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You can't pay videogames without hardware, so ask away what should you steal when the next chimpout starts near your area!
Never throw out your old computer, give her new life with linux.


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AMD announced their top GPUs
RX 7900XTX $1,000
RX 7900XT   $900
It was pure product shilling like always and saying that if you use their software they pinky promise that they will not track you. There was some shots fired against nvidia because of the whole adapters catching fire drama.
The price is damn low, so check out old GPUs you want to buy.
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Forgot to add that the new gpu cards have Display port 2.1
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My PS3 controllers all have drift. I might try to repair them or perhaps just buy a new one.
Thoughts on the framework laptop?
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>The price is damn low
Replies: >>172327
Not worth it, especially since their """repair""" gimmick is dependent on the company continuing to ship the FRUs and not pulling an exit scam or simply getting jewed out of essential components due to the nature of the electronics business. If you want replaceable parts and are willing to deal with shintel you'd need to get a decade-old ThinkPad, since they're business products there's a massive pool of dead or dying laptops you can scavenge working FRUs from. Just don't expect to run anything that isn't also at least a decade old.
If you want a laptop that you can fix, upgrade then go ahead, but don't expect anything amazing out of it aside from watching chinese cartoons, shitposting and light emulation.
I want to buy one, but I will wait if they release it with a gpu and see if they go for AMD cpus to.
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Sorry, anon, I'm not immune to ratpropaganda, I meant to say that it cost the same as the previous generation.
Good luck finding legit DS3's, anon.
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Why not just buy a used DS3 from the local pawn shop?
Replies: >>172353
I have like 7 DS3 controllers someone gifted me and all of them have drift or something worse.
Is there a common fix for them?
Replies: >>172385
same, I had a good one I'd never dropped and it was already drifting, I dropped it once or twice from about 3 feet and now it's totally fuked
Replies: >>172366
and yet my DS2 from almost 2 decades? Fully working like a champ.
Replies: >>172368
nobody's talking about ds2 here
Replies: >>172370
I am.
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Is DS3 drifting common?
All the ones I own have eventually had problems with their sticks.
yes, but I've heard it's even more common in Switch controllers and early XBone controllers.
I've bought a couple of off-brand ps3 controllers and they have a very nasty little bug (or maybe it's my cracked playstation being a bitch):
every so often an input would get stuck and the controller would become completely unresponsive. I can either reset PS3 or connect another controller and hope I'm playing something that can accept inputs from "player 2" or tell the console that the new controller is "player 1".
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Post more guro.
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Spoiler File
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Intel ME-Enabled System Needed For Updating Arc Graphics GSC Firmware
You know shit's bad when you make NVIDIA look good in comparison.
If i bought something like the FiiO K7 would i be able to hook up some nice bookshelf speakers to them and use it primarily for my desktop speakers? Or is something like that really just intended for headphones.
I was thinking about getting that amp/dac with some Micca RB42 speakers.
Eventually i wanted to get a used asus STX audio card. but i dont know if that would replace the amp/dac or just be used on top to replace my graphics card audio or onboard audio. Or if there would even be a benefit with that setup
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RTX 4090 Woes Get Worse: Native 16-Pin Reportedly Melts as Well (Updated)
>Another GeForce RTX 4090 owner has fallen victim to the native 16-pin power connector meltdowns. But, according to Redditor (opens in new tab), he manipulated the cable carefully and didn't bend or twist it unnecessarily. Luckily, the user discovered the meltdown before it could do any damage to the power connector on his graphics card. His system consisted of MSI's GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G graphics card and MPG A1000G power supply.
The gift that gives on giving.
A point of interest for anyone looking at getting a MiSTer board: PC emulation running well enough to browse the internet using 90s software and (emulated) hardware. This isn't as impressive as it looks since IIRC the PC core cheats by running partly in software but it's still neat.
Feels pretty good to have gotten a 3060TI at the tail end of its generation when prices were beginning to deflate.  I probably won't need or want another card for a solid decade.
You ready to order your McCrispy™ licensed gaming chair, McBros™?

Looks like these are all because the 12VHPWR connector/cable design is bad and makes it too easy for people to halfass the connection, not because the adapters and cables are crap. (They're still crap but if you can run 6kW through an nvidia adapter and it only gets to 50C the adapter probably isn't the culprit.) Jon Gerow used to run the only trustworthy review site for PSUs until he got a senior engineering job at Corsair so his word probably carries more weight then techtubers looking for something to make soy faces in front of.
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God almighty, are they trying to make me grimace?
Frm a cursory clance, it's giveaway only and only in the UK. Now admittedly I never keep up with imageboard ecelebs, but I assumed Gahoole is American.

Yes, it has to do with bemdomg the cable and the resistance of the cable making the connection weaker. But that's still a critical design flaw, and they probably should at least ship with 90 degree connectors and clear instructions by default if it's capable of burning your house down.
The people who would buy this must have food in between every key and all over their mouse. I can't even look at that without imagining it being greasy.
Replies: >>173205
>Implying the fatasses would let any of the food go uneaten
>>172308 (OP) 
repost from prev. thread

when does the b550 chipset PCIe 3 becomes a bottleneck compared to x570's chipset PCIe 4?
so say I have 3900x\5600x, 2x SSDs & 1 1080 or 980 GPU, which attachments go directly to the CPU & which go thro the chipset?
my current understanding is that the chipset path is used when the PCIe lanes to the CPU are all used

I'm planning to buy those in 4 months.

I was recommended to wait for avx512 CPUs to emulate Bloodborne but I might ditch it if it adds+200$ to my build since it might not run on b550 & the CPU will prolly cost 300$ at the very least. Add to that I think I heard GamersNexus or Jay2Cents malign it so Im unsure.
Holy fuck these cards are a total disaster, i'm gonna assume everyone who buys one of these and shills it is an absolute fucktard who's trying to justify the $2000 he wasted on a defective product. Looks like i will buy that 3080 Ti after all, and i won't throw away my 980 Ti in case anything happens and i have to RMA the new card.
>when does the b550 chipset PCIe 3 becomes a bottleneck compared to x570's chipset PCIe 4?
It doesn't.
Replies: >>173577
so say an NVMe write\read @7200, wouldn't a pcie3 x4 mean only 4000 go thru? or does the CPU bus takes this anyway? Why the fuck is there a chipset bus then?
>which attachments go directly to the CPU & which go thro the chipset?
You need to download the manual for each motherboard to check what runs to the cpu or the chipset.
Rule of thumb is that nvme that is below the cpu is handle by it and the one on the bottom is handle by the chipset. The first pcie lanes are for CPU and the ones on the bottom are for the chipset.
Connecting a GPU with PCIe 4 into a PCIe 3 lane only affects like 10-20% of performance, so its not a big deal.
I think the new 7000s AMD cpus are going to get a discount because of they are not selling as well as they thought it would. Since everyone and their grandmother bought a new PC in the last two years and odds are they are not going to upgrade that shit.
Replies: >>173706
10%-20% is still alot
I missed out on CPUs discount since I was aiming for 5600x (160$ now but sold out)
I settled on gigabyte AORUS ELITE (132$) for what it is worth
I was advised against OCing 5600x on 4chan "you dont OC 5600x", no follow up when asked why so yeah, guess I'll just buy it if its stocks replenish on AMD directbuy page

my problem w\ 7000 is the paraphernalia cost ramping up on my very limited 660$ budget

I even thought I may just buy mobo+cpu+ram & wait till I get money 

the ram
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Real men masturbate at their computer desk, not in the McDonalds bathroom stalls.
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I can't even understand half the shit he's saying. Who the fuck is this for?
it was /tv/shit who cares
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get a job rapeman you fucking faggot
nobody uses this site for /v/ shit any more who cares
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stop being alive
I solely use this site for /v/.
I'm about finilazing my cheap build from suggestion of 4chan PCBG suggestions:
5600X 160$ new (recent discounts)
gtx 980ti used for ~65$ (hopefully not mining worn out)
16GB of DDR4-3600 CL18 for $44 (hopefully CL18 isnt much worse than CL16 at this price)
"Phanteks AMP 650W would a nice budget choice for you based on the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold platform with full modular cabling @ $70 after $30 MIR" (no idea what MIR means)
Gigabyte B550M AORUS ELITE (131$)


need mATX case + fans + NVMe SSD 1TB

dont care if these parts look like shit smeared on a stick, I dont want RGB faggot shit, just cheap things that work fairly well

on another note, userbenchmarks seems to shit on AMD saying intel CPUs are falling behind due to social media campaign from AMD:


