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>Great movement. Spindash allows you to travel great distances. Great OST, great colorful graphics. Chaos Garden.
<Small linear maps unfitting to such movement. Boring underworld.
>Sonic and Shadow's movement's still fun. Great OST, great colorful graphics. Chaos Garden.
<Even more linear maps. 2/3s of the game is shit (Egg/Tails, Knuckles/Batats levels)
>Sonic Heroes
>Movement while not as good, fun enough. Some gimmicks just need a little work and have overall potential. Great OST, great colorful graphics.
<Again, linear maps. Enemies have HP bars for some fucking reason even though the combat sucks dick. Shit puzzles that take 5 minutes to do, that fucking casino level. The same fucking levels for all of the teams. NO CHAOS GARDEN.
19 years later
>Sonic Frontiers
>Big ass open map with tons of platforms.
<Sonic Unleashed movement. Looks like a fucking unreal4 showcasea. Generic boring OST.  NO CHAOS GARDEN
Why is it so hard to fucking get?
>>157910 (OP) 
Play Spark the Electric Jester
also gib source
Replies: >>158111
not again amy, I nees a break
God she's so fucking with her dress.
>>157910 (OP) 
I love SA2:B, I like how there's a billion different gameplay mechanics that don't feed into each other and I really love the movement glitches.
But for the life of me I don't understand how such an autist filled community like the Sonic one, and the Sonic Adventure one no less, cannot create new custom levels.
You'd think at some point Sega would make a Chao Garden raising sim with gacha if they wanted a machine that'd literally print money?
But for some reason they just hate profit.
If it was written once then fucking do it again
Unironically write code and make it mimic things that are seen in SA2 and then patch it from there and then expand on it
Seriously, nobody wants this shit they're pushing
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Spoiler File
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Looking back my post isn't engaging and is low quality, I apologize
Here is an Amy picture to make up for it
Replies: >>157975
Nice  bulge .
Replies: >>158182
I'm continuously amazed by how well the IDW Sonic comic has maintained its quality. It's only in the last few issues that it's starting to show signs of rot (uneven pacing, not allowed to use the kill word) and it's still better than the average Archie issue and ten times better than anything the big two excretes. Hopefully Sega continues to recognize what a good thing this is for the franchise and keeps standing on IDW to prevent the poz of the rest of the studio from leaking in.
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>>157910 (OP) 
Linear levels set limitations on and provide clear direction to the player. Even Mario 64 has linear levels consisting of blocky, floating geometry which complement the player's ability to move throughout the world. When making an open world to challenge such abilties, they're often made out of natural and unfitting geometry accompanied by floating platforms, floating linear segments in the sky, or interweaving linear segments across a massive landscape.
Fan games such as Sonic Utopia and GT fall into this trap of making large levels that are trivial to navigate, have no flow to them, or end up being a linear level suspended in the air that you're free to be funneled your way towards in the "open world."
Levels like Sonic's Red Mountain from Sonic Adventure or Mario's Shifting Sand Land are the closest to what I would call "open world" while still having flow and platforming challenges as opposed to Sonic's Adventure Stages which were fun to explore and waste time in at best. I can't imagine a Sonic game made up entirely of Adventure Stages with amusement park attractions scattered about being fun to play.
>2/3s of the game is shit... Knuckles/Batats levels
Ironically I think those levels are what you want, a large circular level to explore while using the character's abilities. Just change gliding to spindash-jumping and add halfpipes and springs to give free momentum.
Replies: >>158059 >>158066
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It's been 25 years since i played a Sonic game, it was a good game but could never understand this disproportionate obsession in this series.
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In rough order of importance:
1. Blue
2. Marketed to children
3. Furries
4. Furries with tits
5. Fun to mock in YTPs and such
6. Actually good gameplay in a few cases
Replies: >>158146
I forgot to summarize my point: Basically, open-world Sonic was always a flawed idea and every time someone tries to make one the statement is proven correct. Utopia is a giant aimless sandbox that you can just skip to the end with a few jumps. GTs levels are massive, but still linear and it controls like shit. Green Hill Paradise is a bit of both mixed together. Even as proof-of-concept these games that try to "do Sonic right" by making it about momentum and giant sprawling levels in which to apply movement techniques fails to make a proper game. With each one it becomes harder to imagine what they're going for, and nobody tackles Adventure-style games which is baffling to me.
Spoiler File
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Maybe not entirely open world but levels big enough with different routes where you can move more freely.
Replies: >>158106
>Basically, open-world Sonic was always a flawed idea
I don't think this exactly the case so much as the general basis that open world is believed to run under is flawed itself.
As you said, they need a strong consistent feel and to still be levels to feel good in most genres, but i do think its actually quite feasible to make "chunks" that reflect giant levels.
When looking at the "good" open worlds, basically the entire map is filled with obstacles regardless. However games in general have gotten caught up in the idea of sheer mass and needing "safe" surfaces everywhere.
Rather than as brief intersections that push you to leave them very quickly. A level shouldn't be big for the sake of it, each section should only be as long as the flow of it needs it.

