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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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>what's this?
A thread for the organization and development of a VN with minor puzzle/adventure game elements starring Libbie the Cyber Oryx.  Some people in the other Libbie thread (>>13354) had thought it would be fun to make our own game with her, since she's an open source character.  A bit of rudimentary planning later, and here we are.

>what will the game be like?
A simple, short puzzle/adventure game presented like a VN and inspired by old Flash adventure/"sim" games.  We'll be working in Ren'py, and the game will mostly be slice-of-life comedy and light romance.

>furfags reee

>you're doomed
We have an artist, a writer, a fairly simple coding language, and a clear goal.  I think our chances are pretty good, all things considered.

>what do you have so far?
Premise/character summary will be in the following posts.
(326.8KB, 1584x1786)
(446.9KB, 799x936)
(168.7KB, 1492x977)
    • Simple slice-of-life VN about anon and Libbie working at the Z-Energy office together and falling in love/spending time together.
        ◦ No in-jokes.  The Z-energy corporation is enough.
        ◦ Maybe Kiki the Squirrel lives in the broom closet or something?
    • There will be different colour-coded versions of Libbie who work in different departments and have different responsibilities.
        ◦ Base (Writer + Database), Maff (Math + Calc), Artist (Draw + Present)
        ◦ The male version of Libbie is a jerkass rival who will compete with the player for a girl’s affection and/or show up repeatedly to taunt him.
    • Anon can choose to spend time with each version of Libbie.  If he impresses/helps her, she’ll like him and give him a chance to win her heart.
        ◦ Maybe some small dialogue puzzles or math puzzles; nothing too serious.
        ◦ There should be some kind of interactivity: even simple yes/no answers to branching conversations are better than linear dialogue.
    • Ending variant for each Libbie, and one or two secret/joke endings depending on other things.

    • Anon, a lowly gas station attendant for the Z-Energy Corporation, has been “promoted” to assistant manager at a new branch after repeatedly napping on the job.  He arrives to find the office a dysfunctional mess staffed by Libbie androids, and with a performance review looming on the horizon, the entire branch is in jeopardy.  He’ll have to roll up his sleeves, get to know his coworkers, and actually do some fucking work if he wants to keep his job.

Character Profiles
    • Anon
        ◦ It’s Z-Anon.  I doubt he’ll ever actually appear in art.
        ◦ The other characters chirp him for being the new guy and coming from a gas station, but he might be the office’s only chance.

    • Base Libbie
        ◦ The “normal” Libbie we all know and love.  Green hair, and aspects of LibreOffice Writer and Database.  The most responsible of the three Libbies at Z-Energy.
        ◦ Not an especially deep character.  As per Tyson’s description:
            ▪ “Calm and collected on surface, but courageous and carefree at heart. She is passionate, ambitious and confident about the future, and knows how to have fun with her job.”
        ◦ Tries to be optimistic and reliable, but her cheery demeanor is cracking under the weight of the branch’s poor performance.
        ◦ Tragic backstory about being defeated by The Penguin, which caused her to focus on her job above all else.  Might be looking at a bad case of burnout if not for the player’s intervention.

    • Maff Libbie
        ◦ The black Libbie responsible for mathematics and financial stuff; has an inverted colour palette that is predominantly black/dark grey with green highlights.  Aspects of LibreOffice Math and Calc/Spreadsheet.
        ◦ Talks the stereotypical jive like you’d see in any image board shitpost, but not actually a nigger: more like a Japanese gyaru combined with a blaxploitation character.  Enjoys teasing her coworkers, especially Anon, but has a pretty fragile ego herself.
        ◦ Bad at her job, but not stupid: her math processor is fully functional, which makes her more like an idiot savant.  Doesn’t do a good job bookkeeping, but never gets fired because she’s so sweet and nobody wants to hurt her feelings.

    • Art Libbie
        ◦ Free-spirited artist Libbie who works in HR/graphic design and always has some kind of morale-boosting scheme.  Yellow hair, with aspects of Libreoffice Draw and Impress.
        ◦ Heavily inspired by the kind of new-age corporate culture guru who was everywhere in the dotcom boom.  “Harness your ethereal synergy to amplify your positive wavelengths, my friends.  Your feng shui is very disrupted – I advise a diet of mung beans and kale to realign your astrological orientation,” etc.
        ◦ [maybe she’s stuck in an artistic rut and needs Anon’s help to rediscover her muse?]
        ◦ Office should have a poster with a dolphin or something.  Maybe she’s a health food nut.
        ◦ Claims she’s very good at her job, but nobody can make heads or tails of what she’s saying so they can’t really argue.

    • Male Libbie
        ◦ A rival to the player, based on the male version in Tyson Tan’s original picture.  Male Libbie is a suave, stylish businessman in a sharp suit and tie.  Prior to Anon’s arrival, he was doing most of the heavy lifting around the office and had all the ladies’ attention.
        ◦ Has some dialogue during minigames/puzzles where he mocks Anon or predicts that he won't have the smarts to pull it off.
        ◦ Potentially an undercover agent for The Penguin, who has been sabotaging Z-Energy from the inside for months.  He doesn’t care about his job because he can just charm his way into another one.
            ▪ [Maybe Anon can redeem him and win his trust?  Or maybe he’s just exposed and exiled like the dirtbag he is.]

