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>What is this? 
I missed out on a lot of the Pokemon craze had the opportunity to trade/battle a person only once in my life, so I thought it would be fun to revisit and see if anyone else would also be interested. These are the only multiplayer components of the game, so this isn't a sort of gamenight. Just something to do offhand or in-between.

>What do I need?
You'll need the emulator melonDS, a copy of a game of your choice (sticking with 4th gen for now), and probably DS firmware. All the default network settings should be perfectly fine and you should be able to connect right off the bat, though I have not personally verified that everything works yet. Currently, I have just started HeartGold since it's my understanding it's the best one, easiest to set up, and I don't think many people here were young enough to have played past 3rd gen.

melonDS (get latest release): https://melonds.kuribo64.net/downloads.php
ROMs (pick one): HG - uggcf://ivzz.arg/inhyg/19594
SS - uggcf://ivzz.arg/inhyg/19598
PLAT - uggcf://ivzz.arg/inhyg/19596
Firmware (pick one): US - uggcf://nepuvir.bet/qrgnvyf/qfv-anaq-svezjner-cjp
EU - uggcf://nepuvir.bet/qrgnvyf/qf-svezjner-rhebcrna-qfv-anaq-naq-svezjner

Links have been ciphered with ROT13 to screw with web crawlers. Wifi configurations can be modified either in DSi settings, if you have the firmware, or at the start menu of the game. There is a port to Android so you may be able to play this mobile, but it looks like a slightly older version of the emulator.

>When is wifi unlocked?
In HG/SS, it should be unlocked after returning the Egg to Professor Elm. This took approximately 25 minutes to do.

>How do I know when people will be on?
I think the best way to get around this lack of communication would be to just have a set time at which people can check in several hours beforehand. I'm going to propose around 7pm EST on weekdays for those in the Americas and around 2pm EST for global (you're not a filthy Aussie are you anon?) on weekends as regular times to meet.

>What about romhacks?
I would actually love to play a romhack that modifies the difficulty of the game, I just don't know anything about them or if they have any networking.
>>175648 (OP) 
Wait, I thought this was a pokemon general, what is this
Replies: >>175650
Feel free to use it as a general if you'd like, especially with the new games coming out and being horrendously glitchy, but it's really about trying the social aspects of the game that people may want to revisit or, at least in my case, never had the opportunity to try.
Replies: >>175652
I would if I could get my mons from before S&S to other games. But I see you're sticking with gen 4 which was great. HG & SS was peak Pokemon and it pisses me off they didn't just expand on it feature/gameplay wise.
This makes me wish the Stadium/Colosseum series wasn't just DLC for the handheld games. Dolphin's new mGBA support makes this a little easier for gen3 at least.

I'm no mons expert but as long as the hack advertises it generates legal mons (which I believe you can verify with a save editor) and move behavior hasn't been modified it should be fine for network play with vanilla and other vanilla-compatible hacks.
Replies: >>175695
>>175648 (OP) 
A nice addition to the best remakes. I was too retarded to know pokemon caught on it could be transferred to the actual game, either that or my dumbass just forgot, it broke eitherway when i accidentally dropped it.
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You know if you need a social pokemon experience, we already have the perfect thread for you.
>>175648 (OP) 
Which serb does this use?
Replies: >>175693
Everything should be configured on download, but I believe it is called melonAP. I need someone to verify connectivity.
Replies: >>175735
whichever one has the fattest ass
Replies: >>175768
Any good G/S/C romhacks? I dislike the changes introduced with gen 3 and 4, and would prefer to avoid them if possible.
Replies: >>175698
Are you going to change IP and try to shill crystal clear again?
Replies: >>175699 >>175709
What? No. Fuck that anon. Also G/S are vastly superior to Crystal anyway.
Replies: >>175751
gen 2 and 3 were the best, prove me wrong
t. never played past 4
Replies: >>175707
5 is good if you play with a romhack that removes or dilutes gen 5's regional dex.
Replies: >>175711 >>175726
I'll jump in and play as long as I can. 
What are some good Romhacks?
I liked Crystal Clear giving you a ton of mons to choose for your starter. I wish I could find another one like it.
I enjoyed 5.
>gen 5's regional dex
Remember when anon theorized the reason gen 6 and later are so shit is because of BW's poor reception? It was the first time GF seriously tried to shake up the formula and recapture what made the series popular in the first place, but normalfags shat on it because they only want peekajew and cherryzord just like in my japanese animes and Masuda (allegedly) vowed to give the normalfags the warmed over dog turds they deserve from then on.
To be fair, while I liked 5, there wasn't enough good pokemon in the regional dex to compensate for the lost pokémon, there should have been at least some from other regions mixed in
I meant which WFC DNS, those are required for WFC use since Nintendo shut down the original servers in CY-1.
Replies: >>175767
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>G/S are vastly superior to Crystal anyway
How come? Mind explaining that? Note that I've only played HeartGold so I don't know about Gen 2.
Replies: >>175776
Alright, I'm online. Hopefully we can connect.

