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What a nice board!
Check >>>/tech/ out

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My latest experience with fps
Far cry 2
>Actually intelligent AI and a great story
>Gunplay isn't great, but isn't bad eather.
>Finally finished it after sometime
>Rip my friends and Jackal
>Rip every head of apr and ufll
>Physics are great and so is soundtrack too
Far cry 4
>Gunplay is okey, but customization is a big turd
>The story is meh, so is bad guy
>Killed everyone outside of pagan, still some regrets from killing paul
>The ending is boring.
Also what do you guys think of Project Lambda and Project Borealis?
Also some news
>New cuck of duty is coming up. Again many anachronistic guns. Also video of some gameplay if you want https://youtu.be/BMbDmCOcK0Y
>New chapter of post scriptum is coming up too. It takes place during the invasion of france.
>New game from Antimatter is coming called 83'. As you quessed it takes place during the 80s in a hypothetical cold war gone hot scenario.
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>just tells us random points about games we've already played
>ALSO, what do you think of X and Y?
>ALSO, there's a new call of duty! Watch gameplay on this youtube link!
>ALSO there's [game] and [game[ too!
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I just didn't find anything else to talk about. It's still better then nothing, I quess?
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Replies: >>16199
I know about that one, I just wanted to ask about Project Borealis and Lambda. Inb4 I already asked it in the QTDDTOT thread
Replies: >>16202
>>16191 (OP) 
Great thread op, keep the quality threads coming! Just B yourself.
I'll agree with you on the QTDDTOT thing, it's on page 8 or 9 by now, it would make more sense to make a new one.
Replies: >>16210
QTDDTOT has always been a stupid idea especially for imageboards as small as this. Just make a new goddamn thread and breathe some life into this place.
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>we want the cuckchan audience
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>>16191 (OP) 
Far Cry 2 is definitely interesting, but it’s still distinctly Far Cry and that’s something I never truly enjoyed. It has one foot in this Rambo action and another in survival and they do not mix well. At least the later Far Cry’s give you fun vehicles to break up the tedium.
Replies: >>16214
4chan is shit for bad rules and years of degradation, but imageboards shouldn’t be moderated and categorized like they’re forums. The majority of shit threads will just go away if people would stop bitching in them about how shitty they are.
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>another in survival
Like what? You don't need any fur or skins. The most "survival" aspect is that everyone is against you.
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since OP just listed random points like a schizo i am assuming this is an FPS thread
I miss TF2, last time I played it was early in the year and it was almost unplayable because of the hackers
>literal army of F2P sniper bots that join, micspam, aimbot everyone, then leave before they get kicked and change their names to circumvent the ban
>volvo's solution was to disable voice and text chat for every F2P account
>source code leaks only made it worse
>no major update in years (scream fortress is a fad that doesn't count), no valve-made content, it's all just community hats that focus more on memes than aesthetic
>despite all this if you dig deep enough the core gameplay and fun is still there
i want my game back
>>16191 (OP) 
Is this just a general fps thread or was rhe cod shit just a side tangent?
I never beat 2 but I should give it another go.
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>general fps thread
Yes, just zzzchan ate my subject.
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Play on community servers i.e. how the game should've been played anyway. There are basically no cheaters .
Replies: >>16225
Exactly. It doesn’t really commit to one. Far Cry is the limbo between the two.
Replies: >>16224
I did play tf2 sometime ago, but my 2010 hp notebook shats himself while playing it and my shitty internet and who knows how where are tf2 EU servers located, didn't help it.
It's just personal preferance. I wpuld unirronically want a pc exclusivebetter fan madeFar Cry 2 remake
(423.9KB, 705x651)
I've never enjoyed community servers, I get tired of playing with the same people over and over again and the plugins just annoy me and get in the way. I played balloon race and wacky races years ago and while they were enjoyable they had a "what the fuck am i supposed to do" aspect to them that I never really figured out
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>The majority of shit threads will just go away if people would stop bitching in them about how shitty they are.
You're literally asking for a cuckchan audience you imbecile.
Replies: >>16236
No, I’m asking for faggots like you to shut the fuck up and save your complaints for one another one of those specialized meta threads if you’re so committed to the idea of organization an inherently chaotic discussion format. You don’t have a good board by removing bad OPs because even bad OPs can evolve into good threads.
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>Alright lads, we don't have any shit threads and I intend to keep it that way by introducing shit threads to a no-shit thread environment.
Replies: >>16249
Now that makes some sense at least.
>Like what?
Chugging malaria pills and guns decaying instantly
You don't know if a thread is shit or not because threads evolve over time. Deleting threads just based on their OPs to enforce some sort of neutral conformity is worse than having a more diverse set of threads with some being good and some being shit because in the latter case you can ignore the shit while in the former you just won't have any goddamn fun.
Replies: >>16251 >>16255
And I'm telling you retards like you I won't shut the fuck, because free dumb is stupid considering normalfags are lurking on every board. If you don't like then find another board you dumbass nigger. We already have cuckchan niggers lurking on here, they shouldn't have any form of power or validity whatsoever.
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>you just won't have any goddamn fun.
Uhhhhh godddam n fun
> I get tired of playing with the same people over and over again
Anon, that's how you're supposed to make friends.
>>16191 (OP) 
I'm trying to think of other FPS shit I have played and the only thing that comes to mind recently is STALKER. I feel like besides the big name AAA stuff I don't play a lot. What else has there been? 

>normalfags on a sub 100 user board that is a splinter of a splinter
>implying cuckchan even knows about us
Every thread a faggot like you shows up and just spergs out all over the place.
>you can't possibly know if something will be shit or not until you allow it to be shit or not shit based on arbitrary definitions of time
This is a sophistic argument because any time a (shit) thread is deleted and you disagree with the decision, you can just claim the mods didn't give it "enough time."

You're an idiot.  Please stop ruining what little good there may be in this thread by screeching about metafaggotry.
People who actually likes 4chan aren't going to bother with here because 4chan fulfills their needs. And if such a demographic were to exist in vast numbers, which there is no evidence of, moderators are the most inept at distinguishing between genuine and bad-faith posts and it will always result in a board that reflects the personalities of the moderation team. The only trust you should have is in yourself and not wasting time on threads you don't actually care about.
Replies: >>16260
>What else has there been? 
Fear is a good classic heck there is a heavily inspired game called Trepang 2. There also is good singleplayer game called enemy front. Also Days of infamy is half that bad as I heard.
Replies: >>16263
No need to samefag but the blame on person you mega retard.
>People who actually likes 4chan aren't going to bother with here 
You're a dumbass go on the /b/ thread, because they're on there already. Along with the fact that several niggers on here have been banned for lingo. Look at the logs if you want more proof. Shut the fuck up and accept the rules, free dumb nigger.
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(10.3MB, 480x368, 05:18)
>Praising FarCry 2
Stop this meme please, the original and Blood Dragon are the only good ones.
(822.6KB, 2419x840)
Well, FPS is quite a vast genre.
What do you want to talk about?
Do you want standard rooty tooty point and shooty?
DooM, the golden standard of FPS. Followed by Quake, Unreal and the Build Engine holy trinity (Duke 3d, Blood and Shadow Warrior).
You want something similar, but bigger and newer?
Serious Sam, Painkiller, Hard Reset and Hellbreaker focus more on surviving hoards of enemies running backwards than running mazes.
Too far?
The recent Renaissance of boomer shooters produced gems like DUSK, AMID EVIL and Ion Maiden (Ion Fury post lawsuit scare).
You want something more realistic or military oriented?
Battlefield's your game, and so are Insurgency and Call of Duty, depending on whether you wish to focus more on realism or spectacle.
You want to be able to spin vertically because your mousepad is just too damn big?
Descent, Forsaken, Aquanox, Everspace, Overload and some other space sims might be more your speed.
You want something fucking crazy?
You can try looking for a "Games for Windows Live" vaccinated copy of Bulletstorm and make sure you don't get the Randy "I love kid ass" Pitchford version. There's also an upcoming ULTRAKILL which is currently in early access, but you can play a free demo which WILL kick your ass.

Delta Force series, Singularity, Turok 1 and 2, Superhot, Soldier of Fortune, Necrovision, Devil Daggers, Borderlands 1 or 2 (with friends so you can ignore the writing), Metro series, babbys frist eff pee ess aka Halo, Crysis, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Arma, EYE Divine Cybermancy, Condemned, Left 4 Dead, Payday, Portal, Postal 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, System Shock, Deus Ex, Wrack, Vivisector, Bullets Per Minute...

So yeah, there's a few.
>calls me a samefag
>convinced the ebil cuckchan boogeyman is here
No one knows this place exists. Sperg more. 

Farcry 2 wasn't THAT bad and Blood Dragon was carried entirely by its setting. 

I was looking for more recent stuff but nice list. Actually I did play The Citadel which was ok but I didn't bother continuing with it. Maybe I'll check out that demo of ultrakill and dusk.
>I was looking for more recent stuff
Then you have:
>Day of Infamy
>Post scriptum
>No more room in hell It literaly more realistic Left 4 Dead
>Rising storm: Vietnam
>WW1 game series
And god knows how more these are just out of my mind
>>16191 (OP) 
Most of the time I just play Counter Strike and classic Doom.
Of course there are many games with FPS gameplay that I have given a playthrough, but these two stuck with me as games I play on a semi-regular basis. 10 years ago, Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 filled that role but I got tired of the ADHD gameplay. And of course I replay Deus Ex from time to time.
Come on now, blood dragon is mediocre as shit. Neon light =/= good.
Replies: >>16293
>No one knows this place exists. Sperg more. 
Mark and other cakechanners were on here before, you indenial retard.
IMFDB is the only reason to care about Far Cry

Replies: >>16305
(8.8MB, 544x368, 04:00)
FarCry 2 is S.T.A.L.K.E.R with neither FarCry/Crysis sway system or S.T.A.L.K.E.R inventory system it's trash.

