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Post ideas/concepts for games that will likely never get made, but sound fun regardless.
I'll start:

It's 1960 and you're the commander of a Waffen SS Einsatzgruppe sent to assist the Reichsbahn in building a Breitspur railway across the uncharted lands east of the Ural mountains in order to satiate Hitler's 'tism spearhead an Eurasian reconstruction effort with Imperial Japan, its vassal China, Kazachstan, East Turkestan and Mongolia aiming to increase anti-demoncratic prosperity, provide an alternative route to Euro-Asian trade that doesn't go through French Indochina with its high tariffs and Vietnamese Baguettes, and help Japan recover from the 8 American nukings it suffered during the final months of WW2.
The nuclear self-immolation of the Russian Liberation Front in 1951 has in official state media been assigned to self-sabotage between "allied" warlords combined with primitive American missile guidance, but even if that were the case it's unlikely for a bunch of nuclear-armed socialist degenerates to destroy themselves so utterly that all contact with civilization across the entirety of central Russia has been lost since with uncensored satellite imagery mysteriously withheld from the general public.

Gameplay wise it'd be a mix of Dorf Fort and Railroad Tycoon with early cold war Stalker aesthetics+local Siberian spooks thrown in.
You'd initially lead a detachment of your troops and engineers to explore a map and lay down railroads, which serve as your main supply line.
The goal of each map would be to lay down a single broad-gauge railroad from one end of the map to the other, then keep that railroad running uninterrupted for a set amount of time in order to unlock the X-Com inspired part where a team of hand-picked NPCs from the previous stage have to fend off spooks in a hueg Germanic passenger train while also making sure the passengers don't get too spooked or are kidnapped/killed/sent to the shadow realm.
Defensive structures, the mental state of the NPCs near the railroad at the end of the previous stage, any pacified/angered local deities, leftover undead soviets armed with rocket launchers etc. affect the types and number of enemies that spawn in this stage.
Keep the passengers satisfied enough and the area you've built up is deemed as suitably civilized so the Reich sets up a proper colonial administration for the purpose of cultivating new Lebensraum and sends you off deeper into Siberia to do it all over again until you die or reach Kazachstan (Tutorial mode), East Turkestan (Easy mode), Mongolia (Normal mode), Manchuria (Hard mode), The legitimate East Russian Republic that is definitely not an American puppet (Suicide mode).

The further you progress the harder it'll be to get supplies and men from Europe who are excellent engineers but unaccustomed to the Siberian wilderness and may turn feral or end up possessed if they run out of alcohol in the presence of spooks, so you'll increasingly have to recruit from locals who are more resistant to SAN depletion and can specialize in fighting some spooks but in turn are worse engineers and may betray you if they feel like it trying to keep your crew building railroads even if you'll have to let local succubi steal some men in exchange for strange prismatic alloys.
>cod with anime girls
>procedurally generated stealth game where objective, map, enemies and their stats, equipment, setting and just about everything is randomize and created on every time you decide to generate a new game.
Replies: >>175476 >>175576
>dude everything is random!!!1!1
That sounds awful.
Replies: >>175479
A game where u kill this anon for bullying
Replies: >>175481
A game where you play as your typical anime bully would actually be kinda neat. You get to play as a gyaru, tomboy, or sukeban and you get to physically, emotionally, and sexually bully your classmates by calling them names, shoving them, beating them up and taking their money, stepping all over them, and, God forbid, hold their hands. You'll also get to pick a love interest like a fat bastard otaku who likes his geimu, a shota who skipped several grades, a masochistic teacher, a sadistic mojyo who wants to dominate you, a yakuza-hopeful, and your tomboy rival who's just as much a bully as you.
Replies: >>175584
>THPS Arena
A skateboarding deathmatch game where performing stunts replenishes your ammo and all other pickups are placed at the ends of difficult trick lines.
Replies: >>175571 >>175572
>Diablo 2/3 but another player can control a Dungeon Keeper and needs to manage the upkeep and defense against the other players
It would require some tweaking as to how much the keeper can directly see and control and what other objectives he has, plus having to give the normal players some more fleshed out defensive options. But I think it would be fun to have a dungeon be a tradeoff between how much you clear out the dungeon for loot, let the keeper power up and potentially overwhelm you, hinder him by attacking some side objectives but reveal where you are and making it out alive.
i think that'd work better if it was a bit more like lethal league, the more points you get doing tricks the more you power up, and you KO other players by smashing into them when you have a higher score.
thps battle royale when
Replies: >>175584
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Of all shooters you could possibly pick, why choose utter garbage?
I do uphold a Novalogic-style game where you and your anime platoon pillage Nam villages would be 10/10 however.
I’ve always wanted a school sim like this, or an expanded Artificial Academy with less focus on lewd and more on STRUGGLE OF SCHOOL. >>175572
I’d fucking play that

