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>The wheel of time turns

The aim for this thread is to introduce the game and or help anons coordinate multiplayer games. Because of this I am going to set up a server on blitzserver for any anon to join. I plan on having two mods for this first game, better arena and more heroes. If any one else plans on hosting a game, feel free to post their information on the thread, and I will post it on the next OP

If you have any questions, please feel free ask in the thread

>What is Dominions
Create a god from several unique nations across different ages and destroy anyone who oppose your claim to godhood. You can also cast crazy spells and create a bunch of magic items to do all sorts of stuff like create world-wide storms, summon undead or demon hordes, create two suns, create killer snow storms, and so much more. The game is super in-depth and a lot of fun with other players.

You can either play..
.>Blitz (play the game in one sitting)
>Hosted (multiple turns a day, new turns after some time)
>Email (you submit your turn file to the host email)

>How do you play
Pick a nation, make a god and join a server. You can also play single player, which is good for getting a feel on your god a nation, but the AI is known to cheat

>Does the pirate version work
I think so, so long as you have the same version as the current version. However, I think the pirated versions wont let you see battles

>Mods that tickle your fancy
The game is very mod friendly and allows for all sorts of crazier factions, spells, and units
>Touhou Mod
>Sengoku Rance
>U, Belly of the world
>Mod Catalog

>Current Games
Server Name: Sleepy_Lads_Server
Game Type: Hosted
Map: Subject to change
Age: Early Age
IP: http://games.blitzserver.net
Port: 10053
Mods: Better Arena, Worthy Heroes 6
Rules: please communicate via thread or in-game message please :(

Additional Resources
>Game Manual

>3rd Party Multiplayer server hosting

>Mod inspector 

>Fan Art

Also dont forget to give your god a password if you plan on playing with them on multiplayer
Replies: >>166003 >>169280
>muh discordfags garbage
>several of the worst mods in human history in OP
stop spamming this shit here
>double events, story events
wew it just keeps getting better
>discordfag garbage
>worst mods
Better Heroes and Arena are great, the other ones are just examples sperg. Learn to read.
you dont have to be so mad just want someone to play:^)
Replies: >>164735
>site still eating posts
keep your faggot shit to yourself
I'm gonna join every public game on blitz with multiple keys then wait ~6 turns in then send all my gold/gems/etc. to someone and stale indefinitely for however long I hear you complaining if you don't fuck off
Replies: >>164738 >>164739
>keep your faggot shit to yourself
>stale indefinitely
admins can force turns nigger and you can turn players turn AI after a certain amount of stale turns, nigger
Replies: >>164746
Get the stick out of your ass.
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Oh boy a dom thread. 

Hey guys member that time MA Mictlan was all like
>maybe we shouldn't do a shitload of blood magic and stuff
and then in LA Atlantis comes out of the Mictlan swamps after shitting on xibalba because R'lyeh kicked their figger asses out of the Ocean and then not only gets Mictlan to do blood again but ALSO gets them to worship them as godly figures? Man they got so pranked. 

have like, my only dominions image from the old general.
Replies: >>164742
or how about how MA scleria tried to use death magic to stop MA ermor, and they fuck up their big death ritual and turn into ghosts LA?
Replies: >>164745
Thats almost as funny as Marignon also trying to stop Ermor and succeeding. But at the cost of every chalice knights life and a literally deal with the devil so now they are blood Christians.
>Players staling or giving each other free shit doesn't kill the game
Oh so you are that faggot
yeah nah don't host here cunt
keep it to your discord
Replies: >>164748 >>164892
Alright, I made my god and I am ready to rumble. I haven't really played Mekone except one single player game so lets see how this goes.
Why are you so asshurt about this? Legit question.
Replies: >>164750
This host rolls back turns when he loses fights and keeps players stale instead of setting them AI if they're next to him cos he can't beat AIs to eat them and advertises the site on 4cuck with pepe spam
I'm not even joking or exaggerating
Replies: >>164751 >>167827
I have no idea who the fuck you are talking about but that guys sounds like a crusty nigger for rolling turns back
that is also why I want to play with sleepy anons because I dont want to play with 4cuck anons
Replies: >>164752
You should be aware that even if you don't say anything you're probably gonna get a bunch of people joining and talking about the game constantly on 4/vg/
I'll give you a chance before I commit to being a huge faggot

Why'd you pick the worst age?
Replies: >>164753
bro i dont need a chance from you and i'd prefer you not join since you are clearly a schizo but I cant stop you
Replies: >>164754 >>164780
>I don't want to play with schizos
Why the fuck are you playing dominions
why the fuck are you advertising your game here
what did you think would happen?
Replies: >>164756
what if someone who wasnt a massive fucking sped replied and we got a game going
Replies: >>164757 >>164759
Just ignore him. I am roaring to go. Been wanting to play with sleepy anons for sometimes. Been playing against the same group of friends for awhile now. Ready to put my skills to the test after practicing this game for almost a year on and off.
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i was a faggot and fucked up the OP
Replies: >>164777
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Times to post dominions stuff again i guess
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I need me a proper spider mod for dominions that isn't african niggers thmakering you matoeables I shall also require a mod that removes dom killing as wellingtins also is there a mod that makes the khlysts their own nation I really try hard to make an all khlysts army work but they're very hard to do so
I'd play, but I no longer have the time to commit to it.
Replies: >>164781
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Anon is probably just mad because the last thread we had some fag was advertising his discord, and then after the thread died due to the drama the discordfag came back back about a month later to bump a dead thread to show how not mad he was that anons called him out.
Replies: >>164782 >>164815
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Sorry I had a stroke on my last post. I think this will be the one where we just go at our own pace, not spend a whole night doing a turn. Not sure how OP or anyone else feels about that, I personally do not mind.
That sucks ass. Discordfags ruin everything. Hopefully he doesn't come back, and if he does, keep his faggotry to himself.
Something you might want to know OP and anyone else who runs a game is that most anons in the threads I've seen here like to play MA nations, so it's a good idea to either run the One Age mod while changing any EA mod nations to MA, or just run an MA game.
Replies: >>164795 >>164815
Whats wrong with EA? Honestly I like it the most with MA being a close second.
Replies: >>164803
>what's wrong with EA
Nothing specifically, it's just that most anons here prefer MA nations like MA c'tis for example. I do think the viking nations are a bit too powerful, and the underwater nations are pretty weak for the most part.
that is why I am asking for communications to either be in game or in thread. I'd prefer not to use kikecord

The OP originally was MA, but I had no idea how familiar other anons where with the game, so I ultimately chose EA because of how unique it is
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alright, we got are second god also on an unrelated note check out this battle from another game
Any nations that aren't allowed for this game? I am a waternigger.
Replies: >>164857
there are no restrictions, go ahead and be a figger
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Third times the charm
I need some advice from any veteran players that know what they're doing. I've been trying out the Kirkostaculas(The Clown nation) and while I really like the hilarious lore I simply can't figure out a decent strategy for about mid to late game which is why I dropped this game several months ago. Here are the pros and cons of the nation as far as I am able to decipher.

>Really strong Mage Priests with lots of abilities.
>Powerful Air, Astral, and Water with a good chance of level 3-4 for all of them on 15-25% of mages, maybe a little less.
>Have a small amount of fire and death which can be very useful for breaking into powerful fire summons and skele spam.
>Useful lineup of troops with many roles like circus monkeys for tying up enemy troops, stilt units for patrolling, a stealth priest, and lots of sacreds.
>One recruit anywhere sacred that requires a temple, and one recruit anywhere sacred stealth priest that requires a lab and temple.
>Several Leaders are sacred and can be very useful thugs/anti-thugs one of which is very cheap.
>Many Large sacreds of size 3 to 5 for that bonus damage against manlets, and those giants have a much higher att/def skill than usual.
>Sacreds all have a turmoil bonus of +1 which gives them a +1 to various skills like att/def skill for every point of turmoil and 15 points of unrest.
>Recent additions to their spell pool allows for very strong expansion.
>The Summon Unicycle Jousting Tournament is a very useful spell for getting unicyclists one of your best basic troops very quickly.

>Heavily dependent on capital and if you get hit with a BVC you're fucked from the word GO.
>Those really strong sacreds are all very similar to each other so if you get a counter for one you counter half of the clown's roster. These counters are also cheap and easy to get compared to what they counter. This means basic archer plus arrow enchant devastates even their best troops.
>Sacred stealth priests GOT NO FUCKING ARMS! Funny but not helpful.
>Garbage Pretender choices and not very useful heroes.
>No shields except on one basic unit which means your hell blessed Enormous Clowns can get BTFO if Storm isn't up.
>Your powerful mages are also very expensive with the most expensive one being 550 a pop. This causes enormous problems with money especially if you end up without many high income provinces. This also limits my ability to choose certain scales that hurt my income too much, I'll already be taking +3 Turmoil.
>Speaking of Storm, it's so important to counter arrows you are basically locked into Evocation at least until level 6 maybe 7 making you predictable.
>To counter what can be devastating losses to your very expensive Clown Mages you can go into Conjuration up to level 8 making you even more predictable.
>No nature, no earth, no blood except on one mid to late game special summon which locks you out of some of the more useful forge items for your thugs and mages.
>No nature means they can be crushed with Foul Vapors and if they didn't get a tile with nature mages, or a blessing with nature defense they can be outright destroyed by many nations.
>Going deep into forging doesn't benefit them much because they can't use any of the special spells except your pretender with earth or whatever.
>You HAVE to go into forging because The Create Clown college spell which allows you to make your most important mages for late game and costs 20 Water gems to make. Not to mention also requiring a temple and lab to recruit them. This also drains your water gems which limits you somewhat.
>If anyone chooses +1 Order or above for their dominion you're SOL because all your sacreds are the same, and will get -1 to their skills for every point instead of +1.

