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We have a thread about bad vidya developers, but what about a thread dedicated to the good ones, few as they may be? Devs that make fun games, care about the community, don't fall prey to political ideas, and those that just make gaym.
>that one rimworld dev that told some reddit leftie to shove it up his ass
>Scott Cawthon being firm on his Christian, pro-life stance on Twitter
>any dev that is not controlled by a public corporation and is not trapped in a leftist echo chamber
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>>174475 (OP) 
Daniel Vavra

is he still doing games!?
Replies: >>174490 >>174491
>>174475 (OP) 
FNaF was never good and Kingdom Come was fraudulently advertised. Look, I get that pretty much everyone here including myself dislikes dealing with all things culturally left-wing, so it's of no surprise when threads naturally go that direction, but do you really have to start one with dick in hand from the get-go?
Replies: >>174492
Isn't he a jew?
Replies: >>174492 >>174522
This,  you're only allowed to bitch and moan, now open that mouth the based anons are about to shit directly into it.
>>174475 (OP) 
The one dev that quit from the studio that made Brigador to keep the company from failing.
He's probably working on the game as a contractor.
Team Cherry are pretty much peak
Replies: >>175033
The developers of Darkwood put their full game up on the pirate bay after a week had passed from the game's official release.
>If you don't have the money and want to play the game, we have a safe torrent on the Pirate Bay of the latest version of Darkwood (1.0 hotfix 3), completely DRM-free
>There's no catch, no added pirate hats for characters or anything like that. We have just one request: if you like Darkwood and want us to continue making games, consider buying it in the future, maybe on a sale, through Steam, GOG or Humble Store.
>But please, please, don't buy it through any key reselling site
>By doing that, you're just feeding the cancer that is leeching off this industry.
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He cancelled fez 2
Replies: >>174570
Ok and? Hitler was fine with prople of jewish descent if only they were 1/4ths jewish.
Should this change anything? Should kanye wests anti-semitic talks be disregargded as untrue just because he's black?
>and Kingdom Come was fraudulently advertised
Does it make it a bad game? It's polar opposide of modern games what you guys hate and us more like those pre-2012 and even pre-2007 games. And I remember anons here actually like dan Vávra and his games so I'm not sure if you are just here to bitch and moan about it.
Also adding on >>174475 (OP) 
The dev of factorio.
Which devs are redpilled and have hidden red pilled stuff in their vidya?
>>174475 (OP) 
It would be career suicide for most to say their real opinions so you got the Western version of vranyo.
>Ok and?
Really nigger?
[Hide] (60.6KB, 478x296)
Very true.  I have to commend Phil Fish for sparing the world another Fez.

>appeal to nigger rapper
>you guys hate 
>anons here actually like dan Vávra 
Where did you come from?
I don't recognize any devs who "make good games". Good games kind of just appear and they're always from different developers.

Jonathan Blow is the only dev I recognize who seems to actually understand game design well, but maybe that's because he's the only one who appears and talks a lot publicly. He has issues though, like taking 10 years to finish anything, only making puzzle games, and having this autistic "games are art" mentality. But almost everything I hear him say about games (including completely different games than what he makes) sounds good, it gives me the impression that he thinks about this stuff way more than most people. Put it another way; if I wanted advice to make my game better, he's the one I would want to hear thoughts from.

Terraria devs are cool for releasing free updates for years, but that probably doesn't count because they made infinite money despite being a small team so they never need to make money again. They're also getting more and more cucked as time goes on.
Replies: >>174576 >>174692
>Does it make it a bad game?
No, it makes them a bad dev. There are other things that make Kingdom Come a bad game too, though.
Kenshi developer Lo-Fi Games. I watched a youtube directory about the development of the game and the guy behind it all Chris Hunt went through a lot of shit to get the game in the state that it's in now. 

