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What's the best way to play the DMC series on the PC? 
The broken emulated version, the inferior PC, or some other alternative?
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I've been getting into quake 3 a lot recently. Mostly just playing around with shitty bots, and downloading nudie mods for the female characters while waiting for an anon to host a gamenight. I wanted to ask any anons what maps, skins, and game modes did you play back when quake was at it's peak? I might scrounge together a modpack for a gamenight if it happens.
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>>174197 (OP) 
play the HD collection on PC, thats all there is too it OP, unless your a fag that skips DMC2 then just emulate 1 and get DMC3SE on PC
>nude mods for triangular playermodels
come on anon how desperate can you be
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Why do i have a feeling its the same person spamming both images
Replies: >>174358
totally true, hes schizophrenic. lmao (nah but actually, i just use paint 3d to edit his images, its precious.)
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It's not because it gets me hard, it's because I find it hilarious. Titty mods and sexy women are a sign of a better time where the industry wasn't full of pearl clutching moral crusaders.
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Not only an elf but a nigger elf
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Sorry but these nig elves fill me with a violent sexual lust, and a desire to impregnate them with human children. Now can we talk about quake 3 arena mods?
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So i playing god of war and noticed they added a blasian as a norse god.
Not sure how I never heard of that before so i ended up looking up the actual gods description to see if it was a redhead.
Turns out it was a redhead. 
So can this be added to the list of blacked redheads or does it not count because shes blasian?

>and a desire to impregnate them with human children
Do half elves count as human?
How do they still exist?
If a human fucks an elf you get a half elf
Fucking other drow. Duh.
Replies: >>174390 >>174391
What this >>174389 anon said. Also Drow can't have multiple births because their bodies can't handle it which doesn't make any sense since they are proportioned more like humans so it should be fine. If the pregnancy results in multiple children one of the drow children eats the others in the womb.
But how haven't they been outbred by now? Do they just fuck like rabbits and birth drows on the daily?
Replies: >>174395 >>174397
Somehow I deleted my other post about drow births and drow babies eating each other while trying to delete another post. I don't know how that happened. Anyways where was I?
>why haven't the drow been outbred
Several reasons.
1. They live in underground grinding their teeth in frustration at the fact their manlet/womanlet race can't compete above ground.
2. They have an insane female spider god that "protects" i.e. keeps them alive for her own amusement that gives them power.
3. Nobody wants to live underground except dwarves, but dwarves are much closer to the surface.
4. They are still elves and have pretty potent magic and weapons.
5. They are incredibly good at scheming in the dark, and as treacherous as sea.
6. They often have flimsy alliances with much more powerful better races like mind flayers, and beholders.
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>If the pregnancy results in multiple children one of the drow children eats the others in the womb.
Also does anyone else think that Nightsong from Spellforce 2 was a very fuckable dark elf?
Replies: >>174398 >>174401
That's not true
Any of it
Why the fuck would you get outbred in a fantasy RPG? One lvl17-20 matron is single-handedly a larger military threat than every generic human soldier that's been born since the beginning of time.
>Do they just fuck like rabbits and birth drows on the daily?
In FR they're the only elves which keep up human-comparable rates of reproduction, mostly because their society involves so much murder and family-power-consolidation in the first place. They wildly outnumber conventional elves city-for-city in most traditional settings because they don't do shit like have two children in 400 years, but like the jews that they are they're the descendants from a single minority exodus and there aren't many drow cities to begin with.
Arguably just a slightly tan elf so yes
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>that's not true.
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is this AI?
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How have you guys gone this far without talking about dominatrix drow matriarchs? One way to keep the birth rate up, despite all the murder, is to abuse your male slaves by forcing them to cum or die. Or maybe cum AND die. Who knows.
>One lvl17-20 matron is single-handedly a larger military threat than every generic human soldier that's been born since the beginning of time.
That is due to the retarded way d&d deals with leveling; exact same thing can be said about a generic level 20 human paladins. It doesn't make your fetish fuel matriarchs in any way special.
Replies: >>174453 >>174483
>>174197 (OP) 
They are mostly fixed in PCSX2
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>generic level 20 paladin
That's not really how that works, anon. A level 20 paladin is basically a 40k Primarch.
Replies: >>174472
Isn't 20 basically god level?
Replies: >>174483
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>dragon mag
Literal paizo fanfics
<Noooo this third party garbage some rando made up contradicts every established setting, it must be real because I said so!
Okay, "sage", if you say so
>That is due to the retarded way d&d deals with leveling
That's the fucking basis of the setting retard. You're the moron for thinking real world population dynamics apply to a high fantasy setting; most plots to commit genocide (and most genocides) in D&D involve someone actually doing it themselves, not state apparatus.
>a generic level 20 human paladins
I don't think there's a single canon level 20+ paladin in the forgotten realms. Canon levels for drow are way higher than most races and always have been (in monster stat blocks, that is). In terms of fiction, there's a ton of D&D media where some drow house goes to war with surface nations and actually put up a fight and the instigators are competing on the same level as other elminster villains or the like. This is also true in NWN Hordes of the Underdark, which does have the WotC stamp of approval.
>It doesn't make your fetish fuel matriarchs
Drow are shit. Imagine having a sickass demongod and forming a fucking lawful society with strict social stratification.
Obyrith and chaos okay, not tanari and 
Depends on the edition, but gods are usually lvl40-60 (20+20+20) and divine abilities are cheating cheating.
Level 20 is about what gods appear as when they become mortals during the time of troubles in FR, though. I can't remember exactly, midnight has a canon depictions that's like level 18-22 at the time that she becomes mystra.
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>is this AI?
No, AI would fuck up with the eyes.
The artists name is in the description