Try adding these as Primary and Secondary.
Probably delphox then. Solid choice.
>>175648 (OP) 
I already have melon ds installed on retroarch. Think it will work with you fags?
Short version: G/S kept legendaries a mystery, Crystal did not.
You only meet Ho-Oh/Lugia if you go searching for them, and the roaming dogs come to you purely by chance. This made legendaries much more precious and added a "treasure hunt" element to the game... Crystal throws that out of the window by throwing Suicune in your face at the earliest chance and shoehorning it in the story so much that it loses all appeal. I never finished Crystal after having played G/S because it just got so annoying.
Crystal introduced the cancerous trend of "let's make legendaries part of the story and hand them to the player on a silver platter" that has plagued the franchise ever since.
Replies: >>175783
Yeah sure is fun grinding an encounter rate over and over, possibly for hours, just for a chance at catching a pokemon that isn't even particularly strong, and certainly not competitively viable.
>competitively viable
Replies: >>175793
Look at the way BW is set up and compare modern pokemon again.
Gen 5 has been the basis ever since it happened, ignoring the awful flood of garbage designs that make up the entire dex.(mostly from a quantity perspective though)
You are getting caught up in over hyping what BW does; its story is shit and it drags like all the rest of those games. It has some interesting ideas(that it itself shits on, plasma is straight trash) but its a bland mess.

This is entirely people trying to make gen 5 a sob story, an out-liner from the decline.
Replies: >>175801
wtf i hate crystal now!?
>not viable

Good for you if you can live without knowing.
Not what I meant, what I meant was that's what (that other anon said) Masuda/GF had planned even if the execution was shit. I was asking for a Fact Check™ as much as anything else.

On that note, are there any balance/difficulty hacks for gen 4 that don't do shit like add the Fairy type or rearrange stats so "every mon is viable"? I'm interested in playing on WFC but not in getting bored out of my skull by the piss easy pokemon gameplay.
Replies: >>175819
>by the piss easy pokemon gameplay.
They are games meant for children 3 years of age and above.
People actually like roaming pokemon? I just found the whole system to be tedious as shit.
Replies: >>175829
It can be a wild goose chase depending on how it's executed, but it's a fun gimmick nonetheless in an otherwise monotonous game.
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Replies: >>175844
You were so close.
I liek crabmons.
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Hilda best pokegirl
[Hide] (30.9MB, 640x360, 04:32)
>>175648 (OP) 
Replies: >>176109 >>176141
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Is it possible zarelcode is now of superior quality to GFcode?
>Worse then Sword/Shield
>Yet now Nintendo's fastest selling game in the first three days of a game's release ever
>10 million games sold
Can't wait til Gamefreak are literally doing 1 day game jams for their new releases and still making millions because Pokemon.
Replies: >>176172 >>176237
>Worse then Sword/Shield
t. person who has literally never played /ss/. Its a poorly running soulless husk of a game, it is worlds worse than SV and people still ate it up.
And a lot of pokemon games literally have gamebreaking bugs on release; this isn't a new trend. Yes there's some more visual bugs and extra issues but atleast there's a game involved.
Replies: >>176237
Deluxe romhack of pokemon platinum that makes boss trainers stronger and adds QOL features:
Sword and Shield looks and sounds better but is otherwise a worse game than SV
Replies: >>176954
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"Male" Scarlet Violet Character Designs
Replies: >>176265 >>176271
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""""Female"""" Scarlet Violet Character Designs
Sorry but if you see poz there that's your personal problem and you have brain damage. Also rapeman is on his way to delete your posts for being a board boogeyman.
that 4th one literally has a beard lol
>third and fourth one
RIP the CY+7 nips.
>second one
Bullshit that is not a female, right?
Replies: >>176380
>3rd pic
Holy shit did they do a crossover with Neil Druckman?
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I wonder if GameFreak/The Pokemon Company are enjoying those SDG grants.
Replies: >>176299 >>176320
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>off by one
You think nintendo will ever put gamefreak to the curb like with rare? They just need to slap pokemon onto any real turn based rpg and it'll still work.
Replies: >>176382
Is there any anime girl more smug than Naga?
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>RIP the CY+7 nips.
I pity any anon who isn't throwing away their anime/manga collection right now. Getting into any nip media was the biggest mistake we ever made in our lives.