Intel vs AMD
Intel continues to offer better CPUs at lower prices but they also appear oblivious to social media marketing: forums, reddit, youtube etc. As a result, publishers are openly accused of bias for reporting replicable, real world performance data. Since the launch of Ryzen, AMD have carved 50 billion 100 billion dollars off Intel’s bottom line. After failing to grasp new-age marketing, and consequently losing significant market share, Intel is finally motivated to deliver material CPU improvements. The dynamic between the two companies is a blessing for well informed users who can save money without compromising on performance.
Replies: >>173850
>Phanteks AMP 650W would a nice budget choice for you based on the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold platform with full modular cabling @ $70 after $30 MIR
always get a brand name PSU. seasonic is excellent. always look at the reviews beforehand as well. never EVER skimp out on a chink PSU, it WILL explode.
>no idea what MIR means
mail in rebate. you fill out a form, mail it to them, and you get some of your money back.
would highly recommend against. MSI and Asus are good. Avoid ASRock.
>userbenchmarks seems to shit on AMD saying intel CPUs are falling behind due to social media campaign from AMD:
intel dumps more money into shilling than actual R&D. AMD is king for multicore applications (like gaming).
found this PSU for 65$
new one is 130$

>would highly recommend against. MSI and Asus are good. Avoid ASRock.
looked pretty good for its VRM & cost
there are alot of b550 boards so I didn't look thru all of the AMD flashback options (I dont have an old PC)

what out of this list do you recommend for AMD 5600X?
Replies: >>175264
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>responding to the soyjak fag
Replies: >>173862 >>173897
im not whoever that is
Post the original if you're brave enough
Replies: >>173899
Careful what you wish for
best linux laptop for under $200?
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>not using linux
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Get a job poorfag.
Replies: >>173913
im on NEETbux and cannot afford to buy anything higher than that, plus im not going to use it for much other than shitposting and masturbaiting to hentai
Replies: >>173933
What the fuck
Nigger that's chromebook territory
Could always go used
Some old thinkpad you can try and get on ebay/amazon.
I see why you advised against the mobo, I was confusing the b550M & non M versions
had to compare things on their site but it doesnt show VRM values, on top of that it says RAM OCing is the same on all 3 boards in the link which I doubt it could go to that upper OC limit w\ that 5+3 VRM but dunno myself


found https://www.newegg.com/p/1HD-00HA-00065 
for 90$ used 140$ new, compared to 120$ & used AORUS Elite at its cheapest
Replies: >>175264
Go to a second hand store and look up the laptop section. Remember to check https://www.notebookcheck.net/
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Pinebook pro
some enterprise dell/hp/lenovo with 2-4th Intel® Core™
Replies: >>174086 >>174258
Have there been any advancments for getting note taking oriented pads or notebooks to work under Linux? It's something I'd like to have but fuck using some apple or un-flashed surface.
>Pinebook pro
That think is only good for shitposting and that is a huge stretch.
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>crypto crashed again a few days ago
Normalfag deserve everything they get.
Replies: >>174275 >>174741
Does this mean we should buy now then sell later?
Replies: >>174293 >>174294
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Sell NOW
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It's because of the FTX shitshow. What it means is that you shouldn't be trusting these crypto exchanges and their "we'll double your money overnight through easy investing" bullshit and just keep your shitcoins in a private wallet, hardware if need be.

A little background story on FTX for those out of the loop:
>jewish guys with ties to Clinton Foundation sets up crypto exchange
>adds backdoor to funnel out money without his employees knowing
>they set up their own shitcoin, FTX
>Ukraine massively invests into that, because of course
>jew in charge funnels out money, is second biggest donator to Democrats
>the circle of kikery continues to funnel money into people's pockets as he leeches out cash and Dems pump it around with "war funds"
>jew can't help his jewish instincts, funnels out one last massive pump accidentally crashing the exchange
>runs to the Bahamas, currently in custody and either gonna disappear or get Clinton'd probably
>coinfags are stuck with billions of USD worth of shitcoin they can't access or liquidate anymore
>news just reports that this is a typical crypto failing

Apologies for the non vidya off-topic and /pol/-light shit but it should at least show you need to keep an eye on who you invest with.
Replies: >>174741
Where do you buy buttons and joysticks for your DIY controller?
Replies: >>174689 >>174883
Unironically aliexpress. Unless you mean an arcade stick, in which case just look up a guide on plebbit that has a list of distributors and start looking at ones that ship to your country. You're gonna be looking at Sanwa or Seimitsu everything and a Brook UFB no matter where you go so the only difference is price and shipping time, unless you're doing something weird like arcade trackballs or that analog optical stickbox.
Replies: >>174741 >>174881
what about monero? is it stable it seems all good and low profile unlike etherium

shouldnt this be in the news thread but OK

dunno if relevant but which is better? gamesir X3 or flydigi apex 2 what brand would /v/ prefer? both of them are chink
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4080 out, it's kike shit
>Unironically aliexpress
That bad? I just want to build my own controller.
Replies: >>174884
You can get sticks off component shops like mouser, just ned the ALPS part number, they're the only one worth a shit besides the hall effects one but those are custom or aliexpress only right now.
Microswitches should be the same as sticks
Buttons though that'll be self printed or aliexpress, gulikit has those mechanical buttons for controller as well now but you still need the cap for it.
It's more that a lot of what goes into a gamepad is inherently custom work (button contacts printed on PCBs, ergonomic casings) or just not commonly available from reputable parts stores due to low demand. You can get tactile switches from e.g. Mouser but not analog stick boxes IIRC, let alone button plastic and rubber fitted to your specific design. Arcade sticks have an established market and demand pool for custom sticks, so those problems don't exist.
Replies: >>174886
>Mouser but not analog stick boxes IIRC
Replies: >>174889
[Hide] (962.9KB, 4032x2268)
What is better, actual buttons or whatever pic related is called?
Thanks for the link, anon.
Replies: >>174891
>What is better, actual buttons or whatever pic related is called?
mech switches > microswitches > regular buttons
Though for Dpads it's a bit different, the added resistance of microswitches makes them weird unless your goal is no phantom diagonal and you're going with separated Dpad buttons

>Thanks for the link, anon.
Make sure to triple check which specific part number goes into a DS4 because they don't all work properly, and you'll likely have to do a potentiometer swap or use an hardware calibration board if you don't want weird stick ranges.
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I'm going to be replacing my now decade old (but overbuilt when new and had graphics card replaced due to failure) PC soon and, because Windows 10/11, I'm going to use Linux for the first time.

1: Is there anything I need to keep in mind when building a PC for Linux (besides the obvious having a disc drive or USB slot to actually be able to install the OS from)
2: What distro should I use
3: Are there any guides for Linux novice that are actually good?
1. You don't need to worry too much, except to make sure that the motherboard's firmware isn't designed to straitjacket you into Windows.
2. Devuan if you just want to shitpost and play vidya in Wine. Gentoo if you want to spend more time building the OS than using it. Artix if you have the biggest dick in town and want everyone to know it.
3. No. Linux was made as a mainframe OS, and all desktop features are bolt-ons made by intelligent and well-meaning people who don't quite get why Windows succeeded so well even among users who hate Microsoft.
Replies: >>174917
This is how people end up hating linux so much they end up gladly eating shit in win10 and defending it to death online out of spite.

1: AMD tends to work better on linux thanks to vulcan, but it's still going to be highly dependent on hardware combination, just like any time you want to get new hardware you have to make sure this CPU works well with this GPU, is one going to bottleneck the other, is it going to melt, etc. So just spend a lot of time looking up benchmarks, reviews and all that just like any time you want new hardware.

2: You really want a debian based distro to start learning with, that is all the ones based on ubuntu but not ubuntu itself. Mint, kubuntu, xubuntu and the like, etc. 
You should really start with one of those but it should be fine as long as it's "ubuntu based" or at least debian based, for two reasons: Ubuntu based distros are, like ubuntu, made with retard proofing in mind, this means you can get absolutely everything done through the interface like if you were still on windows. Secondly, if it's ubuntu based, nearly anything from ubuntu will apply to it, you can search "ubuntu how to restore trash can" and the solution will apply to your distro.   
So look around, see which one has a desktop environment and file explorer that you like, get one, try it live from the thumb drive, then get used to the file structure, messing with packages, how everything works. Ease it in, learn more about it if you are into it, THEN you can start messing more with it. You can try peppermint or puppylinux, which come much more barebones and prepared for you to mess with them and install what you want, you can try manjaro to ease in archlinux or just go straight into archlinux, etc. The point is, do not listen to imageboard retards just pick some baby's first distro ease it in and move on to harder stuff step by step when you are prepared.

3: I don't know, I learned on the go. If you stick to what I said, you really shouldn't need anything to start working and searching "ubuntu how do I gaem please help" will get you good results for anything from bare basics to everything else.
>2: What distro should I use
My answer to this question is Arch Linux, since it's the most customizable and is also easy to install. The instructions are online and well-maintained.
[Hide] (10.2KB, 400x400)
>1: Is there anything I need to keep in mind when building a PC for Linux (besides the obvious having a disc drive or USB slot to actually be able to install the OS from)
These days it depends on whether you use an AMD/Intel or Nvidia GPU, the latter needs a proprietary driver blob to work there's the open sores nouveau driver but it's barely enough for installing the proprietary driver whereas AMD/Intel GPUs from the last 6 years work out of the box on most distros.
Intel's Arc GPUs are actually usable on Linux as they use code from Intel's existing FOSS iGPU drivers which has been in steady development for a decade or so.
AMD GPUs are officially supported all the way back to GCN 1.0, though pre-GCN 1.2 cards need an additional Kernel parameter in order to enable the official amdgpu driver else they'll use the unofficial Radeon driver which supports all AMD GPUs from the R100 to the R9 200/300 series, but lacks Vulkan support.