While this mentality is pretty awful in your average genre, something like a platformer is even further divided from this amusement park design. There's a reason why platformer hubs pretty quickly evolved into pseudo levels or became incredibly small.

So literally sonic adventure levels.
Or rather the original intent before they realized they couldn't get past the technical issues by release time.
Sonic Adventure was always pretty weird as they clearly went in with a mentality that quite literally couldn't work with shit like the bad camera and clearly realized this super late.
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This. Played the spark 3 demo and its basically what I wanted out of a 3d sonic anyway. Just need a chao garden for it and we’re golden. 

I don’t quite get the obsession either, but kids to this day still like it cause the designs are fun and there’s enough good sonic media to balance out the worst of it. I watched the new movie yesterday with extended family kids ranging from 5 to 15 and they all liked it, I’ve had pretty genuine laughter watching that Sonic Boom show, and the youngest kid in my family has some sonic stuffys (including 2 chao) and loves those Tyson Hesse sonic shorts. Despite the fact that sega is retarded with him, Sonic has a simple appeal that still persists.
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The music is also relevant.
Spoiler File
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Sorry about that
I entered Amy Rose, Panties, and Upskirt in the tag seach bar and chose that pic since it didn't look so bad
Here's another one, minus the you know what
Replies: >>158342
This Improves the Time Travel in Sonic CD (New System)

Better, but still not good enough. I want world to slowly morph into the past/future tiles, and sonic staying in the center of the camera at all times. Plus it altered the gimmic too much, removing the difficulty. Almost feels like cheating.

I really like sci-fi elements of sonic games, those heavily industrialized cities and space stations. I know the original message was "hey, try to preserve nature you asshole", but I'm so used to nature that I don't value it in the slightest. In 200 years from now people will probably look at the old photoes and think "fuck, we fucked up big time, I want to go back in time so bad".

I like music in sonic games, 2d especially. Music in Sonic CD JP is top notch especially, it's amazing.

I like artstyle in 2d sonic games, with its weird look that makes supposedly organic elements look artificial and mechanical.

raocow is making a "all the sonics" walkthrough of every sonic game. Sonic 06 was kinda ok to watch, but that vii sonic game is so long with so many levels that it's very very boring to watch. I watched through 1025 videos in that playlist by now, though I probably skimmed through 100-200-300 of them. Not sure if it's the best letsplay around, just lazy to search for others. Sonic Pogo Stick, or how was it caled... Sonic Jump maybe... was one of the most interesting games in there. And the most fun game there was that edutament sonic game, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZnGDLgt7_8 , it's just creepy as fuck. And I really enjoyed Sonic Battle story mode, there is retro charm and coolness to it.

Sonic Chaotics feels... empty as hell. First time I heard of this game is from that whoisthisgit video. Sonic Crackers was more fun to goof around in. It does look good, but it's so empty it's eery.
Replies: >>158336
Sonic Frontiers Story Trailer - https://yewtu.be/watch?v=kCaAos6FeV0
I still can't really believe this game is going to exist.  It looks and feels like some kind of lost prototype from Sonic 06 that a SEGA employee found on his hard drive and uploaded anonymously.
Replies: >>165730
why you niggers keep watching and reposting trailers instead of waiting for the game to get released. It's not like you can play trailers.
The only good Sonic game is the Sonic Robo Blast 2 (the GZDoom TC mod).
Replies: >>158237
It's not GZDoom. It's a highly modified version of Doom Legacy (a dead sourceport none of you probably heard of).
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>raocow is still around
How in the fuck?
He has to be one of the oldest active LPniggers on Jewtube.
Fairly sure it was just puffy vulva and not little willie. Nice image though.

