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I'm not sure what even happened to the thread? Does the server still exist? 
I haven't played it in some time, but I remember it being really fun.
Does anyone have the newest version for download?
Did anyone play it as of late?
Also if you want to talk about Terrafirmacraft too you can.
>>169373 (OP) 
Never played it, but I remember the thread ending with what amounts to "devs changed account stuff, piracy no longer an option, fuck this shit" or something along those lines.
So I'm gonna go with no on most of your questions, except for perhaps a few buyfags still playing it alone.
Replies: >>169375 >>169421
Well rip for me. Might just buy it myself
Replies: >>169384
I'd wait for other anons to chime in, as I said I only have secondhand knowledge and things might've changed since then. The cracker group that released it before said fuck this but someone else might've stepped up to the plate.

Provided there is a way to pirate it again and you guys set up a server I'll probably join in on the autism this time.
Replies: >>169392
On the other hand I could retry Terrafirmacraft plus.
Replies: >>169396
If you you are asking why am I talking about tfc plus now. It's actually quite good and imo best version of tfc. It's mostly because there are many stuff added from the 1.12 an 1.7 versions.
And since you said that I should wait. I could try it again.
>piracy not viablr
Fuck, I always liked those threads and checking out the server. Hopefully it becomes viable again at some point. The comfy little houses in there were great to check out even if I never had time to get into it.
>Early access
>Minecraft clone
>No piracy option
Is it a wonder the server died?
I've got 30 hours in my 1.17.9 singleplayer save right now.
Replies: >>169485
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080)
As the original host, the server honestly lasted way longer than I expected. Was a really cool time but I wasn't cut out for running it indefinitely. Still, I consider it a bit of a triumph for this community.
Replies: >>169486 >>169557
It's not really the kind of game you play indefinitely. But what kind is?
Replies: >>169557
>>169373 (OP) 
If anons were to set up another server i'd be in for autism.
It'll be a bit rougher than last time, the wild farming mod hasn't been updated for a few versions now so we'd have to unga bunga for food for a substantial time.
Replies: >>169557 >>169648
On the the thought of indeffinite gameplay gave me question will there be a possibility of a new post-steel iron. I mean there are deffinitly plans for doing something with uranium and others since it's already in game just unusable. Nuclear powered equipment?
Would anyone be up to making Terrafirmacraft plus server, just for the time being before the newest version will be pirateble
Would love to play, but would somehow need the newest version. It would be nice if someone made a launcher like warez mc too. But noone would try it even if he had such programing capabilities
Replies: >>169648
Joke's on you - someone forked it and I have a copy.
There are actually no plans to use uranium and nickle and shit, and those exist purely for modders to use (for now).
Replies: >>169654 >>169792
>Joke's on you - someone forked it and I have a copy.
THen let's take it to the max and install Fields of Gold. Nothing like waiting an actual real life week for the first turnips to come in.
Replies: >>169657
It's made for multiplayer servers anyway, so I wouldn't mind. It takes FOREVER in singleplayer but Expanded Foods gives you so many options for food processing that I haven't starved at all.
>Joke's on you - someone forked it and I have a copy.
Replies: >>169793 >>169944
Like forked the mod or the game?
Vintage Story will remain a boring, pointless minecraft clone UNTIL they add some actual fucking enemies in the game. 
There is literally no reason to build anything other than a mudhut in this game. The most impressive castle you could ever build has the exact same survival value as a hole in the ground. Why? Because enemies in this game are completely braindead and can't even break through walls made out of bamboo. 