Also I'm beginning to hate AI artists. 9/10 the images are off in some small way or another, they're almost always 800 pixels high and they spam them on my boorus and pixiv.
I just want quality pictures of my waifu

>pic related
best half elf in manga, slightly better than the postman.
Does anyone know any popular half elves in vidya that isn't based around D&D? or pathfinder
I can't for the life of me remember any half elves that aren't in D&D except for maybe that Archer chick in warcraft.
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>feels like a blew the top left part of my face open
Replies: >>174606
What's the question?
Replies: >>174613
> You're the moron for thinking real world population dynamics apply to a high fantasy setting
I was criticizing the d&d mechanics and the way they deal with leveling and its HP and AB bloat. Common sense (in the regard of power dynamics at least) should apply to high fantasy settings (and it did), and if you doubt it, then familiarize yourself with the works that inspired d&d in the first place, such as Vance novels for example. Even the superpowered wizards and monsters get outsmarted by mortals despite their powers and die when they're stabbed.
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What's your favorite console?
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Newfags don't know SHIT about my level adjustment.
[Hide] (78KB, 1701x368)
Check out what I found:
it's a nicely packaged collection of HL1 sound effects

I had the black one
Replies: >>174629
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That would have made more sense on the Share thread, but thanks.
>I had the black one
Did you play the original Mario 16, or the bootleg that came out afterwards, Joe & Mac?
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reposting from /tech/

Is there a good version of Windows 10 or even 11?

I love my Win7 machine and absolutely detest Win10 and everything that comes with it.
I'm forced to work with it at the office and hate every minute of it.
However lately more and more issues have cropped up, including bottlenecking, on my machine. I don't really want to get into the nitty gritty of it, but my question stands:
Is there an uncucked, de-bloated, spyware-free Win10/11?

>install gentoo
I don't want to. End of discussion. I know I'm coming off as a confrontational asshole, but I DO NOT WANT to use linux anymore.
>Win10 LTS(B)
Still connects to microshit and forces updates in spite of disabling everything. I have a secondary machine without any personal data on it with LTSB and it updated this weekend somehow.
>Win10 AME
Windows 10 Amelioretarded only allows you to use the default user without administrative privileges "for your safety because that's how linux does it". I've toyed around with it in VM and even after granting the default user admin privileges and disabling UAC, I can already see it will remain a pain in the ass to use.
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That's true, reposted there for posterity.
>did you play Mario 16?
I played contra 45 with the 30 extra life cheat automatically enabled and The Mask, which was actually Kick Master.
Dualboot windows and linux?
>>install gentoo
Try a baby's first distro instead of getting a second job?
Replies: >>174717 >>174731
it's a meme, ya dink
I've already dealt with linux, dual-boots and everything in between. I've used Ubuntu, lubuntu, Manjaro, Mint, Puppy Linux and Trisquel.
I don't feel like relearning how to ride a bicycle every time I boot up a computer.
Replies: >>174720
Not possible. It is made to spy on you. That's its goal, that's its business. 

