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Russian agents killed 3 men they said were saboteurs sent by Ukraine. A report says they were just gamers in costume.
Nvidia hit with class action suit over melting RTX 4090 GPU adapters
World of Warcraft and Other Blizzard Games Will Be Pulled From China
Ubisoft and Riot Games are working together to combat toxic chats / The two gaming giants are collaborating on a research project with a goal of using AI to detect disruptive behaviors.
NASCAR driver stuns racing world with a move learned from Nintendo GameCube
Xbox proactively suspended up to 4.78M accounts this year
>>176637 (OP) 
>World of Warcraft and Other Blizzard Games Will Be Pulled From China
Isn't that like 90% of their income? Or is korea still the breadwinner?
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>support me on patreon
Blow your brains out nigger
>>176637 (OP) 
>Ubisoft and Riot Games are working together to combat toxic chats / The two gaming giants are collaborating on a research project with a goal of using AI to detect disruptive behaviors.
This is dystopian shit. Any game I play where you can get punished for just calling someone a name has some of the worst communities I've seen. It's like having a gun to your head, and it especially sucks if someone is doing bad and you can't say anything to them. Fuck protecting manchildren who can't handle insults.
Replies: >>176689 >>176690
>This is dystopian shit
Well both of them are hugely funded by chinks so it's not that surprising. It why they use the nothingspeak term "disruptive behaviours"; meaning anything they don't like.
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>This is dystopian shit
Vidya is pretty much dystopian shit at this point.
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How many of those are ubishit?
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Normalfags should all die.
Odds are they will find another partner to milk Shina with.
Only 2 believe it or not
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Fuck off there's no way that's true.
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Rainbow Six Siege gets new 2B skin that is not 2B at all
Is that supposed to be a girl? It looks like an old man.
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This is awful looking that only appeals to the porn addicts.
God damn Agent 47 going all out for his assignment.
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It's supposed to be female, at least according to the wiki.
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Thanks anon, I laughed.
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That looks fucking disgusting. It straight up looks like a man with tits. 2B is my waifu and this is first time I am legitimately disgusted and offended. She was so much more attractive in Soul Calibur 6. I guess this is what happens when you give attractive women to ((( western ))) AAA game developers.  
I always thought she was the one of the more ugly girls in R6. It's insulting they gave the 2b costume to her.
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That is a man in a dress.
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good one, lel
*claps* how do i say this.. Horny.
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I'm sorry but you're waifu a shit. Nothin' personnel, kid.
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lets see you talk shit when she sits on you.
Good thinking 47, with this disguise you can both enter the female only rooms as well as the childrens locker room without reprecussions.
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Are you ready for the next level?
Should be nice to use for low budget mocap
This is the gayest shit I've seen in awhile.
Also of course Sony needs to throw in a token mutt. 
Westernization of Japan coming along nicely. Hell they recently had a tranny parade that had decent attendance.
Finally, I can be a qt vtuber without an expensive mocap setup.
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Is she a Blasian? Interesting to see one in an advertisement.
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Final Fantasy XVI rating confirms game has prostitutes, hate crimes, more
>Weapon use with violence, sexual appeal, violent acts, drug use, description of violence, sexual innuendo, bodily injury, foul language, sexual language, veiled nudity, presence of blood, suffering of the victim, erotization, stigma / prejudice, intentional killing, nudity, prostitution, sexual relations, hate crimes, rape / sexual coercion, suicide, torture, gratuitous violence / vulgarization of violence
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might have to play this now
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Teaser for a new Amnesia game just dropped
Seems ok, pretty in line with the original minus the gun. Amnesia was and the first Penumbra were both very cozy games. I'm surprised Frictional is still in business. Whatever have they been doing since the last Amnesia DLC?
Replies: >>177463 >>177467
?Actual gameplay
Soma and an Amnesia fanfiction game that sold like shit.
Looks already better than Stillbirth
Yeah it seems a bit like they are trying to merge Penumbra with the (pre?)WW1 setting of whatever the last Amnesia was. I know they can make the game, I just hope they don't decide to duck making actual threats again like they did in Soma or ducktape a badly written audio drama about childbirth onto the player character.
Replies: >>177468
If they're gonna tack on some muh society garbage for a better ESG score it'll probably be about the 6 gorillion, judging purely from the bunker theme.
But actually getting a way to defend yourself, if it's extremely scarce, doesn't seem like it'd ruin the game for me. Much preferred over limited light shit in the original Amnesia, which I think they're not doing considering they show some windup lamp in the trailer.
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Thats not a human being.
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Nintendo apologises for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet performance and pledges improvements
>not the troonism of every single character
>not the jewthesda tier animation bugs
Startup unveils plans for game console for dogs
Microsoft is ‘likely to offer concessions soon’ to help gain EU approval for Activision deal
>Nintendo apologises for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet performance and pledges improvements
Performance for Scarlet & Violet is abysmal, even for a Switch game. Character models are obviously going to stay, but I doubt they'll even try to fix the low res textures, especially if they want to prioritize performance. I don't see why they wouldn't target the Bethesda-tier bugs since they appear to be extremely prevalent. Especially with shit like falling through the floor, never thought a pokemon game would have that. I give it less then a year before they stop caring and it'll be interesting to see how much of an improvement the game is from its launch.
>Microsoft is ‘likely to offer concessions soon’ to help gain EU approval for Activision deal
Thats just a way of saying bribes to the EU.
Replies: >>177557
>Thats just a way of saying bribes to the EU.

I'd love to see some source code releases, but I know it's just going to be money and agreements to publish for competitors.
The moment I've heard they're doing another Amnesia game made me feel nothing, because Rebirth sucked dick (except for some parts of the story), but since you can use a weapon in this  game it might be a decent redemption arc for Frictional. It seems like this is a spin-off to the main story like A Machine for Pigs was, and the story this time is set during WW1. I wonder what fun stuff vitae caused this time.
>Startup unveils plans for game console for dogs
That actually looks kinda neat. My dog is a rescue with anxiety issues and also very hyper, so something like would be great for her.
Replies: >>177633 >>177646
why not take her to the park and have her run around for a while like a normal human bean?
Replies: >>177645
Have you ever owned a dog, especially one with a lot of energy? All their waking hours they need something to do or they get sad.
Replies: >>177669
it's just a tablet with an automated treat dispenser, you could do without the dispenser as long as you're there to feed the treats yourself. matter of fact if you left the dog alone it'd probably spend all day glued to the thing just to eat and it could teach them "machine that looks like this = food" which is bad because then they'd probably try to fuck with random screens and other similar things once you take that away.
Then play with your pet, numbnuts. Go on long walks and make sure he's running, not just following you around at a snail's pace.
Replies: >>177711
So you haven't actually owned a dog, especially a rescue with years of behavioural traits.  "Anxious and hyper" for a dog doesn't mean that the dog sometimes gets jumpy and barks a lot, it means that the dog will see another dog down the street and literally not stop barking or jumping around or tugging at the leash for another half hour.  Is the dog scared?  Angry?  No-one can say.  It is not the kind of issue that "just play with the dog dude" can fix all the time.
Kill the animal.
Replies: >>177744
I take it this is your first pet ever.
Replies: >>177744
>the only reason why you could possibly agree with me is that you own this particular dog
>there's no possible way two people on the internet could disagree with me
Sounds like a fucking pain, that is why I don't get used goods.
Replies: >>177772
Dogs are bad pets in general.
Replies: >>177774 >>177781
catfag detected
Replies: >>177781
carts soocks lol
You're deflecting from the issue. The dog doesn't get enough exercise so of course it acts like this. You reinforce it's behavior by walking on eggshells and not regularly giving it an outlet for it's energy.
Start giving a shit about your pet instead of treating it like a toy. If it can't handle being around other dogs, animals, or people, take it somewhere less populated to play in order to work out it's stress.
Maybe you need some professional help, try talking to someone who regularly rehabilitates traumatized dogs to get more targeted advice.
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Little Witch Nobeta developers are cucks.
I hated them already for putting vtubers in their game. I knew there was something wrong with them.
Replies: >>177870 >>177966
>Little Witch Nobeta developers and cunnyfags are cucks
Why are you even remotely surprised by this? They're gooks, anon. They are natural cucks.
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Steam is giving away a 512gb steam deck for every minute that passes live when The Game Awards starts.
Coincidentally it looks like The Game Awards is going to be significantly shorter this year
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Replies: >>177888 >>177970
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Tripwire’s ex-CEO tells Tucker Carlson that cancel culture “destroyed” him
>Gibson said his resignation from the company in 2021 left him “destroyed”, that cancel culture is a one-way street generally only affecting those with conservative views.
>The former Tripwire boss tweeted support of a new Texas law that effectively banned abortions after an unborn child’s heartbeat can be heard, which is usually around 6 weeks after conception.
>“Proud of U.S. Supreme Court affirming the Texas law banning abortion for babies with a heartbeat,” he said in a tweet. “As an entertainer I don’t get political often. Yet with so many vocal peers on the other side of this issue, I felt it was important to go on the record as a pro-life game developer.”
>Gibson’s public support of the Texas heartbeat bill got widespread scorn from the majority of gaming websites and pundits, as well as other big names in the industry. For most of them, there is no stance outside of being completely in support of murdering unborn babies.
>“I call it social terrorism. It is an effort to use fear and intimidation to cause people to change,” Gibson said.
>He added, “Either hide or pretend that they’re not what they are, really, so that they can keep their jobs, so they can keep their status. And I just think that’s just a terrible thing for the world.”
>When asked if there was anyone at Tripwire that stood up for Gibson in the wake of a coordinated outrage campaign, the former boss said a “fairly senior” staff was defending him – but ultimately both she and Gibson were outnumbered.
>Gibson also revealed that another one of the co-founders of Tripwire shares very similar beliefs to him, including thinking abortion is wrong.
>“Other people that agreed, they’re afraid to speak up. They don’t want to be next. I had one of the other owners of the company, politically we’re very very aligned. He thinks cancel culture is bad, he thinks abortion is bad, and he said, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to be cancelled next.'”
>Here’s a part of Tucker’s interview with Gibson: >https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=2ERPn7Us50I
>“That’s how this social terrorism works,” Gibson said. “You make people scared, you make their jobs more difficult, you make them worry that people are going to leave the company if they don’t throw the person who disagreed with their political positions out of the boat. She really couldn’t overcome the wave of sentiment of the other folks.”
>Gibson recollected what he said to his wife as everything went down with his departure from Tripwire.
>“I said ‘I just want to die.’ Because I don’t want to live in a world that’s this unjust,” he said. “I got depressed, I got angry, suicidal, not wanting to leave the house. Yeah. It destroyed me. I have lived through thirteen months of hell.”
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Is there a way to embed Steam's livestreams in a CyTube room?
Replies: >>177890
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Here is the link to it aswell. If you dont want to bother logging in on the browser you can just go to big picture mode (upper right corner next to your name) Then go to browser and paste the adress and register.
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> The Game Awards is going to be significantly shorter this year
Are they finally realizing that the Game Awards are shit and we want to see less of their bullshit?
Replies: >>177892
No, they just realized that most viewers stopped caring halfway in. So now they'll cram all the shilling, mobile/youtuber and random interviews in a shorter format and just speed through the actual award part.
Replies: >>177894
>No, they just realized that most viewers stopped caring halfway in. 
Oh, so they're brain-dead realizing something so obvious.

