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(You) are cordially invited to
A specially curated selection of video game movies will be played for your amusement. Some of them good, most of them bad, a handful so-bad-it's-good.
WHERE: https://cytu.be/r/vidyamovies/
WHEN: November 26 & November 27, 2022
Times are approximate and may be rounded up/down for convenience. Please arrive 10 minutes before the actual listed showtime. Each movie is followed by a 10 minute intermission.
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>>174095 (OP) 
[Hide] (987.1KB, 446x403)
my own personal opinions about a few of these so you know what to expect 
>mortal kombat
cheesy to the maxx but actually very decent
>resident evil
so so, bit rushed, feels more like a longish live action cinematic than an actual movie
bad, minus one scene
>lara croft: tomb raider
best one on the list, could stand out as a good movie on its own even without the vidya tie in, angelina jolie was perfectly cast and fit the shoes well
>silent hill
not particularly bad but it feels like the source material was tacked on
hidden gem
>super mario bros

but yeah I'll definitely be there
Seems like you just picked video game movies solely to pick video game movies. Other than Mortal Kombat, all these movies suck and not even as "so bad its good" unless you count the Mario Brothers animated movie and the live action one
Replies: >>174105 >>174111
>you just picked video game movies solely to pick video game movies
>vidya movie night
Replies: >>174111
>no RE Afterlife
fug no
Must complain, it is required, I will die unless I complain.
>all these movies suck
I don't think I can name even 5 video game movies that are good or "so bad they're good". Half the point of streams like this is to riff on the movies with the chat.
>muh bideo game movies
>no Riddick
Replies: >>174121 >>174132
that's arguably the actual biggest sin, because it's a great movie, half of them could be repalced by riddick
It's hard to be a God has a vidya gaem.
I don't remember the third Riddick movie, I know I watched it but it's a total blank.
Also wasn't this a case of the games being based on the movies? Not that it matters.
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Where's sonic ova?
Replies: >>174842
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>Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black released in 2000
>the first Riddick video game released in 2004
Even if you were to consider the 2nd movie the one to properly introduce Riddick, the 1st Riddick game was a movie tie-in released in the same date as the movie.
I'd make more sense to include the first Digimon anime or fucking [email protected] in there if we're talking about actual tie-ins to videogames.
btw cool fucking 6-word post faggot.
Replies: >>174831
fish plz pin this
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So what? It's a good movie and a good video game, more worthwhile than anything else on your list.
>btw cool fucking 6-word post faggot.
Blow it out your ass.
[Hide] (3.6MB, 02:02)
Yeah, where the fuck is it?
Seems weird to have the 1986 Mario anime on the list but not the far less obscure 1996 Sonic OVA.
Replies: >>174888
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Goddamn, this unlocked some long buried memories of dancing like an idiot to this song as a kid.
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Seems neato. I'll try to chime in.
>Not video games
>Stickied on the video games board
Why are you niggers showing mortal kombat so damn early? Can you guys change it to 12pm est or swap the timeslot between king of fighters and mk?
Replies: >>175118 >>175262
I tried to balance most of the "good" movies when most anons would be online, but I also had to balance it between burger and euro timezones. It should be a fun movie to wake up to.
Replies: >>175253 >>175262
don't worry about it, you did fine
Oh I see. Even then, the most ideal time for the screening would be a late afternoon, early evening schedule, so given timezones early evening for yuros and early~mid afternoon for burgerniggers.
By this rule of thumb the movies that'll get the most viewership would be:
>Doom and Tomb Raider on day 1
>Angry Birds and Postal on day 2
I do not believe Doom was very memorable outside the one scene that mimics the FPS viewpoint and I've got my doubts about either Tomb Raider or Angry Birds being entertaining to thrash out. I agree with >>175050 in that MK would have been the better choice.
Holy shit this thread is a lot smaller than I remember it. What happened to the 50+ posts??
[Hide] (45.5KB, 180x180)
I don't feel like counting but it's less than 50. Every single one of them was either a retard trying the old "why don't you go to kikechan anon the webring is totally dead and kikechan has muh pph, please ignore that it is in fact active and discussing things while kikechan is full of eceleb whining degeneracy and spics" trick, or fags replying to the bait. I would screencap it to show you but my computer just crashed so someone else will have to btfo you.
Replies: >>176194
>still no YTP stream
YAWN!! call me back when you get some spingebill or billy mays kino back on the menu
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>>174095 (OP) 
>Day 1
Only KoF, Tomb Raider and Ace Attorney interest me here. I'll try catching one of them.