So far I can counter arrows with monkeys for a distraction or use storm. I can counter money problems by having a good expansion and capture high income provinces giving me a good start, and get my research going. The one problem I haven't been able to get past though is needing the clown college spell for mid to late game. It basically throttles my research, production, and income the whole shebang. I can have a good early and mid game, but I just can't come up with a good blowout late game strategy. The thing is despite all their strengths the glaring flaws the nation has sets them up to be a very weak nation, and ironically a cruel joke. Which suits them perfectly to be frank, but I want to be able to play them game and not get curb stomped early by basic units. Can anyone help me out here? I know we have some really good players here.
Replies: >>164871 >>166093
The clown mod hasn't been updated in a year, I dont know if the creator is going to update but this is what i gathered
>recruit clowns with shields if are you running into arrows, leave big clowns behind
>enchantment has ways of protecting clowns like body ethereal and arrow fend
>astral healing helps your clowns live longer
>evocation can be predictable, but damn good with early
>Having no nature does suck, and relying on indies suck even harder
>units have chaos power
yeah that does suck and I dont if there is a spell that can increase turmoil
Replies: >>164872
There is, but it also curses units so you don't want to use it on a province your units are in. It's called baleful moon, but it's more expedient to use your stealth unrest generator, or summon a dark clown. I haven't confirmed if the bonuses are applied correctly yet, but you can easily get turmoil into the many hundreds with ten dark clowns in one province.
Replies: >>164873
sounds wicked, and parking those clown on a cap is certain to shut down income
Replies: >>164875
[Hide] (52.8KB, 705x506) Reverse
They are fun and funny nation, but the problem is their weaknesses are easy to take advantage of and difficult to play. I've been experimenting with shifting everything into just summoning massive undead to make up for short comings which is something they can do mid to late game, but I haven't come up with anything good.
Why do you always show up to these threads to shit on them? I am the actual discordfag and I don't even know who that other anon is. He is just some guy wanting to play the game.
Actually water might be a bad idea on this map even for atlantis now that I think about it. They can really only pull mages and stuff out of underwater forts. Its MA that can do it wherever.
Replies: >>164902 >>164919
[Hide] (905KB, 853x1024) Reverse
And when you mean MA underwater you mostly mean R'lyeh. I like EA Atlantis, but I like R'lyeh a lot more for their void gate and illithids.
map is subject to change
Replies: >>164922
What map.
Replies: >>164927
dunno, it really depends on how many join and what nations people want to play
Replies: >>164933
I personally like Atlas.
Replies: >>164939
yeah atlas is pretty badass, I will leave the map as atlas and I hope more people join, it would be a slow start with 3 people and all that land
Replies: >>164941
Oh good. That should have enough water if I do atlantis. I need to also get good at land nations, might be a better pick because dealing with under water nations can be a bitch
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Pangea best nation.
Someone give me a tl;dr on the game and how to play.
It's a really shitty 4X game with no-duplicate nation picking and terrible terrain mechanics
>how to play
spam elementals and beg for free gems on discord
[Hide] (532.5KB, 608x600) Reverse
I don't see any discord anywhere and you sound extremely butthurt trying to prevent people from having fun. What a sad kind of person.
Replies: >>165062 >>165214
>same ID
Is the site being shit or are you same fagging?
Replies: >>165064
If you aren't samefagging, the OP is basically the game. There is a lot of mechanics to where you couldn't really condense it. But i know anons who play who are willing to teach. They helped me get pretty decent.
Replies: >>165064
[Hide] (10.5KB, 200x315) Reverse
It's the hidden service
>They helped me get pretty
Replies: >>165214 >>165218
[Hide] (197.6KB, 389x365) Reverse
look at this dude making a fool of himself also
>gets called a schizo
>acts like a schizo
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[Hide] (151.7KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (781.9KB, 1216x3596) Reverse
[Hide] (331.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
So are you the same guy who had a vendetta against the /domg/ back when 8chan still existed years ago? You act just like him.
Replies: >>165219
[Hide] (17.8KB, 722x230) Reverse
nah it might be a tor connection so I aint to upset, also we have 3 gods so far, looking for more people to join so we can start this game
Replies: >>165227
[Hide] (238.8KB, 1340x2000) Reverse
Alright I joined as Xibalba.
Replies: >>165237
[Hide] (15.7KB, 706x222) Reverse
based, here to hoping we get more people into the game
Replies: >>165238
Let me make a god. I can join in. Might do atlantis so if anyone has an issue with an underwater nation now is the time to say so.
Replies: >>165250 >>165396
I think I might have a viable strategy for LA R'lyeh, but I am still mulling over how to expand. Probably my best option is a Pretender chassis since I can have so many points, but I wonder if I could just make enough enough meteorite guards early to do that and have a pretender for research.
[Hide] (972KB, 1119x689) Reverse
This is working really well but it's awfully squishy.
Replies: >>165439 >>165657
[Hide] (117.3KB, 826x657) Reverse
I'll say that if the game is going to be 6 people or under you shouldn't do UW. Otherwise it's just not going to end up very fun when you're going to have to fight your darndest to get in land for thrones, while defending one in the water. You'll either swing around from being relevant to irrelevant most of the game, unless there is another water player.
Replies: >>165532
Tentacle Rape is doing pretty good with some spells and equipment, but it takes 15 turns plus to do anything and by then LA R'lyeh might be curbstomped.
Replies: >>165436
LA R'lyeh wouldn't get curbstomped, especially with an awake pretender. You're more likely to just end up ignored for the majority of the game as various land nations duke it out over thrones and increase in power. Unless LA Atlantis was picked by someone, then they'll swing on over and ruin your day immediately as they hard counter your entire nation, similarly LA Lemuria is your natural ally in all instances, but especially against LA Atlantis who will rush one of you.

Your main focus should be on how you're going to capture the thrones and play people, you can basically never win in a direct fight, unlike MA R'lyeh.
>prot 8
Just slap some armor on that slug and you're good to go. Consider trading with an earth-heavy nation for something nice and lightweight if your pretender can even equip anything decent. Alternatively just cast mass undead of whatever kind you prefer and rely on the massive tarpit that causes. Don't forget your sacrifices and shit to heal wounds with blood slaves.
Hope more fags join, have six in total right now.
Replies: >>165532
solowater on low player count is basically an autowin since you can third party basically every war
Modfag still hasn't posted a schedule, who the fuck is gonna join a game which they don't know how often to do turns for
t. can't/won't play on weekends
Replies: >>165534
If you plan on joining we can start the game next monday 10-03 the with maybe 2-4 turns daily? If not we can start this friday with maybe 2-4 turns daily
Replies: >>165546
>2-4 turns daily
I wish you luck with that man but I don't think it's gonna happen
[Hide] (246.2KB, 1184x849) Reverse
This build is working pretty well, but I noticed several things.
>Despite having the potential for large numbers of prophets they lack the magical paths to mass produce the stealth ability granting items which means my dream army of dom killing stealth priests is sleeping with the fishes.
>Lumeria will never declare war on you if their smart not only because you both benefit from each other, but because super cheap slave priests that can be made two a turn from every fort will filet them.
>Slave mages are great because they can easily spam water elementals which is the only reliable way of beating enemies in a straight fight.
>You better win before turn 40 or less or you're fucked because scales.
I can definitely see why anons are saying nobody will but LA Atlantis will mess with you considering it's just not worth dealing with them.
Replies: >>165657
LA rhyleh is just MA rhyleh with popkill (and a semiuseful S summon/snipe), which is just another 'spam this W2S1 nature random mage and hope your free shit from owning the sea is enough to let you raid up to being oversized' with the significant exception that it's 100% guaranteed to be the only water cap instead of being in by far the most stacked water age
>I can definitely see why anons are saying nobody will but LA Atlantis will mess with you
You'll get faceraped by jomon and urethra unless you've got some shit that'll ruin your build to kill their pretender and unless everyone gangbangs them on land since they're mediocre their and pissfish getting underwater is a losecon for pretty much every nation other than DSB faceroll nerds
The reason lemuria doesn't attack LA rhyleh is because their immortal ungeared thugs can't fearroute your mindless trash (and awe-immune tridents are kind of dangerous for them) and getting insanity on dudes that have to last you the game is really harsh but lameuria is overwhelmingly overestimated as a nation
LA rhyleh only gets breathing room because the other people that could go underwater have better things to do since LA is such a 'desperately get ahead of the curve in the bloodbowl without getting assfucked by someone's earlygame gimmick' game and gearing for a glub expedition doesn't earn them virgins.
>super cheap slave priests that can be made two a turn from every fort will filet them
<7 morale commanders vs. the most WW dependent nation in the game
Enjoy having MR-25-ungeared lemurs deepstrike onto your stacks and get engulfed in chaff that can't hurt them and keeps them out of contact with elementals any time spooks think you didn't bring magic duel
didja know the recent patch made them not froggish anymore?
>S1 awake
>S1 awake UW
>S1 awake UW in LA
oh buddi
>unless you've got some shit that'll ruin your build to kill their pretender and unless everyone gangbangs them on land since they're mediocre their and pissfish getting underwater is a losecon for pretty much every nation other than DSB faceroll nerds
[Hide] (237KB, 1131x252) Reverse
here are the gods for the game so far, first turn starts tomorrow around 4pm-ish? so if anyone wants to get get their god in, now is the time to do so.

we are going to have 6 thrones (or least one for each player) all level 2, 4 thrones to win