sage because fuck modern 3D sonic, classic 2D sonic is better.
Replies: >>158492
Spoiler File
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I went back and checked
Since I searched with the panties tag the picture without the panties wasn't included and well... she's packing
Damnit. Why must I always be wrong about this like these?
Fuck, now I have images of Sonic being chased by a lusty fully erect futa Amy in my head. "Gotta run fast" i guess.
Replies: >>158518 >>158520
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In related news the Sonic Hacking Contest is open to submissions: https://shc.zone/
In the unlikely event someone has /agdg/'d something let the thread know and we'll be rooting for you.
That wasn't a futa, that was a shemale. Futanari refers to hermaphrodites. Just speak and write your own language instead of outlander words, it's a lot better for everyone that way.
Replies: >>158527 >>158640
Normally I'd agree with fetish gatekeeping but this is entirely the artists fault.
The artist took a well established female character and added a dick, therefore you'd automatically assume it was futanari.
If this was a picture of Sonic with breasts wearing Amy's clothing then it would be shemale.
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Replies: >>187155
>open-world Sonic was always a flawed idea
I think there's a lot that could be done with the concept, provided Sega was willing to slaughter their sacred cows and take the basic concepts of Sonic and adjust them for an environment where you could go in any direction at any time.  Considering that they've been reinventing the 3-lane boost Sonic gameplay wheel for more than a decade since Unleashed codified it, I doubt they're capable of that.

When I watched the Frontiers footage a few weeks ago, the obvious thing that could be the foundation for a new mechanic is the light trail ability.  Draw circles around enemies to damage them or around environment objects to interact with them, draw long lines without getting them broken by puzzle hazards, draw lines without intersecting in a complex maze, and so on.  There's actually a fair amount you could do with this line gimmick provided it was the obvious centre of the gameplay loop and wasn't competing with all the usual Sonic mechanics - but of course this is Sonic, so he has to grind on rails, he has to bounce off springs, he has to zoom through boost pads and boost rings.

The game being a hideous clash of anime stylization and photorealistic UE4 stock assets doesn't help either.

>no, no, see, you're completely wrong - it's not the right KIND of woman with a dick, you dolt
Uh huh.
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That's indicative, but not decisive evidence. There are any number of artists who draw female characters and then provide alternate futa versions of their works.
Replies: >>158691
Spoiler File
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Case closed people
At the end of the day the bulge is whatever you want, besides futa
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Instead of sonic why don't they ever attempt at a spin-off of another sonic character in an open-world enviroment?
Like Knuckles?
He seems like he could fit that description. He can glide, climb walls, dig around alot something like SA1 & SA2 where you could expand his game mechanic,
Of course I know it won't happen since I hate how the side characters literally exist just to suck the blue hedgecock and nut over how awesome he is while they do jack shit when sonic is getting btfo'd by  eggman or whatever the new villain they added.
I've thought for a long time people would've been more receptive of the Werehog gameplay if it was Knuckles instead, without the stretchy arms part at least. I've seen other people echo that sentiment so there's a market for it somewhere. Sega just has to be willing to take some actual risks and make another game in the Sonic universe where Sonic isn't the main focus. Even if not as a beat-em-up I liked the treasure hunting gameplay, they should've kept that.
They could even make a game about Blaze's adventures in her dimension, or expand on Silver's story, but those characters may as well not exist anymore.
Replies: >>158913
the SAGE preshow is starting in a few minutes: watch?v=ioo_BTfYsnk
You guys gotta remember the last few times they tried this. Knuckles Chaotix and Shadow the Hedgehog were enough to scare them off of Sonic spinoffs for good it seems.
Replies: >>173332
>He seems like he could fit that description. He can glide, climb walls, dig around
And unlike Sonic. He doesn't chuckle. He'd rather flex his muscles.
Replies: >>158929
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I want to suffocate under rouge's big sweaty cleavage.
Replies: >>162707
Spoiler File
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I want to shove my face on Amy's big round donut.
Replies: >>162719
Spoiler File
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Imagine the smell.
Replies: >>165694
I want sonic battle 2.
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I shouldn't have saucenao'd this.
Replies: >>165696 >>165697
How bad?
Replies: >>165739
Spoiler File
(417.8KB, 2650x3300) Reverse
Frontiers appears to have bad level design, mediocre controls, and combat ideas that range from interesting (I like the circle thing conceptially, for example) to poorly thought out and unnecessary. I haven't played Lost World but it seems to have shuffled the priority around (mediocre levels, combat that's baffling, movement that is largely awful but the parkour is neat). Honestly, just expand on the Sonic 3 & Mania moveset. I've got a good list of additions to help 3D movement be less awful.
I really need to finish my design document for unfucking Chaotix one of these days.
>It looks and feels like some kind of lost prototype from Sonic 06 that a SEGA employee found on his hard drive and uploaded anonymously.
Wasn't that just the release version of Sonic 06 to begin with?
asking the same but too afraid now
Replies: >>165740
It's mostly gay furries munching on assholes, more disappointing than anything else
Replies: >>165743
ooh nice i thought its straight and gay but thats actually my thing
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Whole thread need yiff in hell.
Spoiler File
(2.8MB, 1945x2500) Reverse
God Sonic CD was the most aesthetically pleasing game I've ever played. Perhaps best OST in a game too.
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[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Remember Sonic X? No? Too bad. **The jap version is actually not bad for a kids cartoon, this BD won't have all of the licensed music outside of OP/ED since most of it isn't actually owned by Sega but I'm sure weaponized autism will come to the rescue there.