The only reason to build anything in Vintage Story is just so you can look at it, that's it. But if I just wanted to build stuff to look at then I'd just load up minecraft and not have to grind for 100 hours to get the tech and resources needed to make an impressive structure.
Actually you're supposed to build things to support the infrastructure required to advance the tech tree in Vintage Story. Unlike Minecraft you have reasons to build different buildings for shit like root cellars, windmills, charcoal pits etc. because they have specific requirements to become functional.
Defense isn't really the name of the game, though having a killbox for temporal storm farming is worth it.
Replies: >>169824
But that's still ultimately grind with no gameplay value other than making something big and fancy to post screenshots of on the official subreddit for karma. As far as I can tell carving is still the only material feature Vintage Story has over mineycrafta creative mode. t. doesn't like minecraft clones because there's no direction
>pointless minecraft clone UNTIL they add some actual fucking enemies in the game
This is the mindset that ruined minecraft.
First they wanted more enemies.
Then they wanted hunger mechanics.
The "Creative mode is meaningless because you don't have to grind for resources" attitude becomes prevalent.
Then gear enhancements, potions, and levels.
Suddenly the game that people were will to drop $8 on in 2008, which did nothing more than put colored blocks on top each other in a browser window, has teleporting niggers fucking up the terrain, sky niggers bumping you off cliffs because you didn't return to a bed in the last 5 minutes, and a fucking 'final boss' with a pretentious ending credits. Somewhere in all the the terrain generation went to shit.
Replies: >>170017
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[Hide] (3.8MB, 1920x1080)
Here you go: https://github.com/snakeriot/vs-wildfirming-fix/blob/main/vs-wildfarming-1.3.4.zip
I'd rather see them lean more into some sort of loose "plot" that you progress by building infrastructure and equipment and alter the environment enough to arrive at some kind of resolution where you 'heal' whatever the fuck the Rot is supposed to be. I don't actually know this game's lore at all beyond it's actually a post-apocalypse where everyone went insane and dove underground for some reason. I definitely want more enemies with actual mechanics beyond "melee attack + ranged attack" but to me, that's secondary to finding some place in the wilderness and bringing it under my absolute control. 
But I am also a faggot who has put around 400 hours into Project Zomboid just because I like wandering around killing shit and going through increasingly tedious crafting mechanics to make a cozy home. This game is so early access that I see people coming at it from dozens of different perspectives.And everyone is wrong but me.
>VS getting brought up as soon as I'm starting my next contract
I'm down to host again if anyone can confirm piracy works for 1.17.
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Drifters are legitimately the worst enemy in any game I've ever played, to the point they make me not want to play the game again. Every other enemy I'm fine with but jesus christ the drifters need to be reworked badly. I'm not ashamed to admit the bell makes me shit my pants every time I encounter one though.
Replies: >>170019 >>170020
I dont like how enemy spawns work because most of them make it nearly impossible to close off an area if there are hills or anything other than a straight wall of a mountain or walls across a flat area. if you build near a cliff edge or water prepare to hear drifters moan constantly until you go out find and kill them only to have them return moments later. 

The game would be much more interesting with a decent combat system and more interesting enemies that telegraphed their attacks a bit more instead of it being a fast animation with a range that doesnt remotely match the visual.
They're genuinely awful now that they can throw rocks over fences.

It took me a while to figure out that lower stability affects spawn rates and conditions, which is just another annoying things getting in the way of  a comfy homesteading game. It's basically impossible to live the dorf life in this game because everything underground in unstable. Such a shame for a game that can generate a world 2048 blocks in height.
Replies: >>170030
In tfc+ and in vintage story you literally can build the house out of mudbricks.
Then you can play Terrafirmacraft.
Sorry that I'm annoying you anons with it.
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>>169373 (OP) 
>Does anyone have the newest version for download?
Here you go: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/n1ftmr7.7z
The password is "adides".
Is this not a virus? Is it cracked?
Replies: >>170065 >>170068
By cracked I mean you can use the login screen and login into the game?
Replies: >>170068
>Is this not a virus?
Doesn't seem so. I fired it in a VM and it didn't do anything malicious.
>Is it cracked?
>By cracked I mean you can use the login screen and login into the game?
Yes, it is cracked. Just input your username as your password, and you're good to go.
Replies: >>170069 >>170072
Thanks anon!
>unironically posting a picture of Nyanners on an anonymous imageboard in 2022

>Yes, it is cracked. Just input your username as your password, and you're good to go.
Does it work online? CAn we get a serb up?
Replies: >>170075
>unironically posting a picture of Nyanners on an anonymous imageboard in 2022
I really don't care about her anymore. I just like the image.
>Does it work online? CAn we get a serb up?
No idea.
>1.17.9 out in under a week
Who's behind this crack? Because that's pretty damn fast. Any windows anons should be careful and test this in a VM themselves. I could set up a test vanilla serb if anyone wants to see if online works.
Replies: >>170077 >>170081
I runned it through an antivirus and nothing appeared.
Replies: >>170078
But someone should try it too.
>Who's behind this crack?
Russian gopniks from Dicksword, I presume. I found it on cs.rin.ru.
Replies: >>170083 >>170094
Oh cs.rin.ru
It's likely it's the same team as before. So I'll be fine with it.
Replies: >>170094
setting up a potato server to test if mp works
Ok potato server is set up at for v1.17.9. Piratefags, give it a shot.

