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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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Since I consider this a substantial portion of the hobby, I think it's only suitable for us to have a thread about video editing and sharing.
Now I'm no pro at cutting and pasting shit, but I do have some experience with this stuff, so I'll be sharing whatever little knowledge I have with the rest of you. Secondly, I will use this thread to announce any of my possible streams I (or anyone else might) do, because I legitimately don't like to flaunt my stream links on different threads, always feels like I'm namefagging or something to that effect.
Speaking off effects, I highly recommend any aspiring video artists (read: newfags) of video editing software to focus on everything OTHER than effects. This a rabbit hole that will take you to the deepest street shitting corners of youtube and general web if you wish to learn what is possible with proper knowledge of these fiddly beasts. For now just repeat the old mantra Less is More. You've still got intros, timing, cuts, length and a shitload of other things to worry about. Don't lose the forest for the trees.
>Which program should I use?
The two most known commercial giants are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. They both function mostly the same, but from my experience Vegas is a tad less RAM hungry. Pics related are the keyboard shortcuts for each, you will learn to both love and hate them Redo is bound to Ctrl+Shift+Z in Premiere instead of the classic Ctrl+Y. It should also be mentioned that if you  wish to render any videos you're edited in Adobe Premiere, you'll also need to install Adobe Media Encoder of the same generation (if you're using Premiere 2017 CC, you better install Media Encoder 2017 CC as well, 2019 might not gel).
There are loads of other video editing programs, but I can't say I've tried any, so I have no real say on which are better or worse. All I know if I once installed a program called Nuke which was said to have been used in professional movie editing process and I couldn't even import a single video file. 
If you only need to make a simple cut or re-encoding of a video into a webm, then I suggest you use a simpler solution like StaxRip or get your hands dirty with ffmpeg itself in the command prompt.
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>>16548 (OP) 
I'll stream something in less than an hour. It'll be one of the following:
>Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition
>Metro Exodus
>Blood - Death Wish campaign
In the meantime I've put on some 80's and 90's Halloween commercials to fit the mood. Have fun.

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I really fucking hate Premiere for it's unnecessary shortcuts choses and how fucking slow it is, I know that Vegas is known for crashing all the time but I haven't experienced anything like that especially on the newer versions, and Vegas is steadily catching up with Premiere in terms of features.
It's also easier to crack unlike Adobe shit
I'll be streaming God Hand this night.
Time to play something CRAZY
>>16548 (OP) 
I am just stuck with kdenlive and ffmpeg, not that I am really complaining.
Do you have any cirteria for sharing gameplay? I always try to preplay everything because I hate watching gameplay where someone fumbles around.
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You can share some highlights of the game, Shadowplay is great for that you can record a clip that happened before.
Replies: >>16652
>not abusing jump cuts to get youtube ad revenue
Do you even shitpost?
>>16548 (OP) 
>The two most known commercial giants are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas.
Any free as in freedom software?
You can edit videos in blender.
I don't have shadowplay because I am on linux.

As I said, kdenlive or ffmpeg
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People generally don't have the patience to watch your entire playsession. Like the other anon said, it's best to condense your experience to a few highlights or notable examples of whatever you want to point out in any given conversation (for example, the delay on Simon's whip attack and Shatterhand's punch). Nvidia has a function which lets you automatically record gameplay highlights, but for the life of me I could never get it to work or any of Nvidia's tools for that matter.
While recording, it's a very good idea to WRITE DOWN TIME CODES whenever you get a chance to do so without interrupting your game's flow. Trust me, it will save you hours of looking for that one specific clip you could have sworn was between 35:00 and 46:30.
Pic related. It's an example of my 2 hour long stream. This one I did after recording though, since I couldn't stop every couple of minutes to jot this shit down while I was live, so I accelerated playback speed x4 and did this in about 30 minutes.

If your game has a tiny as HUD and lots of details, you're going to have to render a fuckhuge file, both in filesize and resolution. Otherwise it'll come out like a jumbled mess nobody will pay attention to.
installgentoo suggests Shotcut (https://shotcut.org/) and Kdenlive (https://apps.kde.org/en/kdenlive), both are based on ffmpeg, so they ought to be perfect for webm editing.
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Vegas starts crashing with no survivors once you get pretty far into a project with a shitton of content. It got to the point where it would crash every five minutes, then I'd have to take three minutes for it to load everything back up, edit for five minutes, then have it crash again. rinse and repeat.
it's definitely fun and easy to use though
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Why shouldn't I just use adobe premier?
never used it, it comes down to preference I guess. I never liked adobeshit anyways
Replies: >>16668
>once you get pretty far into a project with a shitton of content
How much content could you have been using?  I've used a cracked version of Vegas 2013/14 to edit videos 25 minutes long and never had anything like that happen.
Replies: >>16668 >>16671
because premier is fucking gay, well to be fair I don't have enough of a reason to hate on premier but Vegas was my first editing software, and it's much more fun to edit on Vegas.
Just like this anon said >>16667 I didn't have much trouble with Vegas, especially on the later versions, what version did you use.
Replies: >>16990
I started with 17 then later used 18. 18 was overall better to use but more unstable. I don't use either anymore since I don't really do video work like I used to.
if anyone cares i can post the two main things I did with them on my jewtube
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I don't see why not.
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Your not alexander!!!
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>your not alexander
my not alexander what?
I recommend Kdenlive. It does everything a cutting program needs to do and uses FFMPEG
meaning you can encode in good codecs a lot of commercial shit programs don't even offer.
It werks for me. https://kdenlive.org/en/download/

As an alternative you can use Sony Vegas or whatever makes you happy. Avoid Agoybe shit like Premiere Pro or After Effects.
You need extra programs for every little shit. Like Adobe Media Encoder to actually render what you've done.
Plus all this cloud cancer digging into your system is annoying even if you got it for free.
Replies: >>16694 >>16990
Stream ended will play next time, god damn this game is fun, I forgot about that adrenaline rush that I get from playing it, not sure why I didn't finish it I always stop at some point not because I got bored but because I just forget to finish it.
But this time I'll play it to the end.
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>>16548 (OP) 
i recommend using only ffmpeg for most of time. If you need something more complicated because you're making some kind of big video, blender or any of the foss video editors. I also recommend aegisub & burning the subtitles with ffmpeg if you too afraid to use talk with a mic because the way creating text in video editors isn't too impressive
>no job progress bar
>preview and project tabs resize to a random size upon launch
>prompts forced to use OS's default language instead of whatever language you choose, so you end up with a word salad or buttons being in one language and selection/confirmation buttons in another
>struggles to render 540p preview of a 1080p video
>freezes every time you press a Mode selection button
Anon, this is garbage. Is this not meant to be run on Windows at all? I wish shittalk adobe all day long, but at least it runs smoothly enough.
Replies: >>16696 >>17467
it is developed by KDE, so they most likely prioritize it on Kubuntu more than they do for other systems. that seems to be the case with most software anyways, stuff made primarily for windows looks/runs like shit on other systems and vice versa
Replies: >>17467
In this post I'll be sharing a few pieces of advice for video related tasks, geared towards beginners. I'm not an expert by any means but I do have a fair amount of experience that I want to share with others, to help them get started faster than I did. If there are any mistakes feel free to correct them.

>what is a video?
A video is a combination of a visual stream (images/frames) plus an audio stream (sound). A video can have multiple audio streams, for example an English audio stream and a Japanese audio stream, and can also have multiple visual streams but that has very few use cases. Each stream is encoded using a codec, and all streams are wrapped up in a container.
>what is encoding?
Generally speaking, encoding is storing original data using a certain method or structure, such that:
  1. The result can be understood (decoded) by a certain program, for example a video player.
  2. The result has smaller file size (compression), but not necessarily.
>what is a codec?
A codec (coder-decoder) is a program or algorithm that does the encoding/decoding. For example a program like VLC has built-in codecs for viewing and converting between the different encoding formats. The most common video codecs are H264 and VP9. The most common audio codecs are AAC and Opus.
>which codecs should I use?
The H264 + AAC combo is the most used and what I recommend. These 2 codecs encode the fastest, their only drawback is they're not open standards like VP9 + Opus... Ultimately the codecs don't matter that much, what matter more are the settings you use when encoding, I'll elaborate on that later.
>what is a container?
A container is basically the format for storing the encoded streams, which decides the extension of the file. Examples are MPEG-4 (.mp4), WebM (.webm), and Matroska (.mkv). Please note that the container is not the codec! Containers can hold different codecs, for example I can have a .mp4 file (MPEG-4 container) with H264 or VP9 video, similarly AAC or Opus audio. You can mix and match codecs as long as the container supports them. For example WebM does not support AAC audio, but supports Vorbis audio unlike MPEG-4... Another thing to note is that you can change the container without re-encoding the streams within, for example I can change a VP9 + Opus video from .webm to .mp4 in a second without the streams being affected.
>which container should I use?
The absolute best container is Matroska, it supports virtually any combo of codecs you throw at it, and also supports embedding a subtitles file. Its best feature however is that if you're recording and your PC / game / recording program crashes, the video file is not corrupted and can be played normally... Its only weakness is that it's not supported on the web, so if you have an .mkv file change its container to .mp4 or .webm (refer to the previous point) or re-encode.