Blood Dragon is great because it's a power fantasy done right, and in 2013 this neo 80s bullshit was unbearable Reddit shit.
Replies: >>16294
(9.3MB, 04:01)
I've been playing Ion Fury(episode 4 I think, it's the subway one), and I have mixed feelings about it.
>Really pretty for the build engine. The age gap between this and the build trinity is obvious visually
>Pistol, Chaingun, Crossbow are really fun to use
>Great game for secret hunting
>Fun level design
>Fun basic enemies, especially ducking under crossbow men charged attacks. I like the flying flame cyborg too and the quadruped monster thing
>Mostly good OST
<Can't stand the voice acting(yes, all two of them. Shelly sounds try-hardy and John St John sounds too hammy in a bad way, plus they have a really obvious filter over his voice
<Shotgun is the workhorse weapon because most of the ammo lying around is for it
<Flettchettes feel bad to use, mainly because they eat up too much ammo, deal too little damage to anything besides the flying drones, spiders and missile drones. One part I really fucking hate is how you'll be losing health if you're moving fast towards enemies while firing the things, because the after burn takes long enough just to plink your health
<I can't stand the spiders, drones or flying missile drones. They're a pain in the ass to fight that completely slows down the pace of the game and they're used too often
<While the lighting is pretty, having enemies be so heavily affected by lighting color is a very poor choice, especially when two of the basic model are practically  the same look but with a different color.
<Weapon switching is very finnicky. It works great with a mousewheel but it's so slow with number keys.
<Blast damage is just shit. Shadow Warrior's shit went boom. Douk's pipebombs were alright, and Blood's dynamite was the best explosive weapon I've used in an FPS. Here, the bowling bombs have such a pitful blast radius and autoaims for you in case you wanted the satisfaction of lobbing a good grenade arc, the puck is rare and not much fun and the grenade launcher's one bounce limit is too little.
>You can try looking for a "Games for Windows Live" vaccinated copy of Bulletstorm and make sure you don't get the Randy "I love kid ass" Pitchford version. 
What, you don't like Duke Nukem being halfassedly shoved into the game?
>Scorned by a world that doesn't understand it, the Ithaca takes its own life.
>Ion fury
That game is cucked, they censored the original female design because of feminists on staff. It's also a mediocre fps.
Wish someone made a crazier Bulletstorm. I want a Stylish Action FPS.
Replies: >>16344 >>16474
"ULTRAKILL"? Bullets per minute?
Replies: >>16493
Bright Memory?
Replies: >>16493
Just played the demo. Yeah, that's along the lines of what I had in mind. I hope they add some more unique alt-fire weapons. The coin toss one is neat.

I think I've seen gameplay of that before. The UI is a bit off-putting, but I might give it a go considering it's so cheap.
Quit replying to him for fucks sake others are having actual conversation in the thread and you're wasting your time trying to get a retarded bitter faggot to stop being a nigger, let him have the last word and move on the thread is clearly sticking around regardless of his crying. God damn pick your fucking battles.
Replies: >>16556
The convo was over with and you're bring it back, like a retard.
Far Cry 2 has been pushed as some forgotten classic for years now starting with the more pretentious end of games journalism even though it's just a fundamentally boring game with neat atmosphere and a well written antagonist.
Yet yesterday's boring is better than today's average.
Replies: >>16639 >>16698
Games keep getting worse and worse, so it is natural that older boring games are now considered superior, because they are. FC2 is still a boring, bad open world game, but compared to the likes of FC4 and 5 it shits all over them.
That doesn't make FC2 retroactively a good game.
Replies: >>16699
Nor does it make it bad.
It's got a great environment, really solid enemy behavior, and the weapon sandbox is creative and fun. Doesn't really need much more.
Replies: >>16709
>Doesn't really need much more.
Except for good gameplay loop, enemy variety and gameplay depth, of which it has jack shit.

And that's besides all the redudant faggotry like the Malaria missions and the side missions that don't change anything and are just there.
Going back to camp for a new mission is not fucking fun, it would make sense to get them from safehouses with maybe a bonus if you went back to the main hub, but no, keep on that road using the same 5 fucking vehicles cocksucker.
(76.9KB, 616x353)
Anyone know if the Terminator game that came out last year is any good, remember seeing some webms of it when it came out just wondering if its worth the 23 burgers
civvie said it was Fallout: Terminator and liked it, I haven't played it though, not my thing:
Replies: >>17432 >>20791
For anons who aren't faggots.
It's biggest merit is being okay without anything majorly good or bad about it despite coming out recently, it's also fanservice for Terminator 1/2.
Replies: >>17459
Yes, I've played it twice, it's janky shit, but worth a play if you like the Terminator IP.
Replies: >>17443 >>17459
Also, it starts off very generic and very slow so bear with it for a while, it gets pretty good 1 or 2 hours in after the Hospital section.
Replies: >>17459
I actually like how slow it is in the beginning kind of feels like that flashback Kyle has in the first Terminator movie. Also playing on the hardest difficulty, so its kind of forcing me to play slowly and trying to get the jump on enemies.
>It's biggest merit is being okay
In this day and age I'll gladly accept that, over Dark Fate and Gears 5 crossover.
Replies: >>17500
>kind of feels like that flashback Kyle has in the first Terminator movie
Kind of feels more like Salvation for me, the color pallet, the deserted location and the generic robot designs.

I don't hate it, but it could have been done a lot better
(97KB, 640x912)
Anyone else here played and enjoyed Area 51 on ps2 as kid?
I played it on Xbox, but yeah shit was fun, kind of want to replay it, but dont feel like hooking up my xbox again. I wish the sequel could have been better.
Replies: >>17598 >>17618
Never played the sequel nor did I know it had one. Is it shit or just not as good?
The PC version was made by the way free because of some sponsorship from the US Air Froce.
Replies: >>17622
I wished the section where you were with a squad of soldiers was longer.
Replies: >>17622 >>17645
I'm looking into it, AF were also responsible for making The Suffering free as well, pretty fucking cool. But I found this mod called Project Dreamland that lets you play in 1080/60fps, gonna give that try later tonight, or tomorrow.
Coop could have solved that problem
(17.6MB, 640x368, 05:26)
>I wished the section where you were with a squad of soldiers was longer.
My issue with it is less that and more that when you become alone it starts to go towards more towards action scifi instead of it's blend of SciFi Horror that the squad parts had.
It's quite a shame because most of the squad parts are very drab outside the turret section, I'd like to have seen a game more akin to Half Life where the horror elements are kept troughout, maybe see elements of isolated Soldiers who also meet a dire end and tidbits of the battle closer to the surface.

Instead it goes full one man army against evil labs and generic soldiers and it gets kind of generic.
Not bad, but not very good as well

Game has a great start and then just falls into mediocre.
If you want a game with a similar aesthetic and better gameplay and visuals try out Quake 4.
>Project Dreamland
It works great but I somehow can't make the inbetween cutscenes load without becoming a stuttering mess.
(241.8KB, 808x900)
Can any one recommend me a modernish (ps3 era and beyond) FPS with about a 10 hour campaign that isn't all set pieces? Something a bit niche since I know the genre fairly well. I want to sink my teeth into some rootie tootie shootie action.

Sci fi preferred but I'll take anything not autistic.
Honestly I think that's a pretty hard thing to come up with, given how shit the genre had gotten even by that point. Also I don't know if you mean niche for normalfags or niche by anon standards but 7th gen. Sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel here but whatever:

>Crysis and Crysis Warhead 
Not niche but it's possible you skipped them because of the meme that Crysis is just a benchmark, which is incorrect.
>GRAW 2 
PC version specifically because console versions are far blander. GRAW is also ok but technically pre-7th gen.
>NecroVision and NecroVision: Lost Company
Slavic. Actually you'd do well to look into slav shooters if you've exhausted the western offerings.
>Bioshock 2
Again not niche but it's the only decent shooter in the series and you might have overlooked it because of the other games, feel free to skip the first one since the writing's crap in both anyway.
>The Darkness II
The original is good too but console only which might be a dealbreaker.
6/10 at best, but thinks it's a lot better than it is which gets obnoxious. Still worth playing once.
>Duke Nukem: Forever
Same as previous, except a lot of fags skipped it when journalists shit on it as they'd planned to do from the start regardless of how it ended up muh outdated male gamers, it fit their narrative too well. Removing the weapon limit would have improved this game massively.

And not quite meeting what you asked for:
>Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
It matches up itself but you'd want to do the first two games beforehand and they're 6th gen. Also probably something you could call autistic.
>Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Far, far too short.
Decent but forgettable shooter, but maybe not long enough. Horribly weak starting hour or two though.
Probably not a full 10 hours. Better than Singularity but you'll hate the first few levels.
Probably an hour or two too short unless you're unable to handle slav game design.
>Postal 2: Paradise Lost
Again you'd want to do the base game first and it's not really a standard FPS.
>Prey not the gay new one
2006 is probably not what you'd call modernish, and you should have played it anyway.
Not long enough.
>Star Trek Elite Force
Not modern, but surprisingly well made. Sequel isn't quite as good.
>endless amounts of Doom wads
Self explanatory but not modernish.
You can add Wolfenstein 09 to that list.
Surprisingly few people mention or even play it, granted it has some very glaring issues but still there's some enjoyment to be had.

That's pretty much it outside of what's been mentioned, I guess the first two Call of Juarez could fit.
Legendary and Übersoldier 1/2 if you're into really janky shit I guess
(66.7KB, 736x470)
>Crysis and Crysis Warhead 
Great start but it didn't click with me after a few hours.
>GRAW 2 
I haven't tried much of the Tom Clancy games and I really should. I tried wild lands and it didn't play very well. A no fun allowed mercenaries.
>NecroVision and NecroVision: Lost Company
>Played it, but janky but fun.
>Bioshock 2
On my replay list
>>The Darkness II
Originals great. Don't know if it was just my PC but I remember 2 running like shit and being really janky. Didn't make it past the first level if I recall.
Been meaning to play it but thought it was more of a score attack game?
>Duke Nukem: Forever
>Played it at release and had a good time with it. Gun play is good and I didn't mind the 2 gun limit. Gets obnoxious at times and the boob slapping door switches is just vulgar (and not in the amusing way). You're right on the journos shitting on it and it becoming youtube "bad game" fodder.

