hide] (103KB, 1200x675) Reverse
[Hide] (116.7KB, 1200x675) Reverse
You should be, now go and play it!
Replies: >>235883
Didn't Record of Agarest War do something similar?
Replies: >>235890 >>235938
I will for sure.
CRT shaders are simply better unless you sit far enough away from the tv and cannot tell details apart anyways  or have a old dinky 1080p tv with shit brightness
checkerboarding sucks and often there's simple small artistic tricks that just do not work without a filter like translucent water
Replies: >>235904
[Hide] (465.5KB, 500x496) Reverse
This game does something tangentially related as well
Replies: >>235938
>there's simple small artistic tricks that just do not work without a filter like translucent water
If you are talking about stuff like the Sonic waterfall that doesn't work due to CRT, it works due to shitty composite signal. It's not worth the sacrifice to use such a shitty output method just for stuff like that.
Replies: >>235907
with shaders you don't have to make that compromise and still get the same effect
this is why emulation makes real hardware look retarded on top of the dozens of reasons that already exist
[Hide] (1.2MB, 578x640) Reverse
Thanks for the recommendations, anons.
[Hide] (11.3KB, 500x485) Reverse
>playing a blind run of SH1 on hard
>only SH game I've ever tried was 2, got all its 4 endings too
>reach the final boss
<a 5 seconds shot of Harry with a gaping mouth and a snot hanging loose
>"wow what a piece of shit ending"
>replay the entire game on hard again back to back
>only save twice, once before the sewers and once again before the final boss
>look up the requirements of the best ending online since my patience was running out
>3 hours later, fighting MOTHERFUCKING SATAN
<that bitch Alessa spawns a baby out of thin air
<Harry takes the baby
<Cheryl's entirely forgotten, as if she had never existed
<ending cutscene's just the opening cinematic with his dead wife's swapped out with Cybil
What the fuck kind of endings are these? Why does Silent Hill have to cuck Harry into bearing its spooky town babies a second time? Why did Kaufman have to die at all? All I ever wanted for an ending was Harry pumping his seed inside Cybil's tight spandex jeans.
At the very least I'm glad I had to figure out all the puzzles myself instead of looking them up on my first run. It took me an embarassingly long time trying to figure out the Zodiac puzzle, but at the very least I did it myself.
Replies: >>236996
[Hide] (83.6KB, 379x335) Reverse
Can you enter the save screen for a memory card on Duckstation? It's that one screen with all save icons you can access on the console if you don't insert any discs.
I've won around 20 japanese memory cards on an auction, and all of them are filled to the brim with saves made by nips years ago.
If I could access them through an emulator I would share some screenshots, since I thought I'd be cool to look into.
Replies: >>236973
Yes, Duckstation can boot to BIOS. Do you have a hacked Japanese PS2 or are you planning on blowing a ton of money on one of those USB memory card adapters?
Replies: >>236975
[Hide] (69.3KB, 768x576) Reverse
Nice. I assume a PS2 with FreeMCBoot and wLaunchELF should be enough to retrieve the PS1 save data right? IIRC PS2 savefiles come in folders you have to export into another file to use with PCSX2. Is it the same with PS1 savefiles?
>japanese PS2
Does it have to be japanese? Memory cards can be read in any console regardless of region. I know I'm reading them on my PS1, and I assume it's the same on the PS2.
Replies: >>236994
>I assume a PS2 with FreeMCBoot and wLaunchELF should be enough to retrieve the PS1 save data right?
I've never done it but apparently it works. You get a pile of raw save files, so you'll need to use MemcardRex to bash them back together into a memory card image before DuckStation can read them.
>Does it have to be japanese?
My mistake, I was thinking of the PS2 where memory cards are encrypted with a region/type specific key. PS1 memory cards shouldn't have any of that gay shit.
Replies: >>237022
>Why did Kaufman have to die at all?
Because he was a scumbag and a drug dealer.