All of these are free and multi-platform.
Probably the only real choice for recording and streaming game footage. Easy to use but boasts advanced features for users who know how to leverage them.
In my opinion the best video editor. Stable, easy to use, and has great features like proxy editing... I don't recommend Kdenlive because it's very unstable on windows (from my experience) and sometimes produces corrupted output, but give it a try if Shotcut somehow isn't working for you.
The swiss army knife of video tools, and the basis for all the programs mentioned above. Very powerful but a pain to use since it has no GUI. It's mostly used as a converter but it can also record and stream your screen... Configuring it for recording/streaming differs based on your OS, and I haven't tested if it can capture (fullscreen) game footage.
>Blender video editor
Haven't tried it. A bit of a niche choice since only Blender artists use it as far as I'm aware, but seems to be very powerful thanks to leveraging Blender's node system.

You can skip to the ffmpeg section in the next post if you're not particularly concerned with the quality or file size of your video.
There are 2 compression types used by codecs:
  1. Lossy; reduces file size by losing quality. Produces smaller files perfect for streaming and the web, but at lower quality.
  2. Lossless; reduces file size without losing quality. Produces full quality files perfect for video production, but at larger file size.
Some video codecs like H264 and VP9 support both compression types. To control how lossy the result will be, specify the CRF (constant rate factor) between 1 (barely lossy) and 63 (very lossy), but ideally your range will be between 17 and 30. Lossless mode is activated by specifying a CRF of 0.
That's how fast you want the encoding process to be. Note that the slower the speed, the better the compression, but that is subject to the law of diminishing returns.
>color space
Basically how color information is stored. There are many color spaces in existence but only 2 are most commonly used:
  1. YUV; most used, JPEG-like, general purpose but perfect for camera footage.
  2. RGB; least used, the same color space as your display, perfect for screen capture.
Note that YUV has 3 variants; yuv420p, yuv422p, and yuv444p. The first is the "default", the most widely supported, the smallest and the crappiest looking, but it should be great for most use cases. The second is less supported, larger, but better looking. The third is also less supported, the largest, but the best looking, at the right quality it could look almost identical to RGB, which is great because RGB has poor support on the web... For lossless encoding, make sure you are targeting the same color space as your source, or you'll end up with very different colors.

Use cases
Having learned all these advanced settings, let's see when we can use them.
>pixel-perfect recording
Let's say you're recording your screen playing a game with rich colors and fine details, so you want to capture all that in a pixel-perfect manner at a smooth framerate, without caring for file size. In this case you can use lossless compression with crf=0, ultrafast speed, and RGB color space.
>everyday recording/streaming
You're not too concerned with quality but want smooth framerate and smallest file size. In this case you can use lossy compression with crf=30, ultrafast speed, and yuv420p color space.
>exporting a production from shotcut
You made a professional video or a short film and want to export it with good quality at the lowest file size possible, you don't mind waiting. In this case you can use lossy compression with crf=23, veryslow speed, and some variant of YUV (depending on your colors).
Replies: >>16847
ffmpeg magic
Note that the ordering of options matters!
>convert a video INPUT to OUTPUT.WEBM
ffmpeg -i INPUT OUTPUT.WEBMThe file INPUT here represents any video file, having any codecs, in any container. In this example the output is in the webm container, but since I didn't specify the codecs for re-encoding ffmpeg will choose them for me. The resulting codecs will be VP9 + Opus.
>change a video's container from mp4 to webm
ffmpeg -i INPUT.MP4 -c:v copy -c:a copy OUTPUT.WEBMThe difference between this and the previous example is that here we are not re-encoding, we are simply changing the container. This is very fast and doesn't lose quality unlike when re-encoding (unless re-encoding losslessly).
>scale a video to the resolution 640x480
ffmpeg -i INPUT.MP4 -vf scale=640:480 OUTPUT.MP4This example is similar to the previous ones but with scaling to 640x480.
>trim a video roughly from 01:39:55 to 01:42:10
possible language: css, relevance: 8
ffmpeg -i INPUT.MP4 -ss 01:39:55 -to 01:42:10 -c:v copy -c:a copy OUTPUT.MP4Notice how I added copy in both -c:v and -c:a? This means copy the video and audio stream respectively without re-encoding. Be warned that trimming without re-encoding is inaccurate, the reason for this is hard to explain, but the conclusion is if you want accurate trimming with exact timestamps then you have to re-encode. Note that you will be losing quality with every re-encode (unless re-encoding losslessly).
>trim a video roughly from 01:39:55 to 5 seconds later
possible language: css, relevance: 8
ffmpeg -i INPUT.MP4 -ss 01:39:55 -t 00:00:05 -c:v copy -c:a copy OUTPUT.MP4Same warning from the previous example applies here.
>take one image and one song and make a video
ffmpeg -loop 1 -i IMAGE.PNG -i SONG.FLAC -c:v libx264 -g 250 -c:a aac -shortest OUTPUT.MP4In this example I'm taking an image and looping it as frames for the video stream, since I'm not specifying a framerate 25 will be chosen automatically. The codec options here are -c:v libx264 which is the name of ffmpeg's H264 encoder, -c:a aac which is the name of ffmpeg's AAC encoder. If your song is already encoded as AAC/Opus you can just use -c:a copy. Also there's -g 250 which stands for GOP (group of pictures), this very roughly means take the 1st frame, and store the information of the following 250 frames compared to it, then repeat for the 251st frame and so on... This process causes better compression as there's too much redundant information in our frames, however it will lower the number of seeking points in the resulting video.
>convert a video losslessly in RGB color space
ffmpeg -i INPUT.MP4 -c:v libx264rgb -pix_fmt gbrp -crf 0 -c:a copy OUTPUT.MP4For H264 in RGB we need a different encoder than the one we used before, it's called libx264rgb. The -crf 0 means full quality, and the -pix_fmt gbrp forces RGB color space, which is named GBRP (green blue red planar) in H264. If the source is already RGB, you can omit -pix_fmt gbrp. If you want encoding in realtime, add -preset ultrafast after -crf 0 (or before, as long as it's after -c:v libx264rgb).
ffmpeg -i INPUT.MP4 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -pix_fmt gbrp -lossless 1 -c:a copy OUTPUT.MP4Same thing but for the VP9 codec. Note that VP9 supports -crf 0, however it supports a much handier option called lossless which can be either 1 (true) or 0 (false). If you want encoding in realtime, add -deadline realtime after -lossless 1 (or before, as long as it's after -c:v libvpx-vp9).
(27.2KB, 640x838)
(354.3KB, 934x990)
ayy thanks for the input anon
you wouldn't happen to be the same guy who mentioned you could drag and drop files into ffmpeg's cmd window in the "Guess the Vidya Music thread"?
Replies: >>16852
Glad to help! Not that anon sorry.
Former editorfag here. Here's some baby tips for everyone:
Always keep footage organized 

Always make clips in a preview/source window. Avoid cutting in the timeline as much as possible.

Vegas is absolute dogshit outside of some nifty audio syncing tools it has. The lack of control over encoding settings os proof of why it's the entry level editor for baby's first youtube video. Premiere, while having a host of issies, is for pros. Even Davinci Resolve is more stable than Vegass.

>>16548 (OP) 
>The two most known commercial giants are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. 
>commercial giant

OP I will kindly ask you stop presenting yourself as some professional editor. You're a hobbyist.
Try Resolve
Also reencode videos with a burned timecode and do an offline edit so you'll know where shit happens exactly 
Because you're not even remotely a hobbyist who cares about editing. If you want to make short webms for shitposting then i guess vegas is ok.
Like these niggers. Can't into premiere because they're likely underages still stuck on Vegas' tit.
Replies: >>16996
(44.7KB, 400x392)
>If you don't you use premiere your not a pro like me!!
>The girls love me for using premiere!!!
>Look at me I use premiere please accept me!!!
>This is very serious business guys!!!
Get a life you flamming faggot, nobody here is serious about editing and stuff like that, people use Vegas or any other editing software just to make shitposts on the internet, and NEWS FLASH FAGGOT Premiere isn't that fucking hard so stop trying to be some sort of a "Professinal" what a fag and make something you fucking tard or just continue bitching like the retard you are faggot.
Replies: >>16997 >>17437
No one is going to take you seriously can you can't even spell "professional."
Replies: >>16998
Wew lad I fucked...
This is the fucking internet man, not everything needs to be fucking serious just enjoy your time faggot.
Replies: >>17437
(15.5MB, 1280x720, 02:25)
It was only a few short years ago that I hated the idea of using ffmpeg, youtube-dl, and other command line tools because I thought the level of detail required for them necessitated a GUI.  I am pleased to say that I was mostly wrong, and using the command line is, in many way, far easier than using a GUI, especially with how stupidly many GUIs are designed these days.