New turns will be forced at 12am GMT to keep the game rolling

If anyone wants any change just post in the thread
Replies: >>165978
[Hide] (226KB, 432x518) Reverse
>had to find the blitzserver page manually

first turn in 2 hours for everyone I hope you guys are ready :^)
Replies: >>165870
I'd join but I don't know much about any of the EA nations.
Replies: >>165871
do it anyway and learn
Replies: >>165873
Can't, it's movie night.
Uhhh can you start tomorrow? I will throw a god in tonight. If not its k.
Replies: >>165883 >>165886
[Hide] (254KB, 764x430) Reverse
Spoiler File
(175.7KB, 437x429) Reverse
you got 5 GMT to submit your god
Replies: >>171813
God has been added.
[Hide] (35.5KB, 1082x163) Reverse
game has started good luck and have fun to all the other anons in the thread
Replies: >>165961
>5 minutes too late to add mine
Well fuck me then.
it is still turn 1 and I CAN unstart the game, however I am going to ask the other anons if they want to unstart the game
The password hashing in this game is bullshit and corrupted, as I, too, am getting 'Wrong password!' and I'm 100% certain it's correct. Just unstart it.
Replies: >>165967
Spoiler File
(225.9KB, 300x369) Reverse
I am going to unstart real quick because I too forgot my password

you lucked out anon-kun, we are going to unstart real quick
Replies: >>165970
10 minutes to double check your passwords because I fucked up so now is your chance to join
[Hide] (29.5KB, 200x193) Reverse
Replies: >>165972
Shove your mac up your ass, nigger.
here comes 1st turn again
Replies: >>165976
>had to remake my pretender and resubmit twice because someone took the nation I wanted.
>missed it again.
This is why game nights here are dead. Nobody sets up proper deadlines.
bro you got to say something in thread
I would have waited for you
also >>165711
ok yall got 10 minutes, if yall need more time post something in the thread
>remakes pretender
>doesn't tell us the nation
Pal, I want to know which nation.
Replies: >>166033
less than 5 minutes, are you guys are going to need more time?
Replies: >>165983
ok anon-kuns, I am going to give you a 10 minute extension
Replies: >>165984
[Hide] (24.1KB, 240x240) Reverse
the game has resumed, if you couldnt submit your god then no coconuts friend
Replies: >>165989
Forcing turns every day is gay, please just leave the clock to be 24 hours, unless someone starts staling for several turns then force it.
Replies: >>165990 >>165991
yeah new turns every 24 you silly billy
Replies: >>165992
[Hide] (424.8KB, 148x148) Reverse
a day is 24 hours
Replies: >>165992
It says that turns will be forced according to GMT in the Motd. That is what I'm talking about.
Replies: >>165993
whatever, the MOTD has been fixed
>>164727 (OP) 
>The aim for this thread is to introduce the game
>no pirate links
Speaking of dominions,  anyone played conquest of elysium?
Replies: >>166012
[Hide] (147.5KB, 640x1000) Reverse
no, how is it? Any good?
Replies: >>166016 >>166026
I like it, its interesting.  Ive heard its a bit like heros of might and magic. You choose a starter hero which defines your playstyle, these can range from a baron who recruits human troops, a dwarf colony who spreads via queens because they are like ants, an enchanter who after a while builds his own army, or a cultist who summons starspawn who may not always listen. Thats only a handful mind you. You move along the map using movement points, certain terrain takes more or less and you take hamlets,  farms, guard towers, cities and mines with each giving a resource. Month to month can have special recruitments like mages or heros. There are also special resources you can get depending on your nationchoice. Some get sacrifices, some get gems, some get fungus, ect. There are different map levels too like the sky kingdom,  inferno, underground,  and even the void complete with horrors. You win via killing all other heros. Its where Bogus the troll comes from in dominions. He has a special item from the earlier CoE games.
Replies: >>166031
Where did you get this picture of me?
Bogus the Troll and his pals are actually the characters that Illwinter had in their tabletop sessions of Earthdawn.

They're mere cameos.
I can't imagine why you'd want to know but I wanted to make atlantis, so instead I decided to go pelagia.
Replies: >>166049
More like, gaylegia
Replies: >>166051
Replies: >>166059
[Hide] (79.7KB, 949x678) Reverse
Still trying to figure out a decent strategy for the clowns. I am struggling a lot with many of the problems mentioned here >>164863 but I think I have some good ideas to at least make the clowns viable.
>Pretender needs to pull quintuple duty to make up for shortcomings, and I've basically given up. Now I am going to play to my greatest strengths while leaving a deficit in other areas like nature resistance for example. This fixes my garbage pretender choices for the most part.
>If I encounter massive arrows before storm is up, I'll just use circus monkeys as a distraction and attack with a few heavily armored clown mages with shields to cast some bullshit spells.
>If I get keep getting hit with foul vapors I'll make a fort on a province that can recruit a nature mage and then make resistant armor for a few mages that can be totally immune.
>I can fix my money problems by HUGE early expansion and say fuck having defensive borders. With lots of provinces I'll have a big income, but it also means I'll have to constantly be on the defensive dealing with thugs and small armies all along my borders. I'll solve a problem by making two new ones, but at least it will teach me how to better defend.
>Fuck nature, earth, and blood magic.
Now I just need to figure out how to fix my crippling reliability on my capital, limited production on my best mages, and the Chaos Power problem and I'm in business. I am thinking I'll make a another game for everyone to play next week since you have 24 hours to submit a turn. I'll play as clowns but that leaves the door open for other mod nations anon want to add. Problem is most mod nations aren't compatible with each other and I might have to do some work there.
Replies: >>166147 >>166155
3 hours until the new turn if anyone needs an extention to their turns let me know in thread and I will gladly extend the turn limit
Replies: >>166143
Just got mine in. Marvini never took theirs.
Replies: >>166144
unless marverni says otherwise, new turn should be coming in soon
Just play the Mu nations together
So I gave it a try again because it's been several years since I played the clown mod. This game plan is incredibly easy, taking larger bless+strength+blood surge and your recruit anywhere clowns are able to destroy everyone in EA that isn't bigger than them; and for that there is your now size 5-6 clowns which will hit even harder. Rushing to get Body Ethereal and point buffing the giant clowns while using the little clowns as back up is even easier, plus you can also do communions for stuff like quickness on top of that.