You can wait until someone takes XP's source code and magically turn it into a modern OS, keep using windows7 until all hardware and software is incompatible, or use one of those debloating patches for windows 10 that just disable onedrive and other useless shit like that but is unable to remove the full blown spyware, while windows actively works to mess with your PC if you install them. If you manage to get an up-to-date patch that works with the version of windows you have, you are still hoping that the magic code made by some random is not installing even more malware that you were trying to remove, AND that windows doesn't update itself somehow and fucks it up. If it's an old/wrong version or it updates itself without telling you because fuck you, then sorry half of windows doesn't work now. 

By the time you run out of options, linux will somehow be even more automated, retard proof, ready out-of-the-box and a copy of windows on a surface level just for people like you, that it is now.
>I know I'm coming off as a confrontational asshole
And I'm not trying to be one either, I'm just telling you and everyone else how it is. There's no magic sauce to make windows not evil. I'm a retard too, I tried to use linux in early 2010s and it was hard back then, most everything didn't work, but it's so different nowadays it's insane to me that anyone would still be trying to use windows.
Replies: >>174724
Thank you.
I'm telling you, I've tried migrating to linux multiple times.
I've resurrected at least 3 different old mahcines with a linux OS, yet every time something comes along that rubs me the wrong way:
- a critical piece of software just doesn't werk
- some update doesn't install correctly and every time I run an "update/upgrade" command it takes ages to execute
- everything about the UI mentality (especially MPV and the like) and I keep getting lost in the filesystem, but that's a personal issue. I feel like a dottering old man who downloads 20 copies of the same file into the default downloads folder and yells about not being able to see said file on his desktop
I'm just not made for linux, I've tried it enough times and I can never get into it, regardless of all the QoL improvements added throughout the years. It frustrates me beyond comprehension and I always just install a Windows OS, 7 if I can.
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Short answer: no. 
There's the option of going full autism with virtualization and using VMs with GPU passthrough for vidya, but that might not work well on your hardware. 
Dual boot is the biggest computer meme. You're not going to restart your computer every time you want to use a different application, you'll just end up duplicating everything across your OSs and at that point you won't have a reason to switch and just stick to the one you're using the most, which is probably going to be windows if you play vidya.
Replies: >>174756
what about windows 8.1? is it really that bad? the kernel should be modern enough for win10 apps
[Hide] (14.8KB, 312x312)
8.1 is basically Vista that looks like 10
It's the worst of both world
Had a laptop with Win8, upgraded to 8.1 and then immediately switched to Mint.
Windows 8 is considered as outdated as 7 and most software that won't run on 7 won't run on 8 either.
>Dual boot is the biggest computer meme. 
Works for me. I use Windows only for playing some games. I guess what makes dual-booting work for me is the fact that I can still play some games on Linux, too (GZDoom, eduke32, OpenMW and ET Legacy). I only have game related stuff on my Windows partition. I think I could use 100% Linux only because I think my games are supported by Proton.
imagine win10 but clunkier, uglier, no support, and just as bloated and invasive as modern wangblows. support for it also ends next spring.
Replies: >>174898
Windows 10 is the least bad out of 7/8/10/11.
Replies: >>174899 >>174965
What are you talking about? 7 is obviously better.
is there some kind of "always on top program" for wangblows? on linux this was very easy all i had to do was click the lock thing above i guess (on xfce as i no longer use it and forgot controls)
feels really inconvenient having click my taskbar every time i copypaste a lot of shit on my browser like URLs
There's an AHK script for it and a few otehrs programs do allow for it as well but windows being what it is (a focus stealing bitch) it won't work as well as you think.
My favorite ones are XP and 7.
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Anyone got some Haydee 2 outfits that aren't inflationshit and such?
Replies: >>175023
What about one where she has a big swingin' futa cock.
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[Hide] (54.9KB, 432x708)
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Not that anybody cares at this point, but I ( >>167661 ) finally figured out what exactly was causing stuttering hitches:
My dual monitors!
Right now I have them on "extend".
Turn one off and the hitching is gone.
Duplicate them and it returns.
Set a game to fullscreen and the hitching is gone (UT2004 in this case).

