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>what is foxhole
foxhole is a top down where MMO war is waged on a persistent map between the wardens (blue WW1 french aesthetic) vs the colonials (green WW2 allied aesthetic). The game has a focus on logistics and combined operations, and a recent update turned logistics into factorio-like

>is the game fun
yes and no
the game is boring/frustrating playing by yourself unless you are a partisan and shooting in the game does take some getting used, logistics and building can be described as point and or point and click farmville, while the fronts can be manned by retarded and/or megalomaniacs but the real dopamine rush is building key infrastructure, delivery key equipment, or participating in map-wide blitz

>who to join
join the wardens (the cum spam can be annoying so you are warned), because they get super cool equipment
the game is divided up to 3 shards and shard 1 has the biggest and best fights while shards 2 and 3 have a lot of new players

I also have a regiment made with some friends BBC on shard one, so at the very least I can at least show newer players the ropes

>whats the plan
help push/hold key positions to get a good scrap'n
faculties were introduced last war can make battle tanks and super heavy tanks. HOWEVER, these faculties that can produce these tanks are usually exclusive to large clans due to maintenance costs, but making and manning a battle tank would be very cool
>Join the BBC team
Fuckoff Louie
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Spoiler File
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whats the matter whyte boi? afraid of joining the big boy's club? :^)
>>172355 (OP) 
The logistics in the game makes me wish planetside had something like it.
I also want to want to let anons who already have the game, now would be the time to play, because shard 1 and 3 are in resistance mode, where no one cares about points so you can get a good feel for the game
Replies: >>172458
>>172355 (OP) 
No planes or air support?
Foxhole 1.0 Inferno 
Foxhole is an amazing game and there really is nothing like it
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>No pirate link
>Join the "BBC team" my fellow anonymous channers! 
>Now is the time to buy play the game guys! :)
>shill thread
>for a shit game no one wants to play
Yeah dude, sage as downvote!
Replies: >>172458
We're also known as the Bi Boyz Coalition so you should totally spend 25$ right now to earn such a title.
>mommy said if i accuse everyone of shilling i will get upvotes
Eat shit, nigger.
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>anti-raid bump
Wanna know how I can tell you're the one slowly sliding the webm thread off the catalog?
When it all comes together and everyone is working in harmony its fantastic. There are the meatgrinder fights but those are also fun in their own unique hell sort of way.
0k nigger, there are at least 8 of us in the Big Boys Club regiment actually playing, and all your disruptive kvetching won't change that. Cope harder, nogaems faggot.
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>>172360 >anons who already have the game
>thinks BBC stands for BIG BLACK DICKS
it actually stands for "british broadcasting corp" the fact that we like black/brown dicks in our wives is merely coincidental :^)
>shit game
you aren't wrong
agreed, which is why I want to play with other anons
Replies: >>172469
>the fact that we like black/brown dicks in our wives is merely coincidental :^)
Uhhh speak for yourself. I thought it was a gay club so i jumped it immediately.
Spoiler File
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>>172355 (OP) 
>play the game for over a year
>/v/ regiment forms the exact month I'm occupied
Replies: >>172524
Join the group anyway. Who knows how long anons will play?
Replies: >>172526 >>172532
>dude just BUY the game then use your STEAM account to doxx yourself lmao
t.BBC pro
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you dont have to buy it nor you dont have to play it anon-kun I am speaking more for people who ALREADY have the game who may not play it
yeah I plan on making an open squad on saturday (start of the new war) so anyone can join, in case anons have reservations with having [BBC] right next to your name
however, you will get kicked if you cant tell us your favorite monster girl
Replies: >>172533
>monster girl
I knew this was reddit, now you've only confirmed it!
Replies: >>172542
Replies: >>172535
not an argument.
>>172355 (OP) 
I know we like german aethestics but cmon man they big gay
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Replies: >>172542
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dang, and I would have gotten away with my psyop/gaslight/astroturf campaign to undermine this board and extending greater isreal's reach
>wardens big gay
no u
based put a big star of david and I'll save that image
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>there are collies on zzzchan RIGHT NOW
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Don't use a username you use in other places and either private your profile or just don't put personal info. It's that simple.
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To clarify, Wardens are probably fine or just as fucked as us Collies, and I’d love to play with you guys, but I’m attached to my team now. I mean I post about this game in FFFRIDAY threads in hopes of finding some others who find thisbmess of a game fun.  Maybe I could try warden on shard 3 but I ain’t bout to switch after the constant super tank stealing GRONDing fun of last war. I’m not entirely against a sneaky breaky exchange of faction exclusive stuff with other zzziggers. Just say you got it partisaning