>So now they'll cram all the shilling, mobile/youtuber and random interviews in a shorter format and just speed through the actual award part
They will never learn.
Replies: >>177899
They are normalfags, what the fuck did you expect? Good maymays?
>give away a steamdeck
>please watch our show, its shorter now
Desperate. I wonder if they are going to cut off the sodomy interviews/shilling.
>They will never learn.
Of course they won't. They still have other ways they can get shekels. The financial world is the reason why corporations never truly go bankrupt after pulling stupid stunts. They are also the reason why LGBTP+ shillings are so common in the first place.
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>last year: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=OS4m2O3V93o [1]= 222 minutes
>'20 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zWz6v-UAs8Q  199 minutes
Cheapskates handing out less than 190 decks. A cost of <$51,920 minus taxes and S&H. 4,669,289+ losers[1] will weep.
>You're letting your lust for black cock
Hello /leftypol/. For once, stop thinking about black cock and projecting your fetishes on others for once, mkay?
This Archivist Spent Over $40,000 And 22 Years Scanning Every PS2 Manual
Replies: >>177923
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>in the US
[Hide] (90.7KB, 718x651) Reverse
[Hide] (18.2KB, 677x105) Reverse
The official rules lets you send a postcard to enter too. Though to "be fair" they'll probably only give 1 steamdeck out that way to keep the odds the same.
This is what American "culture" does to ones brain.
Replies: >>177971
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> In order to be eligible to win a prize using this method of entry:
>you must have made a purchase on Steam between 12:00am GMT on Nov 14, 2021 and 11:59 pm GMT on Nov 14, 2022, from one of the Giveaway Countries
Replies: >>177971
fuck off maldraw

Only the goodest of goys allowed :^) They are still asshurt over russians farming free shit from the first christmas event they had years ago
Replies: >>178004
No mercy for tripkikes. Fuck every single fucking cunt that's ever worked for that publisher ever. 

Not even russian. I know I'll never get it,
Fuck y'all.
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epic poster
Microsoft to raise Xbox first-party game prices from $60 to $70 in 2023 / Microsoft joins Sony, Ubisoft, and others with Xbox Game Studios titles priced at $69.99 next month.
Replies: >>178105
Introducing, the new RTX 4000 series GPU:
[v] massively overpriced
[v] fire hazard
[v] gay
There are first party Xbox games?
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Tranny effect added to TF2.
[Hide] (359.7KB, 839x422) Reverse
Pyro anarchy badge skin was also added.
[Hide] (187.1KB, 1024x870) Reverse
>p-please get angry
if you didn't already hate volvo and team faggot 2 this isn't going to make a difference
[Hide] (114KB, 1024x764) Reverse
>trying to cede fucking pastels to trannies
What the fuck are you niggers doing. Literally has nothing to do with trannies.
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Ash to Continue His Pokemon Master Journey After World Championship Win
I didnt even know he finally won.
Replies: >>178133 >>178135
Is it a reference to Antifa being well known for setting buildings on fire as well as trash cans? of course it not
He won? was it rigged?
Has he caught one of every pokemon yet?
Replies: >>178138
I think the rate at which they add new pokemon is like an order of magnitude higher than the rate at which he catches them, but I haven't watched in years.
The wall already fell with sprays
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New update.
Replies: >>178149 >>178456
>elden ring
Is there anything remarkable about that game other than how hohols whined on release day?
>hohols whined on released day?
Replies: >>178156
There is literally nothing remarkable about it and it's the most unpolished, buggy game From has ever made. Open world is a bad meme
Replies: >>178156 >>178175
I've enjoyed my time with it but its needed some more time in the oven. its been patched a ton though.
Because Russia attacked them and some soylents on leddit whined that they can't play elden ring. But now that I checked Russia was actually a day earlier.
>Open world is a bad meme
Actually, older GTAs nailed it pretty good. But yeah, these days open world = artificially amplifying completely linear plots by filling it with long segments where you do nothing but walk/drive in a barren world without anything happening.
Replies: >>178159 >>178169
Design wise, it's their worst game so far because of the open world shit, but it has the best QoL features. The linear "closed" areas that aren't caves and dungeons with tons of recycled assets are pretty fun to explore, but there's like 6 of them.
Good point, older GTAs were good shit. I think the difference is that while GTA had missions and objectives, there were plenty of side paths for bonuses during/outside of missions and travel was extremely fast and easy. GTA was also about doing whatever you wanted and having chaotic fun as you pleased. Were there cops? Sure, and it was always fun to see just how many stars you could get. Modern open world is just filled with chores unfortunately
Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA and nobody will prove me otherwise.
Replies: >>178175
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<Open world is a bad meme
>Hulk Ultimate Destruction
>Spiderman 2
>Red Faction Guerrilla
>Mercenaries 1/2
>Mafia 1/2
>Dragons Dogma
>Saints Row 1/2
>True Crime
And I'm not even getting into the Open World RPGs.
Just because Ubisoft started a shit trend doesn't mean older games were bad, or that some new ones are bad even.

Sleeping dogs has barebones combat, god awful driving physics and shit shooting.

It starts off great and very detailed and then just rushes to the end, there's no clear progression pacing and you just spawn at random points to advance the plot instead of climbing the Triad ladder, all the density of content and little details found on the Hong Kong slums is also completely absent along with the option to decorate your better apartments.
 it was clear it was rushed out the door and left half baked, shame too.
>Calls Sleeping Dogs' combat "barebones" while every single game he's mentioned has trash, bottom of the barrel tier melee combat except for DD and mediocre at best gunplay. 
>shit shooting 
Guns in SD are extremely strong though, are you dumb? It's because you normally don't have firearms that they've made them very strong for the moments that you do happen to get one.
Replies: >>178181
>Guns in SD are extremely strong though
The mechanics are shit, the animations are shit, the weapons looks like toys and it's a miserable cover and shooter with bad physics.
Being rare and powerful is great, but the whole package is a piece of shit.
>while every single game he's mentioned has trash
I mentioned True Crime, you not knowing and playing that shows just how much of a pleb you are.
Death Knight is now a playable class in hearthstone
Replies: >>178184
Open World is a stupid concept to begin with and not worth focusing the entire game around.
+1 cent has been added to your Blizzard Wallet™
Try reading the thread next time
Replies: >>178191
>Oh noes he's going slightly offtopicwhile still talking about vidya
Are you going to report me too? :(
You disagree with him so you're niggerpill, sorry.
Nice fictional bogeyman, nobody even called you out for that. You're wrong because your point was addressed, acknowledged, and agreed upon a couple posts above with someone else, but you didn't bother reading them. Now you're retarded because you're just acting retarded.
Open world is a bad meme, yes. Easy way to get sales and grab stupid consumers? Low effort and quality? Oversaturated market?
Just because there were once good games with it as a feature, not the focus, doesn't mean it can't become tired and worn out. A bad meme. Way to miss the point, faggot.

Shut the fuck up and take your meds. It's too early to be getting this retarded over the slightest criticism
Replies: >>178198
Why is it not kosher to post emoticons?
Replies: >>178204
Because it hurts his sperg feelings, duh! ;P
Replies: >>178210
ER has the issue where it's "just Dark Souls, but open world." The exploration is a gimmick and rather than being integrated within the core gameplay of the franchise, it's almost treated entirely separately. It's the trail you follow in order to get to the actual gameplay, which is lackluster for the most part considering the massively reused assets and repeated content. Open world games already have this issue built in because making mostly unique assets for such a large area would be too much, but ER takes it to an unbearable level. I saw rigs from DeS even. It's been over a decade and From is acting like GF at this point. They're not a small studio doing whatever they can to stay relevant anymore.

It seems I can never enter a news thread and enjoy myself without newfags pretending they fit in
Open world is a bad meme.
DDs is literally only playable because they ran out of budget and weren't able to make it an open world so there's actually gameplay once you get past the walking through empty fields forever. It's pretty telling how much more successful the DLC (which is just a dungeon and nothing else) was.
Elden Ring is an absolute masterclass in pandering. It takes the souls formula of retard shiteasy bosses that are designed to be hard to learn to it's logical conclusion. That it's a game that's nothing but padding and is overt about it through the open world meme is just a cherry on top.
Replies: >>178217 >>178218
>It's pretty telling how much more successful the DLC (which is just a dungeon and nothing else) was.
The DLC is boring though.
Are you the sped that plays DD without pawns because of the xp boost?
Oh no... :0 He called me a newfag because I made fun of spergs being mad about emoticons... ;~;

I'm not "pretending to fit in"; that's what fags like (You) are doing. I'm explicitly doing whatever the fuck I want. But this thread's seen enough gay arguments, so uh, fuck you and have a nice day faggot. :3
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You need to be 18 to post here.
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[Hide] (902.5KB, 606x1394) Reverse
[Hide] (366.6KB, 460x258, 00:22)
[Hide] (9.6MB, 1920x1080, 00:19)
Awesome! I've always wanted to play as the /leftypol/ BO!
>Mafia 1/2
Never played Mafia 2. But Mafia 1 is not good example at all. The map works for the story since the story missions have go around the map. But by itself there is nothing to do. Between missions you can only go to the mission area and after the mission you can go to 1 single place for sidequests in the entire map, which only has a limited amount of missions and they are all the same.
Replies: >>178237
[Hide] (122.6KB, 311x395) Reverse
OK now I understand, thanks.
Cute gif :D
There's free ride extreme, where you collect a bunch of wacky cars for doing quests. But that's besides the point