>Day 2
Always wanted to see this since the more I hear about, the more 2000's cheese it oozes. Like how they got a bunch of Hawaiians to play as all of the asian characters.
>FF: The Spirits within
I really need to see the movie that killed Square Soft too.
Is this a Japanese movie or an American cash grab?
Replies: >>176144
>Is this a Japanese movie or an American cash grab?
Genuine nip cinema, had to find the subs and burn them myself.
please don't associate umineko with these sorts of posts thank you
Someone pointed out the mods delete too many posts.
>>174095 (OP) 
Use the extended fan edit of the Super Mario Brothers movie:
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Stop being a faggot and talk about videogames for once.
Replies: >>176435
>talk about videogames
Wait, what does this thread have to do with video games?
Replies: >>176484
Banned (Rule 5)
3 days
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Mortal Kombat starts in under 10 minutes!
Replies: >>176555 >>176567
Update the other threads
>OP invited blacked.moe
Shame, I was really looking forward to this too. I'm never associating with those fed fucking jew faggot fucking kike nigger faggot fetishist nigger fed fuckcucks.
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[Hide] (109.5KB, 581x458)
>missed the only movie I wanted to see.
Wew lad. It's not even 10 am over here. Guess I'll skip tomorrow to since I sure as hell am not getting up early for it.
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[Hide] (4KB, 305x39)
Forgot to screencap the chinese lady adlibbing bit and the lesbian sequence.
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[Hide] (134.4KB, 1024x1152)
[Hide] (15.2KB, 204x180, 00:02)
[Hide] (336.9KB, 815x761)
>Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li & King Of Fighters
>No badass Street Fighter Alpha The Animation or Obari's Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Maybe next time
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[Hide] (29.5MB, 1280x544, 02:27)
fucking bizarre movie
Replies: >>176578 >>176588
Spoiler File
(13.9MB, 1280x544)
Spoiler File
(56.3KB, 921x1008)
From Apefrica Fighter we're off to a good start.
Replies: >>176578
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how DARE you enter Umbrella Corps' research institute
Replies: >>176578
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Reminder to take it easy.
Replies: >>176578
[Hide] (39.9KB, 726x669)
>of all times I decide to indulge in normalfags pleasures and go get drunk in pubs it's when there's /v/ movie night
ah well, I had fun anyhow, maybe next time
Replies: >>176576
We're still going faggot, just join.
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Been here for three hours.
Whaddya think of these movies, /v/.
I'm enjoying so far... First two movies were "so bad it's good okay" but the third was pretty good.

[Hide] (56.7KB, 500x373)
the movies are okay, the people are fucking great.
[Hide] (148.4KB, 347x277)
I'm having fun.
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[Hide] (882.7KB, 1026x576, 00:03)
God fucking damnit these mo/v/ies keep getting shittier and shittier.
[Hide] (15.2KB, 507x501)
Found a buddy to Ice-T.
Replies: >>176590
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And this good boy smelt the nigger stentch from >>176588
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[Hide] (671.5KB, 560x288)
I have zero idea what happened on this scene.
Replies: >>176601
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[Hide] (866.7KB, 779x563)
The apple dumplings were good.
Replies: >>176603 >>176608
You're seeing from the perspective of the CRT, probably to feel pity for it, since this is how niggers handle most computers.
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>>176600 (checked)
That does look delicious.
Glad you've spent a nice afternoon.
>>176600 (checked)
So you missed the shitty movies AND got to prepare a delicious meal? Lucky bastard.
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Real raped of Polynesian men age 25 - 50