You should have enough points to get minor poison resistance with the above method, since you have access to everything else you can make any of your mages cast elemental wards. Also the Evil clowns with a hammer when point buffed are even better. I'd say they're a pretty solid rush nation that can stomp someone very early, and then build up from there
Replies: >>166177
>I'd say they're a pretty solid rush nation that can stomp someone very early, and then build up from there
Thanks for the advice, it's been years and I totally forgot about communions. I also agree that they are a very powerful rush nation if nothing else. So long as they get the full bonus from their Chaos Power they have an attack skill and defense skill of 15 which is extremely high for basic troops. Enormous clowns and especially impossible clowns are even better since giants typically have attack/defense skills of about 11 like Jotunheim for example. I remember testing the viability of that against impossible AI unit spam, and groups of blessed Impossible/enormous clowns with minor frost resistance beat them into the ground with multiple blessing that increased their defense/attack skills to 20+. Impossible clowns often had 25. It leaves them vulnerable sure, but one on one the clowns can effectively rush most nations before those nations get anything powerful.
Replies: >>166193
Well I wouldn't mind doing a game with  the Mu nations sometime, though there is only 4 of them. I am fond of Uoudodeda myself.
Replies: >>166215
Is Marvani going to play?
That's the belly of the world blemmis right? I can add them, but for some reason their sprites are always messed up and I have to go into the folders and manually fix them. I haven't played all the Mu nations extensively but I do know that tendrils is broken as fuck. Spam sacreds to win basically.
Replies: >>166272
No that is the hellenika nation called U.
Uod is a popkill nation with lots of inter dimensional travelers and red plants that kill everything.
Replies: >>166273
I checked it, that's the tendrils nation. They're broken as hell from what I remember because you can get strange bed fellows up by turn 12-15 under some circumstances. It all snowballs from there.
Replies: >>166289
smh marveni staled twice
All his nations are wildly overpowered
xilbalba i hope you are still alive
Replies: >>166391
I am I just work 12 hour shifts and I have to get home before I can do my turns. Please consider this in the future, as I have not staled once.
yeah man, dont worry about it, just post in thread if you need an extension. 
RIP marverni, I barely knew ya
also I kind of fucked up the timer but it is fixed now
im not op
i was just afraid of a bail cascade
Same here. Hopefully I don't forget one day.
Replies: >>166474
Just check on this thread everyday to learn all the cool Dominions tips and tricks! then you wont forget! Also please someone set Marverni to AI already so we can just continue at a good pace.
Replies: >>166528
[Hide] (15.3KB, 376x206) Reverse
I had the option to turn players AI after 3 stale turns turn, so now turns should come in faster
Replies: >>166533
I hope you're recording some webms to of the crazier battles.
Replies: >>166545
it is still turn 4 so the battles aren't kind of boring, but if I run into a crazy battle, I will definitely post them
Replies: >>166546
Replies: >>166577
You say that but i have unfrozen warriors and 50 barbarians in my cap circle God I hope I hope this goes well.
Spoiler File
(464.6KB, 880x510) Reverse
thank you atlantis, very cool
Replies: >>166783
What a cute looking bug
Spoiler File
(12.4KB, 2000x1520) Reverse
>no size 6 gf
Just soul slay me
Replies: >>166916
[Hide] (808.9KB, 741x916) Reverse
why not both?
hell, yeah after marverni auto ai'ed the game has been going pretty quick, just checking up on everyone if we need to shorten the time until next turn and checking how everyone's expansion is going?
Great,I totally haven't lost any expansion armies haha.
Replies: >>167225
[Hide] (7.5MB, 3909x2500) Reverse
Speaking of expanding I have a general question about battles with independents. A force of independents is randomized within reason every turn right? If you order a force to attack them on your turn does your attacking force face the army that appears on the same turn, or does it fight the new randomized force of the following turn? I'm sorry if this is a bizarre or confusing question but it's something that has been bothering me.
Replies: >>167226
You mean how you will see different indy pop numbers every turn? I think it's a static number but unless you have a scout on the province you won't know for sure. You can see this in action by losing a fight to indys then coming back.  They won't have more forces.
Replies: >>167229
Unfrozen Warriors destroyed my army :(
Replies: >>167289
So their numbers are static from the beginning? That's interesting because one time I attacked a province with a relatively strong force only for it to be destroyed because they had 20 griffons I couldn't see. Thanks for the information, I didn't realize reports could be that inaccurate without the scouting ability.
Replies: >>167288
You can only accurately see a provinces troops with a unit that has the "spy" ability, using Scrying magic such as Astral Window, or Scrying pool, or by having a unit attack the province and seeing the battle report, in the latter case just have a scout attack and be set to retreat so they can return without injury, or sack them if you're trying to get an accurate reading into your enemies movements since scouts usually cost minimal amounts of gold.
Also be wary that the map we're playing on has "teleporter provinces" with unique indie armies on them, such as your unfrozen warriors. They're not to be taken lightly and will decimate you if you attack them unprepared.
Replies: >>167290 >>167422
>lucid's map
>benefits thugging nations
why am I not surprised
Yeah they absolutely destroyed me and i managed to only kill one. Really shut my expansion down. I almost had an awaken right now.
Replies: >>167423
*Almost wish I had
Replies: >>167464
Going awake probably wouldn't had helped fight unfrozen warriors, but your general expansion might had been better. Just do your best for now, I do not think taking a nation with SC's would work very well against these armies anyway I've fought against them before on this map and usually you need to have some backup.
I don't feel like expansion is the right word for it. More like flailing in random directions and seeing what sticks.
Replies: >>167716
yeah, if you are unfamiliar with the nation, you may not know what a good expansion party, but it shouldn't take too long to figure out a decent expansion party
Replies: >>167719
[Hide] (2.5MB, 2500x1404) Reverse
Some nations have very poor choices of expansion parties like LA R'lyeh for example. If you're nation us generally terrible at expanding you can always try an awake pretender, or if possible you can use death mages for skelly spam to back up your expansion forces..
Replies: >>167740
>trailing ellipses
kill yourself deborah
That shit was gay and retarded and made you seem like the drool was leaking out of your stupefied mouth (however appropriate that may be) back in 2008, let alone now.
>Some nations have very poor choices of expansion parties like LA R'lyeh for example.
LA R'lyeh expansion is completely fine since they're in the water where the ubiquitous heavycav and crossbows aren't. Meteor-anything rapes most water indies and it's not like anyone else is gonna take your expansion provinces.
>or if possible you can use death mages for skelly spam to back up your expansion forces..
<"expanding" with ench 3-5
Literally the only nation which has a D2 and doesn't have above average expansion is LA Xib, who not only might as well not exist as a nation but probably couldn't beat the 12-by-12 of an awake expander with their mages anyway.
Replies: >>167852
>the deluded fuck still lives
[Hide] (388.1KB, 787x600) Reverse
>trailing ellipses
A trailing elipses is when you use three periods, I just accidentally used two periods by mistake.
>LA R'lyeh expansion is completely fine 
You think so? I've always had trouble with them.
>it's not like anyone else is gonna take your expansion provinces.
Isn't that exactly what happens when LA Atlantis and LA Jomon are on the map?
>the only nation which has a D2 and doesn't have above average expansion is LA Xib
I've heard about LA C'tis and R'lyeh being bad, but what is so bad about LA Xibalba? They're a blood nation right? I thought those were really powerful especially in LA since the higher populations make it easier to harvest blood slaves. They also have a sacred that can be recruited in cave provinces, but that depends on if any cave provinces are even there.
Would anons be interested in also playing an LA game concurrently while the EA game is on?
Sure I don't mind it.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 784x443) Reverse
>You think so? I've always had trouble with them.
The expansion is not really their problem. I mean, it's MA rhyleh expansion. MA rhyleh gets blown out by MA water nations but it's not like it has any problem with indies.
>Isn't that exactly what happens when LA Atlantis and LA Jomon are on the map?
No, they come and take your provinces after you've already expanded into them. Atlantis and urethra need resources from land provinces to recruit troops early on and they can reasonably assume that they'll beat you to conj5 since they're better nations with not-gimped economies.
Jomon usually beelines their tendie into the water though, yes. Rhyleh is still a bad matchup for tendies anyway cos tridents + mindblasts.
>I've heard about LA C'tis and R'lyeh being bad, but what is so bad about LA Xibalba?
They have truly abysmal troops and mediocre magic. Other than one of the sacreds (a generic halfgiant with 6headprot), their highest troop headprot is 2. Their troops have EA gear, no helmets, stats aren't high enough to get through LA armor, you lost the anyfort D2+, etc.
EA Xib are playable because expansion is easy in EA and they can be strong because they have great magic. 
>They're a blood nation right? I thought those were really powerful especially in LA since the higher populations make it easier to harvest blood slaves.
Blood nations in LA are strong because there are strong blood nations in LA, and because you can afford to hunt due to high incomes and not being busy with the sacreds sacreds sacreds spam of EA. MA blood nations just aren't that good, and there aren't that many of them either. You get bonus blood slaves on each hunter for having a higher magic site rate (i.e. being in EA) so it doesn't make such a difference. Blood is a generic lategame option that skips fucking around with climbing boosters and sitesearching everything and lets you turn research and slaves into power pretty consistently, so strong nations tend to transition to blood, which they have because most of the best nations in EA and LA just also have blood. Strong sacred national blood summons are good though, and are mostly tied to nations that can dump out super strong sacreds by the bucketload. Unfortunately for you, your only way to get ozt is with a 1/4 10% on a Way. Having blood doesn't make you special. Having blood doesn't let you compete with fucking LA ulm.
>They also have a sacred that can be recruited in cave provinces
They don't.
There are a bunch of nations in LA that either have no magic to speak of (Pythium) or simply can't expand (Ctis, Xib, Patala etc.) plus their magic's not that standout special. If ctis still had chariots they'd do fine.
fund it
I wouldn't mind either, are you going to set the game up?
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1280x720, 00:19)
Do units with multiple attacks use all their attacks in one round, or do they choose from the list and use only one attack per round. I just realized I don't know the answer. I've searched several wikis and none of them give me a straight answer for this question. This has been bothering me all day.
Replies: >>167885
They use all of their attacks if possible, baring removal of limbs, or inability to shoot in melee.
Replies: >>167887
Thank you for the answer. That's what I thought, but wasn't sure.
Replies: >>167889
[Hide] (2.1MB, 2285x1617) Reverse
No problem. I do quite a bit of dominions modding and I've been able to find the answers to a lot of weird hokey crap in this game. For those who are interested here is the LA game hosted on Blitzserver.