Also it looks like the instructions on the wiki work flawlessly now on ubuntu at least, I remember it was a headache last time.
Replies: >>170100
I'm getting disconnected because of "Bad game session, try relogging" errors.
Replies: >>170103
Forgot to turn the auth check to false in the configs, try again.
Replies: >>170124
[Hide] (3.9MB, 2560x1379)
It works!
looks like we maxed out the cpu on this thing. I'll leave it up, feel free to mess around on it. If there's interest from anons I'll set up a nicer server than last time. I know a lot of mods aren't updated to 1.17 yet so if there's anything that effects worldgen we should wait on let me know.
Replies: >>170308
[Hide] (131.4KB, 1252x1425)
Alright. I'll be patiently waiting for the real thing.
[Hide] (129.1KB, 696x462)
[Hide] (133.8KB, 696x466)
Now let's get into the autism of MODS. Be sure to include so many that the game breaks and has many problems.  Make sure to add mods that create so many items that the in game guide becomes clogged with 500 different color combinations from different types of wood and removing the mod breaks the game and puts white "?" blocks all over the server.
Also be sure to argue for such a long time about which mods to include that the version becomes old and antiquated while the mods become incompatible and discontinued. Then as we migrate to the new version, the mods we decided to keep are no longer being updated.

I think this mod is pretty mandatory so i can properly express myself.
Replies: >>170164 >>170201
Expanded Foods +Cullinary Artillery
Primitive Survival
Fields of Gold (Months will need to be at least 30 days long.)
Wild Farming
Carry Capacity
Player Corpse
Farmland Drop Soil
From Golden Combs
Animal Cages
Vanilla Variants
Screen Doors 
QoL Tweaks - Stackables
More Torch HOlders
Replies: >>170224 >>170340
All I care about is primitive survival, expanded foods and something for farming. Maybe rope bridges, maybe.
We've made a terrible mistake
[Hide] (16MB, 1280x720, 00:49)
This shit seems funny
Replies: >>170224
So it's fine?
Cool to see a Millenaire successor for VS. Looks pretty raw with the villagers just standing around and not being able to found villages. 

We played with 20 day months last time, and without any buff to crop yield (grains are nerfed pretty hard from the looks of it) I fear we'll all be starving to death for a while. With base settings this seems a masochistic but I also really like the new crops. I'll leave it to anons to decide, we can always remove it later. The rest of these are in.
Replies: >>170265
Also, depending on how many people we get it may be worth considering raising the limit on how many xskills masteries each player can get. There's a fair bit of QoL in the shittier ones like pottery and Forestry, but I don't imagine anyone is gonna want to blow their 1 of 2 on either of those.
Replies: >>170275
It actually defaults to 1, I had upped it to 2 last time. How many do we want?
Replies: >>170278
I feel that 4 should be fair. Enough for the default master metalworker/mining with room for a combat related one then a luxury mastery.
Another option might be an unlimited amount, but reduce xp gains across the board.
Replies: >>170364
Lots of mods are updated to 1.17 nigger, what are you talking about?
Replies: >>170314
A lot aren't still, and some are abandoned. I tested https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/157 today and thankfully it still works. a lot of json only content mods should work fine but still have to be tested.
Replies: >>170315
Ah, I typically run good mods. I like that mod's idea of adding pouches and bags to your backpack and shit, but at the end of the day it's just a flax sink. I prefer BackpackPack: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1061
I'm still waiting for Temporal Tinkerer to update. That mod was cool as hell.
Replies: >>170364
[Hide] (20.7KB, 413x243)
Speaking of Expanded Foods, do any of you have some balancing feedback for me? I get bug reports coming out of my ass but people only ever tell me about balancing issues every 2-3 months. Any obvious problems?
Replies: >>170341
I'm one of those mongrels that subsists forever off plain grain porridge and burnt meat so I can't say much about XFoods.
However, Primitive Survival enables propagating cattail reeds with a knife + bucket o' water.
This means that as soon as you have buckets you have infinite food, because 1 reed shoot  becomes 2 and so on until your knife breaks. 
It's great to have infinite compost fodder but it really kills the point of the entire homesteading/surviving the winter theme. 
A post from a rando like me would just get lost in the noise but a nudge from you might get SpearandFang to balance that shit a little.
Replies: >>170364 >>170411
[Hide] (166.5KB, 750x546)
Is the new server running on >>170049 version?
Replies: >>170345 >>170364
Yes, it will be running on this (1.17.9) version.
Replies: >>170346
Not him but is the download save? I'm just paranoid.
Replies: >>170347
If it wasn't safe, cs.rin.ru and us would've already have compromised systems. You can always sandbox the game with Sandboxie Plus on Windows, if you don't fully trust it.
Replies: >>170350 >>170364
Alright, thanks!
Replies: >>170364
In my opinion there's 7 worthwhile specializations: 
  Temp. stability
The rest don't really have worthwhile benefits tied to their specializations except arguably combat. the survival tree gives you +1, so setting the base to 6 you allow for all of these. Looking at limiting xp gain, setting the global rate to x0.8 would make specialized skills have x1.12 xp rate instead of x1.4. This isn't much of a nerf for anything but survival which is leveled by playtime/going afk. Could always go 9 + 1 to max everything.