Files taken from hell, mars

[Hide] (79.4KB, 900x710)
[Hide] (45.4KB, 1498x218)
>mods actually deleted the gordonchan spoof links
Come on now.
Replies: >>176742 >>176755
[Hide] (5.5MB, 854x480, 00:35)
For the dude who mentiones Frasier in chat.
I took screenshots, will post them later.
Replies: >>176755
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[Hide] (405.6KB, 852x480)
hey OP, can you post your source for the Ace Attorney movie? (and its subtitles)
Replies: >>176764

Replies: >>176765
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Review each of these movies, and tell us which ones were the best, and which were the worst! Responses will be recorded and stored indefnitely, by replying to this post you forfeit all rights to privacy and anonymity without any semblance of the aforementioned whatosever.
According to the end-of-movie-night poll:
>Best movie: Postal
>Worst movie: Street Fighter: The Legend oc Hun-Li

>Mortal Kombat
>Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
>Resident Evil
>The King of Fighters
>Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
>Ace Attorney
>DOA: Dead or Alive
>Super Mario Bros: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!
>Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
>Yakuza: Like A Dragon
>Silent Hill
>The Angry Birds Movie
>Super Mario Bros.
best movie: super mario bros
worst movie: super mario bros
Best: Postal
Worst: Warcraft
Replies: >>176960
I was only here for silent hill, angry birds, and postal.
Best: postal
worst: silent hill
Big thanks to 8chan and anon.cafe for making up the majority of viewers
Replies: >>176959
[Hide] (97.7KB, 566x973)
I think you're just making shit up.
What is wrong, anon? You didn't like the chink elfs?
[Hide] (11.8MB, 960x720, 01:23)

I have misplaced the channel for jackbox tonight, can anon help? Also best movie was Angry Bird, worse was KoF.
Replies: >>176975
Replies: >>176976
[Hide] (130.3KB, 541x367)
Thanks anon
[Hide] (70.2KB, 350x399)
Looking back I did have fun with the streams. It certainly played like a /bmn/ movie night so riffing shitty movies with others was much of the charm.
Measuring movies from best to worst doesn't make sense. If anything I'd measure them from the most fun to the least fun to be had with them.
I'd locate my most fun had around Street Fighter~Resi and perhaps Doom and the least fun any time from the second day I chipped in.
I'd add everyone on the second day blew and was a miserable faggot and this thread showcases it.
I only wished Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Bros were shown either later in the day for MK or earlier with SMB.
IIRC some faggots were /bmn/ regulars, most said they came from zzz/v/ and a few others came form other sites that are not 8moe (for example that dude from smug/a/).
Only time I remember someone mentioning 8moe was with that insufferable sandnigger saying he posted his arm there to prove he was white.
Replies: >>177057 >>177167
Then explain why this thread only has like 50 replies while all the others have much more? except /geimu/

inb4 you get your post deleted for answering the question
Replies: >>177059 >>177061
[Hide] (16.1KB, 208x240)
I've just checked 8moe's thread because you've told me to and the 8moe thread has 20 exact posts.
On those 20 posts, 10 of them revolve around wanting to fuck the /egy/nigger's asshole.
What's more, this thread predates 8moe's by 14 days. 8moe's was made one day before the stream.
>inb4 you get your post deleted for answering the question
[Hide] (369.7KB, 1920x3371)
Listen, if you don't believe me here's your fantastic 8moe thread.
I don't know how to archive from 8moe now since that stupid splash screen appears but here it is.
I don't think I need to archive it either since given your claims you seem to be there all day long, so you have seen it already, right?
Replies: >>177070 >>177167
Ignore him. He's the faggot that reposts threads between boards to cause drama.
The movie nights were great and just what I needed being bedridden during flu season. Major props to OP for setting up zzzchan text formatting and coming up with them sweet emotes, don't forget to burn subtitles into all movies next time faggot.

The 8moe anon who posted his hand is very much white, he was just thirsting after the sandniggers in the chat and I bullied him into posting hand to prove he's white. Can't believe the other 8moe anons are now thirsting for it though lmao. he does have a nice hand I'll admit but I'm exclusively into goats :^)

>splash screen
<terms and conditions
Now that's a new low, even lower than 4cuck. Why does anyone even bother with that shithole?
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