You forgot to post the v-tumor gym leader with literal trannyflag hair colors.
Fun fact: if pic 4 was done today everyone involved would have been called niggerpill ad nauseum and permabanned for being a mean scawy boogeyman.
Replies: >>176385
Hard to do that when Gamefreak co-owns the Pokemon franchise with Nintendo and Creatures Inc.
[Hide] (779.7KB, 1024x577) Reverse
That's because it is full of shit. People on /v/ screaming about [corporation] doing [bad thing] are no different from idiots on Twitter publicly demanding corporations to do their bidding, only instead of yelling at them to slap LGBT flags on everything they're just demanding the companies to do /pol/ shit instead.
They're for-profit companies for fucks sake. You think they won't try and appeal to anyone and everyone they can to avoid controversy and maximize profits, especially if they're a video game company? Do you really believe Japan of all places is some shining beacon of humanity that's going to save entertainment? Japan, the country famous for its massive pornography (Read: brain-rotting) industry, suicide rates, hikkikomori, barely-above-slavery work culture, and draconian laws? You'd have to be some bulging-eyed frothing-at-the-mouth /jp/tard or ignorant of the world to believe these things.
Replies: >>176407 >>187837
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Has anyone even fucking played a single online battle?
Replies: >>176388
I never had a ds, I did play a few link battles though
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Why are you replying to yourself?
[Hide] (726.8KB, 1107x1200) Reverse
Weren't both the Pokemon Company and Game Freak already managed by and made out of westerners? Does this surprise anyone?
>calls out retards in imageboards on CY+7 living out of outrage porn
<gets his dick sucked by the retards spamming outrage porn
>a sitewide ban for anime should be enforced
>only anime, everything else is A-ok and homo-free™ because I really don't have a hateboner for anime
I don't even know why I bothered replying.
Replies: >>176441 >>176453
>Nintendo issuing refunds for the new Pokémon games
Geez…Nintendo giving people their money back? Just how bad are the games??
Replies: >>176438
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>Just how bad are the games??
Oh you have no idea...
Replies: >>176505
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GF was founded by literally three dudes publishing a doujin game magazine who decided to yesdev, probably the most Aryan means of founding a dev studio you can think of. If you mean the games, Pokemon development has been globalized since gen 4 IIRC, which by pure coincidence is also the point when the mon designs started going full retard. James Goy was officially the first goy to touch mon design but he had been involved in spinoff games through Genius Sonority since Colosseum
inb4 niggerpill
[Hide] (69.6KB, 274x192, 00:01)
>when you see a wild shiny appear
Its niggerpill. He's butt-hurt that 8moe found his twitter account and found out that he tooks nudes of his mother. So now he's here to be a gigantic faggot.
>nudes of his mother
u wut m8?
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Did they co-develop with bethesta?
Uhhhhhhhhhh did any anons start playing yet? If so which one?
Replies: >>176527 >>176566
>found out that he tooks nudes of his mother
You're gonna have to fucking elaborate on that
Bullshit, but I believe it, if it can be substantiated
I just started heartgold, and I'm currently in the union room attempting to see if it's working.
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I'm just realizing now that there was an actual goal to this thread rather than just more of retards arguing with trannies.
Anyway, I guess it's 4 AM on a weekend which is about as far away from the proposed "check in" time as you can possibly get, but if it's worth anything I've started my playthrough. Going with HGSS because I'm more comfortable with it, and playing Platinum will probably just give me DP flashbacks. Plus, it lets me use my bro Cyndaquil.
HeartGold as well. Add the DNS info in >>175767.
>no net play for the retroarch version 
Re, I can't seem to find the package that lets me run melonds on linecucks either.
Replies: >>176586
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Replies: >>176587 >>176591
Ah yes, the git page, that has all the instructions to build it, because you should have already installed build essentials so you can run that cmake file. Hm yes of course, see I was just testing you to make sure you knew that because it was so obvious of course. No one would ever fuck that up, not me.
Replies: >>176620 >>176627
[Hide] (14.3MB, 960x720, 02:13)
Yeah but how do I buddhap the program
To this day it still pisses me off all forms of windows don't have a compiler built in to them.
Speaking of Romhacks, anyone play emerald R.O.W.E.? Looks like its another open world hack that lets you choose from a list of starters.
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[Hide] (35.5KB, 849x291) Reverse
Ah yes, you're not retarded or anything
Replies: >>176629
[Hide] (146.3KB, 1919x932) Reverse
yis, I am vry smart.
I've just beaten the first gym, and I'm waiting for you faggots in the union room.
Replies: >>176638
Now I'm here, too.
Replies: >>176641
Either I fucked something up, or you did.
Replies: >>176657
No Wi-fi club/Plaza?
I have played Emerald ROWE for about 45 minutes, I have caught a Azurill called cute shit and got filtered by the first gym. I am having fun. My one complaint is the shitmons you get to choose from at the start, you can choose a random option and it will give you any unevolved pokemon baring legendaries. Kinda neat but I would rather just get a bigger list to choose from. 
Has neat options like perfect IV mode and level-less to give you an idea, and it has difficulty options. Has a play how you want feel to it. 
I'm not a big pokemonfag though so others may have better opinions on why these options are shit.
I think I fixed my issue, and I'm currently in the union room.
I'm going to stay in the Union room for approximately one hour if anyone wants to try testing. From 9 to 10.
Replies: >>176693
I've been sitting in the union room for around 2 hours or so without seeing one person, I think it's tied to the local network. Which means we can't use it. I suppose we can try battles at the other counter.
Replies: >>176694
Damn, really? Did you adjust the DNS settings to >>175767?
Replies: >>176695
Yeah, I've done that. Let me recheck that they saved.
Replies: >>176696
I'm checking too, so I'll be offline for a few minutes, but back on by 9:35.

