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I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. I bought a joystick years ago but have never seriously used it. I've always wanted to try playing these with someone else, but a gamenight is not a suitable as there is a substantial learning curve. Therefore, I want to encourage a lot of participation in the thread and build up a group over the course of weeks.

Games I have played:
The best open-source flight sim, though rather janky in my opinion. Available on all platforms.

>Falcon 4.0
A dogfighting sim released over 20 years now, it remains the most accurate F-16 simulator to date thanks to a source code leak and the continued development of the BMS mod.  Mod is only available via torrent, which you can access if you join their forums. Windows only and I have not tested it in WINE. Available as Falcon Gold via GOG. BMS is available via torrent.

>Microsoft Flight Simulator
A longstanding classic series that is more suited for beginners. FS2020 is Windows and Xbox-only, but can probably be emulated with Wine. In any case, Flight Simulator X is considered to be a classic and easily pirate-able, but it requires some modding to improve realism like additional avionics. If you have any recommended mods or guides to improving FSX, please post them here. It's probably the best starting point for easing into things.

>IL-2 Sturmovik 
A series published and retired by Ubisoft, who if you don't know used to publish excellent simulators. Be sure to check out Silent Hunter if you want some submarine action. Another great starting point because planes were simpler and you get to shoot shit.

>Ace Combat
Seriously, though, great games if you haven't tried them. At least play 04.

Games I have not played:
>Rise of Flight
WWI flying simulator that I've been meaning to try.

A more enthusiast-oriented simulator. I have not personally played this one yet, but v12 has recently released. Unpirate-able.

Another dogfighting simulator like Falcon BMS, but has a lot more variety and is overall higher quality, you have to pay out the nose to get anything. Also unpirate-able.

Lockheed's version of MFS. I really know nothing about this one other than it has high realism like X-Plane.
Bump. I’m currently working on configuration for BMS and seeing if I can create a gamepad profile to increase accessibility, but does anyone have a preference for what they’d like to try? I also need a Windowsfag to test compatibility with me.
I liked MS Combat Flight Sim 2 back in the day. I don't understand the point of the flight sims with no combat in them though, they seem as boring as watching paint dry.
Replies: >>174162 >>174173
I at least want to give FSX a go and see how people respond to that, but yes, I plan on more combat-oriented sims. IL-2 Sturmovik is the immediate one that stands out as being the one to get people going, but my greater objective is getting people playing BMS.
Replies: >>174172
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IL-2 is great fun, easy to set up, runs on toasters, has tons of mods and custom content, as well as randomly generated missions and whole campaigns. Would be cool to get a /v/ group to play with.
>Rise of Flight
Flying feels fun, graphics are nice. Doesn't meet the very high standards set by Il-2 in any other area. Play only if you have a sugar daddy and/or trackIR and like having a cactus up your ass which is account creation. Devs are fags.
>Il-2 Sturmovik
Tons of content. Very fun game. Can be easily and extensively customized/modded, no online registration required. The pilot head view system is simple but brilliant.
>Ace Combat
It's said that this series has good music, just like the movie Titanic. Some are easily impressed, it seems.

It might be fun to try out certain challenges such as navigating in a hectic airspace near major airports, landing in bad weather and so on. But the lasting appeal of flight sims does come from combat stuff
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pw IL2

First time trying it out in Proton, and it works just fine. I'm almost done with a controller profile, but at the moment I'm trying to figure out how to map the gyroscope to the mouse so you can get that TrackIR-like experience. I was thinking about using some third party app, but it seems unnecessarily complex. There is a third party application for this, but I think I'm just going to figure out how get it set up via Steam since that will most likely be easier for others to follow.