Replies: >>237022
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>I've never done it but apparently it works
In that case what did you mean by
<do you have a hacked Japanese PS2
Is there another way of doing this? Managing saves in raw folders is a pain in the ass and I'd rather not do it.
>PS2 memory cards are encypted to each region
Is that true? Why would they do that? I can save whichever game I want on a memory card regardless of region, why would they care if someone imported a fucking memory card?
>because he was a scumbag and a drug dealer
Alright, what about it? Is that why he needed some gay ass karmic retribution even if he could've well saved himself? Overpowered by a fucking nurse of all things, even though he had to make his way into Alessa's alternate dimension of all things? By that logic James should've never had a single happy ending because he was an asshole and he killed his wife.
It feels like a case of the devs retconning retarded shit into the ending to provide some sense of accomplishment to the player, even if this game didn't need it. They also paired Harry and Cybil in the most hamfisted way possible, even though they're both as charming as a slab of dry concrete.
Replies: >>237028
>harry and cybil
probably some assumption about bonding over their experience - the point of the game isn't to show the two of them dating after escaping. regardless, I think cybil dies canonically and harry raises the new baby solo.
Replies: >>237033
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>some assumption about bonding over their experience
Any woman that wasn't full of shit would lose her panties if they were on Cybil's pants; the problem here's the godawful dialogue. It'd help if the characters had more dynamic interactions instead of dumping the entire town lore whenever they're together; something like the drama on the second game.
>Cybil canonically dies
Holy shit that's amazing. He came into Silent Hill exactly as he went, with an illegitimate ghost town baby and another dead wife.
Replies: >>237062
The issue to me is how they expected people to get what the fuck was happening between the character by simply watching the intro with those brief scenes that don't appear in the game, like Lisa arguing with Kaufmann.
>Players logo
kkkkkk vlw
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In his defense some anons including myself play on console or a chink handheld so taking a screenshot would be out of the question.
I do the same as well, searching for a game screenshot instead of taking my own. Makes me wonder if I should buy one of those digital VCRs and record my gameplay. Would one of those PSX home recorders work?
>kkkkkk vlw
What are you trying to say here? Looks like you were smashing your head against the keyboard.
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I assumed nobody would notice that's a slightly edited cover by a brazilian games store in the 90's that used to sell cheap bootleg PS1 discs and even offbrand controllers and accessories. Their bootlegs were pretty popular in south america during the 2000s among with plenty of other ones. I actually live close to a store that sells bootleg PS1 discs they had left from around that time, with some kinda funny covers and disc images. Some even had cheat codes written in the back of the covers by the previous owners.
Replies: >>237274 >>237291
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>buying bootlegs
Human beings in first world countries would rent a bunch of games with cool covers then burn them after cracking the CDs' protection.
Did huezillians not have CD drives in their PCs, or computers to begin with? Or were bootlegs the only game copies available, even in rental?
Replies: >>237281
>posts argentinian image replying to a clearly brazilian post
Replies: >>237285
This would have been between 1998-2003 so no, CD and DVD writers wouldn't have been that common around that time. People who did have them usually made a few bucks out of making a lot of these copies and selling them though.
>Or were bootlegs the only game copies available, even in rental?
Yeah, pretty much. But they were so cheap there would be no point in renting really.
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It still applies for anything in the continent below California. They all type in the same hyperbolic passive aggressive tense, caps on, pretending they're laughing through the screen and not making a fool of themselves.
Mean little brown men, the whole of them. Nuke them all.
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Man those covers really do look amateurish.
Wouldn't have been easier to just make a copy of the original boxart at that point?
>"PlayStation Video Game"
In case you didn't what a PlayStation was for.

>n his defense some anons including myself play on console or a chink handheld so taking a screenshot would be out of the question.
>I do the same as well, searching for a game screenshot instead of taking my own.
Same here, for the reasons you listed but also because it's way faster to do so.
Replies: >>237292
In case you didn't *know* what a PlayStation was for
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