    • The Penguin
        ◦ A soulless corporate stooge who works at the rival company Fibre Office and lives for nothing more than climbing the corporate ladder.  Has a history with base Libbie: they were competing for the same position, and he bent the rules to ensure she would be disqualified.
        ◦ The true antagonist and typical corporate brownnoser.  Only got hired because he kisses his boss’s ass, and longs to see the Libbies and their work destroyed so they can be replaced with faceless automatons after an aggressive merger.
        ◦ Will stop at nothing to crush Z-Energy, be it h4ck1ng into their system and deleting the folder named "super important files – do not delete", photoshopping nudes of libbie and plastering them around the building, or cutting power to the office.  Truly evil.

    • Kiki the Cyber Squirrel
        ◦ (Joke character who appears once or twice.  Maybe she lives in the broom closet or the server room?  Might be too unfocused.)
(771.7KB, 1000x619)
Here's a list of things that need doing in the next week:
>git repo (either github or gitgud, doesn't matter to me)
>hello world template in Ren'Py
I know how to code so I'm pretty sure I could learn Ren'Py easily enough, but I'd still like for someone else to be involved.
>more suggestions for scenes, conversations, etc.
>clearly defined mini-games for each of the three Libbie androids, and potentially The Penguin as well

Now's your chance to be an idea guy and say you're helping.
Replies: >>17090 >>17098
(422.9KB, 480x360, 00:07)
>Fuck off back to china, you anime
(208.1KB, 440x441)
>git repo (either github or gitgud, doesn't matter to me)
>ever seriously considering using SJWHub which got taken over by Microsoft
Enjoy getting your project becoming infiltrated by dye haired feminist and beta orbiters.
Replies: >>17093
It would obviously need to be a private repo.  I'm pretty sure either Github or Gitgud (or any other git host) allows enough contributors to fulfill our needs.
Replies: >>17094
*need to be a private repo if you're really worried about that, which personally I am not
isnt github pozzed?
Replies: >>17106
(444.6KB, 1800x925)
(332.1KB, 601x501)
(368.2KB, 840x700)
Yes, yes it is.
>2nd pic
not gonna lie but doing any sports naked sounds great, just like in my greco-roman animes
(200KB, 611x596)
>reeeeeeeee a giant platform is actually untrustworthy
Yes, we already knew that, which is why I said I didn't care what platform we used.  If you have such a problem with one potential platform, you're more than welcome to set it up yourself and actually contribute.

Does any of you have anything to say about the other hundreds of words I posted?  Characters, scenarios, that sort of thing.
Replies: >>17117 >>17120
*Do any
You act like those that bitch are going to contribute anything. Just do the simplest and most effective thing.
(834.3KB, 500x281)
>Potentially an undercover agent for The Penguin, who has been sabotaging Z-Energy from the inside for months.
thinking this over, perhaps he shouldn't be an actual antagonist. he's still a variation of libbie after all, and given the penguin will be the real bad guy, he's safe to be relegated to the dick role.
>The Penguin
pitch sounds good. I just wanted to add that his artwork could potentially have little or no variation at all regarding poses and expressions on purpose in order to make him look cheap as fuck, hinting at and reinforcing the notion he's a shobby, soulless palette swap and further differentiating him from libbie and all her lovingly crafted, expressive alts.

also I like how you managed to tie in the premise of the messy, underperforming office with the fact each libbie has a problem of some sort thus leading to said performance drop. all of which made me notice how male libbie doesn't really have a "problem" unless we go with the double agent route. maybe he's not quite qualified for the job and only got it because of looks/nepotism? maybe he was the only applicant to show up when they were seriously short of staff? also he needs a name, "male libbie" doesn't sound very marketable, how about T.T. a not so ambiguous reference to Tyson Tan?
Replies: >>17178 >>17540
Being naked in the wild is kind of weird, but not really pozzed.
Replies: >>17144
It is when you consider that "she" is really a "he" with his infected hole airing freely in the wind.
(20.1KB, 400x400)
Concept art for the FINAL BOSS.
Replies: >>17178 >>17180
I think a dick/rival would probably round out the roster better, yeah.  Noted.

I like it.
Make it so he has a free space on the sides of his head to hold his glasses.
Would it be a good idea to aim for themed puzzles depending on what libbie you are interacting with?
Could also be worth thinking about art, math, base in the way "Eternal Darkness" handled its 3 distinct traits, might help with getting the player to invest some time with every libbie too.
Replies: >>17471
>Would it be a good idea to aim for themed puzzles depending on what libbie you are interacting with?
I think that goes without saying.  Base Libbie could give you word problems, Maff could give you math questions and numerical logic problems, and art Libbie could focus on visual pattern recognition and other stuff.  Provided it's all presented as multiple choice, it should be simple enough to implement.

That does leave T.T. without any puzzles of his own, but maybe his identity as the hint/insult guy is enough.