Factorio guys too.
Pixel makes good games pretty consistently, said consistency is just a very slow cycle. His biggest fault is getting kiked by a western indie publisher.
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>asking for good devs
>on a site populated almost exclusively by people who have been trained to see everything negatively
>or outright dismiss things over petty reasons
Leave for your own sake.
Replies: >>174687
[Hide] (845.3KB, 476x268, 00:20)
t. trained to see everything good negatively
commit self destruct

The problem isn't always the devs, it's the jewish society that prevents 95% of good game ideas from being made and poisons the remaining 5%. Devs that are bad and don't deserve your money because they support white genocide can still stumble into making fun video games, think shit like tranny hats and Frogun for some recent examples.
Jonathan Blow probably needs that whole "games as art" mentality to put as much thought as he does into games. Someone who thinks games are pure entertainment won't go as deep as he does.
He seems to really, actually care about video games as a medium. A lot of people who "care about video games" just care about building up layers of cope to justify the time they spend playing them. All they really do is defend the status quo.

If we're just talking about game programmers, then Casey Muratori also comes to mind. Casey will readily admit he's not a designer and all of his skill is in programming, but boy is he a step above the average programmer. John Carmack is in this category as well. While we're at it we can throw in Michael Abrash for good measure. These are all people I would trust to write stellar game code, but I wouldn't want them within 30 feet of the design.
Replies: >>174736
Blow can come across as pretentious but he definitely gives a shit about the industry and railing against the insanity that is modern development practices. Web devs are so far down the rabbit hole they don't even realize that running 1,200 'microservices' to push text and media to a database is fucking stupid.
I presume 
>saying truth 
in this case is Mein Kampf 2: Electric Jewkaboom?
>fag quests in hollow knight
Replies: >>175058
Replies: >>175061
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[Hide] (184.2KB, 671x622)
Replies: >>175064 >>175085
>1st pic
Welp, so much for that
What a bummer, they gave out so much free and bonus content that they never had to and went above and beyond even on their kickstarter for making stretch goal content they never reached for free
All to become pozzed in the end, what a waste
None, let the industry burn.
If the dev doesn't say nigger, I don't trust them.
Replies: >>175081
And how's that list going?
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>>174475 (OP) 
>care about the community.
<that one rimworld dev that told some reddit leftie to shove it up his ass
>don't fall prey to political ideas, and those that just make gaym.
<Scott Cawthon being firm on his Christian, pro-life stance on Twitter
I think you meant to title this thread "Industry personalities I like" because your examples are certainly not people who just "make game" nor are they free from the sin of ideology. You've never heard of all the developers who only develop and there isn't really anything to discuss there.
Replies: >>175090
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[Hide] (3.8MB, 1000x800)
The vessels being genderless/sexless isn't poz because they were made to be completely devoid of anything physical traits or personality that the infection could latch onto.  The Hollow Knight was made imperfectly and thus became a slave of the infection after he spent enough time containing it within himself.

Shame about the explicit faggotry.  I had interpreted the Nailsmith+Sheo stuff as brotherhood and the Grey Mourner as a masculine character when I played the game.  Even when I learned the Grey Mourner was a woman, I was willing to let that slide because the rest of the game was a rare example of a modern game that just let me play for long periods of time without interruption for story or analogies to mental illness, so I figured the devs weren't fags.

I'm sure Silksong will still be a good game, but I hope the devs can restrain themselves.
Replies: >>175111
Also this.
>but I hope the devs can restrain themselves
Once a media product has an established base the propaganda usually gets worse and more overt.
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[Hide] (17.5KB, 1281x960)
Any indie dev who keeps their involvement solely to making and releasing a good game with little desire for fame or injecting their beliefs/views into them. I used to include
>Pixel (Cave Story)
>Derek Yu (Spelunky)
>Kikiyama (Yume Nikki)
as examples of this but Pixel let Cave Story be ported/remade, Derek Yu I'm not sure about (he's the most vocal/public of these three but I haven't spent time reading his blog or anything) and Kikiyama is the most private, almost to obscurity so your opinion may vary. Toby Fox of Undertale fame would be the example of how NOT to be a good developer.
Replies: >>175129 >>175137
What's wrong with the remake? I heard good things about it.
Replies: >>175134 >>175136
I'm 99% sure Nicalis removed Curly's panties from the remakes and rereleases or replaced them with something else.
Replies: >>175139 >>175142
[Hide] (338.1KB, 500x355)
I've never played it myself (and I think the 3D looks weird compared to sprites so I'm biased) but it was developed by Nicalis instead of the original dev (so possible censorship/script changes) and missing some content compared to the original and Cave Story+.
Replies: >>175142
I don't keep up with this shit what did Toby Fox do
Replies: >>175140
[Hide] (109.6KB, 1280x720)
Nope, I just checked my Switch save to be sure and I have them.
I'm pretty sure that he was referring to the homosexual couples that exist in both of his games.
[Hide] (33.3KB, 300x93)
George Kamitani is a cool guy. I respect him a lot. Eh kills normalfags and doesn't afraid of anything.
Replies: >>175143 >>175147
This was before censorship was a prerequisite to getting access to financial services in ZOG territory (as opposed to only being a prerequisite to getting a AAA game made) so nope, the panties are still there. They even added a "Quote's Briefs" item to that playable Curly mod they blatantly plagiarized and then tried to buy off the mod author when they were called on it.
Unfortunately Atlus fucked him over.
Replies: >>175145 >>175146
How so?
Replies: >>175148
Several times, too. They can go to hell in general. Kamitani deserves better.
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Remember this?
Replies: >>175161
The Atlus JP side cancelled the Vita version (the original native development platform) only months before the game's release on the PS4, which Japan hated as a platform and avoided for the longest time, leading to a disastrous sales flop.
The USA pozzed up the localization, as everyone already saw.