Oh boy, it's this question again.
For starters there's two release models all distros currently follow:
These distros put out a big release every 6-12 months that updates all software to a degree the developers consider reasonable, each stable release only receives minor bugfixes and patches over its lifetime. Support for regular stable releases usually lasts around 2-3 years though most of the big distros will offer LTS releases which are maintained for longer, sometimes with paid versions for Enterprise customers.
The advantage stable releases have is that they are, well, "stable" by virtue of the developers having a fixed set of software they can test and bugfix at leasure with an extremely low chance of stuff breaking as a result of an update.
The disadvantage of stable releases is that FOSS software is continuously developed and can become outdated fairly quickly, particularly in the case of drivers as AMD/Intel usually don't merge support for new hardware several months in advance. Updating a stable release to a newer version can also introduce breakages, and if you want/need newer software you'll have to look beyond the official repositories or compile them yourself if you can't find a build that's linked to whatever specific version of dependencies your distro uses.
These distributions do not put out releases but instead update their software as needed, this can range from every time some project's git repository gets a new commit bleeding edge versions of otherwise stable/rolling distros do this to every time a developer puts out a new stable software release which is what Arch does or once new software has undergone some limited testing which is the model openSUSE's Tumbleweed spin and many Arch derivatives follow.
The advantage here is that software will always be up to date provided the user updates frequently no serious Linux distro will ever force you to update Win10 style, if it does then it's either a scam or Android/ChromeOS with little to no delay for new features, patches, hardware support etc., adding additional packages from third-party repositories or compiling your own shit also tends to work better as your dependencies will always be up to date.
The disadvantage is obviously that unlike the stable release the individual packages usually aren't as adjusted to each other and can introduce various breakages on a whim, requiring a degree of willingness to read the arch wiki autism to fix though updating piecemeal has the nice bonus that whenever something breaks it's usually not as dramatic as fucked upgrade on a stable release.
In the past stable releases reigned supreme due to this, but with the rapid increase in Linux/FOSS interest, funding and hardware support since 2015 the old guard of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora etc. have seen rising competition from various "newfag-friendly" rolling release distros with slightly delayed update schedules/custom patches.
Though this tendency to break also has the advantage of getting the user to dive deeper into the inner workings of his operating system one bug at a time instead of getting thrown straight into the labyrinthine kernel config of Gentoo.

Beyond this you'll also have to ask yourself what you want to use your computer for, there's a distro catering to virtually ever niche though that can be deceptive as Linux is extremely flexible with distros being little more than lego sets using the same pieces in slightly different arrangements, almost every non-meme distro can for example act as a headless server, workstation, emubox, grandma computer, NAS, Avionics suite, Steam machine etc. if the user puts enough work into it.
Interjections aside if you intend to use Linux as a Windows replacement you'll have to pick a Desktop environment to use, these are the UI component of most distros fullfilling the same basic purpose as the Windows desktop.
Whatever you choose here DO NOT PICK GNOME.
It's an abominable mixture of macOS and Windows 8 running partially on javascript maintained by low testosterone fags more concerned with virtue signalling than making a decent UI.
If you want to pick something that just werks then go with KDE, it behaves similarily to Windows 7 by default and uses the Qt toolkit, which is unaffiliated with GNOME and thus six million times saner.
GNOME's faggotry has resulted in the creation of several Gtk-using alternative DEs like MATE, Budgie, XFCE which predates GNOME 3 but I'll list it here anyway as it's one of the most popular DEs aimed at low-end hardware, Cinnamon and more, these DEs may work fine now but the cancer bleedover from GNOME 3 into GTK is likely to spell trouble for them in the near future, Budgie's head maintainer is already considering migrating to Qt or even forking GTK as is.
Qt-based DEs are unlikely to suffer from this, their biggest threat is the Qt company's licensing faggotry.

Outside of the installation guide found on each distro's website there isn't one just like there's no definitive version of Linux.
Instead of a general purpose guide you're better off looking at each component individually, the Install gentoo wiki not the regular gentoo wiki is good for beginners if a little outdated and the Arch wiki is what you'll want to use for getting the most out of your system, beyond that there's Stackoverflow.
Replies: >>174937 >>174941
Oh and I forgot to mention some distros might not include certain packages due to licensing autism, this usually applies to MPEG-LA/Fraunhofer codecs h.264, h.265, mp3, AAC which can be grabbed from a third party repository after installation.
[Hide] (182KB, 800x1400)
>1: Is there anything I need to keep in mind when building a PC for Linux (besides the obvious having a disc drive or USB slot to actually be able to install the OS from)
Don't buy Nvidia GPU. The proprietary drivers usually work but there is more hassle (But on Gentoo and Arch/Artix, it should be pretty easy).

>2: What distro should I use
I recommend you use either Xfce4 or Mate DE. Linux Mint is good for beginners. But I think Arch Linux is much better if you are willing to read the docs. 
Gentoo is also a good option, if build times aren't a problem for you. I think you should install either Linux Mint or Arch Linux. If you install Arch Linux (or Artix Linux) be sure to install the rua AUR helper because it makes it easy to review PKGBUILD scripts from AUR. It's important to actually read them because absolutely anyone can submit a package to AUR (the PKGBUILD package script can be malicious or it can contain an error). What makes things even worse is that anyone can adopt an orphaned package and you have no way of knowing it, unless you use AUR web interface or an AUR helper to read who own the package. Also, if you install Arch or Artix, you need to follow the official news RSS feed. You can find it on the homepage of Arch and/or Artix. Use Liferea (or something else) to read the RSS feeds. The good thing about Arch Linux and Gentoo is the fact that you can always get real-time help on IRC. Install Hexchat and connect to Libera and join to #archlinux or #gentoo (depending on the distro you installed).,

>3: Are there any guides for Linux novice that are actually good?
Yes. This book covers everything --> https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php
Also, be sure to use ArchWiki when you encounter problems. ArchWiki also has a handy list of applications that you should consult when you are trying to find a new program.
There is also Arch/Artix copypasta that contains some tips: https://dpaste.com/7GS79DRAG
Replies: >>175032
Can somebody recommend me a budget but reliable office-grade entry level SSD im fine with slow QLC all that matters is that the capacity is legitimate SSD must be preferably m.2 but 6g sata is fine for my needs and size must be atleast 1TB
>what are you gonna use it for?
im gonna treat it like a really huge memory card its mostly write once read many so there should be no risk of failing and ill add new files slowly since this will double as a home NAS and storing my zip/rar files on my downloads
>but the OS drive is slow
the first smaller SSD should be decent enough and theres a second disk slot inside my hardware if that one is unusable too then ill stick to a usb enclosure
>why not use external drive instead
these tend to be unreliable from my experience and i dont want this thing to just head crash for no reason at all as my mini pc will be turned on 24/7 like a server since its very efficient unlike a desktop
>why dont YOU use an always on backup
this IS the networked backup drive itself and im not gonna buy additional shit for RAID array
so bottom line i want a very cheap flash based but slightly faster equivalent of my dying seagate disk secondly files will be read and written at random so ext4 fragmentation is expected
>any examples
my celeron laptop actually had one of these its unbranded and chinese quality but the capacity is legit 500gb though active time is always at 100 percent since this has shitblows 10 preinstalled so far it has not failed for a year despite being always choked maybe i just got lucky

>dont pick the FOOT desktop
is xfce fine? what about LXDE? why does 4chan call it x-feces i just want something simple also how do i prevent my DE from crashing during intense GPU loads? this is the exact reason why i quitted linux last time on my old pc. Any configs i should put on my drivers i was using nvidia GT730 that time but unsure if intel was the one that caused it
>something related to radeon iGPU and vulkan support
not needed for now but will write that down for later thanks for the advice i wonder how DXVK performs on virtualbox

a bit unclear but which one is better in the long run? a modern Ryzen 3 U series OR Intel Pentium N6000 series released on 2021
this will be used soley for browserfagging and two light (2gb each) virtual machines for my server related work as i already have dedicated gaming machine and would like to free up some load on my other device. Ubuntu will be installed on the new machine along with GIMP and chromium since firefox is complete dogshit
>use the archiwiki
works fine on debian as well as said by other plebbit users commands are almost universal

174915 (what does this reaction pic below imply)
>i7 8th gen and cheap 1050 weaker than what im using right now PFFT its so outdated yet price says 899C no thanks
no offense but just get something with 3060 and isn't msi a chink furfag dragon brand that really hates criticism. Jesus atleast have some dignity and buy asus instead
Replies: >>174948 >>175264
>replying to the soy-thing
>is xfce fine?
Yes. It gets mostly bugfixes and QoL patches. Mate is another good option.

>what about LXDE?
It's pretty dead these days. LXQT probably has more active development but it's still not as polished as LXDE (or other DEs/WMs).