What do you mean?  I don't think a stat system would be worthwhile to implement if we want to keep things simple and more likely to finish.
Replies: >>17474 >>17540
>What do you mean?
What I mean by this and why I outright named a game that does this, is that it could be helpful if advancing certain story arks and their puzzles unlock things in other paths.
An example would be that if you advance maff and then do some base libbie event you can extra impress her with solving some math problem.
I am not saying this needs to be huge, but if possible it could be a good nudge to not just min-max a route.
(262.6KB, 960x1200)
>That does leave T.T. without any puzzles of his own, but maybe his identity as the hint/insult guy is enough.
true, ok how about this: by giving certain specific answers during dialogues with him and other characters you can unlock his secret branching path and secret puzzle mode which could consist of one of these things
>a harder version of a mix of other libbie alt's puzzles
>one puzzle that encapsulates parts of all of them in a 3 in 1 fashion
>something completely different which I have no clue about.

progression with him would gradually reveal that he's actually kind of unqualified which potentially could tie into what I said here as to how he got the job >>17121
>nepotism possibly a relative of one of the libbies
>good looks and charms
>lied on his resume
>shortmanned office desperate for staff
this being the opportunity to give a "weakness" to his character like the other libbies, and thus a reason for you to help him out with the added benefit of room for character development. also clearing his route would unlock the secret/joke ending bros before hoes.
Replies: >>17552
Take care not to make the gay option too much harder than the other routes, or at least give people an R15 onsen episode or something at the end if it is. If it's the "consolation prize" type of joke route that a person gets for being bad at the other routes, then the puzzles shouldn't be harder than the normal routes--and they probably will be if they're trying to combine all the routes' gimmicks just by the nature of being complicated. If it's a shitpost route that you have to go out of your way to get or that people only get the first time out of being contrarians, then it's probably fine if it's tougher. Traditionally (although I can't point to one example) if the three main options are all simple logic or reasoning puzzles the last route would be a boxing or bullet hell minigame or something. That would be hard to do in Ren'py (although maybe a regular old py could be encapsulated in the game or something), but I guess that route could always be finished later than all the rest.
Replies: >>17557
>If it's the "consolation prize" type of joke route that a person gets for being bad at the other routes, then the puzzles shouldn't be harder than the normal routes--and they probably will be if they're trying to combine all the routes' gimmicks just by the nature of being complicated. If it's a shitpost route that you have to go out of your way to get or that people only get the first time out of being contrarians, then it's probably fine if it's tougher.
this is all a matter of whether failure is actually taken into account and once you fuck up a minigame it's permanently recorded and affects the route progression or not. if that's the case and failing with all 3 libbies eventually locks you into the shitpost route for losers, then yeah, I guess having an easier minigame would make sense. that way you'd have to put some sort of effort to achieve 3 out of 4 possible routes.
on the other hand, if failure just means you gotta repeat a minigame and you can do it as many times as you like then the shitpost route should be harder to achieve and the challenge it presents should be tougher, but then we'd have a 1 to 4 ratio "effort" needed wise. also it's not gay it's pure manly friendship untainted by any degenerate shit.
(83KB, 500x720)
(659.2KB, 1280x720)
How's this? It still needs shading, but is the design ok or should it be more polygonal?
Also what resolution are we aiming for, 1066x600, 1280x720 or 1920x1080? 2nd pic is at 1280x720.
Also are the other Libbies going tohave different proportions? Like one Libbie has bigger thighs and the other bigger boobs, etc.
looks great lad, you should aim for 1920x1080 it can be downscaled to any resolution and most of people use a 1080p monitor.
I hope you give her a big futa cock.
Replies: >>18401
Spoiler File
(295.7KB, 1057x1116)
She's looking pretty cute there! Most anons don't draw her looking very polygonal so don't worry about it, her original polygonal design was a bit busy anyways.
pic related
Replies: >>18410
Looks solid.  I don't think she needs to be more polygonal; the design that the community settled on was pretty normal-looking anyway.
Make the assets for 1920x1080 and they'll downscale to any 16:9 resolution.
>other Libbies having different proportions
I figured Maff would be more busty/heavyset/"thick" compared to Base and Art, but beyond that I'm not sure.  It might make more sense for Art to be skinnier if she's a health food nut.
Replies: >>18504
(12.8MB, 480x368, 03:46)
Oh, I definitely need to write a scene where anon and Libbie visit the aftermarket goat parts store.  In fact, now that I think of it, that might be where we put Kiki: there could be some kind of knockoff animatronic that acts like pic related and tries to sell questionably legal mods.  I'm not sure how I'd represent it in text, though.
(37.9KB, 351x440)
(31.6KB, 675x560)
I saw that shit from my phone earlier this morning and almost forgot to reply.
>is the design ok or should it be more polygonal?
I think a good example that blends a somewhat more orthodox design with the polygonal elements of Tan's design is the first pic in the OP. You could just straighten up some of the floppier parts like the ears and the hair a bit and make creases sharper. Also the proportions of your gawaii ugu~ animu face look a bit off vertically, so it's more human-like than it should be. 
>what resolution are we aiming for, 1066x600, 1280x720 or 1920x1080? 2nd pic is at 1280x720.
I agree with the rest, go 1080p so it can be downscaled, though I gotta say upscaled sprites from old VNs have their charm, so I personally wouldn't mind.
>Also are the other Libbies going tohave different proportions?
Aside from what >>18405 said, I'll add make the Art Libbie a bit shorter and Maff a bit taller, though don't overdo it with the height, they're still females after all, they shouldn't be that tall really, in fact, looking at it again you should make your reference shorter than that.

That aside, very solid job my man, with a bit of shading it's gonna look gorgeous.
Replies: >>33758
(13.6KB, 1080x930)
From the state of the thread, I imagine no one's interested anymore.
Replies: >>24797 >>24834
Drawfag/Codefag here. I've been kind of busy but will get back to it soon. You faggots better have a script ready by the time I finish the Libbies.
Replies: >>24834 >>24839
(84.1KB, 1512x1512)
I do care about it, but I've been busy with a couple other things/a lazy faggot and not done much in the way of script writing or learning how Ren'Py works.  I promise I'll have the Git repo up by the end of the week.