It's a game that at least works better being open-world than linear. For what it lacks in content it makes up with it's function. When it comes to open-world games, it's harder to communicate to players as to what they need to do. In a linear game, you're restricted to certain paths, and in sandbox levels like Hitman and Thief, which are more cerebral, the levels are still designed and restrained in a way where you can understand how everything relates to each other. Open-world games have a challenging time defining the playspace when a level is set in a much larger one and often resort to UI-based navigational aides like waypoints, compasses, and minimaps. Mafia still does this better than most games today by providing literal signs so you know where you're driving and a transit network that can get you to most of or at least near the important in-game locations. These are the things that make Mafia memorable, not because the gameplay or the content is exceptional, but because the content itself or getting to the content requires engagement in the world.
Game awards is today.
13 hours 30 minutes left
7:30 pm et
[Hide] (14.5KB, 416x416) Reverse
Thank you
Looks like 8moe will be hosting a stream. I and everyone else will be there except for the reddit folk who go to OldManGerpkin (who has played youtube meme videos over E3 and Game Awards streams in the past while presentations are going on)
>Looks like 8moe will be hosting a stream
advertise somewhere else.
[Hide] (42.3KB, 500x472) Reverse
>I and everyone else will be there because we're the COOL KIDS
Reminds me of those gay peer pressure campaigns that used to pop up in high school.
Replies: >>178443
Okay, post your cytube then.
Replies: >>178446 >>178453
Will watch TV night instead, since I'll actually enjoy that.
Replies: >>178446
What does my cytube have to do with this conversation? What I'm saying is that the the whole "everyone else is going here because we're not lame" argument came off as so juvenile that it reminded me of peer pressure campaigns. 
This is the most logical answer. Just do what you want.
Astonishingly poor bait, even for acidchan standards.
Replies: >>178455
No, I'm serious. I want to watch the gay awards with anons. Who's going to stream it?
wow let me guess another game where you pretend you have skill in pvp by winning cus some stupid item you spent 8000 hours getting
so its another aids open world game. noted. i will spend my time on dark souls instead.
its funny because this shit is the what you get when that faggot complains
>game is linear! game is linear!
[Hide] (12.7MB, 1280x720, 02:14)
Blizzard replied to criticism over the new WOW expansion with furry RP.
>Piss in the face of your remaining consumers
[Hide] (65.3KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
there is a thin line between visible embarassment and sharp cutting wit
it's like blizz saw the line and divebombed into the embarassment side like it's a certain ball pit
Replies: >>178494 >>178500
[Hide] (309.8KB, 1000x707) Reverse
>they responded to criticism with an embarrassing mobile ad
Where was Nostradamus on this one?
Replies: >>178500
>thin line 
more like a fucking equator
Replies: >>178499
That's an unusual choice of words for voicing your agreement.
Saddest part is there are fans who will think this is amazing and gobble this shit up like their lives depend on it.
Replies: >>178539
>nigger dragons
I should be surprised, but I'm not.
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2.5 hours
150 minutes
150 steam decks
Replies: >>178536
Can I just leave it running and go to sleep, or will it detect I'm not engaging with the content and label me as a wrongthinker?
[Hide] (408.1KB, 998x852) Reverse
There are blizzard fans? I thought most of their money came from chinks.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 709x1128) Reverse
Replies: >>178569
is this a joke
nice trips btw
Replies: >>178569
zchan never made one. Now eat your cake.
Replies: >>178572
Is there a blackedkike-free stream?
Replies: >>178577 >>178578
sorry, I'm on a diet, no kosher
Take your schizophrenia medication and then visit the same link for the super-secret non blacked.moe.gov.boogeyman.com stream
[Hide] (31.6KB, 431x502) Reverse
Quebec judge rules class-action suit on Fortnite addiction can move forward
Not quote mining this one because it has to be read to be believed. Leafs versus chinks: no matter who loses, we win.
Replies: >>178584
[Hide] (766.4KB, 1200x1400) Reverse
>leafs vs chinks
Canada is practically just another arm of chinkland at this point.
t. leaf
[Hide] (626.7KB, 1050x792) Reverse
Players on their forums are tearing the game apart too. It was released only 10 days ago and they've already run out of things to do. Not to mention the balance issues and apparently awful story.

Someone is 100% advertising the webring on their shit Discord server if underage like >>178219 keep showing up in recent times
Replies: >>178888
Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon was just announced at the Game Awards
I never thought RP could be used as a failed defense mechanism. This is worse than what you'd find on those old 2000s social sites considering they went so far as to make ads about it.

>I'm explicitly doing whatever the fuck I want
Nobody said you can't do what you want. Everyone's just calling you out for being new and acting retarded like you deserve. If you were actually as confident as you say you are, you'd take it in stride and accept it, not desperately defend your insecure self by doubling down.
Replies: >>178850
[Hide] (15.2KB, 875x547) Reverse
Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard Acquisition Is Good for Gamers
Don't let the government get between your videogames, goy! I want activision-blizzard to crash and burn and be sold in an auction.
AMD's RX 7900 XT/X reference cards reportedly not shipping to China because the packaging says 'Made in Taiwan'
Dyson’s Zone air-purifying headphones start at $949
[Hide] (265.3KB, 404x388) Reverse
>AMD's RX 7900 XT/X reference cards reportedly not shipping to China because the packaging says 'Made in Taiwan'
[Hide] (38.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (70.3KB, 930x772) Reverse
[Hide] (215.6KB, 2047x2047) Reverse
I'm not going to address the le newfag argument, as that's just a Kafka trap where 'yes'='lolno' and 'no'='lol yeah', and it's quite a pointless argument considering what I believe matters nowadays, is not necessarily the newness of the faggot, but the retardation he shows, which I fully accept being called a retard because in many ways I am. 
But I don't think you're quite getting what I'm aiming for. In that case, let me drop the retardation for the sake of something resembling a smart discussion. See, I've been wracking my brain for the past few weeks on why imageboards have been dying, and the answers I've come up with is that 1) we've fallen into this rut of trying desperately to avoid stepping on eggshells so spergs don't shit up the board, 2) our whole memescape, for lack of a better word, has become stale and bland, mostly because of 1), but also because we're stuck on recapturing the glory of 8chan instead of trying to capture new glories, and 3) we've let ourselves be way too uptight, again because of 1) and 2). Therefore, the whole arguments with the emoticons was half-baked shitpost to try and make the faggots upset at emoticons even more mad, but also something of an experiment to see how I can push new ways to express in the imageboard landscape.
Obviously, it seems emoticons are not the preferred way. In that case, I shall focus my efforts on other means of memeing, preferably through discussing vidya playthroughs I'm doing (when I have the time), simple doodles (for I am not a good drawfag), and funnier shitposts. If you feel my response is ridiculous, then I shall accept that with enough grace and move on. If you feel it is subversive, then do note that this is done in the name of attempting to revitalize imageboard discussion, not in the name of shitting where I eat, so to speak. Thank you for your attention, and I hope you have a nice day, anon. 

With warm regards,
Anon Y. Mous "the Retarded"
[Hide] (46.9KB, 498x498) Reverse
>Made in Taiwan
Does "made in" always imply a country?
Its just that i can totally imagine something like "Made in California" existing.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 640x360, 00:17)
Replies: >>178873
>imageboards have been dying
They haven't though
>glory of 8chan
8ch was a shithole that spun some decent generals out into boards (to no benefit besides keeping links you'd have to ask for from memory or find in a pastebin or whatever on the 2nd page always) which quickly turned into the usual chatroom cliques that any general that spins off into board breaks down into.
>Obviously, it seems emoticons are not the preferred way
Why would you give in to the whining of literal children that found the internet sometime in the 2020s over your language use?
Replies: >>178863
[Hide] (76.3KB, 1200x1020) Reverse
>AMD's RX 7900 XT/X reference cards reportedly not shipping to China because the packaging says 'Made in Taiwan'
Holy fuck that feels good.
[Hide] (1MB, 1125x1126) Reverse
Replies: >>178872 >>178873
[Hide] (254.1KB, 800x600) Reverse
>I-I was just probing the "memescape" for my 400 iq investigation into imageboard culture
Replies: >>178873
Well read it then, double faggot.
[Hide] (8.7KB, 360x360) Reverse
your comfy space has been invaded, just what are you gonna do!?!??!?!!? 

are you gonna 
are you gonna call him a FAGGOT?!?
that's HECKING RUDE my dudes!!!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>178935
Yes, Taiwan is a country.
Replies: >>178901
Nice, I'm glad even the loyal Blizzdrones can't bear the garbage quality Blizzard has resorted to shoveling out in a vain attempt to stay relevant.
I had the opposite feeling. Out of all the open world games, ED is the only one where I keep finding new stuff and new enemies. It's the only open world game that I find It's filled with stuff.
But I also haven't finished it so who knows.
Replies: >>178901
The chinks in West-Taiwan always get epileptic seizure from the word Taiwan alone. Just like jews when you mention their influence.
Dunno about burgerland, but here you can occasionally see shit like "Made in EU". Fortunately the EU is not a country yet.
ER (ED is what your dad has) does suffer from enemy repeat a bunch later on, but it's most obvious in the bosses. Some of them you fight 12 times, and they even reuse major plotline bosses as filler dungeon bosses sometimes.
I enjoyed the game, and I normally hate open world games, but after getting to Leyndell I did get pretty tired of exploring a lot of the small world stuff and small dungeons and started to just speedrun to the end.

Anon didn't imply otherwise, he just rightfully asked why the chinks throw a hissy fit over it since "made in" doesn't imply country status. It's not like they bitch and moan about szechuan sauce not being called China sauce.
>All the USA had to do to enforce the chip sanctions is force companies to stamp Made in Taiwan on everything
In this case it does simply for the fact that China demands total subjugation of Taiwan. They essentially want MADE IN TAIWAN PROVINCE, CHINA. The use of Taiwan by itself implies it is independent of China and adding China implies complete control of the island by China.
Replies: >>178931
The Chinese government has the most fragile pride imaginable. I get they don't want to give an inch on Taiwan because other places would start telling them to fuck off but jesus christ.
[Hide] (119.9KB, 224x224) Reverse
Have another (you), it keeps you sperging so might as well keep you going "4 teh lulz"
Replies: >>178942
is this "(you)" in the room with us right now
Replies: >>178943
I don't smell doritos so I don't think so.
Replies: >>178951 >>178994
so this "(you)" emits doritos smell? fascinating
>I don't smell
Replies: >>178995
[Hide] (2.6MB, 320x240, 02:06)
I took a bath three days ago how dare you.
Replies: >>178999
[Hide] (263KB, 540x470) Reverse
This is such a beautiful and emotive piece of audio visual work.
I haven't cried like this in decades.
New Liru thing out
Replies: >>179066
[Hide] (89.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Another certain never ever sequel came out too
Replies: >>179092 >>179093
[Hide] (51.2KB, 177x392) Reverse
Replies: >>179096
So the final part will be released in 2030? I guess there's no need to rush checking this out.
Also, since when dlsite product numbers are 8 digits long?
Replies: >>179096
It already is out
English subbed version apparently planned for February
base64 but copying with jdownloader worked for me too

Very recent change it seems
Replies: >>179098
>English subbed version
Who fucking cares, yoink.
Riot admits that localization teams censor League LGBTQVIH+ content in certain countries
Replies: >>179252
[Hide] (61.9KB, 1281x713) Reverse
This isn't really news, Yidney's been doing it for years and years. What's more surprising is them admitting it.
[Hide] (23.6MB, 1280x720, 06:29)
Because its current century.
I think it's broken, cuts off at 1:32 for me even if I download it.
[Hide] (23.6MB, 640x360, 06:29)
Your video doesnt work
Replies: >>179269 >>179333
Can a kind stranger give us a tl;dw?
Replies: >>179274 >>179275
Worthless corporatespeak attempting to justify why they're "partnering" (translation: taking bribes) from ESG to put woke shit in all of their terrible games.
You better watch that shit, nigger.
Canada Judge Authorizes Fortnite Addiction Lawsuit
Its proof that they are pushing propaganda.
Replies: >>179376 >>179380
[Hide] (152.3KB, 1018x919) Reverse
If you can be addicted to a game, you can be addicted to literally anything.
Not that i'm saying its incorrect, gaming addiction is absolutely real for koieans. But by this logic you could theoretically sue anything that causes an addiction.
For example, "Anon is addicted to dicks, it is harming his life, therefor anon can sue the gaybar he visits."