>>Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Not heard of it before I'll check it out.
>>Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Installing now.
Had an awesome time with this. One of the hidden gem type of games I hoped others would know about I may have missed.
One of my favourite 360 games. Remember playing the multiplayer demo full of spic kids screaming nigger at each other. Wish someone took the concept and built on it.
I think I have this?
>Postal 2: Paradise Lost
Milo the pedo's DLC. Postal 2 doesn't hold my attention sadly. It's a neat idea but needs a bit more focus for my tastes
>Prey not the gay new one
The new one wasn't bad either. Not played the original so I'll try it.
Now that's a new name to me.
>Star Trek Elite Force
Quake 3 engine games are underappreciated. I should buy a good XP laptop and dig them up on the archive sites.
>endless amounts of Doom wads
FPS fans should measure time based on SSG reload time. It's instinctively built into any one not a fag. 

Was that the first of the reboot? Other than the obvious poz it had some good gun play. Commiestein killed the franchise and it only went further down hill from there.
(200.9KB, 541x458)
Hell's Highway sucks donkey dick, kill yourself for ever recommending this half-assed garbage. The first 2 games are awesome and can be 4x times as awesome if you use Rendroc's WarZone mod. 

>What's wrong with HH?
I'll fucking tell you what's wrong with it. 
>Prequels were first person shooters, while HH was turned into a 3rd person cover shooter
>Bland, boring level design. Empty streets with 0 detail up the ass and somehow 10 times more linear than the prequels' level design. The few countryside levels also lack detail and are basically just as linear/empty as the city levels
>Muh story is forced down your throat with shitty cutscenes every 10 minutes about shit nobody cares about. MC was turned into a crybaby pussy, that cries more about muh brothers in arms in every cutscene than snake about muh boss does in Metal Gear
>Health regen. The prequels had a health bar and there was no way to replenish it which forced you to git gud. in Hell's Highway you just find cover and wait
>Whether you die or not has NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING HIT BY PROJECTILES! Instead it uses some kind of vague % death based on how red your screen becomes. Your screen turns death when under cover. DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU DON'T GET HIT, SUPPRESSION ALONE WILL AT SOME POINT "KILL" YOU!
>This FORCES you to never push/play in the first person mode. You must always use third person cover to win 90% of firefights
>Squad mates are now even more annoying than before. Constantly bitching no matter what you do. Play passively? "WHEN ARE WE GOIN' NO KILL SOME KRAUTS?". Play aggressively? "BAKER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE GONNA GET KILLED!"
>Also you get to control less squad members than in the prequels
>You're given a bazooka team in half the missions which translates into EZ 0 effort win because they hit their target 9 times out of 10
>2 forced tank missions where you're pretty much invincible and 1-shot panther tanks and flak 88s while german infantry exposes itself to you like retards. 
>Game tries to send the message that LE WAR IS LE HELL XDDD but it contradicts itself by making every single mission feel like the FURY movie

TL;DR, Hell's Highway sucks donkey dick, play Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood instead
Replies: >>17688 >>17751
Well for the quake 3 engine games you could probably get away with a pirate of a GoG installer, since that'll come with compatibility via dosbox anyway. 
Turok 2 is a fun game, it recently got a remaster and got rid of the shitty fog that made it near impossible to find keys/switches in the map. I recommend playing it with the n64 soundtrack, it's better than the PC version.
Replies: >>17694
Oh and I forgot about MUH NAZI WARCRIMES XDDDDDDDDD in half the fucking missions. On the 1st mission German infantry drags a Dutch lady in a barn and then you find her hanged. Next mission the evil nazi officer with big scary scar on his face orders a Flak crew to shoot at a priest
A few missions later the evil Germans capture another woman (who one of your soldiers loved) for literally no reason. When she resists capture by simply trying to break free from the German soldier's hold they mow her down with an MP40 at point blank
A couple missions later what seems like an entire fucking battalion tries to kill a young 10 year old boy and you must protect him from afar with a sniper rifle

There's probably more that I forgot
Replies: >>17751
(171.1KB, 800x1128)
I fucking loved Darkness 2, takes a little bit to get used to quad-wielding, but it didn't take me long to feel like that dude from Disturbed cd covers. Great fun. Wish I had the option to play co-op with friends, but nobody was interested in it.
It's more like fps DMC. The more variables you stack on how you kill your target, the higher score you get and you use those points to buy upgrades and ammo. ULTRAKILL is closer to DMC, but Bulletstorm can be fun too. Just beware, it was made in the dark times.
>he hasn't heard of Vivisector
boy are you in for a ride
>Was that the first of the reboot?
neither, he's talking about pic related 
I think Turok 1 was better (also had a remaster), 2 has way too much backtracking and labyrinths. And that's coming from a big Metroid fan.
I checked vivisection and recall seeing a youtube fags video on it before he went full nigger lover faggot and I unsubbed him.

FPS DMC doesn't sound good to me. If I want high impact sexual violence I can play doom wads. I'm going to get a heap of shit for this but I've done my time with really high paced FPS at this point. I'm getting to the stage where I appreciate a good controller FPS like Halo more than speed freaks in Quake 3 or Unreal tournament. There's nothing wrong with those, I'm just too old for sniping pixels at light speed now.

I never knew that game existed. I'm going to see if I can find it. Thanks.

Return recommendation : Syndicate. Completely forgotten game which looked interesting. 80's trench coat cyber punk made into a FPS, same way X-com failed to do
Replies: >>17714 >>17751
It's been a long time since I've played, but from what I recall it makes the mistake of requiring high scores to directly feed your ammo and upgrade supply, so it's possible to get low on ammo and not have enough resources to skill kill yourself back into the fight, or use a newly unlocked weapon. 
That and the game is all about leashing and kicking enemies but they add an enemy that can't be kicked, leashed, or shot in the balls, so you're basically fucked for scoring purposes.
That's mostly true but I don't think they kill HH, as long as you stick it on the second highest difficulty at a minimum. It's certainly a dumbing down of the core gameplay for larger appeal and RTH30 and EiB are better but not modern enough for what anon wanted. Mostly HH falls down in the forced solo sequences every two levels or the out of place tank action scenes.
>>Bland, boring level design. Empty streets with 0 detail up the ass and somehow 10 times more linear than the prequels' level design. The few countryside levels also lack detail and are basically just as linear/empty as the city levels
Honestly that's true of the early levels of RTH30 as well particularly if you play on a reasonable difficulty. They do pick up a lot later on though and EiB really ups the game on the level design.

>Oh and I forgot about MUH NAZI WARCRIMES XDDDDDDDDD in half the fucking missions.
Yes that annoys me also but it's mostly just background noise in any WW2 game so I tune it out. The previous two games did a better job of this by making them just other soldiers.

Interestingly in a thread back on 8/vg/ one anon pointed out that you basically never see any of these warcrimes except when Baker is alone, which you can write off as more of Baker's hallucinations given he's already seeing Germans who don't exist. In particular he pointed out that the germans who are made out to be evil are either very old (the flak officer) or very young conscripts (the sniper has a Hitler Youth knife and is more or less murdered after already being disarmed) and that if you pay close attention to the scenes with the woman that gets shot you can pretty easily read it as the American soldier shooting her instead. Similarly with the dutch kid you can see that the Germans only fire at him after he's shot them first, and when you finally rescue him it's right after he's shot an unarmed German again. Probably anon was reading too much into it, I doubt the devs were competent enough to pull that off, but I played the game through again and there's no evidence to contradict this theory if you assume Baker is an unreliable narrator and it makes the game far more enjoyable to pretend to yourself that's what's happening.

>I haven't tried much of the Tom Clancy games and I really should. I tried wild lands and it didn't play very well. A no fun allowed mercenaries.
First GR is fine too but is not as modern as you asked for. Rainbow Six the same applies but it gets more action-orientated early on. If you're missing other tactical fpses like SWAT 3 and 4 then play them as well. Hidden & Dangerous 1 and 2 I'd also recommend but I'm not sure how specifically to classify them.
>Been meaning to play it but thought it was more of a score attack game?
The scoring mechanic is in there but it's still a normal shooter just that's designed to encourage you to use the fun kills since they give better score, as if anyone would stick to the boring ones instead.
>Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Gunslinger itself is self-contained so you don't need to play them but the first and second games in the series are decent too but nothing hugely special other than for pushing the tech at the time. I've never tried The Cartel but I've got no good reason to doubt everyone else when they say to skip it.

The first Red Faction game is a decent FPS. Skip II, quite literally the only people to have ever liked it are /leftypol/ and that's for non-gameplay reasons. If you're willing to step into older games or things that aren't strictly standard FPS fare there are other options. NOLF, for example. Also if you can tolerate Vivisector and Cryostasis then you can go further down the slav rabbithole. Just be warned that Polish doesn't mean polished. Prescursors, Firestarter, Ubersoldier, Stalin Subway original, not Red Veil, and it needs a manual patch to even work right, maybe Kreed and so on would form the next tier before you start getting into the realm of pure autism.

Syndicate is actually not bad, the reason it's forgotten is it was a complete genre shift from the original games and that pissed everyone off so it never gained any traction. On the one hand I like seeing publishers get fucked for rebooting old licenses and shitting on what they stood for but on the other hand it's a bit of a shame when it hurts an otherwise acceptable game.
>same way X-com failed to do
I've actually finished The Bureau. Once I worked out how the developers intended it to be played which is basically never explained I started to actually enjoy it which probably just means I'm starved for games like that. Not recommending it though.