I will work on it and begin fleshing it out.  I had wanted to spend more time planning, but I guess that was just me getting cold feet and not wanting to contribute.
>Anon chooses a Libbie
>No harem route
shiggy diggy
Replies: >>24851
Harem endings are both lazy writing and morally reprehensible.
Replies: >>24872
But they are still the best ending.
that flowchart needs some touch ups
Replies: >>25076
(18.2KB, 225x235)
>you need to improve X
<but I won't tell you how or why
Where is the mathematics?
Replies: >>25339
The puzzles would be part of helping each Libbie.  Base would give you logic puzzles, Maff gives you math puzzles, and Art gives you visual reasoning/diagram puzzles.
I'm not dead, and I did make progress on a script.  I've just been being lazy since I have some real-life issues I need to handle and that makes me not want to do this stuff.  But I will keep doing it; it's fun now that I'm actually getting to the writing.
Replies: >>27663 >>27708
Gambate, anon!
(2.1MB, 1920x1280)
>Check back a month later
>The madmen are actually doing it
Replies: >>27711
(152.6KB, 743x481)
>artist drawing Libbies
>anon writing the script
>no contact outside the thread
>when the artfag posts his drawings they'll be added to the VN
>whoever wants can use the Libbies for their own stuff
I have never seen anything developed this way, closest was that one anon RPG Maker game and even they communicated and coordinated a lot more over their threads, gradually piecing the game together. This shit is fascinating and I can't wait to see where it goes.
Will there be some ecchi stuff in it or even more.
>implying it'll ever happen
Who's making the game? Where's the game? "I'm writing a script trust me bro" is not a game.
>>17081 (OP) 
I already mentioned this in the meta thread, but did anyone save those Libbie sketches from the other thread? I couldn't save them before the thread died and I didn't even get to properly archive it either. I still hope that it's possible for the BO or administrator to restore the thread or increase the page limit and restore it that way (I remember that happened on accident earlier this year on 8moe/v/).
Also there was some OC that was made involving the penguin and a screencap showing another entry that violated the contest rules that I wanted to save, so I hope those will get posted too.
Replies: >>27781
(135KB, 992x600)
(850.9KB, 1785x2244)
(286.3KB, 617x933)
>meta thread
I replied there and posted everything I could recall from the previous thread.  I think I didn't save the sketches you're describing - I had a look in my Libbie folder sorting by date and the newest pictures don't have those filenames.  Do you remember what the images actually were?
>OC involving the penguin
This is all I have.  It's not new, though.
>screencap showing another entry that violated the rules
Pic 4, maybe?  I'm not really sure what you mean.
Replies: >>27782 >>29732
*pic 3, maybe?
(147.5KB, 1512x2268)
It's not much progress, but I figured I should share it so we have something to discuss.  Better for us to disagree about structure and content now than down the line.

I think the Z-Energy building will only have 3-5 floors.  Each floor can be one or two rooms, which should be easy enough to navigate via text boxes.
- Lobby
- Floor 2 (T.T.)
- Floor 3 (Art)
- Floor 4 (Maff)
- Floor 5 (Base)
- Roof
(105.6KB, 1279x717)
I'm not following the thread at all or even consider VNs vidya, but I wanted to wish OP happy holidays and to keep on keeping on.
>Do you remember what the images actually were?
That's the issue, I can't. The Google Cache archive had working thumbnails but it only has 26 posts (though I do want the "pointless_conspiracy" and "fuckingLamo" images and the video in there), while the archive.org capture has the posts with the images (which were posted by 6cbc02) but all of the thumbnails are broken and most of the image links lead to 404's.
>I'm not really sure what you mean.
What I was referring to were the first two images in the second screencap, the post showing that one of the owl mascots was plagiarized and the original version of that penguin with the LibreOffice logo on his chest. Of course, this would be easier if that thread was still up and I managed to save them in time, but at this point someone will have to contact the BO about restoring the thread in some fashion, even if it means increasing the page limit.
Replies: >>29758
Huh.  I thought I had saved all of those, but I don't seem to have them in my Libbie folder.
>someone will have to contact the BO
Have you not already dont that?
Replies: >>29760
*done that
I'm no expert on visual novels or any of that stuff, but that sounds like a good day 1 to me.
What kinds of scene transitions does Ren'Py support? Depending on how flexible they are I could probably help with this if you needed it, I guess, it might be cool to have an elevator door transition when you switch floors. Nothing that eats up too much time, it just strikes me as a small touch that would make the office feel a little more like an actual building.
Replies: >>30335
this seems like a better chart than this
Replies: >>30335
>still being a tardposter
They represent different levels of the story.  The first one is the VN as a whole, and the second is specifically the first day.

>scene transitions
I think playing a short cutscene each time anon uses the elevator should be easy, but I'm not sure if I want to do that since I don't think it would be particularly immersive.  What I'm more curious about is hiding details in the background and making them clickable: Flash games did this pretty commonly, but I'm not sure how easy it would be for a VN game engine.  I suppose I'll actually have to start doing stuff with Ren'Py this week to poke around and see how it works.
Would you want to have an encounter with the Penguin so early in the story? I'd be worried about breaking suspension of disbelief since you obviously have to have more story than one day, and there's really no reason not to fire an employee caught sabotaging something.
Replies: >>30369
>why would you introduce the villain early?
The purpose of day 1 is to introduce the important characters, and The Penguin is an important character.
The Penguin works for a rival company, Fibre Office.  Z-Energy doesn't have the power to fire him.
Replies: >>30371
My bad for not reading the info more thoroughly I guess. It's definitely a good idea if you have that in mind.
(6.7MB, 942x1200, 01:22)
Have a bump for the new years.
(41.1KB, 200x302)
>>17081 (OP) 
ok sir but one kuestion will we be able to spurt our garam masala?
(51.9KB, 275x275)
>doing a project about a /tech/ girl in python
(585.9KB, 1108x670)
I said it wouldn't happen, and here we are, months later, with it not having happened.