Also, do Wardens hate Moidawg too or is it just Colonials?
Replies: >>172557 >>172558
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>all these Wardens

Vanu lovers and sandrakers the lot of you, course I’m picking the faction that sounds more like aggressors and are constantly nerfed
Replies: >>172555 >>172557
>niggers ITT using the terms wardens and colllies as if its normal to speak it here
>using the games lingo to talk about a game is bad

No one would willing shill here for profit, the OP probably just wants to find non faggotty people in this game to play with, a difficult task sometimes desperate measures needed. The games more fun with big operations and those clans but all them use discord or revolve around a streamer. I’m fairly sure that guy who got WWEW banned off PS2 was playing at one point.
Replies: >>172557
You can call me faggot, nigger, doublenigger, and everything in between. But if you call me vanulover again by Allah,  I will slay you where you stand
Replies: >>172559
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yeah the first OFFICIAL war for wardens was an absolute shitshow on the warden side and I hate how warden clannies for fucking up that war

i think moidawg is warden, but messing with streamers in general is morally correct, I fucking hate streamers after some faggot streamer got banned the old 8v planetside2 clan
in his defense a lot of our harassment was recorded on his gay stream so he had solid proof

>calling wardens, vanu
you wanting to start a fight little collie boi?

i cant be bothered with loopythemerciful
Replies: >>172559
If there's interest I can grab and dump some useful images and links from warden shitscords I have access to. Tool sites and some images about stuff like recommended bunker layouts.

Good number of wardens other than his [spud] whiteknights make fun of Soidawg, yes.

>>172355 (OP) 
Make it to BWC so it's actually ambiguous
Your trips command apologies brother and we shall speak no more of them *SPITS*

From what I can tell it was mostly just both sides having fuck all behind front lines due to all the facility shit. Finding decayed facilities with nothing but signs was quite a sight. So much waste compared to older wars. The fact that no Colonials built our SHT due to it being a piece of shit is still funny to me. 
And again, sorry, will keep things civil and we can just go back to calling eachother babyeater instead.
Replies: >>172566
you ok collie nigger

you dont have to join the clan if you dont want to, i'll make the squad open for anons who dont want BBC in their name

yeah facilities required a fuck ton of resources for upkeep
I must admit that collies MPTs are annoying because every major push the collies had had more MPTs than defenders
i also think that the collie SHT is pretty good
Replies: >>172581
Squad voice chats are good in that they stay open after you quit, and you can switch to other ones too without leaving them. I found some Partisan guy who I would chat with while doing regular facility shit and then join up with anytime he wanted to go satchel shit. Never had to join his little clan but still got the good bits of team experience. 

Facilities are manageable with a few tricks like spacing out multiple Maint tunnels, or use of trains and pipes to either make faster or automatic the worst tasks. I spent most of last war dicking about with them. I am… willing… to join Wardens this time I guess just to see and help you guys out. If any of you are still playing after this war I’m gonna want you to come join us ORKS after for a war. 

>Collie SHT is pretty good
What do you like about it? I’m not an expert on em so want to know. Like, try telling that to any collie in world chat. Everyone instantly agreed that our Super tank was garbage not worth the bang for the buck. Too slow or no antiinfantry options or something, people in chat would say “Just make 50 battle tanks instead, its the same price”. I mean it’s the entire reason the Colonials kept stealing SHTs. We had far more stolen Warden ones than our own. I think I only know of like 2 that actually got built.
Replies: >>172591
Mods NEED to delete this thread and ban every poster including me ITT RIGHT NOW
Replies: >>172589
Okay good I was worried, glad wardens call him soidog too.
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Deleted my giant wall of words because I closed the wrong tab and I wont bother to repeat all.
Change Facility Spread Sheet file type to .xlsx for an excel chart about facility costs.
Other useful links:
https://www.foxholestats.com/ (retry connection if it fails)
https://foxholeplanner.com/ (facility planner I just found randomly, don't know if it's good but looks like it)
Artillery calculators don't account for wind direction, only use them for the opening shot.