This crack appears to be from the same group as last time but please take precautions. 

>Survival enables propagating cattail reeds with a knife + bucket o' water.
Wait, is it just straight duplication of cattails for as long as your knife has durability? Because that's pretty busted.

>diamonds required for the top tier
I think I prefer the flax sink, but there's no harm in running both. Also looks like temporal tinkerer updated a week ago: https://mods.vintagestory.at/temporaltinkerer

1.17.9, if there are any further stable releases I will wait for the pirate client to be updated.
Replies: >>170386 >>170411
>Wait, is it just straight duplication of cattails for as long as your knife has durability? Because that's pretty busted.
1 cattail goes in, 2 come out.
Replies: >>170411
That sounds like a pretty blatant infinite dupe. I don't think I get what recipe you're talking about that does that, though. All I see is that you can cut reed & hand baskets up into cattails. Nothing about cattail roots. You got any pics?
Replies: >>170412
[Hide] (142.7KB, 779x755)
Looks like I got the mods wrong. It's actually Wild Farming that adds this recipe. Doesn't even need the knife.
Replies: >>170413
Oh, shit. I haven't actually run Wild Farming while testing in forever. That recipe is trivial to remove, though.
Replies: >>170414
Unfortunately it's the only mod that allows propagating cattails. What would it take to make this recipe spit out 2 non-edible reed 'cuttings'?
Replies: >>170415
Do you mean the regular cattail item? For making ropes and shit? Go to assets/wildfarming/recipes/grid/reedroots.json, then change the output from "game:cattailroot" to "game:cattailtops". You may want to do the same for papyrus, which is "game:papyrustops".
Replies: >>170416
No, something that can be planted again like was intended to eventually cultivate a massive reed farm. This would probably require a new item but I can't do these things for shit.
Replies: >>170418 >>170423
I don't understand. Cattail roots can be planted again to cultivate a massive reed farm.
Replies: >>170419 >>170423
[Hide] (61.1KB, 1221x793)
Yes, but they're also edible. Creating the cattail roots for planting creates infinite food. The items created from the root to be planted needs to be non-edible to balance this.
Replies: >>170420 >>170423
Oh, I get it. Duh. Yeah, in that case go into your Vintage Story installation and into assets\survival\itemtypes\resource\cattailroot.json and copy it into a new file called "cattailseed" or whatever. Then remove the 'combustibleProps' stuff so you can't cook them anymore and edit the grid recipe I mentioned in my last post to output "yourmod:cattailseed", or just "wildfarming:cattailseed" if you put your item in there.
Replies: >>170421
I'll give it a try later tonight, thanks.
Replies: >>170422
No problem. Since it'll be a completely separate item from the normal cattail roots, it shouldn't conflict with Expanded Foods and should remain uncookable.
The json part of making a proper split cattail root item shouldn't be hard. I haven't played with the model maker much but if you bisected the full root's model and added a white texture to the new surface it'd look servicable. The tricky part is the code behind planting and growth. Easiest way I can think of would be to copy the planting behavior out of here: https://github.com/anegostudios/vssurvivalmod/blob/master/Item/ItemCattailRoots.cs but also set up a proper plant/block that turns into normal cattail roots after x amount of time, which would then start the vanilla growth cycle. That last bit's what I don't know how to do.

Yes but you have to run around ripping them out from all over normally. This is instant duplication, you can fill a farm with a single root in minutes.

Yeah, I'd favor making the cut root inedible. If that tiny amount of sat is what keeps you alive there's probably something else you can do. If its easier to just halve the sat value in json though then it doesn't matter.

Now that I look again the original wild farming mod seems out of date, and the fix some guy made for 1.17 is just a zip while his pr is still pending. What a mess.
Replies: >>170424 >>170425
Yeah, I honestly haven't used Wild Farming at all in my singleplayer game. I'm not sure how much is "fixed" in that fix.
>Yeah, I'd favor making the cut root inedible. 
I proposed making the plantable a new item because of the xFoods recipes that use cattail root. So long as those exist simply making the root inedible doesn't prevent the creation of infinite food.
Replies: >>170427
By cut root I meant the new item, yes.
After digging it looks like no extra c# code i needed to add growth time, but assets/survival/blocktypes/plant/reedpapyrus.json would need to be modified under the transientPropsByType section. Maybe add a tallplant-coopersreed-seed variant that converts to tallplant-coopersreed-harvested-{cover}. From there it'd be vanilla behavior.
Any of you fags gotten far into Bricklayers? I've made a few of the vessels from it and it's fun, but it seems like a very late-game mod.
Replies: >>170496 >>170892
By the way Terrafirmacraft plus has planned gunpowder weapons.
Doesn't look half bad, I like it.
Replies: >>170578
Yeah, I've liked how it's looked for a long time too. I'm guessing you haven't used it, though?
Replies: >>170607
>I'm guessing you haven't used it, though?
No I still haven't gotten to playing the latest version and playing that mod.
In regard to the server settings, how many people play with map and coordinates off? I've always liked games where it's possible to get lost.
Replies: >>170729
Considering the way we had to set up teleporters last time, I've always played with map and coordinates on.
Replies: >>170743
I felt it might be comfy to see a network of roads established out of necessity
Replies: >>170892
Bricklayers is great but getting a lot of pigments can be a huge grind. 