>I'm going to get a heap of shit for this but I've done my time with really high paced FPS at this point. I'm getting to the stage where I appreciate a good controller FPS like Halo more than speed freaks in Quake 3 or Unreal tournament. There's nothing wrong with those, I'm just too old for sniping pixels at light speed now.
Time to get into tactical shooters.
Replies: >>17765 >>18036
Tacticals aren't my cup of tea unfortunately.
Replies: >>17858
(13MB, 640x368, 02:51)
The 2009 Wolfenstein game is top tier.
It does not get enough love
The game mechanics and progression system are a great mix of the old and the new.
So much better than the NulFenstein games.

Try out the 2012 reboot of Syndicate, it's a neat game that was thrown to the Wolves by the kikes at EA.
The plot is fucking shit though, Freedom Fighter holier than thou Hollyjew tier shit.
The only bad part of 2009 was adopting the regenerating health fad rather than having a normal healthbar.
(15.3KB, 234x215)
>So much better than the NulFenstein games.
Wolfenstein 2009 is pretty fun from what I remember but for some reason I always think it came out in 2008. Mostly I recall the gunplay being fun once you get to the later guns anyway.

Then if you've skipped them for whatever reason the games from the WW2 shooter craze are maybe what you want. CoD 1/UO console ones are fine as well, until 4, and CoD 2 is acceptable if a bit too consolised the good MoH games and so on. Odds are you've played them though.
Which one of you fags play or have played Project reality? I've started to play it and I'm enjoying it. What's your experience with it.
Autistic community but would be good for a game night if it allowed for private hosting.
Replies: >>18097
(1.8MB, 1920x1080)
>Interestingly in a thread back on 8/vg/ one anon pointed out that you basically never see any of these warcrimes except when Baker is alone, which you can write off as more of Baker's hallucinations
I know, I was in that thread too and it's good to see that anon from back there are still alive here. I replayed the game after that anon's posts to see for myself and I found out it was bullshit for these 2 reasons:
>The only time Baker goes bananas is when he's alone. But in ALL of the warcrimes scenes he is NEVER alone. There's always squad members with him
>When he DOES go bananas, the enemies he sees are not real. All the Germans who hang the woman are real and you engage them with your squad later. 

pic unrelated
Replies: >>18096
(20.5KB, 480x360)
I've played PR, Vietnam mod was top tier and so were the maps that allowed you to climb mountain sides.
I've mostly moved to more modern tactical shooters though, but I played nothing but PR for like 3 years.
Give Forgotten Hope 2 a try as well, not as autistic or as populated but still lots of fun.

I'm salivating for 83 though, the setting and the simcade mechanics are right on my alley.
It's good if you can find a non-shit server and play when the faggot larpers are asleep. Thankfully a lot of them moved on to Squad but servers are still only allowed if the devs 'authenticate' you.
Not surprisingly really since it's not like mainstream vidya has the ability to pull something that subtle off.
As far as I know, you can have a private server locked by a password.
Replies: >>18145
(10.4MB, 854x480, 02:04)
(11.3MB, 854x480, 02:12)
Replies: >>18110
So you've had fun or what.
Replies: >>18113
(20.3MB, 1280x720, 03:30)
Never played it, only have the webms, wanted to contribute something.
The most tacticool game I've ever played is Insurgency, and that's minimal in complexity. Don't have the patience for real jolly co-operation.
Replies: >>18114
If like Insurgency then you will enjoy day of infamy.
A few years ago they required server hosts to apply for a license to maintain "standards" for the mod, don't know if they have changed that policy since.
Replies: >>18148
Yes you still need it.
Replies: >>18220
(961.2KB, 480x480, 00:06)
Goodbye, cult comic book shooter, hello buggy cell shaded Far Cry.

Replies: >>18158 >>18162
Makes the game look like another random indie game that copy the cel shaded look but still want to be "realistic". The only thing they really had to do was add widescreen support.
Replies: >>18162
I think it looks fine
Wolfenstein was never good
Replies: >>18164
And your mother was never a good lay and yet here you are
Replies: >>18167
>And your mother was never a good lay and yet here you are
Dad is that you?
Replies: >>18170
(53.7KB, 611x720)
No, it's your Uncle Randy
Replies: >>18173
I don't have an uncle name Randy, but I do father who has a taste for shit game and acts like a faggot.
Replies: >>18176
Like father like son.
Replies: >>18180
But I don't enjoy Wolfenstein.
Replies: >>18182
Replies: >>18184
(64.4KB, 600x623)
<I don't enjoy Wolfenstein
<But my dad does enjoys Wolfenstein
>Like father like son
Replies: >>18185
<But my dad does enjoys Wolfenstein
>father who has a taste for shit game and acts like a faggot.
Which one is it?
Pick one and only one
Replies: >>18190
He didn't say that you, the both of you are shitting up this thread with pointless shit. Shut the fuck up and discuss that isn't retarded.
What happened to Day of defeat: source? Do people still play it. Also have you guys heard of March! Offworld recon.
>What happened to Day of defeat: source?
What do you mean? It's still active and there are people who continue to play it through out the years.
>Do people still play it?
On steam it has like 500-600 people who play it per day. So there are enough players to fill a server.
>Also have you guys heard of March! Offworld recon.
Never heard of it.
Replies: >>18213
It's a weird nonreload early 2000s fps which was maybe inspired by doom whete you play as a robo-soldier and shoot some other robots and tornado or whatever people on mars. But the soundtrack is perfect.
Replies: >>18214
I'll give it a try once I'm done playing Crysis.
There seems to be a workaround though according to some forum posts. You can't host dedis but you can host listen servers. The listen servers will not show up on the browser, but they can be connected by IP, which is fine for our private game night purposes.
Replies: >>18473
I still play it from time to time but it's so fucking broken it isn't even funny, GunGame is still fun though.
(75.1KB, 583x358)
>all modern FPSs are bloated, boring, all-bark-no-bite with little replay value beyond microtransactions for gay neon gun skins
>meanwhile games released 20 years ago still have hueg playerbases and timeless gameplay
>getting my ass kicked in Q3A by people who have been playing for 20 years is still more enjoyable than the average modern FPS
Replies: >>18266
The only good shooters nowadays are tactical shooters
So will thete be a project reality game night?
What do you guys think of Stalker anomaly? What do you guys think of other mods? What are your favourites?
Replies: >>18672
-The most enjoyable bloated mess I have ever played and probably one of my favorite mods of all time.
-Autuumn Aurora 2, Gunslinger and a ton of other rusky mods are still worth your time and play better than most modern trash.
Replies: >>18673
There's a stalker thread on page 9, use it retard
Replies: >>18675
Read the thread you retarded bickering nigger
Have any of you retards played the new Modern Warfare? My friend keeps sperging out at me for not picking it up and claims that it's "super realistic" and way better than any of the previous CODs. I also heard that they replaced GAZ from COD4 as a nigger as well and le independent womanz ,so I think it may also be pozzed.
(369.4KB, 550x709)
I played the Open Beta
It's CoD with an Insurgency flair, but still CoDshit.
The only thing they nailed decently were the visuals but even then it looks generic as fuck, no memorable or good art design outside 1 or 2 setpieces in the campaign.
Everything is also always online

Don't bother, also your friends are faggots.
Replies: >>18724
I played the beta test multiplayer awhile back because some friends wanted to try it. After the 100th death to a claymore I decided it wasn't worth the 100gb of my hard drive it was taking up. It also ran like fucking garbage. I had to crank the resolution scale down ridiculously low to get it to a playable frame rate. Low enough that visibility of enemies became problematic.

It's fucking terrible just like every CoD.
Replies: >>19338
>Everything is also always online
It looks and feels better but the gameplay is bad because of camper friendly level design. This was an intended goal by the developers, to have noobs be able to shoot the good players in the back in corridors. Haven't played the multiplayer or singleplayer though, only the battle royale mode. The newest COD with good multiplayer gameplay is Black Ops 3, which has faster movement, good maps and a higher TTK with decent balancing.
(164.6KB, 1200x2190)
>it's "super realistic"
is it ever
Replies: >>18943 >>18956
(154.7KB, 400x311)
(438.8KB, 740x740)
(98.9KB, 328x281)
(428.1KB, 589x465)
Replies: >>18956
What if I don't believe in gender theory? What if Identifie by sex?
That's the new black ops coldwar. It looks shit from every stand point. And modern warfare isn't realistic it's just the most realistic AAA fps in the last ~10 years, so no It pales in comparison to even Reality mod for Bf3 VU.
normalfags are always predictable in what they play. I bet a lot of the faggots buying the new consoles are pretending like it’s worth it so they can ‘enjoy’ the new CoD. What exclusives are there, anyways? And would a normalfag even bother with DeS?
> the most realistic AAA fps
There's literally nothing realistic about it, it just has good animations since it's done by Hyper, the same Hapa that worked on Titanfall 2.
Replies: >>19021
(24.9KB, 320x320)
(222.4KB, 592x1178)
Hello 8chan gamers! (holds up shotgun) It is I, Dave Oshry, the EPIC MEME communist (antifa For The Win!) who published New Blood's boomer shooter masterpieces like DUSK and Amid Evil. I may have ruined Maximum Action by forcing the developer to theme his entire game around meme synthwave music he hates, but I'm still a pretty good guy. To prove this, I have given this random person a FREE copy of our new game, ULTRAKILL.


With love,
Dave Oshry
Is this guy, dare I say, BASED?
Replies: >>19030
Yeah, that's about it maybe outside of the fact that the game has a fire selector and ... That's about it while you could say that it's a bit better then.
>Le based
No desire for proto-trannies to lurk on here
Replies: >>19032
(2MB, 500x391)
Replies: >>19033
The new COD is still shit, while there are some improvements and good aspects about the game, it still suffers from the usual and garbage cod formula. Campaign is nothing more, but diverse team stopping muh terrorists and evil Ruskies who are ruining the world once again. And the multiplayer is filled with shit maps, mediocre weapons and a mentally disabled community of ghetto niggers and children with scuffed mics. It's not worth installing 200 GB.