I got one idea to make a ghost trick rip off/stealth game where you play as a Beni-from-the-mummy like trickster and his mythical tiny animal companion trying to steal and manipulate in the middle of someone elses grand adventure. It’d be some kind of thing where you use both characters to rube goldberg or stealth or talk your way through shit. The setting would be some simillar world to 1910s our world but with unique land masses and mythology based off all sorts of bronze age and demigod nephilim stuff I like. One place would be an ancient sunken city that involves a bell that turns the ground into liquid, one would be a boat expedition to an underwater city with vampire like beings or some shit, one would be in a city during a storm but you find ruins below it. I don’t know how hard I’d go between story and gameplay but I got a few ideas.
Replies: >>175612
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>It’d be some kind of thing where you use both characters to rube goldberg or stealth or talk your way through shit
That is a good scope for a one-man amateur project, why not get started on it?
>everything after that
Don't spend too much time on the fluff, you can build your world after you've got a game running and gameplay concepts evolving. Once you have your game, you can start thinking of how to build the world around it.
Replies: >>175682 >>177593
Fluff can come whenever as long as I don’t get too attached to it. It’s fun to think of shit when I get bored of making ideas for the game part. This things purely an IDEAGUY idea for now anyway until my life calms down or my autism can focus. I’ve made a few simplistic games (probably upto the brickout) before and have some animation skills so I’m sure I could start working on this at least, but I also have fuck all spare time as it is right now.
Replies: >>175683
didnt mean to post yet wasnt finished

Maybe I’ll try to nail out what it would actually play like and see if I can figure that out. Make a test level or some shit. But again, this is pure ideaguying to me until my brain isn’t exhausted from job/family shit which may not ever happen so maybe I just should try, fuck
Replies: >>175684
>which may not ever happen
Correct.  "Strike while the iron is hot" is the wrong way to think about it.  You must make the iron hot by striking it.
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>Licensed games that will never happen
Has there ever been a book, manga or movie you have ever wanted a developer to make a game of? A Gantz-themed EDF game by Sandlot, for instance, would be crazy enough for it to work.
The setting is the same, the weapons, the suits and the giant robots are there and they can go nuts on the monsters, even crazier than those on EDF. Besides, working with a popular yet dormant manga series would definitely bring all the attention they needed. They would just need to sign a contract with Shueisha then boom, all of the moneys.
Replies: >>176000 >>176750
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Spoiler File
(297.6KB, 840x1200)
Sandlot already takes alot of inspiration from Gantz so a Gantz-themed EDF game would be fucking awesome and they could hit level fucked up never seen before.
In fact I need this type of game right fucking NOW
Replies: >>176018
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You see, the problem is that Sandlot would probably never touch anything that requires any type of licensing. Their only two licensed games were jap excluives that date back to the early PS2, and they've picked more than enough steam as a developer for any game they release to warrant attention.
Still, it's a shame that Gantz may never see a vidya released by a developer that specializes in the type of game that Gantz would make an ideal pitch for.
Be it the hard suit, the extensible sword, the Tron bike, the gun that presses you against the ground with the force of a thousand suns, the giant mechs or even those UFOs that barely make an appearance in the manga, there's more than enough material for the bugmen at Sandlot to get going. They could even invent more shit as they need as long as it fits with the rest of the gear.
Replies: >>176020
You don't know man maybe one day D3Publisher would get hold of gantz license and tell them to make it, you do know that D3Publisher is a subsidiary of Bandai Namco which is know for it's anime based games.
Replies: >>176028
but all of that is still wishful thinking
Replies: >>176028
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Speaking of licensing, Sony decided to taint Gantz all by itself.
>After recently wrapping production on Bullet Train, Sony Pictures is eyeing another popular Japanese IP adaptation. Sources tell Deadline that Julius Avery has been set to direct Gantz for the studio.
>Based on the manga series written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku, the script will be adapted by Marc Guggenheim, with Temple Hill producing. Insiders add that the project is still in early development with no production start date set.
>The series has had a handful of anime series and Japanese feature adaptations; given how much Hollywood sees this genre as having a big market in the years to come, the studio is very high on the property.
I don't think there's room for my wishful thinking. Besides,
Those fags would never spend a dime on anything, much less in licensing. EDF by itself is a miracle but also a byproduct of being managed by a company stuck in the business of making shovelware.
Replies: >>176040 >>176056
I don't know for me D3 strategy seems genius to me
>Hire a bunch of devs to make games at minimum budget
>Filter out the good ones
>Then give them a more meaningful budget
But yeah I do believe that D3 wouldn't spend it's budget on licensing maybe cut the middle man and Bandai would do the licensing, also keep in mind that the licensed games that sandlot made were published by another company not them so yeah sandlot always need to rely on big companies because of their small size.
Replies: >>176059
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the original looks better, fck whoever made that edit
Replies: >>176059
[Hide] (19.6KB, 250x250)
Truth be told D3 does have a decent strategy which has kept EDF's bloodline intact up until now.
Compare that to Monster Hunter that's another jank game from the era, which sold its soul to the devil with MHW and will most likely be left in the dust once brand recognition wanes off.
Replies: >>176111
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We live in a world of upscaling old man I started stable diffusion just for this
Replies: >>176142
>let me just upscale a crusty picture into a bigger crusty picture
Replies: >>176149 >>176281
The crustiness is what makes it good.
Replies: >>176150
so why bother upscaling
Replies: >>176281
>stealth game
>but with a level editor
Come on now! tell me an MGS or Hitman game with a level editor and modding wouldnt be a smash hit with everyone!
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>still no realistic FPS where you play as the good guys during WW2
Replies: >>176156
>what is Rising Storm/Red Orchestra
Replies: >>176489
I had mostly forgotten about this idea but something about this thread made me remember it.  Thanks, OP.