A legal case over Gaming addiction is a result of people unable to accept personal responsibility. In this case its the parents fault. This is like a mother complaining that her children refuse to eat anything else except McDonalds but continuously buy it for them anyway. fucking retarded

Still, you could argue that certain games use gambling methods, like loot boxes and other cancerous things, to farm from players. I think these things should be banned if they're causing the addictions, i don't think there needs to be a lawsuit at all. Honestly this lawsuit feels shady, like theres some kind of underlying conspiracy behind it. I dunno, feels like its the sort of prerequisite before they put in daily game time limits like China.
Also yeah, its probably propaganda.
[Hide] (871.5KB, 640x360, 00:23)
Fun will be made literally illegal. Not that I'm saying Fortnite is fun.
The question should be over whether video game overuse manifests the same behaviours as other addictions (sensitisation/desensitisation etc). Otherwise, their claim is that these children are having too much fun. As you say, it's a parenting failure because they don't want to or can no longer say no to their kids.Or they don't want to take an interest in the things their kids like and get involved in actually doing something together. Parents don't need "industry-leading parental controls that empower parents to supervise their child’s digital experience" because they're physically there with them in the same house. They could barge into their son's room and see for themselves what he's doing. But it's easier to blame something else when your neglectful parenting goes wrong and turn your problems into a pathology.

Fortnite was probably made to be as addicting as possible.

>In August, California lawmakers killed a bill that would “make it illegal” for major social media platforms to “knowingly addict children,” after significant lobbying pressure from Twitter, Meta, and Snap.
Replies: >>179381 >>179391
Doesn't Fortnite have gacha? It's not just "having fun", it's also encouraging real money gambling.
Replies: >>179382
I don't know. I've never played it. Gambling in video games is a big problem but I'm not so sure I would want the government getting involved and gaining more of a precedent to meddle with them. I think that would be replacing one problem with another one. My point was that the natural direction this will go is that having a socially frowned upon hobby will become an addiction and there will be a push by at least some people to make video games explicitly less fun and more propaganda. This time with the think-of-the-children excuse.
Even if it's not for real money, I still think it's gambling. In-game rewards are still things of real value to the gambler even if it's not money. That's the criterion in at least some jurisdictions.
Replies: >>179390
[Hide] (168.7KB, 460x215) Reverse
[Hide] (123.2KB, 371x367) Reverse
Dark and Darker playtest starts again on december 16
Replies: >>179389
>Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
>OS: 64-bit Windows 10, 11
I like the sound of it, but I'm going to wait until i think i can actually run this in on toaster.
>I don't know. I've never played it. 
I know it has some kind of microtransaction since my nephew buys "vbucks" to use in the game.

>there will be a push by at least some people to make video games explicitly less fun
That's already happening with gachashit. They are explicitly designed to get people addicted to gambling for jpegs, rather than designed to be fun.
[Hide] (65.4KB, 279x705) Reverse
>>179376 >>179380
No wonder casinos and panchikos are so successful! Your retarded asses blame your lack of healthy parenting for something you're literally not immune to. If divorce cases caused by a game are anything to say about it, it had it coming.
> for something you're literally not immune to.
>implying I'm retarded enough to play fortnite.
Also, just like gambling, not everyone can be addicted to games. Its not universally addictive.
And its incredibly easy to stop your child from playing an online game holy shit why are parents so retarded
Replies: >>179394 >>179403
But if you play more than 3 hours a week in games, you're already addicted to gaming.
>incredibly easy to stop your child from playing an online game holy shit why are parents so retarded
Your naïvity is befounding, and it shows your poor understanding of human sociology and your lack of debate skills. But I never do expect intelligence in a dilapidated weaving forum.
Replies: >>179409 >>179443
>Still, you could argue that certain games use gambling methods, like loot boxes and other cancerous things, to farm from players.
Most games do that these days, which is why most contemporary AAA games aren't actually games but Skinner boxes and casinos dressed up in the bare minimum of gameplay.  Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world and it sure as hell didn't get there by being fun to play: it makes you angry, it's easy to find games, it's easy to abuse by building stuff, and you always have the prospect of a victory dangling in front of you.  Diablo Immortal is another clearcut case of this, since it was actually structured in such a way as to introduce a couple minutes of gameplay between paying for a currency and getting a collection of semi-random items, which skirts the legal definition of a loot box, which means they don't need to disclose the percentage chances of any particular item.
>ulterior motives and conspiracy
I've no doubt the mothers pushing the case are awful parents, but the potential fallout will be entertaining.  The "Star Wars-themed casino" propaganda five years ago for Battlefront 2017 probably resulted in a meaningful amount of people waking up to the problem of "games" designed to be addictive.
>I think these things should be banned if they're causing the addictions, i don't think there needs to be a lawsuit at all.
How do you think change is effected in bloated modern legal systems?  Nobody who has regulatory authority over video games knows anything about how they work or how people play them.

>Its not universally addictive.
These systems literally have hundreds of millions of dollars poured into them to make them as compelling as possible.  In the same way that "you are not immune to propaganda," you are not immune to a game designed to encourage patterns of behaviour that prey upon universal human tendencies.  The publishers who force this shit down everyone's throats are smart enough not to put big "become a wirehead" buttons in the games, but if every minor gameplay experience has some kind of wirehead-like behaviour attached to it then the fate of anyone who plays the game is sealed.  This is especially true for children and teenagers whose brains are still growing and who don't have the same kind of mental defences that adults have.
Replies: >>179409
[Hide] (137.6KB, 279x255) Reverse
>fortnite may be as addictive as heroin
I can play fortnite today and not get addicted but if I do heroin I am chemically addicted to it regardless of how much I like it. What a stupid fucking title.
[Hide] (36.1KB, 250x331) Reverse
>But if you play more than 3 hours a week in games, you're already addicted to gaming.
>implying any of that is true
<mfw I'm more addicted to /v/ than i am vidya
>Your naïvity is befounding, and it shows your poor understanding of human sociology and your lack of debate skills. 
Even cro-magnon man can pull out their internet cord if they refuse to stop playing fucking fortnite.

> In the same way that "you are not immune to propaganda," you are not immune to a game designed to encourage patterns of behaviour that prey upon universal human tendencies
I mean you're not wrong in that it's highly addictive. And it is trying to prey on general human tendencies. But it is not universally addictive. Universally addictive would imply the majority of children who played it are now addicted. I refuse to believe that many children could be so retarded.

On a side note, the only games that entertain me anymore were made before 2007. I've gained more entertainment from games produced prior to my birth than from games coming out now.
I haven't even played these games, so its not nostalgia. Why is everything so shit nowadays?
I'd post further but its 4am for me. Sry if my grammar is shit.

>What a stupid fucking title.
it's called clickbait and its what the majority of msm is now days.
It wasn't even MSM though it was a drug treatment center website which makes it even more ridiculous.
>I refuse to believe that many children could be so retarded.
How could you possibly-
>before 2007
>prior to my birth
Replies: >>179423 >>179429
[Hide] (20.9MB, 426x240, 13:55)
Fortnite did nothing wrong, you can't blame the companies!
Replies: >>179424
[Hide] (134.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I want the kids to leave.
[Hide] (44.7KB, 1024x576) Reverse
Nobody's saying that fortnite did nothing wrong. It's a massive piece of shit made for brainless zeds with predatory shit weaved into the very fabric of it's being.
However, comparing it to fucking meth or heroin is retarded and you know it, but you want everybody to defend your stupid statements because they're in line with the common opinion.
Replies: >>179457
[Hide] (846.2KB, 600x994) Reverse
2007 was when supcom came out anon.
It was the last genuinely good rts. The only games that have even been close since are remasters. I'd argue it was the last good AAA game to come out.
Worst of all, supcom was flawed. The Pathing for aquatic vessels was fucked. There will never be a Supcom Remaster.
Replies: >>179485
>But if you play more than 3 hours a week in games, you're already addicted
By that logic, I'm addicted to: sleeping, eating, breathing, coding, learning nip, jerking off to anime girls.

>I can play fortnite today and not get addicted
If you can play fortnite for more than 10 minutes without getting bored you're helplessly retarded

>the only games that entertain me anymore were made before 2007
This. I mean, there are a few exceptions (I had plenty of fun with rabi-ribi, and generally there are a few hidden indie gems, but most of AA and everything AAA is pure garbage).
>I've gained more entertainment from games produced prior to my birth
Underage detected.
>By that logic, I'm addicted to: sleeping, eating, breathing
>he needs to breathe for at least 3 hours a week
not gonna make it
Replies: >>179463
[Hide] (106.3KB, 700x630) Reverse
>born in or after 2007
<acceptable if not entirely correct use of implications, Upper/lowercase letters and punctuation marks
I don't believe you.
[Hide] (9.7KB, 160x90) Reverse
And yet people eat cheese and ~oreos~hydrox!
do three months, no internet. If you work remotely, lock down the work machine for strictly business, or quit.
>Universally addictive would imply the majority of children who played it are now addicted. I refuse to believe that many children could be so retarded.
Were you dropped in your head or something?
Chlidren are _imprintable_ UNTIL 21-3. If your peers at school pressure you to play “this classifiable drug,” kids are going to do it on the school, library, or arcade.
Then why do casinos work, the lotto, fc, gachas⸮
Thanks for not looking up a dictionary.
Replies: >>179462 >>179565
[Hide] (45KB, 590x586) Reverse
>Then why does [gambling] work?
Because they're designed to make you addicted and rely on specifically targeting people who will get hooked on them.
My point is that playing a video game is not equivalent to a hard drug addiction, stupid.
Are we ever gonna bring back lynching for "people" like this?
My bigger problem is sleeping. It takes a shitload of time every week, and you can't do anything productive while doing that.
[Hide] (12.9KB, 250x250) Reverse
Kanes Wrath was 2008 though
Also, RTTs exist thankfully and they're still good.
Replies: >>179565
i'm supposed to be the youngest one on the webring motherfucker, go back to cawadoody
Replies: >>179499 >>179565
Think you can beat being 16 years old?
Replies: >>179505 >>179536
[Hide] (1001.8KB, 800x600) Reverse
i was super late to the party as well but by God I've been the life of it. feels weird being surrounded by all these grandpas but they're good at quake so they're cool i guess
>Kids born in 2007
Jesus kid, you're about as old as my brother. What the hell are you doing here?
Replies: >>179565
I have you beat over a decade ago when I was 13 and browsing imageboards. Fuck that makes me feel old
Replies: >>179537
[Hide] (1.9MB, 160x120) Reverse
I had unfiltered access to the internet and my own computer in my room at age 10.
Replies: >>179589
[Hide] (222.3KB, 1544x1089) Reverse
>Because they're designed to make you addicted and rely on specifically targeting [vulnerable] people who will get hooked on them.
>My point is that playing a video game is not equivalent to a hard drug addiction, stupid.
Did you know sex and exercise can be as equivalent addicting as drug dependency? Or you think swallowing something does not excrete dopamine the same way?
Games work exactly the same way as exercise in how your brain rewards itself for suceeding at something nagging you. For these adults and kids playing Fornite, it's as addicting as cheese and oreos, because the motor hand eye cordination of getting a win at a lotto with notifications gives the same high as casomorphins locked in your dopamine receptors. But classifying children with heavy withdrawal symptoms not “hard as drug” is apparently the parents' fault, as if they created the damn game.
[Hide] (641.8KB, 726x1040) Reverse
Kanes wrath was an expansion so it doesn't count
also Red Alert 2 was better than Tiberium Sun although Kanes Wrath was better than Red Alert 3