stales are set to 3, will probably just do better arena and worthy heroes, map will change according to players participating.
I can't connect for some reason.
Replies: >>167894
[Hide] (97.9KB, 264x280) Reverse
Never mind, it turned out I was retarded.
now that's what I'm talkin' about
got any more?
The fate of all bat shotas under Atlantian rule.
>worthy heroes
Because setting the eventrate to x2 wasn't enough of a buff for luckscales?
Are you using the EA magic site rate (+10%) on purpose?
Throne settings look good.
Replies: >>167915 >>168099
[Hide] (56.8KB, 00:05)
I didn't touch the events, it goes to common on it's own but I'll change that good thing you caught it. The rest I'll leave as is.
[Hide] (1.9KB, 316x34) Reverse
Some top tier pretenders in the LA game.
Why can't the whole board be like this thread? You guys are alright.
Replies: >>168308 >>168352
the jews are too scared of Hinnom to shit up the thread
Replies: >>168310
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1800x1322) Reverse
I think there's a real corelation of IQ needed to enjoy a game and thread shitposting.
Because there is a scary amount of anons who are too uptight. Good to have standards but don't need a stick up your ass.
[Hide] (198KB, 1000x707) Reverse
I'll start the LA game when we get 8-10 people, or probably monday if there isn't anymore interest.
Replies: >>168362 >>168661
poor Elf
[Hide] (764.5KB, 1285x1315) Reverse
9 are already in the LA game, but nobody has picked atlantis or Jomon yet. I'm a little surprised.
Replies: >>168432
How many water nations are in?
Replies: >>168445 >>168461
There's only one true water nation (UW cap) in LA and it's in.
But pissfish are also in and lemuria have full force projection in water from turn 1.
Only R'lyeh is a true UW nation in LA. The other nations that must enter the water at some point to make some of their important mages are Jomon, Atlantis, and Erythia of which Jomon depends on it since UW is the only place they can recruit their best mage which is also a very good sacred unit. Nations that can enter the water from the get go but not really benefit unless Jomon, Atlantis, R'lyeh, and Erythia aren't on the map are Patala, and Xibalba. Lemuria just says fuck it because R'lyeh is a bad match for them for reasons already mentioned in the thread, and generally benefits from R'lyeh's presence because of their death dominion.
Replies: >>168475
>of which Jomon depends on it
Am I missing something about atlantis? How the fuck are you going to win a game with nothing but tungaliks?
Replies: >>168498 >>168501
I probably didn't explain it well. Both Erythia and Atlantis need to go underwater for certain spell paths they would otherwise lack and some of their mages can only be made underwater. Jomon however needs it much much more because their roster isn't that great, and their Ryuujin is an incredibly strong unit that has two forms, can fly halfway across the map, starts with an item that gives it 1 water gem per battle for summoning elementals, is sacred, and I'm pretty sure can still fly even if perpetual storm is up. None of the other underwater stuff from those other two nations is as good as that.
Replies: >>168519
LA Atlantis is actually super powerful without going UW, they also dominate R'lyeh without a second thought due to high mr and good armor.
Replies: >>168519
>d1w1 is actually super powerful
LA atlantis is super powerful on land because iceprot doesn't work UW but seaforts are necessary to recruit mages in the first place to even be able to play the game.
I know what a ryujin is, dude. LA Atlantis can only recruit actual mages (caponly notwithstanding) from underwater forts, it's entirely mandatory. Playing LA Atlantis on a map without water is basically impossible. Jomon is entirely functional without ever going underwater, just using onmyo-ji for magesupport. Obviously they're not great.
>I'm pretty sure can still fly even if perpetual storm is up
You have to have them in dragon form, yeah. That's not that uncommon, their big gimmick is being one of the only things that can fly underwater.
I'm just now noticing that forgiving fathers can't random nature.
Replies: >>168543 >>168575
I no longer believe your posts are sincere.
Replies: >>168555
Dude you're a legit retard
I think you misunderstand me, I'm not saying that you wont go UW. You have everything you need with your cap only mages and getting stuff like Stygian Rains. LA Atlantis also has very good sacreds that can rush someone to death very easily, I know because I have played LA Atlantis as a rush nation frequently and I always catch someone unaware.
You will be kidnapped by the size 5 atlantian mommy. She will bring you back to her undersea lair. You will be smooched until you can breath water. And you will like it.
Replies: >>168596
Explain this to someone who has no idea of what you're talking about or this thread subject
Seaman is sending an aquatic succubus to ruin some poor pretenders day.
[Hide] (193.6KB, 1007x950) Reverse
Nations have special units called heroes that have a chance to appear which can be influenced by either the luck scale or certain actions. Atlantis has a powerful level 4 priest hero called Mother Hydra.
There are also different unit sizes in game ranging from 1-6. 2 is mansized. 3 would be something like a horse,  5 and 6 would be giants and monsters. Being larger in a square means less attacks coming out of it but considering most bigger units are bags of HP and can hit like trucks it all depends on what you are facing. It can also prevent smaller units from making certain attacks on you, like a size 2 won't be hitting a size 5 in the head. It also determines how many can stack to a square in a fight, it should be 3 for human sized unless they have formation fighting which lets them pack tighter. So a size one would be 6 to a square. 
Knowing this the Basalt queen can make off with at least 6 shotas and this is before we begin to factor in magic items.
Replies: >>168645
But what if the shotas have weapons with a length of three or greater? Wont that help them to keep the fish milf at bay? So long as she doesn't have boots of the behemoth equipped they should be fine.
Replies: >>168661
Spoiler File
(1.5MB, 1060x1500) Reverse
nah, they fixed  repel
So are we finally starting?
Replies: >>168690
I say wait till monday in the hopes a a couple more nations join. The ocean is going to be pretty lonely with only R'lyeh, Erytheia, and lemuria.
Replies: >>168713 >>168723
I'd join but I've never played Dominions so I'd probably get shrekt.
[Hide] (85.1KB, 906x266) Reverse
>never played dominions
You'd definitely get rekt that's for sure. You probably still be trying to expand by turn 50. You could always make an Earth serpent pretender with the Hard Skin buff and just go around wrecking everything for the entire early to mid game. Sure you wont win, but you can always practice while he beats up everything. He'll have about 31 protection which is usually enough to crush most armies, and if he dies you can just revive him eventually with enough priests using the Call God command.
Replies: >>168723
It's been monday for a long time nigger
>You probably still be trying to expand by turn 50
The game is not complex at all, early game stuff is just recruit dudes and bump.
>hardskin python in LA
enjoy getting rolled by xbow provinces
You wanna bully some AIs for a bit before you join a multiplayer game. zzz really really sucks at dominos though so you can jump in for your first (multiplayer) game pretty easily.
I know I'm gonna get shrekt so come and get shrekt 2
Replies: >>168730
[Hide] (419.8KB, 833x444) Reverse
I got locked out of my tracker account and cockmail is dead again, someone share a reliable torrent for this crap
Replies: >>168736
Reliable torrent for what? I can float 5.58 somewhere but I haven't seen a working keygen since 2018
Alright I'm going to start the LA game as is.
Replies: >>168827
oh god we're actually on this map
good luck squids, don't let the pissfish take root
Replies: >>168772
[Hide] (30.4KB, 400x400) Reverse
>says he will do start it monday
>starts it sunday night
Replies: >>168763
It's fucking monday night dude
It's literally not sunday in any country in the world
Replies: >>168795
What is wrong with this map? It is balanced for the amount of players we have, and no one made any suggestions
Replies: >>168775 >>168827
There's a ridiculous amount of water
This map is unplayable in MA because pelagia can't lose
>no one made any suggestions
When would you ever not generate the map?
It was monday morning actually.
I am getting errors, it says my version is too old.
Don't reply to him, he's obviously just shitting up the thread.
Replies: >>168852 >>169125
latest has been 5.58 for a long time. Im not sure what could be causing your errors, unless it's an error with mods or something or the map. You should probably delete your mods and the map we're playing on then try reconnecting to the games server. I'm not sure what else could help
Replies: >>168857 >>169125
Then that would be the problem. My version is from about 2 years ago and is 5.53. I don't think OP ever mentioned what version he was using or ever provided a link to one.
Replies: >>168873
I'm sorry I don't have a link to one available, I pirated Dominions for a long time and since I got like 8 years of fun out of it I decided to buy the game. Anyway If you look you can find and share it here I'll increase the timer for you, if you're going to put the effort into finding one or purchasing it.
Replies: >>168876
The only downloads I could find were version 5.57 and earlier.
Replies: >>168884
Well that is interesting considering 5.58 has been out a long time, well I guess you can't play with us unless you find a copy of the game. In which case I'll restart the match and remove your pretender. No rush though.
Replies: >>168885 >>169125
By this I mean I'll wait for you to decide what you want to do.
Replies: >>168886
I'll probably just not bother then, have fun. Guess I can also give up on running my own game to.
Replies: >>168892 >>168894
[Hide] (991.9KB, 500x375) Reverse
Alright then, sorry it didn't work out this time anon hopefully you can play with us another time.

Please do not feel discouraged from playing the game and having fun.
I should clarify you were Rlyeh right? 
or were you Arcoscephale. Either way I have unstarted the game and I am going to wait abit to see if anyone wants to join in since the game is waiting for pretenders again.
Replies: >>168897
I was r'lyeh yes so you can remove that god.
LA Game is restarted, thanks for your patience.
What the fuck is happening in the EA game? It's turn 27 and the stale is still alive
5.58 came out like a week ago dude
>30 free water provinces is totally fine goy, if you question this you're a bad actor shitting up the thread
>t. solo UW
Replies: >>169126
I am open to a better map if you can suggest one.
Replies: >>169132
>open to a better map
the game has started dude, don't restart over everything
>if you can suggest one
Just put a tiles both ways randomgen map through one of those flag-less-than-5-connections-as-nostart tools
optionally remove the 'small province' flag from everything too
Replies: >>169134
[Hide] (105.2KB, 1021x734) Reverse
that sounds like a pain in the ass and you sound like a whiny bitch
Replies: >>169138
>that sounds like a pain in the ass
I mean you could make an actual map that doesn't suck shit
But nobody does
There's like roaring cave rhinos and that's it
>you sound like a whiny bitch
Ballstomping people with rhlyeh/pelagia gets old pretty fucking fast lil faggot
Replies: >>169142
[Hide] (391.5KB, 500x288) Reverse
>Ballstomping people with rhlyeh/pelagia gets old pretty fucking fast lil faggot

what did he mean by this?
is he schizo posting?
more then anything i just hope he shuts the fuck up
Replies: >>169147 >>169239
This sure is some low effect 'trolling'
Why are you so mad?
[Hide] (241.1KB, 1200x867) Reverse
Does anyone have the 5.53 version of this game? I would like to set up a game and run a test that it's my version and not something else that's causing my errors.
why did you reply?
Replies: >>169280
>Does anyone have the 5.53 
Any of the steamfags including me can depotdownloader it
>>164727 (OP) 
Password for vaettiheim is "niggerfaggotnigger"
I'm gonna be unavailable for at least a week, maybe more
Replies: >>169298
[Hide] (156.5KB, 520x720) Reverse
Here's the test game. https://blitzserver.net/game/1001#status No mods because I want to make sure it doesn't have to do with that. I'll start the game in 24 hours, or as soon as someone joins. Remember I am using 5.53.
Replies: >>170433
[Hide] (656.5KB, 727x416) Reverse
Alright this is the last time I restart this fucking game. No more complaints about water and I can sympathize with shitty starts given that I also had one. I mean look at this shit, 1 province and my back is to a throne.
Reminder that beings size 2 and under aren't people and need not be treated as such
[Hide] (123.3KB, 758x447) Reverse
A Yaksha wrote this post. I agree. Speaking of giant beings I've discovered how broken Twice Born can be with size 4 and above. Even though it's very expensive for non-death wielding nations. Pic related cost 80 gems but can cast some of the most bullshit spells in the game like Wailing Winds, Leprosy, Stygian Rains, and a lot more with path boosting items. He also makes incredibly battlefield support.
Replies: >>170043 >>170204
Just use it at a site that reduces enchantment fees.