The main display is connected through HDMI, the other one is using DVI with a DVI-DP adapter. Tried a VGA-DP adapter, same results, but with a worse picture output. No, I don't have a DP cable on me right now.
I found this thing, it might be onto something. Reducing graphics didn't affect hitches, of course, considering I'm already playing a game nearly 20 years old. My drives are filling up though, so I'll try cleaning up.

But as I'm writing this, I also found this silly solution: attach a third display.

It worked.
It fucking worked.
That's new, Nvidia did have some quite major issues with Win 10 and multiple monitors with different refresh rates but that's solved since on newish drivers, apparently that's another issue maybe has to do with the color depth.
Replies: >>175114
I'm using Win7
I remember when my own screen would randomly flicker when turned on and for some weird reason all I had to do was invert the image and then revert it to tis original orientation.
Congrats anon.
>My dual monitors!
You were running ancient games, of course they were gonna have an issue with dual monitors. FWIW Chasm has a modern source port built on SDL2 which plays nice with dual monitors, so consider using that.
Replies: >>175283 >>175305
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>You were running ancient games
Metroid Prime was 20 years ago
Replies: >>175305
[Hide] (18.7KB, 150x150)
What's up with the tegaki option and why doesn't it fucking work?
I have three monitors and UT2004 runs without any issues. it probably helps that it's the native Linux build as well.
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Would you play a Call of Duty Zombies game if the 4 characters were the female cast of High School of the Dead?
I would play anything about or featuring HOTD.
Replies: >>175376
So SG/ZH but good?
Yeah I definitely would.
Replies: >>175376
[Hide] (131.1KB, 1024x576)
I would love that too. I think lolly pop chainsaw even had alternative outfits that referenced high school of the dead. 
I never played that game. What makes it bad or just not good?
Replies: >>175379 >>175419
>What makes it bad or just not good?
It's fairly simple the guns / shooting feels "off", but in it's own weird specific way, I could go into detail but it's just better to experience it yourself, otherwise if the shooting was better it's basically EDF:IR meets Oneechanbara
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Planning on playing Fallout 1 for the first time soon.
Is the in-game time limit something I should keep in mind, or are the 40-something days enough to explore around?
Also, are there any fan-made content patches beyond the mandatory bugfix patch I should know of?
Isn't the time limit only to find the water chip thing?
Replies: >>175417
I suppose so. However, I have no idea if actually getting the chip is some sort of endgame quest and requires beforehand planning if you don't want a game over.
Looks like a Busujima costume.
The time limit is for the water chip, which is like the intro/first half of the game. I think you get a game over if you're not fast enough, but there's plenty of time to explore after completing it.
You can finish the game in the given time-limit, without retrieving the chip. It's inadvisable to do so on a first playthrough, in my view, and definitely not the way it was designed for. You have an option of lengthening the limit by means of paying for water caravans to your vault, if necessary. You have more than enough time to explore and do side-quests.
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Still waiting for a competent dev to make Call of Moe
[Hide] (633.2KB, 1920x1080)
Anons I need help. I found this neat pic of some really standout models for quake 3, and have most of them. However I can't find the ones circled in red. I am most interested in blood sucker, churchill, and arachnid. I think the host who ran the last quake 3 game night had arachnid. Can anyone help me out?
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2853x3610)
I want to try out SMT. What versions of each game do I play?
Replies: >>175655
Originals or you're a faggot, with the exception of the original Persona for which you probably want the PSP remake and the first two games which you can get translated as a patch for Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei.
Replies: >>175659
[Hide] (181.4KB, 392x500)
>Originals or you're a faggot
Replies: >>175660
Originals meaning "don't play the remakes and ports Fatlus has been selling for the last few years", dingus.
[Hide] (814.4KB, 1600x2000)
I need recommendation for blobber RPGs, which games should I play, should I begin with older titles like Myth and Magic, Dungeons and Dragons and Wizardry, or start with recent ones, like Grimoire, Grimrock, and Vaporum.
I know there are many blobbers made by japanese devs, and I don't mind the country of origin, aesthetics, theme or setting, however, I don't want romantic plots or dating sims, I just don't see the appeal.
What are blobber RPGs? Never heard of the term
Replies: >>175813 >>175831
Replies: >>175831
the fuck is a blobber rpg?
Replies: >>175831
We have an RPG thread you know. >>170480
[Hide] (49.1KB, 685x364)
I'm tempted to call you newfags, but the term is pretty old and games of that style are not common these days.  That said, is it really so hard to look it up?
Why look it up when you're going to tell me anyway?
>tempted to call you newfags
By all means, I just never encountered this term.
>That said, is it really so hard to look it up?
No, but this is conversation
>pretty old term
Nigga what
>but the term is pretty old
I googled this to see if i was retarded, because i was 90% certain this was coined way after the games that apparently "popularized" it came out.
And by googled i mean i checked for any result for Blobber game from before 2010.
Couldn't find anything. Except for Giantbomb and Glitchwave game articles which don't count as they certainly didn't come out in 1991. or the shitty flash game