Most clans cant coordinate their logi and amass ridiculous amounts of unused stuff in their stockpiles because everyone produces but nobody supplies, don't be like them.
Veteran Schizos will tell you that most "sabotage" actions are alts, but a good amount is retards not knowing what they do, this goes especially for facilities.
Speaking of which, make sure to build it close to both water and either coal or oil and do not make it larger than absolutely necessary. Upkeep on them is insane. Try to make maintenance tunnels run on a parallel power grid fueled by their own diesel generators with a fuel silo attached.
Many people doing a little bit of logi is more effective and less tedious than a few people trying to do a lot if you communicate it.

they are right in just making bts rather than a SHT because if you JUST have a sht without tank support, you might as well give it to the enemy which happened I will never forgive that warden clan that lost their SHT as a result
2 75mm guns can engage more targets than a 95mm tank + higher pen chance through sheer volume of fire in those quick armor engagements

based thank you anon-kun
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[Hide] (193.5KB, 1314x739) Reverse
The facility planner is not great for actual spacing, I think devs changed shit right before release and it never updated on the site. this pattern looks like it would have plenty of room but I know for a fact that it BARELY fits 3 in a row, no room for anything else. It DOES however let you do facility input output math easy.

I plan on doing a lot of facility shenanigans when we play as that's what I seem to enjoy. Do we want to work towards anything in particular? Battle tanks? Trains? GROND cannons?
Replies: >>172629 >>172634
[Hide] (3.5MB, 854x480, 00:00)
yeah I would be down to make a BT, hell, if we have the coordination, we can even make a grond cannon, I know the wardens were bitching really hard about not being able to fire with bunker 300mm
Replies: >>172635
Yeah, the colonials were a mix of “yeah, its broken, but thems the breaks, don’t blame us for finding a neutral exploit” or just yelling GROND GROND GROND
Replies: >>172639
I love Big Black Cocks too. So delicious for a white woman.
Replies: >>172639 >>172652
yeah, I wanted to make the 300mm train gun, but some one nigged our big train engine (we did steal the materials), I am also fairly certain wardens could have used our 150 guns, but I guess the randos are too retarded to use arty

Replies: >>172642 >>172652
Good to see fellow black cocks lovers in this board. White men really are a laughing stock of the entire world.
Replies: >>172652
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How about you pick a BWC? Big White Cotton you niggers.
Replies: >>172653
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[Hide] (468.1KB, 326x184, 00:23)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1242x1351) Reverse
Here’s the atarting map. It all comes down to where resources and shit are, but any region you fucks are attached to and want to make the autism base in? I usually did shit in Endless Shore, Marban Hollow, and the Fingers, but I’m sure there’s some good Northern spots too. My plans of making a shitty Isolated base on that Oarbreaker island that connects to nothing are all gone now so FUCK
Replies: >>172738
[Hide] (565.3KB, 2560x1440) Reverse
Forgot to include pic related there, this details common bunker layouts.

Combat variation at the beginning of new wars is pretty limited. All you will have is the standard-issue rifles and short-range mammon grenades for bunker busting, which necessitates human wave tactics. Field machine guns are usually teched soon which allow suppressing the AI crews of garrisons (+ players sitting in the upper level of them) and things get a lot more easier once the first armored cars and mounted rocket launchers come along.
Pay attention to damage types, especially those of explosive weapons.
>"Explosive" is a jack of all trades, that is usable vs everything but not as effective as dedicated stuff (except 75mm).
>"High Explosive" stuff is for soft targets and fortifications, but causes less direct damage vs vehicles (still okay for subsystem damage, mostly killing tracks) and does nearly nothing to trenches
>"Demolition" kills anything static
>Any damage type with "Anti-tank" or "Armor piercing" in it's name is self-explanatory, but ineffective vs structures of any kind
>"Shrapnel" guarantees bleed but structures and even lightly armored vehicles shrug it off. Colonial Bomastone frag grenade does this, while Warden Harpa grenade is Light Kinetic and focused on instant damage.
>Heavy Kinetic (anything 12,7mm) can damage T1 bunkers and armored cars enough to keep them at bay.
Closed-top vehicles don't protect you from poison gas, open-top vehicles can additionally be decrewed with guns, frags and snowstorms.
The "seat" of rifle/mg garrisons protect you from everything except gas and fire.
[Hide] (26.3MB, 1280x720, 02:49)
War 97 has begun.
Replies: >>172705
I’ll play later this afternoon. See how the BLUE MENACE lives.
Replies: >>172709
>unironically playing reddithole
Replies: >>172716
You are so autistic, I fucking love it.
Is there a squad yet or are you fucks in game? i didnt see BBC or Big boy club or Bongbongo Book Club in squad list. Wish I could fucking sort them alphabetically.
Replies: >>172736
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I was getting my groceries but squad up and open
named after our favorite anon in the thread :^)
Replies: >>172738 >>172744
I also want to point out that wardens MAY get their shit pushed in this war, so be surprised