I just put this together in a few minutes using only ffmpeg.  The same result would have taken me much longer in Sony Vegas.  Terry Davis truly was right.
Replies: >>17187
(189.5KB, 800x1138)
I'll be playing through Extraction Point tonight, should be over fairly quick. After all it's a dong expansion that lasts about 4 hours and I'll be playing it with slow-mo this time around, just to hear those screams pitch up and down.
Everybody except muzzies european policy because Vienna are welcome on the stream, ask anything you want, I'll try to keep it entertaining.


Starting in about 20 mins.
Replies: >>17170
>Everybody except muzzies european policy because Vienna
Nothing wrong with allowing muslims who are living in their own countries to watch. The problem is the ones in white countries trying to subvert the political systems.
Replies: >>17188
Pretty neat anon, that actually saves up time if you need to make a quick clip or use it for a video, but didn't this anon >>16828 say that triming is inaccurate in FFmpeg ?
Do you just give the timestamp a large margin ?
Replies: >>17197 >>17462
Just because he said muzzies aren't allowed doesn't mean that muzzie will get Magically blocked of the stream retard.
Replies: >>17192
(288.1KB, 1924x1051)
Of course, it's all a joke.
Everybody's welcome!
Except the god damned Albanians. Those sick cock sucking, no geed, greedy Albanians. Oh the things those people get up to, it'll make a maggot gag.

Anybody know why these graphical glitches appear in premiere? Whenever I open any other window or even a dialogue over the preview section, it shows up like this.
Replies: >>17197
So I was thinking of covering ffmpeg screen recording next, anything in particular you guys want me to add?

>triming is inaccurate in FFmpeg ?
It's only inaccurate if you're not re-encoding. By default ffmpeg re-encodes any stream that goes through it, unless you specify the copy option like in my example.
One good use case of trimming without re-encoding is when you have a very long video, and you're just interested in a small portion that you'll be processing later, so you roughly trim it out without losing quality to have a more manageable source to work with.

>graphical glitches
No idea, but if they're not appearing in the final render then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise send adobe a bug report.
Replies: >>17201 >>17202
>Screen recording
Wait FFmpeg can record screens ?
Replies: >>17206
(184.2KB, 1757x917)
>Yes, hello, Adobe? I found a small graphical glitch in Premiere which I definitely bought with real money from your company along with Media Encoder, which is also fully licensed and paid for 100%.
It's fine, the thing goes away if I resize Premiere window. 
>FFmpeg screen recording
can you specify which window to record and does it record the borders? Can it be used reliably with fullscreened vidya?
Replies: >>17206 >>17695

>definitely bought with real money
Arrrrr, a fellow sailor of the high seas. Don't worry about it though, what you described is most likely a Windows issue. Did you disable desktop compositing (aka Aero)?
>can you specify which window to record and does it record the borders?
I don't think so. You can specify a fixed region of your screen by typing numbers, but that's about it... I could be wrong though, I'm still researching the whole thing.
There seems to be a way to route OBS' output through ffmpeg directly, with command line options and all, so that could be very interesting.
Replies: >>17695
And if you knew how to use Premiere you'd see why it's better than Vegas.
>nobody here is serious about editing and stuff like that, people use Vegas or any other editing software just to make shitposts on the internet
Then there's no use for this thread. 
>Premiere isn't that fucking hard
Then use it
I'm not an ffmpeg expert, but I found a StackExchange answer that somewhat solves the problem of ffmpeg trimming video files inaccurately.
ffmpeg -t [timestamp 2] -i input.mp4 -ss [timestamp 1] output.mp4- Generates a clip from input.mp4 that begins at timestamp 1 and lasts until timestamp 2.
- The clip will not have broken keyframes or tracking, and it will not start/end early.
- The order of the timestamps is intentionally backwards.  This works because the -ss timestamp,
  when passed to the output, makes ffmpeg keep the preceding time in memory.  Then ffmpeg 
  uses the timestamp in -t to know when to stop.
- If -ss is passed to the input, ffmpeg reads until that point, then forgets preceding data, 
  which can lead to broken output.

I don't exactly understand why it works, but try it out with any small video clip you have and it'll do wonders.  It's slower when using longer clips because it needs to track through the entire video file, but I was working with a 5-hour video a couple weeks ago and even that didn't take more than 10 minutes to trim.  You can also convert a timestamp to a number of seconds and pass decimal numbers if you want higher accuracy.

There might be a better way to do it, but this works well for me.  The only problem is that putting the ending timestamp first and the beginning timestamp second is a total mindfuck almost every time I type the command without thinking clearly.
What are you niggers even on about? Kdenlive runs perfectly fine on my Winblows installation.
Replies: >>17567
Not on my machine (tm)
>can you specify which window to record and does it record the borders?
You can, no borders. Used it for FE gamenight. Used ffmpeg to split and join clips too. mpv+scripts to feed ffmpeg timestamps.
ffmpeg -f dshow -i audio="Stereo Mix (2- Realtek High Def" -f gdigrab -framerate 59.73 -i title=ST fe8_gamenight.mkvWhere -i title=ST is the window title. Without it it defaults to fullscreen, not sure how well gdigrab/x11grab would work with proper fullscreen, windowed fullscreen should be fine.
Should probably use nvenc or a raw codec for fullscreen recording though -crf 0 might also  work
Also used ffmpeg for transcoding to vp8/vp9 but its pretty shit unless you have raw/lossless source and they are both too slow for realtime encoding.
(23.5KB, 352x352)
Wheres the best place to upload videos these days? Has any jewtube alts taken off not full of cuckservative spam?
Replies: >>17722
No, not with your qualifier.
Replies: >>17722
I don't mind if it has some other content but most the alts are the same 5 Styx/Sargon/Quartering fag channels taking up everything. I don't want to be the one guy uploading non-political videos in the political cluster fuck.

That's just Qanon and Trump worship tards. There's no viewer base for non-political videos there.
Replies: >>17723 >>17729
host your own service
considering that most people that inherently value decentralized services it's not really a surprise that a lot of edgy political channels gravitate to those platforms given that they have to use them.
Replies: >>17730
I know why they use it but who wants to be the one asshole posting videos on restoring antique chairs when 99% of the catalog is just kids looking for TRUMPS HOT TAKE! DEMS IN TEARS?
Replies: >>17734 >>17745
>I want to be famous and I'd hate to be associated with political videos!
Your videos will get <100 views.  It doesn't matter.
Replies: >>17744
(17.2KB, 266x823)
Any time one is recommended or I find it on my own, it's either some scam crypto currency mining operation or a platform overflown with politics or boomers (just that, trailer trash talking to chat with their $8 webcams and fuckload of cats in the background).
And if you want to upload long videos/stream on youtube, you'll have to give them "your" phone number. I registered mine with one of those "ready to go" dumbphones you can buy with cash at a store. Don't expect to get big on youtube without selling parts of your soul to the almighty algorithm.
Replies: >>17744
I used to make videos getting thousands of views before I abandoned the project. If you have some talent and don't mind shilling yourself on reddit and social media you can build an audience pretty easy. You can't just be a drunk guy playing vidya and get any where. I'm glad I ditched that project as the niche I got algorithmed hard so now that entire niche is clickbait, MY GIRLFRIEND DOES X and channels which literally post 1 hour off topic videos supporting antifa and BLM shit. 

I find the free speech platforms are all owned by sketchy jews as well.
Fair point, I for myself just don't really mind it and post on some of the sites anyway, after all it's kind of a chicken and egg problem with attracting any group that isn't politispergs.
Check out Luke Smith's video about PeerTube.
I haven't tried any of these but I used them before and they were aight
- Streamable
- Bitchute
- Peertube
Replies: >>17757 >>17876
LBRY is jew owned and advertises diversity

Bitchute is what I described above.