Roads are more for speeding up travel. Would be cool to have whatever initial settlement expand into a series of manor houses with a road/tele network. I'm not doing 3km+ roads solo again though

Npc meidos when, and why are there so few clothing mods
What's there to do in this game? Are there any ultimate goals to strive towards or is it just build shit and survive for the heck of it?
You just have fun like in minecraft
[Hide] (1011.4KB, 1920x1017)
[Hide] (1MB, 1920x1017)
[Hide] (642.8KB, 1920x1017)
[Hide] (662.7KB, 1920x1017)
Been playing tfc+
Thoughts so far?
Nothing. There is nothing to do. There is no end-game and there is no overarching storyline.
Get your ugly-ass screenshots the fuck out of here. Minecraft makes me sick to look at.
Replies: >>171000 >>171252
[Hide] (166.8KB, 1280x720)
Do you really want anon to burn his house down just to have cinematic 12 fps graphics that look like this?
Replies: >>171014 >>171252
Vintage is the same way though.
Replies: >>171099
[Hide] (2.5MB, 480x270, 01:17)
The goal is to make life easier for yourself and build yourself a comfy home.
I prefer permadeath and reload my game if i die. I wish there was a mod that cancelled autosaving and just made the game work strictly with save points and loading so a Game Over would become possible (for example getting yourself into a situation where you starve to death and are unable to get food or recover from an injury rather than just respawning with a full belly making death have almost no penalty)
The end game is securing your existence and advancing your tech and setting your own goals. 
You could also choose to explore and see the different biomes which can be literally days of IRL traveling. Traveling long distance like that requires in-game years of prep to stock up food, viable weapons, stacks of steel ingots/anvil/hammers to take with you for on-the-go smelting. It's more fun to travel with groups and camp out at night since it's too dark to safely travel.
Animals and food stops spawning around the arctic areas at around 75,000 and dont come back until nearly 150,000 and its so cold you better have full fur clothing and enough stuff to make fires to take breaks and make shelters in the ice to camp in overnight 
Of course you don't have to do any of this. You don't have to do anything. 
But the view of the aurora borealis is beautiful.
Replies: >>171316 >>171460
These days it does alright for me until you're in a forest and the wind starts blowing. Still doesn't handle unloading chunks well at all though.
I'd be tempted to try it if I didn't have to hassle with pirating it again to avoid migrating to microshat
Replies: >>171252
I've made this thread and that is Terrafirmacraft. So yeah, this belongs here. 
>there is no overarching storyline.
But there is.
I'm playing it for fun with a small texture pack for instance the axe I have isn't from the regular mod. It's from the texturepack. Also I've added an addon that adds a few things like an adze.
I just used tlauncher but the classical warez launchers should work if you have pre win10 setup
I'd love it if the game simulated more environmental stuff. Things like forests or deserts spreading based on weather conditions and then the animals move accordingly. If we could get some more realistic predator/prey systems set up so there would be a semblance of an ecosystem going on, then being able to manipulate that would be pretty fun. Imagine having to fortify your beachside home to keep it safe from hurricanes and tsunamis and shit, or making mining infrastructure to guard against earthquakes. 
But I hate it when people ideafag about this sort of stuff in early-access games, so I'll shut the fuck up about it.
Replies: >>171451 >>171460
unfortunately, and probably thanks in large part to Minecraft a game like that is going to be a long ways off.
I think the most recent game to make a decent effort at terrain simulation was From Dust in 2011.
[Hide] (183.3KB, 1280x800)
[Hide] (662.5KB, 1280x800)
[Hide] (514KB, 1280x800)
[Hide] (460.3KB, 1280x800)
[Hide] (533.6KB, 1920x1017)
Update from yesterday.
Wasn't able to find much copper, but I've found ores for bronzes. So I think I'll do bronze pickaxe instead of copper one.
Copper is the pic 5 btw.
Replies: >>171459
Today and tommorow I'll plat vintage stpry so don't exoect any updates.
You reminded me of Veloren. Been eons since I've checked up on what they've been doing. https://veloren.net/devblog-36/ this link talks about erosion and rivers. This entry is quite old(OCT 2019). Don't know what the current state of the the game is but they've stuck with it for many years now.