SHC2022 is also finished: https://shc.zone/entries/contest2022
>Japan themed Sonic 1 total conversion (SHIMA)
>Sonic 06 remake in the Sonic Generations engine
>SADX Chaos Randomizer
>Knuckles' Emerald Hunt DX
>making Knuckles in Sonic Mania more than just a meme
Sonic is a child's interpretation of maturity, thus he's an autism magnet.
[Hide] (207.6KB, 511x728) Reverse
Frontiers is out. As expected journos are giving it the "it's trash but if I don't say something nice about it they won't invite me to the next ritual child sacrifice" treatment.
Replies: >>173310
[Hide] (49.9KB, 261x226) Reverse
Replies: >>173364
[Hide] (210.7KB, 1200x819) Reverse
You know why.
I wouldn't mind another game like Tails Adventure.
[Hide] (43.1KB, 250x250) Reverse
It's already pretty much common knowledge that it's shit, why would I look for a magnet? I'm sure johncena will have a release out relatively quickly if you really want to eat shit that badly.
Replies: >>173365
[Hide] (97.1KB, 211x183) Reverse
>It's already pretty much common knowledge that it's shit
And I care why? Sorry, kiddo. I form my own opinions.
Imagine a SONIC game with the SONIC movie graphics. Neat, eh?
Replies: >>177685
Imagine a SONIC game but GOOD                                    
Replies: >>177694
Okay. I'm imagining it.
Wouldn't it be funny if there was a Sonic game where you play as Eggman and use your robots to capture all the heroes, then rape all the girls and train them into being your sex slaves while feminizing the guys into bimbo shemales like those pictures on e621?
[Hide] (119.8KB, 850x1245) Reverse
funny. no. do i want to see it happen regardless. maybe.
*opens RPGMaker*
[Hide] (443.8KB, 457x457) Reverse
[Hide] (223KB, 700x876) Reverse
I genuinely thought this is gonna be some fundamental rethinking of the 3D Sonic formula to facilitate the open world structure, whether for good or for bad but at least new. But no, this is the exact same shitty Adventure gameplay formula and designs they've been using for the last 20 years but this time around Sonic gets transported to a generic Unity assets open world.