>underage detected.
I never said i was born in 2007 retards, 2007 was the last great year of gaming. All years that came after were shit.
Born 1994, Doom, Myst and Orion are better than anything coming out now. Fucking love Doom

>Chlidren are _imprintable_ UNTIL 21-3. If your peers at school pressure you to play “this classifiable drug,” kids are going to do it on the school, library, or arcade.
I'm not saying that children can't become addicted to games anon, but are you telling me the majority of the fortnite retardbase play fortnite to the point it harms themselves?
Universal has connotations that would imply that everyone who play would become addicted.
Replies: >>179576
[Hide] (4.2MB, 382x384, 03:12)
What's your problem with cheese?
>is apparently the parents' fault, as if they created the damn game.
As a father, you're responsible for what your children consume.
Don't throw at him a tablet with internet/give them unlimited vidya time at age 3 and expect him to come out alright.
>exercise can be as equivalent addicting
Wish I had exercise addiction.
Replies: >>179571 >>179576
[Hide] (1.1MB, 900x900) Reverse
Get into calisthenics, those are the easiest. Start small but keep at it
For some guidance look into the book Convinct Conditioning, though warning author actually believes a Jews anecdotes on how he ripped a big telephone book with two hands.
Replies: >>179572
[Hide] (42.1KB, 378x361) Reverse
I do exercise. sometimes even enjoy it and look forward to it. Just not always.
I wish a qt girl could sit on my face while I'm at the bench. Then maybe I'd look forward to it more.
Replies: >>179573
[Hide] (6.7MB, 5000x5000) Reverse
Yeah. Sad world
[Hide] (176.8KB, 1400x912) Reverse
>the majority of the fortnite retardbase play fortnite to the point it harms themselves?
That's how it's been invested to as, with collectibles, rares, bonuses, and rankings. You either “grind” to get top name, or your peer groups gives you the L. And you don't want to be an L, no? 
>Universal has connotations that would imply that everyone who play would become addicted.
Play long enough and you get so into it, it becomes trending reason for divorces. Pretty sure it already covers that scope as the 12th most played game in the world, no?
>problem with cheese
That even for drugs you ill educated on addictions.
>As a child, you get imprinted and peer pressured to play a game at school more addicting than nicotine and heroin even if parents ban games and internet, and it's still the parents fault the game exists even with moderate parenting privileges.
I understand you're incapable of empathy too.
Replies: >>179582
[Hide] (971.1KB, 1080x1067) Reverse
>But classifying children with heavy withdrawal symptoms not “hard as drug” is apparently the parents' fault, as if they created the damn game.
If you teach your children how to buy and use drugs, give them infinite money, and then leave them with a drug dealer because you don't want to parent it is 100% your fault when the little shit starts smoking crack. 
If you have children be their fucking parent. If you don't want to be a parent don't fucking have children.
>That's how it's been invested to as, with collectibles, rares, bonuses, and rankings. You either “grind” to get top name, or your peer groups gives you the L. And you don't want to be an L, no? 
This is the formula for all MMOs. The games themselves are mediocre but once you've found a friend group who expects you to log on every night and keep up with them in terms of stats / rankings then it becomes an addiction.
[Hide] (66.9KB, 640x480) Reverse
While you do have a point in that modern ((( games ))) are deliberately designed to suck in uneducated, unprepared (man)children into their judeosphere of spending inflation shekels to inflate one's perceived status in some database such measures can be circumvented by >>179537 provided it's a Linux machine or an old hand-me down that can't run modern games without suiciding and simply not letting your kids buy anything on these digital storefronts that isn't an expansion-style DLC like GTA IV's TLaD/TBoGT if you're concerned about anti-semitic pirates ideally combined with forcing them to access soycal media services through alternative frontends so Bill Gates and the Illuminati can't program them to desire [current thing] as effectively.

It puzzles me that my older brother lets his kids use mom's goyphone to watch algorithmically-generated Jewtube content riddled with Tiktok tranny adverts and play Chinese Zelda clones but screeches at the suggestion of hand-assembling a sub-$500 Linux SFF PC so his eldest son can learn to make his own decisions like a white man.
Replies: >>179591 >>179594
>not letting your kids buy anything on these digital storefronts
That reminds me. When I was a kid, you couldn't buy shit online without a credit card which you couldn't own as a child. I had to beg my parents for a Runescape subscription. How are children nowadays spending money on games? Don't tell me they save card details and let them buy stuff without reentering them. Or are there gift cards for gachas now? But even then the parents control the pocket money right?
I couldn't believe it when it became common for pre-high school students to have phones let alone ones that cost hundreds of dollars and I can't believe it that children are using computers before they even go to school.
[Hide] (18.7KB, 474x449) Reverse
>you couldn't buy shit online without a credit card which you couldn't own as a child. I had to beg my parents for a Runescape subscription
You could do it with SMS. Go down to your paki shop, get a phone topup for cash, send a text to the jagex number to get 1 month runescape membership and there's nothing your parents could do about it. Except unplug the router

>I couldn't believe it when it became common for pre-high school students to have phones let alone ones that cost hundreds of dollars and I can't believe it that children are using computers before they even go to school.
Capitalism was a mistake. Kids also have 4G now so there's no way to keep them away from 24/7 internet access.

>How are children nowadays spending money on games?
The current generation of parents all grew up with video games and probably still play. So a credit card has already been connected to the game console or play store or whatever.
>spoiler abuse
anon plz
>It puzzles me that my older brother lets his kids use mom's goyphone to watch algorithmically-generated Jewtube content riddled with Tiktok tranny adverts and play Chinese Zelda clones but screeches at the suggestion of hand-assembling a sub-$500 Linux SFF PC so his eldest son can learn to make his own decisions like a white man.
People generally choose the path of least resistance.  The average millennial/zoomer has plenty of free time and will gladly spend hours watching Twitch or TikTok, but the idea of spending that time to stimulate his brain and do something productive is totally unheard of.

It's not just the content, it's the shape of the content that the platform uses.  Every social media platform is an endless scrolling conveyor belt that force-feeds you a truly endless amount of mindless mush.  Tumblr (maybe Imgur?) was, to my knowledge, the first platform to popularize this kind of approach and it's been very successful because people are lazy.  Same reason people will spend $50 a week on junk food in $5 purchases, but the idea of not buying junk food and spending $50 on groceries that will last twice as long and be healthier is "too expensive."
Replies: >>179595
The algorithms adapt to the users not the other way around. You need to drop this Liberal notion that all people have equal intelligence or equal potential. The people who spend 10 hours on tiktok would be the same even if tiktok didn't exist.
Replies: >>179601 >>179603
>I can't believe it that children are using computers before they even go to school.
I did that, probably before kindergarten too. Fucked around with mspaint in windows 3.1. Somehow I managed to learn to type win even without knowing how to read.
> children are using computers before they even go to school.
Don't know what's so hard to believe, this was happening 30 years ago.
Replies: >>179599
Yeah I think I knew how to use a DOS prompt before entering school, since my dad was a big computer nerd.
>algorithms appeal to the worst parts of human nature and encourage people to become wireheads
<you need to drop this Liberal notion that all people have equal intelligence
I think you need to acquire some more intelligence and reading comprehension.
Replies: >>179602
>Every social media platform is an endless scrolling conveyor belt that force-feeds you a truly endless amount of mindless mush
<The algorithms adapt to the users not the other way around.
Just because you're angry doesn't mean you're right.
Replies: >>179608
[Hide] (23.3KB, 639x639) Reverse
>The algorithms adapt to the users not the other way around.
That may have been true pre-Gamergate, but around the time niggers came to Europe Jewtube's personalization AI rapidly realigned itself so hard its previously accurate suggestions in my case uncommentated gameplay videos, WW2 flight simulator stuff, YTPs, old Linkin Park AMVs, 2hu arranges and the occasional Let's Play from a channel I was subscribed to became filled with soyfaces, weird random porn inserts I do not believe were coincidental and just shit that plainly shouldn't belong in the recommended section of a Billy Mays YTP let alone my damn front page.
The soyfaces I can partially attribute to the Let's Play channel I was subscribed to being one of the then-popular ones(though his content at the time didn't specifically target elementary schoolers unlike now), but all the other shit like those disturbing toy review videos made and consumed by people without any sexual inclinations towards children simply shouldn't have appeared in the quantity they did or at all throughout 2015.
By 2016 those heretical videos had seen mysterious jumps in views so other channels who by this point had to e-beg on every video thanks to Jewgle cutting their ad revenue after making sure they couldn't find employment elsewhere adopted their practices too and it all became filthy, the dup campaign funny as it was didn't help because now presidental campaign faggotry showed up in the recommendations next to impressionist Spengbab YTPs though the algorithm had trouble figuring whether I was pro or anti-dup as I'd long stopped commenting on anything by that point, so whenever I was watching a pro-dup video it spammed anti-dup videos and vice versa when watching anti-dup videos.
It's not like my tastes in video abruptly changed, the algorithm had been working smoothly for the 7 or so years I'd been using that account but then it started throwing Elsa abortion videos at World of Tanks gameplay footage.
>gift cards for gachas
All the grocery stores I've been to in the last decade sell these, though the majority of those are PSN/NN/Xbox Live/Steam gift cards with the only game-specific cards being Fortnite, WoW and Roblox to my knowledge.
Replies: >>179608 >>179614
You've completely lost the point.
>algorithms are magical, ephemeral things that exist independent of human influence
>people see what they want to see in recommendation algorithms because their own choices brought them there
>there's no possible way an algorithm could be manipulated by the company that owns it in order to push certain ideas or certain views
This is the foundation of what you're saying, that algorithms aren't created or weighted by people.  What's been revealed on Twitter in the last week or two is stone cold proof that this premise is wrong, although it's so fundamentally idiotic that no disproof is necessary.