About five years ago, I was doing some work in a library next to one of the giant floor-to-ceiling windows that let me see all the way to the ground outside. It was just between autumn and winter, when the first knee-high snow had fallen.  I happened to see a squirrel jumping around outside and burrowing its way through the snow, and it made me wonder what it'd be like to control something like that in a video game.  After a bit more thinking and pondering, I came up with the idea of an asymmetrical, team-based multiplayer game inspired by the good times I had playing the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer (which was incredibly imbalanced but still very fun).  I was reading Watership Down at the time so the aesthetic of feral but smart animals was really appealing too.

Working title: Farm vs Forest

Two teams of animals play around an objective: farm animals (cats, dogs, farmer John) have to defend the garden of a quaint English farm from being plundered by greedy forest animals (squirrels, rabbits, possibly a third species like rats, king of the rabbits).  The team size and individual class power would be very asymmetrical, so there would only be 3-4 farm animals, but they can actually kill the forest animals, whereas there are 6-8 forest animals but all they can is evade or confuse the farm animals.

The central gameplay mechanic for the farm animals would be maintaining a lock on a forest critter long enough to use a killing attack (dog charge, cat pounce, farmer gunshot), whereas the farm animals have a bunch of ways to break line of sight and move in quick bursts to places where the farm animals can't chase them.

Field of view, colour blindness, and sense of smell would also be factors.  Dogs are colour blind but can "see" the scent trails of critters the best, whereas cats have pastel colour vision (so I'm told) but worse senses of smell.  Dogs are loud and noisy while running, and when they establish a lock-on they begin to growl, whereas cats are completely silent even when they pounce.  Dogs, cats, and farmer John all have normal vision, whereas critters only have proper depth of field in the middle of their views and otherwise see things quite fuzzily (just like real prey animals) in exchange for a wider field of view.

Overview of each class:
The soldier animal.  Large breed like a bloodhound, Irish wolfhound, or bullmastiff.  Impossible to sneak with.  Fastest overall ground speed, and very fast when charging towards a locked target, but cannot turn sharply without skidding.  Its kill move is a charge and bite that can pursue a critter across a long distance but requires a lock.
The assassin animal.  Small but stocky breed such as the Scottish fold or British shorthair (resembles the Russian blue with dark blue/grey fur and orange eyes).  Very sneaky and almost silent at all times, and can maintain locks more easily than a dog.  Its kill move is a medium range pounce that cannot be defended against.
>Farmer John
The smartest animal.  Extremely sleepy English farmer who just wants to go back to bed.  Trundles around slowly and is completely harmless by himself, but can set snares that damage and slow critters.  His kill move is a rifle shot that instantly kills any critter from almost any range, and he completes lock-ons quicker than either the cat or dog.