>He thinks he's making a point by posting nothing but a gif like a normalfag.
Replies: >>19034
(176.7KB, 600x337)
I wouldn't know, I don't spend enough time around normalfags to know that.
(203.5KB, 640x550)
>El Oshcuro
>It's fucking terrible just like every CoD.
Nothing wrong with United Offensive.
Replies: >>20694
(180.8KB, 1200x675)
I finished Terminator Resistance last weekend, solid 7/10, played on the hardest difficulty and fighting the T800s was actually terrifying and forces you to set up ambushes or stealth. Kind of lose that fear when you unlock the Mk 2 plasma rifles, really enjoy that they didn't shoe horn Arnie into the game. I think the hospital level has to be my favorite, the atmosphere was good and watching T800 bust a door down to get to your was cool.

Some negatives would have to be that the AI isnt ruthless enough, they tend to get side tracked or lose interest in hunting you down, even on the hardest difficulty its pretty easy to abuse the health regen since once you get down to your last sliver of health you get a huge buff on how much damage you can take. Ive seen people hate the last two levels cause it feels to Call of Duty but I think they give you a pretty good excuse for why it happens since its supposed to be the final fight. Put about 20hrs into it just exploring all the maps and trying to find the secrets, theres not many just some bits of lore laying around. No NG+ kind of sucks too.
Jennifer is best girl
I've heard good things about that game recently. Don't know if that's a marketing push or people have just genuinely realised it was good.
Replies: >>20763
The first one was comfy, I played it on the PS Triple a few years ago.
(87.7KB, 1024x576)
>Kind of lose that fear when you unlock the Mk 2 plasma rifles
And getting the last armor upgrade, and upgrading your plasma rifle makes you unstoppable, if you dont do something retarded. The game was fun.
It was worth not going to the past.
> it's just the most realistic AAA fps in the last ~10 years
wew lad ever think about giving ARMA a try before making such a statement?
Replies: >>20764
I think it was expected to fail and be hated because the critics shat on it and the dev's previous game was a badly received on rails Rambo game not to mention the marketing material made it out to look like a CoD game in a terminator skin, but it plays surprisingly fun. Give it a pirate and try it.
As far as I know Arma isn't a AAA fps. Also the reloads suck
(59.5KB, 395x401)
>female special operators
<most realistic
Replies: >>20786
Well yes, but you should have atleast read the whole sentence.
Replies: >>20792
I acquired Prodeus from the seven seas and played the first level on Hard(It goes Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Ultra Hard and the same for the easy difficulties).
>You can turn off the helmet hud, thank god
>You can also turn enemies from sprites to models. I don't know why the models aren't the default because they look quite nicer than I expected.
>Music takes too much from the newer doom games. There's some progression at least, and it's not dubstep, but still.
>You move relatively fast when not sprinting, and really nicely when you are sprinting(Sprinting is more or less "run" in the doom engine, you can toggle it always on in the options. You don't lose accuracy or the view doesn't bob or anything). You can apparently dash but I still haven't unlocked that yet
>You start off with your fists. LMB hits normally, RMB hits faster. They feel meaty and I think they deal more damage than the pistol
>The pistol holds 12 rounds before reloads and is semi auto goes as fast as you can click it, alt fire is ironsights and a three round burst. Needs around three bursts or 9 bullets to kill a zombie, although I think there might be locational damage because some people's heads exploded and I wasn't paying attention how much ammo I used on them.
>There's a shotgun. It feels really good to use, meaty sound effects, good range, good damage, good fire rate. Alt-fire is a slight view zoom and it begins charging, at full charge it fucks shit up. I think there's a longer delay between shots if you're charging it.
>Finally there's the dual SMG, they have a name but I forgot it. LMB fires left SMG, RMG fires right SMG. It chews through ammo if you fire both but it decimates shit. It felt really good to use, jumping around the rooms blowing the heads of so many people while moving forward.
>You're scored at the end of levels for all kills, secrets, par times and no deaths. No in-mission saving but there are checkpoints marked by a blue orb.
>Enemies so far are melee zombies, basically fodder punching bags. There are zombie shotgunners, they deal a fair bit of damage but also have a fair bit of windup in their attacks which I like. There are literally Doom's imps because I have not seen them do anything different besides maybe lead shots, and there's a cacodemon standin whose projectile leaves behind some lava on the ground momentarily.
Basically level 1 was nothing overtly special but playing the game was super fun, the movement and the gunplay is quite good although I could do without ketchup.wad that every BADASS FPS™ seems to implement these days. I don't want to play anymore until it's out of Early Access but I actually really enjoyed that and I can't really explain why. Also there are community levels, although I'm not sure if those are playable on a pirated copy or not. I got the GoG version so I guess all I need do is register but I can see where pirated copies could break there, if it requires a registration key or something.
I wish there were better FPS jewtube channels because they could be interesting. I don't really hate civvie but there are some things I can't stand about him, including how he makes fun of shitty channel awesome type skits but will still do them "ironically" and how most of his gameplay footage that he thinks is cool and sick and high level and puts some energetic music over are actually really poor and not that interesting to watch.
Replies: >>20808
(189.1KB, 1462x1462)
>in specops
I'm not supporting the retarded idea of womyn in specops, but I'm just saying that it's not half that bad read shit at realisim. If you are not talking about bocw
Replies: >>20800
Americans went from disdaining women as frontline infantry to disdaining women in spec ops because the JewSA is putting women as frontline infantry en masse.

The absolute state
Replies: >>21800
There are females in special operations now, what point are you making here? They've existed for quite a while, so it's nothing new.
(556KB, 1280x1890)
I've finished the early access campaign on Normal and have a similar opinion. It's basically a mix of classic Doom and nuDoom. Here are some key different takeaways from me:
>bullet weapons are too weak, takes 2 pistol headshots to down the weakest zombie
>The Rippers (SMGs) are broken, you're dual-wielding them, but they both share the same magazine, meaning you can fire all your bullets just from one, but have to reload both anyway
>When you pick them up, the tutorial tells you pushing both mouse buttons will "Burst Fire", which it doesn't, it just chews through ammo, sprays all over the place and doesn't do nearly enough damage. The Pinkie equivalent loses all his limbs, but will still chase you after you dump "both" mags into him.
>The music is a bit obnoxious in the sense that it rarely lets go. It's always on 10 Dunud dundudnund Dun Dun ddddududududnudd Dun Dun dundd like alright dude, we get it, you like Mick Gordon.
>Hud elements and all the special effects are way too big and glow-y for their own good. It's difficult to measure the damage you're doing when every bullet makes an enemy bleed violently out of every orifice. Couple that environmental effects and the lava projectile effects and the toxic sludge left after you kill and hazmat suit zombie and you can't fucking tell what is going on anymore. I once lost half my health because I couldn't see the little tick enemy hidden behind the lava fumes effect. Kept shooting in that direction, but couldn't see or hit him.
>Weapon challenge levels are a lot of fun, even if they are a bit on the easy side. Never checked if you can rocket jump.
It does a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong like the menu, god damn, just give me a Continue button when I boot it up, I don't want to go through 5 submenus to get there.
People are going to eat it up, while I'll be waiting for Wrath: Aeon of Ruin.
I like him. Don't have to like everything about the guy to enjoy his content. 

Pic unrelated, but it's still autumn, so fuck you, enjoy.
Replies: >>20810 >>21083
(60.1KB, 294x444)
Oh yeah I've also played Perilous Warp recently. It's very mediocre. Six levels, fairly rudimentary "muh retro" shooting with the exception of a limb damage system on one enemy type, standard weapons, rifle chaingun shotgun grenadelauncher and auto aim throwable, didn't look too bad or too good and it's balanced terribly on hard because everything deals and takes too much damage(all the ranged enemies hitscan, or they have some sort of really fast plasma shot you can't dodge anyways) and it just doesn't bring much new to the table and it doesn't play really well to make up for that.
I'm in a slump now, because I don't have the data-cap yet to download the newest patches for Ghostrunner and play that, and I don't want to play any of the early access FPS I'm looking forward to(Ultrakill, Wrath, Prodeus, Graven/Core Decay/System Shock remake if and when it hits EA) in early access and I'm at a loss what I should play now. Is Aquanox Deep Descent any good? I really liked Overload a lot and I wouldn't mind another new 6DoF.
I'm chalking all of that up to early access, but I'm not going to play anymore. If I was going to play an early access FPS I'd probably be playing Ultrakill instead but I don't want to ruin that by playing anything but the complete version.
You're god damn right I'm going to enjoy that.
Replies: >>20820
(35.8KB, 363x262)
I keep listening to the Act I soundtrack and I can't get enough of it.
>What to play
have you played the fan made Blood expansion Death Wish? It's pretty good.
Replies: >>20927 >>20928
Only because of lowered standards and political interference in the qualifications.
>There are females in special operations now
They fail the entry requirements EVERY time, retard
Replies: >>20909
If by special operations you mean those who care for the mentally disabled and paraplegic, yes there's plenty of women in those ranks.

I'm not sure if you understand what kind of work S military units tend to undertake but even if they qualified for a massively dumbed down version of their physical exam, they still wouldn't be mentally nor physically prepared to do the horrible shit those operators are forced to do. Nevermind do it for the extended periods of time some types of units are expected to fufill such as those enrolled in paratrooper work, jungle combat specialists or green beret type militia arousers and scout infiltrators.
No one sane would even expect the most gruff bulked out dyke in the universe to do grunt work either, it's just massively retarded on moral, logical and practical grounds and most of the token female forces in western armies tend to be trash that never faced actual combat as they are assigned to rear guard roles or just simply exist for political stunts.