Truly the worst of both worlds.
Replies: >>177941 >>177943
Is there a magnet available?
I want to play it but the only one I tried didn't work on my PC.
[Hide] (75.7KB, 750x715) Reverse
but is it good though
Replies: >>177935
Is the most generic modern "open world" game, with every trope, cliche and shitty design choice - "good"? It's playable I guess, is that good enough?
>exact same shitty Adventure gameplay formula
What are you talking about? It's nothing like the Adventure games.
Replies: >>177978
They truly do what Nintendon't
Replies: >>177944
[Hide] (11.5MB, 640x360, 02:15)
site ate my file
I thought the issue was solved
[Hide] (53.6KB, 971x754) Reverse
I can't believe they added level grinding and a skill tree to a Sonic game. No franchise can escape the march of conformity.
Replies: >>177976 >>185902
It's not like it's the first time. Sonic and the Secret Rings had this,
Replies: >>178027
The only thing that the Adventure games share with boost formula Sonic games is that it has 3D setpieces like loop-de-loops. Though I guess with the open world it's more of a weird hybrid.
Anyway, how does the game stack up against AutoDemo Windy Valley?
Replies: >>177991
>The only thing that the Adventure games share with boost formula Sonic games is that it has 3D setpieces like loop-de-loops
Replies: >>178037
Huh. I've played that game, but I guess I forgot about the SP system.
Mouthbreathing nigger. Play the games.
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Hey, Sonicfans.
As of late I've been playing Sonic games on my 3ds. I didn't know the Generations port wasn't much of a port but rather, has its own set of levels. Not only that but it's quite better than the console/PC version.
The level design is not only better, but the camera and the simplicity of the hub world make for a straighforward and enjoyable experience.
Is that simplicity reminiscent of the old games that makes it so easy to enjoy. I mean, how many times have you lost yourself in the Unleashed or Adventure hub world? If you're not a hardcore fan such as myself, all this can turn make the experience kind of convoluted.
I also tried Sonic Lost World and it's quite a fun game. A sort of Mario Galaxy but faster and tighter. I just wish you didn't have to hold R to run fast.
If you still have your 3ds hanging around. I recommend you check them out.
ShadowAdventure99fan signing off...
Replies: >>185902
Spoiler File
(291.8KB, 1000x1000, 00:00)
I haven't played Unleashed but didn't that game also have a "level up your attacks so they're less garbage" mechanic for the Werehog?
Fun Fact: 3DS Generations' Classic physics are apparently much closer to the actual classic games than the console version's were. Which is fucking weird given how bad DIMPS did with Sonic 4.
Replies: >>186888
Dunno if this is the right thread but where can i download Sonic Gather Battle virus out of curiosity? i just saw this shit on jewtube recommendations
Also what's with the rule 34 shitflinging lately
Replies: >>187155
What is the best classic Sonic game? I have only played Adventure and Shadow the hedgehog, so i don't really know what is considered the best amongst the classic games
Replies: >>186618 >>190122
2, 3 & Knucles and CD. Preferably with widescreen.
Replies: >>190122
Right on both accounts
There has never been a good 3d sonic game
Replies: >>187106 >>187111
Unfortunately true. They have all fucked up somehow. Though the Adventure games are the least fucked up, as OP accurately pointed out.
Replies: >>187114
>Though the Adventure games are the least fucked up
They are only tolerable because of the great Chao Garden minigame. Dunno why they never brought it back.
Replies: >>187119
[Hide] (141.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
My dream game is a mashup of creatures and the chao garden, races and karate and shit included.
In one hand mobians seem like chill creatures to hang around date
In the other i want turn female mobians into broodmothers, making Cream give birth to her daughter the same day as her half-sister and keep Rouge's obsession with gems in check by giving having her house filled with daughters.
No idea what's the deal with the closed faggot mods deleting my image of having a wholesome time of kissing and handholding with Tails
Replies: >>187179
Isn't Mobius just something the American side invented for the cartoons? I don't think you could call Rouge or Cream a mobian.
Replies: >>187192
Sega should have canonized the whole thing with Mobius being the name of the world that Sonic inhabits, like what they did with Eggman's name. Or provided a substitute at all.
Replies: >>187214 >>190148
>>world that Sonic inhabits
You mean Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Inhabits is not a hedgehog in the Segaverse.
Replies: >>187215
[Hide] (28.8KB, 149x137) Reverse
>what was I thinking
[Hide] (342.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Sonic Frontiers is sold 7.5 out of 10. The level design is fucked. The worst part is are stages that take place in cyberspace. first they are the same 3 Zones over and over again second the movement is a atrocious fit for them. God bless Big and his fucking fishing mini game that let you buy yourself out of that mess and enjoy the open world the movement is actually designed for.