>muh 4chan
Imagine still using 4cuck in 2022.
Also, according to 4chin, AMD GPUs have better colors than Nvidia.Will you believe it, too?

>Intel vs AMD
it doesn't matter much. x86/x86_64 is glowed. You need to post the exact model(s) if you want a good answer. But I wouldn't buy a mobile CPU. And personally, I would get either Intel Core i3-12100 or AMD Ryzen 5 5600G (pick the one that's cheaper) for your use-case.
[Hide] (2MB, 3840x2160)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (814.4KB, 1920x1325)
[Hide] (196.2KB, 1920x1200)
[Hide] (131.5KB, 1920x1080)
>2: What distro should I use
OH boy here it comes.
You've already gotten a bunch of different answers but I'm going to throw my hat in for Linux Mint, I use the Cinnamon edition. It's one of the premier beginner disros and for good reason. The Cinnamon desktop environment is familiar and I like the look of it. I found it easy to use and they have a forum that can help answer questions. I just like it. Plus you can do most things though a window which is helpful when you are learning. Its been really easy to come for it off of windows and into Mint. >>174917 makes good points on how being Debian based makes it retard proof and easy to find solutions for/software compatibility. If it works for Debian and Ubuntu, you can be pretty sure its going to work just fine for you.

If you have the option I would suggest using a separate drive for Linux and storing you files on another drive. I had a bunch of drives including a nvme stick that I threw my Mint install on, made it easy to use Ubuntu on there in the meantime while waiting for the Mint version update, I bought a newer card and Mint was having some problems with it at that time. I also have windows kicking around on another nvme drive in the event I ever need it but linux has pretty much just werked. Most games work that I've tried, most of my steam games work just fine and if you want to go peak neanderthal you can add nonsteam games to steam and launch them using proton which is the compatibility layer for linux on steam. Otherwise there is WINE which also has pretty much worked at whatever I've thrown it at.

Now if you choose Mint, you will need desktops. Have no fear my friend, I have you covered. This should get you started.
Replies: >>175714
[Hide] (38.1KB, 440x398)
>All these different fucking answers
>All these walls of text
And then retards wonder why people just stick with Windows. 
Linuxniggers just HAVE to make everything 10 times more complicated than it needs to be. Just tell us which fucking distro to use to PLUG AND FUCKING PLAY vidya and stop bombarding us with essays, holy shit.
This is the issue I had too.  Then I went with Mint. 
Do Mint or Ubuntu, leaning toward Mint, beginner friendly and retard proof.
This is exactly as complicated as it needs to be. It would be just as complicated for Windows, but the international jews known as Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer deliberately hid that complexity from you to steal your agency and freedoms under the gaslighting narrative of "easy to use". The moment something goes wrong (and it will, especially when everything other than the NSA spyware is being written by pajeets) the mask slips and you'll end up being totally lost, because you gave away the agency to investigate and resolve those problems on your own. This is why the solution to any serious Windows problem is to just reinstall, because you can't even attempt to understand what's going on. Not even the code pajeets would understand what's going on in a lot of cases.
Replies: >>174963
>blah blah blah blah
Just tell me which distro is meant to be Windows 7 but better (0 effort plus & play) and skip that boring ass nerd shit. If I wanted to hate my life and make something as basic as using an operating system difficult, I'd just become a programmer.
>Is there anything I need to keep in mind when building a PC for Linux (besides the obvious having a disc drive or USB slot to actually be able to install the OS from)
For the love of God, buy two SSD or HDDs, one to install your OS and the other to keep all your digital shit, at the beginning I would fuck something up and I needed to reinstall the OS and moving my files was a fucking pain.
>What distro should I use
I went from mint cinnamon, manjaro and now Artix.
I would recommend mint cinnamon, since reading https://dpaste.com/7GS79DRAG link that anon gave changed my mind on recommending manjaro, but at the end of the day its just an acquired taste and how autistic you are.
>Are there any guides for Linux novice that are actually good?
There was another good linux book, but I forgot the name.
>but overbuilt when new and had graphics card replaced due to failure
Having an old pc with your favorite windows flavor as a backup is a great idea.
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, for gaming you'd prefer a rolling release distro because of drivers and shit. Arch is fine too, but requires more RTFM and actual work to set up.
>just give me the dopamine hit from being "based" without any thought, effort or change in behavior
Don't make me tap the sign.
Replies: >>174986
I don't really know how to talk to retards, sorry.
Replies: >>174986
I'll help with troubleshooting.
[Hide] (3.5MB, 854x480, 00:00)
they're not, it's called a barrier to entry to keep retarded niggercattle like you out. now stay on shitdows 7 to play your bingbingwahoos, kill yourself and never come back you retarded niggerfaggot.
Replies: >>174986
>you...you.... you retard!
Stay mad lol, I already got the only answers of any value in this entire discussion. Mint and OpenSUSE it is then. Was it so hard for you dumbfuck retards to just bring up those 2 distros? Apparently so, since you can't talk about linux without going on an essay-long ramble about shit nobody cares about.
Replies: >>174989 >>174990
>everyone is stupid except me
see you in two weeks when you bitch about linux being too hard for retards like yourself to understand. you'll stay in your windows gay baby jail until the day you die and you'll enjoy it, even more so if you're an nvidiot. fuck off and die.
Should I bother chasing Black Friday or other seasonal specials for my new PC?
Replies: >>175021
If you are hunting for deals, you really need to setup an alarm system that tells you when something is in a discount, because PC components go on sale at any time of the year.
Just check prices, and if something is cheaper than normal, grab that shit.
Who makes hard drives that aren't shit these days? Want to get a big ass HDD for media to compliment SDD for OS and games. I know some brands fail way more often but can't remember which.
>Mate DE
Can I change the shape of the start button?
Arch documentation is piss old and plain doesn't work most of the time
Replies: >>175056
[Hide] (534.4KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (540.3KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (610.6KB, 1920x1080)
Right click on the menu icon and change preferences. There's also a simpler menu, but you need to add it to the panel yourself.
Replies: >>175177 >>175714
buy Seagate, they can survive a housefire. if you're ultra cheapo you can get an external drive and break it out of the enclosure. $20 cheaper at the cost of no warranty.
Replies: >>175265
Don't trust anyone with your data, always have a backup of your backup.
Nit quite what I mean anon, I was hoping to use ripped assets to make a custom taskbar. But thank you anyway.
Replies: >>175183
[Hide] (508.4KB, 1920x1080)
If you just want different icons, use XFCE or Cinnamon(maybe) instead. Changing the icons in MATE has to be done manually by rewriting the icon files(per theme). I'm not sure if there's any DE that supports custom size menu buttons.
Replies: >>175185 >>175247
Correction, you can at least change the icons for application launchers in MATE, need to click the icon from properties.
Is the 
>Warning! Some AMD B550 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vermeer CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a different CPU that is supported by older BIOS revisions.
warning something to actually be concerned about now if I'm buying a new MB?
Replies: >>175241
Also what's the recommended way to make a new PC connect to wifi? Internal card? USB dongle always eating up slot? Which option for these?
Replies: >>175334
it might be I guess, though the one I got has a BIOS flash option without a CPU. Just plug it into your PSU, stick a USB stick into the right slot, and press a button. Just look for info on your chosen mobo.
>Changing the icons in MATE has to be done manually by rewriting the icon files(per theme)
Is there a working guide to this sort of sorcery?

>I'm not sure if there's any DE that supports custom size menu buttons.
Oh well, guess I'll see what KDE is up to these days.
A shame Sony never added manual controller recalibration to the PS3

>mobo VRMs
Ratings from the manufacturer can be misleading, I found the following list is very useful:

>You really want a debian based distro to start learning with, that is all the ones based on ubuntu but not ubuntu itself
The fish rots from the head. Much as with your recommendation of caution against GTK and in favor of Qt, anything downstream of Ubuntu is currently endangered by their current commitment to kill their Aptitude package manager in favor of Snap.
>OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
Better answer

<for backup
shiggy diggy. Even the cheapest SSDs are over 10x the $/capacity of HDDs. Best use of money is to get a small fast SSD for boot, HDDs for files.
>buy additional shit for RAID array
You don't need to buy anything else for RAID, just get at least two similar-sized drives, plug 'em in, and use software RAID. HW RAID has been obsolete for well over a decade. Regardless of whether or not you use RAID, make sure to enable automatic SMART monitoring, so you know when a drive is failing as soon as possible.
>its very efficient
All reasonably modern PCs from desktop to laptop are about as efficient at idle or low load, unless dynamic clocking/volting is severely misconfigured.

All you really need to know is to avoid SMR-based drives unless you know your software is specifically capable of using them correctly
I've used Western Digital HDDs for a while now, some of which are 3-4 years old.  They've always been reliable and I see no reason to switch brands.