N..noo you, you big stupid ogre!
[Hide] (927B, 26x42) Reverse
Your MR must be this tall to post in this thread
Replies: >>170047
Speaking of magic resistance I have a question for anyone who has been playing dominions 3 and 4. Soul Slaying was added into the game to combat the problem of reincarnation abuse since I think reincarnation used to be a bless you could get for your pretender. Didn't that solve one problem by creating a few more chiefly that magic resistance became super important so your high investment super combatants didn't just get deleted by some random mage with three astral?
Replies: >>170074
The fundamental relationship between mages and sacreds changed from 4 to 5 because blesses got nerfed into the ground, making sacreds generally inferior to elementals and commspam in the firstplace
>Soul Slaying was added into the game to combat the problem of reincarnation abuse
iirc soul slaying was mostly added to check vampires, which in addition to being more cost efficient than anything else were also the inevitable unequivocal lategame of all nations
>your high investment super combatants
Super combtants were never real, they just seemed that way since >mage support was actually optional. The fact that every 'super combatant' uses returning shows that they're really just jumped up thugs.
t. only played dom5
Replies: >>170088 >>170183
[Hide] (3.4MB, 602x432) Reverse
>Super combatants were never real
>The fact that every 'super combatant' uses returning
I have never seen a super combatant build use returning or ring of returning. Substantiate your claims.
Replies: >>170183 >>170184

The only SC's that use ring of returning are not SC's at all, they are merely precision strike mages on a leash. SC's have multiple forms of defenses, and the ability to destroy armies on their own by grinding out the opposing force without fear of death.
Replies: >>170184 >>170185
>the ability to destroy armies on their own by grinding out the opposing force without fear of death.
But that doesn't exist and never existed. Well, other than stuff with returning, obviously. There are innate casters with mpen and the big astral wipes and those are somewhat robust since they break generic magesupport elites stacks (and very few things do) but that's precisely the 'mage on a leash' kind of build that always has returning.
99% of "super combatant" builds die to unbuffed xbows. You substantiate your claims, post an example of what you think a 'super combatant' is.
Replies: >>170185
[Hide] (1.1MB, 400x300) Reverse
That makes sense.
How long are you going to keep shitting up the thread? Every post you've made is the exact opposite of good advice. It's pretty obvious you at least know a little bit about the game to get it exactly wrong.
Replies: >>170186
>can't give one example
Toppest strat is twice borning a size 2 and then transforming him into a size 6.
Replies: >>170220
that exploit doesn't work anymore, you could do it too easily with MA Machaka's black sorcerors and sorceresses because they could turn into spiders on defeat then giant sized wights.
Replies: >>170228
I think it can still be done, but not with unit transformations. The code looks at base cost, not actual size. Which is why blesses like larger wont affect it either.
>machakan sorcerers can turn into giant spiders
>now have 8 arms to steal shit with
Replies: >>170344
Shiet nigga dat souns ballin. U coulds steel N' fuggin hav 2 pieces at da same time.
Someone joined my game here https://blitzserver.net/game/1001#status What version of the game do you have?
[Hide] (8.5MB, 2894x4093) Reverse
[Hide] (8.6MB, 2894x3627) Reverse
Spoiler File
(27.5KB, 233x276) Reverse
How many subscriptions are you going to take out on Fish Mommy's Only Fins? 
You don't want to disappoint her do you?
Replies: >>171147
you know what figger, you alright with me, give ryleh hell
[Hide] (103.1KB, 780x1025) Reverse
t.Shubba Shubba
also RIP in peace marverni hardly knew ya
Replies: >>171426
Bro, they have stone spears. They are literally less advanced than niggers in this game. Just finna dab on them.
Replies: >>171428
[Hide] (482.9KB, 480x584, 00:08)
oh fuck, why didnt I think of that?
Replies: >>171438
Dont worry, soon they will have fat fish ass applied to them until they stop being a problem.
Replies: >>171441
Oh well thanks for letting me know you're going to do that then, retard.
Replies: >>171442
Replies: >>171445
[Hide] (88.2KB, 1080x1074) Reverse
did I rustle your...scales haha, whats a big smelly fish going to do to all my cute little bats? haha :^P
[Hide] (652.1KB, 632x923) Reverse
I cannot WAIT until your capital is filled with the sound of batshota cocks being ground into dust.
Replies: >>173213
[Hide] (308.7KB, 236x426, 00:17)
More like the laughter of smug bat loli's, haha :^) big fish mommy is gonna beach herself she's so fat!!!
[Hide] (364.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
Does anyone need a copy of 5.57?
[Hide] (926.5KB, 233x175) Reverse
Replies: >>171808
Me also
Replies: >>171808
Not to be a buzzkill but the game has been updated to 5.58
Replies: >>171811
That was around 20 days ago so I doubt their is a crack for it.
God animu girls looking at me with disgust make my pp hard.
Replies: >>171862
[Hide] (46.3KB, 736x1104) Reverse
>the last thing you see
I am going to have to bow out, Xilbaba fucked me damn good, while short, the game was still super fun
loli supremacy asserted once again?
[Hide] (378.5KB, 560x860) Reverse
Who are you?
[Hide] (70.2KB, 694x294) Reverse
Let me guess. You got hit with skelly spam, Darkness, and allowed all your priests and mages to get surrounded and killed.
Replies: >>171983
more like all my mages got surrounded and killed because I forgot to move them OH WELL better luck in the LA game :^)
Replies: >>171984
[Hide] (3.1MB, 480x480) Reverse
Well it's not like the bats can easily enter the water. Cast perpetual storm to piss them off which you should be able to do if you have 5 air on your pretender. If xibalba is on the map I make it a point to cast that even if they don't border me just to piss the batboys off.
You made a good effort at the end there, I'm just wondering why you didn't bring your god to that fight since he was nearby?

Also good luck in the LA game
Replies: >>171988
[Hide] (285.7KB, 463x535) Reverse
[Hide] (219.5KB, 460x447) Reverse
My images got eaten for some reason.
>5 air on EAlantis
I was worried that you had stealth mages ready to snipe
Replies: >>172030
>mages ready to snipe
Do you mean with stuff like magic duel or soul slay? Xibalba doesn't have native astral magic so they can't do that, and disintegrate is alteration 8.
Replies: >>172031
he has stealthy D2 mages, with 3 mages and horde of skeletons I felt like he probably would have overwhelmed my god
Replies: >>172035 >>172050
I see, I thought you meant with single target spells like bane fire for example.
FUG I am boned.
Ah I see, I don't think that would had been enough to overwhelm a pretender but your assumption was correct that I had stealthy D mages around but more for back capping provinces. Im pretty sure a titan would most likely just rout and run away, instead of die in that case. Plus you took Neter of Kings I'd imagine you have the ability to summon fire elementals.
Rip Machaka. 
Pour out a 40oz for our homie, dis nigga dead.
What is the blessing on those ozelotls? I know they're really good if your enemy doesn't have anything to banish demons, but I didn't think they were that good.
Replies: >>172187 >>172191
I am not entirely sure if it is in the spirit for the game for me to talk about the blessing with out sending a message in game but I will reveal it was not what I would expect
Replies: >>172188 >>172191
I guess that makes sense, but anyone with a spy near the battle would be able to see what it was. I want to hear about some of the strategies used after the game though since I didn't make it in. Maybe post some videos of the funnier battles.
[Hide] (547.6KB, 762x522) Reverse
It's fine I'm the one playing Xibalba anyway. It's nothing special +4hp +4 strength, Bloodsurge and +3 defence from a throne. It's mainly for the Sun Guides which have a heavy hitting 2 handed sword, but Zotz health and strength. They're able to hit for close to 25-30 damage a swing with this bless, Ozelotls are always going to be blenders on wings so whatever you give them is going to make them hit hard + Bloodlust is pretty early in blood magic. 

I do appreciate that you didn't want to spoil it and maintain the integrity of the game. Since it's my guy though and I want to help people learn the game and have more fun I'll elaborate my stuff.
Replies: >>172193 >>172310
I've also finished my turn fish momma, don't leave me hanging! otherwise I'll give the squishy aboleths 5000 gold! then you'll be sorry
Replies: >>172194
>2x strength of earth
25-30 is all they do? The empires I use have a recruit anywhere sacred so I go for a rainbow bless of elemental resistance, and some extra stuff like spirit sight plus larger for that size difference and maybe increased weapon length.
Replies: >>172195
Wont be for a few hours. I forgot to put it in this morning. Also if I win under da sea you are being sat on.
Not sure what you're playing but I have been playing this game in it's various updated forms for almost a decade now. Xibalba has a problem with getting it's but kicked early on so having heavy hitting fliers that can drop in the rear (I don't use hold an attack usually) is important as it will crush your back row asap while my buffs are being applied via mass casting (divine blessing/blood lust/legion of steel all happen round 1 in battle) In the case of Machaka and myself's last battle I did hold some Ozzies behind to get buffed with Body Ethereal, and all of those died lol. The ones that survive were the first strike team, but they sure got hit by a lot of web spells and fire balls. I usually don't take elemental resistances unless I'm doing something like elves because it will protect their glamour from being popped, or something slow and bulky like the LA Agartha sacreds. In the case of Xibalba it's definitely a waste to spend points on resists because you want to be able to hit the enemy as hard as you can, and their health is so small even with resists a bad roll will kill them. The only thing that resistances would really help against in this scenario is stuff like Heat from Hell, or it's cold equivalent; but by the time that becomes available to your opponents you're already going into enchantment as Xibalba so you'll have mass resist spells.
Replies: >>172251
[Hide] (369.8KB, 452x480, 00:08)
>10 years of experience.
Replies: >>172333
Alright Mr. Ten Year let me ask you this. Why does it feel like "advance and cast spells" and certain others, especially spells with short range, feel clunky? Example is Iron Fists, you have to be real close right? So what do I just advance and cast spell with that in the script or set to attack, then cast? Also when I play Pangea, the unique Tune spells seem to never work.
I don't know about the tune spells specifically, but unless an army is judged by the game to be a threat to your army mages will not use scripted spells that have gems. This is to prevent such fun times as using a single scout to trigger an army into wasting their carried gems. That shouldn't matter for those tun spells though. Not tenyearsanon by the way.
This pretender must be for a very short game as I would see you getting BTFO by anyone who rushed storm+wrathful skies, or other battlefield wipe spells.
Replies: >>172333 >>172346
hey I said almost a decade, not exactly a decade. It's probably closer to 8-9 years. Anyway Advance and cast is clunky, but I don't use touch range spells for it, just something like earth meld or point buffs so my mages follow behind my army to keep buffing them. The game only really uses touch range spells if you have Innate caster or something from what I've seen, which is a shame because touch spells could be a very niche and powerful subsection of spells if they were utilized properly. It would make a lot of single path casters a lot more deadly in battle. The tune spells the other anon mentioned are a good example of something I'd put on advance and cast as well, but again it depends.