If you want to do a project like this then you need a leader who's just going to start doing it, who has the skills to do it alone even if in a bad way, and will continuously push it forward as long as people have interest in the project, and guides people to understand the project and what there is to work on so they can contribute. The idea/planning phase can only last a couple days or so (or an already predetermined amount of days) and the leader should already be preparing the project at that time, anything else has no hope of ever materializing into anything unless a different leader pops up and does it. It's easy to throw together some ideas, anyone can do it without any skills, but putting together an actual game is a whole different ordeal, the lead needs to prove that they have the capability and will to do the harder part. If there was any hope for this project then at this point we should already have a VN prototype with some test scenarios and Libbie placeholders in place along with a rough outline of the characters and locations that need to be built, it's not easy for anons to contribute when there isn't anything concrete in place.

The most important job that you can NOT leave up to the anarchy of anons is the planning and organization and compilation of the project, they can only provide individual pieces and ideas and maybe certain things that span larger overall contexts, but will never put together the game or even the concept of the game if you leave it up to them, the project lead has to be the one to do it. And this is also why he needs to be the leading force making the actual game, so he can tie together the pieces and fill the missing parts and making people's ideas work together as a whole.
Replies: >>33574
(111.9KB, 670x965)
Fine. Here's what we're going to do. By the end of this month I'll have a playable prototype of day 1 as seen on this chart >>29584. Nothing too sophisticated, with placeholder text, backgrounds and models. By that time I need this anon >>29584 to have a finished script of day 1 and at least a basic chart of day 2 (though any anon can write it and post it here). I also recommend posting every progress you make so anons can comment on it. If by the end of the month nobody has a script, I'll write it myself and then add it into the game. Hopefully this way we can develop 1-2 days per month. By the time we have the full script. I'll polish it with finished backgrounds, characters and animations. I also recommend working on >>24834 this month so we don't get confused half-way.
Here, have a Libbie I recently finished. Tell me if you prefer it over this one >>18390.
Ganbatte, anons. We'll have a game by the end of this year.
(2.7MB, 1805x1015)
This is how the new libbie looks in-game.
Cool but the face needs a bit more work. A bit more like any variation of these.
^^ (this one looks best to me)
Replies: >>33758
Her right tit seems a little off
Replies: >>33758
(1.2MB, 1920x1080)
what  >>33730 and >>33733 said
here's a list
>face needs work - still looks too realistically proportioned
>tits are hanging too low and remind me of venti's
>actually removed some of the more polygonal bits instead of sharpening them like anon suggested here >>18504
>green coloured parts look off in that what's supposed to be highlights is actually the main shade
>tie is hanging off of nothing as there's no visible collar it could possibly be clipped on to
still I think that if you fixed at least the tits, it'd be a small improvement over this >>18390
Replies: >>33830
(107.5KB, 670x965)
Replies: >>33933 >>35277
The hell does almond milk even smell like?
Replies: >>33900 >>33923
Her armpits.
Is this one of those who's buried in Grant's Tomb questions?
Replies: >>34190
much better
There must be sex with libbie.
(55.1KB, 816x146)
(10.6KB, 1920x277)
Anyone here is good at making cool textboxes? I tried making one but It ended up looking like shit. I was thinking maybe something similar to DDLC's textbox but green and more tech looking. It should also have the resolution of 2nd pic though it can be less wide. If anyone can make one, I'd appreciate it.
Also is DejaVuSans good as the main font?
(2.6KB, 816x146)
(2.7KB, 816x146)
I went with something simple and used libbies colors from second pic of >>17081 (OP) 
I like the second pic, better. Can you change the color using the color pallette of libbie?
I'd say just rip it off some other VN, just make sure it's transparent, fuck solid ones obfuscating characters and BG
can you post a 1920x1080 mockup of the game with libbie and without the textbox visible?
Replies: >>34035
(3.8MB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>34036
asking because I don't know shit about it but is it possible to move the buttons around? say if I wanted to have them all bunched up in one place instead of in a line at the bottom, would that be possible?
Replies: >>34137
(67.5KB, 1920x277)
(2.4MB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>34066 >>34681
I think it's a decent start, but the text box should have some space between it and the edge of the screen.  The text should also definitely not be green on green; plain white would be readable.  The character name would be better if it were bolded or larger.
Replies: >>34068
(2.5MB, 1920x1080)
>>34066 (checked)
(324.4KB, 703x960)
Hate to break it to you, but this Libbie isn't looking very good.
Replies: >>34681
Yes, it is.
I'm asking if it's comparable to another smell or if it's its own thing.
(2.1MB, 1920x1080)
(44.8KB, 409x409)
I made Libbie bigger. Does it look good or should I keep her small?
I also been fucking around with the settings. I added placeholder music and backgrounds. There's a clickable map where you can choose which floor to go. I'll have a playable prototype where you can do everything in this chart >>29584 like meet all of the Libbies and explore the building in search for clickable easter eggs before demo day and publish it here. If I have time I'll also sketch and add different reactions models to the libbies.
Also WRITER, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? It would be nice to add the script of day 1 to the prototype before the end of the month.  