Yes.  Most "people" really are that soulless.
Replies: >>179614 >>179621
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (733.2KB, 986x981) Reverse
Dead Island 2 Trailer Welcomes You To ((( Hell )))
>Today, a brief trailer for the upcoming Dead Island 2 had been released, hilariously titled “Welcome to Hell-A” given the game takes place in the faggotized crime ladled city of Los Angeles, naturally of course the trailer is full of woke bullshit being shoveled down our necks.
>Not even a minute goes by in the trailer and we’re subliminally brainwashed with a pride flag street crossing on full display, untainted and untarnished, like it had just been painted during the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
>Despite how previous Dead Island installments gave you the ability to choose between a singular white character alongside either a black man or a black woman, rest assured that Dead Island 2 has bumped nigger normalization to the maximum, with majority of the NPCs you’ll encounter in game being some form of “minority” ethnicity if the trailer is anything to go by.
>You can obviously see that one of the playable characters you’ll be encouraged to play as in Dead Island 2 is a black man, but this is the current year, it’s not woke enough, skipping to 1:50 in the trailer and you’ll be blessed with progressiveness.
>That’s right, for maximum brownie points in my zombie crusher game you’ll more than likely be able to select an amputee woman to play as in Dead Island 2.
Replies: >>179610 >>179625
How can people shamelessly write this for themselves much less publish it?
Replies: >>179611
Easy retard money through his donation page
[Hide] (1.9MB, 500x341) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (547.7KB, 980x551) Reverse
[Hide] (557.2KB, 980x551) Reverse
Samurai Maiden’s Pantyshots Somewhat Censored – Features Questionable Localization
>recent trailers tossed and turned between showcasing exposed undergarments alongside a censored alternative that shows a black void instead, with no genuine answer regarding whether or not panty shots were to be censored we may finally have an answer following the Japanese release of the game
>it had been uncovered that even in the Japanese copy of the game for the Nintendo Switch that character panty shots will turn into a black void if the player attempts to pause the game.
>Furthermore, if the player attempted to sneak a peak on the underside of the female cast of Samurai Maidens with the in-game photo mode, they too will be met with a black void rather than illusive digital panties for perverts to stare at.
>leaked snippets of the English translation removing any and all mention of the word “high school girl” instead replacing them with “Gen Z”
[Hide] (583.7KB, 980x551) Reverse
[Hide] (541.1KB, 980x551) Reverse
Replies: >>179625
I literally can't read your post. Are you being retarded on purpose?

>This is the foundation of what you're saying, that algorithms aren't created or weighted by people.
I'm saying you can't "force-feed" people who are there voluntarily. The propaganda has to be mixed with stuff the users actually want, otherwise there will be no users to propagandize.

>it's so fundamentally idiotic that no disproof is necessary
Yes the strawman you projected is stupid. Well done for noticing that.
Replies: >>179616 >>179624
>I literally can't read your post
Spoiler abuse aside, his writing is perfectly legible.  You seriously might be illiterate.
Replies: >>179621
RIP riceland.
>that algorithms aren't created or weighted by people.
These AI models are just black boxes. Humans don't understand how they get from A to B, that's why they're useful. That's why it's so obvious when promoted content gets forced into your feed, that's not the algorithm being manipulated, that's the algorithm being bypassed altogether.

>Having zero standards just because someone agrees with you
Simp harder.
[Hide] (396.2KB, 499x905) Reverse
>leaked snippets of the English translation removing any and all mention of the word “high school girl” instead replacing them with “Gen Z”
Not news.
Replies: >>179624
[Hide] (82.4KB, 625x626) Reverse
>The propaganda has to be mixed with stuff the users actually want, otherwise there will be no users to propagandize.
Until the users want what the propaganda desires.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 480x270) Reverse
>welcome to hell
How fitting. I guess zombies would be the least of my problems.

>character panty shots will turn into a black void if the player attempts to pause the game
We're reaching levels of gayness I didn't think it was possible.
>that English ((( localization )))
Why do every fag localizer try to butcher games with unfunny memes that have no fucking relation to the original text? Rhetorical question, don't try to answer it
pic related
Everyone, go and fucking learn nip.
[Hide] (181.9KB, 512x512) Reverse
[Hide] (77.1KB, 500x812) Reverse
He means nips needed to step up their game.
[Hide] (195.9KB, 828x1735) Reverse
[Hide] (342.4KB, 1277x1879) Reverse
[Hide] (14KB, 297x297) Reverse
Spoiler File
(5.1MB, 2201x1954) Reverse
Canadian's opinion on the Fornite lawsuit:
[Hide] (84.5KB, 480x368) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1280x720, 00:18)
>disgusting fat pakistani with a podcast and a soyfuel sponsorship
checks out
Oops, the Crisis Core remaster forgot about this watermarked stock image
Replies: >>179748
[Hide] (8.7KB, 300x100) Reverse
>oh Ian Runkle has a video
>get that instead
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720) Reverse
Replies: >>179749 >>179787
[Hide] (536.2KB, 951x538) Reverse
>those textures
Replies: >>179762 >>179787
And at 250GB of storage.
Replies: >>179786 >>179787
[Hide] (32.3KB, 540x261) Reverse
[Hide] (595.7KB, 1019x1024) Reverse
Riot Games Forcing Faggotry in Valorant by Making Agents Gay
>Riot Games are not adverse of pushing in-game characters into being sodomites and other freaks of nature, with them having previously forced the gay virus upon League of Lesbian’s Neeko.
>This has seemingly become the norm with modern society, corporations and other cancerous entities are open and brazen about pushing woke political correctness bullshit and especially sexuality into their advertising, or just simply because they feel the need to earn some praise from the gay faggots who actually play shooters such as Valorant.
>With the official Valorant Twitter account posting artwork of two agents, “Raze” and “Killjoy” engaging in some lesbionic interracial homosex activities.
Replies: >>179766 >>179772
[Hide] (108.6KB, 793x533) Reverse
>they made another character a lesbian
Could have been worse
Replies: >>179772
They could so easily have their cake and eat it too by just making an all girl cast of lesbos.
I mean that's basically how LiS made a shitton of money despite being a bottom of the barrel 2ending linear VN.
Somehow this idea evades corpohomo and I really don't understand why.
[Hide] (825.5KB, 1024x606) Reverse
Ys X: Nordics announced as series 35th anniversary title
>The setting is the northern sea Oberia Bay, where countless islands large and small exist. Adol Christine, a young adventurer who has accomplished the adventures of the ancient kingdom of Ys, encounters the Normans, a maritime tribe, and the Griegers, immortal wraiths who attack people…?
Replies: >>179799
[Hide] (584.3KB, 740x740) Reverse
Replies: >>179838
[Hide] (88.5KB, 691x508) Reverse
[Hide] (246.8KB, 1920x1163) Reverse
Replies: >>179838
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
What I really wanna know is if it's still a shitty party weakness system and not Adol on his own autistically stabbing enemies. Knowing modern Falcom it's probably terrible.
Replies: >>179811
More than likely it will be that combat system again. I wish they went the route of Origins where you choose one character at the start and go through the game as them (seeing the story from their perspective) instead of this. The weakness type system is more tedious than anything.
>>176637 (OP) 
>Russian agents killed 3 men
>Ubisoft and Riot Games are working together to combat toxic chats
Nobody controls me or what I can say and think.
Video games are better than sex. Simple as that. The whole deal is just a bunch of old hags again complaining that men found another activity that is more pleasant than dealing with women. Another activity out of hundreds more that are all more pleasant than dealing with women.
Get used to never having tax money again, governments. Men don't care anymore.
Replies: >>179855
[Hide] (965KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (47.1KB, 731x416) Reverse
New NES game Blazing Rangers out now
>Yes you read the title correctly–developer Karu_gamo and publisher First Press Games released a new game for the NES titled Blazing Rangers.
Replies: >>179931
[Hide] (190.1KB, 678x798) Reverse
I was only shitposting
Replies: >>179845
[Hide] (231.5KB, 484x480) Reverse
W-wasn't FFXV some 150GB in size on PC?
Replies: >>179849
Call of duty modern warfare goes past 200gb.
Replies: >>179851
[Hide] (188.5KB, 496x280) Reverse
Did you add a 0 by accident?
>Video games are better than sex. 
but is it better than having a family of your own?
Replies: >>179862
Depends on the family.
I don't get how they're able to do this. Do they get permission from Nintendo to create more cartridges for the NES? Do they have to go through nintendo to have them churn out the cartridges? Are the rights on how to make said cartridges publicly known to the point that they can just have some other place make them? If it were for an emulator, then it'd make more sense for people to make games for older systems since you can just slap the rom in the program and there you go. But actually producing new cartridges seems like a cluster fuck.
Replies: >>179933
It's piss easy anon, they're literally ROM chips on a simple ass PCB. People have been making unofficial cartridges since before the SNES launched. There's even faggots selling predesigned PCBs, but if you want anything more custom for more memory or something it doesn't take a whole lot of intelligence to design it yourself and send it off to some chink service like PCBWay.
Getting plastic shells molded is probably more effort than getting the chinks to produce PCBs for you these days.
Replies: >>179943
>Getting plastic shells molded is probably more effort
This is after spending literally 5 seconds searching aliexpress:
You just have to print a self-adhesive label, stick on the cartridge, and done. And I'm sure you can get way better deals if you look a bit more and buy in bulk.
Worst case scenario, you can probably 3D print them too.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (19.3MB, 1280x720, 01:20)
Ash and Pikachu is ending. Will be replaced by a woman and a nigger
[Hide] (69.8KB, 500x1000) Reverse
>not replaced with one of the gen v protagonists
Truly a sad day.
[Hide] (3MB, 1280x720, 00:11)
[Hide] (412.6KB, 720x664) Reverse
Man this is some extreme angst-posting right there. I don't even really disagree with the discussion in so far that social structures are in a sorry state but this waxing on about how you "don't need no one and nothing" and how humans are bad is actually childish. Refraining from certain "modern", for a lack of a better term, things is a decent start but if that is all you do you just made yourself expendable, and contrary to your claim they can and will come for you and force you to be useful to them somewhere. To actually have some semblance of security from and distance to the system you need to actually put effort into skills and resources and for that you will need other people one way or the other but your post implies that you don't know that and conversely don't have much power over yourself.
It is pretty apparent when you consider the coof situation: The people who invested into skills to make them more independent managed, those who also had an established social nets that consisted of aligned people fared way better than the former and those that had even better connections could outright ignore it.
/v/ doesn't have a high enough iq for this discussions.
[Hide] (257.2KB, 458x468) Reverse
Well at least she looks like a girl.
[Hide] (15.6MB, 1280x720, 01:00)
Society is temporary, Syria is eternal.
You have to go back.
Then why come here and try to defend your way of life? Wouldn't it be easier to just literally stay away from here? If you need no one, why say it here?
[Hide] (454KB, 829x1249) Reverse
>I provide for no one and contribute to no system at all.
The brazilian knows only to swing and rape,
Begone infantile, primal ape!
Replies: >>180060
[Hide] (280.5KB, 721x798) Reverse
>what's with all these deleted posts again
>check logs
I see the mods are doing their job again
Replies: >>180074
[Hide] (466.2KB, 640x360, 00:07)
>There is nothing wrong in being angry at women for their nature and at society for how it treats men.
Never said anything to the contrary