Stop watching propaganda and join the military already, maybe when you get your teeth beaten out by a pissed off IS you'll finally realize how stupid you are.
Replies: >>20909 >>20911
They fail and yet they still become special operators you dumbshit. Whether they suck or not doesn't negate the fact that special operators can now be female.
>If by special operations you mean those who care for the mentally disabled and paraplegic, yes there's plenty of women in those ranks.
Oh thanks anon, I'm glad to hear that someone who personally comes from one of these special operations himself to confirm this!
>Stop watching propaganda and join the military already, maybe when you get your teeth beaten out by a pissed off IS you'll finally realize how stupid you are.
No thanks I don't fight wars for Israel, because I'm not a retard.
Replies: >>20915 >>20917
>Stop watching propaganda and join the military already
>go die for Israel goy don't you want to be a tough military guy
Replies: >>20917
Anon, what they are trying to say is that it is unrealistic to make it seem as if female special operators are competent and skilled as the male ones when so many women fail the most basic and advanced training required to join the ranks of becoming a special operator.
>Stop watching propaganda and join the military already, 
Did the CIAniggers find this place?
>the only military in the world is US
сука блять убирайся из города ты бомжи
(1.1MB, 1024x768)
(218.1KB, 1920x1018)
Let's get back on track
Go play Total Chaos if you haven't already, it's fun spooky game made in GZDoom
I haven't, thank you anon. Blood's my favorite of the build big three(or I guess AMC/Ion Fury makes it the big five now? Blood's still the best in my opinion)
Replies: >>20928
Silly question, this isn't mega, isn't it?
Replies: >>20949
(87.8KB, 622x920)
It is, silly. Just add water, the default mega address and replace % with !
the what now? Duke3D is a best
Replies: >>20962
AMC total Conversion, it's this odd affair for eduke where you have like 7 playable character and some weird xcom overworld where you research technology and create bases and whatnot. It's odd because the actual levels and shootan(in episode 1) are great but I've never understood what I've meant to do in the overworld.
Replies: >>21075
(58.3KB, 853x704)
I finished Halo 4 yesterday after pirating it. It's not a terriblr FPS, it's just poor balanced. Lack of ammo and tanky enemies make for a poor mix. If it wasn't called Halo people wouldn't hate it as much as they do, it's the same situation as DMC. It's average, maybe slightly below but it's got a legacy which demands more of it.

The plot is stupid and ruins the lore completely. The game ending with chief punching a nuke to detonate it then having an emotional lovey dovey fair well with Cortana shows how dumb 343 is. Their big emotional scene ends with a 5 second long shot of chief standing almost T posed in his armour. You can't read emotion in an orange face plate so the scene becomes comedic. Rampant Cortana is an interesting idea though, I want to play 5 to see where it goes. 

All in all it's a solid 4/10. If you rented it you would get your moneys worth but don't buy it type of deal.

Can any one recommend me some other high production value FPS? Like NuDoom, Half life 2, Halo or Killzone. I want to play more single player campaigns with good production value at the moment. Not into the indie scene so much.
Play The Darkness 2. Short campaign but the gameplay is mad fun and the story isn't bad either. The voice acting is especially good.
Replies: >>21069
I remember hating Darkness 2, 1 was really good. I'll give it another spin though.
Replies: >>21074
(806.4KB, 1050x1485)
I'm in the minority in that I actually enjoyed 4. I posted this elsewhere but I understand that the forerunners were supposed to be left cryptic and leave their power/influence to the imagination, but I think they handled it pretty well. The story isn't as bad as people say it is, I like how it focused on the relationship between Cheef and Cortana. Forerunner part was good too Bungie kind of set up for it at the legendary ending of 3, but then again that could be any planet. Story did make a few key decisions I don't agree with, killing Cortana and such. Gameplay is very tight, sounds are crispy, new gunz are very fun to use. Easily the best looking game on the 360 and the environments are some of the best in the series and in really the whole sci-fi genre, it really feels like you're on a hostile alien world. Don't remember much from the soundtrack. Multiplayer was some of the most fun I had online in 2012-2013, lot of good memories. Spartan Ops is a joke, literally just "go here push this button go back" on the same five maps twenty different times. People are always hating on this one, but aside from Spartan Ops I don't understand why.
>I want to play 5 to see where it goes. 
oh boy
Replies: >>21076
I remember a reason a lot of people had with 2 was they didn't like the change in graphics. Me personally I liked the change in graphics, just looked a lot more gory. I didn't think the story was as good as the first but the gameplay is a lot better than the first, still one of my favorite games.
Oh yeah, that thing. Seems too unfocused to be good. Played through Alien Apocalypse, that was fine. I think the same people worked on it.
Like the other anon said, The Darkness 2 is great fun.
Hard Reset Redux (it's more AA, but still)
Shadow Warrior 2013 is made by the same people, it's alright.
Call of Juarez Gunslinger if you still haven't tried it.
Metro 2033/2034 if you don't mind the jank. Metro Exodus is you want to play slav Rage.
Star Wars Republic Commando is great.
Singularity is a fun if really bog standard shooter by Raven soft.
I disagree with almost everything you said. The only new gun I liked was the SAW and every other gun felt like shit or just a worse copy of a gun already in the game. I want my plasma rifles back, the storm rifle is just the AR reskinned.

Forerunners were handled extremely poorly and making Chief immune to digital attacks is weird when the only way he could survive nuke punching is by cortana absorbing him digitally or some shit. And I'm not even going to touch on chief having zero reaction to a new generation of Spartans appearing.

4 reminds me of Sonic mania, where it's a game made by people who want to copy past things rather than evolve the game. Halo has vehicle escapes so we need those. Reach has flying bits so we need those. Halo 2 has an on rails section so we need that too! It's someone taking all the iconic parts of Halo as a series and not understanding how to mix those into 1 product. It has bad pacing and makes lots of bad decisions.

>Halo 4 ghost has limited boost now
>There's a segment where you have to escape on a ghost which needs unlimited boost
>Bullshit story excuse for it
Sums up Halo 4 in a nutshell for me. They make changes which make zero sense and then have to make excuses for problems they caused themselves by fixing what wasn't broken.

The environments all look shit TBH. They are generic hallways for the most part and even the open areas just look like multiplayer arenas reused. 

Cortana doesn't die in 4. She goes rampant and tells chief to leave her. Rampancy isn't death, it's going full retard and thinking yourself into being a genocidal wannabe god willing to fuck up everything and anything which stands in your way for domination.
Replies: >>22869
(180.3KB, 500x530)
>make a review of this game on fatchan
>keep it around because I forgot about it
>delete it a week ago, because it's not like I'll ever use it
Well shit. I'm not sure if it's worth the price, you can always pirate it first and pay later, it's got a GoG version so no DRM.
All I can remember now is that it's Terminator 1 and 2 fanservice, gameplay is Bethesda's Fallout except less shit and a couple of tips: try to play with the least HUD you can (though seeing through walls with ultravision eventually becomes necessary, it ain't a stealth game) and on the hardest difficulty level you can.It's actually good when game's hard, all elements work together well. Though you might not like the game flow, it's slow (on higher difficulties, at least) since it's post apocalypse and you're at war with machines that outrank you, so very often you take robots one by one with a sniper rifle or semi-auto rifle and hope you won't get overwhelmed.
One of the more surprising things about T:R is that despite game having a lot of HUD and indicators by default, they aren't necessary even on the hardest difficulty (except for the aforementioned ultravision through the walls thing). I wonder if they experimented with HUD (de)saturation in the development and maybe it's a remnant of that.
>really enjoy that they didn't shoe horn Arnie into the game
They didn't have the money.
>last missions
I recall there being some dumb things happening during them, but they were enjoyable for a finale, mainly because of the build up. You get to fuck Skynet up after being shat on for the entire game.

Wolfenstein 09 was decently enjoyable, though I recall ammo for some weapons being too scarce to make them fun. Most of the game you're stuck with MP40 (or StG44 (?) later on) because of that.

>Wrath: Aeon of Ruin
Very good mobility, good enemies, okay maps (newest one is fun to go around because it's so open, but at the same time, I always get into every area ass backwards because it's difficulty to say what is the intended way of getting in them), mixed weapons (shotgun is the best, slag cannon and blade are good, fang spitter's two fire modes are "fire with recoil" and "fire without recoil at marginally lower DPS" and ammo you can carry for it is annoyingly low, retcher is mostly gimmick with its low area of effect, coach gun is entirely superfluous). I should probably mention precision as well: to me, it's blissful that there's little randomness. Damage of all weapons isn't random (besides shotgun's spread, but that's alright), almost all are accurate, enemies deal set damage, movement takes you where you want to go.