The default critter, and the one that can carry vegetables without losing much speed.  Can sneak in high grass and sprint faster than anything else, but is limited by heart rate - run too much and you literally die of fright.  Can also burrow, which is noisy and very visible, but creates rabbit holes that act as teleporters similar to the TF2 Engineer or super jump beacons from Splatoon.
The agile critter, and the worst at carrying vegetables.  Can climb trees and leap between them.  Can throw acorns, etc. to create noise distractions and fool or even stun the farm animals.  Carrying vegetables means they give up their tree climbing ability and acorn throwing abilities.
The devious critter, and decent at carrying vegetables.  They can disarm traps set by Farmer John and can throw dirt bombs to break lock ons.  They can disguise themselves as bushes/clumps of grass/something appropriate to the map, and are scentless when doing so but very foul-smelling otherwise.  Basically playing prophunt.  Can carry moderate amounts of vegetables and keep their abilities, but are completely defenseless beyond their disguise.
title is trash, if I read it on steam I would immediately skip it without looking back thinking it's uninspired shovelware
Replies: >>176177
[Hide] (378.1KB, 1000x1000)
Replies: >>176179
I think and stand by everything I said,  in today's hypercompetitive markets if your product isn't 100% perfect, and that includes an interesting, eye-catching title, nobody is gonna give a shit, call it bait if you want but it's reality looking you in the eye
Replies: >>176181 >>176182
What would be a better title, I like anon's game idea.
Maybe "Farm&Forest" or "In The Field".
[Hide] (2.8MB, 720x1280, 00:13)
>i'm going to pretend i don't know what the words "working title" mean
>i'm going to pretend your post stopped after the redtext
>Farmer John
>completely harmless by himself
<instantly kills
<completes lock-ons quicker
Something doesn't add up.
Replies: >>176203
[Hide] (212.6KB, 1000x1375)
Wouldn't it be more reasonable to have Farmer John aim his weapons entirely manually instead of using lock-ons like the other animals?
He and the player controlling him are both human, unless you intend the game to be inclusive towards the mobilenigger audience.
Replies: >>176203
I guess it'd be more accurate to say that he can't chase critters like the cat and dog can.

I want the game to be focused on lock-ons, so manual aiming wouldn't be part of it.
Replies: >>176206
Is John's ability to target concealed animals reduced compared to the Cat and Dog?
Replies: >>176213
I'm not sure.  I want the lock-on to be something that you actually have to establish by finding your target first, so a concealed animal (tall grass, leaves, etc.) wouldn't be easy for any of the farm animals to lock onto.  The general idea is that the dog actively scouts for critters and flushes them out, the cat can follow a single critter for a more guaranteed kill, and farmer John is the best at killing critters if he has a direct line of sight.

The AssCreed games have states like "high profile" and "blended" to describe when characters are considered to be noisy or hidden from normal detection, so I guess John's traps would force critters to be high profile and noisy, wherein he could easily establish a lock.  I don't think any farm animal would have the ability to establish a lock-on against a blended/hidden target.
Replies: >>176347
Get your eyes checked, it's not crust anymore
Replies: >>177607
Additional senses for the cat and dog could work that way. The farmer can't smell or hear the critters, but the dog and cat sure can. 
See it that way, the pawed animals are the common grunts, they can establish where the other animals hide, can take care of them by themselves and risk their neck, or call in Farmer John's CAS MOAB.
Replies: >>176358
Yeah, and I think Farmer John would have a dead zone in melee range to compensate for his tremendous accuracy and long distance firepower (the rifle is too clunky to swing around and precision fire at his feet, after all).  The cat could have dark/night vision too, to let it see in forested areas where the dog's colourblindness would make scouting harder.  I never thought about a day/night cycle and always imagined the rounds taking place during the day, but perhaps bright moonlight would work just as well.  I guess that's the fun thing about ideafagging.

I had considered making Farmer John like a timed super weapon that the farm animals build towards and can control for short periods of time, like the hero classes from the old Star Wars Battlefront games, but I'm not sure if that would be more fun than just having him be a specialist class like the TF2 Sniper.  Super classes would also kind of necessitate a super class for the critters, like some magical king of the forest or a wolverine, which I don't think would be for the best.

>risk their neck
The critters can be killed, but the farm animals can only be stunned.  Their resources is map coverage and attention, because they can't be everywhere at once, so critters will eventually trickle through and abscond with lettuces, etc.  While the critters gain points by stealing vegetables, the farm animals gain points by killing critters.  Again, in AssCreed, the scoring system encourages you to mentally style on your opponent because you get bonus points for being in low profile, staying near your victim for 3 seconds beforehand, killing without being seen, etc.  One of my favourite things about Brotherhood, although I didn't use it much because I wasn't very good, was a perk called Poison that simply gave you a second kill button without an animation.  Poisoning someone would take about 5 seconds for the kill to go through, meaning your victim could stun you or someone else could poach him, but it gave you a huge boost to your score.

