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What's the oldest person you know that actually plays videogames? I've not known anyone who plays videogames past 50, so it's always a joy to see folk in their later years still engaging with vidya games. 

Back during 8kunts days, I was hoping the Q boomers would come and talk about vidya with us, which would be pretty cool to increase the variety of people discussing videogames, guess it was never really meant to be.
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>I've not known anyone who plays videogames past 50
My uncle is nearing 80 and he used to play RTS with me just a few years back, and when I was still a little bitch he was grinding races in GT 2 and saving up millions of credits. Nowadays he just plays a bunch of those garbo browser games like Travian.

I'm also reminded that I suspect he might be a mason and I don't know what to make of that because he's the smartest and coolest person in my family.
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The original Fire Emblem creator is still making games at over 70 years old now, and he logically must still be playing games of course.
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>I'm also reminded that I suspect he might be a mason and I don't know what to make of that
He probably just had older relatives that were masons from back when it was how you did health ~insurance
I would hope so but you'd be surprised how many devs don't play games beyond basic testing.
>What's Who's the oldest person you know that actually plays videogames?
Another anon on this very board, he knows I'm talking about him, the old fart. I don't know his real age but he's probably the oldest anon here both physically and mentally... then again he still plays vidya so I'm not so sure about the latter :^)

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a looooong time.
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>>161172 (OP) 
A family member that is somewhere in his late 50s plays and makes vidya.
My father also plays but just browser games nowadays, I would give him a good timesink game but he hates the british too much to learn their language and as a consequence I can't recommend him good smaller games that are untranslated.
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s-shutup im not that old okay i am but fug stop
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how old are you
A guy over 50 recommended a game to me. It turned out to be one of my favorite games
On a somewhat related note, there seems to be lot of elderly people playing flight sims. But they sure can whine exactly like young players
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old coworker in his 40s would always be playing some random bing bing wahoo at work, always with cheats or trainers. was playing AM2R one week and somehow had every item in the game halfway through it. next week he was playing terraria. checked on him 20 minutes after he started and he already had wings. next week he "accidentally" played a hentai strip poker game, tried to shut off his monitor when i came in but i saw it anyways, feigned that he didn't know they were going to strip. was a cool dude.
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I know someone who is 85 years old who enjoys playing video games.
My mom is 80 and has played all of the Penumbra series, including Amnesia, original God of War series, most of non-handheld Legend of Zelda, all of Uncharted and probably some other things I've forgotten.
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>my mom is 80
how old are you, 60?
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>It turned out to be one of my favorite games
What was it?

>playing some random bing bing wahoo at work, always with cheats or trainers
Ask him about his wife's boyfriend next time you see him, make it seem very matter-of-fact.

Seconding >>161346 also what do (You) play?
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>>161172 (OP) 
I tried to get one of my aunts (she's in her 60's) to play Ace Attorney since she loves to watch crap like that on TV. But she's totally against it since she thinks it's a hobby for dorks and losers. But I will convert her one day.
A couple years ago, I got my grandmother to play Mario Kart for like 5 minutes. She was in her 70's then.
A ~50 y/o guy I work with was a pretty big gamer. 
Now he's a >her. This truly is a degenerate hobby.
My dad, who's almost 50, still plays vidya every once and a while. Hell, he's been playing ever since he got an NES with Castlevania and Tetris back in the 80's.
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>Now he's a >her.
Sit on my lap sonny jim and I'll tell you all about it.
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sometimes my dad would try to play vidya with me. no matter how badly i played i could never play down to his level. one time we played MKWii on Mario Circuit 64, he drove straight over a hill and out of bounds because he thought there would be a shortcut there.
He also had a habit of having a death grip on the controller and sounded like he was about to snap it in half and any moment.
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I used to play video games with my dad when I was younger. Him and I managed to play Doom 95 coop together and I think we played Down Hill Domination together as well. Two games that I have fond memories with him are Killzone and Medal of Honor European Assault. We would do a sort of let's play/couch coop and take turns if we died. I need to go back and finish Killzone. I distinctively recall the story being very engaging even though the game play could be lackluster at time.
>>161172 (OP) 
The oldest guy i knew who played gooms was my uncle. He was around 42. He was a total COD bro. This was back in 2007-2010. I stopped playing at 33 mainly because wokism killed the industry but apso because i felt self conscious. You realy do get too old at a certain point.
She's a huge vita fag, love this lady.
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I told her that I wanted to put her in a mating press and she didn't appreciate it
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you have to be more subtle and give some foreplay, you only say such things to whores
be nice before flirting faggot
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>>161172 (OP) 
Old people in fighting games?
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>>161172 (OP) 
old people need love too
got any game recommendations for boomers? might set up my mom's computer with openTTD and see how autistic she truly is or isn't, she loves point and click games
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Hidden object games, LucasArts and Sierra classics.
Don't bother with open source or anything like that, the more commercial the better. Pick the exact opposite of what you would play.

Or better yet, ask her what she likes in a game and go from there.
A friends father asked me for some vidya, he said he likes games where you run around shooting stuff. So I got him Doom with a few QoL wads, Quake with Arcane Dimensions, Serious Sam 1 and 2, F.E.A.R., Amid Evil, Dusk, Soldier of Fortune and some Duke Nukem 3D sourceport.
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all fair points, figure she might like hidden object games the best, thanks anon
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get her a VR headset
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My dad used to play racing games on the PS1 with me. But one day my mom just shows up pissed off out of nowhere and starts shouting "a grown ass man playing stupid video games, my god!!!" 
He soon stopped playing games with me ever since that day
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ur mom's a bitch.
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>>161172 (OP) 
A lot of GenXers still play vidya.
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*ur dad's a bitch
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This is true. I know two genX guys at work that game more regularly than I do. One of them is older genX as well.
Should've bitched the mom out
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My 40+ Gen X relative plays mostly VR poker these days, but I know he plays some new playstation shit. I’m betting mostly crap but not sure.  Most fun we have together is usually Blood Bowl 2. His wife who’s a fair bit older once played through mario 3d world with us younger people but I don’t think that or phone games count. 

The oldest person I know who plays games well was a comp sci professor who played UT2003 with us the last day. Only 2 of us could keep up with him.
I'm 62 and have put lots of hours in on Elden Ring, Days Gone, and Witcher 3.

My dad played Halo up into his 70s but not now,
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Pretty cool anon, what was your first game console/game?
62? proof?
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