The sales numbers seen way after the fact make me suspect that Atlus was lying about them, since it had literally had flopped and stagnant numbers for over a year iirc, and then magically it suddenly gained 200k, then 400, and then apparently 600k sales after a year without any motivating event or factor, and zero attention from anyone (because again, it was on a platform nobody wanted in Japan, and in the west the localization was pozzed so only trannies were talking about it, and otherwise it was an extremely niche title on a platform which had less sales for weebshit than Vita versions even back then). That kind of shit is quite literally almost unprecedented, and I investigated and saw no reason for that to occur at all.

Eventually the game got released on Switch years later recently, thankfully (even though I personally don't care for the Switch and wish it was on the Vita, but at least Vanillaware actually was able to get on a platform the Japs actually own and use and people buy games for), but unfortunately the localization is still pozzed.
Do you have a source for this? I know Atlus is retarded but this is next level.
Replies: >>175182
>the localization is still pozzed
I don't recall hearing about poz in Dragon's Crown.  What exactly happened?
Replies: >>175153
He's talking about 13 Sentinels
Replies: >>175154
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[Hide] (441.2KB, 614x551)
[Hide] (49.3KB, 471x463)
He really is a hero. Makes me crack up every time.
Also pic related. And I've read that only the >English< version has the trannylation and the rest of the language options are fine. Apparently. If I remember correctly the Spics and Krauts got a correct translation.
Don't forget, the GrimGrimoire remaster is coming in 2023, too.
Whatever happened to the guy who kept Kojima in check? He doing okay?
The first week's sales for the game was 34K in Japan, which was not good already (Dragon's Crown sold 300K in its first week across PS3 and Vita for reference, and Odin Sphere Leifthraisir sold 100k across PS3, Vita, and PS4 in its first week), and by the second week it was down to fucking 4k per week. It took roughly 2 months to reach 50, and was down to under 3k per week at that point. It eventually ended being recorded by Famitsu sales at 67k physical copies sold in Japan after around 3~ish months of being on the market.
Before that was ever hit, they expected people to believe that this game, which flopped in physical sales sold enough to reach 100K in January when, by that point, it had only reached a little over 50k in physical sales, meaning that around 50% (and later, even more) of the sales supposedly came from digital sales, which is patently absurd in Japan.

https://dengekionline.com/articles/21708/ (article from some of the devs explaining why they think it performed so poorly)