In fact, the earliest example i could find from googling this was it being mentioned in a 2013 rpgcodex forum.
So i'm presuming i was right. "old term" my ass.
Replies: >>175862
Anon, 2013 was 17 years ago.
[Hide] (349.1KB, 508x335)
But to answer your question >>175810 the only blobber that comes to mind is Uncommon Time
>a single blob of adventutures
Wouldn't that apply to pretty much any party RPG then?

Replies: >>175871
If it was a hentai party game would it be called a boober?
Replies: >>175868
No, but that's what my old boss was going to call his new company. his idea was to combine uber/lyft with hooters where thots in bikinis would drive you places.
Most that are tile based anyway. Oh and Might and Magic, that I would reccomend to anon.
[Hide] (615.3KB, 949x562)
>this will be true in 4 years
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1014x1055)
what video game cover is this, I can't put my finger on it
Replies: >>176187
The time limit only really matters on the world map, where time passes very quickly as you move. Just be careful about long detours and backtracking, and you'll finish with time to spare.
bourne supremacy, it's not vidya
Does anon have any experience with Marauder? I've seen a video on the game, and it looks interesting enough, even if it's janky.
Replies: >>176243 >>176348
it's russian, of course it's janky
Replies: >>176257
Naturally. I was more curious, though, as to how it plays on modern hardware, and especially with Linux.
It's Tarkov, but the devs don't store your personal information in clear text and get it leaked.
Replies: >>176352
>play online game
>something goes wrong
>open support ticket
>wait a while before checking back
>support staff answers the ticket at 1:47 AM
What kind of hours do these people work?
Replies: >>176350
Whatever time zone india is I think.
[Hide] (135KB, 640x640)
Not that gay-ass Marauder, jackass. Have you fags never seen the other Marauder before? The one with this cover?
Replies: >>176353 >>176357
I've done 7.62 hard life but not that one.
Looks like SHIT.
>Would you play X if it is gookshit
No, I don't know why you retards think anything anime means it is of quality, especially when most weeb games are shit.
I’m aware this could be a stupid thing to ask but, is it generally worth spending thousands on building a modern pc just to play the occasional modern day aaa garbage? Been told that it’s not worth building and buying modern gpus anymore since you can’t mine crypto/not worth doing anymore? Idk 

Honestly been thinking of getting a modern pc just to play old consoles
No of course not. Spend like $1500 at most.
Replies: >>176540
Hey there, niggerpill. Keep this up and I will dox your ass. Blacked.gov aren't the only ones who know about your twitter account you deleted.
I built an expensive PC like two years ago, but my GPU is one of the weakest elements. It was right before the GPU shortage really spiked, but I managed to get a good deal on a 5600XT (below 300 jewros IIRC). Meanwhile my CPU was expensive as fuck, 5950X Boxed for above 900 smackeroos.
I expected a better CPU to be worth a lot more for me, and I feel like I was right on that. Emulation works really well, compiling code goes really fast, drawing and Blender work great (maybe drawing could be faster with better GPU acceleration for huge brushes, but I don't think most programs are well optimized for that at any hardware level). And I don't think I've even wanted to play any AAA that ran like shit, the few new games I wanted to try ran decently.
So for each part, consider how much you need it, and pay accordingly. Some emulators need fast RAM, some people love having lots of RAM, some people like me need good CPUs, some anons like storing petabytes worth of data, and some people have shit taste in games and need a good GPU. But yeah, crypto isn't worth shit currently, and you'd be stupid late to get into that anyway. Especially if you think you'd get any results with a single PC just using up idle cycles to mine.
Replies: >>176540
For emulation, I could see it being worth it. I went the Steam Deck route, still a ways to go for this form factor.
Replies: >>176427
You don't need to spend that much to play modern games comfortably  and buying TOTL gear is generally stupid anyways, though this time around if you have the money a 4090 isn't as stupid as some of the previous endgame GPUs
For example 
And if you don't care about modern emulation or more modern games you can cut down a lot of that.like so
Or you can go full entry level like so