if we are going to make bt's i would like to make them some where safe, on a backline hex like clanshead
Why is it called a fox hole? I don't see any fox holes.
Replies: >>172754
>weenie status: SUPER
Replies: >>172759
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Rawr X3 *nuzzles* How are you? *pounces on you* you're so warm o3o *notices you have a bulge* someone's happy! *nuzzles your necky wecky* ~murr~ hehe ;) *rubbies your bulgy wolgy* you're so big! *rubbies more on your bulgy wolgy* it doesn't stop growing .///. *kisses you and licks your neck* daddy likes ;) *nuzzle wuzzle* I hope daddy likes *wiggles butt and squirms* I wanna see your big daddy meat! *wiggles butt* I have a little itch o3o *wags tails* can you please get my itch? *put paws on your chest* nyea~ it's a seven inch itch *rubs your chest* can you pwease? *squirms* pwetty pwease? :( I need to be punished *runs paws down your chest and bites lip* like, I need to be punished really good *paws on your bulge as I lick my lips* I'm getting thirsty. I could go for some milk *unbuttons your pants as my eyes glow* you smell so musky ;) *licks shaft* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so musky ;) *drools all over your cawk* your daddy meat. I like. Mister fuzzy balls. *puts snout on balls and inhales deeply* oh my gawd. I'm so hard *rubbies your bulgy wolgy* *licks balls* punish me daddy nyea~ *squirms more and wiggles butt* I9/11 lovewas an yourinside muskyjob goodness *bites lip* please punish me *licks lips* nyea~ *suckles on your tip* so good *licks pre off your cock* salty goodness~ *eyes roll back and goes balls deep*
Replies: >>172760
>*Grabs you by the bulge*
ok the base has been sort of set up, we need to wait for tier 2 facility stuff to make pipes
Replies: >>172800
Alright cool. I’ll be back on in an hour or two and trybto add to it or get a small train to scrap or boat to coal going. Or i’ll go AQUIRE components through legit or not quite legit means.
Replies: >>172802
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1924x1080) Reverse
materials factory is up, I had no idea what layout you wanted so I hope this layout is fine, we still have some time to move stuff around
Replies: >>172811 >>172812
today was productive, we have a small gauge train made, materials cooking, and we got some fighting in
Replies: >>172814
I was in bed after waking up when I saw this image, I thought it was a picture of your cat or a pig at first, then I thought it was screenshot of your desktop, and only then realized it was an ingame screenshot.
[Hide] (91.3KB, 600x631) Reverse
My plan for the morning is get the train ACTUALLY fucking made with 2 of each carts, make a bunch more gravel, use a bit of it to make another mat plant with the thing that makes more using coke, try to get gsupps in bunker before decay eventually hits, and eventually try to get some proper train tracks going (first to the scrap field and comp mine, maybe the other mines a bit further aways or that comp field near us.)

I forgot how fucking simple early war is but itll pick up quick. I still am gonna whine about being warden now but you niggers are good company. Need to rebuild my edgey micspam so I can compete.
I pulled Diesel from liquid storage into the fuelrunner and refilled the power plant.
PP isn't squadlocked by the way, but I extended the locks on the other buildings.
Replies: >>172863
Good shit. I wasn’t worried about power plant locking but if we’re putting comps in there I guess we should be. If in doubt just get more cmats going. 