Sonic mania followed by what >>186618 says.
Replies: >>190770
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1124x770) Reverse
What's wrong with just calling it Earth?
Replies: >>190176 >>190196
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1600x800) Reverse
Did you anons watch Sonic Prime?
It was pretty sweet. I recommend giving it a pirate.
The point is that "canonically" Sonic characters are anatomically correct animals, therefore every hedgehog is like Sonic, Amy, Shadow and Silver, every fox is like Tails, etc. but they're the only ones in focus and live with humans, which kind of opens a whole can of worms that Sonic team isn't willing to go through, having them be from a parallel universe would make more sense, that to have Knuckles be the last echidna or that all pet rabbits are sentient/self-aware as Cream/Vanilla and every cat is like Big and Blaze.
Then again, a lot of characters were inspired by the big rat and the big rat and his friends were stand-in for niggers, so it kind of makes sense for them to stand out if you take the magic mumbo-jumbo aside.
Replies: >>190196
I did watch most of it so far, it's really well made and I think its probably the best sonic cartoon, but I still like the cheap shitty sitcom Sonic Boom slightly more due to how fucking hilarious it is.
Replies: >>190206 >>190217
First off - it's not officially Earth, it's "Sonic's World".
Second - Let's say Sonic, Tails and Amy were all together in the same place. Previously, you could call them a "group of Mobians". What are they a group of now? They're so radically different from humans, so similar to each other, but they don't have a blanket term anymore. It's very clunky.
Like >>190176 said, just having it be actual Earth would also be a nightmare for worldbuilding. You better fucking believe that you'd be a wildly different place than you are right now if a talking bipedal hedgehog blew up the White House with a giant space laser powered by an entire Bernal sphere back during the mid 2000s.
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1280x720, 00:41)
>if a talking bipedal hedgehog blew up the White House
I didn't realize it had actually come out because there was barely any porn of Rouge's new design but I torrented it on your recommendation.  What's the premise?

I've been meaning to get around to Sonic boom for years now, too.  I guess that'll be next on the list.
its called the segaverse 
sonic comes from the planet sonic like the arcade place where there is only pizza, tails comes the same planet as alex kidd and amy comes from bayonetta world the sonic do a spin dash with the chaos emeralds to do a dimensional merge and so they alls on the same planet now call c192
[Hide] (103.2KB, 390x421) Reverse
Replies: >>190210 >>190217
It's honestly not a terrible way to judge how the internet hivemind is reacting to something, as long as it's relatively recent. For example you can tell Lady Layton was a fat nothing because there's barely any fanart of it, let alone lewd fanart.
Replies: >>190217
[Hide] (31.8KB, 441x477) Reverse
They cut off her tits, she has no tits.
It's not Rouge at all
Replies: >>190766
[Hide] (217.7KB, 700x1000) Reverse
>Let's say Sonic, Tails and Amy were all together in the same place. Previously, you could call them a "group of Mobians". What are they a group of now?
[Hide] (33.8KB, 481x481) Reverse
Spoiler File
(79.5KB, 718x741) Reverse
>What's the premise?
Multiverse shit, but it's quite fun for what it is. It's fun seeing what each alternative timeline consists of (For example Amazonian and /clang/ Amy). It's what the Sonic movie should have been instead of generic hollywood flick with niggers. 
The animation is good, the characters are not too bland due to having different versions of them and the plot is engaging enough.
If there's anything I wish they did more is fan-service and more characters besides the same 7 ones, but we know why SEGA won't try that.
Replies: >>190766
>What are they a group of now?
[Hide] (131.1KB, 339x522) Reverse
[Hide] (4.3MB, 444x250) Reverse
[Hide] (127.5KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (120.6KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (129.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>it's quite fun for what it is
I just finished watching the first season at your recommendation and I don't agree with that.  There is some fun to be had in the show, but I was continually uninterested and only rarely found something that made me laugh or smile.  I wouldn't recommend the show to anyone but the most die-hard Sonic fan, and even then you could probably find something on FanFiction.net that would stimulate you in the same was as Sonic Prime.

The actual premise is that Sonic and his pals (which includes Rouge, for some reason) are fighting Eggman over a big crystal called the Paradox Prism.  Sonic arrives slightly late to the fight and leaps in just as Eggman tries to wrench the crystal free from its rock, which causes Sonic to go falling through dimensions.  He winds up in an alternate Green Hill Zone ruled by industrial Eggman robots where everyone is downtrodden and miserable, but also meets some alternate universe versions of his friends: Rouge and Knuckles are rebels, Amy is a killbot cyborg totally loyal to Eggman, Tails is a cynical guy named Nine with seven mechanical tails/arms who accounts for 90% of the edge in the setting.

Anyway, there are two main problems: the premise isn't earned and the animation isn't very good.  The premise feels like something I would have seen on TV when I was a kid, where all the different shows on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon crossed over for a big event - or perhaps something like the two-part and three-part story arcs/movies from Jimmy Neutron or My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Obviously, there isn't much of a point in having a crossover or "what if?" story if there's no foundation to compare the alternate realities to, and that's what I kept recalling whenever Sonic would get shunted to a new world or we'd cut back to something happening a few minutes before the initial crystal shattering.  We spend so much time in the industrial Eggman world that it begins to feel like home, but of course Sonic's goal at the end of all this will be go to back to his home in . . . where, exactly?  Video game Green Hill Zone but with a weird 3D art style?  If the video games are his home, why is Rouge hanging out with the good guys and doing absolutely nothing.