For my idea, the farm animals have similar ways of killing critters for points: charging them on open terrain with the dog for cheap and easy points, or sneaking alongside them with the cat for more points.  Points would be subtracted from the critters' morale score, and once it was depleted the round would end (either they lose outright or the game compares scores).
Replies: >>176405
>The critters can be killed, but the farm animals can only be stunned. 
I would recommend adding another risk/reward system for the defensive party.
For the offensive it's obvious, they die and lose all the delicious vegetables they collected, but there's no risk for the Farmer side besides losing virtual vegetables. You could turn it into some E-Sportsfag system very easily with "vegetable ranks" with the risk of losing your rank when the other side steals from you, but there is probably a better solution.

Liking the hero class system.
How would the player balance look like? 4 players on the Farmer-side versus 8 players on the Wild-side?
Replies: >>176769
>what is shitty bot matches on multiplayer maps with an arcade like experience
I can recommend the Azgaar map generator for building medieval themed worlds or just fooling around.
Replies: >>176836
You know your post made me realise how flexible the EDF format is, you could basically make any game out of that format and it would be fun.
I remember playing zangeki no reginleiv which is Greek mythology based game which uses the same EDF format but instead of fighting aliens you fight greek monsters and titans with medival/magical types of weapons and it plays really well, and I swear the dragons in EDF4 are straight copy of the dragons inzangeki no reginleiv.
Replies: >>176752
correction it's based on Norse mythology
>another risk/reward system for the defensive party
The game would have a time limit, of course, so any time lost while stunned would make it harder for the farm team.  Maybe if a farm animal gets stunned twice, he scampers back to the safety of the farmhouse and Farmer John's wife pats him on the head for moral support, and that would work as a life/respawn system without diegetic death.

I see what you mean about lopsided risk/reward.  In AssCreed, the standard game mode (Wanted) would force you onto a different target if your current target outsmarted you and stunned you, but in a team game that doesn't make sense.  Perhaps there could be a cumulative debuff to movement speed or senses for a farm animal who got stunned, and a limited source of headpats.  So rather than a true respawn system, there would be a communal health pool shared by the farm animals.  What I would want to avoid under all circumstances is just having the critters' best option to be outright combat with the farm animals.  Asymmetry is very important.

>ranking system
To be avoided at all costs.  Ranking systems are the complete antithesis of fun, pick-up-and-play multiplayer.

Hero classes would probably be the best solution to John's power level, but I do like the idea of the farm team being able to set traps.  I can't think of a fluff reason for them to exist.  Maybe a snot-nosed kid with a spyglass and traps could be one of the default farm classes, who's loud and noisy but really good at spotting, and any critter he marks would stay marked and visible for a long time even without line of sight.  Perhaps a trained hunting bird like a falcon could do something similar.

I figure that 3 vs 6 or 4 vs 8 would be healthy team sizes.  Balancing around exact player count would be troublesome.

What would the critter hero class be?  I'm thinking this could be the critters' actual attacking class, like a wolverine or a badger.
Replies: >>176795
[Hide] (135.4KB, 1400x836)
>What would the critter hero class be?
Replies: >>176915
Replies: >>176906
Possible, but I don't want there to be cartoon/anthro animals.  I think it'd have to be something about the same size as the dog.  I think a wolverine or badger would make the most sense.

Although now that I think of it, having the hero classes be Farmer John and Farmer John the Wererabbit would be pretty funny, especially if there could only be one on the field at a time.  Not sure what a wererabbit would do for the critters.
>break open human walls and fences, allowing easier access to gardens
>unaffected by snares/traps
>has an uprooted tree as a weapon, which can be thrown
>can instantly inflict full stun/damage onto any cat or dog that it hits
<the slowest of the critters
<can't climb or carry vegetables
<getting another club requires uprooting a tree, which can affect line of sight and map geometry

This seems like a fun idea, actually.
[Hide] (460.5KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (282KB, 1920x1080)
Ace Combat but instead of fictional countries, it's an alternate history
Replies: >>177598
Reading this just makes me feel more hopeless. The guessing game went alright but even Pong seems completely out of my grasp.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 800x800)
Replies: >>177599
Issue wasn't concept, it was execution, that shit isn't even done by Project Aces.
You're retarded, scroll up.
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