I'll check the other 2. Thanks
Replies: >>17891
(67KB, 1488x622)
(228.6KB, 1653x955)
(196.8KB, 1370x803)
(292.2KB, 1880x944)
(285.2KB, 1881x956)
Streamable deletes your videos after three months unless you play up and I don't even see a browsing interface, so I'm guessing there is none to speak of, you'll have to share your video links manually on other sites.
Bitchute started out alright, but the file upload speed is atrocious, some videos load for almost an entire minute and the streaming feature they've been promising for months still isn't implemented. And it's flooded with political edgemeister discussion.
LBRY.TV is absolute garbage with terrible loading times, broken UI and you have to suck their dicks and pay money for brownie points and disney bucks. You can't even upload a video without spending the disney bucks. Oh you want to earn more? Give us your phone number and other personal details. You can also pay up. You want to support free speech, don't you? I made whole big rant about it couple of months ago while looking for youtube/twitch alternatives myself
Peertube is filled with frenchies and ponyfags.
Replies: >>17900 >>18285
(8.6KB, 1180x103)
(648.3KB, 1821x6159)
bitchute has a de facto rule against hate speech. When looking up William L. Pierce videos it won't let me view it.
Replies: >>17900
Bitchute doesn't technically censor things, but it does. If you're in a country where holocaust denial is illegal it will hide the video from you while leaving it up for countries it's legal in. So it's technically not censoring anything on mass just on a national level. It's the same bullshit Gab pulled where it would selectively censor and claim it was free speech.

We're all in the same board. Alt tech is a bad joke at best and a honey pot at worst.
>front page of some random instances of peertube ticks me off, so it's bad
>only has legitmate opinions of lbry & streamable
peertube isn't too bad and lbry is built around the blockchain meme, so you have to spend their funny money
Replies: >>19136
It used to have 10min limit for videos but now they removed that but it is based blockchain bullshit tokens & has things like do you want to access special features,boost your content,upgrade your account etc buy bullshit tokens & spend bullshit tokens.
Hosting content  costs money so you have to deal with all this bullshit shitcoin bullshit
Looks like best fucking streaming this world has ever seen is back at it.

^ has some gameplays hosted on it, admin is one guy apparently.
Y*tube has a 12h upload limit, anything longer than 12h wont get processed and wont publish.
Replies: >>20260
>not wanting everything to be right wing politics
>only has legitmate opinions of lbry
I've seen people use it without having to pay a dime
(1012.9KB, 576x352, 00:11)
(690.1KB, 807x659)
>tfw you spend all day on and off editing and you've only made a minute of progress
Replies: >>19629 >>20198
What program are you using?.. Also remember that getting good at video editing, like any other skill, takes time and patience.
Replies: >>20086
(216.4KB, 1920x1080, 00:06)
Made a similar thread on /tech/. FOSS edition.
Replies: >>20087
(148.7KB, 1253x938)
Here's another not-so-pro-tip:
-Always leave space to write down notes in your script if you're using a physical notepad. Feel like such a fool when I get to a specific part of the video and forget what I had planned for it originally.
I'm trying not to try too hard again, I think I'm getting better at it, but the ADD is a hell of a whatever.
Replies: >>20198
(35.1KB, 479x483)
Right on
(930.8KB, 1436x1606)
(554.9KB, 3126x1688)
Finally finished. Tell me what you think, any feedback is welcome, I want to improve. Webm is still in the oven, takes over 2 hours to render a 5 minute webm for some reason.

Replies: >>20216 >>20317
(28.1MB, 1280x720, 04:38)
webm done
(5.5KB, 150x188)
since others are posting their shit might as well post mine. don't really plan on making new ones since I'm doing other shit with my life but fuck it I'm proud of them
10/10 made me laugh and was informative
review time

proto gay

proto sseth

proto egoraptor?
Replies: >>20322
(53KB, 540x535)
I like
>check channel
>all those videos
Replies: >>20298 >>20322
Most of them just seem like game play only playthroughs so it's not like anon is outputting 55 minute voiced high effort content. I also thinking churning out raw game play footage that no one is going to realistically watch for more than a few minutes is severely damaging to your jewtube algorithm lottery, since the algorithm rewards engagement. High effort 5-10 minute content that keeps the maximum number of people engaged for the longest period of time rewards your in the algorithm, or at least this is my understanding of it based on what I've heard over the years.

This is why a lot of jewtubers tend to have multiple channels for different calibers of content, so they don't rape their main channels algorithm by producing content their main audience isn't likely to click on or engage with.

If OP stuck to this >>20216 style of content and didn't bog down his channel with 56 minute's of mute game play it might do well. The editing and pace is fashionable and he knows how to speak well enough. Bitchute might also be an option, but I honestly have no idea how good that sites content discoverability is and it's kind of just a shit heap of archives and Q boomer political ramblings.

It gets really sad when you find channels where desperate lonely people are talking to themselves for 20 minutes and the videos all have 0 views. But that doesn't appear to be the case here. Anon has 0 views because aint no one watching 55 minutes of part 3 of the mummy demastered playthrough. He needs to have an epic reddit 6 minute compilation of the most lulz worthy random epic mummy moments with autistic screeching and overreacting to random shit to get any views with that footage. And he could put an anime mummy in the thumbnail with mummy titties and title it "Animummy's gone right".
>This is why a lot of jewtubers tend to have multiple channels for different calibers of content, so they don't rape their main channels algorithm by producing content their main audience isn't likely to click on or engage with.
Well put. It's definitely not too late for >>20198 to try and get hooked into the algorithm. He should private all of his 0 view low effort videos and try to piggy back off of other popular jewtubers that appeal to the same circles you're trying to appeal to, which are imageboard types. Literally everyone who's getting clicks does it and it works extremely well. For example, one of the fastest growing jewtubers at the moment, Dream, privated any video of his that didn't get over 700k-800k or so views early on, doubled down on concepts that worked, all while regularly making videos on bigger jewtubers, like pewdiepie, that appeal to his demographic.
>Dream, and other popular jewtubers are fags
This stuff works. There's a reason why Dream has something like 12 million subs in like under a year or two. Besides, Setthh does the same shit just less aggressively. Review his stuff WAY more closely down to the little things.

Additionally, >>20198 needs to change his avatar, thumbnail, and title of his video. His avatar just scream's "I love commenting on jewtube videos with 900 views". Make a better picture or (((buy))) a stock image. The thumbnail and title are probably more important than the actual video at least when it comes to hooking people in and both of yours are extremely bland right now. Make both provocative, eye catching, and readable. Considering making multiple thumbnails for each video and switch them out occasionally to see which one's pull more views. Mr. Beast started doing this a few months ago so it's reasonable to assume it's an effective strategy at the moment.

On the video itself, it's pretty fun. Few nitpicks. You should work on your voice acting, possibly get a better mic, and most importantly fix your audio. Your audio in this video is way lower than it should be and doesn't hit highs and lows that feel good on the ear. The joke at 1:36 doesn't land very well imo but that's just me. The editing after 2:00 gets a little lazy when it was previously very strong, especially on that perks section. The joke at 2:40 should have held on the typing with no music or speaking for several more seconds. The video feels all over the place with poor pacing at times. For example, the bit at 3:03 happens after you talk about what you get when you beat the game while never talking about any other enemies. How am I supposed to know they're truly a pain when I have zero frame of reference. The part from 3:16 - 3:29 was kinda cringe. You should look at how other jewtubers handle segments like that or frame it completely differently. In short, the video had a very strong start but felt like it didn't go anywhere in the middle of it.
Replies: >>20322 >>23163
(139.8KB, 1368x714)
(162.9KB, 1280x720)
Thank you for your input, I appreciate it.
>0 views on all those videos
I don't even know why I upload them when longplay videos exist. If you want to see anything actually good on my channel, there's a dedicated effortposting playlist made for that.
>youtube promotion
Not really interested in that field, not yet anyway. Don't know if I'd be able to keep myself and not sell out to the almighty algorithm. Feels dirty.
>strong start, didn't go anywhere in the middle of it
Ironic, considering I wrote the script first instead of doing it by ear like I did with Dead Cells. I've been really low on energy this past week, so I probably did half-ass the last half of production. I can do better.
Then again, I think this is a positive. I let the video "breathe" instead of being a tryhard and packing every frame with a dozen injokes. 
So the main takeaway is:
>make sure you cover all the basics when writing the script
>timestamp your recordings
>keep the quality and pace consistent throughout the video
>SHOW when you TELL
>make a schedule and stick to it and drink high energy drinks instead of beer when editing
Replies: >>20391
(51.1KB, 636x606)
That's really good.
Reminds me of early UrinatingTree.
Replies: >>20349
(91.5KB, 371x353)
Shit, I've had the footage of a MMBN3 full playthrough on my hard drive for months. I wanted to try out making a review but I'm stuck on the script writing process because I don't know what kind of tone I want to use for my video.
Replies: >>20331 >>20341
Do a little sample of it. 
Record, edit and render a 10-20 webm. 
Look at it.
It helps.
Before anything, think about what kind of video you want to make first. Do you want to be funny, informative, or some kind of blend of the two? For example, while their audiences do have some overlap, a lot of the people watching Sseth aren't going to like someone like Ross Scott of Game Dungeon due to the latter's more detail and long form content. But tuen again, there are people out there that will watch anything, so do whatever you feel comfortable with.
Replies: >>20345
(1.9MB, 340x210)
>For example, while their audiences do have some overlap, a lot of the people watching Sseth aren't going to like someone like Ross Scott of Game Dungeon due to the latter's more detail and long form content.
What fags.
Replies: >>20366
>>16548 (OP) 
While your posts are pretty informative and cover the how, I feel I need to ask why.
Why would I want someone watching me play vidya? I play video games for fun and the rigmarole of clipping and editing just seems like the antithesis to that.
he was actually one of the inspirations for it, i swear he's one of us
Replies: >>20352
Replies: >>20452
(100.7KB, 900x855)
I'm 100% sure he shitposts on /sp/. I watch his "This week in sportsball" videos from time to time despite me having 0 interest in sports.
I want to share the fun I had with games with others.
and yeah, I like the attention, I won't lie
Replies: >>20452
That was quite nice you got a new sub
Call me a faghot but sometimes i fantasize and act as if i had people watching just in my head, be it a stream or people behind me did that a lot with friend while growing up, playing alone feels lonely now
Replies: >>20388 >>20391
Because they're both interesting and draw attention to interesting games.
I love it. Informative and fun to watch, nothing to suggest here really. I might just download crimsonland for some good old gory fun.