not as majestic as your journey I'm sure, but hey it's something
Replies: >>171522
[Hide] (665.7KB, 1151x685)
Jesus fucking christ, and I thought Minecraft was an ugly game. These bodies of water are probably the best looking aspect of this game and they look pretty jarring. But I'd love rivers and erosions in VS. Maybe in another 5 years.
Replies: >>171527 >>171548
>>169373 (OP) 
Is this the sequel to Uncommon time?
Replies: >>171706 >>172219
Did you try killing anything? Is it still camping on top of a tree and holding m1?
Replies: >>171529
No, I just got that screenshot from their main website. This game looks too hideous to play. All these minecraft ripoffs make me feel like less of a fanboy when I say Vintage Story is the best looking one out of all of them. The competition might as well be wallowing in dog shit. It's a bit depressing.
Replies: >>171547
Your screenshot is from 0.3, "This Week In Veloren 36". Latest post is "This Week In Veloren 189". Not sure if anything has changed but come on.
[Hide] (371.9KB, 1616x796)
wtf is this CUBE WORLD RIPOFF??7seven
Replies: >>171557
[Hide] (953.6KB, 375x211)
Replies: >>171681
Don't tell me you don't like retro grafix, anon. It's a throwback to a better era in vidya!
Where da vintage story serb at
Replies: >>172216 >>172513
This. I'm too inept to take things into my own hands
Replies: >>172513
I need to assemble a modlist and do some work on the site. So far I've got:

xSkills + xlib - considering allowing all specializations
Expanded Foods +Cullinary Artillery
More Roads and Paths
Primitive Survival
Wildcraft + trees
Carry On 
Player Corpse
Farmland Drop Soil
From Golden Combs
Animal Cages
Vanilla Variants
Screen Doors 
QoL Tweaks - Stackables - seems op
QOL-Tweaks: OrePulverizer 
More Torch Holders
Better Bloomeries
Stone quarry
Workbench expansion
Temporal tinkerer
Advanced backpacks
More Piles
More clay
Better Crates
Multiblock crates
Extra chests
Superfuels (with the firelog tweaked to allow cooking like last time)
Re-Smeltables light
DS Debarked Logs 
The nightwatcher
Any mod that adds a reasonable way to craft sticks
Teleportation Runes
Preservation Mod
YABBA - Glass Chapter
Cave painting
Attach it 
Better ruins + ruin variants

Mods I'd like but want input on:
Weapon pack alpha
Better Drifters
Tabletop games
More tree seeds/Sustainable Forestry - even with xskills I'm worried about the low seed drop rate
Hey, over here

Some mods aren't quite ready yet:
Wild Farming - Appears to still have issues on 1.17.9, we can add it later since it doesn't effect worldgen.

Fields of gold - after a brief playtest, seems extremely grindy.
Anvil metal recovery - redundant and op with xskills

I've also kept the config from last time for a 25kx25k world with polar-equator distance to give a nice temperate band + tropic region without turning two thirds of the northern half into an ice sheet. I remember I set food decay to 0.5x which was extremely generous, considering 0.8x. How's 20 day months like last time sound?

Server setup was painless on ubuntu so it wont take time to setup. I'll be going with a much nicer serb but I'd still like to try a stress test with anons before fully launching so we don't have people stuttering like last time.
[Hide] (14.8KB, 77x83)
Sorry pal, but Biden just signed a law that says your server can only have seven mods. I'm gonna have to report you.
Replies: >>174826
>Better Bloomeries
Redundant with xSkills, which has a skill to extract from bloomeries without destroying them.

And seed drop rates were fine last time even without forestry skills so long as you properly trimmed them before logging.
That's going to be a big file
Also no ancient tools?
Replies: >>172641 >>174826
Also, xrowboat is insanely weak compared to the raft that's available in Primitive survival. Unless you intend to nerf or remove the raft it's a very useless mod.
>DS debarked logs
Haven't confirmed but forum postings indicated this was fixed in vanilla.
If we're going full autismo with bricklayers, consider picking up Ceramos as well.