It turns out my comparison to an old TV show is apt, because the quality of the animation really does remind me of shows like Code Lyoko or Cubix (am I dating myself yet?).  I'm not exaggerating when I say there is almost no camera movement, which makes a lot of action scenes feel very static.  The robots don't actually deform/fall apart when they're destroyed in all but a few scenes, and every 3D model looks very sterile.  There are so many recycled animations: all the Eggman robots jog forward and fly forward in lockstep; when we see Shadow and Sonic racing, Shadow has exactly one skating animation which is reused even in situations where he should be reacting to what Sonic is doing.  Rouge's wing membranes are obviously just physics particles tugged around by the "fingers" (membranous wings on an anthro character's back are kind of weird, now that I think about it), so they flap around without catching the wind - which is the entire point of how wings work.  It looks horrendously cheap and never looks as though Rouge is actually moving in the air, even accounting for cartoon logic.

There are these odd textures on Sonic and Shadow's head, too.  I think they're meant to look like an uneven surface, like a physical thing would have, but they just look like little lines of paint that Sonic flicked onto his head that morning.  It's so strange to think of all the money that must have gone into designing, creating, and animating these 3D models, only for them to look incredibly out of date at best and uncanny at worst.  Most of the action is like old syndicated cartoons as well, with lots of shots that make you wonder where a character came from, or why the evil robots with lasers aren't just shooting the heroes to death all the time.

The best action scene occurred in the caveman world, when that world's Amy is planning to use the crystal macguffin shard to do something bad.  Sonic is trying to catch up to her as she rides on her pet chocobo pink bird running through an overgrown forest.  Sonic can't get up to speed because there's too much overgrowth, and whenever she smacks the ground with her crystal macguffin hammer, a new tree or vine sprouts up.  There's a push and pull to the scene that is genuinely really engaging, as the two of them jockey for position and attack each other.  There's another action scene involving the group jumping down an improbably tall stairwell in the industrial Eggman base and having to stop and go up and down stairs as new robots and threats appear, but it overstays its welcome.

Really, the whole series is extremely crowded.  There are just too many characters to manage, and most of the worlds have a very predictable story structure:
>sonic arrives and goes WHOA DUDE a lot
>one of sonic's friends appears as a friendly/evil face
>sonic eats a chili dog/bemoans not having any chili dogs
>sonic learns of the crystal macguffin shard located in that world
>sonic teams up with his newfound friends/enemies
And from there nothing exciting really happens.  The only exception is the industrial Eggman world at the start, because we spend a lot of time there throughout the season.  As I said, that place is what actually feels like home because the rest of the characters and worlds are static and uninteresting.

In Summary
Sonic Prime would be a decent 3-part series finale to a TV show that aired 20 years ago (which, for those of you keeping track at home, is the year 2003, not 1993).  Rouge isn't sexy, the characters feel scatterbrained, and the animation is extremely dated despite what was doubtless a large budget.  I can fathom a guess where that budget went, at least: the show has no fewer than sixteen producers, not counting the production company itself.  I might pay attention to the second season a few months after it airs, but I certainly am not looking forward to it.

This proved true in the fullest sense.  There are several different Rouges in Sonic Prime, not one of which lives up to her identity as a femme fatale thief.  She's just a girl who hangs out with Sonic and the rest of the gang and can fly (except when it would undercut the tension of the scene, in which case she doesn't fly and thus looks like an idiot).  The only fanart/porn I've seen of her Prime design is referencing how she obviously resembles the recipient of a double mastectomy because the censors at Netflix hate looking at boobs.
Replies: >>190767 >>190773
Sonic only works as a comedy. The character designs are too goofy to shove into a story trying to be serious. The old Sonic cartoon got it just right with its bumbling villains and lack of overarching story.
Replies: >>190817
a minigame? don't you just push the a button when the game tells you to and that's it? can you call that a minigame?
[Hide] (200.5KB, 677x673) Reverse
I agree with the reuse of animations. Specially considering how lackluster Green hill is in general. It feels very empty considering it's supposed to be habitated by several of Sonic's species.
However, you can't convince me it looks anything like Code Lyoko or Cubix. Go back and watch some episodes and you'll see the animation is way stiffer and the textures less detailed. Sonic Prime is no Tarzan in terms of dynamic camera and body language (Specially Green hill fights, again a disappointment place all around, with very bland characters) but it does a decent enough job for the most part.
I find the premise more akin to a monster/place of the week kind of deal and the engagement in finding out what the roles of the established characters will be in this new place even though you already know how it's going to go.