>I don't need anyone.
>I don't live, nor exist for the sake of others.
Enlighten me then how you feed yourself and have access to this website? Do you work? Do you live with your parents or do you have a gov. tugboat? In any of these cases you either provide something for people or you are highly dependent on them. Any of these things can (be used to) pressure you or be pressured into doing so.
There is no '"sound adult" fallacy' in taking a realistic account of your social and economic ties and needs in order to get what you want.
>They won't. They are powerless.
All it takes is a couple disinterested office workers and two cops to either make you work whatever they want or make you contribute to the funeral industry.
Replies: >>180073
>post gone
Dang it, that's what I get for having to do work between posts.
Could have let it stay in my opinion, it's an interestingly weird view he has.
The real question isn't what the fuck the mods are doing, it's why the fuck people still reply seriously to Luciano (or whatever faggot is using the Luciano "persona") instead of shitposting or ignoring him.
Replies: >>180089
It's not like people have different opinions than you that they want to express freely on image boards. No, it's ALL just one boogeyman of the week.
Replies: >>180101 >>180108
If you realize this why do you respond to retards who accuse anons of being said boogeymen, they're completely unreasonable people to interact with.
Replies: >>180118
The mods accuse random anons of being the boogeyman. Ergo the mods are unreasonable retards.
Replies: >>180120 >>180121
Its generally the tor posters doing it in some weird attempt to ban the service all over the fucking planet. I'm not sure I follow this reverse logic of getting shit banned because you think acting as big of an asshole as possible is somehow a stunning and brave act of defiance.
Well I guess you're shit out of luck then huh?
>No spinoff with Ash as a Pokemon Ranger
>New characters instead of the myriad of potential trainers in the show or the games
I get its mandatory to make these since they are glorified advertisements for the games and toys, but really scraping the bottom of the barrel there.
>Could have let Ash age and do other stuff than compete in championships
>Could have brought back Misty and done a show about her managing Cerulean Gym and raising its reputation
>Could have done a Team Rocket spinoff
>Could have had older Ash take on an apprentice and gradually pass the torch that way
I predict they will bring back Pikachu pretty quickly. I'm astonished that they think they can get rid of him.
Yeah good luck with that, if they are using the S/V world then there will be no good character designs to draw people in or sell Pokemon cards
[Hide] (215.6KB, 700x906) Reverse
[Hide] (329.9KB, 700x906) Reverse
[Hide] (283.2KB, 700x906) Reverse
[Hide] (283.2KB, 700x906) Reverse
Senator Asks Gabe Newell Why Steam Hosts So Much Neo-Nazi Content
https://archive.vn/fNgrS ((( vice )))
>New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan sent Valve a letter decrying the vast amount of white supremacist imagery in its user generated content and community spaces
>“Steam has a significant presence of users displaying and espousing neo-Nazi, extremist, racial supremacist, misogynistic, and other hateful sentiments,” the letter said. “[Steam owner] Valve should be taking steps to prevent harmful content, especially given the relationship between online comments and violence in the offline world.”
[Hide] (551.8KB, 469x728) Reverse
So basically they want to get rid of "sex with hitler"?
Maybe senators should be a little less fascist when trying to control all online content.
Sex with Hitler is not going to reawaken a third Reich and anyone who fought in that war would find it hilarious.
If they find it offensive, there are things they can do, like ignore it or leave a bad rating.

Also "white supremacist imagery" could literally mean the Nazis from wolfenstein.
Replies: >>180142
The harder the establishment tries to ban these things the more people will use them as symbols of rebellion.

>"white supremacist imagery"
It's funny how white supremacy is the biggest threat to the white people who supposedly run everything.
[Hide] (722.4KB, 464x1000) Reverse
I despise the fat jew, but I'd love to see his response to this (if he responds at all, which he probably won't)
Replies: >>180158 >>180183
It'd be corporatespeak, you wouldn't be missing much.
>especially given the relationship between online comments and violence in the offline world
He will handle it like ((( they ))) did with lewd japanese games, ban stuff at random.
You sound like just another one of the minority of men who are desperately afraid of civilization's inevitable destruction.
There is not a single thing that any government or elite can do to prevent this. As this is a war where we, men, will win simply by doing nothing.
This "childish" mindset as you call it is the result of men actually becoming smarter and realizing that nothing in society is worth maintaining.
You are dependent on the system. We aren't. We are moving out of the system. and you will see the system crumbling because of that.
Replies: >>180324 >>180341
>system crumbling because of a few NEETs
You overvalue your worthless ass way too much.
Unless you're off grid on a self-sufficient homestead that doesn't require weekly trips into a local town or city you are not disconnected from society, and considering you're using the internet and are arguing on a video game board when homesteading provides little to no free time to waste on this stupid shit I setiously doubt you're disconnected enough to not feel it a lot if things get bad.
>referring to the letters HH
<they don't know
Replies: >>180346 >>180347
> Why Steam Hosts So Much Neo-Nazi Content
Because it's not illegal to do so, mr faggotroid senator. Next question.
Replies: >>180345
It is in countries that don't have freedom of speech like Germany.
/pol/ said that as a joke, but the journos happily ran with it since it means less people knowing about and possibly reading the 88 precepts - and realizing they agree with a lot of it.
Humbert Humbert?
Replies: >>180352
Hamburger Helper
Replies: >>180420
I wonder what the fuck she's up to now.
Replies: >>180445
“He wanted complete control of storylines”: Henry Cavill Accused of Causing So Many Problems on ‘The Witcher’ Set Netflix Was Tired of Him, Forced to Fire Him

For some reason I can't download this, not even by using Nuclear.
>He is deeply addicted to video games, to the point where it was like working with any other addict. He was distracted, he was late, he was obsessive, and a lot of people think the misogyny came from the gamer world. Video game bro language is not how you talk to coworkers, and he wouldn’t stop. Someone on the show compared it to watching someone get brainwashed by QAnon, like his whole personality shifted. Eventually, his disrespect escalated.
>turbo-libtards see centrist white male enjoy something
<this must be one of those fascists I heard about
<damn you gaymergaaaaate

Probably helping herself to some hamburgers.
>misogyny is when you disagree with a woman
Sounds like he was the perfect fit for the adaptation.
>For some reason I can't download this, not even by using Nuclear.
>open the Spotify link, press SHIFT+CTRL+I to open inspect element
>go to network tab
>refresh the page
>click play on Spotify
>type mp3 in the search bar on the left side of the inspect element window
>one of the sources will start with URL, that's your media source
Replies: >>180473
If anything this proves how retarded the people involved in this show are.
Jesus fucking Christ. All this retardation is because he wanted The Witcher show to be The Witcher rather then some feminist 40-year-old cat lady's self-insert fantasy, right?
Replies: >>180473
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1280x720, 00:51)
[Hide] (214.1KB, 474x380) Reverse
>He is deeply passionate about video games, to the point where it was like working with a genius. He was ovewhelmed, he was tardy due tonir, he was obsessive (how is this bad), and a lot of people think critical thinking came from the gamer world. Gamer dialect gets under the skin of those who hate videogames, and he wouldn’t stop. Someone on the show compared it to watching someone get brainwashed by the most wildcard example we can think of to validate our bias on why we dislike him, like his whole personality shifted against ours. Eventually, his disagreements escalated and we refused to compromise because we are self-absorbed cunts who immidiately shriek the moment we see someone with our traits be more competent and caring than us.
[Hide] (330.2KB, 1000x1434) Reverse
>Video game bro language
What the fuck does this even mean? He didn't tow the soulless co-worker paradigm™ of walking on eggshells and making weak ass "safe" jokes?
>>180444 (checked)
Given that even the normalfags were not liking the later episodes of the Witcher, this'll only backfire when the show's quality dives further off the cliff and they'll know Cavill was the only roadblock left to this.
[Hide] (5.7MB, 960x1706, 00:17)
U.S. Army Planned to Pay Streamers Millions to Reach Gen-Z Through Call of Duty
Four-person dev team gets Apple’s M-series GPU working in Linux
Workers at Diablo, Warcraft developer Blizzard Albany win union
Atari revives unreleased arcade game that was too damn hard for 1982 players
Smuggler hides 202 Intel CPUs in a fake ‘baby bump’
Amazon Will Pay You $2 a Month to Monitor Your Phone Traffic
Warhammer TV series will build a “Warhammer Cinematic Universe” while respecting the IP, says Henry Cavill
Sabrent announces new line of 2230 drives, now available for purchase
Replies: >>180505 >>180950
[Hide] (277.2KB, 470x264, 00:02)
Other than your plagiaristic source, release your feed.
>2230 drives
>3D TLC.
Replies: >>180511 >>180517
[Hide] (39.7KB, 800x450) Reverse
>Other than your plagiaristic source, release your feed.
Replies: >>180512
[Hide] (117KB, 1220x894) Reverse
[Hide] (123.5KB, 1125x996) Reverse
So you're getting these “news” out of your ass, or you don't know what RSS are?
Why must you be niggercattle
>listening to the garbage can that is Twatter
I get them out of my ass, maybe someday I will use RSS.
>first pic
She is worse girl.
>schizo ESL twitter faggot confused that not everyone is as schizoid as him
The screenshot in your second post is from 26 seconds after the Twitter post in it was made.  Did you hang with bated breath on the words of the fucking Nichegamer editor?  Who the hell cares about him and fucking Gematsu?
Replies: >>180519
Probably the guy in the screenshot
Replies: >>180522
If it is him I hope he realizes that nobody cares about Nichegamer anymore after they started censoring their comments section.
Why is everyone either a turboleftie or a drooling retard?
Replies: >>180527
[Hide] (123KB, 700x394) Reverse
because it's either people that sling words like "retard" and "nigger" as if nothing happened pointlessly that don't self-perpetuate (keywords: b*sed, untermensch, 1488 (ww2 death toll was fake news)) or epic twitter/tumblrite sociopath cabal centered around getting power over others socially that DOES self-perpetuate (keywords: discord mods, communism, L+ratio, middle school)
actual answer: because religion, a structure that normally regulated people with increased social needs as well as sociopaths is almost gone from people's hearts and nothing better was raised up in it's stead
you reap what you sow
Replies: >>180564
[Hide] (2.3MB, 694x9996) Reverse
Reminds me of pic related, somewhat.
Replies: >>180566
[Hide] (101.3KB, 584x649) Reverse
Replies: >>180571
[Hide] (3.6MB, 693x6284) Reverse
[Hide] (1MB, 694x7736) Reverse
[Hide] (982.5KB, 694x7405) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 685x9952) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 695x9999) Reverse
Don't worry christbro, I got Ironpill comic #5 which is more of your liking.