I recall we had abundant food in the last server. I see no problem with the default rate.
Replies: >>174826
[Hide] (14.8KB, 287x129)
Ancient Tools is a very good mod, I highly recommend it.
I enjoy some of the stuff the Weapon Pack Alpha adds, such as the bushknife. I can't speak to how balanced it is. I also like Better Drifters but I have no idea what vanilla drifters are like anymore. I hear they throw stones at an insane rate. They throw them a lot with Better Drifters on, but I've been able to consistently dodge them. I don't know if other people are shitters or if Better Drifters is actually easy mode. It's still a very cool mod.
I also don't know if we need a mod that lets you craft sticks. I've made shears once and I have several hundred sticks lying around I have no idea what to do with. 
Ceramos is a late-game mod like Bricklayers. 
Are you sure Wild Farming isn't working? I've noticed in my world that my trees have this little health bar and growth stage system now. I definitely did not have that before I downloaded that fix off github. 

You may also want to look into Cave Content for underground shit. More Animals is a quality mod, too - it only adds a few birds that look fantastic. Bullseye has been really fun for me in singleplayer. Lichen still seems to work in my 1.17.9 save and I love seeing the deer frolic around. 

Here's some QoL mods to consider:
>Axle in Blocks
>More Piles
>Place Every Item
>Rain Collector
>Stone Path Variants
>Temporal Lamp
>Translocator Engineering

Useful Stuff might also be worth consideration, but it's got a lot of random shit. The climbing pick, glider, bendy chutes, and sluice are notable, in my opinion. It also lets you clip lanterns to your backpack and pulverize certain rocks down into sand... or even clay.
Replies: >>172685 >>174826
After coming back to this game after a long absence I started a new world and made a small fenced off area to spend the night thinking I'd be good. Found out that Drifters can throw stones over fences when they brought out the firing squad.
Those bastards are accurate enough when they surround you.
Replies: >>172692
I'll be honest I kind of want tabletop games even though I know we'd never use it.
They still do that with Better Drifters, but I have no idea how bad it is in vanilla. Are you talking about a literal firing squad? Is it that bad?
Replies: >>172730
They can't lead targets, but if you're not moving or behind cover you're being binked for 1hp.
Why are some mods working and others not? I've the latest version of Primitive Survival showing up in the mod manager as it should, for example, but it's not functioning in game. There's no modconfig json for it made, either. Very not cool.
Replies: >>173268
It sounds like your shit is fucked up and retarded. Primitive Survival works fine.
Replies: >>173271
I did not imply or expect Primitive Survival to be at fault. It is one example among others. What I don't understand is how or why my shit is fucked and retarded when there's seemingly no pattern to this issue. Some mods are working for me and others are not, as previous stated.
Replies: >>173288
Do you have multiple installations? Anything hiding in any extra mod folders?
Replies: >>173290
It's one installation of the latest version graciously posted above, but carried by previous versions VintagestoryData folder. I'll back that up and wipe it when I get back from my job as a special needs prostitute to see if it helps.
>Anything hiding in any extra mod folders?
Right now a bunch of compressed zip files and uncompressed mod folders from when I was trying to figure out the issue.
Replies: >>173293
It sounds like perhaps you have some mods in both your installation folder and the VintagestoryData folder and they may be conflicting. That's my best guess.
Replies: >>173419
Nope and wiping the VintagestoryData folder didn't do anything.
The law cannot stop me

Yes ancient tools

Didn't know about the raft or the log fix

>Rain Collector
I don't see the utility in this, except filling containers before getting a bucket. 

Looking to test a serb next week if anyone's interested.
Replies: >>174845
[Hide] (1.7MB, 3840x2100)
>Looking to test a serb next week if anyone's interested.
I've been waiting for a couple weeks.

Also, thoughts on this terrain generation mod, Plans and Valleys?
On one hand the massive plains might be boring, but i've also never seen vanilla generate these cliffs of Dover.
[Hide] (882.3KB, 3840x2100)
Replies: >>174854
Looks pretty tepid to be honest.
[Hide] (97.7KB, 1061x616)
[Hide] (684.6KB, 1014x658)
[Hide] (10.7MB, 1046x529)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1338x616)
[Hide] (1MB, 1095x616)
I'd just wait for 1.18. There's going to be some worldgen changes in there.
Replies: >>174864
[Hide] (11.1MB, 740x323)
[Hide] (481.5KB, 661x616)
And maybe some other weird shit, too. Whatever this is, it's wacky.
>I've been waiting for a couple weeks.
Yeah been working on the site and having the serb would have been a distraction, prease understandu.

>Also, thoughts on this terrain generation mod, Plans and Valleys?
I fear it may make the world too... plain. I'll have to look into it but we might be better off waiting for 1.8 for a worldgen overhaul. There is this though: https://mods.vintagestory.at/hgnewlandforms
If anyone wants to test either of these please post pics.