You don't need that for emulation, a big CPU and a mid tier GPU is gonna get you far enough right now, though PCSX2 being the bitch that it is doesn't like modern cards except intel.
Replies: >>176540
Does anyone know where I can download Black Lives Splatter?
Thanks for the info and links, really appreciate it. 

Based on what was said I might be leaning towards a mid range build and according to the list that comes up to $1500 range. Not bad.
[Hide] (1MB, 1080x1080)
Replies: >>176838
Last one was one through the holidays directly after christmas
Replies: >>176841
As I recall that one was really late as there was a problem getting a host.
Replies: >>176850
I don't recall that but I liked the timing of the last one because even though it overlaps in the first days with family meetings the remaining days are free for me and presumably for other people. If it was earlier I could not really watch. Then again from what I recall there might even be more content to go through this time so it might just not fit into a week anyway.
Replies: >>176851
[Hide] (97.7KB, 400x199)
It didn't fit into a week for awhile. It used to be anons would play through the vanilla UT which took about 50-60 hours to complete all the content.
Replies: >>176852
[Hide] (36.9KB, 112x112)
Ah before the guide and cheatengine? Guess you are right. Not that I miss that.
Replies: >>176857
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112)
[Hide] (38.2KB, 112x112)
[Hide] (33.3KB, 112x112)
[Hide] (33.5KB, 112x112)
[Hide] (36.5KB, 112x112)
Any up to date guides on hacking and putting games onto a sony xperia play? Im looking to play crash bandicoot 1-3 on the go and maybe Resident Evil too but its difficult trying to find an easy way to just get rid of all the bloatware and put games onto the system
Replies: >>176861
Why don't you just use something that makes sense like a PSP or Vita?
Replies: >>176863
I already have both a vita and PSP, i just want to be able to play ps1 games on the go and take calls at the same time, I dont want to carry a phone and my vita just to play some crash when i could have both in one neat little package
Friday night funkin' has had some insane drama running around it due to modders being absolute cunts there.