This is good first video, didn't watch the second because I haven't played STALKER but I was annoyed by constantly screaming out year numbers. It would have been better to lump multiple years together into an "arc" and only scream out a year if it's significant.

>Not really interested in that field, not yet anyway. Don't know if I'd be able to keep myself and not sell out to the almighty algorithm. Feels dirty.
You have my respect anon. Make the videos you wanna make and they will get their dedicated audience, no matter how small. Trying to become an e-celeb, especially in a market saturated by them, is a fool's errand.
>silent playthroughs
I'm personally a big fan of those. Sometimes I'm stuck in a game and looking for a certain clue, and it's easiest to find it in a quiet no-bullshit video. Sometimes I'm sorting a music rip of a game and I need to quickly find which track played in which level, impossible to do that through a video with commentary...etc.
Just my 2c.

Why don't you start streaming and invite us? although you sound like SH anon
I've had great fun watching the two or so streams that were posted here before, and got a chance to shitpost and bond with other anons. You might just like that.
Replies: >>20417 >>20437
(87.6KB, 1433x491)
(27.6MB, 1280x720, 03:59)
Slightly improved version.

I still don't know why gog-games uses captcha, but it is what it is.
You can also download it from Archive.org, but I think the remake will automatically attempt to connect to Steam. Old Crimsonland should run no matter what.
Replies: >>20489
>Why don't you start streaming and invite us?
No mic, living with family at the moment too, though you reminded me of times it would have been great, for example when playing Mankind Divided i had a self imposed challenge of killing every nigger i saw on sight, then had to run from the cops, it was hilarious if a bit tedious, or in Invisible War, playing as the black female and fucking up everything for everyone, that shit made the game worth it for me, i wish i had people around to share those moments with.
Replies: >>20441 >>20459
Aight, you don't need a mic. Just stream video only or video + ingame audio, and write in the chatbox like the rest of us every few minutes or so. Don't let anything stop you from doing what you wanna do... It's worth a try at least, no?
Fair enough. I can't see the appeal to be honest, which I guess is a shame as I've been told on quite a few occasions that I have a really relaxing voice.
Someone asked me once if I'd ever done voiceovers for audiobooks.
(226.7KB, 512x384)
I fucking knew you were underage!
Replies: >>20465 >>20466
Spoiler File
(52.7KB, 1125x1034)
i'm not
>posting on zzzchan
I'd be surprised if anyone here is younger than their mid-twenties.
Replies: >>20467
(343.6KB, 617x599)
I can shamelessly say I've been browsing imageboards since I was at least 9. I am now 21.
Replies: >>20468
Still, teenagers or underage is basically out of the question.
Replies: >>20469
(888.9KB, 240x160)
It's inevitable that there be some. The problem is whether or not they'll lurk long enough to integrate.
Replies: >>20511
Not sure why you upload the webms in 720p, you could just lower the resolution to make the file size smaller to make it easier for anons to download.
(3.4KB, 185x70)
I wanted to give anons the best quality possible.
Who's having trouble downloading a twenty something megabytes file? Plus I appreciate webms finally moving past the postage stamp phase, we're not in the early 2000s anymore.
Was this gif always this fast?
Replies: >>20515
Definitely not.
(290.1KB, 921x432)
(276.8KB, 1642x893)
Replies: >>23519
Was about to recommend that site, and it seems that the guidelines don't mention anything about any of that pozz shit, so the platform might be good.
Replies: >>23436 >>23439
(53.7KB, 1590x527)
Replies: >>23366 >>23376
(525.8KB, 1920x1011)
pale moon adblocks are pretty shit, from what I remember pale moon doesn't have Ublock origin right ?
Replies: >>23368
(677.3KB, 1924x1056)
it does
Replies: >>23369
Well it works in Chromium with adblock on not sure what's the problem.
Replies: >>23370
the problem is I have to see the ads if I want to use the website
Replies: >>23372
what I meant is that I can access the site with the sam adblocker that you use while you can't which is pretty fucking weird.
block whatever domain is loading that checks for your adblocker. use it all the time to see news on sites that are behind a paywall, it's laughable how easy it is
(126.7KB, 1034x678)
You don't need an invite, why would you think that?
Replies: >>23384 >>23565
I responded to the wrong thread
I really like the customizable channels it has like old youtube. We should all become "youtubers" and colonize that site with YTPs.
(438.9KB, 1060x952)
Thank you for telling me about this.  It really brings back some fond memories and kindles a fuzzy feeling in my chest.

I looked at the dev's blog posts, and he specifically mentioned Moonman (yes, that Moonman) as the most viewed channel on the website after the developer's own channel.  He might turn into a faggot later, but for now he seems to be fine.
Replies: >>23482
Spoiler File
(408.2KB, 1061x549)
I'm getting that cozy "early" youtube feeling here as well, especially with lax moderation and 144p gay nigger porn being hosted with no reprimands yet.
(982.6KB, 1901x963)
This is pretty great.
Replies: >>23514 >>23565
(4MB, 480x368, 04:09)
(11.5KB, 330x173)
Thanks I love it.
Replies: >>23565
It seems that some channels have custom javascript too. This one has snow.
Replies: >>23541 >>23565
By the way for lazy niggers who still want a command line interface https://github.com/Kagami/webm.py is a python wrapper around ffmpeg that lets you quickly make webms to a certain size or loop a single frame for a music webm. Obviously you'll get better quality and control doing it manually with ffmpeg and you should do so for anything you want to archive but if you just want to do a lazy upload to a thread it can help I've used it for gamenight OC, for example, when I just want to get back to playing quickly. The cropping with MPV is also helpful. Make sure to use -h and -hi to see the proper documentation. It can also be a useful stepping stone on the way to learning proper ffmpeg usage since it basically just takes a subset of ffmpeg's commands.

You should also install youtube-dl it needs ffmpeg installed as well for downloading videos from pretty much any side and learn to use -F to specify which audio and video tracks to combine for posting things instead of embedding them.

>you could just lower the resolution to make the file size smaller
Technically lowering the resolution would not inherently make it smaller. Lower bitrate makes it smaller but lower bitrates look horrible at higher resolutions. A larger concern is the filesize issues with 30fps vs 60fps.
Replies: >>23565 >>23571
it is definitely like how youtube used to be, almost as if they just ripped the early build straight from the wayback machine
(204.9KB, 600x700)
If you private them, they will no longer be accessible - just unlisting is enough.
To see how your channel looks to a viewer, you can use firefox temporary containers, or, if your skin color is blacker than it should be, just use incognito/private mode.
You can do snowfall effects css only,thought I don't remember how exactly.
It's how boards used to do christmas themes back in the old days.
Replies: >>23565
Let us know how videos are processed, and how smooth the overall process is.

What was the swf called?

Seems interesting, I'll give it a shot. Thanks anon.

What you're talking about is just a transparent gif though, from what I remember. It doesn't react to mouse movement like the one in >>23501 does.

This is gold.
Replies: >>23573
Thoughts on Nadeshiko? https://github.com/deterenkelt/Nadeshiko Stumbled across this tool and I find that it exceeds webm.py in several aspects if you're aiming to compress for a certain size. It helps that it is actively being maintained unlike webm.py and the dev aggressively tests the codecs for visual quality. It doesn't have AV1 support though, and obviously it's Linux-only.
BTW, stupid question, but does ffmpeg automatically compress video segments that repeat one single frame for several frames correctly, or do you have to identify the segments in question, trim them out, compress them individually, and then stitch them back into your final video?
(10.7MB, 480x360, 05:17)
(61.6KB, 1009x856)
(245.8KB, 1031x723)
(53.7KB, 1010x556)
Upload speed is about the same as current youtube, but processing takes about as much as early youtube. I uploaded these on Sunday evening and they were put in a queue, around 55th in line. I don't know how long it took exactly, but they were done when I checked up on them in the morning. They're both locked to 480p or something, definitely not original quality, I've only seen one video on the entire site with an HD option. 
Uploading itself is pretty simple, just one window with like 5 things to edit and that's it.
There's also an upload limit, here's what it says in the FAQ:

Q: How long can my video be?
A: The time limit is currently set to 15 minutes for regular users and 30 minutes for partners! 