>last pic
God that's hot, I'm imagining a city carved into those cliffs with a harbor below. I really hope Tyron makes mountains more distinguished instead of the perlin noise walls/pillars they tend to be now like pic 2.  Now if only Tyron would LET ME MODIFY THE FREQUENCY OF ROCK STRATA CHANGES SO I DON'T HAVE TO CHECK IF A SEED PUTS US ON PERIDOTITE FOR 8K IN ALL DIRECTIONS
Replies: >>174867 >>174875
[Hide] (155.8KB, 500x282)
What do you mean? Peridotite is the best rock to build with.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 3840x2100)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 3840x2100)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 3840x2100)
Don't know if it's just a great seed or the mod, but the 2.0.2 Base+ Custom landforms seems pretty similar to vanilla. 
Seed: 1552186020

The 'custom only' version loaded one map, which was overall so round and boring I didn't take a picture of it. It then failed to make any new maps even without any other mod active..
Yo l33tman how's expanded foods handle ingredients from other mods? I'm looking at the wild farming + trees specifically.
Replies: >>176280
>Tfw you won't be having a vintage story thanksgiving with anons.
Replies: >>176255
No serb yet but I'm tweaking configs on the modpack. Test serb in a day or two.

Site migration process is good to go as well

Also it is extremely homosexual that I cannot pick up any of these new lore blocks. Hell the aged tables disintegrate when we can pick up the beds just fine.
Replies: >>176280
Wild farming doesn't add ingredients anymore. Are you talking about Wildcraft? If so, I'm only up to date with version 1.4.4 and I haven't even downloaded Wildcraft Trees at all yet. Don't even ask me about More Crops because that mod is fugly.
Those are all placeholders right now, I've read that they should be moveable in 1.18. That is pretty gay, though. I'd just slip into creative mode to 'move' them as needed.
Replies: >>176286
[Hide] (2.7MB, 2560x1379)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2560x1379)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2560x1379)
I am looking at more crops, looks like some of it works but i cant add them to stuff like dumplings. Dunno who would have to fix that. The wildcraft trees fruits are totally unsupported looks like.

I just want beets ban cmon
Got a proper serb up, if anyone wants to help see if anything is broken hop on and I'll give you creative. I'll roll for a decent seed once we confirm this is stable.

Modpack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qtpcder5js2ixdf/zzzvsmodpackv1.zip/file
^ only client mod included is prospectorinfo.

Server info:
ZZZchan Third Impact
Last edited by sturgeon
This server ins't up to it, I've found a few alternatives that are more catered towards hosting game servers and give more cpu for the same or less. Switching to a new server is a 10 minute job so stay tuned tomorrow.
New Ip, seemingly better server but worldgen is the litmus test:
Alright, I've got a seed. Who's ready for tomorrow? Tonight?
Replies: >>176458
Replies: >>176462
Sound off niggers I've got to take care of shit for the next few hours. Tentative launch at 6-7pm central.
Going live in 30 minutes

ZZZchan Third Impact
How many of you playing on Lunix? Does it run fine?
Replies: >>176534 >>176849
I've only played on linux, its fine
Replies: >>176849
Server died?
Replies: >>176738
I log out and it fucks up, I forgot about the need for a cron job to restart this thing periodically. Just got back in, it's up.

I'm not impressed with the stability of this game when run as a server. This box is doing nothing else and is not at all taxed, AND the world is paused with noone on.
[Hide] (3.1MB, 2560x1379)
Anyways come and join us at THE WALL, we got iron and I just got wind power started.

I have learned the secrets of VS gearboxes, wait till I get a triple helve going
Anyone tried running >>170049 under WINE? You niggers talking about it make me want to play some autism craft
Replies: >>176849
[Hide] (211.7KB, 309x597)
Never-fucking-mind I just noticed >>176503 >>176534 This day was too tiring
Replies: >>176881
I cant speak for the pirate client as I'm a buyfag, but I've had no issues running thru mono on linux

The actual server is being sluggish and I think it's the host. I rebooted it and relaunched the game server. seems to be fine now.
Replies: >>176972
Good to hear and since you mentioned it: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Installing_the_game_on_Linux
Seems like it should work without a problem.
aa I got disconnected and reconnecting is taking ages
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080)
Is this how you cure meat? Never done this before.
Server crashed
Replies: >>177275
Even ssh was lagging for me, back up but we lost the last couple minutes.
The server's looking great, you fags keep up the good work.
Did the server go down?
Serb crashed, coming back now
[Hide] (2.5MB, 2560x1379)
But what does it MEAN???
Replies: >>177615
It means you want to fuck your mother.
Replies: >>177617
it is true, I want to fuck your mother
We should make a statue of anon's mom in the center of town.
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