I've heard very poor things about Seagate.
Replies: >>175271
Not him but hows the nvidia optimus support?
That hing was made by someone who thinks he knows shit but doesn't, not that this is purely bad advice (few completely wrong stuff) but holy shit
>300A tier
Good fucking luck getting any 5000 series chip to pull above 260A without dieing
>H2O tier
Literally both of those mobo will do 200A with no ventilation on the VRM, " quite bad if cooled only with air, " is thus retarded
>Taichi in different tiers when they're all the same VRM components, except the B550 one which is lower than the X570 one despite having better better VRM

Here's a few tidbits I've gleaned over time about VRMs you can use at your leisure when choosing mobo
> Smart Power Stages > regular VRMs, always, by quite a bit too
> 60A SPS = 70A SPS = 90A SPS, 
They all have almost exactly the same efficiency curve and you're not pulling their rated spec without making them way too hot anyways, 105A SPS are a bit more efficient however
>Anything above 25A or 40% of rated spec per stage (whichever is the lowest number on your VRM is where you have to start worrying about cooling
>10-20% load is near optimal efficiency for smart power stages
>having a block of something on top of the VRM doesn't mean it's actually proper cooling
>if VRM thermals are bad (above 80°C Cinebench) and aren't fixable with a ziptied Noctua 40mm fan reconsider what you're doing
>mATX is universally worse at VRM thermals if all other parameters are the same as an ATX board
PROTIP: less powerplane = less dissipation
>more PCB layer = better
PROTIP: more powerplane = more dissipation
>just because it has the right hardware doesn't mean shit, some boards have trash LLC / filtering / regulation despite having some massively overkill VRMs
>anything with 14 60A SPS is basically gonna power anything you'll throw at it that's coolable on ambient without being specifically hard to cool itself, anything above that is wasteful
> true phase > doubled phase > cascade doubled phase > twice the power capacity on a single phase
Though now that true 16-24 phase controllers exist  it's less of an issue

>I've heard very poor things about Seagate.
EXOS drives are okay
Replies: >>175334
[Hide] (724.8KB, 1000x1352)
Reminder to get good care of your girl.
Anything will work fine.
>((( linus )))techtips
At least archive that shit. https://archive.ph/T5TzY
Anon is it supposed to take forever to launch bootx64.efi?
Replies: >>175369
What distro? A quick search tells me that you need make your bootable USB with a GPT partitioning scheme for it to work with UEFI. Alternatively you could try turning Secure Boot on or off.
Replies: >>175377
Nah GPT didnt work, I redid it with MBR and at least I can see the install screen
Replies: >>175381
Glad it works, I'll remember that.
is more watt better? I can get a 750 watt for around the same price as a 550 watt. both 80+ gold certified.
Replies: >>175388
Depends on what you're powering, if it's some really low power stuff a 550W will be better if it's a regular gaming PC with a GPU the 750W is likely better.
Replies: >>175389
i have a 1060 6gb and im planning on buying a 5600x. But im also planning on upgrading the graphics card sometime in the future.
Replies: >>175391
750W will probably be better then
[Hide] (79.1KB, 400x400)
>Ubuntu is currently endangered by their current commitment to kill their Aptitude package manager in favor of Snap.
<replacing the worst regular package manager with the worst shitboxing package manager
Replies: >>175721
Any feedback on this list for a Linux machine? The graphics card is my current one and I'd replace it once the new cards launch later this year (either dropping price of current cards, or being good enough to purchase).

>1000W Platinum PSU at 170 shekels
>Super Flower
I have never seen that brand, did you see reviews of that PSU?
You should check the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, it the best cpu for gaming on AM4.
If you are going with the whole HUGE cpu cooler, check Noctua NH-D15 out.
Also, for the love of god, buy two NVME, one to install your OS and move your home directory to the second one, it will make reinstalling the OS if you fuck up more easy.
>I have never seen that brand, did you see reviews of that PSU?
It's the OEM for a lot of big brands that don't use Seasonic, they're not bad for the top end stuff.

1000W is overkill by for that build, even if you plan on sticking a 5950X and 4090 in it latter, 850W maybe even 750W is already good, try to go ATX V3, might not need the 12VHPWR but you'll definitely need the power excursion protection features because every modern GPU thinks going twice over rated power is fine (includes AMD as well, but their spikes aren't as long so it causes less issues except for really shit PSU).
5800X on air is pain, 5900X is worth it if you're going workstation and is easy to cool well on air at near stock, 5800X3D is worth it for gayming but you keep the cooling issue, though if you're fine wih riding 85°C on anything all core that's not an issue it shouldn't cause issue short to mid term, but I'm autistic about going over 75°C on the CPU
3200 RAM is retarded by every metric, 3600 16-18-18-38 / 16-19-19-39 (or better but then the price increase is very high and it only makes sense if you're gonna OC on top)
I'd upgrade to the Gigabyte X570S AORUS ELITE AX, it's just a better built board with better support and BIOS for $15, honestly I'd go MSI just for the BIOS and support but that's starting to be a lot less cheap and Gigabyte isn't too bad even if the BIOS is messy to navigate.
Replies: >>175555
>2tb nvme
Why such a big drive out of curiosity? With my set up I have an nvme for my os, its like a 500gig one but you could do a 250gig and then another storage drive for my actual stuff that way if you fuck up you can reinstall your OS without nuking any of your files. I also got a tb ssd in there too for things I want to move fast like totalwarhams 3 and other games that are slow to load.
Replies: >>175555
The case puts drive slots at a premium and I was planning to get an internal HDD for media but those fluctuate too wildly to include in the list proper. I guess I could afford to do OS drive, a second large SSD for those games that need an SSD, and a huge HDD.

It's absolutely overkill, but with the announced Black Friday discount on Newegg for it and being such a lynchpin, I'd rather spend a few dozen dollars for overkill than risk anything.

Forgot to mention, I'm up for recommendations of less fuckhuge coolers. I've got one in my current PC and it's a pain to work around. I guess Ryzen 7 5800X3D could be worth it, since CPU+MB will never be replaced.
Replies: >>175601
>buy two NVME, one to install your OS and move your home directory to the second one
For some insane reason, higher capacity SSDs are much faster than less capacious ones. Even different SKUs of the exact same model, for instance:

Instead of using multiple drives or partitions, a more flexible and modern approach is to install your OS(s) in and boot directly from image files. Much like a hypervisor, the bootloaders for both Linux & Windows support native boot from images.
Replies: >>175564
>For some insane reason, higher capacity SSDs are much faster than less capacious ones.
An extreme simplification of that reason is that higher capacity = more chips and a SSD is basically a RAID 0 of several flash chips, more chips = more faster.
Replies: >>175579
[Hide] (426KB, 1620x1080)
[Hide] (460.9KB, 2048x1152)
[Hide] (606.3KB, 2048x1152)
While intuitively plausible sounding, it doesn't apply in the case of SSDs, because instead of varying from 4-20 memory chips onboard like RAM modules do, most SSDs just use different capacity flash chips.

For instance, picrel are the 0.5TB & 1TB SN850, respectively. The back is empty on all SKUs, on the front at one end are two flash packages, either dual 256GB or dual 512GB (the extra 12-24GB of cells are overprovisioned for wear-leveling), on the other end is a controller, in the middle is a DRAM and a few other small components, all of which are the same physical size and obviously using identical pinouts between SKUs.

Speaking of intuition, if one thonks about it a bit more, there's the obvious fact it's not like an HDD where the only way to make it faster is spin it moar, but instead just a heap of silicon that can be arbitrarily segmented & parallelized. The only difference between 2 small chips & 1 big chip is pin/trace density, and unlike RAM where the external connector is always maxed out, even the DRAM cache on NVMe SSDs never comes anywhere close to maxing out their 4-lane PCIe.

Even then, the idea that a few bucks extra for PCBs thick/big enough to fit extra traces & pads are all that's held us back from something like 128-channel RAM is pretty insulting. At least HDDs have the excuse that all the R/W arms share an actuator, supposedly for vibration dampening reasons.
Could be a question of density, higher capacity chip are achieved by having more internal layers
Could also be partially disabled flash chips so you have less data transfer lanes
Or downgraded controller (less RAM, not clocked as high, completely different controller)