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can upload?
A: The size limit is 2GB per video. We also have an 8 video a day limit so you can only upload 8 videos to VidLii per day. 

Q: What video file formats can I upload?
A: VidLii accepts video files from most digital cameras and from cell phones in the .flv, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mov, .m4v, .mpg, .mpeg, .webm, .mov and .3gp file formats. 

Uploading webm related took less than 30 seconds and processing barely even took place, so it may be dependent on how busy the servers are, since it's roughly the same length  as my actual videos.
I'll try uploading another more complex video and report on it.
Replies: >>23576 >>23580
(25MB, 1040x912, 04:02)
Uploading this one took a little over a minute.
Converting even less than that.
As you can see, the quality clearly suffers in the process, both audio and video.
Replies: >>23580
>does ffmpeg automatically compress video segments that repeat one single frame
Yes, if you define a GOP big enough to fit the number of these frames. See the -g 250 part in >>16828

Very detailed report, thank you anon!
I can see that custom thumbnails are allowed, which is pretty cool considering jewtube asks for your phone number before unlocking that feature... The "partners" page is a bit disappointing though, especially after reading the 16:9 clause. Sure this is a "retro" website so a restriction on video dimensions is reasonable, but a restriction on aspect ratio is not. Maybe I'll message them about that.

Not only did the image quality suffer and the framerate cap at 30, the sound also seems to have gotten slightly worse, like it's been put through a low pass filter or something severely adding to the aesthetic
What's bugging me is that in your video when the MC gets hurt and his sprite flashes, it completely disappears on vidlii.
Replies: >>23582 >>23584
(3.8MB, 416x368, 04:02)
I downloaded the video back from vidlii to further analyze it. Framerate is capped exactly at 30, resolution down to 360p, video bitrate lowered to 130 kbps, and audio bitrate lowered all the way down to 56 kbps which explains a lot. Normally I would say this compression is a little too much, but then again most videos online in 2005 were 240p WMVs having similar quality.
In case anyone is wondering, I got these stats through ffprobe which is a companion program bundled with ffmpeg.
Replies: >>23584
(127.9KB, 443x373)
Thanks for the info. Should have known it was 360p, but it's been a while.
Looks like I'm already getting accolades, soon enough I won't need your toxic fanbase and I'll flame you all during my troll remorse phase.
(3.8MB, 1931x1855)
>that bio
Love it.
Don't forget to make "THE DARKEST CHAN IN THE WEB" clickbait about us for some mad $$$ and that sweet sweet checkmark :^)
Replies: >>23660
(52.1KB, 677x520)
I'm pretty confident I have enough clout over the website and get away with uploading a full length training video.
brace for ban
(378.4KB, 800x450, 00:15)
(43.8KB, 245x212)
>no mention of a myspace account
Replies: >>23634
Are you blind?
Replies: >>23636
(41.1KB, 470x747)
Checked the image again and it's there. Did I move timelines into the universe with a better channel description? Or was it just a miss?
(8.5MB, 03:40)
>Thoughts on Nadeshiko? https://github.com/deterenkelt/Nadeshiko Stumbled across this tool and I find that it exceeds webm.py in several aspects if you're aiming to compress for a certain size. It helps that it is actively being maintained unlike webm.py and the dev aggressively tests the codecs for visual quality. It doesn't have AV1 support though, and obviously it's Linux-only.
Looks pretty good but can't comment on it since I've not used it. I'll probably give it a shot next time though.
>BTW, stupid question, but does ffmpeg automatically compress video segments that repeat one single frame for several frames correctly, or do you have to identify the segments in question, trim them out, compress them individually, and then stitch them back into your final video?
Honestly don't know, but the other anon who answered seems to have the answer. I don't commonly make music webms nowadays since you can often just upload audio files directly anyway and if there was a format issue I'd probably just convert the audio track to a different audio type which you'll almost certainly be doing when making it into a webm anyway and upload that.
(496.6KB, 1280x720, 00:10)
>In this episode of "DARK WEB SECRETS" we will dive further into the depths of the DARK WEB and uncover the mysteries behind the neo-nazi recruiting website known as "ZZZchan" 

>Author's note: the 3 Zs in ZZZchan are actually callback to the KKK cult.
Replies: >>23668 >>24342
>Some experts believe that the Zs may actually stand for Zyklon-B, the nerve gas used by nazis during the second world war to delouse jewish inmates in internment camps. A dogwhistle to the horrific deeds done by the Hitler administration, much like our current Republican Trump administration.
>This however is false. In reality each Z is part of a swastika. As shown here (poorly animated letter shifting around), if you cross two Zs, you get a clear image of a swastika.
>Now you may ask "Where does the third Z go?". The truth of the matter is, it doesn't go anywhere on this swastika. It  is really a part of the SECRET NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN TRIPLE SWASTIKA!!! (combine Z with some bullshit illuminati and masoner logos to form an off-center tri-force or something. )
>Still, other theories float around the academic circles as to what the mysterious ZZZ stands for. One of these is the Sleeper Cult. These fascists believe in the eternal slumber of their fallen idol, Adolf Hitler (stupid ass picture of hitler or something, I'd use Trump again, but I already used that joke. Maybe a variation of "Literally Hitler" meme or something).
>The idea of a cryogenically frozen or otherwise magically suspended Hitler is a chilling (carlos) concept to say the least. While every cave and freezing unit in Argentina has already been thoroughly searched and immolated, we cannot rule out a possibility of a Hitler hiding, preying, waiting for the right moment to strike FROM OUR OWN FREEZER!
Replies: >>23674 >>24342
(201.8KB, 1800x1000)
Hear me out:
>ZZZ is also a reference to the schutzestaffel which used the sieg rune which clearly resembles a Z, except now it has an extra Z because ZUPER-ZCHUTZEZTAFFEL because it's a new gen movement of nazi hackers on steroids!
>An even deeper dive into the deranged psyche of a modern day nazi yields another conclusion!
>An online interview with a known serial killer and right wing white supremacist Sam Hyde hacked into our network and forced us to listen to his deranged ramblings. We literally couldn't even for at least 6 hours. We locked down our building and gathered on the roof, with thoughts and prayers of our dear readers/subscribers keeping us alive. 
>His verbal manifesto, while disturbing in nature, was informative for our cause to understand the unhealthy, the unhinged, and the unshaven skinhead mind. We're still not sure if this was dogwhistling, but we drawn to the frequency at which mr. Hyde referenced windmills. And then it dawned on us:
<"Windmills kill around 750.000 birds every year"
<"Windmill stability has been improved dramatically in the past 10 years"
>these and other facts have been repeated by the serial school shooter exactly 8 times.
Replies: >>24342 >>24373
(691.1KB, 680x593)
Jesus fuck anons
Replies: >>24352
I can't believe I stumbled into another homosexual nazi deathcult
(3.7MB, 1889x929, 01:04)
I have half a mind to read this in the style of Francis E. Dec Esquire like in webm related.
Replies: >>24370
(22.5KB, 336x129)
For now I'll just play a game someone mentioned in the friday night thread.

Replies: >>26727
Do it faggot, you'll be immortalized on the board.
(39.1KB, 372x382)
Streaming again today. Will be live in about an hour. Come one, come all.
>What are you playing, retard?
I'll finally try out Ghostrunner. And if that doesn't work for some reason, we'll do some Bullets Per Minute again.
Replies: >>26754
(447.4KB, 512x512)
(11MB, 1280x720, 01:57)
Thanks for coming over, everybody, this was a fun stream.
Hope that one anon figures out his PS3.
Since I am basically sperging over the requisite parameters I need to input for AV1 to compress a 4K video into a 32MB file limit, since nobody out there has sufficient documentation, does anybody have any experience with x265? I imagine that would be faster but I don't know where to look first for documentation regarding squeezing the compression for everything it can get.
Replies: >>28997
What's the best(Free) software that just cuts videos nice and easy? Not looking for anything else, should be light on size too, as I am mostly looking to cut up old webms and mp4s to trim the fat on my HDD
Replies: >>28931 >>28997
Shotcut or Kdenlive or StaxRip
x265 support on the web is not that good, just use VP9. Also you're not seriously trying to fit 4K video into 32MBs, right? At least downscale to 720p or less... The ffmpeg website has encoding guides for both VP9 and AV1, but remember that AV1 is MAD SLOW.
Read below.