I just finished up before he posted, I made a little train track loop at  the end and connected those two parrallel rails (cause we couldnt reach the assembly thing) and got enough mats for 2 more carts. I figure we can make the armoured car station for early war car shenanigans until we can get tanks and after tanks are available make it a tank place.
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1922x1080) Reverse
here is the base so far, another materials factory was added on and currently has 1k cmats
I also added 2 resource transfer stations another power station to run both material factories
>picking worst faction
>unironically replying with furfag copypasta
This is a wolfspider thread.
Fuck off.
Replies: >>173035 >>173400
oh fuck,, how could you tell?
[Hide] (146.8KB, 1094x615) Reverse
Hopped on a bit by myself and nothing to do for the facility at first, we're pretty much set until tier two i think, so played the actual game until THESE unlocked. There's 2 ready with petrol in em at the place and enough for at least two more in the diesal plant.
>lost a ton of ground
>no tier 2 yet
Replies: >>173395
Frontline is especially unstable in early-game because neither side had time to plug weakpoints in their defenses.
Also Wardens getting shit on during the week isn't unusual, Colonials are good at applying constant pressure while Wardens generally focus more on blitzkrieging during weekends. If things are still fucked by saturday evening then we'll probably lose without another 30/32 play.
Replies: >>173430
>implying this shit game nobody plays is infested with literal reddit
wew lad, it took you THIS long to figure out?
Replies: >>173410
Replies: >>173470
I’m just gonna say its cause wardens just arent as good as colonials? Like, it may just be my continuous anti warden bias going but there seems to be a lot more shit clans and niggering of vehicles on this team, as well as people waiting for good shit when they should just be using what they got. Then again it may just be the bad experiences at the backline here, but if I didnt have the promise of playing with you fucks I’d have gotten pretty frustrated by now with these guys. this could also mostly be my imagination but I will keep imagining.  Hopefully they get their shit together once tier 2 facilities occur. Got lots of ideas on what to do for the facility as I just recently leanrt the magical way of the valve to keep power stations intermittently off or on and only need to refuel for tunnels like once a week. The facility from last week is still alive for now
Replies: >>173466
>cause wardens just arent as good as colonials
>anti warden bias
none, all the vets are on a hiatus
>Hopefully they get their shit together
me too but it doesnt look like it
Necrobumping like that outta catch a ban you faggot
t.mark pro
I put some bmats in the bbc stockpile of which we still need the code
Replies: >>173691
[Hide] (3.5MB, 4032x3024) Reverse
Sorry meant to post it earlier
[Hide] (242.2KB, 1375x1079) Reverse
Facility tier 2 unlocked and I got a set up which HOPEFULLY will intermittently turn off a powerstation that powers the maint tunnels, if not will figure out tomorrow. Also capable of making all the Armored car upgrades now including the anti armour and the fire one so that oughta motivate you fucks for the meme of warden weekend to play, even if this war is likely lost.
Gonna have to skip the rest of the war. Game refuses to let me leave home region and doesn't load squads and regiments at all.
If any of you fags still play next war or maybe a week I'll give things another go.
Replies: >>174094
Next war may fucking be next week at this rate, but all good. I think the plan for next war is more fucking about at the front line, maybe a bunker or something. 

As for our facility, I got Heavy Oil going to the metalworks so we can now shit out pmats faster and can make assmats IV and I made one of those fancy half tracks. If you fucks are looking for something to do today other than the big move, we could use more comps for pmats and rmats. Or just go do FUN as they’ll be on us quick anyway
I haven't played all war, are the wardens really getting their shit kicked that hard?
Replies: >>174103
Pretty much. Word in the chat is all the “high command” big clan mans took a break this war last war the colonials kept joking it was a watden break war but now it really is. Most regular people are trying but the populations low. Maybe they stuck around baker. The colonials are probably still on the morale high and im predicting several GRONDS as soon as they unlock. I’m content to dick around for the rest of it.
holy shit, there may be hope for the wardens
Replies: >>174487
They got ENERGY back. We’ll see if it lasts into Colonial Weekdays. 