> there's the obvious fact it's not like an HDD where the only way to make it faster is spin it moar, 
Platter density, number, cache size all are important factors, specific recording tech is a factor but hadn't changed for quite a while until SMR despite HDDs getting over twice as fast.
Replies: >>175610
[Hide] (174.4KB, 442x522)
It's a hell of a lot more complicated than that. ICs may seem like magic but they're still electric circuits and they're still ultimately analog devices subject to the laws of physics, plus some fun new bullshit ones thanks to modern lithography working at scales measured in atoms. Signals that switch too fast running on wires too close together interfere with each other requiring more complex silicon on both ends of the wire to make sense of whatever crap happens to make it through. Clock skew means that the faster your signal is and the more pins you have, the harder it is to design a circuit that actually works isn't the electronic equivalent of a "through_wall" doujin. Just throwing fatter wires at the problem only helps so much because the wire material itself is a source of signal distortion at this scale, plus you only have so much space and weight to work with. Current year shit is already essentially at the physical limits of what electronics can do. Nearly every "innovation" in IC manufacturing in the last ~5 years if not longer has just been twiddling the knobs slightly to maintain the illusion of progress, all to keep consumers consuming product and getting excited for next product.
Replies: >>175602 >>175610
>I'm up for recommendations of less fuckhuge coolers. I've got one in my current PC and it's a pain to work around
Look up the Noctua NH-U12A, it is good and small enough to let you work with the ram and the NVME slot below CPU.
>since CPU+MB will never be replaced.
Check out video related and make a decision about ram.
>Current year shit is already essentially at the physical limits of what electronics can do.
What about nanoscale vacuum-channel transistors?
Are they a meme?
Replies: >>175604 >>175610
From reading the description on wikipedo it should remain a meme outside of supercomputers and radiation hardened applications. The problem is each transistor is a tiny vacuum tube vulnerable to one of the big killers of tubes (and by extension CRTs) which is electrode degradation. Because the charge per unit area is astronomical at the nanometer scale the electric field from turning the transistor "on" knocks an atom or two off of the cathode every time, and there are only so many atoms to go around. Chips built with vacuum channel tech would go senile in a matter of years as opposed to today where electromigration happens over decades barring irresponsible overclocking or bad design. That tradeoff is only worth it in supercomputer parts that already have a finite life, space/nuclear parts where a stray alpha particle instagibbing the whole thing is a bigger threat and consumer products designed to fail because your goal as a race is to exhaust the Earth's resources before your generation dies and leave the goyim with an uninhabitable rock.
Replies: >>175616
Did some changes to my Linux machine build. Feedback appreciated.

Replies: >>175625
Yeah there's all sorts of reasons I can imagine, from the honest to the fake. But I don't think I've ever seen an article or whitepaper discussing it specifically.
Aside from platter count (which I don't notice changing performance in any way) and cache (which doesn't change sustained perf), all of those are fundamental tech advances, as opposed to simply rearranging the same parts in a smarter way.

Ooh, don't forget the THz graphene meme that could restart the Athlon/P4-era cockspeed wars!

You're kinda' mixing together chip/package-level limitations with board-level limitations here, and I was referring entirely to board-level limitations.

There's no IC-level reason, for instance, that the 80 DDR5 SDRAMs on a fully loaded mATX mobo couldn't be connected more directly to the CPU, if more than the 1152 pins of the four DIMM slots and short of a faster bus bringing back off-die memory controllers 1700/1718 pins of the CPU socket were used. Obviously you'd need more pins/slots for DIMMS, a higher pincount connector for the CPU, and a PCB that was whatever combination of larger (cheap, literally pennies to go from mATX to EATX) and thicker (a bit pricy, usually +20% per layer, most mobos now are 4-layer, though most factories can do up to one or two dozen layers) to accomodate the extra traces.

Same goes moreso for SSDs, for which there's no good reason their external PCIe isn't fully saturated, except for the onboard controllers being totally pathetic.
I noticed that Newegg will have the 7700X on sale for less than the  5800X3D I'm planning on. Worth changing the Motherboard for?  Suggestions on MB for it?
Replies: >>175623
>consumer products designed to fail because your goal as a race is to exhaust the Earth's resources before your generation dies and leave the goyim with an uninhabitable rock.
At least Jensen won't have to hire additional pajeets to slow down drivers if the GPUs will fail within 3-4 years anyway.
>I noticed that Newegg will have the 7700X on sale for less than the  5800X3D I'm planning on. Worth changing the Motherboard for?
I happen to have that exact same GPU, but the 8GB model. It is really loud, louder than everything else in the case combined.
Replies: >>175627
The GPU is the one I have in my current PC. I'll be will updating next month or early next year when the new cards bring down prices for the now current gen cards.
Is  B550 Tomahawk  a good mobo option for a 5800x3D (AM4 socket) based machine?
If it has all the bells and whistles that you need, go ahead.
Remember to double check the dimensions off all your parts.
>ordered cooler, one of the SSDs, and PSU
>going to order HDD at start of next hour

I hope triggering my credit unions's fraud alert doesn't screw me out of these deals.
Replies: >>175678
I hope you're not gommiefornian, or Bill Gates will be waiting with a syringe in your backyard due to your Climate™ Crimes™
Why do you need a 5800X3D? I'm pretty sure RPCS3 doesn't benefit that much from excess cache and that's literally the only piece of /v/ware that would benefit from more than a 5600X.
Replies: >>175691 >>175721
B550 A Pro is enough for anything AM4 @ stock anything above that is better.

RPCS3 will run somewhat slower on X3D but there's plenty of good new and older games that do enjoy the extra cache from the X3D.
I almost bought one just for EDF4.1 / 5 and SupCom / WiC
Replies: >>175694
Those games don't want lots of cache, they want a 10GHz dual-core. It seems like a waste of money and wattage to me.
Replies: >>175696 >>175721
>Those games don't want lots of cache
You have some actual sources to back that up?
>>172308 (OP) 
I want to make a new pc full of all the new spyware for goyim cattle, i'm talking about windows 11 and the whole dance. Heard that new motherboards have built in spyware or something like that, i want the whole package.
locked intel cpu
[Hide] (439.5KB, 2560x1440)
[Hide] (124.1KB, 1200x738)
[Hide] (81.6KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (1007.9KB, 1600x1067)
[Hide] (233.6KB, 1920x1079)
[Hide] (10KB, 518x87)
>Windows 11
>i want the whole package
Why bother with the imitation, when you can get the original?
>>174955 >>175056 you guys havent answered this exact part yet
is cinammon stable enough? ive had that DE crash multiple times before (but rarely) on my old desktop
lets say if i were to stick with KDE how do i prevent this from crashing often and losing my firefox tabs
i just want it simple because this is mostly intended for remote VNC access

>>175264  >>175579
thanks but i managed to settle the dilemma myself the one im buying had a pretty decent 1tb ssd preinstalled now the question remains is this reliable i need a decent OS drive for the first slot on my toptom m6
inb4 filipinX insult also can somebody notify this thread when the N6005 (not 6000) official one goes back on stock i really want that specific cpu

no offense but the M1 ultra mini pc looks rather confy the macbooks and the desktop monitors suck balls though

i dunno just buy a fresh windows office laptop with wintel these tend to be bloated by default

>175334 now imagine if the characters were reversed /fur/ would lose its shit and review bomb it with tranime kek this is why i love ching chong inb4 rapeman gets triggered and deletes my post
I don't get what the cattle sees in this, it doesn't even look good aesthetically
When I tried it years ago, the only distro where Cinnamon was stable was Debian stable. But it probably has improved since. And I'm pretty sure that Mint has good support for Cinnamon (since Mint developers made it).

> just want it simple because this is mostly intended for remote VNC access
Why not use Xfce4 or Mate? They never crash and both are really simple to use.

I would always buy Samsung or Crucial SSDs.
Replies: >>175721
Ive used it for a year on mint and its never crashed once.
I think cinnamon it's finally stable enough but you might run into some personal, custom made bugs. For some reason, If I turn on taskbar hiding with two monitors it crashes, unless I don't perfectly align the displays.
[Hide] (312.6KB, 960x720)
MATE looks a bit heavy though Xubuntu was my plan all along so far mint was decent except the desktop im my experience havent tested the 2022 version though

lemme know if you find a better normalfag friendly distro because i dont have the autism like most of you and will reinstall if frustrated

>>175694 >>175690 lets pretend i were an intel employee making a new server cpu marketing gimmick
i know this is a really stupid question but will increased L1 L3 caches make my VMs less sluggish how is L2 any different from DDR5 in your shiny new steam kek

>175657 (definitely not related pic rel)
is 2080-TI desktop vgpu_unlock supported? can somebody give me a guide for buying a good quality secondhand one for tiny my little eGPU experiment since i wanted to salvage my old desktop PSU
is minisforum elitemini B550 a decent product might buy one in 2024 when i finally get a job i want a bare minimum computer for virtual machines just to see how low i could go and the design is open air
is this a good idea or should i invest a more expensive rig? the CPU is also replaceable according to their reviews
Replies: >>175728
Anyone here run a server? I'm turning my old computer into one for hosting games and I want to know what I can expect with running Windows Server 2019 and 2022.
[Hide] (784.4KB, 1274x1440)
>all these replies to the blatant crossposter
It's Windows 10/11 with IIS preinstalled, aka the vax in digital form.

Install gentoo, coward.
What has be posted that warrants attention? One could say your non-answer to a question is worst than anything else posted in this thread. 

