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it's fucking video games, baby

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If you're not playing it on the original hardware then you are not playing it at all. You are simply playing a fake version. You are not playing the way it was intended to be played. You are simply playing a fake version. You did not complete the game, you never even played it in the first place.
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I hope you are playing on crt with composite or you are seeing game not how developers intended it. for old pixelshit anyway
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good emulators can emulate that effect
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>>160568 (OP) 
Real gamers emulate because they are poor as fuck and need an escape from the daily horror of life that comes with being poor. Otherwise you are a spoiled faggot.
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>>160568 (OP) 
I agree anon, but i also don't want to own so much hardware and having everything on my HDD is more convenient.
>developers did not make the game on the original hardware therefore it's all fake
Light isn't real, video games don't exist.
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We aren't real, /v/ doesn't exist.
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This, we are all just bots, the charade is over bot bros.
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actually, i am dog
01011010 01101110 01010110 01101110 01011010 00110010 01100011 01100111 01001111 01101101 01010010 01101011 01011010 01000111 01010001
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How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real
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>>160568 (OP) 
Why are you like this?
>>160568 (OP) 
Depends on the platform, depends on the game. Some emulation methods are perfect, some aren't. Vegans claim that eating meat is wrong because they care more about animals than they do about people. You claim that emulation is wrong because you care more about games than you do about the people that play them. The truth is there isn't enough to go around and we ought to be happy with what we have. Those of us who have access to original hardware enjoy it, and those who don't settle for less. You're entitled to your dumbass opinion, but in reality it depends of the faithfulness of the emulation and, like that one guy who shows up every once in a while to screech about hating turn-based RPGs, you're a retard for asserting that people are having fake fun.
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>>160568 (OP) 
Wait a minute, I've seen this shitty thread before.
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If I play a PSP game on a Vita I am not playing the real game
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If you're not playing on a PSP-1000 while riding the train to school in Japan you're not playing the real game
Yeah, you're playing a better one
>>160568 (OP) 
>You are not playing the way it was intended to be played.
In japanese?
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If you are not playtesting while employed as a QA drone in a AAA company, you are not playing the real game.
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how do I do that, teach me
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>Playtesting AAA cancer
Rather neck myself
First, become mentally retarded. After that make sure your skin color is at least 5 shades darker than average.
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>least 5 shades darker than average.
>average is black
You want him to be a shadow?
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That's a non-pc term, grandpa, we call them niggers nowadays.
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