Thanks for the textbox. It's pretty cool.

I can try and make another one. Maybe a more polygonal one. I'll also work on Maff and Art Libbie tomorrow.
>artfag becomes code monkey before writefag even finishes his script
I am sincerely ashamed.  I must work harder.
Yes.  Sorry for not talking.
>It would be nice to add the script of day 1 to the prototype before the end of the month.  
I can have it done by the end of the month.
>libbie size
Looks good.  She has enough headroom and it doesn't look like the text box is overpowering other things on the screen.
That's perfect, since I was going to have a central elevator that did effectively the same thing.  Thank you for breathing some life into this project.
Replies: >>34704
You cringe me the fuck out dude, shut the fuck up and make my game for me. How can you live with yourself while talking like that?
(132.1KB, 878x565)
(138.2KB, 1920x1080)
(103.3KB, 1211x1114)
I had a potential idea for Kiki while I was writing this evening.  It'd take a fair amount of extra effort to include, but I think it'd be worth it.

    • Kiki the Cyber Squirrel
        ◦ Used to be Base Libbie’s secretary before she was “downsized” and her parts were stored in the maintenance closet.
        ◦ When Anon first meets her, she is simply a head resting on a dirty bench full of tools and wires.  After the initial surprise, she tells Anon that her body parts have been misplaced.  She enlists his help to retrieve them.
        ◦ Each day unlocks a new body part to be acquired (arms + legs, tail, torso), which can only be acquired on that day.  If Anon misses one, it’s gone.
        ◦ Finding Kiki’s body parts will be done with minimal conversation so that it doesn’t interfere with the main story – post-it notes, diaries, computer logs, etc.
        ◦ If Anon finds all Kiki’s body parts and reassembles her on the final day, he unlocks an optional joke ending where he abandons Z-Energy to the clutches of The Penguin and lives a happy life with his loli squirrel robot.

        ◦ Potential ideas/jokes for each body part:
            ▪ Kiki’s arms and legs are found in various parts of the building.  Simple find-the-object clicking that can be done at any time.
            ▪ Kiki’s tail is found in Base Libbie’s desk.  She couldn’t bear to part with Kiki and wanted something to remember her by.  It has obviously been hugged and touched a lot.
            ▪ Kiki’s torso is found in the aftermarket goat part store, where it is being used for nefarious and unscrupulous activities.
                • [maybe the goat vendor is just making a cast of it?  maybe he’s renting it out?  maybe there’s a Frankenstein’s monster of kitbashed robot parts performing in the peephole room in the back?]
Replies: >>36048 >>36065
(104.6KB, 670x965)
(105.3KB, 670x965)
(103.9KB, 670x965)
(1.9MB, 3000x3014)
I didn't like the way you drew the eyes so I gave her a few alts, I was gonna make more especially based on some of a more 90s look but I got lazy
(106KB, 670x965)
>>35277 (checked)
They look pretty good. I specially like 1. I was thinking Maff would have a confident look while base Libbie a more friendly one.
Replies: >>35374
I think pic 3 looks the best.  Very animu, but not too cutesy.

Speaking of Maff and the other variants, I had always assumed that you'd draw different bases for them since they'd have different physiques.  Is that you plan or were you going to recolour the portraits you have there?
Replies: >>35387
Replies: >>35387
I will draw them separately. It's important since I want their poses to exemplify their personalities, body language if you will. Base libbie could be the more friendly, calm and optimistic on the surface character. Maff can be more confident and be a tease to anon. Art is a hippie idk. At least that is what I got from >>17083
Plus they have different clothing.
I'll focus on this next month though. A placeholder sketch is fine for now. Right now I want to focus on experimenting with renpy and making the prototype work.

On it. If you anons have more observations or suggestions about the design, say it now because I'll probably redraw base libbie next month too.
Replies: >>36074
There must be love making scenes with libbie right? Right? Something's telling me there won't be lewd scenes in this game because otherwise the makers would have bragged about it so much. If that's the case then to the trash it goes and kill yourself.
Replies: >>35390 >>35391
>There must be love making scenes with libbie right? Right?
Draw some and we'll put them in.
(152.6KB, 600x684)
Of course there will be. Didn't you see the almond milk image? I plan to add every fetish in the book except scat and NTR into this game and no one can stop me (Ok, maybe not EVERY fetish but a lot of them). However the first finished release will not feature all of them. The objective right now is to have a game with an ending, finished visuals and a few vanilla H-Scenes. After that is done I'll bastardize the shit out of it and add all of the weird H-scenes I want.
Good. Now we wait.
>every fetish in the book
Careful what you're saying there, or someone who's disappointed about loli amp bestiality bukkake being left out will complain.
What's wrong with scat¿
(175.5KB, 850x1224)
(155.1KB, 850x1224)
Here are some placeholder sketches for maff and art.
Replies: >>35743 >>35763
(74.7KB, 522x241)
>art = thinner, smaller, flatter + if you're still going for the hippie persona should wear glasses like picrel and maybe have her "hair" in a ponytail or tied up somehow, also maybe just give her a simple tee and a painter's apron on top
Replies: >>35788
(317.6KB, 363x502)
Bigger and smugger like the other guy said.  The kind of big, sassy woman you'd see in a blaxploitation movie (but it's not nigger loving since she's a robot painted black and not a nigger).
I second the glasses look, plus an artistic beret.  No room for subtlety or nuance here.  I see you gave her a turtleneck under an apron, which is a combination I really like.  I have no opinion on her hairstyle, but I think the circle hair you gave her is a little plain.  Maybe she could have her bangs covering one eye, although that might look really stupid with the glasses.
Replies: >>35788
I don't know. Flat, frog-smug and pretentious is overdone for artistic types. Breaking the mold a little by looking like a high school art teacher with extra cup sizes is a little refreshing.
Replies: >>35793
Fair point.  I don't think they're mutually exclusive, but I am writing her to be more of a new wave vegan guru type, so the visual symbolism of a pretentious artist might be too much.  I think the glasses could stay, though.
Replies: >>35794
I think vegan hippie and motherly figured art teacher could mesh. Might cause her to give off a weird Mother Nature kind of vibe that might not be what you're after, though, but a pair of glasses would help mitigate that. Keeping her away from landscape painting would also help.
Day 1 script is mostly finished except for the scene with The Penguin and an epilogue.  Will have it all done tomorrow.