Did tumblr's remnants come there before their favorite porn artists moved to newgrounds, or was it after the game itself got popular?
[Hide] (63.4KB, 599x800)
Do you realize where you are?
Replies: >>176966
[Hide] (859.3KB, 255x229)
>Parenting question
<No question in the post
Replies: >>176966
It's a copypasta.
Replies: >>176967
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I recently purchased a used switch from a friend as a Christmas present for a younger family member but it didn't come with a changer. Will any charger do, like one that I would use for an android phone or should I buy an official or 3rd party charger? If I should buy a 3rd party charger, which brand would /v/ suggest.
Replies: >>177028 >>177030
>/v/ approved chargers
jesus christ, get a hold of your life, man
if you're buyfagging, you may as well get the original replacement charger, it's like 30 bucks
otherwise, just look for a 39W usb-c charger, being cheap with power supplies is a sure-fire way to shorten your device's life
At the start of 2017 I built my PC. Roughly $1500 inc. monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset. It's still going really strong and hasn't had any issues. I don't really play modern AAA games so maybe I haven't needed to upgrade. I wouldn't get a modern top-end GPU because those things are ridiculously power hungry, it'd start getting noticeable in electricity bills to run your PC.
Replies: >>177043
Phone chargers don't put out as much power. Just get an official adapter, it'll last forever.
Replies: >>177043
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[Hide] (439.1KB, 669x627)
Unless you're cursed with being a europoor or in commiefornia in which case you should be worrying about food and heat until your vatnik overlords come to liberate you power costs are not a massive concern over the life of the device, maybe $50 difference at most. The heat it puts out reducing the life of your other components and making your room too hot is the real reason, not to mention the extra performance is worthless unless you're watching VR porn all day.
This. Also sell it and play craigslist roulette if it's an OLED or comes back as uncrackable. Or just sell it and play yuzu/ryujinx instead. Please do not give nutendo more of your money than necessary.
If you want to emulate, buying the new 7000s amd CPU is a good idea, since they can emulate better. I don't remember the feature it has, but it helps with emulation.
Do your research, there is no better time to make a pc now than ever, because PC sells are low, since everyone and their mother bought a PC the last to years because of the chink-burger flu.
>>174197 (OP) 
Sliding this thread so I don't have to see this webm every time I open the catalog and get horny.
I'm looking to understand why I cannot host a server or download via torrent. Here are all the ports that are open after running nmap on my public IP address:
`Not shown: 65527 closed tcp ports (conn-refused)
21/tcp    filtered ftp
22/tcp    filtered ssh
23/tcp    filtered telnet
80/tcp    open     http
443/tcp   open     https
2080/tcp  filtered autodesk-nlm
30005/tcp filtered unknown
30006/tcp open     unknown`
I've tried using 30006 as that's unreserved, but that has yet to work for me for hosting or p2p. Any advice? Should I just go to my ISP and see if they can do anything for me?
Did you thoroughly go over your modem's firewall settings?
Replies: >>177115
How would I go about checking that? I didn't even know modems could have firewalls.
You will need port forwarding from your modem/router to whatever you want exposed.
Replies: >>177259
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Can anyone here dump all of his Eden folder? I need it for research purposes.
Replies: >>177213
I think it'd be best if that mene died. Attention is exactly what he wants, the only winning move is not to play.
Replies: >>177216 >>177217
Hi eden in disguise
Replies: >>177217
[Hide] (57.2KB, 638x576)
I said I want it for research purposes and not anything malicious like derailing the thread >>177216.
Please dump them.
Unfortunately, that hasn't worked. It's weird, because there are some files that work and an overwhelming majority do not. I'm going to contact my ISP or just get a VPS since I plan to do hosting as well as torrenting.
Replies: >>177260
>some files that work and an overwhelming majority do not.
What? I am not sure what you even tried to do.
Replies: >>177263
Replies: >>177292
Is it worth getting a switch and hacking it to play some games or is it literally a no games station? is the nu-est nintrendo shit even worth playing?
Replies: >>177270 >>177272
[Hide] (6MB, 3000x2200)
No, no and no.
Switch emulation is better, faster and easy to run.
No I got that you want to forward something but I don't understand what you have tried so far and with what you are actually working.
Stranger of Sword City is fun.
Has anyone had success with Fitgirl installers in WINE? I can't seem to get it working.
Someone explain how the fuck you access the watched threads list. I can't tell if I'm a fucking retard or if Tom is and it looks like he's obliterated fatchan from existence again so I can't even ask him. And he makes no mention of how to actually see your watched threads on his gitgud jschan page. Between him and stephenlynx I don't know who's more retarded.
Pls do not rood post here.
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[Hide] (1.3MB, 3933x4096)
>Has anyone had success with Fitgirl installers in WINE?
No. Installing repacks of any sort without a headache is one of the few reasons I keep a Win7 and Win10 virtual machine ready to launch through VirtualBox. The way I've made it work is that I use the "shared folders" feature to allow the virtual machine to see both the location where the repack installer is, and the location where you intend to install it. Though when you install to a shared folder in a virtual machine you miss out on the dependencies and registry entries that the setup might install, since those are dumped on the virtual machine instead. (Though that has never created issues for me personally)
If anyone has a workaround I'd want to know about it as well.

>Go to reddit's r/linux if you want to be spoonfed, dumb linuxnigger.
Or better yet, >>177333 you might try https://www.reddit.com/r/LinuxCrackSupport/ instead. Since it exists.
Also I'm going to call you a nigger in turn, nigger.
Replies: >>177414 >>177416
It werked on my machine. I've installed The Sims 3 and Kenshi using them.
[Hide] (98.8KB, 620x768)
That's a lot of questions.
Replies: >>177383
[Hide] (534.9KB, 1500x1100)
[Hide] (11.1MB, 1280x720, 00:50)
To be fair, the conversation did start to go off topic which was understandable as to why the posts were deleted. It doesn't mean I agree with it, however. 
Yeah it is, but this board has a lot of video games and it's for talking about video games. So, naturally, it makes sense that this thread would have a lot of questions in it.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 2560x1440)
I think I had Frostpunk work flawlessly for some reason but everythin else, no dice.