On an unrelated note, how's Project Warlock?
Replies: >>21177 >>21286
Consider trying Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath and Bioshock 2 if you haven't already.
I actually played T:R on hard(I played infiltrator on extreme), would you recommend replaying it on Extreme or did I miss nothing?
Jennifer is best girl. Baron's hot but I'm not into tattoos.
Replies: >>21193
>>21177 (nice)
You don't really miss anything, it just made the game more enjoyable for me, because it forced me to use all mechanics I have to fight the machines. But as far as I know, difficulty levels are just stat buffs without any new content, so there's no point to replaying it, unless you really want to. It's hard to get more than a single playthrough out of T:R.
Yeah, I fucking hate how every game just saturates with HUD elements nowadays instead of having good level design and game mechanics.
Replies: >>21290
(3.2MB, 1850x968)
Whatever could you possibly mean?
Replies: >>21295 >>21302
What are all those meters on the right holy shit
Replies: >>21297
Basically the number of fights in the level you're in. I think green is completed, orange is mandatory, yellow is secret(?) and Purple is super secret for the gates.
(769.5KB, 2419x840)
NuDoom isn't even one of the worst offenders as you can pretty much turn off all that shit and you have sound ques for most stuff.
The HUD is highly customizable 
The big issue I have with it is that despite having a highly customizable HUD you can't turn off the absolute visual garbage that is hitmarkers.
Replies: >>21324
Does anyone remember a mega repository that had a lot of classic FPS? Had all the big three build engine games, lots of iwads including Hexen and its expac, and Chex Quest, and a bunch of quake engine games too. I think it had Hexen 2 which is what I'm looking for.
Is that battleborn image edited?
>Is that battleborn image edited?
(1.5MB, 1281x681)
>Is that battleborn image edited?
If only you knew how bad things are
Replies: >>21406
(1.1MB, 1281x681)
Holy fuck look at all that empty space for the HUD to go. Its feels so clustered. Shit doesnt even need to be that big
And half of it is completely unnecessary, AAAshit is just a bunch of checklists.
I think the idea may have been to put HUD elements closer to the center of the screen so that a person doesn't have to look as far away from the center to see them. In itself, it's a good idea, so long as those hud elements are important and unobtrusive--which those aren't. It's a bad application of a good lesson. But then they're also perfectly happy to cluster shit right around the crosshair, which is usually avoided in games attempting to claim a veneer of realism.
Replies: >>21665
(54.9KB, 1280x710)
>>16191 (OP) 
Was CoD Modern Warfare 2 the turning point when FPS campaigns became easier in general? Few people play the campaigns and mostly spend time in the multiplayer for these sorts of games, then even less people care to play through the campaigns on harder difficulties. From 2009 on, every shooter campaign I've played never gave me as much trouble as CoD 4's No Fighting in the War Room or some of those later missions in World at War with all the grenade spam. Even the CoD 4 remaster was considerably easier compared to the original.
I'm assuming it's put like that so that on a big ass tv screen it doesn't feel like you're looking far away for a hud element. On a pc monitor it looks like ass though.
Replies: >>21480 >>21481
na it was cod4
Consoles ruined FPS games forever
Fuck Halo, I liked it but I'd rather it had not existed at all due to all the cancer it brought upon the genre.
I had been planning to argue that, but don't most people who play games on a TV still sit relatively far away from them? Maybe that can't be done with an FPS.
Replies: >>21482
I don't really know either. I haven't owned a tv since the PS2 days and that was a fairly small CRT.
Replies: >>21485
Personally, I've had the "look away from the center of the screen" problem on a monitor that was not particularly big, but that's because I have shitty vision that's getting worse as I age. I assume that for most people it's not as big of a deal--but then I assumed that monitors were getting larger, or at least wider for similar height. So it makes sense to me that they'd want to keep the UI close to where people are looking. As I said, I understand the goal. But you don't have peripheral vision with a monitor, really, so that does sort of waste all the space outside the UI--especially when it's the UI itself that gets your attention in that part of the screen and not anything happening behind it and therefore obstructed and broken up by it.
Is Blood Fresh Supply a shitty port or something? Every time I use the tommy gun I end up tanking the FPS momentarily.
I also feel like it's somehow easier, I remember Well Done being much more difficult although it might be DeathWish showering me with armor.
Replies: >>21491 >>21502
It's mostly OK but Atari isn't letting Nightfire work on it anymore for some bullshit reason. I'd still probably recommend the dos version for the original game, but Fresh Supply makes Death Wish runs a lot better.
Replies: >>21493
So what's the deal with the tommy gun then? I notice that the bullet casings still have glitched physics long after I've fired them and I have to go through a level with a slightly lowered FPS and a constantly clinking noise.
Replies: >>21494
I never experienced that but severed heads on a slope would act similarly so it's probably a slope collision problem.
I swear to god if this fucker somehow ruins Ultrakill or Gloomwood I'm going to be pissed. I already remember how apparently he was adamant about not having a grid inventory in Gloomwood until some other popular game had it and then he changed his mind.
Replies: >>21547
Fresh Supply is shit, go with BloodGDX or NBlood instead.
Replies: >>21526
So would the h-doom equivalent of Blood be H-blood or Semen?
>Was CoD Modern Warfare 2 the turning point when FPS campaigns became easier in general?
No it was cod4, considering it became the first or one of the first cinematic first person shooters. MW2 isn't that different from cod4.
>(((el goblino-obscuro))) being a fag again
Article related:

He's a self-admitted kike. So i don't surprise if he will piss off players again with his rigid and shekel grabber instincts or would became another (((Duckman))) and will fire any bad goy from the company who doesn't align with his kosher line.
Replies: >>21574
Fuck off Jmaa
The biggest problem is more so that he's flooding the market with "retro" FPS games, creating consumer apathy and making it hard for the actual good ones to stand out. Remember when Hotline Miami came out and Devolver started publishing anything and everything with a remotely similar style until no one cared? Same phenomenon.
MW2 was a symptom not the cause. For CoD specifically the series actually started to decline with 2 where it went multiplat and the multiplayer's depth and scale was sacrificed for console players' convenience.
Replies: >>21752
I think they made a new mode were you play as a terminator.
https://legendsworld.net/shooter/year/1981-1989 I don't know how safe the website is completely but it's a gone mine for finding old and niche games. 

TVs and monitors are now too big. You can't see the full screen size so they squeeze them all into the center. It's annoying if you sit back from the screen and have aging eye sight because it all becomes unreadable. HUG scaling needs to be included in every game.
any of you anons be up for some autistic challenges? Like melee only halo levels or pacifist doom levels? No real purpose just some weird way to play games and make ourselves laugh.
Replies: >>21713
Pacifist runs are eztier shit. Try running a slaughterwad with something like Hideous Destructor or Shut Up and Bleed.
Replies: >>21823
(116.4KB, 1280x720)
Already the UI for AMC TC is giving me a headache. How the fuck do I get out of these damned menus? I must have pressed everything.
Replies: >>21731 >>21861
AMC TC is impressive but it's a clusterfuck to actually play. Just no restraint as to what actually makes a level reasonable or playable
Replies: >>21734
I haven't even gotten to the levels, why would a build game need 10 playable characters and a loadout screen?
Replies: >>21793
>where it went multiplat and the multiplayer's depth and scale
Has cod ever had depth and scale in their multiplayer maps?
Replies: >>21793 >>21806

>Didn't join the United Offensive gamenights 
You missed out
Replies: >>21834
>putting women as frontline infantry en masse
You are living in the past, jewsa have been trying women infantry allthrought the 2010's and the conclusion? New fitness guidelines for all infantry that effectively cuts off the vast majority of women from actually making it through boot camp. Jewsa is fucked to shit and actively trying to destroy itself, but (((they))) don't want to completely scuttle it just yet. 
If you don't believe accepting women into the military doesn't just fuck it up completely and think you are somehow smarter than every single functional country in existence before (((modern))) times, then drop by whatever is left of /k/ to ask them about it, I'm not spoonfeeding.
Replies: >>21823 >>21833
In United Offensive yes. Plain old CoD 1 has depth but not scale. The maps are smaller but unlike the later games they're not designed to be killboxes where you can rarely see more than a few meters ahead of you and constantly get shot in the back though this does vary on a map by map basis. Later games usually have a few defined sniper windows that can see a specific chunk of the map only and everything else is run and gun. It's hard to describe the difference but it's there.
Replies: >>21823
I don't care what we do. I just want to see the thread get some thing going. Doing a weekly autistic challenge will foster discussion and get some more people in here to enjoy it.

They never tried to put women on the frontlines in reality, just the PR and media wing of the military larped that. They instead put them in secondary positions, put them in command or vehicle operations. They fuck up in every position, sleep around and get "good" men killed because of it. I'm semi convinced the kikes are weakening the US intentionally as they jump ship to China. Same way they went from Britain to the US.

Arcade multiplayer is better than sitting in a window hoping to spot the other guy sitting in a window half the map away. Red orchestra was unplayable to me because of that. Realism isn't fun. I want better than realism like blue eyed elephants!
Replies: >>21900 >>21903
>If you don't believe accepting women into the military doesn't just fuck it up completely
I think they're fine in logistics and as Air Pilots
Replies: >>21841
I hope. I shelved it for today and ended up playing Amid Evil instead. AE isn't a bad game but it could use a bit of a push to make it great. Movement being a bit faster, jumping being a bit higher, weapon switching being faster, more enemy spawns etc.
Replies: >>21836
(343.3KB, 328x489)
The dithering raped my eyes, I never got motion sickness outside of IRL hammocks, not even in VR, and I can handle any FOV from 55 to 140 easily, thought I'd rather not be a pleb and have 120 FOV.

But that game is probably the first game in like 20 years that gave me motion sickness due to the visuals, holy shit it got me bad.
Replies: >>21837
The only thing I have to say about how it looks is that I almost fell out of my chair when I realized the "3d models" were actually sprites.
Replies: >>21838
Yeah, shame I can't play it
Think I neared a seizure trying to force it.

Literally the only game to ever do this to me. Weird shit
>The Citadel
Is it fun?
Replies: >>21877 >>21879
You're an idiot. At best you make them nursing staff and secteraries.


First woman jet pilot dies trying to land. And we aren't even discussing how women navigate different to men and would be sub par in the sky, stamina to fly missions at length or reflexes if they ever get into a fight.
Replies: >>21866
I played it again and I think I'm going to puke, because I played as the knight guy expecting melee combat on the level of GMOTA
What I got was incredibly floating, janky looking and honestly very nauseating. I already thought the camera went berserk with sprint roll but the sword's alternate fire is too much. Otherwise all this makes me want to do is play Alien Armageddon instead.
Not jet combat
Talking about Heli transportation
Replies: >>21869
Woman suck at everything that isn't caring for children. Just give it up with the stupid fucking "what ifs" already. There's NOTHING they are good at in the military. They aren't even good cooks, men beat them even at that. Even at the fucking kitchen.
Women suck at raising kids too.
Replies: >>21872 >>21876
So what you're saying is that IRL should be like an Asanagi doujin?
Replies: >>21873
Women can be useful worker bees, but they need a man to lead them.
Replies: >>21876
None of this shit has anything to do with gaming, no one about women only you faggots do.
From the little I played of it before it crashed on me, it's an okay shooter. The levels all blend in with each other with most of them looking the same, but the sprite work isn't half bad.
It's honestly just an doom/quake clone. It's alright as an game, but I had problems with random crashes and framerate drops. It needs a bit polishing and the nip should of been a bit more creative when he made the game.
>Arcade multiplayer is better than sitting in a window hoping to spot the other guy sitting in a window half the map away. Red orchestra was unplayable to me because of that. Realism isn't fun. I want better than realism like blue eyed elephants!
UO was not a tactical FPS like RO:OST and it was definitely arcadey.
>Arcade multiplayer is better than sitting in a window hoping to spot the other guy sitting in a window half the map away
You've never played an RO or Darkest Hour match in your life.