Overall I think it suffers from the "let's not step too out of line" problem a lot of new Sonic and Mario games have. It should have gone with more interesting worlds instead of the basic dystopian. pirate and jungle world. There's so many great environments from previous games. Instead of Green hill we could've had the hub from Adventure 1, They could've had given the Black Knight world a cameo and such.
I still think it's a decent watch though, not as good, funny or interesting as Sonic Boom or Sonic X but something to pass the time.
Replies: >>190817 >>190840
I would put put prime in the mediocre category, and what sealed it was the fact that children I watched it with I had no interest in it compared to sonic boom which they are glued to, and I don’t have any interest in finishing it
>The character designs are too goofy to shove into a story trying to be serious.
Have you 'played' even a fraction of the Sonic games out there?

>It should have gone with more interesting worlds instead of the basic dystopian. pirate and jungle world.
Funny thing is that those worlds 'already' exist within the Sonic canon. "Basic dystopia" is the Eggman Empire and the "Bad Future" of Little Planet, "Jungle world" is Angel Island and Prison Island, and "Pirate world" is the Sol Dimension (Blaze's world).
Replies: >>190834
>Have you 'played' even a fraction of the Sonic games out there?
The ones with a story are 100% cringe, that's my point.
learn how to use formatting correctly newfag
Replies: >>190835 >>190840
[Hide] (1MB, 1201x665) Reverse
>The ones with a story are 100% cringe, that's my point.
Yeah, but they're funny.
[Hide] (330.4KB, 741x527) Reverse
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[Hide] (131.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>you can't convince me it looks anything like Code Lyoko or Cubix
It's certainly true that the models are better rigged and animated, which I what I thought the issue was at first, but there was something about a lot of the framing and mise-en-scene that twigged old memories of shows like that.  I'm watching a random episode of Code Lyoko as I type this, and I now have a good grasp of what the problem actually is: the backgrounds and environments.  In traditional 2D animation, the background for a shot is almost as important as the animated characters moving in the foreground, if not moreso.  But as 3D graphics were starting to become popular, animators had to relearn animation and art principles in the context of 3D graphics, and I think many of them focused on the foreground stuff first: characters, body animation, etc.

The landscapes in Code Lyoko's 3D sections really embody a lot of the sterile 3D animation of the time (pic 1), but in closer shots the artists were more aware of it and put detail in the backgrounds (pic 2).  That shot in particular could have looked really artificial if every panel in the back had been displaying the same information with the same timing, but whoever put it together was at least mindful enough to have the panels be displaying different information, or the same information at different points, so it reads as "general computer stuff."  Sonic Prime clearly didn't have similar effort put into the backgrounds and environments despite being made nearly 20 years later.  Some shots like pic 3 look fine because they're pretty close to the characters and have a sufficient level of detail, but pic 4 shows off how bad it can look when the scene isn't aligned properly.

There are also a lot of small things like character movement being inconsistent: when Sonic first arrives in the caveman world, there's a brief shot where he runs around some treetop walkways and the camera tracks with him as the background scrolls by.  His legs are moving WAY too fast though, so despite the shot only lasting about a second, you get the impression that Sonic is a paper doll in front of a screen rather than actually being in the environment.

The fluids like mud and water are also handled poorly; they're obviously the 3D engine defaults for fluid simulations, just run at a slower or higher speed like in pic 5.  Mud doesn't fall off of stuff that way.

>100% cringe
>calling anyone else "newfag"
Sonic stories that take themselves too seriously are fun and edgy.  I'd much rather have that than the "appeal to grandiose themes and Marvel movie tropes" that Sonic Prime is guilty of.
Replies: >>190842
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Yeah, I agree. Green hill zone specially looks so fucking empty. 
The only semi-decent one, in terms of backgrounds, is the dystopian world.
Just comparing it to the environments in the Adventure games is mind-boggling.
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