I'll also have to look into hosting, and I have never hosted IL-2 before. I don't know if I can host, at least yet. I've hosted plenty in the past, been getting decently knowledgeable about networking, and have a lot of access to computers. I can probably go as for as to set it up at my workplace so I don't have to pay for power or take one computer home to set up at my personal residence to take advantage of my high-speed internet. While I have exposed my own IP address in the past, I want to try setting it up with a VPN in case I have to host it. Anyone have good suggestions for something line that? Keep in mind that:
>it would only be used as a gateway for hosting, so no worries in how they handle piracy
>to keep latency low, it'd have to be relatively local Ontario-based
I'm sure my ISP will have some suggestions.
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I also want to get some input regarding voice chat if that's something I should be even looking into. Discord is obviously the go-to just kidding haha... unless...? but please tell me what you think. I know that most people here are still waiting for their balls to drop, but but especially in flying games voice is extremely useful and it'll probably be good for some of you fags to actually socialize.
Replies: >>174247
People are rightly afraid of someone IRL recognizing them and getting harrassed for using a hate truths platform so I don't think it would get much use other than micspam. On the other hand we have unironic beta orbiters visiting here so what do I know, if you must then just set up a Mumble server.
Replies: >>174249
Nerrel's video on gyro aim if anyone can figure it out. It would just be mapped for the camera, not for any steering. Setting it to DirectX seems to break rendering, so leave it at OpenGL. Also, setting the config for 1080 prevents launching, so create a backup of the default config.

Is it really paranoia that prevents people from talking and not social anxiety? Hardly anyone knows about the site, and while I wouldn't be surprised by some level of monitoring from an unwanted entity, the likelihood that any of it would even be archived for identification and other malicious activity is extremely low. If you're really concerned about a layer of anonymity being stripped away, all you have to do is not say any no-no words.
Replies: >>174250
Forgot link
Not flight sims but some other games for a flight stick (recommended by anons back on 8/v/ years ago) are Kerbal space program and Star Wars episode 1 Racer. Both work and both were pretty fun with it
Replies: >>174511
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Those sort of games aren't the intent of the thread. In fact, neither is the thread even about joysticks. You have to be a enthusiast to have one, so I'm working out ways to make it playable with a gamepad.

Speaking of, I finally got the gyroscope working. It requires running it through Steam and is entirely optional, and while there's apparently a non-Steam solution too, it's not actually intended for Linux and the last thing I need to do is deal with more Windows emulation. There is apparently a way to do it without it, but that's going to be too complicated to set up and I expect that a good chunk of people already have Steam installed. It ended up the wrong aspect ratio somehow, but here's some test footage from my first flight where I didn't crash and burn in the ground (though I nearly did).

Next step is dedicated server. It doesn't seem to want to run on Linux, so I'll have to fuck around with Windows Server once I get back to work.
Replies: >>174518
>You have to be a enthusiast to have one
I can barely land a plane in DCS and I have one.
Replies: >>174596
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I must say that Steam is far more useful for configurations than the ini file, so I'm going to keep adjusting that and will upload that along with the modified ini once that's done. I finally mapped yaw to the triggers. Keep in mind this is for the Dualshock 4, so you'll have to adjust the profile to whatever gamepad.

'Joycons and Pro Controller'
Big drawback is that they have digital triggers, but the gyro is good and in the case of the joycons, you could probably configure one to be stick control and another for camera. No idea how that will play out.

'Dualshock 3 & 4 and Dualsense'
All three controllers have gyro. Starting with the DS4, there's a trackpad in the center that is somewhat useful for other calibrations. The Dualsense has haptic feedback that might be supported in IL-2, but I'm guessing not.

'Steam Controller'
Supposedly the best gryoscope. Besides having trackpads, it also has paddles on the back that would be useful. 

I encourage people to use a joystick/HOTAS, but I don't expect as many people have them as they have gamepads, and I want to make this as accessible as possible.
Replies: >>174598 >>174600
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>I encourage people to use a joystick/HOTAS, but I don't expect as many people have them as they have gamepads, and I want to make this as accessible as possible.
I had this joystick as a kid when I played CFS2. Probably wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much with a keyboard or regular gamepad.
I appreciate the time and effort you're taking to do this. Truth to be told I wanted to make a thread like this myself but didn't want to deal with the headaches of having to act as a tardwrangler and I didn't think there would be any interest. I'll definitely join something if you end up setting it up.
Replies: >>174608
Don't thank me yet, I still have to figure out server hosting and stability. I have access to a considerable amount of computer parts and shouldn't have to pay.

If I do get that working, though, I'd probably have something persistent and rotate what game is played every month or two. One day on the weekends, I would lower the difficulty and disable most realism settings to get newbies like me comfortable with flying and with controls. One game per rotation with the two games for now being Sturmovik and Falcon, but I want to get FSX in a few nights for familiarization flights/shitposting potential.