Also as far as I know you can still trigger gem usage with scouts as long as there is more than one and they have 15 gems split up between them on their person. It's a dirty trick and I do not like it, and I do not take advantage of it. You could also accomplish the same effect with an army of 100 militias and some mages with a bunch of gems, which sounds more reasonable.
Replies: >>172333
>It's a dirty trick and I do not like it, and I do not take advantage of it.
kys fag
>Also as far as I know you can still trigger gem usage with scouts as long as there is more than one and they have 15 gems split up between them on their person
Nope, that got changed the patch before last "gem baiting tweaks".
Advance and cast is for keeping up with troops while you cast point buffs
>iron fists
These kinds of spells are pretty much just for combat/innate casters. And elves, cos elvish privilege.
>So what do I just advance and cast spell with that in the script or set to attack, then cast?
You would set to cast if you want the guy to roll to cast in melee. For something like the colossus you'd just set it to attack and it'll innatecast them.
>literal tiktok niggers
Why is this general always like this?
Most series people talk about on ZZZ are more than ten years old.
Vampires aren't sacred, dipshit
EA xib have guaranteed nature on big bloodcasters and anyfort rollable sabbathleader airmages as well, you high?
Replies: >>172336 >>172346
Calm down tor nigger,  no one is talking about vampires
Replies: >>172338
>no one is talking about vampires
<lategame EA Xib
Replies: >>172354
The loud anon gets my plan, and also you forget that I said I'm not doing hold and attack with my sacreds, I'm just dumping them into your backrow asap so storm isn't that relevant, unless you bring a storm staff.

urafag, who are you playing as huh?
Spoiler File
(148.4KB, 347x277) Reverse
take your meds ESL schizo
[Hide] (205.3KB, 935x935) Reverse
>check how many thrones the batniggers have

congrats to xilbaba for winning the the sleepy_lads game, I will make a new game next week
oh fuck I also want to gauge everyone's opinion on the settings for the game/thrones
like was the game too quick? should I add more thrones? more powerful thrones?
Replies: >>172619
Fuck, I didnt check how many he had before I moved off bobos fishing pond, I think I could have taken he. All well l, was fun. 
[Hide] (200KB, 1953x1500) Reverse
Congrats bat shotas, you didn't get squished by big fish booty.
>I will make a game next week.
I hope someone drops 5.58 by then.
Yeah we can do a 2hu as well as another game,
for the next game, just tell me what age you guys want to play and I will set up the server
I thought the amount of thrones/points ratio was fine, I think maybe people need to be a little bit more aggressive when there is fewer thrones, I usually myself just prefer to do level 2 thrones, but you do what you figure is best if you want a higher point value game with lots of thrones. 

I will say there was lots of times I expected to be attacked by Atlantis and it just never happened, I think if he did that more often I wouldn't had won so quickly, watching the history though was interesting, because of how quickly the Aboleths took land, I think he could had been more of a contender if he got to Marverni before me, but at the same time he just wouldn't have the speed to move to thrones like I did, but the boost in gold from marverni definitely would had helped him fight Atlantis since according to the graphs he had amazing research. Either way I had fun, I hope we can do more and have cool battles
Replies: >>172649
[Hide] (103.3KB, 1080x538) Reverse
I finally remembered to upload this.
I haven't had a chance to test it out but it came from a """trusted""" source, don't blame me if this gives your computer aids.
Replies: >>172780
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1024x2048) Reverse
sleepy 2hu game is up, 
My plan was to deal with you after the aboleths because fighting a two front war in and out of the sea would have been an undertaking I didn't want to move on unless I had to. I was actually whipping up a thug to start strolling through your lands but didn't check how many thrones you had until I moved that army off bobos fishing pond. Me and him just had a large battle on that very site and I was hesitant at letting him get away to rebuild his army so I moved them after him. 
It had my pretender on it who was kitted out and I think I could have taken you off that throne.
Replies: >>172672
Yeah I was expecting that army to attack me and your thug whom I saw, you should post the army stats here I'd like to see it. I'll post mine as well when I get a chance too.
I tested it, and it seems to be working fine. Don't know if it gave my computer aids yet.
[Hide] (10.8KB, 313x199) Reverse
sleepy 2hu already has 4 gods, if anyone has any map suggestions post in thread
Replies: >>172875 >>172885
[Hide] (135KB, 697x523) Reverse
5 now, it's time to take it easy.
Replies: >>172897 >>173030
wait I need 2 make my god still
I also haven't made a god yet
I've joined now we're at 6 players for Touhou
Seven faggots now for TooWho.
Replies: >>173034
Is this a 5.57 game?
alright, we can start the game tomorrow  5am gmt
if anyone has a map in mind, let me know in the thread
[Hide] (224.1KB, 683x481) Reverse
Fuck that takes me back to my shitty images
FUGGG i forgot to start the 2hu game, but first turn will be done tomorrow 11/18
>24 hours per turn
>8 players
>6 level 2 thrones
>4 thrones to win
I also chose a map that should give 10-18 provinces per player, if anyone has any suggestions for a map now is the time
Replies: >>173217
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2927x4052) Reverse
[Hide] (489.3KB, 1100x618, 00:16)
[Hide] (196.6KB, 850x850) Reverse
[Hide] (601.6KB, 476x476, 00:32)
Replies: >>173372
[Hide] (238KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>173301
[Hide] (562.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Fuck wrong image
[Hide] (518.6KB, 1536x2048) Reverse
someone do an opsec sacrifice and commentate the game, as a newfag to dom5 like me this is highly interesting
What are you, fucking gay?
Replies: >>173322
[Hide] (37.3KB, 123x88) Reverse
>still using latest version
Meh, whatever.
>someone nigger Hakuri from me so I can't be dead nigger storage the donation box
I guess my nations ok but you better have a funny name.
do it faggot
Whomever is playing Hakurei DO YOUR TURN FFFFFFFAAAAGG
I will give you some commentary anon-kun.

not much is going goes on the first turn outside of this bitch ass nigger hakuri
I am going to extend the turn timer by 1 hour because I started the game 1 hour earlier than expected. 
Well Hakurei ruined this game guys we better just shit the thread down right now. Pack your bags lads
How about either restarting the game and kicking Hakurei or deleting their pretender and letting someone new sign up for them?
Replies: >>173550 >>173553
>restarting and kicking Hakurei 
I'd be fine with his. When I dox Hakurei and find where they live I will beat the shit out of them no lie dawg.
I went ahead and updated the MOTD and I would like for the players to decide on this
Replies: >>173554
yes restart, since I'm the one who proposed it.

t. Mega 7071 Dollfucker
Replies: >>173555
Fujiyama mama here.  Do it,  I wanted hakuri anyway
Replies: >>173556
ok, that is 4 our of 8 one more and I will restart
Replies: >>173557 >>173594
Be aware I won't be able to join until tomorrow
Replies: >>173565
I keep the game open for 24 hours, if you need an extension just let me know
Restarting is fine.
t. Yume
2hu game has been reset and will resume in 24 hours
My gods in, I am now rightfully hakuri and will begin to kill all yokai as  God intended.
Replies: >>173733
delete your old pretender
Replies: >>173738
the old pretender has been removed
We have 9 pretenders now in Touhou, please change the map to something bigger Parganos is really only good for 6 players or so
Replies: >>173845
start the game with a new map in place (we should have about 15 provinces per person), same as before, 24hrs per turn, 3 max stales
almost forgot my admin password to start the game
also anon-kun, just for you baby boy, the game has started, if I see any battles, I will let you know

[Hide] (395.2KB, 1235x605) Reverse
I'm actually impressed at the turnout we got here. I expect great things to come in the Great Sleepy Gensokyo wars.
Replies: >>174792
Replies: >>174840
I wonder how many are from cuckchan /domg/ since they allegedly crawl for any active blitz game and shitpost about them nonstop because they can't get any of their own shit done.
Replies: >>174793 >>174840
That would imply they know about zzz.

you'd think they'd just make more games if they cant get enough, but who knows? maybe they are retarded?
[Hide] (4.7MB, 2560x1440) Reverse
Replies: >>175274
>"unnatiral lust" as a god title
Lmao you god is a coomer ascendant
Hey, any chance we can bump up the turn timer just a bit? I staled again without meaning to.
Replies: >>175908
you need to specify which game you silly billy
Replies: >>175911
Replies: >>175912
sure, does 26 hours sound good?
Are ya winnin?
>take conflict
>someone gets throne of fortune