This might have some additional info.
Replies: >>176698
Let's try something different. If you have the DS firmware, boot into it and try Picochat. I'll be in one of the rooms for another hour or so.
Replies: >>176701
I'm in the union room after clearing and setting everything back up.
Replies: >>176699
Joining in ~2 minutes.
Does Pictochat even work over WFC?
No dice. I'm going to remove Wimmfi from my settings and try again with both set as AltWFC.
Replies: >>176708
The union room is local multiplayer it seems.
Wait a second, I think the ROM actually needs to be patched before we can connect.
>This mainly adds support for patching the actual NWFC URL using the --domain option to avoid setting up a custom DNS.
That won't make the union room work on something other then the local network. The only form of multiplayer that might work seems to be the other counter that's just battles.
Replies: >>176712
God damn, DS stuff is confusing. I'm looking into this more, and I think that we actually have to go to the lower level of the Pokecenter's rather than the upper level. That should be the wifi area. The issue now is that, as of beating Faulkner, it's locked and I don't know when it unlocks.
[Hide] (44.1KB, 1080x1080) Reverse
Wait, we're both retarded. Go downstairs for the wi-fi club.
Let me know if it works and I'll join
I'm currently looking for a free singles battle.
Replies: >>176716
Wait, don't I need your friend code?
Replies: >>176717
4939 2143 0380
Replies: >>176720
Okay fucking hell I got my friend code. Give me yours.
Replies: >>176720
Okay, now I think the game itself needs to be patched with >>176709. I hope this doesn't fuck with the friend codes.
Replies: >>176721
I already did. >>176717
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[Hide] (46KB, 449x356) Reverse
>register the friend code
>Can no longer get into the room
Replies: >>176722
[Hide] (43.8KB, 539x410) Reverse
I'm in.
Replies: >>176723
Replies: >>176724
I can't get in anymore, I think we have to get on at the exact same time.
Replies: >>176725 >>176726
Try restarting your game as well, everytime I do that I can get in exactly once.
That would be extraordinarily retarded, but if you'd like, I'll get on at 10:45.
Replies: >>176727
I've confirmed that you can enter exactly once after you restart the game. I thought it might be timing because some site claimed as such, but apparently that's wrong.
I stumbled across another proxy server that specifically pointed to altwfc when we were trying to get MKWii to work but I can't for the life of me find it now.
Replies: >>176730
I'm too tired for this shit. I'll deal with it tomorrow.
Replies: >>176733
Never mind I found it, it's for Wiimmfi though: https://kaeru.world/projects/wfc
I managed to connect to Wiimmfi using my old copy of Platinum.
Replies: >>176754
The DNS I used is, it shouldn't require any patching.
no the rom doesn't need to be patched
[Hide] (15.1KB, 1097x714) Reverse
Heh, I made him say niggerfaggot. 
Emerale R.O.W.E. is alright so far. I like that dexnav thing it has so I can find the mon I want in an area. Looks like there are ways to change their natures and give them hidden abilities too. 
Imagine just being able to get the team you want.
this version of platinum should be used for a playthrough since it fixes bugs such as:
>Due to a typo, Volkner's Electivire has a difficulty of 2500 as opposed to the 250 the rest of his team has. If you put this through the difficulty formula I mentioned earlier, this gives it an IV value of 303. Obviously this is illegal, but the game has a failsafe where illegal IV values cause the IVs to get randomly regenerated. However, this is done after the Personality Value is generated, and thus uses the RNG function. And the game doesn't reset the seed/RNG input by the time this failsafe is reached, so it ends up with the same RNG input and thus result every time. Unfortunately for Volkner, the 4/3/29/18/15/19 spread it ends up with is pretty poor.