Probably RO2 cancer
Replies: >>21906
I played RO and my clearest memory is a ruined building with about 30 different windows having a sniper in it. It was a miserable game of whack a mole.

Any one played Alpha prime? Are there any good metroidvania style FPS? And no Metroid prime isn't good.
Replies: >>21907 >>21935
>alpha prime
shit game, boring and repetitive as fuck, it's only memorable for a bunch of comedic cutscenes featuring some italian dude clearly dubbed by an actual italian, but you can watch those on youtube.
>Metroid Prime isn't good
Is Maximum Action any good?
Replies: >>21987
Still pretty much a tech demo until they get a proper level designer to do more than just movie fight recreations. Physics and combat feel really good but enemies seem to be somewhat lacking in variety and bosses aren't particularly challenging either. Slowmo is easymode but also somewhat required for the spectacle factor that the game possess.
I'd say 8/10 for a demo, 5/10 if you expect a full featured game, worth a pirate.
(88.1KB, 427x214)
Can anyone help me in Haydee 2?
I seem to have locked myself out of a part in security.
The red lines are bars. There doesn't seem to be any way to get in anymore or am I wrong?
I think there's still stuff I need in there.
Is there a savegame editor or something?
Replies: >>22393
So playing Amid Evil some more I think I know what the problem is. You have 7(?) short episodes each with their own gimmicks and enemy types, but you're stuck with the same 7 weapons every episode you're in with nothing new to see. Don't get me wrong, I love the sword, the mace, the planet claw, and the electric trident. But you get to see everything you as the player will be doing by episode 2. Plunging an entire episode in darkness, focusing on platforming for another or having some gimmick boss where I need to douse it in water isn't enough. I know it would have been a shitton of effort but I wish if every episode had its own weaponset just to freshen things up.
Anon this is the FPS thread not the FPASS thread.
Replies: >>22396
It doesn't really need to be a totally new weaponset for every episode. A new weapon an episode and a new monster or three every two or so would probably do it, although it'd still be a lot of balancing work.
Replies: >>22397
The issue is that so far this isn't like Dusk where they introduce cool new concepts or powerups to keep things fresh(and Dusk didn't have 7 episodes, yeah each episode is 4 levels but still) and there's nothing besides a scenery change that truly makes the episodes different. Yeah there are different enemy types but they still classify into ground fodder 1, ground fodder 2, flying fodder, big ground guy and wall mounted fodder.
Replies: >>22399
Well, they aren't really different enemies if they're just skin changes or minor behavior changes but still fall into the same archetypes for each episode. The reason the "new guns for every episode" thing makes me nervous is that Daikatana tried that and did it pretty badly. Now, of course, the right answer is not to never again have a game that makes a new weapon set per episode, but instead to actually make good weapons. Like you said, though, that's tough.
Replies: >>22402
Honestly I think that's why I was kind of interested in that expansion they were making because it's remixed levels and a new weaponset.
Also because you can go into the levels in non linear order no episode feels like it ramps up in difficulty that much. At most I hated the forge because I couldn't see much and those flying buzzsaw fuckers.
What was the first FPS with an explicitly female player character? Oldest I can think of is Hexen II, but I'm sure there's something older.
Replies: >>22407
And I just remembered Rise of the Triad included some female options. Still worth asking if there's anything even older.
Replies: >>22625
(10.3MB, 368x368, 05:12)
I admit I was barely paying attention to the music but this track was really good.
Also starting with the Solar whatever and the pilgrim's path the game got a lot better with the enemy designs. Enemies that can parry your attacks, enemies weak to specific types of magic, enemies that power up if hit by a certain projectile, aggressive enemies and enemies that use your own attacks like the celestial claw and the mace of torment. I still wish there were more weapons and powerups but this is getting better from a design standpoint in my opinion.
Replies: >>22600
I finished it. The game's heart is in the right place but it needs more. It's really well designed but it runs out of steam by the end, especially the last episode.
>Want to make cool reality bending shit like Constantine's mansion
>Except you don't have a map
>There's very little signposting
>Everything looks the same shade of purplish red
>And you have to run around bumping into bottomless pits because there are parts where the terrain forms in front of you when you approach it and it isn't made clear to you at all
>Also a lot of switch hunting puzzles where it's not clear where you're supposed to be going afterwards
>Annoying enemies that are either very agressive melee non-distinct black blobs that I'm still not sure are meant to be animated or not, or non descript spheres that either spam projectiles at you or fire a laser that can take off 60 health in a second
>The later enemy is tanky and doesn't go down in one celestial claw hit, but the knockback from that will surely have it steer the laser towards you and goodbye to your health then.
>Also the penultimate level bursts your ear out with re-using the episode 7 bosses who never quiet down while you're hunting for switches.
>Final boss is pretty lame, shoot it until it dies, yeah it uses souped up versions of your attacks but who cares.
I'm still interested in the expansion. 6.5/10
This the main Dusk dev? What exactly did he do wrong? Pic you posted just made him look a bit egotistical.
Replies: >>22625
Nope, I think Rise of the Triad is the first one to do it.

That's the publisher, not the dev
And he's a virtue signalling egotistical faggot who downright refused to publish Glomwood, the Thief clone by the Dusk dev, if it had a inventory system until people pointed out that X popular games had an inventory system, then he was ok with it.
Replies: >>22636
(3.5MB, 1920x1080, 00:10)
God damn, I fucking hate railroaded modern game scripting.
I recorded this after finishing NuDoom 2 when it came out and found it now.

Holy shit, this pissed me off more than any glitch or bug I have ever had.
(14.3KB, 250x250)
Worse yet, his reasoning was that a grid inventory would be too complicated for console gamers. When the dev finally convinced him by showing him Peripeteia's inventory, he pulled a 180 and made a big fucking deal about Gloomworld's amazing new inventory, then got a bunch of gaming websites to cover it while bragging on Twitter about how he knows his audience so well.
This man is the Randy Pitchford of indie shooters.
Replies: >>22641 >>22707
That's just pathetic
i've never really played the game, can you elaborate a bit about what's happening here and what you expected to happen?
Replies: >>22681 >>22693
It's a jumping puzzle and he made the jump but it refused to grab onto the wall as it should have. Which is incredibly weird since it's super sticky with wall grabbing.
Replies: >>22741
My guess is that he was supposed to fight a wave of enemies to unlock a platform that goes to that wall, while he found a way to skip that part using clever movement and it flat out wouldn't let him grab.
Replies: >>22746
>his reasoning was that a grid inventory would be too complicated for console gamers
I know most console plebs are dumb as fuck, but that's almost too cynical.
What are some decent first person melee games? Amid Evil gave me the same itch Dark Messiah did(somehow, it's the way the axe functioned) and Shady Knight is probably three or so years from completion, and Fight Knight is seemingly dead. I've already played GMOTA.
I do too, especially when you go off the rails for a few moments and end up very confused as to where you're supposed to be going because the game expects you to have objective markers and the like.
I remember this part 
He made the jump in an earlier spot which is much more clever than the game expects.
Replies: >>22750 >>22857
>he was supposed to fight a wave of enemies to unlock a platform
I wasn't, I was supposed to go down on the left platform around, and then climb to a higher platform.

Here's a consolefag doing it
>join TF2 matchmaking server
>group of 3 snipers with a clan tag are on it
>they're all making try hard call outs on VOIP and saying nice shot to each other occasionally
>spectate one of them
>blatantly cheating
Compared to the usually spinbots it was an interesting thing to witness. I can't imagine what goes through someones head when they organize a party to cheat and all LARP on voice chat together as if they weren't cheating. The amount of effort they put into sounding like they weren't cheating on a public casual match was pretty funny.
Replies: >>22750
The first Condemned is pretty satisfying in terms of first person melee I think. There are guns, but they're pretty rare and the ammunition is extremely limited, the main focus is beating the shit out of bums with lead pipes and other shit you can find in the environment, or your bare fists if you're unlucky and whatever weapon you were using broke.
Parts of Condemned 2 are ok, but everything after the bear is completely retarded and only worth playing if you want to have a laugh. It also turns into more of a shooter after that because guns become more plentiful, though you can still run out of ammo very quickly and may have to resort to shoving 2x4s up someone's ass before they can shoot you in the face.
Maybe they were dicking around with aimbots specifically to b8 people into whining at them over it for a laugh.
Replies: >>22860
Condemned 1 and 2, 
Jedi knight and academy. 
Zeno clash 1 and 2. 
Hexen, Hexen 2 and Heretic. 
Dead island series has probably the most indepth melee system and sucks after the first area.
Dying light is dead island with parkour and a much better game.
Dead effect 1 and 2 are little indie games where melee is viable. I had fun with the second one using a grenade launcher and a katana.

I want to dig up some good looter shooters. Borderlands is the only one to use the weapon concept well and everything around that is annoying as being pissed on by a goat.
Replies: >>22860
I've never played Jedi Outcast past the second level.
Thanks for the recs anons. Guess Hexen 2 it is. Any recommended sourceports?
The rampancy thing is basically their neural network unraveling due to imperfect data science,  it is supposed to happen to all "smart AIs." What never made sense to me was why the fuck didn't they just make a copy of her neural network when she was "born", keep that in passive storage,, and use that as a backup when she goes rampant. It's been a story point for ages, possibly in the concept documents for Halo 1 but first explicitly mentioned in Fall of Reach, the first book to expand the universe between Halo 1 and 2. However the way it's executed in the games is shitty.
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Cortana's made from a flash clone so I assume that's the only way to make a new version of her. She gets an AI cloning technique in First strike but it's flawed. It introduces small defects until you end up fragmented and rampant in a different way.

The finale where she splits herself multiple times is shitty but the lead up before that is accurate to the books more or less. She's slowly turning into a psycho thinking she's a god among ants. My only complaint pre-ending is when she crashes the spires into each other instead of the ship. If you're angry and going postal you wouldn't just collapse them.

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