Once again, the grand design of Dead Yokai Storage is revealed to me.  Bless him and his pile of dead Yokai.
RIP in peace lemuria, i hardly knew yah
Also how is everyone holding up in their games?
Replies: >>177215
About to bite it in 2hu. I missed a few turns because I was busy with work which bit me in the ass. Its alright though, it was fun.
I got you this time you punk ass squid
[Hide] (529.5KB, 1900x2533) Reverse
One of you fags should write an AAR for the zzzine, I think it would be a fun read.
Replies: >>177546 >>177726
a what?
Replies: >>177747
[Hide] (1.9MB, 651x758) Reverse
Replies: >>177691 >>177696
how is the LA game for everyone right now? we've already had 3 players knocked out
Replies: >>178812
I actually have an AAR for a fight that I had with ryleh. I also had a huge battle with pangea as well
>t-that was my scouting wave
An after-action report. Basically, recount a tale of your game, what you did wrong, what you did right, how it turned out, how you or someone else could've done better, etc.
can I get a 48 hour extension on Touhoes
Replies: >>178095
Spoiler File
(8.6KB, 394x87) Reverse
UUUUH NO!? no one ever requests for extensions dont even ask next time you silly little baka
Replies: >>178581
Unfortunately I still staled the turn I needed it, but I've managed to play my turns since then.
[Hide] (508.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Nigga I just cast Illwinter and abysia is stalling
I'm living my best life. 

PS you slant eye, small dick chinks I'm going to pull out your liver through your ass with my pronged goblin dick if you don't stop putting those armies at my borders.
I will admit, I am not the biggest fan of this Toohoo mod. I mean it's alright but nothing special, if not a bit boring.
Replies: >>181102
ya but toohoo memes.
[Hide] (285.7KB, 369x279) Reverse
can we get a 4 hour extension please?
not permanently just for this turn.
I seriously can't wait to talk about this LA game.
Replies: >>182117
The EA game we did was fun. I'm Still super pissed I never moved onto that throne next to Bobos fishing pond because I was actually able to convince Mekone to give me a God Slaying Spear to slap on my pretender. Imagine that fat fucking nigger just shanking faggots and voring them, and voring and shakin and then kicking too because he also had Chi Boots on. I think a Helmet too. 
Point is Batniggers would have been dabbed.
throne victories are for fags
total genocide is the only way
[Hide] (122.4KB, 504x599) Reverse
Bat nigger here. I doubt it fishfag :^) Also as far as Throne victories being gay goes, well I guess I just like quicker games; too many times have I been in a game that went past 100 turns and it is just a boring slog. Right now this LA game is just getting into the early phase of that, at some point it just becomes incredibly boring where most everyone is going to copy paste all of the buffs they can, with the most point value they can. That doesn't win the game, Logistics is what wins wars.
Replies: >>182826 >>182827
It is a bit of a slog right now. Honestly I am surprised I've lasted so long as Pangea.
Replies: >>182973
My deep sea Gyarus sit on your little batfaggots
The solution to the slog situation is to have a goal in what you're doing, you should at a bare minimum be thinking about how you're going to attack someone next. Though I know that sounds like crap, the only thing that keeps me going is anticipating what strategy someone is going to deploy next and what I can anticipate, this is why earlier wars are more fun, people have to focus their research specifically and you only have a few spells to rely on early on, by the mid game you have more or less the best examples of what your nation can do, at the end game it all kind of merges together because it is almost always the case that someone will be employing communion tactics for buffs, and have the ability to use them for a larger point value army of either good sacreds with a good bless, or strong summons like demons or nationals. There is some wiggle room of course in the approach, and nothing has to be uniform; you dont have to raid with thugs I've seen people break the mold early with nothing more than a wizard on a magic carpet with shredders and easily defeating pd and raiding all about, there are interesting ways to go around things instead of just slamming armies into each other and hoping to win; rarely though does anyone go for economic sabotage outside of raiding or dom killing because they're just too slow.
Replies: >>182987
Yeah man, a fucking normalattacking tendie blob that literally peaks at killing 3 skeletons/6 imps a turn would totally solve your total inability to protect your borders or field a magesupported army.
You don't do economic sabotage because it's a 4X game. Down that way lies mutual death spirals while pangea eat someone losslessly and grows to twice your size. The great power of raiding is that you more or less get the stuff that they don't get, and it also primes the battlefield to not be in your economic zone.
>The solution to the slog situation is to have a goal in what you're doing, you should at a bare minimum be thinking about how you're going to attack someone next.
The slog is that I don't want to script and gem literally 120 provinces worth of mages to keep up an efficient elemental raiding cycle and scoot around the summons doing mid-late sitesearching and nig around with bloodhunting that's such a chore that I'm blowing 500 gold and a turn to build a lab just so I have less commanders to move back and forth to carry slaves in a game which has lost all tension because I know that I'm incontrovertibly in the lead.
If you make it to mid-late game and you're not winning, you're probably just waiting for someone else to end the game in which case it is actually interesting since you should just suicide attack that person. I mean, it's better than standing around watching them win gametheorywise anyway not to mention it's actually engaging. But with the reward for early aggression, survivorship bias means that if you play seriously at all you either have fun and die early (or get unlucky and die early) or you're in that winning seat, suffering and bored, at least until you push the AI spiral into critical mass by giving up on the game as a/the major power which nukes the game for everyone else as well (>actually playing out games which are just 'who can clean up AIs the best' which is 90% of the time deterministic from your nation's anyfort mages).
t. stopped playing dominions over this
oh, and elves. Fuck elves.
Replies: >>183152
Listen batfag, you literally got killed by my pd when you tried to slap me off a province. You were all buckling at your knees and shuddering as you feebly demanded that I not take them so close to you. 
Now I know what you are saying, that as like 7 turns in and by turn 30 you were actually scary but  you are literally size 2, you are not people.
Replies: >>183356
Toohoo game is stuck for me.
aren't you cute implying rancid bipedal fish are people. At least us bat's can pose as succubi if we cover our heads and shave our wings.
Replies: >>183438
You make a compelling argument, but you're size 2 so I have to call you a little bitch.
Replies: >>183455 >>183654
Fukkin lol.
Well I'm vaettinhiem and been doing really good despite being size 2.
Replies: >>183656
[Hide] (135.2KB, 746x534) Reverse
>size 2
Manlets get trampled by human leaders if they wear boots of the behemoth. Fucking manlets.
Replies: >>183662
Then why are you losing?
Replies: >>183665
I'm not playing the late game, but if I was manlets still wouldn't learn. Fucking manlets think they're people.
Is Toohoo game dead? Some of you niggers need to refinish your turn.
Replies: >>183764
why does late age keep getting extended?
Replies: >>183764
yeah 2hu game has some weird issue that the new turn was being generated. I THINK it should be fixed, but holler if it doesnt

AYO what gives? nothing mentioned in the MOTD and we still dont have a new turn what is up with that?
host keeps extending so he can run single player simulations
Replies: >>184556
No i dont you nigger im away from my computer for work and i have to fight everyone at once so it takes me like 2 hours to do a turn. The only thingi can manage right now is to do an extension. I will be home later tonight
Replies: >>184590
oh no!
poor baby!
you have the same time restrictions as everyone else, how awful!

must be nice getting extensions at your convenience when no one else gets any

knock that shit off, kike
You can literally ask for an extension here like others have done before
Replies: >>184600
"others" dont get full turn extensions whenever they feel like it
you've done it several times already

also people asking for extensions and people getting extensions are two different things
Replies: >>184694
I did it twice for myself, anyway if you're asking to have the timer extended further in general I will do so. Also would you prefer waiting for someone, or just continuing the game with stales? Whether it be or someone else, I'd say that we've done very well in not having stales and regular back ups for players.

To be honest you seem unreasonably mad over this when the games turn happens simultaneously.
Replies: >>184708
you dont make a post about it and you dont give us any time frame which leaves us scratching our ass wondering how long we gotta wait

how many more 60 hour turns are we gonna have?
Replies: >>184731
That is fair I didn't make a post about it before hand and for that I am sorry. I had extended it just now as you seemed to want more time in general; so I hope that helps.
This LA game is finally wrapping up I think. 

My bet is that giant snow monkeys win.
Spoiler File
(703KB, 720x977) Reverse
Replies: >>185258
I'm just a wittle goblin, I'm only level 1, I don't have any good loot.
Replies: >>185263
[Hide] (746.8KB, 656x924) Reverse
Replies: >>185264
Please I double dog dare you, do something.
I've had arcos cap so long I have more pearl necklaces then your mother at a bike rally.
Replies: >>185265 >>185285
I dont plant on dispelling through magic :^)
I really hope I dont fuck this up lmao
Replies: >>185266
I swear to god if you try to wish me I am making peace with Marignon and descending on you.
Our mooses will blot out the sun.
Replies: >>185267
nah I cant wish :(
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Oh good me neither.
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Well then your momma must be getting bukakke'd every night according to my pearl income. What are they all being used for?? You'll find out! :^)

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Well I'll tell you what it was witnessed.
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Did he actually die?
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Vaettiheim requested an extension I added 5 hours. I also haven't had a chance to do my turn yet either, due to call outs. I'll try to get to it later tonight.
I have been looking at the Trinity pretenders, and while they look fun at first it seems they aren't useful for two reasons. 1) The nations that might heavily benefit from trinity don't have that option or 2) The trinity pretenders are overpriced or just plain bad like the hooded spirit. Anyone have any advice on how to make trinity work?
congrats to marignon for winning

also what the fuck happened to vaettheim and abysia?
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