STATUS OF BASE (we should name it eventually)
>We ran out of petrol so got the boat loaded with containers, but only had enough time to fill 2 and get back. Its running on coal for now. 
>made a recycler and got the broken comps going. This is gonna make quite a fuckton
>that decaying place nextdoor went, got some pmats as it did. Part of it is too close to one of our maint tunnels so if they don’t come back I’m just gonna slowly take them over

Been focusing on getting shit for our eventual BIG tanks. Making shit for ammo factory. Did one of you take the halftrack gun thing? Howd it go?
Replies: >>174515
I got more petrol for the base, as well as a fuel container of regular oil, the 68mm HT scored 2 enemy HT kills and we participated on the push into basinhome in basin sionach
(which wardens lost) who know what the next week will have in store for the wardens
[Hide] (320KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Our backline base is probably gonna be frontline real soon, so be prepared to make peace with losing the fruits of our autism. I think if the wardens did a bit more big logistics this war they could have done a bit better but who knows. People are complaining about lack of trains so I'm tempted to try and make one but I don't think it would last by the time the front got here. We got lots of shit for making tanks now so if anyone wants to nows a fine time.I've put a sign saying our shit is public cause the only other public vehicle stations are run by that racist streamer you guys keep mentioning.

We may somehow make it to WARDEN WEEKEND and outlast em but wars pretty fucked
Replies: >>174949 >>174951
>run by that racist streamer you guys keep mentioning
lm0a, that cuck, I want to make him face the wall on stream, along with all other tw*tch niggers.
Replies: >>174951
[Hide] (4.2MB, 2480x1876) Reverse
PREWEEKEND UPDATE if any of you fucks are on over the weekend. 

I've been mostly trucking to keep base running still. Base is currently run off 4 maint tunnels that should maybe keep it alive if I refill the coal power plant once a day or so. The fuel power thing has diesal in it right now due to how fucking easy it is to get the containers filled at the refinery, but it can be emptied if needed. I kind of have it so power plant is for tunnels mostly and fuel is for extra oompf if needed. (Or just turn off a tunnel for a bit but TURN IT ON AFTER)

Making it public practically emptied it overnight so I took the sign down but it looks like it made a few tanks at least. Been rebuilding and restocking a bit. Got most of what we need for any tank ops ya want and more than enough comps stored.
Gonna make a harvester in the morning for scrap yard nearby. We got plenty of materials thanks to MULTIPLE decaying bases generously existing to plunder, but want more scrap for diesal and bmats.
We can make a ammo factory but it looks like a big ones near us so if we need just try to take from them.

War situation continues to be fucked. Weekend should at least get a BIT of energy back, but mood is pretty blackpilled in world chat.  I know some of you were up cor trying collies next war but I'm fine with one more if you think they'll get their shit together next time. 

that streamer who calls for RACIAL VIOLENCE had some in region chat arguement with a clan he thought betrayed the faction and he had to bring up how much his clan does out of no where. Didn't know enough about the arguement so I jist chimed in during his most impassioned "betrayal" and "loyalty to the Wardens" text with "dude chill its just a game". No idea if it was because of me but he stopped talking after. I hope so. 
Replies: >>175243
in case anyone is wonder, the streamer's name is versaceguy and he is a total sped and should be messed with any possible chance
Replies: >>175281
[Hide] (273KB, 1275x1052) Reverse

And yeah >>175243 didn't know why till last night but boy oh boy yes he should
[Hide] (264.9KB, 1095x1043) Reverse
[Hide] (94.5KB, 871x893) Reverse

I got in a bit for the last night and made a Cruiser tank, but no ammo and crew found for it. When I got on in the morning the war was done. The Facility somehow lasted a whole war so next time we should do something more risky and fun or something.

I'm up for either faction next war. hopefully it balances out better. Either way, I'M GONNA MAKE A FACILITY DURING THE RESISTANCE PHASE CAUSE FUCK IT RACE TRACK TIME, Making one near crumbling post for the expressed purpose of making gravel for a racetrack near the pit.
[Hide] (48.3KB, 474x296) Reverse
[Hide] (50.2KB, 474x356) Reverse
need artillery support!
Anyone still playing or want to do something next war? Which side?
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Colliefag here. i’ma go warden again as I think they were deat a bad hand last war by ragequitting clannies and want to fuck around with the warden shit that didn’t get unlocked in time. This war so far looks just as bad and chat is blackpill as fuck but won’t let it get me down. 