>lost twice to Roxanne with two watermons in my party
I am going to be the very best right?
Here is my team in R.O.W.E so far. Cute shit needs to evolve already but apparenlty needs to love me enough for some raisin. DEEWOOP was my starter and I like him.  I have a fondness for asshole because I think he looks cool and crab is nonnegotiable.
Replies: >>176957
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zzz ate my pic
[Hide] (15.1KB, 1124x747) Reverse
[Hide] (8.7KB, 1071x738) Reverse
[Hide] (25.8KB, 1165x778) Reverse
[Hide] (18KB, 1160x635) Reverse
[Hide] (15.2KB, 1160x763) Reverse
R.O.W.E adventures continue. Krabby Evolved and now hits like a truck. I yam very happy. 
Well here we are on some island full of nerds. I'm here to beat the shit out of the gymleader, have kids out of wedlock, and skip out on the child support. I'll probably only manage the gym badge. However in the cave here there is something suspiciously crab shaped. I must investigate.
Did you fags ever get trading working?
Replies: >>177310
No. But I swear to Christ I will get it set up.
Replies: >>177335 >>177338
Just leik, play another pokegayme. How far are you in your current file?
[Hide] (55.7KB, 599x449) Reverse
You need a server that runs the pkmnFoundations emulator to use GTS. They're separate services and it doesn't look like AltWFC runs pkmnFoundations.
Set DNS to and you should connect to Wiimmfi and be able to GTS, no exploits needed.
I'm currently waiting in the room. DNS:,
Replies: >>177374
>can't connect
I guess I've lied then.
[Hide] (12.5KB, 1110x756) Reverse
[Hide] (18.1KB, 1115x743) Reverse
[Hide] (11.7KB, 1004x612) Reverse
And there is another badge for me. Picked up Crabatha and my little gem goblin in the cave on Dewford, I knew there  was a crab in there, I could smell it.. Not sure how my team will shake out as I go along. Maybe swap out cute shit if they never evolve and maybe the frog for another dark type. Not sure yet.
can i join on legit hardware somehow
Replies: >>177486 >>177587
You would have to somehow be able to modify what your ds connects to. Not impossible but I'm not sure how.
Replies: >>177587
[Hide] (20.1KB, 1029x674) Reverse
[Hide] (20.9KB, 1036x682) Reverse
[Hide] (12.1KB, 1009x687) Reverse
Well cute shit finally evolved, twice, only took her 15 levels and 3 badges. And I made it through the gauntlet that was route 109 and the beach where children jumped me from under umbrellas. I had like 3 fainted pokemon and was low on pp.  There was also that Beauty trainer and youngster  trainer in the abandoned boat in a room alone which was weird, but hey good for  him. 
I didn't plan on switching Cute shit out just yet but then crawdunt showed up and it was a fetching lady, I knew it was a sign. I may also swap out DEEWHOOP which I feel mildly bad for as he was my starter but I have the real pokemon I wanted now and C r a b hits like a truck. My journey continues.
Change the DNS in your Wi-Fi settings, as long as it's one that uses nds-constraint your machine will think it's legit.
the last pokemon game i seriously invested time in (wasting my life on) was diamond/pearl/plat. i always wanted to do the cave minigame with someone instead of just mining for minerals or gems or whatever.
capture the flag but you build your own base and traps. you didnt even have to be there right? someone could find your neetcave and leave you a message or steal your stuff
so what have you guys figured out on getting the local play/wifi stuff working? when its all set up is is as easy as just being on at the right time?
[Hide] (402.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
The good ol' days of 9/11!
Replies: >>177808
[Hide] (52.4KB, 329x332) Reverse
Anon is a nigger...
Replies: >>177811
But that's his rival. Clearly Anon is aryan.
I dont know what the fuck I'm doing.
Replies: >>177817
What DNS are you using?
Replies: >>177819
Replies: >>177824
Turns out I was on a different DNS, and the one you're on I can't seem to connect to.