If you do know anything about flight sims or at least know of any resources I can read/watch or modifications I can enable, I would be most grateful.
Replies: >>174716
Any of you fags had bought virpil joysticks?
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Here's my current config for Sturmovik and Steam is very much required for it. Very annoying to set up, but it works well enough but I plan on making more adjustments when I get more familiar with the game. I'm going to avoid mapping more specific actions like fuel mixture.

Server work begins tomorrow. I have an old computer that I am going to rebuild and repurpose. It also has FSX on it.
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This is all for IL2 1946
>big source of mods, skins, custom campaigns etc.
>official patch list
don't need to bother with the optional ones
>fan patches and full conversions
mind when updating to the official patches because IIRC the mod activator (required) only works on a specific version of the official patches
Replies: >>174739
Thank you. I noticed that the game needs to be patched to the latest version. With the one linked, all that is needed is going to be Patch 19 from https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&get=5536 

If you have the game already, upgrade path is at https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Knowledge_Base&file=print&kid=584&page=1
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News on server.

The computer needs a complete rebuild. It's fairly old at this point, but it can still be repurposed. I'll need to install Windows 10 or Server to get everything up and running. I also have discovered that the gog version doesn't come with dedicated server software. It seems that is gotten from https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&c=575, except they're released in patches, meaning I'll have to install something like 25 patches to get to the version I plan on running. Needless to say, it's going to take a while.

Dualshock 4 profile is nearly done. There is a minor inconvenience where the gyro toggles off on zoom. I also cannot get the throttle working in an ideal way and it pisses me off. It only works now in increments of five rather than just being like a slider I intended. This is the first major limitation from the Steam mapping software. All it needs is some sort of analog lock and then it could operate as a proper slider.
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>>173777 (OP) 
I love the feel of a single engine jet fighter
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In relevant news:
>In September 2022, the USAF announced that the B-21 would be unveiled in early December 2022 in Palmdale, California.
Replies: >>177614
Atención! Looks like the 4.15 release is a buggy shitshow and none of the existing servers are running it.
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Every time niggerpill shows up in a thread I hope he starts doing what he preaches.
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>>173777 (OP) 
less BVR, more dogfights
Replies: >>175471
Server software is running on my old machine, but I can't do any remote administration at the moment because Windows 8 sucks.

Uploading guide if anyone else would like to peruse it.
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I love delta-wings with canards
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Just giving a quick update on Sturmovik.

I'm going into gut my old computer this Monday and make sure everything is clean. I figured out I can get a Windows Server license through my job, but since it's not something I'm super familiar with it may be unstable for a bit while I experiment. I hope to have the server up for testing by the end of next week and will see how long I can keep it up. I also plan on doing something with BMS during this time as that's another game I'm interested in. It's final physical location will determine how long it operates for, but for now, I at least want it set up for regular intervals for part of the day and evening, east coast time.
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>peek at thread
>anon is setting up a serb for flyin
Here ya go bro.
I apologize for the delay in updates.

I've since physically cleaned out the computer and while I don't have my server set up yet, I'll be setting it up on my computer and seeing if I can get it working with Wine. Here are some config files I made for my gamepad. Use them if you'd like, but it's for a Dualshock 4. When you create a new pilot, drop settings.ini in Users/[PILOT NAME]/settings.ini in your IL-2 directory. As for controller_ps4.vdf, the game needs to be added to Steam and controller enabled. I would recommend getting the "URL"  of your controller's current layout as that is actually the path and placing it there. The option for controller layout should appear on your game's page in your library and from there, you'll want to hit the settings icon and then Layout Details.