Also: does anyone have strong feelings about my suggestion for Kiki I described in >>35013?  I think it'd be pretty funny to implement but I'm pretty close to this and I'm not sure if anyone else finds it funny.
Replies: >>36049 >>36065
The Kiki idea sounds like fun and a pretty good secret ending.
Can you make it so each libbie will have a different body type? From busty milf to flat loli, theres somethiing for everyone. Its the current year bro, you cant let anyone down.
Idea sounds cool, I'd suggest being able to find kiki only on day 1 or just a specific timeframe and if anon goes to check the secret spot after that he's greeted by an empty closet and dialogue hinting something might've been there but looked like it was moved, reminding the player to pay more attention on the next playthrough.
A bit late but the drawings you've shown so far remind me of 90s furry art. Take that however you wish, you may dislike the association but then again even furshit from the 90s beats current year.
Replies: >>36103
(172.1KB, 850x1224)
(166.2KB, 850x1224)
(118.8KB, 850x1224)
I made a poll to decide on Art's body type: http://poal.me/ohsav1 although wouldn't Kiki be a loli too?
Also do the accessories look good?

Is it the eyes?
Replies: >>36104 >>36216
>wouldn't Kiki be a loli too
Yeah.  I think having Art have a very different body type would go against Libbie's design conceit, which is that she has the same body but a different colour scheme/plating depending on what she's doing.
(136.8KB, 1512x2268)
The day 1 script is finished except for the scene with Kiki, since I want to plan her quest line before I start writing anything.  I have also made some changes to the structure of day 1 to make it flow better, and those changes are in the attached outline.

Day 1 script: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/v3vm6xLX-a-SkuiJ-hX-AjNAfqCyI0NJ9ZO0EswlXpI/

Feedback is welcome.  Some points that I'm not sure about:
How phonetic should Maff's accent be?  I have no trouble writing it phonetically, but I know some people hate it.
>Girl, you crazy!  If someobdy's gonna be hoppin' up in here and messin' with my work, I oughta know about it so I can beat his ass!
>Gurl, you crazy!  If somebody’s gonna be hoppin’ up in hurr and messin’ with mah work, I oughta know about it so I can beat his ass!
The second one is currently in the script, but I could have made it even more exaggerated ("cray-zee", "beat his ayuss").  Some of Maff's dialogue is inconsistent because I wasn't sure how strong the accent should be.

Are there any phrases or patterns that I should remove or add?  I want the characters to feel distinct but I held back from giving them dumb tics or catch phrases.
(367.7KB, 640x480)
Well, I better get working on this bad boy. Hopefully I'll have it ready by tomorrow or the day after.
If Heiko Tietze isn't a villain in the story, I am going to get mad.
Also sorry if this question has been answered before, but are you just gonna name the libbie variants "Art Libbie" and "Math Libbie" or are they gonna have unique names? Are they related in the story?
Replies: >>36207
>How phonetic should Maff's accent be?  I have no trouble writing it phonetically, but I know some people hate it.
both example seem way to niggerish
What do the asterisks mean? Is there supposed to be italics/bold text or is it supposed to be like that?
Replies: >>36203
Ah, right; I knew there was something I forgot to mention.  Yes, the asterisks mean bold text.  Aside from that, any words in CAPITAL LETTERS should be written that way since they indicate emphasis and/or yelling.  I don't plan on using italics, but I may need to if bold text isn't enough.
Oh, by the way, artfag, I had planned to have the same basic array of emotions/poses available for every character.
There should be enough there that I can have a pose for any meaningfully distinct emotional dialogue even if the dialogue doesn't exactly match the pose.

Also, how do you plan on developing the game itself?  I still haven't set up that Git repo, but I think some kind of Git-based project management system is necessary.  The Anon's Bizarre Adventure project only has a single gold copy of the game that everybody passes around and that project has been mired in the mud for at least a couple years.