They cut out at least half of their potential audience by cutting out the Vita release (the Vita version of Odin Sphere sold more than the PS4 version as an example, and that was in a time when companies were increasingly shoving more and more shit unto the PS4 at the behest of Sony to try and push it, porting a lot of Vita shit retroactively to it and making formerly Vita-developed games into multiplats)
Japan is the most resistant country in Asia to digital releases and prefers physical vastly. There was a Play-Asia article out there which confirmed the actual percentages from back in 2017/18 or so (only 1-2 years before this shit) where digital vidya releases were only 20-25~ish%  of the share of vidya revenues in Japan, the lowest out of Asia, but I'd have to find the article again, which is a pain since their search function isn't great and their website formats changed multiple times. They're an importer/exporter business which deals with this shit so they have know better than most about this shit, and its their job to be aware of such things, plus they're an actually non-shit and trustworthy company which is rare in this day and age.
Also, the biggest chunk of sales by far for most of vidya always comes in the initial release. This kind of "slow burn" claim is almost unprecedented and almost never happens at all.
What doesn't help either is if you looked on places like twitter or jewtube at the time of the sales claims, the only people you would find on twitter were the trannies (I am not exaggerating, I cared deeply about this game and looked into this shit carefully), and nobody on places like jewtube or twitch, there was no western audience that came out in force for it anywhere, or if they did, they somehow never fucking talked about it anywhere online but it somehow just magically made half a million sales out of nowhere after stalling horribly for months and ending up miserably in terms of physical sales, which again, logically should have comprised the majority of sales in Japan.
Replies: >>175186 >>176539
Oh, and for reference, Dragon's Crown sold over 1 million on PS3 and Vita by 2017. 800K in 2013.
People expect to believe this game that nobody fucking knew anything about, with nonexistent marketing or memes, that was considered something of vaporware, that was a PS4 exclusive for over a year, and flopped in its initial release, with nobody talking about it anywhere besides literal twitter trannies praising how pozzed the localization dialogue was, within a year, was more than half as popular as fucking dragon's crown, and as popular as fucking Odin Sphere?

What a hot fucking load of stir-fried bullshit.

13 Sentinels was quite literally the last game I was hyped for, after Atlus Japan scuttled mine and others' hopes to play it on the platform of my choice which everyone was expecting for years, and Atlus NA just ruining it further, harming Vanillaware and the integrity, value, and themes of their beautiful works.
Replies: >>175187 >>176539
>after Atlus Japan scuttled mine and others' hopes to play it on the platform of my choice
Didn't the same happen to Catherine Full Body?
Replies: >>175188 >>175189
Why would you want to play Full Tranny?
Replies: >>175189
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[Hide] (90.2KB, 710x812)
[Hide] (69.5KB, 701x569)
[Hide] (28.2KB, 709x278)
Found the Play-Asia article.
They stopped the english release for it, and they also cancelled the english physical releases for P3 Dancing and P5 Dancing (though I don't care nearly as much about those games, but a lot of others did; the blame for that is probably more on Sony though with their bullshit)