I started making a Bunka Base for a facility in the middle of the shittiest/best spot possible. I’ll get it marked at some point. Didn’t get far as I got swept up into a proper silly Op where we took some barges and a cv and truck and built on Allods biight and took an observation tower. Hope they don’t get QRFd as hard as possible now but doubt they’ll survive.
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i should play since inferno came out but Ive been busy being a stinky boy. what should i do? i know how to supply chain pretty well from modded mineman autism experience but i dont want to just be solo grinding for some public supply depot
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New war up yet? I sat out last war.
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Yeah theyre at the third shard one war since 1.0 now. 

I don’t know honestly. I’d offer to help a bunch again like last war but slightly burned out and more so sucked into a singleplayer game for a bit. Solo facility is very possible but takes a bit of trial and error before you figure out how to do it efficiently. I’d say either just steal or help functional facilities if solo, but I also know that the designing and maintaining IS the fun. 

If you got an hour or two a night, make an autism facility for something you enjoy like artillery ammo if you like artillery or a certain vehicle upgrade if you like tank shit, but otherwise it may be best just to steal from other facilities as needed. Facilities can be reserved as squad only but after a certain time they can’t and its free reign for us public assholes to use them. Just go upgrade your shit there and take it to the front. 

If this hasnt dissueded you from not helping a working facil or being useful and trucking, and instead going solo facil like me, HERE ARE MY FACILITY TIPS:
>If you want an easy way to get starting materials just look for decaying facilities, retards are constantly abandoning facilities full of usedul shit
>try to be not far from a sealane or river if you want the ease of supply boats
>try to only use the 2x2 foundations, try to avoid underground pipes (use overhead if possible), and don’t bother with player made roads. Everything you build uses gsupps from maint tunnels and tiny foundations/underground pipes can drain your place 
>small trains can move shit in and out of buildings ABSURDLY quick. Try to build a place with tails in mind and try to keep rails off foundation as they don’t need it and its a waste of space
>if you are near a refinery, diesel is a very viable way to power a place dispite how shit it looks. Diesel you make at a refinery can transfer instantly into a big tank and that saves time compared to oils and petrol
>if you want to expand a bunch consider building far enough away for a new tunnel to independantly take care of them, don’t need all the pressure on one tunnel and it means less refilling the tunnels and power supplies
>if you need shit like one specific material, don’t be afraid to ask the region, usually at least one person is friendly. If not, STEAL! 

Myself I think I will just PARTISAN for most of this war. If you get bored or frustrated doing facility shit go to the front for a bit and unwind. Let us know if you make shit or do something else fun
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I think I am going to sit out this war. I will come back when the wardens decide to come back because having to deal with partisans is annoying
I keep thinking about playing but then don't. Many such cases.
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If anyone still has interest in playing this again eventually, devs finally did something after they got review bombed on steam.
Update will probably drop on next war or the one after that.

<Tl;dw what's the important stuff?
>garrison & bunker supplies merged into a single resource called maintenance supplies
>can now be produced in player facilities and mass-production factories
>maintenance tunnels get in-depth control settings to pick which structures will be maintained and an estimate how long their supplies will last
>supply consumption now scales based on amount of buildings in region, will be lower/better on average
>Wardens get an open-top 94mm tank destroyer based on silverhand
>Collies get their landship buffed to 40m range
>Colonial grenade launcher & tremolas damage buffed to compete with Warden Cutler launcher against fortifications
>satchels nerfed and made warden-only, now a counterpart to colonial hydra sticks
>their place now take 2 large items that form a demolition charge, activated by gunshot
>concrete tank traps/blockers added
>private stockpiles, facilities and bunker parts now have activity logs
>most combat vehicles can now be parked in private stockpiles, notably excluding battle tanks and landships apparently
>wardens and collies cannot enter vehicles together anymore as anti-griefing measure
>vehicle self-damage can give you timeouts, preventing you from entering more driver seats which regrettably discourages scuttling to prevent capture now
>devs also supposedly hired actual jannies to rely less on flawed auto-moderation and provide feedback to filed reports it remains unknown whether they do it for free
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>In game jannies
The horror. Been a while since I played, this game is always a mixed back when it comes to playing.
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I tried the devbranch and its possible the supply rework may finally make this game playable again. I'm up for trying next war.

I'd agree normally, but the level of alting was getting a bit ridiculous. Bases and facilities usually didn't have to worry about partisans as much as niggers stealing the train that took days to make and slowly craning each cart into the water. I stopped playing purely due to them.
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