Also posting some more.
Replies: >>180690
Thanks anon. Ironpill threads were great. I miss pre-MAGApede /pol/.
This is amazing.
lol benis :DDDDDDD
Replies: >>180749
Spoiler File
(1.3MB, 1556x2024) Reverse
Loli benis :DDDDDDDDDD
Replies: >>180769 >>180804
You are human garbage
Replies: >>180784
Thanks, faggot.
Replies: >>180795
Now this is news I can use.
>Smuggler hides 202 Intel CPUs in a fake ‘baby bump’
Smuggling or buying from smuggling is the only correct ways of acquiring hardware.
Fuck companies and fuck their sales.
Replies: >>181479
Tim Schafer says being inclusive makes better video games
>Schafer noted there was “a lot less sensitivity” in the games industry when he started back in 1989, and talked up the differences between Psychonauts and Psychonauts 2, which were released 16 years apart.
Replies: >>181453 >>181471
[Hide] (147.9KB, 270x400) Reverse
>Schafer noted there was “a lot less sensitivity” in the games industry when he started back in 1989
And coincidentally that's around the only time actually made good games.
[Hide] (260.1KB, 848x480) Reverse
Did his masters start telling him to tow the line more or something?
Replies: >>181472
[Hide] (26.6KB, 560x293) Reverse
Mr Shitface has been towing the line for years.
>implying any of those cpus go to either you or me
You'd have merit if they actually got sold to us common folk, but they always go to some other cunt looking to resell on amazon or some such bullshit above market price for a quick buck.
[Hide] (206.4KB, 1591x115) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1230x2048) Reverse
Capcom just killed the RE1 and Code Veronica unofficial remakes.
Replies: >>181632 >>181634
>Make website and Dicksword, all of which usually means you can be doxed with little effort from companies
>Approach the known hostile company about your project
Do these autists ever learn? If you ever want to do an unofficial remake or something of the sort you need to take the security as serious as pirates do because they will treat you as such.
Replies: >>181637
[Hide] (14.3KB, 1095x140) Reverse
Going under the radar is only possible if it's actually a passion project. They were using it to solicit donations which requires being as visible as possible.
First, the earliest known prototype of DNF:
Then another Duke Nukem spinoff that was cancelled altogether:
A very early Rayman 4 alpha:
Hidden Palace releases over 300 Wii and X360 alphas:
And there's also a Doom 64 beta that just came out, but I don't have a download link for it yet.
Replies: >>181678
[Hide] (115.3KB, 292x257) Reverse
[Hide] (51.4KB, 486x261) Reverse
[Hide] (36.7KB, 259x454) Reverse
>Rayman's girlfriend is a nigger and used to be a slave to the rabbits
[Hide] (115.2KB, 1245x632) Reverse
WOKE (((  Blue Protocol  ))) Western Release Unceremoniously Censored in Pursuit of “Teen Rating”
Replies: >>181807
[Hide] (28.6KB, 256x256) Reverse
>Women are not necessary anymore.
The future is here
Did anyone really expect anything less? Of course they would target as young an audience as possible when you can so easily sell them gambling and get more money then with adults.
>didn't even read what he posted
[Hide] (226.3KB, 1746x1204) Reverse
Artificial wombs are not the end goal, rather, they're just the first step on the road to robowaifus.
Women are nice, just not biological ones.
Replies: >>182115
Looks like a shitty scifi mockup instead of a functioning device
>read article
It's a concept mockup art you clickbait nigger
Steins;Gate’s developer enters insolvency, posts over $4 million losses on year
>The company posted only a pitiful 4.225 million yen (31,472 USD) in sales while incurring a loss of 556 million yen (4,141,644 USD) over the closing date of the fiscal year ending in September 2022. This brought them a final loss of 613 million yen (4,566,237 USD).
Nintendo starts crackdown on Steam custom art
Replies: >>182097 >>182107
[Hide] (147KB, 512x512) Reverse
>This brought them a final loss of 613 million yen (4,566,237 USD).
Good riddance to the Todd Howard of VNs.
Fatum iustum stultorum.
VN companies*
>Todd Howard of VN companies
You see that MC? You can Yaoi it.
Replies: >>182101
I more meant them re-releasing SG a thousand times but that works too.
[Hide] (235.3KB, 630x2068) Reverse
Fucking hell you weren't joking.
That is what they get for rereleasing Steins:Gate as "Elite" but it gets rid of the VN's unique artstyle just to use the generic anime's as cutscenes.
Spoiler File
(10.2MB, 576x1024, 00:59)
Wew without context it sounds like you're talking about trannies.
Replies: >>182119
so this is what gahoole does in his free time
[Hide] (71.9KB, 1000x246) Reverse
Days Gone Director John Garvin Calls Out Woke Reviewers Who Couldn’t Handle A White Male Protagonist “Looking At His Date’s Ass”
Replies: >>182126 >>182162
[Hide] (12.9MB, 3630x5506) Reverse
Replies: >>182127
>selling people to a slave trader and pretending you're morally ok with it.
Its funny that the people who are offended by this would also be sent to "labour Camps" (Gulags) if their commie aspirations are ever realized.
also I prefer to have female third person protags because then i can stare at their ass all game
This reads like he's trying to save face for his shitheap of a game by appealing to the "anti-woke masculine crowd."  I imagine his posts will be circulated amongst neckbearded youtube readers for illiterate niggers soon enough.
Replies: >>182167
[Hide] (789.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
but is it actually a good game?
Replies: >>182172 >>182185
Replies: >>182234
>forced walking sequence
When will they learn?
final fantasy and mass effect prove people hate them
Replies: >>182244
Normalfags love them because they hate videogames.
They want an interactive movie
[Hide] (13.1MB, 854x480, 02:29)
New STALKER 2 trailer, first mod I'll make will be a Z one.
[Hide] (574.7KB, 640x655) Reverse
>no one has an authentic Russian/Ukrainian accent
>cinematic events for most of the anomaly encounters (they'll probably be static too instead of improving and making them more random)
>cutscenes look like they'll constantly interrupt gameplay
>Bloodsucker gives the player way too much leeway to react and defend themselves
>significantly less bandits in areas/buildings
>probably no option to use Russian/Ukrainian audio/dub
It keeps getting worse, but I'm curious of how much worse it can get.
Replies: >>182281
There is an Ukie dub, and they showed it in the first trailer.
You're also making wild guesses, what we know for sure is that this shit is filled with cutscene garbage when the OG played more like an RPG, makes it look like the gay shit that is Metro.
Also a 
At least the gameplay bits look alright, even if the inventory system looks like very early work.

No dialog system shown yet too
at least the grafics look good. too much cinematic shit though.
Replies: >>183199
>made in Ukraine
They just couldn't help themselves, eh?
Replies: >>182308
Slob a Uplink!
Replies: >>182316
[Hide] (502.4KB, 549x540) Reverse
Replies: >>182337
Why has there still never been a hacking game as much fun? It's been decades.
[Hide] (663.7KB, 1024x576) Reverse
[Hide] (410.1KB, 720x404) Reverse
>1 metro exodus developer dead
>1 stalker developer dead
Really weird when you think about it. Its like a reminder that the war is real. I mean obviously its real but watching from so far away its like its nor really happening at all. Probably because we are not affected and live our normal lives.
Replies: >>182342 >>182399
quite literally "I just wanted to make video games"
[Hide] (163.3KB, 640x320, 00:05)
Replies: >>182378
The parody would be funnier if Bulletstorm wasn't the peak of console mediocrity.
Can't even jump on that game.
Daily reminder sergay ran to Poland? and had the nerve to beg for your money while leaving the people doing the actual work to die.
Replies: >>183186
8GB DDR5 Contract Pricing Dropped 43% Through 2022
DRAM spot prices fall over 40%
[Hide] (15.7KB, 567x477) Reverse
Blood source code leaked
[Hide] (157.4KB, 440x440) Reverse
oh hell yeah motherfucker
>27 years later
[Hide] (237.7KB, 90x90) Reverse
>Unironically babies first FPS
Replies: >>183175
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1280x720, 00:03)
I thought the source code for this was lost and that was the only reason it hadn't been open sourced like the other Build games.
Replies: >>183187
Czech Republic, and some stayed because they wanted to.
Search the shit you spout idiot.
Wasn't so much lost as Atari are fuckhuge jews that would take it down and try to find the one responsible to sue since the company is nothing but layers and bankers anymore.
It's UE4 so it will both play and look like shit. The UE4 engine revolves around the expectation of using combinations of AA techniques to make it look clean.
This is why most textures in UE4 games take advantage of dithering and weird geometry especially in shadows so that when AA is applied you get smooth gradations. motion blur, screen filters, and other efffects also help this.

When they do this the games end up looking (and playing) like a movie, but looking closely at anything, or turning off effects like motion blur breaks the illusion and you see everything is blurry and textures arent sharp and nothing is clean looking.

These games can look good far away and on a TV and at a fixed 30 or 60 framerate, which is what i think the engine was made for.
Replies: >>183203 >>183204
>It's UE4
It's UE5 actually
>looking clean
Pick one and only one. No amount of config editing can make UE4 looks presentable. At best you can reduce but not remove the vaseline at the cost of disabling AA and a bunch of other post-processing.
[Hide] (61.4KB, 1024x576) Reverse
Lost Ark censors new Artist character to hide thighs and “fit western norms”
Replies: >>183217 >>183232
Only a retard would play a Korean gacha MMO anyway.
Replies: >>183230
Isn't there a thread about a korean MMO in this very website?
[Hide] (100.4KB, 374x535) Reverse
>censor thighs
Who the fuck saw some nice thighs and went "damn I wish I didn't see those"?
Replies: >>183234
Trannies or landwhales who hate anything and anyone that looks better than them. They want to kill everyone who is better than them, usually in the name of equality or diversity or some other bullshit. Never underestimate the pettiness of retards and mentally ill.
Replies: >>183236
[Hide] (218.8KB, 950x819) Reverse
Most people who play korean games are grown men who dress their character up in skimpy outfits so why even alienate your core audience to fit into a perceived market? It would be like fate go home putting all it's characters in burkas to not offend some fat bitch who doesn't even play it.
Replies: >>183241
>to not offend some fat bitch who doesn't even play it
That is why this is done. Does it make sense? No. Do they care? Nope. Welcome to current year gaemen.
[Hide] (89.9KB, 1024x520) Reverse
[Hide] (86.5KB, 750x996) Reverse
>Magfest makes sign making fun of Kotaku
>journalist mad
>Magfest takes down sign and apologizes for making people feel "unsafe"

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