Ffmpeg, check the commands earlier in the thread here >>16828
If you don't want to re-encode (re-encoding takes more time and produces less quality) then copy the command as it is, but the trimming won't be accurate. If you're okay with re-encoding and want accurate trimming, omit -c:v copy -c:a copy . Shotcut is a good alternative if you want a GUI but it always re-encodes.
read the thread next time nigger
(262.6KB, 1920x1080)
(352.4KB, 1920x1080)
It's a bit of a personal tradition for me to play Max Payne during winter, so I'll be streaming some of it later today.
Specifically, 3 hours from now, at around 5 PM GMT. Give or take 15 minutes.
Link for brainlets:
>why not now?
Headache, I hope by that point the painkillers will kick in
>what about Doom gamenight?
Got my fill of Doom goodness last week, and aside from micspam only exacerbating my migraine, I'd like to have a game session played at my own pace. Nice and easy. And cozy. And shit, expect my F9 key to be worn out by the end of the night
>You promised to play Pepsiman and Crash Bandicoot on a proper emulator last time!
Sue me I'll postpone it until next stream, really feeling the Christmas vibe right now and don't want it to go to waste
Replies: >>30147
[email protected]_866365318628745216_DAXye1oUMAAaYZi.jpg_orig.jpg
(360.2KB, 2304x2400)
Easing it into broadcast now.
Enjoy the Christmas music while I'm fiddling with details.

(388.8KB, 1920x1080)
(502.7KB, 1920x1080)
(410.4KB, 1920x1080)
(486.2KB, 1920x1080)
(312.7KB, 1920x1080)
Thanks for watching, had a very pleasant and cozy night with you edgelords.
I'll see you all again tomorrow, most likely around the same time as today, I'll see how the day goes.
(3.6MB, 770x480, 00:27)
Resuming from where we left off yesterday in about an hour:
Replies: >>30479
(130.7KB, 968x766)
Playstation time, bitches.
I've never played this game before
Replies: >>30482 >>30542
this man is getting really frustrated in the 1st level, send help
Replies: >>30491
Not my game, sorry
You're in for a world of pain anon
(139.4KB, 626x619)
After 2 or 3 hours later I'm probably going to stream some vidya that I liked playing this year like :
>Project Wingmen
>Deus Ex
>Raiders Sphere 4th
>Ridge Racer Type 4
It will be like a send off to 2020.
Replies: >>31159 >>31176
(166.7KB, 800x938)
Guess what, bitch?
I was about to stream on my bunker channel and even spam the link on a couple of other boards, but I really want to see how you'll handle Project Wingman at 240p.
Tell you what: I'll start streaming some Duke Nukem 3D: Nuclear Winter, in the meantime you prepare your shit and hit me up when you're ready to go, I'll drop everything and spam your link in my chat (as if anyone would show up).

This one's for all you fellow lonely ass faggots who got shafted on your new year celebration plans either by the wu-flu and government incompetence or you just have no friends/family to spend time with.

Replies: >>31160
Didn't really got shafted, I don't like those kind of celebration so I said "fuck I'll stream some vidya" either way thanks.
and holy fuck how do you keep recognizing me do you install a fucking keylogger or something when I enter you cytube channel
Replies: >>31186 >>34280
Replies: >>31235
isn't uncommon time on though?
(1.2MB, 1632x1684)
>>16548 (OP) 
I want to stream some eroges, is there any service where you won't get banned for showing anime tits?
you'll coward dont even like meat.
(179.2KB, 600x600)
You boys like Rayman?
Well you better, them's good games, boys.
I'll be streaming a portion of it in about half an hour, I hope more than one anon joins in this time, the more the merrier.
You all know the link, but in case some newfags find their way here:
Replies: >>33666
You gotta plan this in advance anon, I keep missing these streams because I don't have the thread open 24/7 :(
Replies: >>33671
(24.8KB, 720x529)
Alright, sweet digits full house anon.
I'll resume playing in about 3 hours
Just made it to the Cave of Bad Dreams yesterday.
Replies: >>33712
Stream is over, and about half of it was raging through that one lava tunnel. Can't wait for next week!
(266.8KB, 537x600)
Turns out game was running at 2x speed.
Still mad about it.

Replies: >>34000
Can you play Carto next week?
Replies: >>33718 >>33980
(595.8KB, 1920x1080)
This gay shit?
Replies: >>33719 >>33980
No real reason, found it to be pretty cute
Replies: >>33729
Can you play Pac-Man World 1 or 2 next week?
Replies: >>33729
(33.8KB, 1109x614)
I'll try out the demo and see if I can stomach it.
Probably not, I still have Crash Bandicoot and ear-rape extraordinaire Pepsiman to finish up.
(824.2KB, 500x345)
(230.9KB, 1200x2092)
(77.8KB, 697x529)
I've played the demo and I'll have to say no that one.
If this was your suggestion for a calmer game, I can appreciate that, reminds me of the whole premise behind "Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: Quiet Country Cafe", but the art-style and writing achieve the opposite effect on me. It reeks of cal-arts (even if it isn't the standard bean mouth archetype) and girl writing (not written by an adult, but by a girl). I'll try to take it easy on the next stream, but just in case I lose my shit again, I've set up a peak limiter for my mic input.

I've had a good day today, anons.
Hope you're having one yourselves.
Replies: >>34000
(2.5MB, 1284x980)
>I've set up a peak limiter for my mic input
In all honesty, and I'm really sorry for saying this, the part where you were losing your shit was absolutely fucking hilarious. If I was on stream my laughter would have completely overshadowed your screaming... I did get worried when it sounded like you got up and broke something though, so I really hope that doesn't happen again, and you take a short break whenever things get a bit too much.
By the way I know a couple comfy 3D platformers if you want suggestions after Rayman.

So did you manage to fix this?
Replies: >>34002 >>34024
>He raged like retard again
Ohh for fuck sake, why did I miss that hope you're ok lad, just take a break
Replies: >>34024
(12.9KB, 1162x658)
Oh I'll still rage, it just won't be bursting your ears whenever I do so. I'd love to hear your suggestions for comfy gayman, always. Was Tonic Trouble ever considered good? I remember emulating the N64 version as a wee lad and not figuring out how to get out of the first screen, I must've had the french version or something, twas a long time ago
>did you fix it?
I think so, PcGamingWiki said it was tied to VSync.
The pain begins at 1:16:12
and agony at around 1:32:20

Replies: >>34032 >>34043
(44.2KB, 720x720)
Wew lad I never heard you being this angry before, it really deserves the slot for number one of the "TOP 10 MOST ANGRY MOMENT OLDMANGERPKIN STREAMS, NUMBER 4 IS SUCH POG MOMENT" why did I write that, oh god I hate myself now
Nadeshiko is kill, the entire Github account appears to be deleted. Any idea where the author moved his projects or is it just a case of DFE?
Replies: >>34043
>Tonic Trouble
Never played it but looks fun. My suggestions for comfy 3D platformers would be Rosso Rabbit on PC, Daxter on PSP, Kirby 64, and Brother Bear on PC this one is more of a collect-a-thon so your chances of raging are zero.

(17.7MB, 640x360, 05:42)
This probably took me more than the duration of the stream itself to make lol, I hope you like it Gerp! I've made it SUPER faggy in case you wanna upload it to your jewtube vidlii :^)
Replies: >>34205 >>34221
(44.2KB, 275x288)
You should have played the PS2 version of the game instead. This part of The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire level is fixed in it: https://youtu.be/lFJa1hGxu_A?t=9221
(43.4KB, 750x733)
Thanks, I hate it!
Replies: >>34280
>the madlad actually uploaded it
How did you upload the video in 16:9 without buying premium though? Or did you buy premium?...
Also with the weekend nearing I expect a properly scheduled stream with time and timezone can't wait for all the delicious new material!