>Heiko Tietze 
I hadn't thought about him but I guess he could be The Penguin's shadowy boss.
Maff is Maff.  Art is Art.  Base Libbie is Libbie.  I had thought about giving them unique names, but the whole point of Libbie is that she's a robot who can be adjusted to different tasks so it wouldn't really make sense.  Whenever people talk about Libbie, they always say things like "Art Libbie" or "Draw Libbie," etc.
They're different models of the Libbie robot line.
Replies: >>36215 >>36474
>emotions/poses available for every character
I'll work on them later on.
>how do you plan on developing the game itself? 
As in hosting the software? Just archive an everything or find a github alternative idk.
Replies: >>36220 >>36221
Getting better man #1 is good improve it.
I made a GitGud repo.  Make an account and I'll add you to the project so you can push your changes using Git.
Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention until now is that I think it would be good if there was a puzzle on the first day, and I think fixing the electrical wiring box would be a good place for it.  For now, you can just put [puzzle here] as a placeholder.
>I had planned to have the same basic array of emotions/poses available for every character.
I think they 
you forgot

also potentially 1 or 2 unique ones  for each, for instance maff could have a second smugger pose, libbie a super angery one etc.
(12.1KB, 289x396)
Well, at last. Here it is.
The first Pre-Alpha of this project
You can download it here: https://anonfiles.com/V5xaI8F9pf/Dolphin_Porn_zip
Tell me what you think and also remember that all of the assets are placeholders.
(136.8KB, 328x346)
I got it, I'll give it a spin when I wake up, I'm fucking tired
(1.7MB, 1738x978)
Finally got around to playing it.  You put a lot more effort into this than I would have, and I really appreciate that.  The general appearance and experience of playing it are almost exactly what I thought they'd be.  Seriously, good work so far.

Things I noticed:
- The music and visuals are really good.  I adore that you found stock office photography that suited each character a bit, and the shitty photoshops really add to the charm.  The only character who I think has a poor-looking office is Maff, but that may just be personal preference.
- Maybe the title of the game could be Libbie Kong Country: Anon's Con Quest, or something equally stupid.  I want to have Kiki's name in the title somewhere for the alliteration, but she'll only be here as a secondary quest/character.
- The Penguin is meant to be the rockhopper stock art.  Is there a reason you went with Pingu isntead?

- Skipping the Konami intro doesn't stop its music from playing, so it overlaps with the Donkey Kong music on the title screen.
- During the gas station scene, the text crawl with black background briefly appears in the interior shot.
- At the start of Art and Anon's conversation, there are some text boxes where the nameplate doesn't update properly.
- This may not exactly count as a bug, but I noticed that sometimes when a character speaks twice in a row (generates 2 text boxes) his/her expression won't change.  I guess I forgot to mention it, but when I write something like:
>Maff [confused]: xxxxxx
>Maff: xxxxxx
It means that the character is supposed to emote during the first box but have his/her default expression during the second.
- The music doesn't fade out when the power fails, which makes the general effect not very strong.  The music should cut out until the player advances past the empty text box.
- The Penguin's name is very difficult to read against the green nameplate.
Replies: >>37053
Oh, by the way, I think something may be wrong with the download link since even with all scripts enabled a friend of mine couldn't download it.  Maybe naming it "dolphin_porn.zip" made them think poorly of it?

These reuploads may fare better:
(11.6KB, 289x175)
Glad you liked it.
>Is there a reason you went with Pingu instead?
Not really. I just had a picture of pingu lying around. I'll change it later.
I noticed the first 2 bugs you listed but couldn't figure out how to fix them. I'll try to figure it out for the next release. I'll also fix the rest of the issues by then.
Anyways how long do you calculate before you have Day 2 script?
Replies: >>37141
I'm still confused about the almond milk armpits line.
I hope this is going well and you all aren't just drawing Libbie porn and jacking off. On the other hand though, I hope there's more Libbie porn.
>Day 2 script
Not sure, since I haven't even started planning it out.  As it stands, I need:
- a better idea of how the Kiki quest will occur
- a major problem for The Penguin to do and for Anon to solve
- a way for each character to become involved in the problem AND have a puzzle
- a character to focus on aside from the major problem

I have some rough ideas, but if there are any particular scenarios that you think would be really funny then now is the time to share them.  I can get it done by the end of February one way or another, but I'll try to have it done before then - say around the 23rd.
(133.6KB, 1512x2268)
>4 days and no replies
Guess I'm on my own, then.  That's fine.  I revised the general outline flowchart to accommodate Kiki: it's still pretty simple, but there can be some "replay value" if the player misses her the first time and wants to see all the endings.
Replies: >>37670
The site was down for 2 days.
Replies: >>37672
Yeah, but it was working fine before that.  I just figured there'd be one or two idea guy posts, that's all.
(227.9KB, 1512x3780)
Good news:
- I have the script for the encounter with Kiki
- I have the outline for day 2 (see attached image)

Bad news:
- I don't have the script for day 2.

Sorry about this one, guys.  I've just been busy with a slew of extremely annoying real life problems.  I hope the script with Kiki counts for something, and I'll try to have the day 2 script done within the next 2 weeks, so by March 8th.  As always, if you have a sweet idea that you want me to write, I'm all ears.

I have updated the CryptPad document with the new script changes.  Changelog for v2:
- Updated day 1, scene 2, so that Libbie doesn't explicitly state Kiki has been disassembled.
- Added day 1, scene 6.1: Anon meets Kiki.
Replies: >>39109 >>39317
I forgot to include another link to the day 1 script: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/v3vm6xLX-a-SkuiJ-hX-AjNAfqCyI0NJ9ZO0EswlXpI/
(109.1KB, 850x1224)
How about this design? Or does the other one look better?

Take your time, don't worry about it.
Replies: >>39324
I definitely prefer that one.  It looks sharper, which is closer both to how Tyson designed her and to how fanartists tend to draw her.
Replies: >>39325
Her left eye is QUALITY, though.

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