Replies: >>177825
I got it working: 1509 2575 3893
>>175648 (OP) 
anon how do I become a fed too?
Replies: >>177828
Are the CIApokefags?
I put my playthrough on pause, anyone still playing?
Replies: >>180338
Me, but not that much.
[Hide] (15.1MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
[Hide] (15MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
found a fairly interesting mienkraft mod
probably the most competent pokemon mienkraft mod so far, and it's on fabric albeit in alpha. just needs a lot more artfags on deck to make the models, and a couple of things ironed out to be fully fleshed out
Replies: >>182230 >>189333
Best pokemon wiki?
Replies: >>182187
GCL  (rip)
After like a week of enthralment I have had no urge to play anymore. I do want to pick it up again at some point. ROWE was fun.
Does this mod work with Biome expansion mods? I am asking become I running Better Default Biomes as well as the end/ nether Biome expansions and TerraBlender. Some mods make the look weird and out of place when they spawn if install anything else.
[Hide] (113.8KB, 1146x359) Reverse
Considering how we couldn't get the multiplayer features working, I think it would be apt to suggest an alternative. Pokemon reborn has fully working online functionality, and requires almost nothing setup wise. The downside to this is that the story is retarded, the characters easy to hate, and you can't use pokemon, or characters named slurs online.
Replies: >>183163
What is reborn?
Replies: >>183193
A shitty fangame.
Replies: >>183207
Like,  so bad it's good or?
Replies: >>183209
As long as you ignore the story, characters, and don't mind the ai cheating past the mid game it's good.
Replies: >>183414
That sounds like I'm ignoring half the game though.
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If you want to suffer through the story be my guest.
G5 flopped for a few reasons. BW especially were extremely linear both in story and in map design, which coming off G4 (which had the most nonlinear map design in the franchise up to that point) was viewed as a serious downgrade. You have to remember the ‘open map design=bad’ shilling didn’t start until around 2018, mostly because people were sick of Ubishit. 
Then there’s the fact G5’s new pokemon were notoriously overdesigned (people called them digimon constantly) which put people off. 
And finally there’s the fact it was the first time they had released two generations on the same console (GS were GBC games hastily modified to work on the original gameboy, something they rectified with Crystal) which made them very similar to the G4 games both graphically and gameplay-wise. 
Then there’s just the fact the games launched long after any residual pokemania had died out and most kids only thought of pokemon as “some old boring franchise”. Pokemon nostalgia didn’t kick into high gear until millennials who grew up playing the originals were first starting to really get into adulthood around 2012-2016, which is partially why XY, SM, and Go sold gangbusters
When youre 9 years old and dont have access to the internet to teach you about spawn rates, it IS the definition of fun.
The reason companies shill pozzed shit is because they are paid to do so by a mix of government subsidy and NGO investment. Pozzed shit is not profitable on its own. The whole ESG rating system exists to decide which companies do and do not get investment.
Still turn based still shit
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there's plans to have smoother survival crossover, like mons being able to attack you in the overworld, but otherwise normally i'd recommend pokecube, but for some gay reason the mod creator hasn't fixed the issue with trainers exclusively targeting you with their mons (though you can edit it for tamed mons to do 0 damage to you)
Anyone still playing? I'm probably going to try and do some more ROWE soon. I was actually enjoying it.
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