I haven't heard anything bad.
>lemme know if you find a better normalfag friendly distro because i dont have the autism like most of you and will reinstall if frustrated
(Vanilla) Ubuntu sucks. I think Kubuntu/KDE is slightly better (or just "usable") but I think it sucks too.
Xubuntu (Xfce4) and Ubuntu Mate are the only good Ubuntu variants. Linux Mint is also a good choice. But I think Debian testing is better than Xubuntu/Ubuntu Mate or Mint. Just install synaptic package manager GUI after you install it. And unlike Ubuntu (or it's many flavors), Debian and Mint won't force you to use ((( Snap ))) (unless you really want to). In terms of ease of use: Xubuntu = Ubuntu Mate = Linux Mint > Debian. But Debian is not hard to use either. Also, Debian supports multiple DEs (just use the installer (or tasksel) to select the DE you want).,

To actually upgrade from Debian stable to Debian testing:
>1. Edit your apt sources and change "stable" or "bullseye" to "testing"
>2. Remove (or comment out) your stable security updates apt sources (anything with security.debian.org in it).
>3. Remove (or comment out) any other stable-specific apt sources, like *-backports or *-updates. 
For more details, see: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianTesting

I would get AMD Ryzen 5 5600G (or another CPU with integrated GPU) and just use the integrated graphics for the time being (then get a proper GPU when you get more money). If you want to save more money, i would buy HDDs only and not SSDs (or buy 1 SSD for your OS and 1-2 HDD(s) for your /home & other data).

>minisforum elitemini B550
Prebuilt PC suck.
Especially if you are going to get a PC for playing games or otherwise need more performance.

If  you are planning to buy your next PC in 2024, then I recommend that you don't start picking the parts yet. But I think you should instead buy a Ryzen 5 5600G and just buy a new SSD/HDD and upgrade to a better GPU. In my opinion, there is no reason to build 2 PCs. You can have 1 PC that's used for both gaming and running VMs (unless, you are building a home server).
Replies: >>175754
[Hide] (83.7KB, 753x419)
Oh, but I have. I haven't done any ricing so it looks like shit and I am ashamed.

I would do Linux on it as well because that would make remote administration much easier, but I figure since the kind of games I plan to host have their server software built for Windows it would result in less headaches and better performance. I can get keys very cheap so it's of no concern.

Anyways, to tell you something funny, I asked one of the IT guys I work with how he remotely administrates his server at home and he said Chromecast.
Unnecessary bloat and pain. Wangblows server is meant for being a domain controls and IIS as >>175725 says. Base install size is 30+ GB. Just get a Linux VPS and learn Bash.
>1. Edit your apt sources and change "stable" or "bullseye" to "testing"
>2. Add security update entry for testing (deb http://security.debian.org testing-security main contrib non-free). You can just update the stable security update entry (i.e. just change "stable" and/or "bullseye" to "testing").
Fixed for real! I had to actually test it... It has been a long time since I used Debian.

Also, you want to use the installation iso that contains non-free firmware: https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/current/amd64/iso-cd/
But the Mate edition of Linux Mint is still the recommended distro for newbies, imo.
Alright sorry for the unexpected bump but aliexpress is on a really black friday hot sale this week and ill read your posts later on.
this is gonna be my Christmas gift as i needed a mini server and to hold my RAM hungry crouton browser and one Tiny7 instance

1. Whats the difference between N6000 and N6005? the only thing mentioned is the iGPU clock speed and base timings.
2. If i were to cherrypick an expensive n6005 variant on aliexpress would it be worth it? as stupid as my decision sounds.
3. Can i turn my n6000 into an n6005 by safely overclocking it? not that it would matter since this is for office usage only.
4. How come the n6005 is php 500 more expensive than the lower end n6000 yet benchmarks are almost the similar?
5. Why is the n6005 variant sold out in every store despite selling the same brand of product? what's so special about it?

Why are there so lots of TopTom stores? are they resellers or impostors? KingNovy also used the exact template without removing the branding
And before you ask aliexpress is really neat for electronics infact ETA prime made a video about this budget M6 PC before so its definitely really good.
(link related) https://www.servethehome.com/topton-m6-review-an-intel-jasper-lake-mini-pc-with-2-5gbe-n5105/ (where did the shop aff link go?)
The pentium silver seems good enough and can beat an old i3 but lets say i had a bigger budget should i go for ryzen 3XXX with sodimms instead?
Though it probably wont matter anyway as my browserfagging habbits dont eat up that much CPU while im working and shitposting on altchans.
[Hide] (53.7KB, 490x649)
I think Logical Increments has forgotten to update its tier descriptions in the past decade.
Replies: >>176492
[Hide] (23.7MB, 640x360, 16:59)
Buying SSDs is a fucking pain.
Any recommendations for a USB wifi dongle to use on low laying a Linux desktop?
Replies: >>176315
Bad News for Scalpers in Nvidia RTX 4080 eBay Sales Data
GPU Q3'22 biggest quarter-to-quarter drop since the 2009 recession

I have never used usb wifi dongle, but I guess this page should point you to the right direction.
Replies: >>176344 >>176492
No wonder, in fact I am a bit baffled at this years releases and how powerhungry and expensive they were made to be when most of the world is flirting with hyperinflation.
They are locked in to some degree I suppose but I would have hoped they would go for "eco" and offer same performance at a lower price and better performance/Watt ratio.
Replies: >>176492
Anon help updating packages broke java and now starsector doesnt work
Replies: >>176383
Any recomended software to put on a new (Linux) PC ASAP?
>nonshit browser+adblock (etc.)
>some Media Player Classic fork (which?)
Disregard that manually reinstalled java 8 and its ok for now.
>using an inferior windowsnigger knockoff of mpv
>whatever black sorcery is needed to get your printer working
>some image gallery viewer appropriate to your desktop
>k3b (even if you're not using KDE, it's the best optical disc burner GUI I've found)
>wine + winetricks/lutris
Replies: >>176404 >>176430
gimp is for retards use literally anything else
Like what? imagemagic? editing .png with hex editor? graf2x? running cs2 in wine?
[Hide] (320.1KB, 287x713)
Any good Negro Friday deals today?
Synaptic (APT package manager GUI) || aptitude. Or, if you are on Arch/Artix, rua (AUR helper).
GNU/Emacs + geiser + rainbow-delimiters ++ elfeed, Chicken, Kdenlive, gnome-chess + gnuchess, Hexchat and Nicotine+ and amule. Or some of these: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_applications & https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_games

>wine + winetricks/lutris
And Bottles?

GIMP is great but retards prefer Pinta.
I heard Krita is good.
Replies: >>176431
>GIMP is great but retards prefer Pinta.
GIMP sucks. Pinta sucks. Krita is only good for drawing. paint.NET is the best but it's proprietary and wangblows only.
Replies: >>176436
>nonshit browser
I recently tried LibreWolf and found it to be pleasantly surprising.  No performance problems, no bloat, and it's missing some of the more cancerous things about Firefox like accounts and forced Pocket integration.  Still has the gay new look, sadly.
>ungoogled chromium + ublock origin + privacy badger
>engrampa / lxqt archive manager (7-zip alt)
>deadbeef (foobar alt) / audacious (winamp alt)
>smplayer (mpc-hc alt)
>gimp / krita
Im honestly shocked there are still fags recommending that trash; I use it as a litmus test for whether linux is still shit or actually usable yet, seems like its still the former now
Replies: >>176439
Honestly linux will remain shit as long as wine is shit and there are no alternatives, there are simply too many good programs on windows that will never be recreated properly on linux.
>nonshit browser+adblock (etc.)
Ungoogled Chromium with the usual addons, there is also Qutebrowser but it lacks good addon support.
The commandline tool, but I recall most file managers integrate it
OnlyOffice is my go-to when I have to interact with documents in office formats.
MPD with vimpc or any other client, the nice thing is that you can pick either a minimal client or one that goes more into the foobar2k direction.
>some Media Player Classic fork (which?)
Just use mpv, it can handle everything from Webm's up to and including custom shaders and neural network enhanced 4k anime tiddies
I'd just keep it. I ditched it a while ago because I used the auto sorting function by tags so much that the GUI covered the whole screen. I currently have btpd and rtorrent but honestly neither are to my liking, the former is a stark negative example of "minimalism" in that  it can handle neither magnets, the DHT nor ssl and also fails at being good at being automated and the latter can do almost everything but they wrote an entire scripting language around it that makes it incromprehensible to really automate unless you read their bibel and I have better things to do. My heart for an up-to-date client that just uses LUA as config language so normal linters and intellisense can do their job
It's kind of disorienting living in a world where PCs can't outperform consoles at about the same price, for the first time since ~2007.

I suspect they're sitting on a mountain of old stock, which they desperately need to offload before iGPUs in new laptops catch up and obsolete them.