I'll be making modification later on, probably after I attempt to set up a profile with Falcon. It's not very organized, but it works well enough.
Replies: >>176183
I made my own settings for controller
I want to apologize for the delay. I haven’t gotten the Windows Server key yet and remote administration is a massive pain in the ass with what Windows version I currently have installed. I’ve been attempting to run it with Wine, but there seems to be some level of incompatibility. I’ll be fairly busy next week, but I hope to continue work tomorrow night.
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Does this have a coop mode for anons who can't into flight stick autism?
Replies: >>176835 >>176854
You can man bombardier/gunner stations in missions (both coop and pvp flavors), but I don't recall it being possible in an ongoing dogfight map.
In my limited experience, it's not particularly fun or useful.
Replies: >>176854
>In my limited experience, it's not particularly fun or useful.
pretty much, most of the time you'll be stuck looking at nothing with a limited range of motion and when the action happens one of these things will happen
>you get killed by single burst of machinegun fire before you can even retaliate or realize
>the plane gets megafucked and goes down before you can even retaliate or realize
>you don't get a shot because your attackers are out of range or past your maximum angle so you're just sitting there like a cuck
>the pilot's erratic movements make it next to impossible to aim
>the action doesn't actually happen because the mission is successful or nobody tried to engage meaning you just sat for 30 minutes doing literally nothing but staring at clouds
<none of the above but your input is still extremely limited because maybe you shoot 1 or 2 planes at best
only one of these options includes fun and that amount of fun is tiny because flight sims are not cod, or battlefield scripted turret missions with dozens and dozens of targets, explosions and cool moments, it's just you, sitting on a fixed mg for 20 minutes listening to the hum of the engine, and hoping shit goes bad enough that you get in an engagement and can actually play the game for like 1 minute before it's over
Replies: >>176868
Do mods that add night fighters with co-op radar exist?
DCS F-14 gamenight never ever.
Replies: >>177080
Another update.

I've been having a lot of trouble getting this set up. I'm worried it might be ISP-related because this isn't the only network issue I've had. I'm sure that my router is configured correctly, but things have yet to work.
some campaigns are at night and if I'm not mistaken the randomly generated ones can be at night, there's no radar in vanilla but the map can be set to show or hide friendly/enemy planes
>Do mods that add night fighters with co-op radar exist?
apparently there is at least one but it seems fairly limited it what it offers
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>Scorched Earth Online War (SEOW) is a persistent coop campaign system for the IL-2 series of flight simulations, and is fully compliant with Daidalos Team patch 4.12.2 and with HSFX v7.x. SEOW allows users to download a variety of pre-built campaign templates, or to build their own campaign templates using the IL-2 Full Mission Builder (FMB). A SEOW campaign, basically a set of opposing forces placed on a map, is initialized with a starting template which includes the order of battle (on both sides) that will take part in a given theatre of operations. The system will then allow for sequential hourly mission (or multiples of hours) generation based on direct input from at least two opposing commanders, one Allied and one Axis. The system will also allow sub-commanders of individual units.
>All air, sea and ground operations are planned using a web-based mission planner. As a commander, you classify which flights will attack available targets, and when. Similarly, you command your own tanks, guns, vehicles, trains and ships. Fog of war persists throughout, with reconnaissance levels affecting the amount of information that opposing commanders can use to plan missions. The mission plans for any given hour in the day cycle are merged based upon the plans of the opposing sides. One essential difference between SEOW and other IL-2 online wars is that there is no computer-generated movement or opposition (although computer-generated opposition can be scripted if desired). SEOW is fundamentally a head-to-head, human-vs-human strategic contest in terms of planning, PLUS you also get to fly each mission as a tactically oriented pilot - the best of both worlds.
>The mission is generated local to the Host computer, then hosted to the squadrons taking part in the online campaign using standard IL-2 coop hosting methods. The best part of all of this is that the combat outcomes in each mission are persistent. If you take out a bridge early in the day, it will still be destroyed several hours (missions) later. A tank destroyed at a junction will leave a burning wreck in the precise location. Bombing of industrial area will destroy buildings and cause smoke visible for miles. As you can see, SEOW expands upon elements featured in previous online campaigns, but a major aspect of SEOW is that it offers persistent damage templating and full command over all units, as well as an open source software format. If you feel like a part of SEOW is not to your liking, code a new one. We hope to make the process of providing modifications to the system as smooth as possible and centralized via http://www.sourceforge.net/

Would this be viable for a webring-wide Gamenight event?
Replies: >>177613 >>177655
sounds great, except everyone will play axis
Replies: >>177618
also following up to this, the B21 will be unveiled live later today at 7:30 PM ET.