Most of that place seems to be concerned with the SteamDeck, for stuff like this I prefer to browser GitHub and as such I came up with this https://github.com/Francesco149/protonfit
Should be worth a try or at least some information on this.
Replies: >>177433
Fitgirl repacks usually require a somewhat recent .NET version, most of them werk fine on my machine.
You might need to open the modem-forwarded ports on your local firewall.
[Hide] (211.3KB, 499x364)
imagine being this butthurt your jew scam failed
Repostan here since it looks like the old QTDDTOT thread died

Looking for a game, I saw 20-25 years ago at a friend. It was a windows (or maybe a dos) game, there was some Rube Goldberg like machine, with some kind of animal (maybe a cat), very simple 2D graphics with some windowsy UI. Upon some searching I stumbled upon the The Incredible Machine series, they look similar but looking at the screenshots it doesn't quite match what I have in my head. Graphically it was something like the first game, even maybe a bit worse, probably gray background, and a definitely different UI. The windows version of TIM2 looks more like what I remember from the GUI perspective, but it definitely didn't have more than 8 or 16 colors. Maybe it was some cheap TIM knockoff?
Replies: >>177424 >>177432
[Hide] (42KB, 648x444)
Replies: >>177425
Nah, I saw that, no, it wasn't that cartoony/childish.
I believe The Incredible Machine had three games. I had the same issue as you and I think I was remembering the third game.
Replies: >>177436
>UPDATE: some of the wine patches used by this script have been merged into wine as of 5.17, so if you prefer you can just manually use plain old wine now as long as you have 5.17
When I install fitgirl games in my linux machine it just works, I guess it depends on the game.
>TIM 3 not on moby games
There's hardly any info about this gaem on the net, but I've found a video:
And actually, you might be right. I remember it looking a bit worse, but maybe my memory is fuzzy at this point. Either that, or that guy set his monitor to 16 colors, for whatever reason (I think it was a quite crappy computer, so it's not unthinkable).
Replies: >>177457
Actually, that's not even the one I was thinking of. The one I played as a kid was The Incredible Machine - Even More Contraptions. I've still got it installed. You're surely thinking about one of the games in this series.
Replies: >>177476
Alright, fuck my memory, what game from the series should I download to fuck around with?
Replies: >>177485
I dunno. I only played the one I mentioned and as I understand it, it has a lot of the levels from the previous games just with fancy new 800x600 graphics. I remember having a lot of fun as a kid messing around in the level designer since you could make some interesting semi-"realistic" scenarios. I'd play whichever has the most levels.
[Hide] (496.2KB, 1920x1055)
How's going solo through pic related? Heard it's only good playing with someone.
It's extremely repetitive. It can be fun, but you'll get through all of it's content in about a day.
He was wrong, as someone who dislikes side-scrolling beat-em-ups I loved Dragon's Crown. There's plenty of replayability, albeit mildly hampered by the RPG leveling.
Replies: >>177509
It's not a bad game but the games before it were more fun.
Replies: >>177515
Played the tutorial and still had fun, i'm going to play with the dwarf.
Replies: >>177516
>Heard it's only good playing with someone.
Literally what isn't

[Hide] (673.8KB, 932x1100)
>going to play with the dwarf.
The dwarf is at first the most fun, but high level dwarf play is entirely using your iframes provided by your overhead AoE smash. At first I was confused as hell why this one dwarf guy had axes and nothing else in his inventory. He put all the points he could into shortening the CD of switching items so he could perpetually AoE while being invincible.
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What version of windows 7 is the best for a VM?
Is it possible to install upgrades without internet?
Replies: >>177632
Yes but it's easier to just use the upgrade system and unfuck the telemetry updates manually
Replies: >>177661
what's the best linux distro thingy to learn about computing, compiling, OSs and all that stuff? not really for games.
I've been thinking of getting a VM for getting into Win98, Win XP. I also want to try and play old games in those systems too. Can VMs be used for video gaming? On that note, which VM is the best?
Replies: >>177653
You'll usually get better results with period correct hardware / WINE / PCem / hoping to god you can slap enough wrappers to make it run on modern windows.
Does telemetry really matter if she is not going to have a phone?
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