Will there be another stream? I missed the last one.
Replies: >>34286
I think I'm going to stream today or tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'm going to play, I'm thinking Project Wingmen I want to finish it in mercenary mode or play another Ace Combat clone called Raiders Sphere 4th.
Replies: >>34331
Sounds good, just please schedule it beforehand thanks.
Replies: >>34421
(651.4KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Alright today at around 8-9PM CET I'll stream some Deus Ex, even though I said I'll stream Project Wingmen but I'll already finished the game I want to finish Deus Ex.
Replies: >>34500
(35KB, 630x473)
(836.8KB, 1920x1080)
(245.3KB, 1920x1080)
And I'll be streaming tomorrow (Saturday) at 6 PM CET (12PM EST).
I'll try to unfuck Rayman 2 And we'll see where else the night will take us, maybe I'll stream chink GTA Sleeping Dogs (it's pretty fun) or Curse of the dead Gods.
Who knows, maybe I'll even try to launch the PSX games I'd started.
Replies: >>34640 >>34666
Replies: >>34507
Replies: >>34547
(689.8KB, 610x854)
(212.8KB, 1440x1436)
Thanks for tuning in lads, it was a fun night even though I didn't play the game that I promised to play but maybe next time, some anons got "enriched" culturally and you know how we like enriching people with different culture in this site :^)
(12MB, 2048x1152, 03:21)
>>16548 (OP) 
Replies: >>34612 >>39198
(137KB, 1280x720)
>posting that video
off with your head
Replies: >>34614
I want to SODOMIZE this adorable beast. I will now go research this creature and the show she's in. I am assuming this creature is neither the main character nor is the show any good, yet still I go a-looking.
Replies: >>34619 >>34620
(43.7KB, 371x431)
>I am assuming this creature is neither the main character
>nor is the show any good
Replies: >>34625
(479.3KB, 555x661)
(2.7KB, 282x289)
(205KB, 600x750)
1 hour to go.
Is sketchful moving in on my timeslot? They'll pay for that. In blood.
Replies: >>34646 >>34649
(4.2MB, 1280x720, 00:45)
30 minutes left to go
30 frames per second
30 controller mishaps
Wasn't intentional, but if anyone wants to watch your stream, who says they can't do it while simultaneously playing sketchful? I know I usually do it later but I want to see what the effect of moving the time back does to the player count. Probably not much of a difference for Eurofags but who knows.
(13.5KB, 651x163)
What the fuck is happening with cytu.be lately?
Replies: >>34664
(76.7KB, 1280x720)
Thanks for coming over.
Don't forget to like, subsribe and favorite my youtube videos, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and OnlyFans!
Replies: >>34664
I got that too, but a simple refresh fixed it.

I missed the ending of the stream :( next time tomorrow / next weekend?
Replies: >>34666
(829.4KB, 1280x720, 00:05)
Same time tomorrow, maybe even earlier, depends on how bored I'll be.
Replies: >>34750
(24.3KB, 590x326)
15 to go, my fellow satanists.
(114.5KB, 1920x1080)
(146.5KB, 1920x1080)
(103.5KB, 1920x1080)
(124.4KB, 1920x1080)
(323.5KB, 1920x1080)
That's it for this weekend.
See you deepshit, peanut-brained knuckleheads next time!
Replies: >>34796
Quick note:
If you want to play Rayman 2 on a modern system yourself, READ THE WIKI!
Guess what, turd fiddlers?
It's Friday.
Which means you get your weekly fill of dataminig in a frrrriday night thread and I get mad at videogames for all the world to see.

Tonight and throughout the weekend I'll be bumbling through: 
>the PSX games I haven't finished yet (Crash Bandicoot and Pepsiman)
>Binding of Isaac 
>Curse of the Dead Gods

The time will be the same as last week:
unless something comes up, in that case I'll push it forward an hour (7 PM CET / 13 PM EST)
Replies: >>35586
Did you finish Rayman already?
>13 PM EST
Replies: >>35600
>he can't comprehend the superior 24 hour format
Smh pm
Yeah, I beat it on Sunday
Replies: >>35622
Asking here too just in case:
Is there some way to get the frame number at a specific time in a video, using ffmpeg and/or ffprobe?

For example if you input 00:02:30.123, how do you find out what frame number is at that position?
No you dingus I'm saying you either say 1:00 PM or 13:00. You can't combine the two.
Replies: >>35626
(193.8KB, 1916x945)
Half an hour to go.
(282.9KB, 1920x1080)
(149.8KB, 1920x1080)
(154.6KB, 1920x1080)
(118KB, 1920x1080)
(369.5KB, 1920x1080)
Thanks for coming, everybody.
Same time tomorrow and Sunday.
(8MB, 1280x720, 01:45)
1 hour and counting.
Replies: >>35830
(7.1MB, 1376x768, 00:20)
We are a go.
Come on over ans shitpost away.
(284.1KB, 1920x1080)
(295.8KB, 1920x1080)
(299.1KB, 1920x1080)
(121.9KB, 1920x1080)
(313.5KB, 1920x1080)
Another night of failure and talks about government.
Replies: >>38486
Any streams tonight/tomorrow?
Replies: >>38491
(1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
Nothing tonight, migraine, enjoy the gamenight, anon.
I'll do some streman' and editan' tomorrow. Dakka Squadron released today and I never noticed they had a Demo up since the beginning of the month, so I'll be trying that out. If I'm in the mood, I'll try out some Buck the Bumblebee as well.
(44.3KB, 238x484)
More streaming tonight at my favorite time slot of around 3-4 hours, starting at:
Replies: >>38731
(434.4KB, 542x317)
15 minutes to go
Replies: >>38819
(209.5KB, 1169x674)
damn, that's a lot of shit
Replies: >>38828
(205.1KB, 474x331)
>big boy drive
Today was really fun, the babby part in particular was hilarious. Looking forward to the next stream.
(239.1KB, 3840x2160, 00:04)
(911KB, 3840x2160, 00:04)
So in my adventures experimenting with ultralow-bitrate VP9 encodes I've been consistently frustrated with how bad the VP9 encoding is at min-maxing in terms of processing a long video. At the beginning in CQ/VBR mode it will do low-bandwidth encoding perfectly fine and quickly but without fail after a few minutes it will start shooting the bitrate up, even when the frames it is processing aren't that complex, to obscene heights.

I've been challenging myself to try to compress a 17-minute long 4K60FPS video of an anime-style PSP game (Valkyria Chronicles III, if you're curious, size 1.71GB) into this site's size limit with a target average of 191k for the video bitrate, but the VP9 encoding always fucks up in some way or another, even when I turn on the more obscure temporal compression options like arnr-maxframes.

The video is split up into four segments, two of them being VN cutscenes with relatively simple VN animations and transitions and the last one being an anime FMV blown up from the original 480x272 resolution. I would have thought the VN segments would lend themselves to being compressed easily by the kf_max_dist/GOP function, but as it turns out the Canvas engine overlays a sketchy filter over the VN segments, which I hypothesize is causing the VP9 encoding algorithm to render what would technically be duplicate frames with little motion as "unique" ones. I don't know if VP9 accounts for compressing frame loops that are repeated, so if anybody has any advice I would appreciate it.

I don't know if I should split up the segments and stitch them together to get around VP9's terrible automatic allocation. The lowest bitrate I can get for the VN segments to look good is ~600k  but I want to constrain VP9 so it gets as much quality out of a low bitrate.

<just downsample and rescale it to 272p
That would defeat the whole purpose of the exercise if I just rescale it to native PSP resolution, I would be better off just getting a native-scale capture.

Webms related are my sample renders fiddling with the command line. First one bizarrely enough is no different than if I would have specified -crf 63. Second one is 4x the filesize but actualy looks good, although it actually overshoots the upper bound bitrate parameter set by 25% for some reason. First one used -cpu-used 1, second one -cpu-used 3, both took about 20 minutes to render with my CPU being about 50% slower than an i5-8400. My command line also gives me conflicting bitrate data for each frame for some reason, telling me each one is the lower bitrate than the final result.

Again, if anybody has any experience compressing VN footage with VP9 I would appreciate it. VP9 is oft hyped up for compressing anime-style footage at incredibly low bitrates but it seems like it's either an overblown reputation or I'm not using the right settings. Time is not a factor.
Replies: >>39295
(67.4KB, 640x960)
>469 PPH /v/
Replies: >>39297
Neither of these webms are showing a video, only audio...
Are you doing two pass while passing a log file? One pass was always useless to me save for quick encodes.
It wasn't that long ago but I want to go back.
Replies: >>39302
>wanting to go back to 450+ PPH
No fucking thanks I barely have time to keep up with 10 PPH
Replies: >>39303 >>39305
why the fuck would you want 10 pph when most threads are shit anyway?
I'd rather have peaks of 50 PPH, but anything above 100 just sounds cancerous to me these days.
Replies: >>39306
If you think they're shit at 10 then they'll be much shitter at 100 and above, I can guarantee you that.
Because eventually the same 50 anons here will run out of shit to talk about. Worse than that a low usebase can limit discussion because there are less actual people to talk about less known or obscure topics. 
Some sperg will call me a faggot but its true.
Replies: >>39330
>Some sperg will call me a faggot but its true.
<unpopular opinion but..
Only faggots need to add retarded shit like this to their positions to shield themselves from criticism. But yes, having more than 10 PPH is a good thing. No one thinks that 10 PPH is better than 50 PPH. But 50 PPH compared to 450 is very debatable.
Replies: >>39332 >>39336
See, there is one now. Every time without fail.
Replies: >>39334
>see I told you someone would call me out on my effeminate snarks
They day this stops happening "every time without fail" will be a sad day.
Replies: >>39335 >>39336
Its not my fault you are a whiny faggot who can't help but bitch at everything he doesn't like. Last (you) from me.
There is literally one(1) instance of the phrase "unpopular opinion" in this thread, schizo.
Replies: >>39338
It's impressive your reading comprehension is this bad.
Replies: >>39340
Post your tits with a timestamp.

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