Our wiki's recs are mostly okay:
Replies: >>176509
The entire 4000 series is overpriced as a deliberate strategy to milk whales and burn off the massive post-bubble overstock of Turing cards while leaving room to price for maximum profit margins after AMD launches their new product line. As expected all 5k 4090s in the initial shipments sold out for a massive profit while vendors will be sitting on 4080s until the channel clears of all the cheaper cards.
Replies: >>176514
The top-end cards being overpriced is totally normal (especially with the Titan branding retired) . What's unusual is there's no lower-end dGPU models, like an RTX 4050 or RX 7400.
>ryzen 5-9
Wut? Eggsplain. Wouldn't I want a 9?
Replies: >>176541
Motherboard support and power requirements are a factor, as are arbitrary OS restrictions.
At this point I'm scared to ask.**
[Hide] (47.7KB, 364x377)
AMD and Nvidia reportedly lose market share in Q3 2022 as GPU shipments suffer massive 25% year-over-year decline
Graphics card sales fall off a cliff – but there are good reasons why
BlockFi files for bankruptcy as FTX contagion grips crypto markets
Anyone of you fags planning on buying the new GPUs or are you waiting on the price drop of the previous gen?
I'm planning on getting a 6700XT if the price drops enough, but if there's anything comparable but cheaper I'll get that instead.
I haven't found any local prices that are even close to the lower prices I have seen americans report so I am holding of. Plus I will wait for AMD's release, either they are worth it on their own or they will drive down prices.
I bought one when the prices broke, an RX 6700XT  at MSRP. Looks like it was actually 100 bucks off for the past few days but I was happy with the price I paid as it was market regular.
>GPU prices fall off a cliff
Maybe in burgerland, here in the third world we have jewels like a 2060/3050 for $500, 1660 S/Ti for $250, RX 6600, RTX 3060 and RX 6600 XT for $350, $450 and $550 respectively, and every last gen 80/90 card, both AMD and Nvidia, costing $1500+. The only reasonably priced cards are the $650 6700 XT and 3060 Ti, and even then you're better off asking some illegal mexican nigga to buy one in a microcenter for $400 and driving all the way to tijuana to pick it up.
Replies: >>177336
Is the Linux port of X4 any good?
Replies: >>177161
I'm hoping to see a 6800XT under 400.
Replies: >>177156
Replies: >>177168 >>177273
Yeah worked fine for me last time I played it.
what a great bargain
[Hide] (60KB, 285x280)
I was thinking about upgrading my MOBO, CPU and RAM alongside my GPU since i'll have about $600 leftover after buying a 6800 XT, but the jump from a 3600 to a 5600X isn't that significant, neither is 3200MHz to 3600MHz (though adding another 2 sticks for a total of 32GB wouldn't be a bad idea), and i wouldn't benefit from a X570 board since my current one has everything i need, meaning i'd be better off waiting until AM5 boards and DDR5 RAM are as cheap as their predecessors, right? Or will my current setup (B450 Aorus Pro Wifi, R5 3600, 2x8GB 3200MHz) bottleneck my 6800 XT to the point that i wouldn't notice a significant increase in performance from a RX 590?
Anyone here owns a modern gaming laptop? Is it worth it?
Replies: >>177243 >>177255
If you're playing at 1080p then yeah, but if you're a 4K gamer nah
>meaning i'd be better off waiting until AM5 boards and DDR5 RAM are as cheap as their predecessors, right? 
>bottleneck my 6800 XT
Nah, you are OK, but you should check the 5800X3D, it should give you a nice boost in your system.
Are you using NVME? If not, that should be a nice upgrade.
>meaning i'd be better off waiting until AM5 boards and DDR5 RAM are as cheap as their predecessors, right?

>Is it worth it?
No. It's better to buy el cheapo laptop for portability and build a powerful PC for gaming. Gaming on a laptop sucks. Also, laptops overheat much more easily than a desktop PC, and you can save money in the long run if you buy the parts and build your PC yourself (because you can upgrade/replace broken parts).

Some recommendations:
<Case: Fractal Design Focus G
<PSU: get a Corsair/Seasonic PSU.
Don't try to save money by buying a cheap chinkshit PSU!!
<Motherboard: Asus is a good brand. MSI is okay, too.
<CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600 or Intel Core i5 12400. Pick AMD Ryzen 5 5600G (or another CPU with integrated graphics) if you want to save money and get a better GPU later.
Integrated graphics are good enough for older games and web browsing.
<GPU: Radeon RX 6600 (like MSI Radeon RX 6600 MECH 2X  8G) or Radeon RX 6600 XT
<Storage: Get a Western Digital or Toshiba HDD. Get a Crucial MX500 SSD, if you want a SSD for your OS.
A SSD is more useful for Botnet 10/Botnet 11 because Linux boots and shuts down so quickly (even if you have a HDD). If you have more money to burn, you might want to get NVME SSD instead for your OS.
<RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16

Check out these links from OP:
>>172308 (OP) 
Replies: >>177255
Family owns one and they are only worth it for one kind of person: Some professional who for one reason or another has to have the processing power right there with him on the go. Everyone else should just do what >>177243 said.
Har har har
On Windows. How do I flash a USB stick with Linux mint install for a fresh machine?
You'd use a program like Rufus (https://rufus.ie/en/).
Replies: >>177303 >>177311
[Hide] (177.1KB, 1600x900)
You wouldn't do that to her, right?
Replies: >>177311 >>177396
You don't, stay on your Fisher-Price OS.
Replies: >>177311
I used >>177288. There is also etcher. 
Mint is pretty comfy,  I think you will like it.
Spoiler File
(225.3KB, 500x666)
I tried flashing a USB drive I bought for literally this exact purpose and get this error.  Any idea what's wrong?

Format operation started
Requesting disk access...
Will use 'G:' as volume mountpoint
Opened \\.\PhysicalDrive3 for exclusive write access
Analyzing existing boot records...
Drive has an unknown Master Boot Record
Clearing MBR/PBR/GPT structures...
Erasing 128 sectors
Write error [0x00000005] Access is denied.
Retrying in 5 seconds...
Search for conflicting processes was interrupted due to timeout
Write error [0x00000005] Access is denied.
Retrying in 5 seconds...
Search for conflicting processes was interrupted due to timeout
Write error [0x00000005] Access is denied.
Retrying in 5 seconds...
Search for conflicting processes was interrupted due to timeout
Write error [0x00000005] Access is denied.
Could not reset partitions
Re-mounted volume as G: after error

The machine in question is on 7, not the one that decides when it will shut down and wipes everyone's files.

Why not?
I remember an error when I used it I think. Try Balena etcher.
Replies: >>177314 >>177319
That one just gives a white Window when I open it. I find a bug report on it, but the solution is using an older version and I can't find archive versions on the website.
Replies: >>177317
Try running Rufus as admin maybe?
Replies: >>177319
Replies: >>177319

Check this out.
Replies: >>177319
Well whatever the problem was, it seems to have vanished when I turned off quick format and had it check the drive for errors beforehand.
Mission accomplished boyz.
Replies: >>177321
High five's all around!
[Hide] (184.2KB, 1200x870)
Some of those prices are understandable for strictly legal imports, but some are well in excess of what you'd pay even including the 20-50% from all applicable tariffs+duties+VAT+fees+shipping for something like PC parts dropshipped direct from USA, China, or wherever. How do those retailers stay in business charging such prices, especially online?
>$650 6700 XT and 3060 Ti, and even then you're better off asking some illegal mexican nigga to buy one in a microcenter for $400 and driving all the way to tijuana to pick it up.
More like $330 new via PC Part Picker, or $280 used on eBay.

Unless you want to hang onto them for some reason, I recommend factoring in the resale price of your old parts. A quick look at recently sold items on eBay shows, for instance, the following typical resales:
B450 Aorus Pro Wifi AM4: $45-$80
R5 3600: $50-$90
2x8GB 3200MHz DDR4: $20-$30
RX 590 8GB: $50-$100
Needless to say, buying your upgrades used/refurb too, will save a lot of money and/or allow you to greatly increase your target specs.
Replies: >>177340 >>177396
>Unless you want to hang onto them for some reason
There is nothing wrong on having a backup PC.
Replies: >>177386
Sure, but if you do sell stuff while it retains more of its resale value, you can subsidize bigger and/or more frequent upgrades to a smaller hoard of tech, so there's a certain tradeoff in that choice. Unless, of course, you can bullshit your 1331 gayman rig as a "business asset" and deduct the capital depreciation from your taxes.
Why is Proton always better to run better though Steam than building from source? I'm running v7.0.4.
I like how 7 is rough around the edges but has a nice smile whereas 10 is more appealing at first glance but has a soulless smile. 
>Unless you want to hang onto them for some reason
My reason is that reselling shit is way too much of a bother. Even more so when you factor in the risk of selling to a cunt or shipping ruining your parts.
Replies: >>177410 >>177418
[Hide] (4.7MB, 3508x1972)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 3866x2044)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2742x2480)
[Hide] (429.5KB, 1600x1200)
I also notice the moé is piled on thicker with each one
>too much of a bother
If you're too much of a lazy fag to list items for individuals to buy, there's also old-fashioned used electronics dealers that will give you (instant for many items) quote, and then pay you on delivery. e.g.: SellGPU, Gazelle, IT Connected, Nextworth. They pay about 3/4 what you'd get selling it yourself, but the speed & convenience can be worth it.
Replies: >>177581
Oh, also
>the risk of [...] shipping ruining your parts
Parcel insurance is nominal at worst. $100 of insurance is free with standard shipping from major carriers, and additional insurance is 1% of declared value.
Just use Ventoy next time. Not only it's much easier to set up, it also allows you to store normal files on it besides the system images.
Why is WIn11 a rori?
Replies: >>177586
[Hide] (269.4KB, 996x800)
Same as her sisters, because she was only rebrandedborn last year. OSs age faster than humans, so it'll take a while for her service packs to enter extended support at puberty.
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