here's the link to the stream if anyone cares, starts in 4 hours
You'd have to do it like Wurm and crosspost it to some other vidya forums. White men will pick axis, everyone else will pick allies and get beat up by the axis players.
Replies: >>177624
Are you suggesting a Webring Coalition vs. Reddit Alliance match?
Replies: >>177643
that'd be fun actually
Hostfag reporting in. I will try this in a bit. It's just been a pain in the ass because I don’t have ssh set up yet so I have to keep plugging my peripherals in and out of multiple computers.
Replies: >>177658 >>177878
[Hide] (183.8KB, 1600x1095) Reverse
Thanks mate.
>>173777 (OP) 
>doesnt play mechwarrior 4
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Any updates on this?
Replies: >>177897
Server software runs, I just haven't done any testing because at the moment, I don't have any place to physically place it. My office doesn't have enough room with my workstation and my router, which is where it will end up being next to, is a few rooms away from where I am. I was really waiting for the Windows Server license to proceed further, but since that seems to be held up, my best option at the moment is to plug it into my television since it has output and ethernet runs to it and just run between both computers with keyboard and mouse in hand. All is good at the moment, it's just a matter of convenience that's holding me up.
Replies: >>177900
Ganbare anon.
Another brief update.

For whatever reason, I seem to have a registry corruption. I'm going to install a heavily-stripped Windows 10 variant called Tiny10 and try to get the necessary software packages installed via virtual machine (I don't even think it has network drivers by default.) It's actually been a pain in the ass to find and seems to have been taken down once before, so I'm going to be seeding it. This isn't really the thread for it, but I may as well put it here. Be warned, I cannot vouch for it yet. 
Replies: >>178001
>I'm going to install a heavily-stripped Windows 10 variant called Tiny10
Shouldn't IL-2 1946 run fine on Win7?
Replies: >>178023
This is just for hosting the server, IL2 should even work in XP. I’m just sharing it because it was difficult to find.
Status update.

Server is (mostly) set up. I was having trouble creating WIndows installation media, but the old computer is finally running and I can remotely administrate it. The top fan is fucking loud so I'm just going to pull the plug on that.

At this point, the only thing that seems to be preventing me from having the server running is my lack of understanding of the software. I do need to make some further alterations, like figure out how to start the ssh daemon on start as well as learn a little bit about Windows command line, but there's a pretty good chance that it will be ready for testing by this weekend. I'm rather excited as this has been a pain in the ass and I've had a lot of work that has interfered with the setup.

I'm going to be doing testing for about an hour tonight. You should be on IL-2 Sturmovik v4.14.1m if you want to attempt to connect. IP for now is
Replies: >>178967
[Hide] (16KB, 284x284) Reverse
Wait a second, I may have corrupted my Windows installation.
Replies: >>178969
I'm sorry, I fucked something up something with the ssh daemon. I think the issue was that I had it installed in my User directory, which Windows init-equivalent or whatever doesn't have access too. Basically, I effectively softlocking the computer. In any case, it's back down for now until I have this resolved.
Did it died?
Replies: >>179972
Sorry, I should've communicated all of this. I'm the one streaming UT, so I've been preparing for that and want to get Sturmovik up the week after that's concluded.
[Hide] (18.9KB, 640x361) Reverse
I've also neglected to mention that we can add custom skins in this game.
Replies: >>179982
Oh yeah, you can create or edit plane skins, pilot skins and even create custom squadron emblems, not to mention noseart for the U.S. Air Force planes.
The ease of customization in good ol' 46' is something that many more "modern" sims fail to deliver.
Replies: >>181762
It's over, planes soon.
Replies: >>183116
[Hide] (163.7KB, 300x300) Reverse
I come back a defeated man. I really don't like updates like this, but I've had a number of issues with the computer that was supposed to be the server and I'm seriously questioning how much more money I put into the thing. I know that the motherboard has been damaged because I had to move my GPU down a PCI-e slot years ago. I don't know to what extent the thing is fucked, but it's been such a pain in the ass to get it working. 

I had an OS corruption, which I thought was my mistake, but then I had an SSD failure. I have a new one in, and I would really REALLY like to try to get this up next week before I have to commit my time to an IRL project starting in late January. I'm sorry about all of the delays. I wanna fucking fly.
Replies: >>184259
It's such a pity that clay pigeons server died some years ago. It was the best il-2 server.
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