Atlus Japan did not cancel the Vita version though, it was still available in Japan.
The "tranny" change was a product of the localization iirc.
Replies: >>175192
Oh, I misspoke earlier, Japan is actually the bigger digital purchasers in Asia, but the overall percentage is still very low compared to everywhere else was my point. 27% does not change to over 50+% in a year with an already existing market preference.
[Hide] (978KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1007.8KB, 1920x1080)
>The "tranny" change was a product of the localization iirc.
The new love interest is a male.
>>174475 (OP) 
Not really what's being referred to, a trap is not a tranny
Replies: >>175196
[Hide] (117.5KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (163.8KB, 1280x720)
They also got rid of Erica's "dead name" in the end credits, even in the Japanese version. (first screenshot is from the Japanese PS3 version, second is from Full Body)
Replies: >>175204
[Hide] (79.4KB, 900x710)
Catherine didn't deserve this
Replies: >>175245
Didn't Catherine already have a tranny character in a waitress? I mean, they did just make a female character and retroactively call him a boy, but he still existed.
Replies: >>175267
From what I remember it was played more as a joke than anything.
Replies: >>175324 >>175383
>Well... this is me.
Pretty much. Used to be the norm.
Replies: >>175383
>Devs did a "remaster" to add this shit
Replies: >>175358
So its just a gay guy? I remember when anons where saying it would be an angel or some shit.
Replies: >>175352 >>175370
[Hide] (420.7KB, 1000x467)
He is an "angel", and angels actually look like knockoff minions, but he's a special one. And has a cock. He doesn't even identify as a girl or anything, he's just straight up a trap.
Its a remake, not a remaster
[Hide] (6.5KB, 1071x85)
>I remember when anons where saying it would be an angel or some shit.
Like this poor anon who thought it would be a girl.
No I'm fairly sure it was plot relevant, he used to have nightmares like all the men in that bar. But since trannies weren't taken seriously or didn't make their sex change their only character trait no one paid it any mind.
You already tried the same on a different thread.
[Hide] (234.2KB, 864x288)
Is PsychoJosh a good vidya dev?
[Hide] (46.4KB, 612x189)
Wasn't vomiting in one thread enough to satisfy you?
why would i play this when i can be swapping out the kaiju in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee with MMD models?
Replies: >>175478
You can do that?
No he's psycho
[Hide] (35.8KB, 250x85)
Sandlot is the best dev studio out there from 2001 until now there never ever released a mediocre game all of their stuff is fucking amazing and it's all done with low budget, all of their games are filled with love and joy.
Fun fact did you know that EDF didn't come out in america and EDF3 didn't come out for the PS3 because Sony considered it a ((( bad product ))), now EDF managed to single handedly bring Sony to the top of the famitsu charts and does timed exclusivity deals for EDF.
[Hide] (33KB, 450x510)
>Implying that makes it any less gay
>>174475 (OP) 
there are none
the last good game was ut99 and even that had sub par code. the GPU interface is fundamentally broken with that pipelining bullshit that adds tons of instrinsic lag and "fixed" with bandaids like VRR and nvidia ultra low lag whatever the fuck (TM). every 3d game since 1999 or so has the GPU lag because there's no way to turn it off and its become the default mode of operation. even most 2d games use the same broken interface (also 2d 3d games have terrible artstyle. all those new "retro" 2d games, anything from 2009 onward with "pixels" is pure garbage)
you cannot play a game at 60FPS/60Hz without terrible animation artifacts like either heavy motion blur or flickering. you cannot play at a higher rate because it will dip down to 60 in enough times to be annoying  unless you run on ultra low settings (think about it, 99% percentile 300FPS is still bad, it means for every 80 seconds, one second is spent frozen, or with a more even distribution, every 80 seconds, you had a shit ton of stutters). you need around 300Hz (and frame rate locked to 300Hz using vsync or something equivalent) to make motion blur start not being an issue anymore
there was stalker in 2007 but the code is garbage
[Hide] (24.2KB, 480x480)
what the fuck are you talking about
What is this magic interface you are rambling about?
How does one become a good dev? im looking towards getting into games development but I dont want to cuck out or get raped by the jews.
maek good game
[Hide] (865.6KB, 1920x1080)
Pretty easy, make a game, make it fun, and don't shove shit like pic related into it.
Read books about the business part of video games.
the dudes behind Lust for Darkness, even tho they made a game about sex they ignored the trannies and pedo freaks, also they put a lot of love in their creations.
I don't get it. Does he want us to put bullets in trannies?
Replies: >>176191
<sir why did you shoot up the fag bar?
>I was just helping them dilate officer
Can't make a good game if you don't learn to make a game.
Bugthesda Doom ruined the entired of Doom community, which before used to be based as fuck.
>doesn't even identify as a girl or anything, he's just straight up a trap.
That means he's not a trap at all. He's just a faggot. Traps are traps because they can trick you. A crossdressing man who isn't pretending to be a girl can't be a trap, since there's no way a man would be tricked.
Replies: >>176362
Spoiler File
(106.9KB, 1280x720)
>Traps are traps because they can trick you
Anon, >>175192 is Vincent finding out he was trapped
Replies: >>176369 >>176373
A game displayed on ((( LCD ))) screen will always have motion blur, no matter what frames per second you set the game to.
Replies: >>176368
((( Existence ))) makes zero latency impossible.
[Hide] (209.8KB, 500x459)
get this man ass off my screen
Imagine how cute her girl benis is.
Replies: >>176374 >>176478
[Hide] (576.7KB, 720x720)
Replies: >>176377
Didn't AJ backpedal after the Incident™?
Replies: >>176379
[Hide] (121.9KB, 1300x724)
what was done is done
OLED, AI frames, splitting frame rate from mouse latency and SOC will fix that (probably not).
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720)
Go back to your shitty board, ((( Mark )))
Replies: >>176542
I believe you, i don't trust sales number just as i don't trust scores and reviews anymore.
These pieces of shit will do anything to not admit failure.
God image,  I bet it has a little pink bow on it too.
Replies: >>176654
I bet he's uncut and soft
I've actually got a tip replacement file that can fix that and also adds some more relevant information. If you want, I can send it over to you by anonfiles or something.
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